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KUSI-TV: NASA Manipulated Climate Change Data

January 21, 2010 by  

NASA allegedly manipulated climate change dataA major embarrassment may be brewing for the U.S. government as researchers have allegedly found evidence that NASA scientists manipulated data in order to claim that the year 2005 was the warmest year on record, KUSI-TV has reported.

The San Diego-based TV station presented these findings in a one-hour special that aired on Jan. 14. It told the story of how computer expert E. Michael Smith and meteorologist Joseph D’Aleo discovered extensive manipulation of the temperature data by the government’s two primary climate centers—the National Climate Data Center in Ashville, N.C., and the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia University in New York.

Smith and D’Aleo claim these centers engaged in data manipulation in order to give the appearance of warmer temperatures than actually occurred by reducing the number and locations of weather observation stations from about 6,000 in the 1970s to about 1,000 now.

"That leaves much of the world unaccounted for," D’Aleo said, with his colleague adding that comparing data from years when the figure was produced by averaging a large number of temperatures with those produced from a small temperature base "is like comparing apples and oranges."

The revelations follow the controversy that accompanied the recent Climate Summit in Copenhagen and which revolved around leaked emails from environmental scientists casting doubt on the validity of the data behind global warming.

Dubbed "Climategate," the issue prompted some conservative members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to call for the rescinding of the Oscar won by former Vice President Al Gore for the environmental movie An Inconvenient Truth.

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  • Michael J.

    It will be a cold day in hell before Al Gore backs off his Global Warming predictions and the million$ he will gain through Cap & Trade.

    • Richard Pawley

      My sources say that Al Gore will make hundreds of millions if he can ram the cap and trade through, and GE will make billions and citizens will pay for all this. Already Congress has squandered enough money on pork barrel projects and “stimulus packages” to insure at least 200% more inflation. Massachusetts, however, has just elected an Independent Senator under the Republican banner to replace Kennedy’s long held seat in Congress. Let’s hope he does not get corrupted by the money and power in Washington and maybe come November we can elect a few dozen more. The Republic and the Constitution aren’t dead yet! If you want to learn what the Progressives have been suppressing be sure to check out Fox News on Friday, January 22, at 5 p.m. EST to see Glenn Beck’s first documentary. All who have seen this have been amazed as was the historian who did the fact checking.

      • usmadgirl

        Richard Pawley,

        Thank you for reminding people of Glenn’s first documentary. I’ve planned my entire day around it! I’ve learned more (or had my memory ‘refreshed’) from Glenn in the past year & 2 days, than I ever learned in all my life BG (before Glenn) as to American & some World history, about our founding fathers, our constitution & ‘progressivism’.

        I never knew Saul Alinsky or Cloward & Piven existed. I trusted my government & never knew we had Socialists or Communists or Marxists running our country…until now! I guess I’ve led a very sheltered life! Wow, has he brought me (along with millions of others) into a brand new world! He’s inspired me to search for the truth. People who ridicule him either don’t watch him & hear all the lies from the left or they fear him because he tells it like it is & backs up everything he says with FACTS!

        Al Gore is an embarrassment to my state!

        • Eric

          Remember, Al Gore would have been president if he would have carried Tennessee.

    • Disgusted

      Yeah. He may not have “invented the internet” but he sure did invent the Global Warming phenomenon! I hope the Cap & Trade is dead along with the Health Care Reform Bill now that Brown won the MA election. We somehow need to get the government back on the side of the people instead of where they are today: on their own side without any regard for the people.

  • cayla

    The evidence that this is a hoax is becoming overwhelming. Yet I predict that congress will push cap and trade.

  • Victor L Barney



  • J C

    Absolutely its a hoax and has been since the word “go”.
    Its quite obviously more of the fear mongering necessary to further the break down of the American middle class. After all, they are the only thing left between freedom / the American way….and global government. Its just another way of impoverishing middle America.
    I mean come on! As if taxation could somehow influence what nature has been doing for millenia…

    And beware Cap and Trade. I’m seeing reports that you will need a “license” to buy or sell a home in the US. The license will say that your home is compliant to new EPA standards otherwise you will not be able to buy or sell. So! no moving around and another freedom lost. Little by little we’re being caged.

    • Charles Veitengruber

      Well, the “license” to buy and sell homes has been in effect in some cities for some time now, in the form of zoning codes and ordinances which require inspections when a house or building is sold or rented to see if it is “up to code”. The “license” you are talking about is only a formalization of that process. The goal of this is to tear down as many houses as possible so that new houses have to be built to replace them, and the people that gain from that are the contractors, and, mostly importantly, the suppliers of building materials, which are controlled ultimately by the oligarchy of the very rich.

      • Valverde

        You forgot the most important ones of all: Politicians

    • independant thinker

      Global warming in and of itself is not a hoaz. It has been going on since the earth was formed in cycles with global cooling (ice ages). The question to be answered is how much influence does the actions of humans have on it.

  • Dave

    The only way to stop the corruption is vote them out, fire the offenders, boycott the companies or media that market false data. People will conserve if the price pay back is not inflated. The Arizona Republic printed this same lie in the paper a couple days ago. This reporting is standard for them and why I don’t subscribe. Demand the truth!

  • Robert

    Let’s see. NASA. Isn’t that a Federal Government agency? Why would any of us believe that their reporting would be honest and truthful. Just look at the bunch in Washington. When was the last time they told the truth? The only thing I believe these days is that America could once again be the greatest nation on earth if we could just figure out a way to deport all the politicians out of this country.

    • DaveH

      Years of the government supplying a well-stocked trough at taxpayer’s expense has got us to this point. There are now about 40% of people who get their money one way or the other from government. And of course they are going to vote for more. We need to get proactive like never before to turn this tide back. And quit electing RINO Republicans.

    • Valverde

      Get all the politicians out of the country? Simple. Publish a set of GPS coordinates out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or Sahara Desert or some other inaccesible place and promise that a trillion dollars will be available to the first politician who gets there and finds it. Then, don’t let the lemmings back in.

  • John Rieske

    A little known fact about grant money: forecasts of imminent disaster draw large grants for the researchers. Large grants mean mucho bucks for the researchers, with few strings attached. Does that sound like a formula for corruption? It does to me.

    • Charles Veitengruber

      Researchers are in many cases closely aligned with “educational” institutions, which are government funded for both their research and for their “teaching” of the next generation. This “teaching” has progressed to indoctrination of each succeeding generation, so that it becomes like gospel to everyone who takes these courses. And don’t forget, that also includes the teachers who are indoctrinated in what doctrine to teach the students at elementary and high school levels. That has been going on for quite some time now, and we have been too blind to realize this. All public schools are government funded and they have a vested interest to insure that their finances are maintained. The research, of course, is jointly funded by government, and by the oligarchy of the very rich. Teachers, professors and administrators have a vested interest in retaining their exalted status and bloated salaries. It’s too bad that they can’t be made accountable for their incompetence, greed and outright fraud, but the academic community has become an untouchable sacred cow.

      • Michael J.

        Charles, you need look no further than the next Bilderberg meeting to find all the culprits you just mentioned. The Mega Wealthy, Academia, Scientists, Media Moguls, Bankers and of course Politicians.

      • SiliconDoc

        Nice analysis.
        I read Bella Dodd’s book online a while back, and it was definitely an eye-opener.
        This article brought to mind Mark Levin, and one of his audio clips online, where after pointing out the win us in Massachusetts, claimed to the caller we will next bite the liberals hand off, and if they keep it up, bite their arm off, and added “figuratively of course” – and “we aren’t the ones who promote violence”.
        I find the expression of biting off a hand and arm the reality concerning exactly where people really are in their hearts and minds, while the in place tyranny forces the “figuratively, of course” caveats, as usual.
        Since the powers that be know the state of lawfulness has allowed them to achieve implementation of this ongoing crime and it’s expansion via continued propaganda against the US citizens, it is my estimation that they will not stop.
        It appears to me the road to national perdition is set, and they will achieve the total takeover and ensuing destruction without the bloodshed of a rebellion.
        The road is so utterly blocked that those angry enough to take the law into their own hands state that it “will give them an excuse” to crackdown ever more, hence they are inactive and docile.
        So there is no way out. They have brainwashed enough, for such a long time, that there is no going back. The system itself has a lock on those involved, and the pressure to “move forward” (toward more government, communist/fascist implementations) with ever increasing laws and regulations and spending and confiscatory theft in the form of taxes and fees and fiat printing inflation, is set, in stone, and will not be reversed.
        Even the Founders told us that – and their predictions have come true. I still have not run across any Founders quote that explains how, once the people have figured how to vote largess from the treasury, to reverse the trend.
        So one knows what is left – violence and bloodshed, and how that would turn out is likely to the very far negative, given the gigantic brainwashing present and active.
        So, yes one could say DESPAIR is the correct prediction.
        Get ready to be more and more like Europe then like Cuba or Venezuela, the march by the insane lunatics and dark powers is on, and will not be stopped.

        • Michael J.

          SilconDoc, we must remain optomistic in the face of tyranny. the founders you mentioned were correct in their predictions as you stated. They also were sucsessful at defeating the oppressive tyrannical monarchy, the one and only super power of it’s day which lay accross the ocean. We must again look to their wisdom in order to stay the course. Deplomacy is for the moment, the way forward. Ballots before bullets.

  • Jan Warfel

    It has amazed me how anyone could have ever believed this hoax. Al Gore is a liar and phony. He never got over loosing the Presidential Election in 2000, so he jumped into the Global Warming Hoax. Follow how he actually lives versus what he says. He flies lear jets to speak, is using limos or SUVS, runs with many of the Hollywood crowd who all use
    limos and jets, and finally has the LARGEST ELECTRIC BILL on his home in the State of Tennessee. The indoctrinated sheep that have embraced this idiot and believed in him are in shock. They are using their skateboards or mini euro cars to get to work while their “fearless”
    leader is making millions off of their ignorance!! As for NASA it needs to be shut down.

    • Joe H.

      Yes he is a liar, but a rich one!!! He has made 300,000,000 dollars since leaving office!!!! three hundred million dollars!!! what a whopper HE told!!!!

  • Robin from Indiana

    Does this mean Danny Glover is wrong and that the earthquake that hit Haiti wasn’t from global warming????

    • J C

      You saw that too huh? I had no idea that Danny Glover was a verifiable moron until now.

      • TriHard

        There is video of Danny Glover shaking Hugo Chavez’s hand and introducing him as “My good friend.”

      • TriHard

        …and earthquakes are caused by certain interactions between tectonic plates, not terrestrial temperatures.

      • Tinwarble

        J C,

        Glover’s been spewing stuff like this out of his blow hole for several years now. This is just another in a long list of idiotic things he’s said.

  • Regan Schutte

    Excellent Report John! Lets put an angry Bumble Bee in Al Gore’s shorts. Cut his lieing for $$$. I found the reports on the site. Let your representatives at the state and federal levels know about this report. Take back this Country! Send this Report to all your friends! We must fight the fools.

  • Isirio

    Thank you!!!Massachusetts… Thank you. The mighty Liberty Bell is ringing once again throughout Washington. Also; Thanks to all of our Republican fearless leaders who steadfast to protect the liberty of every Americans. Adios.

    • DaveH

      Don’t get too ecstatic Isirio. Scott Brown is just a RINO. Of course in Massachusetts he is probably considered ultra-conservative. Go to his webpage and click on his issues tab. He is not going to be the one to roll back Big Government.

      • George

        You’re probably right, Dave. However, right now just slowing down the progressive freight train feels pretty good. I think that’s what Brown’s election represents. We still need to keep the pressure on all fronts, and hopefully in time we can slow down or even roll back the size and power of government……Wouldn’t that be nice?

        • SiliconDoc

          The worst and best you can hope for is a bin laden nuke in DC when all the libtards are there and the conservatives are out on some big campaign gathering.
          Really, I cannot fathom anything else stopping nor even slowing down the long march to commufascism by the thoroughly and openly insane libtards – which is 99%+ of the democrat party and 50% plus of the republicans.
          This nation doesn’t have the guts to bomb bin laden – a mortal enemy, let alone cut a single gov job from some helpless, worthless victim bureaucrat – after all, it might be a woman with cheeeellldren she didn’t murder in the womb, and not one of the 5 or 10 bedroom paramours around to help out with the dishes and wash.
          I mean let’s face it that is exactly where we are at. No joke.

  • Raggs

    Gore should have a lawsuit filed on him for fraud.

    • Robert

      Are you nuts? Sue Gore? The inventor of the internet?

      • DaveH

        Damn, for a minute there I thought Denniso was back, LOL.

      • LindyMaeUSA

        Lolololol! I love you guys! This is the only site that gives me smiles, chuckles and laughs with NO CHARGE! In truth, this is the only site I bother to read everyday; you also give me HOPE for the future of our beloved Country! Keep it up; you guys (and gals) are GREAT! :-)

        • American Citizen

          You’re right, in reading posts on here, I see there are a lot of smart “ordinary” people who should be up there in Congress rather than the ignorant politicians we know now.

    • Tinwarble

      Gore’s not a fraud, he’s just a moron. Only a moron would think that the earths core is “several millions of degrees hot”. But there is some “Warming” going on, but it’s just around Gore’s head from all the hot air he puts out.

  • Ron Estell

    DuPont & Goldman Sachs and their pocketed politicians pushed global warming because DuPont’s patent on Freon was up. They said it caused the OZone hole, and warming. This was false. NASA found that the hole opened & closed on a regular cycle. Many corporations made a lot of money from new equipment required to handled the new refrigerants. So now we have GE, GM, and many other businesses trying to cash in on phoney science. We need to be good stewards, but we need to keep the power hungry politicians under our control. Or they will control everything we do.

  • http://windstream lee

    Al Gore is the biggest poluter in our nation, he is the biggest hyprocrite ever even if he believed in global warming why does he live in a big house and use private jets to travel all over the world. He has left a bigger carbon footprint than the jolly green giant. Obama and all the other global warmist are all hyprocrites, they believe it ok for them to travel on big jets, but it should be a crime if we drive to work and back, they think we are terrable people if we want to keep our small houses warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but they are eliteist. we are peons,

  • Tom

    Al Gore, lies and fraud. Obama no birth certificate, no school records, no travel records no right to live in the White House. The government is being run by traitors and lying profiteers and one world government people. Cap and Trade was just one major way to control us and our finances.

    It is time to start filing charges and voting out every politician that voted for cap and trade or tried to set it up in their states.

    This is The United States of America, not the UN or EU patsy the politicians are tryting to make of us.

  • Ed Bertolas

    Perhaps they can change the Oscar to Oscar Meyer Weiner for Al Bore .

  • Robert

    Global warming is real. I’m goining to get me some real shylock lawyers and sue every decendent of the caveman. They’re the ones who started it all. Building fires and wrecking our environment. Dirty, good for nothing cavemen.

  • Time

    Logic will favor that there is some warming, perhaps no where near as bad as stated by Mr. Gore. But again use logic we have as in “earthling,” have reduced the natural Wet lands, Forest, and plains with Mall’s, Parking lots, City’s roads etc. homes, cars, air planes etc..

    Again Logic would be that these issues have indeed made the climate a tad warmer than when none of these issues were present.

    I do how ever think we should be looking into other methods of energy, there is nothing wrong with doing this, its logical.
    Can we generate enough power by way of Solar power, wind power, I can’t say but it’s well worth the effort to find out after all they are renewable, its just start up cost to get the ball rolling.

    Should we work to make cars more fuel efficient, Logic says yes, who really needs a car with 1000 horse power let alone 300.
    I can’t think of any reason why we should not go back to some type mass transit units such as Trains like what were used for years, perhaps run by Solar power, or some other form of power that is renewable.

    The facts are that carbon fuels can’t last forever, so we should explore any and all reasonable methods of making power that is renewable, Long before we run out of carbon fuels. Thats only logical folks.

    • AnhydrousBob

      So Time,

      Are you advocating that I walk 7 miles from the nearest town to my home so I can use mass transit? Might work in a built up area, but not in the hinterland.
      Or that I should make 300 trips in my small car carrying one bale of hay each time? Because, you can’t see the reason for large hp vehicles?
      Do you know how much money has been spent on alternative fuel research? There are alternatives to oil, but as expensive as oil is, the alternatives cost more.
      Don’t be duped by all the special interests who want everyone to use alternative fuels or drive small vehicles or use mass transit. If it is economically viable, something will succeed.

      • Time

        No thats not what I said, what I said is quite clear so please don’t try and add any twist to it.
        Mass Transit is not going to work for anyone like yourself.
        But I do endorse walking every day for everyone, its good for your health.

        • Joe H.

          Actually Time there are more forest and trees now than when our for fathers walked this planet. The lakes and streams in this country are cleaner than they were at the turn of the twentieth century! there are more deer per acre than during pre-civil war days. Check it all out,it’s not hard!!!

    • George


      “Logic” may dictate that the earth is warming, even if slower than some have speculated. On the other hand, everything that is logical is not necessarily true. Sound logical arguments can be made for both sides of this debate. Just because there is a logical scientific argument that greenhouse gases “may” have a warming effect on the earth, doesn’t necessarily mean this effect is strong enough to actually accomplish that in any significant measure. The earth has ways of compensating for imbalances when they occur. Further, even if man-made greenhouse gases is strong enough to make the early warmer, it’s unclear that there’s anything man can do to effectively slow down global warming that wouldn’t result in bankrupting the world economies. We do know that weakening our economies will harm people greatly since that would necessarily slow down life-sustaining research and other activities.

      I think nearly everyone agrees that we should fund basic research to try to find alternative energies and more efficient methods of using them. However, some of us would greatly object to the government determining which of these energies and products would win and lose in the market. We need the market to decide that with only basic government oversight to help make sure we have open and free markets for companies to compete fairly.

      Right now, solar is a niche industry that is not competitive with coal for producing electricity. There are real markets where solar makes sense, like remote applications where small amounts of power is required. It is not now, or in the foreseeable future, going to be competitive with coal, without government subsidies. As you know, any time the government subsidizes an industry, it has to take money out of other productive areas of the economy through taxation to provide these subsidies. So, while this helps the industry being subsidized, it hurts the other industries that are not. The net effect is often less than if the government had just stayed out of the process altogether. Having said that, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t subsidize any industry under any circumstance. That is a broader topic. I just can’t see how subsidizing solar will lead to anything other than disappointment down the way. However, if in time the technology advances to a higher level, then I could change my mind.

      Wind energy is a potentially viable fuel source for electricity. It is competitive with coal, but you have to build-out transmission lines across the country to move the electricity from the rural areas where it is produced to the urban areas where it is consumed. Most people don’t want these transmission lines in their back yards, so there’s always problems getting right-of-ways. Also as you know, a lot of people don’t like the wind turbines in their back yard either, so this technology has a lot of problems getting off the ground.

      If your priority is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, then you’ve got to try to convert electricity production from coal to something like wind, solar, thermal, etc., and then you’ve got to convert motor vehicles from fossil fuels to electricity. This is the only way of measurably addressing this issue. There are a lot of technology problems and accompanying costs associated with doing this. This is such a tall hill to climb, that you’ve really got to be convinced that carbon dioxide is indeed doing irreparable damage to the earth to want to tackle this problem. This will require such an extreme effort to accomplish that you can’t be casually committed to the process. It will change everything, not the least of which will be increasing our costs and reducing our standard of living. So, unless you’re willing to do that, I would advise against pushing our politicians to enact climate change legislation. You’re looking down a very long, dark, and deep hole when you go there.

      I think the way to really clean up the environment and reduce demand for foreign oil quickly, would be to back efforts to increase the use of natural gas. It is much cleaner than either coal or crude oil derivatives and can be run in cars and trucks as a flex fuel along with gasoline or diesel. It is also cheaper to fuel vehicles than gasoline or diesel fuel. Finally, we have abundant supplies of it right here in the good ole US of A, and it is also somewhat renewable. If your top priority is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, for whatever reason (trade balance and creating jobs is actually the best reason, I think), you would want to open drilling sites to oil and gas companies to let them explore and produce all of the oil and gas we’ve got available to us in the country and in our offshore areas. It’s unclear exactly how much oil and gas is sitting in our offshore areas under the continental shelf, but it’s possible there’s as much in the Atlantic and Pacific coastal areas (on a per-acre basis) as we’ve got in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s a lot of oil and gas…………. And, that doesn’t even touch on what we know is sitting in the polar region.

      So, while we definitely want to be logical about the things we do, let’s also be economically prudent so that we don’t hurt the economy too badly while we’re trying to improve our environment.

      • AnhydrousBob

        George, I agree with you almost completely :)
        Government subsidies are never a good idea for all the reasons you say. They take from one group to subsidize another of their choosing and they usually choose wrong – take Ethanol (I was involved with that).

        And to argue in agreement with you, following the 70′s huge amounts of money were spent by the new Energy department to develop new alternatives and really nothing came of it because the price of oil dropped so much. In fact it wasn’t until oil went over $100 a barrel that some of those technologies were dusted off and looked at again.

        One point that you left out(but probably know)dealing with wind is that you must build almost 4 times the needed capacity to have a semi reliable wind source because the wind is so fickle.

        Thanks for a great comment.

        • George

          Yes, indeed. That’s a big problem with wind, and solar for that matter. You don’t always have those sources when you need them, and battery technology to store this generated energy for use when you do need it, isn’t even close to being a reality at a reasonable cost. Further, what is really needed are sources of energy you can generate during “peak” demand periods. That’s when electricity costs the most to generate. Again, neither wind or solar can be relied on to be available at these particular times of the day, but of course, coal and natural gas can be.

          • George

            Oh yeah, nuclear is also a reliable source of electric power. So, basically, we’ve got nuclear, coal, and natural gas which are reliable and relatively inexpensive sources, then comes everything else, most of which is neither reliable or inexpensive sources.

      • Joe H.

        I would love a turbine in my backyard!! The problem is we are not “ZONED” for them and the government will not let me erect something not zoned for my area!!!!

    • DaveH

      The free market would take care of that efficiently and when needed. If the alternative energies become economical (and they eventually will) then the people will buy them. We don’t need corrupt politicians favoring special interests.

      • Time

        Dave, I could not agree with you more.

    • JeffH

      The key word here is “logic”. I don’t need to say anything else.


    Most people with a good understanding of high school sciences knew without being told that the information the media was pumping out could not possibly be correct. Now the data that the Algore cult and the MSM “lie to me ” press corp has been found out, the truth vs the big lie is all about sucking the money from your pockets and establishing government intrusion into every aspect of your ordinary life. The “sucker born every minute” was you and the politicians the environmental cultist, the lefties of the world all thought that if the lied long and loud that eventually out of sheer exhaustion you would cave into their uncommon demands.

    Lke the fall of the Mass. Kennedy dynasty and their groupies, persitence and commonsense have began to take hold of environmental bull sh*t, the cow pucky these folks have smeared the comic books with all these years is drying up and blowing away, the poles are not melting, the polar bears are not drowning, the earth has a long history of cyclical changes, weather is local and climate is world wide….what a frigging revelation that is!

    • Time

      I highly disagree with you on your statement anyone with a High School Science class understands GW is has been over rated or fraud may be involved at some level.

      Please turn on your TV and watch what people say, ask folks you meet, just walk up to someone and ask them what they think.
      Its very obvious that more than 60% of the worlds population is 100% clueless. I travel a lot so I speak with a lot of people from all over, I get the same thing time after time on this topic. Most, as in 6 out of 10 – feel Global Warming is 100% TRUE.

      • George


        I think I agree with your assessment regarding a general agreement that global warming may be a fact of life. However, I also observe that many people stop short of agreeing we need to take drastic actions, especially actions that would cause our cost of fuels and electricity to rise substantially, and/or incur additional taxes to pay for elaborate government programs of one kind or the other to address global warming. I think that’s really the line in the sand for most folks. People are willing to tolerate, even participate in the debate, right up to the point where it starts costing them money.

      • Joe H.

        how real can it be when they say the ice cap will melt by 2035 when in reality they mean 2350? If they have to lie through their teeth to get it across, it doesn’t hold water in the first place!!! If they have to manipulate data to fit their lie it was a lie to begin with!!!

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    I can visualize God sitting on his throne up yonder Just laughing his a– off saying “Ill show them who is in control of the weather”

    • Time

      Thats a good one Sally! You made me smile.

      • SiliconDoc

        God then pointed to the evil George Bush who sat behind the HAARP dials twiddling away, first Katrina, now Haiti, the racist…

        ending by – The Liberal who doesn’t believe in God but believes GWB controlled the weather through HAARP, and that runaway global warming extinction will be averted by the other true savior that is not Obama, namely, Al Gore.

        ( that was initially another joke, but we all know the libtard actually believes it all)

        • Tinwarble

          Well, you know if a tree falls in the forest and a Liberal is around, they would blame GWB for pushing it over.

  • Robert Jamieson

    We the People… are just too stupid to take care of ourselves, ergo we get Al Gore, Obama (bin laden), Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the liberal elitists telling us how to live and what we can and can’t do. And along the the way, through their lies, they become rich and the working taxpayer foots the bill.

    Simple solution, Evict everyone of them, and demand accountability. When they (politicians and bureaucrats) do something illegal, throw them in jail like they would do to the rest of us.

    Also, as has been mentioned by others above, boycott all advertisers of the network news stations that continue to lie, or the fail to report the facts. Fox seems to be the only station left that your hear both sides of any issue.

    • Time

      RJ, I can’t argue with you, good points.

    • Joe H.

      We know for certain when a station lies through their teeth long enough, either the libs believe it, or it goes the way of AIR AMERICA!!! 6 years and OUT!!!!

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    In light of the e-fiasco just exposed, I ask you all to consider the following: The physicist Wolfgang Pauli was known for his often less than polite criticism of the work of some of his colleagues. He would sometimes exclaim “wrong” (falsch) or “completely wrong” (ganz falsch) when he disagreed with someone. Near the end of his life when asked his opinion of an article by a young physicist, he sadly said “it is not even wrong” (Das ist nicht einmal falsch). The phrase “not even wrong” is a popular one among physicists, and carries two different connotations, both of which Pauli likely had in mind. A theory can be “not even wrong” because it is so incomplete and ill-defined that it can’t be used to make firm predictions whose failure would show it to be wrong. This has also become the situation of “Man Made Global Warming/Climate-Change” theory from its beginnings to the present day. This sort of “not even wrong” is not necessarily a bad thing. Most new theoretical ideas begin in this state, and it can take quite a bit of work before their implications are well enough understood for researchers to be able to tell whether the idea is right or wrong. But there is a second connotation of “not even wrong”: “Something worse than a wrong idea”, and in this form the phrase often gets used as a generic term of abuse. In the case of anthropogenic climate change theory, the way some scientists are abandoning fundamental scientific principals rather that admit a theory is not supported by facts is something of this kind: worse than being wrong is to refuse to admit it when one is wrong. If you “follow the (research) money”, it leads to the political – which equates with power, raw power. By the way: “Cap’n Trade” is only a smiley face mask put on by “Cap’n Tax”. (Think Jack Sparrow and Black Beard, respectively.) You also might wish to read “Unstoppable Global Warming (Every 1,500 Years)” 2nd edition.

    P.S.: The major selling point of Hydrogen Powered vehicles is? They only emit water vapor! And where do they operate? On concrete or asphalt covered surfaces, acting as heat sinks that create updrafts that send the vapor skyward into the atmosphere, thereby contributing to a further “Warming” of the planet! (If the alarmists are right, that is.)

  • Gene

    For the first time in my life, I am proud of the people of Massachussetts.

  • Earl_E

    After scanning a few of these comments, I’m sure that America is mentally unbalanced.

    Since 1952, our government has used the military to provide escorts for private oil enterprises. These private companies do not pay for this military cover.

    That is socialism. We have been a socialist nation for over a half-century.

    The lack of common sense in America isn’t a secret. If you notice all the unemployed people sitting around reading these useless websites, you’ll understand that America has lost it’s competitive edge right along with it’s manufacturing base.

    I read these comments and wonder just what world these people live in, but it really doesn’t matter anymore.

    There is no difference between the two parties. They both are bought and paid for by big oil and big weapons. You don’t have a choice. Are we still in Iraq? Are we still in Afghanistan? Do we still send a trillion dollars a year to the mideast for their oil?
    Where is the new center of the financial world? Dubais?

    Who is making solar panels? China?

    During the last republican presidency we were attacked in New York city. We lost millions of jobs to overseas off-shoring, and as we approached bankruptcy the Fed doled out the cash to keep their buddies in charge.

    What this country will get is a very long depression that no medication will help.

    It doesn’t matter what you read, what sources you rely on, you can never know anything for sure.

    The ice up north will melt away more this summer because the El Nino, the return of the sunspots, and an increase flow of warm ocean water under the ice.

    I keep reading the question “Is global warming manmade or natural?”

    Mankind is natural. I know that seems obvious, but people seem to think that what they do isn’t natural. The human brain is the brightest brain ever created by the universe. It has tinckered with fusion, the power of the stars. Do you really think a creature that can light fires as hot as the sun could not eviscerate all life on the planet?

    Wake up sleepy cavemen, the world is your kindling, burn it however you want. Its natural to want to stay warm. But every society in history has failed because of natural events, diseases, droughts, volcanoes, and sometimes they killed themselves unintentionally, but they all died off.

    I can guarantee that over the next 100 years over 6 billion people will die. That is a fact. Imagine if each person were placed in a gold lined casket and buried in a cemetary plot.

    There wouldn’t be any trees or gold left.

  • opit

    Earl E is noting what anybody familiar with the history of Easter Island does : recognize that mankind drives itself ‘over the cliff’ in the use of the resource base. The dynamics of empire require one establish a monopoly on essentials of life to deny them to those outside the chosen parameters of control. To that end, it is possible to con people into doing things that will result in their own destruction.
    ‘Global Warming’ is not required : there are many other ‘accepted practices’ that are not sustainable…and the ‘adjustment’ at the end of the road does not seem part of the model we are following.
    One of the best illustrations of this is available in an infomercial that came out last June and was promoted worldwide.
    Home – by the Home Project is 1 hr. 33 min. of excellent depiction of one of the real…and immediate… crises : Water. I have placed it at the head of the file by that name – and others – in Collections Forwarded to Blogger in my index

  • Deano2009

    I have asked in several replies, but received no answer; has anyone heard or read a reply to the question “Is man also responsible for the concurrent warming of Mars along with earth ?” Or has Chief Alarmist algore or any other of the alarmists ever heard of this phenomenon, or ever concidered it? Quite a stretch for anthropilogical warming, don’t you think? Have any of them actually admitted that both Mars and Earth are now in a cooling trend? I know that at least one of them have heard about it. Someone recently actually suggested that the current global cooling was somehow caused by global warming. Those cats are sharp as bowling balls!

    • Joe H.

      “sharp as bowling balls”!!! I’m going to borrow that one if you don’t mind!! I will of course give you credit!!!


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