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Kucinich Says Obama’s Handling Of Libya May Be Impeachable Offense

May 24, 2011 by  

Kuchinich says Obama's handling of Libya may be impeachable offenseA member of President Barack Obama’s own political party recently stated that the Commander in Chief has violated the Constitution by bypassing Congressional approval to intercede in Libya’s civil war.

Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) said Obama’s decision to authorize military air strikes against Libya without Congressional approval may be an impeachable offense. He said Obama violated the Constitution’s War Powers Act, which requires a President to get legislative backing from Federal lawmakers within 60 days of launching a military action.

May 21 marked the 61st day since Obama deployed the United States military to Libya.

“He didn’t have Congressional authorization. He has gone against the Constitution, and that’s got to be said,” Kucinich told Raw Story. “It’s not even disputable. This isn’t even a close question.”

On May 22, Kucinich told FOX News that he does not want to impeach Obama because it would be a “destabilizing factor” for the country, but he added that such an action would be justified under Constitutional law.

White House officials have stated that the President does not need Congressional approval for a limited military operation. However, Obama sent a letter to lawmakers over the weekend in support of legislation that approves of U.S. involvement in Libya.

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  • Wayne937

    If your interested in how your Congress Member is voting, go here and click on your state:

    • Roger Lindsey

      Wayne937 You seem to jump to conclusions before you read and understand what some one writes It seems that you didn’t read my response to you so I’m hoping you read this

      Roger Lindsey says:
      May 24, 2011 at 6:27 pm

      I can’t see talking about impeachment for this president. After ALL THE GOOD HE HAS DONE FOR THE WORLD . We just need to DO IT !!!!
      ( He hasn’t done anything good. We agree to this.)
      Wayne937 says:
      May 25, 2011 at 1:39 pm

      Roger, what hole did you craw out from under? If you were awake, and had been following this blog you could never have made a statement this stupid. Obama is ruining our country, and you say leave him alone. If some one came into to your personal home, and started you telling you, and your family what to do, when to do it, and etc. you would leave him alone. If so, you are not much of a man, and should go back in your hole again.

      Roger Lindsey says:
      May 25, 2011 at 6:44 pm

      Apparently You did not read the last line of my message. DO IT

      Roger Lindsey says:
      May 25, 2011 at 6:46 pm

      I think he is a scum ball!!!

      Roger Lindsey says:
      May 25, 2011 at 6:55 pm

      I did not say leave him alone Talk is cheap and this country NEEDS to take action. I hope you re read my messages and understand he has done nothing for our country or the world except spend our monies in ways we can’t afford. To many vacations and handouts. There are no holes where I live to crawl out of. Thank you for reading this God Bless America

  • bohemian

    One of many impeachable offenses. Kucinich is correct – it isn’t even a close question. Finally, someone with ba!!s to say so.
    The ‘destabilizing factor’ is leaving Ø in office.

    • DanB

      Sadly, you know they are going to leave the President alone. Maybe given him a slap on the wrist, but leave him all his powers and even endorse his military actions (this and future ones). Probably even expand the President’s military authority through fiat….

      The way we give our Presidents passes for violating the Constitution, I am beginning to expect that the next President who actually abides by The Constitution of the United States of America will be impeached for upholding the law. I am hoping we get that president soon so America can see the truth of their politicians. Well, at least those of who really believe in the original document. The majority of Americans will be sold and believe that the president who actually abides by the Laws of the Constitution is the impeachable offender.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Marty

        How many impeachable offenses do we need? President Nixon had one…Watergate. After that, the
        Clintons flexed their dual muscles, Hillary with realestate and Bill with dropping his drawers in the hall and then perjuring himself before the grand jury. They were just dipping their toes in the proverbial political waters to test the temperature and found it to be good for all kinds of legal shenanagins. Little did they
        know they wold soon have an opponent who would make them look like rank amateurs. However, once
        our precious Constitution was so blatantly ignored by the powerful, it has become quite the norm in elite circles

        • Kate8

          I think impeaching this usurper would, actually, do much to put us back on the road to stability.

          The voice of the people would, finally, be heard.

          This criminal in the WH is beyond divisive and tyrannical.

          • Dan az

            Impeachment would do little to him but slap his wrist,Bubba was impeached and wasn’t removed.Treason on the other hand has teeth and results.

          • Average Joe

            While there certainly are enough Republicans in the HoR to Impeach Obama, it would then be sent to the senate for trial and disposition…how far do you think that would go? Just saying…nothing would be done in the Democratically controled senate…and O’Boy would thumb his nose and continue…business as usual.

            Impeachment in the United States is an expressed power of the legislature that allows for formal charges against a civil officer of government for crimes committed in office. The actual trial on those charges, and subsequent removal of an official on conviction on those charges, is separate from the act of impeachment itself.

            Impeachment is analogous to indictment in regular court proceedings, while trial by the other house is analogous to the trial before judge and jury in regular courts. Typically, the lower house of the legislature will impeach the official and the upper house will conduct the trial.

            “At the federal level, Article Two of the United States Constitution (Section 4) states that “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” The House of Representatives has the sole power of impeaching, while the United States Senate has the sole power to try all impeachments. The removal of impeached officials is automatic upon conviction in the Senate.”

          • Kate8

            Dan az – I don’t care HOW he’s removed. I just want to get ‘er done.
            And the sooner the better, before there’s nothing left.

          • Christin

            Dan AZ,

            I agree… we should ‘impeach’ him or accuse him of ‘Treason’ and remove him from office… which would bring MUCH stability back to Conservative Capitalistic America.

            Impeaching will probably not get us too far like when they tried with Clinton, BUT it would take obama off track to defend himself, he would be in court constantly to address the accusations, be exposed for the traitor to America and our Allies that he is, and not afford him as much time to Campaign (which he loves) across the country getting votes by spewing deceiving lies.

            Obama’s offenses are much grander that Bill Clintons WH sexual adulterous affair and lieing under oath about it… remember, “it depends on what ‘is’ means”… what a joke. I’m sure both the clintons did many other things to screw up America that were not pro-American… (think hilarycare…ugh!)

          • Kate8

            Christin – Have you forgotten the many people who had dirt on Slick Willey who ended up having fatal accidents or committed suicide? The bodies had started piling up.

            But it’s the Lewinsky affair he’s remembered by. After all, when your pres., murder isn’t an impeachable offense.

          • Christin

            No, Kate8, I have not forgotten, but I don’t think he was being impeached for those “offed” or killed was he?

            I had heard 36 was the body count under Bill & Hill, but someone in my spouse’s family says it is 70.

            Remember Ken Star and all the hardships he endured to be the attorney to those impeachment proceedings. Man he was a good guy, but the Clintons were relentless.

        • Wayne937

          This is a result of the Democratic party being taken over by the Communist and the Liberal. There are not any true Democrats in the Democratic party anymore. They have been hyjackes by the Obama Scums.

    • ONTIME

      I’m not so sure that the mystery Man hasn’t done his home work on this one and Kucinich has been off the mark more than once. If this was impeachable, there are conservatives in the congress who would have made a issue of the action, also the law trackers have not yelped loudly..

      Personally the Lib-Ya Odessey Dawn Knee jerk war is a travesty of exec war power use and a damned expensive exercise in order to give terrorist weapons they will use against our troops. So far it proves that without US military leadership NATO is a poorly trained in co-ordination and weaponry poor.

    • bohemian

      DanB, Marty, Kate8 – please see this piece, “50 Impeachable Crimes And Counting”, written last summer by a columnist at Canada Free Press:
      I can only guess what that number is up to now, 9-10 months later. It is incomprehensible that these offenses are simply ignored by the MSM. If it was GWB, there would have been a public crucifixion by #3.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Marty

        I checked out “50 Impeachable Crimes and Counting” and was flabbergasted at the scope of
        corruption involved on sooo many fronts. Everyone should have access to the indepth and thoroughly
        revealing duplicity of our current leader. I do not do “facebook” or the many other communication
        options that are now available, but those of you who do should read that website posted on Bohemian’s
        blog and send the damning evidence on to everyone they know.

        • Christin

          Just copy down the…
          …website address and write the title “50 Impeachable Crimes and Counting” in the subject line and press SEND
          …and wha-la you have just informed your address book and some inturn will forward and inform their address book, etc!

          That’s what I do.
          … then everyone can be “flabbergasted by the corruption from the daming evidence.”

    • azwayne

      Now if we could find anyone who just doesn’t talk but takes action. Can’t they find the correct stationary to write up letter of impeachment. It’s past time for more than words.

    • shere

      Obama continuing in office is destabillizing for our country. No president in our history has distanced Israel. His comments to give up their land to Palestinians shows how ignorant & pro-muslim he really is. He is an arrogant uninformed Islamic promoter. Get rid of him !!!!

    • herman richardson


    • nax777

      You get better results when the balls are between the legs!

      It is irrational to think that any nation can save more than a hand full of people from overpopulated poorer nation. Especially when most refuse to change their life style and blame the Jones’s for their plight.

      It is irrational to call mom a Nazi A. hole for giving people a ride back home to keep her home from overpopulation. It is irrational to think that any single payer social program will work best. It is irrational to think that nations can tax its way out of poverty. It is irrational to believe that a power convinced that you have nowhere else to go will do your biding.

      No one is going to stand in their way the template to convince people that a rational person is a very sick or stupid SOB must be removed first. And only you can remove yours. The misuse of Negative Theory must be taught to future generations.

      A true Conservative and a true Liberal agree on one thing though for different reasons. Any single payer social program is a nutty idea! Now each believes that it’s not so nutty as long as their side is managing it.

      We can destroy the power by replacing them with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens should they grow a greedy bone and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

      P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

    • skip

      Not to mention good old Newt who said “blast em” until Obama organized a coalition, and Trumpee, who said take Libya and keep it for the oil. You guys are all a bunch of Obama haters for the sake of hating someone not quite as white as you – own up!

  • pericone

    we cannot impeach fast enough!

    • Tom S

      Amen to that! This country needs to be put back on a course that follows the Constitution and Ammendments, not the direction the country is going (dictatorship of an imbicle).

    • Luci Tomlin

      At the VERY LEAST it should be written down in History, along with OTHER impeachable offences he has committed! Carter was too clueless to come up with the brazen decisions that BIG “O” has! With HIM, he is “clueless” about the Constitution, but “SLY’ about how he can circumvent it! THAT is a BAD combination!

    • Paul

      We can’t impeach Obama fast enough. We need to get the Obama plague out of Washington as soon as possible before our country falls apart. I get the impression that he wants this country to be 3rd world so that he can become a World Dictator.

    • skip

      Absolutely – impeach at least five of the Supreme Court for giving this country to big business and Wall Street – Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Scalia, and Thomas. If there were ever a bunch of betrayers of the middle class and working man, there you have them. Have them all out as soon as possible.

  • sean murrey

    There are many reasons for impeachment lets start now.

    • bohemian

      sean murrey – 50 reasons as of last summer; please see my comment above for the reference to the article.

  • SS McDonald

    Well do something about it Kucinich instead of pandering to the 5th Column Media. instigate the impeachment proceedings; make a difference.

    • Wayne937

      I would love to see Obama impeached, but with a Democratic controlled Congress I don’t see that happening. I think Kucinich feels the way also, but does want to see screw things up. Hopefully we can get some good folks in office in 2012 and get rid of Nobama and his Zombies.

  • Klaus

    That has to be the first thing out of Kucinich’s mouth that made any sense. It is one of many offenses by this administration that could be grounds for impeachment.

  • Charles

    People need to understand that this is the first president that does not need congressional approval for anything. He does not have to answer to anyone or follow the constitution, infact, he can ignore it as he chooses to. He is above all that and is like a god. If you don’t believe it, just ask him and he will tell you as will his followers. He is working so hard and doing his utmost to bring down America which is a very difficult job because people just don’t want to conform. Today’s congress does not have the guts to impeach this guy. So far, they don’t seem to have any backbone at all to stand up to him. When obama walks, everyone seems to drop at his feet and wait for him to speak. Everytime his holiness speaks, I have to pull my boots up higher so the shit doesn’t fall inside them. It seems to get deeper everytime he speaks. in his defense, he did give us hope and promise. He hoped to change America and promised to screw it up. We should all return the favor by hoping to fire him in 2012 and promise to reverse or abolish everything he touched and screwed up.

    • Luci Tomlin

      PLEASE!!! Not just “HOPE to fire him, we MUST! IF, God forbid, he is re-elected, our chance for “HOPE FOR CHANGE” to get back to “NORMAL” will be forever lost! Follow, and pay attention to, Herman Cain!

  • Jim Biven

    Truth can be uncomfortable. But, it does not change the fact that it is still and always will be truth. If the Libs and the Rinos cannot agree that this current president is the worst to hold office in our history, then they do not embrace truth. The idiots that led us into WWI, I had previously thought, were the worst. Nixon was a better president. Carter was worthless but, I’m not sure whether he or the current holder of the office is worse. That’s not the issue though. They all committed impeachable offenses. Where’s our leadership, that we elected because they all claimed to be “leaders”, when we need them? They need to all as one rise up on their feet and shout this president down and impeach him. No negotiations in back rooms either.

  • American Taxpayer

    And the Democrats plan to re-elect him! Ain’t that wonderful!! He’ll run as the candidate with the most experience. Let him remain with his Irish and or Kenyan roots and don’t let Air Force One land in the USA.

    • Wayne937

      Do you really think the folks who call themselves Democrats, are really are Democrats? At one time there used to be a Democratic Party. The Communist Liberals has taken over the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party are now masquerading themselve as Democrats as they know that no one would vote for them if they ran as Communist, Liberals or any other party. I really do believe this.

      • skip

        And Hitler and Mussolini the Republican party.

  • guest

    I am just so dismayed at the obama&team that has declared what consitutes a ‘terrorist’ Obama team threw out ‘islamic jihad’ as well as muslim terrorist. In place anyone who abides by our constition as well as against abortion is declared ‘right wing terrorist’.So if you live by values and principle’s..your a terrorist in the eyes of obama and team.He must go! Everyday bring’s some dismay and horror from this monster in our white house. Also if what i read is true..obama doesn’t make policy. Valerrie jarret does. Obama is just the mouthpiece.And just for the sake of it..what is that scar on obama’s head.

  • Brenda Choate

    I have long been in favor of impeachment. As for distabilization of the county excuse, I feel that with Obama out of the white house, we as a country will be stronger. We will no longer have a president who feels that he is entitled to everything he wants. He has committed to destroying the constitution in whatever fashion he chooses. He has appointed criminals as his “close advisors”, allows his attorney general to only pursue cases he wants with no basis of merit, refuses to adhere to the constitutional law, use executive power to go around congress, etc. He denies our allies and embraces our enemies, shows his largess by giving money to foreign entities to help their economies ( Brazil to drill, green jobs to foreign manufacturers), intertains setting aside constitutional law for international law and makes no move to stop islamic law and custom from eroding our constitution and way of life. Where, may I ask, is the destabilizing factor. I know Biden is an idiot but at least he has no demonstrated any tendency to become a dictator like Obama.

    • Dennis

      I think he should be Arested an Convicted for treason, and he should not be allowed to set in prison to train other muslims.

      • chuck

        your right and if I remember correctly treason is punishable by death

    • Tom S

      Very well said.

  • Patty

    This is just another step towards NWO. It is not by accident, but design that he is turning this latest Libyia conflict over to the UN. I am a little surprised that our troops have not risen up against this latest Libyian conflict. They did not sign up to have their commander and chief be the UN. Before he is out of office, I am sure Obama will continue to push having the UN involved in more and more of conflicts outside the US. That is until he turns the UN and our own troops on the American people.

  • mouse

    If it is an impeachable offense then “IMPEACH” Why is this guy BHO given a free pass — the one individual who has done more to destroy the USA and its hard working law abiding citizens then anyone else
    When his face comes on the TV I have to turn it off — his voice on the radio I have to turn it off

    • Tom S

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that does that. I refuse to listenm to anything “the annointed one” says. I can’t stand to look at him for one second.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Marty

        Amen to that! I do not seek out liars to listen to their lies, nor do I turn on my TV to be lied to.
        What I don’t understand is….why do we say “Libya {may} be an impeachable offense”? Are we
        too afraid to actually make the statement and, instead, make it a question? That leaves some room
        for doubt. It either IS or it IS NOT an impeachable offense, isn’t it?

        • Kate8

          I can’t listen to him, either. The very sight of him, and the sound of his voice, offends me.

          • Wayne937

            Kate8, count me in on this too. I see evil lurking in this man’s face. I have always considered myself a fairly good judge of characther. I don’t think Obama have any love for this country. His heart is in Kenya with his own people.

      • Christin

        Tom S,
        Count me in on that one, too, guys.
        Can’t stand to see O’s ‘arrogant face’ and listen to his ‘hateful lies and accusations’… just a waste of my time and ruins my happy disposition.

        This discernment we all have comes from God that we are able to feel the hate and evil (lies and deception) from this person… so sad that he is what is leaing our nation.

        Remove by IMPEACH or TREASON …

        • Christin

          leading = leaing

    • Luci Tomlin

      NEVER, in the HISTORY of AMERICA, have we had a President who spoke ONLY the “written” word from a teleprompter! He has the most expressionless face I have EVER SEEN! Especially from a Politician!
      His “as lib’ words fall as flat as Mommas dough board! Even his VOICE grates on my nerves like a nail raked down a rusty stove pipe!

    • bohemian

      mouse, Tom S, Marty, Kate8 – ditto on all counts. His name is not allowed to be spoken in our house. If reference needs to be made to Ø (you know, during discussions of corruption, liars, worthless vermin, etc.), ‘Voldemort’ is the name used.

      • Dan az

        LOL!I like that it fits.
        When I go to the VA his picture is every where, so I just look down at the floor when passing.It really does make me sick and its hard to explain to the doctor what I’m feeling at the time.If they knew I would probably be arrested.

        • Kate8

          Dan az – Really? His picture is everywhere? That’s disgusting! I’ll bet there’s a lot of nauseous Vets in there!

          Sounds more and more like China, or N. Korea, every day.

        • eddie47d

          Dan; Every Presidents picture has been in every government building for a couple of centuries or more.That won’t change no matter who is elected but nice spin.

          • Kate8

            eddie – There is a difference between A picture and pictures everywhere.

          • eddie47d

            You worry too much Kate about nothing. Now if Obama or any President puts up an 8′x10′ poster of himself at the entrance of the Supreme Court or halls of Congress then I’d be worried. I’d help you take it down.

      • Christin

        I really like that idea of using another name for O… think I will do that here at my house as I am SICK of hearing his name as well as seeing his arrogant face or listening to his evil lies.

        Also like your use of “O with a / line through it” on the computer… kind of like ‘No obammer here” or ‘stamp out obamer’… very clever… thanks for the ideas.

        • bohemian

          Christin – the ‘null’ or ‘zero’ : Ø is done by using Alt+0216 – hold down the ‘Alt’ key and type 0216, then let go.
          I had to come up with something because I couldn’t bring myself to type his name.

          • Christin

            Thanks bohemian,

            Tried it and it doesn’t work on my computer.

        • http://gunner689 gunner689

          I prefer to use the name BO for this aboration. It is not only his initials but describes the foulness of his character and intentions. The grandson of a suspected Mau-Mau terrorist in Kenya the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree. He needs to be removed by any legal method necessary along with his minions in gvt.

    • DC/Tex

      Most of us God fearing proud Americans feel the same way, the left just say oh y’all are racist.
      “O”ne “B”ig “A”ss “M”istake “A”merica is absolutely the most corrupt, greedy, immoral, and worst elected official in US history, and we have had some bad ones. WHAT EVER IT TAKES GET THIS ANTICHRIST AND HIS BAND OF CHICAGO MOBSTERS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

  • Artemus

    Maybe we need to educate our elected representatives!

    From The Constitution of The United States:

    Article II Section 1. Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:- “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    Article II Section 4. The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    From Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language “complete reference edition”:

    treason: 1. betrayal of trust or faith; treachery 2. violation of the allegiance owed to one’s sovereign of state; betrayal of one’s country, specif., in the U.S. (as declared in the Constitution), consisting only in levying war against the U.S. or in giving aid and comfort to its enemies.

    (or in giving aid and comfort to its enemies). What does this mean?

    treachery: 1. betrayal of trust, faith, or allegiance; perfidy, disloyalty, or treason 2. an act of perfidy or treason.

    allegiance: 2. the obligation of support and loyalty to one’s ruler, government, or country.

    ( refer back to Article II Section 4. and the subsequent definitions.)

    Article III Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
    The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attained.

  • Michelle

    could you imagine if Bush did this?

    • Alan MacDonald

      Yes, I can imagine it — in fact, I can remember it by Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan etc.


  • ruth

    They need to stop talking and start acting.. Impeach him now…

  • Kate8

    Congress no longer has any power, and they hold no accountability to We the People.

    They’ve sold out to foreign interests, specifically the NWO, and that is from where they take their orders.

    What else is there to say?

    • Dan az

      Just that know one is bullet proof.

  • Elevenarrows

    Unfortunately, we are all “preaching to the choir”. Obviously, most of us on here, understand and support the Constitution as the Law of the Land. Until we motivate the masses to turn off the TV, put aside the chips, get off the sofa and VOTE for ONLY those candidates that promise IN WRITING to filter EVERY action through the Constitution, nothing will improve in America. Why is it that every time I attend a town hall meeting or a gathering for potential candidates, the room is full of senior citizens? I applaud them for trying to stand in the gap and hold the line, but shame on the other generations who are happy to let them do it! I am amazed at the number of Americans I meet who are completely ignorant of the laws of our country. After years of government schooling (oops! I mean, brainwashing), they cannot even recognize treasonous actions when they see them. Motivate and educate the masses…we are far behind in doing this while the other side (progressive, socialists who hate American principles) has been largely successful in training our youth. Remember Hitler???

    • Don

      That is due to the federal Gov. running our education system, they don’t teach history anymore, it’s all a liberal plan for dumming down the kids of tomorrow, which is now,, today, need i say more, you parents,,, need to educate your children about what going on in this country, also teach them some respect !!!

    • Verus Langham

      Are you not aware that back in the 1960′s the American education system began to slowly rewrite history… along the secular world belief system and soon began to incorporate their prize peace de resistance…. The Theory of Evolution; and further, they began playing down the traditional values of conservative America while implementing more and more of the Libertarian viewpoint – the new age dreamland wherein the rule of law could be openly challenged by the ACLU and other such organizations…. our Constitutional heritage was under attack as assuredly as we see the fruits of that initial onslaught back then…. through our children in the classrooms the government began forcing them to enter, a slow creeping in of new age thought (the liberal philosophical agenda) first assuaged, then manipulated, and then outright attacked America’s heritage and greatest treasures (they pitted the wisdom of the aged against the power of government-promoted myths given to the children).
      Everybody should investigate this line of thought and trace back to its origins what we are now seeing come to fruition.

  • Alan MacDonald

    The good folks commenting on this site and/or story should keep in mind that Obama is acting as a faux-emperor/president of the global corporate/financial/militarist Empire which now controls our former country (as well as U.K. Israel, et al) by hiding behind the facade of the empire’s bought and owned TWO-Party modernized Nazi-like ‘Vichy” sham of faux-democratic government, and equally “Vichy” corporatist (fascist) media (which provides propaganda lies to Americans of both the left and the right).

    As such faux-emperor/president it is certainly true that Obama does not represent the interests of the general population of honest, average, middle/working-class Americans in the subsumed US territory any more than all of the previous faux-emperor/presidents; Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II have helped this disguised Empire capture our country.

    Therefore, it is entirely rational and reasonable, in line with the majority of comments, that any and all of these political pawns posing as faux-emperor/presidents were not legal presidents of our fading democratic country — and that all posters who have voiced such valid criticism and disgust with Obama should work toward insuring that no further faux-emperor/presidents of the disguised global EMPIRE that now IS the US should be allowed to take office for the EMPIRE.

    I applaud any effort to expose, educate, expunge, and excise any candidates for the office of President of the US who are actually pawns of the hidden global Empire.  Only through serious and principled efforts can we recover our country from the clutches of this disguised global Empire.  And all good Americans should avoid voting for any such phonies and pawns of Empire by avoiding any voting for any Empire endorsed, Empire captured, Empire funded, and Empire disguised candidate of either phony political party —- by requiring any candidate for president of our country to address the issue of where they stand on the global Empire which is in the process of fully taking over our country.  And ANY candidate who pretends not to be able to address the issue of the EMPIRE is clearly a phony stooge and candidate of this global Empire — who should never be voted for by any true American who loves their democratic Republic and hates the type of Empire that oppressed; politically, economically, and militarily our forefathers in the colonies prior to 1776.

    Alan MacDonald
    Sanford, Maine
    Liberty & democracy over violent empire — New America People’s Party 2012

    • PeggyB

      Alan McDonald – Well said!

  • http://yahoo Rob

    OK!!! With all the disgust I read and hear about Obama….Where’s the Public and Citizen OUTRAGE? Have we citizens of this country LOST our backbone?

  • s c

    Tell it like it is, DK! Why is it so RARE for a member of the Herr Obummer crowd to grow a pair and step up and and CHALLENGE Herr Obummer?
    Herr Obummer knows that as long as he is “loyal” to his puppet masters (and Holder the Corrupt is AG), he is almost immune to prosecution. It’s time for the pendulum of true justice to swing the other way and decimate this half-assed, corrupt administration.
    You twits thought RMN was bad? Herr Obummer makes Nixon seem like a cub scout, and YOU KNOW IT, you freedom-hating weasels!

  • Elevenarrows

    I agree with Alan…it is always a good policy to “follow the money”, too. Just one small example, the power grab to control our food. Farmers have been literally destroyed by corporations such as Monsanto. When you start looking in to who knows who, who funds who, who sits on the boards, etc. you often see major names of CFR members, high government officials, etc. The people given oversight in these areas have enormous conflicts of interest…as in, they get to “regulate” their enemies…small farmers. It is such a racket. Money and power are behind all of this…I get angry just standing in line at an elementary school, waiting to vote, while reading bulletin boards promoting our “global community”. We graduate complete idiots who have no idea about our founding fathers/documents, but they can tell you their “sister city” from across the world…and like good comrades, they will grow up to promote global agendas over American ones. And frankly, with a man sitting in the executive office who has clearly demonstrated his disdain for capitalism and American principles–let alone, freedom and religion–how can we expect students to do otherwise? Monkey see, monkey do.

  • Elevenarrows

    Another thought: Congressmen notice when White House phone lines are jammed. Floods of phone calls have affected legislative votes over the years. If all of us called or emailed our representatives and demanded they pursue impeachment, it would be far more effective than us just talking amongst ourselves about it!

  • Merlin

    The President is a major destabilizing factor in the United States. And since when did he ever give a fllip for the constitution?

  • Doug

    How much does this man have to do before someone gets the balls to fire the threat of impeachment across the bow of Obama D’ Huts ship of snakes? Even if you don’t have the votes in the Senate, the act has a way of saying (and please forgive me) “Hey, —–. Remember the constitution you swore to uphold and protect? This is your wake up call.”

  • Waldomountainman

    Unfortunately you have hit the nail on the head, the majority of the outrage is all hot air and no action. It is much easier to sit on the couch and type than get off the gluteus maximums and act. Thus in our so called modern society the majority depend on others to do the work and when the results are not as we would approve then we bitch and moan about it.
    Granted in 08 we did not have much of an alternative but there is no reason 2012 has to be the same way. Perhaps enough of the disgruntled will find a real candidate with grit and persuade this person it is worth all the vitrolic atmosphere to fill the highest office of this country. So far I see no realistic contenders and as those who might have been qualified elect to not to run then it opens the doors wide to a lot of unrealistic to suck out the air from one who might be capable of defeating the anoited one. Lord knows I would not want this job.

    • http://yahoo Rob

      Wow!!! A voice of reason…..These days, it is easy to hide in the cyber world, bitch and moan, then move on with our daily activities. Contacting our elected reps. is becoming non-responsive and waiting to elect a different NAME only becomes the SAME. The silent majority needs to stand up and be heard. This article is just another piece that adds to the choas we are experiencing to keep the masses confused.

  • Dale

    I agree with elevenarrows, we do need to inidate there phone lines. OHB should be brought up with charges of treason. We has done everything he can to bring our country down. If we did not fight back he would have already succeded. I do not call him President. There will be a gap in our history where he was. It will be known as The United States Years Without A President.

  • Waldomountainman

    The real issue is the debt, view this video to see the truth about what is the downfall of this country. Cut and paste the address below in your browser and watch to the end.

    • Dale

      I havent watched the vidio, but I do agree the debt is a major issue. But it does’nt help when these so call smart politicions think that continued spending is going to help. We have to stop the spending and cut out costly programs that have no critical use. When money is tight we have to watch what we spend our money on, we dont travel as much, etc. So why does that bozo in Washington think he can vacation and travel all the time. That would save some money as well.

      • Meteorlady

        We could enforce our immigrations laws and probably save about $340 BILLION PER YEAR. That would be a start. Then give rights back to the stats like education, health care and social services. It’s not federal governments’ business to be in these areas.

        • Dale

          I agree.

        • http://yahoo Rob

          So…..Where is the citizen “OUTCRY” regarding this issue….Our elected reps. refuse to address this issue. Have you contacted YOUR rep.? I have. What I have received is…..NO response to Retoric BS. So LEGAL citizens, how do your reps. respond? The fix is easy, but enforcement is being ignored. A-G-E-N-D-A!

  • Meteorlady

    “On May 22, Kucinich told FOX News that he does not want to impeach Obama because it would be a “destabilizing factor” for the country, but he added that such an action would be justified under Constitutional law.”

    Destabilizing factor? That’s exactly what Obama is and will continue to be if left in office. What the heck – they know he violated a number constitutional issues so why doesn’t anyone have the moral courage to bring it up in congress and start the proceedings? We are a nation of laws but it seems our presidents are over stepping more and more each new one that comes along.

  • TIME

    Saddly Barry has commited more crimes than most can fathom even more than the noted 50 from the sight noted.

    Yet every congress & senate person I speak with say the same things over and over like a broken record.

    “There is nothing than can be done until the 2012 election,” when I press as to why that is, there is no answer makes sense.

    The most common one is; “thats the way the system works.” Really?

    #1, Is there not an HONEST POLITICIAN in DC?

    #2, Is there not an HONEST Lawyer in the United states of America anylonger?

    I don’t know you all tell me, what you think about the two questions I posed above.

    • Verus Langham

      Ditto; is there an honest politician, medical staff supervisor at local hospitals, patriot in HAWAII?


    • Christin


      Maybe their is NO Constitutional politician left in DC that knows what to do…

      Maybe their is NO politician willing to risk their Congressional position or job…

      Maybe their is NO politician willing to risk his or her life or the lives of their family…

      When their is rampant criminal elements running the country… their is bound to be hit men ready to threaten and kill you if you stand in the way of the evil ones’ agenda.

      • Kate8

        Christin – That pretty much sums it up.

      • DC/Tex

        AGREE!! They have most of us broke, no jobs, and and with little hope that this once great country ever recover from all the greedy, corrupt, and down right evil politicians.

  • i41

    Kuncinish is just another dem talking out his rear, he spouts BS and if push come to shove, he will running squealing like a wiener dog. Time the whole damn judical system is a joke and no where in the Constitution does is say SCOTUS is a life time appointment. Clean out one every 5 years. They can not make laws only interpet the Constitution except what is stated in the instrument, not out of their twisted veiws and beleifs. Just like we need limits on Cogress, serve a term sit out 2 before serving again. Cut out the same ole business as usual routine!

  • Dennis M. Ellis

    We’ve all seen many untruths, but this looks like a good
    read. Judge for yourself…..

    More Fraud?
    Snopes won’t provide and answer…………not surprising!
    Is This simply one more lie from our truth-less leader?
    It gets even better:

    Before clicking on the link, scroll
    down and read the UPDATE story.

    Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 9:03 AM
    Subject: The Mystery of Barrack Obama continues:
    Click on the link to view the story “The mystery of Barack Obama continues”.


    An investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social
    Security number (SSN) has been illegally used by Obama:

    Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, emigrated to the
    United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425. Ludwig
    lived most of his adult life in Connecticut. His SSN begins with the
    digits 042, which are among several reserved for Connecticut
    residents. Obama never lived or worked in that state, so there is no
    reason for his SSN to start with the digits 042.


    Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii, where he died.
    Conveniently, Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked
    part-time in the Probate Office in the Honolulu, Hawaii Courthouse, and therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals.
    The Social Security administration was never informed of Ludwig’s death, and because he never received Social Security benefits,there were no benefits to stop and no questions were raised.

    The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her grandson was
    not a U.S. citizen — either because he was born in Kenya or became a
    citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro — merely
    scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who
    was not receiving Social Security benefits, and “selected” that SSN for Obama.

    Just wait until Trump gets past the birth certificate and moves on to the issue of Barry O’s use of a stolen SSN. You will see leftist heads exploding, because they will have no way of defending Obama.
    Although many Americans are not smart enough to understand the
    meaning of the term “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN,” there are few who do
    not understand that if you are using someone else’s SSN, it is a clear
    indication of FRAUD!

    • Christin

      Wow, Dennis, great journalistic research and reporting.

      I heard about the Connecticut SS# and the multiple SS#s numbers he holds as well, but… if this is true why isn’t it all over the news and internet????????????

    • Rufus

      You are the fraud. Why don’t you and rest of the racist on this forum just come out say it. Obama being black is the reason you hate him. No black man is going to be your leader. Freedom. Liberty. You do not believe in them. Anyone who disagree with you or your dogma should be killed or run out the country. Youn are all talk and no action. Stop hiding behind your lock doors and clutching your guns and do something. Why don’t you start with the weak and powerless because that who your types always single out. Man up and match your punk talk with action. You will not because you are cowards.

      • John P

        Race has nothing to do with it, I don’t like his white half either.

        • bohemian

          Good one, John P. Great retort to these boneheads that bring race into issues that aren’t about race. I’ll make good use of that line!

      • Christin


        Put the bottle down and get off the train tracks, dude.

        There ae plenty great men of God who are intelligent statesmen, who have the Constitutional Conservativism Americans WANT to get our country back on track to LIMITED gov, Reduce the Debt, and Cut Spending, that are Black or African-American… many who are ALL Black.

        I can assure you it isn’t his skin color you lieing racist accuser.

        Those on this site ‘dislike’ BHO’s IDEALOLOGY of Marxism (REdistibution of Wealth… stealing wealth from hard working Americans, not only for those not working, but to line their own pockets… BHO made $1.7 million in 2011), AND Pro-Muslim, Anti-Isreal, Anti-American, Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Christian…

  • Verus Langham

    Does anybody remember the fairly recent article about Joe Biden’s promise to actually bring impeachment charges against Obama should he take any pre-emptive action on his own authority without any approval from the Congress? There was actually a live interview and the host point-blank asked if he (Biden) were serious…. Joe of course returned that “you know me ( ), and have done so for some time and, have I ever made a statement and then not back it up?” …. or words very close to that in effect.
    What happened, Joe Biden? No backup strategy after your boss went ahead and arrogantly did just that…. thing you said you would bring the impeachment proceedings against?

    • Marty S.

      Too bad Biden and the rest of the chicken liver elected won’t read or respond. They will just go down in history as the ones who refused to step up to the plate and do the right thing for our country. They are too afraid to change history for the better by a course correction in standing up to the bully. They are afraid of who is backing him up and of losing their comfort zones in the process. They all need to support this senator and begin the proceedings.

  • Dennis M. Ellis

    This one is quite a lesson. It speaks for itself.

    Please do your part to assuring that this message never dies.

    The Global Islamic population is approximately 1,200,000,000; that is
    ONE BILLION TWO HUNDRED MILLION or 20% of the world’s population.

    They have received the following Nobel Prizes:

    Literature: 1988 – Najib Mahfooz

    Peace: 1978 – Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat 1990 – Elias James Corey
    1994 – Yaser Arafat: 1999 – Ahmed Zewai



    Medicine: 1960 – Peter Brian Medawar 1998 – Ferid Mourad

    TOTAL: 7 (SEVEN)

    The Global Jewish population is approximately 14,000,000; that is FOURTEEN MILLION or about 0.02% of the world’s population. They have received the following Nobel Prizes:

    1910 – Paul Heyse 1927 – Henri Bergson 1958 – Boris Pasternak 1966 – Shmuel Yosef Agnon 1966 – Nelly Sachs 1976 – Saul Bellow 1978 – Isaac Bashevis Singer 1981 – Elias Canetti 1987 – Joseph Brodsky
    1991 – Nadine Gordimer

    World Peace:
    1911 – Alfred Fried 1911 – Tobias Michael Carel Asser 1968 – Rene Cassin 1973 – Henry Kissinger 1978 – Menachem Begin
    1986 – Elie Wiesel 1994 – Shimon Peres 1994 – Yitzhak Rabin


    1905 – Adolph Von Baeyer 1906 – Henri Moissan 1907 – Albert Abraham Michelson 1908 – Gabriel Lippmann 1910 – Otto Wallach
    1915 – Richard Willstaetter 1918 – Fritz Haber 1921 – Albert Einstein
    1922 – Niels Bohr 1925 – James Franck 1925 – Gustav Hertz
    1943 – Gustav Stern 1943 – George Charles de Hevesy
    1944 – Isidor Issac Rabi 1952 – Felix Bloch 1954 – Max Born
    1958 – Igor Tamm 1959 – Emilio Segre 1960 – Donald A. Glaser
    1961 – Robert Hofstadter 1961 – Melvin Calvin 1962 – Lev Davidovich Landau 1962 – Max Ferdinand Perutz 1965 – Richard Phillips Feynman
    1965 – Julian Schwinger 1969 – Murray Gell-Mann 1971 – Dennis Gabor
    1972 – William Howard Stein 1973 – Brian David Josephson
    1975 – Ben jamin Mottleson 1976 – Burton Richter 1977 – Ilya Prigogine
    1978 – Arno Allan Penzias 1978 – Peter L Kapitza 1979 – Stephen Weinberg 1979 – Sheldon Glashow 1979 – Herbert Charles Brown
    1980 – Paul Berg 1980 – Walter Gilbert 1981 – Roald Hoffmann
    1982 – Aaron Klug 1985 – Albert A. Hauptman 1985 – Jerome Karle
    1986 – Dudley R. Herschbach 1988 – Robert Huber 1988 – Leon Lederman
    1988 – Melvin Schwartz 1988 – Jack Steinberger 1989 – Si dney Altman
    1990 – Jerome Friedman 1992 – Rudolph Marcus 1995 – Martin Perl
    2000 – Alan J. Heeger


    1970 – Paul Anthony Samuelson 1971 – Simon Kuznets 1972 – Kenneth Joseph Arrow 1975 – Leonid Kantorovich 1976 – Milton Friedman
    1978 – Herbert A. Simon 1980 – Lawrence Robert Klein
    1985 – Franco Modigliani 1987 – Robert M. Solow 1990 – Harry Markowitz
    1990 – Merton Miller 1992 – Gary Becker 1993 – Robert Fogel


    1908 – Elie Metchnikoff 1908 – Paul Erlich 1914 – Robert Barany
    1922 – Otto Meyerhof 1930 – Karl Landsteiner 1931 – Otto Warburg
    1936 – Otto Loewi 1944 – Joseph Erlanger 1944 – Herbert Spencer Gasser
    1945 – Ernst Boris Chain 1946 – Hermann Joseph Muller
    1950 – Tadeus Reichstein 1952 – Selman Abraham Waksman 1953 – Hans Krebs 1953 – Fritz Albert Lipmann 1958 – Joshua Lederberg
    1959 – Arthur Kornberg 1964 – Konrad Bloch 1965 – Francois Jacob
    1965 – Andre Lwoff 1967 – George Wald 1968 – Marshall W. Nirenberg
    1969 – Salvador Luria 1970 – Julius Axelrod 1970 – Sir Bernard Katz
    1972 – Gerald Maurice Edelman 1975 – Howard Martin Temin
    1976 – Baruch S. Blumberg 1977 – Roselyn Sussman Yalow
    1978 – Daniel Nathans 1980 – Baruj Ben acerraf 1984 – Cesar Milstein
    1985 – Michael Stuart Brown 1985 – Joseph L. Goldstein
    1986 – Stanley Cohen [& Rita Levi-Montalcini] 1988 – Gertrude Elion
    1989 – Harold Varmus 1991 – Erwin Neher 1991 – Bert Sakmann
    1993 – Richard J. Roberts 1993 – Phillip Sharp 1994 – Alfred Gilman
    1995 – Edward B. Lewis 1996- Lu Rose Iacovino

    TOTAL: 129!

    The Jews are NOT promoting brain washing children in military training camps, teaching them how to blow themselves up and cause maximum deaths of Jews and other non Muslims. The Jews don’t hijack planes, nor kill athletes at the Olympics, or blow themselves up in German restaurants. There is NOT one single Jew who has destroyed a church. There is NOT a single Jew who protests by killing people.

    The Jews don’t traffic in slaves, nor have leaders calling for Jihad and death to all the Infidels.

    Perhaps the world’s Muslims should consider investing more in standard education and less in blaming the Jews for all their problems.

    Muslims must ask ‘what can they do for humankind’ before they demand that humankind respects them.

    Regardless of your feelings about the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians and Arab neighbors, even if you believe there is more culpability on Israel ‘s part, the following two sentences really say it all:

    ‘If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.

    If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel .”

    Benjamin Netanyahu





    General Eisenhower Warned Us:
    It is a matter of history that when the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight Eisenhower, found the victims of the death camps he ordered all possible photographs to be taken, and for the German people from surrounding villages to be ushered through the camps and even made to bury the dead.

    He did this because he said in words to this effect:

    ‘Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened’

    Recently, the UK debated whether to remove The Holocaust from its school curriculum because it ‘offends’ the Muslim population which claims it never occurred. It is not removed as yet. However, this is a frightening portent of the fear that is gripping the world and how easily each country is giving into it.

    It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the, 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians, and 1,900 Catholic priests who were ‘murdered, raped, burned, starved, beaten, experimented on and humiliated’ while the German people looked the other way.

    Now, more than ever, with Iran , among others, claiming the Holocaust to be ‘a myth,’ it is imperative to make sure the world never forgets.

    This e-mail is intended to reach 400 million people. Be a link in the memorial chain and help distribute this around the world.

    How many years will it be before the attack on the World Trade Center ‘NEVER HAPPENED’ because it offends some Muslim in the United States?

    Jesus answered and said unto him, VERILY, VERILY, I SAY UNTO THEE, EXCEPT


  • chuckb

    we should let this bc alone until jan. 2012. then really make a concerted effort to force his hand on the issue. most of the people who voted for barry could care less. there may be enough citizens who do care and being an election year maybe some of these cowardly republican politicians will make an issue out of it and get this bum thrown out of office.
    if the liberal faction can’t see what a loser this guy is then they are not watching netanyahu make a stuttering idiot out of barry.…/netanyahu-vs-obama-at-the-same-age

    as far as libya is concerned, that is only an example of what we are dealing with. barry has failed in all his foreign policy decisions and between him and hillary must be the laughing stock of the world.
    netanyahu made barry look like a complete inept leader, even his teleprompter couldn’t save him.

    trying to impeach this jerk would be a waste of time, our problem is we have a majority in the senate and half the congress that think the way barry does. a really great problem.

  • Wayne937

    This is something I don’t like to read, maybe it is BS, I don’t know, but I hope it is. I received it in my e-mail yesterday. It was written by a black professor, Dr. Walter Williams:

    DR. WILLIAMS predicts that Obama can not lose the 2012 election.


    Dr. Williams prediction: Maybe you have read some newspaper articles written by Dr. Williams a conservative economist who happens to be Black. He has taught at several Universities and is currently teaching at George Mason University. No Matter What

    By Dr. Walter Williams Can President Obama be defeated in 2012? No. He can’t. I am going on record as saying that President Barak Obama will win a second term.

    The media won’t tell you this because a good election campaign means hundreds of millions (or in Obama’s case billions) of dollars to them in advertising.

    But the truth is, there simply are no conditions under which Barak Obama can be defeated in 2012. The quality of the Republican candidate doesn’t matter. Obama gets reelected. Nine percent unemployment? No problem. Obama will win. Gas pricesmoving toward five dollars a gallon? He still wins. The economy soars or goes into the gutter. Obama wins. War in the Middle East? He wins a second term.

    America’s role as the leading Superpower disappears? Hurrah for Barak Obama! The U.S. government rushes toward bankruptcy, the dollar continues to sink on world markets and the price of daily goods and services soars due to inflation fueled by Obama’s extraordinary deficit spending? Obama wins handily.

    You are crazy Williams. Don’t you understand how volatile politics can be when overall economic, government, and world conditions are declining? Sure I do.

    And that’s why I know Obama will win. The American people are notoriously ignorant of economics. And economics is the key to why Obama should be defeated.

    Even when Obama’s policies lead the nation to final ruin, the majority of the American people are going to believe the bait-and-switch tactics Obama and his supporters in the media will use to explain why it isn’t his fault. After all, things were much worse than understood when he took office.

    Obama’s reelection is really a very, very simple math problem. Consider the following:

    1) Blacks will vote for Obama blindly. Period. Doesn’t matter what he does. It’s a race thing. He’s one of us,

    2) College educated women will vote for Obama. Though they will be offended by this, they swoon at his oratory. It’s really not more complex than that,

    3) Liberals will vote for Obama. He is their great hope,

    4) Democrats will vote for Obama. He is the leader of their party and his coat tails will carry them to victory nationwide,

    5) Hispanics will vote for Obama. He is the path to citizenship for those who are illegal and Hispanic leaders recognize the political clout they carry in the Democratic Party,

    6) Union members will vote overwhelmingly for Obama. He is their key to money and power in business, state and local politics,

    7) Big Business will support Obama. They already have. He has almost $1 Billion dollars in his reelection purse gained largely from his connections with Big Business and is gaining more everyday. Big Business loves Obama because he gives them access to taxpayer money so long as they support his social and political agenda,

    8) The media love him. They may attack the people who work for him, but they love him. After all, to not love him would be racist,

    9) Most other minorities and special interest groups will vote for him. Oddly, the overwhelming majority of Jews and Muslims will support him because they won’t vote Republican. American Indians will support him. Obviously homosexuals tend to vote Democratic. And lastly,

    10) Approximately half of independents will vote for Obama. And he doesn’t need anywhere near that number because he has all of the groups previously mentioned. The President will win an overwhelming victory in 2012.

    — Dr. Walter Williams

  • Wayne937

    Well folks I have Democrat Zombie Robert Casey in Pa. that will vote for anything Obama wants. If he was ever walking behind Obama, and Obama made a quick stop, you would know what would happen. He is like the Last Democrat/Republic Arlen Specter that we fired last November. I am hoping that we can fire this idiot too in 2012. I am writing him constantly and all I ever get back are those already prepared form letters, no person letters. My other two representative are both Republican and they are ok so far. We will need the Good Lord’s help in order to get rid of the thing that people call a president. We all need to do a lot of work before 2012.

  • Elevenarrows


    First of all, I don’t consider President Obama to be black. I believe he is equally white and black based on his parents. Obviously, he has chosen to think of himself as black and since I’m not biracial, I have no idea how one determines something like that. I would assume it is a very personal decision. Second, I once worked very hard to help Ambassador Alan Keyes during his presidential campaign…if any man could call himself black…Mr. Keyes would be the one. I found it strange that the black community would not support Mr. Keyes…an obviously VERY black man. I was equally surprised that the black community rallied around a man that was not solely black. I think the reason for both those events is that, perhaps, most people don’t vote based on color. Unlike you, Rufus, the vast majority of us look at issues, morals, ethics, allegiances, experience, etc. I hate to ruin your theory, but I suspect that Mr. Keyes was too American for the black community to elect…he was extremely devoted to upholding the Constitution. Obama, on the other hand, promised to share the rewards of hard-working Americans with those who weren’t…and I suspect that was the greater appeal. Who is the racist here?

    • EdinNola

      Its a sad commentary on the world today, but this whole black / white thing is part of the Communist propaganda machine. Only (Progressives) Communists count as Black. It’s the class struggle nonsense. The truth is that Obama is somewhere around 1/16th African descent. Half is White and 7/16ths is Arab. He has been groomed by Communists from the day he was born to do exactly what he has. He’s an airhead who is exceedingly well trained in his Communist “ideology”. He’s a sweet talker, but. . . I think he has lost a lot of the more educated black voters. Anyone who can look through the propaganda cloud of lies that surrounds him will sees what he is.

      • Roger Lindsey

        I agree

  • Elevenarrows

    Wayne 937, I completely agree with the assessment of who will vote for Obama. But, since that probably depressed many others like you and me, I thought I would also point out that not so very long ago in the big picture of human history, many people doubted that a few brave men and women could survive in a hostile country…a country we now love and call home. It was through divine providence that America was founded and she has weathered many storms and triumphed over unbelievable odds time and time again. IF—and that is a big IF—God determines that America will survive and prosper, then she will. He once saved a city because of only one man’s faithfulness. One person really can make a difference. With God on our side, who can be against us? Many are rallying to the RIGHT and I pray God will bless our nation because of it. Having successfully removed Him from our schools, businesses, entertainment and hearts, we really don’t deserve His protection now. Nevertheless, He has promised to heal the nation that repents and turns to Him. I, for one, find that to be my only real consolation in light of the storm looming on our horizon.

    • Wayne937

      Very well spoken,Elevenarrows. Thanks/

    • DC/Tex

      AGREE!! God Bless America Again

  • chuckb

    wayne937. i believe mr. williams denied those comments. it may be something like the one that circulated contributing the conservative comments to andy rooney, that also was not factual, mr. rooney is so liberal he thinks karl marx belonged to the kkk.

    • Wayne937

      I hope your right, chuckb. Another 4 years with this loon with tear this country apart. But we do have a lot of Obama Zombies aroud. We have a few on this forum.

  • Bert Cundle

    If The Comander & Chief can… So can the General of the ARMY & ADMERAL of the NAVY & General of the Air Force!

  • eddie47d

    What a hoot! Kucinich is the number one left leaning Democrat in Congress and very anti-war no matter who is President. This is a classic maneuver by Personal Liberty to bring up Dennis and use him to bash Obama. See how little it takes to get you all going and it’s like a piranha attack.LOL

  • EdinNola

    Short of actual civil war, its difficult to see how this country could be made more unstable than Obama has already made it. And his incompetence and inborn hatred has overflowed around the world. Impeach the airhead so we can get started rebuilding America.

  • Roger Lindsey

    I can’t see talking about impeachment for this president. After ALL THE GOOD HE HAS DONE FOR THE WORLD . We just need to DO IT !!!!

    • Wayne937

      Roger, what hole did you craw out from under? If you were awake, and had been following this blog you could never have made a statement this stupid. Obama is ruining our country, and you say leave him alone. If some one came into to your personal home, and started you telling you, and your family what to do, when to do it, and etc. you would leave him alone. If so, you are not much of a man, and should go back in your hole again.

      • Roger Lindsey

        Apparently You did not read the last line of my message. DO IT

      • Roger Lindsey

        I think he is a scum ball!!!

      • Roger Lindsey

        I did not say leave him alone Talk is cheap and this country NEEDS to take action. I hope you re read my messages and understand he has done nothing for out country or the world except spend our monies in ways we can’t afford. To many vacations and handouts. There are no holes where I live to crawl out of. Thank you for reading this God Bless America

  • John Newton

    This man is only about upheaval, to coin it properly, an Obama-nation!
    Who gave the Mexican Consulate authority to set up temporary recruitment for Mexicans to join as members of the Meixcan Consul on our public schools in California? In this giving illigales rights to our publice finance systems.I feel that his last public speech in Texas was only geard to creat anarchy,that way if Americans start fighting back after he has given Amnisty to a new voter base, he will be able to rain in Marshal Law and disarm America! This is Treason, he undermines the wishes of the American people and he’s seeding upheaval so that anarchy will be an inevitable course!

  • James

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution reads: Congress shall have the power…To declare War.” Without congressional authority, the Executive Branch has no power to wage war. The War Powers Act was enacted to allow a president to defend America, without congressional approval, if an attack was ‘imminent.’ Our President bombed Libya under the authority of a United Nations Resolution, without consulting Congress at all. If that isn’t treason, what is?

  • Linda

    Destabilizing the black community is what he’s really saying. Let it happen.

  • Janice Fortin




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