Killer Bull Claims 3rd Life In Spain


XATIVA, Spain, Aug. 14 (UPI) — A man was killed by a bull during a festival in Xativa, Spain, becoming the beast’s third victim, officials say.

The bull, named Mouse, fatally attacked the man, who died at a hospital later, during an amateur bullfighting event Saturday night, the BBC reported.

The bull, which weighs 1,100 pounds, lifted the man with his horns, tossed him and then attacked him further. The man was pulled out of the ring.

The man, 30, appeared to be drunk and had been removed from the ring several times previously during the night.

This was the third death the bull has caused in the past 10 years, the British network said. His killer reputation earns his owner more than $14,000 per appearance.

Police officials have started an investigation into the latest death, however, festivities in Xativa, including bullfights, will continue, the BBC said.

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