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Kids Don’t Eat Vegetables, School Considers Surveillance Cameras

October 4, 2012 by  

Kids Don’t Eat Vegetables, School Considers Surveillance Cameras

Students across the Nation have resisted new school lunch policies largely influenced by first lady Michelle Obama. A school system in Florida thinks they may have a solution to the problem: surveillance cameras.

New Federal law requires that students eat healthy produce at lunchtime. But students in Lake County Florida are refusing to eat the new and improved lunches that are offered. So school board officials are considering installing cameras in the trash cans to keep an eye on how many veggies are being thrown out.

“It’s a big issue, and it’s very hard to get our hands around it,” Todd Howard, the school board member who suggested the idea, told Local 6 in Orlando. “They have to take it, and then it ends up in the trash can, and that’s a waste of taxpayer money. It’s also not giving students the nutrition that they need.”

Parent Laurel Walsh thinks it’s the parents’ job to get kids to eat their veggies — not the government’s.

“I think it starts at home with the parents. If the kids just don’t like it because they’ve never been given it at home, they’re not going to try something new here,” she said.

School board members have said that if the cameras are installed, the faces of the students will not be seen. Only the food being thrown away will be recorded.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • independent thinker

    Here’s a novel idea, just look in the trash cans and see what they throw away. No need to spend scarce resources on cameras that have a high likelyhood of being vandelized.

    • FreedomFighter

      they may have a solution to the problem: surveillance cameras.

      The problem inde is that they want those kids to know they are being recorded and watched, its indoctrination to the NWO.

      What my kids eat is not any of the schools business, they teach not rule over children. Its the parents job to determine a childs diet, Its the schools job to offer healthy choices.

      CHOICE does not need camera to inforce school wants or government dictates.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

    • TML


    • pweiters9

      10/6/12, What ever happened to the good ol’ fashion lunch pail?

  • Vicki

    The OP writes:
    “They have to take it, and then it ends up in the trash can, and that’s a waste of taxpayer money. It’s also not giving students the nutrition that they need.”

    And what does the school plan to do about the veggies in the trash? Are they going to make the students sit at the table till they eat all their veggies? I can see how well that is going to work.

    The OP writes: “School board members have said that if the cameras are installed, the faces of the students will not be seen. Only the food being thrown away will be recorded.”

    As independent thinker says above why waste yet more taxpayer money on cameras when all the school has to do is have the cleaning staff look. And that is less expensive than the electricity to run the cameras.

    This whole idea of forcing people to eat specific things just reminds me of how slaves are treated.

  • Harold Olsen

    What are they going to do to kids who do not eat their vegetables? Arrest them and throw them in jail? Or, will that be one of the uses of the detention centers that Obama wants to set up around the country What we and our children eat is our business. Moochelle and her Nazi husband should keep their noses out of our business. People have allergies to certain foods and escpecially vegetables and some of those allergies can be fatal. However, I doubt that the Obama’s give a damn about that. All they care about is controlling all aspects of our lives and if their dictatorial rules kill people, they could not care less.

    • Tony Watson

      But Obama and his Monsanto buds have no problem feeding everyone genetically modified wheat, corn and soy that has already been proven to cause health problems.

      • Kate8

        No doubt the veggies they’re trying to feed the kids are GMO, too. I mean, the Obama’s are squarely behind forcing GMOs down our throats, and most produce is largely GMO now. Besides, organic produce is more expensive and less available, so I doubt that is what they’re getting.

        Perhaps they are trying to insure that kids eat this life-shortening phude, just as they want to force vaccinate.

  • Doug Wallace

    How about some “vegetable-recognizing” graphics software to go along with the cameras? That could get some startup company run by an Obama contributor a few million dollars of government money.

    • Tony Watson


  • roger gunderson

    We have a relentless mommy and daddy government.

  • Beenhereawhile

    Here’s an idea!!!!! How about arresting the kids at the garbage can if they throw out their veggies?

    Seriously, the cafeteria workers know which types of veggies and prepared in which way the kids do eat. So, let the individual school lunch program decide what to feed the kids in their area. There are also ethnic considerations in the foods a child of a certain locale traditionally eat. Racist government rules on foods and calories are waaayyyy out of line.

    We’ll fix this new “law” in November.

    • Bill

      Racist government rules on food. I’m sooooo tired of so many people seeing nothing but racism.

      • FreedomFighter

        They will have your kids not eating there fried chicken, black-eyed peas, grits and watermelon, they will be labeled racists an jailed.

        Joking of course, but you can see where this can go…many will consider the above statment racist, yet no race was mentioned, they will fail to realize im an American Indian and auto-tag me as white, why? Because in there own mind they associate these foods as with a particular race, makeing them racists – not me.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • gaaak

    We can get the medical-device companies involved. Strap those little wasteful buggers down and feed them an “approved veeggie” slurry through naso-gastric intubation. That’ll fix ‘em!

    • Julie

      LOL..dont give them any ideas!!

  • Big Woody

    The cameras are a great idea, but they should show the faces of the little ingrates. As long as we are spending the cash on these high tech cameras, we should go a little further and put a shock collar on each child and when the special assignment TSA officers see a kid dumping food, they can shock the little buggers. Hey, it stopped the neighbors stupid dog from barking. There is a good song title. “Let’s twitch again like we did last lunch time” by Skinny Checker

    • Julie guys are too funny!!

  • OL504Troop

    Wow- “kids don’t eat their vegetables” – how much did the government spend to determine something that any parent could have told them? Now they want to install surveillance cameras on our children??? This is going too far – we have to impeach this communist president and a majority of the communist Democrats – Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultze, and others, who think we need to spy on ourr kids.

    • 45caliber

      WE don’t need to spy on our kids; THEY need to do it. After all, everyone should do exactly as they say. So if the kids don’t eat the food, the obvious thing to do is force the parents to pay a fine … right? That way they can make the kids healthy and get more money to waste … ah … spend at the same time.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    We are already the most watched people in the world and now they want cameras in Schools to watch our children. Sounds like the Pedophile society , whats next camera’s in the homes, thats right they already have that. Wake up America we are being set up for a Take over of our Country for one world Government. Just look at the three bills that took away our 1st and 5th Amendment rights, an “International Small Arms Treaty” taking our 2nd Amendment right and a Marxist President who wants the AGENDA 21 and LOST TREATY’S signed into Law taking away our rights as a Country. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

  • Dad

    You can lead a horse to water…
    The kids have more guts than their (missing) parents.

  • michael.a bimonte

    this is yet another example of this out-of-control nanny state government overextending its
    ever-increasing presence in our private lives. I firmly believe, and I hope I’m wrong, that we
    will have a second American Revolution in my lifetime. When we broke from the tyranny of
    England, a few in government held all the power, controlling everyone else as subjects. The
    Framers had a better idea- the governed would tell the government what it can and cannot do. Now we have come full circle.

  • Phillip in TX

    How about the “Veggie Police” just shove the stuff down the kids throats before they can leave the lunch room? The sound like a bunch of “Food Nazis!”

    • Phillip in TX

      Oops! That should be “They.”

  • liberty55

    Government again, telling us what to eat Now they want to spy on the kids. Can’t we get it yet. We are beyond 1984, we are living in an age that prohibits freedom and puts people at risk for expressing their freedoms. EAT what you want. It’s your body.

  • JimH

    No dessert until you eat your veggies. Oh wait, we don’t allow dessert, it has sugar.
    Kids have been tossing out the veggies since the first school caffeteria opened. We all grew up and turned out OK. Smile you’re on veggie TV.



  • Jim Cain

    Well people you wanted “hope and change” Mr. and Mrs. Obama are going to make sure you get it whether you like it or not!! Every time I just think about Obama getting re-elected I get knots in my stomach………………This country is on the verge of economic collapse and they are worried about whether or not kids eat veggies in theri school lunch!!
    Hell we survived on PBJ brought from home every day or maybe a bologna sandwich and a couple of cookies. I dont know how we ever survived these horrible lunches, lead in the paint, no seat belts, and most of all “Big Brother” looking out for us because the government knows best!! B@#^#@

    • George

      Just remember, it’s those same kids who will be running our country in a few years. I said to my wife one day, “I wonder what happens to all those screwed up kids”? and she replied, “they all grow up to be screwed up adults”. Now, do you see why our country is in shambles?

    • JimH

      Hi Jim Cain, No bicycle helmets while bicycling or skating, and not wearing life jackets while canoeing. No helmets snow skiing. Whole milk straight from the cow on the farm. Eating our own cooking while camping.(that one was kind of pushing the limits)
      Hunting and target shooting unsupervised. Fishing (by open water) unsupervised.
      Iceskating on the river.(could fall through the ice, no helmets again)
      How did we ever survive?

  • the big easy

    I guess the next step will be to install cameras in the bathrooms so as make sure they wipe properly?????????———-This is the gubermint you voted for———–What a bunch of pukes—————

  • George

    Kids don’t have parents any more, just “providers” who provide for them what ever they want. Our tax money is paying for millions of dollars worth of food that is purposely thrown away. When some one throws away what ever you give them, you just stop giving them anything. Close cafeterias, let parents worry about feeding their kids, school is for education not “raising” sorry parents kids. If you gave someone a free gift every day and they tossed it in the trash can, how long would you continue to give the same gift? Our nation is headed for the toilet because so many people want to spend and waste just to TRY to make someone happy who does not want your offerings. Just stop it, doing without just might cause some people to be a little more considerate about wasting all things given freely.

  • Mike the American

    I wouldn’t be surprised if monsanto is somehow behind this. Trying to force their frankenfoods down our kids’ throats. Watch them try to pass a force feeding bill next just like those forced vaccination bills big pharma is trying to get passed.

  • TIME

    Oh My heaven forbid money being spent on teaching these children the TRUTH or how to think as “Independent” person’s, rather than “INDOCTRINATED” SHEEP that will follow blindly into that good night..

    This is bloody maddness, this whole method of teaching Children all about SPYING on each other, this maddness is beyond words.

    Really could it be anymore clear that we live in a “FASCIST” Society?
    If not ~ what would it take to wake you from your deep slumber?

    When will this nation stop this maddness?

    What will it take to wake many of you from the coma your in? Will it be when the camps are burning the dead on mass? Saddly people that will be to late.

    Please start thinking outside the bloody box thats been made for you to live and die in by Criminals who control you in every way under the sun.

    What will it take for you to BREAK FREE of your chains?

    Look the system is going to crash, no matter what, as there is not enough money in the world, ~~ let alone enough tree’s to make paper pulp into money to ever pay off all the Debt these Criminals have created all with your belssings.

    When will you all stop this maddness?

    Peace & Love be with you.

  • vicki

    When you allow the government to tell you what you can not eat/smoke/possess why would you be surprised that they think you gave them the power to tell you what you can eat. The next step would be for government to force you to eat.

    Such is the way of the slave

  • Bev

    the nerve of the government again! why don’t people stand up to this! they won’t even touch touch the genetically modified food themselves! and they hide behind so called vegetables that’s good for the kids. they know that there’s not any good canned vegtable the kids eatthats any type of genetically modified food that has been forced in to all grocery stores!!!! They think we are all stupid??? Not!!!!. Keep them out of the schools and away from our children!!!

  • Lisa Schultz

    The same government that is providing abortions for 14 year olds without their parents permissions has the gall to do this? So in the case of an unborn baby, “its your body”, but in the case of food choices, YOU MUST SUBMIT!

    • Vicki

      Ah. Good to point out their hypocrisy.

  • Dee

    This is a failed program of mooche obummer. They sure like to waste.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Camera’s on every street corner and maybe even in your home, it is all about control and obeying the clown-in-chiefs every order which he decides is right and not the representatives we elected. If it wasn’t for the dead and illegals he wouldn’t be the idiot-in-chief and would be living in his birthplace, Kenya, his college year book says so, I guess they forgot to bury all of them and I have seen it and read it.

    • Tony Watson

      You should scan it and post it everywhere!

  • Tony Watson

    This should be about as effective as banning large soft drinks.

    • Vicki

      Agreed. My first reaction to the 16 oz limit on a drink was “Ok. I’ll take 2 16s please” Giving me 12 more oz then I would normally have bothered to buy.

  • Deedee

    The kids dont eat it because it taste like garbage…my daughter attended headstart in our local(east Texas) school last yr. and she came home starving everyday and guess what kids in headstart cant bring their own lunch. So my daughter would go all day maybe eating a piece of cheese off of the nasty ham sandwhich or a piece of corn on the cob. How are children to do well in school if they are going hungry all day. No one has any business tellin my kid what she has to eat but me.Its stupid to keep serving food thats just gonna end up in the trash can

  • s c

    What this does is PROVE that those who want to Kontrol our lives [utopians, progressives, ultraliberal slimers, socialists, communists, 'Dems,' etc.] FINALLY realized that MANY kids don’t like veggies. Next, I suppose they’ll encounter living proof that not everyone likes the same subjects (courses) or clothes, or that not all of them think alike [thank God]. Finding kids who can THINK isn’t easy these days.
    What we can use is cameras in the White House (put it on the internet), so we can have an idea as to who the slimers are who frequent the W H on a regular basis [a certain union scummer comes to mind]. Think of it as PROOF that the Failure-in-Chief REALLY believes in an OPEN administration [HA!]. Ooops, I forgot. The White House Messiah doesn’t believe in an open administration, let alone a free Amerika. Funny how that extreme hypocrisy always rises to the top. As always, utopians, STICK IT!


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