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Kidney Problems Arise From Elevated Phosphorous Intake

September 22, 2010 by  

Kidney problems arise from elevated phosphorous intake Millions of dollars are spent each year fighting kidney disease, often with little success. However, the results of a new study suggest that limiting the amount of processed foods consumed and increasing the intake of healthy, vitamin-rich food may be an important part of reducing the risk of poor kidney health.

Researchers from the University of Miami investigated the possible connection between high levels of phosphorous — a common preservative used to extend the shelf life of processed foods — and kidney function.

They tested the levels of phosphorous in the blood of patients who were being treated for kidney disease. They found that those who had the most phosphorous in their blood had the poorest health outcomes.

Orlando Gutierrez, who led the study, said that this effect is even more common among low-income individuals, as they often have few affordable healthy food choices.

"Our work in the general population suggested that poverty was linked to a higher phosphate level," he said. "The amount of phosphorus additives in food is not always listed, so people unknowingly ingest more phosphorus than they probably should."

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  • s c

    If this is true, then the American medical establishment needs to grow a spine, and make it clear to every American that pop is not good for us. Some people may be be predisposed to kidney problems, and too much phosphorous can lead to kidney stones and early osteoporosis.
    Where are you, American MDs? Aside from the dangers of ingesting too much sugar and artificial sweeteners, too much phosphorous via pop (and food)
    makes a strong case for the idea that medical schools are “long” on unearned reputations, and “short” on earned reputations. Quo vadis, you paragons of science?

  • Hank

    The old expression of
    “You Can Lead A Horse To Water But Can’t Make Him Drink” applies
    to all the fools making soda producers and fast food enterprises rich.
    If people want to be healthy they make the right choice of food and drink intake. Preaching what’s good for them does nothing when all they
    think about is not taking the right steps to keep themselves out of the doctors office and depending on drugs to keep them healthy and safe.

  • AMJ

    The medical community, for the most part, is in the pocket of the big pharmacutical companies. They get paid to treat us, not to heal us. If they educate the community, they don’t get paid to treat us over and over again for the same problems that never go away.

    • CAS

      I couldn’t have put it better myself. I believe the pharmecutical companies are to blame for SO MUCH of the illnesses and deaths each year. I believe the cure for cancer has LONG been answered, but remains unreported because of the BILLIONS of dollors lost in, what remains as, MUCH NEEDED, CRUCIAL AND MANDATORY drugs, treatments and physican costs all the way across the board!
      I believe this to be the case in MANY of the medical concerns in this country.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It hits the hail on the head. Dont let anyone tell you you’re paranoid. You are CORRECT.
      Sincerely, CAS

  • Louise

    This study overlooked a large source of phophorous, which is milk. Doctors should advise those with some elevated kidney test numbers to reduce or even eliminate milk from their diet and also restrict the amount of protein.

    • Proud to be a Christian

      Yes, you are correct on kidney stones especially the ones that are diagnosed as calcium. Don’t let the milk industry fool you, any adult over 20 should not be drinking milk unless they can buy raw milk as your body cannot process correctly, and don’t fall for the soy milk subject either. Just quite drinking it as it has been proven (and Dr.’s in the know, will confirm)that drinking milk has been linked to prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. Period. One looses the enzymes to digest milk.

  • http://gmail i41

    Another area is the so called energy and sports drinks and all the cool drink fads. The crap about poor people not havingthe opertunties for healthy food, is bull. Go down to a reserevation and see all the healthy food that is given away free, but is has to be prepared. Indians want only prepared food because they are too damn lazy to work at any thing but feasting, f–king off, and fighting. They are given food. shelter, free health care and lots of free time. They drink energy drinks and pop non stop as soon as they can hold a can and then move up the liquid chain of beer and what ever, which is what all kids and students do in all walks of society. Look at the teeth of the 2 year old kicks on up, shot to hell with decay. Sociatal engeenering working just peachy. We don’t need any more agency wonks, we need a lot more personal responsiblity in all areas and less government hand outs.

  • http://gmail i41

    Drinking milk will not contribute too kidney stones, it is restricting water and drinking other liquids. Breast cancer and prostate cancer gets worse in sedintary people. Another factor is eating and taking on more calories than needed. These dip weeds and their supposed dietary studies prove in a lot of cases crap. I remember when eggs were a nono. When chicken production and egg production was control vertically by a couple huge Wall Street idoits, eggs and chicken eating was the rage and it was good for you. Same goes for milk usage, you cann’t by raw milk in a lot of states and it is getting harder every year. Since Onumnutts and his smuck radical personal lawyers are trying to take over all private land, the heads up came from a Utah congress person who got some back and forth departmental memos from the Dept. of Interior and the Dept of Ag on how much federal land was close to private land. First to go would be big private owned dairies and private owned minerl properties, next farmground and last grazing land. Well guess what government owns all food production, Onumnutts want to do this by an excetive order so Congress doesn’t have to vote on it. The administration claims it was just an idea being tossed around. Yes and usually pull a knife to see if it is sharp and chamber a round to see if the cartidge really fits. Water intake is the most important for kidney health, we don’t need goverenment and the Big Mamee being boss over everyone.

  • Keith

    The food industry has gone phosphate happy. What once was unadulterated food such as chicken is now being injected with sodium phosphates to improve shelf life. The same thing is being done to pork and even canned tuna fish. The next time you are in the grocery store check and see just how many foods (canned and fresh) have phosphates added. Also drinks such as Gatorade and soft drinks are loaded with phosphates.

    Common sense dictates that all those phosphate additives cannot be good for you. The same thing goes for nitrites in processed food such as cold cuts. The only thing that will change this is public outrage.

    • s c

      Keith, you’re basically right, but the problem really begins with phosphorous, phosphates, the lack of vitamins and minerals, and a medical establishment that needs swift ass kicks on a daily basis.
      Our so-called education system adds to the problem by neglecting basic nutrition and health information. The FDA’s food pyramid is a sick joke, and MDs do little or nothing to earn their high-priced keep.
      One of our best defenses is to go to a store and READ labels. If an item is full of nasty chemicals and you can’t pronounce the names of the ingredients (or you don’t what they are), DON”T buy the item(s).
      Trust to basic food, especially food made from scratch (and fresh fruit, fresh veggies, etc.). It’s healthier, it tastes better, and it will also keep MDs at a distance.

  • Claire

    Kidney problems also arise from medications that are prescribed. Look at the side effects of numerous drugs. My husband has kidney failure because of one of the drugs given to him when he had open heart surgery. No drug is infallible, they all have serious side effects that affect people in different ways. The medicines advertised on TV have a list of side effects that are horrific if one listens. All I can say is–beware.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Tho there are probably some that will disagree with me, there are times that one has to weigh the good against the bad! Like the one arthritis drug they outlawed a few years ago, can’t remember the name, I was doing very well on it and no side effects at all. The gov outlawed it because some people had heart problems on it! I had to quit taking it cause they didn’t produce it and I almost couldn’t get out of bed in a week! they have me on celebrex now and Gabapentin and I’m doing quite well now, except for first thing in the morning as I haven’t been moving around! After I do my stretching, I’m fine!

      • Claire

        Joe H–As long as it works for you, then that is great. Regarding Celebrex, if you start having trouble with your stomach, check it out with your doctor immediately. As you well know I am no doctor but I have two friends that were on Celebrex that started having stomach trouble. One of them lost half her stomach–apparently Celebrex “ate” on her stomach. The other had ulcer-like problems. It seems like medicines affect people differently. Take care of yourself.

  • torey

    hi i got kidney problems but no systems as yet even though my GFR is 12 mu ppotassium is 4. my phosphate is 189 which is a bit high the doctors says that if i feel ok thats good . sombody told me that i not a Text material so the doctors dont known what to do
    any help please

  • Luci Hedman

    I didn’t have time to read all of the above, but once in awhile I have problems with my kidneys and have to run to the bathroom to get there in time or my urine starts to burn, especially if I have drank a lot of coffee and eaten excess sugar, and I have found that I can get rid of that burn in a hurry by taking something that alkalizes my urine like Dr Morter’s Alka pills, green barley grass pills or there is a new one that actually has a free CD and the strips to test your urine to see what your ph is, which I have at home, but I can’t remember the name of it. As for food, watermelon and lemon juice are the most alkalizing foods. You are probably thinking that lemon juice would be acid, but it forms an alkalizing ash, just as apple cider vinegar does. They say that no funguses or parasites can survive in an alkaline environment and there are some that believe that all diseases are caused by parasites and funguses. I for one also believe that. (Get the book A Cure for all Cancers or go to or to Dr Morters web site for great information). I do know that whenever my kids were sick, I gave them real fresh squeezed lemon juice and water and my kids now give it to their kids because it really helps. If you put sugar in it you will change it to form an acid ash, but you can use raw honey or real maple syrup but you don’t need it if you just dilute it with water to taste. My daughter also grates a touch of fresh ginger in the lemon and water if her family has an upset stomach. Ginger is great for this. As for the comment farther above about the cure for cancer being known and hidden, I have read about actual cases where the doctors that open their mouth get fired. I also heard that the American Cancer Society has a charter that states that if they find a cure for cancer that they would have to dismantle. Does anyone think that they are going to give up all of the money that they take in? The FDA is also the big reason for the health cost and disease. I have read or heard that aspartame, which incidentally is one of the most acid forming products, and has been proven to be one of the deadliest products on the market and has been studied more than any other product, yet even though they know what damage it is doing to our bodies and have had more complaints on this product than most, anytime there is someone who starts to bring attention to it, the drug companies buy them off and these people end up working for the drug companies. I don’t have any proof, this is just what I have read or heard, but it would be nice if someone who has the capabilities would follow the money. (Get The Natural Cures Tapes to get a sample of what has been going on). I have an article that says that aspartame actually makes formaldehyde in you body. (This is what they embalm you with when you die). The drug companies have been trying to make it so that we have to get a prescription to buy vitamins. Even Vitamin C, which they know cures scurvy, but they try to say that if something cures a disease, that that makes it a medicine and then they can make all the money on the products that they can’t currently patent. There was a nurse that was looking after my dad and I told her that the cure for cancer was known, but guarded closely to make sure it didn’t get out and she told me that she didn’t believe that for a minute. However, she came back to me at a later date and said that she had an aunt that was in a position to know and that she had asked her if there was any truth in what I had said and she said that her aunt just smiled and said. “That could be”. Why in the world would we ever combine the food and drug together in the first place? It is very apparent that our government will do anything to line their pockets and if Obama Care doesn’t get stopped, we won’t even have the right to treat ourselves with the herbs that God said was for our medicine. I have said enough, but my hopes are that maybe this being an election year, there might be at least one decent person in our government that would come forward and expose this monopoly for what it is. I hope they realize that when they know and allow what goes on in Washington to take place that they have made them selves a part of this travesty and will reap what they sow just as God has promised.

  • Cody

    It’s nice to find a quality blog post. I enjoy lots of the articles on your site.


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