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Kerry, Lieberman Unveil Climate Bill Proposal

May 17, 2010 by  

Kerry, Lieberman unveil climate bill proposalAfter months of preparations, Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) held a press conference in Washington, D.C., last week to unveil their new energy and climate bill, known as the American Power Act.

The proposal would establish a cap on carbon emissions from utilities, introduce a fee on transportation fuels, and offer incentives for the expansion of nuclear power and offshore oil drilling. The future of that last provision, however, is currently unknown due to the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last month.

In fact, in order to appeal to potential critics the bill includes a caveat that would allow states to veto offshore drilling within 75 miles of their coast, according to media reports.

President Obama has welcomed the legislative proposal, saying "Americans know what’s at stake by continuing our dependence on fossil fuels."

He added that "the challenges we face are reason to redouble our efforts to reform our nation’s energy policies."

However, the bill’s political prospects have already been marred by the defection of one of its former sponsors. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), said last week that the attempts to pass a comprehensive immigration reform this year are likely to prevent an energy and climate bill from passing by the end of 2010. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19774375-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    I’ll donate some solid balsa nickels so saul alinsky’s #1 camp-follower, Kerry Poppins and Joe the Duh can celebrate and suck down Shirley Temples at their favorite bar. As for Limply Graham, blah,
    feh and bfd. Progressivism’s gift to politics, the prez, has already SAID that cap & trade (ooops, the American Power Act) will result in SKYROCKETING energy prices for Americans.
    With anti-American yahoos like Lieberman, Kerry and Obummer watching our backs, America needs no enemies. The Three Stooges were more entertaining, more patriotic and were more functional human beings than the twisted, perverse triumvirate of Obubba, Lieberman and Kerry.
    Maybe they’ll get together and write a book on how they ‘saved’ the working man and his kids when America’s energy rates go through the roof. Screw the book, put the movie on hold and rewrite the script. Call the damned thing Titanic II.

  • WarriorH

    I would hope these guys are as generous when the craft the new immigration bill. Possibly they will allow states along the border the power to also veto that legislation.



  • Terrie

    This climate bill is the last thing needed to perpetrate the biggest scam in world history which is the sale and regulation of air! The Chicago Climate Exchange will be the organzation that funnels the money. Check out the investors! Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, BP Gas, and many more. It was set up by funds that Obama was instrumental in obtaining from the Joyce Foundation as he sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation from 1994-2002. How convenient. The CCX is supposed to do 10 trillion (yes, trillion) dollars a year in trade for something that is not produced, you cannot see, smell, touch it or feel it. It is a SCAM!!! The global warming theory is bad science yet that is what this climate bill is all about. Obama and the whole democratic administration and all obamas associated and friends are nothing buy Chicago thugs, socialists, marxists, mao lovers, communists who are promoting the socialist takeover of America and will squeeze every dime out of Americans so that they can become filthy, stinking rich. The average American will live in poverty so that the government can control our whole lives. What is happening to America is like watching a child die. I pray to God every day because He is the One who will help us. He already sent a very cold, long winter to show what a scam global warming is. I know that He will expose these scamsters and how rotten Obama is. In November Obama will know exactly how the American people feel and what they think of his communist policies. I never thought that I would ever see communists running our country. Keep praying.

    • Sharon

      I wish we could send Kerry, Gore and Lieberman in a time machine to about 10,000BC so they could stop the global warming at the end of the Last Ice Age. I’m sure they could accomplish that. We are a country dependent on fossil fuels, and we have plenty of natural gas (we already know how to run internal combustion engines with that) coal (if we don’t sell all of it to China and North Korea), and there are oil reserves without going off-shore. Caribou love the Alaska Pipeline. It is warm beneath the pipes in winter, and shady in the summer, keeping the flies away. There have been no oil spills in Alaska, except the Exxon Valdez, after the oil was off-shore on an old tanker with a drunk for a skipper. There are refineries in Alaska that are idle. The Natural gas is just burned off at the top of the oil wells. Sarah Palin was right. That natural gas needs a pipeline to the lower 48. Yes, we need to expand solar and wind power as we can afford to do so, but the construction costs are very high initially. We need to convert slowly. As for nuclear power, any plant built must have a means of disposing of waste, and that technology is sorely lacking right now. We need to get off foreign oil completely, and pursue our own natural resources. Offshore drilling will always be dangerous, as it has been in the past. Foreign companies should drill off their own shores, not ours.

      • Hugh Jordan

        Climate change is, and always has bee, a natural process. However only a fool would fail to recognize that human activity is contributing to the rate and nature of climate change. This is not a right wing or left wing issue, it is an issue of scientific fact. True conservatives should be as concerned about this as the most radical lefty.

        The hoax being perpetrated here is by those who would deny reality because they profit so much from the use of fossil fuels. To deny the effects of human activity on climate is like denying that the construction of a huge dam changes the flow of a river. Another example is like denying that a factory dumping tons of chemical waste into a river pollutes it, makes fish unsafe to eat, and has health consequences for those living downstream.

        Conservative authorities freaked out when Gallileo proved that the earth was not the center of the solar system. They wanted to burn him at the stake because it was a message they did not want to hear as it might upset their apple cart. Now we all know that it’s true.

        The hoax perpetrators have convinced many conservatives that global warming is a liberal issue, is anti-business and anti-conservative, and many here have fallen victim to the lie because they associate the message with messengers they do not like.

        Consider yourself a conservative? Few things are more important than conserving our planet – it’s the only one we have. A lot of people here worry about the debt we are passing along to our descendants. True enough, it is very important… but what kind of planet are we going to leave them?

        • s c

          Hugh, why confuse terms? Church leaders who were LIBERALS by definition and deed were NOT conservatives.
          By definition, anyone who seeks to CONTROL lives and information is a LIBERAL. Liberals have no use for freedom (don’t you know what Obummer is?).
          If you define a conservative properly, a conservative does NOT seek to control lives or information. Obummer and his #1 information stooge (Sunstein) are determined to control our lives and all information.
          Kindly say what you mean the first time. This website attracts far too many people who want to be seen as conservatives, but are anything but.
          As for passing on an acceptable planet, if you think liberals have any plans for doing that, you have a serious problem with political definitions, philosophies and who does what in this country.
          Maybe you need to talk to Al ‘duh’ Gore.

          • Hugh Jordan

            The meanings of words in our lexicon changes over time as context and social changes evolve. There was a time when Republicans were the most liberal and Democrats were entrenched in rigid dedication to the status quo… thus the Civil War, or War of Northern Aggression depending on where you are from.

            What is important is looking for the truth veiled in the confusing cloud of semantics, and to net let crass labeling cause you to pre-decide any issue. Think for yourself.

            Few things are what they seem.

          • Hugh Jordan

            The conservatives have their nit wits, too, The 2-digit IQ set led by Palin and Bachmann… talk about Duh!!!???

            And how about all those idiots allowing themselves to be led by the nose by quasi journalist truth twisters like Beck, Hannity, and O’Reilly, and the worshippers of the ultimate blow hard loadm Limbaugh.

            I am all for SMART conservatives.

  • bargal

    I say again that these old tax and tax aswholes should be transported to Mexico and take their crooked ideas with them. What the hell are they trying to do to the man and woman that are struggling now with the low wages and 16,000,000 out of work. Where do they intend to send us? Are we now expendable so that they may make mor and more money and turn their backs on the majority of the citizens of these United States. Fvk them and send them packing the next time the three of them come up for election

  • bargal

    I say again that these old tax and tax aswholes should be transported to Mexico and take their crooked ideas with them. What the hell are they trying to do to the man and woman that are struggling now with the low wages and 16,000,000 out of work. Where do they intend to send us? Are we now expendable so that they may make more and more money and turn their backs on the majority of the citizens of these United States. Fvk them and send them packing the next time the three of them come up for election

  • Jerry D

    Little more can be said than has already been put forth. CO2 as a pollutant has already been debunked. I recently received correspondence from NC Senator Kay Hagan (D) in response to a note I sent her about climate change. In short, because the EPA has declared CO2 to be a pollutant, it must be true. (Gag)! Read Marc Morano’s latest release on global cooling, it’s an eye-opener:–Warns-US-Climate-Conference-of-Looming-Threat-of-Global-Cooling

  • sean murrey

    another attempt to ram this bill down our throats i think this is a scam on the the american people as for kerry saying he is a viet nam vet you are a fake.

    • s c

      Yes, Sean, this is a half-arsed SCAM. As for Gore and Kerry, ask a Vietnam veteran what he thinks about Kerry and Gore, who had remakably “short” tours there. Gore, in particular, qualifies for REM status.
      It’s no secret that a progressive’s standards for ‘heroes’ are notoriously L O W. I have more faith in baked beans and eye-burning flatulence than I’ll ever have in geekoids like Gore or Kerry.
      America would get a far better deal from recovering
      alcoholics or ex-drug addicts.

      • Hugh Jordan

        I’m a Viet Nam Vet and no lefty, but at least Kerry was there while W was partying here at home pretending to be in the National Guard, yet not ONE person can ever remember serving with him.

        The so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were liars. None of them had even met Kerry while he was there.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Just the fact he is such a good friend of Hanoi jane is proof enough to me that he is a fake. She caused more inhumane suffering to our POWs than the conditions they had to live in! I will hate her till the day I die! not too Christian but I am the one that has to answer for it!

        • Jana

          How do you know they were liars? I heard some of them talk about it and they sure were putting their reputations and faces out there for being liars.

          Sorry, but I don’t believe that at all.

          • Hugh Jordan

            How could they present specific evidence about someone they never met?

            I did not vote for Kerry and thought he was the wrong man for the Presidency, but he WAS on the ground there and W. slid away.

          • Jana

            You can’t White wash Kerry, just because of Bush. These men were there and knew certain things that Kerry claimed happened, that didn’t happen. I did hear a couple of people say things that actually did serve with Kerry and they confirmed what the others said.

          • Hugh Jordan

            I’ll take first hand reports… second hand rumors by those pushing a political agenda don’t cut it.

            W stayed home.

  • TIME

    Talk about a scam in the making, by that I mean – one thats been in the works for years.

    Well the American Power Act is just that, FYI – that by the way is the new name for “Cap and Trade,” Its the mother of all scam’s this one will make Berrnie Madoff look like a Girl Scout who sold one single bad boxs of cookies.

    Rather than the Madoff scam of where (you had to seek him out) so the Unions who got taken to the cleaners were there and asked to Berrnie Madoff to rape them.

    This scam is being billed as something its not nor has it ever been anything but what it is; a in a WOLF in sheep suit.

    Again People look up the (CCX and the Joyce Foundation) whos smack dap in the center of this? BarryO, Al Gore, Fanny May’s Franklin Rains who has already stolen from the American people over $98 million dollars by cooking the books at Fanny May, people he should be in JAIL now – not sitting on an advisory board for the Government.

    {This scam has nothing to do with climate change,} it has only one thing going on thats to “RAPE the American Tax Payers,” and to move us straight into a Marxist state, if passed 1/2 of the worlds weath just going Puff in a nan second like we saw in October 2008 will seem like childs play.

    Do your home work here people if this one pass’s your dead in the water, this is the end game run.
    Can I make this anymore clear.

    Just wait until you can’t heat your home when it’s -10* outside, or use the air when its 100* in the shade.
    Or your evap coolers in the South West when its 125* in the shade.
    Or when gas for your car is $10.00 PLUS per gallon, keep in mind that a 15 gallon tank will be $150.00, the normal family fills their cars gas tank 4 times per month, so thats $600.00 a month just for gas.

    Forget about air or heat – for you folks that live in the North East where oil heat is big – to fill your oil tank will no longer be $1000.00 per month as it is now, it will be 6 times if not more than that amount – thats if you can even get it.

    So now ask yourselfs – how many of you can afford the $600.00 for gas just for one car per month?

    So what do you think this will do to the cost of your FOOD? Double what it is now, how about 10 times what it is now, so if your paying $600.00 per month for food, make it $6000.00 per month if you can even get food!

    How about your JOB?
    As in will you still have one? What are the odds?
    Lets see you work for even say $125K per year, so take away 30% in Fed tax’s then State tax’s and you know they are going up so just for now add in 8% now thats 38% off your $125K
    Plus your food, heat and air, gas, plus other cost will now be more than you make per year Gross.

    This is the end run people, we have to stop this dead in the water, I mean DEAD as in no life left in this bill expose it it for the rotten core of it.

    If we don’t stop this bill cold dead, it will be the end of your life as you know it, you will need to be fitting for your new chains.

    That is so Al Gore BarryO & John Kerry and Joe Leiberman can fly around on your dime and enjoy themselfs while you sit in a card board box under a bridge some where eating mud and rocks and tree bark.

    Its time that you all stand up and be counted, again CALL your congress and senate persons, talk to everyone you know – hell even the people you don’t know get the word out this needs to be stopped NOW.

    Call your state reps and tell them “DO NOT VOTE for the AMERICAN POWER ACT BILL.”

    • Al Sieber

      Very well put. we need to vote every one out in Nov., and if that doesn’t work, we should…….

      • Philip, from Oregon

        Al, you are right in that “if that don’t work then we should….”. this administration has been trying to shove evil legislation down our throats since before they took office. They’ve ignored all the protest against them as in the Tea Party’s, illegal immigration protest, and even when a governor signs into law a bill that would help the American people, the obamanation wants to have it declared null and void. I can see where, if not rectified through elections, this could get violent. The American people are fighting against almost insurmountable odds, what with the national debt, increased control over our lives, illegal aliens, higher energy cost,higher food cost, the government trying to take away our right under the Constitution, telling us what and when and what quality of health care we can have, and the list goes on and on. The American citizens need to stand up as one and tell the obamasiah and his henchmen that we have enough and we’ll not take anymore! Either do right by the people or get the hell out of Dodge. And if they can’t do either then suffer the consequences.

  • chris

    If any one makes money thru the chicago climate exchange it should be just as illegal as high treason because they are dead set on destroying our country.I love to make a honest dollar as much as anyone,but to sell something that don’t exist and pocket the tax payer’s money is criminal! I fill like I’m living in oz nothing seem’s real anymore. I bet if you look close ketchup kerry and the Leb.have got something invested somewhere in climategate.Just look at how much Gore and that crook raines stand to gain.The American people have swallowed alot the past year and a half mainly because they created so much chaoas we couldn’t catch our breath.The American people have caught on to the game.NO ONE want’s to hurt the enviroment but with so many trillions at stake a just a handfull postioned to gain from it that pill can be swallowed or shoved down our throats.Knowing the progressives they will probly try suppositories!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      what you say about Gore is pretty clear when you figure he has made over three hundred million plus since leaving office as of last year! Sure isn’t from his invention called the internet!!!

  • American Liberal

    … Of course rightwingers don’t give a Hoot about climate change or the enviorment …. The benifits of offshore oil drilling are ZERO to the American consumer and the risk is to high to allow….. Even had the BP platform in the gulf been a sucess you’d never see a drop in price or increased supply at the pumps… BP would still be selling that oil to china….. Anybody claiming global warming isn’t real is either brain dead or just a tool to rightwing pro oil politics….it’s time to use the Sun, wind and we can make sure Nuclear energy sources are safe…..

    • Al Sieber

      I’m just gonna ignore your ignorance.

      • kate8

        It’s Monday. AL’s back on the job.

        • Palin12

          That’s what SEIU pays him for.

          • s c

            And Gates, Soros and Buffet and every social engineer and nation-destroyer in America and around the world who wants more power and money. AmLib will never make the connection [1 + 1 is so HARD for a progressive to grasp].

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Just ignore, just ignore!

    • chucky

      It has been proven time and time again that there is no global warming. The data was rigged by people looking to cash in on fear(can you say Al Gore) Please get your facts straight before you post. We are a lot more informed here on this forum and draw our own conclusions here rather than believe whatever is told to me by the media. Do the research and draw your own opinion and get back to us with YOUR OPINION. Thank you

      • JeffH

        chucky, best to ignore AL completely.

    • Commonsense

      Speaking of tools, whats up this morning, amlib? Apparently not your IQ. I’m not for big oil or anything. I just know what I see. I’ve been ranching my whole life and I know, for a fact that it’s cooler now than it was in the thirties and “climate change” has been happening since the beginning of the earth. I’ve lived in the outdoors almost all my life. I also traveled the world while I was in the Navy, and I can say, probably with more certainty than most of the so-call green scientists that global warming caused by man is a fairy tale, there are isolated areas of this planet that humans have mistreated, but if you have noticed that same thing has happened in different parts of the world for hundreds of thousands of years, and the end result is,we’re still here, and so is the earth. The only thing that will profit from this ponzy scheme called climate change is a bunch of rich people who think you’re dumb enough to be led by their bullshit so they can get richer and screw the U.S. in the process. So the next time you mention the word “tool” you should really think of whose tool you have become.

    • skipfoss

      You can tell that you are one of the brain dead Obamabots,that listen to Ho Chi Kerry that made a deal with China years ago ,Ho stands to make billions farce. As far as our drilling offshore causing problems ,what are we going to do when China ,Cuba and several countries start drilling off the coast of Florida and all along the east cost? Are you going to tell them they can’t because it might cause us problems,yeah sure.Have you seen how much space it takes for solar panels and wind mills to produce power that we get from coal ,Hundreds and hundreds of acres,where do you plan to put this crap? If all of you tree hugging freaks had listened we would have had enough nuke power to do away with nearly all of the coal plants,thats what gets me about you liberal pukes you bitch about the power we are using but you fight to stop the alternitives.I am surprised that Gore has not found a way to tax air (words removed for offensive content)

    • Jeep

      Gosh AL that’s funny. I seem to recall that Oman gave that same rig a safety award just last year. In fact, they were due to receive another award for safety from your buddy. Unfortunately, they had a little accident…

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I think the date of that was April 24 2009!

    • Jana

      Wrong again. However none of the Socialists would be concerned about anything even remotely helping the planet or others, if it didn’t mean:
      1. more control and power for them.
      2. more of other people’s money for them to spend.

    • emerson

      no wonder you use a nom de plume.(look it up). you are a fool.



  • chucky

    Diagram of a scam. What part of no more spending do they not understand? When we the people are yelling at our represenatives to stop the unnecessary spending. They must think we mean “Know more spending” and “know new taxes” remember in november

  • Commonsense

    I have one question. Doesn’t the grass and trees breathe in CO2 to live and give off oxygen so we can live, isn’t cutting CO2 like cutting our own throat? Also, if this was such a mess then we should be dead from that last volcanic activity in Iceland. There was enough carbon output that it should have wiped us out by now if we go by what the climate psuedo-scientists are saying. It’s a big ponzy scheme. Did you see what the budget for next year is projected to be in increased taxes and charges the government will push onto us? Only $648,000,000,000. Aw, what the hell, I don’t need any money for my family to eat. Those thieving, conniving, lying, bastards! It reminds me of the story of”The Kings New Wardrobe”. If none of you have read it, I suggest you do. Then you will understand better the scheme in which they are working on.

    • kate8

      This is nothing more than another onslaught attack on the American people. Kill us off as they take all of our money and property.

  • Raggs

    In case any of you have missed it.

    This bill has one purpose and that is to usher in the New World Order.
    If you don’t know what the NWO is you need to research it.

    It in a word is a Global Governance.
    The head of this global governance is none other than obama.

    This goes much deeper that this but I cannot post all of the information here.

    • kate8

      You’re right, Raggs. And they have a timeline. They are under orders to have their structure in place and ready to implement by 2012.

      Hence, all these ridiculous “laws” being passed against the outcry of the citizenry.

      Don’t expect them to start listening now. They will do here what they did with healthcare. And they won’t be stopping there.

      Time is running short, people.

    • JeffH

      Raggs, no question about it…everything is inter-connected to a One World government…no doubt about it.

  • Ted Crawford

    Ok,what is afoot here? To propose this legislation, at this time is, SEEMINGLY, political suicide! Are we,truly,to believe that a Constitutional Law Professor, is really this ignorant of the situation? I think not!! What ever they have in the planning for the November election must be a doosie!

    • s c

      There are two flaws in your comments, Ted. First, having a reputation for being an ‘expert’ in constitutional law is as accurate as calling Gore an expert on global warming. Obummer might have some knowledge about CASE law. He knows SQUAT about the Constitution. Second, Obummer was a lecturer. He was anything but a full professor.
      This is how Obummer gets away with revising history and distorting facts. See through the mask, Ted. Obummer doesn’t have to concern himself with ‘political suicide.’ His #1 job is to do as much damage to America as possible in the short time he’ll have in the White House.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I saw on the news today that Rand Paul is leading in his primary by almost 2 to 1!!! Good news for a change! Also they say Arlen Specter is in real trouble in his!!

  • Michelle

    It’s another scam for the purpose of another bill for the government to control even more of our lives, destroy the economy and jobs while making a fortune for those in charge of this scam. This does nothing for global warming (also a scam). How does trading air solve any problem? It doesn’t. You don’t actually reduce the amount of air, just trade the air you don’t need so someone else can buy it. Really! Would you buy air? No! This is just one big financial scheme that will cost Americans in every aspect of our lives. Prices will skyrocket (Obama agrees), jobs decrease and we all suffer yet again.

  • http://gmail i41

    am lib, now what job do you have, or ever do do? I rea;izer your mama set the ac and the heater for you all the time, but in the real world, your trike is only for kids. Transportation fuel tax, is going to raise the cost on every one and everything.. Climate change is BS. Climate is never static, and with volcanos now the earth will ave even more of a cool down, dumbass! Man is real a roll if he thinks he can control the climate, on twix their ears.

  • barb

    party shouldn’t make a difference when it comes to leaving a carbon footprint. i don’t know whether there’s a real global warming, and i don’t care. i still think we should recycle, and clean up the air, water, and earth. drilling in the ocean was just proven to be a terrible idea. louisiana will be devestated by the rig explosion, and our food supply will be destroyed for many years. and we sure don’t need to be leaving a nuclear mess for generations to come to deal with. and, yes, i’m a republican. belonging to a party doesn’t mean you must agree with everything they push. i’m a republican because there is no viable 3rd party that holds more of my beliefs. go tea party!!

    • Jana

      barb, not to be confused with the other Barb, lol

      Most all us are for a clean and safe environment. No one wants to live in a dirty house, and no one wants our great earth to be polluted either.
      My only problem with Al Gore’s ‘carbon footprints’ campaign is this is something he and his cronies have devised to give them two major things. More power for themselves, and more money for themselves.

      Sweetie, we all want clean air, clean water, and most of us do recycle. Yes, there was an accident on this oil rig, but it is not unredeemable. There has been so much reporting on how disastrous the shore lines are in Fl. and LA., however the people in FL are telling a different story. They say their shores are still free of the signs of all of this damage that is supposed to be out there. They had TV crews come in one area where there was supposed to be so much oil damage on the beaches, and when they came out to film people coming into town to clean them up the locals said they had to make the beach look dirty so they could get their fake news feed. And, we all know we can’t believe everything we see in the ‘news’.

      Remember too, that this is unrefined oil, it is the natural stuff that is in the earth. Do you realize that in Peru and even in the Gulf of Campeche in Mexico, there are natural seepages of oil ALL OF THE TIME? Ships come by that way just to let this oil get on the bottom of thier vessels. This oil is thick like tar and it seals and makes them water tight. This has been going on for hundreds of years, it is not a new thing. Oh, and by the way, there is NO damage whatsoever to the environment or the fish and wildlife where this natural seepage is. In fact, they thrive there. They also thrive around the oil rigs out in the ocean. That is where some of the best fishing places are.

      in 1979 there was a major oil fiasco called the Ixtoc I, where 64,000 barrells of oil a day was escaping. They have vesseles that they deploy that has all of the technology and proper equipment to minimize the damages and contain it. It was contained back then, drilled and pluggged and it took about 3 or 4 months to do it. Also, there were minimal damages on any of our’s or Mexico’s shores. Even Mexico’s salt fields were fine.

      Where was this vessel for this incident? It was not deployed by our government immediately, in fact a week later it still hadn’t been deployed. It didn’t even have the proper amount of equipment to contain the oil on the surface. We had to borrow equipment from other countries to do it and still there was a shortage of equipment.
      Our government and the individual oil companies are required to have a certain amount of spillage containment equippment ready at all times. Obama’s inspectors are to make sure that all of this equipment is ready. However as in any corrupt society inspectors failed to inspect. Could it be they were given money under the table? Another point is, BP was a major contributor to Obama’s election. This sure sounds like Chicago style bribery at its finest.

      Obama is like a good magician, he uses one hand to distract while the other hand does its dastardly deeds. Obama is a Master Manipulator of the truth.

      Please don’t buy into the fear and devestation that these people are trying to perpetrate on us. Some of us can be gullible people, but we need to be a wise people. Our youth are depending on us now to have and use wisdom. If we can present proper wisdom to our youth, we can guide them with the truth.

      Our food supply will not be affected, unless of course you make the fuel costs so high that the farmers cannot afford to run their tractors and their harvesters in the fields. Then you will certainly see a shortage of our food supply.

      I do hope you realize that if we don’t harvest and use these natural fuels, the nuclear enegy options will have to be used.

      The reason I do care if there is global warming or not, is I don’t like someone scamming us, and that is exactly what is being done.

      • BrianO

        Jana well said, WELL SAID!

  • Tom Martel

    Kerry is like Edward Kenndy both lier’s and one is dead and the other on is still here.And to shoot one’s self just to get medal’s he’s no Vietnam Vet.I don’t see how they can say Kenndy was a good rep.He Killed a young lady,and his family got it hush up.

    • margie cocco


  • marvin

    what do you expect from kerry net worth around 100 million that wanted tax payers to build a 12 million building for the late and not so great life guard kennidy, a few hundred more a month is chump change on there bills people like kerry and liberman and most in congress spend more on wine wemen and song in one month then we the stupid average tax payer make in a year, mabe the voter will tell kerry and liberman and graham and anyone that votes for cap and tax,you sell us out and we will vote you out,, vote in nov 2010 and 2012 and any polecat that wants [comperhensive immigration]amnesty if your rep sez we need new laws vote them out we need enforcement of the law not more laws

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I sent an E-mail to my rep the other day about the illegals and how we have a sanctuary city in our county in Ohio. I recieved one back today and he promises me he is against ANY bill that contains amnesty and will not support any that hasn’t got legislation in it to close our borders! He was against crap and trade and the new version as well so this is why I won’t support GOOOH and vote out ALL incumbants. I have a good one, why the hell would I want to get rid of him???

      • Big One




        PLS LET US KNOW.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Big one,
          You say he voted no on all issues, I believe there was an issue to close the border not too long ago brought up by a conservative congressman, Did he vote no on that as well? I hope not!

      • Teisha

        JoelH, Do you really know for a fact how your rep has voted and have you checked it out or are you just taking their word. Most of these people lie so much they can not tell the truth. You need to check out the voting record for yourself. Another reason is to clean house of all who have been bought by special intrest groups ex: unions, banks big pharma, etc.

    • margie cocco


  • JC

    All the climate control bills in the world will not change nature.
    But maybe we could do something constructive…like stuffing the Iceland Volcano full of (American) cash to plug it up…yeah that’ll work, sure…

  • eddie47d

    Climate change and the environment go hand and hand. Global warming is not a hoax or even global cooling that is supposedly coming.Both sides have facts to back themselves up(and hype)and should be used as warning signs not end of the world philosophy. Jerry D. 6:30am “proved” that it swings both ways. Our sun controls much of what happens on earth and most of that we can’t do much about it. Maybe wildlife that lost it’s habitat or moved farther north will now return to their old territories.(if the climate is now changing back). Coal and oil aren’t going anywhere for many years,but needed change is taking place. New ideas are numerous and the unworkable solutions will be weeded out. We went from heavy landline usage for phones to cell phones,gas guzzling cars to more fuel efficient vehicles,from uninsulated homes to almost all being insulated,from mega computers to laptops. Although some of the new products create problems (battery disposal,chemicals,ect) most of the change has been good. The environmental problems of oil and coal are tremendous even as they have been made cleaner. We need multiple solutions for a better future and not just drilling and digging. Most Americans have seen what happens when the environment is ignored and we’d rather not go back to those days.

  • LMW

    Barb….what do you do personally to reduce your own carbon footprint? Are you choosing to do all that you can do or are you waiting for the government to do it for you? Are you an environmentalist in name only (i.e. you do nothing to reduce your own carbon footprint if it costs you something in convenience)

    Right now, you have the freedom to recycle, line dry your laundry, place a windmill or other alternate form of energy on your property. You also have the freedom to set your thermostat at whatever temperature you are willing to pay for. You can choose to ride a bike to work or run errands or to drive your car or SUV to do so. You have the freedom to exchange your current vehicle for a hybrid one (if you can afford to do it).

    What is the reality of Cap and Trade? It includes a “smart grid” that in essence will be forced compliance to that little program that our utility companies offer us now – you know the one where you volunteer to have the company turn off your heat/air or water heater at certain high demand times for a few minutes or longer? In order to comply with new Government regulations, the power companies will use that little program to set our energy usage during heat or cold spells….its nothing more than a modern version of rolling brown outs or rolling black outs used in Iraq…..This will be in addition to the necessary “skyrocketing” of electricity bills promised by Candidate Obama during the election process (and ignored by the Americans who voted him in). Why do they want the cost of electricity to skyrocket? To force you into using less energy.

    It is increasing the cost of gas-ing up those fuel guzzling vehicles so that folks are forced to trade them in instead of choosing to do so.

    It is about taxing our food choices to force us into buying what the government considers healthy foods instead of what it considers not so healthy.

    And what about China, the most polluting country in the world – will they also be participating in this European approved “leveling” of the playing field? NOPE. So any change to America’s “carbon footprint” will be made void by China’s continuing polluting of our world…..

    Cap and Trade is nothing but a “feel good” strategy that does nothing more than raise the cost of everything we will purchase which will lower the standard of living in the wealthiest country in the world – it is another form of Wealth Re – Distribution. And like all Socialist ideas, it will line the pockets of the politicians while destroying the freedoms and standard of living of those they fooled into allowing it to happen.

    Wake up….

  • Dale

    After Fat Al made 100 million selling his “oceans are going to rise 20 or 30 feet” nonsense . . . . the clown buys a 9 million dollar oceanfront property in Kalifornistan. Even Fat Al knows the whole thing is a Scam, but Al and his friends are getting very wealthy. Time for all citizens to wake up . . . CO2 is a rare, benign, colorless, odorless gas than enables plants to grow. Twice as much CO2 makes plants grow faster . . . nothing more, greenhouse operators do this all the time.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Al Bore the Gore has made 300 million plus since leaving office as of last year!

  • marvin

    do not post a reply to am moron lib you will not change his little mind and only give him or his boy friends some thing to go on about his type are here for one thing and one thing only to get us of subject and cause anger, stick and stones may break your bones but words will not harm you, heshe am lib is a brain dead obama plant that is trying to get something to use agins you so ignore them, for they know just what they do for there king and country like planting a man with a gun that was black at a tea party gettering, to show disaproval with obama at a elementry school so they called out the riot squad but a few hundred illegals can march and demand and threat to burn so were is ice were is the riot squad you say it ok to say to mostly old white people that are on the side walk peaceful with american flags doing what the constitution gives them the right to do we will shoot you, but illegals can march and carry mexican flags make threats have no constitional rights but that ok something is vary wrong here

  • Tea Party Tim

    Follow the money.

    Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) operates North America’s only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.

    See also the parent company.

    There are over 47,000,000 shares of stock issued for a company that originated in 1995 and does not have a reason for existance asside from pending cap and trade legislation.
    I would suppose that there are a number of representatives in the house and the senate that should repose themselves from voting on this legislation due to a conflict of interest. It would also stand to reason that any that do not repose themselves from voting on this legislation and financially benefit from passage into law, should be tried for treason.

  • Fast Freddy

    So, the Obummer says that us Americans know what’s at stake by relying on foreign countries to supply us with oil, doesn’t he also know that we are NOT stupid and realize that we’re in this predicament because of the restrictions imposed on our oil companies by the nitwits that we’ve put in office. The environmental [tree huggers], movement long ago was taken over by socialists, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that OPEC and their money has been funding organizations like this for a long time, after all they are the ones who profit most when Americans can’t develop the God given resources that we were blessed with. Our own politicians have been working against for too long,I do believe that most of us are fed up with most of the lousy regulations coming out of Washington, Kerry and Lieberman both should get the heave-ho OUT of office, and the sooner the better.

  • Doug Foncree

    Tea Party Tim, just about EVERY MEMBER OF THE U.S. CONGRESS would resign if they had any integrity. The greatest oxymoron of all time is “honest politician.” Two requsites are required in order for a politician to be successful, (that is for him/her to remain in office year after year after year;) he or she must be a consummate thief and an inveterate liar. If these requisites are not held by someone who manages to somehow defeat the entrenched establishment and become elected, that someone will either change and become crooked like the rest or his “peers” will hound him out of office. We are rapidly approaching an apex; either those who sit in offices in Sodom on the Potomac will come to the realization that they are not there to vote their conscience (if any of them have one) but are there to vote the will of the people who elected them or things are really going to get rough. A growing number of us who are REAL

  • Doc Sarvis

    Whether you think human influenced climate change is real or not the larger issue is our dependance on dwindling fossil fuel stocks. We need to be moving away from this dinosaur (pun intended) energy policy. With conservation measures and inovation with renewable energy sources and maybe upgraded nuclear energy designs we can be world leaders in this important world issue. This approach does move in about the same direction as many climate change policy proposals and would achieve what is ultimately needed anyway.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      According to reports, the area that shell wants to drill in the Arctic ocean off the coast of Alaska has about 300 billion barrels of crude; this is about 100 billion more than all the oil taken from the north slope in 3 decades!! Dwindling supplies? Doesn’t sound like it!

      • Jana

        Joe H, I heard also that some of the experts disagree on whether or not the oil comes from fossil fuel. They think this oil is always being produced underground.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Just how is it being constantly produced underground and at what rate?

      • Doc Sarvis

        Just who is reporting that. Besides, the demand is going up at a higher rate than ever. One other question is where will the oil the big companies extract go; China?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          what I stated was in a government report in the news just yesterday or the day before. And before you start, no it wasn’t Fox!!!

  • Doug Foncree

    Tea Party Tim, just about EVERY MEMBER OF THE U.S. CONGRESS would resign if they had any integrity. The greatest oxymoron of all time is “honest politician.” Two requsites are required in order for a politician to be successful, (that is for him/her to remain in office year after year after year;) he or she must be a consummate thief and an inveterate liar. If these requisites are not held by someone who manages to somehow defeat the entrenched establishment and become elected, that someone will either change and become crooked like the rest or his “peers” will hound him out of office. We are rapidly approaching an apex; either those who sit in offices in Sodom on the Potomac will come to the realization that they are not there to vote their conscience (if any of them have one) but are there to vote the will of the people who elected them or things are really going to get rough. A growing number of us who are REAL Americans are reaching the end of our patience. We are on the edge of taking action into our own hands since the government refuses to do what is obviously in our interests as Americans.

    • Tea Party Tim

      I understand completely that Americans are at a boiling point and in addition at a boiling point under pressure, meaning not that things are endanger of boiling over, but rather exploding if the lid is removed. I sincerely hope and pray that we have not become a nation that no longer strives toward the rule of law. We should resist every inclination toward mob justice and strive for equal justice.

      I recently saw a post and can not remember the state that was represented, but the politician that they had elected ran on a very simple platform.

      1. Is the purposed legislation in line with God’s Word?
      2. Is the purposed legislation in line with the authority granted by the Constitution?
      3. Is the purposed legilation supported by the people that I represent?

      Even if you have reservations about the 1st criteria, it makes sense.

      • Jana

        Tea Party Tim,

        These are some very good points.

  • http://msn Dale

    Another attack by millionare democrats on the poor. If everyone could marry a rich widow like Kerry did we could afford this piece of liberal legislation. Joe Biden shows his true self, still a liberal democrat. They neither know or care what this does to people who are not rich like they are. I lived in Germany for three years and saw first hand what high taxes imposed by big all powerful goverment does to people who do not have above average incomes. One family I knew ate meat one meal a week, only the father worked. Another family I knew had meat one meal a day, they had a farm, four apartments they rented out, a small bar and the two oldest daughters worked. In Colorado, where I live, we have seen an explosion of Dollar stores and other stores like them that sell really cheap stuff including food, this is what people are having to resort to to make ends meet. Our state legislature is controlled by democrats they have in the last two sessions enacted taxes aimed at the poor. Last year they doubled the taxes on older cars, newer cars a small percentage, and eliminated the senior exemption on property taxes. This year they raised taxes of pop and candy, this hurts the poor most. I guess the old claim that democrats represent working people and the poor is no longer valid. The poor and working people are now the victims of the democrats and the rich are protected by them.

  • michael lyman

    We have the take over of our auto industry, then our health system, student loans, they are working on banking and financial reform, now the energy sector, this is a communist dream, we are becoming China. Now is the time to throw the bums out, every one of them, and start over. We should enact term limits on all Senators, and Congress people, they are completely out of touch. All they care about is the next election so they can stay in that office as long as they can. Arlen Spector is the best example. He changes parties because he thinks we are stupid, he has had cancer, been in the senate for 5 terms, but he still won’t quit. We need to THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

    • Meteorlady

      No to term limits. If you don’t have a need for re-election you can do whatever and not have to answer to the people that elected you. You have the option to vote them out, campaign against them and just plain say no to them. Plus I have one Senator that I like and I love Ron Paul and would hate to see that beacon of freedom gone from congress.

    • Allan

      I agree on the importance of term limits. But it is one aspect of a larger problem: the reform of Congress that America desperately needs. Given the government intervention we’ve seen in the last couple of years, and the degree to which our “representatives” are ignoring the majority, we need to abandon professional politicans. There are a host of rules and privileges they have created, either to help their relection chances or obscure their actual positions on issues (“I voted for that before I was against it.”) With Obamas’s agenda, we don’t have time to “wait and see” how a few replacement congresspeople turn out. THe current structure of rules, privileges, and unlimited terms, has created an obscene level of self-interest that is unfair and dangerous to Americans. We need input into the federal budget and the rules of Congress. I will vote for candidates that support term limits, campaign finance reform, and clean up of the rules that allow corrupt behavior on the taxpayer’s dime.

  • 45caliber

    What is sad is that all this law is based on poor science that is, in part, simply made up.

    Further, the timing and extent of problems with this oil spill in the Gulf make me wonder. It comes just after Oblama finally says that we need to consider drilling, which focuses attention on it. Further, there were problems at both the top and the bottom at the same time – something I’ve never heard about happening before. And it is even more unlikely that all the fail-safe safety measures would fail at the same time. Lastly, it happens at a place where an oil spill on beaches wouldn’t bother New England or other liberal states at all.

    • BrianO

      hmmmmmmm… makes you wonder dosen’t it?

    • Hugh Jordan


      There was a failed gasket that BP officials decided to take a short cut with… instead of fixing it properly they decided to pump some concrete in to seal the leak which did not hold.

      Blaming Obama for this is like blaming the sinking of the Titanic on an Eskimo plot to disrupt British shipping because it interfered with walrus hunting.

      You don’t have to like Obama or support any of his policies but get real.

  • Deborah

    I think we should arrest all these corrupt politicians, confiscate all the wealth they have accumulated– at the expense of the American taxpayer then pay off the national debt. Oh, and then declare the politicians traders and then have a public execution–so that any future politician understands that if you violate the public trust and our constitution you will be held accountable for your crime.

    • Doc Sarvis

      I would suggest we use the law of the land, law enforcement agencies and the courts to prosecute any alleged crimes. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. I don’t doubt there are criminals in all walks of life but I do think to ignore the law and trials – judged by one’s peers we become as bad a mob as the criminals.

  • Meteorlady

    Ms. Pelosi, Al Gore and the rest have to be dancing as they are highly invested in Cap & Trade items.

    • s c

      Gee, what a great time to re-re-distribute that EASY money that pelousi, duh and others will get. Now, if the prez will take that money and re-distribute it back to the people who had it STOLEN from them (us).
      I’m betting that Obummer doesn’t have the integrity, guts or brains to do the RIGHT thing.
      You know what that means, Meteorlady. This prez is a LIAR and might as well be a career CRIMINAL. He’s stealing from the American people to make his “friends” RICH.
      That isn’t good government, Meteorlady. THAT’S a matter of CAREER CRIMINALS looting America, to further their own CRIMINAL ends, make themselves RICH, and destroy America.
      The criminals are now supposed to be the ‘good’ guys, and we’re seen as easy prey for two-legged, ELECTED predators.

  • Meteorlady

    Sad to burst the bubble, but the volcano in Iceland spewed more crap into the air IN ONE DAY than all of the “green” things that have been done for the last 5 years. Add to that each day it continues to erupt and you’ve got a real bomb so I think they should fine Iceland for adding to the green house gas process. This bill is a godsend to all the corrupt politicians. I guess “Climategate” meant nothing to them at all.

  • Craig

    It would be one thing if this bill was merely useless, however like many other Obama ideas it is very destructive. Obama has effectively destroyed our medical care system which was once the world’s best, now he is intent upon destroying the economy and this latest effort regarding energy has the potential to do this quite readily! We must get these people known as “Democrats” out of office in November. Failure to do so will mean the loss of our country! Indeed to be honest the Democrats need to rename their party the Socialist Party, because that is exactly what it has become! We do not want them under any banner for that matter.

  • http://gmail i41

    edyee, why do always support the socialist democrats, they foul every thing they touch or get around. The green energy hoax, the climate change, you admitted tempature or weather isn’t static from decade to decade.So what are the jug eared muslim and puke brained socialst bunch, doing talking and pushing that sewage plan to increase taxes. Name one damn thing a socialist program has ever done right, or stayed in it budget. As for arresting politians, can not, if they are going to a vote, as Patty kennedy claimed, when caught driving drunk and soliciting a female, or attending offical business, pretty open area.. Well his pappy got away with murder after it was proven she lived, over several hours. Onumnuts breaks laws all the time, and gets away with it, by not following spending laws or rules or following the Constitution.. Oh, I forgot. he has his fecal-faced, socialist democrat Congress to OK, anything he wants, or thinks is a good deal, to destroy the USA. Any pinhead that beleives the gobal warming hype and mankind is going to control it, should get out of the sewage treatment inlet tank, because there is not a nat’s wit of smarts between their ears.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Just so I know:
      Do you contend that, since the industrial revolution, man has not put a significant amount of carbon into the atmosphere?
      That loading the atmosphere with a significant amount of carbon, among other substances, has no affect on climate?

      • Willyg

        Hey Doc just so I know

        Do you contend that the climate has been steady and even, with no ice ages or warming periods until man arrived?


        That natural events like volcanoes, sun getting larger, planet earth consistently getting closer to the sun earth quakes changing the earths tilt and magnetic poles moving has no affect on climate?

        • Doc Sarvis


        • Doc Sarvis

          And I am still waiting for answers to my questions.

  • eddie47d

    Jana 12:49pm; You had a very good story going and I was enjoying it. Then you turned everything on Obama and inspectors. He didn’t sign the leases that BP had,that was years ago. BP was also responsible for the trigger switches that should have been installed.This is required in most oil producing countries but not USA.I don’t know if that is from a lack of regulations or them just taking a shortcut. I’d like to know who allowed BP and their weak rules into this country anyway? This is their 4th major problem. The inspector problem stems from the budget being slashed by the Republicans. The levees in New Orleans were to have been re-enforced a few years before Katrina:no money. The E-Coli outbreaks in food; no money for inspectors. The bridge collaspe in Minneapolis;repairs voted down by Republicans. I’m for debt control,but we have to be careful what we wish for.

    • BrianO

      The question is who really owns British Petroleum?
      How much control do they wield over the U.S. Government?

  • Dee

    I’ve always said, next thing they will be doing is taxing the air that we breathe and here we are. Fellow Americans, it is time to stand up and be counted. Enough is enough. Make your voices heard like never before. Scream out your windows ” We are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore.” The Euro collapsed today, so we are probably next. God Bless America, stay safe everyone.

  • Jim Ferris

    If everyone can not exhale one breath a day we can save the planet.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Jim F,
      Let the progressives be first! See, I’m polite.

  • BrianO

    Ponder this… “the love of money is the root of [ALL] evil.”

    therefore…The root of [All] EVIL is the love of money…and what’s happening here is EVIL. To the tune of (TEN TRILLION DOLLARS)per year.
    What do we really need to be fighting?
    Answer EVIL.
    What is the ABSENSE of Evil[GOOD]. Where dose [ALL]Good come from?
    The soloution… EVERYONE… work to replace EVIL with GOD.
    Problem solved.

    GOD is the ONLY thing that can defeat EVIL.

    May not be what you want to hear but Truth is truth.

    what say you?

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


    • http://?? Joe H.

      Why do you think the cherry trees blossom so early in D.C.? It’s all that hot air expelled from the politicians mouths!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Edyee and doc, we have a heck of lot more trees by 5 times now, than we had at the turn of the century. With Conservation Reserver Program that was created in the 1980, to pay farmers not to farm, let wildlife be raised by then government. You morons, think that made much of a change in climate, the only change was taxpayers money going from the treasury in to welfare farmers’ pockets, which enabled some to make over several million dollars a year. Most like ADM and other mega corporations. This last year taxpayers paid over 1.7 billion dollars to 424,000 people. Pretty high welfare check, as well as 750 million dollars to the Indaian nation, a little racism duh, that is the way it is worded in the farm bill, food sta,ps for welfare lazy asses, that has climbed every year, because government will not go after the sires of the kids. That would take any other big chunck of welfare democrats base. There are millions of acrers that are paid to lay idle year after year. An acre is 8.25 feet wide strip of land by 5280 feet long, lot of ground. USA does not need more taxes and BS junk science. If we don’t harvest the trees , there will be another fire like the Yelllowstone fires. If you envior-greenies don’t get you head out of the sewage pit,the USA will import more food than ever and with a empty gut look at the scenery with pipedreams to sleep by.

  • eddie47d

    i41=another graduate of the Ann Coulter school of nasty diatrabes. Go wipe yourself before you speak! I like a balance in life and a healthy environment to live in. Clean rivers,responsible businesses, crops that are rotated and land that is left fallow to re-energize the soil. No more dust bowls,gosh,who would have thought that.You go back and live in the bad ol’ days of the brown cloud,contaminated rivers and dust bowls. You live in your polluted anything goes world and I’ll keep trying to clean up your messes. Deal!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      edduh!, The great lakes and their tributaries are cleaner now than they were in 1899. In those days they used murcury to keep the logs afloat in the logging industry. there have been tests after tests done and the quality of the water in them is much better now!! there are more deer per square mile now than then as well. the American Eagle has been taken OFF the endangered list. wolves are now so plentiful that herders are hunting them again to protect their herds. Due to reforestation, there are more trees per square mile now than in the early 1800s. what more do you want???

  • Dale

    Just follow the money. It doesn’t matter what the subject those that stand to gain the most money are the same ones that are pushing for the program.

    It doesn’t even matter to them that it has been proven that global warming is a shameless scam. Gore and others like him are just a rich hypocrites wanting to get richer no matter what the cost to everyone else.

  • David

    And the reality that these hucksters are denying is to be found right here:

    but they don’t care. Poll-iticians know more than over 30K scientists (in the US alone!)

    it is all about control, people, and those on the left and eco-nazi’s are the “useful idiots”

  • JeffH

    Deepwater Horizon tragedy: Oil platforms overseen by agency involved in meth-snorting-off-toaster-oven scandal
    Fri Apr 30 16:15:00 2010 CST
    By Jennifer Peebles
    If you’re wondering how a giant oil slick could be allowed to form in the Gulf Coast and lap at the Louisiana shoreline, here’s a scary thought: The agency responsible for preventing something like this was too busy snorting crystal meth off toaster ovens.

    It’s been 10 days now since the massive explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig off the Louisiana coast, and eight days have passed since what was left of the rig sank into the sea. Eleven oil rig workers are still missing and presumed dead. And the well, a mile below the water’s surface, continues to spew 200,000 gallons of oil a day. (Every two days, that’s enough liquid to fill up the outdoor Dolphin Bay tank at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi.)

    The human tragedy and the potential environmental disaster inching toward the mouth of the Mississippi make some folks wonder: What role did the government play in this? Did it drop the ball?

    The federal agency getting the most scrutiny right now is the agency that oversees deepwater oil rigs, the Minerals Management Service of the Interior Department. Here’s what we wrote about the MMS back in September 2008:

    POGO ,the Project on Government Oversight in Washington. (POGO is particularly critical of the cozy relationships between government and private industry — whether it’s government and contractors or government and firms it is supposed to regulate.)points out that that MMS thought Deepwater Horizon was safe enough to be given a safety award and asked, “Does it matter that BP opposed stricter safety rules for offshore drilling? Or that Food and Water Watch has raised concerns about the potential for a similar disaster, based on the allegations of ‘a whistleblower and former company contractor’ that another platform “‘has been operating without a large percentage of the engineer-approved documents needed for it to operate safely’”?

  • JeffH

    Cap and Tax has been revived and is moving through Congress right now, with select weak-kneed Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain looking to make deals to pass this key plank in the radical globalist agenda.

    That’s why it’s vital you sign the petition to your U.S. senators, demanding they vote against this dangerous power grab IMMEDIATELY.


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