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Keeping Up With The Obamas

September 5, 2012 by  

Keeping Up With The Obamas
Michelle Obama participates in a sound check in preparation for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney have been trotting out their wives, hoping the women will swing votes to them in the upcoming election. For almost four years, we have had to hear the media idiots report on how Michelle Obama grows a fresh garden on the grounds of the White House and how determined she is to see that our children eat healthier food. Not to be outdone, the Romney campaign has recently repeated ad nauseam that Ann Romney does the family’s laundry.

All of it is nonsense, and it leaves voters less informed about either candidate’s plans to revive the American economy. It also needs to be noted that some great first ladies have been married to terrible Presidents. (Rosalynn Carter comes to mind.)

It is more idiocy pressed upon us by media executives whose cash-cow programs are patterned after the likes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

It used to be that becoming a celebrity was a by-product of talent. Today, people like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians are celebrated and financially rewarded simply because they turned themselves into celebrities through living an extravagant lifestyle. On that score, may we please add the first lady?

Recently, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas said she celebrated her gold medal by enjoying a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.

Seated next to her was Obama, who preaches endlessly about healthy diets for our Nation’s young people. Obama told Douglas, “You’re setting me back, Gabby.” She declared that Americans should never be encouraged to eat Egg McMuffins. noted: “Michelle Obama needs to stop lecturing Americans on what they eat and start focusing on her own diet. In case anyone did not notice, she doesn’t exactly possess a model like figure.”

However, it is true that the first lady has the wardrobe of a rich supermodel. At an Olympics reception for heads of state at Buckingham Palace, Obama was sporting a J Mendel cap-sleeve jacket that reportedly costs $6,800. The jacket is from the designer’s 2013 collection but is not yet available to the public. That means that even the Kardashian gals are simply going to have to wait.

There is plenty more that is disparate between Obama’s recollection of her poor family roots and the lifestyle she is living. Last summer, while bicycling near Martha’s Vineyard (the furthest thing from a discount vacation), Obama was photographed wearing a $156 T-shirt. The good news is she got it on sale from its original $200 price. I didn’t even know they made $200 T-shirts, but it turns out that Ann Romney won’t be outdone and has a $900 shirt.

Still the first lady is sticking to her story that she lives an ordinary life with the exception that she works out at 4:30 each morning. No comment from her on whether she trains in the $540 Paris house Lanvin sneakers she was seen wearing in 2009 at a Washington-area food bank.

And while President Barack Obama may be every bit as ineffective of a leader as former President Jimmy Carter, he certainly doesn’t live the spartan lifestyle of Carter, who bought his suits off the rack. While the Obamas play it poor, they are very much part of the wealthy 1 percent.

Jodi Kantor, in her book The Obamas, writes:

Even the president made uncomfortable jokes about why his wife needed so many new things. Behind the scenes, aides said, the Obamas were concerned about money: the president’s books could only sell so many copies, and it would be years until he could write more and the first lady could write her own. From vacation rental homes big enough to accommodate the Secret Service to all the personal entertaining they did at the White House, their lifestyle had grown fearsomely expensive.

Kantor, who began covering the Obamas for The New York Times in 2007, based her book on multiple interviews with 33 White House staffers.

National Review Online offers proof of how atypical the Obamas are:

President and Michelle Obama’s combined adjusted gross income in 2009: $5,505,409.

President and Michelle Obama’s combined income in 2010: $1,728,096.

President and Michelle Obama’s combined income in 2011: $789,674.

The Obamas’ combined adjusted gross income for 2008, their last year before moving into the White House, was $2,656,902.

The Millionaire Versus The Billionaire

A lot has been made out of GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s vast wealth and the rich-and-famous lifestyle he and his wife enjoy. Although Romney may not be worth $1 billion (at least not yet), we must assume he has a net worth in the tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet it turns out that the Obamas are millionaires and will be worth a lot more after he leaves office (hopefully, sooner rather than later).

The problem for America with either Obama or Romney is that there is a disconnect between people with that kind of wealth and ordinary Americans who are still struggling to get out of a four-year recession — a downturn that could still turn into a depression.

Years ago, I was reading about the collapse of the Soviet Union. The writer said that for decades the members of the Soviet Politburo lived far from the poverty that had infested Moscow. They came to Red Square each day from their isolated villas in limousines whose windows were so darkly tinted they couldn’t even see the conditions that the people faced.

America will elect a President in two months. The Presidential candidates, along with the increasingly wealthy members of Congress, are ignorant of the growing economic burdens faced by Americans. (Forty-seven percent of Congress — 249 current members — are millionaires, according to a November 2011 study by the Center for Responsive Politics.)

This is the sort of isolation that contributed to the implosion of the Soviet Union. It is not incomprehensible that this could happen to America.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    Great article except when you stated, ” The Presidential candidates, along with the increasingly wealthy members of Congress, are ignorant of the growing economic burdens faced by Americans.”
    They both know EXACTLY what’s going on with the ever shrinking middle class and are allowed to show support in the form of speech promises only.

    • Seeker1212

      I agree with the Rev. Mr myers should stick to what he knows and leave the rest to rhe political experts, he might know about Energy and Gold, but based on this article, it appears that he was just trying to find material to fill space for his paycheck.

      • DaveH

        Rev didn’t imply any such thing, Seeker. Don’t put words in other peoples’ mouths.




      • Johnnyrite

        What exactly is a political expert? If someone is somewhat educated, reads and understands history, they seem to me to be as good of any so-called “expert”.. It is not rocket science..

    • Flashy

      though tainted and slanted, some of Myers article is informative. A President who worries about his future and his income, roots which connect to us all, and an awareness of what we face day in and day out. he “gets it’. Compared to the GOP ticket where their idea of “being in need’ and a tight budget is …. ummmm…well, neither has ever faced living paycheck to paycheck. Neither has stood shoulder to shoulder with the Middle Class and knows the situations they face day in and day out. Ryan and Romney don’t “get it”.

      it’s not just the Obama’s who know what we face every day. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro’s speech last night was outstanding. And speaker after speaker…one after another…forward looking, talking about how the Middle Class is in hard choices, how being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition in health insurance. Lily Ledbetter speaking on equal pay for equal work…fought tooth and nail by the GOP corporate puppet white guys.

      How investment in our country’s future depends upon education and training. how Medicare is so valuable for our Senior citizens, how health care is now available and giving true benefits for our people. And how the GOP offers nothing but vague references and a “no need to give you details” on what the plans are.

      Just ask yourself…what is the GOP plan for our nation? ‘Cause the ticket sure in the heck isn’t telling us. think about that.

      GM UP, bin Laden DOWN

      • DaveH

        Though tainted and slanted? You’re projecting, Flashman.

      • Vigilant

        How about something closer to the truth, i.e., GM DOWN (close to broke while still owing the taxpayers $35 billion), and Bin Laden DOWNED by Navy Seals despite Valerie Jarett’s efforts to stop it.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Flashy is right about how last night’s speakers show the Democrat’s real world connection with the majority of the country’s population and issues. That does not always translate to good government especially when the Republican’s ONLY priority the last four years is to thwart ANYTHING President Obama promoted, even if they agreed it was good for the country. Many would call that treason.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Lily Ledbetter speaking on equal pay for equal work…fought tooth and nail by the GOP corporate puppet white guys. How investment in our country’s future depends upon education and training. how Medicare is so valuable for our Senior citizens, how health care is now available and giving true benefits for our people”.
        Equal Pay for Equal Work? There is no such thing. Nobody can determine exactly which worker creates the most wealth for the company who employs them, and how much they are worth. And anybody even attempting such a thing would be just another middleman draining our financial resources. An employee’s pay is a voluntary contract between a worker and his/her employer. If the employer thinks he/she is worth more, than they are Free (so far) to prove it by seeking another employer who will increase their compensation, or they can start their own business — more easily done if Big Government would get out of the way with their myriad hoops meant to protect existing companies and professionals from competition.
        Isn’t it odd, that when we follow Flashman’s advice — “more investment and training” (by Big Government of course) — we sink further into the economic hole? More investment and training is good for Big Government people, but the rest of us can eat cake.
        Government now spends over 40% of our GDP. It’s no wonder the economy sucks. Imagine how much better life would be if we had just 70% of that stolen money back in our own pockets, instead of Government’s wasteful pockets? Our country got along fine in 1900 with Government Spending of just 3% of the GDP. That’s 1/13 of what they spend now. That was before the Progressives convinced ignorant people that the Welfare State, and the Military State with all its incumbent wars, were somehow good for us.
        Health Care is now available? It has always been available except that, thanks to Government Meddling, it is now more unaffordable than ever before. And why wouldn’t it be, with all those Government busybodies, whose salaries we pay, interfering with our doctor/patient relationships?
        Progressives complained that Medical Insurance was too high. Their solution — Force us to buy Medical Insurance. Oh yeah, that makes it better.

      • DaveH

        Doc Sarvis says — “Flashy is right about how last night’s speakers show the Democrat’s real world connection with the majority of the country’s population and issues”.
        Real World? The “real world” shows that Socialism fails wherever it is tried. The “real world” shows that the Bigger a country’s Government gets, the Smaller its Economy gets.

      • DaveH

        The “real world” is that Politicians (both Democrats and Republicans) are Stealing our money and Impoverishing our economy for their Own Benefit. The rest of us pay the bill, one way or another.
        Read this book to learn about the “real world”:

      • Flashy

        Projecting? DaveH…you exemplify every negative trait which has this nation dealocked in rancor and ill will. you insult, add o solutions, are unthinking and robotic, and unwilling to think.

        You cast allegations of negativity at people yet every post you do what you claim onto others.

        When you can get around to learning and actually giving substance in your posts…let us know. that will be a day to note on the PL calendar…the day DaveH had a thought.

      • Palin16

        I did not and will not watch the DNC. Can someone tell me if Michelle Obummer offered to cut down on the Luxurious vacations?

      • Winddrinker

        All I heard at the DNC was that government is the answer to everything, we are a “collective” and no one does it on their own!

        I got tired of hearing all the sob stories about the beginnings of people that are currently living like “Hollywood stars.” Many of these “high rolling lifestyles” are funded by the “working poor”…. the taxpayers!

        It was amazing to me to hear how these POOR Castro brothers went to Standford and Harvard! (My kids couldn’t afford to go to those schools and I make an above average income.) The Castro running San Antonio has a huge agenda and he is a great supporter of obumscum’s “Dream Act.” These hispanic and latino types, including, Rubio, are all for amnesty of any kind. And, before going further, lets not forget the “Hollywood couple” in the White House that had such poor beginnings that they attended Princeton, Columbia and Harvard! Doesn’t this bring a tear to your eye! Who supplied the money for their educations…

        Another big theme at the DNC is that “It is PATRIOTIC to pay taxes!” (How about the half of the country that doesn’t pay a cent in taxes!) Just how much should one group pay, when another group pays nothing. How about companies like GE and many Federal employees that don’t pay taxes. One of the biggest concerns of libs is that everything be “FAIR.” How is our tax system “Fair.”

        Another ignorant theme at the DNC is that the people that still support themselves need to “INVEST” in government programs which means increased government spending!

        Then, last but not least, the BLATENT LIES told by the speakers were nauseating! We all know what they were, but the worse was by moochelle, “You can trust my husband!”

      • Doc Sarvis

        DaveH – we have social programs and always have. We are NOT a socialist country. What a leap you take.

      • Vigilant

        Sarvis floats this lie for our consideration: “…especially when the Republican’s ONLY priority the last four years is to thwart ANYTHING President Obama promoted, even if they agreed it was good for the country. Many would call that treason.”

        Sarvis once again shows his ignorance of both the Constitution and the meaning of the word “treason.”

        Whether you like it or not, Sarvis, blockage of legislation through legal means is not only Constitutional, it’s the reason we have checks and balances. Moreover, I don’t hear you complaining about Harry Reid, who has blocked legislation (including appropriations bills called “the budget”) more than anything the Repubs could possibly obstruct.

        The most egregious examples of sidestepping the Constitution have come from this administration. When the legislative process does not work for Obama, he simply signs executive orders, decides on a whim that he won’t enforce portions of federal law (immigration, Defense of Marriage Act, etc.), or illegally legislates through regulatory agencies such as EPA, DHS, HHS, etc.

        Now THAT is what most would call treason, son, and don’t forget it.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy says to DaveH, “When you can get around to learning and actually giving substance in your posts…”

        The lion’s share of links and references comes from Conservatives and Libertarians on this site. If you ever care to read DaveH’s links, you just might get smart.

      • Grammy

        “how Medicare is so valuable for our Senior citizens” – If they believe this, WHY did Obamacare take $716,000,000,000 out of Medicare to fund Obamacare? Of course, it doesn’t go into effect until Jan. 1, 2013 – AFTER the election. (A lot of the Obamacare laws don’t go into effect until after the election. I’m not sure when the tax you will pay when you sell a house goes into effect, but I’m sure glad I’m old enough I probably won’t have to find out!)

      • nnicko

        If you think Government Motors is up than tell them to payback their loan to the taxpayers. Also, we don’t want to get paid back in VOLTS.

      • Flashy

        Grammy….the so-called $700 bil from the trust fund is a lie. There is NO reduction in the trust fund. The fund’s life is actually increased by eight years. The $700 bil figure comes from the savings in payments and cutting out waste as well as transferring some of that to the overall Health Care Reform Act measures.

        Romney/Ryan on the other hand have the same $700 bil figure…but that does cut the trust fund and replaces it with vouchers…not tied to inflation of health care costs and guaranteeing only a minimal coverage 9if you can afford it after exceeding the voucher)

        Thems the facts ma’am…

      • DaveH

        Only Flashman could be so brazenly hypocritic as to make this statement (insulting me as he accuses me of doing to others) — “you insult, add o solutions, are unthinking and robotic, and unwilling to think”.

      • DaveH

        Doc Sarvis says — “DaveH – we have social programs and always have. We are NOT a socialist country. What a leap you take”.
        We are far more Socialistic than Capitalistic, Doc Sarvis. Yet you Liberal Progressives always blame our plight on Capitalism.
        For those who think our system is Capitalistic:

      • DaveH

        Flashman and his multiple personalities have gone to great lengths to silence my voice. Why is that? Of course it’s because Flashman is an administration shill, and the administration doesn’t like it when people are exposing them from what they are.
        But it won’t work, Flashman. I will continue to expose your lies, equivocations, and fabricated facts to those readers who aren’t hopeless zealots.
        So Please, Please, keep posting Flashman, so the inquisitive readers can see just what kind of people the Progressives, who want to run our lives, are.

      • Winddrinker

        The illegal usurper in the oval office doesn’t have “common roots” to any American!

        We saw where obumscum roots lie, shown to us in the movie 2016. Good movie for those that need “visuals” and didn’t realize the true beginnings of the illegal and the truth about those that have been his marxist mentors.
        His mentors took advantage of his weaknesses… his hatred and envy of Ameria. He was groomed for years to be exactly what he is today. Moochelle said one “truth.” “The Presidency doesn’t change a man, it shows who he really is.”

        We have seen who obumscum is and we don’t want it in our White House…

      • Flashy

        “Flashman and his multiple personalities have gone to great lengths to silence my voice.” <— DaveH

        You really think you're important or have anything worthwhile to say? Seriously? you're nothing but comic relief DaveH…and even at that, about the level of a run down comedy club in the low rent district …

      • Flashy

        “:How about something closer to the truth, i.e., GM DOWN (close to broke while still owing the taxpayers $35 billion), and Bin Laden DOWNED by Navy Seals despite Valerie Jarett’s efforts to stop it.” <— vigilant

        Errrr…vig…according to my handy dandy stock and portfolio link…

        America's largest automaker made $1.5bn in the second quarter of 2012, compared with $2.5bn for the same period last year. Revenue fell to $37.6bn from $39.4bn in the second quarter of 2011. The results exceeded analysts' estimates, but further underlined Europe's drag on the US economy. …. GM's fortunes have recovered dramatically since its emergence from bankruptcy in 2009. The firm said it sold 2.39m cars during the quarter, compared with 2.32m a year ago. GM had $32.6bn in cash reserves and other liquid assets at the end of the quarter.

        As for your comments concerning the SEALS and not giving credit to Pres. Obama for having the backbone, foresight in ordering training and planning, and taking the risk…had the raid been a disaster..would you be blaming the SEALs?

        Jarret was an advisor. She gave her opinion…Obama didn't take it.

      • Karolyn

        winddrinker – Ever hear of “scholalrships” and “working” while going to school. That’s how my friend’s boy is doing it. If thie kid is smart enough and has sthe motivation, he can write his won ticket. The Castros are probably still paying off student loans. Sounds like sour grapes to me. What’s wrong with people wanting voters to know where they came from?

      • Vigilant


        June, 2012, from :

        “The Competitive Enterprise Institute said newly released Treasury Department documents show the administration engaged in a “cozy PR relationship” with GM in the weeks leading up to the company’s ad campaign, which claimed it had repaid all its government loans with interest five years ahead of schedule.

        It turned out GM used bailout funds from an escrow account to pay off $4.7 billion in government loans, a move that several congressional Republicans called deceptive.

        “One year ago, the U.S. Treasury Department aided General Motors in its fraudulent claim that it fully repaid its government loans,” said Sam Kazman, CEI general counsel. “Now the Treasury Department is re-enacting this smoke-and-mirrors routine on behalf of Chrysler. Whatever the bailouts may be credited with creating, honesty isn’t one of them.”

        The Obama administration released a report Wednesday showing that taxpayers probably will lose $14 billion of the $80 billion that the government loaned to General Motors, Chrysler, auto lenders and suppliers.

        The White House said taxpayers still could lose $1.9 billion on Chrysler; GM has repaid $23.1 billion of the $49.5 billion it received. Ford did not seek government help.”

      • Palin16

        karolyn, will you have those same sour grapes is obummer loses?

      • Flashy

        Karolyn…..i’m right with you there. When i was attending and attaining the degrees, i was under the old Pell grant and Student loan programs. Scholarships, worked a regular job and a part time job and student loans. otherwise, i would never have been able to attend college.

        My daughter graduated last year with her Bachelor’s. now going for her Masters. We compared notes last year. I had twice the student loan debt and making half the amount she has to pay under the ‘adjustments” put in place in the programs by the previous administration (y’know…when they decided to ‘privatize the loan programs…thus, the government bought the paper from the banks at a guaranteed rate of return, and the banks relent the money at a higher interest and took the wash in the rates…then charged a fee to be the middle man paying back the loans to the government.)

        Obama cancelled that frippin’ waste of a program and reconstituted the old program wiping out the bank middleman status. So what happened? The loan program is held up by GOP opposition because it now shows on the books instead of a costly hidden outlay and profiting banks and financial institutions.

      • Vigilant


        In ”Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him,“ Richard Miniter writes that Obama canceled the “kill” mission in January 2011, again in February, and a third time in March. Obama’s close adviser Valerie Jarrett persuaded him to hold off each time, according to the book.

        Miniter, a two-time New York Times best-selling author, cites an unnamed source with Joint Special Operations Command who had direct knowledge of the operation and its planning.

        Obama administration officials also said after the raid that the president had delayed giving the order to kill the arch-terrorist the day before the operation was carried out, in what turned out to be his fourth moment of indecision. At the time, the White House blamed the delay on unfavorable weather conditions near bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

        But when Miniter obtained that day’s weather reports from the U.S. Air Force Combat Meteorological Center, he said, they showed ideal conditions for the SEALs to carry out their orders.”

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, you may be interested in

        “WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden.”

      • Flashy

        “In ”Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him,“ Richard Miniter writes that Obama canceled the “kill” mission in January 2011, again in February, and a third time in March.” <— vig

        And the point being Vigilant? He waited and thought it through, weighed the odds and ramifications…and decided three times to be cautious and more certain. At the time of the raid, it was only 50/50 bin laden was at the compound and the odds were about the same for a successful non casualty raid.

        Weather was perfect, everything planned and practiced, he decided to take the gamble. And we are safer and much better off for it.

        It's called being a leader…

      • DaveH

        Yes, Flashman, Multiple Personalities. Those new readers who don’t understand can go here:
        Then follow the thread to Bob Livingston’s comments.

      • DaveH
      • Flashy

        Vig….the article you pasted concerning the GM bailout is from the Washington Times. I’d say about as unbiased a source as the Washington Post .

        i went to Bloomberg for this snippet..

        “GM’s CEO Whitacre’s claim that GM paid its debt back “in full” certainly glossed over the fact that the majority of the government’s $50 billion investment is tied up in the Treasury’s 61% ownership in the company. The $8.4 billion was just the debt portion. The other critical point is that the $50 billion investment in GM was, in retrospect, more than the company needed. The Treasury Department gave GM a big slug of cash in case there was a double dip in the recession or if wary consumers really fled the company’s brands. As the car market got a boost and some of GM’s new models sold well, it was clear that GM didn’t need all of that cash. So GM just paid back the $8.4 billion in debt with government money.”

        Be that as it may…let’s use the $14 bil figure cited by the Moonie Times as a ‘loss’ to us. But is it? 1 million jobs. That means 1 million paying taxes, spending money for taxes to be paid on that secondary income. It means the cost of unemployment, food stamps, and other unemployment subsidies need not be incurred. And it saved a vital manufacturing base.

        That’s bad?

      • http://yahoo gator

        flashy, i guess DavidH hasn’t come to the realization that you are a ‘paid lacky’ of the dem$ party, your main mission is to spread opropaganda.

      • http://google rose

        The Obama’s are absolutely clueless as to what the average American faces everyday. Nor does Romney.

      • nnicko

        Hey flashy, have your eyes been flashed by a bright light and you can’t read…..before the obozo’s moved into the WH, they had a combined income of over 2.5 mill.. In 2009, 5.5 mill. Can they and all you dumb lefties spell “redistribute”. Help the unemployment by just giving up the president’s job. We don’t want his Uncle soro’s inheritance, just leave the key to the WH under the mat and be gone. Take veep bite-me with you!!

    • Gordon

      Geez Myers, griping about the price of tees and shoes? If they wore cheap looking chinese junk would anybody be happy? Should all of us feel inferior because we aren’t anorexic like high paid models? I wonder how many would wear cheap shoes and be skinny if we made $3 million a year.

      • Flashy

        “I wonder how many would wear cheap shoes and be skinny if we made $3 million a year.” <— Gordon

        With my ex wife? Me for one.

      • Flashy

        “I wonder how many would wear cheap shoes and be skinny if we made $3 million a year.” <— Gordon

        With my ex-wife? Me for one

  • KG

    We need to ask ourselves “Who is the Government?” WE ARE! It says it in the Constitution “We, the People.” All this “crap” involving elections is the result of an uninformed electorate. Eisenhower warned us about this in 1960. However, the Kennedy assassination proves that “The People” have mostly given up on that Idea.

    If you want another great depression, then vote for Mitt. He will “unleash” capitalism on us, just like Reagan and Bush did. Who is our biggest trading partner? A communist nation (China). Wow, some Patriot!

    Capitalism had to be saved twice in the last century (1930 and 2008). And we know the criminal organization behind that. It’s called “The Republican Party.”

    Let’s stop all of the BS and see the reality. Our country has been going down the drain since Reagan. The only solution presented is “Tax cuts.” We are paying less taxes now than ever, and we have the WORST economy ever! Let’s get back to what works – tax the rich, and feed the poor. Besides, how many steaks can you eat in a week?

    “Power to the People” – John Lennon

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      Sadly, you are still stuck in the old view of blaming a political party which is just fine with both candidates. As long as either party is in charge endless wars, stripped liberties, shrunken middle class and a debt that was places upon your great-grandparents to be paid for by “We the People” and OUR great, great, great, great ,great, great…(you get the point) grandchildren will continue as intended.
      The real answer is to LEAVE the failed two party system! If you’re a democrat or Republican that supports personal liberty, you MUST leave the 2 party system and become a registered Independent. Here’s the numbers to turn the corrupt/crony/criminal 2 party system on its head.
      13% Pauler’s (if you believe that), 18% (minimum) and fastest growing Independents along with the rest of the disgusted GOP, betrayed liberals, valued Libertarians and Constitutionalist’s with the rest of American’s who always vote “the lesser of two evils” (I really can’t stand that retarded argument) make a conservative estimate of 35-40%. Math doesn’t lie and people are tired of being sick and tired. In four years, the paradigm WILL shift. The real concern is if there will be a United States of America to be able to change. In the meantime…… Gary Johnson

      Revolve Now While You Can.

      • KG

        The problem with “independents” is that they are mostly “cripto” Republicans. You claim that both party’s are corrupt. That may be true. However, since we don’t have a parliamentary form of government, a third party only serves as a spoiler. They had their crook for 8 years, I want my crook in there for 4 more.

      • Old Henry

        Well said Rev!

        Why voting for the lesser of two evils is wrong.

        Pragmatic voting always results in a downward trend in the quality of candidates.Politicians won’t change if they know we will vote for them anyway. Good candidates seldom receive the support they need to become viable. The problem of bad choices is thereby perpetuated, and the nation continues to deteriorate until the day when our choices will be Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.

        And….. I am afraid we have now reached that day.

      • http://speedle speedle

        “The real concern is if there will be a United States of America to be able to change. In the meantime…… Gary Johnson”

        Now there is my nomination for the most nonsensical, counterproductive, detached, irrelevant and just plan goofy comment of the year. Let’s see, RevNow is concerned about what happens in 2016, and whether or not it will be too late after the next four years. Yet he is encouraging your vote for someone who literally has zero chance of winning and assuring that the gangsters that put us in this position are re-elected. Beam me up Scotty.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear speedle,

          For your reading pleasure, an excellent essay (from 2007) on the folly of voting for the “lesser of two evils.”

          Best wishes,

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Your vote for???? Is going to make what difference?? At least I will vote for the person who would do the best job and not just jump on the sheeple bandwagon.
        speedle says, “Now there is my nomination for the most nonsensical, counterproductive, detached, irrelevant and just plan goofy comment of the year.”
        I don’t really think you could make much less sense or be more counterproductive by voting for a party that hasn’t progressed this nation in any way positive for it’s people in 50 years.
        I don’t think you could be more detached from reality than to vote for a party instead of a person who has an actual plan.
        I don’t think you could be more irrelevant and just plain goofy than to use a Star Trek line as an ad hominem attack instead of coming up with something original.
        Do you have an actual opinion or are you just trolling? If it’s the latter, I suggest you move along to someone less suited to counter your (yawn) verbal assaults because you will lose that battle here.

    • Robert Smith

      KG says: “It says it in the Constitution “We, the People.”

      The right wing hasn’t paid attention to “We the PEOPLE” in a very long time. They pretend to prey to their brutal god who in their view will solve the problems, all the while blaming others for their god not getting the job done.

      We need to get back to being America, land of the free, not the America of the right where it’s “We’ll let you do what we think is right.”


      • Vigilant

        Ah, the usual gratuitous insertion of “brutal God” by the resident idiot.

        You are beyond rehabilitation, my bitter and disturbed friend.

        As for honoring the Constitution, replace “right” with “left” in your screed and you will have it correct.

      • Vigilant

        P.S. Learn the difference between “prey” and “pray.” Christians pray, idiots like you prey on innocent Christians.

      • Christopher Romero

        This brutal GOD, that you refer to, is the one who kept USA for generations as the number one Nation in the World, we always were the envy of other Countries, persons all over the World wanted to come here, to take part of the American Dream. But now, since the communist want to take God away from our lives, every thing is going backward. From the first banana at Federal Level all the way down to the bottom, is corrupt. No moral, no education, no decency, no patriotism, no Christian believe, no trust. No future for our children or our seniors . I am sorry, but this election has to be taking in consideration GOD. I wont tell you who to vote for, but if you want USA to be the way it was and if you love your children think about it. Go in the internet and look for the back ground of our candidates, very important to see where they came from and who their parents were, who they associated with, how they made their money, also find out about drug and alcohol use, , very important their life sexual relation when they were young.


    • Ricardo Gomez

      feeding the poor, (that don’t want to work) is the reason why we are going Broke. The people that don’t work and get Government Help are almost living better the some of us that work HARD. And what ever you do don’t turn me in to A republican, Because of my comment. A am just a hard TAX payer that has had enough of this FREE Society Excuse. Nothing is FREE and for us to get out of this PROBLEM we are in PEOPLE and the GOVERNMENT need to except this.

      • Doc Sarvis

        The segment of the poor population that do not work and/or do not want to work is extremely small.

      • Thinking About

        Going broke is also having tax payers putting up $44 million to fund a pensions fund left underfunded by a raider, Bain capital. So Romney is a part of those who don’t feel bad about taking funds from the tax payers, it is not always those conceived as being not wanting to work, it is others also. Like a family getting $250,000 to assist in Bachmann family farm. Get over it, there is lots of corporate welfare going on also and at higher cost than assistance to families for food and housing.

      • Winddrinker

        This is for doc that thinks the non-working poor isn’t enough to be bothered with:

        It’s easy to dismiss individual programs that

        benefit non-citizens until they’re put together

        and this picture emerges. Someone did a lot

        of research to put together all of this data.

        Often these programs are buried within other

        programs making them difficult to find.

        A Real MEye Opener
        WHY is the USA BANKRUPT?

        Read this:
        We have been hammered with the

        propaganda that it was the Iraq war and

        the war on terror that is bankrupting us.

        I hope the following 14 reasons are

        forwarded over and over again until

        they are read so many times that the

        reader gets sick of reading them. I also

        have included the URL’s for verification

        of all the following facts.

        $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare

        to illegal aliens each year by state governments.

        $22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food

        assistance programs such as food stamps,

        WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

        $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on

        Medicaid for illegal aliens.
        Verify at:

        $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on

        primary and secondary school education

        for children here illegally and they

        cannot speak a word of English!

        $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for

        education for the American-born

        children of illegal aliens, known as

        anchor babies.

        $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to

        incarcerate illegal aliens.
        Verify at:

        30% percent of all Federal Prison

        inmates are illegal aliens.
        Verify at:

        $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on

        illegal aliens for Welfare & social

        services by the American taxpayers.

        $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed

        American wages are caused by the illegal


        In 2006, illegal aliens sent home

        $45 BILLION in remittances to their

        countries of origin.

        The Dark Sideof Illegal Immigration:

        Nearly One million sex crimes committed are

        by Illegal Immigrants In The United States .
        at:http: //

        The total cost is a whopping
        $ 338.3 BILLION DOLLARS




        $338,300,000,000.00 WHICH



        Are we THAT Stupid?




        If this doesn’t bother you, then just

        delete the message. If, on the other

        hand, it does raise the hair on the back

        of your neck, I hope you forward it to every

        legal resident in the United States.

    • Karen

      It is unfortunate that you(KG) have not done your homework!!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST/MUSLIM and you should really do more research before you blame only Republicans! Bush was not a good President, but OBAMA is not even eligible to be President ! He has lied from day one!! He was part of the 2008 Mortgage crisis! This is fact! All you have to do is research! Government is not our answer, right now, government is our problem!

      • Flashy

        Karen…if you had done any research at all…you’d know how false your entire post is …

      • Vigilant

        Flashy…if you had done any research at all…you’d know how ignorant you are of the socialist/communist connections of Obama.

      • Doc Sarvis

        President is NOT a Communist or a Muslim. He is a Christian and has cut taxes on small business umpteen times. He gave our auto industry a chance when others, including Ritt Momney wanted to let all those jobs die (must have been something in it for him) and followed Bush’s initial reaction to save Wall St.

      • Old Henry

        Karen is correct. Little Barry doetoro is completely ineligible. His “father” was a British subject, not a U.S. citizen. Therefore he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen as required by our Constitution.

        And Vigilant is also correct. Soetoro is a Communist. He was spawned by commies, raised by commies, educated by commies, mentored by commies and began his political career in the home of two communist domestic terrorists.

      • Palin16

        What do you mean Obama’s a Christian? Are you serious??
        From the ages of 6-10, Barry attended a school in Indonesia that taught Islam and every morning he called out that muslim prayer thing. Later, after he moved to Chicago and started planning a political career, his mouthpiece Axelrod advised him to attend a Christian church so the folks in Chicago would relate to him more. He had never stepped foot in any kind of Christian church until his 20s. Finally, he joined the Trinity United church and sat there for two decades listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Goddamn America sermons. Some Christian!

        • Deerinwater

          So? ~What are you actually saying Palin? ~ Redemption is a scam or only works for certain people?

      • Palin16

        Let me make this perfectly clear. Obama is a muslim.

        • Deerinwater

          Palin says;
          “deerinwater, Let me make this perfectly clear. Obama is a muslim.”

          Let attempt to open our mind and understand , Muslim is a “faith” that people “practice” to be “Muslim”

          A Muslim, also spelled Moslem,[1] is an adherent of Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion based on the Qur’an

          —which Muslims consider the verbatim word of God as revealed to prophet Muhammad—and, with lesser authority than the Qur’an,

          the teachings and practices of Muhammad as recorded in traditional accounts, called hadith. “Muslim” is an Arabic word meaning “one who submits to God”.

          Muslims believe that God is eternal, transcendent, absolutely one (the doctrine of tawhid, or strict or simple monotheism), and incomparable; that he is self-sustaining, who begets not nor was begotten.

          Muslim beliefs regarding God are summed up in chapter 112 of the Qur’an, al-Ikhlas, “the chapter of purity”.[2][3] Muslims also believe that Islam is the complete and universal version of a primordial faith that was revealed at many times and places before, including through the prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

          ( hmm? Abraham was not a prophet but a man with bad luck with women) , ( Moses was not a prophet but a man with abandonment issues) ( Jesus was not a prophet, he was God manifested in man) and I could care less who Muhammad was, I am unclear as to how he was qualified to offer a verbatim accounting of Gods will that controls millions of people today.

          [4] Muslims maintain that previous messages and revelations have been partially changed or corrupted over time,[5] but consider the Qur’an to be both unaltered and the final revelation from God—Final Testament.[6]

          Obama were fathered by a an practicing ( to various degrees) father and had no say in the matter what so ever.

          Today Obama is a practicing Christian by word and actions and has been for many, many years. Obama was raised in a Christian household by practicing Christian Americans.

          Now if you have any evidence to offered to the contrary beside inference and innuendos, now is the time to present them.

          As a practicing Christian you should be ware that bearing false witness comes with penalty. And while you might believe in a forgiving God, I’m not exactly sure of the depth of his/her patience with un-remorseful habitual misconduct and taking liberties you don’t actually have.

          • Frank

            Actually DEER IN HEADLIGHTS, Obama, through his words and actions does NOT practice christianity. He does, on many occassions, put forth his belief in Allah.

            I cannot understand the words he speaks in praise of Allah but I trust in people who know that language to speak truth.

            I have seen pictures of him in traditional Islam dress at an age that belies your assertion that he was all christian after returning to the U.S. from India.

            He has, on national TV, made the statement “my muslim faith”. He corrected it when prompted that he meant “christian faith” but, his original words were muslim not christian.

            He uses muslim churches and religious ceremonies for important occassions.

            His official biography for the book he had published and sold in Kenya said he was the Kenyan who became president of the United States.

            He lied about his long form birth certificate (and that has been proven by experts).

            His selective service registration is fake also.

            He is afraid to tell the truth and show proof of what and who he is.

            THAT IS NOT CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!

          • Gea

            I had reaad Koran from cover to cover and was shocked how vile it is. It is a supremacist ideology similar to Nazi ideology, including its delusional Jew hate. Mohamed was a pedophhile polygamist (who married Aisha, one of his 12 wives when she was 6 and he was 51) and a murderer, responsible for a gruesome murder of 900 Jews from Medina because they would not accept this vile guys as THEIR “final” prophet. Yet, 1400 millions of Muslims around the world take this guy as a role model. Under sharia pedophilia, polygamy (4 wives) and murder for Allahu Akbar is legal, but adult gays are hanged. If somebody becomes a “martyr”, i.e. dies while murdering Jews and Americans, he is promissed a paradise with 72 virgins and 12 pre-pubescent boys.

            Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with the the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, yet Obama extolls Koran and Islam while dissing Bible. Obama bowed to Saudi king, whose subjects committed crimes of 9/11 while chanting Allahu Akbar. Obama’s father from Kenya and stepfather from Indonesia were both Marxist Muslims, and according to sharia, he IS a Muslims, since the father was a Muslim, who already had a wife and chilren in Kenya, when he married Obama’s white mother who was 18.

          • Deerinwater

            “and according to sharia, he IS a Muslims, since the father was a Muslim, ”

            and evidently Palin and you agrees with Sharia Laws.

            I do not agreed and fail to accept any of it and wonder why you might.

            It seems that you have allowed yourself to get lost in a religious system. If you are going to accept what they believe as true Gea.

            Let’s face the facts here Gea, the Muslim faith is next to impossible to defend and you are attempting to apply this same faith to paint your adversary as unflattering as possible.

            By passage of bring born into this world Obama is guilty of being born Muslim is what you are attempting to defend.

            Interesting approach to the discussion. For years now in the back of my mind I have thought of the similarities of birth to prominence that both Moses & Obama seem to share, not dare voicing my thoughts knowing full well the extreme right would make political fodder out of it. And here you are today, bring it forward.

            A child, guilty of birth, being accepted and raise in the wrong house come to prominence and leads his blood to the promise land via a 40 years extended camping trip though the wilderness of hopeless disrepair.

            Well Gea, ~ All I can tell you my friend, your freedom ends in this country where another person nose begins and the American people have limits to their overindulgence in faith matters.

            Just as I would not allow you or your faith to impeded or restrict another citizen freedoms and liberties I would equally defend yours.

            I don’t claim to have a crystal ball or have control over everything while clearly you are attempting to use matters of “Faith” as a weapon to defeat a perceived enemy.

            Cleaver approach Gea, ~ I’m impressed

            Since Mitt Romney. would behave similar to “W” and cave into the demands of National & World economic pressure and the “will” of the Military Complex followed by the demand of (Jewish lead) World Bankers maybe we could prune back this Muslim threat?

            If that is your view, Mitt Romney would be your vote.

            As for myself, I seen a different future, ~ it not a Utopia but it better then the vision I see with the world at war and resources wasted killing each other while old fat men get older and fatter.

          • Gea

            You and Ahmedinijad agree that Jews should be murdered because “Jews are world bankers and cause of all wars”. You, Sir, are a vile anti-semite, either coming from delusional ideologies of 99%, or from Islam, which both blame others for their own problems rather then working hard to improve themselves. BTW, most of the 14 millions Jews that are in the world, are NOT Bankers, although they do excell in any frields they touch, because they work to become educated, rather then blaming otheres, and waiting for somebody else to pay for their education or knowldege, as the likes of you do.

            Obama is not fit to govern and will be gone in a landslide in November, because Americans are waking up to his Marxist Islamist policies that both belong to a dung-heap of history, because they create disfuctionalo societies and infividuals like you who like to blame otheres for your own greed and disfunction. Barak Hussein OBama will take with him and his Muslim Brotherhood, the entire Democratic party that had allowed such un-American politices and people into the Oval Office.

            We will have toi watch Romney/Ryan as howks so that they RE-establish free market of ideas and projects, rather then having corporatism burning fossil fuels and living on govenment dole, as they did when they were bailed out by Bush/Obama because they were “too big to fail”. The role of the government is to level a playing field where best ideas and projects win, and not corpoaerte monopolies or people on the dole who also game the system in their dysfunctional life styles of sluggarness. The safvety net should be ONLY for those who are trully unable to work, which is rare, since msot people are able to contribute to society, and not having generations making babies out of wedlock and demanding US taxpayers to feed them.

          • Deerinwater

            It appears that you confuse what I say with what you say and think.

            I never said , “You and Ahmedinijad agree that Jews should be murdered because “Jews are world bankers and cause of all wars”. You, Sir, are a vile anti-semite, either coming from delusional ideologies of 99%, or from Islam, which both blame others for their own problems rather then working hard to improve themselves. ”

            It was only you that said that.

            I said that the world of banking is controlled and dominated by people largely of Jews descent. And this is a “FACT” that can not be disputed. So what is it about factual truth that you are having difficulty with?

            Somebody has to run business, ~ you can not expect business to be conducted without someone creating a structure for it to happen, it is by a long history and efforts of the Jewish community that business can even by conducted over time and great distance. The Jewish community is to be admired for this wonderful tool they have offered the world to conduct it’s affairs in some organized manner without large business transactions having to be conducted like some back room dope deal with men with guns in each others ear.

            Your anti-Semite insult is quite frankly (No pun intended Frank) all HOT AIR, which comprises most of your posting it would appear. You have fooled me, I confess, for a minute I thought you might be bright. I was mistaken.

            It a wonderful morning taking place here and while I’d greatly enjoy taking you and your ideas apart , I’ve got greater matters to address.

            Till next time.


      • Deerinwater

        Actually Frank, Obama is every Americans President, the Jew, Catholic, Muslim, Atheist, Protestant, Black, White, Red , Brown or Yellow and our nation is one of the few nation in the world that claim no National religion nor does it restrict or support one over the other. It is only you and people like you that is attempting to do that, while you clearly you don’t possess the freedom and right to do so.

        If you want to see Obama as a black Muslim, fine! ~ I see him as a part of all Americans for he really needs to be for the title he holds. He is the perfect example of what being an American is about. American have few limits to what they can or can not achieve, if they are willing to work for it. Americans have been people of vision of what is possible and willing to push boundaries and expand realities.

        While I can’t help but believe that you see Obama as someone very unlike yourself preferring to focus on the differences, staring at a abyss too wide and to deep for your mind to even comprehend. This attitude is not the America the founding fathers embarrassed or penned into existence, baptized in sweat, blood and determination to create a nation of free men and women.

        Now , you and I might not approve of everything religion, in every belief , but that is just the way it is and I will take to streets to defend this personal freedom for every American if I must.

        So if you feel that your brand of Christianity requires more “presence” and more consideration please remember there is a Jew, a Muslim, a Atheist, a Christian Scientist, a Southerner Baptist, a Methodist, a 7th Day Adventist , a Church of Christ, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Mormon standing in the same line asking for the same time and attention.

        So exactly what is your problem with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that lays out what every Citizens freedoms and limits are?

        • Frank

          Actually you despotic moron, I did not say he does not have the right to be a follower of Satan (Allah), I merely pointed out the fact that he is not a christian. As for the rest of your unfounded crap, I do have the RIGHT to demand that he either prove he is a natural born citizen or get the f out of my country. I have read the Qur’an and know how hateful it is. And, I also know that the men who pretend to be muslim don’t follow the teachings of it, not even close. THEY MURDER THEIR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS. THEY SAY IT IS IN THE NAME OF ALLAH. THEY SAY WOMEN HAVE NO RIGHTS BUT WHAT THEIR MASTER (MALE RELATIVES) GIVE THEM. THIS IS NOT FOLLOWING THE WORDS I READ IN THE QUR’AN. Maybe you read a different version?

          I agree that the satanic muslims hold the same view of Jesus being a proffet and not the son of God but the Jewish faith is mistaken on that one also. Most everything in that book is twisted into some glorified hate crime epic novel. God punished people for sins against him, he did not just go around killing everyone who did not call him Allah. I do not advocate killing all who use the name Allah for God but they do advocate killing everyone who does not.

          All american women should be stoned to death because they dont go around dressed, as the phlippine women say, as ninja. All christians should be slaughtered (including little babies) because they dont worship Allah.



          Now, assuming that you are capable, or even interrested in discussing the Kenyan Barrak Heusein Obama in a factual and rational manner, lets do it.

          If you want to try to discredit my statements, address my statements directly not just with vague non-sequitors.

          If Obama was born in Hawaii then lets see a (non forged) document proving it.
          If his real biological father was a citizen of the United States, lets see a non-forged document proving it.
          If he registered for selective service in 1980, lets see the non-forged document.

          Barak Obama is guilty of lying to the American people. He claimed the long form birth certificate was real. It was forged, and if it was not forged then it lists his fathers nationality as other than U.S. citizen. Either way he loses.

          Oh and they are right, in that decade nobody called black people african in america, they were either Negro or Black. African American started either in late 70′s or early 80′s, long after Barak was born in Kenya.

          When you say those are stupid conspiracy theories you are wrong, they are valid statements of fact. He (Obama) is hiding his past from us and it has to stop.

          And also on a side note, the Democratic Muslim Party had to use a referrendum of delegates to put the word GOD back into their platform. They also had to do it to recognize Jerusalim as the capital of Israel. The voice vote for the second was not carried officially because the nay’s were just as loud as the yea’s. And, when the vote was taken, the camera’s were focused on a couple from a muslim country who were very emotionally against it being accepted. From the sound of the voice count 50% of the delegates were against Israel’s right to it’s legal capital. Now, would you care to speculate why. As far as I have been able to find out in research, the only nations that are dead set against it are the Islamic ones and those communist countries who are backing Iran (which is muslim).

          Now, to recap, there is no requirement for or prohibition against any specific religios affilliation to be president. This country WAS founded on CHRISTIAN principles. Islam (muslim / moslem) are anti Christian. Barak claims to be Christian but acts like a Muslim. There is credible evidence that Barak is not a natural born citizen. Barak refuses to honestly show evidence he is anything he claims to be.

          Oh almost forgot one of your comments. Yes, Obama is very different than me. I understand economics. I understand how capitalism works. I can prove I am a natural born citizen. I am not married. I don’t lie to get what I want. I don’t scream racist at everyone who disssagrees with someone who is black. I’m not rich. I believe in Israel’s right to exist and keep their land and capital. I believe we are at war with Islam. It is Obama’s fault that the economy is still in the toilet. And, finally the biggest difference, I LOVE THE UNITED STATES.

          Now, Deerdrowinginwater, if you want to discuss these points, feel free to respond. But please, for once in your life on this blog site, keep to the point and discuss with facts not your opinion or democratic rhetoric.

          • deerinwater

            Sir. Frank, ~ being entitled an opinion is a far cry from validation an opinion. And you can dispense with the feeble name calling, it’s unwarranted , unnecessary and serves no purpose other then your personal self gratification, ~ a blow up doll would serve you better.

            You are a bigoted racist Frank, ~ that’s okay ~ many people are, some of my friends share the same illness. Just don’t compound the problem by being a liar as well.

            It’s simple, Frank, ~ cast your vote, pay your taxes and you have earned your b1tching rights as a US citizen.

          • Frank

            the person calling racist is the racist, I have never lied in any post here and you never tell the truth. you never answer any of my or anyone elses posts you just pout and call names.

            I challenge you to find any racist remark in any of my posts. And I dont mean something you think is racist, I mean really racist.

            Barak Obama is a worthless excuse for a president because he has not got the first clue how to lead. Period, you are the one bringing his color into this not me.

            His VP is just as worthless as a leader. Am I now a bigot against white people?

            Oh, I am sorry, you think calling him a Kenyan is racist? I call him that because that is where his grandmother said he was born. I also remember his wife making the same assertion when she was talking about them going back to Barak’s home country to get tested for AIDS to show the locals it was nothing to fear or be ashamed of.

            Maybe I should have called him an African. No, you would probably say that is racist too, even though many Africans are white.

            Dont insult your own intelligence by opening your mouth and spewing garbage without reason. I did not make any racist comments. I hate Barak because of what he has done to my country.

            And, your mindless remark about he is what all americans should aspire to was pathetic. You dont even know how he got where he is. He was a poor kid living in Washington? with his mother and grandparents. Well if that is true he sure got lucky cuz my poor parents couldnt send me to columbia and harvard. I had to work to pay my way through college, that is the American dream the way most of us have to do it.

            I am a natural born citizen, if you want to see my BIRTH CERTIFICATE, I will scan a copy and send it to you. I am proud of it and willing to show it to anyone who asks.

            Also, as to name calling, DEERDROWNINGINWATER, is the only name calling I did to you. Anything else was just describing the impression given by your less than educated responses.

            And, since you obviously will never speak to the issues, bug off. You are a waste of time, I can get a more intelligent response from a 5 year old.

          • Frank

            PS I earned my voting rights by serving 8 years in the military. Taxes has nothing to do with it and I will vote when there is someone worthy of voting for. That is not any of your business

          • Deerinwater

            To serve was a privileged Frank, the right to vote is to be a good citizen that rises to the responsibility of citizenship and requires constant effort in many areas.

            The only exception that I can accept to this is would be a DD214 reflecting exemplary efforts at the cost of great personal sacrifice which I myself carry, but serving alone does not give one the right to vote for the rest of their life.

          • Frank

            Wrong again, to serve was an obligation not a priveledge. Except in the mind set that it is a priveledge to do everything the government requires you to do. You do remember the draft dont you.

            Wrong on the voting also, to imply that there is some obligation to vote is ludicrous. Voting is a right which means I can vote, if I want to, in any election I am qualified to vote in. I cant vote for a senator in a state that I am not a citizen of. I did not EARN my right to vote by serving in the military because I already had that RIGHT (for life).

            I did, however, earn what you called my priveledge to bitch by serving my country.

            My first ammendment RIGHT to freedom of SPEACH, gives me the ability to complain about the government in any way I desire.

            The statement in the Declaration of Independence that listed some of my unaleanable rights which included THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS gives me the implied right to not vote if I would be unhappy with any of the candidates.

            It is also offensive to me that you implied that you are more qualified to vote than me just because of some medal listed on your DD214. Not everyone in the military was placed in a situation that afforded them the opportunity for personal heroics that were rewarded by the government. Thousands of our troops are heros for the job they have done in battle.

            My job in the military was to defend our nation from all enemies foreign and domestic. I did that job to the best of my ability and never failed in my missions.

            This discussion is not supposed to be about ME, nor is it about YOU. I dont feel the need to defend my service to my country and I am not interested in reading your chest pounding about how great you are either.

            Get back to the subjects I put forth or just forget ever trying to make our nation great again. Your avoidance of rational discussion does nothing to improve or even stabilize our situation.

          • Deerinwater

            Well, serving in the military is not a an obligation for every citizen or persons like Karl Rove and Rush would be out of business. So “To Server” is an honor accepted by the few.

            If you find yourself missing some body parts today for your decisions to defend the cause of Freedom, you have my greatest admiration and respect, while the right to vote requires constant commitment to being a solid citizen of these United States.

            Being a War Vet is not a “Get out of Jail Free” card. Sorry, ~ Maybe when you get on the other side you can met up with Ira Hays and he can explain it to you.

            You say; “This discussion is not supposed to be about ME, nor is it about YOU. I dont feel the need to defend my service to my country and I am not interested in reading your chest pounding about how great you are either. Get back to the subjects”

            I’m uncertain and unclear about what your needs are Frank. While I know attempting to discuss why a turd is tapered on both ends serves little purpose. But one thing is clear, ~ you have got your world turned around backwards, ~ For it’s never been about Obama , but you and I , while you do attempt to make it about Obama. That I ‘m not falling for it, just like I didn’t fall for “W’s” mushroom cloud and aluminium tubing story while you did, only makes you the fool and not I.

            A turd in tampered on both ends for functional purpose Frank, an obvious truth that people like yourself find just to simple to understand thinking the answer must be more profound and cloaked in secrecy,

            and ~The only chest pounding seems to be coming for you Sir, It is you that has elected to attack, ~ my posture has been purely defensive. ~ If you have been stung in the process, you have only yourself to blame for your injuries.

            Good Day

          • Frank

            As always your statements are total non-sequitors.

            This is and always was about Obama and nothing you say can pretend it away from that.

            I have no idea what mushroom and tin hat crap you are referring to since those were never mentioned.

            Get out of jail free has nothing to do with voting, and voting is a lifetime right unless you commit a felony.

            As far as obligation to be a good citizen, you havent a clue to what that takes since you obviously are not one in any way. Your delusions only help to promote the Obama lies

            I hope someday you find a way to educate yourself about these infantile rantings. I will not respond again to your pathetic nonsense because no one here needs this filth you spew to be continued

          • Deerinwater

            “This is and always was about Obama”

            Only to you and like minded people only Sir. Only to you. Much has been accomplished while your anal retention has offered you “distraction” for the last 3.5 years.

            That you can’t tell the difference between truth and lies , fact and fiction or can even remember the last lie that you swallow, while it’s been documented and proven , a jury ruling , much less a book written and a movie and Scooter Libby sent to jail over “W’s” lie, you don’t show much promise as a political activist on any level. With such a short memory, political debate is not your long suit. Why don’t you back to “Wheel of Fortune” or “Who wants to be a Millionaire”? For clearly, Fox News has you poorly prepared for politics and current events.

          • Frank

            Okay I was wrong, I will respond to your insanity.


            I don’t watch FOX news, never had and probably never will.

            These days intelligent people dont rely on the lies in the media to get facts, they do independent research.

            You use your holier than thou attitude and avoidance of discussing the issues to try and denigrate people, like me, who actually think for themselves.

            You will never learn anything by avoiding the discussion. You want to discuss lies, we can discuss lies. Romney flip flops and is therefor a liar, but he is less of a liar than Obama.

            Yes Romney did not start his life as a poor person and work his way up, but neither did Obama.

            What is erroneously labelled as trickle down economics does work because that is how capitalism works.

            You cannot eliminate the deficit by higher taxes because the deficit is created by spending.

            The GM bailout saved millions of jobs just like Obama says but he left out the fact that those jobs are in China.

            His investment in “green energy” was a total failure.

            Unemployment is still as bad if not worse than when he took office.

            Inflation has devastated the ability for the poor to live and eat.

            He always talks about helping the middle class ($250,000 / year income), I dont care about those rich people lets help the lower class ($10,000 – $25,000 / year income) people. And I dont mean with handouts and entitlements, lets get them working in good paying jobs.

            He always promotes racial division and controversy by voicing radical ideas in mixed racial settings.

            He claims that american entrepeneurs never built their own businesses.

            He puts Romney down because he is rich but his and his wifes combined incomes over the last 10 years makes him RICH too.

            Once again, I challenge you to discuss the issues. Stop your name calling and prevarication.

            Most of the items listed here I can give links to video of Obama to prove. The economic and deficit items I can explain and give referrences if you have any desire to discuss them.

            Also, your using the term anal retentive instead of saying I am full of [expletive deleted] has the same meaning and, I am neither.

            You saying that Obama does not lie is the equivalent of being in Vietnam and telling your troops that the area is clear of the enemy when everyone can see the Vietcong walking throught the trees.

            I remember Vietnam, I served in that war (police action). Obama is like that little 12 year old girl walking up to us with her hands behind her back so we dont see the hand grenade. She was smiling like we were friends too.

            So, once again I have given you many things to discuss intelligently. Will you do it or just call me names and avoid any real substative discourse.

            By the way, you might try harder to check your spelling and grammar when you post. Some of your comments are very difficult or impossible to figure out exactly what you thought you were saying.

          • Deerinwater

            So Frank, now your are the Grammar police too! Grammar police are people that can’t offer support for their argument but feel incline to continue their feeble attack none the less. Which by the way,you failed to do as you brought forward many narrow points of contention. Each of them would be easy enough to debunk.

            As for you TV viewing pleasure, I think you are being very disingenuous with me, You watch Fox inclusively for the new and commentary and patronize right wing web sites for that the only explanation for your zeal and disconnect from reality.

            You are repeating all the “talking point” on a list of issues, ~ it’s Obama! it’s OBAMA!

            Frank our government depends all of it’s elected members to do it’s work.

            If Obama was seen ineffective and seen incapable to lead and direct, the GOP would love him for it. They could get anything they wanted and blame the democrats for it. Obama would be NO THREAT at all.

            In regards to the Auto Industry, hear it from the Governor about jobs.


          • Frank

            Wrong again, I dont even have a TV so watching FOX news would require me to visit someone who has one.

            I get all my information from the Internet, I watch video clips of Obama and others. I got the information about GM in China from videos of GM giving a speach in China.

            I only narrowe down the list of subjects to help you have something simple to respond to. I failed to get you to respond once again. You insist on making this all about me and not the issues.

            That is not my problem, it is your failure to engage in meaningful discourse. You are right that I can not say anything meaningful as long as you refuse to talk about the issues.

            And knowing the mind set of the posts by people here with similar actions, you will undoubtably try to find something wrong with me in this post instead of anything meaningful to say in rebuttal.

          • Deerinwater

            “Wrong again, I dont even have a TV so watching FOX news would require me to visit someone who has one. ”

            Taking down 100 grand a year and you don’t have a TV? ~ I’ve got two, one in the front room and one in the office, now i confess they are not connected to premium channels and I rarely watch them, but none the less, I have at less two in my home. You never can tell when a historic event might b worthy the viewing and of course I entertain guests who enjoy their habits. The world wasn’t created on my birthday so I endeavor it accommodation and please.

            You are not leveling with me Borobudur, who do you think you think you are talking too, some dirty bag pretender that acts like he gives a damn?

            This conversation has ran it’s course and I leave you to yourself. A most appropriated punishment.

          • Frank

            Borobudu? no known language I am aware of.

            I don’t make 100 K a year, that was an example of how wastefull it would be to tithe 10% to a church at that level of income.

            I don’t have a TV and if I allowed people like you in my house I would prove it.

            And yes that is what I think you are. So, thank you for proving you are incapable of intelligent discourse and leaving me alone to more enjoyable intellectual persuits

          • Deerinwater

            Well, your need is great and the time well spent.

          • deerinwater

            And you have no issue worthy of discussion Frank, and until you find one, you will be mostly ignored.

            Obama could be a little green man that dropped out of the sky while at this point in the process it would be totally irrelevant .

            Or why should I attempt to defend some stone-age faith kind Islam when I fail to see the need to defend God at all. If God “is” what everyone claim “It’s” to be, why would he require my help?

            I defend citizens rights afford us as citizen by the US Constitution and bill of Rights. You have the freedom and right to be as correct or misinformed as you wish to be until you fail to respect another citizens same rights. That you are not willing to do that is “my issue with you” Frank.

            It’s not complicated. I do this because freedom requires constant defending . Feel free to find an issue that you can defend Frank.

          • Frank

            God does not ask that we defend him, only that we spread his teachings.

            Just because you either can’t or don’t want to defend your position on the many points I have made doesn’t make them irrelevant to anyone but you.

            I have thousands of important issues I can successfully argue and defend if you had any desire to really discuss them. You pick a topic, issue, policy, condition you want to discuss and I will show you my ability to dig for the facts and present them in a comprehensive manner.

            You claim I have somehow put forth a desire to restrict somebodies rights that were guaranteed in the Constitution; tell me which rights you are speaking of and quote my exact statement.

            You meant to say “until you do you will be ignored by ME”, you should not attempt to imply that nobody is interested in and willing to discuss my concerns just because you feel that way. I really don’t care if you ignore (and remain IGNORant) the issues.

        • Frank

          PS I never mentioned he is black. That has nothing to do with him not being eligible to be president.

      • Palin16

        WOW, I am so impressed with your knowledge of islam, the pseudoreligion that practises suicide bombing, stoning women to death for adultery, beheading homosexuals and shouts out Allahu akbar while murdering our soldiers in Ft Hood. Are you one of them?

        • Deerinwater

          So I take it that you believe a better world can be made from Hate? Is this some kind of Christian virtue that you acquired in your church house or was this self taught by way of self study and the spirit of the Lord guiding your thoughts? or something else?

          Does Deerinwater sound Muslim too you?

    • momo

      Were you even alive when Reagan took over from the second worst president in history?
      After three years the Reagan revolution was producing economic growth of 6 percent per year and adding a million jobs a month. Your “crook” can’t even dream those numbers.

      • Doc Sarvis

        He was also building a huge government dispite himself.

      • momo

        the federal government has been expanding and encroaching on us since Washington was president. I was merely pointing out the growth of the economy under Reagan as compared to Obama. You want to make a big deal out it, go ahead, but you can’t dispute facts. And the word is despite.

      • Flashy

        momo…care to explain the debt Reagan piled on and institutionalized? Reagan financed the growth via borrowing…and the borrowing was not for reinvestment in this nation. reagan began the most massive transfer of wealth this world has ever seen…from the Middle Class to the wealthy.

        Before Reagan, two income families were a choice, an option. After Reagan, it was a necessity.

        I never thought we’d see a more destructive, worse presidency than Reagan….but i was mistaken…Bush II / Cheney beat him by a mile.

        And the GOP promises to return us to that. Jeesh…

      • Doc Sarvis

        If you want to correct my spelling have at it. There are plenty of typos (intentional and not) here to keep you busy. If it is that important you should consider capitalizing the first word in your sentence; “The”.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Tell me which measure you use for your “growth of the economy” standard?

      • Old Henry


        How can that be when, for 8 years, we heard non-stop from the press that Reagan was cuting, cutting, cutting?

      • Doc Sarvis
      • Flashy

        Because he was cutting henry. he cut from every program which benefited the Middle Class and funded those parts of government favoring Big Corporate America and the wealthy.

        i was living in DC at the time and it was an open joke that as folks were being dismissed from consumer and environmental agencies, they’d be walking across the street to work for DoD etc.

        Reagan borrowed to cover up the costs of the wealth tranferrance and institutionalized the deficit…ensuring the Middle Class would be stripped of wealth and the elite would begin the transformation into an aristocracy…

      • momo

        Doc Sarvis says: Tell me which measure you use for your “growth of the economy” standard?

        Google it and you’ll know.

      • Old Henry


        You mean….. the media LIED to us?

        I think after they shot Reagan he was then instructed on just where the bear “goes” and he adjusted his course, and plans. They truly did not expect him to survive. That is why old man Bush was pushed on to the ticket. They never expected Reagan to get the nomination, much less be elected, but Bush was their back-up.

        Reagan gone after 69 days and their boy in place. Best laid plans…

      • momo

        Flushy, you’re so full of crap I bet your eyes are brown.
        Reagan was the worst presidency until BushII?
        The Reagan recovery lasted 92 months, the previous best expansion was 58 months. In 1984 alone econiomic growth was 6.8 percent, the highest in 50 years. Twenty million new jobs were created during the recovery and unemployment was a little over 5 percent by 1989. From 1982 to 1989 disposable income increased by 18 percent, the standard of living increased by 20 percent. The stock market tripled in value from 1980 to 1990, better than any othr decade. And, Reagan spent the USSR into the ash heap of history. All you and Doc Sarvis do is whine and moan, those evil 1 percenters have it out for you. Get a grip, the victim card is getting old.

      • deerinwater

        momo says;”. I was merely pointing out the growth of the economy under Reagan as compared to Obama. You want to make a big deal out it, go ahead, but you can’t dispute facts. And the word is despite.”

        I’d enjoy debating the virtues of Ronald Reagan with you my friend but if you wish to compare apples with oranges I find myself at a disadvantage. but it is Reagan’s administrations where much of today’s economic problems started as the Federal taxing structure shifted burden off investment dollars and on to labor earned dollars, whereby making the wealthy filthy rich at the expense of the middle class over the course of 30 years.

        After 34 years of Reagan restructuring followed with a conservative administration spending 7 trillion on two needless unfunded wars and across the board tax breaks for everyone ~ Our nation finds itself borrowing to stay afloat.

        But you don’t have to believe me, ~ believe someone else ~ anybody but me. I ain’t nobody, just a working man that does not gamble with his money but earns it the old fashion way, I work for it as a independent contractor in the private sector since 1978.

        Believe anyone but me, ~ what could I possible know about earning a living? I went 25 years able to carry every dollar I possessed in my back pocket, knowing that it was not very much, but unlike all the other people I knew, ~ I was never upside down, never used credit to live above my means. While others drove their nice cars, lived in nice house and lived large, I drove $1,500.00 “throw-aways” junkers and ate a lot of oatmeal and baloney.

        I was amazed at the people that came out of the woodwork when I got my first house paid off, it seems i was seen a investor material and everyone wanted to help me spend my money. Hey! Have I got a good deal for you!

        And they call themselves Conservatives! ~ Conservatism starts with yourself, at your house.

        What Ronald Reagan did, was treat a condition that prevailed at that time ~ to implement a desired shift, a change of direction. Like treating an illness, we take a medication but once healed and healthy again ~ to continue the medication bring on a whole new set of problems .

        I don’t blame Ronnie, ~ for the medication, I blame a government and her people that that seem to believe doing the same thing over and over again and again, taking the same medication will solve “all” problems.

        We need a new medication today, something to treat today’s problems.

        Ronnie broke money loose in many ways, American’s had been saving and getting great returns of safe saving accounts for years, ~ Well? those saving accounts are all but depleted 30 years later, so don’t be expecting Ronnie’s medicine to work again.

        After 30,34 years federal tax burden restructuring 5% of Americans now possess 60% of it’s wealth is what I am being told. Some 10 or 12 families I am told but I really don’t know and it don’t really matter “who” tops this chart.

        So a medicine that encourages this 5% to spend their money in America is what is needed. This ability to enjoy all the liberties and securities that America has to offer while keeping this money off shore or spend it in other countries can only continue so long, while they are insulated from the effects of this disparity and see no problem.

        To raise concerns about this disparity is seen as jealous greed, somebody is wanting a hand out, ~ I say, ~ maybe some ~ sure. But clearly , it was a rule change that created this disparity and not some Americans lacking in their willingness to work or educate and apply themselves. Today, We have 22 year old students graduate from college flat footed, green as a gourd with the indebtedness of $30,000.00 dollars and can’t find a job. We have working poor, working two jobs and we have a lot of people just sitting on their a$$, finding welfare offering them a better existence then working, while many more find it necessary to work and accept assistance. They are not lazy, but victims of a failing economy.

        We Americans, need another economic direction and leadership that favors working Americans and not just investors.

        There will always be poor people ~ regardless ~ it not for us to change this, while I maintain the belief that it is a function of government to see that it’s citizens are given a climate when personal economic responsibility is possible.

        Over the last 34 years this climate of economic opportunity has been slowly narrowed down to a select few while these few are insulated from the effect by their power and money. That these few can and do buy our judges, politicians and media outlets have got in out kitchen and cooked our goose.

      • Palin16

        I give the award for worst president to Lyndon Baines Johnson, the only vice-president to order the assassination of the president and then started bombing and napalming Vietnam 10 months later. LBJ also personally handpicked members of the Warren Commission so that they would write the story as they were told to do, and to disregard over 50 witnesses who testified of hearing shots from the Grassy Knoll. LBJ had everything to gain and nothing to lose from President Kennedy’s death. Look at the Zapruder film and clearly see JFK’s head pushed back from a front shot (entrance wound) yet the Texas School Book depository was Behind the motorcade so Oswald would have had to shoot him in the back of the head. LBJ’s buddy J. Edgar Hoover helped him with the coverup.

    • DaveH

      KG says — “Capitalism had to be saved twice in the last century (1930 and 2008). And we know the criminal organization behind that. It’s called “The Republican Party.”
      The problem with that ignorant statement is not the blaming of the Republican Party. They certainly share the blame. The problem is that we haven’t had anything close to Capitalism (Free Markets, Strict Property Rights) in this country for over 100 years. Isn’t it convenient that the Progressives first Meddle greatly in our country’s economy, then after the results of their meddling prove to be disastrous — They blame Capitalism, which we have nothing near?
      Another problem of course is KG’s claim that “capitalism” was saved in the Depression (which lasted 10 years) and again in the current economic collapse (4 years and growing). If that’s “saving”, I’d hate to see what these ignorant Liberals would call Destroying.
      In 1920, we had an economic collapse, but the Government butted out and it lasted a little over a year.
      Those people who want to know what real Capitalism is, should read this book. Learn what people like Flashman, Doc Sarvis, and KG don’t want you to know. If enough people learn the truth, those people like KG and others like them will no longer be able to take advantage of you. That includes the Poor people who have been sold a bill of goods so Politicians can buy their votes with other peoples’ money:

      • Flashy

        Sigh…another Mises link on a book DaveH has never read (but was told it was a ‘good read’). daveh recommends reading books he has no clue about, yet when a conversation occurs about the foundational philosophy of our nation he disses the comments. Tell us DaveH…when vig and i were discussing Locke, Hobbes, Machiavelli, Aristotle, Socrates, Voltaire, Turgot, Kissinger, Bohlen, Sinclair Lewis, Hammett, Twain… how many works of those political philosophers have you read ?

        Actually…how many of the Mises links you post have you read? LOL

      • DaveH

        I concentrate on real world politics, Flashman. I did get an “A” in philosophy in college, though.
        I could claim, like you Flashman, that I’ve read books by the great philosophers, but then, unlike you, I’m not a liar, so I won’t.
        Besides that, your name-dropping has little to do with our Political Discussions, much like your idiotic plagiarism of the Sniper Story had little to do with the Conversation at the time. You might fool some ignorant people, Flashman, but those people wouldn’t comprehend what I’m saying anyway.
        Pay attention to the Progressive techniques, Folks, as evidenced by the Flashmans, the Bischoffs, the Dave67s, etc.
        They have no real logic or real-world experience to back them up, so they resort to name-calling, name-dropping, lies, equivocations, ridicule, and their many other manipulative tactics to sway weak-minded people. Learn their game, so you can stop them in their tracks in personal conversations.

      • Opal the Gem

        Flushy I notice you are only critical of DaveH’s use of Mises you never criticize others such as Doc Sarvis for useing mises as a source.

      • Flashy

        Opal…Doc and Vig used Mises today. not on a regular basis and, after reading their links and reading their conversations,it is plain and apparent they’ve read the material. Someone who links and hasn’t read what the link is about, sends out book reviews to support a contention,. and states they haven’t read the Greats yet received an A in philosophy ?

        Give me a break …

        How an anyone know or claim to know anything about the intent and thoughts of those who created our form of government if they haven’t even read the basics of political philosophy?

        Understand, I think a hybrid capitalism is the form of government to utilize as a society. Upward AND downward mobility provides the cutting edge for advancement. While a socialist government and economy makes for a happier society, it doesn’t provide that “edge’ pushing forward. And, my opinion, with the exception of socialism, there is not a capitalist nor a communist nor a libertarian model anyone can point at and say ‘that works’ or ‘that doesn’t work”.

        there are very strong indications in history capitalism in its purest form won’t work. the theory fails in the same areas communism fails…neither take into account Man’s propensity for greed, ownership and power and to retain such. All forms of government taking those labels take the label of a hybred with significant difference from the theory itself.

        Take capitalism. The late 19th century showed what occurs when growth becomes limited. that was when we ran out of land to expand into. The concentrations of wealth and power in a few and the oppression of the masses dang near took off as a revolution. Which, in its purest form, capitalism requires and works towards. Thus, we adapted and began to regulate and build safeguards against both ends of the excesses.

        There hasn’t been a communist government. the USSR and Maoist China were nowhere near the theory. In all actuality, they were what unchecked capitalism will create … a small ruling elite enjoying huge benefits and dictating to the poorer masses.

        And i know of no government which is Libertarian. heck….unless you blindly accept certain ‘conditions” and assumptions which go against the grain of human behavior, the theory doesn’t pan out. Neither as a society nor as economics.

        The point being, unless one knows what to think, how to think, and how to apply thought to reality, one cannot say the intent …and one certainly cannot follow historical commentary to track the development, the strengths and weaknesses as the system in question matures …

      • Jay

        Flash, your above comment may be one of your most incoherent since joining PLD. What in the world…are you trying to say?

      • Daveh234

        Jay may not have been too good at the reading comprehension part of the tests when he was in school.

    • Grammy

      Who does your taxes? I certainly am NOT paying less taxes. My taxes are going up and up, and aren’t they slated to go up again because the Bush tax cut was not extended? I know my gas taxes, vehicle taxes, communication taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and more have gone up. God asks us for 10%, but the governments take more like 40-50% from this very low-middle-class taxpayer. Trim government to constitutional requirements and let me decide how to spend my money. When I share it with someone in need, they will be accountable. I surely wouldn’t give it to someone who has plenty of money to buy drugs and alcohol. It frosts me that we are paying SS disability to millions who have no other disability than their addictions.

      • Frank

        When writing responses on this blog, I always do research and check my answers to ensure they are accurate and / or backed by what appears to be reliable sorces.

        I will not try to list all the names of the (appearantly) ignorant morons who post on this site but, I will say that I think I agree with your dissagreement with people like Flashy(?).

        As with all arguements (discussions), you need to always filter out the radical, absurd or just plain emotionally hysterical posts.

        I was an agnostic for most of my life because of what churches teach about God. I have studied many of todays modern religions. If you want to discuss them I will tell you where each one fails in their teachings.

        I did not believe in what the churches taught. I was an agnostic because of the word of churches. I am a christian now because I heard the word of GOD.

        Even in christian churches there are many interpretations of what God meant when he said something so I will not get too specific. I do not read the ancient languages so, I can only go by the translations into American English. And, not the more recent modern (anyone can understand this) garbage.

        I cannot quote you the Bible by book, chapter and verse but, I can tell you if something is in the Bible when you quote it. I might even paraphrase things when I speak about the Bible to make it more understandable but, I wont say something is there if it is not.

        Now to my point, which is filtering out radical statements, and this one really upsets me because so many leaders of CHURCHES commit blasphemy when they say it.

        GOD ONLY ASKS US FOR 10%?????????

        Is that methodist, catholic, protestant? What CHURCH do you belong to that says GOD is asking you for 10%? I know some say it is 15%. Let me even back up one step, are you Christian or Jewish? What Bible did you read this in; what bible tells you that GOD wants 10% of your earnings? And, praise the LORD, why would GOD need your money?

        I have read the King James version of the Bible from cover to cover and I have not seen any passage, anywhere in it, that I can even paraphrase as such a request from God.

        That research leads me to say that you are very wrong to say something like that about my God. He wants us to love all his children (which includes animasl). He wants us to give of our bounty to those in need. He wants us to have compassion for those who have fallen from his grace. He wants us to hear and live by his words, not give him lots of money.

        It is sad to say but it is the Church that wants so much money. They are greedy, which is one of those deadly sins you hear about. A true minister of Gods word should live no better than the poorest of his flock. I will give the last of my money, even suffer to not eat for days, to help a starving person have a place to sleep or a meal to eat. That is the Christian way.

        Heed the Bible, God did not say “go and build me a magnificent church”. A church is a place where people go to worship and give thanks to our Lord; A church might be the parking lot outside the circle K store if you gather there to pray.

        Do you think that God is impressed and pleased that the Mormons built the magnificent Tabernacle, or that Catholics have massive churches that cost millions of dollars to build? Is the Crystal Cathedral a testament to God? I was in the church of Saint Mark in Venice Italy, the walls are plated with gold. That is a Catholic church. I know that these magnificent churches were built out of the proceeds of tithing. I know Catholic, Mormon, Protestant and Methodist families who are almost starving to death. How does a church justify building these huge churches while its members go hungry? DOES THIS PLEASE YOUR GOD?

        There is no one true church of God. Man is imperfect, he sins and covets the things of the world instead of the things of God. Tithing was meant to simply give the head of the church a subsistance, a place to live and food to eat (that is gods plan). It was not meant to be a way for the church to amass wealth (that is mans plan).

        I make $100,000 a year, how many families can I feed with $10,000 dollars? If I give the church that money, how much of it goes to help the poor and how much goes to the church? This is a reasonable question. If 10% of it goes to the poor and the rest to the rich (the church) then I am wasting my money when I tithe. Just some food for thought.

      • Jay

        Wow, another incoherent, duspie-doodle comment from the Flash!

      • Daveh234

        I thought the 10% went to the organized churches that claim to be Christian.
        I don’t frequent organized religious services. I can observe and believe without the gang telling me how to.

    • nnicko

      Check your timing…first of all our world wars prevented dictatorships and we wanted to institute our freedom and capitalism that we enjoyed. Look @ the beginnings of our country..hard work, sweat, taking chances etc.. The grass was so green they (govn’t) started the SS program, expanded it, promised it and stole it. That was our start of socialism. Now we food stamps, college tuition relief, cash for clunkers and all kinds of freebies. We are a socialist program and with future liberals in the making they are now dealing with life & death. Steal our medicare, medicaid and have mandated life counciling. Columbia and harvard don’t believe in the Bible but they like to apply the principles. First one is ” LET’S ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL”. WAKE UP AMERICA…what country will fight for us to get our freedom back? there isn’t any! It’s up to common sense americans.

    • Butch

      Its hilarious that you think yr so informed when all you are is a bootlicker for the Fraud-in-Chief and the Democratic party. Anyone w/ any intelligence KLNOWS that BOTH parties have been bought and paid for by the Banksters/Federal reserve/Rothschilds/NWO. Why do you think NOTHING ever changes, regardless of which party is in power???? Idiots arguing over which criminal organization is better are still idiots. This nation desperately needs a viable 3rd party that the other 2 criminal organizations CANNOT exclude from debates or ballots or a revolution.

  • Michael J.

    Reading between the lines of Michelle’s plea last night, what I took away was a personnel quest which when translated goes something like this: We need to all pull together like we did four years ago so that I may keep my 747 jumbo jet taxi, my helicopter, and my White House!

    • Ricardo Gomez

      Great Response That is the truth, About the Obama’s. These last 3 yrs Government has been spending all kinds of OUR TAXPAYERS money and no one person has got in trouble for it yet.

      • Flashy

        You do realize do you not, that most of the deficit is tied directly to the Bush debacle and the costs incurred and committed to before this president took the oath. Direct Federal spending grew to lowest rate than any time the past 50 years. So….what has this administration been spending on? paying off the debacle of the Bush II years. And the GOP promises to go back to that.

        • Gea

          If you look at the history of tax in US, you will find out that both Truman and Eisinhower taxed the richest at the rate of over 90%, which kept at bay gross greed and materialism since people did not game the system to make more money (government took it away).

          It was kennedy taht decraesed this rate to 65% and since then it went down with each new president, Democratic or Republican. It was Clinon.Gore who had globalized markets by making it easty to transfer capital for large coporations who have been closing factories in US and moving production where labor costs and ruthless polution of environment increases their prophits. It was Clinton/Gore who did not bring Kyoto Protocol for ratification, in order to placate fossil burning companies, and thus we are even more dependent on Arab oil, which finances terrorism with US money for oil.

          Bush was a disaaster too who not only doubled the millitary budgets and inflated incomes of varioius government millitary contractors, but alo held hands with Saudi King, whose subjects committed 9/11 while shouting Allahu Akbar. Obama stinks the most, since he is a Marxist Islamist endangering both US and the entire Western civlization in addition to making US strangled under debt and political correctness.

          American people are waking up and we will have a landslide in November, in which our Caliph-in-Cheif will taked down with him and his Muslim Brotherhood the entire Democratic party. Then we will have to watch as howks some inane Republicans not to sell US more to large corporations while destroying small business on which US is based, including free markets which had become abandoned for large monopolies who have money to buy politicians of all parties.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “You do realize do you not, that most of the deficit is tied directly to the Bush debacle and the costs incurred and committed to before this president took the oath”.
        So what kept Obama from cutting that spending, Flashman? Instead he passed a bill, which most Americans objected to, taking over 1/6th of our economy, and Forcing Americans to buy the very thing that most Liberals complain about — Medical Insurance.

      • DaveH

        Gea says — “If you look at the history of tax in US, you will find out that both Truman and Eisinhower taxed the richest at the rate of over 90%, which kept at bay gross greed and materialism since people did not game the system to make more money (government took it away)”.
        Greed, Gea? What do call your lust for other peoples’ money if keeping their own amounts to Greed? Certainly it is worse than Greed.
        It’s odd to me that you would champion Free Markets, but then also champion confiscatory tax rates which do not discriminate between Crony Capitalists, and Market Capitalists.

      • Flashy

        “So what kept Obama from cutting that spending, Flashman? Instead he passed a bill, which most Americans objected to, taking over 1/6th of our economy, and Forcing Americans to buy the very thing that most Liberals complain about — Medical Insurance.” <— DaveH

        DaveH…federal spending outside the debt that Bush II piled on us was the lowest increase in 50 years under this administration. Every attempt made by President Obama to attack the deficit spending was stalled and blocked by the Corporate owned GOP and the insanity of the far right TP contingent. The Stimulus spending added very little to overall deficit … that's a fact. Check it out.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “DaveH…federal spending outside the debt that Bush II piled on us was the lowest increase in 50 years under this administration. Every attempt made by President Obama to attack the deficit spending was stalled and blocked by the Corporate owned GOP and the insanity of the far right TP contingent. The Stimulus spending added very little to overall deficit … that’s a fact. Check it out”.
        Catch that — Increase? I asked why Obama didn’t cut spending, Flashman, and your best answer is that he only Increased it a little?
        What attempts did Obama make to stop the Spending, Flashman? Be specific, as I can disprove your equivocations if you are. I realize that you know that and therefore will be general and vague instead.
        The Stimulus Spending added very little? $2 Trillion is “very little”? $6500 for every man, woman, or child in this country is “very little”? $20,000 for every average family in this country is “very little”?

      • DaveH

        By the way, here is Flashman’s idea of “little”:
        In 2008 (Bush’s last year) Federal Spending was $3.0 Trillion.
        In 2011 (latest available year) Federal Spending was $3.6 Trillion.
        Just a “little” increase of $.6 Trillion. Or $5806 per average family in the US. Each Year!

      • Flashy

        Dave H…Bush’s last budget was 2009. jeesh…can’t you get even the simplest things correct? So…. what were you saying about federal spending? Lowest since truman ….

        Here ya go…from Forbes

        • In fiscal 2010 (the first Obama budget) spending fell 1.8% to $3.46 trillion.
        • In fiscal 2011, spending rose 4.3% to $3.60 trillion.
        • In fiscal 2012, spending is set to rise 0.7% to $3.63 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the budget that was agreed to last August.
        • Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion

  • Michael J.

    As for the coded message professed by the Rubio look alike last night stating that 4.5 million jobs had been created by the current regime, the deciphered take away message is more like 4.5 million lies having been told. Their rhetoric may sound corny, but allways contains a kernel of truth for those with the ability to discern it.

    • DaveH

      Jan 2009 (Obama took Office), non-farm employment was 133,561,000.
      May 2012 (latest actual figures), non-farm employment was 133,018,000.
      That’s a 543,000 LOSS.
      And they claim they’ve Created 4.5 million jobs? That’s a flat out LIE.

      • Flashy

        Jan-2010 127.309 million employed (remember, that when he took office, we were losing almost 1 million jobs PER MONTH)

        Jul-2012 132.868 million employed

        Dec. 2008..employed were 135.253 million, January 2009 there were 131.555 employed.

        US Census

        Read the trends. We were hemorrhaging jobs when Pres. Obama took office, the country was on the edge of the abyss of economic collapse. The Stimulus package passed in the early summer of 2009…and we began to feel the effect of the administration’s policies about 6 months after passage.

      • Michael J.

        Flashy (compensated drone) said:

        (remember, that when he took office, we were losing almost 1 million jobs PER MONTH)

        The job losses you cite were in response to the newly elected/selected usurper and the fear and loss of confidence he created, not anything Bush did.

        BTW, what will you do after Nov.6th? Is there life after entitlements?

      • DaveH

        Another flat-out Flashman lie — “January 2009 there were 131.555 employed” (I’m assuming he meant 131.555 million).
        Go here:
        Then pick the top box (Total Nonfarm Employment) and select the “Retrieve Data” button at the bottom to see the truth.

      • Flashy

        DaveH…you used labor Department, I used US Census However, if you graphed it by clicking the checkbox on top…the graph supports my statement using the US Census numbers

  • nnicko

    What’s in a name ? barrack obama-socialist-marxist-communist-dictator-democ-rat. Like all dictators, what’s good for them is not good for the citizens. They will tell you what you like because free choice is not YOUR option. This regime is so hypocritical it’s sickening. How much has obozo and his married mouth-piece given to charity? Has Michelle-my-bell looked in the mirror lately? As usual, everyone does not eat right except her. I wonder if the first couple religiously , thanks Uncle soros for their new found wealth? It’s great how all these foreigners stick together!

    • Robert Smith

      As China buys up American corporations I can’t help but wonder what candidate those millions of bucks will support.

      It’s unAmerican to let corportions buy elections.


      • DaveH

        China has been trending towards becoming more Capitalistic.
        The US is trending towards becoming more Socialistic.
        What’s that tell you?

      • DaveH

        The Crony Capitalists trade horses:
        Probably because they realized that Obama and cohorts are heading us to Marxism, where only the Leaders prosper at their peoples’ expense (think Gang). With Crony Capitalism, both the Leaders and their Crony Capitalists prosper at the peoples’ expense.
        Wouldn’t it be better if we could all prosper (with initiative), instead of the selected few Leaders and their Pals?
        For Free Markets, Limited Government, Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and the PEACE that those bring — Vote Libertarian:

      • DaveH

        The Crony Capitalists trade horses:
        Probably because they realized that Obama and cohorts are heading us to Marxism, where only the Leaders prosper at their peoples’ expense (think Gang). With Crony Capitalism, both the Leaders and their Crony Capitalists prosper at the peoples’ expense.
        Wouldn’t it be better if we could all prosper (with initiative), instead of the selected few Leaders and their Pals?

      • DaveH

        For Free Markets, Limited Government, Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and the PEACE that those bring — Vote Libertarian:

      • Flashy

        “China has been trending towards becoming more Capitalistic.
        The US is trending towards becoming more Socialistic.
        What’s that tell you?”

        Dunno since it’s not true. What your post does say is you have no clue what you’re talking about.

        China never has embraced “capitalism”. It’s a state run economy embracing an economic theory incorporating debt and spending with a tightly controlled aristocracy owning business. And headed for a train wreck as the Chinese leadership cannot for ideological and political and economic reasons, embrace the modern economic world and the economic basis under which it works.

        Anyone who is willing to state unequivocally that China is heading to be the new top dog in world economics is not looking at the picture with a clear mind. give China another five years of struggling…then watch it go ‘poof” as a economic power when it is forced to deal with the issues it is ignoring today.

        China has some very hard choices to make in the next few years…one leads to more state control and restrictions on the populace..the other flirts dangerously with regime change. Which do you think the leadership and politically entrenched powers there will be selecting?

      • Old504Troop

        Flashy – your socialist professors obviously didn’t teach you to think for yourself. Over the last 20 years, Red China has been shedding the “communist” label. China was deteriorating from a lack of goods and services and a growing population. They tentatively allowed businesses to thrive under capitalism due to a stagnant economy that they were forced to admit HAD to lean more towards capitalism to survive. Think GM China, McDonalds China, etc. – not necessarily “capitalism”, but more of the western philosophy, tinged with tight communist controls.

      • LC

        NO doubt there is an economical war going on. The established administractions against the American people. The unfortunate part is not getting enough ears to hear. Also the fact that a large percentage of the people who are understanding and promoting this, buy into all kinds of conspiracy theories which discredits the truth about the two major parties bending us over. If only there was some way for all concerned to contribute to a start up media that would be seen on nationwide TV by the sheeple that live their lives in ignorant bliss, but still get out to cast votes.
        Wouldn’t it be great to have a patriot channel that all could go to just to hear research discrediting both parties! Analyzing bills exposing unwanted legislation. Constantly promoting contact information of elected officials. Offering rights and legal solutions to the uneducated masses. That would be a dream come true.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Dunno since it’s not true. What your post does say is you have no clue what you’re talking about. China never has embraced “capitalism””.
        Did I say they “embraced Capitalism”, Flashman? Leaders rarely “embrace Capitalism” because it enhances their Power and Perks to control everything. Just as Flashman rarely embraces honesty. Imagine that, he puts my quote at the top of his comment, and then proceeds to use the straw man argument (saying something I didn’t say) to “prove” his point. How brazen is that?
        That, Flashman, is why you have no credibility on this board.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        More on Capitalism in China:

        Don’t get me wrong. They still have a very long way to go, but the fact that they are so much more prosperous than when they were under pure Communism is pretty good evidence that Capitalism works better than Socialism.

      • Flashy

        DaveH…except China is not capitalist. Never has been. Never will be without a revolution. It’s not even close to capitalist.

        Anyone with a brain would be able to know that ….

  • April J

    Thank you for leveling the field in regards to how wealthy the Obamas and Romneys are. They are not just like us. And she sais we have to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps.. just like they did with their Rezko supplemanted mansion in Chicago.

  • Sgt. York

    This is the same MooShell that said”All this For a Damned Flag”

    • Flashy

      Care to prove that quote?

      • nnicko

        Keep away from mainstream media and you will see the proof on Limbaugh, Levine etc., and get educated.

      • momo

        I’m surprised Michelle didn’t come out singing that old Three Dog Night hit “Well I’ve never been to Spain”, oh wait yes I have, and it was on the taxpayers’ dime, but don’t worry we’re going to look out for the middle class. Yeah, right.

      • Old Henry


        Yes she did. Google it. I did.

        It was at a 9/11 ceremony. She was sitting next to her fellow communist – Little Barry – and asked him.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Fact check here; see snopes posting:

        Nobody can say what the First Lady said, not even lip readers which is what you are going by I assume (having NOT provided a link yourself).

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        What The Blaze has to say:
        Be sure to click on the poll results.
        At any rate, I’d have to agree with her if she really said that. Flags, like other symbols, are what Leaders use to rally the Sheeple behind their mindless, self-serving causes. What next? Heil Obama? Heil Romney?
        Remember when Moses came down from the mountain?

      • DaveH

        “Their “patriotism” is summed up by hyperloyalty to the Republican Party, pledging allegiance to the flag, and treating it and other symbols of the nation-state as if they were holy relics”.

      • Old Henry


        If you type in her statement, as I did, it auto fills and just click on it. You will get the same info I received.

        Both Snopes and “Fact Check” have been shown to be, well, somewhat less than straight forward.

        And yes, it was stated that a professional lip reader made the assertion. Not being professional lip readers we take the professional’s word for it. Given her background it is completely logical.

      • Old Henry

        Remember when Moses came down from the mountain, DaveH?

        I’m old, but you must be a whole lot older… LOL!

      • Old504Troop

        Flashy and Doc – here is the link, slowed down – i don’t read lips well, but even I can see her say “damn flag”.
        And Dave H- I come from a long line of ancestors who fought and died for this land. Your comment offends and sickens me. You take for granted freedoms that others shed blood for. Maybe if you actually stood up for something besides empty rhetoric you might find time to honor our dead instead of denigrating them.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Your relatives weren’t shedding blood for Freedom (unless you had some that fought in the revolution). They were shedding it to enrich Bankers and other Crony Capitalists.
        Read this and awake to reality:,%20Wilson%20and%20Roosevelt.pdf

        I will forgive you for your insults, as you are just ignorant.

    • nnicko

      Right on Sarge… mooshell can say “all that for all the money”.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Flashy, in other words – no they can’t. As usual, this is more lies from the Conservatives.

      • Thinking About

        You want to believe LIEmbaugh, go ahead, he needs all the support he can get. If you are interested in the truth know if LIEmbaugh said it, it is probably tainted.

      • jopa

        That is just too funny when you say your source is Rush Limbaugh.The guy has been so overdosed on drugs for so long and you still would believe anything he said.He may be more credible than Paul Ryan however the Rush has used so much Oxycontin over the years it always brings to my mind the term oxymoron when I hear his name.

      • jopa

        momo;I was surprised when Ann R.proclaimed she loves women that the band didn’t start playing the Katy Perry song “I kissed a girl and I liked it”‘ She sure was doing a lot of kissing for the womans vote.When she sid that she looked and sounded a little geeky.

      • Old Henry

        Well Doc, see above.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Old Henry, doubtful – see my response above.

      • DaveH

        As usual (for Progressives), Doc, you have made a generalization about Conservative “lies”, rather than being specific. It’s much easier to avoid scrutiny that way, isn’t it Doc?

  • abimanu mathoorasing

    I am very glad to get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Obama’s,which is super rich as opposed to the 99%.Unfortunately,politicians are of a special breed; to the electorate they use a different language to please their listeners, while they keep theirs for themselves.I am fully aware that the President has been passive regarding the backbone of the country,namely the economy. Hopefully ,Mitt Romney would bring some good omen for the country and foreclosure would be a thing of the past.

    • Thinking About

      Rmoney mode of operation is going in and raiding the pension funds, loading companies with debt, taking his profit, taking the jobs to another country, and then declaring bankruptcy. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. What plan has he put forth for his presidency, we are still waiting, he had the opportunity to present his plan and did not.

      • DaveH

        Do you have any references to back up any of your Conjecture, TA?

      • Don

        Evidently you were not listening, i believe the topic was jobs, probably something you don’t want !!

  • Gea

    Barak Hussin Obama would be a great director of marketting if you gave him some good product to market. Currently he is pushing duds of Marxism and Islamism, both ideologies that create disfuctional societies in which everybody is poor and opressed. Women in Egypt are being molested by Musliim Brothers of Barak Hussin Obama and American taxpayers money is going to them under this empty chair that we have in a Whitehouse. Michelle Obama is another rich women who pretends to be poor, just as her husband who grew up with his white upper middle class family being sent to private schools. He is a total phoney balloney peddling dangerous stuff of Marxism and Islamism, thus endangering not only American freedom and human rights but the entire Western civlziation.

    Anybody who believes in freedom and human rights of individuals will NOT vote for this guy, whose large sand figure had been errected for him stadium rally…which is reminiscent of similar rallies in Communist and Islamist countries. We do not need cult of personality and his sand sculpture, which was damaged by rain is an appropriate simbolism for this empty chair, and a wanderful story teller with no substance or management skills.

    • Old Henry

      Maybe he could sell telepromters.

      • Doc Sarvis

        To the Republicans, they need something to help keep them from falsehoods.

    • Old Henry

      Hopefull Doc, they would have someone a little more honset running it than Little Barry Soetoro. However, I’m guessing it would STILL be a Soros goon filling in the blanks.

  • johno

    We bitch. We know something’s wrong. We wonder why no one is doing something about it. We think by spouting off we’re doing our part. Not enough. Let’s face it, it’s going to take a monumental disaster for the maggots to realize that they’re killing the host.
    If you really want to do something – revolt. Start by not paying any more taxes. Quit supporting the regime that’s slowly but surely enslaving us. The first 1000 or even 10,000 of us will suffer greatly and probably lose everything. This is the only way that I see to bring the real problem to a head. If you know a better way I’m listening. If your solution is to vote in Romney I’m sorry I bothered you.

    • Old Henry


      Vote for Gary Johnosn for POTUS.

      The only difference between Romney and Soetoro is Romney has smaller ears and a lesser tan. They are both owned by the banksters lock, stock and barrel.

    • DaveH

      Johno says — “Let’s face it, it’s going to take a monumental disaster for the maggots to realize that they’re killing the host”.
      The “maggots” won’t care unless it affects them.
      Johno says — “If you really want to do something – revolt. Start by not paying any more taxes”.
      Wouldn’t do any good, Johno, except perhaps to land you in jail. Most people have the taxes withheld from their paychecks, thus have no control. And even if we did manage to stop paying, the Federal Reserve would just create more money and lend it to the Government, until our dollar savings were worthless. In other words, they would tax us the hidden way — Inflation.

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    this article is SOOO WRONG; MOOCHELE has a plan as stated in Parade magazine;”I want to impact the “nature” of food in the grocery store”;; what is she going to be in charge of the communist coop food growers association???????her assistants will be andy stearns, richard trumpka and michael moore.

  • Jose A. quinones

    This election is not just a choice between a Democrat and a Republican; it is a choice between Capitalism and Socialism. If we were blinded four years ago, for whatever the reason, we definitely know who and what Obama is today. “Tell me with whom you associate and I will tell you who you are” (translated Spanish proverb). Common sense will tell you that Obama was put in power for the purpose of destroying our country. Look into his past; look at those that he has placed around him; see what he is doing; listen to what he is doing. It’s all there in black and white. He knows exactly what he is doing! A third party is the ideal way to go, (for I believe there is corruption in both parties), but this is not the time. A vote not cast, or cast for someone other than Mitt is a vote for Obama. A poor person will not give you a job. Businesses produce jobs. Obama is anti-business – purposely. We must do a lot of praying that we are guided to choose wisely before we decide who is better for America.

    • alicia

      Jose, you are totally wrong. Do you own a business, are you self employed? How did this administration hurt you personally? I’m curious why you would make the statement that you did.

    • DaveH

      A choice between Capitalism and Socialism?
      We haven’t had anything close to Capitalism for over 100 years. To expect Romney to change that is, well, Hoping and Dreaming.
      Vote Gary Johnson:

    • Ted

      Jose – the Standard definition of Socialism is government ownership or control of the means of production or distribution of goods or services. Therefore, the United States has never operated under pure capitalism. The government owned Post Office was authorized in the Constitution.

      Our form of economy is a mixture of free market capitalism, and strictly regulated government control.

      I may be wrong, but I’m not aware of any free market economy that existed for any appreciable time in the history of of Humanity.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      The choice between Obama and Romney is a choice between two capitalists. One who is more in favor of some government regulations than the other. The difference between the two of them is one of a few degrees not many.

    • Old504Troop

      Jose is right in some respects – our government has become socialistic in some ways. As Ted pointed out- socialism is government control/ownership of goods and services. Who owns GM and Chrysler, a lot of failed energy companies, and way too many banks and financial institutions to count? I’ll give you a hint: US. The US government basically bought part ownership in all of the companies that were bailed out. In foreign countries, we would say “nationalized” those companies, even thought we didn’t take full ownership..

  • Wyatt

    In reading the posts I read the remark that the candidates are ingnorent of the problems of the society as they are above those problems financially . That may be very true of Mr & Mrs Romney , how ever Mr & Mrs Obama are just plain ignorant !

    Michelle Obama has the gall to criticize and preach to Gabby Douglas about diet , then she and her husband appear in a photo op chowing down on a very greasy cheese burger , extra lg fries and 20 oz beverages that I am quite certain were not water . And while Barry is busy stuffing the burger into his mouth Mrs First Lady looks to be angrily lecturing the Photographers . The hypocritical stance is not lost on people , empty chair , empty suit and empty heads !

  • RichE

    Always the fear of Socialism. What’s its opposite?
    We can’t all be billionaires, but we can all have a higher standard of living, but somehow when a poor person says they want a higher standard of living that means Socialism. Oh well!

    • Old Henry


      Pay attention. It is Free Market Capitalism – not Cronie Capitalism.

      Under the prior a poor parson can better themselves. The harder they work the lickier they will become. Diligence is the essence of luck.

      There have always been poor people, and there will always be poor people. Socialism will not and cannot correct any of that.

      I believe is was Lincoln who said: “You cannot make a poor man rich by making a rich man poor.”

      Liberals thrive on coveting (envy)other people’s property.

      • The Christian American

        Capital is simply what we use to produce things, even people. Money and tools are capital items. The question is, who owns the capital, even us? In the involuntary society we live in, government sees itself as the owner. We are logged in governments books as an asset or liability. Our tax return tells us which one we are.

        • RichE

          Pay attention. I didn’t imply socialism was the answer. I implied when a poor man wants a better public school he’s a socialist.

      • RichE

        Pay attention. Then why is there poor people?

    • Don

      riche, a higher standard of living doesn’t mean living off the
      government, it means getting a job and building it yourself, something obamy don’t understand !

      • RichE

        Did I say government? Again, why is it when a poor man wants a higher standard of living that means Socialism.

    • The Christian American

      Socialism: The way people react with each other. There are two kinds of socialism, voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary socialism is when people take care of each other voluntarily, without government being involved. Involuntary socialism is when the government takes the peoples wealth from them involuntarily and doles back a portion of it with government controls. This is a “planned society”. A tyrannical society is one planned by the government to satisfy it’s own will and appetite, like we have today

      • RichE

        Voluntary socialism? You need a better name. How about “harmony”.

  • The Christian American

    Given a choice of studying up on what’s happening to the peoples lives, liberties and properties and whose behind it and treating the political part of their lives as theatre, It seems most of us go for the theatre. For sure in this regard Obama and Romney are playing the same game. Personally, I wouldn’t care if the President were married to a candy striped gorilla so long as ran the country as a God fearing fellow under the Consitution and did away with the 14th,16, and 17th changes / amendments for starters. While in Jordan, my wife and I visited coliseums at different places. Standing in them, I could feel the same games being played as we play today. The coliseums were the places where politicians gave their speeches, people were fed to the lions and actors and actresses performed. Politicians could genertate mood swings in the people with their lofty speeches, like today. People looked around for guidance instead of looking up for guidance, like they do today. In the book of James, we learn wisdom can the people’s. All they have to do is ask and The Source of wisdom will respond.

  • Gordon

    Hey, that’s tacky deleting my posts just because I disagree with you.

  • nnicko

    Hey THINK ABOUT….think about this…..limbaugh..25 million listeners…get educated…get more educated with Mark Levine.

    • The Christian American

      Does Limbaugh indoctrinate people into his own thinking or does he give them the respect of being thinkers themselves. Does he ask questions or make statements? On the TV show, All in the family, Archie Bunker had a plaque on his desk. It said “I am smarter than no man in that I can learn from all of them”.

      • nnicko

        Limbaugh makes the listner think and puts a prospective of what is actual fact. Just recently, he mentioned that the obamanation speech in the black panther stadium will not be filled. Excuse is that there is 30% chance of rain. I didn’t hear this on fox yet. rush has an excellent team that searches all venues. Let’s face it…for Christians that hear that the word, GOD, is taken out of the opening prayer-invocation, should give you no doubt where this administration is headed. Sorry muslims, they didn’t mention allah either !

  • Anita L. Banta

    It is interesting to read all the comments from both sides of the isles.

    I remember Pearl Harbor. I started working at an evergreen nursery when I was 11 (in the 40s) (weekends, school vacations, and summers), worked in high school, came from a large family, and have worked all of my life. I am still working full time (at almost 77 years old), and have taken care of others all of my life. I do not have a lot of wealth to show for it, but I am not bitter, I have always felt I was intelligent enough to take care of myself, that I do not have to rely on the government.

    I have been paying (and still pay) social security since 1948. My social security check is smaller than many others.

    I remember when Medicare was passed. A doctor’s visit was about $5.00, then it went up to $10.00, Medicare paid 80% of that, so a doctor’s visit now cost $8.00, but it was “free” to the people. So even when it was not necessary, (a common cold was treated for years by aspirin, bed rest, and chicken soup), people went to the doctor for “free” medical care.

    I ended up paying ALL of my laser surgery for my cataracs and my glaucoma, just a few years ago. My “supplemental” insurance would not cover any of it, Medicare and they fought for about 5 years over whose responsibility it was, and it turned out neither.

    I have a philosophical objection to all the “free” stuff. I refuse to allow my flu shot provider to bill Medicare for my flu shot, I pay it out of my pocket at the advertised rate.

    I also have a philosophical objection to what I call the “Robin Hood Syndrome”, take from the rich and give to the poor. Robin Hood was a thief, pure and simple. His benefactors were his “Merry Men”, his cohorts in crime. Unfortunately, his thievery did not trickle down, but the peasants were told that was what he was doing. We have been listening to the same bs for over 1,000 years, nothing has changed, and people still believe the same thing. As a result, the poverty rate continues to escalate, unemployment continues to go up, and people are getting much more comfortable with the poverty.

    Remember a man called Adolph Hitler. Amazing how may millions of people believed him while he slaughtered them. Same for a man called Joseph Stalin. Most of you reading this have never heard of eithe of these people, but I strongly suggest you invest in and read (if you can) the histories of these men, and the nations they created.

    Obama’s campaign continues to flaunt the more than 4 million jobs created since he was elected. Oh, yeah? They why does the unemployment rate continue to increase. Why did people to invested in GM lose all of their stock when GM was bailed out, only to have it replaced by a new issued stock for the unions, and none of the original stockholders recovered any of theirs. It became worthless.

    I could go on, but if you can read, you will get the picture.

    This country was founded on a principal that we needed to escape Europe’s long standing socialist governments, become a free enterprise and capitalist system, and for years we became the welfare supervisor of the world. The other countries also took out money, told us what jerks we are, and they are no better off than they were in the 1600s. For years we were, but the same philosophy began permeating the United States in the 20th century, and we are rapidly becoming like them.

    Like the veterans say, there are no athiests in a fox hole.

    • Curt

      Anita L. Banta,

      Wow. Amazing. May God continue to smile upon you and bless you.


    • Karolyn

      Robin Hood stole from the rich to get back what belonged to the poor that was taken by force.

      • deerinwater

        It’s funny how so many people can have so many different understandings of “Theft” .

        It’s something that I was taught long ago by my father, ~ What belongs to Who, ~ is not a question to ask. ~ What is yours, is either earned or given. ~ and each of us should know what that is.

        The act of finding something does not make it yours for the taking.

        Undocumented theft, is still theft. blackmail, collusion, bribery, extortion, fraud, are hard to prove but still stealing none the less.

        I’ve heard is said, that “ownership” is 9/10th law. Of course, that is not true, ~ but it’s easy enough to understand why people would say such a thing.

      • nnicko

        Do you know what country you’re in karolyn? Do you live in a forest? Are you an illegal from Mexico? If you can’t answer, then your braindead!

    • Pathfinder1

      Yes and OBAMA stole 700+ billion from medicare ( paid into by folks like Ms. Banta)
      Now, what will seniors get … medical rationing which starts Oct 1, 2012 by prohibiting seniors from post op therapy. It gets worse in 2013 when Obamacare taxes take effect and death panels will determine what health care you get, if any.
      YOU TOO will all be in that OBAMA death panel line before your done. And, that is only scratching the surface on the ills of OBAMA CARE. Anyone that votes for Obama is just plain ignorant!

  • Curt

    “Presidents are selected, not elected.”
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Winnie

    The OBama’s and the Romneys should try living on ‘SOCIAL IN-SECURITY”. I have a very hard time making ends meet. And they’d rather give the money to illegals than to the senior citizens that worked for it.

  • Karolyn

    God forbid Seeing Michelle last night, she looked pretty damn good to me! She has a bottom heavy shape, which does not make her unhealthy or unattractive. Thank goodness she doesn’t have a model’s figure and look like she is starving. What is with that criticism of how she looks? I’ve constantly seen conservatives calling people jealous when they talk of others’ wealth, but it’s OK when John Myers does it? At least Barack and Michelle were poor at one time, so they do have some idea of how it is. His work with the poor also gives him experience in how the “other half” lives. Candidates’ personalities always have a lot to do with how many people vote. That’s just the way it is, and no amount of ctiticism will ever change it. There will never be a time when all of the electorate will be politically astute and not take looks and/or personality into account when they vote.

    • Karolyn

      That “God forbid” should not have been there. Sorry.

    • Raggs

      Yeah well it figures that you and all other sorry scum bottom feeders would have to leave God out of everything

      • Karolyn

        Figures that you would pick up something negative out of my error, Raggs. The words just don’t fit in my sentence.

    • nnicko

      If you would listen to conservative talk shows you could be educated. Here something for your first info lesson…Mooshell obummer’s father was a pipe operator in Chicago in the 1970′s making $55,000 per year. That’s equivilent to 260,000 bucks today. Mooshell is about as poor as the kennedy’s. Look up what their combine income has been over the past years and you will see how the first family is so poor.!

  • Harold Olsen

    The idiot candidates can trot out their wives, girl friends, mistresses, daughters, or whomever the hell they want. It will have no effect as to whether or not I will vote for them. After all, I’m voting for a candidate not their spouses. No matter who has been president, if I do not like him, I usually can’t stand their spouses. It’s the same with candidates. I don’t like either of them. The two wives I have disliked the most have been Rosalyn Carter and Michelle Obama. Both have something in common. Both have claimed they make all their husband’s decisions for them. Carter made her claim after her husband left office. Obama made her claim shortly after her husband took office. Neither husband has ever disputed those claims by their wives, which mean neither of them are able to make decisions on their own and need someone else to do it for them.

  • FreedomFighter

    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote! –Benjamin Franklin

    Well armed – key phrase

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Deerinwater

    Hmm? ~ Well since I don’t stay in media “overload” ~ watching~ maybe 1 hour of TV in two weeks, ~ if I’m trying hard., I like to know about the candidates and the woman behind the man. Now, ~ I would not expect them to give up and secrets , who would?

    Call it fodder if you wish, ~ between now and November I would think we would learn to expect it.

    “Does Limbaugh indoctrinate people into his own thinking or does he give them the respect of being thinkers themselves?”

    It depends on how affluent you are in “monkey language” The loudest , most intimidating is the one that decides what is correct and incorrect to think. Props and stage acts help with this. Beside the human voice, you can beat on things to make a greater noise for greater effect. We can destroy small saplings, breaking off tree branches, thrash and dance about in some manly fashion. Kicking dirt and raising a large dust cloud offers a certain flair and style to such a manly River Dance and show of authority on any subject. This display leaves little room to who’s in charge and what to think.

  • Old504Troop

    BTW – did anyone happen to listen to Rham Emanuel’s speech.? It was a little chilling when he said “I know with absolute certainty, having served two great presidents, is that in the next four years, an unforeseen crisis, challenge or conflict is gonna seize the country”. That sounds almost prophetic – does he know something they aren’t telling us?

  • Raggs

    Isn’t it so wonderfull that everything in this world is now FREE?… I’m so glad that the government has full control over every aspect of my life that way I can do no wrong…. We just have to make sure that all of the stupid people that go to work everyday pay their fair share and then the rest of us can grab the spoils… So much fun….

  • angelwannabe

    On a positive note__Michelle speaks better than her husband___Onto better things___Somethings just never change, the rift between the Grand Old Party and the Left.

    The American people, for the most part anyway, have woken up to the lies of the left. Although Bush was no prize, his last two years were controlled by a Democratic House and Senate…..

    Fast Forward__Then Bam Bam takes over and wow has a supermajority in congress, for a solid two years, what the h*ll did they do?__The only thing they managed to do is bicker back and forth, lay more policy on us such a NDAA, continuing the patriot act, taking more rights from us (rights that were God given) and pass Obama care (in which if the left cared to research or cared at all), Medicaid and assitance was already in place for those who couldn’t afford it.__

    Lefties_Four years ago, You promised hope and change___Ya’ll tell lies like drunken sailors!_ and Ya haven’t done a damn thing, other than sink our economy further, at $3.79 a gallon for gas???_(when Bush was in office, gas was $1.68 a gallon)__Food prices are through the roof, the job market absolutely sucks and companies are still selling out or completely going out of business, million people are outta work and HOW MANY people are on unemployment???? (didn’t Aunt Nancy Pelosi say that, even unemployment was keeping the economy going,__ yeah artificially, by printing money and handing out checks!!!!)__and the Lefties STILL THINK WERE BETTER OFF NOW, THAN WE WERE FOUR YEARS AGO!!!__ROFLMFAO!!!!

    ___Don’t bother calling me names, attacking me or responding to me lefties, this is my opinion I’m not interested in debate or trying to educate the bone headed left, its a waste of time!__God Bless those trying to make a REAL difference and not hell bent on destruction…..

    • nnicko

      Right on angel… will die of old age before the left gets educated….they don’t know what a radio is let alone a/m or f/m. If they learned what a radio is and knew how to dial in, they would get educated by Limbaugh and his conservative competitors. They got educated in colleges with liberal profs and all they learned was is how to spin and get their tuition paid for. One time I had to choose between a grad from college and a grad from H.S. . I had to choose the HS grad because he knew what a register was.

      • Deerinwater

        “Right on angel… will die of old age before the left gets educated….they don’t know what a radio is let alone a/m or f/m. If they learned what a radio is and knew how to dial in” ` ~ well leT us hope AMERICAN IS SMARTER THEN YOU SEEM TO BE.

    • deerinwater

      Although Bush was no prize, his last two years were controlled by a Democratic House and Senate…..” no prize? THAT WAS 8 YEARS OF “NO PRIZE~!!!”


      • angelwannabe

        Is that all ya got deer, really?__All the lefty lies, the excuses, playing the “Its all Bushes Fault Game”, or Its all the Repubs fault……Get off it deer, the left has lost ground, to quote YOU “hells Bells” the DNC can’t even get enough people to fill a stadium they had to move to a smaller venue___Oh, and I heard a rumor, they had to bus folks in help fill it in too???

        • Deerinwater

          Well Angel, a little respect for human exposure to God’s weather is healthy even for a fearless Republican.

          I don’t how many horizontal rain storms and lighting strikes you have lived through ~ but they can ruin a nice evening out.

          Years ago, I worked with man that took his family and drove across two states to vacation in Yellow Stone park. He woke up in the hospital two weeks later only remembering bits and pieces of the drive. ~ He was hit by lighting 30 minute after he got out of the car to setup camp.

          But feel free to act Superior , after all you are a anglewannbe.

      • Karolyn

        That’s a lie from the repubs, Angel. There were people on Charlotte news who said they stood in line for 6 hours for tickets. We are due for possibly heavy storms tomorrow night. Unbrellas are not even allowed in the stadium. They were concerned about lightning.

      • Pathfinder1

        Karolyn… that report about not filling the stadium appeared first in the mainstream news (liberal) media and leaked by the convention managers. It went on further to state that high school students were being solicited to help fill the stadium which fits OBAMA’s reliance on inexperienced students to vote for him. Now. that is reaching pretty low and is only surpassed by the hate and discontent exhibited at the DNC. Hopefully, Bill Clinton will bring some sanity to this vitriolic exposition without tarnishing his image.

      • angelwannabe

        Karolyn, quite honestly, it was p*ss poor decision on the DNC’s part, scheduling that large a venue “Outside” in the first, BECAUSE, ANYONE, “YES EVEN THE ANNOINTED ONE” is at the mercy of the weather…..

  • nnicko

    I wonder what world FLASHY IS FROM?? All those jobs are in China you educated idiot. You dazzle your guff with figures that are predictions. Have you sent your resume into the obozo hiring line or are you still on 99 weeks unemployment. As for facts and figures the libs are full of lies…for instance…poor big Mooshell…daddy had a pump operator job @ $55,000 + a year in the 70′s. The equivilent today is $225,000. She lies how hard it was to make ends meet. You been on the take so long yourself, that with all your degrees you have , they equal a lifetime of suntan. Hope you wore something to cover your brain.

  • Palin16

    The day after…..not seeing any bump in the polls after Michelle’s and Dirty Harry Reid’s speeches. The party’s over!

  • Palin16

    I saw a great political cartoon today. Clint Eastwood is talking to an empty chair and says: “In all this excitement, I can’t remember if you added $5 Trillion or $6 Trillion to the national debt. So you’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk?”


    I bet you that $6800 outfit was not paid by Mrs Obama but given to her to generate interest by the commenting media to generate $millions of free marketing so the real rich girls will go out and buy one themselves, thus contributing to getting part of the economic recovery of those who produce upper end outfits. Then you,ll get lower enders copying some aspects and the poorer women will want something similar and so more Asian workers will get jobs copying Obamas outfit to expot to USA to sell in all those clothing stores at high percentage mark ups producing revenue for those stores who employ thousands of women to sell those and other clothes. So the Obamas are contributing to the economy in no small way just by wearing this garment or that gold earing etc by getting the richer to spend some of those millions they have stacked up flat not to spend, by their Paris Hilton wanabees are going to spend it anyway thus helping other people have jobs.

    Now as far as any of either the Democrats or the Republicans reviving your economy to generate growth….they should not do it artificially …it should be natural and probably flat to negative for the next 20 years is my guestimate if you want to pay down your deficits. Obviously thats not going to happen and we have two views going on here… the Republicans have their opinions of how to stimulate growth which your country cannot afford by cutting welfare cutting taxes with the money saved on reducing welfare and thats why those worried about losing their welfare are NOT going to vote for Mitt Romney and the Democrates have more runs on the board with actually increasing their welfare budgets to help out the middle and lower end voters of which there are far more than the higher end middle classes and extremely wealthy end so from where I sit I cant see Mitt Romney winning the Presidential position despite the fanfare which indicates otherwise. IMO governments do not create real jobs when they spend borrowed money on creating borrowed money jobs and fake growth to hoodwink the public like they do in Australia, the rise in economic growth should be natural from real businesses doing their own thing, but it should not be force fed by political pork barrelling. It will only end in tears.

    The only vote advantage Obama has , it that the poor will get welfare and he can proove it, whereas Mitt Promises to take it away…not a great vote catcher.

    • Deerinwater

      “I bet you that $6800 outfit was not paid by Mrs Obama but given to her to generate interest by the commenting media to generate $millions of free marketing so the real rich girls will go out and buy one themselves, thus contributing to getting part of the economic recovery of those who produce upper end outfits.”

      response; ”
      Another of Nancy Reagan’s trademarks was her interest in fashion. While her husband was still president-elect, press reports speculated about Nancy’s social life and interest in fashion.[73][74][75] In many press accounts, Nancy’s sense of style was favorably compared to that of previous First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.[76] Friends and those close to her remarked that, while fashionable like Kennedy, she would be different than other first ladies; close friend Harriet Deutsch was quoted as saying, “Nancy has her own imprint.”[74]
      Nancy Reagan’s wardrobe consisted of dresses, gowns, and suits made by luxury designers, including James Galanos, Bill Blass and Oscar de la Renta. Her white, hand-beaded, one shoulder Galanos 1981 inaugural gown was estimated to cost $10,000[77] while the overall price of her inaugural wardrobe was said to cost $25,000.[78] She favored the color red, calling it “a picker-upper”, and wore it accordingly.[77] Her wardrobe included red so often that the fire-engine shade became known as “Reagan red”.[79] She employed two private hairdressers who would style her hair on a regular basis in the White House.[80]

      Reagan models for Vogue magazine in the Red Room, 1981
      Fashion designers were pleased with the emphasis Nancy Reagan placed on clothing.[78] Adolfo said the first lady embodied an “elegant, affluent, well-bred, chic American look”,[78] while Bill Blass commented, “I don’t think there’s been anyone in the White House since Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who has her flair.”[78] William Fine, president of cosmetic company Frances Denney, noted that she “stays in style, but she doesn’t become trendy.”[78]
      Though her elegant fashions and wardrobe were hailed as a “glamorous paragon of chic”,[78] they were also controversial subjects. In 1982, she revealed that she had accepted thousands of dollars in clothing, jewelry, and other gifts, but defended her actions by stating that she had borrowed the clothes and that they would either be returned or donated to museums,[77][81] and that she was promoting the American fashion industry.[82] Facing criticism, she soon said she would no longer accept such loans.[82] While often buying her clothes, she continued to borrow and sometimes keep designer clothes throughout her time as first lady, which came to light in 1988.[83] None of this had been included on financial disclosure forms;[83] the non-reporting of loans under $10,000 in liability was in violation of a voluntary agreement the White House had made in 1982, while not reporting more valuable loans or clothes not returned was a possible violation of the Ethics in Government Act.[83][84][85] Nancy expressed through her press secretary “regrets that she failed to heed counsel’s advice” on disclosing them.[85]
      Despite the controversy, many designers who allowed her to borrow clothing noted that the arrangement was good for their businesses[83] as well as for the American fashion industry overall.[86] In 1989, Nancy was honored at the annual gala awards dinner of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, during which she received the council’s lifetime achievement award.[87] Barbara Walters said of her, “She has served every day for eight long years the word ‘style.’”[87]”

      So I would think that you are probably correct GIA, Mrs. Obama did not pay $6800.00 for her clothing.

  • Karolyn

    Her shoes were J. Crewe and the dress was under $500, which is considered reasonable and will be available at stores. Actually, I remember buying dresses back in the late 60s for $30-40, which in today’s market would probably be several hundred. Now I buy all my clothes at thrift shops. Never pay full price! I’d rather have a Li Claiborne blouse for $2 rather than $50.

  • Jay

    Obama’s campaign was run so smoothly four years ago that it likely created a false impression on political observers. The campaign cannot be run the same way again for obvious reasons. Nor can it run smoothly this time.

    There is nothing on which Obama can run on regarding achievements other than the overhyped bin Laden killing. He looks silly trying to blame Bush for the last four years, although he must make voters believe that he had nothing to do with the failures. Perhaps he should blame even earlier presidents for his woes. After all, Madison and Jefferson provided the Constitution, which he considers a roadblock in his attempts to remake America.

    There is a bigger problem for Democrats than one election and a failed candidate. The strategy adopted long ago and responsible for most of their success over the last eighty years has played itself out, and they are left with nothing.

    Franklin Roosevelt, during the Great Depression, saw the value of buying votes by spreading benefits around. It was successful and a strategy refined by other Democrats over the years. It was based on identity politics that focused on certain segments of the population and won them over with “gifts.” It was a strategy of winning elections rather than a strategy of governance, and it was therefore very successful in winning elections, but not so in governing.

    The Democrat coalition is a motley collection of interest groups with nothing in common other than “we want more.” That makes it impossible to have a coherent governing strategy. Some are amazed that Democrats have not developed a budget for almost three years. It really is impossible to do so without offending their coalition. In a time of monetary constraint, they cannot afford to show who will benefit at the expense of others.

    That is just an example of how governance becomes impossible with an election strategy based on Santa Claus.

    Now the country is near its Thatcher point, where there is no more money to buy votes and goodies will eventually be taken away rather than increased. This condition has serious implications for both political parties, but especially for the Democrats. The Democratic Party now exists and survives for one simple reason — making dependency more attractive. It has become the party of plunder, taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive in an attempt to buy enough votes to remain relevant.

    The party approaches this election as an ogre driving an ice cream truck with no ice cream in it. Democratas will lose this election and will lose many more unless they redefine themselves in terms of something other than Santa Claus. Sadly, for Democrats (and some Republicans), Santa is dead.

    My projection of Obama’s defeat is based on some semblance of sanity among the electorate. H.L. Mencken might consider that a dangerous assumption, but I am still hopeful. However, if Obama wins, get the hell out of Dodge! Even if the election is close and he loses, leave if you are less than fifty years old and have any ambition and ability. If the election is even close, the country is lost!


      Jay, your describing how our union controlled Australian Labor Party has been operating in government in Australia, by being exactly that Santa Claus with borrowed money and calling it a stimilus package to save us from the GFC. They gave every school child a free computer [imported so stimulated the Asians more than us] but school kids though it a great idea. They gave out cash sums to all welfare recipients of $1000 or more. Taxpayers missed out though. This year they gave out Carbon Tax compensation grants to low income earners only to take it back in with increases of all utilities which the Carbon Tax has done. It was the deal they did with the Commie Greens Party who they formed a coalition to get into government so all their cronies could be awarded high paying government jobs and contracts I bet.

      I believe the Democrates will win again because they appear more caring towards your poorer citizen of which you seem to have more in your country. The fact that they are borrowing or printing more money does not concern your lower classes who are also voters and because they believe the rich will have to pay through higher taxes.

      The real task for the Democrates is to motivate the poorer classes to vote again and the prospect of a Republican Party taking away welfare or those food stamps, Obamacare etc will imo be enough incentive to have them come out in droves again.

      The HAVE NOTS outnumber the HAVES in your country and its their opinion that the HAVES need to pay more in taxes to keep the HAVE NOTS in the style of living which they have become accustomed to. Who cares about the recession or getting a job as long as the HAVES can be forced to pay more taxes or pay more taxes to pay the interest on all that borrowed money.

      Gifts to buy votes …. I can now blame your Franklin Roosevelt,for introducing that terrible idea during the Great Depression, WHAT A MESS.

      • nnicko

        You might be drinking some terrible brew. If you detest what your green commie party is doing , why would we be happy with the socialist-democ-rat in America. Your off on the figure of have & have nots in america. A poor have not in america is better off than a hard, 2 income earner family . That’s because of all the goverment hand outs. For now it’s a minority but it’s getting bigger which is why the Democ-rat party must go.

  • Jay
  • Jay

    The 2012 election has often been described as the most pivotal since 1860. This statement is not hyperbole. If Barack Obama is re-elected the United States will never be the same, nor will it be able to re-capture its once lofty status as the most dominant nation in the history of mankind.

    The overwhelming majority of Americans do not understand that Obama’s first term was dedicated to putting in place executive power to enable him and the administration to fulfill the campaign promise of “transforming America” in his second term regardless of which political party controls Congress. That is why his re-election team is virtually ignoring the plight of incumbent or prospective Democratic Party office holders.

    The most significant accomplishment of Obama’s first term is to make Congress irrelevant. Under the myopic and blindly loyal leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have succeeded in creating an imperial and, in a second term, a potential dictatorial presidency.

    During the first two years of the Obama administration when the Democrats overwhelming controlled both Houses of Congress and the media was in an Obama worshipping stupor, a myriad of laws were passed and actions taken which transferred virtually unlimited power to the executive branch.

    Read more:

    • Jefferson Thomas

      Unfortunately Jay I have come to the conclusion that America will never be the same. With over 16 trillion dollars in debt there are only two choices for the banksters and the politicians. One choice is to default all at once and pay the consequences quickly. The other choice is to devalue the currency more slowly so that the people will not notice until it is to late that the hyenas in the political – big corporate class have already ate up and devoured almost all of the carcass of what was once the greatest country in the history of the world. The populace will then wake up one day and realize that they are without property and penniless in the land that their fathers conquered (I think Jefferson said that). Of course other factors that they can not control may bring this on more quickly than they anticipated.

      • Deerinwater

        “Unfortunately Jay I have come to the conclusion that America will never be the same. ”

        You would be correct with that statement at any point in history.

        It’s always been a matter of time and position with booms and bust, a single generation is luck to ride some wave of prosperity during their earning years and capitalize from it.

        The cycle will repeat itself again. At 64 , I’m guessing it will come to pass about the time it no longer matters to me. I’ll be checking out.

        The only boom I seen was in the 60′s, ~70′s wasn’t bad but some people (some think otherwise)
        80″s was a bust, ~90′s a little better, ~ 2000~ we’ve not recovered from.

        Different parts of the nation, different occupational hazards, the story will vary.

        I’ve heard is said, Wall Street did well this year, I’m not really sure what that means, Did everyone do well or did just a few? When Wall Street does well, what does that really mean?

        But ever since Reagan went about tweaking the Federal Tax codes, the middle working class has been steadily dwindling in size and losing powering power, our saving drying up.

        Oh! this decline was not obvious and didn’t happen quickly but over the course of 30 years.

        The 1980′s was the year cooperate American realized they could downsize too , that responsibilities could be downsized and managed while increasing profits. That the projected labor force showed a surplus as the information age washed over us.

        The 1980′s brought us the copy machine repair man, that commanded better pay then 30 years experience Master Plumber. Computers smaller then refrigerator were becoming common place in the office setting, no longer requiring a air conditioned room of it;s own.

        A young woman fresh out of school working the front desk in a 60 dollar silk blouse, 30 dollars skirt, 140. dollar pat leather pumps, 6 dollar in stocking and 15 dollars in costume jewelry could make 100 dollars more a week then a season electrician with 2000.00 truck and 1,500.00 worth of hand tools.

        We exported our factory jobs , beat back our labor unions, few labor jobs offer little more then a parking spot and a hourly wage anymore , while today one of our our biggest export seems to be cardboard as we buy almost everything from 3 rd world nations

        And we wonder where America went?

      • Jefferson Thomas

        @ Deerinwater

        All nations and empires go through cycles of birth, life, and death because of the foolishness of mankind. When mankind has prosperity and power he starts to think that he no longer needs God. He thinks he can figure everything out for himself and disregard what God has to say. It is a story as old as recorded history that always ends the same.

        The other factors you mention are the result of distortions in the market that are caused by the meddling of politicians and life long bureaucrats who have the arrogance to believe that their central planning decisions are wiser than the decisions of millions of other people combined in the market.


  • Palin16

    Q. Who introduced Barack Hussein Obama to Michelle?
    A. Bernadine Dohrn, convicted terrorist and member of the Weather Underground, wife of Bill Ayers.

  • Gea

    Marxism and Islam do not belong to America, since they clash with US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and destroyed countries in which they are practiced. Soviet unions and its satelites fell appart, and sharia-run Muslim majority countries are basket case overpopulated dysfuctional corrupt societies.

    Barak Hussein extolls Islam and Koran and disses Bible, while bowing to Saudi king whose subjects committed crimes of 9/11 while chanting Allahu Akbar, which had becoem a war cry of all Islamic terrorists, including American born and highly educated Muslims, such as Dr. Nidal Hasanb who murdered 13 of his collegues at Fort Hood.

    Unless Islam REFORMS to become compatible with US Constitution, it does not belong to America and certainly not in the Oval Office where Obama cavorts with Muslim Brotherhood and gives them money in Egypt.

    Barak Hussein is dangerous not only to US but to entire Wesstern civlization just as Islam itself is. Islam MUST REFORM ot has no place in the society which respects freedom and human rights.

  • chuckb

    the difference between moochella and ann romney, we are paying for moochella’s extrravagance.
    we should remove the islamist from this country before it gets a firmer grip, this cult of ignorance is determined the u.s. will be ruled from a mosque. they at present own the white house, however, barry is restrained since he himself is controlled by communist jews.

    • Gea

      You have a very vivid immagination! While it is true that Obama had let Muslim Brotherhood into the Oval Office, where are those “communist Jews”. The Jews that still work for him are fools who are betraying their own people, knowing what Muslim Brotherhood has in plan for them.

      Obama represents Marxist/Islamic ideology, which leads to tyrany, wherever those two ideologies were tried out. He does not need Jews for it, but he is doing it by living up to his middle name.

  • chuckb

    gea, my imagination may be vivid, whatever, i didn’t use the word”israel” those fools you speak of control barry, he doesn’t utter a word unless the teleprompter tells him what to say! it is my belief those jews controlling barry are marxist jews, soros and axelrod comes to mind . you give barry a lot of credit if you think he operates on his own mentality. he is nothing more than a small time con artist, street organizer gifted with a great voice and a stupid muslim on top of it.

    • Gea

      Barak Hussein Obama is a great story teller, as his books and his speeches testify. The fact that stories are fiction is not relevant to their delivery. He does not need teleprompter to deliver a great empty message ;-)!

      As for Soros, he is a good financial money gamer and NOT a socialist. Perhaps you need to learn to differentiate between a successful capitalism and proponent of free markets and freedom of speech and socialism? Read Soros’s books, as I did. As for Axelrod, he is probably just doing the job for which he is paid. Because Jews have a tendency to fight for human rights and justice, you can find them wherever somebody was oppressed, like during civil rights time when rabbis marched together with Martin Luther King. The concept of tikkun olam (repair of the world) is very important for the Jews, who are obligated to leave the world a little better than how they found it.

      Marxism sounds good in theory, because it promises justice, equality and peace, but in reality it stinks because there is not freedom to discuss different points of view. Islam is a whole different ball game that does not belong to American unless it REFORMS to make it compatible with the US Constitution.

      Barak Hussein Obama will do well when he is gone from the White house, as a story teller and writer of fiction, which will be find with me…as long as he is kept far away from influencing American policies.

      • chuckb

        gea, i don’t know where you get your information that soros is just a good financial money gamer, from the information i gather he’s a full fledged marxist and would like nothing better than trash the constitution of the u.s.

        New York hedge fund manager George Soros is one of the most politically powerful individuals on earth. Since the mid-1980s in particular, he has used his immense influence to help reconfigure the political landscapes of several countries around the
        world—in some cases playing a key role in toppling regimes that had held the reins of government for years, even decades. Vis à vis the United States, a strong case can be made for the claim that Soros today affects American politics and culture more profoundly that any other living person
        in my estimation he is .the guy that pulls barrys strings and manipulating the markets, especially the energy market. watch the price of gasoline go through the roof. soros is making money off the back of the american people and the jackass in the white house is his puppet, they both believe in communism.
        and as far as the jews are concerned, they are a highly intelligent race, and are the cause of much suffering in the world starting with russia “the 1917 revolution” the movement in germany “red shirts, communist jews” this brought on hitler. so i don’t quite see your point of view they are procurers of justice and human rights, (human rights: the trojan horse of communism). i don’t imply all jews are this way, however, it seems a good share of them follow the marxist way.

  • Ally

    As I was watching the DNC and listening to Michelle saying how poor Obama was back in the day, I was wondering how he paid for college, I know that none of his classmates from Columbia have ever heard of him and I know his buddies and classmates from Occidental say he was a poor student spending lots of time smoking pot and attending radical meetings and said his grades were low. So how would a person get into an Ivy league school like Columbia and Harvard with low grades? That would never happen unless you came in as a foreign student. Our government being the good old hearted USA will accept foreign students and pay their whole bill through college. And it all of a sudden dawned on me that is why Obama has spent millions to keep his college records sealed. He went to college on the taxpayers dime as an Indonesian foreign student.


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