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Justice Report Clears Holder In Fast And Furious

September 20, 2012 by  

Justice Report Clears Holder In Fast And Furious
Justice Department investigators contend that Attorney General Eric Holder was not informed of the operation until after the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

A report released by the Justice Department on Wednesday says that 14 employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives face “disciplinary action” in regard to roles played in the fatally flawed Fast and Furious gunrunning operation, though no criminal charges have been recommended.

The report says that Fast and Furious was plagued by “misguided strategies, tactics, errors in judgment and management failures” on the part of agents, prosecutors and senior ATF officials in Washington. The Justice Department investigators also contend that Attorney General Eric Holder was not informed of the operation until after the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in December 2010.

Holder said in a statement: “It is unfortunate that some were so quick to make baseless accusations before they possessed the facts about these operations accusations that turned out to be without foundation and that have caused a great deal of unnecessary harm and confusion. I hope today’s report acts as a reminder of the dangers of adopting as fact unsubstantiated conclusions before an investigation of the circumstances is completed.”

As a result of Fast and Furious roles outlined in the report, Kenneth Melson, the former director of the ATF, retired from the department and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein resigned from his post. The Justice Department has not released further information about the other involved employees.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • independent thinker

    I will believe Holder innocent when it is proven by the release and content of ALL related documents by the DoJ. Until then I have no reason to believe other than the internal investigator was not going to say or do anything against the one who approves his paycheck. Now that the internal “investigation” is complete there is no reason for the executive privilege order to remain in effect so all the items requested by Issa should be released immediately.

    • Robert Smith

      “I will believe Holder innocent when it is proven by the release and content of ALL related documents by the DoJ.”

      Guilty until proven innocent? How American of you thinker. (NOT)


      • Ted Crawford

        This isn’t a Court of Law Robert, it’s the court of Public Opinion, and Holder, deservedly has been found guilty! One thing is abundantly clear, he is either guilty as charged or incompetent!

      • DanB

        It is the new standard. Some of us disagree with this guilty until proven innocent but this is what our government leadership policies have shifted towards. Romney, guilty until proven innocent. The president’s campaign zombies accuse Romney of illegal activity, and what is the campaign team reaction when questioned on the matter? “He’s guilty because we say so until Romney proves he’s innocent.” Some of our laws are now based on guilty until proven innocent, such as indefinite detention for suspected terrorists (to be defined by government…) without trial. Have you been to court lately? I went to court for a traffic infraction that I wasn’t even guilty of. First I was told that I could see the judge at an earlier date to ask what my options were. When I tried to meet the judge in open court, I was told that I only had one option. I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions. They simply treated me like a criminal waiting to have my hearing to determine if I was not a criminal after all. I never did get a straight answer on anything until I met with the prosecutor, carrying a copy of documents that showed I did I had sold my car prior to the traffic infraction cited. Sure, they dropped the case against me and this part was far more pleasant. But up to that point I felt like I was being treated as guilty until proven innocent. I got better treatment when I got a traffic ticket I was guilty of and went about paying my civic duty (fine). It seems the only people innocent until proven guilty is the president and his cronies (according to the mainstream media), even when proven guilty they are still innocent???

      • cj

        Robert, it’s part of being in charge. You are accountable for EVERYTHING your workers do. CEO’s have been fired over the actions of their staff, ship captains have been relieved for ‘hazarding a ship’ when their subordinates fail to do their duty, and Holder is in a position that demands the same accountability. If you don’t want to be held accountable for your peoples’ actions, don’t take the position. Claiming ‘it’s not my fault’ is shirking the responsibility of the position and not a trait of a competent leader.

      • Big Woody

        Innocent until proven guillty by a court of law. Not by an investigator that is in the employ of the person that is the subject of the investigation. This is no different than Watergate. Except Holder and Obama have allowed American law enforcement to be endangered and killed. Outside investigators need to keep digging until Holder and Obama’s ever changing stories can be verified or they can be charged. The same goes for finding out who allowed the order for the
        Marines in Lybia and Egypt to be disarmed. Again resulting in the deaths of Americans.

      • Doubter-In-Chief

        Here you go Robert-The-Brilliant. Your position is clear that having yourself investigated by people over whom you hold complete financial control will always and of necessity reveal absolute truths. Your employees, in fear for their livelihood would never lie to protect their jobs. That’s fox guarding the henhouse logic, but not uncommon and completely expected from am imbicile like yourself.

      • SouthernMan

        Maybe we wouldn’t be so suspicious if he hadn’t done all that he could to obstruct the investigation as long as he could. Did that give him time to cover his tracks or perhaps even find a way to manipulate the DOJ investigation?

      • ernest

        robert smith has got to be part of the 47% on goverment pay ?

    • http://PersonalLiberty Steve Buckley

      Holder is where the ‘buck stops’ with the cover up of fast and furious, the fact that they refused to release documents to congress for over one and a half years speaks volumes!
      If I ever get charged with a crime that resulted in the death of a border patrol agent,can I ‘investigate’ myself and find myself ‘innocent’?

      • Patsy

        good one

      • FreedomFighter

        …report released by the Justice Department…

        …Justice Department investigators also contend that Attorney General Eric Holder was not informed…

        …Holder said in a statement…

        Lets look at this like thinking human beings, The same guys under investigation make an investigation and claim its not there fault, Holder is innocent and the several old guys retire as quasi patsys?

        Then Holder blasts his accusars as jumping the gun…and accusing him without proof?

        I bet every accused person in government, accused of a crime would like to have there own people investigate the crime – only an independent investigation will determin guild or innocense.

        Holder has just pulled another fast one on the American people with IMHO a fake investigation, fake results, fake act of being insulted by his accusers, something this administration is doing allot.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Hy Feiber

        Only if you’re a Leftist.

    • Kansas Bright

      Does no one remember the news releases in early 2009, shortly after Obama took office.
      Project Gun Runner (Fast and Furious) was launched under the orders of President Barack Obama with the knowledge of Attorney General Eric Holder. Deputy Attorney General David Ogden announced the Obama Administration’s new and aggressive ‘comprehensive plan’ on March, 24, 2009. The plan was aimed at disrupting gun trafficking between the United States and Mexico.
      First words “The President has directed us…”

      Then: Holder gave a speech at the arms trafficking conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on April 2, 2009, in which he boasted about Operation ‘Gunrunner” and told Mexican authorities of everything he was doing to insure its success.

      In Cuernavaca, Holder not only acknowledged the program, he bragged that he was in the process of expanding it:

      “Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.”

      No one remembers what a big deal all this was then? Every flippin news agency reported on all this, showing how great Obama and his administration were. How can you all forget this stuff so soon? It has not even been four years. It ran for a week or two on EVERY mainstream news, was written up on most mainstream magazines, etc.

      How can anyone say there is “no evidence”?

    • Bob

      The one or one’s who wrote that REPORT didn’t think enough of it to sign their names to it. That alone is making a big statement. Besides that Liberals never tell the truth that is their enemy.

    • Warrior

      As usual with “our” gubmint leaders, nobody in a “leadership role” has a clue to how or why things go wrong. Seems as though the “gubmint” is infested with rouge employees! Wouldn’t you say?

    • KG

      So, you wanta see his Birth Certificate? As the used to say in Nazi Germany “…are your papers in order?”

      I TOLD you guys that this was like “bay of Pigs” – something planned by the former administration, and sprung AFTER the election. But you guys would rather believe a lie than the truth.

      Romans 1:25 KJV
      King James Version
      Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator , who is blessed for ever. Amen.

      You see, God is NOT on your side!!!!
      I think “the creature” has a radio program on AM radio somewhere. ;)

  • Harold Olsen

    Gee, the Justice Department says Holder is innocent! What a surprise! That’s like the Gestapo acquitting Hitler of the deaths of 6 million Jews.

    • eddie47d

      That’s beyond extreme Harold and nothing fact based in your comment at all. At least Independent Thinker put some thought into his comment. Maybe Holder should of known about Fast and Furious sooner but that fell upon the ATF agents in Arizona before Holder was placed into office. Those agents responsible for enacting a mission without consulting Washington are the ones at fault and so far 4 have resigned and 10 others are under investagation. Lanny Breuer (Criminal Division Head) is the man who knew about Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious and failed to inform those around him. No judgement has been made against him so maybe that should be your target of concern. Maybe Congressman Issa will dig deeper into his involvement and hopefully there will be more concern in the future in properly informing those in the higher chain of command.

      • Ted Crawford

        Does the term ” Under the Bus” mean anything? Before you scream, yes, it is a nonpartisan pratice. It’s used often , by many “would be leaders” from all walks of life!
        What it shows is the complete lack of Leadership abilities. Character is a premire requirement for leadership!
        “Character- The willingness to accept responsibility for ones own life- is the source from which self-respect springs” Joan Didion

      • Big Woody

        Yet Holder has lied to Congress on several occasions when he accused previous Attornies General of knowing about previous gun deals. Holder has changed his story and withdrawn his comments to Congress several times. Holder was aware of “Wide Reciever” and is therefore fully responsible for any of his people that try to pull any simular operation. The buck stops with Holder and his boss Obama.

      • eddie47d

        Some of you are throwing our nations leaders “under the bus” for political reasons without knowing the facts. How many heads should roll before enough is enough. I stated months ago that if Holder is guilty he should go. If that can’t be proven then only those directly involved should be axed. Witch hunts and conspiracies are for those who have nothing better to do in life and are looking for any warm body to crucify.

      • Kansas Bright

        Holder was in it from the beginning. Obama fought to get it funded: First Obama tried to pass H.R.495 Southwest Border Violence Reduction Act of 2009 asking for $15,000,000 for Project Gunrunner. It didn’t make it out of the committee.
        So then new president Obama rolled it into the stimulus package a month later (H.R.1 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) ‘… $10,000,000 shall be transferred to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses for the ATF Project Gunrunner’.

        Go read it.

        Then Holder gave a speech where he talked about expanding it at the Arms Trafficking
        Conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on April 2, 2009.
        In Cuernavaca, Holder not only acknowledged the program, he bragged that he was in the process of expanding it:

        “Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.”

        Now do you remember?

      • JeffH

        Gee wiz, isn’t it just amazing that the “Justice Department” has exonerated Holder…nothing like an inside job on an internal investigation.

        Lies, lies and more lies…that’s what our government has become and that is, in particular, how Obama’s administration operates.

        Holder is the boss at the DOJ, he has to go! This guy obviously has no control over the DOJ or is so caught up in the politics of Obama that he is totally incompetant as the AG. I believe both to be accurate. It’s easy for these unconscionable “Lucifarians” to screw all of us for their “greater good”.

        He didn’t have a clue? He’s a lying scumbag!

        They’re all lying scumbags! Our government is full of them, past and present, who continually lie to all of…for the “greater good”! That’s what they do! That’s how they manipulate those that trust them and believe in them. That’s how they control them!

        What goes around comes round…no fireproof suits in hell!

    • Robert Smith

      Why don’t you take a moment to comment on the Bush era “Operation Wide Receiver?”


      • Baloney Toney Mahoney

        The Mahoney Man says: To compare “Wide Receiver” with F&F is PURE BALONEY!! Wide Rec. informed the Mexican Govt. beforehand & used only about 300 guns, they were all equipped with GPS technology, the Phoenix ATF approved and was on board with it…NONE OF THIS HAPPENED in F&F, there was a Congressional hearing into Wide Rec. and all were cleared…get your facts straight..It’s obvious now, that Holder & Hilary & Obumma wanted to make America look bad & weaken our 2nd Amendment rights!!!!

        What is that racist boob Holder Hiding? Nothing like clearing your name with an internal investigation!!! & after many months of Obumma saying he knew nothing about it, he issues an executive order protecting Holder???..The whole thing stinks of Moldy Baloney!!!

      • Ted Crawford

        Sure, Robert! Wide Reciever was also a gun running operation. There the similarities end!
        Every gun sold under this operation has been recovered. None of the guns from this operation were ever used to cause anyones death. None of these guns were allowed to cross any International Borders. The Bush Justice Department realized, after only a couple of hundred guns were sold, that this type of operation was unworkable and canceled it!
        That is part of what makes Fast and Furious so egregious! Holder had the example of Wide Reciever, an in an act of Narcissism, topped only by those of his boss, went foward with it anyway! His attempt to prove just how wise he is, WORKRD ! Now he can get in line behind Joe Biden in this administrations Clown contingent! Excapt what Holder has done should be addressed in an International Court!

      • http://PersonalLiberty Steve Buckley

        “Wide Receiver” you have to be kidding, That program was run in conjunction with Mexican authorities and was shut down, by the US government, when the Mexican authorities ‘lost’ the weapons, which is not easy, given that the guns were tagged with RFID chips!
        The criminal intent of fast and furious isn’t even in the same ballpark as ‘wide receiver’ The local ATF agents were ordered not to track the weapons, the Mexican government was not in the loop, and the program came to light after Brian Terry’s death, when ATF agents ‘blew the whistle’ on their bosses, at ATF and DOJ! Do try to keep up!

      • Bob N.

        If Holder were innocent in Fast and Furious, why did he refuse to give his records to Congress and why did Obama give him Presidential privilege so he wouldn’t have to release them? If Holder wasn’t hiding the truth about his knowledge of it, he would have released all the records to prove he was innocent.

        • nedfulthings

          Well Bob In the words of dubya “Cause its a SECRET” Ya gotta protect the people that were/are working with the ATF. Plus Holder did release 1700 documents.
          Here again the I.G. did an 18 month investigation and its not enough for the far right, I’d sure like to see the results of dubay’s gun running and loosing 450 weapons in Mexico?

      • CZ52

        “I’d sure like to see the results of dubay’s gun running and loosing 450 weapons in Mexico?”

        If I remember correctly all 450 guns were RECOVERED.

      • eddie47d

        Thousands of pages of records were turned over Bob so you are somewhat mistaken.

      • CZ52

        It is true that thousands of pages were turned over but many more thousands were with held and eventualy covered by “executive immunity”. Executive immunity does not even apply unless obama knew and/or was involved in F&F.

    • Realist

      Moral equivalence is all the Democrat Party has to defend themselves with. If a Republican official gets caught screwing up, they step down right away even if they
      allege innocence. When a democrat official gets caught screwing up, Instant denial,
      then the wagons are rounded in sheer defense and an internal investigation clears
      him and all is forgiven. Now that is a double standard!

      • alpha-lemming

        True… with one small addendum. Not only is the transgression forgiven, to the left it’s a resume enhancement. I’ll offer as Exhibit A: Ted Kennedy, Gerry Studds, and Bill Clinton. Edwards and Wiener are the only two lefties I can ever recall stepping down for bad behavior, and until proven otherwise, I suspect both are just on a brief hiatus. Wouldn’t surprise me to see one or both running for something in the foreseeable future.

      • eddie47d

        That gets played on both sides guys. Watergate didn’t happen overnight and it was covered up for quite some time. Some said it never happened right up to the end.

      • Realist

        eddie47d says:
        September 20, 2012 at 11:57 am

        That gets played on both sides guys. Watergate didn’t happen overnight and it was covered up for quite some time. Some said it never happened right up to the end.
        Gee Eddie, How many folks died from a DNC break in? Last I remembered, Nixon resigned. Slick willie is the only living Impeached president and lives a very charmed life.

    • Linda

      I knew that someone would take the fall for this man. I say if he was in the position that he is and he did not know what was going on, he was derelict in his duties and was not doing his job. Therefore,even if he claims he did not know about it, he should still lose his job. That will never happen though. He is in deep with Obama. That is why Obama used executive privilege to keep that information from coming to light. Makes me wonder what he knows about Obama that keeps him so protected. Must be bad, really bad.

  • roger gunderson

    The Attorney General and the Justice Dept. are all beholden to the President in one way or another.

  • Mark111

    So, we are supposed to believe that ATF personnel decided to deliberately conduct a major violation of Mexico’s sovereignty by purposely allowing the smuggling of weapons into that country without consulting the State Department, the head of DOJ, and the President?


    • http://PersonalLiberty Steve Buckley

      That’s exactly what the administration is demanding that we believe, we are to suspend our sanity, not believe the evidence of our own eyes and ears, and just believe what they tell us to believe!
      The sad part is that the media and liberals will do exactly that!

    • alpha-lemming

      These are not the ‘droids you are lokking for…….

      • nedfulthings

        Ex-squizzzze me! The DOJ did know sump’n about it, Thats been admitted I believe ? but how the ATF presented it and How much they really shared is in question. No way could Holder nor the President could know all that goes on with Dah whole government, Hell they might have told them all this is phase two / Three or 99 of an operation. Bye the Bye we’ve been deliberately conduct a major violations of countries sovereignty for a long time now! This kind of stuff continues thru administrations,and Its enough for me to know that it was dubya that started this and wanted to take your guns away!

    • eddie47d

      Fast and Furious only involved possibly 3 States so it was a small regional effort and plotted out in Arizona not in Washington. Hopefully lessons have been learned and better coordinated. Better yet don’t attempt it again anywhere.

      • Kansas Bright

        “Fast and Furious only involved possibly 3 States so it was a small regional effort and plotted out in Arizona not in Washington. ”

        No it involves:

        Treason of all involved at ANY level: Knowingly supplied arms to known illegal gunrunners for foreign nation that was used there to murder hundreds, and later used on American soil to kill US citizens. They were used and found in at least 47 crime scenes in the USA since 2009.

        Murder, more likely mass murder, of ALL involved at any level under OUR laws.

        Plus: An executive official is ultimately responsible for any failures of his subordinates and for their violations of the oath he and they took, which means violations of the Constitution and the rights of persons. It is not necessary to prove that such failures or violations occurred at his instigation or with his knowledge. It’s sufficient to show, on the preponderance of evidence, that the president was aware of misconduct on the part of his subordinates, or should have been, and failed to do all he could to remedy the misconduct, including termination and prosecution of the subordinates and compensation for the victims or their heirs.

        “The Constitution defines treason in Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1:Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court”.

        § 24.03 Felony-Murder

        [A] Common Law – At common law, a person is guilty of murder if he kills another person during the commission or attempted commission of any felony. Nearly every state retains the felony-murder rule.

        [B] Statutory Law – Under most modern murder statutes, a death that results from the commission of an enumerated felony (usually a dangerous felony, such as arson, rape, robbery, or burglary) constitutes first-degree murder for which the maximum penalty is death or life imprisonment. If a death results from the commission of an unspecified felony, it is second-degree murder. The felony-murder rule authorizes strict liability for a death that results from commission of a felony.

        [C] Model Penal Code – The Code also provides for felony-murder by setting forth that extreme recklessness (and, thus, murder) is presumed if the homicide occurs while the defendant is engaged in, or is an accomplice in, the commission, attempted commission, or flight from one of the dangerous felonies specified in the statute. [MPC § 210.2(1)(b)]

        [D] Killing by a Non-Felon

        [1] The “Agency” Approach – A majority of states that have considered the issue apply the so-called “agency” theory of felony murder, which precludes any killing committed during the commission of the felon by a person other that the defendant or his accomplices from serving as the basis for felony-murder. However, a killing by an accomplice can be imputed to others involved in the commission of the felony so that felony-murder can be charged against the non-killers.

        [2] “Proximate Causation” Approach – A minority of courts apply the “proximate causation” theory of felony-murder under which a felon is liable for any death proximately resulting from the felony, whether the killer is a felon or a third party.

        [3] “Provocative Act” Doctrine – A felon may be held responsible for the death of another at the hands of a third party, if the basis for the charge is not felony-murder, but instead is founded on what is sometimes termed the “provocative act” doctrine, which is simply a form of reckless homicide, e.g., a felon recklessly provokes a victim to shoot in self-defense, killing an innocent bystander.

        § 24.05 Manslaughter
        [A] Forms of Manslaughter – Traditionally, three types of unlawful killings constitute manslaughter:

        · an intentional killing committed in “sudden heat of passion” as the result of “adequate provocation” (voluntary manslaughter);
        · an unintentional killing resulting from the commission of a lawful act done in an unlawful manner (involuntary manslaughter). This is akin to criminally negligent homicide.
        · an unintentional killing that occurs during the commission or attempted commission of an unlawful act (involuntary manslaughter). This type of manslaughter is sometimes dubbed “unlawful-act manslaughter,” or if the killing occurred during the commission of a non-felony, “misdemeanor-manslaughter.”

  • Ted Crawford

    For me there are still several questions left unanswered here. Why, given the stated intent that these guns would , by design, cross an International Border, isn’t Felipe Calderon screaming for an investigation by an International organization? He did, I believe, claim it was done without even his knowledge, much less his permission!
    What can be determined by the fact, if true, that an operation with International consequences, could be undertaken WITHOUT Holders knowledge? It seems to me that it’s either a statement of his lack of Leadership, that an Assistant Secretary would feel free to launch such an operation without his bosses permission, or a statement to Holders incompetance That, such an operation could occur without his knowledge!

    • ArkansasRebel

      As a matter of fact, Calderon did demand that those who were responsible be prosecuted to the full extent of the law or be turned over to Mexico to be prosecuted. Not going to happen though, is it?

  • Ken

    So this report proves that Holder is incompetent not guilty?

    • Big Woody

      This means that we need this to go to trial so we can determine whether Holder is incompetent or if he is guilty of the crime of providing weapons that killed an American law enforcement officer. It also needs to be determined if Obama is involved and if his executive privelege order is covering up both Holder’s and the president’s involvement.

  • Ken

    The President wasted a perfectly good executive privilege? Whats up with that. Oh that right their hiding something!

    • http://PersonalLiberty Steve Buckley


  • steve

    Guilty until proven innocent?

    I guess we should alberto gonzalez lead the investigation.

    • jopa

      This is a real minor story compared to the pardon of Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and company and their war crimes against humanity.They should be sitting in Gitmo.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Steve Buckley

        You are proof that humans don’t need a functioning brain to survive!
        The Obama regime are the ones who belong behind bars, every one of those enemies of the United States need decades long stretches behind bars!

      • Realist

        And then sweeten the pie by pardoning Obama, Panetta, Holder, Clinton, and many other current cabinet officials for continuing the slaughter of thousands more in the same wars,
        extended wars, violating sovereign nations and killing their leaders causing more enemies than we ever had before. War crimes a teem to go around here!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You thought this out all by yourself?
        You had no group effort helping you write this comment?

      • eddie47d

        Apparently Steve didn’t engage his brain before speaking either.

  • sabulaman

    Did anyone think that the outcome would be any different?

  • nedfulthings

    Wait now! Has anyone seen Holder’s long form Birth Certiicate ? The I.G. is hiding sump’n !!!!!!!!! (he does look Kenyan) ????

    • Realist

      Naw, he’s just a CAN. (common ass negro)

    • alpha-lemming

      Nah…. we did however blow the witness relocation cover identity for Ron Glass….

  • Lee

    What a joke this is your telling me he had no idea what was going on sure. And pigs fly Janet Napolitano Lied… She Knew About Fast and Furious In 2009 on you tube they both knew what was going on. But it is the same in all Administration deny everything What a joke the Justice dept investigating there Boss like DUH! Show us your Collage records Obama. And why would you want to release the blind sheik for planning on blowing up the twin towers .He was proved guilty in an American Court of law Only to pass N.D.A.A. And to hold Americans Indefensibly in Jail.

  • mattzweck

    All I can say is we need new leadership on the white house.

    • Ted Crawford

      The same is true,and perhaps even more important, of Congress!

      • http://PersonalLiberty Steve Buckley

        At least in the Senate!

    • nedfulthings

      Where was the “Leadership” on “Wde Reciever” ? many of the same people were there for BOTH gun running operations. Yeah I think it was time to fire a few!

      • vicki

        Leadership in wide reciever? Oh that would be the people that let the Mexican government in on the plan. That would be the people that shut it down promptly when it started failing.

        Fast and furious shows that those people where not the same people cause the wide receiver people already knew it wouldn’t work when the US was actually trying to track the guns so it couldn’t possibly work when the current people were deliberately NOT trying to track them.

        You go ahead now and keep bringing up wide receiver. The stark differences in the plans is painfully obvious. It just helps prove the utter incompetence of the current administration or their criminal plan.

        • needfulthings

          NO mis-vicki the blaze didn’t get it all right!
          Yes ‘wide Reciver was a gun walking operation >

          The first known ATF “gunwalking” operation to Mexican drug
          cartels, named Operation Wide Receiver, began in early 2006 and
          ran into late 2007. Licensed dealer Mike Detty of Mad Dawg
          Global informed the ATF of a suspicious gun purchase that took
          place in February 2006 in Tucson, Arizona Detty would sell a total of about 450 guns.
          A majority of the guns were eventually lost ( I’m sure none were ever used to kill anyone right)!

          William Newell, then ATF’s Special Agent in Charge (SAC) was involed in both operations.

          And they did it again!! >The Medrano Case .The 2008 Alejandro Medrano case involved both ATF SAC William
          Newell and cooperating Tucson gun dealer Mike Detty of
          Operation Wide Receiver. ATF Phoenix allowed about 100 guns to
          be taken into Mexico over the objections of U.S. Immigration
          and Customs Enforcement (IC THEY DID NOT INFORM THE MEXICA GOVERNMENT THIS TIME! (and again none of those guns were ever used to kill anyone).right!

          Also involed in both operations >
          Kenneth E. Melson is the former acting director of the Bureau
          of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in the
          United States.[3] He was appointed to this post by Attorney
          General Eric Holder in 2009.[1] He resigned as head of the ATF
          in the aftermath of the ATF gunwalking scandal

          So YES the same guys who did W.R. did F.F.
          I could do more name dropping on who was involed in both but ya get the point (I hope)?

      • vicki

        needfulthings says:
        “NO mis-vicki the blaze didn’t get it all right!
        Yes ‘wide Reciver was a gun walking operation >…..”

        “…..So YES the same guys who did W.R. did F.F.
        I could do more name dropping on who was involed in both but ya get the point (I hope)?”

        I get the point that anyone can make up a story. Come back when you have some cites to backup your assertions. And be careful. The connections you drew show that Holder could not possibly have NOT known of the program called Fast and Furious.

        This is what a cite looks like btw (

        That is from, as they say, the horses mouth.

  • Nick J

    “The buck stops here!” So, Mr Holder assumes mo responsibility to the mess created by the “Fast & Furious” bungled operation. The DOJ underlings are made the scapegoats, and they will suffer the consequences. However, the chief honcho, Mr Holder, was clue-less while the operation was in full swing, according to the findings. Like Mr. Holder’s boss, Obama, was he absent when his underlings decided to go on their own whims? Command responsibility alone makes Mr Holder guilty of mismanagement causing the death of a border agent! Mr Holder’s duty now is to resign!

    • Patsy

      Mr. Holder should not only resign, but he should personally be held accountable for the death of that border agent and all the other people that were killed with these guns. Even if it is a slap on the wrist punishment, which I am not advocating, he will always have a criminal record, will not be able to hold office again, and he will lose some of those wonderful freedoms that he has such disdain for. Freedoms that he has trouble allowing other Americans: ie first and second amendment rights.

  • Rafael

    Illegal Drugs deals with money and corruption, that is a fact. Fast and Furious is the result, everything else is a matter of law.

  • Doubter-In-Chief

    If I’m ever in a position, like Eric Holder, to have myself investigated by a team of lawyers, one of whom was a big Obummer supporter, for a major crime that got a US Border Patrol Agent murdered, then I will consider myself truly blessed. Particularly, since my criminal boss has my 6. Hell, under those circumstannces, I’d be inclined just go commit the murders myself !

  • john811c

    It is amazing having the same DOJ investigate itself and to come out that these underlings were responsible. Leadership and responsibility begins at the top..leadership does not come from the bottom up but the DOJ is trying to say the people at the bottom are responsible It this were the case this proves Eric Holder IS INCOMPETENT in the office he holds this is nothing more than Eric Holder saying to his investigators…. ” Find someone else to take the blame for my actions…and throw them under the bus…I don’t want the responsibility of my actions”

  • April Skelton

    I don’t want scapgoats. I want the mangy goat that started all of this. holder and his ilk are never man enough to stand up and say “the buck stops here”.


    Robert Smith and JOPA, you two are amazing! You cant see the humor in the Dept of Justice, the frikin Dept that Holder is the boss off! saying that he is exonerated in their mind of any wrong doing! Thats not weird to you. And JOPA’s dumb enough to say that “this is a minor story compared to bush and company. Tell that to the hundreds of dead Mexican and Americans family members you Jackass!

    • CZ52

      CBUETT you are WRONG. It is thousands or dead not hundreds.

  • The Christian American

    When is the last time they didn’t hold the boss for competancy or illegal doings? Look at what the government to Wagoneer at GM, but he wasn’t a political appointment was he. Yup! They’re politicians that wear robes to work. Bernanke: Don’t worry, you’ve got free ride like Holder

  • r.p.

    When I heard the verdict, all I could think was….UNBELIEVABLE!!! But what is more unbelievable is the fact that the general public accepted this whitewash as “truth”. The “Ministry Of Truth” has done it’s job well.

  • s c

    Ah, the overpowering stench of a quick, sham investigation. Wondrous leadership, doled out to protect this administration’s #1 CORPORATE shyster. It’s social justice on steroids. One might even call it a preamble to sharia law – headed your way, folks, compliments of the White House Messiah.
    You get whatcha PAY for, eh? What price INFAMY, utopians? Nothing to fear but the insanity of those who will sell themselves to be adored as the world’s guardians of ‘democracy’ and empty suit compassion. So, how’s dat hope-and-change drool workin’ out yez, people?


    This is more judiciary BS from the screwed up legal system the libs enjoy, Holder is in charge of the DOJ and the stupid jerk doesn’t know what goes on in his own purview , he has no idea that smuggling and treason are going on right under his nose? To me that is more than incompetence it is treachery beyond belief and he is guilty of negligence and should be forced from office and prosecuted for dereliction of duty….

  • SJJolly

    FYI: Congressman Issa, who headed the Congressional investigation of “Fast and Furious”, is a conservative Republican. Hardly someone in the pay of the Obama administration. Conservative, but not twist-the-facts-to-achieve-a-political-goal fanatical conservative Republican.

  • Guest

    Oh, I see, only conservatives can be objective! Holder was appointed by saint Reagan as a judge…he left that job to work at the doj…was he supposed to interrogate his staff weekly to see if there was some issue they were not briefing him about? Get real, BLIND hatred has no credibility.

    • Realist

      Guest says:
      September 20, 2012 at 4:38 pm

      (Political emotions deleted)”was he supposed to interrogate his staff weekly to see if there was some issue they were not briefing him about”?
      You are damn straight he should be doing his job and that includes regular staff meetings and the leader of that meeting should query every subordinate leader what the activity of the week was. If he did not question his subordinates regularly, he is incompetent and needs relieved of duty right away!

  • tom

    Why did he conceal the records ?

  • gunner689AI

    Did they finally find some people at the Just-Us Dept. to fall on their swords for Holder ?

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Holder found innocent by Himself!!!! I have investigated me in a closed room with the undisclosed documents that I will not release to anyone that will prove me innocent but I have reviewed these documents and I am INNOCENT. CASE CLOSED!!!! Viet Nam Vet 67-68

  • Toy

    When I read the headlines, I said to myself, “This has gotta to be good!”

  • cawmun cents

    Obama administration Justice Department officials declare themsleves innocent!
    Wow…’d have needed to really convince me better that it wasnt going to turn out that way all along.
    Thats like saying the sun is hot,or water is wet.
    Too much.

  • Elizabeth M

    This is just embarassing. But, are any Obamaphiles likely to notice? Rhetorical question of course.

  • Aguila

    How nice, your own Department conducts the investigation and finds you innocent. Justice Department do you think the American people is going to believe your [expletive deleted] investigation. Hahaha


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