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Justice Department May Launch Second Lawsuit Against Alabama

November 21, 2011 by  

Justice Department May Launch Second Lawsuit Against Alabama

The Department of Justice sued Alabama earlier this year for its controversial immigration law; now, as parts of the law take effect, the Department has launched a discrimination investigation against the State.

According to The Washington Post, part of the investigation has Justice Department officials seeking detailed enrollment information from Alabama schools, after reports that several Hispanic families withdrew their children from public schools as a result of the legislation.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange has denied the requests and questioned the Federal governmentā€™s authority to access such information, and school districts throughout the State have been ordered not to comply. The Justice Department will likely file another lawsuit against the State in light of the controversy over student attendance records.

Strange said that Federal authorities are required by law to hand any complaints that they have received about the law over to the State so that Alabama officials can take action.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Stan Smith

    errr! What discrimination?? All I see Alabama and other states is trying to clean up the crap what The Feds refuse to do! Obummer and his Commie Libtards are all out in full force to destroy America brick by brick! Here’s a hint Alabama! Tell Obummer and his Libtards to “–” A-Holes! Get rid of the Illegal scums! The US don’t need anymore over population growth caused by Illegals!

  • Doug

    We shouldn’t be surprised. Holder filed suit against Arizona without reading their immigration bill. Holder also refused to prosecute the black panther thugs in Philadelphia, who were filmed intimidating voters at the polls. Now he is after Alabam. The man who led the “fast and furious” disaster is now going after a state who took action when he wouldn’t.

    Holder needs to be fired for incompetence but that won’t happen as his boss is more incompetent.

    • eddie47d

      There is still no proof that that one club wielding black panther intimidate or threatened anyone. No one was denied the right to vote and he was kicked off of the property. It gets rather tiring listening to your racist rant about that situation.

      • T-Texas

        BS,Holder said that he would not prosecute a black for discrimination.In my opinion that is the reason America is going to hell in a hand basket among other reasons that the whole bunch should be tried for treason and if found guilty put before a firing squad.Instead of enforcing exiting laws they want to circumvent the constitution and try rule by dictation.

      • Ted Crawford

        Clearly the individual taking the video felt it to be intimidating. Along with the fact that, as you stated “he was kicked off the property” it would seem others felt the same way. It was a prosecutable action. The fact that Holder refused to do so, seems to me to open to make Holder appear the racist here not Doug!

        • eddie47d

          Only if you want to make it so. Actually since one of the two panthers lived in the complex they had probably seen real discrimination and were there to make sure it didn’t happen. That is probably something would could care less about or didn’t notice. The situation was handled and is over and done with.

          • joe1cr

            eddie47d just what is in that kool aid your drinking?

          • Joe H.

            Knowing eddie it has libby pizz in it. When it says libby libby libby on the lable lable lable eddie drinks it drinks it drinks it at the table table table!!!

      • wandamurline

        Maybe you should get a copy of the video and take a really good look because you do not have the correct information.

        • eddie47d

          Two dudes standing several feet away from a polling station (apartment unit). That was like watching paint dry.

          • Joe H.

            Well good eddie, we’ll have two big dudes with clubs stand outside YOUR polling place and threaten YOU and see if you still feel that way. some of the people voting there were old ladies and old men in their 70s and 80s that were, indeed scared by them!!!

    • wandamurline

      Holder needs to be removed from office. The man took an oath to uphold the Constitution and he is not doing that. Fast and furious, black panther civil rights violation, suing Arizona, suing Alabama, suing SC over Boeing trying to put thousands of people to work…lying to Congress on several occasions…how many times does his man get a free pass?

      • Joe H.

        How many times does he get a free pass? Just as long as the progs are the majority in both houses!! Remember, there are prog republicans as well!!


    Just take a look at California. We are inundated with illegals, they stand on the street corners, in mall parking lots, and other places soliciting people for day jobs. Others are living off the state, free housing, free medical, free food stamps. Why was it when my wife and I really needed those things were we denied, yet these non-citizens, these thieving illegal trespassers were given access to all those benefits that we were paying taxes for when we were working? I really fail to understand the liberal mindset that we must take care of them because they cannot get a job, yet they are working for wages under the table and not paying into the system, yet taking away from it. Send them all packing and close the borders.

    • Ted Crawford

      USAF VET
      First allow me to thank you for your service to this Nation!
      The answer to your question can be found by reading the papers of a couple of Columbia Professors, Richard Cloward and Fransis Piven. It was their idea that our Republic could be overthrown simply by overloading our systems. They advocate to overload the Courts with meaningless lawsuits and our systems of public aid!

      • wandamurline

        Yes, and the communist manifesto was published in 1958. In order for them to take America, their first objective was to destroy the family unit…make divorce easy, promote promiscuity, promote pornography, etc. Then they wanted to work on removing God from America….get a way to separate church and state. Then they wanted to get their hands on the younger generation through teachers and professors to change the mindset of the kids…look no further than the OWS. Then collasp the economy by having people on welfare, etc. Since 1958, they have done an excellent job in destroying our country. Joe McCarthy failed in his attempt to remove these treacherous traitors from America…now they are “out of the closet” to say and in your face at every corner. The only way to stop them is to bind ourselves together and I believe that this is what the tea parties across America are doing….this is the one thing that they had not comteplated in their assault on America. If you do not belong to a tea party, please find out in your area … together, we as Americans can stop this carnage.

  • Mushin
    • Stan Smith

      @ Mushin I heard about that, Even San Diego’s own Local talk radio host Rick Roberts was talking about it few short years ago! But thanks for the link!

  • Monte

    Go Alabama!! The states must begin to rebel against the evil that Washington has become. But don’t look to the Supereme Court for help. It’s a part of the monster.

    • eddie47d

      Alabama is only shooting itself in the foot with this self righteous indignation. Now they can’t find state citizens who are willing to work in the fields and processing plants. You say Go Alabama; Why, so they can continue their tradition of discrimination and keeping themselves towards the bottom of the US in education and their economy.

      • T-Texas

        Boy!! have you got your head where the sun don’t shine.

      • eddie47d

        Okay Mr T what is Alabama’s standing within the US economy and their educational comparison to the rest of the states? Maybe their citizens can all work in the new FBI office if it ever gets built in that state. Oops,that would make them employees of that terrible US government. They are putting themselves between a rock and a hard place yet Mr T offers no viable solution.

      • 45caliber

        They can’t find citizens to work there? Wow! That must mean they are the only state in the Union that is hiring! Perhaps you should spread the word! I’m sure many of those in other states who are going on two or three years without work would certainly be interested in going there to take some of those jobs!

        • eddie47d

          Americans are not taking those jobs so what is your continual point Caliber. Those reports have been on the news several times.

          • http://naver sook young

            Eddie, we have had people up here out of work for two years and I think they would take those jobs. Can you cite a source about those jobs so I can tell people about them? Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • Opal the Gem

            As always Sook eddies only source is in his imagination.

          • Joe H.

            blah, blah, blah, Americans bad!!! Blah, blah, blah, illegals good!!!

      • FWO21

        Don’t kid yourself eddie47d, when illegals stay in this country, the last thing they want to do is work in the fields. That is just the excuse they all use, ’til they get here.

        There are prisoners in minimum-security prisons that could do the work the illegals do and the money could stay right here in America.

  • 45caliber

    Are the feds going to pay for those reports? If not, they shouldn’t get them. And if they find that some Mexican families have withdrawn their kids from school, are they going to send a truant officer after them? Or INS? If not, then they shouldn’t be involved at all…

  • http://personallibertydigest Lyle McDaniell

    Who in their right American mind wants to defend outlaws rights above the citizens of our country.You really wonder why most of those that think illegals have rights donot run right on down to mexico or where ever those illegals come from and protest their govt. how long do you supose they would even live? but that is where they belong. enjoy your trip down there.

  • hitthedeck

    Holder is a busy man when it comes to blocking the laws of the land to fit his political correctness agenda. It is the communist view that considers to avoid the rights of citizens and replace it with the rights of the workers. This man is so anti-american that his statments and actions prove it. Our congress just got the word that Holder can not release information on the Fast and Furious until he is through investigating

    • hitthedeck

      Investigating his self !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gringo Infidel

    This regime has overstepped its bounds and must be reigned in. They are abusing their authority while fighting to retain their responsibility. This is the height of hypocrisy.

    By refusing to enforce the law they are required to do they have forfeited their legitimacy.

  • James

    It should be obvious, by now, that the federal government has an Open Borders policy, and any state that disagrees with that, especially the southern border states, is challenged in court for infringing on federal power over immigration. While pretending to uphold federal immigrationn laws, they ignore them, and pressure the States to do likewise.

  • http://none RPaul or same ol’

    The county I live in now has to have bilingual ballots. The minutes stated 35% Hispanics as to why. The schools are at least 70%. No one would discuss legals/illegals. They would lose Federal grants if they don’t comply. When the discussion got going, it ended just as quickly with “someone” stated, “I don’t want to get involved”. This is small town stuff, I have no faith this whole nation going in a good direction anytime soon. It was laughable at best. My parents friends (both doctors) in California said this was a problem over 30 years ago. The immigration laws were not enforced then and as a result just mushroomed since. I moved back to take care of my mom 4 years ago and don’t recognize my hometown. I have no faith that anything is going to get better even if my man Ron wins. Plus this is just one issue,WOW, the handbasket is already on it’s way south. Good luck to all. By the way, since I’ve moved back here I have made friends with Hispanics and also have been glad to have protection while going about my life and I’ve no idea if any of those experiences were with legals or illegals. Crazy times indeed, make no mention of the kool-aid drinking people I grew up with. Treacherous waters ahead is all I see.

  • pam

    First off: I have seen good an bad in all races an it equals out guys!!! Second: No one has the right to tell another human being that they can not feed their family how ever means they have to take to do so ( IF YOU HAD TO YOU WOULD AN YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK ) The Mexicans were here right along with the Native Americans way before any White man came along. ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELVES, in one breath you say one thing then in the other your saying something else, What is it no wonder the Government is the way it is non of you know what the heck your doing or saying just as long as it sounds good at the time an you have more then one vote hack lets all do it then . WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

    • Buster the Anatolian

      “The Mexicans were here right along with the Native Americans way before any White man came along.”

      Boy do you need a history lesson. There were NO Mexicans here when the Spanish exploriers (who were WHITE) first came to the Americas. Those we commonly think of as Mexicans are a product of the Spanish mating with the Native Americans in What became Mexico. Now, having said that I know there are many citizens of Mexico who consider themselves to be Myan or other Indian tribes.

  • Bob M

    In Massachusetts Obummer’s little buddy Deval Patrick decided to offer illegals instate college tuition rates, hereā€™s the problem.

    First we decide that we should look the other way and allow these poor disadvantaged children to attend our public schools. They interact with American kids and become Americanized themselves, some of them work hard, graduate and receive a high school diploma. Then What? They are undocumented, they can’t get a ss card so they can’t work legally.
    Now they want to attend college. They deserve it, they worked hard, got good grades and graduated right? So now we give them instate tuition and financial aid, whatever we can to help them. They graduate, they have a degree, Now What?
    They still are undocumented and not legally allowed to work in the U.S. so we have wasted all this money and time on their education and they are left with only two options, pick tomatoes in Alabama or leave the country. Doesn’t make much sense to me.
    In stead of ignoring our immigration laws and kicking the can down the road, I suggested to the governor that he find a practical solution to the problem. In my email to the governor I also pointed out that there were a few inconvenient laws I would prefer to ignore. Hope that ‘s ok with you Deval.


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