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Justice Department Claims Arizona Law Unconstitutional, Files Lawsuit

July 9, 2010 by  

Justice Department claims Arizona law unconstitutional, files lawsuitAttorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging Arizona’s controversial new immigration law, arguing that it attempts to unconstitutionally supersede the authority of the Federal government.

The lawsuit claims that the "Federal government has preeminent authority to regulate immigration matters," and asks the court to issue an injunction to prevent the law from going into effect on July 29.

GOP leaders were quick to condemn the suit, which names both the state of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer as defendants, according to Fox News.

Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the top ranking Republican on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, called the decision to file the lawsuit "disgraceful," adding the Obama administration has ignored the plight of legal Arizona citizens who "now find themselves overrun by drug cartels, gangs and human trafficking."

The Grand Canyon state’s two Senators—John Kyl (R-Ariz.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.)—suggested that the lawsuit will force people to question whether the administration is fully committed to securing the United States-Mexico border, USA Today reports.

Meanwhile, the White House said later on Tuesday that President Obama and his staff were not involved in the lawsuit, implying the decision was made solely by Holder and other officials with the Justice Department, according to The Washington Post.

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  • Margaret

    I almost laughed to read that Mr. Obama had nothing to do with Aty. Gen. Eric Holder’s decision for sue the state of Az. Hahaha. Does Mr. Obama think the American people are as stupid as he would like to believe. Oh Pleeez bring out the beer bottles and let us all sit down and hash this big nightmare for the WH out. Cum by ya all over again. God, how much longer will we have to put up with these morons who champion communism under the title of sister Socialism. This is all a big joke on America…right???

    • Airangel

      Yeah, just like Obama is not responsible for the Black Panthers voting intimidation and the fact that Holder dropped all charges! Will this fiasco of arrogance and “reverse discrimination” end? We have come so far through the dark ages and this administration is “UN-DOING” all the good and advancement toward equality…Instead of penalizing LaRaza that preaches “hate speeches” and death to White Gringo – they ignore the uprising. Instead of bringing justice to a Federal crime of Voter Intimidation and again “hate speech” of “Death to Crackers and their babies” – they ignore it!

      We have so many minority programs, hiring, school programs in place that it is actually doing damage…this keeps setting a “wall” amonst all AMERICANS, all human beings, all races…it has to be all or none because when you keep giving this Culture this, then this group wants this and so on and so forth and no one is happy because there is a sense the someone is always being left out or getting more…we have to get back to English in America, Same education for all and same rules and lows for all, same programs and opportunities for all. Hire based on qualifications and not skin color, etc…When you choose America as your home or place of work, you must simply comply with our laws and requirements, if not that’s OK, you just don’t get citizenship or special treatment – period! Muslims can practice their belief in their home or Mosque they attend, same as Jews, and Monks, etc but the Public schools and American traditions stay along with OUR HISTORY and OUR LEVEL of education…we don’t downgrade for the majority population…those struggling can be tudored privately but you don’t lower standards for a smaller group…either assimilate or don’t…You don’t see Saudi allowing Christian schools or churches or our ways over there in the Middle East (God forbid), why would they expect us to grant and impose their ways in our country? It’s a double standard! We must stop caving in or risk losing America.

      We must also make a stand against Illegal Invasion…do we really want a lawless Drug Cartel pressin more and more into the USA? As the FT notes, “Blood is on the streets of Mexico. Monday’s assassination of the leading candidate for the governorship of the border state of Tamaulipas is the country’s worst act of political violence in 16 years.” IS THIS THE KIND OF PEOPLE WE WANT SPILLING THEIR VILE WAYS INTO AMERICAN SOIL? WE HAVE TO STOP IT NOW BEFORE IT’S OUT OF CONTROL AND MORE ARE AT RISK!

      • eddie47d

        Yes we do want those kinds of people in America.They have seen for decades the corruption in their government and look at America as the land of promise. No different than our Pilgrims and all our early ancestors. Who fled tyranny throughout the world to make a better life here. Go after the drug dealers and hoodlums but stop slandering decent hard working people of any race who just want a better life.

        • JeffH

          fast eddie, it is you and your ilk that want “illegal” immigrants here in America, the rest of us support the legal immigrants right to apply and recieve legal entry for work or pleasure, no matter where they come from.

          • JeffH

            I find it ironic that after all of the “racist” accusations tossed by those too blind to understand or read the rizona AB1070 that the lawsuit doesn’t challenge the law based on the “racial profiling” that all of the parrots were squaking about. Also, with this lawsuit against AZ AB1070 I guess we’ll find out just who our government and this administration support. We all have a pretty good idea though, and it ain’t American’s and our borders.

          • Jana

            Well, I hope the ones who do come in move next door to eddie. Some people have to experience how bad it gets and he obviously is one of those.

          • Mike In MI

            JeffH – So right you are that it doesn’t include American citizens and borders. For that reason, If it can be assumed, proven or is undeniale that Holder is acting in accord with Obumbler’s orders since Holder serves at Obumbler’s pleasure then Obumbler is impeachable on that basis. He took an oath to protect the Constitution, people and nation of the United States of America. If He won’t do everything he needs to to make us and the American people and our freedoms secure from enemies he is in jeopardy of breach
            of promise and failure to fulfill his duty to this nation. The people of Arizona are in MANY ways continually under threat of harm, personal damage and life, liberty and their right to their pursuit of happiness due to actions of Mexican nationals. If he says that border control and immigration are the strict duty and under purview of the federal government then he is derelict. That’s impeachable.

          • JeffH

            Mike In MI, most of us on this site realize Obama is a liar and Obama is the dictator who lets his henchmen do his dirty work. He’ll run around playing the blame game, making excuses and prematurly running his mouth and then try to convince(lie)the people that whatever is happening wasn’t his idea…the sky is falling…only the sheeple still believe…

        • icharm1954

          If they want to come here Legally no one has a problem with that .But to say you want the drug cartell here your a moron my friend a moron . The people of the US don’t want that kind of people here . They the illegals trying to get in need to do it the right way or we don’t want them. They also shouldn’t be handed every thing for free ,They should have to do it the way it use to be. They pledge their allegence to the US only . Learn the language come with what you have nothing for free. Work your ass off just like every one else. Pay taxes and go from there . That is the only way We The People Want Them here.

        • Airangel

          Eduardo! Who’s wicked? Are you saying you want all these gun toting, human smuggling, drug infesting bandito’s running free on American Soil or would you rather feel safe knowing they can’t keep swarming over at will?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            now you went and confused poor edduh by printing his name in Spanish!! Shame shame on you!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            100% agree! Keep up the good fight fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • ceddy bear

          One thing that is most disturbing is the fact that this administration has convinced everyone that this is a racial issue. If anyone actually reads the 10 page document they will find that there are strict penalties against any law enforcement official who racially profiles. The justice department openly admits that it hasn’t read the bill, but instead has been motivated by hear say and television reports. This law suit is not about race and the plantiff knows this because if it were they would have no case. The justice department wants the American people to believe that this is about race to fuel there own political agenda. The lawsuit is in regards to the supremacy of the federal goverment and its jurisdiction. This case is about AZ defending its own border against illegal aliens because the crime and violence has gotten out of control. And by the way, the federal government has done nothing to assist them in this matter so the state has acted on its own to defend itself. How is that unconstitutional?

          • http://aol wayne a

            obama and his croonies have TRIED to make this a racial issue but i think most Americans can see through this.usually the people that can’t come up with any substantial proof or argument will use the race card.i read yesterday where rhode island has been doing the exact same thing as the Arz. enforcement is required to question someone’s citizenship if they have reason to believe they could be illegal.ONLY AFTER STOPPING THEM FOR ANOTHER REASON SUCH AS SPEEDING,RUNNING A LIGHT ETC.why haven’t they sued them as well? could it be that rhode island was one of the states that obama carried in the election and one of the few states that the citizens have a favorable opinion of obama?

          • bp

            ceddybear & Wayne; So tired of the race-baiting, PERIOD! Let’s just use reverse psychology. Yes, it’s about race. I say, let’s stop anyone who LOOKS Mexican. They are the ones who “scurry” over the border from their country, Mexico. They are ILLEGAL. There, I said it. Now, let’s move on to “profiling” Muslim males between ages 16 and 40 at airports, which would be a dragnet for all known terrorists to date! Have we become COMPLETELY stupid?!@

          • ljwetter

            The constitution was written a couple of centuries ago. The ideals of the constitution was built on philosophically weak ideals that were bound to be challenged and changed for centuries to come. Desperados are destroying the fabric of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When killer Mexican-South American drug cartels cross our borders to create, death, fear, and terrorization destroy our constitutional rights. When boat loads of immigrants begged to come settle on our shores during WWII they had to wait on massive lines to get a green card and legal citizenship in this country. They would have to give up any prior national alliance with their former countries. Why? Because they were now American citizens which means they have to abide by the laws and statutes of this new country of theirs. They were legalized citizens. These Mexicans and/or South American citizens are not legalized therefore should not be given the same privileges of a legal North-American citizen. They do not follow the laws of this country, do not respect this country, and are not loyal to the safety of this country. They cross the borders with no proof of who they are, and no way of finding out if they have a criminal record. When they cross the border with illegal drug importers they have immediately broken the law. Technically they themselves should be charged for indirectly smuggling the drugs as a means to cross the borders. They have broken the law the minute they set foot on this countries soil. They are not ‘poor innocent people’, they are CRIMINALS and should be treated as such.

        • Dbluei51

          I hope they move next door to eddie and take his job away, keep his kids from getting full benefits at school. When he is out of work he gets no freebies because the government is bankrupt because the illegals have cost Eddie and his neighbors so much money in taxes and free funds, there is none left! I am white and I have saw the Legal Mexicans get aid and the whites turned down and this is at a local white church! So you go figure!I am not against legal immigration! But Whites have had so much discrimination it is not funny! I say learn English or get the hell out! Many of us can’t get jobs because we don’t speak Spanish!If you want them so bad you pay for all their upkeep and care! They take away from or fathers, mothers and childres! If you don’t believe it do your homework on the internet and the numbers and stats will make you sick!

        • bp

          eddie47d; “the land of promise”?@! The cartels ARE the TYRANNY. “decent”? Uneducated peasants with back-packs have nothing to offer! “hard-working”? We have 10% unemployment; AMERICANS need the jobs.

        • marvin

          eddie47d so the law don,t matter you say,we have immigrants that have been in line for 5/6/7 years to come here legally and by your on words it is ok to jump ahead of them that play by the rules and just say i am here now what are you going to do, by your standards we don,t need laws just do as you please,if i need food or a place to stay i will just take your home and food,i bet you think that ok right now tell me would that be ok with you,the drifferance between legal immigration and illegal immigration is the law that in 1776 we did not have, we are a nation of laws that i have to live by, we have laws that would not have been enforceable or even need like you are saying is ok,point my car will run a hundred and the spead limet on my street is thirty is it ok to drive 100 mph, hell no and come here is illegally is criminal yes bleeding heart liberal it is criminal not legal,against the law

        • marvin

          eddie47d so a better life starts with a criminal act and signs that say kill the white man,and we demand,try going to any goverment office and demanding any thing see what that gets you, befor telling me what is right or wrong,learn how to read and understand this is 2010 not 1776,with out laws we would be lawless and i could just look you up and pop a cap in your uneducated sorry ass

        • Diesel Weisel

          Doesn’t eddie know that there are “legal” ways to get here, the ancestors didn’t put laws in place, put God first, and work and sweat as pioneers to make this country what it is to have everyone in the world “think” they can just walk in and help themselves to the milk and honey, get a job illegally and send all their money back to their ‘homeland’ from OUR country, and then take over, stick up their middle fingers, cuss us out, fly their ‘foreign’ flags, wear their countries colors here and speak their foreign language(instead of adapting to the American way of life). There should be no adjective-America.. i.e., African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, etc., it should be “Americans”. People are here because they ‘want to be’ Americans. If they love their damn nations so much – why did they leave them in the first place, we don’t need their BS??? How is it that illegals can vote, but tax-paying resident-aliens with the proper paperwork cannot vote????

        • ljwetter

          I am against the law suit. Eddie, decent hard working people do not break the law. Decent people do not directly or indirectly support drug leaders for their own selfish means to cross the border. These ‘decent people’ are putting others at risk of death, kidnapping, and massive terrorization from Mexican/South American rebels. They have no legal way to prove they are who they say they are which means they are often hiding from the law. Hiding from the law often means having a criminal record. The citizens of Arizona,(and the other states), are often victimized by escaped drug importers, kidnappers, thieves, rapists and/or murderers. The people of Arizona,(including those of other states). who support this law have been threatened by those “Decent People.’ Need I remind you that prisoners are sentenced to hard labor for breaking the law. Why shouldn’t they be given the same label?

    • runninbear

      yeah just like the “Ididn’t have sexual relations with that woman! Clintion now all we need is the blue dress that Obamas hiding behind?Throw the bums out NOW Impeach obama? The rules of impeachment is clear that he can be impeached for this and other lack of leadership that he continues adding to his ineptmness? OMG! Obama Must GO!

      • Chris Olufsen

        ya like a tela promter. He cannot speak the English. He has to have a translater. Send him back to Kenya. He nothing more than a fraud.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        with that dress, you can make a good case for Clintoon being an exhibitionist! He said “I have never been alone with that woman!” now we all know his DNA is on that dress…………

    • TIME

      In a word, YES Barry Soetoro thinks that all Americans are as dumb as a box of rocks.
      And if he and his gang of thugs keep telling you how stupid we are all, perhaps some one will take him at his word.
      That is for what ever value his word has, as in little to nothing.

      Whats sad is that 90% of the US population gets their news from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC, of what as anyone with any gray matter knows are all bent.
      With that said most folks don’t have the time to dig the truth out of the piles of road apples left by the BENT media.
      Thus as Barry Soetoro has gotten away with the all the fraud he has thus far, he now feels empowered to do as he pleases.

      Folks you all need to speak with your neighbors, do it a little at a time, don’t beat them to death at first, its like fishing, you toss out a little nugget, then you bring them in, then give them more intel, back it up so there are NO Loose ends, and before you know it you will have someone who will be helping you and one by one we can take back the United States of America from these marxist progressive, like Barry Soetoro and his 33 Marxist Czars and about 200 Congress persons in the Democratic party, there are some good Democrats that get the label Blue Dogs, well these people are true Americans and need your support.

    • Rita

      We wish something or someone would start impeachment, it is rediculous and a crime to let this go on. I live in a bedroom community and often say everyone is sleeping when it comes to running the city and the things they do, the same goes for this country, where is the OUTRAGE!!!??? Are people afraid of this man?

    • Beachangel

      I agree. I think all Americans need to get a petition to impeach the man in the White House. I also think I will go to Arizona with my arms and help them at the border. I am so sick of the Obamas. I am glad to see so many people finally get it. I don’t know about you but I am a Christian and have NO INTENTIONS OF BECOMING A MUSLIM!!!!!burka…..don’t think so.

      • Anna

        I agree with you 100% I have been saying all along that Obama,Pelosi & Biden should all be Impeached.

      • eddie47d

        All you angels are wicked! No one is forcing you to become a Muslim.Where do you get that conspiracy nonsense? Every religion pushes their own views and the strongest faith wins.

        • JeffH

          Just another of many brilliant statements…

        • Palin12

          Please explain to me why the deal was made to exclude muslims from forced obamacare, something about gambling? I don’t get it. Also, please explain to me why at the Dearborn, MI Ford plant, when the whistle blows the muslims get on the ground and do their allah prayer, while the non-muslims have to keep on working. Not to mention a mosque being built at the World Trade Center. These muslims are getting special privledges.

          • Claire

            Palin12–I find the entire muslim situation disgusting. I have zero tolerance for this group, I know too much about the muslims and their religion. I want no part of them now or ever. Even if there are “some” that supposedly are wonderful citizens here in the US, that does not mean a thing to me. Their religion trains them the minute they are born, and I do not think these people will abanadon their religion. Talk about wolves in sheeps clothing!! I do not trust them and I never will.

          • Claire

            “abandon” trying to type too fast, I guess.

          • Palin12

            I agree 100% Claire. I could have added many more muslim atrocities, such as Major Nadal Hasan screaming “Allahu akbar” as he murdered 13 of our brave soldiers.

          • Claire

            Palin12–I have read enough about muslims and their atrocities that would make a person’s hair curl. No, I cannot abide by this religion.

          • JeffH

            Claire & Palin12, have you heard of the stoning deaths by Muslims.
            Barbaric to say the least.

            Stoning to death is a cruel insane Islamic punishment given to people who are married but still voluntarily have sex outside marraige. This punishment was ordered by the “merciful” Prophet, who of course was the messenger of the “merciful” Allah. Stoning to death is still carried out in the current era, in Iran and was carried out in the previous Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

            Warning! This is an extremely sick and disgusting punishment, and thus watching this video can make you weak or possibly give you nausea and shock for several days. Please do not watch if you are weak-hearted.

          • Claire

            JeffH– I know all about the stoning. As I said, this is a deplorable group. I can’t stand them. I will never have compassion for these people. I will never ever accept their so-called way of life. If I am racist, then so be it. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Cultures can be different but this is barbaric. It gives me the creeps.

          • airangel

            We have got to say NO to muslims and Sharia Law…

            A Muslim mob in Jhelum, Pakistan murdered the wife and four children of a Christian last month, but local authorities are too afraid of the local Muslim leader to file charges…this religion of peace said they have to keep Islamabad pure…this town is near Islamabd…reported by Newsmax…these thugs have not allowed ANY non-muslims to live in this area…such loving, peaceful people!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            This is a good example of Sharia law and this is what the Muslims want to practice here in our country!!! I’m afraid I’d be in jail as there would be a few Muslim men(?) laying around on the ground with terminal lead poisoning If I saw them do that to ANY woman of ANY race or religeon!!!

          • Claire

            And what about Detroit??!! The muslims population has exploded up there. Now that would scare me. I cannot believe there are so many of them living in Michigan.

          • bp

            Airangel and others; then we need to “purify” the U.S.A. and send ALL Muslims back to Egypt or wherever.

        • bp

          eddie47d; Are you being paid to spew your nonsense? Muslims think it is an honor to die killing innocent people. DO NOT validate their barbarism! All mosques are hotbeds of hatred and should be banned.

        • JustaPatriot38

          Eduardo, that is a more appropriate spelling. You are right, no one is forcing anyone to become a Muslim. However, if the Muslims have their way, if you don’t become a Muslim they will simply kill you and move on to the next sucker.

          But your so wrong on so many other things. You should take a little time to educate yourself, outside of Marxist spewing, Saul Alinsky programmed school systems. You know, the kind that teaches real history, mathematics, science, peaceful civil obedience, how to work within our Republic and not just how to work the system for all the freebies you can get, a good work ethic, honor, honest competition, how to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States, how to speak English, how to read and write in English, how to recognize a BS artist when they see one.

          This country is fine with LEGAL immigration, but many of those emigrating from countries like Mexico and the Middle East tend to come in violating our immigration laws, which make them ILLEGAL. I don’t know what part of ILLEGAL you don’t understand, but it means that it is against the law, and they are criminals from the moment they step foot on US soil. Many are not emigrating from their country because they are just poor slugs looking for a new life. Many hold the intent to do our country harm, as violent criminals, dope heads, terrorists, and just generally the type of people we don’t need nor want, because they will be basically non-productive drains on our society. Maybe this is the type of immigrants to our country you desire, being one of the “Hopey Changey” Obama followers, but I will say that once you get this country the way you appear to want it, you won’t like it any more than I will.

          Modern progressive Democracy is just a euphemism a Socialist, Fascist Totalitarianism! Socialism has never worked in the long term because the dictator and his tribe finally run out of other peoples wealth, and even a dictator, who is governing his sheeple, cannot give away anything that was not first taken, stolen, from someone else; in our case, the working class taxpayer!

          Just for the record, everyone prefers their own race, which makes everyone somewhat racist, even the Canines and the Fowls of the Air; I am a Human, and have no intention of going into the ancestry of my origin. If it happens you prefer some other race, or don’t like it here in my country, then please leave. It is your right to do so!

          Now you just have a wonderful day, while you can!

        • http://aol wayne a

          eddy,you have to be one of three things. an illegal,a muslim or just down right stupid!

          • bp

            Gee, wayne, sounds just like the current welfare recipient in the White House!?

    • cebraz

      Margaret I agree with you 100%, what the Republicans should do is to file impeachment proceedings against this inept president. By the way
      Obama is a pure bloodied MUSLIM and was born in Mombasa, Kenya. If you want to see his original birth certificate you can request me by emailing me at

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Why can’t you show it here? Or is there a nice little virus for those that e-mail you?

        • http://aol wayne a

          joe there are videos out there showing obamas kenya birth certificate and THERE IS NO VIRUS ATTACHED TO IT!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            wayne a,
            I am always suspicious of people that can’t show their “truth” or at least give a source for it since I was stupid enough to open one and had to pay to get a virus removed from a fairly new computer. I don’t believe Obimmer is really born here not that it will ever be proved as too many politicians are worried about their own necks!

          • GaGa

            here is the website where you can obtain that fraudulent presiden’t birth certificate.

    • http://thisone jayjay

      When injustice becomes law – Resistance becomes
      Thomas Jefferson

    • larry maggard

      you are excatly right!!! that scum erick holder and oslima, only uses the law when its good for them!! i point to the black panthers harrasing the voters in pa., what happen to that law suit!!! wasn’t going to profit obamas homies, so they dropped it!!!! and they knew that obama n slime, was going down in flames!!!! SELECTIVE JUSTICE!!!!

    • Naazil

      What r u smoking??? Smell the fresh air

    • ashforkdan arizona

      It is apparent that the federal government has, with the assistance of Judicial novelties, effectively abrogated the right of the States to a republican form of government; for now the federal government intrudes into every internal matter within the States and their Citizens, employing various legal measures and maneuvers to accomplish its treason against the Constitution. The abutment of the States reserved powers has been effectively eroded by these measures to the point that the federal government, by implication, can remove any person from the jurisdiction of the States or confiscate any property. We have become a plundered People without redress to the plunders. It is time for this People, though their Rightful State governments, deputized for their protection against usurpation, to stand in forceful resistance against the wiles of a federal government that has illegally imposed itself as sovereign over this People and their State Republics.

  • Margaret

    I almost laughed to read that Mr. Obama had nothing to do with Aty. Gen. Eric Holder’s decision for sue the state of Az. Hahaha. Does Mr. Obama think the American people are as stupid as he would like to believe. Oh Pleeez bring out the beer bottles and let us all sit down and hash this big nightmare for the WH out. Cum by ya all over again. God, how much longer will we have to put up with these morons who champion communism under the title of sister Socialism. This is all a big joke on America…right??? Impeach this man called by any other name than ‘Chump.” FIRE ERIC HOLDER…NOW!

    • Claire

      I am not laughing because it appears to me that Obama is not the President. It appears to me that everyone around him are running the show. The people around him are the ones in charge and it seems to me they are the ones calling the shots. I don’t think they listen to Obama at all. The mannerisms and the way they conduct themselves are sending me mixed signals. All Obama does is give speeches. I am not standing up for Obama but this is what I see. Odd, very odd. And suspicious.

  • al

    if the federal gov. is standing behind the constitution ,, then they
    absolutely should not be passing ,so called laws, which are also
    unconstitutional ,, nothing but Hypocrites !! and thats the truth .

    • alpha-lemming

      Just a slight correction here. What’s going on now (AND for the last year and half in on eway or another… ie GM, AIG, Frannie etc.) is NOT un-Constitutional. It is literally and domonstrably ANTI-Constitutional AND, as such, is an OED/text-book definition of “domestic enemy of the Constitution” The law is crystal clear as to what MUST be done.

  • Joe

    Note the prophetic date of this memo.

    To: The American Taxpayer 03/12/09
    From: Joe
    Re: The Heartless

    Again the Conspirators have proven that they are heartless. The “Heartless Conspirators” have thrust the kid, Barack Hussein Mohamed Obama, whose only talent is to rap using reasonably good English, into the position of “Leader of the Free World”.

    The “Barack Kid” eloquently pontificates using reasonably good English and is oblivious to what is causing his pain while the Russian Bear bites him in the ass and the China Tiger claws him down the back side while the little puppies (like North Korea, Iran, France, etc…) nip at his heels.

    Who are these “Heartless Conspirators”? To name a few, they are the left wing liberal politicians, the US socialists and communists, the radical environmentalist, the left wing liberal socialist/communist media. These cretins have conspired to create crisis after crisis for uncountable years with the objective of changing the US to an environment suitable for the many little “Kings and Queens” who have wiggled themselves into politics and bureaucracies.

    There is an old Chinese proverb that states:

    Crisis + Chaos = Opportunity

    The preverbal straw that broke the camel’s back was the fuel crisis, caused by “Heartless Conspirators”. This caused the American Taxpayer to have to pay up to $5 per gallon for fuel. At this point, the American Taxpayer rebelled. We quit buying fuel. We quit traveling. We quit spending money. Now we have chaos. The equation is complete. There is now Crisis + Chaos which creates Opportunity.

    There is now Opportunity for the “Heartless Conspirators” to change the US to an environment suitable for the many little “Kings and Queens” who have wiggled themselves into politics and bureaucracies. The “Heartless Conspirators” are guided only by the approach whereby the end justifies the means.

    There are some who think that we are past the point of no return.

    Sincerely, Joe

    Norman Mattoon Thomas (November 20, 1884 – December 19, 1968 ( some of us are old enough to remember him running for President). He was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. Norman Thomas said this in a 1944 speech:
    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

    • WarriorH

      And another interesting article:

      Castro, Obama and the Rule of Law

      By: Floyd Brown

      This week we had the pleasure of sharing a summer barbecue with a refugee from Cuba. Our dinner conversation was starkly different than most.

      This refugee came to the United States as a young boy in the early 1960s. His family was more fortunate than most as they were able to bring a suitcase and $100 when they fled Castro’s newly formed revolutionary paradise.

      Our dinner consisted of all-American fare: hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon and fresh ears of sweet corn. This is a menu shared with family and friends nationwide, while celebrating the birth of our beloved America on the Fourth of July.

      We began with a simple discussion about our country and the direction it has taken since Barack Obama came to power. We shared the usual complaints about the sour economy and liberal social engineering emanating from the rulers in Washington.

      But then he said it. The sentence came naturally. I assume it was unplanned. But it carried the weight of a freight train.

      “You know when Castro took power, none of us knew he was a Communist.”

      We sat stunned. He continued, “Yes, we all thought he was a patriot, a nationalist. Before the revolution he didn’t sound like a radical.”

      The comparison at this point was easy, and I interjected, “You mean just like Barack Obama?”

      He responded, “Yes, just like Barack Obama.”

      He continued, “We were all shocked as the government just continued to grab more power. First they said the revolution is over, so please turn in your guns. We all complied.”

      “I remember my uncle saying after it started, ‘Castro will only nationalize some of the big industries, he will never come and take our family hardware store.’ But that is exactly what happened, Castro started with the sugar mills and the large industries, but they eventually came and knocked on the door of our family hardware store. My family had run this store for generations. They said we now own the hardware store, you work for us. And that nice, large four-bedroom home you own, it is now our property also, and you can move yourself and five children into two rooms of the house because others are moving in with you.”

      The lesson learned from this discussion is a lesson most Americans refuse to hear. Political leaders can lie about their agenda and once in office they can take totally unexpected turns.

      If you had asked us three years ago if we thought General Motors would be nationalized, we would have never believed it. We could never contemplate a country where the rule of law, the most fundamental building block of a justice society would be evaporating just like it did in Castro’s Cuba in the early 1960s.

      But the news of injustice keeps increasing. Black Panthers are not charged with wrongdoing by the U.S. Department of Justice because their crimes are against whites. The bondholders of GM are stripped of their assets without due process by the government. Governmental leaders are bribed in full daylight only to have all investigation of the crimes stifled by the Attorney General. The U.S. borders are overrun with crime and illegal activity and the leaders in D.C. act as if it is important to protect the lawbreakers while the innocent are killed and overrun. When local communities attempt to enforce the law, they are ridiculed and threatened as racists and bigots. They are sued by the very administration entrusted with enforcing the law.

      Without the rule of law the U.S. Constitution is a sham. Without the rule of law our beloved America is swiftly becoming a country where only the well connected and politically powerful will be safe. As Michelle Malkin has so eloquently explained in her recent book, a culture of corruption has replaced honest government.

      The only way this problem will be fixed is by massive citizen action. All honest citizens that want to be treated equally must come together and demand that the favoritism, the bribes, the uneven enforcement of law end now. And yes, it can happen here.

      • JeffH

        WarriorH, it was a very interesting read by the guy leading the fight for the Impeachment of Obama

        • larry m.

          please dont take my word for it. just look at obamas past and present decisions; anti civil right, anti business, anti oil, anti growth, anti law(except when its good for him), anti isreal, anti american people!!!! on and on……where is the president, the leader of the freeworld??? is obama the first female president??? he sure doesn’t show he has any……

          • JeffH

            larry m., it’s almost as if the POTUS has declared “war” on anyone that doesn’t agree with his personal agenda.

          • Claire

            larry m. — Give the females more credit than that!! LOL

      • bp

        WarriorH; Thanks for your article. We can’t wait for impeachment. The only way to stop the madness is to stop the funding. NO MORE TAXES!! These turkeys are working for us. We ALL need to stop paying them. NOW!

      • TIME


        I agree and quite well understand whats going on, but you have to also understand that 80% of the US Population gets 100% total Propganda for news, as in Mind Control.

        Now people are even programed into total stupid by “Sound Bite News.” They don’t even need to know any facts or truths, as long as the {{SOUND BITE}} is strong enough.

        It creates the reaction needed. Everyone then demands the Government fix the problem. {{By the way}} that they as in the Government made!
        Sound like something you have seen before?

        Thats where the problems are, we have “no effective” methods of getting at the mass’s thus if Internet control falls, as in it becomes the Government / State run.

        The game is 100% over, and I mean really over; as they will start collecting up any and all people who they feel are a threat to the advancment of the program.

        They will be shown on the State run media just like you see persons like Tim Mcvay, (they as in the state run media) will post pictures of whom they are looking for with rewards and just watch how fast they get rounded up.
        keep in mind the real Un Empolyment numbers now are at 22.5% not the 9.7% thats being touted.

        Just what do you think will happen when the number is 49% or higher as in when the truth is displayed of what the real Unemployment is?

        *People will sell their kids for a loaf of bread.

        As you also need to keep in mind that we have 43% of the US Population on Government aid right now.

        You all do the math folks, this is not rocket science. My God if it were any more clear you would be blinded by the light from it.

        As Watler Lipman said, “when everyone thinks the enemys are their neighbors, we can pick any country like ripe fruit.”

        Read the works of this man as well Edward Bernays and if your still asleep your dead anyway.

        Keep in mind these two are noted as “the most revered American Journalist,” as in any news ancor you see on TV or any one you see on TV news they studied these peoples methods.

        Thus they are part of the problem as they have allowed the free flow of Propganda, as in “MIND CONTROL.”

        Now if thats not clear enough for anyone to grasp, YOUR BRAIN DEAD.

      • kate8

        WarriorH – Excellent post. Chilling.

    • bp

      Joe; Thomas was wrong because he underestimated WE THE PEOPLE. We can see exactly what is going on!

  • bobinpa.

    Nowyou talk about an Ignorant, Incompetent, POS, This Holder Joker is one. Obama put this Black Racist in charge of the Justice Department because he is STUPID enough to do what that Kenyan Commie/Markist, Muslim,LYING,Weasel says but won’t do himself because his approval rateing is dropping Lower then Whale S–t, and we all know where thats at. All those people that voted for this sorry bunch of Anti American, Lying, Muslim Marxist Bastards should take a good look at these Pukes, and then take a good look in the Mirror. This Holder Buttwipe is a Black Racist through and through just like the Lying Kenyan Muslim in the Wbhite House. The Arizona Law is right and is the way for America to go. These Progressiver Marxist Muslim Dirtbags want to Promote their “Sharia Law”. We all saw what this Holder PUKE did in the Philadelphia Voter Intimidation case. Obama wants to flood America with these ILLEGAL FOREIGN ALIENS for their votes for his WELFARE STATE. Just another Marxist/Communist PLOY to defeat America.We have to get rid of these Scumbags ASAP.

    • 1minuteman

      bobinpa. i was going to post but you said pretty much what i was thinking and i couldnt think how better to say it, so i second your motion of impeachment my friend.

      • Kinetic1

        Really, you couldn’t think of a better way to say it? No one could have made the point using proper english? You couldn’t think of a way to say this without slander, name calling, conspiracy theories and the rest of the vitriol?

        I just want to check in here. It seems to me that Fox’s conservative/libertarian legal expert, Judge Napolitano has often been quoted here and is considered a voice of authority and reason. So why, when he spells out in detail the reasons that this law will not pass constitutional muster, do you continue fighting this? Is this site filled with constitutional scholars who know better? Is this the one time that the judge is wrong?

        I agree that we have a problem with immigration. It’s been an issue for as long as I can remember and it’s great that this has brought the issue to the forefront. I hope we’ll finally see immigration reform laws that help, but it doesn’t sound like this is going to do the job. I understand that you all feel that this is unfair, but that’s not enough to win in court. As soon as the first arrest hits the books, this law will be challenged and with or without AG Holder, it looks like this law is doomed to fail. So continue to rail against the administration. Demand enforcement of our immigration laws and call for impeachment if you like, but let’s stop wasting time on a doomed law.

        • marvin

          Kenetic1 i sure am glad your setting in the judge seat, were did you get your law degree from harvard like most of odumbo lawyers, in 1996 congress gave states the right to help enforce immigration laws the arizona law mirror,s the fed law up to stopping arresting but not deporting, but handing over to the fed,s for deportation so less see the fed,s won,t close border won,t stop and arrest illegals won,t deport illegal criminal[just being here with out proper papers is illegal not legal criminal the fed,s do not have the right no more then you to pick the laws to obay or enforce that is illegal, with 68% of the american people being for the arizona law and 19% undecided and around 80% of the think tanks saying the arizona law will stand you are in the minority, and one more thing if you [illegals]come in to my house uninvited i [arizona]have the right to hold you at gun point and call the police[fed,s] and have you jailed why not send holder some money to help pay for his law suit i don,t want tax payer paying for obama,s power grab

          • Kinetic1

            You may have a point, but as usual it’s impossible to find. PLEASE, use basic punctuation. Commas ( , ) are used when you would normally pause in speech. Periods( . ) come at the end of a sentence (think of it as a thought.) Use an apostrophe ( ‘ ) when you want to show possession (John’s) or in contractions (don’t, can’t, etc.)

            So let’s give this a shot.
            I sure am glad you’re sitting in the judge’s seat. Were did you get your law degree from? Harvard, like most of odumbo’s lawyers?

            In 1996, congress gave states the right to help enforce immigration laws. The arizona law mirrors the fed law up to stopping and arresting illegals. The police can’t deport them, but they can hand the illegals over to the feds for deportation.
            So let’s see; the feds won’t close borders, won’t stop and arrest illegals and won’t deport illegals (just being here with out proper papers is criminal.) The feds do not have the right, any more then you or I to pick the laws to obey or enforce.

            With 68% of the american people being for the arizona law, 19% undecided and around 80% of the think tanks saying the arizona law will stand, you are in the minority. And one more thing: If you (illegals) come in to my house uninvited, I (arizona) have the right to hold you at gun point, call the police [feds] and have you jailed! Why not send holder some money to help pay for his law suit? I don’t want the tax payers paying for obama’s power grab!

            Ok. I only cleaned things up a bit, but at least it’s comprehendible now.

            To answer your question, I do no have a law degree and did not suggest that I did. My question was why the readers on this site, people who often site Judge Napolitano to prove their point now refute his opinion?

            Deportation has been on the rise for the past 10 years. Due in part to policy changes under Bush, there has been an increase of aprox. 120%, with a reported 387,790 deportations in 2009 alone. Given these statistics, the feds must be arresting and deporting illegals, despite your claims. And while the feds do not have a right to pick and choose the laws, they, along with the courts do have discretion over prosecution. In fact, congress is responsible for choosing not to criminalize the “undocumented presence” of otherwise law abiding individuals in the US, so the feds really have little do do with it.

            As to your poll numbers, what poll are you sighting? The most recent relative poll I found said;
            “By a margin of 50% to 33%, Americans say they oppose the federal lawsuit seeking to block the law from going into effect July 29, as scheduled, according to the Gallup poll.”

            “Of those opposing the federal effort, 38% say they are strongly opposed while 12% say they oppose but not strongly. Of those favoring the federal lawsuit, 26% strongly favor the suit and 7% say they favor the suit, according to the poll.”

            A Pew research poll showed 62 percent of those surveyed nationally supported letting police question anyone they think may be in the United States Illegally and 59 percent said they approved of the Arizona law that takes effect July 29.

            These polls suggest your numbers are high, but I admit that the American people support the law. Does that make it constitutional? The courts often decide against popular opinion, favoring the laws of our nation. Sure, we could return to lynch mobs if you’d like, but that’s not really constitutional, is it? I’ll stand by my opinion: this law will fail due to racial profiling. I know, I know, it says right in the law that profiling is not permitted, but it will be easy to prove that “reasonable suspicion of illegal status” is often based on appearance.

            Why not concentrate on a realistic approach to immigration? We’re not going to stop people from coming over the border as long as jobs are available, and many jobs will continue to be available as long as 1)Immigrant labor is cheap. and 2)There are jobs American workers won’t do. Let’s start making it easy for immigrant workers to file for worker status. We can then limit them to farm work or whatever else Americans won’t do. Next, we make the laws for hiring illegals tougher and enforce those laws. At the same time we need to make it easy for employers to check on a worker’s status. Once the availability of jobs is limited and employers are no longer willing to take the risk to save a few bucks, the number of illegals should decline. Of course we will still have drug runners and such, but the Arizona law will do little to address that. That is where the Feds need to step up to the plate and go after the remaining illegals who are not following the new regulations.

          • bp

            Kinetic1: You’re wrong. The Holder lawsuit does not cite racial profiling; that’s just a political talking point. The argument is one of federal jurisdiction, therefore, the State of Arizona will win!

        • http://aol wayne a

          kinetic,i have also read opinions of various sitting judges who thinks the Arz law will withstand any lawsuit.remember it is mirrored after the federal law.also rhode island is doing the exact same thing as the Arz. law.

      • http://thisone jayjay

        Me to minuteman. Everyone I know is sick of obama, and his corrupt and radical regime. It’s time for IMPEACHMENT….IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH!!!! Let the people’s voices be heard. Rid the White House of the democratic radicals, they all deserve hard prison time, they are traitors…all of them. It’s time to IMPEACH these corrupt traitors, and take back our country! Wake Up America! speak up, stand up, and rise up, America is worth fighting for!

        • bp

          jayjay; Agreed! Treason, abuse of power, failure to up-hold (no pun intended!) oath of office!

    • Bernadine

      we as americans and christions could stop taking government money
      for college,farmers could not take money for not raising food.welfare
      people could get a job any kind of job that would give them freedom
      from the government.when government goes under they will have to any way or go hungery.GOD wants us to work not sit and wait for some one to take care of us.we the people are in charge of taking care of each other not government.Government gets corupt when we want them to take and do things for us. Colleges,Schools,wefare programs,nursery schools,epa, energy,ran by they can tax us more. really what do we get in return for our labor? nothing. WE ARE THIER SLAVES….wake up AMERICA BEFORE IT’S TO LATE.I WAS A DEMOCRATE BUT I AM RATHER INDEPENDENT. I VOTE FOR THE MAN THAT DOES NOT TALK GIVING ME A FREE RIDE.FREE RIDES LEAD TO DEATH AND SLAVERY SO AMERICA IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Joe

    Hello Cracker! How is your blood pressure?

    The Obama Administration Protected Black Panther Who Advocates Killing White Babies
    When Attorney General Eric Holder suddenly reversed course and had the DoJ dismiss the voter-intimidation case against two New Black Panther Party activists stemming from an incident in 2008 in Philadelphia, many questioned why the DoJ would quit a case it had already won.

  • Trish

    What a pathetic joke. Obama is not involved???? Pitiful and Holder is more pitiful. We support Arizona and wish there were more Governors who would stand up for their States. Yep even Florida whose Governor needs to resect the voice of their citizens. This is almost laughable if it was not so sad.

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    THANK YOU, OBLAMA. While you defend yourself in court, the American people will finally see how they are being screwed by illegal immigration. This will do maximim damage to the feds position and only embolden the american people AGAINST any kind of further immigration, legal or not. THE FEDS WILL NOW HAVE TO DEFEND THEIR POSITION, WHICH IS ILLEGAL,….NOT ARIZONA’S!

  • s c

    What is unconstitutional in this matter is Washington’s conduct. The retards in Washington REFUSE to do their job. THAT”S THE WHOLE POINT.
    The Great Uniter [The Anointed One], is too busy watching polls and fixing his teleprompter to act like a leader. He don’t pack the gear.
    Old ‘Hit The Ground Running’ has fallen from grace. With all of his shadow advisors, his filthy rich chums and media whores by the score, Herr Flimflam can’t get his act together.
    We know where ya comin’ from, chump. We sees ya
    for who and what you is. Dig it, man? Like, go away, slick. You know what I’m sayin’? Your rap is crap. Power to the PEOPLE and the Constitution!

    • bp

      sc; The polls don’t interest him at all because he doesn’t care! He’s succeeding in pushing his agenda to “fundamentally transform” America. This is why Limbaugh hoped he would fail.

  • Al Sieber

    This sounds like something out of “George Orwells 1984″, where right is wrong, war is peace, bad is good. bring on the lawsuit “Holder”, we’re gonna beat you.

  • Walter

    If the federal government [and its law enforcement arm, the justice department] were enforcing existing federal immigration laws, states such as Arizona would not have to enact legislation so that they could enforce it for them. Mr. hold-um and the big zero aren’t even very good at lying through their teeth. They spend so much time together that they are beginning to look alike [can you see hold-um's ears beginning to grow]. They remind me of the Disney cartoon “Dumbo” [a clear measurement of their combined intelligence].

  • diane

    It is time to impeach the Kenyan and fire Mr. Holder. This outrage against Arizona to be paid by taxpayer dollars shows how radical this impostor is and how he hates our once great country. We also need to get rid of all the “czars” who are inept and incompetent appointed by the guy acting as chief. Repeal/nullify needed for everything passes by this corrupt congress and president since the beginning. The agenda does not represent WE THE PEOPLE!

    • cebraz

      Diane if you want to see the original copy of Obama’s certificate from Mombasa, Kenya I’ll be happy to share it with you. Just make your request by sending me an email at:

    • http://thisone jayjay

      You’re so right…how can we get this bafoon IMPEACHED! Everyone thinking American, can see through his ploys, he’s an evil person, out to destroy America! We can’t let this happen. Too many good people have given their lives to protect this country. It’s time to fight back America, it’s time to CLEAN HOUSE in November! It’s time to TAKE BACK AMERICA!!! We need to fight the corruption in Washington!

  • ann lawler

    Hahah! bobinpa, tell us how you really feel! All kidding aside Bob, you are 1000% spot on.

  • ann lawler

    “The Grand Canyon state’s two Senators—John Kyl (R-Ariz.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.)—suggested that the lawsuit will force people to question whether the administration is fully committed to securing the United States-Mexico border, USA Today reports.”
    Sorry Kyl and McCain ‘we the people’ already know for a fact, BO and ilk are not sincere and committed to securing the US border.

    • http://personalliberty rob

      And YOU believe “FLIP-FLOP McCain…??? If he truly wanted to help fight against “ILLEGAL” immigration, WHERE has he been over the past 10 years fighting for AZ?? Now that he is up for re-election, this issue is NOW important to him?? WAKE UP!!! He’s a FOX in the HENHOUSE “AMNESTY” pusher…AZ, you have the opportunity to vote this BUM out…I am very proud to support Brewer and the state of AZ, but beware of the “FOX”.

      • Claire

        Why doesn’t Kyl and McCain do something?

        • JeffH

          It’s only an important issue during their campaigns.

          • Claire

            JeffH–And then if they get elected, they do nothing.

          • Claire

            JeffH– I tried to answer you three times–and it kept popping up “Duplicate comment, looks like you have already said this!” It was strange. What I wanted to say was: and if they get elected, they do nothing.

          • Claire

            JeffH– Maybe I hit “submit” twice, I don’t know!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you said you wanted names on the other thread. Talking about the border got me to jog my memory. Have your husband check out Duncan Hunter!! I don’t know if he will be running next pres election but he’s a good one!! He’s aresponsible for fifty miles of the fence being built already by being a pain in the azz till they built it! JeffH being from Cali should know about him!

          • JeffH

            Joe H., I think he’s in SoCal…San Diego maybe. I’ve heard some very positive things about him, but I really don’t know much…tough to get much info on a guy in SoCal if you don’t live in the same area…I’ll have to check him out.

          • Claire

            JoeH–I mentioned Duncan Hunter to my husband awhile back, and my husband said he was A-O.K. Bob (my husband ) said he would vote for him. Why doesn’t he run for POTUS?

          • kate8

            Claire, I really liked Duncan Hunter during the R primaries. In fact, I liked him and Tom Tancredo the best.

            Duncan Hunter is from San Diego. He had the fence built there on the border. He is a great conservative, and border enforcement is a big issue with him.

          • Claire

            kate8 — why is it that the people that SHOULD be in office never get there? With this past campaign, only the so-called “popular” candidates were thrust into the spotlight and the others didn’t have a chance with the news media.

          • airangel

            It’s money Claire…the Unions and Elites back those that would be their puppets and sell-out America! They hit with so many TV ads and malicious attacks against opponents that the “dumbed-down” masses actually believe the nonsense and “play on words” they use against candidates…the unknown “good-guys” get smeared and don’t have the millions to fight back with – Thank goodness for internet, it’s cheap and can spread like wildfire…we all have to do our dudiligence and get the word out – somehow we have to get a majority of the Mexican-Americans that are AGAINST AMNESTY (because they lose jobs and security too) and there are many. I was on Newsvine last night and several Mexican Americans are against this Administration, those that posted their opinion were attacked by other Hispanics with some Spanish names I had to look up *lol – that’s where we need to divide and conquer!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            He did run in the primaries but the MSJM didn’t give him the time of day let alone any exposure as they KNEW he would have smoked Obummer if they had!!! He is a good man and I have sent him several E-mails practically begging him to run again! We all here need to do that. E-mail him and let him know we want him again!!!!

  • M.L.


  • Ed

    Any lawsuit filed in connection with the Arizona law should be filed against Obama and the federal government for failure to do it’s job. The Obama mantra: “if I can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, I’ll baffle ‘em with BS”. There’s not a lot of brilliance coming out of DC these days. And the BS is highly offensive to Americans.

  • TRS

    Both obama and holder will be history come November 2012…book it!

    • DROPOUT2001

      Not necessarily. TPTB, if it suits their purposes, will simply trot out yet another obvious pair of lying losers for the Republican half of the absurd Blue-vs.-Red dog and phony show, put on every four years for We, The Idiots. That is, IF they decide to bother having another utterly fake election again. After all, a lot of time, energy, and expense go into these extravaganzas.

      Consider how much setup is involved in putting or keeping an oblivious tyrant in the Oval Office:

      1. Purchase (as needed) and groom candidates for each of the two major parties.

      2. Shovel an obscene amount of money into both campaigns.

      3. Put the political think tanks into overdrive coming up with semi-believeable lies (platforms) for each side to espouse, in opposition to the other.

      4. Brief the mainstream media on what they must and must not focus on, but carefully weight the scales to achieve an apparent close balance.

      5. Tactically attack as needed, while strategically marginalizing, all non-Republicrat or -Demoblican candidates.

      6. Make the final decision as to which candidate will best hold the masses at bay until the NWO master-stroke can be delivered (perhaps it already has been, and this discussion is moot).

      7. Employ all the usual dirty campaign mudslinging tricks against any candidate who appeals in the slightest way to common sense or rationality.

      8. Pull out all the dirty-tricks stops on primary and election days (long lines at polls in certain red-lined districts, throw out votes from service people overseas, add long-dead voters to the rolls, etc.)

      9. Jury rig the black box electronic voting booths and, as a fail-safe, control all collected votes at district and county level.

      10. In the event of a stalemate, allow the carefully packed Supreme Court to apparently arbitrarily decide the fate of the election.

      (NOTE: I did not say “decide the fate of the nation.” That fate, fellow citizen-slave comrades, was predetermined a century ago, at Jekyll Island, with the invention of the Federal Reserve, and with the invention of the permanent personal income tax.)

      When the dust settles, we have four more years of he-voted, she-voted acrimony between the delusional Republicrats and Demoblicans, while the rest of us are too busy throwing up to talk sense into any of you useless tools, and are too few in number to mount an effective campaign of resistance to obvious tyranny.

      And that good ship of state, the NWO Apocalypse, sails inexorably on through a sea of life-choking oil.

      I just re-watched one of the better Sergio Leone westerns from the early 1970′s. It was aptly entitled: “Duck, You Sucker.”

  • Sherry Hauner

    He’s dense alright. Always trying to make the public think he is doing his job, not involved in wrong doing-but always a dollar short, a day too late in covering his ass. Lied throughout his campaign, still lying, except for making it known what his real agenda is with our enemies of America.-and that is to destroy it from within.

  • Rick

    Meanwhile, sanctuary cities continue to create their own immigration laws.

    • WarriorH

      A hubbada -hubbada- hubbada! Gibbs = High paid tool. Sanctuary cities, what a fricken joke these liberals are.

  • Marilyn

    Sueing Arizona is assinine and totally insane. Other States are following Arizona’s lead. So is the Federal Government’s Mr. Holder, under the direction of Obama, going to sue all of the United States? This Arizona sueing prig doesn’t realize that the Federal Government is NOT following the United States written laws by allowing illegals to enter our country?! The Federal Government has chosen NOT to deter illegals and Obama wants to give illegals Amnesty. Balderdash! Mr. Holder needs to read and understand more about the American Constitution and other important documents before stepping foot in the court of law.

    As for McCain and Kyl’s suggestion…Obama, Holder, Biden, Pelosi and all the “gang” knows they are not committed to securing the United States border. That is why the big play to sue Arizona and try to win their case using the United States Constitution to their advantage. (Remember Amnesty coming up) Never will the current administration confess to NOT doing their duty. NOW they hide behind the U.S. Constitution while they continually try to tear it apart to meet their own agenda.

    We have a serious problem and maybe larger than the Gulf oil spill. Obama is painting the entire United States with his red tape. Yes, Congress has made some pretty wild, stupid bills but nothing that Obama is not aware. The United States as we once knew it is being turned up-side-down as we sit here tapping out our feelings. The oil spill in the Gulf is a good reason to get American Citizens to be more concerned about the foundation of the Gulf and the oil than paying attention to what is happening to our rights as American Citizens. The take-over is slow but it is happening. It is difficult for me to understand why or how our elected State Representatives are following Obama’s lead and thinking they will remain in office. Part of the big plan? Those who agree with Obama’s agenda will be rewarded? Where are the checks and balances? GONE!

    • http://personalliberty rob

      YOU are a breathe of fresh air…our elected reps. DO NOT represent the will of the people. “WE THE PEOPLE” have been way to PASSIVE and LAZY and have not made the elected “ACCOUNTABLE” to the WILL of the people. The elected forget who they work for and who they should be listening to……”WE the PEOPLE”……I only hope the “LEGAL” citizens of our country are waking up!!!!!

  • JC

    Holder, The Kenyan and the rest of the Gang know NOTHING about the Constitution other than how to pervert it. Throw the bums out.

  • Marilyn

    Here is some news:

    For the past 25 years governments around the world have been fighting a war against cocaine. Austin, Texas, is one of the main battlegrounds in this war. In Colombia, the American government has financed an eradication operation to reduce cocaine production in the country by 50 percent. Since 2000 the U.S. Government has poured $5 billion into these eradication missions to little effect. The amount of cocaine manufactured in Colombia remains the same today as at the beginning of the century. The majority of this cocaine is smuggled into America. Instead of shipping large loads across the country, smugglers have been forced to ship smaller units due to the successes of the DEA and Border Patrol. But with the huge number of cars crossing the border and coming into Austin, law enforcement knows it has no hope of stopping all cocaine from reaching the city. But even containing the cocaine problem is an uphill battle. Not only have the drug cartels divided their shipments between hundreds of traffickers, they now employ thousands of dealers to sell their product.

    Read more:

  • Palin12

    I hope that Gov. Brewer will ignore any injunction from Holder and carry on with SB1070.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Agreed! Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and all the others have it right. Refuse to follow any orders from the WH until we clear up the obvious issues concerning who Obama is. (Barry Soetoro from Kenya). I further suggest we pull back our military until we investigate thoroughly what is goin on in our (rogue) Government.

      When one of the first actions that the man who is sitting in my Presidents chair did was to seal up all his history, well…I’m not the smartest person in the world but I sure can smell STINK when I get near it. The reason he hasnt’ been IMPEACHED yet is because when he goes down…their whole house of cards is going to come down with him. This means many, many career politions, news media, companies, rich people, etc, etc, etc,…are goin to be implicated and ruined. Well, guess what…this needs to happen and to HELL with their money and their attempts to continue to lie and deceave the American People. Let’s get back to what’s right and just people…and to hell with the Elites in the world trying to take control!!!

  • Colo43

    Holder must think we are all stupid, or maybe its just the ones whom voted for Obama.
    we all know where the push or orders came from and it was not Holder.
    i hate to wish my life away, but each day makes me wish it were November already.
    i’d like to clean house of every Democrat, they are a disgrace to this country.

  • Dave Ex

    Fear not. Bin Laden is in a cave in New Mexico. It was easy to get into America, he came across the America/Mexico border.

  • Marilyn

    More news to convince W DC they are not doing their job:

    Atlanta is home to “Spaghetti Junction,” a concrete jungle where two U.S. interstates and a number of other major highways converge. A tractor trailer leaving here can reach about 80 percent of the population in the United States within 48 hours. It’s a logical transshipment point for legitimate business and for loads of drugs and money. Spreading through America like wildfire, meth is seen by many law enforcement agencies as the number one drug threat because it can drive users to desperate acts. In 2006, Federal anti-meth laws cracked down on methamphetamine production. Sales of pseudo-ephedrine are now strictly limited to nine grams a month per person. Nationally, the cost of methamphetamine-related crime is estimated at $4 billion.

    Read more:

  • albert Shalhoub

    The President of the United States an the Attorney General should be arrested for deraliction of duty, namely for not protecting the people of the United States. They refuse to inforce the laws of the land.
    I again call for there arrest an further the impeachment of the President. They are no better then the rest of us, they must obay the law.

  • BrotherPatriot

    LoL…I just have to laugh at the idiocy of their lawsuit. Talk about polarizing the undecided voters to the Arizona cause. Correct, anyone w/working gray matter can see that the Federal Government isn’t doing one of their most important jobs…securing the border. When this happens, then it comes down to the states responcibility…and when the Federal Government then tries to stop them from protecting themselves…well, its obvious that the Wolves are in the Hen house.

    Yep, it’s time for a change and more and more of us true Americans are waking up to it.

    We are the single largest armed force in the world. The American people. They want to disarm us because it’s integral in their agenda to do so. They will not stop until they somehow succeed in doing this. When the vote comes down to a 5 to 4…well…that scares the heck right out of me…it should have been 9 to 0…unbelievable that it was that close. It’s time we cleaned the wolves out the hen house, fellow American’s. It’s WAY past time to do this…but please, we need to do it legally and peacefully if possible. If things dont’ go right this coming November…then perhaps more and more thought will be needed on how to best utalize our 3rd Box.

    Keep your powder dry.

  • mavis


  • JAMES A.


  • trp 878

    “We the People” think that the Govt. may think the immigration law of Az. is unconstitutional, but we know it is not, however, we do think
    that the actions by the Govt. are unethical, bias and discriminatory. Furthermore, under most any other administrative power, it could be looked at as treasonous and criminal. But of course treason today does not meet the same criteria as preceding years, for ei.10 Russian spies, exchanged for 4 American spies. Ask the Rosenthals about that! Oh, I’m sorry, that Q. is not possible as they were executed by our Govt. for Treason. Oh how the standards change when it involves special interests.
    “quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – (Who will watch the watchers themselves?)

    • marvin

      trp 878 glad you said something about the russin spy,s deported or sent or what ever what about there american born kids we can not deport a kid born to an illegal [birthright citizen]but you hear nothing about kids born here being allowed to go with there famly to russia but if we deport an illegal mexican with american born kids we are breaking up famlys,can someone tell me what is the differance the russins were deported take kids with them no questions ask but if there mexican,then we are heart less and want to break up famlys

      • bp

        Good point, marvin. I truly do not understand why it’s “too complicated” to deport 20 million. They WALKED over here!

  • Rick

    I noticed the duplicitous, hypocrytical DOJ, Holder and Obama failed
    to mention any Civil Rights violations that they were so loudly
    proclaiming after the passage of the Arizona law. What happened to
    being shaken down and arrested for buying an ice cream cone for your
    newborn American citizen?

  • M.L.

    you are so right james, i have donated to brewers fund twice, and as of yesterday she had as much as 500,000 from people like you and me. thank you.

  • Marcia Wood

    Eric Holder wasn’t the lone ranger when the lawsuit was filed against Arizona and Jan Brewer. This is but another ploy by the Obama Administration to secure Latino votes; the safety of our borders is even a slight concern to Obama.

    Actually Democrats are beginning to doubt their leader and many are pulling away from him; they realize that job security is more important than the fiasco against Arizona’s SB 1070.

    Little T-Boca (Annie)

  • http://yahoo Bubba

    To have the Justice Department file a lawsuit against Arizona, maybe they are unconstitutional .The last I heard we are still at WAR because of the 911 attack. Our boarders should have the military protecting us from all illegal people crossing them.
    Vote all the old timers out,replace them with people who care about America. Vote for and support Arizona governor Jan Brewer.

  • marvin

    have you donated to arizonas immigration defence fund yeat i have the fund went from zero to $200,000 in one day come on put your money were your gripe is this is to important to not get involved 68% of the people support the arizona law

  • Marcia Wood

    The quote from Joe is so right on – Crisis + Chaos = Opportunity. This is the basic tool of Socialism. Distract the people and keep the troops divided. The flip side of this we could go to the Obama websites and drown them with emails from the people of the USA. It might be more than worthwhile to play the Obama game that he thrives on… Little T-Boac (Annie)

    • DROPOUT2001

      Marcia, your third sentence precisely defines the US two-party system. Is Obama doing anything significant which Bush wasn’t already doing? Nope. Just more of it. Government may change hands, this doesn’t change the handlers.

      Tyranny’s tyranny, whatever labels one applies, whatever guise it comes in.

  • Frank Oak
    • DROPOUT2001

      Thanks, Frank. I read it (and the Arizona amendments to pre-existing law, as well). I live very close to both the Arizona and the Mexican border, in New Mexico. The one point which may not seem clear to those misinterpreting what AZ is doing is the phrase “lawful contact” on the part of law enforcement and other city/county/state agencies. “Lawful contact” on the part of an agency would, for example, include application for any sort of state aid. On the part of law enforcement it would include reasonable suspicion of having violated a state law to which all Arizona residents are subject. This would clearly NOT include simply having black hair, brown eyes, and brown complexion, as this wouldn’t stand up in a court of law, which requires probable cause. Probable cause is well established in jurisprudence, and “lawful contact” stems from probable cause.

      I’ve been stopped in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California by US Border Patrol. No biggy, I know I’m on the border in the midst of a passive but no less real invasion by a foreign sovereign government. In fact, I’d be disturbed if I saw NO such efforts. As it is, I’m disturbed at seeing such a pathetically weak effort down here.

      But key, here, is what Arizona specifically states their law enforcement is required to do upon identifying an illegal: turn him or her over to the Feds (after whatever penalties AZ law requires for committing any crime he/she may have been legally tried and found guilty of).

      I’ve lived in Phoenix, and have family in both Phoenix and Tucson. Considering what is going on in these cities, I’m surprised Brewer is showing such amazing restraint. The US Justice Department may decide against Arizona, but it certainly won’t be on any Constitutional basis. Constitutionally, AZ is within her rights to raise a standing army against this invasion (and to expect federal back-up, but who’s asking for miracles, here).

      • airangel

        Even if AZ wins this lawsuit, Holder and Napolitano have as much said they will let go any Illegals that law enforcement processes…like little kids being defiant because they don’t get what they want! If that happens then they are the felons!

  • Sylvia Keppy-Dow

    What a farce… Obama sez that this was strictly Eric Holder’s call.. I’m quite sure that nothing in this administration is done without Obama’s hand print on it.. This is just another lie and there are plenty of them coming from this White House. Perhaps Obama and his cornies would like to have these illegals living in their area!!!!
    Unless you live in a situation such as we have in Arizona, you cannot fathom what the illegals can do to neighborhoods, the economy, the medical impact in emergency rooms, the education system and last but not least to our law enforcement capabilities.. Pray that this lawsuit against Arizona will be defeated…

  • http://None Carole

    Where do I sign the petition to impeach these bums?

    • Claire

      Pass a petition to impeach all Democrats and Republicans in office and I will gladly sign it.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you mean you wouldn’t sign if it just had the top 5???Odummer, bigfoot Biden, P-lousey,dirty harry and Bawney Fwanks??? Gee, I’m disappointed in you.LOL!

        • Claire

          Joe H–Throw in a number of Republicans, and yes I would sign. I see corruption in both. And right now, they are doing nothing about the illegals.

  • marvin

    the odumbo house acts like a 2 year old in the bible when god called out to adam where are thow, adam was hiding and said i did not want you to see me naked and god ask how do you know you are naked did you eat the frute i told you not to, and adam said THAT WOMAN [YOU] GAVE ME DONE IT,AND OBAMA SAID HOLDER DONE IT NOT ME, I AM INOCENT like adam blaming god, so obama blames anyone and ever one, we can not have any hint of wrong doing with the king of slander

  • http://personallibertydigest JFS

    Mr.OBOMA. how can you not be inv0led .BEfdre reading the Ariz Law you and HOLDEN were against wont defend our borders.youwont defend our voters.and prsecute the black panthers who terrilized the white voters in Phila.So when is the JOD.going to do are suppose to be an EXECUTIVE, not an EXECUTIONL{ST.BY the way I am ABLACK AMERICAN.

  • Mondovibe

    I wish more of you understood the complications of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Instead of complaining with cheap irrational rhetoric, why not reasearch it, so you can pressure your representatives to get it done with sound debate:) The Library of Congress, CSpan, immigration studies/stats, etc. are just a click away.

    And, agree or disagree, everyone can at least pay attention to what is going on here:

    • Smilee

      These people are not interested in the truth, they are engaged in that campaigne to make the President fail, that is their goal and they cannot let the truth get in their way!!

      • marvin

        Smilee tell me what is the truth in your liberal mind if you tell a lie 50 times it is just that a lie we are not all brain dead and belive ever thing your leader the would not know the truth if it hit him in his mouth oh no he has his foot in his mouth must be hard to walk with foot in mouth and one kicking ass

      • JeffH

        Smilee, no one has to engage in a campaign to make Obama fail, he’s doing a fine job of that on his own. Of course, you can’t fathom that maybe most of us don’t like his destructive style of politics, Marxist/communist/socialist, but being of that mindset yourself one couldn’t expect you think any different.

      • Airangel

        Smilee…what truth are you talking about? I’ve only witnessed lies, lies and more lies!

      • kate8

        Smilee, you’re darned right we want him to fail! Because if he succeeds in his goal of bringing this country down, none of us will escape the horror of it.

        How did you feel when Bush was in office? Thought so. And yet, Odumbo has continued everything he started and and a whole lot worse.

        Down with Obama! May he go down in flames! May he be convicted of treason along the rest of the criminals now in office.

        Now, wanna know how I really feel?

    • Airangel

      @Mondovibe….the pressing point at this very moment is to secure the border from invasion and terrorist! Seal the border and then come up with a comprehensive immigration policy…it’s such a joke right now…all the tax payers that pay for law enforcement services basically throw good, hard earned money away!! Because of the millions of Illegals, it requires more Government services such as police, fire, trash, prison, education, welfare, medical,employment processing etc…it’s not sustainable and states can’t keep up – they are bankrupt, broke, in debt! When law enforcement does process and deport the illegals, the illegals just come right back over the wide open borders via numerous trails and tunnels…all that paperwork and manpower wasted…many come numerous times…it’s a joke! We have to put a kabosh on any more coming over right now until we can get a good resolution! So secure the border first and foremost!

  • Jmac

    Since when did the government care about the constitution. to quote our former president “that’s only a piece of paper”

  • chuck b


    i understand it quite well. why not just enforce the federal law? we do not need 15 million new democratic voters in 2010-1012 to get your “fuhrer” re-elected. we need the illegal aliens removed from this country . we didn’t pay for their way in and they can leave the same way. please send your leader with them.

  • Paul H

    This is truly unreal!! The Federal Government has much more in illegal immigration laws that are harsher… they enforce the LAW of the land. NO. This is getting to be like a broken record. Obama knows nothing about what his own appointment is doing when he speaks with him on a almost daily basis. Do the American people appear that stupid to you Mr President. At least you got the initials right because something smells rotten,and it’s B.O.!!



    You should have placed that bold faced type of the word Unconstitutional under the picture of his lordship of deciet, the Racial Coward Eric Holder…….

  • Claire

    Another stupid shenanigan that the taxpayers will have to pay for. This problem with the illegals has been going on for years and not any of the administrations wanted to do anything about it. They kept letting it slide until it has become such a huge problem and now this current administration has to deal with it. I do not support the current administration but I wish to say that there are plenty of Republicans that want amnesty too. This issue is not one-sided. I notice some Republicans aren’t saying too much about the problem. Wonder why? I’ll tell you why, it is because they don’t want to do anything about this problem either. I do not trust any politician from these two parties.

    • chuck b


      you are right, there are many republicans that want to sign an amnesty bill and almost all the democrats. they don’t care about the country, just the vote! if this amnesty bill gets passed its a guarantee barry and the democrats will rule forever. it will be something like california.

      • Claire

        chuck b–What I can’t understand is why the Democrats and Republicans will not do anything about sending the illegals back where they came from! Both parties are dragging their feet on this issue. This makes me wonder what will happen if Republicans do get elected? I’ll bet they won’t push the issue either. And why not? This administration continues to fool around about this issue, and the Republicans in office are not pushing it. Heck, the Republicans in office could step forward and try to do something about sending the illegals packing, but they won’t. It is mindboggling.

        • JeffH

          Claire, that’s because almost all of them feed from the same trough.

          • Smilee

            Yep! you ought yo know you are right there beside them at the the trough!

          • Claire

            Smilee– Stop it. Feeding from the same trough could apply to you too. I am trying to make a comment about what I think and I don’t want my comments turned into a debate about stupidity. I don’t have time to listen to the crap, I want to find out things, I want to know just what the hell is going on in this world.

          • JeffH

            Claire, thank you…I understand and agree with you and that was my point, but no matter what, some just can’t get past the fact that even those that oppose this POYUS and his administration also realize the contributions of the Republicans to this mess our country is in, past and present.

          • JeffH

            …meant to be POTUS

          • http://naver samurai

            Smilee, have we forgotten to take our medicine today, or have you finally come up from the basement to see some light for once? No one cares what you have to say, so buzz off!

          • libertytrain

            Claire – JeffH – we all understand the Smilees of the world. Sad, very sad.

        • kate8

          Claire, our politicians are taking bribes and pay-offs to look the other way in this issue. They are getting richer while we suffer.

          This drug money is also used to fund covert projects. It’s been going on for a long time. The CIA is part of it. So is the IRS.

          Our system is utterly corrupt. Can we find one honest statesman? Anyone know? Because I’m not sure.

          • Claire

            kate8–You said “can we find an honest statesman?” This is exactly what I have always thought. I don’t know if there are any truly honest statesmen out there.

  • WarriorH

    I’ll tell you how to solve this problem. You build military bases along the border and forget about border patrols.

    • Claire

      WarriorH–Good idea. Have bases all along the border, and it would be “enter at your own risk.”

      • WarriorH

        Darn tuten – Where else would our troops get better training then in a place where conditions are similiar to the world’s hot spot. Kill two birds with one stone. Feds can buy up the property along the border and sell the land they took over in Utah, Neveda, Wyoming, etc. That should pay for it.

        • Christin

          I’m in agreement with that.

          Put up a fence and military bases along the border.
          Our troops should protect US here, too.

          This all could have been done a long time ago, but presidents don’t want to appear racist and have been PC and others just want new votes.

          • Claire

            Christin–You hit the nail on the head–it is all about votes. Neither party is pushing the issue.

  • eddie47d

    The Federal lawsuit is somewhat foolish not because they don’t have the right to do so but Arizona’s law so closely mirrors Federal Law. I agree Arizona is forcing Washington to move quicker than they would have to get a comprehensive bill passed. Now it’s up to the Democrates and Republicans to work together and get this urgent bill passed. Until then,leave Arizona alone.

    • chuck b


      whats so urgent that we pass an amnesty reform bill?? and just what is this bill going to do? let me tell you. it will destroy this country as we know it. with this influx of votes for your democratic party,it will add another 10 million more democratic votes (conservative figure) the wimpy republican legislatures might as well go home and we will be left with one party rule. this is what barry soetoro has been striving and planning for. “he likes venezuela”. no thanks, you and all the soetoro crowd can set up your own government somewhere else.

    • Raggs

      eddie… work together?… R-U-KIDDING?

      Prehaps you expect me to believe that? obama has done nothing at all to gain any support from the RNC.

      Where the hell do people like you come from?

  • Airangel

    Here’s a start to get the right people in office…each of us need to encourage OUR STATES representatives to sign!

    In an e-mail response to Newsmax, Rubio, a Republican, confirmed that he has signed the contract, which presents 10 key platform planks that promote “individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom.”

    “I’m proud to sign the Contract From America, which is a restatement of the principles and values that have made America exceptional for centuries and that are needed in Washington today,” Rubio’s e-mail stated Thursday. “At a time when Washington is spending money that we don’t even have to expand government, the Contract From America is a reminder that America deserves leaders who will be a check and balance on the direction this president and Congress are pursuing.”

    Several high-profile Republicans have joined Rubio in signing the contract during the past 48 hours, including Senate candidate Dan Coats of Indiana, Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida, and Senate candidate Ken Buck of Colorado.

    “Due to your efforts, these candidates have chosen to be champions of Main Street values and have joined with you in signing the Contract From America,” declared a post on the group’s Web site,

    The contract urges members of Congress to cite the specific clause in the Constitution that gives them authority to pass any new legislation. It rejects cap and trade, which it says will hurt the nation’s economy and global competitiveness. It aims for a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget, and would require a two-thirds majority to pass any tax hike.

    Grass-roots conservatives hope the Contract From America will have a major impact not only on which candidates win their parties’ nominations but also on who wins in November.

    • Airangel

      Some of you are luckier in other states…Idaho only has one signature so far but we’re working on it and on mirroring Arizona’s law!

      According to, candidates and political leaders who have signed onto the Contract From America so far include: This is “The Engine that Can Train” … All aboard!! whoo whoo!

      1.U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.
      2.U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.
      3.U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa (5th Congressional District)
      4.U.S. Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga. (9th Congressional District)
      5.U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas (10th Congressional District)
      6.U.S. Rep. Pete Olson, R-Texas (22nd Congressional District)
      7.U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Fla. (16th Congressional District)
      8.U.S. Senate Candidate Sharron Angle (Nevada)
      9.U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Lee (Utah)
      10.U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Miller (Alaska)
      11.U.S. Senate Candidate Jane Norton (Colorado)
      12.Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich
      13.Former Majority Leader Dick Armey
      14.U.S. Senate Candidate Marco Rubio (Florida)
      15.U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Coats (Indiana)
      16.U.S. Senate Candidate Ken Buck (Colorado)
      17.Candidate Jeff Duncan (South Carolina)
      18.Candidate Jason Whitman (Wyoming)
      19.Candidate Patricia Lightner (Kansas)
      20.Candidate Pamela Gorman (Arizona)
      21.Candidate Dennis Ross (Florida)
      22.Candidate John Dennis (California)
      23.Candidate Jerry Labriola (Connecticut)
      24.Candidate Kathy Brown (Connecticut)
      25.Candidate Malvi Lennon (Connecticut)
      26.Candidate Tod Oppenborn (Nevada)
      27.Candidate Jef Fincher (Georgia)
      28.Candidate Bryan Severns (Texas)
      29.Candidate David McKinley (West Virginia)
      30.Candidate Renee Slinkard (Kansas)
      31.Candidate Thomas Bock (New York)
      32.Candidate Robin Smith (Tennessee)
      33.Candidate Clay Cox (Georgia)
      34.Candidate William Crawford (Florida)
      35.Candidate Charles Thompson (Oklahoma)
      36.Candidate James Scholz (Missouri)
      37.Candidate Barry Hess (Arizona)
      38.Candidate Rick Allen (Georgia)
      39.Candidate Tim Scott (South Carolina)
      40.Candidate Mike Hight (Indiana)
      41.Candidate Bruce West (Texas)
      42.Candidate Jason Allen (Michigan)
      43.Candidate Eddie Zamora (Texas)
      44.Candidate Linda Goldthorpe (Michigan)
      45.Candidate William Strieber (Texas)
      46.Candidate Kathy Johnson (Idaho)
      47.Candidate Rob Sampson (Connecticut)
      48.Candidate Patricia Sullivan (Florida)
      49.Candidate Delia Lopez (Oregon)
      50.Candidate “Hank” Whitelock (Wyoming)
      51.Candidate Mark Grannis (Maryland)
      52.Candidate Nathan Chesebro (Michigan)
      53.Candidate John Koster (Washington)
      54.Candidate Stephen Labate (New York)
      55.Candidate Collins Bailey (Maryland)
      56.Candidate Deborah Busch (New York)
      57.Candidate Robert Fields (Tennessee)
      58.Candidate Cathy Giessel (Alaska)
      59.Candidate Gordon Fiddes (Oregon)
      60.Candidate Shawn Hoffman (California)
      61.Candidate Anna Little (New Jersey)
      62.Candidate Todd Lally (Kentucky)
      63.Candidate John Faulk (Texas)
      64.Candidate Bob Parker (Missouri)
      65.Candidate Tim Huelskamp (Kansas)
      66.Candidate Steve Mueller (Texas)
      67.Candidate Eric A. Feige (Alaska)
      68.Candidate Ilario Pantano (North Carolina)
      69.Candidate Donna Campbell (Texas)
      70.Candidate Dan Fanelli (Florida)
      71.Candidate T.J. Thompson (Indiana)
      72.Candidate Stephen Bailey (Colorado)
      73.Candidate Peter Corrigan (Ohio)
      74.Candidate Daniel Cardena (Wyoming)
      75.Candidate Martin Elsass (Ohio)
      76.Candidate Tim Besco (Texas)
      77.Candidate Sean Bielat (Massachusetts)
      78.Candidate Brad Marston (Massachusetts)
      79.Candidate Andrew McNulty (Rhode Island)
      80.Candidate Thomas Zaleski (Arizona)
      81.Candidate John Gomez (New York)
      82.Candidate Frank Guinta (New Hampshire)
      83.Candidate Scott Bruun (Oregon)
      84.Candidate Frank Foster (Michigan)
      85.Candidate Bill Randall (North Carolina)
      86.Candidate Jeff Hartline (Tennessee)
      87.Candidate Dennis Lennox (Michigan)
      88.Candidate Keith Lepor (Massachusetts)
      89.Candidate William Gunn (Massachusetts)
      90.Candidate Bob Brancato (Colorado)
      91.Candidate David Ratowitz (Illinois)
      92.Candidate Don Baldauf (Florida)
      93.Candidate Ken DeLoach (Georgia)
      94.Candidate David Castillo (Washington)
      95.Candidate Mark Reed (California)
      96.Candidate Teri Newman (Illinois)
      97.Candidate Larry Andre (California)
      98.Candidate Bobby Schilling (Illinois)
      99.Candidate Jim Pratt (South Carolina)
      100.Candidate Ken Wegner (Nevada)
      101.Candidate Rick Barber (Alabama)
      102.Candidate Jim Ward (Arizona)
      103.Candidate Randall Yearout (Washington)
      104.Candidate Jesse Kelly (Arizona)
      105.Candidate Joe Siano (New Jersey)
      106.Candidate John Wayne Tucker (Missouri)
      107.Candidate Liz Carter (Georgia)
      108.Candidate Chip Cravaack (Minnesota)
      109.Candidate Kerry Roberts (Tennessee)
      110.Candidate Bob McCarthy (Massachusetts)
      111.Candidate Mary Ruth Edwards (Washington)
      112.Candidate Christopher Dent (Massachusetts)
      113.Candidate Chris Cox (New York)
      114.Candidate Mike Yost (Florida)
      115.Candidate Robyn Hamlin (Missouri)
      116.Candidate Jody Hice (Georgia)
      117.Candidate Thomas Weaver (Massachusetts)
      118.Candidate Craig McPherson (Kansas)
      119.Candidate Ed Klapproth (Nevada)
      120.Candidate Marty Lamb (Massachusetts)
      121.Candidate Ron Harwell (Tennessee)
      122.Candidate Rick Torres (Connecticut)
      123.Candidate Scott Folkens (California)
      124.Candidate Dan Benishek (Michigan)
      125.Candidate Henrietta Dwyer (New Jersey)
      126.Candidate Paul Wasserman (New York)
      127.Candidate Chris Salvino (Arizona)
      128.Candidate Joe Budd (Florida)
      129.Candidate Tony Amorose (Michigan)
      130.Candidate Joseph Krysztoforski (Maryland)
      131.Candidate John Willoughby (Hawaii)

    • http://thisone jayjay

      Yeah, it’s time for Americans to stand up, and fight the corruption in WA. It’s time to CLEAN HOUSE, and TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!!!

  • marvin

    Mondovibe, we are paying attention we are not all dumb we are not all illiterate and most can read and understand we are not all right wing conspirace nuts in 1986 congress passed and the president signed in to law a comprehensive immigration law giving amnesty to about 3 million illegal,in that comprehensive immigration law it was to close are border and stop all illegal immigration now 24 years later we have 20 million illegals the border are wide open the drugs flow freely the illegals are none stop across are southern border murder rape and assault are ever day happening, obama said the border is safer in the last year and half then it has been the previous 8 years bushs fault so less give 20 million more illegals amnesty, the 1986 amnesty was not done right,obama will get it done right this time, so here his plan for amnesty,come forward admit you broke the law pay back tax pay a fine learn english go to back of immigration line,so here we go pay back tax and a fine they work cheap half there money is sent back to mexico,some have been here for 10 years i would be jailed for income tax evasion will there be a fine and penalty on all the back tax then the fine for being here illegaly and what about the false documents they use some stolen some fake,is that not a crime in its self learn english well obama said we need to learn spanish so just for get that,go to back of line,??? but obama they are allready here are you going to deport them or let them stay and work if they stay have they not moved to the front of the immigration line,i want to know, on the fines how will they be payed at one time or on payment plan,most have american born kids 3/4/5/6/7on welfare if there getting welfare how will they pay a fine, if it was an american citizen they would be jailed, so here is the brake down we get 20 million illegals jump from last to first on the immigration line they work cheap so the employers that knowingly work illegals will have to pay them more so they can pay their fines,as for learning english why would they want to,we have about 25 million unempoyed american will giving amnesty and allowing the amnesty worker to stay on the job help the unempoyed,[NO]will giving amnesty help on cutting the welfare roll,[NO] will amnesty help the dembocrats[YES]will giving amnesty help on crime[NO]will it stop drugs[NO] will it stop illegal[NO]will it stop the murders,rapes, kidnapings[NO]so what is the advantage of amnesty to the american worker and tax payer NONE,what is the advantage to the party in charge now VOTES hispanic vote about 70% democrat,so deport now the life and job you save may be your own

  • Linda Mitchell

    Holder & his side kick Janet Napolitano are a waste a human skin….they should both go to trial for the frauds they are. These are the same two clowns that were against the 10 page law before they had admittedly ever read it. Didn’t Obama shortly before give the country 72 hours to read the 2000+ page health care bill before cramming it down our throats?
    Old west law ….can’t we just get a rope ?

    • http://thisone jayjay

      Good one Linda, Arizona is sick of the inept, stupid, and frankly quite corrupt regime that is in power now, obama cares nothing for the people of Arizona, he refuses to secure our borders, when it is clearly the duty of the federal govt. to do so. Hmmmmm… we don’t need to think any further about his motive, other than to know that the ‘illegals’ are his voter-base! Also, for the people out there that care nothing for Arizona’s problem, with the ‘illegals’ pouring in, what makes you think, that these same ‘illegals’ won’t be coming to your state next? If a person really thinks about it, if they continue to infiltrate and multiply, we will begin to see an invasion of ‘illegals’ all around. Do we really want America, to become Mexico?! People need to wake up, and DEMAND our borders be SECURED!

  • Raggs

    You gotta look at who the migthy one surrounded himself with.
    Eric Holder is putty in the hands of the unconstitutionalist.

    Both of them have something in common…. They HATE white people!

    I’m waiting to see obama appoint that “black” panther voter intimidator billy club weilding ” I hate craker’s” as his next CZAR.

  • John




    • Marilyn

      For Frenchie. It appears that “checks and balances” are not in place – Federal level – never were at State Level. So who does step up without violence and says enough is enough.? As I read various news articles, more than one State is clamping down on illegals. Holder(Obama) will be sueing every State in this country if my calculations are correct. Of course, Obama can issue another executive order to win this Arizona vs Fed Gov’t case and others. He uses that a LOT to get his own agenda accomplished. As I see it, when he destroys Arizona’s new laws, he will push his Amnesty into place and we citizens will be sol. The Socialism, or worse, picture is being created piece by piece. It was started when Carter was in office, if not before, but it appears no one took his actions very seriously. It is far past wake up time.

    • http://WindowsInternetExplorer ERichardson

      FRENCHI, #1 Illegal in Our USA has no Documents including Original Long Form Birth Certificate, which means has not met Constitution Eligibility. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama has no Authority to transform Our USA! If USA NAturalborn Citizen why did Pelosi Vault his Kenya born Original Birth Certificate as Kenyan Parliment stated Barack is Kenyan born, America elected a Kenyan born President, they (America) is no longer living in the past (Constitution & Founding Fathers. USA Naturalborn Citizen & Parents also Father Kenya/British Mother USA/Indonesia 1964. Barack Kenya/British Indonesia Naturalized with mother 1964. Adoption/Name Change 1964 Barry Soetoro/Indonesia Citizen Ship 1964 Jakarta, Indonesia All School records 1965 to Harvard Law 2004 2007 to 2010- Barry Soetoro Ill State & US Senate Barry Soetoro Perjury on Gov State Form. Nominee 2008 Illegal!

  • Raggs

    With the population of this country of over 300 million with more than half non working or supporting the expansion of the government, the government cannot keep up with the demand for welfare or entitlement programs. Printing money is only a temporary solution. We all know what will happen when the money has no value. Since obama is a radical progressive he is seeing a division which will further seperate the haves from the have nots. His plan of stealing from the rich to support the poor will not work. It never has and it never will. In fact as we are seeing it will sink this country in a depression.. So you have to wonder if this is not his plan. The shut down of off shore oil, the wealthcare program This is not just an attempt to restore this country, it is a means to destroy it.
    “The end’s justify the mean’s”… He knows he will pit brother against brother as a matter of fact he is hoping for that. The population is too large for him to control..extermination is a must.

    • kate8

      Raggs, a frightening but true scenario, and it is already in progress.

      I read that those who live around the Gulf will be dropping like flies soon from the benzene and other toxic chemical contamination. I really suspect this thing was planned for that purpose.

      Population reduction is well underway on many fronts.

  • http://gmail i41

    Raggs, Holder and Omoron, are both a couple of crossbred kenyans and both probably muslim bros. In the last few months more love ins for muslims are happening, so it shows the head muslim marxist fraud Prez, isn’t the only woodpile organism. Organizing the muslim ideology fast trak for the USA. Wheather or noty all socialist democrats like it, not, they cann’t get the stench of colaberation with this screwed up mess created by the marxist string pullers of the democrat party.

  • Marilyn

    I received this through email and it makes a LOT of sense:

    I’m a legal American citizen and I must show my ID when:
    1. Pulled over by the police.
    2. Making purchases on my department store credit card.
    3. When I show up for a doctor’s appointment.
    4. When filling out a credit card or loan application.
    5. When applying for or renewing a driver’s license or passport.
    6. When applying for any kind of insurance.
    7. When filling out college applications.
    8. When donating blood.
    9. When obtaining certain prescription drugs.

    10. When making some debit purchases, especially
    if I’m out of state.

    11. When collecting a boarding pass for airline or train travel.

    I’m sure there are more instances, but the point is that we citizens of the USA are required to prove who we are nearly every day!
    Why should people in this country illegally, be exempt!!!!!
    Why shouldn’t we guard our borders as closely as every other country in the world does?
    Go ARIZONA !!!

    • Raggs


      You can answer your own question with a little research on “real I.D.”

      The immigration reform obama has is not designed to be a plus for the citizens, it is a tracking system of each American.

      You see… Our government will use you as the criminal.

      • Airangel

        Raggs, our government is already making us “law abiding” citizens the criminal…look at healthcare…don’t buy it and be fined or go to jail…this is not reform….it’s just ensuring Big Pharma and Insurance Companies get more of the pie! It’s not forcing competitive pricing and lower policies! Just the opposite…every thing this President promises is a lie!…The proof always comes out AFTER the fact!

        • Raggs

          Yeah well.. they can attempt to fine me.
          They can attempt to put me in jail.

          Neither of which will have a good outcome… I will not buckle to tranny or a dictatorship… My life is useless without freedom, my freedom depends on my life!… I will give neither up without nor can they take it!

          • Raggs

            I must be getting sleepy…

            Anyway I’ll re-post…

            I meant to say…

            They will not like the result of either fining me or the threat of jail due to tyranny.
            My freedom will not be lost to a dictator. My life means nothing without freedom so I will be glad to parish for the sake of it as so many have done in the history of this countrty… So if obama doesn’t like that F*ck him!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Am I imagining things or do I remember Odummer saying awhile back that the BUCK STOPS HERE? If I remember it right, it shouldn’t make a difference if Obummer was in on the decision or not. By that remark, he still would be responsible for the suit!!!

          • Claire

            JoeH–Yes he is responsible for this lawsuit although he acts like it is Holder’s idea. This is nothing but a sham. And guess who will WIN the lawsuit? Good old Chicago politics. These reprobates never quit, do they.

    • Airangel

      Exactly,,such double standards for Legal American Citizens and now double standards if you’re a white Gringo or white cracker…you can be racially slurred and spit on and the offender doesn’t have to worry about being arrested or fined for “hate crimes”, however if you’re white and say derogatory things to a person of color or a Gay or Lesbian, you are arrested for “hate crimes”.

      No one is saying we are all “pearly white” and definitely have our share of creating atrocities in the past but we also have “tons” of bloodshed for “making past wrongs, RIGHT”!!! Many “good” whites have died for the sins of “others” and if you continue to live in hate and guilt for things our ancestors did hundreds of years ago, no good can come of it because it keeps you in a dysfunctional, resentful and unproductive place! Obama apologizing to Anti-American countries and NOT taking a firm stand with leaders like Felipe Calderon sends a WEAK message and we lose face and respect!!! He also sends the message that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL AND GET AWAY WITH IT in AMERICA, especially the Drug Cartel….Kick them off American Land…it’s not their’s! They think it is but it’s NOT! we paid for it in bloodshed and money and worked the land to prosperity and beauty. When they held it, it was overrun with criminal activity (much like today), and they were only too happy to take the money and give us the “crime-problems”. Now that hard working Americans turned it around….gee they want it back…guess what, it would only revert back to ugliness and shambles in Mexican’s keep until Hispanics fight for your own country and wrestle it from the Drug Cartel or they will keep ransoming you and using you like dogs! America would help their neighbors, we have always been the compassionate country helping all who have needed it (by choice, not by force). When you tromp all over our good nature, you disrespect us, not to mention use our resources for your own gain without giving back…you basically bite the hand that feeds, clothes, educates and keeps you well! Our thanks is death threats, rape, incarceration, assault, theft, disease and run down neighborhoods! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Good guys always finish last but we do finish and have the last say!

      • kate8

        You are right Claire, and besides all that, whites do not hold a corner on shameful people in history. Every nation and ethnicity is guilty of barbarism, slavery, and all manner of evil. Yet that is never mentioned. And much of it is still going on today, all over the world, like stonings. Why are not Muslims or Chinese shamed for their brutality? Their low regard for human life? Why must we carry all the guilt for the rest of the world? Why is it okay for other races to be truly racist against all others unlike themselves? Because, largely, they are!

        Whites are just the only ones who’ve stood up and fought for their liberty from tyrants, and who, through much sacrifice, set up a system based on godly principles. And have extended that to all who wished to embrace those ideals. And we’ve now made a mockery of their struggles and sacrifice. And we allow ourselves to be verbally whipped and emotionally humiliated and shamed by those who’s goal is to abolish freedom and justice forever, and to turn those who are able to survive the genocide into mindless slaves.

        I refuse to apologize for anything, in history or the present. There are good and bad in all peoples, and we should all value our heritage because it’s who we are. All that matters is what we do from this day forward.

        We are good people. We always have been. We can not allow this to be taken from us.

        • JeffH

          kate8, once again you speak from the heart and I do recognize and appreciate it.

          • kate8

            And I’ll say another thing.

            The reason the PTB have worked so hard to malign and subdue us is because it has ALWAYS been WE who have carried the spirit of liberty and the Light of God, and it is WE who have had the determination and courage to fight for these things, and give our lives if necessary to insure them for posterity. To take this spirit from the Earth, they have to destroy the vessels for it. Otherwise, it will just keep coming back.

            I would like to think that maybe this would have caught on. I’m yet to be convinced.

        • airangel

          If for some reason Amnesty is granted, we have to move to Plan B and truly support a Fair Tax and to dissolve the IRS…we won’t be able to afford the cost of more Welfare Illegals into the system. The Fair Tax would make them pay up front for any goods or services and dissolving the IRS would take a huge burden off the working middle class…read more about it hear…this should really happen regardless. It will tell you also candidates that have already signed in favor of this.

  • chuck b
  • chuck b
    • Raggs

      I have already graded that stupid jerk!

      Any guess to what I gave him?

    • Raggs

      chuck.. no offence.. but why the hell would you even bother with the mainstream obama news?

      I never watch and never will watch or read ANY news created from the zombieland criminals.

    • JeffH

      chuck b, what I find amazing is that MSNBC/Newsvine is a totally left leaning site.

      • Airangel kidding…I got totally slammed on Newsvine but had to have my say about the Portugese Playboy posting on the cover showing Jesus with a woman in a compromising position…it was just so wrong and horrible and all the people on Newsvine thought it was funny and were so against Christianity..which is fine, they can believe what they want, but don’t be so morally degrading and crass and disrespectful of others who see Jesus as a holy man…DEPLORABLE! The anti-reverse discrimination is absurd! Playboy did break ties with Portugal and said they never got the opportunity to proof the cover…just sick!

        • kate8

          Wow, Airangel. I hadn’t heard about that.

          Of course, they’d never portray such a vile thing with say… Mohammed.

          What? Too much respect for him?

          • airangel

            Yeah, I get on Newsvine as a thorn for the Libs…a few others do too but it’s scary how many out there on MSNBC (partly because so many have MSN and Microsft packages) get automatic start-up for MSNBC’s biased stories!..that’s where the education needs to hit..TIME is right, so many read ONLY what MSNBC, ABC, CBS and the others and don’t take time to verify anything….the elites and sour politicians know propaganda gets a huge voting audience! Hopefully, they won’t fall for the lies and come November, will remember the treasonous actions of this Administration and care more about what’s happening to America, then vote with their heart and not the greed for “empty promises”!

  • http://thisone jayjay

    How can they – this corrupt radical government regime, say: that Arizona’s Immigration Law – SB1070 is Unconstitutional? EXCUSE ME…but Arizona’s law, mirrors the Federal Immigration Law, and it is NOT Unconstitutional! There is a reason for borders, and they aren’t for Crossing!!!!! OUST the ‘illegals’ and TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!!

    • Raggs

      If you OUST the illegals… would that not have to start in the white house with obama being the first to go?

      • Christin

        YES, let BO go first… but really he needs to go to jail or he will go back to one of those jihadist groups and continue to kill the infidels… US!

  • chuck b


    i received these links from friends, who are just to the right of attila the hun, so i didn’t go looking on either of those web sites.
    it was interesting to see how many people who evidently watch cbs and msnbc grade barry so bad.

    • Raggs

      Pardon me… I guess everyone has the right to research, well as of now anyway.
      I find it comical and on the verge of insanity to believe the oprah whimpy media…. If you want the truth you have to look for it. Their polls are always leaning so you can take them for what they are I suppose.

  • eyeswideopen

    If we make it until November and things don’t change then, we’ll have to take matters into our own hands. Otherwise, we’ll be marched into the ovens and dispersed of. Barry and his misfits have made no bones about their intentions for dissenters. Either way, the end of all this madness is within grasp.

    • Raggs

      Not to be rude….

      Again I will state voting will not make any difference. Prehaps you like others do not see obama is creating an obama world. Do you really suggest little-ole-you will make a difference?… Ten million you’s will fix a fraud? I’m lost by the mental status of this country.

      Dr.jerk-off was just admitted to the CZAR administration to oversee your death. How much more do they need to shove down your neck?

      • Airangel

        Would Voodoo and a hex work? Couldn’t you just see all those Black Panther voting intimidaters bobbing their own heads with their clubs, or buckling at the knees or something outrageously foolish! Oh what fun that would be or shooting sleep darts at each other! Ok sorry had to have some fun from all the ranting and unbelievable state of affairs we’re in!

    • coal miner


      You are not the original blogger.Who are you?

    • kate8

      eyes! Is this really you?

      • libertytrain

        kate8 no – the name is not reserved as you know, so someone else is using it — that is not the eyes we came to disagree with on a regular basis.

  • http://gmail i41

    Knee caps those cracker hating black bastards, and watch them do the concrete ghetto break dance on their sides, for at least a half a hour.. It will stop the ranting about whites, and they will want a little first aide. But first make them learn some basic manners and say Pleease, first.

  • Perry

    Freedon as the founders wanted The part of the declaration we need to renew as the current government is violating the same laws and following the same course of the King we fought against they have forgotten as well as removed this part from the schools. If you doubt this just take a line and ask a student form what document this is from.

    The current US Government He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance. The current Government has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures. The current Government has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power (UCMJ). He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution (UNITED NATIONS, INTERNATIONAL BANK, INTERNATIONAL COURT), and unacknowledged by our laws; giving their Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation: For quartering large bodies of Terrorist armed troops among us: For protecting them, by a mock Trial from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States: For undercutting our Trade with all parts of the world: For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent: For depriving us in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury: For making laws that cannot be applied fairly to all (hate crimes, mandated quotas’, ): For abolishing the free System of American State Laws in a neighboring State, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an fit instrument for introducing the absolute rule into these States. For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments: For suspending our own Legislatures Of the majority and the people, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. The current US Government has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of our own Protection and waging War against our rights of self responsibility. They have plundered our seas (forced Laws), ravaged our Borders (not enforcing laws), burnt our towns (allowing illegal’s to reside in sanctuary cities), and destroyed the lives of our people. The current US Government (president and congress) is at this time allowing transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries (Illegal and Terrioust) to complete the works of death, desolation, and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & Perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation. The current US Government has constrained our fellow Citizens and service members taken Captive on the high Seas and hostile lands to fail to bear Arms for their Country, to become the unknowing executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their tied Hands. The current US Government has excited domestic insurrections illegal terrorist Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions. In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Government, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of the people on justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends. We, therefore, the people of the united States of America, in good faith and freely Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these States, solemnly publish and declare, That these united people of state are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to The current US Government, and that all political connection between them and the State of the people, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

  • http://gmail i41

    I see one of Onumnut and his jackasses are following AFLIco union is tell ing the muslim to cut off funding to AZ. for state law enforcement? What a crap idea, Az is doing a better and cheaper job of enforcement. Damn I thought Az was on of our 50 states, but then Caldoron wouldn’t have as much USA dollars flowing in to the sewer called Mexico. Omoron favorite groups muslims, mexicans, moron unions, and all marxists. Every meet a socialist democrat that doesn’t get goofy at the mention of taxes and total government control?

  • http://??????? Stephen Browning

    I cannot understand how those LIARS in Washington and Chicago can tell the difference between what is constitutional and what is not. They all need to go back to school of common sense. They are trying to change the wording to suit their own stupid minds. I agree with Arizona and the illegal aliens rules. If you have to profile each one, the legal people should be happy that their jobs and freedom is preserved.

  • meteorlady

    With what this lawsuit will costs, our government could have hired more border patrol. Obama has stopped funding for the border security fence, tried to stop funding for more border patrol agents and has generally not enforced our nation’s existing laws.

    Obama supports “immigration reform” and I’m not sure what that means since or immigration laws are not very hard to read or enforce right now. So the sum total of immigration reform is to give some 25-30 million illegal criminals a reward for breaking our laws. That way the democrats get a hugh voting block, business gets to keep their cheap labor, and the American public picks up 25-30 million more people on the public dole and can watch their wage scales go down.

    In 1986 we gave amnesty to some 1.3 million. They in turn brought in their family members and added another 1 million or so. During the debates on this the American people were against amnesty and the government argued that they would secure the borders, that these people would make something of themselves and be good taxpayers. Didn’t happen that way. Some 83% obtained their legal status through fraud as there were not enough people to process the claims and verify their integrity. 10 years later most were still on various forms for public assistance and didn’t have health care. It was estimated they cost the American taxpayers about $10 to $18 million per year in 1990 dollars. Add to that that our borders were never secured, nor was it intended that they be, and we inherited a hugh tax burden that we are still paying for.

    This is not supposed to be a political football – it’s supposed to be protecting the American citizens from the results of mass illegal immigration in this country. It’s about enforcing our laws to protect our citizens. There are portions of AZ federal lands that are posted as off limits to the American citizens because they have been taken over by the smugglers (weapons, humans and drugs) and and gangs and are not safe to enter. That really amounts to us giving a portion of our public trust lands to Mexico. I for one an sick of all this and hope AZ wins.

    AZ is only questioning people if they cannot show identification during a traffic violation or criminal activity. After that they are questioning their legal status and if they are found to be illegal they are turning them over to the Federal Government for appropriate action. This has always been the case as when I worked for immigration we did the same thing – took people from local jails when law enforcement caught them.

  • JustaPatriot38

    Obama reminds me of Henny Youngman, the old time comedian, when he said to his audience “Take my wife,=—– PLEASE!! The big difference is that Obama says to dictators ‘Take my country —– PLEASE!

    Well, he ain’t no Henny Youngman! And his noise isn’t funny! There is more than a laugh at stake!

    Obama and his Czars have urinated and defecated on the Constitution so many times I lost count. I really expect them to lose the case against Arizona, if they get a fair trial. However, he is a ‘Manipulatin’ SOB’ (Sweet Old Barry, of course) so time will tell. Clinton was known as “Slick Willie,” but by comparison Obama would be more like “Sandpaper Sally” because he doesn’t care who knows what he is doing, he just does it anyway, and it wears the country down much faster.

    Personally, I hope they (BO and Czars) get their collective butts kicked, but in the end ‘We The People’ will be ahead either way because everyone should be able to see how much hatred he actually has for this country, by his giving all his support to everyone except the United States. The legal leg he is standing on is so crooked and weak it may not hold his weight. This will be a real good test for the justice system of this country.

    Arizona is correct and Constitutional. Hang in there Jan Brewer. Non Illegitimi Carborundum!

  • http://personallibertydigest Les Baer1911

    The fed government has had every opportunity to quash the invasion
    of unauthorized aliens into the Americas. Instead, they did
    nothing but pretend to discuss options which there was only one
    option: Secure the borders. This alien invasion has been revisted
    several times in the past and continues to be a threat to American
    citizens safety and freedoms. The US government has a responsibility
    to protect and become a guardian against a racially foreign element.
    The fed government lives by some elusive dream of “I control but
    do nothing”. Since the fed government does not intend to defend
    its citizens, the states take this burden upon themselves.

  • LJ

    This is a damned joke. If the AZ law is unconstitutional, then the federal law IS because AZ’s law MIRRORS the federal law! Stick that up you rear barry & eric and try to get a favorable decision from an UNBIASED court.

  • dan of arizona

    1. The People created the federal government to be their agent for certain enumerated purposes only. The Constitutional ratifying structure was created so it would be clear that it was the People, and not the States, that were doing the ratifying.
    2. The Tenth Amendment defines the total scope of federal power as being that which has been delegated by the people to the Federal Government, and also that which is absolutely necessary to advancing those powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution of the United States. The rest is to be handled by the State Governments, or locally, by the people themselves.
    3. The Constitution does not include a congressional power to override state laws. It does not give the judicial branch unlimited jurisdiction over all matters. It does not provide Congress with the power to legislate over everything. This is verified by the simple fact that attempts to make these principles part of the Constitution were soundly rejected by its signers.
    4. If the Congress had been intended to carry out anything they claim would promote the “general welfare,” what would be the point of listing its specific powers in Article I, Section 8, since these would’ve already been covered?
    5. James Madison, during the Constitutional ratification process, drafted the “Virginia Plan” to give Congress general legislative authority and to empower the national judiciary to hear any case that might cause friction among the states, to give the congress a veto over state laws, to empower the national government to use the military against the states, and to eliminate the states’ accustomed role in selecting members of Congress. Each one of these proposals was soundly defeated. In fact, Madison made many more attempts to authorize a national veto over state laws, and these were repeatedly defeated as well.
    6. The Tenth Amendment was adopted after the Constitutional ratification process to emphasize the fact that the states remained individual and unique sovereignties; that they were empowered in areas that the Constitution did not delegate to the Federal Government. With this in mind, any Federal attempt to legislate beyond the Constitutional limits of Congress’ authority is a(n) usurpation of state sovereignty—and unconstitutional.
    7. Tragically, the Tenth Amendment has become almost a nullity at this point in our history, but there are a great many reasons to bring it to the forefront. Most importantly, though, we must keep in mind that the Founders envisioned a loose confederation of states—not a one-size-fits-all solution for everything that could arise. Why? The simple answer lies in the fact that they had just escaped the tyranny of a king who thought he knew best how to govern everything—including local colonies from across an ocean.
    8. Governments and political leaders are best held accountable to the will of the people when government is local. Second, the people of a state know what is best for them; they do not need bureaucrats, potentially thousands of miles away, governing their lives. Think about it. If Hitler had ruled just Berlin and Stalin had ruled just Moscow, the whole world might be a different place today.
    9. A constitution which does not provide strict limits is just the thing any government would be thrilled to have, for, as Lord Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    10. We agree with historian Kevin Gutzman, who has said that those who would give us a “living” Constitution are actually giving us a dead one, since such a thing is completely unable to protect us against the encroachments of government power.

    If you want to first halt then reverse the tide of government overreach, pass these points around to your friends and send them to your state and U.S. representatives.


    What the “Obamer” admin wants IS TO CRUSH THE WHITE MAN AND MAKE “HIM” THE SLAVE (or leave and go back to Europe). If you all watch EVERY SINGLE THING he does, THAT IS WHAT IT IS GEARED TOWARDS!!!- And “Uncle Toby’s and Aunt Shanaynays like Reid and Pelosi CAN’T LINE UP FAST ENOUGH TO HELP!!!” You all know that all they’re doing is having all of the secret meetings they can, passing notes all over, all between the NAACP (Negros Against ALL Cracker People!), this “new Black Panthers” (I call them the “new half black and white pandas”- since Obama is half black and white), Reverend “@#^^%#(@#&@#^$)%$!!!!! America, IN THE NAME OF JESUS” Wright (WRONG!!!), ACORN, ACLU… (this list goes on) to take ALL of the power from the WHITE MAN and keep it themselves!!! Right? Isn’t that what this “Let every person that is NOT white in this country” policy is? The more “non whites” we have, the easier we can defeat them??? And now Holder (on his own?- YA RIGHT!!!!) is sueing Arizona because they want to stop the rapes, drub running and shooting, child kidnapping, sex trafficking…. BECAUSE THAT IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION????????
    The day Dolly Parton busts down my door, begging for sex for eternity IS WHEN I’LL BELIEVE THAT!!!!

  • Larry

    The Arizona law does not seek to usurp Federal control over immigration. It seeks to remove those who have illegally infiltrated our country by illegal entry. Immigration involves legal processes controlled by the feds. The ones entering are doing so in direct disregard for the fed immigration policies. I would think the feds would encourage all border states to have such laws. “Profiling”… J.Edgar Hoover and the FBI developed it into a fine art, and the feds still do it, especially our wonderful Securetty of the Hommey Lande group!

  • James Graham

    > The following is a copy of an article written by Spanish writer Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez and published in a Spanish newspaper on Jan. 15, 2008. It doesn’t take much imagination to extrapolate the message to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world.
    > Date: Tues. 15 January 2008 14:30
    > By Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez
    > I walked down the street in Barcelona, and suddenly discovered a terrible truth – Europe died in Auschwitz…We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.
    > The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science, art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are the people we burned.
    > And under the pretense of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty, due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.
    > They have blown up our trains and turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime.
    > Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder and destruction of their naive hosts.
    > And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical hatred, creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for backwardness and superstition.
    > We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their talent for a better future for their children, their determined clinging to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for people consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for our children and theirs.
    > What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe.
    > ***********************************
    > A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality that they imagine America can suffer defeat without any inconvenience to themselves.
    > Absolutely No Racial Profiling! Pause a moment, reflect back, and take the following multiple choice test.
    > These events are actual events from history. They really happened! Do you remember?
    > 1. In 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by:
    > a. Superman
    > b. Jay Leno
    > c. Harry Potter
    > d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics athletes were kidnapped and massacred by:
    > a. Olga Corbett
    > b. Sitting Bull
    > c. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 3. In 1979 the US Embassy in Iran was taken over by:
    > a. Lost Norwegians
    > b. Elvis
    > c. A tour bus full of 80-year-old women
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 4. During the 1980′s a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by:
    > a. John Dillinger
    > b. The King of Sweden
    > c. The Boy Scouts
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 5. In 1983 the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:
    > a. A pizza delivery boy
    > b. Pee Wee Herman
    > c. Geraldo Rivera
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 6. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by:
    > a. The Smurfs
    > b. Davey Jones
    > c. The Little Mermaid
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 7. In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by:
    > a. Captain Kidd
    > b. Charles Lindberg
    > c. Mother Teresa
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 8. In 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:
    > a. Scooby Doo
    > b. The Tooth Fairy
    > c. The Sundance Kid
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 9. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by:
    > a. Richard Simmons
    > b. Grandma Moses
    > c. Michael Jordan
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 10. In 1998 the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:
    > a. Mr. Rogers
    > b. Hillary Clinton, to distract attention from Wild Bill’s women problems
    > c. The World Wrestling Federation
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 11. On 9/11/01 four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take out the World Trade Centers, and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon, and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by:
    > a. Bugs Bunny, Wiley E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd
    > b. The Supreme Court of Florida
    > c. Mr. Bean
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 12. In 2002 the United States began fighting a war in Afghanistan against:
    > a. Enron
    > b. The Lutheran Church
    > c. The NFL
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 13. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by:
    > a. Bonnie and Clyde
    > b. Captain Kangaroo
    > c. Billy Graham
    > d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40
    > 14. And now we can add: In 2009, 31 people were wounded and 13 American Soldiers murdered on base at Fort Hood by a Major that was known as…
    > a. You guessed it! – A Muslim male extremist between the age of 17 and 40.
    > No! I really don’t see a pattern here to justify profiling, do you? So, to ensure that we Americans never offend anyone, particularly fanatics intent on killing us, airport security screeners will no longer be allowed to profile certain people. They must conduct random searches of 80-year-old women, little kids, airline pilots with proper identification, secret agents who are members of the President’s security detail, 85-year old Congressmen with metal hips, and Medal of Honor winner and former Governor Joe Foss, but leave Muslim Males between the ages 17 and 40 alone lest we be guilty of racial profiling.
    > Let’s send this to as many people as we can so that the Gloria Allreds and other dunder-headed attorneys along with Federal Justices that want to thwart common sense, feel ashamed of themselves – if they have any such sense.
    > As the writer of the award winning story
    > ‘Forrest Gump’ so aptly put it: ‘Stupid is as stupid does.

  • http://MotzillaFirefox satch

    Race profiling is a Must! Mexicans first, Muslims secoind, politicians against our Constution third!
    Obams asys America will never be at war with Islam! Does he think he has defeated us Already? Wake up America! A mosque at every corner and at out most sacred spot at ground zero will show the Muslim world we have been defeated–as they build a mosque over the ruins of every church they have conquered in past history. It will be a tribute to terrorist martyrs–bet your sweet bippy!

  • bloom energy stock symbol

    Interesting I have stumbled across this post a few times in the last month. Surely I should save the blog?

  • Allen

    The only reason this law was filed by the Elite was to intimidate the states. The Federal Government does not want the seperate states to flex their Constitutional muscle. This would minimize central power and allow the states to exert control over the Federal, as it was designed. Any power that is not specifically given to the Federal Government, by the Constitution, belongs to the States. The Administarative Branch has been eroding the States’ authority for decades. This is the fault of congress by not limiting the Administrations, past and present with Constitutional control.

    Now this administaration (and some past) legislate from the White House by Presidential decree. If they can’t get it through Congress they run around end and impose it on the people. Presidential decree in the effecting of laws is unconstitutional. Only Congress has the power to make and pass laws. Anything that affects the people must get the consent of Congress.

    We must get back to the basics and take back our country. Vote your consience on Novemebr 2.


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