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Jury Rules Treasury Owns Rare Gold Coins

Jury Rules Treasury Owns Rare Gold Coins

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia jury has ruled 10 rare “Double Eagle” $20 gold coins locked in a safe deposit box for nearly 80 years belong to the U.S. Treasury.

The coins were among 445,000 “Double Eagles” minted in 1933 but never issued by the Treasury. They have a face value of $20 and bear a goddess of liberty on one side and an eagle on the other side, designed by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

One surviving “Double Eagle” coin sold at auction in 2002 for $7.5 million, Robert Hoge, curator of North American coins and currency at the American Numismatic Society, told ABC News. These 10 could be worth $4 million each.

During the depths of the Great Depression in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6260 ordering U.S. gold coins be turned in for cash and that the newly minted “Double Eagles” be melted into bullion. However, in 2003 these coins were discovered in a safe deposit box belonging to the 81-year-old daughter of jeweler Israel Switt.

“Those coins were all in a vault and were supposed to be melted,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jacqueline Romero told ABC. “They were never issued. They didn’t go out the front door. This was clearly a crime. The people of the United States were robbed.”

The jury agreed with the government’s case after five hours of deliberation. The $20 gold pieces eventually may end up on display at the Federal Reserve Bank.

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  • hemp

    ………Double Eagle Coins Double eagle coins are 20 gold coins that are of the most popular ways to acquire gold. Said double eagle coins first arrived in the middle of the 1800s in the form of Liberties and were minted until 1907.

  • Debbi

    I don’t quite understand…why could one man auction off a piece that should have been melted down and this girl can’t. I do believe that the government needs to pay for what they want….

    • debalazo

      Aren’t you all missing the point? While FDR robbed the American people in broad daylight impunely, yet, these coins were NEVER issued, read? The question nobody asks is HOW one jeweler STOLE these coins from FDR, the FED, or ‘US Treasury’? And also, did you notice all this time one SAME ethnicity all over this heist? Except for one Hispanic who seized away the LOOT. Hmmm…! Will Bernanke end up ‘owning’ these too?

  • taminator

    Normally I would side with a private party against the government in the seizure of things like gold coins, but since these 1933s were never issued then Israel Switt should not have possessed them.

    • Mike

      You must have the belief that you exist because of some law; you’re a creation of man’s legalism. This in spite of the fact that gold and silver are the lawful tender for debt according to the Constitution. And that gold no matter how issued or lawfully found (not a result of an armed robbery or stealing) if possessed is natural lawful property or the man or woman. Instead it takes sheeple to believe that the right to breath or exist must be granted by legislation and courts.

      What you believe in is that a government of select people have the right to legally steal and legally cause harm. *There was such provision for that kind of legal mischief in the founding documents, where the rights of people of color and women were legally stolen and set aside. It must be from your point then that these self-evident natural rights were granted or given to these groups instead of returned as a armed robber caught because the robber can do nothing else. And the robber can never grant his plunder back to the owner but only return such or give it back with his head held low while in chains.

      You’re thinking makes a natural self-evident right to keep property a crime and armed robbery legal. Once again your words and action speak volumes. People of flesh and blood created a government and its law for the mutual benefit, goodwill, pleasure and protection of their self-evident individual rights of the people and therefore logically the owners of their government and law (*even though noted previously discrimination of mischief occurred, the principles apply to all; that is Life, Liberty, Property…).

      Regardless of the elected or appointed mischief makers, it takes sheeple to get them there and keep them there. We have too many.

      • BimBam

        How come the government didn’t melt these coins down as an expression of their obedience to their own law???

        Instead they are keeping it like Israel Switt! Seems to me this is a prime example of monarchical GREED!

        No wonder we have revolution from time to time.

    • independant thinker

      The Government should have to prove a crime. It is possible the coins were sold to the original owner by his supervisor.

    • Bob

      The Assistant U.S. Attorney said…”This was clearly a crime.”
      It is incumbent on the state to prove an allegation beyond a reasonable doubt.
      The information above shows no such thing.
      If the state had proven a crime was committed, OK, but what is the statute of limitation for a petty theft ($200)?
      I am guessing it is not 80 years…

      • Christin


        Great point… I say let the 81 year old lady heiress keep the gold coins.

        The gov does not have a legal claim so many years later… (statue of limitations) in a private citizen’s bank box… for all we know Israel Switt, a jeweler, or someone he knew in the Treasury dept ASKED him or GAVE him the coins hold… knowing FDR was confiscating ALL gold in the government AND from Private Citizens… that was Highway Robbery, too!!!

    • BKWsr

      I am a coin collector, though I could never be able to own a coin as this or close. Its all a sad shame and lie. Actually some coins were givin out or sold, But FDR reniged and ordered the coins returned. He never allowed the official release of the coin as tender. But coins were released.(depending on what story you read) The one sold a few yrs ago was accually stollen from a man by the US treasury Dep. at gun point. He was arrested and treated as a criminal. He bought the coin legally from the worlds largest US coin collection belonging to the last king of Egypt at an auction. The Gov. then sold the coin. Giving nothing to the man who actually owns the coin.

  • bob wire

    That’s the way it works it seems.

  • http://facebook ADRoberts

    There is no end to the greed of the Federal Government. What’s ours is theirs and if you don’t believe me, just ask them.

    • Daniel

      So the rule of law should be ignored, just because you think the government is greedy?

      If you believe in the rule of law, what evidence do you have that those coins were legitimately taken from the Treasury?

      • independant thinker

        Innocent until proven guilty. The government should have to PROVE they were stolen. It is entirely possible he obtained them legally.

        • Christin

          independant thinker,


          I’d say it is Highway Robbery… or Bank robbery …by the fed gov!

        • GRusling

          There’s only one question, since the “crime” occurred long ago and the perpetrator evaded capture until long after the “statute of limitation” expired.

          The coins were never issued, therefore they are now (as they always have been) the property of the federal government. The jury was correct.

          There is no one to prosecute at this late date, but “stolen property” always reverts back to whoever (or whatever, in this case) owned it before it was stolen. That’s the law of the land. Ask any “Pawnbroker” in America and he’ll verify it for you.

          The coins, never issued by the US Mint, belong to the federal government. End of story…

          • Mike

            “Ask any pawn-broker”? Hmmm. In more communities than you know pawn brokers are protected and you have to essentially buy back your stolen property. By Executive Order 6260 it was made legal to steal property in exchange for paper. Thereby making it illegal to keep gold coin. And once legally stolen then it is illegal to steal it back.

            It seems that too many are more interested in a legal right to keep what you shouldn’t or to gain something you didn’t work for. If you must examine the right or wrong of it start with Executive Order 6260. Just because a law or statute is written on paper does not make it right or wrong. It is only made legal. In fact you can call Executive Order 6260 part of the “Just Because” law. Just because Roosevelt could and just because too many sheeple allow it. It does take brain dead people (I call sheeple) to believe otherwise.

      • Mike

        Sheepledom at every level even “legal”. It is purely a property grab. That means legalized armed robbery. Statute of limitations comes to mind. Prosecutors and attorney generals can indite ham sandwiches. The burden of proof is always on the accuser never the accused. Use to be anyway. Should a free man or free woman have to obey a law that permits it’s created government to commit crimes legally. Yes they must permit so much to avoid going to jail for exercising simple freedoms.

        Judge Andrew Napolitano in Constitutional Chaos: “A government that commits crime and denies it is not your friend.” You think you have rights that are guaranteed? Well think again.” You should read the chapter headings.

        Wake up. You are the reason for the mess we live in. You neither understand your own freedom or the basic role of government and law some court seemed to agree that you created. The rule of law is nothing more than someone’s game of Monopoly by which you believe the rules apply to not only your life, but my life too.

    • mark

      No, the greed of individual Americans, of Wall Street, and of Corporate America, is pretty bad, too.

  • David

    Can only go by info given herein. If you have property that belongs to someone else it still belongs to the owner. I hate it, that the owner is the government. But it appears the jury got it right. There should be some kind of sharing as is done with treasure exploration.

  • Smeghead

    “The people of the United States were robbed,” according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Jacqueline Romero. They were robbed by FDR. After he got the gold, he changed the value of the dollar from 1/20.67 of an ounce of gold to 1/35 of an ounce of gold, screwing people out of 41% of the spending power of the dollar.

    • s c

      S, that lawyer [J Romero] doesn’t seem to appreciate her own words. She said, “The people of the U S were robbed.” Americans have been robbed on a regular basis since the mid-1850s (and earlier, if you want to get technical).
      But, that theft of generations went into high gear in 1913. We’re being robbed now, and Congress, the W H and the Fed are doing it. I’m old enough to have seen many changes, and I will be amazed if the government doesn’t come up with more ways to rob the people. It seems it’s the main talent that ‘the best government that MONEY can buy’ has ever had.

  • Barry Lott

    When governments are trying to survive they we come after all the Gold and just wait silver to. When America becomes third world living the government will strip its citizens of everything they can. God has a answer to the proplems but America’s PRIDE will cause a deaf ear to God’s way to be delivered. I will say “FUEL” is One of the main ways God wants America to paythe debt down. The new energy sources.but this is after the PRide od America is humbled!!! Tough times are ahead for America prepare your “hearts”.. Remember RIGHTEIOUSNESS exalts a NATION no matter who you think you are America. In righteiousness brings a nation to nought….

    • scott kuehne

      They have already started raiding people’s homes and stealing their silver stockpiles, so the folks can’t defend themselves in court, and of course to pay for the raid itself. They have been doing this with FRNs for decades at least, so it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. A friend of mine had his home raided recently and they also seized a UPS package containing over seven thousand dollars. After all if you use cash you must be a criminal right? The forfeiture laws are terrible in this country, they basically equate to: we will steal your stuff and then force you to prove it was legally yours, at your expense when you don’t have any money.

      • 45caliber

        Many states have laws that state that if you have money derived from drug deals, it can be confiscated. Since $20′s are the most common used in drug transations, ALL twenties have traces of cocaine that can be found on them unless they are brand new.

        The police and authorities know this. So their stance is that if they find substantial cash on the possession of a person, he/she MUST be a drug dealer, allowing them to confiscate it. The traces on the bills are the only evidence they need. They don’t have to charge you with any crime; they are only confiscating your illegal gains.

        You must live in one of those states.

        And this could be a warning to many of you. If you do have cash around, make sure it is kept hidden – and preferably drug free.

  • Barry Lott

    Unrighteousness brings a nation to nought.

  • JimRed

    It is always risky to have your fate decided by 12 people who were not smart enough to get out of jury duty!

    ;^) (end saecasm)

    • Rhondar

      Ha ha ha….well said Jim!

  • Rennie


  • tim

    You got that right jim red


    Did not understand the jury action. Unless they were government agents.

    • 45caliber

      They were probably told to find that verdict by the judge. Many juries are told what to do – and many of those do it.

  • Mike

    On display? Probably will end up in some politicians or bankers collections.

  • http://Brigthouse Ted Layman

    Why doesn’t the government go after the only one surviving “Double Eagle” coin sold at auction in 2002 for $7.5 million as reported by Robert Hoge, curator of North American coins American Numismatic and also get the $7.5 million from the original owner.

  • George T Horvat

    Whatever happened to the legal term “Possession is nine tenths of the law?” Don’t you have to prove that someone stole them before you can confiscate them? When a coin is struck with a flaw in it,it becomes more valuable. Because the Feds didn’t issue them this way and using the Feds logic in this case, shouldn’t they also belong to the Feds?
    More and more every day I am beginning to hate the federal government.They have become King George all over again.

    • eric

      It is already here. It is King Obama. He can start a war with Lybia, give Billions to foreign companies to drill oil in the Gulf, give more billions away to coutries to do with what they want, all without Congressional ok.

  • kevin kenward

    Give them time….they WILL!!!

  • Conservative Canadian

    I believe the original coin bought by hoge was owned by several non residents of the United States. The coin was then confiscated in a sting operation by the US, while trying to be sold on US soil. Since the coin had several owners, it was concluded that the last owner was not involved in any type of crime for owning the coin.
    I think she should at least get a finders fee or something.
    The treasury and reserve are good at stealing, so its no suprise they will get the coins. Barry your right, they will be coming after your gold and silver after they debase your currency and rob your wealth from inflation.

  • Detlef Naase

    these coins are private property “Israel Switt” i am sure was a jew. If any government has a right to them it is the government of Israel

  • Rhondar

    Not issued? Well how did they get them then…..something stinks here

  • Zermoid

    That’s what I’m thinking too.
    IF it’s true that NONE were released, and that one was sold at auction, why aren’t they taking that one too? Something sounds fishy to me.

    Other question is if they were never released how did Israel Switt get ahold of them?

    Israel Switt was a jeweler, is it possible he bought them from the Govt as Bullion to make jewelry out of? And if he had do you think the govt would admit it or just hope the daughter had no proof of legal ownership?

    Last thought, even IF he stole them, isn’t there a statute of limitations on things like this? I mean if it’s too late to charge him with stealing them isn’t it also too late to demand what legally wasn’t stolen, back? I’m not a lawyer but it just sounds WRONG!

    • 45caliber

      Many countries today are taking that argument. For instance, many countries are insisting that something that was dug up a hundred years ago or longer in their country and legally moved to a museum elsewhere MUST now be returned since the country actually owns it. Spain insisted just a couple of years ago that a discovery of a sunken ship with treasure belonged to them even though the ship sank about two hundred years ago outside their territorial waters – because it was a Spanish ship at the time. Texas has a law that if ANYTHING is found, it belongs to the state – even if it is on land owned by your family for a hundred years or more. Even if you are using a metal detector on a beach and pick up some lost change, it legally belongs to the state.

  • robert l

    If the government is to obey the law to the letter then the coins should be melted down as bullion.

    • 45caliber


  • robert lovelady

    If the government is to obey the law to the letter then the coins should be melted down into bullion.

    • Christin

      robert lovelady,

      When does the government ever obey any of the laws they make for us… oh yea, when it works in their favor…

      And I might add how many government laws would you say are sound and constitutional???

      …especially those made by progressive governments (FDR)…

  • Old Henry

    The Asst U.S. Attorney stated that people of the United States were robbed. And we are still being robbed – by the guvment, by the illgals, by Wall Street, by banks, by……

  • 1 Son of Liberty

    Why wouldn’t the government sell the coins at auction and use the money to pay down the debt? I guess that would be to sensible for the feds. 40-80 million would be raised maybe more. Just because they never released the coins doesn’t mean they are illegal to own. All coin collectors have gold coins in their collection are they all criminals? If Obummer gets elected again whats next silver? firearms?

  • Allen

    To begin with, an Exucutive Order is Unconstitutional. The Pres. can’t force a free people to give up Gold. The Federal Reserve Act is also Unconstitutional. Only Congress has the power to coin money. The Fed Reserve is also owned by banking Cartel Families. I wouldn’t give Gold to them.

    • 45caliber

      The Federal Reserve is owned by ONE family now – the Rothchilds. They bought out the other families. And the Rothchilds are citizens of the Netherlands.

      • Christin

        45 caliber,

        So let say we send them [Rothchilds] back to their home in the Netherlands WITHOUT OUR stolen American Money, then cancel the currency and nation ruining FED, and RUN OUR OWN country for a change…

        Anybody for that???

  • Old Henry

    How did the government find out about the coins in the first place?

    I had not heard of this until I read this article.

  • 6thGenTxn

    The U.S. Attorney Romero publicly says this a crime. Only capital murder has no statute of limitations. Obviously Romero made a different argument in court. Why is Romero afraid to make her courtroom argument in public? Are their no “reporters” that can ask an insightful question? Does anyone have a link to the transcripts of this court proceeding?

  • JUROR 64529

    Have the Chinese bought the Federal Reserve yet?
    Because I dont think your welcome to visit the place without a International Monatary Review. Executive orders are illegal. No were in the constitution is it permited for the president or the federal reserve to become dictators and theives.
    May God Bless America, Land that I love.

  • bigez.1953

    These coins should be sold at auction to the highest bidder. The proceeds should be paid against the national debt. NOT the interest. The principle only!

  • EdinNola

    This is Grand Theft on the government’s part, and any judge that ruled for the government in this case should be impeached. He / she is incompetent to sit as a judge. As pointed out above, the initial executive order had no validity in law and the congressional follow on was undoubtedly un-constitutional. This ruling had better be appealed as it violates at least one constitutional clause if not several.

  • Ridge Runner

    If you will look back to bob’s comments on the 22nd and read the comments on the first story you will see what is wrong with our gov, there was a post on the comment section by a fellow named paul that posted a story written by charlie reese that was writing a collum for the orlando sential. He wrote and published it just before he retired. It gives you a good understanding of what is wrong with our country and why.And the real reason is because the people have sat on thrir a** and didn’t attend to their civic duties and stop this from happening a long time ago.

  • Ridge Runner

    Taking care of your country is a lot like raising and caring for a home garden project it wan’t take care of its self and if you want it to be successful you have to keep the weeds pulltd out.Wake up america congress can’t blame obama or realy any of the presidents for the toxit debt because the congress has control of the cookie jar and they just don’t seem to be able to keep their hands out of it.

  • whowoldathunk

    Between Dec 2008 and July 2010 the Federal Reserve printed $16TRILLION yep 4 sets of 3-0′s When we were suppose to be in dire straights! and May 17, 1994 Berrick (UScitizen) went into Canada and created a corporation and sued the United States for this parcel of land…land on the Candian border from the United States with an order from an American judge for $19,000.00 dollars – that land encompassed a public domain United States citizens asset GOLD MINE that has produces over $66BILLION to date and it is still producing…. You really think that the Double Eagles will become property of the Citizens of the United States (the Government) No way These will be shifted away like everything else…..

  • Chris

    One thing is for sure, the Federal Reserve should NOT have them. In the article they said “…The $20 gold pieces eventually may end up on display at the Federal Reserve Bank…” The Federal Reserve is stamped anywhere on the coins. Why would a private company have them? If any the person who had them can not keep them then they should be given back to the US Treasury to be on display there. The only thing the Federal Reserve should get back is all the funny money they print, which is Debt anyway, and no Lawful Cash value.

  • nook schrier

    As I understand the procedures in effect then, there was 4 day window before fdr declared that gold except for numusmatic value had to be turned in. During this window and otehr tiems whenever new coins were minted, it had been the custom of the mint to give out coins for face value. Then on 10 march or so fdr came out with his theft proclamation!! So I say the coins are legal. THEY HAVE NUMISMATIC VALUE!!
    The treasure gave a special export certificate for the one that was sold that was in the King Farouk colletion and then came back. FAVORTISM!!!

    Sounds to me that the Swits had a terrible lawyer/awful, awful jury.
    BTW, the Swits still have a store on jewelers row in Philly. (i’ve never bot from teh store, but they sold some stuff to a refiner and I thne bot from the refiner–Not smart!!)

    A damnrat theft AGAIN! fdr bho thives!!! OMG obama must go!


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