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Judge Fines Now-Defunct ACORN, Wanted To Give Prison Sentence

August 12, 2011 by  

Judge Fines Now-Defunct ACORN, Wanted To Give Prison Sentence

On Wednesday, a Nevada judge fined the now-defunct grassroots community organizing group ACORN the maximum $5,000 amount for its part in a voter registration compensation scheme during the 2008 election cycle.

“District Judge Donald Mosley was confined by statute to fine only the corporation, which pleaded guilty in April to one count of felony compensation for registration of voters,” read an article for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Mosley said that if there were an individual standing before him, and not a corporation, that person would have been given a 10-year prison sentence, ‘and I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.’”

According to the article, prosecutors in the case alleged that ACORN set up an illegal voter-registration program during the 2008 election cycle. The program allegedly used cash incentives to get workers to sign up voters and forced workers to meet sign-up quotas or face termination.

“The 40-year-old group, which once counted President Barack Obama among its ranks in Chicago, came under fire in recent years for its voter registration tactics,” the article read. “Congress effectively killed off the group when it slashed the organization’s federal funding after a hidden-camera sting by conservative operatives showing ACORN workers giving advice on illegal activities.”

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  • wally

    make no mistake acorn is back in full swing just under another name

    • http://LibertyAlert Bud

      The 2012 election will use voter fraud and multiple votes spearheaded by the unions and other democtat party fronts. The Republican party was asleep during 2008, and lost the election to Obozo and allowed another clown, Al Franken, to be corruptly elected by Acorn.

    • Bob from SoCal

      No wonder they are back, that fine of $5000 must have almost stung a little. They will just take it out of the millions in government handouts that they get.


    These people are like termites. They do most of their destructive work in the dark, and are concealed until the entire structure is ready to collapse. The Rathke brothers operation in that old funeral home in New Orleans is proof of this. They have over 100 subversive organizations working at this one address, and with the flip of a button on a computer, they can switch money and 401C3s in a heartbeat.

    • eddie47d

      Since they were labeled as a corporation and corporations are good at hiding their business activities then it’s time to go after the real crooks who influence politics with big money. Yes these Right Wing groups/corporations hide plenty of money but no one on the other side has the money or power to take them down. I had no trouble closing down those Acorn offices that are found guilty yet there were dozens of offices and only a hand full were even accused of doing wrong.Yet the whole operation was defunded and disbanded. Some say they will open up under a different name and that could be. Since private corporations get deeply involved in our political process then the same scenario should be played out with them. Since the Koch Brothers were involved in shady operations in the Wisconsin vote. (mailing out phony absentee ballots and printing wrong dates of the election)then they should get the same scrutiny and be forced to shut down. You all crow about how dishonest Democrats are yet bury the shenanigans of the Republican Party or their cohorts under the rug. I bet they click a few numbers on their computers Jukebox and get away with plenty. I’m sure those corporations have an army of lawyers making sure that their secrets remain secret or have their Congressional “friends” so deeply embedded in their bank accounts they would never vote against them.

      • Larry

        “I’ll bet” and “I’m sure” mean you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • TIME


          Oh how right you are my Brother! Great post.

          • eddie47d

            Time likes to tell everyone there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats and it’s a wasted battle. Yet he can’t come to admit that the other side is doing it or must be coyly supporting that “other side”.

          • JeffH

            Larry and TIME…and if he didn’t have some “cents” in his pocket he’d have no “sense” at all… :)

          • TIME

            Jeff, LMAO, so hard I feel off my chair!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

      • Bob from SoCal

        Hey eddie,
        You would probably give Satan the benefit of the doubt if he were a democrat. It sounds like you have sold your soul already.

        • Old Henry

          Acutally Bob, I think Satan is a democrap. He is living in OUR White House.

      • Old Henry

        Right wing corporations clicking keys on their computers. Ya mean like Soetor’s buddies at GE who pay no taxes?

  • Disgusted

    This monster known as Acorn has it’s tentacles so far imbedded into our government that we will never be rid of them. It will rear its ugly head over and over again as a different entity, but will still have that hold. This is a disgusting organization and I believe Obumer obtained office through illegal means at the hands of this organization.

  • Dave

    Who ever authorized funding for Acorn should also be prosecuted, fined, and put in jail for at least 10 years or more, what a bunch moochers living off the tax payers money. You left wing radicals have ruined America, just so you can promote your idiotic agenda. Hope you all get HIV and die.

    • Larry

      The HIV thing is a bit over the top there Dave. But your heart’s in the right place.

    • Christin

      I agree that those supporting and funding ACORN are WRONG and should be dealt with and ACORN and its tentacles should be cut off from existing, but HIV… really?

      Do you know who ‘made HIV”… take a guess… “the (DOD) DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE secured funds from Congress to perform studies on immune destroying agents for germ warfare.”

      Yes, our lovely gov… surprised???

      “HIV was used as a ‘population reducing weapon in 1969!!!
      In 1977 Small Pox vaccines containing HIV were given to 100 million Africans. In NYC Blood Bank over 2000 young white homosexual males were given Hepatitis B vaccine containing HIV in 1978. And in 1978 and 1979 vaccines containing HIV was given to homosexual males in San Fransico, Los Angeles, St. Lois, Houston, and Chicago.”

      Please see all the VACCINE messes that our gov has done to our unknowing American people and foreigners, too…

      Makes me want to NEVER give my children and myself a vaccine again… they are lacing them with GERM WARFARE against our knowledge and will… for purposes of POPULATION REDUCTION.

      I just learned from a neighbor that the public school is requiring 12 years olds to get THREE MORE SHOTS to go to school this year… wow. We were told that the only shot our sons would need would be a Tetnus shot when they were 15 years of age as they only last a decade or so.

      Not sure if you all know, but you can get your children out of the shots with a form … we got one from our son’s Nutritionist.
      This Nutritionist had his older daughter take the shots, but when his younger daughter was born they refused the shots and she is very healthy to this day… they are both grown ladies in their twenties.

      I see so much ADD and ADHD and Autism in children in America that I believe they are linked to the vaccines or the MERCURY preservative in them… some body chemistriss being more susceptible than others.

      A little off topic, but wanted to share… thank you.

      • TIME


        SUPER POST!!!!!!!!!!! And the bloody TRUTH. All of you need to peel back the onion on HIV.. Its a scam that would blow your minds.

        So now just figure this, if AID’S / HIV was just a test, what do you think they have in store for all of us now????????????

        Get out of the habbit of taking any DRUGS given out by all Doc’s.

        • Think about it

          Like Swine Flu shots. I also heard today that they ( the Government ) are getting ready to make it mandatory for the school kids to get shots and if you refuse you will be fined and or arrested.

      • OB1


      • Song

        There is a lot more to the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD than the highly debatable conspiracy theory that you present Christin which is grounded in greed, conveinence and the almighty dollar. You see a lot more children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD because there is a lot of money in getting those diagnoses. Children diagnosed with ADHD are even eligible for SSI as well as a huge array of public services, and obtaining a diagnosis usually comes down to nothing more than the opinion of a parent, teacher or doctor. That is why there is such a steep increase in the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD which is not attributable to vaccinations. As for the government and AIDS…why is it mostly the homosexual community then that suffers from the disease and not the community at large?

        • Christin

          As for ADD, ADHD, and Autism…

          My oldest son is probably ADHD as I did research in the Medical Journals. We did not have him ‘publicly tested’, but took him when he was five to a Good Nutritionist in Houston who did blood work to find out why he was not able to remember things, not sitting still, acting up, and other behaviors. We detoxed him , de-sugared him, de-starched him and started over adding foods slowly to his diet. He does take Omega 3′s and ‘Muscle Aid’ to help his brain receive the signals and get the messages. He has the symptoms and problems associated with ADHD and getting him through school each year has been a CHORE (He is going into sixth grade this month). I PROMISE you I am NOT making this up.

          We, he, nor the schools are NOT receiving ANY SUPPORT or SERVICES from the Corrupt government… we have NOT informed the PRIVATE schools we attended or the Public school we are now attending in the country.

          I hold two Teaching degrees have taught 1st grade – College Freshmen for many years and currently teach Children’s Bible study Wednesday evening at our church to first – fifth grade and more than half of those kids are WILD and CAN NOT SIT STILL or READ or LISTEN well…

          My children probably took fifteen or twenty-five more shots than I did when I was a child… and my younger son took more than his older brother who is less than two year older.

          As far as HIV and AIDS is concerned and why they are mostly linked to homosexuals and Black Africans… I Explained that well in my “quoted” post and provided the link for your further study…

          You must think outside the box of norms, because those who are ‘running the show’ are NOT doing What Is RIGHT.

          • Song

            Christin you are obviously a person with moral fortitude and should be commended for your devotion to your child. However, if you attend public school now and have taught school, then I am sure you are aware of the massive funding from the government to assist children with disabilities. That is not a comment about your method of parenting, only a comment about why ADD and ADHD are diagnosed nearly 3X more than 30 years ago and in my opinion has nothing to do with vaccinations. There is a money trail following these diagnosis and everyone from the doctors to the therapists treating these children have their hands in it. In other words, there are a lot of people making money off of these diagnosis. In my experience with social work most children are the victims of dysfunction and could explain why half the children in your bible class cannot sit still. In my experience again, most children who act out in public do so because of conditions at home and it is a lot easier to diagnosis them with a disability and put them on meds than go to parenting classes and try to become a better parent. Again, I am not making a comment about you, but a comment in general, and again, I do not see the connection to vaccinations at all, nor can I believe that AIDS was inflicted by the government. For me, that is just a little too much over the top.

          • Old Henry


            Thank you for both posts. They were very informative.

            My son, 27, had a terrible time in school. Currently he is trying to study and learn some informatiion to obain a certification for his HVAC job. He told me he cannot remember anythiing he reads. However, he is a “hands on” person. Show him something once and he has it.

            My daughter, 29, has none of these issues. They both went thru the same “system” in the 80s.

          • Song

            Old Henry: And therein lies the problem with public schools. They try to conform each child to a rigid set of rules and expectations when children are individuals who learn differently. Like your son, some children are visual learners while others are auditory. Unfortunately the govt. just looks at numbers, not individuals and that is why we struggle with education. The NEA is worthless and NCLB should of been repealed. Again, don’t see how any of these examples have anything whatsoever to do with vaccinations or a grand govt. conspiracy unless it is to say that the government is full of idiots…now that I do believe.

          • Christin

            Old Henry,

            You are welcome. I’m glad something I post helps somebody sometimes.

            As far as education is concerned it is more suited for girls who mature earlier, learn to read and use language skills earlier than boys, and ‘develop fine motor skills’ (ie. writing with a pen or pencil, listening, sitting) earlier than boys who seem to crave using their ‘gross motor skills’ (ie. jumping, running, and swinging their arms)… so essentially the boys are set up to fail in a ‘regular classroom’ setting.

            Being a Classroom Teacher myself I was well aware of this difference between boys and girls (even before I had my own kids) and made sure I had activities where the students could get out of their seats to learn, work together at a table (as is better for girls who learn more from this style and for remedial learners) and work independently (which is a competitive style where boys learn better). I also incorporated my teaching to help all learning styles: auditory, visual and tactile (hands on)… but ALL my students had to participate in my class and I was quick to complement good thinking and good behavior. Kids love to be praised.

            So the poster, ‘Song’ is not informed with the education system as their are MANY FINE Teachers who KNOW how to teach to the different styles we are educated in college about. And their are many terrible Principals, teachers and schools, too. The Institution of Education is now LADENED with Rules, Laws and burdens for a Classroom Teacher and the students. Though I would agree with him/her that the NEA needs to hit the CHOPPING BLOCK.

            My son is best when he learns one on one, has less sugar/starch in his diet, has strict rules (firm but loving), and has repetition for better remembering. I work with him on his homework and projects by himself making his younger brother leave the room. He is an auditory and tactile learner and remembers much of what I say to him as I talk in kind of story form for him (he remembers a LOT of what I say to him)… not just unrelated facts that are meaningless.. and let him touch things we were learning. Like when he was young we went on fall hikes and collected fall leaves, nuts… and painted orange pumpkins, and rolled out play-dough/clay, and touched the fuzzy books. Today he likes to cook with me because he can touch the pizza dough, hold the vibrating mixer, grade the cheese on the grater, and taste the food. He likes to work with tools and ride vehicles that move fast… all tactile.

            I’m sure, because of these things, what he will do as an adult (if he gets to grow up) will be limited, but if he is able to successfully chose an occupation that meets his need for his auditory, tactile, and gross motor style he will be happy.

            Good luck to you and yours.

  • Bud

    All they have done is change the name, and it will be business as usual in the upcoming election cycle. The Dimocrats will find a way to funnel as much taxpayer money as possible to this criminal group.

  • AJ

    That group was also funded by George Sorros a Global elitist. And as far as voter fraud goes, I believe it’s got the last four presidents elected. Why, because in their world there is no party lines. Only an agenda. A global agenda!

  • truthseeker

    VOTER OPERATION COMPENSATION SCHEME! THAT’S WHAT THEY CALL IT THESE DAYS!! The word thieves comes to mind. Anyone who does not know that the “community organizer” along with Soros, organized his own election is obviously delusional….anyone who thinks the “community organizer” is doing anything other than destroying America should WAKE THE HELL UP already. It’s so frustrating that so many actually think “our leader” is not doing exactly what he got elected to the highest office in the country to do. He’s still celebrating and chuckling with soros (and satan) as to how easy it has been to bring us down so far in so little time!! soros=sorry ass=jew that helped nazis destroy his own=wolf in sheeps clothing=predator=destruction of any country, JUST BECAUSE HE CAN…He’s like the scorpion that wanted to get across the river on the back of the turtle, and so is “our leader” and guess who the turtle is!!!!

    • Joan

      Amen. I am greatly concerned about the group of Bilderbergers. We all need to do research on them. What I have read makes me sick and I no longer know who to trust. I know that I trust Glen Beck and beyond that ?. I google names to find out if they are a part of this One World Government group that is very much well and thriving. Party does
      not appear to matter.

  • s c

    At least we have one judge left who knows the difference between crap and apple butter. People, don’t you find it utterly amazing that ANYONE can find a use for a group like ACORN?
    How do people get that way? Are they born genetically-defective, or do they have to work at it? I’m sure some don’t realize it, but when they spew filth that all but defends ACORN, they’re telling the rest of us that ‘the ends justify the means.’
    We no longer have the time for “some” people to come to their senses. From now, if you willingly defend groups like ACORN, you are, by your own CHOICE, not an American. By your own CHOICE, you are not human.

    • Christin

      s c,

      Ya know, I don’t think people are born that way… I think it comes from the heart. I think if you are a Believer in Jesus and love the Lord then you can see ‘evil as evil’ (clear sight from God), but if you are not standing with God, then your heart is cold and you serve yourself or satan (scales or blinders on), thus you align yourself with things that are bad and destroy all that is good and made by God.
      It is a choice…
      God see our heart and He knows us from that and our deeds if we are basically good or evil.



  • Raymond

    acorn is pure scum ,they are all that is wrong within USA
    and yes they are obamas friends,the country had to be on drugs
    to elect this man President,unbeliveable.

  • JR

    OK, let’s see. The judge properly fines these thugs. They then rename themselves to COI (Community Orangizers Int’l). Finally, they go back to the gov’t to get funding

    Perfect gig from the effluent of Obama’s Chicago Thugocracy

  • Raggs

    The prison sentence needs to start with oblama… plain and simple!

    • Old Henry


      I am more in favor of a short piece of rope and a long drop.

  • chuckb

    the democratic party works hand in hand with these types of agencies. this next election will be the most fraudulent ever seen in our country.
    that’s why you see the activists fighting voter id. why should we allow anyone on welfare voting rights. i don’t think anyone should be allowed to vote unless they are property owners. that’s the way we originally started and now the bolseheviks are signing up anybody that can sneak into the country by these acorn type agencies. seiu is even worse.


    ACORN convicted should get prison, anyone who corrupts the ballot box and resorts to scamming the public for tax money is a crook, crooks go to jail…nail’em judge.

  • Jay

    Groups Promoting A Globalist Anti-American Agenda!

  • Jay

    The list below shows the force behind destroying America. It is a huge movement that is gaining ground every day. Does this huge list of opposition scare you and make you want to throw up your hands and say “Kiss your butt goodbye” or are you willing to hang in there for the fight to protect the Constitution and the America that we know and love?

    I for one, am not going to give up; never. I know it’s tiring and feels futile but I don’t like the alternatives; In fact, I hate the alternatives. I have done my homework and so I know what is ahead of us if we stop fighting the uphill battle to protect America. I don’t want myself or my children and grandchildren to live in that type of environment. That’s why I am still in the fight. Are You With ME?
    Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute

  • paintbrushbright

    10 t0 1 the fine will be paid in tax payers dollars.

  • Jay

    Setting the record straight: HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo admits and takes credit for forcing banks to make risky loans, under his ‘affirmative action’ plan. Cuomo celebrates a successful settlement of $1.2 billion from a suit in a Fair Housing case.

    ACORN and Obama, working together in Chicago, lobbied Fannie Mae to make high risk loans. ACORN actually employed militant tactics and lawsuits to coerce lenders into lowering credit standards and make high risk loans to people they acknowledged were unqualified.

    ACORN garnered at least $750,000 in ‘fees’ while Obama got elected President of the U.S.


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