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Judge Decrees ACORN Funding Cut-off Unconstitutional, Conservatives Outraged

December 18, 2009 by  

Judge decrees ACORN funding cut-off unconstitutional, conservatives outragedA federal judge has ruled that the U.S. government’s decision to cut off funding to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) was unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon issued a preliminary injunction against the government, saying that it is in the public’s best interest to continue to fund the controversial and embattled anti-poverty group, according to the Associated Press (AP).

In its lawsuit, ACORN claimed that Congress’ decision to cut off its funding was unconstitutional because it targeted an individual organization without due process.

Gershon agreed, stating in her ruling that ACORN raised a "fundamental issue of separation of powers."

"They have been singled out by Congress for punishment that directly and immediately affects their ability to continue to obtain federal funding, in the absence of any judicial, or even administrative, process adjudicating guilt," said Gershon.

Meanwhile, two congressmen have called on the Justice Department to appeal the decision, calling it "nothing short of preposterous," according to Fox News.

Representatives Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder explaining how the ruling would set a dangerous precedent.

"The district court’s decision is troubling in many respects, but most significantly, if allowed to stand, it would effectively excise from the Constitution Congress’ express Spending Clause power to refuse to appropriate federal funds to an organization that has shown itself likely to misuse those funds in the future," the letter states.

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  • s c

    What we have here is a tail wagging the dog. Anybody want to take a wild guess as to the judge’s political sentiments?
    Could comrade obama be trolling for another czar? It sure is interesting how decisions that favor the government are seen as semi-divine (by those in the government). Decisions that would put government in its place are seen as temper tantrums by the media and the government.
    ACORN is a societal cancer. That judge rates at least a swift kick in rendering her kneejerk decision. Anybody want to guess what her odds are in becoming a czar or a potential cabinet member?
    In obama’s world, she may rate a future oscar or a nobel peace prize. She does seem to be that perfect blend of legislating from the bench and sucking up to ‘enlightened, superior beings’ waiting in the shadows with prizes and rewards for “results”).

    • Chris

      I’m not sure where Congress has the constitutional authority to fund the group in the first place let alone declare that not funding is unconstitutional. It’s a bizzaro world with no coherent thought process and no regard to the constitution or the will of the American people.

      • J C

        That was my first thought too. Just where in hell do they get off funding a corrupt “community organizer” group? Oh Yeah! Wasn’t that the Annointed One’s claim to fame? This country is definately circling the drain folks. How completely UN American.

      • Vicki

        Also my first thought. Where in the Constitution is the government granted the power to spend our money on ANY community organization let alone that community organization.

      • Ted Musgrove

        According to the Constitution only Congress can make the law’s of the land. So, why does the President think he does? Because we the people have allowed this to happen. Even the Supreme Court’s don’t have the power to make any rulings except when it’s before them in a court of law with a defendant and a plaintiff. Would this not make sense?
        Our Fore Fathers put this into action because this makes the Congress work for us, not us for them. Maybe we should work toward what or who should represent us in the Congress. Would you agree with this or not?

      • American Citizen

        My thoughts exactly. Where in the Constitution is Congress given the authority to give funds to a private group?

    • Bert Stevenson

      There is a day coming when the liberals are going to call some of us fanatics, extremeists, hate mongers, etc. But there will be a day when a vast number will rise up and say, ENOUGH! Maybe even blood shed, but ENOUGH! We WILL TAKE our country back and there won’t be enough of them to stop us.

    • http://fbhood@comcast 03 Infinity

      Why is it when Carl Rove, had Attorney General fired for not being able to fine any thing wrong with Acorn . This Judge ruling should stand. The out cry is only because it helps the under-privileged.What do we want in this Country a bunch of Glenn Becks, and Sarah Palin
      running this Country. They would be much worst than Bush. George W. Bush, broke every law in the world. He was not as stupid and people
      thought he was, he was dumb like a FOX. So get over the ruling. Acorn
      did not stand a chance after President Obama won the
      white House. The NRA, is right Election has consequence.Get ready for this my Husband and I are members of the NRA, but I do not agree with
      everything they stand for.

  • Michael J.

    Liberal crusader activist judge appointed by William Jefferson Clinton.

    • Curtis S

      From wikipedia: “In the spring of 2006, Gershon presided over the trial of Shahawar Matin Siraj, a Pakistani immigrant who was accused of plotting to blow up New York’s Herald Square subway station. After a four week trial, a jury found Siraj guilty of four crimes, including plotting to bomb a public transportation system. On January 8, 2007, Gershon sentenced Siraj to 30 years imprisonment for his role in the plot.”
      Does that sound like an activist judge? Or is an activist judge a term that is automatically applied to any judge appointed by a democrat?

      • John

        Curtis an activist judge is someone who decides something that isn’t in the Constitution should be. Clearly giving money to an organization that isn’t specifically enumerated is unconstitutional. If you do not understand this, may I suggest picking up a copy of the Constitution or download a copy from the algore’s amazing internet.

    • Michael Small

      This is the reason we need to clean house starting at local levels right on up to the top. The constitution has been abused since it was first published. It has not been a conspiracy theory. It has been a fact to those who do their homework!

      The London Times – “If that mischievous financial policy which had its origin in the North America Republic during the late war in that country should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debs and be without debt. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

      The destruction of this Republic has been ordained and attempted since the revolution.

      Socialism has placed this Republic in a very precarious situation that only the Citizens can change; if they are aware and have the courage.

  • Richard

    How can something that is unconstitutional in the first place even rate a response ?

  • BARB


    • Eddy

      I guess the only way to counter the eforts of A.C.O.R.N. is use the same tactics on them. The city where I live ,S.F., has over 100 polling places. I think that if we followed their example of voting early aond often. since they won’t ask for ID, with a phone book and a list of places, the ranks of registered votes would swell.With a few thousand new conservitves o the lists liberals would scream for a change in voting proceedures , ID maybe, proof of citizenship ? that would be a change we could live with.

  • CommonSense

    The responses so far, could have been used at the verdict of the O.J. Simpson trail. This was the right decision in accordance how the law should be objectively applied.

    • showmestategalMO

      That is correct conservatives can not stand Laws and decisions that they do not want to have to follow–Still waiting for the criminals from Blackwater xe-Halliburton and KBR to be tried to a fruition.

  • pilgrim1776

    Why is anyone surprised with the above mentioned judge’s “opinion”: Judge’s do not rule, they provide opinions. The amerikan public has been brainwashed into believing that our corrupt courts are making rulings when all a discerner has to do is read any court case as they state that the “opinion” of the court, etc. Therefore, if all of the alleged lawyers were honest and lawful, they would immediately challenge these socialistic, black-robed tyrants, and demand justice!

    • J C

      Hear Hear!!!!

    • Michael Small

      Right On Pilgram. (I love that word – John Wayne)

  • Stand Waitie

    Isn’t it time for a good military coup in this country. Before the old House Un-American Activities Committee was abolished by the liberals/dems/marxists (oh, I’m sorry, I repeat myself) this judge would be thrown into prison.

  • Rayne

    Let’s see how “unconstitutional”, mandating that every American purchase healthcare when the court cases start flying after this abomination that 61% of the American people don’t want….. passes hmmmm!

    • Eddie Gianola

      Agreed. The healthcare debacle is the greatest assault on the American people since the Founders gave birth to this new nation. This “reform”,
      will see it’s day on the Steps of SCOTUS and those noble nine don’t always do a stellar job of interpreting the Constitution which is their job.

    • Michael Small

      Simply pass a bill in each state that blocks this action and the Health Care Bill will be null and void.

  • Art

    Upon an immediate lookup, I see that the Judge is from Chicago. Now for my thought: Where does it say that we HAVE to support various organizations? Since when do organizations and Judges can tell Congress to continue to spend money? Just something to think about!
    It appears as if once a program gets a little funding it will always get funding the way some Judges and people are thinking. I thought we had THREE (3) different sections of government to keep things like this from happening.

    • Lee

      The court mandate to spend money could even be traced back to the court ordered bussing of students to “achieve integration of schools”

    • American Citizen

      How often has Congress mandated states to start a program and funded its startup, then withdrew funding and it was up to the states to fund it? Many, many times. What makes ACORN think it’s any different for them?

  • Rayne

    About “Acorn”….a picture (in this case, several videos) are worth a thousand words.

  • GreatScott

    These people who call themselves Judges need to be tried for Treason and have the key thrown away. Locked and Loaded.

    • Michael Small

      Yes, they should be. Far too many are tyrants and do nothing to protect rights of individuals or the sovereignty of our States.

  • Ron

    I would like to ask if anyone can tell me. Where are all the constitutional attorneys in this country. Surely there is one somewhere who is not a flaming liberal, who actually cares about the fate of this country. Everything this Democratic Congress (the biggest bunch of thieves, crooks, gays and women of questional repute ever gathered in one place)has done is unconstitutional but not one attorney has even raised a hand to question the legality of their legislative abominations ! If you (attorneys) are worried about being paid, let me know, I think I could gather up enough money in a day to cover any costs you might have or charge.

    • Diana Hardy

      Have you forgotten….Obama supposedly taught Constitutional Law at Harvard……before becoming a “community organizer” in Chicago!

      • T Musgrove

        He went to Harvard?

        • Eddy

          Harvard is a affirmative action college, No standards, any one can get in. To be excepted you had to qualify. Now you find a bunch of losers, whiners, cheats, and thieves. No one has to do their best any more just enough to get by. There are classes where no grade is given, just a simple pass or fail.You wouldn’ want to hurt their fellings, it wouldn’t be fair. It’s like voting present.

          f you don’t do well you claim to have taught and make damn sure your records are sealed so no one finds out the truth. “Our friends the progressives’ ,what a bunch of losers the turn out. No standards at all, lies and more lies just to grab power.
          strange name for them!…used to call them commies and worse.Now they have filled the schools and managed to dumb down the masses with the help of the aclu and acorn.

          and money, why do you think his records are sealed. He studied CON-stitution laws my ass. he sure didn’t learn what he’s teaching from a real constitutional law class.uless it was on how to destroy the Constitution with 50 of your commie friends in 10 easy lessons.

    • Michael Small

      There is bound to be a (few) good attorneys in this country since we have 95% of the worlds attorneys for 5% of the worlds population. As for the rest, “do you know how to get a good attorney out of a tree?”

      Cut the rope you hung him with!

      • TrueGrit

        This judge is as dirty and as corrupt as (ACORN) and has the nerve to use the phony nonsense that it is unconstitutional>What a fraud this bought off black robed hoodlum is. Where did she get her law degree ……ACORN must have given it to her.Let’s put this criminal and everyone of those vote stealing street criminals in ACORN in the Slammer where they belong. These dirty commie dogs would say any stupid thing they had to ta justify there chicanary. Its time to impeach this judge and put her behind bars and deport everyone of those rotten vote stealing criminals in ACORN.

  • DT

    Well I think that pharse used by JC, Dec.21, “This country is definately circling the drain” a term I had not heard before, however
    fits the description of current events, because in circling things
    become dizzy and disoriented which describes the American public. We for the moment cannot get out of the spiral,or go against the current and will eventually drown. So I’m changing my quote of “This country is dead and just waiting to be buried” to “Circling the drain” it fits. You know what comes after the drain hole. How did we arrive at this state of afairs. As an older person I have witnessed many events
    that has brought our country to this point, saddness evades.

    • Michael Small

      Simply because we have forgotten or never knew what our Declaration of Independence was for or why our forefathers wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (our Representatives Bill of Limitations).

      Great Empires rose out of tyranny and slavery to Liberty. From liberty they achieved the level of Abundance and with abundance came complacency followed by apathy of which is the world of dependency (where we are today) the world of enslavement; i.e. the government and the banks.

      Capitalism was our salvation yet few people participate. The rest are dependent or slaves to the system.

  • Holton Brown

    Re: Stand Waitie says:
    December 21, 2009 at 7:15 am
    Isn’t it time for a good military coup in this country. Before the old House Un-American Activities Committee was abolished by the liberals/dems/marxists (oh, I’m sorry, I repeat myself) this judge would be thrown into prison.

    Glad to see that facsism is still alive in the USA …. query: What judges were put in jail by the HUAC???
    and just what wuold a military coup accomplish except put Nazis in control??

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      In case you’ve forgotten, “NAZI”, in German, literally stands for the National Workers Socialist Party (or, more properly, in English, the National Socialist Workers Party). Try reading “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg, if you’d like a more in depth, annotated and well researched description of the term and it’s interconnection with the very fabric of “Progressivism”, both here and in Europe, than this forum allows.

    • American Patriot

      Leave it to some leftist to bring up Naziism. News flash moron, the Nazi’s were National Socialists (i.e. liberals like our modern Democrap party). Mandating that people buy health insurance, then issuing fines and prison terms for refusing to do so is much more like the Nazi party than overthrowing the government and starting again with leaders who support the Constitution. EVERY one of those “representatives” who voted for this Obamanation need to be removed from office and tried for treason, or at least violating their oath of office. They are all sworn to uphold the Constitution, not violate it. For every state that has “recall” as on option, it needs to be exercised ASAP. Don’t wait for the elections next year, fire them now!

      • J C

        Umm Patriot…I think that’s what he was pointing our

  • Wanda

    I am afraid the foothold is strong and our fight will be long and hard. But we have to stand strong and support our representaives. Don’t give up now. Chicago’s mafia can’t win, they can’t take us over. We have to make huge changes in congress next year to help stop some of this deadly bleeding that is happening. God help us all!

  • Judy Doyle

    If the criminals at Acorn can ask or bribe a judge to reverse a Congressional mandate, then why can’t we the people do the same thing and pay or bribe or convince a Federal Judge to throw out the criminal Reid/Pelosi/obama health care bill? Can’t we get an injunction to shut that monstrosity down?

    Or, is it going to take an all out Civil War to get our message across? Emails, letters, phone calls and Tea Parties haven’t stopped the destructive son-of-satan in our white house. So, what is our recourse? Dirty judges are a dime a dozen. Mentally ill demoncrats in the Senate and the House don’t give a flip what We the People want. Perhaps it is time!

    • Michelle

      Unfortunately it will probably take a Civil War. The Democrats are doing whatever they please and spending us into bankruptcy. They want to “make history.” The history they will be making is the total destruction of the US. I wonder how their backroom deals will hold up when the country as we know it doesn’t exist. They aren’t listening to the people any more and they don’t care. You can no longer trust the courts because they say they are “doing what is right for the people” and not what the law provides. This has been going on for a long time. We really need to vote next fall, but will we even get fair elections? If the corruption runs deep one has to wonder how the elections will be stacked. We want our country back and have been fighting to get it, but they aren’t listening. Military action or Civil War may be the only answer. I hope not!

      • George

        We do not have the ability to take back our country. We may be able to defend our home for a while, until they send a plane with a bomb to wipe you off the face of the earth. The military only take orders from the government NOT the civilians. Our only hope is to vote the incumbens out Nov/2010/2012. We will be overwhelmed with voter fraud by the likes of ACORN. It has been said that ACORN signed-up over 2 million voters. It only takes a 100,000 or so votes to win an election by winning the key states, ie,welcome Obama. They did it once, they can do it again. They are in control of the banks,auto industry and now working on control of healthcare. The policys they are creating now are destroying the middle class and the dollar.

  • James

    Federal funding of ACORN was unconstitutional, but unless someone files a lawsuit and so-challenges it, ACORN will remain valid. And the person filing such suit must have been harmed by it in some way. When Congress so-funds such organizations, it cannot then say they don’t approve of what that group does with the money, that would be legislating within the States.

    • Doc


      Well said, regarding a challenge! However, I think the major stumbling block in this case was actually the fact that Congress was NEGATING an existing agreement to pay Acorn, after the fact. As usual, our representatives and senators failed to take appropriate action at the crucial time…BEFORE screwing things up!

      • Matt Mathews

        Yes Doc,
        we should have acted before things become a crises and “all” our present ones are rooted in those SOCIALIST INDOCTRINATION CLASSES called the “PUBLIC SCHOOLS” which for the most part , all our VOTERS , our ELECTED OFFICALS and their appointees must go every school day in their lives, Yet I see nobody addressing that problem much less making any effort to correct it.

        Any thing else you do to stop this SOCIALIST INVASION is just SHOVELING AGAINST the tide .

        • Ruby

          The world has gone completly NUTS!!!!!!!!

      • James

        Doc, If Congress defaulted on an existing agreement (contract) to pay ACORN, that’s another matter. The remedy there would be for Congress to void the contract because ACORN had used the money for illegal purposes, whether the contract actually forbad such illegal conduct, or not, doesn’t matter. No court would hold that Congress may be bound to support illegal activity, by contract.

  • Dave Peery

    Interesting to note the judge referred to ACORN as an anti-poverty organization, when in fact they are not. They are a corrupt community organizing group registering people to vote and telling them who to vote for. Further, they are advising people on how to break the law and circumvent paying their fair share of taxes.

    There is no place in the constitution where these type of organizations are guaranteed rights of any kind. Like other organizations they should be self-supporting and if they break the law they should pay the price.

    • Vicki

      Organizations are not people. They have NO rights.

    • T Musgrove

      I agree with your post.

      • sam

        looks like we are now a banana republic. Maybe a we a should have banana revolution.
        I hope we can pull out of this s—-h mess.
        Be careful how you vote next time.

        • T Musgrove

          I’m going to go on to a different subject. Why is it so hard to get a military claim through to them and have it honored?
          Because we have to prove every detail to them. My issue is that I was denied medical help and now live with the disability. I just want my compensation to live a normal life. Not the SSDI, that I do receive. It’s just enough to keep a roof over our heads. And I’m grateful for this, but I hate being disabled and not having the funds to do things I want to do. I’d love to take my wife to Branson for our 25th Anniversary. We just can’t afford this. I’d love to pay off our house and put in a better one that is safer for us. And made for our disabilities. And the future of my decline. And get our van paid off.
          I hate being in debt to anyone. I want to have money in the bank now and till I die. But, without the compensation, it won’t happen.
          We both love to work, but if your disabled, your stuck with playing cards around the kitchen table. So to speak. And then military tells us to find our records, but they have the power to do this. If I want old alert rosters, I can get the ranks, without names or addresses. How can I find people that I knew over 20 years ago. And how was I to know that in my later years that my body that was injured back then would become this damaged. I’ve 4 ruptured disc’s and ever so often another one ruptures to increase my pain. I just can’t quit doing the things that hurt me. I just take a day off or so and get back up to do it again. Otherwise I go out of my mind sitting. Maybe I should become a politician.

  • Victor L Barney

    I told you before that the communist even control the Courts! The Democrats have always been run by Mobsters, Politicians, and Bankers! This is true from FDR for sure, but I believe from the beginning! Ben Franklin, the post pivotal person making our new government work, besides being a 3rd degree Mason. also belonged to the Illuminati that recently called for the “New World Order” under Lucifer! PS: FDR also was a 3rd degree mason and Remember Jimmy Carter? He had to become a 3rd degree Mason before he could become President. His Masonship was given him in 1972!

  • Swansong

    What? WHAT??!!!

    Cutting off funding to an organization that promotes voter fraud & other criminal behavior using TAXPAYER funds is unconstitutional??

    But on the other hand, unconstitutional Universal Health Care and Bailouts are just fine?… riiiiight….

    If this “judge’s” (term used loosely, I’m so disgusted) ruling is not a wakeup call to EVERY honest, hard working US citizen that The Courts, Congress and Federal Government (EPA, etc) are ANTI-CONSTITUTION and anti-freedom, then probably only a Thermo-nuclear explosion will wake you up!

    Impeach Judge Nina Gershon – for aiding & abetting fraud & criminal behavior!

    The rule of law is simply ‘toast’.

  • Loyal Opposer

    James, if fed funding for ACORN is unconstitutional then let’s bring it before the courts, observing due process, and stop it.

    Otherwise, people who write and agree with this drivel make me want to swear a thousand blasphemous, heretical oaths.

    If ACORN were a conservative or, heaven forbid, a faith-based organization receiving fed funding, there would now be gnashing of teeth, seething in the conservative tabloid press, conservative political campaign coffers overflowing, a couple of hate crimes, and demonstrations in the streets.

    It’s in the Constitution, people!! No matter how disgusted you are by the observance of its provisions, you may not summarily bypass or abridge them without risking the security and the very existence of this great country. Even ACORN must be afforded DUE PROCESS! You cross that line at our collective risk.

    Shame on all of you for this mob mentality you have so easily fallen into. The only sentiment that judge had in coming to her decision was the Constitution. She’s absolutely right and you damn well know it. You may be able to fool the choir, but I still believe the majority of Americans will see through your self-delusion and do the only thing that makes sense–stand by the Constitution.

    • LimestoneFreedom

      This has nothing to do with due process.

      DUE PROCESS – The idea that laws and legal proceedings must be fair. The Constitution guarantees that the government cannot take away a person’s basic rights to ‘life, liberty or property, without due process of law.’ Courts have issued numerous rulings about what this means in particular cases.

      The Fourteenth Amendment prohibits the deprivation of liberty or property without due process of law. A due process claim is cognizable only if there is a recognized liberty or property interest at stake. Board of Regents v. Roth, 408 U.S. 564, 69 (1972).

      Due process is best defined in one word–fairness. Throughout the U.S.’s history, its constitutions, statutes and case law have provided standards for fair treatment of citizens by federal, state and local governments. These standards are known as due process. When a person is treated unfairly by the government, including the courts, he is said to have been deprived of or denied due process.

      Congress can agree to fund and not fund projects. It happens in every session. This is not a court case or accusation of a crime. ACORN’s suit should have been thrown out immediately upon its filing.

      • James

        Limestone, The 14th Amendment says “No State shall…deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” ‘Due process of law’ refers to state law it has nothing to do with fairness. For example, most states have laws that prohibit felons and the feeble-minded from possessing firearms. Such laws do not violate the 14th Amendment.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      A well presented argument for reason. However, I wonder, do you really, in you heart of hearts, believe that if, as you postulated, it was a “Faith Based” organization in question, the judge would have reached the same judicial “Opinion”?

    • wendy


      • LimestoneFreedom

        Wendy and Myron… I think you both misunderstood my post. I am agreeing with you. My point is that ACORN has no footing for a lawsuit, nor would any other organization. The suit should have been thrown out of court before any opinion was rendered. In my opinion, funding for most of the agencies congress gives our money to is unconstitutional to begin with. Congress should keep their noses out of our business and their paws out of our wallets. ACORN is not entitled to due process, is all I was saying.

    • James

      Loyal O., The difficulty would be in proving that Congress lacks the power to fund such organizations. The powers delegated to Congress are enumerated in Article I, Section 8, they start with “Congress shall have the Power To…provide for the…general Welfare of the United States. In our first 147 years, that Clause 1 was considered to be a lead-in general statement to the actual powers that followed. Now, it is used to justify most federal laws. In United States v. Butler, the Supreme Court held that Congress lacks the power to “tax one group for the benefit of another.” Maybe that would work.

  • Dewayne in Texas


  • Wanda

    The MOB mentality is coming from this Mob that is ruining our country. Send the Mob back to Chicago.

  • Richard Pawley

    This is why the appointment of FEDERAL JUDGES is so important! If Americans do not wake up, vote for the morally best people running, regardless of party, and if they are believers, pray for their country, then it will soon pass into the turbulent pages of history. Our country is bankrupt! Even the president all but admitted it. We spend more than 2 million dollars for every 1 million we take in with taxes. If we took all the money away from every person who earned more than $20,000 a year it would still not be enough to get us out of hock. THE GOVERNMENT, FEDERAL, STATE, COUNTY and CITY are all SPENDING TO MUCH. No country that has ever been as far in the hole as we are (relative to our income)has ever avoided a financial collapse. NO COUNTRY! Many believe it is already to late. If we cannot replace our squandering congress next year and tighten our belts in preparation for the Greatest Depression there has ever been, then a time is soon coming when even the former middle class will go hungry. The money congress has already squandered is going to be responsible for at least 200% inflation, and perhaps 300%. If we don’t change immediately then I predict that within 20 years, by 2030, the United States as we know it will no longer be. Print this page and put it in your bible or along with your other important papers and see if I am right. I pray to God that I am wrong but I see economic collapse for the USA followed by every other country once congress and the FED kill the dollar. This will be followed by famine for the world, and eventually a one world money system run by the same people who got us into this mess in the first place. Wake up people! Enjoy your Christmas. There is a high probability that it will be one of your last normal ones. May God bless the United States, no one else is going to do so.

    • bbstacker

      Echoing Richard Pawley; Some get it, some don’t. The moonbats dismiss anything that doesn’t wreak of entitlement, so they think that some benevolent “feral” gov’t clown will save them. Oh, the bliss of ignorance and blindness when the Pied Piper’s tune sounds so sweet. Thank God that many of us heard the “tune” and knew it was a lie long before the 44th POSUTUS took over the Oval Office. Are we enough to restore the Constitution of the United States?

  • Boo T

    I don’t understand why there is any debate over ACORN. This and all other community oragnizations that have anything to do with voter registration should be shut down. I also think that before you can vote, you have to produce 3 forms of ID with an addresss on at least one of those. Voting accuracy is totally important and I think the last election was not at all an honest run election. It’s so nice to have this place to vent and see we’re not the only ones who feel this way. What can I really do to let Washington know how we feel. I am ready to revolutionize, just say when!

    • T Musgrove

      We the People email our Senators and Congressmen or people. So the pick of who we want to represent us is so important. And not judge them by their talk, but by their fruit’s. Even the white man spoke with a fork tongue when some of the earlier settlers started to push across this great nation. You can start where you live, get involved and work your way up. Be honest in all your dealings, tell the truth and only do business with like minded people. Like God tells us, Tell the truth and the truth shall set you free. Keep your word, stay true to your Country. And love thy neighbor as thy self. Help others. If you see a need and can take care of it. Do it. Because it’s right.
      And pass it forward.

      • Nadine

        I agree with you. It is time to stop all this. I am 87 years old and in all my years I have never seen such action as happen this year. We must must get back to the Constitution that our fore fathers drafted for us and has been the back bone of our Lovely Country. God Bless

  • stupidamerkin

    I wonder if this so called judge realizes that he is unconstitutional?

  • Izzy

    The mob was voted out last November.
    The arrogance of the conservative criminals will say and do anything to get control back so they can achieve their unconstitutional dream, by any illegal means, of a permanent majority.
    The unpatriotic obstructionism of the extreme right wing feaux relegionists has probably, already, cost Americans as much as the bailout, cash for clunkers and what the health care reform bill will ultimately cost combined.
    The Un-American zealots of the right wing are destroying this country and think nothing of blaming everyone else for the damage they cause.

    • Vicki

      An awful lot of ad hominum attacks there. Did you have a useful point? If so it got lost in your method of argument.

    • Jim

      Did you mean faux religionists? Hope your politics is better than your SPELLING!!!

  • charlie

    ACORN is itself unconstitutional and illegal. The government has an right to withdraw funding based on demonstrated performance.
    Come the flip WE MUST remove all these corrupt socialist liberals.
    I say we must because we have to if we wish to remain a free society.
    And when i say remove i am not merely talking remove them from office for a term. i am taking about a deep investigation and put them in jail, i am talking about having Pelosi and Reid shot for treason.
    Bothe of them have forced themselves on the lower party officials and threatened them to vote the party line or the highway. this is not allowing them to represent their taxpayer.
    The cancer has gotten big and needs surgery.

  • Marilyn

    We don’t need “due process” for Bull Manure.

  • Jeff

    De-stablizing the electoral process, is how they effectively corrupt free, or potentially free open democracies… It was used to de-stablize Venezuela, Iraq, Our country The U.S.,Pakistan and so many others… Often quick and abrupt…. The European Nations were a direct example of this, as well why our borders needed to remain un-secured as theirs were… Unfortunately our Mexican neighbors have wanted to reclaim American soil and are doing so thru Un-Constitutional means, which according to our Founding Documents is considered “Invasion”. If we had any “Real Americans” left in our 3 branches of government, this would “All” been rectified at onset …. “But I Prove To You That We Don’t” “ACORN” is just one of the American “Sister” companies to a Global Conglomerate that work together to accomplish the global political tide that the powersa that be prefer… The very political force our Declaration of Independance was written to thwart and our Constitution to preserve us from… You all know what our resposibility is, if your not one doing what is asked of us all as Americans by our Founding Fathers, then take a look around, the battle-cry still hasn’t been answered… And those that have heard do not see a “chat” as sociable b.s. but a place to “Assemble”… They (the enemy) have been… Join the fight, because it stopped being a “conversation” along time ago…

  • Jeff

    You can’t leave out the S.E.I.U. from this…. Acorn has still been getting funded. There operations have not slowed, but increased… It was just more palletable to do it on the dime of the very people they are screwing… They lavish in how good a job their affiliates are doing at making peoples ignorant to what they are doing to them…. They laugh at our Constitution and the naive people it protects standby and watch it burned, to cowardice to defend it or to ignorant to know… Talk is cheap if there are no actions to back it up… My call out to you is to do something…. Everyday… No matter how small you start,… A phone call? A talk of “Assembling” in your inner circles, all these and more are what our Forefathers asked… Will you do as they did ? You’re not a minority if you do, there are Millions doing it. You just don’t see it on the news, unless you watch the channel “banded” from the White House…. We Are Trouble- Makers ! For anyone challenging our Constitution ! We Are Americans ! And We Don’t Go Quietly !

    • Vicki

      We are the people the government warned us about :)

  • Bill Zorka

    Curtis is an activist judge is someone who decides something that isn’t in the Constitution should be. On an appeal this should be no problem to get resolved. Clearly giving money to an organization that isn’t specifically enumerated is unconstitutional. The judge is from Chicago and needs to be asked where does it say in the constitution that the American people have to support various organizations. I would be embarrass to have my name associated with this ruling. This judge needs to be removed from office and be thrown into prison.

  • wendy

    I find it quite funny that congress and our Antichrist president are trying to distroy the constitution of the united states And Have not bothered to listen to we the people when it comes to the bills they are trying to get passed, Taking away all our rights , Then you have Acorn one of the more corrupt organizations crying that the are being treated unconstituinally. What a Fikn joke anf this dumb ass judge agrees with them!!!!!!! What about our constutional rights????? I say APEAL< APEAL< APEAL and bring up the fact that we the people are not being given our constutional rights ,ACORN should not be allowed to us that as an excuse to keep the funding going into their coffers. They should be ordered to disban and get NOTHING. IF they get their constutional rights I AND ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT THEIRS WE WANT ALL THE THIEVES< THUGS MAXISTS >AND LIERS, OUT OF OUR GOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to go asap……..

    • T Musgrove

      How about asking for a look at their books? Let them give an account before the Congress. As in put up or shut up about how bad they are being treated. As soon as American people proved that Acorn was telling pimps and their girl’s how to cheat the United States, they should of been shut down immediately. This would be due process.
      If you were a drug pusher and got caught selling drug’s, don’t the police shut you down, immediately? Well, then why can’t we shut any organization down that was proven to be not in the best interest to the American people? This can start from the top down too. Since they have found birth certificates from two different countries for our obama. And none in the USA, why can’t Congress have him removed from his Office and taken to prison? Since any president to be that wasn’t born in the US. Can’t be! Any plainer than that. Impeach before we aren’t a country anymore. And why do we have over 32 terrorist camps within our borders that the FBI can’t touch? It didn’t stop them at Waco or Ruby Ridge. If they are practicing inside of the US to kill us, isn’t this a Trojan Horse Metality?

  • Paul Bosco

    Cutting off funding (as opposed to not re-appropriating it) is the responsibility of the judicial branch, not the legislative. The constitution protects those on both the left and the right. If one COngress passes laws against ACORN, another can target the Heritage Foundation. THere are some very odd Constitutionalists in this forum. Some awfully “situational conservatives”. Not much intellectual honesty.

    –Paul J. Bosco
    New York

    • Vicki

      Why would the Heritage foundation get money from our taxes to begin with?

  • http://lawlessbankruptcyparalegal William Lawless

    Izzy you need to wake up. The mob which is in power now is tha same one which caused this Depression. These are the same fools which are creatinf the Obamacare which will require people to have health insurance whether or not they want it. And if you do not buy it you will be fined. We have no right to make our own decissions. The government makes them for you. What is communism if it is not this form of government control. I hope it does not cause a civil war, but if it does I am ready to fight for this conutry.

    • Angela

      Izzy, you need to read the Constitution and study up a bit on history. From your ignorant ad hateful statements it’s clear that you have no idea what the Constitution actually says.

  • Wanda

    Izzy, poor. poor Izzy. I will pray for you.

    • Izzy

      NO THANKS!!!

  • Jeff

    The Irony of your comment Paul, is that your correct…. But only partially, which is common to opposers of the definition of our Constitution. As well as the definition of “Illegal Immigrant”. The constant re-defining of things does not change what they are, merely changes the name in which we refer to them in the guise of Political Correctness.. The “Fact” of the matter is : ACORN agencies (MULTIPLE) were proven to the American people to be Defrauding the American Tax system… Which is acceptable and common practice for your “Leftist” bretheren. After all a tax-cheat is now the head of the IRS… Co-incidence ? Not even ! Heritage Foundation doesn’t “milk” the American taxpayer I know they operate on private sector, I’ve contributed and got my pocketbook Constitution… When did your “comparison” ever get video-taped encouraging Federal Grant Money to be used to start Minority Businesses that were importing imigrants and using them for illegal prostitution rings? !!!!! Great example Paul ! I couldn’t have Made your Leftist View Look anymore Ridiculous if you hadn’t opened your mouth in the first place…. Do I Hear An Amen Forom the Audience ???

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      “Amen”, Brother.

  • Hankster

    Think Richard Daley, Barack Obama, Nina Gershon, Richard Daley, Rolan Burris, ACCORN = Chicago, Illinois.
    Chicago and Washington D.C. are both cesspools of filth and corruption to the level of most are swine wallowing in the filth !

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    In case you missed it, I made a reply to Holton Brown’s using the term “NAZI”, in reference to conservatism and conservatives that must, I believe, bear repeating: In case you’ve forgotten, “NAZI”, in German, literally stands for the National Workers Socialist Party (or, more properly, in English, the National Socialist Workers Party). Try reading “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg, if you’d like a more in depth, annotated and well researched description of the term and it’s interconnection with the very fabric of “Progressivism”, both here and in Europe, than this forum allows.

  • Anne B

    George is exactly right in his assessment of ACORN. The O’s plan will be to legalize as many Dems as possible for future elections & ACORN will CONTINUE to create fraud at the polls. Funding or not, they are not going away. I feel that is precisely why the Dem congress will give Obama whatever vote he wants because he is guaranteeing they will keep their seats. Acorn will be there for them.

  • Jeff

    Smoke and Mirrors.Copenhagen, Universal Healthcare, Acorn, Afghanistan. It’s the “by-passing” of the Constitution that’s important…. Not what so much as Why . And of course “How” is just fascinating to me… That our political system has become so luke warm that politicians actually have been using the “Apearence” of opposition but not actually opposing to their advantage… The camaras’ have really enabled our system to be over-run by money-grubbing theatrical performers rather than actual people… Used to be a requirement, now is a cliche’… Show me a judge or politician that actually has a job to pay their bills instead of a party line or lobby and I’ll show you an American not a stoolie for the machine. Lobbying and Pay-Offs would be the first thing I would Pledge to Abolish from our political system If I were to campaign for President ! No more pay-offs for judges, and Impeachment would be Rampant!

    • T Musgrove

      The problem would be is you would be impeached before you even got your name on the door or wall. We need to start holding our elected officers to accounts. Starting with the Presidents of the USA.
      If you never been in the military, how would you understand how to lead soldiers to the fight? And doesn’t it make you less careful on where you send them? If you never been, how do you understand why you don’t want to send them unless it’s the last choice? This is why I voted for Mc Cain and Palin. They were at least for the USA, not some changes that have hurt us more than we ever needed to have. Cash for Clunkers make me sick. Some of the Clunkers were newer than my own vehicle and now we can’t afford to buy another one until they become too old to be worth it. I’ll keep my good clunker, I can fix it again.

  • Wanda

    Amen for Jeff!

  • Ken

    Does it surprise anyone a ‘judge’ offers another asinine decision from the bench? Our law schools have created a class in our society that have lost sight of why this country was founded. They are taught how to twist facts, not seek the truth. They are taught that a winning record will get you fame and fortune and not necessarily the correct decision in court cases. Our court rooms have become sports’ arenas. And like the sports of today, the players are always looking for ways to get an edge on the competition, even if it is not in the best interest of the overall game. One glaring incident recently has Nelson and Reid selling out 49 states so Nebraska, as a state, will not have to contribute to it fair share of Medicare. Who will pick up the excess that Nebraska won’t pay? The rest of the country of course. Is this legal or more importantly, is this morally right? Of course not! But the lawyers in Congress put their scheming heads together and found a way to buy Nelson’s vote on the Health Care bill. It is this type of thinking that has corrupted our Congress since the 60s. It is time to get the lawyers out of Congress and get folks that know something about business and not how to manipulate the law for their own selfish interests.

    And it is this selfish interest I find in judge Nina Gershon’s decision concerning acorn. She will probably psychobabble the findings and in her decision make it sound like she is following the rule of law, but we all know the law schools don’t just teach how to interpret the law. You see, there are always two sides in a court case and when have you ever seen or heard of a defense lawyer commend the prosecution on a piece of damning evidence and ask for to plea bargain? Get all the lawyers out of Congress next Nov. and get them back where they belong. In private or corporate offices vying for business with their skills and not in the halls of Congress where they as a group have ruined the nature of the Constitution. If only, we as a nation, could see the wisdom in Mark Twain’s regard for lawyers. And I commend the small minority of law students that graduate with the proper attitude of honest interpretation of our laws and Constitution. To them I ask, please expose the corruption of our legal system and help to rectify a part of our society that has strayed from our forefather’s wishes for this great nation.

  • Jeff

    Myron, You bring a profound point to the discussion ! All Americans must arm themselve with the Knowledge of understanding what we believe in as well as our enemies…. Know history, then you know how they work… They like to change their names to make it harder to finger, but they are the same idiologically.. Ancient Egypt, Rome, England,Germany,USA all started one way and ended another… Tri-Lateral or Bilderberg was not names then but they are known now… Modern History shows the repeated guise of Labor Unions………. And Anne….. We just have to remember ” Whats good for the goose is good for the Gander” Where they stand to Intimidate, We can stand too… They are at voting stations usually not of their own district…. We must rid our districts of “same day voting” fraud, that’s the significance of the 08 elections as per US Supreme overturning Ohio Supreme ruling. Look it up, any other time it would be inbelievable.. Ohio threw out ACORN registrations But “SEIU” backdoored US Supreme to over-rule and made them count

    • T Musgrove

      Can we ask for a re count and remove all Acorn registrates?
      Even the ones that are or was dead at the count before?
      I will send a email to my Senators and Congressmen (People) to request that our Ten Commandment be replaced in every courthouse and any government office in the land. If our politicians had this to look at maybe they would remember just who is giving them the power and permission to represent their people in the USA. Have they forgot if God wanted to remove them, it would only take a short look and Washington would be flat. God tells us that if we believe and have faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Maybe we should just pray and have faith and write our Senators and Congress people to stand by the Constitution and the Ten Commandments and work with our fore Fathers to keep us free.

  • William Davis

    There’s nothing in the Constitution about traffic laws, nor about leases, nor about divorce settlements. In fact, most of the legal framework guiding our lives came from, drum roll, please, judges on the bench. Grow up right wingers and study history. Pass a stupid law or one that unfairly restricts another’s rights and the courts will change it.

    • Jeff

      It’s all about “Federalism” William… We see the point of view you have. All though I’m not a right-winger or left-winger.(See earlier comments of mine and you’ll see where I stand against both Party Lines) Your point shows the folly of Federalism. The chain of Command has been reversed. Big Government causes tidal waves across the nation and we should have localized Government Sovereignty as originally designed to be.As we “Progress” towards a “One State Nation” we lose our voice to be heard and our Freedom to be “Anonymous”. Which used to mean self-sufficient and self-reliant beyond Government. What one Federal Judge Rules, should not cause ripples in “Small Town USA” But due to “Federalism” it does. Don’t you want the Freedom to Challenge the Judgment of your Elected Officials ? Whether they be Executive, Legislative or Judicial…. ? This path continues unchecked you will lose that right, they may be agreeable now, but what if they aren’t tomorrow and you helped them silence your right to voice opposition ?

    • Jeff

      And by the way, I wanted to ask in follow-up…. What was unfair about cutting off federal funds(tax-payor$) from an organization that was caught red-handed using that money breaking the law ?Do you also think cops caught accepting bribes should be put on leave with full pay pending the investigation ? Or maybe you don’t mind paying taxes to establish brothels that promote the kid-napping of young children and turning them into sex-slaves… That’s what they were promoting, as long as the Grant Money went to minority owned company… That makes the legitimacy of minority owned businesses started thru these funds look bad and that’s not fair to them


    Let’s face it folks ! . . Both major political parties in America are as corrupt, through and through, to the bone, as they can possibly get ! . . I know of maybe two or three current office holders who, I believe, truly do care about America and our Constitutional foundation. . . I can see NO ALTERNATIVE to our tearing down our current government, . . down to the ground, . . and starting over again with all new, well screened, well investigated people being installed as tenders of the PEOPLE’S BUSINESS !!! . . . Our Government was originally intended to be our PROTECTORS AND DEFENDERS !!! . . . They have evolved into OUR WORST ENEMIES !!! . . . PERIOD !!!

    • Jeff

      Sounds like you know where that is leading. Don’t you…

      • Jeff

        It won’t be the first time for our country,but this time it’s a Federalist fight.Not a regional one

  • Dave

    It is time to CLEAN HOUSE!!! You cannot go to court unless you have a lawyer to represent you. You can’t even file a suit as they have it so confusing as to how to go about it. I have no faith in our legal system anymore.


    Instead of categorizing ourselves as Democrats and Republicans, . . Liberals and Conservatives, . . Black and White or Mexican and Asian, . . Protestants, Catholics, Buddists or Atheists, . . and re-learn how to look at each other as FELLOW AMERICANS, . . ONE UNITED PEOPLE all working toward the goal of LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. . . Because if not, . . soon we will no longer have that option except to view one another as FELLOW PRISONERS and SLAVES !!! . . I MEAN IT YA’LL !!! . . WAKE UP NOW and unite against our enemies, . . ALL OF ‘EM, . . Or forget about living out your life in FREEDOM !!!!! . . .

    • Jeff

      You’ve Got It ! Can you believe people are Defending the actions of these enmies of the Constitution and referring to us as though “We” don’t know what we’re doing? One side makes me want to see these idiots succeed and then watch their reaction to a “Totalitarion Government”… They’ll kiss your ass and polish your knob till they don’t need you anymore, then you’re expendable therfore, in the way.. Luckily Vindiction is not in a True Americans Nature

  • Ken

    Hey izzy, WTF does feaux mean??? You left wingers are always making up new words and we just can’t keep up. And by the way, if you haven’t noticed what’s going on in the country…..the far righties AND far lefties are getting the boot next Nov. The polls show a new party emerging….it’s called the ‘Tea Party’ and it’s made up of true Americans that are conservative. No more handouts for laziness, bad decisions and non-accomplishments. The gravy train is headed for the salvage yard, so all you beggars, milkers and leeches get ready for some tough decisions soon.

    And to Willie Davis – the stupid laws that restrict the hard-working, tax paying citizens from keeping what is rightly theirs WILL change and that is the only thing you have been right on today.

    • Jeff

      Hear! Hear! And How !

      • Jeff

        Let’s just see how much opposition rather than greeting they get from the establishment

        • Jeff

          Just remember what happened to Perot… Started a party then got legislated out of it thru policy and regulation… Now the same party does exactly opposite of it’s designers intention… We can thank Clinton for that.

          • Ken

            One big difference here though….this ‘party’ has always been around, it was just given a different name (Tea Party) recently. And it has taken a thoroughly corrupt and inept administration to get it’s hackles up far enough to say to BOTH parties….”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!” And you better believe, this party, has had it with BOTH parties and the damn lawyers running this country in the ground!!

    • T Musgrove

      I’ve been emailing my “officials” and have asked about the political retirement fund. This and income tax needs to change. I propose to have only the receipts that as we the people buy our goods from the store, the tax on the dollar is the only money that the government will use to pay for their programs. And any programs will be held accountable to the people. And our tax on the goods we buy will only be allowed to 10% for each dollar. Now, I understand that several won’t like this, but look at it another way. No more tax filings each year for every American person. No more stress on loss paperwork to prove we paid a bill and it’s tax deductable. And if your rich or poor or an immigrant. We all would pay into the government to finance the country. And no earmarks or pork belly spending would be allowed. Each law is one page at a time, no more 2205 pages of bills to vote on. This is what I propose to the government. And tell China to keep all their lead covered items home. We don’t need them. If they are found in the USA, they get shipped back COD. And any other country that tries this. We want quality items that last their worth. It’s time to make sure we are arround until Jesus returns. And it this offends you, good, leave my Country! The United States of America

  • Jim

    Another activist judge who should be tarred and feathered

    • Jeff


      • Jeff

        Gotta Go For Now… It’s been Nice talking to my Fellow Americans. I abandoned a Twitterpage some time back for other Venues But those who would like to Assemble with like minds find “Little Jeff CrazyAss” on Twitter. Otherwise for the rest …. Use Your Constitutional Rights to Defend In Your Communities… Defend what’s Right, Challenge what’s Wrong and Never Go by Party Lines, Go By Conscience !!! Call Them Out In Public Whether Judges or Politician (We see they are the same now) The Fight Begins There !!! In Your Community !

  • http://none WILLIEISAACS

    its real simple, i cant wait till the gov starts trying to inforce their pay or go to jail health care . they wont have enough prisons and jails, to put us all in. and the added expense, of putting you in jail. it costs more money to put you in jail, than it does to pay your insurance premmium. i will never pay this bunch of crooks anything. you will be payi g for me. their is going to be so manny law suits, at the federal gov, for trying to walk on our constitution, and our rights. you cannot mandate buying insurance. its a personal choice.all of you americans need to get some balls, and stand up for your rights. the socialist negroe, has destroyed our country and our constitution. when the hell are you people going to do something. its time for another civil war. you blow there freekin brains out. its either that or you will be a slave to this gov, for life. i cant bellieve what cowards yoou people are. your gutless bastards. quit talking and do something . or be cowards and be enslaved. its your choice

  • David

    I think this judgment is off-base. It presumes that once Congress funds something, that funding must stay in place forever or be unconstitutional to stop or reduce.

    Thus, Congress could never stop or reduce funding.

    The correct premise under our Constitution is that Congress should only spend our money on what in their judgment is needed. When they decide it’s not needed, funding need not be provided again. Period. No one has a given right to expect Congress to start or maintain funding.

  • sean murrey

    this judge is in thier pocket i will like to disbar her she is nothing but a commie supporting commies.

  • sean murrey

    that judge is a socilist commie that organization is about as bad as the mafia.

  • Bill

    The communists are right. You start out shooting the judges, lawyers and so-called educators. In this case… sounds more reasonable then her ruling that is for sure.

  • Darrel

    Talk is cheap, folks. And nothing is really happening to fix the problem. The crooks in Washington are rolling along and we are doing nothing. They are laughing at us and what foolish cowards we are. They are coming to get your guns. Count on it. They incorrectly believe that will stop the rebellion…. And yes, they are listening. And they do have “plants” in these sites…..

  • ’53 Korean Vet

    The Question–we should ask any Judge, “At what point, did the status of ACORN ever become associated as a “Branch of the Fed. Government that has to be funded by U.S. Tax-Payer Dollars” for Federal Security purposes-!? (I’m a citizen Tax-Payer–and I deserve to have the money which ACORN “illegally abused & mis-used” Refunded back to me-!) This part became most apparent, that they have never owned it before, and actually had “No Title” to it in the “First Place”–which I did Own-!

  • Phil4US

    ACORN receiving funding from our government is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!

  • T Musgrove

    Forget next time. We need to contact our political lines and hold all of them accountable to what is happening as we speak. Holding voting at 1 A.M. CST? Are they for real? It sounds like if they can find a time that doesn’t sit with some of them so be it vote anyway. And why is it that we the tax payer see different votes being on the floor and most officers aren’t in attendance. And why if there is a vote that some are missing? Is this how the government is run? Only have a vote while Congress is in Session. And all present. Otherwise they don’t get paid. And if they miss too many sessions, your fired by the people. Keep our politicians accountable for all the laws brought forth. And no judge has the ability to make a ruling about anything Congress does. I believe this is stated in Section 1 at paragraph 1. But I could be wrong too. I will admit that. Can your politician say this or would they? You decide.

  • DiverDan

    Teach Constitutional Law and you will know how to find loop-holes in the constitution to fund your buddies, and be within the law. Be a lawyer, and defend a criminal against the constitution, and you learn the law better, and how to avoid it.
    Has anyone here actually read the constitution, including anyone in Washington? I think Not.
    It is amazing what results you can get when you place your buddies in positions of power i.e JUDGES, eg Soto, …..
    Federal Funding for radical groups I do not believe is included in the constitution.

  • tina frost

    OBAMA=ACORN,TAKE THEM BOTH OUT NOW.I’m more than sure it can be done legally. Acorn is bigger than WATERGATE. We the People are coming”SOON”

  • Matt

    kill acorn, kill congress, vote ‘em ALL OUT!!!

  • ozardoz

    lynch her!

  • http://AmericaTakenDown&ChinaOnTheRise RoseC

    The most dangerous or effective persons in the U.S. are the judges because the buck stops with the judges and Justices who may or may be objective, fair, and follow the Rule of Law. On the otherhand, they may be political bias, liberal, activists who write the laws on the bench, interpret the laws from the bench, and dish our justice for those they favor by using the law to their benefit. Laws were written to be broken, just like Obama’s promises were promised but broken. For example, he’s quadrupled the debt and the unemployment rate in less than one year. Next will be taxes, fines, punishment, jail time, but not for the criminals or alleged crimes reported about ACORN in the news and by the U.S. Congress, but for the U.S. hard working natural born U.S. citizens who have paid taxes for social security, freedom, Medicare, and paid and pay the wages of judges, Justices, Congress, the government workers as well as our U.S. soldiers with their blood sweat and tears – they are the ones targeted for punishment, excessive taxation, fines, and jail through ObamaCare, ENDA, and Gores’s Cap and Trade. You’ll be luck if you can pass all the EPA regulations and licensing and fees just to sell your house, but not to worry, ACORN community organizers will be well-funded to enforce these new unconstitutional laws with our tax dollars thanks to decisions that creates more doubt about the judicial system in America.

  • NRA Proud

    Another Clinton appointed judge we have to live with.

    Elections have consequences, people.

  • Sandy

    Why not – we fund other organizations that are just as bad. How much to the heads and boards of these “charities” make a year? It’s big business. In Seattle there is the Hispanic groups that actually have the communist manifesto on their tables in the common areas. Nice to know that my tax dollars go for this crap. We should not fund any group with our tax dollars, they should work with donations like true charities.


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