Journalist: MSNBC Is Where Obama Is Promoted, Defended and Glorified 24 Hours A Day


Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who helped to enrage public opinion about the National Security Agency over the summer, criticized MSNBC as being a propaganda machine for the Administration of Barack Obama.

Greenwald’s harsh assessment of the news channel’s journalistic integrity came after MSNBC host Kristen Welker asked Greenwald whether he may have been too supportive of NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

“What do you say to your critics who say you’ve become more of a spokesman for Edward Snowden?” she asked.

“I think that’s ludicrous, that’s what I say to that,” Greenwald said. “Every journalist has an agenda. We’re on MSNBC now, where close to 24 hours a day the agenda of President Obama [is] promoted, defended, glorified, and the agenda of the Republican Party is undermined.”

Greenwald went on to say that he doesn’t deny that he feels that Snowden’s decision to expose the NSA was “heroic.”

“I think the point is not so much about MSNBC and what happens here,” Welker went on, “but more that sometimes when you talk about Edward Snowden you do defend him, and some people wonder if that crosses a line.”

“I absolutely do defend what Edward Snowden does and I don’t pretend otherwise,” Greenwald said in conclusion.

Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.