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Jon Voight calls out Barack Obama

April 18, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Palin12

    Jon Voight is a great American! His portrayal of FDR in “Pearl Harbor” (with Ben Affleck) is stunning, especially “the Day in Infamy” in speech.

    • JRBeaman

      Being an actor, has nothing to do with the wisdom he is sharing.
      You are diluting his message with tangential issues. That is a ploy for those who have no contribution but want to act like they are important.
      Most ignorant Democrats use that tactic in an attempt to save face when trying to play chess with their checkers mind.

      I too appreciate some of his acting in the past, but this is not about that. This is about Obama / Palosi / Reed RAPING OUR GREAT COUNTRY!

      Read up on the definitions of Marxism, and the Alinsky method. Discuss what the Userper, with less valid papers than his own dog Bo, is doing to our once great country. Be specific, and don’t use tangential issues, like this is on FOX news, or Jon was Bi-Sexual in one of his movie rolls. (See how stupid that is?)

      Jon is right, and we need to encourage the Tea Parties to replace the Religious Right in the Republican Party. ASAP!

      • Palin12

        I am not a democrat by any means.

        • Dave O’C

          Beware this is the true Hollywood elite

          • Mark

            Hold on there! I know some of the real Hollywood Elite. The real BIG names in Hollywood and they are not one bit for the Tea Party or anyone who’s a GOP member. They’d give everything they had to support Obama so don’t try to say this guy is a Hollywood Elite. He may be in profession but his stand is a 180 deg. turn. I know first hand how the biggest actors in Hollywood stand and this guy in a true American, not one of the low I.Q. phonies who can’t say hello without it being written down for them in a script. Take your extreme Liberal attitude and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!

          • Alan

            You say be careful of the actors. What about Opera and all the Actors that campaigned, for Obama. and the democrats, he is not for the Liberals so now he is a elite actor give me a break,
            Did you vote for healthcare I didn’t but we now have a healthcare crap bill, did you vote for the bail out I didn’t, yet we have it . I haven’t voted for any of these Changes yet we have them, Abraham Lincoln quote – …Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.
            In the past year there have been laws made and money spent that we didn’t vote for., Abraham Lincoln quote – …Government of the people, by the people, for the people, is perishing from this Earth

      • Bev

        Hey, “JRBeaman:” “What Obama is doing to our once great country?” You have such hubris! We had a “once great country” until G.W. Bush became President. You have one helluva short memory, pal. Did you forget, already, that “W” & Cheney,” our own home grown ‘axis of evil,’ lied to us about Iraq’s WMD to further his cause to invade. You were duped. Obama & Kennedy did not vote for this war.

        Consequently, because of the incompetent Bush and evil Cheney, we will be fighting terrorism, ad infinitum. Did you also forget that Bush trampled over the Constitution, handed Obama over a trillion dollar deficit, which put this country in an economic abyss before Obama even placed his hand on the Bible, that cold day in January of ’09. Where was your outrage then?

        This may be irrelevant: Jon Voight is not credible, in my opinion, the same as “Mush Limbrain” is not. JV & ML should clean up their own “glass houses” before they throw stones at other’s anyone else’s house.

        Bev of Boston, MA

        P.S. Just ask Angelina what kind of a father JV was? JV may be entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts!

        • Gerlof

          bev! you are a hateful,mentally disturbed,mis-informed JACK-ASS!

          • Roger

            Tell it like it is Bev

          • Tim Layman

            Name calling doesn’t really make your message stronger. By the way, if you bothered to check the facts, Bev is absolutely right.

        • GH

          Gee Bev, Glad you were not in office on December 7, 1941, We might be saluting the “Rising Sun” instead of “OLD GLORY” Even Clinton acknowldged that the was WMD in Iraq.

        • Shelly

          So Bev, I would imagine that Michael Moore would have more credibility to you than someone like Jon Voight. Now he (Michael)is really an upstanding individual. He surely speaks for Hollywood and all of America. GW was not perfect, but now our President and his goons have tripled the national debt in one year. Thank you Mr. President and thanks to poeple such as you that support such thievery, that will put this nation in turmoil for years to come!!! Shame on you!

        • donna Newell

          I love you for what you are doing to represent us.
          Thank you

        • Carly Baker

          Bev—President Bush used information provided by the CIA to make the decision about going to war. The information proved to be inaccurate and President Bush has said this. His decision was the right one given the information he had.

          • Yvan

            Whar a dump blind ass you are.

          • Belles

            Actually, Carly is correct. No need to call her names. In fact, it was the same intelligence that was shared to Tony Blaire and other leaders at the time. We weren’t the only ones with misinformation about WMD.

        • baf

          Dearest Bev, They did find some chemicals used in making WMDs in Syria that were moved from Iran a few years ago. CNN reported it in print on the web but it was quickly swept under the rug. It was Clinton that was handed Bin Laden on a silver platter and refused to take him. His administration did not go after the people that bombed any embassy related to Christian based countries. Bush did NOT violate any constitutional law when he took our troupes into Iran. He went to congress, who overwhelmingly voted to take action against a tyrant. Bush was not perfect but he did not break any laws. Can’t say the same for this administration now can you??? And as for the debt in this country…. don’t you dare go there. BO tripled Bushes debt in less than one year. A liberal organization even stated last week that it would take $35,000 per household to get us out of BO’s mess. Get your facts straight before putting them in writing. You hate Bush period! He’s been out of office for well over a year and we are still at war. We will be at war until all the Christians or Muslims are dead. They declared war on us and we, as the greatest nation in the world, have a RIGHT to defend ourselves. I sure as hell would rather fight over on their land than ours. Get realistic Bev. Jon is absolutely correct. We are being raped by the biggest threat to this United States of America and he calls himself a President. He’s not mine!

          • http://PersonelLibertyDigest Smallcherokeegirl

            Bravo!!!!!!! Tell it like it is!

          • anna

            BAF, don’t you mean Iraq – not Iran?

          • Tim Layman

            Do you really believe all of the nonsense you have written here, or do you just have that much hatred for President Obama. The reason we are in this mess is because Bush failed to understand that there was a problem with the economy. Most of us, in the real world, knew there was a problem back in 2001. Bush, however, was oblivious to the facts. All he ever said on the subject was, “the economy is strong and resilient.” But don’t take my word for it, there is plenty of proof if you care for the truth.

        • dmp says :


          You are blinded by the eloquence of Obama and being duped by his “lies” left and right, here and there and everywhere. You blamed Pres. Bush; don’t you know Pres. Bush is a real American Hero and Patriot? Your Obama as majority of the people claimed ” NOT A BORN AMERICAN “, Was born as a Muslim, born in Kenya and did not even fight for America. About WMD, Saddam Hussein was about to put up all the materials, ingredients to finally perfect the WMD when he was captured. Had Pres. Bush been delayed in getting rid of Hussein, America would have been attacked and bombed by Husseien’s WMD. You said Jon Voight is not credible; what more proofs do need for you to believe that Obama is a liar.One fact is that, during Obama’s promise to America. ” My government will be the most transparent government American ever had ” What happened now, they passed the Health Care Reform Bill behind closed doors and among themselves ( Liberal Democrats )” Twisted some arms ” ” bribed “members of Congress, ” promised them a sweetheart deals”. If I write every tricks the Obama government has fooled Americans; it will take longer than your patience you are having now. Don’t you know that Obama is trying to take away the wealth of the people who work hard through out theirs lives and give them away to people who are lazy, unemployed, the welfare the illegals, he will sacrifice 90% of Americans to save 10% who are lazy and jobless. Are you one of them? If you don’t overhaul your life, your life will remain the same or worse after Obama leaves office. Remember, if you don’t correct your mistakes, others will. That goes to OBAMA and his Croonies.

          • Ruby

            Easy on the unemployed, dmp…I’m unemployed due to a reduction in force, not because I’m lazy. I’ve never been eligible for any other program except Unemployment Insurance. Gratefully, it’s been enough to sustain me during the past 10 months. I’m also grateful that the additional extension was approved recently in the Senate.

          • bob semonasky

            I can’t beleive what I am reading with some of you folks. How can you say Fox news and Mr. Voight aren’t telling it like it is. I have been doing so much researc h and e verything they are saying is 100% correct. Look at the czars in our White House, the crooks, the corruption, tax dodgers, and the people there trying to bring race back as an issue. Where are your heads? In the sand as some one else stated. Must be right. I’m praying for you people because our children and grandchildren are going to live in a horrible place if we don’t get these animals out of theWhite House.I grew up a Democrat but I have switched to independent right now because I am ashamed of the weak in our congress. They are afraid to stand up to Obama and his leaders or they are as corrupt as he is.

          • Sam Hammond

            Right on!!!

        • Gloria

          Why is it you liberals all want to blame Bush for all of the national debt, and ignore the fact that it has doubled under the Obama’s presidency.
          more important,, you should examine the difference in the reasons for the debt. Trying to keep America free, and fighting terrorism, or giving our hard earned tax dollars to huge companies who were mismanaged, not to mention the non contributors of our great nation.

        • http://none Jeff

          Hi Bev, I agree with your comments about Jon Voight. It is scary that so many people have such short memories. I hope and pray america and all people’s can turn things around. Jeff

          • bob semonasky

            Jeff I hope in a year or two of this obama mess that you still feel that way when you see that we are under the muslim law

          • Sam Hammond

            short memory of what 9-11 or no freedom!!! or maybe you are a muslim. No matter what country you come from the thing that brought you here to the USA is our Freedom now you want to CHANGE it to your way because now you are in power. I guess in your country when you had to live like a rat in a hole.

        • American liberal

          Bev… Well said… I agree ..

          • Stan

            You’re a lost soul as well! Educate yourself. We are all going down on this Obama ship! This country is being bankrupted by him and his henchmen in Congress. You probably have your head in the sand somewhere, probably Iran. Go hug a tree that will help.

        • Robin, Arcadia, IN

          Bev… You are so wrong. You are living in the past and trying to blame others and detract from what is currently happening in Washington. We can do nothing about the past. We can only look at the present and future. Pull your head from the sand and see what is happening around you!

          • Yvan

            All Republicans are brain damaged. Hopeless, go read your bible.

        • Debbie

          Bev…perhaps you may want to rethink your statements. Kennedy did vote along with Senator Clinton to go to war against Iraq in 2001. Obama was not even close to being a senator in 2001! And as far as Obama and the “war” he recently committed an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. So he’s pulling troops from Iraq and sending them to fight elsewhere.
          And Obama and his minions are headed toward a Socialist government,but to quote Margaret Thatcher..”the problem with Socialsim is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”.
          And when it comes to the current government, if you rob Peter to pay Paul…you can always count on Paul’s vote!

        • Susan

          You are trying so hard to keep the ‘liberal mantra’ going. Even Pres. Clinton said he was told the same thing regarding Iraq’s WMD. The deficit handed to Obama was 1.3T minus 500M paid back= $800M deficit. So to take from the liberal jargon “You are allowed your own opinion, but not your own facts” sweetheart!

        • L B Masters

          Did you know that your Obama won’t salute our flag?
          And why did he feel a need to wear a TURBINE when he was elected into office in Illinois?
          Why is everyone so blind to the terrorist values that says?

          • bob semonasky

            look up some of the picture of him and his wife. Check out what hand they cross their heart if they have one when facing our flag. See how he took his shoes off and knelt down to pray when muslims on white house lawn.turbin when sworn in for senate. give me a break as to where he beleives.

        • Fred in Alabama

          Where in the world do you get your figures? Do they come straight from the Obama political machine? ACORN? Or do you just pluck them out of your uneducated mind? The man has a clouded history, has spent millions to cover up his birth certificate (born of a Kenyan man, and a British woman, prove me wrong beyond the shadow of a doubt, even his Kenyan family claims that he was born in Kenya), has threatened Congress with vetoing their legislation if they do not follow his Communist/Socialist agenda.
          Birth certificates are basic, you have to show them to get a job, get college loans, get a driver’s license, get a passport, register to vote, enter your child in a public or private school. Also, Obama was not in the U.S. for the required continuous 14 years to be eligible to BE president. I mean, what more do you want? Even if Obama was a natural born U.S. citizen, he wasn’t in country long enough to comply with the United States Codes that determines eligibility for him to run for any office.
          And, America IS a Christian Nation – all our laws are based on the Bible, specifically the Ten Commandments. The Bill or Rights, and the Constitution were taken from English Common law, which was based solely on the Christian Bible. You absolutely cannot deny that.
          I don’t care if the man’s skin color is black, chocolate latte, red or pink, wrong is wrong. Destroying the greatest superpower in the world will lead to America’s downfall – free to other foreign powers to carve up at will. Hope you like his kind of change, because you are going to get a belly full of it, and none of it will be to your liking. I was a Command Master Chief in the US Navy, going for my thirty years. I retired early, just so that idiot cannot order ME around. Many others in the Service are doing the same, or being driven out by the budget cuts you never hear about in the liberally biased media. So, who is going to protect you? I can see war, war against the American people by their own military. I refuse to raise up arms against my own people, even if it is you.
          Millenia ago, Roman matrons told their sons to come back with their shield, or on it (either come back victorious, or come back dead). Later, that tradition declined, and so did Rome. America is facing that same choice, right now. How much time do you think we have left before our country disintegrates – like Rome did? American blood pays for your comfortable lifestyle, you should be more than grateful that some Americans believe in our country, and its traditions. Without them, you would be condemned to the “Third World lifestyle”. Enjoy those thoughts, if you can stomach them.

          • tgrady

            wher were you for the last eight years. republician spending us into a regression.

            the state of hawaii has produced a birth certificate, did you ask john Mccain to produce his birth certificate.

            get over it a balck ran and beat the best you republicians had to offer. the same will happen again in 2012.

          • wasadoc

            Well said, Fred. I can’t understand how anybody can live in this country and not be able to see what is being done to the country.

          • Kim

            Well said! Thank you for your continued service to this country! It must be difficult to do when you feel unappreciated and disrespected. I, too, see the potential for another revolution in America the more voters and the majority are ignored in the creation of new taxes and regulations.

        • Sam Hammond

          hey Bev
          I dont know what you was watching but Obama did not put his hand on the Bible. also when the Priest was talking Obama was sleeping

        • as always just ed


          You are not the brightest light in the house.

          George Bush did many things right and wrong.
          The whole world was suckered into weapons of mass destruction. Saddam’s only hope to keep his bothers from other countries invading him. He should have picked up a phone and told Bush the truth.

          Obama had doubled that trillion in a year booya!. Obama was to transform this great nation into Cuba. So when he does just grin and bare it. You got what you ask for.

          We have a constitution that many have forgotten. We need to wipe DC clean of both parties. We need to be represented by those who will follow our foundation that was set even before the constitution was written. Read Patrick Henry and the federalist papers. Look to find the truth.

          as always

          just ed

        • http://yahoo Donna Portner

          I have listened to the diatribe of people like those who think they have all the facts. History is replete with mistakes and errors of judgement and bad philosophy. George W Bush was not a perfect president but had he done nothing about the 9/11 attack, he would’ve been castigated for that so basically he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. Obama on the other hand, has lied to the American people and has filled his cabinet with Chicago bullies. I live in Illinois and he did nothing for our state and none of us knew who he was until he campaigned for President. Furthermore, Illinois is known for it’s corruption. And Obama brought it to Washington with him. I challenge all supporters of him to do some deep digging and come up with some true facts. God, I am so glad i didn’t vote for him. And thank God we have a few men and women who are not afraid to speak the truth.

          • bob semonasky

            Good for you Donna Porter, I have done my research and I am scared for my family and families to come. If American’s don’t wake up it will be to late. pLEASE PRAY AND GET BACK TO CHURCH IF YOUR NOT GOING ANY MORE. GET THE YOUNG PEOPLE TO OPEN THEIR EYES. DEMAND THAT OUR SCHOOLS TEACH THE HISTORY THAT WE OLDER PEOPLE WERE TAUGHT. TRUTH THAT IS THE ANSWER AND OBAMA DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO TELL THAT,

        • rose jepson

          Hi, I have been doing a lot of reading — hindsight reviews. Read what Bush put in place for Obama…Obama and Bush are on the same team–it is not Democratic or Republician — it is all ready for dictatorship and one world government. Bush (2007) put in place directive 51. It is for the (Obama) president to sign for marshal law without congress and makes the president a dictator. Just read (search for Directive 51) and you will be amazed that we (everyone) has no rights, no constitution. Congress cannot do anything for 6 months and then it will be too late. Martial law can take your house or any possessions or move you anyplace, for you to work –anything –it is Martial Law. Do a search for FEMA consentration camps. They are ready for us. Martial Law can be signed in for any reason like riots, economy or terrorism. And, the president, whether it is Bush or Obama, is just a puppet of the real evil people pulling the strings–the world bankers. These evil men have had all the presidents in their pocket; Clinton, Bush, Sr. and I wonder if Regean (unknowingly or maybe he knew) played right along. And, they want to have one world government and will kill most of us. The ones they let live will be for slave labor. I wish what I wrote was just some false rumors, but Directive 51 alone is enought to make me shake with fear. Directive 51 is REAL and is not AMERICA. It will change America to a slave country.

        • Richard Hanseen

          I am praying for you and your poor misguided soul.

        • Robert Moon

          Bev you are completely misinformed. I’m afraid you’ve given too much credibility to the MSM. The facts are WMD were discovered in Iraq. It was common knowledge that Saddam Hussein had used gas on the Kurds, Iranians and Jews in the past. Before the democrats decided to use our security and the war in order to gain more power, they too stated Iraq had stockpiles of WMD. There are hundreds of quotations to back this up. Ridding the World of Saddam was a positive thing for the Iraqis and the Middle East. Except for GW Bush siding with Kennedy and the democrat Congress and spending way too much money, he did an admiral job. No one would have ever believed in a million years America would not be attacked again following 911. You can thank Bush-Cheney for that. I’m afraid liberals will see the light when once again we are murdered in our sleep due to weakening of our intelligence services by Hussein Obama.

          No president in history was so berated, lied about, called names, or personally assassinated as was Bush. Despite all of the disgusting, derogatoy lies told about him, President Bush continues to exhibit class and honor by refusing to lower himself to the same level as Clinton, Carter, Obama and the entire democrat Congress.

        • RoadracerDan

          Wow Bev, are you really ignorant enough to believe that the war on terrorism is what put our country in this gross financial distress? Pull your head out and look at how Reagan started such an unrecoverable downturn with free trade and union busting.

          What exactly should GW have waited for? Clinton’s bull shit promises of retaliation on several terrorist attacks (2/26/1993 NYC, 6/25/1996 Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 8/7/98 Nairobi, Kenya, 10/12/2000 USS Cole) were nothing more than promises. GW gets attacked one time (9/11/01 NYC) and steps up to the plate. How proud he must be that we haven’t had a large scale terrorist attack since. MESSAGE SENT!!

        • bob semonasky

          Mr. Voight hit the nail right on the head. Bev you need to do some research before you start blaming. Bush did what had to be done, the way you sound is that 9/11 was our fault. Do some research on what hole did Obama crawl out of then judge.

        • Mike Hurder

          Hey Bev…put the koolaid down hon. Angelina has bashed the a-hole in DC herself. You need to read something more than the Marvel Comic books lining your library shelves.
          Obama is a dirtbag socialist who needs to be stopped. Are you going to help or are you in need of being stopped too? We have plenty of room in our “throw out the trash” dump truck deary. Shall I reserve you a seat?

          • Greg Lyle

            Mike and the “CHIEF” very well said sirs!

        • C Marie

          Bev, You should look into some facts about the Bush administration.
          the president is not the only one to decide on war. He uses information that comes to him from his sources. This was 8th grade basics.
          You, as a democrate should read and educate yourself outside of the liberal media, news reports and magazines. Look into a world wide level of thinking. You will be surprised at what you find is the actual opinion about the American presidents and the freedom we all share.
          We may loose that due to Americans like you!
          Educate yourself on a wider scale.
          Stop stating things that you actually don’t know and read more. You are a product of your Massachusets diet of liberal narrowminded knee jerk reactions.
          As a woman, you are very immature in understanding the whole muslim purpose & undercurrent of the Islamic faith.Read more about this. Obama Hates our nation and it’s “Under God” roots. Obama is charming and Islamic. You fell for it all. We are falling from within. I pray for your eyes of understanding to be opened. Yes I am a democrate and a woman.

        • Marilyn

          I think Bev should doublecheck the crap she is throwing out. What has been our deficet in the last 12 months? Bush didn’t put us in the mess that has been created in the past 12 or 14 months.
          I don’t think Obama used the bible to swear in for president of the US. Think it was the koran. Check on it.

          I doubt if he is a US citizen. Why spend $950,000 in lawyers to hide where he came from?
          Are you blind Bev? For over 50 years I have put into the Social Security plan and now we have non-americans who have never contributed to SS but are drawing more money than I am. And they are NOT US citizens.
          I’ll grow my own tomatoes thank you.

          And the wicked witch of the west – buys a 747 plane with our money because it is beneath her to stop to fuel on her way home to California. And we pay for her parties on that very same plane. I didn’t sign up for this. $60,000 in just fuel costs for one way.
          Go ahead and call Bush names now. Because obviously you are a democrat and want to see this country go down in flames.

          Christianity? Can’t have prayers by Christians at the White House because it might offend some people of this country but we can have 50,000 muslins praying on our white house lawn.

          Under God is to be stripped from everything to do with this country. Our forefathers based Under God in all they did to build this country. It has worked for over 200 yrs and now some idiot is trying to get rid of it in 12 months.
          we are in need of help

          Why ask Angelina about her father? She is by no means an angel and should not be casting the stone. What she did and is doing now is far worse than her father. She condemned him for the very same thing she has done. Great choice.

          I am not famous or a movie actress but I agree with what Jon is saying. Our president is out to destroy our country.


        • Glenn

          Regardless if you like Obama or not, the one thing we do know, and that is that if you voted for him, you are in agreement with be TAXED INTO AN OBLIVIAN!! You are also in agreement with spending that has BANKRUPTED AMERICA!!

        • Lisa

          Mr. Voight is on the money. As for Bev and her comment about Angelina – so, you’re going to automatically take the blood vial wearing, husband stealing, tattooed vixen’s side against her father. I’m sorry, but she has all ready proved how nuts she is and if you’re listening to her, you must be just as crazy.

        • Stan

          I just read the post of “BEV”… Check your sources before you speak. “It is better to be tought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it”. You, my uneducated friend, are totally off base and have a very short memory. The fact is that the whole “Democratic Congress” during the G.W. Bush presidency went on record saying that Iraq HAD WMD’s. Shortly after the the invasion these same democratic cowards, Pelosi, Dodd, Schumer etc… started backtracking and denying they had said such things as WMD’s. We did not a trillion dollar deficit in the Bush years. His last budget sent to this weak ass congress was in the neighborhood of 450 billion. Your BOY Obama surpassed that in his first 100 days in office and has put this country in dire straights financially. If it was not for China buying all of our debt we would be in same shape as Greece right now. I suggest that you do some research before you go blabbing and cackling. You need to quit watching ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC…There is no truth coming from them. Do your own research!

        • Stan

          Obviously, Tim Layman has not checked his facts, otherwise you would not have posted your IQ!


          (comment removed for offensive content)

        • zacman

          To all interested: If I recall recent history, that over the years following the 1st Gulf War, the U.N. inspectors would go to facilities in Iraq that were suspected of producing WMD. Many times they were not allowed in until several days later. This continued to happen even a few months before the 2nd Gulf War in 2003. I think this was a bad mistake. I think that we should have had certain military on hand to barge in and possibly catch the Iraqis “red-handed.” But NO,the U.N. inspectors gave the Iraqis time to either hide or sneak out any material for WMD. Possibly to neighboring countries such as Syria or Iran. Also in the Fall of 2002, 2 North Korean ships were spotted in the Persian Gulf. They claimed to be selling SAM missiles. Funny thing, a few years later, North Korea tested some Nuclear missiles. Gee, where do you suppose they got the material? China, maybe? And how about good old Iran? They have been claiming to have the technology to enrich uranium etc., for the purpose of nuclear energy ONLY? I really have my doubts about that. It is true that G.W. Bush admitted that he was misinformed about the WMD in Iraq. But how can anybody deny the possibility of an evil man such as Saddam Hussein and his goons playing “Hide and Seek” with the rest of the world?

      • skipfoss

        I listened to all that Jon said and nowhere did I hear him mention the as you said the religious right needed to be out of the Republican party ,evidently you listened to a diffrent speech than I did

      • Ken

        Bev, You speak the true in a place that does not want to look at the truth. It’s probably these same people who speak of hate and are insulting when one stands up against them, that stand up in church on Sunday and pretend to be loving and help the poor.

        • http://personallibertydigest DONNA SNYDER


        • Seraphim

          It is sad to hear from liberals saying that conservatives are hateful, violent, and mean – especially at the tea parties. Well, nobody throws glass bottles at the police except a bunch of liberals at a protest here in Phoenix against the anti-immigration bill. Or a member of SEIU(affiliated with ACORN) beating down someone who disagrees with their beliefs. So many times we hear about a group of liberals hating the people who disagree with their views.

          B.O. is PROGRESSIVEly stripping us of what makes our nation great. He is not my president. He does not represent what our nation stands for. He offered us change, but this is not just change, it is destruction!

          Cant wait for midterm elections!!!

          • Marilyn

            Very well said Seraphin.

            I love this country and always felt I had a say in our laws or at least had the opportunity to vote for what I felt was right. It has been fair and just. All you hear now are lies and what we are going to be forced to do without voting on it. And if we don’t do what the democrats say we are to do, pass Go after you pay the fine and head straight to jail. BUT muslins and other NON americans can do what they want without worrying of fines and jail sentences. They do not have to pay taxes or follow the laws. NOT FAIR in this great country.

        • Lisa

          Oh my goodness Ken….I stand up in church every Sunday and I try to help people in need but, if you personally decide that you are going to drink, take drugs, not work, etc.. then you should have to live with your choices. I should not have to pay for those who choose to ruin their lives. I sure didn’t work my whole life for what little I do have to be told to give it to everyone else. That’s why I WORKED! None of us are entitled to anything contrary to what is being fed to the American people. I’ll bet you’re one of the ones who feels entitled.

      • Patriot Marie

        Religious Right? That offends me. You must learn to be more ‘politically correct’. We are not supposed to offend others by name calling, flying our flag, or profiling, etc.

        • bob semonasky


      • johnny b

        yeah. it’s all about that black prez and femin-nazi pelosi, huh?
        When Bush left office he handed us an 11 Trillion deficit and two wars, an economy in the [offensive word removed] and everyone paralyzed with fear.
        JR, you’ve got to extract the big, festering ideological bug from your [offensive word removed] and think things through. Unless, of course, you want to have your tea with fellow cretins and continue down the narrow reactionary path of life.

        Warmest and most patriotic wishes. Johnny B

        • Gurly

          Yeah Johnny b pull the race card. You may as well have been the one.Some ignorant —— had to.

      • Alison

        Based on the little I have read about Alinsky his method could be used against Obama just as he is currently using it against us. has this to say about Alinsky “Tough, pragmatic and a lover of humanity, Saul Alinsky pioneered a method of helping poor and working-class people organize themselves to improve their communities. Combining urban social theories he had learned at the University of Chicago with street smarts he had earned growing up in that city’s Jewish ghetto, Alinsky first worked in prisons and as a juvenile delinquency researcher. Then, starting in crime-ridden Chicago neighborhoods in the late 1930s, he helped unions, churches and other social groups unite and win everything from jobs to streetlights and garbage collection. He would immerse himself in the neighborhood, listen to ordinary people’s troubles and needs, assess where power lay, and empower previously divided groups to seek common goals by standing up to government and corporate machines. He had little patience for militants, Communists or dreamy liberals, saying he was a community organizer because he believed in American democracy and because “I can’t stand to see people pushed around.”

        So all we need to do is figure how to bridge the divide and make Obama the common enemy and then educate everyone on what action to take to remedy the problem. If not we run the risk of running up against the biblical wisdom Lincoln quoted in his famous house divided speech “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” which is taken from Matthew 12:25: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”

        Personally I plan to support LTC Terry Lakin by making a contribution to his legal defense fund at with the hope that in the course of his court martial it will be proven that Obama is inelligible to serve as president and we will be able to remove him from the office.

    • Mark Slaten

      I did not realize Jon Voight was a conservative. I will always see him in a different light. Excellent letter. Thank you Jon, for sharing

    • drawlr

      Of course, FDR is one of the foremost destroyers of this nation. So, portraying FDR is no feather in his cap.

  • Larry A. Davenport Sr.

    Jon is a one-of-a-kind Hollywood individual, a true American! Certainly not like the majority who are far left wing extremeists! He has great insite and should run for President in 2012! He would certainly have mine and many other votes in a heartbeat!

  • Tim

    This is why no one takes FoxNews seriously, because they let any old coot who thinks that just because he played someone important to history (FDR) he has the authority to speak politics. It’s time to retire Mr. Voight. I know it’s scary for you to have a black man as President, but everything is going to be fine. Stop calling people socialists and marxist and communist just because they want a fair place to live and haven’t made millions like you.

    • Hans

      Don’t tell us to stop using the words “socialist” or “Marxist”. These labels properly identify the ideology being implemented by the Obama administration.

      The transformation you describe as “fair” is in fact just the opposite. Your “social justice” is just theft by another name. You advocate government steal from some citizens to benefit others. That is both immoral and unjust.

      And give up playing the race-card. The little brown Marxist now in the White House and the little white Marxist who lived there in the 1930′s (FDR) are equally despicable.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda Stemberger

        I just hope that the people who have been blinded by the new administration will see the light, I know that with Gods help our country can be turned around back to the Great Nation it has been until 2009.

        • Martin

          God has nothing to do you loser.

          • Jim M.

            To Martin: God has had a lot to do with our Republic, when it was formed, and throughout our history.You obviously don’t know your history, probably because our Christian heritage is being washed from our history books even now. Read an older biography of some of our founding fathers to know the truth.The founding fathers had a deep Godly fear and mostly high moral character, as can be noticed by anyone who actually knows the facts of our history.
            Since the 1960′s,an evil plot to remove God from our society has been taking place, a little here, and a little there.It is now legal to kill babies as they are being born,anything having to do with Christianity: prayer in school,even though it was not compulsory,displays of manger scenes at Christmas time,the ten commandments being displayed, and on and on, are being taken away.Television and movies are full of immorality,sex,foul language,and all forms of moral degredation.Those young people growing up in our society are no longer exposed to examples of good character,morals, and many of the things that would lead them in the proper direction.Look at the corruption in government,and society in general, the bottom line,the almighty dollar is what is sought after, instead of God and Godly principles.I could go on and on, but suffice it to say,Martin, you are simply ignorant of the truth, and are oblivious to what is actually going on around you.If more people would begin to stand up for truth and righteousness, we can turn this country around.” If my people,which are called by my name,shall humble themselves and pray,and seek my face,and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven,and will forgive their sin , and will heal their land” II Chronicles 7:14 Our land is in jeapordy, and needs to be healed!

      • Bev

        Hey, “Hans:” Just what is it that you are afraid of? You refer to Obama & FDR as being “despicable;” (you obviously did not do your homework on FDR.) but it was OK for G.W. & Cheney to lead us into a war that took the lives of thousands of our innocent soldiers in Iraq? Also, let’s not forget to mention his leaving over a trillion dollar deficit before he handed the keys to the White House to Obama. Bush’s incompetence led this runaway economic train to disaster, and you have the audacity to put the blame all on the shoulders of Obama?

        Where is the wimp now? Let me guess? He is busy building his namesake library in Crawford,TX. G.W. Bush, as history will prove, and to some extent already has, will have the dubious distinction of being one of the worst presidents this country has ever had.

        Bev of Boston, MA

        P.S. If you want to learn the unbiased truth about Bush and “his war,” check out the video: “UNCOVERED: The War on Iraq.” It just may open your eyes & mind.

        • skipfoss

          Get off the GW Bush bullshit ,he has not been in office for ayear Ovomit has done just exactly as Jon has said and come back withe race crap be cause Ovomit has no race he is a half breed Muslim communist,his whole lousy cabnet and his czars are all addmitted communist

          • az

            Right on!!!

          • DJ

            You are right on!!! I was told that there is a small village in Kenya missing its IDIOT.

        • Pete


          I have one acronym for you, ACORN, the organization that threatened banks if they didn’t provide home loans to people that couldn’t afford by playing the race card. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac where nothing more than a puppet of Barny Frank and the dem’s. You all say that the Republicans are in the pocket of big oil, well we now see how the Democrats are in the hip pocket of Wall Street. Czars?? this is becoming Russia all over again!

          • Seraphim

            Hey Pete, did you know that B.O. was an attorney threatening Fannie May and Freddie Mac that if they didn’t give loans to low-income families he would personally sue them? B.O. helped these two companies fail…. leading to his great plan to destroy us internally.

          • fran x martin

            Pete your right on Bev just sounds so ignorant

        • Pete

          Hey Bev,

          Here are some things to consider:

          Right from:

          “These two entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not facing any kind of financial crisis”, said Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee. “The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.”

          Representative Melvin L. Watt, Democrat of North Carolina, agreed. “I don’t see much other than a shell game going on here, moving something from one agency to another and in the process weakening the bargaining power of poorer families and their ability to get affordable housing,” Mr. Watt said.

          Yeah, there where no problems……..

        • John

          Maybe GW will be one off the worst presidents,but at least he was a legal president unlike BHO.BHO is going to be in the history books as the worst illegal president we have ever had.This illegal has spent more of the American Peoples money than all of the legal Presidents combined. GW was not perfect but at least he protected this country with strength.You never once seen him bow down to anyone unlike this illegal.

          • Mike Hurder

            George did exactly what he was elected to do. Protect the USA. End of story. the libs are mad at him because he did jus that…he protected our society and didn’t let it fall into the the stickhole of socialism they so desire. Piss on the lot of ‘em.
            Revolt with your vote in 2010 and 2012. End the idiocy of Obamunism.

            PS: FDR was as socialist. Piss on him too.

        • mack

          Are you really watching movies for your news? I’m sure you have watched the Al Gore movie, along with Michael Moore! Your red commie authors have slanted your news so you are now a kool aid drinker. Wake up, because the liberties Americans are losing, are also your liberties.

        • Lakeisha

          Wasn’t “Dudickus” from Ma.?

          • Independent

            Did you mean Dukaka?

        • Diane

          Hey Bev.

          First, America was attacked, we get upset, our congress decides it is an act of war. They decide to give G.W. powers to take what ever steps needed to go after the enemy. A declaration that we are at war. Next young people by the thousands from all over this great Nation, on their own free will mint you, show up to serve. These are the innocent soldiers you are talking about. I am the mother of one such young man and the aunt of another that is going on his fifth tour. Do you know why? To protect your freedom to spout off against G.W. and our poor innocent soldiers and insult their family members. You have no idea what a patriot is. God bless all of you who have served and God protect our soldiers that are still in the battle. Thanks for for being willing to pay so dear a price for Americas liberty and bev’s right to complain.

          • Lisa

            Go Diane!!! How true! Unfortunately, the majority of Americans DO NOT feel the need to truly SERVE their country. I can only imangine what would happen if our government did like they do in Europe….everyone between certain ages serves at the minimum a two year hitch. Period. It would give some of the slugs in this nation a taste of what it’s like.

        • Heidi

          Wow…Bev…I feel so sorry for you….Your statements show your complete lack of understanding of this country and what it was formed to stand for…and keep in mind- George W. Bush will be known as one of the best Presidents this country has had- one of the few with the balls we need…not afraid to stand up to those who wish to destroy this country…your Comment that because of him we will be fighting terrorist…lol…I guess we shouldn’t blame the terrorists who attacked us on our own soil and on foreign soils…(USS Cole…embassies…)perhaps you are too young to have kept up on the news….Typical liberal blaming the President for others actions…lol..oh well- thanks for the amusement I received from reading your posts….

      • Roger

        If your such an a American why dint you bitch when Bush was in. Maybe you were to busy praying, or sitting on you couch watching T.V.

    • JRBeaman


      How is it ‘fair’ for a person who is too lazy, sees an opportunity to get something for nothing, to take from a hard working American instead of contributing something in exchange for his winnings?

      Democrats have long practiced the politics of envy. They preach that their policies help the working man (or woman) whereas the Republicans are the party of the rich. They like to pit the poor against the rich and promote the notion that if someone earns more than whatever Democrats consider a “living wage” (a despicable term) then that person is somehow evil. Many Americans have fallen for this Democrat scheme based upon Marxism (PLEASE LOOK UP THE OFFICIAL DEFINITION). You blame FOX news when someone gives their opinion, as though your hero Oberman trounces our country’s foundations on a daily basis. You are a hypocrite, and a shame to be called an American. You have no clue to what the Usurper Obama is doing to your future, and the future of my children and grandchildren, all because you believe you should get something off the backs of those willing to work for it. You make me sick, not because of your beliefs, but for spreading your poison, and lies to the world in your posting.

      • D J Jarrard

        You guys are nuts.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Upbeat4ever

      There are those who thought that about Ronald Reagan. And what he knew helped this country thru the previous mess that liberal thinking had put us in. He was one of our best presidents. You can’t judge a person’s intelligence by his vocation. I still can’t understand why the liberals seem to think they are the only ones who can have informed actors speak for their causes. There is a difference between being just informed about an idea or cause and being intelligent and knowing the facts. I believe that Jon is the latter.

      • D J Jarrard

        Reagan was certainly the most overrated president in the 20th century.

    • Tom W


      Apparently you have drank the Obama ‘Koolaid’. I believe hardly any of the people who responded to your post are making millions. And if they were, so what? I have a friend who has a small business and makes a very good income (not even close to a million) every year. He has worked hard for the past ten years, many days working 14 hours or more and every day, not just five. Although he only has a few employees, they don’t need a corrupt union to make it easy to slough off or come in to work drunk.

      He has used hard work, determination and sacrifice to get where he is today, and for what?

      Every year, he has to ‘work’ for the government till June to cover his taxes. Do you think that is fair? Would you do that? Would you even try to succeed if you knew you had to give the government 50% of every dollar you made? To never see one penny of it back?

      I didn’t think so…

    • L.A.

      Sorry Tim, but if this is why nobody takes Fox News seriously then Why did You write your comment to such a “Worthless” blog? The truth is, contrary to popular belief, it is NOT about the Black Man in Office or race at all, it’s about the WRONG Black Man in Office, There are Plenty of viable BLACK candidates, and most of them Love America. The principles The tea Baggers are fighting for, are the same ones our ancestors fought and DIED for to gain Independence from the Crown of England.
      There are Plenty of Socialistic Nations out there, Most of them used to envy America (until We started to become More like them) So if You are a socialist please feel free to pick out any of those other socialistic countries and move there, they won’t mind, they would love to have you, but Here at Home we are going to Hold our politicians feet to the Constitutional fire Which as we can see is being Stoked daily, Our comments are feeding the Fire!

      • D J Jarrard

        If America is so great, why has our standard of living fallen from third in the world to nineteenth since the advent of the “Reagan Revolution”? How can anyone cling to this modern “Neo-conservatism” without deluding themselves that it isn’t a farce? Look up the definition of Conservative (in a pre-FOXNEWS dictionary.) Your ignorance is impressive!

        • Texpatriot

          Jarrad, to answer your question specifically, the reason America has lost status in light of other ‘developing’ countries is for just the reason Voight makes his speech in the first place. We’ve become a spineless people who refuse to stand up for the greatness that this nation once was. It’s people like yourself, and your beloved president Mr. Obama, that have done everything within your power to degrade and destroy this nation. The impotence brought onto this nation is the resultant of our falling deeper into a marxist/socialism at every turn.
          If you think America is not worth returning to it’s former greatness, then I’m sure that Cuba or Venezuela would gladly welcome you. I for one would gladly see you off in a leaky boat.
          Do you think I’m a Right Wing Conservative Extremist?
          Remember – This country was founded by Right Wing Conservative Extremists.

    • Artist in Las Vegas

      On Tax Day, Barack Obama told a crowd of left-wing donors at a Democratic fundraising event in Miami that the Tea Party rallies across the country have “amused” him and that we should all be “thanking” him for our tax bills. My husband did our taxes and we have recieved $1200 back instead of our normal $4k. We paid dearly from wages AND on tax day with less recompense due us. We are not rich. We only pull in about 36k a year if that, with 2 part-time jobs my husband has, and I’m unemployed…. NOT recieving welfare because I’m an able-bodied person not dependant upon being a burden on other tax payers! I have to ask though…

      What should we thank Barack Obama for? Government-run health care? A $12 trillion deficit? Record-high unemployment rates? Increased taxes? Lowering not only our Country’s Defense but also permitting our own Pentagon’s Computer systems to be hacked by the China in the name of cooperation? Acquiring the Nobel-Peace Prize for some unknown reason, which is stealing from those who actually deserved it? For the 100s of LIES that spew out of his mouth daily?

      You know, you can keep on touting that anyone opposed to this NON-American Imposter must be a racist, or nazi or some other loonatic reasoning you consistently display, but most of us are looking at actions, not skin color. I, for one, would love it if Alan Keyes were President. HE is a man of conviction and knows right from wrong as well as the best way to govern a Nation! He is black. (gasp) Am I racist that I do not care for Obama’s actions yet want a different black man in office or am I actually up on my politics? hmmm.

      Leftwing-progressive-liberal tactics such as what’s now at our Country’s helm is devisive and stems from thinking of YOU and I as a mass not as INDIVIDUALS. This way they have no conscience when they indeed RAPE our freedoms in the name of control and power.

      Next, you will be seeing those at OUR helm employing Political internment camps where they can place the ‘objectors’. Any who oppose him will be placed in those camps for not being ‘socially just’. You will see your right to bear arms become illegal. You will see your right to sit down and blog disappear as the internet becomes under the control of this existing REGIME-type government. You will see ‘Social justice’ being used over and over again as a way to control your mind to do what they want you to do, not what is right.

      So here is a bit of advice for you who completely have missed the train, or have no lights on upstairs. First, learn how to spell and form a constructive sentence. Second, learn fact from fiction by using your God-given complex brain (that space between your ears) to find sources that will point you to facts, not fiction… You see, fiction, although I know you’re preference is to be told stories at night at bedtime, is not actually reality. Fiction is a made up story, or a version skewed from reality. Fact is concrete. It has happened and is true no matter who tells it. Fact is where you want base your decisions upon, whether they involve politics, or other aspects of your life. Thirdly, you may want to actually ask some of these Teaparty people, or conservative people, or anyone else who opposes what Obama is doing to this country, what color THEY are before assuming they are racist. For you are calling a whole slew of Americans racist, who, by my honest assessment, are far from racist. You see, that concept is another bit of fiction you were read at bedtime and you’ve actually come to believe of others who don’t think your way.

      Do you feel entitled to your opinion? If you do, then why can’t others also feel entitled to theirs? I wonder if you know what social policies actually are. Human freedom consists largely in the ability to live as one chooses, subject to certain constraints needed to keep peace and order. The biological, psychological, and social characteristics of human nature and the constraints needed for social order determine the substance of human freedom. They are the basis for those claims to freedom of actin known as natural rights.

      I observe, by contrast that the Obama agenda’s invasive social policies foster economic irresponsibility, pathological dependency and social conflict. The reason for these destructive effects are power, and control over the masse, not the individual. They do not think of us as individuals as I’ve mentioned before. So in the future, when you want to view a picture from a book but find there are no pictures or books due to them lending to freedom of thought, you can thank this Socialist frame of mind for shaping societal boundaries ever so tightly.

      • Cora Cochran

        Very realistic view by Artist in Las Vegas on the current administration and the peril we face. I agree.
        Also think that Jon voight has earned his ability to speak on the behalf of those of us who can’t readily be in the place to do that.
        Many cheers to others that will grab onto his speech to the Potus and keep the message alive for all our futures.

      • D J Jarrard

        Sorry, but the taxes you were assessed this April were actually determined in 2008. Obama had nothing to do with it.

        • Les

          By a democrat congress

        • Artist in Las Vegas

          I’m sorry but YOU are wrong. My taxes for the past 4 years were exactly the same. WHY are we short-changed THIS year? We had no changes that effect our returns except a bulbous-headed con-man who is sitting in the Whitehouse. Who was elected in 2008? Oh it was Obama. So yes, I feel that our return was effected by Obama’s administration’s poorly executed decisions, mainly the Stimulus (democrat’s wish list instead of an economy booster), and this poor excuse for a healthcare bill. I was opposed to the Stimulus as were countless Financial EXPERTS. All he needed to do to stimulate the economy was lower taxes as an incentive for the masses to spend money. He did not listen nor would the mainstream media, resulting in 10% unemployment rate, which was held down in it’s importance by many mainstream media outlets.

          Another thing you all got wrong….We are NOT OPPOSED to Healthcare reform, we are opposed to crooked bills passing themselves off as HC reform. This was not reform it was a high-pressure sale from a car lot flim-flam man! Wrapped up in a pretty package and fed to the average unquestioning public, lies, and all.

          “…we’ll just have to pass this bill to see what’s in it…” OH PLEASE! wake up and smell the coffee! The latest in this con-man’s ( and his 3-blind Dodd, Pelosi, Reid)tactics has been to completely revamp and take-over the Nations healthcare in the name of “humanity”. If you were against this joke of a bill, you were suddenly cast into the fire as a monster who doesn’t want healthcare for all. BULL Cocky! That is verbal high-jacking! I want a reform bill. Reform is new guidelines and regulations without taking away freedoms of the American people! MORON! Who in their right mind likes the idea of being FORCED under threat of a hefty fine and or JAIL time to pay for healthcare? I’m so embarassed by those of you who just don’t see this man’s manipulating ways! What’s he have to do before you’ll actually use your complex and able brain? ….Oh wait.. you don’t have a complex or able brain!

          • janie helton

            Artist ~ You are good. Every word and every thought are right on. Keep on keeping on and let’s all hang together. It is not about race. I have often said that if a true American who was an upright honest black man had been elected, it would certainly have been a proud moment in our American history. Unfortunately, the first black/white man to be elected has tried to made it a racial war through the biased media and his ignorant decisions and bullying ways. If this were a backyard ballgame, the little kids would have ran him down the street; not matter what color.

    • Pat

      You are totally clueless. Further, this marxist dictator and his regime full of socialists, radicals and marxists may still have the attention of some of the people who were stupid enough to trust him is destroying our country by bankrupting us and dismanteling our free market system and our military. He would’t know the truth if he tripped on it and lies to the American people who are still foolish enough to believe a single word he says. Believe the numbers of people who no longer trust the government as it has now reached about 75%, so many are waking up to what is happening and all that hope this monster talked about is turning to fear.

    • Brenda Jo

      hey Tim Did anyone say anything about Color, I didn’t hear Mr Voight mention it…as usual it’s the progessive libs who always bring it up and you know ppl are tired of hearing it and when REAL racism happens it’s going to be ignored, crying wolf gets old buddy. Hey and what ya gonna call me, I’m backing Allen West all the way in FL for Congress

      • Bev

        (comment removed for offensive content)
        Bev of Boston, MA

        • Brenda 60

          Bev., I am appalled by your viciousness and total lack of knowledge of your Nation’s Constitution and of the Bill of Rights! My Dear, We are in deep trouble and people like you will refuse to see it until our Constitution has been completely destroyed and replaced with another! This is not about a Black man being President, it is about what this Particular Black President is doing to the American People and to our Nation’s Government with the help of a Democratic Congress!
          I was once a Democrat, however, when President Clinton sat in front of Congress and LIED on the witness stand, that was all she wrote for me! He took an oath in which he was to respect and defend the Office Of the President Of The United States Of America. Yet, a sitting President sat before the Supreme Court,Congress and the American People and lied through his adulterous lips. The last person in office to be that balantant was Richard Nixon!

          America has always been proud of being independant and free thinkers, what happened? Now we hear about beople actually believing that Socialism is a good thing? We hear of people actualy thinking that Daddy Obama is going to pay their mortgages and their car notes! By all the Saints in Heaven where has our pride gone? I don’t want the U.S. Government to pay my bills or tell me when I can go to the Loo!My Dear Lord in Heaven, is this what our ancestors’, fathers’ and grandfathers’ have fought and died for?? Is this what the men of WWll laid their lives down for?? People don’t want to go to war, however, we would not have the wonderful country we have today, if they were not brave enough and patriotic enough to fight for our freedoms. Obama has snubbed every Ally and embraced our Enemy and I am disgusted with him! If we don’t believe in our American Values, our Freedom and our Country enough to fight this fight, then we are finished, done, over. Stand up and fight for who we are as a Nation and as a people. We have always lived not being afraid to voice our opinion to anyone, not even The President Of the United States. We have lived as we pleased, went where we pleased and have had no fear that we would be rounded up and killed or placed in prison, for disagreeing with our Government Now this Barack Obama wants to tell us Not only how to live, he wants to tell us what car to drive, what food to eat,wether or not we will receive medical treatment or if we will be left to die because we are to old or sick to recieve medical care. He will also put us in Jail if we do not obey his law to buy Medical Insurance or fine us. THAT IS Against Our Constitutional Rights as Americans’. Obama now has the U.S.Goverment in the business of taking over Corporations’ who are about to fail, which is also against the Constitution. That is NOT the America I know and love! Bev., You need to educate yourself on what it is to be an American, We Buckle Under To No Enemy and to No President, our President BOWS to NO Dignatary! We fight for our Country when we have to and we are proud to live in The United States Of America. “Home Of The Brave and Land Of The Free!. If an American or any other person doesn’t like the way we are, there are plenty of countries in which to live to choose from. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

          • Dorothy

            Brenda – what a beautiful write up you put in this section! I almost
            felt like standing while reading it, as if our American Flag were
            floating by. Keep your thoughts flowing – there are a lot of people
            out here reading this who could use some good old American common sense!

      • RJH

        Brenda Jo,

        Bev of Boston, is a simple-minded and typical, left-wing bomb-thrower and you have so much more class than she. It’s so clear to see, while reading thru these comments, who has commonsense. It’s clear that commonsense isn’t very common with the liberal bunch. They never have substance, only name calling and putdowns.

        That is why most of their comments are so short. It doesn’t take much thought to name call…

        Keep up the good work Brenda Jo!!!

      • wasadoc

        Allen West! A great man, without doubt. A real shame that he is not running for POTUS. I could vote for him—Oh crap, that is going to make me a racist.

    • Bev

      Tim, good for you. There is intelligent life on this warped website, after all!

      Bev of Boston, MA

      • Richard

        I can’t wait until this fall. a sleeping giant is waking up. the majority of us love america and the freedoms our american families have given their life to defend. I won’t waste my time trying to change your thinking. you just don’t get it.

        • bob semonasky


    • Susan from NY

      I believe you are misinformed. Fox News has higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC put together. That means more people are watching Fox News because it seems to be the only television network that provides both sides.
      With regards to Barach Obama. I have never been more disappointed in an administration that is leading us to Socialism. I think that if Barach, Nancy and Harry wanted to live under this type of rule they should relocate to where it exists.

      I am an Independent who has become a Tea Party member and have attended many Tea Parties in NY and Tampa FL. I will tell you that I have met great people that are peaceful. In fact, the only time I have heard any profanity at a Tea Party rally was from Barach Obama supporters that drive by and yell insults and curses. If any member of Congress was spit on or yelled at I would not be surprised if it was planned to make the Tea Party look bad.

    • Shelly

      Come on Tim. Fair to people like you is spreading the wealth. I am not wealthy and go to work like most Americans do everyday. I am glad and lucky to have a job that pays a FAIR wage. I am not a movie star or am I a corporate head, and I don’t envy those that make 6 figures. I don’t believe that my financial debt should be covered by those that are rich. They owe me nothing! It sounds as though you believe that just because he is Hollywood and rich, he doesn’t have credibility. Others from Hollywood have certainly spoken out for or against our government in the past, so why is this any different?

    • Eric

      Tim, This is from wikipedia; From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (or needs) is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program.[1] The phrase summarizes the principles that, under a communist system, every person should contribute to society to the best of his or her ability and consume from society in proportion to his or her needs. In the Marxist view, such an arrangement will be made possible by the abundance of goods and services that a developed communist society will produce; the idea is that there will be enough to satisfy everyone’s needs.

      • Seraphim

        This is just what the liberals are wanting. They want to take from someone who is rich, leave them with they amount they feel that the individual needs, and distribute the rest throughout to those who need. That is communism!

        Think about this for a moment… If people started getting the same amount of money from the government and not work, wont everyone start doing that? Then!, who is going to work? Who is going to provide the taxes to give to the non-working? Where are all the small businesses going to be if the owners get more being on welfare and unemployment than running a business? Then, the government will ORDER us to start working! And it could come to telling us what job we will have. Maybe a once CEO of a great company is now a ditch digger. In the Soviet Union, people had to wait in lines for days to get a loaf of bread.

        Now, people can say “it will never get to that”. Hopefully not but the trends are heading that route. Nothing happens over night, it progresses. B.O., Polosi, and Reed want things to happen but know that if it happens too fast people will catch on. Well, some of us have caught on to their tricky ways!

        • http://www.personalliberty.con Venus

          Seraphim, I hope that everyone in the country reads your post.

          I visited Russia in 1991 about 6 months before communism fell, with a group who went there to teach business methods to a group of about 50 Russians. They are very loving people, and accepted us warmly. We travelled in a cruise ship along the Moscow and Volga rivers, holding seminars every afternoon and evening (with a wonderful interpreter). Frequently, we would stop at villages and points of interest, and visited Red Square, Lenin’s tomb, the Hermitage, St. Petersburg and many other historic and cultural sites.

          In Red Square, my sister and I were cautioned at gun-point not to step across a line (too close to the tomb) and behind us was the beautiful golden mosque with all its towers and onion domes that was falling into disrepair.

          At the foot of the amazing 50-ft escalator with beautifully tiled walls that brought us down to the subway was an old woman who took our tickets, but there were cigarette butts and trash everywhere.

          Our bus took us past a building that had a line of people winding around three sides of the block… the bus driver said “The store must have shoes today”.

          We went to the best restaurant in Moscow for dinner one evening. I don’t remember the entree, but dessert was to be chocolate sundaes. When it arrived, we got chocolate syrup drizzled in a little bowl – they had no ice cream.

          We went to the Gumm store (Moscow’s biggest department store) and there was no merchandise on the shelves. To buy a sweater, the person behind the counter would pull one out from underneath, you could look at it but she must hold it and if you decide to take it, go to the cashier sitting up in a very high box, pay your rubles, obtain a chit to take back to the salesperson, and exchange it for your sweater.

          The train between Gorky and St. Petersburg took 17 hours. My Mom, my sister and I had a “private” compartment with a twin-size iron bunk bed on each side leaving a 2-foot aisle in the middle. There was a dirty, lumpy mattress on each and no sheets, pillows or blankets. I stepped out into the passageway to look at the pastoral scenery and was scolded by the guard (one in each train car) “no pictures allowed” – I had my camera suspended around my neck. The lavatory was horrendous – filthy, no running water, a toilet seat over a pail with no bottom that just emptied onto the train-tracks, and no paper products. The train pulled into a station and before I could get out, I was locked in there until the train started up again!!

          All this is in contrast to the gorgeous cathedrals, mosques and monuments (which are now mostly museums), the incredible original paintings and artwork in the Hermitage, and the glorious Summer Palace in St. Petersburg (which they are restoring, bit by bit, when money becomes available).

          This is what 70 years of communism did to a nation of lovely, artistic, industrious people. They no longer knew how to do anything except collect “the dole” and do the menial jobs assigned to them. If a child exhibited intelligence, he/she could be chosen to be educated by the state, but the state decided what she/he should take and what profession he/she could pursue. They had no incentive to make or invent anything, or aspire to anything better, because everyone was “the same”. The citizens couldn’t even look forward to a better life in the “hereafter” because their churches and religions had been taken away from them. Only one cathedral had opened as a place of worship, and it was PACKED.

          This is what is happening to US in the USA! We are losing all of our rights and privileges. Our freedom is gradually being legislated away and we are letting it happen. We will be reduced to the lowest common denominator in the name of equality. Instead, let’s aspire to become the HIGHEST common denominator!

    • Jim

      Hey Tim
      Maybe if all the dead beats and druggies would get off thier dead beat asses and get some education or take the time to learn a trade they can have a home to live in and maybe even they could make millions. I was a 17 yr union coal miner and voted democrat till Reagan. I saw the light when at the time I was a single person having good ole uncle sam take $11,0000 a year from me to pay for dead beats. Think of all the people I could of kept working or, jobs I could of created by having an extra few grand to spend every year instead of paying uncle sam for dead beats. Now, don’t get me wrong Tim. I know there are people who truley can not work. I have no problem having some of my tax dollars go to help the one’s who truley can not work. Not people who are not willing to work. If they don’t want to work a Mcjob, go back to school. Don’t try to tell me they can’t afford it. Due to the clean air act, the mine I worked for was shut down. I lost 17 yrs with only 3 yrs to retire. at 39 yrs of age, single dad of a then 9 month old son,(lost his mother) and one yr in collage found out I had colon cancer. Guess what Tim Ole boy, I graduated and up till now( laid off at age 55) had been employed as an aircraft inspector. I was in debt from wife, I went further in debt for student loans and still paying but, I recieved an education and recieved my A&P Lic. to work on aircraft. I didn’t sit on my ass and have hard working people support me and my son. I guess what I am saying is,have these poor people who don’t have a home or a lot of money get a fricken job or go back to school. My God man, have you seen the stats on the high school drop out rate. OH! Tim, since I am unemployed now and you seem to love socialisim, what would you think of sharing your home with me and my son. Oh! can you fill the fridge? I want cable too. Also, I’d like to have use of your car on Mondays, weds, and on sat. And, because so many people have so much money and go out to eat,I’d like for you to arrange for me and my son to go out at least once a week. Share the wealth Tim. Just thought of something, If your not willing to share, maybe,just maybe your one of those dead beats who voted for Obama and want socialisim so you can get more free stuff on the backs of hard working people.
      Also, I too am sick and tired of the race card. Do you nut cases realize how many people who are white voted for Obama? And, as far as Fox news, its the only station that tells it like it is. Case in point, their ratings are higher then MSNBC,CNN,CBS all put together. Tim, you need to be more informed. Quit watching just the liberal news media.

    • Mark Are

      …government must always be limited to a negative power. It is the societal extension of the individual right of self defense. As individuals cannot use force to prevent, promote, or provide, government cannot either. Individuals have no right to force one another to do anything, even if they believe that it is in the victims’ best interests.

    • Jane C

      No one takes FOX News seriously?! Is that why FOX News has the most viewers every night? More than the other 3 news stations (CNN,MSNBC, CNBC) combined. Reality check in order!

    • dmp says :


      You are a Liberal, leftwing ” extremist ” Marxist, Socialist and Communist follower of the ” DICTATOR ” OBAMA. Do you know why your ” hero” is communist? He manipulated Congress through Pelosi, Reid and the Liberal Congress to RAM the Health Care Reform Bill, despite the majority of Americans opposed it. They used all the tricks ” to force the bill to pass, by ” arm twisting, behind closed door deals, bribery, using some kind of a ” sweetheart deals “. Obama, as reported in the medias, ” wanted to take away the wealth of the rich, who worked so hard their whole life; to be given to the lazy, unemployed, the illegals, the welfares. Obama wanted (he must have been doing now )to provide health insurance to 33 millions who are lazy, unemployed, ” some of them are illegals ” at the expense of the working americans. Obama, little by little is changing the American traditions into communistic, socialistic and ” Godless” way of life.
      Tim, you are not welcome here. This a Conservative home. Go to where you belong. If you don’t believe on what we believe, don’t come here next time. I noticed you everytime we have a conservative discussions, you meddled and insult us. Go to your own house.

    • mark roberts

      tim, the first step to communism is socialism! they spend money on what? where are the jobs? this government wants to enslave all the poor and middle class! Reid, Pelosi and Obama are indeed are SOCIALIST! sounds as if you believe in govt. handouts or entitlements!

    • Patriot Marie

      Sorry Tim. Socialist/Marxist is NOT name calling, it IS the Alinsky method that is a fact. Hillary Clinton wrote her Phd. Thesis on Alinsky and President Obama has taught the Alinsky method at the university level and follows it to a ‘T’. It is in total opposition to what our founding fathers wrote into the Constitution, it is in direct opposition to what our military heros have fought for, given their lives for and continue to fight for our country’s freedom. One of those freedoms, unfortunately, is to give people like you a free voice. Tolerance toward you should be given, but your ideas must be weighed carefully. Our Constitution is NOT a ‘living’ document. It is a document for all time. Basic principals therein should never be changed, otherwise it is no longer America. Times change but principals DONOT. My WW2 Purple Heart Hero husband remembers, first hand, what true freedom is worth and how is has been preserved and racism has nothing to do with our evaluation of the person in the oval office. He and ‘his’ will use it, but it is a one way street with them. I agree with Global Mamma, ‘If they don’t like it, leaveit.’

    • Marilyn

      Tim – you have been brainwashed. We will not be fine until people like you wake up.

      They are spending our money like crazy. Obama wants to turn us into a Muslin state.

      WAKE UP

  • marie moore





    • http://personalliberty PFFFF

      ‘Hero’ that definition is reserved for real heroes.

      • JRBeaman

        A person that risks his life and/or property for what he believes, in defense of our once great nation is a hero. You have no clue, and could never be as great. You need to listen to what Jon is saying. If and when you bother, you might learn some facts and truth from a hero.

    • D J Jarrard

      Jon Voight is an arrogant bigot. He should stick to playing fictional roles. They make more sense than his version of reality. He sounds more like a paranoid schizophrenic than a great patriot. After all, he actually supported Giuliani for president! Now, THERE’S an actor!

      • RJH

        D J, Jon Voight is 100% correct and I have personal and first-hand knowledge of it.

        I have a neighbor who has been on unemployment for 16 months. There are “help wanted” signs in some windows around here but this person doesn’t care to work. Each time another unemployment extension is given, this person joyfully says, “Obama gave us another extension!”

        This person is an Obama follower and feels that everyone owes them something. The Liberal mindset is so mindless. You all seem to have taken the dummy-down pill that the Clinton Administration passed around.

        You probably think the 90′s were so great because of Clinton but they weren’t. It was the Republican’s “Contract With America” that Clinton was pulled into, kicking and screaming, that made the 90′s what they were.

        If you don’t mind learning something useful, you should watch Glenn Beck everyday. It may hurt your brain for a while, I hear that happens to some people, but eventually you will start to get some clarity and things will make sense.

        I hope you do this DJ because we do care for people like yourself. If we didn’t, we would be Liberals and that’s a fact. I hope you get the help you need and when you do, please don’t be worried when you feel the urge to pass your new-found knowledge onto your friends. You will have a very large support group too, called the Tea Party.

      • dmp says :

        Ken/Tim/DJ Jarrard/PFFFF:


      • Seraphim

        Guliani was a great mayor. He straightened up New York and made it clean again. NOBODY could have done a better job as mayor on 9-11.

  • s c

    If Voight had portrayed Stalin or Marx, would he be seen as a great actor? I see no good reason for an actor to try and make FDR look good. FDR’s robotic fans go out of their way to praise him, but they rarely acknowledge any of his MANY faults.
    Lenin and Marx were ‘transformers,’ but what they did to Russia involved the deaths of millions of innocent men, women and children (second to only Mao). Probably, we’ll never what Obummer means when he talks about ‘transforming’ America.
    How can anyone with a functional brain claim Obummer is trying to make America better? In Obummer’s dream world, America can’t be better until government controls every aspect of everyone’s life (unless you’re a bureaucrat).
    Obummer is in no way Christ-like. Obummer is no Einstein. He’s no Murray Rothbard. Obummer is no Dr. Salk. He’s no Hank Aaron. He’s no MLK. The list goes on and on, folks.
    Obummer is a hack, a talking head and a puppet, and whoever pulls his strings needs to be exposed and dealt with immediately. It can truly be said that with a friend like Obummer, America needs no enemies (domestic or otherwise).
    A good bottle of wine says the social engineers in Hollypsycho already have plans for making movies about Obummer. I can only hope that someone ‘extremely talented’ will write the scripts and direct those films (like Al Gore, i. e.).

    • Palin12

      Not only FDR. He’s had many great parts, going way back to “Deliverance”. He played Howard Cosell in “Ali”. And a maniac on the loose in “Runaway Train”, filmed in Alaska wilderness. He and his daughter need to bury the hatchet and have a little forgiveness.

      • Marilyn

        Quite frankly, I don’t think his acting parts have anything to do with
        what he has to say about what is going on in the US

        Mark Harmon played a serial killer. Does that mean because he played that part that he really is a serial killer?

        People, use your heads. Compare what Jon said about the present and the way it was. Quit comparing it to the roles he played.
        That doesn’t even make sense.

    • angel-wanna-be

      Sc, you are dead on, my friend!

    • JAY

      I hate to say this s.c. You are right, and I am a Black American who voted for this puppet! I am shamed because I thought this man might turn the Bush sh#t around. No this puppet has dug deeper into the abyss at light speed to satisfy the super elites blood appetite.He owes a lot of people for putting him there.He has furthermore raped the country for second time right from the start. Where is my country? This pillaging of this great nation must stop at once! But the real horror lurks behind in the shadows. Rothschild. Rockerfella, and the families of the super elite must be wiped off the planet earth.

      • Kay

        Thank you, Jay. Stand tall and speak to all … we need all like you who see this paper tiger, or puppet, as you call him, for what he is. While he is not the first to take our country down this path towards destruction, he has become the most powerful, causing the greatest wreckage in such a short

    • Diane


      George Soros(sp) is a good place to start. I believe it is much bigger and far darker then just him, I know he is involved though. Glen Beck has been working on exposing the whole machine behind Obama and his regime. The union bosses, Acorn, all the lefty special interest group heads. It is a monster octopus with it’s tentacles in every group. Many of the heads of these groups are in his administration. The Builder Berg group picked Obama over Hillary. This thing boggles the mind. Keep searching for the truth as it will set you free and with it we will be able to expose what is really going on.

      • Diane

        Oops1 I meant, SC

  • Yvonne


    Afraid of what black man??? He’s half white also. I don’t care if he’s green, I pray that he does NOT get to go for another 4 yrs. You may be able to afford it (probably don’t have kids right?) but I can’t. You may not care that Obamaidiot says “whether you like it or not, America is a super power” What in GODS name is his problem. By the way when are we going to get lower taxes??? Ah, I think not. This guy should never have been able to even run as a president. What are his qualifications again? Oh, that’s right . He has none

    • http://Checkout Connie

      Obama is a “post turtle”. Anyone knows that if you see a turtle on the top of a post, it didn’t get there by itself. Likewise, someone put Obama in the position to be voted into the highest office in the land. He didn’t get there by himself. Was it the unions? or the socialist crowd? Whomever, we need to break their strength. There are enough of us and we vote.

      In November, we MUST REMEMBER what we are feeling now—and vote for people with honesty and character and experience in the world outside the Washington bubble.

      • JRBeaman

        Luv the Post Turtle analogy. So fitting for Obummer.

        Know the difference between Obama and his dog Bo?
        Bo has papers.

        Proven fact: Lowering taxes results in Washington having more money to spend. Those that doubt it have no clue to how our economy or government works.

        To claim taxes need to be raised to fund some Federal government activity is a lie, as it is a tool to supress our economy to gain power, and not to ‘help the people’ as sold by the Democraps.

        No Flat Tax, no Income Tax, NONE OF THE ABOVE. Let Washington live within it’s budget and quit stealing from our posterity to reward those who illegally helped him get elected on the backs of our kids.

        A replacement is not needed. Let them add tarrifs as they used to fund the entire government before 1930. Taxing the people cannot bring about prosperity, but only bring on more financial slavery to our people.

        Please inform anyone suggesting a Flat or Vat tax that ‘none of the above’ (like Obamacare) is the will of the people. And ‘none of the above’ is the only way back from the brink. Any politician promoting a Flat Tax needs to know he will not be re-elected. Period.

        • JRBeaman

          Re: Post Turtle

          1. He couldn’t get there on his own.
          2. The turtle has no clue how to get down.
          3. You wonder who put him up there and why.

          Yes, Obama is a Post Turtle.

          You go Jon, keep broadcasting your message.

      • Bernard Richardson Jr

        Obama is no more than a puppet whos’ strings are manipulated by the ultra liberal, marxist, billionare George Soros. Look him up, his goal is a one world order and has spent his billions against all counyties that love liberty.

      • Tom W


        You hit it right on the head of the nail when you questioned whether it was the unions that helped Obama get into office.

        Let me first define what the unions are today. A union’s purpose is to keep the workers miserable and thinking they have it bad. This is how a union gets and keep its power. Over the past few generations, the unions have gotten quite good at brain-washing not only its members, but the children of its members. The workers in a union do not have to produce, they just have to show up (and sometimes they don’t even have to do that). That is why labor costs in the U.S. automakers plants are twice that of the imports (Honda, Toyota, Subaru, etc…) where the plants are right here in the U.S. and use American workers.

        To top it off, most blue collar positions pay MORE at the import auto plants.

        Right now we need to stop these corrupt unions from running the direction of Washington. Also, we need to stop the brain-washing of Americans by breaking up these unions.

        Will you pledge to not purchase a new car made by union workers? I have and just purchased a 2010 Subaru Outback. It was proudly made in Lafayette, Indiana by non-union workers.

  • keith


  • http://Firefox Carolyn

    Bravo Jon!!

  • Stutz

    You are right Yvonne, hopefully Hans does not have children. Any sorry individual who thinks this anti-capitalist, marxist regime is attempting to make things better for our future or our children’s is clearly blind. It doesn’t matter what vocation Jon pursued in his life, he succeeded by relying on his own hard work and self reliance which is the hallmark of our greatness as a country and a society. Socialism/Marxism has not only failed at every attempt but has brought suffering and death to its followers without exception. Hans, open your eyes and read, read, read. History will repeat itself as it always does.

    • Greg Lyle

      Right on dude!! In shooting we call a gun like your message a “tac driver”. You hit the head of the nail at 100yds.

  • http://personalliberty PFFFF

    Propaganda is acceptable if it serves your purpose, isn’t it; regardless if it’s left, right, middle, up, down…it’s all the same. Voight’s profession as an actor doesn’t qualify him to speak anymore ‘wisdom’ then the person watching the movie he played in.

    • JRBeaman

      Jon’s acting credentials is a tangential issue.
      His ability to grasp the facts and truth is his wisdom.

      His willingness to promote the beliefs of our founding fathers and what made this country great, upon serious loss from the Hollywood community makes him a hero. But then you obviously have no clue to any of what Jon is saying, nor the impact of your Ombama’s killing of our country. Your points prove just how ignorant, wrong and un-American you are.

    • werva

      and it does not gualify him any less. after all arent we just people.

  • Chuck, a vet

    The trouble with the those on the left and their cronies in the mass media is that they can’t handle the truth. Like lemmings they will follow this pied piper over a cliff and they are annoyed that anyone would question blind obedience to the “new order”.

    America is waking up to the fact that this “novelty” is really a landmine attempting to cripple our nation.

    The biggest fear is that the half of the stimulus money that has been hidden will be used to pay off ACORN types to rig the 2010 elections.

    You can bet they will try to steal the elections the “Chicago way”.

  • Ken

    What bothers Tim is that he thinks the Hollywood booboisie should be united in their adulation of the Chosen One. There are a number of people with smarts in Hollywood and Jon Voight is one of them. Tim would probably have to problem with airheads like Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand, Jane “Hanoi” Fonda, the Green Moron Ed Begley, and others of their ilk. Fundamentally, Obama is a marxist. Behind the slick outward demeanor and teleprompter is an enemy of freedom, capitalism and our American way of life. His father was a marxist, his mother was a marxist, his youthful mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a marxist, his pastor of 20 years was an anti-American far-left radical, and he taught Alinsky to the ignorant. What’s that old adage? If he walks like a marxist, talks like a marxist… Many of his appointments are marxists or maoists. When, in 2008, he said we were “five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” he was obviously referring to his marxist vision. What would you expect from someone who rejects the fundamental philosophy behind the constitution as a charter of negative liberties designed to keep government in check. Obama wants to transform it into an agent of radical economic redistribution. How many times must we go down the same worn-out path of failed socialist or communist experiments because new generations don’t learn the lessons of history. That’s the danger of Obama. He is well spoken, but deeply ignorant of history, economics, science, and the White Sox (who play in “Cominsky” Park). His guiding principle is marxist ideology which trumps reasoned thought and basic common sense. The “liberals” and progressives are in awe of him because they are so dismally ignorant and easily led. The sooner we can emasculate his agenda the better. Can’t wait for November.

  • Laura Schlegel

    Yeah, Mr. Voight! Let’s all grab guns, get rid of all regulations, hide our money off shore, forget revising our trade laws or tax rates for the tax capped “Patriots” and corporatocracy, continue supporting gouging profiteering, outsource all jobs and industry, start wars based on lies, keep eatting factory farm food, continue exploiting people, animals and our envirnoment, stay addicted to dirty fuels, tell the diminished middle class, the poor, homeless, sick and disenfranchised to pull themselves up by their boot straps ’cause they’re all just lazy and ignore how we got here and any progress the scary Obama has made in the emergency room he inherited! Just imagine what miracles McCain and Palin would have performed if they had been elected! And if you don’t want a working government for “We the People” there are places like Haiti, Somalia and the like, where you can fight for survival everyday!

    A year ago, President Obama signed the Recovery Act, a bold initiative not only to rescue our country from a potential second Great Depression but also to build a new economic foundation for the future of our Nation. At that time, we were in an economic freefall — hemorrhaging more than 700,000 jobs a month with the middle class under assault and financial institutions on the brink of collapse.
    One year later, I’ve prepared a report for the President on the impact of the Recovery Act. Even though we have much more to do, the evidence is clear: the Recovery Act is working.
    Before I give you the hard facts, take a look at this video featuring several Mayors — officials on the front lines of this economic crisis — who discuss the impact of the Recovery Act.
    Now here are some facts from the report I hope you’ll share far and wide:
    2 Million Jobs: Public and private forecasters ranging from the Council of Economic Advisors to Moody’s Economy and IHS Global now say the Recovery Act is responsible for about 2 million jobs nationwide.
    Economic Growth: We recently learned that our economy grew 5.7 percent in the fourth quarter — the biggest gain in six years that many economists say is largely due to the Recovery Act.
    Tax Relief: The Recovery Act provided over $100 billion in tax relief for American businesses and families.
    Aid to Small Businesses: This past year, the Recovery Act supplied over 42,000 small business loans that provided nearly $20 billion in much-needed capital.
    Building a New Foundation: The Recovery Act funded tens of thousands of projects nationwide this year that are not only creating jobs right now, but also laying a long-term foundation for economic growth, including investments in high-speed rail, health technology, broadband, a smarter electrical grid, clean cars and batteries, and renewable energy.
    My entire report to the President is available on, and it details specific recovery projects across America. So take a look at what’s happening in your part of the country:

    While we’ve made tremendous progress, our work is far from finished. Many projects are just now getting underway that will be creating jobs throughout 2010 and beyond. And on behalf of the President, I can say our Administration will not stop until every man or woman who wants a job can find one.
    But one year in, the Recovery Act has helped pull us back from the brink of economic disaster and is helping lay a firm foundation for our economic recovery.
    Thank you,
    Joe Biden
    Vice President
    P.S. Take a moment to check out the video, browse through the report and share it with your friends and neighbors.

    1.Ordered all federal agencies to undertake a study and make recommendations for ways to cut spending
    2. Ordered a review of all federal operations to identify and cut wasteful spending and practices
    3. Instituted enforcements for equal pay for women
    4. Beginning the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
    5. Families of fallen soldiers have expenses covered to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover A.F.B.
    6. Ended media blackout on war casualties; reporting full information
    7. Ended media blackout on covering the return of fallen soldiers to Dover A.F.B.; the media is now permitted to do so pending adherence to respectful rules and approval of fallen soldier’s family
    8. The White House and federal government are respecting the Freedom of Information Act
    9. Instructed all federal agencies to promote openness and transparency as much as possible
    10. Limits on lobbyist’s access to the White House
    11. Limits on White House aides working for lobbyists after their tenure in the administration
    12. Ended the previous stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date
    13. Phasing out the expensive F-22 war plane and other outdated weapons systems, which weren’t even used or needed in Iraq/Afghanistan
    14. Removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research
    15. Federal support for stem-cell and new biomedical research
    16. New federal funding for science and research labs
    17. States are permitted to enact federal fuel efficiency standards above federal standards
    18. Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect
    19. Funds for high-speed, broadband Internet access to K-12 schools
    20. New funds for school construction
    21. The prison at Guantanamo Bay is being phased out
    22. US Auto industry rescue plan
    23. Housing rescue plan
    24. $789 billion economic stimulus plan
    25. The public can meet with federal housing insurers to refinance (the new plan can be completed in one day) a mortgage if they are having trouble paying
    26. US financial and banking rescue plan
    27. The secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and elsewhere are being closed
    28. Ended the previous policy; the US now has a no torture policy and is in compliance with the Geneva Convention standards
    29. Better body armor is now being provided to our troops
    30.The missile defense program is being cut by $1.4 billion in 2010
    31. Restarted the nuclear non-proliferation talks and building back up the nuclear inspection infrastructure/protocols
    32. Re-engaged in the treaties/agreements to protect the Antarctic
    33. Re-engaged in the agreements/talks on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions
    34. Visited more countries and met with more world leaders than any president in his first six months in office
    35. Successful release of US captain held by Somali pirates; authorized the SEALS to do their job
    36. US Navy increasing patrols off Somali coast
    37. Attractive tax write-offs for those who buy hybrid automobiles
    38. Cash for clunkers program offers vouchers to trade in fuel inefficient, polluting old cars for new cars; stimulated auto sales
    39. Announced plans to purchase fuel efficient American-made fleet for the federal government
    40. Expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million more children
    41. Signed national service legislation; expanded national youth service program
    42. Instituted a new policy on Cuba , allowing Cuban families to return home to visit loved ones
    43. Ended the previous policy of not regulating and labeling carbon dioxide emissions
    44. Expanding vaccination programs
    45. Immediate and efficient response to the floods in North Dakota and other natural disasters
    46. Closed offshore tax safe havens
    47. Negotiated deal with Swiss banks to permit US government to gain access to records of tax evaders and criminals
    48. Ended the previous policy of offering tax benefits to corporations who outsource American jobs; the new policy is to promote in-sourcing to bring jobs back
    49. Ended the previous practice of protecting credit card companies; in place of it are new consumer protections from credit card industry’s predatory practices
    50. Energy producing plants must begin preparing to produce 15% of their energy from renewable sources
    51. Lower drug costs for seniors
    52. Ended the previous practice of forbidding Medicare from negotiating with drug manufacturers for cheaper drugs; the federal government is now realizing hundreds of millions in savings
    53. Increasing pay and benefits for military personnel
    54. Improved housing for military personnel
    55. Initiating a new policy to promote federal hiring of military spouses
    56. Improved conditions at Walter Reed Military Hospital and other military hospitals
    57. Increasing student loans
    58. Increasing opportunities in AmeriCorps program
    59. Sent envoys to Middle East and other parts of the world that had been neglected for years; re-engaging in multilateral and bilateral talks and diplomacy
    60. Established a new cyber security office
    61. Beginning the process of reforming and restructuring the military 20 years after the Cold War to a more modern fighting force; this includes new procurement policies, increasing size of military, new technology and cyber units and operations, etc.
    62. Ended previous policy of awarding no-bid defense contracts
    63. Ordered a review of hurricane and natural disaster preparedness
    64. Established a National Performance Officer charged with saving the federal government money and making federal operations more efficient
    65. Students struggling to make college loan payments can have their loans refinanced
    66. Improving benefits for veterans
    67. Many more press conferences and town halls and much more media access than previous administration
    68. Instituted a new focus on mortgage fraud
    69. The FDA is now regulating tobacco
    70. Ended previous policy of cutting the FDA and circumventing FDA rules
    71. Ended previous practice of having White House aides rewrite scientific and environmental rules, regulations, and reports
    72. Authorized discussions with North Korea and private mission by Pres. Bill Clinton to secure the release of two Americans held in prisons
    73. Authorized discussions with Myanmar and mission by Sen. Jim Web to secure the release of an American held captive
    74. Making more loans available to small businesses
    75. Established independent commission to make recommendations on slowing the costs of Medicare
    76. Appointment of first Latina to the Supreme Court
    77. Authorized construction/opening of additional health centers to care for veterans
    78. Limited salaries of senior White House aides; cut to $100,000
    79. Renewed loan guarantees for Israel
    80. Changed the failing/status quo military command in Afghanistan
    81. Deployed additional troops to Afghanistan
    82. New Afghan War policy that limits aerial bombing and prioritizes aid, development of infrastructure, diplomacy, and good government practices by Afghans
    83. Announced the long-term development of a national energy grid with renewable sources and cleaner, efficient energy production
    84. Returned money authorized for refurbishment of White House offices and private living quarters
    85. Paid for redecoration of White House living quarters out of his own pocket
    86. Held first Seder in White House
    87. Attempting to reform the nation’s healthcare system which is the most expensive in the world yet leaves almost 50 million without health insurance and millions more under insured
    88. Has put the ball in play for comprehensive immigration reform
    89. Has announced his intention to push for energy reform
    90. Has announced his intention to push for education reform
    Oh, and he built a swing set for the girls outside the Oval Office!
    Robert P. Watson, Ph.D.Coordinator of American Studies
    Lynn University

    • Andrew Stoy

      Dear Laura or Robert, or whoever wrote the 90 point list:

      You act like the 90 things on this list are important and meaningful to our country, when most of them have not happened or were just promised and never acted on. Are you blind to what the MAJORITY of Americans think about this administration and the direction it is heading, or do you just choose to ignore reality. I guess if you are in a university environment and have never held a real job where you had to produce something or be responsible for something, this IS your view of reality.
      For the rest of us who believe in personal responsibility, morals, integrity, honesty and helping people who truly are in need who try to help themselves, we see very little in this list that will accomplish that.

      • Anne

        The other important thing about those 99 points is that a lot of them were things I didn’t want him to do. He said he was going to do them and that’s why I voted for the other guy! Too bad he did them – we would have been better off if he had gone on vacation.

    • http://google bryan

      Obama will let Iran get the bomb and they will use it on Israel and then we have hell in a hand basket.and you will still be singing kumbaya. But then if this happens you and Obama will just blame bush. Sad so very Sad.
      And as for Robert P. Watson, ph.D.coordinator of American studies. Lynn University. #85 paid for redecorating of white house living quarters out of his own pocket. was that when Obama removed the bust of Winston churchill and replaced it with a bust of nelson Mandela who was jailed by the British for acts of terrorism.
      And shouldn’t there be a number 91 on the list of Obama Accomplishments Like. Obama actually washed his own socks… once.

    • gary

      I think you are one of those lemmings that will go over the cliff.

    • METXAZ

      THE CLASSIC bureaucratic response we have come to expect from Obama and his team of useful Idiots! Like when Doris(?) who asked Obama at a recent speech whether we are being Taxed Enough Already, and was then buried in a sea of words by him, as he rambled on for 17 1/2 minutes.
      The govt has all kinds of statistics to say whatever you want. And btw, just because money is thrown at a problem doesn’t mean it gets solved or that we are in any way better off. You think the FEDS should do everything, but have you heard of the State Govt. They are in the game as well, and much closer to the problem than DC.
      Until we take a machete to govt programs and stop the nanny state mentality we are doomed as a country. Also, I get the impression you are a racist the way you malign Haiti and Somalia, two countries that are approx 95% black. Get a grip and stop trying to use other people’s money to spend as you see fit. Give people the chance to succeed or fail on their own!!

    • Realist

      I didn’t think it was possible to drink that much koolaid, quite the accomplishment!!!

    • Alicia

      I lived under a Socialist government. I know by experience how insidious that type of government can be and how the ignorant masses can be deceived.
      First let me take the issue Mr. Obama uses against everyone who criticizes his “policies”. We are called racists, first of all if over 70 % of the American voters who do not agree with his view of our country are “racists” and hated him…how did he get elected? Are you telling us the black minorities and ACORN were the only ones who voted for him?
      Second point: It is a great depression he is trying to avoid. Are you trying to convince anyone that quadrupling the debt and increasing the war expenses is going to avoid that? Rather than helping the small companies in the private sector by lowering their taxes rather than placing more burden on them. Have you ever wonder why we have not created more jobs except in the government?
      Third point: It is all Mr. Bush faults, because of the 2 wars he started and the Wall Street greed that caused the economic crisis.
      Well, the problem with that theory is that Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac were created prior to George Bush and banks were forced to give mortgages to the poor, even if they were not within the credit guidelines of any bank…because they would otherwise were being “discriminated”. That the Wall St firms were evil and bought and sold paper that ultimately was not worth the paper they were written on? Yes and they were greedy and if they are the main culprits, why are they the ones that had benefitted by Obama and the current Congress more than under any other government?
      Why are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac still allowed to make bad loans and take in our tax dollars? Why is the oversight Banking Commission in Congress (Chris Dodd and Barney Franks) still on the jobs they held when this was going belly up? And they denied it was happening…
      Why are the unions that helped the Congress and greedy companies send the jobs overseas, still getting help from this Administration with the taxpayers money? Why are we not assisting the small companies that have remained in the country and created 90% of the private sector jobs?
      Why has this administration only helped with bail outs the large ones?
      As for the 2 wars… as far as I can see there are still 2 and now there are more troops out there than when Pres Bush left.
      As for blaming the “rich” for sending money out of the country? well…nobody is sending more money out of the country to pay interest on debt they created, than this Administration.
      So if you agree with the current Administration, you are now a minority, but, the fact that you are on their side does not mean they are protecting your interest, plain and simple they are not on your side. Have you ever wonder why all Socialist countries have a lower standard of living than the non Socialist ones? Or why our tax dollars are being used to counsel prostitutes in South China against getting AIDS or paying for abortions in Mexico and Belize while your parents or you, may have to wait for months to get an operation because we must save on Medicare/Medicaid? Does anyone believe they can make a system more efficient after adding 20 million plus when they have not done it with a lot less patients? Or even more basic: how does a Gov. intends to add 20 to 30 million patients and has not planned to get more doctors, nurses or hospitals to serve them?
      Could you understand why experience matters and why having the most inexperience President in the history of the country, matters? Why management experience and understanding of the economy matters? Obama did not even manage a little town like Wasilla nor a state like Alaska for a week, nor a bodega in Harlem… If you add to that the inept friends and brown noses in his Cabinet…it will be not just hard to succeed for him but even for him to comprehend why he can’t. There is a reason why most people do not take a most brilliant architect and let him do open heart surgery simply because you think he is smart ad has good intentions…but then common sense is not always easy to find, is it?
      Which may account for him saying he had visited 57 states when the US only has 50 or that his parents got together because of the protests of Selma, Alabama made them realize that union could work… when those marches took place 4 years after his birth? Let’s face it guys he is not the brightest crayon in the box nor does he have the proper team to correct those ridiculous mistakes before he makes them…

      • Brenda 60

        Alicia, Thank You ! Finaly a voice of experience and wisdom ! Some of the people just do not get it. Our very freedom is at stake here, that of your children and decendants! Fight for our American way of life and Government!

    • Mary Bawden

      Thank you…thank you!

    • Mark

      When individuals like Robert Watson, teacher of American Studies at Lynn University, are indoctrinating our children with their slanted and biased political views in the classroom, it’s no wonder we’re in the fix we’re in. Watson’s ThinkActLead “think tank” is nothing more than a breeding ground for socialism. I read a number of his editorial comments until I couldn’t take it any longer and had to break for a fresh breath of freedom and clear my head. We pay these guys to supposedly work in higher learning…they spend half their time going on trips as “visiting fellows” (check out how much Watson travels elsewhere…when does he find time to teach anything?)…when they reach full professorship, they have graduate assistants teach all their classes while they are doing “research” and asking for grant money. And we can’t fire them! (See Ward Churchill.) I’m not impressed with any of his credentials and he publishes several pages of them. Give me someone with common sense every time.

    • werva

      No pres or congress should have this much power and I’m talking Bush, Clinton and the rest that have changed our constitution.

    • Shelly

      Empty words and business as usual.

    • mark roberts

      Immigration reform means AMNESTY PERIOD! and closing GITMO IS IDIOTIOC! bringing people who are sworn to kill us here to our own shores, BRILLIANT idea! also you are financially illeterate! this president is causing a massive financial crisis! If the dollar is no longer the world currency, are you willing to work every day for the rest of your life? As for so called job creation, MOST OF THOSE JOBS ARE IN THE GOVERNMENT SECTOR NOT THE PRIVATE SECTOR!

    • Patriot Marie

      My, my, Laura. Please stop spewing your wordy poison to our young generation so that we may retain our heritage and our America as the founding fathers designed it. Perhaps you should run for President in Haiti.

    • http://Huckabee Rod fr SC

      My dear Laura,sorry you had to take so much space and time for this article, but most true American, take what come out of vp Joe Biden dirty mouth with a grain of salt.He is in Washington to intertain because he is such a clown.

    • Mike Hurder

      Now there’s 90 more lies for us to crucify this a-hole with. Can you name even one of these the liar Obama has actually accomplished? None? Holy criminy Laura…what happened to the annointed saviour of all things to the left? he sucks…that’s what happened. Liars all suck. Obama is the king of lies and a foreigner to boot.

  • Chuck Henry

    I wondered hot many hits there would before someone played the race card. Kudos to Tim. Tim, perhaps if Obama had been truthful with his adoring, fawning, nit wits and insisted that he be considered a mulatto (the offspring from the congress between one white/black or black/white parent) he would have lost some of his voters who voted for him just because he was black and they thought their time had come when whitey was going to get sent to the back of the bus. Tim,what happens when the blacks realize that he is screwing them as well as whitey and their time has not come will they turn on him and he will play his race card and suddenly become the 44st white president?? So you want fair, I don’t know your circumstance or educational background however since you played the race card and are seeking fairness I would suggest you get more education and a better job then work your rump off to attain the station in life you allude to.

  • Save America Susie

    It doesn’t matter who a person is, if they are an AMERICAN, they have the right to speak. It’s called Freedom of Speech, whether they are Jon Voight or Joe the Plummer. I admire Jon Voight a lot for speaking up for American rights and the Constitution. Just because he is an actor, doesn’t, mean he doesn’t understand, in fact can deliver the message possibly better than any politician. Actors are great speakers. So don’t shoot the messenger! As far as I am concerned, BO is acting too much like the King of America than its President. He has over stepped his authority as being equal with the congress and Supreme Court. Not their head! America is supposed to be a system of chekcs and balanced. We are sure out of balance right now. Need to get back to the plan laid down by the Founders.

  • angel-wanna-be

    Envy is spelled out very clearly in The tenth commandment, God States,_”You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”__The answers fairly simple, READ THE BIBLE!

    • cemott3rd

      ‘Congress shall make no law recognizing an establishment of religion’ read the Bill of Rights!

      • Diane

        You forgot the rest of that.

        Or prohibiting the free exercise thereof: or abridge the freedom of speech, or of the press: or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.

        I like this part as it addresses our rights, you only like the part that addresses the Governments authority.

  • kahy

    So well and sincerely said it gave me hope. Let’s all keep our forces together and not loose sight of the truth and common sense and go out this November to flip the house and get our voices heard!!!

    • gary

      Yes and I hope it works. I do however fear that those in power will rig it someway so they (dems)stay in power. I do not trust this administration, and believe they will lie,cheat or what ever it takes.

  • http://pennteledata ozzyboy

    Laura, past and present administration;

    I’d like to take all this information at face value but there are too many faces to know which one to believe.
    1,2,3 &4 was supposed to have been done already but it can be used as an excuse for more government jobs.
    8 & 9 Where was the promised transparency with the WH?
    10 & 11 Simple solution. Just turn the lobbyists into cabinet members
    16 Science and research labs- great for Holder so he can push his forced sterilization program
    17 oppressing the working class
    18 $’s for unions
    19 control the internet
    20 $’s for unions
    21 releasing terrorists so they can try to destroy Americans – again
    22 Taxpayers don’t want to “rescue” car unions
    23 Taxpayers don’t want to “rescue” irresponsible home buyers with blanket bailouts
    24 The only things that got stimulated is unions and congress
    25 What’s the % of actual use one that program. Embarrassing isn’t it.
    26 Again – Why do taxpayers have to rescue banks???
    27 We don’t want secret detention centers closed. We want terrorists kept away from Americans.
    28 You think 9/11 hasn’t been torture for Americans? You think Pelosi doesn’t intimidate Americans every time she opens her plastic mouth?
    30 Are we supposed to feel safer with a gutted missile defense system?
    32,33 &34 Bowing and scraping to our enemies instills great hope and confidence to Americans. We’ll pay for “green” while China laughs at us.
    35 & 36 As if this adm had anything to do with this. Our military should have constant authorization to their jobs.
    37 Hippies feel good and car unions make money.
    38 Can we have a cash for clunker politicians? That would be a program Americans would get behind.
    39 More taxpayer $’s for the car union buddies.
    40 SCHIP Who wasn’t covered before?
    43 Taxing the air we breathe
    45 /The same $’s as Katrina? I’ll bet not. The midwest is a lot tougher and self sufficient – an admirable goal for N.O.
    46,47 & 48 This is not for the taxpayers – it is for government to get their hands on this money.
    50 At a cost to Taxpayers
    51 Shortening seniors lives, a la Ezekiel Emmanuel, will make this one doable.
    52 Believe it when I see it – just another buy off for the HC debacle
    58 Labor w/o pay
    59 see 32,33 &34
    60 Wasn’t the old security doing it’s job? How about making them accountable rather than establishing new offices?
    62 Some how that did not happen. Did you mean ending no bid contract among unions?
    63 &64 Why not make people do their jobs w/o the expansion of government?
    65 &66 Prove that one
    67 One year and not a word of truth here. Where was c-span showing us the health care debate? Oh, that’s right, it was on the other side of the closed and locked door hiding Reid and Pelosi.
    68 Does this include an investigation of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd? If it doesn’t, it is not worth the taxpayers time!
    69 WE are more concerned with Gov’t misspending than tobacco.
    70 How many rules has this adm circumvented to get it’s way.
    71 You guys just write ambiguous stuff and tell us we have to vote for it before we can actually see what is in it. Pelosi’s words.
    75 More govt jobs at expense of taxpayers – huge waste of money here.
    76 Aren’t we all created equal? “Latina” belies that equality idea. “Competent” should be the criteria – silly me to expect equality in today’s world.
    84 At what cost to middle class Americans?
    84 & 85 So?
    86 Just for Show – his pattern belies this token activity
    87 Why should I have to pay for health care for the 600 lb NJ woman who’s sole goal in life is to be !,000 lbs? Is this not a lifestyle choice? If this adm pays for his lifestyle (see 84 &85) why shouldn’t she pay for her decisions and this is a decision. It is not the 30 year old who gets leukemia and looses his home because of the medical cost to save his life.
    You people say that we have to have car insurance and that hc is the same thing. What planet are you living on? I can CHOOSE to not drive a car because the insurance is too high. You deny me my right to choose whether to have health care ins or not. IN THE WORDS OF THE PRO ABORTIONISTS – IT IS MY BODY MY CHOICE!!!!!!
    88 Great! More people for the middle class to have to pay for so this adm can get the votes they need to stay in office.
    This whole thing is about votes and money. The hardest part for the honest, middle class taxpaying workers is that we know. We know that the rich have their attorneys protecting their interests and the poor is is being looked after by the government which leaves middle class fair game for
    anyone who wants to have their way with the working class. Is it any wonder we feel disenfranchised or “angry”?

    • John

      KUDOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mark roberts


  • Andy1

    Is your filter filtering out comments that disagree with Jon? It seems so. Why is it that in America there are more individuals in jail, without health care, or living on the street or in dangerous housing complexes than in Europe or many places elsewhere – and knocking each other off with guns. Why again is America the greatest country on earth when so many lose everything they have when they are ill and no one cares. Is it fair that someone who inherits money is entitled to better health care than someone who works in a blue collar job for years without benefits? It seems American Republicans are often selfish individuals wanting to have power to keep everything among themselves while those supposedly below are somehow supposed to suffer or become wealthy as if that is the only goal in life. Apparently wealth doesn’t stop death or allow anyone to take the money with them – but it does give the ability to leave it behind for more seemingly enitled individuals. Capitalism isn’t necessarily the best system for the most people. It should be ME parties. Why should a movie star make millions? Maybe they should be on the bottom of the heap while social workers make the most. The whole system is screwy. Capitalism pays the most to many who really shouldn’t be getting that much money giving those people a feeling, quite often, of superiority and entitlement. Capitalism itself doesn’t take care of it sick and those who are poor. Heath care is common in many European countries, yet there is a backlash from many in the U.S. – meanwhile, America spends billions on weapons. American isn’t the greatest country on earth partly because of the way it is becoming stratified regarding its citizens. I live in Canada where there is health care and it isn’t the ominous and dire situation here that many portray – and what about all those other countries that have health care. Do you really know much about them? Maybe they are better by far other than power ref. America because how America treats many of its citizens without money is appalling.

    • libertytrain

      Andy1 – How funny your question of filtering out those disagreeing with Jon – this is a conservative leaning site – there would be more that agree than not —-

    • Andrew Stoy

      Dear Andy1:
      With all due respect, we don’t really care about the opinion of Canadians with regards to our country any more than you would care about our opinion of yours.
      Please go bother a Canadian blog.

    • METXAZ

      Where are your facts about all the misery in America? You are spewing the same all straw man nonsense that Obama and his cronies on the left have so cleverly practice whenever the look to discredit their critics. You are right about one thing to whom much is given much is expected. The US is the world’s Superpower and the cost of filling that role is great, we don’t have the luxury of planting tulips on our border while our neighbor patrols the Block. Focus more on our Philosophy and the mechanics of Capitalism as opposed to the failings of a few within it. Capitalism provide the greatest opportunity and the greatest standard of living for the greatest number of people. Some people will always fail no matter how much opportunity they have and will always need to be taken care off. We believe we are the greatest and based on the number of people constantly trying to come live here I think we are doing pretty well.

    • Diane

      Andy1, Americans are not selfish. Because of our free enterprise system, we are able to apply our energies and talents to supply our own needs and material goods. Working Americans help to provide for the needs of others in our society who can not provide for themselves through several ways. Local and State taxes, free will giving in our communities and Churches. Americans give more to world missions and disaster relief than any other Nation on earth. If the Obama agenda is ever a reality and we become a socialist Nation, the world will lament over it because all of that free will giving will come to an end. We will not have the extra money to share with others. We do not believe that the Government should control us nor provide for us. We call it liberty, we will keep it, thank you anyway.

  • Renee

    The sad thing here is that the people who voted for Mr. Obama, regardless if he’s right or wrong will side with him. They won’t admit that he and his administration have literally raped our country and what it stands for. Who did he think he was to apologize for our country!!! If he doesn’t agree with what it stands for then he needs to get out of Dodge. We don’t need someone as the leader of our country to bend over and release our great nation into the hands of people that only want to destroy it. We were founded on Biblical truths yet he says we are NOT a Christian nation, if you don’t believe in God, go somewhere where they are in agreement with you. You don’t belong here.

    • laura

      Now they’ve taken away the national day of prayer;
      Dear LORD what next.


  • laura

    I think it’s great that someone out of Hollywood is speaking out and I hope those stars that feel the same will do the same. I also think that it’s great that Jon spoke about GOD. Between left wing media and Hollywood they have tried to ruin everything holy and Godly.


  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda Stemberger


    • laura



  • http://verizon LaRebelle

    The United States needs more influential individuals such as Mr. Jon Woight to express their political/social expression. It is frightening to be witnessing the erosion of the First Amendment. Which amendment is next? Simultaneously, our precious Constitution is being twisted more than a pretzel in order to suit the uber-liberal agenda. It is time that Americans take notice. Bailouts and promises always come with a more expensive pricetag than that of the national deficit. It comes with a loss of personal freedom, lack of national sovereignty, and a third-world status nation, as mentioned by Mr. Voight. Thank you, Sir.

  • Happy Thoughts

    I respect Jon Voight’s comments. I have watched our congress and senate be more concerned about gay rights etc than the econonmy. It would seem to be that congress and senate with looming debt, loss of credit availability to pay for the over burdening national debt would have more deep concentration. Five years ago we were all worried about the surge of undocumented workers. Five years ago we could have given them amnesty, corrected the issue. Now we have undocumented issue and now we will also be giving them health care.

    It would also seem that all countries adopting socialist healthcare have in turn created a VAT of about 15%. Thing that really bothers me is most of the real healthcare costs come from emergency room accidents and such for uninsured. Yet our congress and senate with so much thought on thier bill fail to describe how the interaction with car insurance medical will work.

    Interesting that during the election the social security cap / tax would be affecting the upper income individuals > $250K . That range seems to drop quickly.

    Another person mentioned we have many individuals in prison etc not getting health care. Seems to me the people working and getting rapeds, killed, and robbed should be the priority of health care. I mean gee you have to pay for your health care if your not the criminal?

    I really think congress and senate should be focused more on the bigger economic picture that the Baseball steroids, gay rights, and other issues affecting smaller groups. I mean they are spending more time thinking of ways to spend and entitle folks then they are on how to pay for it. Eventually, with no body working, there will be no money to spend and what is point of the programs and policies.

    Seems to me if the health care is so great for America , the congress and senators would probably want to be part of it. Have you read the stuff? Oh it is not really written yet. But it will solve the problem don’t worry.

    Lastly, As a capitalist I tend to think that limiting the entitlement to those not trying to be productive and contribute should occur. Seriously, there are states where obese people are paid on disability. People keep talking that the poor blue collar workers should get some of the benefits of the rich. I hate to say this but the Blue Collar workers are the rich at rate we are going and are paying for those not wanting to work. This is why they are upset. The only wages going up are government workers! To me it is not fair to decreas wages of blue collars and increase taxes to pay for more government workers and entitlements.

    You may want to go out to linked in and Read Mr. Obama’s resume. Sometimes it is a good thing to learn how to handle the ability of spending in conjunction with the ability to earn the money. Something I believe most individuals learned by thier parents limiting the kids spending by say what they have to spend.

    An interesting trend I see is that the TEA (Taxed Enough Already ) folks seem to be growing. The really interesting fact is that the memberships from what I see is educated, working Americans in the low, middle, and upper class. I do not see as many of the other social classes joining. This similar trend appears to be in breeding also in that middle and upper classes seem to not have as many children. Bush was criticized for commenting that family values etc were important. He had this rediculous idea that children in families that take care of thier young and grow responsibility were perhaps a healthy thing. Kind of implying it is not so good to go out and breed when you are not capable of taking care of the children. But Obama is much more the pationate man by thinking all Americans should just contribute to help the children.

  • Artist in Las Vegas

    Kudos Mr. Voight, I’ve always backed your common-sense way of thinking and have always wished you well in your endeavors. I met you once at the Las Vegas Airport ever so briefly as I was a TSA agent that just had to encourage a greeting to you. Forgive me for not commenting upon your presentation in my first post. I was taken aback by the ignorant posts some here have chosen to plague us with. I’m so tired of babysitting and wish these people would grow up and do some research for once!

    Thank you for using your position to voice what is right, and for being a patriot!

    May the God of all creation envelop you, and bless you beyond measure.


    Artist in Las Vegas

  • Small mind

    All I have to say is I don’t agree. He’s greedy and wants to keep his damn money. Maybe if he gave a little more to his stupid country he would see that many Americans are in poverty. I bet he’d say that federal funding for schooling is terrible too. The man turned his back on his daughter when she adopted from a different country. Have you’re own opinion, he may be a fantastic actor, but when it comes to his country he’s an idiot. The poor people of this country don’t want his damn money, they want money and jobs of their own.

    • AK Gal

      What does Jon Voight’s finances have to do with anything?

      This is about freedom, freedom to grow in our republic. It’s not about beening mandated to act. It’s a proven fact that Americans freely give far greater in dollars than any socialized directed country.

      YOu talk about the poor. Unfortunately, this administration is not creating an atmosphere conducive to job creation, so the poor people you are talking about will either have to get government jobs or wait until we can rescue the country’s freefall and bring it into a more productive direction.

      Until then, stop spewing hate and wait for the rest of us to fix it.

    • Dorothy

      Small Mind – Obviously a democrat! Who else would discuss someone
      else’s money as “he wants to keep his damn money”. Well, I want to
      keep my money, too, but I prefer to call myself a free American (so far).

    • Artist in Las Vegas

      Wow did you miss the boat on several points. Firstly, Mr. Voight has every right to be upset as do me and my family. Secondly, he never once turned his back on his daughter for her choice of adoption. You again have been fed misinformation. She turned HIM away for saying in an off-cuff interview how proud he was that she’d adopted, and she hadn’t wanted any of that personal information to get out. My, you do fit your username quite nicely.

      3rdly and last, it is under NO presidents’ obligation to take from the wealthy and give to the poor directly like he is proposing in the name of “social justice”.

      How you can use a person’s wealth as a way to villainize that person shows just how small and reprobate your mind is. Let me ask you, where would one draw the line in taking from the rich and giving to the poor? Where does that line go from year to year in the minds of those who covet another’s hard-working wages? When is it enough? Why should I work or try to make a life for myself if I know my bills are being paid by someone else?

      Many poor in this country choose to be poor! Yep, I said it. If you want out of poverty you must make right decisions. Apply for financial aid and enroll in classes. Go to a church and ask them for help. All churches are there to help. If you find one that cannot help you at the moment, they will point you to another. Go to a shelter and gain the free training that is offered to those who want to rise from the mire. Most shelters have free comptuter training as well as placement programs, clothing, food and coupons for your power bills. How do I know all this? Because I’ve started over with absolutely nothing but the clothes on my back 3 times due to abusive relationships in my early past. Color has nothing to do with it. Many who draw welfare are upstanding citizens who sincerely look for jobs and want to work to pay their bills. Assistance is out there for those people thru countless charities and government programs, grants, and aid. Some on welfare do NOT want to work and don’t mind being poor if that means they see a welfare check in the mail. Why should ‘Joe the plumber’ pay for my action or inaction? Why should Mr. Voight give me money for what I’ve not achieved?

      You were probably raised to recieve an award every time you participated in a race, or contest whether you came in last, so your self-esteem would be catered to. However, in the real world you must RUN the race and WIN it in order to gain the prize! You must join the contest and WIN in order to gain the prize! So put away your unearned trophies and start making your own money, Small mind… for it is your sole responsibility, not that of your fellow man or woman.

      Two boys were walking down the street on their way to the corner store. One boy had $5 to spend on anything he liked. The other boy had only what his mother gave him to spend on bread, eggs and milk. The first boy was bragging about all the candy he’s going to buy when he gets to the store. The second boy who was sent on his mother’s errands began to despise the first boy’s bragging. He asked, “Well you’re going to share your candy with me, right?” At that the first boy said incredulously and half-laughing, “No! I earned this $5 from my paper-route tips. I was on-time, and courteous to my customers, and worked hard for this.” With that the second boy began having a tantrum, cussing the first boy out, demanding that he be given the candy the first boy was going to buy.

      Why did the second boy behave in such a manner at the refusal of being given the first boy’s candy?

      Because he felt he had a right to it. Entitlement, and coveting what someone has is wrong-thinking. It is not acceptable, as the second boy did not earn any rights to the first boy’s tips. The boy will grow up with no friends and a bitter outlook on life unless he is taught manners and how life really is.

      The Problem: there are no good teachers to teach him how life really is, nor are his parents teaching him any manners.

      Result: You get a person who feels entitled to anything he wants. You get a spoiled brat! You get lazies who think people who earn money should pay them instead of being paid. You get a society who, in the long-run, will not want to work… why should they, thier wages will just be taken away from them anyway. Ultimately you get a Dictatorship government where nobody makes enough money to feed themselves.

    • Mike Hurder

      Whose money do they want Samll? I’ll tell you what. You give them your money. I’ll keep mine. Okay?
      What a dolt!

  • Steve from Mass

    To Small Mind…

    I know what it is like to live in a socialist state, I live in Massachusetts. We have the wonderfull Barney Frank and John Kerry. Our governor goes by the Obama playbook, when in doubt raise taxes.

    You call John Voight greedy. This is normal for the left, call names and don’t address the issues.

    This isn’t about poor people. This is about the government over reaching their power. Enough said.

  • Baaboo

    Jon’s right

  • James A Graham

    The Truth About the Health Care Bills – Michael Connelly, Ret. Constitutional Attorney

    Well, I have done it! I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law. I was frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being discussed might be unconstitutional. What I found was far worse than what I had heard or expected.

    To begin with, much of what has been said about the law and its implications is in fact true, despite what the Democrats and the media are saying. The law does provide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession.

    The Bill will also eventually force private insurance companies out of business, and put everyone into a government run system. All decisions about personal health care will ultimately be made by federal bureaucrats, and most of them will not be health care professionals. Hospital admissions, payments to physicians, and allocations of necessary medical devices will be strictly controlled by the government.

    However, as scary as all of that is, it just scratches the surface. In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.

    The first thing to go will be the masterfully crafted balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government. The Congress will be transferring to the Obama Administration authority in a number of different areas over the lives of the American people, and the businesses they own.

    The irony is that the Congress doesn’t have any authority to legislate in most of those areas to begin with! I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate health care.

    This legislation also provides for access, by the appointees of the Obama administration, of all of your personal healthcare direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital. All of this is a protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide…

    If you decide not to have healthcare insurance, or if you have private insurance that is not deemed acceptable to the Health Choices Administrator appointed by Obama, there will be a tax imposed on you. It is called a tax instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. However, that doesn’t work because since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, it is definitely depriving someone of property without the due process of law.

    So, there are three of those pesky amendments that the far left hate so much, out the original ten in the Bill of Rights, that are effectively nullified by this law It doesn’t stop there though.

    The 9th Amendment that provides: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people;

    The 10th Amendment states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers at all in many areas that once were theirs to control.

    I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea. This is not about health care; it is about seizing power and limiting rights… Article 6 of the Constitution requires the members of both houses of Congress to “be bound by oath or affirmation to support the Constitution.” If I was a member of Congress I would not be able to vote for this legislation or anything like it, without feeling I was violating that sacred oath or affirmation. If I voted for it anyway, I would hope the American people would hold me accountable.

    For those who might doubt the nature of this threat, I suggest they consult the source, the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights. There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us.

    Michael Connelly
    Retired attorney,
    Constitutional Law Instructor
    Carrollton , Texas


    If you don’t care about our constitution, or your rights under it, just do nothing.


    • Diane

      James A Graham.

      Thank you for sharing that with us. I knew that this was a power grab and this information gives me the facts to work with. I will be sharing it with everyone I know. I will be sending it to my State representatives with the demand that they keep their oath to protect the constitution and our rights that it provides. We have to repeal this this Bill. We have to fight it on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. Any Representative that has signed on to this Bill should be impeached for not keeping the oath that they took to live by and protect the Constitution.

  • James A Graham

    Obama demands that the US flag NOT be flown in Haiti
    posted at 10:51 am on March 16, 2010 by Cassy Fiano

    So far, we’ve spent $179,883,065 in humanitarian assistance to Haiti. We’ve sent our military there to help distribute food and water, to help find the missing, and to help rebuild the ravaged nation. But Obama is afraid that we’ll be considered “occupiers”, and so, the United States flag is not to be flown over any US installation in Haiti.

    But the country whose contributions dwarf the rest of the world’s — the United States — has no flag at its main installation near the Port-au-Prince airport.

    The lack of the Stars and Stripes does not sit well with some veterans and servicemembers who say the U.S. government should be proud to fly the flag in Haiti, given the amount of money and manpower the U.S. is donating to help the country recover from the Jan. 12 quake.

    The Obama administration says flying the flag could give Haiti the wrong idea.

    “An international partner”?? This may be an international relief effort — with the United States as usual giving far more than any other country — but that hasn’t kept other countries from flying their flags. France, Germany, and Croatia are all flying their flags, just like every other country. I doubt anyone in Haiti is weeping over the French, German, and Croatian occupations taking place because of it. No one besides Obama is idiotic enough to think that flying our flag means that we’ll be seen as an occupation force. It’s perfectly clear to everyone with a brain that we are in Haiti for one reason alone, and that is to give relief.

    Considering the amount of money, time, and manpower we’ve contributed to the relief effort in Haiti, one would think that Obama would be proud to have our flag flying in Haiti. But Obama isn’t a president who is proud of his country, is he? He’d rather apologize for the United States than take pride in it. We are literally saving lives for no gain of our own in a foreign country, and he’s still apologizing.

    And does this show something more troubling? Apparently, this entire flap started because of some squabble with Prime Minister Bellerive, who didn’t like that we flew a flag over a temporary consular station on the tarmac. So instead of standing his ground, and standing up for his country and the good work it is doing, Obama caved. He has no backbone to stand up to any leader of any foreign country! And this man is supposed to be our Commander in Chief. How is the United States ever going to gain respect if Obama is completely and totally spineless?

    This isn’t smart diplomacy. This is pure idiocy, and it’s shameful. It’s pathetic that the leader of our country would be so ashamed of the country he’s supposed to lead. It’s sad that our president so clearly does not love his country.

  • Connect the dots

    Looks like the leftist trolls are out in force today. Wow. The ignorance of the a**maggots on the left is frightening. As usual, rather than make a point with facts, they use democrat talking points and platitudes (like their great leader) and the alinski tactic of demeaning your opponent.

    I believe Jon Voight is a great American. He is a clear thinker and an exceptional conservative. I wish there were more of him in hollywood and the lamestream media.


  • Plumbre pete

    Obama has done nothing but lie at every chance that he gets. He needs to be impeached for Treason and for crimes against Humanity.

  • G. Crook

    It is said in history that the first to be silenced is the educated that speaks out to injustice.Jon Voight may not be in a profession that risks his life to save and protect others,those are heroes. He has spoken out and now may be marked as a trouble maker within his own profession by those who are liberal minded and support the leftest dogma of present day politicians in Washington City.

    • laura

      I thought the same thing G.C. we might not be seeing Jon in any movies for awhile. What he did took a lot of guts I think. Hollywood is soooo left and soooo Godless we might not see Jon again.
      I hope I’m wrong.


  • Pina Gregorek

    Thank you Jon for an eloquent voice for reality and America. And thank you Governor for allowing us to hear Jon’s speech on National TV.

  • Brenda Jo

    God Bless you Jon…thank you for the truth and for speaking out. We are there behind you sir and are so glad to see a real man who is not afraid to stand up against the lies being told and the socialist road we are being forced on.

  • http://google mike b.

    Jon is one of the few hollywood people who is a true, patriotic brave american. He letter is very well-written and spoken. Hussein Obama is arrogant, condecending, self-loathing, liberal, radical thug. I can think and write of at least 999 things he has done to weaken this once great nation, including giving more rights to terrioists than the average american citizen. He has done so many radical, anti-american things that you just cant remember them all, or have the time and space needed to list and expose them. He is doing so much harm so quickly, as can just imagine the harm the next 2-plus years his regime will bring to dismantling the constitution. He does all this to confuse and defer your attention, as everyone knows confusion favors the crook. Hussein Obama is fueled by deceit and hatred for this once great nation. His regime is led by a bunch of tax-cheat thugs, who are given a total free pass on thier thugery every day in the main-stream, now state-controlled media. His minions in the juvenile, criminal democratic-led congress will pass every blii this marxist, communist, chicago-thug polical regime wants. There is no stopping him unless we vote out these criminals in Nov. and this thug dictator in 2012, if we are lucky enough to make it that long. Hussein Obama is well on the way to the most dramatic, radical regime and agenda in america’s history without a doubt. Passing major legilastion without any bi-partisan votes, behind the scenes, non-transparent deal-making, 2,200 page bills that noboby reads until Pelosi and Ried rams this down the american people;s throats. This is criminal and if a repulican congress or administration did this the minions in the mainstream media would be on 24 hours non-stop bitching and griping. But since its this thug Hussein Obama of course, they just ignore it, much like Hussein Obama and the juvenile congress ignored the american people and rammed this radical crap down our throats. We need to vote this criminal, democtatic-led congress out in Nov, they took over in 2006 and done nothing but proceeded to ruin this country and trample on the constitution since, and vote this marxist, communitst, radical, thug Hussein Obama and his dicatorial regime out in 2012. Ignore his minions in the main-stream media and do this before unions and special interest lobbyists and illegal immigrants continue to prosper and get rich off the hard-working, level-headed, common-sense, law-abiding american citizens who are at the mercy of Hussein Obama and his czars. Hussein Obama is a all-out thug in every sense of the word. “We the People” must “Change Back” everything this regime has done to ruin this country. A.G. Holder and homeland security directot Napolitano are jokes and are putting this country in more and more danger everyday. They will not call terriosts what they are, they are more interested in giving enemy jihadists terriosts lawyers than protecting the average law-abiding american citizens. They want to call terriosts attacks man-made disasters, outlaw the term islamic-jihadists, and give strengh and refuge to american enemies. It’s absolutely mind-boggling how much damage this thug Hussein Obama has damaged america in just one year. Running up massive debts and deficits, that our kids and grandkids will never be able to pay back, ruining and shrinking the dollar, massive stimulus bill that has done nothing but increased un-employment from 5% to 10% in just oiver a year. Govt takeover of wall-street, banks, auto-industry and healthcare(1/6 of our economy), student loans, and taxing private businesses out of existance. Just wait until v.a.t tax, health-care tax, cap and trade tax, and Hussein Obama has just hired 16,000 new IRS agents to make YOU pay them, but of course not all the illegals. How’s this hope and change working out now. This thug Hussein Obama has also divided the country like never before and he and his minions in thwe mainstream media just loves it. For the sake of the future for our kids and grandkids we need to vote this criminal democrat-led congress out in 2010 and this marxist, dictator thug Hussein Obama out in 2012 to try and give them some kind of a hope of a future in this once great nation. There isw simply WAY TOO MUCH GOVERMENT and these people must be stopped from trampling the american people, indoctrinating our kids and trampling on our constitution and the bill of rights. We must act now for our kids and grandkids, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  • eddie47d

    Jon Voight is just as naive about capitalists as some leftists are naive about communism. Capitalists and big government brought America down.(derivatives,ponzi schemes,outrageous C.E.O salaries,mortgage fraud,corporate welfare)and even too much government.I personally believe neither side understands moral values. The right crucifies homos and demeans Mexicans. The left seems to encourage welfare dependency and drug use. Both sides are disturbing on many issue.Such as bigger Government on the left and corporate shenanigans on the right. Few seem to go after their own side for wrongs that need to be righted. Although Democrates did vote against Acorn they should have been more aware of the problems and fixed it. Republicans should be more aware of what’s going on in the Militias and try and keep the extremists from using them. We may be the greatest country on earth but I won’t worship at the feet of capitalism anymore than I want a communist dictator to live under.

    • Diane


      I take issue with your accusations against Republicans. I have never crucified a homo or anyone else for that matter. I have been involved in a long term battle however concerning the rights of all Americans to the pursuit of happiness. Even mine as a Christian, the freedom and the right to free expression and exercise of religion. There are many who want to take that away from me. They want to remove Gods’ laws from public view so that there is no true understanding of right or wrong. It gives them cover to say there is no guiding principles on which this Nation was founded, out of sight out of mind. Then they can push their social justice agenda on the sheeple unaware. This is deception and tyranny. If it were not for Christians and free enterprise this Nation would not exist. I do not care if you do not like me saying that. The truth is the truth. I would rather die a free person than a slave.

      As for our mexican, as you put it, population, if they are American citizens they have the same rights as you and me and I personally do not group citizens by race, creed or color. That is the very device of the left and you know it. I am against all illegal activity that seeks to overthrow the Constitution. If you do not care about that no one can help you.

  • sarah

    Long live lenin! If these people think Obama, who is center , is a communist, they have no IDEA what they are talking about.
    I wish Obama was more leftist than the center he is, then we would have a great America.
    Housing, health and education are UNIVERSAL RIGHTS.
    People are people.
    Corporations should not rule.
    You all should search for the great discourse Roosevelt gave before he passed. That was a patriot and he warned all of us!
    If we had the second bill of rights, this country would be better in times of prosperity and at times of despair.

    I believe J. Voight is delusional, never had to work hard, always had money to pay for his luxuries.

    • Reaganette

      Sarah – If you think so highly of Lenin, why don’t you live in Russia?

      Furthermore, it’s obvious by the ignorance you’ve exposed, that you have never read the U.S. Constitution; “universal rights” do not exist. Progressive, far-left thinking such as yours, and so many others, is why our great country is in the deplorable state it’s currently in.

      …Have you even read the Bill of Rights?? It’s quite magnificent!

      Perhaps you should reconsider getting your history lessons from YouTube.

      • Diane


        You are so right!

        Sarah, it is not about the collective: it’s about the individual in America. By the way it gives you the right to say what you just said. Try that in the opposite in a Marxist Nation, Just go try it.

    • Mike Hurder

      Sarah…what a complet load of crap that was.
      “Housing, health and education are UNIVERSAL RIGHTS” WHAT? What planet do you live on dear?
      Oh wait I get it. You’re one of those lesser beings who needs government to wipe your butt for you too right?
      By your ideals we should embrace those 20 million or so illegal immigrants and give them everything for free too. Oh wait, that term “illegal immigrants” is politically incorrenct isn’t it? I should have said “Illegal Democrats” shouldn’t I have?

      lol…here’s you sign sarah. wear it proudly ’cause it’s all the change you got baby.

  • Brenda 60

    Jon Voight spoke elequently and I thank him for reminding us of how great America is. God Bless you Jon,this American is proud to stand by our American Principals and will fight to keep America a Democratic Republic. You are an American Citized like the rest of us and therefore have the right and the opportunity to speak for those of us who cannot and who remembers America before 1965. Yes, we had some rough times to overcome, however, our families were strong. We were a Patriotic, God Fearing, America. We were good old Apple pie, John Wayne and no vile language, violence, or sex in our movies or on t.v. Our Children respected their parents’ for the most part , our husbands’ were gentelmen, who stopped an off color joke when a woman entered the room and our women were Ladies. One wishes at times, that we could go back to the simpler days. Since we can’t, we must fight to keep our country from being overthrown and keep America from becomming something it was never meant to be. We must think of the hardships and tribulations our Forefathers’ went through to form this Nation of America. We must be strong and single minded in purpose to save the American Constitution.

  • http://google mike b.

    Ronald Reagan was the greatest president since TJefferson . Anybody that could get us out Jimmy Carter’s mess was great, and deserved all the credit he got. He could have won several more elections. He helped get rid of the evil empire without firing a shot. Anybody who dosent realize his greatness was born after he left office. We had none of this economic disaster and turmoil after he lowered taxes and got us out of Carter’s misery index. Hussein Obama is ruining everything he accomplished and is turning into a marxist, communist nation that Reagan warned us could happen with a radical agenda such as Hussein Obama. We had none of this all out government intrusion when Reagan was in office, either. As the great gipper said “government is the problem not the solution”. He lost a grand total of about 7-8 states in TWO elections. He warned us about socialize medicine in which Hussein Obama is forcing down our throat. He also said america could never be defeated by a foreign enemy but it could be defeated from within. With this radical thug regime of Hussein Obama america will be defeated from within., unless we vote this criminal congress out in nov. and the thug Hussein Obama administration out in 2012. We must do this for the future of our kids and grandkids. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  • eddie47d

    If government wasn’t all powerful then who would defend this great nation in time of war? I certainly can’t build a ship or a plane or any weapon system that could keep me or my community safe. Then again maybe we wouldn’t be so eager for conflict and the national debt would be reduced. Mike B.,Who are you trying to incite now with your thugish comments? Thanks for getting it off your chest.

    • Diane


      It is the people that have built the industrial machine and not your precious Gov’t regime. The Gov’t given the authority, by people like you can take it away though and we are experiencing that right now. Get an education eddie47d.

  • Sharan

    One would think that the first Black President would desire to set the standard so high in every area of fulfilling the office of President that the nation would be proud of our First Black President. However, this president seems determined to destroy our constitution and government for future generations. I’m ashamed that I voted for him.

    • rebecca

      People like you said, (Kennedy) You would think the first “Catholic
      Irish American, would set himself higher standard so the rest of the
      “white” people would accect him…..You pretend your not predigest.
      You look and see a “Black man”…56% of Americans see a “Man” first.
      I was researching graphs on history of national debt and got shanghied
      to this Liberty site. I am a American, true Americans pull together
      to help. You guys spue negative, bitterness, fear,…and you hide
      behind patriotisum… You only answer to problems is ‘ let me run the
      country again, I’ll do better this time, I promise!!

      • Artist in Las Vegas

        This is not about race it’s about the proven actions taken by one holding the Executive position and his appointed admin.
        First, you need a better school! Predigest is spelled Prejudice and spue is spelled spew. Also your graphs and research are most likely skewed to support a liberal point of view. I say this as I’ve observed our schools and colleges being taken over by left-thinking teachers and professors with only one agenda…to teach Anti-Americanism.

        You are taught that capitolism is baaaaad. For shame for shame anyone who crafts a living and sells a product for it’s not right. Well I have news for you. It’s the most sound system there ever was in developing and upholding social order. The one thing that has clogged up the machinery has been politicians changing laws to support their desires, actions, and devious plots.

        Once society takes away a governing agent such as the Republic we’ve built this country upon, you will soon have chaos and a dictatorship. You see we are still a Republic even though democrats steer the ship currently. A republic is a government based on laws to serve and protect. It is run by the people and held accountable. However this current administration is steering the ship into a port unfamiliar to this country. A port designed to take this republic and turn it into a democracy. A democracy is a governing agent lead by a handful where the majority of people can decide to take your home, your job, or anything else as long as they have the majority, or pretend to have the majority, ie media help to purport the lie. They turn their nose up at the law and do not want to serve nor protect anyone. A democracy tends to think of subjects as a mass not as individuals. They also secretly make laws that will keep them into office as a devious way to move onto the next phase of governing. Once a democracy is in place as a governing agent you soon after have a dictatorship governing agent. A dictatorship is a government ruled by one specific person whose sole purpose is to gain money and power over the people they govern. If you read the next section, you’ll find that this is what the Healthcare Bill was designed to do. Take a look if you truly care about your own rights, and about living in a good nation.

        James A Graham says:
        April 21, 2010 at 7:02 am
        The Truth About the Health Care Bills – Michael Connelly, Ret. Constitutional Attorney

        Well, I have done it! I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law. I was frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being discussed might be unconstitutional. What I found was far worse than what I had heard or expected.

        To begin with, much of what has been said about the law and its implications is in fact true, despite what the Democrats and the media are saying. The law does provide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession.

        The Bill will also eventually force private insurance companies out of business, and put everyone into a government run system. All decisions about personal health care will ultimately be made by federal bureaucrats, and most of them will not be health care professionals. Hospital admissions, payments to physicians, and allocations of necessary medical devices will be strictly controlled by the government.

        However, as scary as all of that is, it just scratches the surface. In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.

        The first thing to go will be the masterfully crafted balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government. The Congress will be transferring to the Obama Administration authority in a number of different areas over the lives of the American people, and the businesses they own.

        The irony is that the Congress doesn’t have any authority to legislate in most of those areas to begin with! I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate health care.

        This legislation also provides for access, by the appointees of the Obama administration, of all of your personal healthcare direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital. All of this is a protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide…

        If you decide not to have healthcare insurance, or if you have private insurance that is not deemed acceptable to the Health Choices Administrator appointed by Obama, there will be a tax imposed on you. It is called a tax instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. However, that doesn’t work because since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, it is definitely depriving someone of property without the due process of law.

        So, there are three of those pesky amendments that the far left hate so much, out the original ten in the Bill of Rights, that are effectively nullified by this law It doesn’t stop there though.

        The 9th Amendment that provides: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people;

        The 10th Amendment states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers at all in many areas that once were theirs to control.

        I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea. This is not about health care; it is about seizing power and limiting rights… Article 6 of the Constitution requires the members of both houses of Congress to “be bound by oath or affirmation to support the Constitution.” If I was a member of Congress I would not be able to vote for this legislation or anything like it, without feeling I was violating that sacred oath or affirmation. If I voted for it anyway, I would hope the American people would hold me accountable.

        For those who might doubt the nature of this threat, I suggest they consult the source, the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights. There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us.

        Michael Connelly
        Retired attorney,
        Constitutional Law Instructor
        Carrollton , Texas

        Speaks volumes when a constitutional law instructor who has read the entire Healthcare Bill can point out what is being done to this country under the cuff after it’s been passed, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi merely describes the bill as one that needs to be Passed in order for us to see it’s contents! Think about that.

  • Unionman


    Please take your millions of dollars you’ve earned in Hollywood by acting to whatever script was placed in front of you and donate it to the ultra right wing “Tea Party Movement”. Please do not profess in this letter, that you aren’t just looking out to protect your interests and those of other wealthy “republicans in Tea Party clothing”. Where were you and this movement in the irresponsible spending “Bush Years”? It amazes me what the Party of NO will do to scare, both retirees & middle class, working Americans into believing the Lies & Mistruths about President Barack Obama. GET A LIFE!
    Medical Insurance, Medical Costs,

    • Bob

      To Unionman:

      By the way where were you when the Bush years were stealing from us.Why didn’t the people like yourself form a tea party? Once again, Unionman you are late and everyone of your followers.Mr Voight, The Tea Party, We the People all like myself understand one thing.History!Why this country was found.Why it was created.Sure there are some who mess it up for the whole, but you can’t put everyone together and blame them for the same thing!Be with people who have ideas that benifit all.Obamacare does not benefit everyone.Going after those who killed our Families in 9/11 was a benefit for all the country – it sent the message that Americans were not going to allow these terrorist to get away with coming here and terrorizing us.Where’s the Kick – Ass attitude of the union when one of there’s has been harmed – or has it changed to pick on the Tea Party people who DEFEND Americans against the Tyranny of Big Government who want’s to raise taxes.Unionman you have a job and pay taxes do you enjoy paying more and more taxes and what benefit do you recieve from that?

  • RJH

    Liberals always go to “race” when they have nothing with substance to say. Jon has taken time to go to the Rally’s and has shown nothing but respect and love for this great country. He always speaks with substance, knowledge and class.

    The left wing media and their cronies try to put spin on the Tea Party, as a bunch of racists, but have no proof but to say, “there are no black people at these rally’s.” The reason a majority of black’s don’t go, is not because they are prohibited or not invited, it’s because they don’t go! It’s that simple…

    I’ve never heard anyone say, “hey all you white folks, we are holding a Rally at the Capital building this weekend, so come on down!” Has anyone else? No.., but if you are a none-thinker, lacking commonsense or are a racist, you could easily be swayed by a media that counts on you being a dummy and so far it’s been working.

    I have seen black people at rally’s and they have the same grievances. Isn’t it ironic that 40-some years after the era of M.L.K., 95% of blacks in this country, voted for someone who is taking their freedoms away again, but aren’t marching against it? Tell me why, could it be because this President is black? So, where is the true racism now…?

    Oh, and Bev of Boston, you need some History lessons… Sounds like you have been influenced by too many Liberals.

  • ED

    Jon Voight needs realize that he is, again, taking opposite sides of controversial issues against his daughter, subconsciously. I was unemployed for the first time in 2008, after a lifetime of a very successful career, felt very bitter toward Bush-Cheney, and only recently gained full time employment. Perhaps Jon is simply expressing, discontent, again, because he is unemployed.

    • Diane


      It is not about Jon’s relationship with his daughter, which by the way is not your business. He is talking about your right to say anything you want, even if you chose be so ignorant the truth.

  • carrie

    Jon Voight needs to express his wisdom on the other so called mainstream media, or lapdog media that turns a blind eye to the lies of Obama and Congress. Jon needs to push until his voice is heard on CNN …now that would be a revelation for CNN to actually air the opposing side to the radicial administration! Not likely however since it’s been infiltrated with progressives and call themselves a balanced station–what a joke. Push, push and push to get the populas’ opinions heard!

  • Teresa Chain


  • Dave

    I cannot believe how people believe the things they are saying. People form an opinion without the slightest bit of information. Calling certain presidents the best even though they sold weapons to a declared enemy of the U.S. and making underhanded deals to further their own agenda. Both dems and repubs. Let me tell you, if you think either party has your best interests in mind you are sadly mistaken, all they care about is staying in power! Avery good example is, when Obama gave his post nuke summit speech he was asked about Israel not signing the npt and refusing to open their nuke program to the rest of the world, he sidestepped the question, not answering at all, and the republicans and tea party people not coming back at him over this shows they are only concerned with power and keeping it. I notice Jon said nothing about this either. I’m sure Jon was sincere and convinced he’s doing right, however, he is sadly mistaken. one thing I must agree on from another comment, REPUBLICANS IN TEA PARTY CLOTHING! HA HA! How tea party people think they are not republicans when their speakers are republican leaders with the same old message, same answers, and nothing new to offer. World leaders know, to stay in power keep the masses in fear and they are easy to control. Keep people D I V I D E D and power is easy to maintain. Tell people the truth and power is harder to maintain cuz they might start banding together. Everyone forgets that America is powerfull because of its people. When we have a common enemy we band together and we are unstopable. Our leaders dividing the country is our real enemy. United we stand, divided we fall.

    • Diane


      You are right on many levels and then you move to the very action you portend to disdain by discrediting others whom you know nothing about,
      (TEA PARTY) people. DIVISIVE!

  • Dave

    To Thersa Chain, look up the USS Liberty. See if this information wants to make you puke more than liberal bull—-!!!!!!!!

  • Stan

    A quote from Davey Crockett seems appropriate;

    CROCKETT was then the lion of Washington. I was a great admirer of his character, and, having several friends who were intimate with him, I found no difficulty in making his acquaintance. I was fascinated with him, and he seemed to take a fancy to me.
    I was one day in the lobby of the House of Representatives when a bill was taken up appropriating money for the benefit of a widow of a distinguished naval officer. Several beautiful speeches had been made in its support—rather, as I thought, because it afforded the speakers a fine opportunity for display than from the necessity of convincing anybody, for it seemed to me that everybody favored it. The Speaker was just about to put the question when Crockett arose. Everybody expected, of course, that he was going to make one of his characteristic speeches in support of the bill. He commenced:

    We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right so to appropriate a dollar of the public money. Some eloquent appeals have been made to us upon the ground that it is a debt due the deceased. Mr. Speaker, the deceased lived long after the close of the war; he was in office to the day of his death, and I have never heard that the government was in arrears to him. This government can owe no debts but for services rendered, and at a stipulated price. If it is a debt, how much is it? Has it been audited, and the amount due ascertained? If it is a debt, this is not the place to present it for payment, or to have its merits examined. If it is a debt, we owe more than we can ever hope to pay, for we owe the widow of every soldier who fought in the War of 1812 precisely the same amount.
    There is a woman in my neighborhood, the widow of as gallant a man as ever shouldered a musket. He fell in battle. She is as good in every respect as this lady, and is as poor. She is earning her daily bread by her daily labor; but if I were to introduce a bill to appropriate five or ten thousand dollars for her benefit, I should be laughed at, and my bill would not get five votes in this House. There are thousands of widows in the country just such as the one I have spoken of, but we never hear of any of these large debts to them. Sir, this is no debt.
    The government did not owe it to the deceased when he was alive; it could not contract it after he died. I do not wish to be rude, but I must be plain. Every man in this House knows it is not a debt. We cannot, without the grossest corruption, appropriate this money as the payment of a debt. We have not the semblance of authority to appropriate it as a charity.
    Mr. Speaker, I have said we have the right to give as much of our own money as we please. I am the poorest man on this floor. I cannot vote for this bill, but I will give one week’s pay to the object, and if every member of Congress will do the same, it will amount to more than the bill asks.”

    Moral of this story: The U.S. Gov’t is NOT, and should not be, a source for charity !

    • Reaganette

      Excellent submission Stan [by Crockett]. There is no reference to charity anywhere within any of the articles of the Constitution of the United States since charity was not meant to be governed by congress. Charitable acts are meant to be solely from and by, we the people.

    • Diane


      Thanks, great material to share with others. I will do so myself. The truth is always so good to hear.

  • scott dutra

    Good Men are hard to come by and Jon is a great one!

    • The Rebel

      Scott, I agree, however Jon left out a basic fact. Barrack Hussein Obama is a “Radical Black Muslem from Chicago”, who has yet to prove his true citizenship and identity. He is a leader of the World Wide Muslem movement to bring this great Country under Islamic Rule. I say keep this Country “One Nation Under God”, not under Obama.

      • laura

        I completely agree, isn’t crazy how so many people got duped into believing in this guy.


  • mick D

    I’d just like to say that maybe

  • Rod

    You got it Rebel, It’s we the people NOT them the criminals! Obama is
    NOT a citizen of the United States of America and we will NEVER STOP
    2008!!!! These will clearly show, he is not QUALIFIED to be the President!!!!

  • Rod

    Dave you are partly right. I still believe the Republican’s can be
    fixed. The far left OBAMA, PALOSI and REID are radical socialist and are out to destroy our beautiful country. We can, with the help of GOOD American’s like the Tea Party fix the G.O.P.! If we the REAL AMERICANS join forces, we will throw these CRIMINAL’S out of Washington! The Tea Party are filled with good American’s and are
    doing a good work for all of us. The Criminal’s, The Elite Progressive’s the radical left are our enimies and will removed from
    office! Hitler failed and so will Obama, Palosi and Reid and Bill and
    Hillary Clinton. Lets all never forget to Vote! Vote! Vote!

  • RJH

    Rod, did you see where the local government in Hawaii, is rushing thru a law that will allow them to reject any requests for a copy of his birth certificate? It was shown on FNC yesterday.

    I think however, interest in this subject should be put on hold until after the Nov. elections, with hopes that Pelosi and Reid are voted out. Reason is, Pelosi would be the VP and Biden would be President. That is too scary to think about.

  • Eric

    Would it be bad if there were communists and Marxists in the Congress, Senate and White house? This is the Marxists creed according to Wikipedia. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (or needs) is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program.[1] The phrase summarizes the principles that, under a communist system, every person should contribute to society to the best of his or her ability and consume from society in proportion to his or her needs. In the Marxist view, such an arrangement will be made possible by the abundance of goods and services that a developed communist society will produce; the idea is that there will be enough to satisfy everyone’s needs.

    • Cheryl Smith-Bell

      Eric, that is the problem with you idea-logs. You do not understand that when there is no incentive to greatness, there will be none. When you take from the achievers and give their profits away to the one who refuse to work, they will refuse to continue to work. It leads to less and less, instead of more and more. It is a losing situation. History has proven it over and over. You are obviously ignorant of this country, and world history.

      God Bless you Jon! Keep it up!

    • Diane


      You could go live in communist Nation and find out, you could ask someone who has lived under such a regime or you could do some historical research into the rise and fall of communist Nations and the effect it has had on societies. Take your pick, just do not expect me to go along with any of them.

    • http://www.personalliberty.con Venus

      I wrote this reply to Seraphim’s earlier posting… it seems appropriate to repeat it here.

      “Seraphim, I hope that everyone in the country reads your post.

      “I visited Russia in 1991 about 6 months before communism fell, with a group who went there to teach business methods to a group of about 50 Russians. They are very loving people, and accepted us warmly. We travelled in a cruise ship along the Moscow and Volga rivers, holding seminars every afternoon and evening (with a wonderful interpreter). Frequently, we would stop at villages and points of interest, and visited Red Square, Lenin’s tomb, the Hermitage, St. Petersburg and many other historic and cultural sites.

      “In Red Square, my sister and I were cautioned at gun-point not to step across a line (too close to the tomb) and behind us was the beautiful golden mosque with all its towers and onion domes that was falling into disrepair.

      “At the foot of the amazing 50-ft escalator with beautifully tiled walls that brought us down to the subway was an old woman who took our tickets, but there were cigarette butts and trash everywhere.

      “Our bus took us past a building that had a line of people winding around three sides of the block… the bus driver said “The store must have shoes today”.

      “We went to the best restaurant in Moscow for dinner one evening. I don’t remember the entree, but dessert was to be chocolate sundaes. When it arrived, we got chocolate syrup drizzled in a little bowl – they had no ice cream.

      “We went to the Gumm store (Moscow’s biggest department store) and there was no merchandise on the shelves. To buy a sweater, the person behind the counter would pull one out from underneath, you could look at it but she must hold it and if you decide to take it, go to the cashier sitting up in a very high box, pay your rubles, obtain a chit to take back to the salesperson, and exchange it for your sweater.

      “The train between Gorky and St. Petersburg took 17 hours. My Mom, my sister and I had a “private” compartment with a twin-size iron bunk bed on each side leaving a 2-foot aisle in the middle. There was a dirty, lumpy mattress on each and no sheets, pillows or blankets. I stepped out into the passageway to look at the pastoral scenery and was scolded by the guard (one in each train car) “no pictures allowed” – I had my camera suspended around my neck. The lavatory was horrendous – filthy, no running water, a toilet seat over a pail with no bottom that just emptied onto the train-tracks, and no paper products. The train pulled into a station and before I could get out, I was locked in there until the train started up again!!

      “All this is in contrast to the gorgeous cathedrals, mosques and monuments (which are now mostly museums), the incredible original paintings and artwork in the Hermitage, and the glorious Summer Palace in St. Petersburg (which they are restoring, bit by bit, when money becomes available).

      “This is what 70 years of communism did to a nation of lovely, artistic, industrious people. They no longer knew how to do anything except collect “the dole” and do the menial jobs assigned to them. If a child exhibited intelligence, he/she could be chosen to be educated by the state, but the state decided what she/he should take and what profession he/she could pursue. They had no incentive to make or invent anything, or aspire to anything better, because everyone was “the same”. The citizens couldn’t even look forward to a better life in the “hereafter” because their churches and religions had been taken away from them. Only one cathedral had opened as a place of worship, and it was PACKED.

      “This is what is happening to US in the USA! We are losing all of our rights and privileges. Our freedom is gradually being legislated away and we are letting it happen. We will be reduced to the lowest common denominator in the name of equality. Instead, let’s aspire to become the HIGHEST common denominator!”

  • arielle

    Ye Gads !! Democrats !!!!!

  • Don

    Why do so many see Socialism in a government that is run essentially by former Bankers and Wall Street Financiers. Obama is no Economist, he relies for his advice on some of the staunchest Capitalists in the country. I defy anyone to name a Socialists among his, or Bush’s, Council of Economic Advisors, key Treasury Department officials, or on the Federal Reserve Board.

    So why does anyone think all these dyed-in-the-wool Capitalists are supposedly leading us down the road to Socialism? Makes no sense!

    • Diane


      Please get yourself educated on the Federal reserve, look up the it’s history then report back.

  • Dave

    Rod, Your answer shows what I’m talking about. You clearly see that both sides have problems but only the republican party can be fixed! Calling people radical socialists or whatever mud slinging only further divides our country. A man named McCarthy(ssp) used these tactics hunting down communists and ruined many innocent lives and divided our country. You say with the help of good Americans like the tea party can fix the gop but the tea party is plauged by old thinking republicans who offer nothing but negativity and do you think there are no good A mericans in any opther party? As far as our enemies, the radical left and right are not your enemies. The people who use these views into scaring you into believing they are out to get you or destroy the country are your enemies.(on both sides)I also wonder if you will sign the anti-socialism pledge since you are so dead set against socialism? No, I am not saying I’m in favor of socialism, but because of what I just asked you I know I will be labeled a socialist even though the people doing the labeling know absolutly nothing about me.

    • Diane


      Once again you rail against people whom you do not know and you insight the very division you say you hate. The words Socialist, communist, liberal, statist, radical, extremest, conservative. These are definitions of beliefs about the kinds of government systems there are and that each system would do to a society. They are not curse words and if they, when spoken cause debate such as this, it’s a good thing. It is not hate speech, no matter what the left says. If I say I believe the the socialism or communism systems are repressive systems, am I a bigot?

  • C.S. DuPont

    Thank our Dear Lord for people like Jon Voight. I think Jon will agree with me my concerns that Obama has stated his faith as a Muslim in several statements and speaks of his love for the Koran, than in a speech with in Cairo, states he is a Christian. Does he question where his allegince lies? I certainly do. With him placing Muslim’s in several of our Home Land Security positions, they are now able to control top secret security in this Nation. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what does. Jon and others like Kelsey Grammer are educated people in an industry filled with uneducated people. Bless these two men for having the courage to make a stand for the America our Founding Fathers invisioned, when others can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • Mark Are

    As I read through these responses, I realize one thing…we are a country divided, and one rapidly heading into a civil war. Those who are being stolen from against those who are doing the stealing or benefiting off of it. OH, I know, those of you benefiting don’t call the taxation theft or stealing, you don’t call the inflation theft of stealing because you can’t tell the difference from right and wrong. You think that someone owes you something and that it should be taken at gunpoint from someone who can afford it. Your thinking is twisted.

    What most of you don’t realize is that PSYCHOPATHS have been controlling this country and the world in general for thousands of years. People without conscience. People who will lie to you and me to get there way. Whether it is George Bush or Obama, they are PSYCHOPATHS. Some, such as Obama are NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHS which are the worst type.


    So keep your senses, as we descend into bloodshed and turmoil.

    For until GOVERNMENT gets back to its proper role of DEFENDING THE LIFE LIBERTY AND PROPERTY of it’s subjects, we are SCREWED.

    …government must always be limited to a negative power. It is the societal extension of the individual right of self defense. As individuals cannot use force to prevent, promote, or provide, government cannot either. Individuals have no right to force one another to do anything, even if they believe that it is in the victims’ best interests.

  • John

    FIRST sign of a Liberal —- They start calling people names when they don’t get their way, don’t have an argument, don’t know what to say, ect. They whine and call others names like they are a bunch of 3 year olds. Does anyone get emails from James Carvel? You will see what I mean. You can look through all these post to this story and you will find its always the liberals, Obama, Clinton, Kennedy, ect. supporters that are calling names here in these post. Why don’t you just grow up. If anyone actually belives Sadam DID NOT have WMD you are just plain dumb. Sadam knew he could never defeat the USA and hit his WMD to gain the sympathy of the world.

  • http://none Gene Monaghan

    Beaman, altho most of your response was good, you missed one vital point. the Tea Party mentality isnt intended to replace the Christian conservatives,The Christian influence is probably the single thing that has kept even a hint of a moral balance in our govt. Most of us are just as disgusted with what we have seen from the republicans as we are with the democrats. We dont want to be socialist/communist with the democrats. They’ll never take care of you so you can sit at home and watch tv. your being conned. We dont want to be under the control of big corporations/ lobbyists of the republicans. we want to return to a govt who represents the little guy,and who is intent on protecting our freedom, and other than that, get out of our way and stop taxing us to death, and requiring licensing and bonding of our every move till we can’t run a small business with out being wealthy enough to pay all their fees. We don’t want a govt where all the liars and fornicaters go, to practice their deceit with immunity. a republican liar isnt any more trustworthy than a democratic liar. We want to restore our countries mentality to what the founding documents called for. You’ll never take away our guns and neither will you take away our God. Your about do just what a Japanese General said during world war 2, “release a sleeping Giant” and when you do, God help you. Very little of what the federal govt is doing today has been authorized by the states or the constitution. Mr Beamen, the Christians are not the problem. our founding documents were based primarily on English common law which was based primarily on the bible. When militant radicals call themselves Christian,it doesnt mean Jesus was a militant radical. If all Christianity were to follow in His steps, the world would see a supernatural love that can’t be faked by those who walk in the flesh instead of the Spirit. Would you be inclined to wage war against someone who demonstrated love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, etc? I think not. lets dont throw the baby out with the bath water. the traits you rebel at are the same traits that Jesus came and died on a cross to remove so that the haters of the world could come to HIm and have their heart changed. I’m a veteran and believe in fighting to defend our nation but not trying to police the world. It will take the grace of God if we even have a country to defend by November. One of the greatest mistakes that people can make is to not sustain a balance of power in the house and senate that would keep either party from excesses.

  • class 222

    Hey guys, you all are too close to the picture to see it completely. Take a step back and you’ll see that there are no democrats and republicans. It makes no difference whether Bush is to blame or Obama is to blame. They are both orchestrating the music. Think about this for a second: 1) “Oh, there weren’t any WMD’s in Iraq?” 2) “Oh, we’re in a recession but we need to buy healthcare for everyone.” These kinds of clusterfux are planned, not accident. If they were accidents, then we as a nation are stupid for breaking the most important rule of all – believing what you hear and acting on it blindly. I mean, really, where do we get our info – from the media? Try opening a free discussion about Obama in the newspaper and see how far you get. They are under strict orders to avoid that topic. Try it!

  • Dave

    John, apparently you did not read these posts. Read them and you will see that you described anything but liberals. It looks like the only name calling was from the blind side. If you really believe Iraq had WMD I won’t insult you by calling you dumb, I will just say that you’re looking at the world through a blind eye. Just where do you think he hid these WMD’s. Do you believe our military is not capeable of finding them? I know our military is very capable of many things and finding weapons of mass destruction, in the years we have been there…….Anyone who doesn’t believe we are over there because of OIL is not thinking straight. Do you really believe we went there to save anyone? John, why is it the gop does not jump all over Obama for sidestepping the question of Israels nuke program? They are all in this mess together. With your insight, maybe you can tell me and the rest of the world why we demand Iran comply but not Israel. Don’t come back with Israel is not a threat, they have conducted many many FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS and I wouldn’t put it past Israel to manage to get a small nuke to a terroist organization to conduct one of these operations and pull another in to fight their battle. Before you go off the handle look up a few things, THE USS LIBERTY, THE LAVON AFFAIR,LOOK UP SAYANIM, 9-11 and the Israli connection, check out the former Israli prime minister M. Begin’s terroist activities.

    • Diane


      Do you have a car, a home, some property? If so, then maybe you can understand the desire to protect what is yours. Now if I was your neighbor and I did not have all the things and land you poses, is it my right to declare war on you and demand that you give me the portion of it that I want? If not, why not? That is what you are asking Israel to do.

  • Paul

    As of Obama’s first year as POTUS, I no longer respect, associate or even tolerate those who support him.

    He has proven himself a Marxist. Far too many of staff and supporters are self-proclaimed socialists, communists and the like.

    Therefore, when an actor, actress or common person in the street has enough insight to blow the smoke away and break the mirrors, in order to obtain the truth, I am proud to stand by them as an American.

    Supporters of this madman are sellouts to this nation. To hell with them, as they have wished upon their nation.

  • Dave

    John, read Pauls post above and then read your post.

    • Diane

      Paul is pointing out that it is what it is!

  • Shar




  • Dave

    Shar, look up Jo McCarthy.

  • C. Baumgardner

    Hey Bev: Why don’t you go crawl back into whatever narrow-minded hole you came out of. This GW bashing and racist nonsense is really getting to the point of just plain insanity.. I don’t give a fig whether Obama is red, white, yellow or blue. He’s just a meglo maniac with delusions of ruling the world. And I believe he was picked and groomed for his role by those who have been conspiring to ruin America from the beginning… And as for Reagan? Well we’ve had worse presidents… Like Jimmy Carter for one.. And so far just what has our new president done for the economy? Do you see a lot of new jobs springing up? Or do you see hopelessness in the horizon? And about God… Well you heathens wouldn’t understand the concept.. But you will in the end. Faith is what sustains the believer and the faithless are just plain lost… Right now I pray that God has mercy on what appears to be a nation in radical denial… Oh,,, and as for Mr. Voight? He sounds like he’s just as frustrated as we are…

  • Mr JJ

    what happened to ” we the people of the people for the people” , I apologize if I quoted that wrong but aren’t our elected officials supposed to represent the majority? I as a small business owner I don”t fell represented. B.O raises my costs, hurts my clients, and has put most small businesses near me out of business. Unions took away my son’s health care, and now I must choose who to lay off so I can provide health insurance to other employees. Yet when we go grocery shopping in my 1992 chevy the folks on “assistance” are eating better than us, We can not exist as a New World Order, We can return to prosperity as Americans.

  • http://aol coleman


  • Pat Jordan

    Thank you, Jon Voigt, for your on-target assessment of Obama’s intentions and where they will take our beloved country. You spoke volumes in your short letter, and you spoke well for many other Americans. How I applaud your public stand and perfect understanding of the present administration’s agenda. Thank you for all you do to enlighten us.
    Pat Jordan (a grandmother of six who wants our beloved land preserved for them as it was for me)

  • Charlie

    To Bev of Boston, MA. Guess being from Boston explains your ignorance on this topic. Get out in the real world and hear from real people about the real problems and real solutions….real soon.

  • Bob

    To: Bev and all the rest of the misinformed – How can you just blame Bush or Cheney? they are but 2 amongst 545 congressmen/women & senators are they not included in your blame.The democrats took over the houses in 2006, 2 years before Bush & Cheney left office.Plenty of time to place are country in ruin for Obama to come in and use the same excuse “it is George Bush Fault”,”I was left with this mess from the former administration”.Bush plays by the rules,but not Obama and the Democrats.They are going to force everything on us whether we like it or not.Is that Freedom? If you enjoy the Government telling you what to do – good for you – but I and many many many millions of Americans DO NOT! Why Change what is already in place.Stop trying to change our speech, trying to take our guns,trying to get rid of God.Why dont you and all your leaders just go to a socialistic country where it is already set up for you and you don’t have to change a thing.Start living in Iran,or Venazuela.

  • Bob

    To: Unionman,

    Do you have a name or do you just hide behind ooh “UNIONMAN”? Are not actors in a union? I’ve been in plenty of unions who basically do nothing for you. Infact the last 3 unions that I was a member of have all stolen from our Pension Funds. So I and thousands of members pay monthly dues and extra money into our pensions so after working hard all are lives we can retire on more than the lame social security. Unionman,do you see the connection with the unions backing obama’s administration,take from the money makers and give it to lazy,non-productive B.A.’s and President’s.Does anyone see a familar theme here.I work hard to give it all away to some one else – Boy oh boy unionman I’m glad the union takes care of you – for me no thanks!

  • Denis

    Does anyone believe this actor Jon Voight has extra-ordinary wisdom and insight as the commentator stated in his preamble to the reading of his letter. As I listened to Voight’s read his incoherent rambling nonsense letter that he must have believed contained elegant prose I believe there is no hope for America. Not with idiots like this guy given a platform to preach his way for America. But I am an outsider looking in. I see America as divided today as it was in the years prior to the civil war between North and South which begs the question, “Will America have another civil war?” With the proliferation of weapons, the growing division between LEFT and RIGHT, it’s just a matter of time. When you say a prayer ‘God bless America’ maybe it should be changed to ‘God help America’ because no one else can.

    • Reaganette

      Denis – Mr. Voight doesn’t have extra-ordinary wisdom or insight. He’s just voicing his opinion, and that’s his right to do as an American. You may not like what he has to say, but that’s your choice. To call him an idiot because you disagree with his views only makes YOU look like one.

      And as long as you think of yourself as an “outsider looking in” you will continue to feel that way. Why don’t you get involved and find out what’s really going on? Find out WHY the large Tea Party crowds feel the way they do, and stop the finger pointing and name calling. There IS hope for America – get involved and help make this country a better place for us all. THAT is what Mr. Voight is trying to do.

  • mommaz

    Jon Voicht YOU ROCK!

  • AzLassie

    I was watching the night he read this and thot “wow” there is someone in hollywood that gets it. I am glad someone of his stature is willing to step up and call BO to the carpet on what he is really doing. thank you Mr. Voight

  • alexandra

    There is a lot of insults and wasted energy happening here that does not serve us as Americans who love out country and care about what is transpiring in our capital these days.

    Fortunately our First Amendment rights are still intact and we can vent and insult all we want to. Let us be grateful for that.

    Having said that, let us move on to realize the purpose of Jon Voights message is his love for his country-our country. We should pay attention regardless of his acting and lack of fatherly skills. We should pay attention because he put himself at risk to say something important to all Americans. We need to pay attention to what is happening in our country. It has been going on for a very long time but it has been stepped up massively in the last few elections since Reagan went out of office so it is not just Pres. Obama but it does include him and the power he has to influence people who are undereducated and possibly homeless.
    Wake up America. Something is going on!!!

  • Dave

    John & Rod, No Response?

  • John Blair

    John Voight is dead spot on target. Obama and his extremely liberal administration are quickly dismantling the American free enterprise system, that made us the greatest power, economically and militarily, in the world. It created vast wealth, not just for the rich, but fot all Americans in all walks of life. Obama’s failure to realize what Voight said is the absolute truth is soimething we all do at our great eril. Obama has taken over GM and retains 60% thereof, even after they have paid back all their debt with interest, 5 years ahead of schedule. Why? Obama is disarming America’s nuclear umbrella which kept all of us safe from attack by foriegn goverments for 65 years, why is he making us less safe? Obama will not give back the government’s controlling interest in GM, why?. Obamacare will be an economic and medical disaster, as you cannot add 30,000,000 people to health care, many of who are unemployed, on welfare and are so deliberately, to take adantage of the welfare state the dems are creating and have been keeping going for decades. Those who work for a living are being punished with higher taxes, proposed taxes, (VAT) and his administrations’s attempt to demonize gun owners and the wealthy is a dangerous, dangerous precedent to set. The right to keep and bear arms is our constitutional right! Also,the lamestream media hammer away at the “filthy rich” not even realizing they are punishing themseves, as ultimately they make enough money to be in “filthy” rich category, themselves! Their fawning over Obama and the lamestream media’s failure, inability or unwillingness to report the real news, as it is, rather than their giving Obama a pass on his many broken promises, such as an “open and transparent” goverment, the obamacare debate being on CNN, etc, etc, all this shows them to be lying, deceiving idiots. Our curren administration is made up of communists, socialists, czars who answer to no one but BHO, and utter dolts! Wake up, American, your freedoms are eroding like a riverbank in a flood, as Obama seeks to take your arms, federalize companies & banks and even Hugo Chaves said Obama was to the left of himself and Castro! Does that not give you pause? does tha not maek you think? It certainly does me. Wake up, America, we are being forced into becoming a socialist state. The Tea party’s are correct, we have far, far too much government and need far, far less. Once you have a socialist state, you will loathe it, Once our cherished freedoms are gone, they are gone forever. Wake up, for your country’s sake, for your sake, your childrens and grandchidren’s sake, we are in too much debt, the fed keeps spedning and we cannot sustain it, so vote out the dems in congress in 2010, and lets rid ourselves of “the anointed one” in 2012, or we will surely lose our country as we know it.

  • Dave

    John Blair, You’re rambling. Will you sign the anti-socialism pledge? You need to see that it is both sides that are tearing appart this country. I know you don’t believe it but de-regulation has caused most of the troubles today. All of us are for smaller government but if you don’t have watchdogs everyone will take advantage as we have seen with some of our bigger banks. When you appoint a total of 24 people to watch the biggest banks they can run rampent and apparently with no fear of prosecution. We all need to wake up and see that our leaders only have their own agenda in mind and could care less what or how we feel. John, maybe you can tell me why the GOP did not and has not gotten all over Obama for sidestepping the Israli question at the post nuke summit.

  • http://none Jeff

    Dear Baf,

    I think the reason that the administration thought that Iraq had chemical weopons is because the U.S. sold them to him. Bush was also offered Bin Laden by the Taliban. They wanted a fair trial possibly in a muslim nation and the U.S. was not interested in that. The CIA was about 2 weeks behind Bin Laden and asked for backup to catch up and capture him and instead of throwing everything they had at him Bush and his government decided to invade Iraq.
    Bush may not have violated constitutional law but he violated international law. He attacked another country with no evidence or real reason to do so. In fact there was a long list of countries that were more dangerous to the U.S at the time.
    The CIA was asked to do an intelligence report after they wanted to attack Iraq because they had nothing on the country at that time. The main intelligence used to attack Iraq was obtained by people under Cheney and the CIA was feeling out of the loop and almost had to come up with something so Cheney would let them back on the playing field. When they went to Bush with their evidence to attack Iraq, Bush supposedly said, “Is that all we got?”. Condaleesa Rice may have missed an opportunity to stop the mess because she may not have been there to advise Bush not to go to war.
    Clinton handed Bush a 150 billion dollar surplus and Bush exited leav ng a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. There was a ticking time bomb however since Clinton repealed Glass-Steagal, the banks were allowed to marry risky investment banks to commercial banks. This allowed them to rape americans and not Obama. Obama was fighting for all of you. It is the standard practice of medical insurance agencies to look for any conceivable reason to deny coverage once a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. They also target many other diagnoses and use excuses that have no legal justification to cancel your insurance.
    Muslim people did not declare war on you. It was a handful of people that attacked america and they should be held responsible. But the indescriminate killings of many due to wars, poverty, ignorance, corporate greed and interference in countries politics by assassinations and bribery have also caused these events to unfold.
    By becoming elected Obama turned outrage and hatred for american foreign policy into hope that they could work to improve the lives of so many.
    The biggest threat to america right now is the corporations that get their people elected and then go right back to be CEO’s when their terms are done. America is not run by Barack Obama. It is run by Goldman Sachs, Haliburton, and military companies among many others. What america does and does not do is consistent with their agendas to make as much money as possible. I can’t believe the supreme court allowed corporations to give unlimited amounts to election candidates and parties. I have been wrong many times and I invite constructive criticism of my arguments.
    America needs to work together. The truth is usually not all democratic and not all republican. The truth is somewhere in between and compromise is probably the only way to move forward and improve all our lives.

  • Dave


    • Diane

      OK Dave, I will try and explain it to you. It’s is the stuff of Biblical proportions. Iraq had and did use WMD’s, just ask the peoples that were attacked with poison gases and chemical warfare. They were just resisters to his regime. He aided and abetted terrorist. Thats enough about him. On to Iran, who’s leaders have sworn death to their enemies, Israel and the U.S. They hate Israel and are intent on destroying them. They hate America because we have supported Israel sense they were given the right to Statehood, Check out the history of Israel and you must start with the Bible to get the truth. The day that the U.S. turns it’s back on Israels right to defend itself from their sworn enemy, is the day this Nation will have completely turned it’ts back on God While they say peace and safety and prosperity for all. This will be a false peace, it is designed to sway the masses into turning against the true God. It is happening before your eyes. Power and control of the masses, that the masses will worship the creation rather than the Creator is the Goal. When man becomes their own gods, the end of it is close. Enough said to you on that Dave.

  • Jack

    Bev you are so full of “hate” which is typical of today’s liberal…your hate, like a cancer, has spread throughout your body, and I am sad for you. Your brain-washed mentality shows your ignorance of facts, and has exposed your vulnerability to believe, without doing your own research, what is really happening to our country which is trying to maintain greatness despite a dictator with unmatched arrogance and again I am sad for you…

  • Dave

    Jack, Bev might be full of hate but you are full of you know what. If you want to see HATE watch the healthcare summit and LOOK at the republicans. You can actually see the HATE in their eyes!!!! You are the one who needs to do some research! You are probably one of the people who STILL believe sadam had wmd’s. If you are going to talk about years ago when he gassed his own people, don’t forget he got that gas from the US. If you are so full of FACTS answer the question of why we are demanding Iran open its nuke progrram and sign the NPT when we are not demanding the same from Israel??????? Why are the republicans not all over Obama for side-stepping this question??? When I said you were full of you know what, I meant a pile of mistaken ideas. What did you think I meant????

  • American liberal

    These rightys have lied to eachother so much they’ve even convinced eachother that Bush didn’t destroy this country…these rightwingers are vermin…

    • Lynn

      And where did you go to school for the dumming down?

  • Peggy

    Mr. Voight – Thank you for being a voice for the conservative people who love America – just as she was – before Barack Obama began trying to destroy her with his lies and his manipulation and his taking over everything in his pathway. He is not my President. I am praying for more Tea Parties, for more sane leadership, for more people willing to call Mr. Obama what he truly is — a socialist trying to destroy our country. God bless you Jon Voight for your strength and your voice. You speak for me and many others.


  • Joe Roberts

    Drop the Bush and Obama crap, that is only a way to seperate us all, I agree Obama is up to something and it dosen’t look good for us all. Remove all term Poloticians rather they are Liberal or conservatives.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Global Mamma

    America was designed as a Constitutional REPUBLIC. Anyone and everyone, who hates this form of government should LEAVE THIS NATION IMMEDIATELY, go live in a socialist, marxist or whatever type country they like, but leave US alone. If THEY would just do that, this Nation could be run the way it was DESIGNED to be governed.

  • Dave

    This is typical of the right. I have asked any of you to tell us why the republicans are not jumping all over Obama for side-stepping the question of Israels nuke program. A question or anything that doesn’t go with your beliefs you ignor.You all shouold start a new party, THE SEPARATION PARTY! Keep our country divided and the idiots we have in charge will stay in charge. When you are constantly lied to, how can you turn around and believe the same old same old. The wolves are yelling wolf! Look out! I don’t remember where I saw these quotes.. Beware of the tyrant who comes to you in the guise of a liberator! Men never commit EVIL so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions. Religion and government will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together. When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carring the cross.Philosophy is questions that may never be answered, Religion is answers that may never be questioned. The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. You know your god is manmade when he hates all the same people you do. I distrust those people who know so well what god wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Global Mamma

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m a Centrist. I haven’t been “right” since the debacle in Afganistan. Since it appears that this subject will keep coming up, I will do you a favor and answer your world-shattering question. The truth that’s been kept from you is that Obama is a right-wing radical on this issue. He never had any intention of disarming Israel’s nukes. Besides the obvious fact that they don’t have enough weapons to worry about; they act as our first line of defense in the event that any Arab country acquires weapons of mass destruction. This is why we gave them nukes in the first place. The fact that their God spells His name with a “J” instead of an “A” is immaterial. We favor Israel because they are democratic whereas Iran prides themselves on despotism.

    P.S. I think your dark liberator quote is from Plato.

  • Dave

    Global Mamma, You missed the boat and you’re drowning. The question is ” WHY IS THERE NO REPUBLICANS JUMPING ALL OVER OBAMA FOR SIDESTEPPING THE QUESTION.” Do you believe the republicans plan to disarm Israel? How do you know they don’t have enough nuke weapons to worry about. Aparently you have managed to do something our government has been requesting of Israel for many years, how did you get access to their arms? The US guesses they have 200 to 300 nuke weapons. Please get our government straight and tell them exactly what Israel has. I was not saying anything good about Obama I want people to see that both parties only have their own interests in mind and could care less about you and me. That is why they dont question him about side stepping the question, they will sidestep it also. They are our first line of defence, call the survivors of the USS LIBERTY and see if they agree! We are ready to sanction or even strike Iran for the SAME EXACT THING ISRAEL IS DOING.

    • Diane


      That is your job, he is a Democratic President.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Global Mamma

    Dave, listen closely, I’m going to use small words this time: you weren’t saying anything good about Obama, but I was, you shouldn’t be so hard on the poor guy just because he is black. Our President’s stance on Israel is to let the chips fall where they may; the Republicans know this is a good call. Waiting for the Neo-cons to jump on this is like signing up for the annual Peta hogroast.

  • Dave

    Global Mamma, You still misssed the boat. Use small words! I wasn’t saying anything bad about Obama. Where in the h— did you get that? You completly missed that I was pointing out that neither side wants to comment on Israel. You are clueless on where the president stands on Israel! Let the chips fall where they may, where in the world did you get this? Did you look up the USS LIBERTY? I doubt it. You still didn’t tell us exactly what Israel has! You said ” they dont have enough weapons to worry about.” Where did you get this from? I have news for you, no matter jhow long you look at print, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO HEAR IT! Listen closely, come on! Now you LISTEN closely. The Isralis think you are an idiot. Not me, them. Don’t believe me, ask them and they will tell you. Tell them Jesus is the son of God and see what they tell you! If they could get rid of the muslim nation, christians would be next on their list. If it hqad not been for the zionist movement and the creation of the nation of Israel we probably would not have enemies in the middle east. One thing, if you have NO idea what someone’s stance on something is, do not put words in their mouth, let the chips fall where they may. That is about the (I don’t want to say it but) DUMBEST thing anyone has written in these posts.

  • Roy

    Thanks Jon, Obama is not a statesman, he is a mouth for those who paid for his training. I think his controller tells him what to say. Axelrod.
    The whole group is furthering the aims of the Devil who wants a one world government so he can destroy the true Christian church. But American’s people have gone against he principles God set up, and are punishing themselves. We are slaves to those who control the money, because we were not vigilant. Obama is not a statesman, and I wonder if he can even think for himself. He is working for central control, which never has worked worth a damn in all of history. But he is such a stupid narcissist he is easily manipulated to work for it anyway. I say arrest him for treason of his oath. And Bush the same. Put somebody like Hucklebee or Ron Paul in there and give them a shot to restore the country. But I don’t think it will work unless the people repent of shedding innocent blood, repent of abominations against God, and honor him for who He is, the Almighty Creator of the Universe. We need to become his warriors and live the exciting life of fighting against principalities and powers in high places.

    • Diane


  • independent

    If you have a daughter, is her name Carrie? Did she go to the school gym and freak out because she thought her breast were “dirty pillows”?
    God is Love not hate. God is Good not bad.

  • Stanley Anderson

    Just because a man that is of a different race and the color of his skin.He has to be a socialist,give me a break this country of ours has been going down hill for a very long time,all you have to do is open up your eyes and see and stop blaming what is going on in this country on one ma who happens to be the first black Preident f the United States.The real problem is that people are afraid of change. Instead of pulling the country together, It is slowing being pulled apart.Let be real one man is going to change the whole country and the world,When Senator Obama became President Obama the true facts came out of the people that are running these tea parties against the President and his administration.people are calling the President a liar,in my opinion all politicians are liars.This is why things can’t get done in government becasue the people are afraid.Maybe if we would all come together as a peole instead of race against race we can d alot and still be the ost powerful and respected nation in the world.The world looks at this country for leadership ad if it sees that the people can’t or won’t stand beind it’s President than the whole nation is will loose it’s respect to the world.When are we going to learn that a country that is divided against itself can not stand.It’s too much racial divide in this country and it has been for for many years.God Bless you, And God Blessthe United States Of America.

    • Fred Donahy

      Stanley Anderson – it appears you have forgotten that he is 1/2 WHITE! It is not about race, it is about his selling our great country and freedoms down the river. We are a great country that have aided countries worldwide, yet he apologizes for America. Even your own Dan Rather said he is articulate but could not sell a watermelon. That was just a saying, yet he got hammered for wrong choice of fruit. We still live in a free country and should be able to say what we want without being threatened. We the people are no longer being represented. Washington does what it wants. Wake up, he is 1/2 WHITE. He is the one dividing us it is not us dividing us. We are speaking out to hold onto our freedoms that he readily dismisses.

      • drewp

        The problem is about race and it is about America being able to admit that we as Americans are not perfect. America has exploited their own people to profit for themselves. The peolple who really work hard in America are the familys were both parents work a full time job and still can’t make ends meet. So quit telling me about how pampered Americans have worked so hard for many years!!!

      • tgrady

        which freedoms have you lose, please let me know

  • Dave

    Roy, Read the quotes at the end of my post Apr. 27, 8:30am

  • gaetano

    I gave up trying to convince leftwingdemocrats about obama.I hope they suffer all that they have coming to them for not trying to grasp the truth. Let them soak in their own vommit.I for one will never feel sorry for them again. By the way, Mr.J.V., you are correct in what you say.We are all with you!

  • http://MYACTATBLOG Earl Trotter

    Jon Voight, you are an actor. Who wrote the script for your letter that you read
    on FOX. You could not have, because you have your head in a very dark
    corner. It is simply amazing that you can not see the forest for the trees!

  • eddie47d

    Jon Voight says the left is not educated and capitalism is the truth. Capitalism has failed America many times and need to be called out on it. Corporate excess (kind of like Hollywood excess)is not in our Constitution yet many endorse what they do. Just like there are government excesses that need to be called out on. Love of country has nothing to do with being forced to accept capitalistic price goughing. This is especially true when the cost of a product goes up and they are busy passing out bonuses. The consumer doesn’t like to be abused and that is not my kind of trickle down. The Tea Party can be a positive force for change but it seems so one sided.

  • Dave

    John, Joe, Global Mamma, Roy, Jack, & Shar NO REPLY?

  • drewp

    Obama is not hurting this country any more than are previous Presidents. Capitalism is adored by the wealthy and feared by the poor. It is not ok to profit on other Americans misfortune. Also I could never attend a tea party becuase I have to work everyday and can’t afford to take time off work!!!

  • Michelle

    Thank you for the truth. The actor Voight, is ill informed. Someone told him these things and he believes them and is passing on his misinformation to people who do not do any research. We as American people listen to the lies of the media and Hollywood too much. By the way, it was “White” people who put Obama in office. I feel that we as a nation forget the past. I don’t blame Obama for any of the economic problems we are facing as a nation. Bush and his daddy Bush put us here. The Bush’s both put this nation at risk. They put plenty of oil money in their pockets, at the expense of many American Troops lives. They killed our babies in THEIR war. G.W. Bush was just finishing the work of his father, and that is why we went to Iraq. The whole 911 attack was set up by the Bush administration, so that Bush could justify his war, all for the sake of controlling oil rich territory. Just Google “Loose Change” and 911, you’ll see it there, unless the government has removed it. Don’t blame Obama for anything but trying to help the less advantaged American people. Obama won’t be making the rich richer, I guess you could say that, is his crime. He’ll be blamed for helping the poor. Is that wrong? Is he wrong for helping people get health insurance? Is he wrong for helping people stay in their homes? Bush tried to get every hard working American out of their jobs and out of their homes, and he almost succeeded. Bush is part of the Illuminati, do a Google search on him, you’d be surprised at what you will find. Obama is doing a very good job as President, and I hope and pray he will get another term in office, hopefully he can clean up the carnage that the previous President left behind. (I’m sure my comment will be removed before it gets posted). So much for Public opinion.

  • Mr. TAS

    I’m reading these comments and shaking my head at the ignorance and gullible naivete of the propagandized masses of this country!!! The shallowness of thought, the inability to read between the lines, the slurping and swallowing of the ridiculous lies-hook, line, and sinker that is being spoon fed to the mental babies of this country by the media giants who are owned by the same people who own the world banking system, who want nothing less than total control over every human being on this planet through modern day slavery which is known to the world as debt!!!. It is no wonder that a Christian-hating, America-hating, Constitution of the United States of America-HATING, socialist, Muslim was able to mesmerize the ignorant masses of these United States with his silver tongue, brown skin, and blatant disregard for the regulations and laws governing disclosure and citizenship. He placed his hand on a Bible (which he loathes, he reveres the Koran) and swore an oath (obviously with his fingers crossed so it wouldn’t count) to uphold and defend a Constitution which he despises obviously as he dismantles it piece by piece to be replaced with the Patriot Act (thanks to the elaborate facade of terrorism concocted by the Bush family) and a modern day Marxist socialism disguised in a costume of corporate bailouts (on the taxpayers backs), government takeover of the privately run, capitalist fueled healthcare system, government bailout and takeover of privately owned automobile industries, Wall street stock markets regulation, attempts at regulating and censoring the Internet, printing trillions of worthless paper currency undermining the value of our dollar, doing nothing to defend the borders of our sovereign nation and pushing for amnesty for those who have broken our laws and disregarded the rules that govern the way that this country shares its blessings with outsiders. Obama is not the only culprit picking and chipping away at the foundation of the greatest nation on earth but he is the current one. He is the most blatant, arrogant, condescending, deceitful, subliminal, American flag hating, Constitution-hating, anti-capitalist that has ever been the Commander-in-Chief. Obama hates the liberties that allowed him to pursue his path to the highest position on this planet, but he loves the ignorance of the shallow masses that these liberties have spawned with the open arms to all mentality that the wonderful freedom of our loving democracy allows, including the enemies of such liberty. We have taken for granted the blessings bestowed on this Christian nation, and allowed ourselves to become lazy, lethargic, and distracted by meaningless nonsense provided by the media, technology, video games, and the sensationalism of celebrity, and an unquenched thirst for violence. All the while, the less fortunate nations filled with the covetous enemies of our endless freedoms sat watching, studying, planning…patiently waiting. Subtly infiltrating our liberties with ideologies that rob the precious freedoms we value, all the while stockpiling their anti-liberties arsenal by reproducing these hatreds in positions of power and changing the rules that serve and protect our rights to have the freedoms we enjoy. Lusting after greed, abhorring God, worshiping the flesh, deifying human intellect, becoming apathetic, lazy, careless…allowing the enemy to burrow in and rise up and take POWER. We’ve lost focus, got our priorities all mixed up, and allowed the enemy of our way of life to infiltrate our command center. That enemy is trying to download a horrific virus onto our hard drive. It is disguised as help for the poor, spreading the wealth, putting a foot down on rich corporations, etc. But just as a worm program carrying a virus will fubar your hard drive and trash your memories and files into oblivion, so will expanding government devour the freedoms, the liberties, the blessings bestowed on this “Nation under God”. Obama is leading the way down the path that was paved before he arrived. He is the vessel being used at this time, W. Bush before him, Clinton, Bush Sr. They are the puppets, the face of the powers that rule behind closed doors in secret chambers. Wake Up America!!! Turn off your TVs and IPods, put down those gossip and fashion magazines! Go to the libraries, read history books, non-fiction, biographies, search the internet for terms and events, like the 911 scandal which opened the door for terrorism to adopt the Patriot Act to supersede the Constitution of the United States!!! Don’t worry about sports statistics, worry about America’s statistics from the inside out. China will soon own the United States. Everybody around the world knows more about the fall of America than Americans do!!! This should not be…

    • tgrady


      You make a lot of statements without nothing to back them up, prove Obama is a muslins(remeber the republician made a big deal about him attending rev Wright christian chruch)he attending a christian chruch on sunday I never seen anything that says he loathes the bible( put up your proof not just your opinion). corporate bailout was done under george bush, it must really hurt you to see GM pay back their loan. a government take of the healthcare industries( who will be sellig the healthcare policies to the public oh yea private insurance company. I have done lots of research and can’t find anywhere that he is a maxist or that he hates america. as far as the illegals who came looking for work because they do have a corpruct goverment.yes they are pushing for amnesty(wait this has been done before by who Ronald Reagan) why not really attack the proble pass a law that would fine any employer caught with a illegal worker $50,000 that would include people who hire gardners, housekeeper and maids
      let them feel the pinch too. unemplooyment looks like it has leveled off, manufacturers have started producig moreand hiring people again. heaven help us that we might even recover from this. also I don’t know what your income is but if you look at your paycheck you will see that ther are less taxes beening taken out since Obama has signed his bill, but that does count for you

    • Diane

      Well said, Amen

    • BHR

      Well said ….



    • tgrady

      jon voight speak of the hard working people of america, want exactly has he worked hard at. he is a eliteist who you on the right complain so much about , people who make their money from things other people do. i guess his acting career has slowed down so he needs press. do you really think he has any idea what it is like to work for a paycheck.

  • Dave

    Nancy, This post is about/for Jon Voight. Naturally there will be more comments in favor. What you have to read into them is which ones make sence and which ones are just rhetoric and lies. It’s real easy to cut someone down when you don’t have to back up your statements. Unfortunatly this goes on from both sides! I think if you knew jon”s underlying reasons you would not support him TOTALLY.

  • Tuner

    We need to forget about whether they are Democrat or Republican, the majority of them are crooks no matter what party. Bush gave us the Patriot Act which was anything but patriotic & Obama jammed his Hospitalization Plan down our throats knowing that the people didn’t want it. So what party they come from makes no difference anymore. The wealthy choose which goons they want in office then fork out the money to to get them there. It’s time we start choosing, and I believe that will mean no longer voting Democratic or Republican, they both tend to be corrupt. We also need to put limits on their office terms. Two four year terms max, and pull that golden retirement & hospitalization plan they’ve sent themselves up with. They should have exactly what we have and no more. Remember, of the people by the people and for the people, they are our servants.

    • tgrady

      do really think people wopuld have supported the patroit act if 9/11 had not happened, warrentless wiretaping not on just terrorist but some chruches to in fact i believe a chruch was investigated by the IRS, beause the Pastor came out against the war and critized Presidnt Bush

  • Jake

    May God Bless Jon Voight for his courage to speak out against this Marxist, Communist Obama. He is not my President. His dispicable actions against this country will not go unpunished by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    May Psalm 109 verses 1-31 become the destiny of this wicked, evil man Barack Husien Obama. The sooner, the better!

  • Dave

    Jake, You sound like a jailhouse bible thumper! I doubt you know the meaning of marxist or communist! Are you casting the first stone? If he’s not your president as people say ” go somewhere else” see how you like it. You have probably never been out of the country, never served in the military, and probably live with your parents.

  • Terry

    Many of you are right on many points. What has not been discussed is the progressive movement. When you understand that the progressive movement has taken control of the democrats and republicans then you understand why there is not much difference in the parties. That explains why Bush was a big spender and government control freak. Obama is carrying on like Bush except he has accelerated the big government control that Bush was pushing too. This has been going on by both parties for about 100 years. Government run health care has nothing to do with helping people. It has to do with more government control of our country. That is the progressive way. President Clinton found a law that Jimmy Carter helped to pass. This law was used by Clinton to get Fannie & Freddie to lower lending standards. It was also used to get commercial banks to lower their lending standards too. Now all these sub prime loans were caused by actions of the government. Now of course the government wants to end capitalism and the free market because they claim it does not work. This is the typical government created mess so the government can get more control. Even Bush in 2004 tried to put the brakes on those out of control lending practices and he was ignored. That is probably one of the few if any things he did that was good. So you see I am a conservative, but I do not like Bush. In fact I suggested to my representatives that Bush should be impeached.
    We have not a true free market since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The capitalist system is controlled by the government. If we had a true free capitalist market all those banks would have been out of business along with GM and other company that could not survive.
    So do not kill the goose that laid the golden egg.
    I urge everyone to read this book: Meltdown by Thomas E. Woods Jr. They you will have a better understand of what is going on behind the scenes.

    • tgrady

      the real problem was started when ronald reagan who started to de-regulating the banking industry

  • ThinkAgain

    Jon Voight – very grateful to you for how you are loving your fellow Americans and how you are loving our country, Constitution and those gorgeous brilliant Founding Fathers. It’s Americans like you who courageously step up to remind us who we are, and identify the dangers and enemies we face. You show us the truth of Freedom of Speech and how it belongs to each and every one of us. May your American Spirit live in our country forever. God Bless you, Jon.

  • cody mills

    I did’nt know there where celebrities with good political ideas.jk good job jon.

  • Rich

    Wow, again many ignorant and only political comments stating how others are ‘stupid’ and what not. Obama is a socialist, is that a bad thing, in a word nope. Do I want to live in a socialist country, in a word, nope. Our country was founded on self sufficiency with very little government intervention, as time has gone on we have become the opposite of what we were intended to be.

    Go read your bible is another famous quote in many threads, well I do and Jesus stated ‘give a man a fish, feed him for a day. teach a man to fish, feed him for life.’ To me that is pretty self evident and really should not need to be explained. There are many many things stated in the bible, but that is one of my favorite quotes when people try to tell me it is the governments job, well no it isn’t it is our job to take care of those around us, not for us to push that onto someone else. Why, so they can take that power we have so ignorantly given them and abuse it? I will rip apart Mr. Bush, during his administration a great tragedy happened and we allowed our government to strip more of our rights away all in the name of protection. We have not had a president since Regan that tried to make the interference in our lives less, and I was a kid when he was around so honestly can’t say much more then what little I do remember and what I read about him.

    All this bickering is what they, the progressive {insert party name here} want us to do in order to back door more legislation taking away our rights and destroying our nation, brick by brick rebuilding it into something unrecognizable, or perhaps they will just default and give all the land the fed owns to China. I don’t know, nor will pretend to know. What I do know is that Obama is not the first progressive president, he has done nothing he did not state he would try to do while running for office.

    So go ahead call names, and bicker like little children so they can succeed in what they are trying to do.

    To Mr. Voight though your opinion carries as much weight as Micky Mouse’s due to you are an actor, in this and many other things I have heard you say I agree with you. Honestly my opinion counts for even less, because I do not have the opportunities to go on television to talk about them.

  • Karen Sullivan

    Bev is right on.

    The only thing I would add is that Bush and his cohorts removed financial regulations put in place after the 1929 Wall Street crash to forestall future crashes.

    And the removal of those regulations caused the 2007 to present financial crisis: horrible unemployment, bankruptcies, etc. Obama is making great progress on turning this fiasco around.

    Thank goodness Bush is still not in office. The man who, upon learning of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, took no action for many minutes, sitting in a classroom reading to school children. Actually, we have been led to believe that Bush first heard of the attack while in the classroom. This website suggests otherwise:


    • NCPatriot


      How soon you forget that it was the Democrats held the majority in Congress the last 2 years of George Bush’s presidency and it was the Democrats that passed the bills to bail out the banks and wall street at the end of Bush’s presidency; not GWB and his administration. It is Congress that makes the laws and taxes the public not the president. How quickly we forget our civics lessons we learned in school.

  • NE Patriot

    Mr. Voights comments are not adressing the entire history of the US political system which tipped toward socialism back in the thirties with the New Deal and Social Security. He is not addressing what happened in the Bush administrations or the Clinton administration or the Reagan administration. JUST this administration! He alludes to the Marxist and Saul Allinsky methods which are what I read here in the methods that are employed by the opposition to his statements. Specifically those that employ these methods demonize others, change the subject, introduce partial statements of fact, use talking points to put others on the defensive, and try through all of these methods to reframe the arguments or discussion to the socialist agenda. Did I mention demonize others? The reason this is done is so the Marxists / Socialists never have to address the issue at hand and once pressed by others to do so will revert to personal attacks and name calling and dirt digging. SO be aware all of the tactics being employed against you and don’t take the bait. Keep on topic on mission and in the truth and watch the dogs howl with hatred.

    • NE Patriot

      More of the methods employed by the Marxist / Socialists are the redefinition of words (the definition of is), the rewriting of history (the holocaust never happened and the Jews are as bad as the Nazis)the retraining of all those under the indoctrination of public schools to not believe in the sovereignty of the nation, the state, and the individual. The tactic of causing a problem through regulation so the government can then step in to “solve the problem” The tactic of causing envy and strife between races, sexes, classes and any other group that may be somehow divided and made less strong. How many people believe we live in a Democracy? We DO NOT! We live in a Constitutional Representative Republic with three coequal branches of the government that provide a balance of power to each other and where WE THE PEOPLE trump the power of Federal Government. We use democracy as a means to elect or decide and that is all! The government only has the power that it wields because We The People allow it to have said power. The government is at the beck and RE-CALL of the people! We The People need to take that power back through peaceful means if possible by way of the vote and being much more careful about whom we select for public office. Elected officials have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of those they represent, not in their own best interests. It used to be called Statesmanship and was thought to be a much respected method of governance. Elect only statesmen (and women) to public office and yes character does matter!!!!

  • Dave

    NE Patriot, Jon voight needs to read your post and apparently needs to read up on the allinsky method he professed Obama followed and was trained in. However, when you addressed Karen above you are right, the democrats controlled congress and bailed out rthe banks but Bush administration people were in charge of regulation (still are I think) and being anti-regulation minded let the situation get as bad as it did. We can’t do away with regulation as the banking industry has proved out. As far as past presidents, you are right again. Obama hasn’t even come close to destroying this country as some past presidents, ie..selling weapons to a declared enemy of the US, underhanded deals with the Ayotola(sp), demanding investigation of attack on a U.S. ship be declared an accident, and several more examples can be found but you have to look.

    • NE Patriot

      I did not reply to Karen above as you have said. My comments are in regards to the video of Jon Voights opinion and regarding all the posts I have read here and now it includes yours. I want you to understand that you are engaging in what I describe as being the Marxist Saul Allinsky method. I am not going to address your assertions because they are false (because they are not 100% truthful). You have it part right but need to re-read my post and take it out of the context of replying to Karen. You have also attributed to me statements which I did not make and do not agree with thereby trying to re-frame the argument.

      I agree 100% with what Jon Voight is saying and I need you to re-frame the argument in the context in which it is given not some convoluted tripe about what other presidents or congress has done in the past. The blame game is not where it is at. This is about right here, right now, and what must we do to save the sovereignty of this nation, the states and the individual. WE will not be a people of liberty and freedom and free markets if we allow the government to continue regulating our businesses out of business and controlling our states borders for interstate commerce and not allow our states to protect themselves from ILLEGAL persons who do harm to our citizens. WE will not be a people of liberty and freedom and free markets if we allow the government to continue deciding which car dealerships close and which stay open based on the political beliefs of their owners or allowing the government to mandate our health care and decide who lives and who dies, regulate banks that have those very politicians in their pockets or regulate anything. The “Government” isn’t fit to regulate my garden hose water pressure. Look what they have done to regulate social security, medicare, medicaid and the welfare system all of which are bankrupt. Look at all the states that are socialist in nature including California, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts, they are all bankrupt. So you advocate more regulation?????????? WE will not be a people of liberty and freedom and free markets if we allow the government to buy out and own any sector of the private sector economy. What we need is to get rid of the federal reserve (which is not Federal) get out of the business of bailing out any concern that is failing including states, get out of the United Nations and return to the CONSTITUTION.

  • Dave

    NE Patroit, sorry I did make a mistake and read NC Patroits post about past presidents but you are D E A D wrong saying the assertions about past presidents are wrong. YOU are the one who needs to do some research. Look up the USS Liberty and tell the survivors I’m wrong! See if they agree or want to pay you a visit! You are apparently one of those people who think the past has nothing to do with what is going on today. You’ve got your head in the sand! As far as we do not need regulation, where in the world have you been?? Deregulation is what has caused this mess! You also have a very warped idea about the bailouts.They were definatly not based on the owners beliefs! You pulled that one out of you bum! You apparently aare also one of the mistaken(confused) people who still think there are death squads in the healthcare system. SHEESH! Socialism, WILL YOU SIGN THE ANTI-SOCIALISM PLEDGE? I bet not! Last question, are you Ann Coulter’s clone????

    • NE Patriot


      The argument as formulated by Jon Voight and myself have to do with what is happening right now not in the past as you continue to try to re-frame the argument. I believe the past does have something to do with what is happening right now and that others have contributed to the problem. However we are talking about right now not the past. Can you stay with me and talk about right now?

      Good you are with me right here right now. What must we do right here, right now to fix this problem??

      Regulation and the idea that a regulation has the same power as law and that government can regulate things is the problem. Laws are needed but then there must be enforcement not regulation. Regulation implies that we can decide which Chrysler dealerships can stay open and which ones will close. After all it is not a law is it? SO look up the stats on the Chrysler dealerships that were shut down and the ones allowed to stay open and the politics of the owners. You may be surprised.

      Next, Regulation implies that some will be allowed to stay in business and others won’t ie: some will be bailed out and others won’t. Some will be allowed to break the law and others won’t. Some will be allowed and others won’t based on friendships and political alliances and common goals. Don’t tell me you are naive enough to believe this doesn’t happen? So if there is a law everyone must abide by it or face the consequences and penalty. If there are regulations and Czars there is no law just regulation. So where is the equal protection under the law that we are guaranteed? There is no equal protection under regulation.

      And by the way I am not Ann Coulter’s clone but thanks for the compliment!!!

  • Dave

    NE Patroit, How did you find out the owners beliefs? Sure politics play a part in what is and isn’t given out but not to the point you are suggesting. You say here is what we need to do today to fix the problem and then you just ramble. What do we need to do TODAY to fix the problem? Did you look up the USS Liberty? You didn’t say you would or would not sign the anti-socialism pledge? If the banks had not been deregulated we would not be in the mess we are in. Deregulation let the banks work with what is called liers loans, look them up. Deregulation was supposed to make the cost of natural gas go down, WHAT HAPPENED? Regulation keeps the big dogs from running amuck and doing whatever they want. It doesn’t decide who goes and who stays in business, regulation keeps them from giving us THE BUSINESS. By the way, I didn’t mean you look like Ann as I’ve never seen you and if you are thanking me for thinking you think like her please don’t because you sound more intellegent than that. Look at her reasoning for why 9-11 happened. I should not have said that and I am sorry for I would not wish her thinking or attitude on anyone.

  • Butch

    America has abandoned Israel, America is gone nothing can be done about it , this commit will receive cheap shots, these are the ones that caused the distruction of this great country.
    The politicians, could care less about anything but staying in office, most of our politicians are failed business people, check them all out, educated idiots, how can they live with themselves after destroying the greatest country in history, you bleeding heart lliberals just watch this country as your children grow up in a third world country, may GOD, help us all.

    Butch TN.

  • Ken J.

    God grant you many years Mr.Voight. You have shown extroardinary courage in presenting the truth from an environment (Hollywood) that generally shuns the truth in favor of socialist lies. You, Charleton Heston and a few others have displayed wisdom and intellect, rare emanations from the Hollywood crowd. God bless you Jon.

  • Lee Carter

    Patriot,,,,,time for another revelution?

    • NE Patriot


      I believe we are very close to one. First it will be a revolution of words and ideas which we are witnessing in the Tea Party movement which spans all races, sexes and parties and seeks to return to the laws as written in the Constitution. Who knows what will happen if the will of the people through HONEST election and equal protection under the law is not allowed or is userped by those in power. I pray we do not have a violent revolution. I guess we will have to wait and see who flinches first.

  • Dave

    First you must weed out the business as usual, lie all you want, end justifies the means people who have infiltrated the tea party. “REPUBLICANS IN TEA PARTY CLOTHING”.

    • NE Patriot


      Do you know what a red herring is?
      a deliberate attempt to divert attention; Red herring (logical fallacy)

      The tea party is self regulating.

      It is the mantra of those with no moral or ethical compass that believe that the end justifies the means. There are rino’s and imposters and posers everywhere even socialists pretending they are not. Even the Canadians recognized this a year ago.

      Even here on this forum…

  • widsss

    It’s amusing how the typical conservative blames Hollywood for all of our problems. Then it all changes the minute an actor agrees with their views. You can’t have it both ways , are actors now a credible source of information ? Or is it just conservative actors ?
    When people criticize our increased debt it rings hollow.Where were you criticisms 7 years ago when we had absolutely no reason to invade a country that posed no threat to us? Even after the fraud was discovered you still defended the war. How is giving Iran more access to Iraq keeping us safer? Even if Saddam had weapons, that is not as dangerous as another Shiite oligarchy. Mission Accomplished !

    • Mike Hurder

      You’re right. It’s just conservative actors. The rest are a-holes who have zero contribution to the betterment of our lives.
      Spending $ to save Americans and America is a GOOD cause. Spending $ to save BofA and Acorn and Freddie and Fannie and make them all government facilities is simply socialism.

      Hello! anyone home there?

  • Mike Hurder

    I’ve seen here and elsewhere that our liberal socialist bloodsuckers are still stuck on Bush. I keep telling them that George is neither in office or running for office anymore, but they are so obsessed with him that even their hatred of Sarah Palin pales in comparison. What is wrong with these useless idiots (yes, I said “useless”. These dolts are certainly not “useful” to anyone or anything…even Lenin would have cast these fools away).
    Here’s a simple lesson for the intelligence challenged on the left:
    A) George Bush is living free in Texas and is not a public official anymore.
    B) Incase you’ve forgotten, YOU voted for the idiot who’s occupying the WH now. His name is Barack Husein Obama and he was born in Kenya.
    C) The difference between the two: George is an American leader. Obama is a foreign ruler. Which do you think ought to be revered?

  • Tommy Mac

    Much of what Mr Voight says is true. I’m disappointed that he refers to our system of government as a “democracy” when in fact it was designed to be a constitutional republic. I also don’t agree that our troops overseas are in any way shape or form fighting for “my freedom”. They are fighting in an illegal, unconstitutional and undeclared war and must be brought home immediately.

  • Bruce Brislin

    Why are you guys surprised at what BO is doing? I used to be a Rhodesian, now I am an naturalised Brit. When Mugabe took over we knew it was going to be a disaster. We had spent years trying to tell the UK government it would be chaos but they knew better. That’s why I’m here on this soggy island off the coast of France. Now look at Zimbabwe. Do you think the Brits were right?
    You guys voted BO in. You can vote him out one way or another; after all he is from a minority – and from a Muslim background. You started an experiment and the test tube blew up in your faces. Quit whinging and do something about it. We tried but we were outnumbered by about sixteen to one and had the rest of the world screaming for our blood. You guys don’t have that excuse.

  • B.K.

    Bev is brainwashed like so many of the Democrats that they cannot see the truth but only the talking points that they steal from their handlers.

  • Tennessee and Retired

    Tim, Tim, Tim.
    Nobody hates BO. Certainly not me. I was taught by my mother to never hate anyone. BUT, the facts remain, Mr. Obama has raped this country with a debt that will make George Bush’s look small in comparison. This should be covered and have BO’s butt in the frying pan toasting it like they did George Bush. George took a beating every day, made fun of, jokes poked at him, and made to be a mental midget. I certainly didn’t agree with everything George did, but he treated America certainly better than Mr. Obama. Bruce Brislin above is wise beyond his years. He compares his life in Rhodesia to America. Kinda poor comparison but the basic fact is that we cannot get rid of Mr Obama until we vote him out of office. I’m old but if there is one thing I do before I leave this life and my wonderful America is to vote this gentleman out of office.

  • Dave

    NE Patriot, A red herring, lets see, could it be someone walkiing around questions and bringing up things that have nothing to do with the question and attempts to divert attention away from the subject at hand? Everyone yells socialist, socialism, but no-one yelling is willing tto sign the anti-socialism pledge! How bout straight answers. Did you look up the USS Liberty? Will you sign the anti-socialism pledge? I stayed with you and tried to talk about right now but apparently you were just blowing smoke. B.K., I bet Bev still doesn’t believe there are WMD’S in Iraq. WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WERE SCREAMING FOR OFF-SHORE DRILLING???? I HAVEN’T HEARED A THING FROM THEM LATELY!

  • Dave

    We have had 20 to 30 years with plutonomy and as we can see, it doesn’t quite trickle down to the middle and lower class. Citycorp even put out a report on plutonomy and how good it was working for the rich at the expense the middle and lower class. Anyone can find this out for themselves if they don’t believe it. They went so far as to say the rich will continue to get richer and the middle and lower class will continue to fall further down the economic trail. Just a little something to think about.



  • Carol

    I am still for off-shore drilling, “Drill Here, Drill Now”. Also for drilling in ANWR, and producing our OWN energy in ALL of the ways we can, for keeping our money in OUR country, ANTI-AMNESTY, ANTI-OBAMA and his cabinet, cronies, etc!!! LIARS, LIARS!!!

    I am terribly afraid of what is going on in our great country!!! ONCE GREAT, the GREATEST ever!!! People no longer know our HISTORY!!! My forefathers who founded this great country were GREAT men who did a damn good job, left it for us to follow their WISE words. We are not following. WE MUST STOP THIS DESTRUCTION OF THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH!!!

    Duh! … It has nothing to do with who started the downfall…. go back to FDR if you must. Look at NOW and where we are NOW! Our President should not bow to others, should not APOLOGIZE for America, should not say Islam has always been part of America. That is a lie. I HAVE read BOTH of his books. He says he will side with Islam. That is not right. This is a Judeo-Christian nation and always has been since the beginning… Jews and Christians, almost all, and a very few founders who had no religion. Read history if you CARE.

    God Bless America.

    • NE Patriot

      Here Here! Carol!

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the crisis in the gulf wasn’t manufactured to try to convince people to stop dilling anywhere because of the chance that something like this could happen. After all look at the opportunity the government has now to step in and further regulate our energy sources! Also it is a good reason to raise the price of fuel to keep people from driving and a good reason to give money to alternative energy groups. I am feeling particularly cynical today. We need to vote out all the incumbants and start over!

    • BHR

      Carol ….
      All of the founding father’s believed in some form of Christianity …. all were god fearing men … like you said … read history ….

  • Dave

    Carol, Where do you live? You obviously have no idea of the extent this will reach. It’s not only the price of oil, seafood will go up and become scarce. They are still cleaning up from the valdez. Who do you think will pay for this? BP? The cost will be passed on to you and me. I’m also for producing our own energy but not at the expence of the environment. The oil companies gave their word that a disaster like this could not happen. You are right about our founding fathers doing an outstanding job. However, I think they were leaning more toward freedom from religion. You should read the writings of Thomas Payne. N.E. Patroit, be carefull! If the government finds out how you found out navy seals blew up the oil platform….haha I do agree with you on getting rid of all the incumbants. Without doing this things will never get better.

  • Dave

    Mike Hurder. Socialist bloodsuckers? You practice and partisipate in socialism! You are a partial socialist! True, George Bush is not in office but he has left a trail of trash that will take many years to clean up. Some of his appointees are still at their job(even though they did and do such a terrible job). It figures you would also pull the birth card. Daddy Bush had and still has his hand in the CIA. Don’t you think during the election this would have come out? As far as the difference between the two, your statement itself is self correcting. Read it!

  • larry

    I’m afraid our country is about too far gone to turn around. all the jobs that have left here over the years, and people from other countries moving here and getting into political seats, has changed so many things that like Rome we are doomed to fall. It is a shame that a country as great as the USA has been is slowly falling apart. I don’t understand why people from other countries want to move away from their way of life and then when they get here want to change the USA into what they moved from. This is a Great and Beautiful country and I am proud to be Born here and will die here, and will do all I can to keep it Great and beautiful.


    way to go jon!!! now we just need to round up alot more stars like you–it really does help!! thank you so much for speaking the truth!! i am not dem or rep–i am American–and will continue to only vote for the person who i see-is standing up for our counrty–so far thats only been ron paul!! go ron!!!!! me o has done nothing but de-grade ‘everything’ that America stands/stood for he should be I M P E A C H E D T O D A Y!! He is a USUPERA And DOES NOT belong in any office–much less OUR oval office!! WE PUT HIM NOW WE NEED TO TAKE HIM OUT(well i didnt–i voted for ron paul) ron paul is a true American patroit!! mr o is one of T H E M–THE EVIL, SCUM & SCAMMERS OF OUR PLANET!!! WE NEED TRANSPARENCY—–HIS!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynne

    Everything Jon read is true and in your hearts you know it. The only reason he was on was because of his celebrity status. You and I would never have had the chance to say any of that on T.V. because we are not celebrities. I’m a senior and have lived in this great country longer than alot of you, so maybe I see things differently, But all in all, we have the same love and hope for the future. The present administration is the most frightening thing I have been through and it ain’t over yet. God help us all.

  • Dave

    I’ve come to the concludsion that some of these posts are just to get a rise out of people. Nobody could believe half the s___ thats been posted. People just can’t be that easy to influence with nonsense.

  • Dave

    Lynne, As a senior you might remember senator Joe (communist hunter) McCarthy. Remember how he just called people communists and ruined many lives and almost destroyed this country. If it had not been for a “liberal” newscaster to expose him ( taking grave risks) no telling where this country would be. I don’t know how far back you go but I think you said this administration is the most frightning thing uyou have ever been through just to jump on the bandwagon! Unless your memory is failing there have been things a lot more scarey than this administrartion in your lifetime!

    • NE Patriot

      Please understand that you have been unmasked and are not relevent to the discussion regarding the Tea Party and it’s motives or goals any longer Dave. It has been proven through released KGB, American and other foreign documentation that McCarthy was right about those he accused of being communist. Perhaps had we handled the problem then we would not be in the state we are in now. As it stands we need to remove those from office that are socialist, communist, marxist or of any ilk that does not support and defend the Constitution of the United States. I believe that your post of May 5 at 9:46 am is correct and that you have done a great job describing yourself.

  • Dave

    N.E. Patroit, I don’t know how you have access to information from the BIZZARO world. Where did you find this information? In a dream? Ya better check up on that! Released KGB documents, come on! Ridiculous babble. you constantly say things but when asked questions or where you got the information you ignor them and go right back to…My post of May 5 9:46 describes us all to a point.

  • Tuner

    Bush was just an dork on strings controlled by and put in office by big business, but BO and his playmates are doing a hostile takeover of this country and we are all in trouble if we don’t stop him. He has no love for our country and it doesn’t take much research to see that. Thanks Jon for pouring the coffee, it’s time we all wake up.

  • Dave

    N.E. Patroit, the term McCarthyism, derived from the actions of senator Joseph Mccarthy in the early 1950′s, has come to mean the use of reckless and unfair accusations in the name of supressing political disloyalty. The actions of McCarthy combined with communist expantion and the Korean war aroused public fear and led to a new red scare.McCarthy played on public fear in a bid to increase his own political standing. In the end McCarthy’s accusations were proven FALSE and he was CENSURED by the senate, although this came to late for many whose lives were ruined by those unsubstantiated charges.

  • johnny b

    you’ve got to be shitting me ?
    Health Care reform is a democratic value and a constitutional right !
    You folks are out to lunch. Or should I say out to a tea party?
    Don’t let facts get in the way.

    Did you see big pharma and healthcare providers/insurers stock outlook have improved since the health care reform was adopted?

    I guess that part of the free market confirmation is way to inconvenient, but hey, why have an intelligent conversation when you can spew your vitrole and hatred…..
    Warmest and most democratic wishes. Johnny B

  • gina yukon

    I am all for what John Voight says. Wake up anyone who supports Obama, Pelosi and Reed. They are destruction and the three stooges. George Bush was not perfect, but he isn’t the one wasting stimulus money and promising the unemployment rate to not surpass 8% Hello- Obama ruins everything he tries to accomplish-the latest unemployment rate is now at 9.9% Where is the stimulus money? Where are the jobs? Why is there a W11 form out now that allows new employees to pay social security taxes, while their employer does not have to match the employees input for a year?!!! That just proves he gives 2 craps about social security. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glenn

    EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAM, I LEARNED ON 9-11-2001. I hate to the bearer of bad news, but for all of you that were willing to take a HUGE risk and vote in a man with NO policy, executive, military, business, auto industry, banking, financial, and very little legal experience, you have essentially handed over the Country to not only a VERY BAD PRESIDENT but someone who is THE ENEMY OF AMERICA!!! PLEASE WAKE UP AND DUMP THIS LOSING BET YOU MADE.

  • Bert Buckhout

    In an interview with Charles Gibson ABC news with President Obama, I quote Obama “I thank John McCain that during the campaign he did take issue with my Muslim faith” end quote. We now have to read the Miranda rights to our enemies (not soldiers, not in uniform, not representing any country, but doing what the Muslim (Islam) religion does best, killing unbelievers.” Muslims do not convert, if they do they die. The miranda rights are for US citizens, not foreign enemies. Thank you Mr. Holder.

  • Dave

    NE Patriot, Here you go again. You spout out things that are just not true and you say I’m dreaming! Obviously you know no other way to make a point without resorting to labeling or name calling. It’s easy to see when people like you get riled, you start ranting and raving. You completly missed the point. You called me out for lying about past presidents and I gave you one example to look up, You called me out for lying about Joe McCarthy and I gave you (close) the definition of McCarthyism (You can look him up anywhere), you labeled a few of these posts as from socialists, but you will not sign the anti-socialism pledge, and you accused me of living in the past and not thinking of right now but when asked what do we need to do now you also had no response. It appears you are the one dreaming and are not willing to look any further than your own mistaken ideas. Calling people leftists, socialists, or whatever does not make you right. You forget, we are all Americans and keeping us divided is what is really ruining America and keeping the WRONG people in power.(on both sides) You don’t have to convince me. I know both sides are corrupt and one is no better than the other.

  • Firefighter

    Soon…the mid term elections will happen and the devil and his cronies will ALL be sent packing..I only hope all their crap can be reversed before any more harm happens to the USA. Change is REALLY going to happen soon and it can not come fast enough…

  • Dave

    Has Jon Voight signed and swore he would go by the ANTI-SOCIALISM PLEDGE??? NO, WHY NOT????????

  • Mary

    I think John Voight hit it right on the head! I’m glad he has the courage to speak up and tell it like it is!
    I just hope we can survive Obama Bin Ladens rampage against our country!
    He should be ashamed of himself for apologizing for what has happened in the past! He should stop and consider the fact that if those things had not happened…he wouldn’t be where he is today and he sure as Hell wouldn’t be the president…or dictator….or whatever he’s trying to become.
    I haven’t listened to this traitor since he came into office, I won’t listen to anything he has to say..unless it is to resign his office, and as for his wife….well that’s another whole complete story

  • Dave

    Mary, You left out a word between voight and hit, that word is WAS and take out it between hit and right! I don’t agree with him (the president) apologizing, however the things he applolgized for has not a darn thing to do with with him being where he is today and the things he appologized for were B A D and bad for this country! Answer the question on post May 11, 2010 9:34 am. It rattles me that people cry socialist but when asked if they will sign and abide by the anti-socialism pledge not a one will even respond. Will you sign and live by this pledge???

  • Fred

    If anyone has any doubt as to the president’s agenda, they should read “Barak Obama’s Rules For Revolution” by David Horowitz published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.
    Mr. Obama is one scary dude.

  • Dave

    I haven”t read Barrack Obama’s rules for revolution but I see it was written by someone other than Barrack. I could write an article saying anything I want also. During the 60′s a lot of people were pissed off at the government and said, wrote, and did things they normally would not do. Should we believe that everyone who did this still thinks and feels the same?? Are all these people trying to bring down our government??? You can believe Jon can change but no-one else? Who is the David Horowitz Freedon Center funded by? Who are the main officers? I will check into this and I bet the answers will be eye opening. Off the subj, I dont want my question to everyone yelling socialist to get lost. Will you sign the anti-socialist pledge and live by it?

  • Dave

    Fred, the David Horowitz foundation is funded by 1.the Olin foundation,a conservative think tank and they manufacture chemicals and munitions. 2. the Bradley foundation, they give CONSERVATIVE GRANTS and seek to reimpower old institutions. 3. the Sarah Scaife foundation which is controlled by Mellon industrial, OIL, and banking foundation. Need I say more! Don’t forget the anti-socialist pledge, anyone yelling socialist willing to sign and live by it?

  • Lara

    Every word Jon said is true…WAKE UP BEFORE IT”S TOO LATE!

  • Dave

    N. E. Patriot, I got back to you (5-7-10 2:21pm) with (5-10-5:38am) did ya see it?

    • NE Patriot

      Hi Dave,

      I have seen your posts. I have not called you any names. You have not answered anything of substance I have written so I have not replied to you. I guess it is possible that you do not understand what I am saying. So let me make it clear.

      First I don’t have to sign some pledge to prove I am against socialism. I have served in the military and took an oath so protect and defend the Constition and all threats from with in and with out this nation. I would do this even now.

      Second going off about McCarthism (which you have done) is a way to keep conservative thinkers who speak the truth from speaking because McCarthy was a bad guy who ruined lives as the story goes. Well the truth is that he was not a bad guy, just a guy who saw the threat for what it was and was then demonized for it. The documents I spoke of that were from Russia and the US intelligence are chronicled in the Venona files that were declassified in the 90′s. These prove that those that were accused of being communist infiltrators were in fact communist infiltrators and that McCarthy was right. Therefore your bringing it up shows whose side you are on since you are still using it to demonize.

      So my conclusion (supported by your other writings)is that you are in fact not who you say you are and are instead a leftist posing as one who is against socialism. You are one who thinks that because no one takes your bait to sign your petition that they are not serious about being against socialism and you have inferred this. Nothing could be further from the truth. WE just choose not to play your silly games.

  • Dave

    Fred, Did you see 5-12-10 10:27am and 1130am?

  • Bill4

    LIke it or not, Mr. Voight is one of Hollywoods elite. So was Reagan, and Heston. Proud patriots and all gentleman.

  • Dave

    Mr Voight goes with the flow. When it was popular to be against the gtovernment and the war he was right in there.Now he’s unhitched his horse and moved to the other side of the street. Regan sold weapons to an enemy of the US, Heston as far as I know is a true patriot and hasn’t changed.

    • libertytrain

      No, I think he just grew up and understands more than he did back in the 60′s.

  • Dave

    He got old, turned his back on everything he believed, and went with the flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    N>E> Patroit, It is you who does not understand! The reason you think the answers are without substance is because you have not looked up the things I asked you to look up. I know you don’t have to sign a pledge against socialism, the idea was to get you to see that we have socialism in this country now and have had had for quite some time. I have also been in the military and probably longer than you and have been shot at in tyhe name of our country. got out on an honorable discharge. McCarthy, he was correct on the first people he named but he went a lot further acusing many people who were in FACT innocent but he ruined their lives. Read past the Venona files and you will find this out!!! Your conclusion is completly W R O N G! You are the one playing silly games!!!! I guess you never even pulled up the anti-socialism pledge!! If you had you’d have gotten my meaning. Then you say you know what sid e I’m on, I don’t know how many times I wrote on here ” I am not on either side”!! SHEESH!!!!! Read May 10 5:38 AM!!Anyway, I think this will be my last post. Hurray you say! I was not trying to put anyone down and in no way was trying to get people to change sides. I was only trying to get people to see thart both sides are corrupt and will say and do anything to further their own agenda. Calling me a leftist, if you would do that in front of my friends I couldn’t be responsible for what they would do. I don’t see anything written that comes even close to making me a leftist. As I said labeling people and then not listening or letting anything theuy say regester in your brain is not the way to see things clearly. When you throw reasoning out the window anyone can make you believe!! I hope you willtake what is given to you with a grain of salt and look up things for yourself and not blindly believe what you are told. I have been around long enough that I have seen this play out over and over and over. As long as they keep us separated they will stay in power and do anything they want, even if it is not good for the country. I wish you well and I hope things will always work out for you.

    • NE Patriot

      As I said before Dave, when the truth is held and the subject is not changed and the one whom calls another a name caller when in fact it was the one accusing who called names, THE DOGS WILL HOWL!

  • http://none John Detwiler

    I know this is a little late to critize Bev. But she sure is confused. She unsoublably voted for Obama and she is injecting a whole lot of propaganda about Bush. #1. That he lied in order to start a war. He was relying on up until then reliable reports from British Intelegence. But she omited the fact that allmost all of the liberal Democrats agreed with the report and actually authorized him to attact Iraq. And Obama has done nothing realy positive. He coddles the Muslims and bows instead of standing proud as a positive American citizen ahould. One other thing $50 Billion, yes Billon of taxpayers money is being spent on illegals each year. And I might add Obama and him lemings have greated a deficit greater that all of our former preidents combined. O-neB-igA-ssM-istake

  • REA

    May God Bless Jon Voight; for having the courage, love of this USA, to speak out. May God keep him safe always…amen
    A true gentleman…a true American..

  • Dianna

    I can’t believe my eyes!! In my opion, this has nothing to do about parties, who’s right are wrong. Yes, both Bush and Obama have made terrifying discissions,but why is it we can’t “all stand together” and fight for our rights and freedom…take back what has been taken form us “all” for a long, long, time. Can we just agree that it’s past time to fight for what this country was founded on. Which was “God!”

  • Michael Angelo Duffey

    I like John Voight. however, how he ever got bamboozled into saying and actually belives what he has obviously been enticed to say.

    So many people do not undertand the world we live in. The right can only see the hawkish side of life – too bad. Heaven help them to see the light. For the most part , the Right is basically wrong.

  • bev z

    @ Bev and Tim…………….when the Chinese are in your backyard, who will you call?
    Perhaps Obama, he is taking care of everyone like he promised. Is he?
    Can you not see how miserable things have changed since he took office, not to say that GWB had his own misgivings while in office.
    To the leftist GWB couldn’t do anything right, but Obama is doing everthing he promised in his 2008 campaign?
    Wait till the the ‘ever so strong civilian military’ is knocking at your door for any reason they see fit. What will you do then?
    Call Obama!
    Perhaps he’ll pay your mortgage and pay for your gas, just like remarks made during his campaign in 2008.
    He is a very scary human being and out to hurt and destroy my country as I have known it for as long as I have live.
    God Bless America! and Israel and allies.

  • BHR

    This President …. whom I did not vote for … is taking this country in the wrong direction … I find it ironic that (some) Muslims believe that if you can’t convert Christian’s to their religion that they will try and destroy their opponent’s from the inside out …. Isn’t this in fact what the POTUS is doing now ? This President’s radical ideology is forcing this country to divide… I find it strange that the Liberal’s just can’t seem to connect the dots. Over reaching by the Government under this president’s power / administration is out of control, for example: we tax payers now own bank’s, automobile companies, we will be forced to purchase health insurance or face a fine or even jail.

    This President has been caught (not once but a few times) not showing respect to our country’s flag by not placing his hand over or near his heart, instead his hands have been at his crotch during the playing, singing of the National Anthem, most recently a photo taken of the President at a Military service at Ft. Hood.

    This President went to Cairo, Egypt, and other countries around the world on a apology tour! No sitting President has ever gone around apologizing for what AMERICA has ever done. (good or bad).

    Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not against Liberal’s, I did not agree on everything that the previous president did, but I do agree on this point. While President Bush was in office, he did in FACT keep AMERICA safe from attacks since 9-11. This current President now has 3 attack attempts on his record with one that took the lives of service men in our home country at Ft. Hood. Since the change of administrations failure to connect the dots fall’s solely on President Obama.

    When disasters hit throughout the world, AMERICA is the first to respond, during WW 1, WW 2, our men and woman sacrificed more than we know, we (as americans) helped to rebuild Europe spent billions and never asked to be REPAID by charging war reparations, the only thing we asked for was a patch of ground to bury our fallen…America has never gone to war to conquer, unlike Europe with it’s colonies in Africa for nearly 100 yrs.

    I find that Liberals do not respect the view’s of conservatives’, they tend to shut us out, tell us that we don’t matter, that we are wrong, well …. to the liberals that are reading this, you need to take a look, take a hard look at what this government is doing to this country, and you liberals are to blame.

  • Ray

    bev z, i hope u r not the former bev! bev(plain), you are a sick puppy and i would bet you are all of 19 years old. the go’ ment as called, will only let you live as LEAN as possible, and when u ever get a real income, suck your PO go’ment butt dry.. Think about it, if not pay the price that you deZerve

  • Harry Sothern

    After Obama’s been in office more than 1 1/2 years, anyone that believes ANY of Obama’s promises also believes in the Tooth Fairy.

  • Harry Sothern

    After Obama’s been in office more than 1 1/2 years, anyone that believes ANY of Obama’s promises also believes in the Tooth Fairy.

    Jon Voight would make a better president than what occupies the White House now – he couldn’t be any worse.

  • Sharon

    That was an amazing piece by Jon Voight…!


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