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John Kerry: Media Should ‘Not Give Equal Time’ (To Views He Disagrees With)

August 8, 2011 by  

John Kerry: Media Should ‘Not Give Equal Time’ (To Views He Disagrees With)

On Friday morning, in an interview on MSNBC’S Morning Joe, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), was openly critical of the media’s coverage of the debt ceiling debate. Specifically, Kerry spoke of fiscal conservatives’ influence in the debate.

“The media in America has a bigger responsibility than it’s exercising today. The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual,” Kerry said.

“It doesn’t deserve the same credit as a legitimate idea about what you do. And the problem is everything is put into this tit-for-tat equal battle and America is losing any sense of what’s real, of who’s accountable, of who is not accountable, of who’s real, who isn’t, who’s serious, who isn’t?”

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  • George

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for
    people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all”. Chomsky

    It is easy to see Sen. Kerry does not believe in freedom of expression.
    The Proletariat must remain uninformed.

    • Nancy

      Another dictator like Obummer!?!? If they are so right and good, what does it matter if someone disagrees?

      • Jana

        Hmm, By his own comment then, HE should be banned from the news media even listening to HIM.

        It’s so odd that he is so dumb that he cannot see the absurdity in his own statement. The funny thing is he is so serious when he says it too.

        • slapjack

          Term Limits will at least protect America from the simple minded voter who keeps these idiots in DC. Two terms and you are done forever. if yo’ve been there for two terms your gonna get a bus ticket and a boot in the butt immediately.

    • Vagabond

      George once again john kerry has opened his size 10 mouth and stuck a size 12 shoe in it. I would think ny now everyone would have realised john kerry is one of the psuedo elites who think the rest of us are incapable of thinking for ourselves.why the paople of Ma. keep him in office is beyond me. unless it’s as one told me years ago about I can’t remember his name but he was running for president and one of the people I was talking to said they just wanted to get him out of Ma.

      • slapjack

        I seriously thought they were gonna stuff Teddy Kennedy and display him in the Smithsonian. Mass has a real shortage of sane minded PATRIOTS. As for Kerry who cares if his ship goes down so long as he’s strapped to it.

    • wandamurline

      Wow…us tea parties terrorists must really be getting under these commuists’ skins. Of course, Kerry doesn’t believe in free speech, and because of the tea parties, we now KNOW WHO is responsible for this fiscal mess we are in and Kerry is one of the ones that is responsible…that is why he wants to stop free speech…he doesn’t want Americans to know the real truth … and that is that his kind of politician is old news and needs to be flushed down the toilet….he is scared and like the Demorats do…they start mudslinging and getting the new word from the DNC each week to use against us. All they have is words…they have not submitted a budget that was due over 800 days ago, they have not submitted any new ideas of how to stop this collision that America is headed for…all they have is tactics to scare people and name calling. They should change their party to the “Do Nothings”.

      • Vic

        “Do Nothings”? You’ve gotta be kidding! They are stealing from us, ripping us off day and night, sucking our blood like TV vampires could only dream, all that under the fog of their rhetoric and you’re saying “do nothings”?

    • sylviam

      Well George, I think JOHN KERRY SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON in the first place, but for his to even try to tell the TRUTH is a major mistake, HE does not know the truth musc less speak it.
      KERRY, stood in UNIFORM OF OUR MILITARY in Washington DC. and give a big speech on how VILE our military men were in VIET NAM, He and HANOI JANE did this while HE was still in the MILITARY why wasn’t HE AND HER TRIED FOR TREASON because he should have been. He faked a wound to get a PURPLE HEART, so HE could get HOME SOONER because HE WAS BORED.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Kerry, news media gave you ” time ” with all of your absurd notions —during your elected life—-now we still must listen to you–blaming the Tea Party for all debt and credit downgrade!!!!!

    Guess it is OK for you (Kerry) to put forth “absurd notions” (not lib/progressive fault)—–just because we are in charge—must blame someone else!!!!!!!

    As you know—if you can have the news media–”tell a lie” enough times——it becomes the truth!!!!!

    • always right

      “John KErry, reporting for duty”! (or was that “jhon kerry, reporting for doodies”?) What is humorous is that this is one of hte jerks pushing the “fairness doctrine”. These people are certifiably insane, one and all.

  • annie

    There is something very sick and very insane about kerry. He made his mark while a “swift boat” member and those GI’s he was suppose to help spoke out loudly and clearly. They told of kerry’s despicable treasonous acts during and just after Viet Nam. Then he comes home and publicly testifies in front of congress and denies and disparages ALL of those veterans he served with and ALL American military.

    Now, here he is again, putting on display his treasonous and criminal behavior. It is unimaginable that anyone – especially a member of congress – would blame the tea party for what was kerry’s and ALL those members of congress and this current presidents FAULT. They – kerry, congress and obama – are completely at fault for this fiscal and economic crisis.

    • Vagabond

      attaboy girl givem hell. and you are so right.he thinks because he married into the heins fortun he knows it all. thats why I quit useing hiens products,

  • charles a pembroke

    Of course kerry doesn’t.No communist does.Is he kidding about news media being fair?The msm is so lop sided for the dems.No wonder I’m going crazy.He can’t really beleive what he said.I’d like to squeeze his neck til his eyes popped out.

    • John /West Virginia

      Charles, I agree this numb nuts is just like obama, every time he opens his grand canyon size mouth he is liying. He should have tried
      to be an actor, most of hollywood want’s to be in his position. If he would have been shot in Vietnam we wouldn’t be talking about him.

  • James

    Kerry is showing his true colours, one of a progressive and against our constitution. We live in a time that all that are evil are raising their ugly heads. I always wondered why I never trusted Kerry—-thank
    you for publishing this.

    • David in MA

      What does kerry’s position say about the women he marries?
      Will ugly betty throw this jerk out?

    • always right

      don’t call these people “progressives”. If you do that you’re letting them set the standard, redefine the language (like “gay”) and then letting them lead you into that redefined language. There’s nothing “progressive” about socialism nor communism. There’s nothing on the left that would qualify as “progressive”. Try “foam-flecked loonies”

      • newspooner

        AMEN!!! You are sooooo correct. I never use their false terms (gay, liberal,progressive, etc) when labelling them. And we must not let them redefine marriage. Society in general, not government, has defined marriage for centuries. Let them call the union between (or among) people of the same sex SOMETHING ELSE, NOT marriage. If we let government get away with redefining marriage, then it can get away with redefining anything, and all liberty will be quickly lost

  • ComingStorm

    This is scary… this shows the left’s desire to control information. Thank God for the alternative media. Stay alert and on point America, the crypto totalitarians of the left want total control but first they need to take away your 1st and 2nd amendment rights. We must guard our beloved Constitution with our lives!

    • JimRed

      Guarding the Constitution with our lives is an honorable thing, but I’d prefer to guard it with THEIR lives!

      To approximate an old saying (I’d give credit if I could recall who) “no one ever won a war by dying for his country; you win by making the other b@$t@rd die for HIS country”.

      I wonder how many progressives are willing to die for Marxist ideology?

      • come-and-take-it

        It was Patton. Another, perhaps more relevant quote by T.Jefferson was, “On occasion democracy must be renewed by the blood of patriots and tyrants”. I like the tyrants part. John has volunteered.

      • Vagabond

        JimRed the person who said that was General Georg Patton. one of if not THE greatest Generals ever. I didn’t serv under him but I had friends who did. and I was told there were a lot of grown men who cried that day. and these were battled hardened veterans. had john kerry served under Patton Patton would probaly have kicked his ass up between his shoulder blades instead of meerly slapping him as he did that coward he slapped in the hospital. and he was 100% correct when he slapped him. there were just too many lilly livered people looking on who wanted to make points,

      • Stickwoman Red

        Yes, it was Patton! Great American! As for John Kerry and the rest of his party, they all need to be voted out in 2012! I am a Tea Party Patriot and am not a racist, nor a terrorist, or a hobbit, but a real hard-working American who is disgusted with Congress and the White House impostor! Every old guard Democrat and establishment GOP must go! All the newbies into Congress, like Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Allen West and the rest need all of us to vote in more like them so we can take control and really flip the switch and get America on the right track!

  • Elisa

    Any politician who has been in Washington for six years or more should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on rail! They – and they alone are to blame for the mess we now find ourselves.

    • come-and-take-it

      So tell me why we can’t get term limits. It would accomplish the same thing. We don’t need master of our destinies, we need public servants and statesmen.

      • Brad

        As an oh by the way, there perks need to end i.e., you only get paid when doing the peoples business, you go onto regular medical that comes out of their own pocket. This is big, they don’y get a single dime in retirement, they pay into the system just like we do and finaly they should have to pay into SS just like we do every single pay period. End every single perk and lets see how fast they get things done in Washington. Finaly enact term limits 6 terms in the house and two in the senate, just my two cents…

      • David in MA

        There are term limits, it is called the voting booth!
        kerry, to my knowledge, has never done anything for Massachusetts.
        Why he keeps getting re-elected is beyond my intellegence.
        If he is re-elected to keep the DEMONcRATS in power in MA.there are a lot of brain dead people in MA.
        THAT policy is outdated, expecially where the person (kerry) has not
        done anything for MA. He even tried to avoid paying taxes on a $Million+ yatch. BTW, Did he ever pay them? Did that crook up in Harlem pay his taxes on his house in the Dominican Republic, is he still using an apartment for his headquarters that is subsidized? Is it true obozo and friends have taken BILLIONS of dollars for their own pockets?(

  • Charles

    Please Mr. Kerry, please. Your fear over the possibility of loss of power is coming through very clearly. Where in the Constitution do you get your support for this?

  • http://n/a John Beach

    The blatant hypocrisy of the statement is ludicrous. Stand before a media microphone and explain why Congress is Congress? Congress can be congress any time it wishes to be so, and it IS responsible regardless of what any media take or slant or bias with regard to reporting about it is or who, in or out of congress, asserts whatever that is or is not considered by others to be logical or absurd. No wonder the people hold Congress in contempt. They are often worthy of it.

  • JimRed

    Equal time to conservative viewpoints? Get real- they don’t, and never have in my lifetime! All Kerry is doing is verbalizing the feelings of most progressives who reject even a hint of opposition.

  • Thor

    If memory serves, this same gentleman was at some of those ‘peace rallies’ of the late 60′s, early ’70′s where there were chants rising up from the righteously indignant crowd like, “All we are saying is ‘give peace a chance,’ ‘the voice of the people will be heard’ and ‘Mr. President, hear us! and ‘evolution or revolution!” Looks like the pendulum of indignation has swung back to the right…and he don’t like it! This kind of thinly veiled deference to censorship is a ‘telling sign’ that progressives are afraid of something. Fear always makes them over-react, which makes it a cinch they will violate principles they think we have forgotten they rose to power on. Liberal Democrats and progressives have dominated politics in this country for a century and only in the last quarter of this century have Republicans had enough clout to control both houses of Congress. It is clear they sense the rising undercurrents of the righteous indignation of the people, the Tea Party is the tip of that massive political iceberg and they really don’t know what to do about it–except to try to ‘abort’ it in its infancy. They have built a politico-economic Titanic…everyone knows what happened to it.

  • CJM

    Would someone please stuff a rag in Kerry’s mouth…he certainly needs one. Who does he think he is, anyway. This traitor should have faced a firing squad years ago; how did the military miss the opportunity? Kerry, you have the right to speak your mind and so do we…and the people rightfully peg you as a despotic tyrant. Shut up, go home, be silent, we don’t need you in politics OR in the USA; perhaps you would feel more at home in China or Russia.

  • Bigred43

    John Kerry is a moron! It sickens me that in a recent election I supported him. Thank God for the Tea Party, If anything saves this country from the destructive path we’re on, it will be the Tea Party. We wouldn’t be living with a downgrade if the Cut, Cap and Balance had been taken seriously! Pay our congress at the state level and have them working for US!

  • Bob C.

    Look, I don‘t believe in equal time, that is I do not believe in telling someone they HAVE to let someone tell lies to their group of listeners just to be within the law, …and to maintain their free speech? (only the losing collectivists are yelling this) It’s a right, it can’t be regulated (face it, someone is lying, so that’s just messed up), freedom of speech is also freedom of not being forced to say something you don’t agree with, or listen to.
    people have a human right to communicate, and since more and more aren’t watching the main stream media anymore, what he is really talking about is silencing the private people on the internet
    like us, or he at least wants that end, this being a step in that direction.

    This whole; they need to give us equal time bull crap has always been about us giving them time on our medium, (by force) and not the other way around. Another way to see it is you google something, and instead of getting what google knows you want to see through your user profile, you get a bunch of commie crap instead… how’s that go down with the morning coffee.

    The answer to bad speech is more speech, not forcing the people you don’t agree with to be quiet, or force them to spread what you believe to be lies like this collectivist wants, or “equal time” as the people that are simply working at a slower pace want to accomplish the same goal.

    As for “absurd notions” lol
    I’d say thinking (and telling people) you can spend your way out of debt is pretty absurd.
    Kerry should consider that before calling the kettle black

  • TIME

    CFR, TLC, BBG, what else need I say, he is a member of all three can you not connect the dots, to the NWO?

    People what the bloody hell. He is not a moron he is not stupid, he has a PLAN that was given to him by his masters, a plan where YOU will not benifit from the noted plan. Wake the hell Up.

    FGS, Will you people in Mass – Vote this Nazi POS out of office already.

  • Tridntru

    Consider, the comments were aired on MSNBC. On any other outlet he would have been laughed off his soapbox. Believe I will forward Kerry a compilation of quotes by Thomas Jefferson as to a course of action when a government becomes oppressive.

  • Jerry M

    Kerry is a coward and traitor to this country along with Jane Fonda. Ask the crew of his Swift boat command about him. They are the only reason he wasn’t elected President when they came forth and exposed him as the empty suit he is. Why would anyone listen to him. He has never done anything except being a “Lapdog” to rich women. He married for profit two times. The first woman wasn’t rich enough. Crawl back under your rock Kerry and stop polluting my TV screen. You are the enemy!!

    • eddie47d

      Still throwing sour grapes around Jerry. All but one of his crew supported him and
      that person was a vindictive man with a chip on his shoulder. John Kerry was on the side of the truth in Vietnam which is something so many were sorely lacking. The “other” Swift Boat Veterans for truth made many false statements to discredit Kerry. Either you are for these foreign adventures or you are not. Whether Vietnam,Iraq,Central America, Libya or any other corporate manufactured war. Seldom do we benefit yet we keep stoking these wars. When it comes to the Meet the Press interview he was right. Both the left and right throw out hype,rumors and innuendos that are irrelevant and that keeps problems from being solved. Issues get dragged out into perpetuity.

      • Vagabond

        well old eddie47d is still on the koolaid,

      • s c

        e, you missed the point – AGAIN. What matters is that Kerry, who’s just another supremely anal retentive paranoid, is a closet CONTROLLER. He dares to think that he (and his psychotic bunkies) think they’re good enough or wise enough to CONTROL every man, woman and child in America.
        I realize you’re a wingnutish knuckle-dragger, but you’ve had SO MANY chances to see the light. Kerry hates freedom.
        Since you have a use for Kerry, that means you have no use for freedom. I don’t know if you’re a slow learner, but it’s obvious that your low standards for ‘gods’ is way too low. I suspect you have the same standards for yourself. Now, tell us that you live in Massachusetts, comrade. Wouldn’t THAT be a surprise?

        • eddie47d

          SC my favorite mudslinger Again!I have never looked at you as a lover of freedom with your closeted controlled comments. You download the same comments everyday and only tweak a few words. Come outside and breath some fresh air and renew the brain cells. I mentioned my home state twice this year and my city twice also.You were too busy with your hit and run mud slinging so sorry you missed it. Whatever standards I have are at least a head above any standard you may have.

      • paintbrushbright

        eddie it’s rotten grapes for Kerry. Sounds like you was Hiding out in Canada when Kerry was mouthing off in congress about our babykilling army. He threw away his worthless medals in the view of the public. I call the medals worthless only because they were worn by him. He later picked them up and pinned them on when it came to getting votes. He has many documented lies on file with the press but his wifes money puts a nice blanket over them. If you fall for his crap then you are a part of it.

        • eddie47d

          If I could wade through your misinformation err… lies then maybe I might come up with a reply. I don’t know enough about you but you certainly don’t know a thing about me.

        • always right

          Poor retarded Eddie. he is of too low an IQ to be educated. Otherwise he’d know that his goddess, John skerry, was on the payroll of madam Binh, the negotiatior for the Viet Cong at the Paris “peace” (READ: “Surrender to the commies by the US commies, the deomocrapic party”)talks. taking money from a hostile goverment while in the employment of the US military is commonly called (at best) “sedition” and should be treason. The only reason it wouldn’t be is because the Vietman war that took over 52,000 of America’s finest was officially a ‘war’. They other thing he can’t cognitively grasp is that when a man has the Heinz fortune behind him, you can get people to say anything. The problem is, regardless of what three of his boatmates said, there was overwhelming evidence of fraudlent medals, cowardice (he hasn’t changed a bit), dereliction of duty and falsification of documents, along with lying about his duties and areas of operation. The man is just a sack of refined s—. No wonder eddie worships him. He’s seared, seared…into eddie’s memory. (Like JK claiming that he was in Cambodia on Christmas, 1968, in a place where there wasn’t enough river to operate a riverine patrol boat of the nature upon which he allegedly worked and before the US went itno Cambodia…)

          • eddie47d

            How much did Kerry make off of Madame Binh? Never heard that one. I’ll take Kerry over Calley any day. Now there is a man you need to trash without hesitation.

  • DROB1776

    I know John Kerry served in Veit Nam, but whose side was he on?

    • David in MA

      hanoi jane’s

  • David in MA

    kerry always has been and will always be an a$$hole.

  • LuluBelle

    Did he ever pay those taxes on that yacht he bought? He needs a Tea Party Downgrade – back to private citizen.

  • Jerry M

    John Kerry and others like Teddy Kennedy and the RHINO Scott Brown are the main reason I wouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney. No political good has ever come out of Massachusetts. You just can’t trust people from Massachusetts. There must be something in their drinking water.

    • Vagabond

      dont tarr all of them with the same brush. I met a lot of good men from Ma. in the service. I allso worked for a very good man from Fall River Ma. in S.C. years ago. 1956.

  • Lonnie Albertson

    Words from the mouth of this traitor have no value. Where are your medals this time Johm? Where is your amazing boat and what taxes did you avoid this time. Just another “do as I say, not as I do” elitist prog. Mass used to be a region of patiotism. Maybe the liberal education got the spelling wrong. Can you say patronism? Why is this guy still in congress? Heinz catsup buy his way back in?


    Kerry is a life long JFK wannabe. His liberal mental world is full of political fantasy, and it’s an artificial reality that he cannot, and never will, escape. It’s well past time for him to retire.

    • ComingStorm

      It’s funny, JFK would be considered a conservative by today’s standards!

      • 45caliber


      • bucksnort

        That just goes to show how low standards have gotten.

  • s c

    Massachusetts, you have yet another slimer in your midst (what IS it about that state?). His resume is very impressive – if you have no standards and no conscience.
    He was a disgrace to the Navy. An admiral (whose name escapes me) said he should have shot him while he had the chance. He’s a womanizer, and he needs to be around rich women to afford his corporatist lifestyle (just a hint of supreme hypocrisy?).
    I heard this loser talk about media’s “duty” to screw over America. Kerry Poppins, your dream world is about to come to an end. Start taking your la la land drugs. And when you get your “you can’t do that to ME” attitude adjustment that has been so long in coming, remember that you could have been forced to ‘stay’ in Vietnam.
    You, sir, are a disgrace in more ways than one. You and your congressional soul mate (Al ‘duh’ Gore) exemplify what is so WRONG about career politicians who don’t get tarred and feathered until late in life. Trash is trash is trash. Kerry, you’re that and so much more, aren’t you?

  • Johnny Hiott

    John Kerry, just like obama, pelosi, reid and 95 % percent of congress are nothing but moral reprobates. I will add george “W”
    bush to that list too for giving us the illegal and unconstitutional “patriot act”. obama’s playbook is
    from Germany of the early 1930′s. Supress or rather outlaw free
    speech and force the news media into being the government’s own
    personal propaganda machine. In the case of the American news
    media the force has not been needed.

  • Clyde

    He thought all was well when the media reported about his three Purple Hearts in which he never went to the hospital.

    • paintbrushbright

      He wrote his self up for the Band aid wounds he got which was in his butt while running from his own grenade scrapel. He immedialty quaified for political office by giving his self medals. He is a disgrace and a gigilo who married for money.

    • 45caliber


      Even if his medals had been real, he came back to the US, went before Congress as a service man (after he got out) and insisted that everything was wrong. He said he had done some very bad things and insisted all service men had done the same (WRONG!). He basically said very bad things about all the service men of that time – and then expected us to forgive and forget because he’d been there too and had medals as well!

      Sorry, I don’t forget and forgive that easily.

  • 45caliber

    Ever wonder why politicians and lawyers are on the bottom of the “Respected Professions” listing?

    They both make their living by lying.

    And it is apparent with Kerry.

    He tried to run on his war carreer – and then was angry when others told what his carreer actually was. He tried to pretend to be a hunter and a supporter of the Second Amendment – and couldn’t even load his shotgun. This guy has always been a fraud.

    • independant thinker

      “He tried to pretend to be a hunter and a supporter of the Second Amendment – and couldn’t even load his shotgun.”

      Not only that but there was a photo of him supposedly fireing his shotgun and the way he was holding it would have broken bones and his face if he had actualy fired it.

  • B

    I honestly think he is a madman.
    I am glad I did not vote for him in 2004.
    Enuff said.



    I think that most of those politicians from the New England states have some kind of genetic defect that makes them think like Kerry, Schumer, Nadler, and all of their Communist, Union friends. If you study history, it was politicians from this same part of the country that stirred up the ideologies that started the Civil War. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • knights templer

    Kerry, like Obama are dangerous to America. There way of thinking is corrupt and self serving. Kerry needs a meeting of the minds behind the ole tool shed! There is NOTHING they will compromise to better serve themselves. That includes treason, lying, blaming others and not taking responsibility. Humm, sounds like a democrate doesn’t it?

  • crystal

    God bless the “Tea Party.” Kerry’s ignorance says it all.

  • paintbrushbright

    Kerry got plenty of free press to spread his lies when he got back from Vietnam. This man sold his honor for political gain. He will remain a disgrace to all Vietnam veterans who are still living and will be cursed by those who died.
    We don’t forget!

    • pegasis


  • paintbrushbright

    I am a retired military man and I wear honor on my sleve and hold it to my heart. Without honor I am no one and Senator Kerry you are no one!

    • pegasis

      See above reply!

  • Mutantone

    Perhaps he is right and we should focus on his military record and the medals that he did not earn.


      And don’t forget that he threw them over the fence at the White House, both desecrating the medals and littering the WH lawn. He should have been arrested for both offenses.

  • big jack

    At every stage of John Kerry’s military and political career you can see how un-American he is. He lies and calls for more and more communists policies. He hates and always has , America. Is it any wonder why he would call on the our communist controlled news media to not cover the truth. How far have we come as a freedom loving people to people like Kerry who don’t want to shed light on people who want to control every phase of our lives. Ironic , the state where it all started now the state that gives us a tyrant like Kerry. What happened? ” If man is not….. to be trusted
    with the government of himself, .. is he to be trusted with the government of others? “

  • JoMama

    Yup!! That’s the liberal senate —- from Massachusetts!! I read that he wants to run for the senate again. Over my dead body!!

    (I can say that because I’m from Massachusetts – & don’t like him either.)

  • S Rubicon

    I find it totally disgusting that a sitting United Sates Senator would even suggest the suppression of speech. And make no mistake about it, that is exactly what he suggests or calls for. This is also a backhanded slap at Fox, who lead the way in providing multiple views. (The Fox people are NOT perfect & I am not advocating for them. I just see & hear their broadcasts as more inclusive than others).
    But for Kerry to suggest the views of others are not worthy or they should be marginalized or ignored or purposely edited out, is reprehensible. Who gets to decide what is factual, accurate or worthy of mention? This is called suppression of speech. Totalitarians use this method. (See Hugo Chavez of Venezuela or Castro of Cuba).
    If a conservative had suggested speech be controlled or limited according to the views of a specific person or organization, liberals like Kerry would be frothing at the mouth apoplectic. Just exactly where did the idea of freedom go John?
    These attitudes or beliefs come from people who believe in ‘socialism’. Socialism is what some call soft communism. I say, socialism is merely the stepping stone governing process for ideologues to establish their first levels of control over others, before they impose their thug government on others. How easily our supposed intelligent officials trusted with our government call for the end of our cherished rights. If they would do this, just how far would they go with regard to our other freedoms???
    These words & ideas are despicable & Kerry should be ashamed.

  • iam

    When I heard that speech, I thought someone was finally admitting that the rabid left was being dishonest and should be ignored.

  • John Kramer

    He should get real. He has a bigger responsibility than he is excercising today no the media. He is so stupid. He knows he can’t
    control the press.

  • John Kramer

    He should be called the stupid senator not the senior senator.

  • Donna

    See what you get when you pay for a bed partner !!!! Man her deceased husband must be spinning in his grave to think his money is supporting this braindead piece of you know what….. Oh well you get what you pay for, hope she is getting her monies worth!!!

  • Stan Smith

    Libtard comrade Kerry- John Kerry: Media Should ‘Not Give Equal Time’ (To Views He Disagrees With) First the Libtards want fairness doctrine and this Democrap libtard wants to censor regular americans who opposed libtards radical ways?? Yep Kerry your Left no new media is a joke! I’ll stick to independent online unbiased news and independent talk radio!

  • Allan

    Headline: “Kerry Swiftboats 1st Amendment…Advocates Censorship by Progressives.”

  • Joel Harding

    Senator Kerry made an absolutely irrational statement here, he appears to have a deficit in thinking. His remarks are so our of touch we reality that we should beg the media to not cover his irrational statements. In other words, the media should stop covering him at all.

  • Marlene

    He sure must like the taste of toe jelly since he keeps putting his feet in his mouth. What a despicable Communist.

  • Rusticus

    Apparently what Kerry said was beyond the understanding of some of the people who commented on this article.

    Let me put it in terms that might help you understand. In covering a question about the composition of the moon, the media should not give equal time to someone who claims it is made of green cheese or to someone who claims that the moon really doesn’t exist.

    The media should not give equal time to known lies.

    It seems that most of the other readers see any comment by a liberal as an opportunity to show how effectively you can repeat the invective your propagandists keep repeating to you day after day. You are beyond help.

    • Allan

      Look Rusticus, anything that doesn’t fit the progressive agenda is called a “known lie” or “something everybody knows is a lie”. These exact terms are used by progressive publications, talk shows, and blogs EVERY DAY as a messaging strategy. Progressives have used this to the point that things they automatically label as lies are almost certainly true. This means they can only appeal to their base, and the likelihood that their argument will persuade an Independent is low. So it leads to compound lies, and it explains why progressive publications, TV, and radio shows are all hurting.

    • always right

      rusticus, that standard would keep skerry off the air, oprah off the air, blackbarry off the air, biden off the air, pelosi off the air, reid off the air, MSNBCBSABCFAUX off the air, and you off this forum.

  • 45caliber

    Off the subject but I just heard an interesting thing.

    Seal Team Six, who was sent in and killed Ben Laden? The one that embarrassed Oblama? Seems that the entire team was on the helicopter that just went down this weekend and killed all members.

    • eddie47d

      That had nothing to do with the Seal Team Six that took on Bin Laden. They are all still alive and there are over 10,000 Special Forces members in just Afghanistan. Seal Teams have hundreds of members. That story about Unit Six being killed needs to be put to rest.

      • Jay

        Put it to rest? So soon? The body is still warm, and you want to bury it? Like ob’s bc, bin laden’s body, and now, investigation on whether the seal members that, supposedly, took out osama, were part of the seal seal team that perished in the chopper crash! That could only mean one thing, the left have something to hide, perhaps complicity?

  • John

    I only have one thing to say to Mr. Kerry. You don’t like the Tea Party message? Too bad, welcome to the revolution. We have dealt with the likes of you for too long, and it is time for you to go away. What you have to say is meaningless, comming from someone not intellegent enough to defeat George W Bush.

  • Peter Locke

    Wow, and this guy ran for President. Would he have been worse than Obama? I read that statement over and over. Never figured out exactly what he thought he was saying. Look where we ended up when the media was printing things with which he agreed!

  • newspooner

    In a word, John Forbes Kerry-Heinz is an elitist turd. I guess that is two words, but I really needed both for an accurate description.

  • LES

    Kerry has been a leach all his life. His parents were rich, his first wife was rich, his second wife was even richer and he has lived on the taxpayer most of his life. All this wealth has gone to his head and makes him arrogant and believe he is superior to every one else. He is living proof how stupid Mass. voters really are.

  • Warren

    Kerry is just one of those rich Democrats who some people believe really have their best interest at heart. What they really want is to keep people poor but promise them they are doing all they can to help. At the same time blaming the Republicans. If you vote for a rich Democrat because you really believe they care for your well-being, the joke is on you. It is a little like believing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton aren’t racists.

    • fedup

      Well said, it is hard to believe that these people keep getting re-elected. I just wonder how much of his wealth gets redistributed to the poor.

  • Jay

    John Kerry says:The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual.

    Talk about a vague statement. But to be sure, it is a statement alluding to the fact that the American public is incapable of deciding what is factual, and what is absurd, and no doubt, according to Mt Kerry, the government will be more than happy to provide their wise, and divine assistance. Rhetorically I would ask, Mr. Kerry, who decides what’s absurd, and what’s factual? Huuh….

  • C. R.

    Consider the source – a liar, a progressive, a leech, a tax evader in his home state (MA) for his yacht, and the fact that he married money to live a great lifestyle. Sure, he doesn’t want facts and figures and truth. He would not be able to handle it, so use tyrannical means to silence us.

    • Harv

      Terrrrresa heinz is hia second billionaire wife. she wanted to be the first lady. she is as nutty as her husband.

  • Harv

    hey yacht capitaine kerry. are there any other constitutional rights that the elitist liberals want to void?

    lancaster, taxifornia
    push 1 for ENGLISH only in the USA.

  • Charles1123

    They do not want us paying attention. Right now our country is being undermined from the highest offices in the land. Until we do something our children are being put at grave risk with looming economic Armageddon because of their actions. The attacks on our economic security are just as blatant and deadly as the mortar attacks and rifle fire. This onslaught is ENGINEERED on the highest levels, do not doubt it for a moment. There are no miscalculations in public policy these are not the results of a few “dummies” and a few mistakes made in earnest. Right now there are leaches who make a living sucking your life blood because they have absolutely no skills or intent on contributing to society. Parasites that believe feeding their children is far more important you feeding yours.WAKE THE HELL UP! When you have to put your children to bed hungry and these vermin are looking down their noses at you like your scum, because the”host” has no more blood to give. Just remember ,their kids are eating well at your child’s expense. Just that thought alone should make your hungry kids and yourself sleep a little better knowing that your politicians are laughing at your freezing, starving asses.


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