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  • lookingforaccountability

    Not to sound naive, or Polly-Anna”ish, but unless there’s something more to the story than is being told here, it really seems like charging the parents with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child AND removing all four of the children just seems to be a little much to me. I know that many are going to point out to me the obvious question, “Where was either or both of the parents when this was all going on?” Which is a VERY reasonable question. Just keep in mind that I DID say, “…unless there’s something more to the story than is being told here…” and there may or may not have been more to the story. If not, I think it’s to much…if there’s more to it, then it could be very appropriate. I mean really, we all know that the authorities would NEVER do anything out of line or over the top! Right!?!? Weeeeeell, if you haven’t heard, in the news the other day there was a blip about how NY STATE has passed a new law. it’s now illegal to, A FELONY NO LESS, A FELONY!!! I kid you not, “…TO ANNOY A POLICE OFFICER.”!!! Can you believe that!?! Can’t you just see it? A cop’s directing traffic in the rain. You end up getting arrested because as you drove past the officer, even though you were going UNDER the speed limit, it was still fast enough that you somehow managed to lightly splash the officer causing him to become annoyed!

    I’ll leave you with this story. It is what predominately causes me to question the charges. When my oldest child, now 28, was growing up she was quite the handful! When she was 18 months old, there was one morning that I will NEVER forget! She scared me to death! Now, granted it wasn’t anything like little Dillin Miller did, but it was close enough for me. And there was NOTHING I could do to stop it. It was early morning, right after breakfast. I was home alone with her, as my husband had left for work. I had not long since finished my morning cup of coffee and had to go potty, and I didn’t need to pee. :- /

    She had asked me for a cookie and I told her no. It was to early in the day to start eating cookies. I told her I needed to go potty and to come with me. Knowing how active she was, there was NO WAY I was going to leave her to her own devices while I went to the bathroom! As I went in to the bedroom, I shut and locked the bedroom door. As I took her into the bathroom with me, I again, shut and locked the bathroom door. I got “comfy”, so to speak, (I’m trying to do the “tmi” thing here) (I wish I had an emoticon for a little red cheeked face for embarrassment to put in here!) She again, mentioned that she really wanted a cookie. (in addition to being active she was also quite verbal…she had at least a 280 word vocab. and was talking in very complete, long sentences) I again told her no. For a few minutes she satisfied herself with a toy that we had taken back with us. But in less than FIVE MINUTES she decided she was tired of her toy and didn’t want to stay in the bathroom anymore. She proceeded to go to the bathroom door, and unlocked it. I’m STEADY calling her name, telling her to come back, “You need to stay with mommy!” I could her at the bedroom door as she unlocked it…and the pitter-patter of her little feet as she ran up the hallway back to the front of the house. (It was a ranch style house, bedrooms in back, LR, DR, & kit. in the front end of the house) As you can imagine, I’m in the middle of taking care of business and COULD NOT just get up and run after her! As quickly as was possible, I went back in toward the front of the house. TO MY HORROR, I see that she has pushed a chair from the kitchen table up to the counter-top, climbed up onto the counter. She was sitting on the edge of the counter swinging her little legs back and forth, holding the bag of cookies, grinning from ear to ear, holding out a cookie toward me, chewing with a mouth FULL of cookie spits out a barely discernible, “Here Mommy! You want a cookie too!?!?” She was CLEARLY VERY proud of herself! Now, the rest of the story. The cookies were in the wall cabinet, ABOVE the counter, on the top shelf. After climbing onto the counter-top, she would have had to have opened the cabinet door and somehow climbed UP the four shelves to get the cookies off the top shelf. We had 9 foot ceilings in that house and the cabinets went ALL the way up to the ceiling, making the top shelf roughly 10″ lower than the ceiling. To this day it gives me shivers and chills to think about how bad she could have been hurt if she had fallen. Thank God she didn’t. It scared me so bad that I cried. I was actually more frightened than I was angry that she had been deliberately disobedient. Don’t give me the, Oh, she was only 18 months old bit! She knew EXACTLY what she had done, and that would be why she had been so generous as to offer me a cookie. Now she would have offered me a cookie anyway, but there was that brief Oh CRAP! look on her face as she realized she had been caught with her hand in the proverbial, and yet very real cookie jar, uhmmm….I mean bag… :- )

    So my point is, I’m sure every parent has a story about something there child may have done that put them in harms way, and they couldn’t get to them to stop them. I just wonder if someone didn’t get a little over zealous with the charges against the parents. Obviously, not being there or being privy to the details, I could be completely way off base. I can say for sure, that I’m really thrilled that little Dillin was unharmed from his acrobatics and way to go Ms. Torre!