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Jobless Claims Up As Economy Continues To Flounder Under Obama

June 13, 2011 by  

Jobless claims continue to rise.Claims for unemployment benefits in the United States continue to rise, perhaps indicating that the government has not done enough to lift the country out of the recession.

The Labor Department announced that there were 427,000 first-time unemployment benefit claims for the week ending June 4, which was an increase of about 1,000 over the previous week, reports CNN.

The news source reports that jobless claims have been higher than 400,000 for nine weeks in a row, something that some economists say is distressing.

“Jobless claims above 400,000 are consistent with a recession, and they are also consistent with an economy recovering from a severe recession,” Mark Vitner, an economist with Wells Fargo, told the news source. “And now that we’re stalling instead of recovering, that’s pretty disconcerting.”

This was only the latest blow for the American economy as statistics showed that a mere 54,000 jobs were gained in May. This figure is less than a quarter of the average gain of 220,000 jobs per month over the previous three months, reports Fox News.

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  • Frank

    The economy may doa lot of thing, but it can’t flounder.. a flounder is a FISH, a flat bottom dweller .. the proper word is FOUNDER.. it’s a word used to describe what happens when a ship sinks..

    • Cawmun Cents

      No….I think a flat bottom dweller describes the economic forecast perfectly.So flounder it is.-CC.

      • ladykroft

        ha ha ha…that was cute.

    • JLC

      Frank — A horse is foundered when it over eats on rich food. Kind of sounds like some of our politicians, doesn’t it?

  • Whembleysnight out

    Last I saw those 54,000 jobs were at McDonalds. At least they can supersize their meals and then hope Obamacare will take care of them.

    • CanCan

      Actually, Whembely, if I remember correctly-and someone correct me if I am wrong-was not McDonald’s one of those companies that Obama gave waivers to where his health care bill was concerned? If this is true, no ObamaCare for Mickey D’s employees. But then again, it makes one wonder if they are not worse or better off than the rest of us?

      • Ellen

        McDonalds needed the Obamacare waiver because they provide a minimal health policy to their employees and simply can’t provide what Obamacare requires. So, McDonalds will be one of the major employers who will choose the penalty fee rather than offering health insurance to their employees. This is one of the devious plans of Obamacare in an effort to move to govt-controlled health care.

  • shon

    Actually, FRANK, both are appropriate, depending on how bad you think the economy is. I think it is FLOUNDERing, but has hopefully not FOUNDERed yet:

    USAGE: It is easy to confuse the words FOUNDER and FLOUNDER, not only because they sound similar but also because the contexts in which they are used overlap. FOUNDER means, in its general and extended use, ‘fail or come to nothing, sink out of sight’ (The scheme foundered because of lack of organizational backing). FLOUNDER, on the other hand, means ‘struggle, move clumsily, be in a state of confusion’ (New recruits were floundering about in their first week).

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

      Glad someone knew what was right and left the fish out of it.

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    To say “perhaps indicating that the government has not done enough to lift the country out of the recession” begs the question whether the government can in fact do anything constructive, if by “doing something” we mean more government intervention in the economy through “stimulus” or what have you. The single best thing the government could do to lift the country out of this recession would be to get out of the way with its regulations and such and let business take care of business.

    • JimH

      Unrepentant, You are correct. To bad leave it alone, or stay out of it isn’t in a bureaucrat’s vocabulary.
      More debt, taxing the job creators and punishing achievement, sure hasn’t worked. Dems will just say we haven’t given it enough time, or we haven’t done it hard enough, rather than admit they were WRONG.(and sink the whole country in the process)

    • Ellen

      This is precisely the Republican plan – get the govt to stop making restrictive regulations so employers can begin hiring again. Obama is doing the exact opposite.

  • nonyabusiness

    And all Oblab blab does is play golf….I would love to shove them golf clubs (offensive words removed)

  • steve in AZ

    Hopefully that gradually increasing noise in the distance is the coming weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth in DC, of the 543 a-wipes there who believe they are there to “regulate” the economy and everything else in America.

    I wouldn’t entrust any of them with the task of pouring pee-pee out of a bootie.

    Yes, the math is correct: 545= both houses, 9 scotus, and one potus, minus Ron and Rand Paul.

    Hang ‘em high and vote Ron Paul 2012.

  • Bob Marshall

    Obama does know how to create jobs. For kuwait, that is. The same construction company that built the 700,000,000 US Embassy in Iraq is the same one he has asked to build the Us Embassy in Pakistan at a cost of 1,000,000,000USD. The taxpayer are paying for the new US Embassy in Iraq .Why not for the one to be built in Pakistan? Yes!He is creating jobs. halliburtion has the contract to build tthe oipe pipe lines across Iraq and Afghanistan. So, we can’t sy Obama isn’t creating jobs.when the new super hiway is built from Texas to Canada that will create jobs. That does mean we will be the North American Union.Since it has been passed and approved by all parties it is a reality.The USA has been forever changed.


      Obama might just revert to the 1800′s, when the Chinese were the ones who built the railroads in our country. After all, he does owe China a lot.

  • Raggs

    The ONLY thing that obaba has done is he sunk billions of our dollars into the unions… He could not care less if the private sector burns, as a matter of fact the failure of the private sector is exactly what he is after.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    What the stupid liberals, who think they are the intellectual elite, can’t fathom is that the government can do nothing to improve the economy except get out of it’s way by desisting in all programs and policies that put a drag on it and hinder it from growing, and those are taxes, governmental regulations, and the monopolization of capital credit resources (stop the spending in order to stop the government borrowing, in order to provide credit for private businesses, for start-up and/or expansion). Once that happens, it will take a period of time for the economy to build up a head of steam in order to start growing again, and the longer it takes the government to respond correctly, the even longer time it will take the economy to return to health and put the American people back to work again.

  • American Citizen

    Every time something doesn’t go as planned or touted by this administration, it was “unexpected.” That’s doublespeak for, “I’m too stupid to run a sweeper.”

  • GravityAlert

    The alleged 54,000 “new” jobs never actually existed. Employers were told to post openings in the various job seeking forums to make it appear as though there was a sudden upsurge in employment. There never were any additional openings or verifiable “new” employment. Just call any of these employers to discuss valid “openings” – say you are calling from the Unemployment office or the food stamp office – they’ll tell you flat out they do not have any jobs, but were told to post openings. Additionally, wages are in the toilet – if there IS a bonafide position, the wage that is being offered is closer to the minimum wage than the rate of hire that would have been paid prior to the installation of the current regime that is temporarily being housed in Washington, D.C.


      Four years ago, I was being paid $11.50 per hour at the same company I work for today. After leaving and then returning to this company, I am now earning $7.50 per hr for the same job. That’s what Obama has done for me

  • Duane72

    I must take issue with your premise that the government has not done enough to lift us out of the recession. I believe that the recession has been prolonged exactly because the government has intervened. The recession will be over sooner if the government, in fact, does less or nothing. A free market system will self correct.

  • don

    remember when slick willie clinton wa trying to force free trade on us. there would be no loss of jobs. well it was another of those lies like obumma lides to make too. they only tell what you want to hear. id bet that these jobs went offshore.

  • One Angry Mom

    And why do we think the unemployment rate will get better, when the “Annual Immigration Lottery” will continue to bring in almost 100,000 immigrants per year….dependent on you and me! Taking our jobs and our tax money! Of course, in the name of diversity…..makes it OK. How long can WE continue to pay for the non-contributing US melting pot?

  • Patriot
  • Elevenarrows

    Does anyone know if it is true that acting-President Obama is allowing something like 80,000 Muslims to immigrate here next year?

    • Dons621

      Add them to the Millions already here and we have a lot of votes going to Islsmic Law.

      The Department of Homeland Security and local police forces have vans and trucks patrolling our streets with the capability of looking inside passing cars and into homes. The Transportation Security Administration forces airline passengers into choosing between harmful naked-body scanners or full-body groping sessions for the “crime” of buying an airline ticket. The grope-and-peek procedures are being expanded to include rail travel and attendance at sporting events and concerts, and technology is being developed to allow agents to funnel large crowds of people through mobile command centers so they can be questioned while computers monitor their physiology as they respond.
      Law enforcement uses parabolic antennas to listen in on far-away conversations, video cameras to follow people’s every move and face recognition software to identify them — even if they have not been charged or convicted of a crime.
      These actions are blatant violations of the 4th Amendment. Congress does nothing… and says little.

      They are not looking for Terroist, they are looking for OUR GUNS!!!

  • s c

    Elite is as elite does. Ergo, there are N O elected ‘elites’ in Washington – and that includes the current over-rated, pathetic prez. Jobs, it seems are just a matter of theorizing and waiting for miracles to happen.
    Mr. Prez, it should be said that it’s not realistic to expect miracles from a human, but since your campaign was based on “yes, we can” (WHAT?) and “I will hit the ground running,” it’s obvious that you’re in over your head, and America is screwed by your presence, you need to be elsewhere.
    Do the honorable thing, Mr. Prez. RESIGN. Take the ‘wiener’ with you, and find some starry-eyed dreamer who will take you in and protect you from the real world. Being an ‘elite’ just isn’t in the cards for people like you. Head west, and move back to Chicago.

  • TIME

    Let me ask any of you, would you invest your money on a dead end game?

    Well Thats why no one is going to invest in JOBS in the UNITED STATES anylonger.
    Its DEAD, it just has not quite fallen down yet she is on her knees and falling by the day as you all sit and think about what political figure head will be able to fix the problem.
    People By December 2012 the USA will fall for the last TIME.

    Can I sell any of you some HOPE & Change? How about, Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow.. Good on Ya!

  • 45caliber

    “Claims for unemployment benefits in the United States continue to rise, perhaps indicating that the government has not done enough to lift the country out of the recession.”

    The government alone CANNOT lift this country out of the recession – unless they get totally out of the way. And I can’t see that happening.

  • don

    To top it all off ,the idiots lose $6 bil. in Iraq and the camel jockeys want us to ante up . LOL this guy trying to be president should just give up!

  • SiliconDoc

    After reading, my mind went immediately to what Donald Trump said. Any other presidential candidate talk about how stupid our “leaders” are?
    Any other talk about how China is ripping the USA off ?
    OPEC ?
    When Trump was on O’Reilly, Bill has a sissy fit whining that Donald was threatening China with a 25% tariff – threatening !
    Trump replied immediately ” China is threatening US! ”
    Then repeated the famous fear quote.
    Our nation is filled with SISSIES at the helm, scared to death that they won’t be a the pansy wimps required to “get along” with every other nation – a PERFECT OBAMA CLONE ATTITUDE – until…
    Until we get to the 5 wars Obama the usurper is waging because “yes he can !” – without any congressional permission (another WIMP problem this time one Congress has).
    Trump said he will hammer China down into their spot. Same with OPEC.
    Trump talked about how we are building CHINA.

    I guess the problem is, the soft hearted, liberal compassion crybaby leaders FEEEEEEEL we need to do that for all the poor citizens in those places and nations that scrape a living off rice, sand, and tortillas and “50 cent” a day. If you DON’T, you’re a RACIST – and…

    You’re the EVIL USA who as the libs have screeched for decades “exploits the rest of the world for their resources !” (add in a giant self esteem crying crush, self pity, a bleeding heart, and finally angry hatred of America)

    So this is what we have now – we will go on losing like pathetic lemmings because this is what the government media social mindset policy is – this is what the left has preached – companies are evil – they exploit the rest of the world = they exploited Chinese building the Railroads, Blacks building America, and just recently Hispanics building all the crookedly financed housing…

    Expect MUCH MORE of the same and worse.

    Donald Trump: ” My rich, very rich, super rich friends, well they really aren’t my friends, I talk to them, they can’t believe they are getting away with this. They can’t believe how stupid we are.”
    “Sadly, they don’t have any attachment to any country. They are international.” (for all the “conspiracy theorists”, TRUMP talked directly about the money powers that be – that are behind the scenes – THE ONLY ONE TO DO SO)

    Then… Obama released his layered pdf fraud, and suddenly Donald was the ENEMY.
    LOL – I laugh because it’s sooooooo stupid !


    We got the reverse attack on a GREAT SPOKESPERSON to spread the right side/conservative politics to the deluded masses… the attack by the powers that be on the right.

    I bet Donald Trump said – to himself and others by him : ” Well, #^&$ ?@^ then. So he went back to his super successful show.”

    This is our lot – even when for the first time a big shot talks sense about the declining USA to the American people – those in positions of responsibility piss all over him and attack because Bambi didn’t go down in out of office flames….


    Yes, I’m pissed.

  • Allan Halbert

    Time for daddy to take the T-bird away from the liberals, though they’re having fun, fun, fun. Seems like there’s been a decrease in liberal comments lately on a number of sites. But I expect soon to hear them pushing for Stimulus II.

    • JC

      yep, they’re actually that stupid.

  • James

    The economy will continue to flounder regardless who is in the Oval Office, or what Congress does. We are a Republic, not a dictatorship. We are in a recession because too many individuals and businesses were living on credit cards, instead of paying cash. Everyone was relying on continued inflationary expansion, but when enough people were head over heals in debt, the buying stopped, and the whole house of cards came tumbling down. The stimulus handouts only postponed the inevitable total collapse. Now that that’s over watch what happens.

  • Charles

    I like the likes of Joe Biden saying we are close to a deal on the
    debt ceiling.He figures, they can cut 1 trilion dollars now and 2 trilion over the next decade for a raise in the debt ceiling of 2
    trilion dollars. I remember the budget, we were going to cut the debt by 100 billion and somehow it was droped to 38 billion and ended up
    over a little of 300 thousand. Figures don`t lie,but liers figure. It makes me wonder if the Republicans will be duped again.They say we will go under if the ceiling isn`t raised and I say we are going under
    if we raise it. The reason Obama needs it raised so he has the money
    to install Obama care. With out the raise Obama care and some of his
    other programs go away. I say keep the debt ceiling and cut spending
    by 1 trillion a year till the debt is paid. No deals and quit the damn
    spending. People hold your Congressman feet to the fire and demand that they do the job you sent them to Washington to do in the first place. Republicans get it right or you are going to be like the Democrats and get a new name for your party,in the case the Democrats
    have become the Progressive party and maybe your new name will be the T-Party.


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