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Jimmy O’Bama

August 10, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Raggs

    Is this supposed to be a name such as Jimmy obama roosevelt Clinton?

    • Jyrine

      Until the last few seconds it was funny, then it got hilarious.

      • Mounted Shooter

        I agree…..had me rolling with laughter at the end. Guess you’d have to be over 50 to remember the Jimmy speaches, but this was great.

    • s berg

      I wonder if the Obamanation will survive and be as good an exPresident
      as silly Jimmy?

  • Dan az

    When I come to this page I don’t get anything but a white page with nothing on it.Whats up with that?

    • libertytrain

      works for me? Try refreshing?

    • Jim P

      Obviously a racist page!

      • libertytrain

        racist? why? comparing two presidents to each other – been done for years…

        • Xubaru

          HAHAHAHAHA!!!! He wasn’t saying the video was racist. This was a reply to Dan az,

          “When I come to this page I don’t get anything but a WHITE page with nothing on it.Whats up with that?”

          He was making a joke, people. Lighten up. :-)

          • Rick

            No what he was saying was that the video did not happen. He needs Flash or some other type of video player like Real Player in order to see it. I also had the same problem with Windows 7 and Flash Player so I had to download the Google Chrom in order to see it.

          • Harrel Phillips

            I agree Xubaru. People would rather jump to conclusions rather than see the humor.

      • Ronald Massey

        Racist ! Racist ! Racist ! the man is making fun of two idiots one white the other half black half white. How is that racist unless you are racist yourself !

        • Ntrump

          It’s joke idiot. Man, you democrats do not know how to read between the lines. Please don’t vote anymore.

      • Gary H

        You simply have no idea of what you are talking about…unless you define racism as any criticism against a black person…and if so, you have no idea of what you are talking about.

        • pb61

          Go easy on Jim P. This line of thinking has been hammered into his head after years of conditioning. It takes more than a few blog comments to banish undeserved guilt and promote independent thought.

      • 203 engineer

        Jim P: Not racist at all. Just pointing out the facts. How many freebies are you getting from your government – that we are paying for. Let me tell you slug, we are tired of handing out free cell phones, free food, and free everything else so you deadbeats can lay on your butts.

        You love Obama. You will find out soon enough that the you’ve maimed the golden goose. The Golden Goose is pissed. We are ready to take back our country from your socialist puppet Obama.

      • InformedPoliticalVoter

        Once again the Progressives are screeming RACIST to anyone that does not bow to the Messiah… and are using the ‘race card’ as an excuse to counter the pure facts… Obama is the most liberal progressive socialist President in United States history. Check all his policies… check his entire career voting record, that is, when he has the courage to vote!

      • meteorlady

        Obviously most here can’t figure out a joke when they read one. Sorry….

    • Jim

      Be patient. I thought the same thing and it finally populated

    • freeme2742


    • justbecause

      You must be a Democrat You don’t understand anything Unless the Democrats Tell you what to think and say

      • Drew

        Hmmmm, so if you are a Democrat, you are dumb and can’t think for yourself ??? So does that mean all Republicans are only smart ???/ Hmmmmmmmmmm, I thinking about that one ????????

  • Dan az

    Well it finally worked!I’m still laughing at the comparison,that was great!At first it was hard to make a decision on who was the worst of all times but then it hit me there is know difference between the two except who spent the most.Hands down obumer gets it but this gives me hope that we made the changes to get rid of the losers when carter was ousted and we will do it again this time.Keep up the great work that you did with this.Its imperative that we see those that only wish to continue the destruction of this nation and make it clear with out a doubt that we are being used by the puppets to finish their masters plan for redistribution of the wealth of our citizens and for them to take over be way of the NWO.

  • s c

    About all that needs to be said is the fact that Carter has his nuts, and we’re stuck with a superprogressive in a poke. You’re welcome, Jimmy. You’re no longer the absolute WORST prez America ever had. That distinction goes to The Anointed One.
    By the way, Jimmy, if you have any ways to create some jobs, you’re way ahead of the current incompetent in the W H. Maybe our new ‘SuperCongress’ can get together with you and make some sort of deal. Please understand that we don’t need any czars. We need job-makers. That point has been wasted on the new W H crew for almost three years.
    Unloading the pretender in the W H would give us a sense of balance (out with the garbage and in with someone who can at least pretend to care about America). Grow those nuts, Jimmy. Food and a job in the same breath! That’s what I call an improvement.

  • http://charter howe

    The lefts new agenda is a most satanic and deceptive “benevolency.” They now seize upon the human proclivity to confuse cause and effect. The elite cult simply reverts to its age-old alchemy. Haven’t we noticed the rise of the pharmaceutical empire? Under the pretense and paraphernalia of medical research and “healthcare,” the elite and their deceived political and “legal” order impose a new tyranny in the form of OBAMACARE which is not strictly about healthcare. For example did, anyone know that this bill creates a massive union under SEIU for healthcare industry employees and did anyone know that the healthcare bill creates a civilian ready reserve armed force of a 6,000 man militia, better armed and trained than the military to be used by the President in cases of natural disaster and in any other way as he wishes anywhere in the United States. It is already funded by the Obamacare bill and why is Congress purposely taken out of the loop for funding and approval of operating scenarios. This left leaning President is by far worst than Jimmy Carter because he is laying the groundwork for a dangerous drive toward socialism and the death of the free market system and that my friends is why it is important to get to the polls to vote him and his cronies out of office on 2 Nov 2012, because there will not be a second chance for WE THE PEOPLE to take our country and our freedoms back. The public is very easily deceivd by these socialist democrats and the liberal media who are creating a new level of irresponsibility by not reporting in a fair and balanced way.

  • TIME

    Folks, Look its been the same story for over 100 years now.
    If the feds make the problems and yet they never solve them whats thats say to you? Is that not a CON JOB?
    Is that not just what Berrnie Maddoff did? Oh I know he was thrown to the wolfs so the bigger game could unfold, afterall we all need a bad guy now and then so as to hide the Gangs really BIG Criminal acts.

    Its all Control people, in some circles that are based in LAW and Common Sense these acts are called “Criminal acts.”

    Is there a FIX to this problems, ==== YES === “Repeal all he laws” on the books over the last 100 plus years, — Let me say that again,
    “”ALL LAWS”” as in 100% of them ~~ as in “”ALL LAWS.””

    They are at best CRIMINAL ACTS by the Federal Government, yet really more in line with acts of out right “TREASON.”

    And as many of these ACTS / LAWS were brought about during a period of time when we were at WAR by the way manufactured with the Political class knowing quite well what they were doing.
    You look up what that demands for treatment of anyone who commits such ACTS.

    I don’t like any form of VIOLENCE but I do feel that when you take away peoples Personal Libertys, to fill your posckets with Cash in any form you have acted in a self serving mannor, as well commited very clearly TREASON.
    When such acts are committed to opress and distress the population {as in being above the common laws} that all must follow.

    You can change the faces, yet they remain the same.

    • grossyi

      Freedom does not require a permit.

      • Judi Rogers

        Freedom doesn’t require a permit because it was paid
        for in blood by our American soldiers–from its beginning.

    • http://personallibertydigest antekate kate

      Time, you’ve read my mind. Violence begets violence, but, before they take our weapons, we need to march on DC, imprison EVERY politician, CFR member, Trilateral Commission member, Supreme Court Judge, Power Broker, CEO/Upper Echelon/Federal Reserve Founders Families, Power Brokers Repeal EVERY LAW/LIE, Confiscate their ill gotten wealth, redeposit in Fort Knox, to back Gov. printed $$$,.. Must see “Eustace Mullins,” explains ending the FED. INCREDIBLE Researcher of TRUTH !!! YouTube PLEASE WATCH!

    • http://none Scott Chadwick

      While I agree with your premise–you’re a walking advertisement for why we should abolish teachers’ unions (and unions in general!) Occasional grammatical errors and mis-spellings are certainly the norm in this country–but man, you take the cake!

  • 4-just_us

    Our constitution was a great start, but after so many years
    I think it needs to be updated and made much more clear; more
    unambiguous. Things like “innerstate commerce clause” and “for the
    greater good” and other vague sayings. The second amendment is
    another vague one. I would like to see it approved by 80% of
    the people.

  • CJM

    Yet another “do as I say, not as I do” propoganda garbage. So, we are to cancel living while the liar in chief continues spending the taxpayer money for HIS vacations, birthday bashes, and the little jaunts around the globe just because he wants to travel. We are supposed to tighten our belts, buy less food, drive less…while he and his family have daily feasts, waste money on booze, has daily coctail parties for a selected few, and use AF-1 to go to fund raisers that have nothing to do with the daily operations of our government. Just how stupid does the liar in chief think we are!

  • Tomtom

    A peanut farmer and a cotton picker.
    And they lived in our White House?

  • R Thaler

    Why was Hermann Caine left off the POLL list? I think he’s terrific! Respectable, clear-headed etc. Too bad you didnt include him.

  • Michael Williams

    Brothers from another mother? Maybe they had the same mother after all.

  • mike t

    all you need to do with Obama is watch what he says and then watch what he does! you will get the picture. He is a liar,racist,and a con man. he has no business experience. He is only there because he is black. and for msn news “mostly sorry news”.NO clue what he is doing.

  • granny

    He’s a copycat…and a one term president.

  • AmericanJayhawk

    Very clever portrayal of the truth.

  • bill jennings

    lets do look at one difference.
    Jimmy had a total of $80 billion in deficit spending in his 4 years.
    Regan had more deficit spending in the first 6 months in office than Jimmy did in 4 years.
    Regan had more deficit spending in his 4 years than all previous presidents combined. Now understand this thats from George Washington thru Jimmy Carter.
    So make comparisons but not on spending.
    Percentage wise it would be interesting to know how Ronnie and Obama compared.

    • Mike Rieker

      Reagan? What the hell are you whining about that for?
      Just because Reagan spent the farm does that meant YoMama has to OUTSPEND him?
      This ass is a copy cat and he copies things that doesn’t work.
      He relys on his “Czars” to run the country and who are they anyway? Cronies and wannabees who would NEVER get elected. A group of Yes Men who, time will tell, should all be in jail for selling the US down the road.
      Wake up.

    • The Truthier Truth

      Michelle has spent more on hair straightener in 2 1/2 years than the Reagan deficit in 8 years.

    • Julie Ottaway

      How soon we forget. Please make note of this so you don’t have to be reminded. Reagan had a democrat Congress. He had to pick his fights. His Congress added up the spending. Get it! Please don’t forget it.

  • Mike Rieker

    Holy Hell.
    Now we know where he came from.
    He’s the slave son of a peanut farmer.

    • Mary E

      That is hilarious! LOL

  • Greyhound44

    I live in the mountains of central Mexico without AC and/or central heat!

    This Narcissist Sociopath clown in chief psychotic fool would not last 30 seconds here on his own!

    Please Eliminate this useless MF and all his staff asap!

    ret expat MD

  • rejatex

    well…… that’s certainly a frightening comparison. I remember well the Carter days. We just thought things were bad back then. This fool wants to make things night and day worse. Except for him and his friends of course. Ever notice that the shared sacrifice only pertains to those who aren’t in power?

  • http://none John

    I realize this is not directly on the subject but it defines the difference between the liberals (read democrats if they are blue-collar and if not, read socialists, marxists, leninists, communists)and conservatives. The fundamental difference is that liberals know, beyond any doubt, that they are intellectually superior to conservatives. The sooner that we conservatives acknowledge our inferiority, the sooner we will stop shouting out our nonsense.
    By the way fellow conservatives, since we are also war-mongers, has anyone counted up the American servicemen who died in 20th century wars during “liberal” (Democrat) administrations?

  • stas

    It proves one story is the same for the same illiterats illegal imigrants, regardless if they are black or white.
    Long live Africa, Salam Alekum. That’s is the CHANGE, Hope etc. Socialism.

  • Joe Cronan

    Look in the mirror stupid, the enemy is US. We let the Ivy leaguers into our Gov’t and now you have the same arrogant types running rough shot over us, just as Corporate America is doing to us now. They have infiltrated our Gov’t and selling the avg american down the river. They have a saying in Central and South America, “Es Gringo es muy stupido”.
    Wake up middle class america, you’re being duped & fleeced in the highest order. We need to protect ourselves against these New One worlders, who are eliminating the middle class of this once great nation. Who would have dreamed that an amateur such as Obama would have the sense to say some of the things that he has said to U.S. public. The Gov’t is testing us to see how far they can push us. Don’t just sit there in 2012, vote this Chicago puppet gangster out.
    All Gov’ts are intrinsically evil by their very natures! Why? Because they want to impose their wills on your will. You see, these eletists types, think they know what is better for you, than you do. Do not be passive in the next election. Vote these bums out!

    • Sue Simone

      Well said, Joe! I am so sick of all this ridiculous nonsense! This country is going to hell in a handbasket and the every day Joe knows it.. but no one hears US!! Sick of it all!

  • CharlesEverett

    Forty years ago I read two books that clarified how our country got into this mess. Both widely distributed by The John Birch Society and now out of print but available at Amazon Books.

    “Not a Shot is Fired” by Jon Kozak, explains revolutionary parliamentarianism. Kozak explains how to bring about totalitarianism (whether you call it Communism, Socialism,Nazism, or Fascism). Whereas Lenin chose to do it through violence, the Fabian-Socialists preferred to do it by the ballot box. Their approach was two steps forward (i.e. more government control of our lives), then one back (back off on one step if too many complain. this will fool the people into thinking thinks are changing) Net result is you slowly get closer to your goal 100% government control. This requires patient gradualism and is slower then the iron fist of Communism.

    None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen explains the individuals and organizations that not only want total government control in the U.S.A. but they want a New World Order (aka One World Government) probably with control by the Communist Dominated United Nations.

    Basically our enemy is BIG. Big government (more control at all levels), Big labor (mandatory union membership) , Big business (military-industrial complex) , Big Medicine (FDA, AMA), Big environmentalist (Gore and man made global warming), Big Education (standardized Anti-God, Anti Constitution braining washing).

    One glaring example of BIG. We have 51 Dept of Education. 1 Fed, 50 State to tell out local teachers how to teach provide an elementary education. Do you believe are teachers are too stupid to teach without federal and state dictates.

  • http://yahoo Thee Egg

    Obama is going down.. end of discussion.,.him and his cronies are allgoing to be ousted out like the thugs they are.. liars all full of contempt and dishonesty.. they will all stand before God almighty one day and give an account of their works and deeds,.. ghere we have one man who is not a US citizen yet stands in the highest office known to man kind and yet as we citizens here in the United States of America know , and we know it, He is not an American nor a citizen of this great country..How did we screw up and allow him to be elected president of the united states.. its our own faults.. even the ones that voted him in are now questioning their beliefs in this maniac.. so very easy .. we allowed him to manipulate our minds like the weaklings they are that voted for him.. but in November lets all do the right thing and vote his silly fake butt out of washington DC.. good day..we can do it.. just register and vote .. we can do it.. one more term of this idiot and we will not have a USA to call our own..

  • Visitorarea

    Wow!!! Aren’t computers just great!! You couldn’t have this animation back in the day!!! I’m lovin’ it. Now about the politics…..One is a Peanut Farmer and the other is a Peanut Brain!!

  • cmmeltzer

    OK…..we all pretty much agree that we are going to hell in a handbasket……but, it is not Democrat vs Republican… that is the problem. This is merely a good cop bad cop scenario… think that one party or the other has your interest at heart? NO WAY RAY !!
    They are one and the same….giving you an either or choice that only keeps them all in power….So while we argue which crook to elect….we are just kicking our lives down the lane…toward total loss of American Liberty….Throw the bums out….bring in a whole new set of people… bad apple spoils the bunch.
    It is the same with all of our communities and legal systems….Good Guy – Bad Guy Bull…..we are being sold out….PERIOD!

  • John in Texas

    As President Obama so aptly put it , there are no quick fixes ? But yes, there is a quick fix, Kick his illegal ass out of office ,Quickly .

  • John in Texas

    I’m sorry , but this is probably two of the most disgusting Bastards that ever resided in the USA .I assume this vid was done hoping to make folks laugh, hard to laugh when your throwing up .

  • http://n/a Teresa Manahan

    Boy this is great……probably half the people responding to this untra-conservative dope don’t even remember beyond Bill Clinton….how about Richard Nixon…he certainly was a beauty…how about the actor….what’s his name Ronald Reagan….another great one…Herbg Hoover wasn’t too bad…only got us into the worse depression the country has ever seen….come on now guys read a few history books and maybe you’ll have something to crow about…

    • http://Yahoo Gayle

      it isn’t just the president who needs to change. We are nearly close to being a welfare country. There are more on the dole than are working. History should be looked at seriously. What ia happening here happened a long time ago in europe …..a leader who spoke well, and to those who felt disenfranchised . I individual who promised a super race, he convinced a few and look what happened. The ” rich” were not all Jews, but all were limped together. factories, businesses, taken over by govt.”. See a pattern here? We need to get all Americans back on their feet, abolish welfare is impossible as there are those who can not work, care for themselves, both white, black, native Americans and those who have been here since the Mayflower. Rich is NOT a 4 letter word to be avoided at all cost. Obama never had a real job, and he is rich, wrote books, his wife worked, and a few years ago he organized people of color to “better themselves” he was elected to office by them, did no favors in Illinois out side of Chicago near hoods, voted not or present. chicago politic.

    • Jeffrey H.

      Speaking of reading history, Herbert Hoover was one of the most liberal republicans of his day. He was also master of backroom deals. Most of what FDR did economically up until WWII was continuation of what Hoover started, or at least for which he laid the intellectual groundwork. He believed in big government-private industry cooperation, or what is generally regarded today as crony capitalism, rather a misnomer as it is contrary to the essence of capitalism, namely the freedom of any individual or group of individuals to compete for market share by bringing a better, cheaper, or more novel product to market than their competitors.
      Hoover’s abandonment of free market principles contributed strongly in turning a stock market downturn (smaller in size than the Crash of 1921, which resulted in only a minor blip in the national economy as a result of Wilson allowing the market to right itself, rather than giving way to political pressure to “do something”) into a worldwide fiscal catastrophe. There were definite other factors in play, such as France’s undervaluing their currency, creating volatility throughout the European marketplace, and a singularly disastrous drought paired with not-yet-fully-honed industrial farming methods that caused local banks throughout the Midwest (and those tied in with them) to collapse. These banks were especially vulnerable to this type of local slump due to, of all things, crony capitalism in the banking sector, limiting banks’ ability to diversify outside of the market of a small area by keeping them from opening new branches(keeping out competition for the local banks). This practice, incidentally, was mostly pushed through by the local banks themselves, as “protection” from those big mean East Coast banks; the laws they sponsored (by buying votes) led to their downfall due to unintended consequences of regulatory forays into marketplace distortion.
      It would be nice if people would actually read some history beyond the kool-aid version in their junior high American history textbook, written mostly by people with political views left of Lenin, and at least attempted to get a balanced and accurate picture of what actually occurred.

  • Debra J.M. Smith

    That is just amazing, how alike they are.

  • Ron T

    Stupid is as, stupid does……They both sound like a dumb ass to me.
    This a great to compare two of the dumbest people I know.

    • ekim

      Ron, I understand your angst but “o” is not stupid in the sense we use that term. He is a face on the wall and a puppet ! Never take your eyes off of him, never let him get behind you, never allow him access to your fortune ! BE PREPARED !
      Opportunity will come in 2012, BE THERE !

  • Betty Boop

    Jimmy Carter was the best, I was making 9% interest. My Mom as a Republican loved him, she said he made her rich. Ahhh, those were the days.

    • 203 engineer

      Betty Boop: Your name fits you to a “T”. You are an idiot. How may years did it take you to get through the third grade, if you did at all. My guess is you got your diploma because our sorry assed public school system passed you right through so they didn’t hurt your feelings. My bet is that you can’t do basic arithmetic.

  • HamptonHal

    I call on everyone who reads this to type in the word “Socialist” on the web and see what the dictionary says. Then compare that to what the Democrates are trying to do. The answer: The goal of both is larger government that elimates the differences in classes. Take money from the rich and give it to the poor to make a level playing field controled by the Government.

  • big mike

    hey betty………..did your mother own a car she had to pay for ? or a mortgage ?…..what good is making 9%….when your interest on your debt is as it was back the well over 12%….and double didget inflation….your mom and you may not have been as wealthy as you thought…..!

    • Amazed

      Seriously?? Get a life people!

  • Mike

    To go further with this close comparison is Carter had a brother who liked beer and Brother Obama likes beer. This is just creepy.



  • s c

    vj, do you have any idea how childish you sound? Are you one of the newies who gets paid to barf up your predictable septic tank sludge? You haven’t said ONE damned word that means anything, and somehow we’re supposed to think that you have (somehow) something to say.
    You are a classic exhibitor of ignorance. You say NOTHING, and you claim to hjave uttered words that are worth noting. Ye of the thin-skinned faith [generic progressivism], take a hike and crawl back into that huge, big tent that you and your kind love.
    Don’t you find it a bit crowded sleeping in the same bed with a herd of smelly, bubble-headed geekoids who talk just like you? May you never get paid more than minimum wage for the crap you dare to send to this website. H L Mencken you ain’t. bubba. Al Franken you ain’t. You ain’t even Al Gore. They must have lowered their fickle standards AGAIN to let you join that herd.

  • edree

    How dare you insult the second most disasterous president ever, Carter, by morphing him into the most disasterous one ever.

  • Don Boyer

    Maybe his telepromter was broken. So he stole this speech from Jimmy

  • Fred Woolman

    You all forgot to mention dumb-ass bush … the WORST president since they were invented.
    And you all forgot to say anything about our servicemen and women being sent to fight for nothing, get killed for no reason … as all of us idiots sit here and explain to everyone else how dumb and clueless we all really are because no one has a way to know the TRUTH about anything….

  • SteveC

    It appears as if many of you are bginning to get it. Wake up!!!! It is not about left/right, liberal/conservative. These are the methods (they) use to divide and conquer us. It does not matter who we elect into office. They are puppets used by the puppet masters for their bidding. You are correct in indicting organiztions like the CFR, Federal Reserve, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, etc. it goes on and on. Remember when H.W. Bush used the term New World Order in one of his speeches? That is the master plan and in order for that to happen the USA has to be taken down.. If you still are mired in the politcal speak, ask yourself this question: Has anything really changed since Obama took office? It has just been a continuation of The Bush/Clinton/Bush/Reagan etc. etc. policies. Stop watching the crap that is spewed on our corporately owned Main Stream Media. Do your own soul searching and understand that the truth resides within ourselves!

  • http://yahoo Beverly Hill

    Why is it that everything said and done has to be racist? If this man had done what he said he would, I would not care if he was green,orange or purple. He has ruined this country and not because of his color. How many times has he insulted the US to foreign countries. How many times has he insulted the American people with acts like not putting hand over his heart for the American flag yet he will go to a foreign country and do it. He states he is Christian and then turns around and brags that his family is Muslim. If he is a Christian then I am the Easter Bunny. When you state it is because he is black just remember that it was not all blacks that voted for him. It was all races and as the bumper sticker says”If you voted for Obama in 2008 to show you are not racist then you better vote for someone else in 2012 to show you are not stupid”. He is a wolf in sheep clothing and we can’t take another 4 years of him. May God have mercy on this country for we need it.

  • Ronnymexico23

    There are many reasons that I don’t like our current president, just as there were many reasons I didn’t like Jimmy Carter. I hold out hope, however, that the one thing I loved about Carter which I would be proud to say that I loved about Obama is that he served only one term. Oh, also without Obama as president we conservatives wouldn’t have regained control of the House and a majority of gubernatorial races since his election by a racist minority of the electorate.
    It may a bit Machiavellian but Obama, with his socialist agenda, has been the gift that keeps on giving….to the GOP and the birth of the TEA Party. In hindsight I shudder to think where’d we would be today had RINO McCain won and simply continued the slow incremental leftward drift rather than the dynamic leftward lurch of the Obama regime. At least it has brought many of the Independent voters back over to our side, seeing themselves stripped of their liberties at such an apparent and alarming rate.

  • Dansmith1954

    Love the ending picture… “I’m with Stupid”
    Get ready folks, the NYTimes will begin trashing
    Obama soon. David Brooks is starting to see the light,
    along with “Million’s” of Democrat’s…before the Party’s over.

  • Frisco fred

    Obama will not run for re-election

  • Gal from Texas

    Let us all pray for our country. We really do need it. And please go to the polls and vote. If we don’t get our country back it will be our fault. Get our prayers back into our schools and country. I pray everyone is listing.. Thanks and God Bless our country and our boys in service.

    • Chrliev

      Hey Gal from Texas, I am definitely LISTING…?
      Didn’t we just get our country back from Bush the guy who started and left us with 2 Major Wars We sure could use those $ 2 Trillions back here to save us right now, Don’t You Think…?

  • http://.html Jarrod Pear

    Really don’t know where to begin. I have education through a masters degree. However, it’s all in education. Teaching is taking a such a massive hit right now with funding, I’m thinking of switching careers to automobile sales. I’m extremely well spoken, and present myself well. How should I go about locating vacant positions in auto sales? I have minimal sales experience.


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