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  • JimH

    Groundhogs are better than woodchucks and vultures are better than buzzards.

  • nobaloneyhere

    Those are the ones who vote in this country. We are in trouble.

  • trugrits

    maybe the Affordable Care Act had 2800 pages but after being revamped it should now be called Obamacare since the later supposedly has 20,000 pages. I would say the two might not really be the same thing. But how should I know? I haven’t seen a copy of either to compare and wonder how a law containing 2800 pages became the same law but with 20,000 pages.

    • Cashu

      It’s called Obamacare because ONLY O’Numbn*ts is allowed to tweak or change the order of implementation or delay arbitrary portions of it. Only the Usurper can grant exceptions or waivers to enforcement. Only his whims and pronouncements have any force of law concerning this obamanation called Obamacare. Whatever King Obama says goes, regardless if it is contrary to the law supposedly passed and signed. What more proof do we need that we are under the thumb of a d*mned dictator??

      Need more proof? Just try your hand at getting a delay for your personal participation and see what happens to you…



      • They’re all Nuts, Alice

        You can if you convert to Muslim, because they don’t believe in insurance, only blowing themselves & others up!

  • B

    This guy only shows low information voters and then plants pollitica/ racial biased innuendo! He sucks!!!

    • Robert Messmer

      Of course he only shows the idiots, it is comedy for his show. How much humor would it be to show someone who actually knew that they are the same piece of crap? Do you think he would broadcast a thoughtful answer explaining various things that are wrong with this legislation? What “racial biased innuendo”? That was a blond, white woman he called stupid?

  • Bill

    It kind of reminds me of the liberal posters on this site

  • Prince Pablo

    Of course, the Affordable Care Act is better, it’s affordable, right? Shows you how insidious they were in naming it that in the first place!

  • flashy

    Lol…folks, they are you. There are so many stories how, when presenting the two names for choosing which is better … when breaking down the various aspects of Obamacare and asking if it should be offered as law … people support Obamacare.

    kinda makes y’all look silly when you claim most Americans are against it. Reality is reality. Americans support Obamacare.

    • Moshe McCarthy

      Americans are so ignorant & removed from reality, they don’t know what they support except for horrible food & inane TV & satanic music!

      “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to
      a profoundly sick society.”
      ~ Krishnamurti

      • nautilus_3

        Agreed.. but the truth is, you cant trust anyone at all, no matter what side you support. They all lie to push their agenda and get the media to help. I’m sure that most of what we are arguing about is probably some made-up junk that some medial organization invented to make a story interesting and sell news papers (or equivalent). Everyone (most everyone) in Government today is a liar… Why? So they can keep their job. They tell us one thing so we will vote for them and yet they do the opposite so they wont be the outcast among their colleagues. This is a good reason why we shouldn’t have career politicians.

        So, what is the truth? From what I understand, the Government has exempted it self from Obamacare/Affordable HCA. I have heard this from many different News organizations that swing either left or right. If this is so great, then why wont they touch it with a 10 foot poll? Red Flag!!
        Also heard that they had to hire 16000 IRS agents to support this AHCA.. How is this going to save us money again?. So, IRS is now involved? Really? Has anyone ever had Kaiser Medical Insurance before? Those of you that have, probably have some good horror stories like myself. This is where I see things going with that detail.
        Another red flag is when Nancy Pelosi stated (saw the video) that “We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is Inside”. Who does that? Anyone that says or acts like that needs to be kicked out of office immediately.. Would you buy a house with your hard earned money without ever seeing it or knowing anything about it? I highly doubt and sane person would take such a gamble as we all know what the consequences would be..
        Find out the truth.. Stop watching the news and do your own research. That’s the only way we can filter through all the crap these days.

    • B

      Look at the polls, NO they really don’t support it!!! :)

    • B

      The only low information here is you, it’s simply wanting to make extortion legal by force! Don’t you read, most reputable practices are not participating and smaller practices are closing there doors and you accept the delusion!!! People’s work ours are being cut just so businesses can avoid paying for their employees!

    • Cashu

      Got a feeling if Jimmy “victimized” you in one of these set-ups, you’d come across just as low info as any of those uninformed twits. Your nom de plume says it all: flashy with hardly any real thought behind the flash – just another low info cheerleader for the usurper…



  • Richard Bryant

    The significant aspect of this is that these low-info voters are all against Obamacare. In other words, *nobody at all* likes Obamacare. I would not be betting on any Democrats in the 2014 elections.

    • Pork Chop Diop

      NEVER underestimate the stupidity of the modern American voter!!

    • Doug Nusbaum

      $100.00 that democrats keep the senate, and elect the president. Like most republicans you can not count or do math. dpaladin at ix dot netcom dot com. At least, if you put your money where your mouth is, I will profit from it :-)

  • marylou

    The American voter is truly stupid!!

    • Vis Fac

      Thank to the above mentioned progressive one dimensional indoctrination camps that produce the functionally illiterate dependent on government and lame stream media!!.

      Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  • marylou

    Everyone knows that Californians have been in the sun too long and have fried their brains

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      And add Drugs to the mix and they have really fried their brains…

  • lokiswife

    We know who these people voted for, and they are going to be outraged when they learn that Obamacare is going to rake them over the coals…and cost them thousands more than Obammy said their insurance will cost….

    • Warrior

      Oblamacare is nothing more than “public edumacation” on “steroids”. It is “union” utopia and the “demonrats” salvation. Just wait and see. The goobermint will have to tax, tax, fine (err tax some more) and borrow to sustain it. It’s “elementary” Dear Watson.

  • Frank Plachy

    not much information has been shared on obamacare. Pelosi said vote it in then we will find out. they voted it in and americans still don’t know anything about it and now it’s being implemented! what a joke!

    • Mole Johnson

      What a horrible woman!

  • Vis Fac

    And we wonder why America is going down the toilet!! We can thank progressive one dimensional idiot-ology and their indoctrination camps that masquerade as public schools as well as lame stream media for this mess.

    Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  • Hoosier Daddy

    The black guy prefers something with the word “Obama” in it. What a shock.

  • Sarah Conner

    With this kind of uninformed people roaming the land…we are in dire straits,for sure…I am embarrassed FOR them…

  • FreedomTrainUSA


  • Deerinwater

    Hahaha! I thought someone would never ask! Obamacare is a satire title fabricated by opposition while there is no such thing. The same would apply to an Obamabile, ~ That would be a lemon Oldsmobile. ~ For anyone to understand this well, you must to get in the right frame of mind. ~ It’s word association play with a mixture of hate and a effort to diminish and discredit. As president , Obama instructed the House to reform our health care system ~ they did ~ that was The Affordable Health Care Act, also known to opposition as Obamacare among those that preferred no change in our Health Care system as it was serving them well at the cost to others and had been for decades, for so long in fact, they became to feel “Entitled” enjoying the benefits of a disparity created by the old


      Don’t strain yer brain,man…..At the worst possible time, our prez decided to do this & it’s his baby, so it’s called this not to disparage, but to attach it to the right party…capish? Sort of like, “The Bush Tax cuts”. ok!

      Funny thing, he had no real input on it as it was being crafted, but then again as we have found out, he is a piss-poor leader, who rarely gets involved & truly leads, but he does like to play golf a helluva lot & go fundraising a lot, especially while one of our embassies is burning in the middle east!

    • jaybird

      The Pres. said that he liked them calling it ObamaCare, just like in the video, you don’t know what you are talking about. They are one and the same.


    stupid uninformed people!we call them sheeple!this is the problem is right,stupidity should be painful!

  • jaybird

    No wonder our country is in the mess that it is in. This video, the petitions that people sign in CA on video that want to do away with 1st. amendment, 2nd amendment & the Constitution and send care pkgs to the terrorist??? The ones that the college students sign???

    The only forums that we have to educate the people are the letters to the editor in local newspapers and town halls where we can question the speaker. If we don’t speak out more, this country is never going to turn around, I still hear people say they would vote for Hillary. She is involved in Benghazi now and before in the Clinton administrations scandals where approx 80 people were murdered (labeled suicide) with gunshots to the head and car accidents. Many of these people were material witnesses to their scandals, they gave away high-tec information on our missiles and satellites to Communist Chinese for money.

    Democratic voters are either low information (straight party voters), stupid or corrupt. We need to get the information out. Harry Reid replied to a female Democrat in the House yesterday when she asked couldn’t they fund an experimental cancer program that might save 1 child at NIH and he said “why would I do that”? That he didn’t even “know why” she would even ask such a question, that he had other people to worry about. This administration wants to keep the gov. shut down to hurt the American people, children with cancer and the Veterans of WW11 so we won’t oppose them again. This Muslim President and Harry have no empathy for others.

    • jaybird

      Correction to my comment:

      It was a female reporter that asked Harry Reid about funding for cancer and now I see that they are trying to turn it around on the Republicans. I saw the video and he did say “why would I do that”?

      • Mole Johnson

        He sure is a bastid!

  • Libertarian58

    News flash, Kimmel wasn’t the one that made her look stupid. . .

  • ChuckS123

    I can understand that a lot of people may not know they’re the same. The bigger problem is discussing the differences when they don’t know what they’re talking about.