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It’s Time For Conservatives To Abandon The GOP

December 14, 2012 by  

It’s Time For Conservatives To Abandon The GOP

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus wants disaffected members of the GOP to know that the Party is doing the very best it can. And while conservatives may find his assertions a little silly, it’s important to remember that what he really means to say is that the GOP is doing everything it can to ensure the supremacy of big government in America for years to come.

Now that “toe the party line” GOP voters have had more than a month to reflect on the folly of running a big government, left-leaning Republican against a big government Democrat in a contentious Presidential election, the Party chairman is offering a blunt assessment of the campaign.

He said in a recent interview with National Review Online:

When you look at where we were and where we’ve come to, I think the RNC has done a good job. But I don’t believe that what we’ve done will be good enough four years from now. I think you can have it both ways — we did a good job with the time we had, but it’s clearly not going to be good enough in four years.

As for the overall question, I think it’s a team. When you say the Republican party, I consider that to be our friends, the candidates, everyone in between — and it just wasn’t good enough. Our job is to figure out what we can do as a team, all of us together, what can we all do better together so that we can have a decisive victory in 2016. That’s something that hasn’t happened since 1988. We can’t just wait for these Tuesday nights every four years where, if one out of eight states doesn’t go well for us, we’re done. We have to figure out what we have to do to give ourselves more opportunities.

Note in the second paragraph: “When you say the Republican party, I consider that to be our friends, the candidates, everyone in between — and it just wasn’t good enough.”

Looking back on the Presidential campaign season, it’s fairly evident that when Priebus says “everyone in between” he doesn’t include the vast number of Americans who hoped the GOP, despite differences, would embrace them simply for their support of a much smaller American government.

Yes, you’re thinking: “Oh, here we go, more talk about the Ron Paul disrupters.”

Bob Livingston pointed out artfully Monday how the Republican mainstream packed its primary with deeply flawed faux conservatives while simultaneously using every trick in the book to shut out the only true conservative in the race.

Now, Priebus and his phony conservative acolytes are laying out the plan for coming Republican victories. If you are a truly conservative member of the GOP, the news is all bad:

The committee members support what we did. They know we have a ton of work to do going forward, and they think I’m well suited to spearhead that effort.

The writing is on the wall, and Priebus’ words only make it clearer that the Republican elite plan to march forward with its plan to destroy any true conservatism left in the GOP in the interest of big government, the military industrial complex and corporate welfare.

Paul will leave Congress this year, and — as Livingston pointed out — the GOP is already making sure that no other noisy true conservatives take his place in highlighting the lies in the message of the Party by removing lawmakers who fail to march lockstep with the GOP’s big government agenda from committee assignments. A recent purge drove Justin Amash of Michigan, Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, David Schweikert of Arizona and Walter Jones of North Carolina from their assignments for the high crime of suggesting that the Party’s go-to budget doesn’t cut spending fast enough.

If you are one of those who spent the past several months shouting down the prospect of a powerful third-party candidate, perhaps your energy over the next four years could be spent more effectively building one up. That is, unless you like the direction the Nation has been taken under the Republicrat regime.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Mike

    Get rid of Priebus, Boehner and McConnell, or quit voting Republican. We need a party which stands for something. The GOP no longer stands for anything. We had the issues this past election and Preibus and the party did absolutely nothing with the issues. You cannot fix stupid.

    • Dean bartlett

      True but I wish it was stupid the leadership of the republican party are self serving progressives who only want to keep the status quo.

    • wildruff60

      Fix the whole Problem, The Free Lunch!! No W2, No Vote!!

  • Harold Olsen

    The party is doing the very best it can, huh? You know, that’s what I’m afraid of. Their “best” is the main reason why conservatives like myself are as fed up with the GOP as they are with the Democrats. The GOP is trying too hard to emulate the other party to the point where they may as will merge with them and become one party, which is, basically, what have now. The Democrats stand for tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend, and waste waste waste. What do the Republicans stand for these days. Not a damn thing! What was once the party of ideas is now the party of nothing. They haven’t got a clue and don’t give a damn!

    • Mikey

      Well put Harold. One option is the Libertarian party, we still have conservative ideals.

      • jerry t. searcy

        In reality the ONLY real option is a party holding the Libertarian worldview. Call it whatever you wish but this world view will save us. All others will either end America as designed immediately or slowly cook us to death over the collectivist bonfire!

        • Tony Ruiz

          Lilbertarian party? Yeah, that’s a great idea alright; let’s all just scatter to the four winds, to that party and this party and become a bunch of small, inconsequential parties. Or focus.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            Better that, than sticking to the current two gov’t parties, that don’t give a damn at all about us…

            I can be marginalized by them, or I can choose to be marginalized by joining a group I believe in (who then gets marginalized by the rest of the party hacks, such as yourself)

            Personally? I’d rather be among friends, than overseers…

            – Smoov

      • Shaggon

        No Mikey, we don’t need a Libertarian either. They go way over the other way with no governing. We need CONSTITIONIST or WE THE PEOPLE PARTY.

      • Shaggon

        I meant “constitutionist” but I like WE THE PEOPLE, better.

    • momo

      Harold, the only difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is the Republicans say they’re fiscal conservatives!

      • The GLB

        They also claim that they do NOT want to kill genetically unique human beings before they are born.

    • Ron Merry

      Couldn’t have said it better Harold… the party of nothing… I like it but where do we go from here?

  • Han Solo

    I left the damn GOP and re-registed for the first
    time in my life as a libertarian.

    I dont even want to be counted in the number of people who are registered anymore.

    The GOP is more dangerous than the dems. At least the dems are honest. The GOP are lying bastards who are destroying the cause of liberty by tricking people into thinking they are the only alternative if you want limited government but they are doing their best to keep that from ever happening.

    I urge everyone to leave the party. Its over.

    • Mistie

      Not True…I would never change to Libertarian. Libertarians are worst than the dems or reps. Libs are the ones that are causing the problems. Libs don’t possess any values to speak of. At least the reps have a little bit of conscious…Sorry you sold out. Yes Ron Paul is a good man, but somethings were too far out especially on the global stage. I would have voted for him, if he would not have said the things that he said about other countries…. Your mistake by voting for Ron Paul was that by doing so you really voted for Obama. So don’t complain anymore… When trying to oust someone from office, we need to stand together for the majority’s chosen candidate, even though we don’t agree with every single thing about him. We need to weigh the good qualities versus the bad of our nominated preferred candidate, and then stick together and give our vote to that person. This is the only way to oust the candidate that we don’t really want . If we always split our party and give our vote to the another candidate running on the same party ticket, but who was not chosen by majority of our party. we then by default have given the opposing party’s candidate our vote, because the preferred candidate of our party will get less votes… Understand, don’t be pig-headed when voting. I try to have my vote count…I don’t give my vote, by default, to the party that I don’t want….

      • Smoovious Laxness

        On another article I made a posting about people who are too caught up in party identity, voting against their own interests all because all they care about is party and being counted as one.

        They don’t give a damn about the people or policies, as long as the person has the same party label, that’s all they care about.

        We’re in this mess because of people like you, who just won’t take off your blinders and see things for how they really are.

        The Libertarians do possess values, and they live up to them a hell of a lot more than any Republican I’ve been alive to see in action. Your Republicans have been trashing their ‘values’ time and time again, yet you refuse to see.

        You go ahead and stay with the Republicans if you want to… the rest of us are going to save the country in spite of you.

        – Smoov

      • JC

        You obviously don’t know “thing one” about Libertarians.
        Exactly which part of people honoring our Constitution do you have a problem with?

      • warren

        …seems you don’t know a thing about Libertarians or how to make your vote count….you are one of the sheeple…the GOP lives on because of mindsets like yours

      • warren

        Mistie ..I take your own quotes and and redirect them back to you….

        “Your mistake by voting for (flip-floppin smiling, Mitt Romney), was that by doing so you really voted for Obama. So don’t complain anymore…”

        “Understand, don’t be pig-headed when voting. I try to have my vote count…I don’t give my vote, by default, to the (party candidate) that I don’t want….”

        then this becomes the only thing in your blog that makes sense..

        “This is the only way to oust the candidate that we don’t really want “

      • rswallick

        i don’t want either big govt, more govt, parties, they are the same. neither party has ever proposed reducing govt in any way. thier ideas of reducing govt , is not having it go up as much as planed. what a joke, positive change will not happen by the current structure. it is time for people to take our world back. get out of debt, plant a garden, store up some food, learn what wild (weeds) edible plants grow all around you, you must make the change

      • Rocketman

        Mistie, your comments show that you know nothing about the Libertarian Party or it’s members. The LP has been for decades known as “The Party of Principal”. Did you know that with thousands of Libertarians elected to small government positions over that last 40 years (It was founded in 1972) that NOT EVEN ONE TIME has a elected Libertarian voted in favor of raising taxes? Did you know that just ONE TIME has an elected Libertarian voted to increase government? That was when New Hampshire State Representative Calvin Warburton voted in favor of a bill that simultaneously eliminated one old state position while at the same time creating a new one, which actually made it government neutral. The Tea Party and the rest of the Conservative Leadership is making a huge mistake not backing the LP to the hilt because the two parties are about a real as television wrestling. There is only one real conservative, pro-tea party out there and it’s the Libertarian Party.

      • http://none Michael Westrich

        Hi Mistie. May I quote you? Many of my neocon friends have made the same argument, and when Mitt purchased an early lead in the Republican race, I adamantly predicted that Obummer would win. Unfortunately, ignorance is a shared trait in the R party as well as the D party. The USA has become a global empire that is over extended (not unlike the Roman empire), and as such, wastes just as many dollars on Defense spending, and international “bribes” as it does on handouts and subsidies for the lazy, or disenfranchised (there are unemployed that are very hardworking and would love an opportunity to be self sufficient once again). There are “big players” (defense contractors, public works contractors) in the R party that benefit from “big Govt.” just as there are “big players” (unions, academia, big Govt. employees) in the D party. The Libertarians do not wish to waste their tax dollars on any of these “subsidies”, as they are all unconstitutional in nature, and only serve to make all of us less free. I can assure you that from our founding fathers perspective, our current Federal Govt. (state and local as well) is a bigger nightmare than they could ever have imagined 225 years ago.

      • John

        Mistie, for the first time in my life I voted for a Libertarian (Gary Johnson) for President. I have always voted for Republicans. George Bush fixed that for me. Your attitude is mis-guided. Republicans nowadays are nothing more than Democrats. Witness what John Boehner did to a real conservative, Tim Huelskamp, for not towing the anti-American liberal agenda the Republican party espouses today. Being myopic can give you results longterm you won’t like i.e. less freedom and more slavery. Wake up! The Republicans have sold out to the Globalists along with the Democrats. Complete slavery is coming! I predict the Democrats will take the house in 2014, and get a super majority in the senate.

      • Lucy

        AMEN…..I agree whole heartedly with you letter. you said it exactly how I feel about the election. Keep up the good work. The GOp better wake up. The old boys dont get it yet

      • http://windstream Wayne

        Exactly! Instead of dividing the conservative vote, I would encourage everyone to take over the Republican Party. It is a major party, unlike the Libertarian Party, and, from the evidence, ripe for a takeover and revolution. But, also, conservatives need to learn how to talk and frame the political issues so as not to frighten Americans away from the conservative message. I liked Ron Paul, and understood what he was trying to say on the issues, but he was not coherent on some of the issues in a correct way, not using the right words…..and scaring people away from him and his campaign. We can talk like Ronald Reagan…or Patrick Buchanan! One way of talking leads to victory…and the other way leads to defeat.

      • Robert Smith

        From JC: “You obviously don’t know “thing one” about Libertarians.”

        When they put Bob Barr in charge that was enough to know. That right wing nut slithered to the top as their presidential candidate a few years ago.

        Check out his stance while he was a Republican:,_rob

        Here are some of his big hits:

        “In Congress, he also proposed that the Pentagon ban the practice of Wicca in the military.”

        Is that the way Libretarians feel about religion?

        “Barr took a lead in legislative debate concerning same-sex marriage. He authored and sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act, a law enacted in 1996 which states that only marriages that are between a man and a woman can be federally recognized, and individual states may choose not to recognize a same-sex marriage performed in another state…”

        Hmmm, guess he isn’t out for the civil rights of all Americans.

        Is that how the Libritarian party feels? Obviously it does, they ran him for President.

        Let’s see how he is with drugs: “Barr was originally a strong supporter of the War on Drugs, reflecting his previous experience as an Anti-Drug Coordinator for the United States Department of Justice.[6] While in Congress, he was a member of the Speaker’s Task Force for a Drug-Free America.[35] This task force was established in 1998 by then-Speaker Newt Gingrich to “design a World War II-style victory plan to save America’s children from illegal drugs.”[36] The task force crafted legislation specifically designed to “win the War on Drugs by 2002″.[

        Well... As we all know, that's a lost war.

        Is that how the Libritarian party feels about the war on drugs?

        Oh, oh, Let's look at medical pot. Looks like he flip flopped on that one. Congrats! He's now on the side of medical pot.

        What is his international experience... This is good: "In 2011, Barr traveled to Haiti to lobby on behalf of "former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier."[109] According to Barr, “he is not serving as Duvalier’s attorney, but is in Port-au-Prince to consult, assist and be Duvalier’s voice to the international community.”[109]”

        Sheesh, is this what the Libritarian party stands for?

        Who was his VP? Oh! I remember. Another right winger, Wayne Allen Root. Where have I heard that name before? I remember again! In October 2012, before the 2012 Presidential Election, he predicted a Mitt Romney “landslide.”

        There is someplace else I remember him from. Let me think for awile… I’ll get it. I’m sure you’ve already gotten it.


    • Erik

      Did you say “at least the democrats are honest”? Really?

      • Smoovious Laxness

        He has a point, one I have said before myself.

        Yes, Democrats are more honest…

        They have always been about bigger government, more spending, etc etc…

        What they’re doing now is what they’ve always been doing. They’re on the ‘left’ (damn, I hate those linear designations… people, do yourselves a favor and check out the political compass and start using it! all the linear left-right serves to do is lump people together who aren’t together AT ALL… )

        anyways, they’re on the “left”, they’ve always been on the “left”, and even tho they keep breaking their promises to cut spending every time, they make no secret about how the gov’t is never big enough.

        You know what you’re getting with the Democrats… they’re more honest…

        On the other hand, and this is why I’m always more critical of the Republicans, even tho I think they are both a threat to the country, is that the Republicans are not honest.

        They keep making claims about smaller government and cutting spending, and every single time, they cave… that most basic ideal of what Republicans are supposed to stand for, they always make a good show of it… right up until the time when they might actually succeed, and then they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory… (hello, Justice Roberts)

        They agree to tax hikes, in exchange for promises to cut spending by the Democrats, which never happen.

        Republicans are supposed to be fiscally conservative, with stay-out-of-our-lives government… fighting for the citizen’s rights and freedoms and standing in the way of gov’t overreaching… at least, if you believe their lip-service…

        But, back in the real world, they keep intruding into our lives more and more, usually with the Evangelicals driving them, but even without them, they still would. They cut spending just enough to wrap themselves in the flag over it, while spending continues to rise, our debt continues to grow, and the rate of spending increases, just slows down a little, but never enough to actually accomplish a damned thing.

        Want a recent example of where the Republicans’ priorities lie? Look at all of the legislators that the Republican leadership just yanked out of the committees, and what those legislators stood for. Those were your Tea Party people, who were pushing for fiscal conservatism, but they were at odds with the Republican party, so they had to get yanked out of the way.

        This is your Republican party, and they don’t deserve your loyalty, trust, or respect… and above all, they don’t deserve your votes anymore.

        A Democrat, at least I know where I stand with them…

        – Smoov

    • don

      Han Solo,, The Dems are honest ???? Really,, who’s arse do you have your head up, your eyes must be full of sheeit !!!!

    • Tony Ruiz

      Dems are honest. Your gauge is broken.

    • thefisherman

      The party is over,it’s time to call it a night.Oh well it was not a good party and the Tea was not any good as well

  • Ryan

    The Rebublican party is dead because it’s no different than the Democratic party, other than maybe a few less extremists.
    I’ve hear that the way to get a third party is to start at the local level and work up to the national. Does anyone think that there is time for that to happen with the speed in which we are moving to a wall?
    NOW is the time to start to organize with ideas on what this new party will represent.
    No time like the present to try and turn this fiasco around, if you think it can be done.

    • warren

      Ryan…If you look at the time and the effort Ron Paul has put in over several decades trying to work his message credibly through the Republican Party, with all the opposition he faced, making the best logical well informed arguments, only to be knocked away battle weary by huge amounts money, then we must realize it will take time and a real conscientious upswell at the grass roots level. I’m hoping Dr. Paul’s infrastructure can arise and continue building on his efforts.

      • Tony Ruiz

        You’re so full of crap. Remind me what Paul said about 911 and the WTC

      • Thinking About

        Ron Paul apparently thought small government was attaching earmarks to bills he knew would pass and voting against the bill himself holding the idea he did not vote for spending, tuck the money in his pocket and traveling back to his district on the most expensive flight, he is a big spender.

        • Tony Ruiz

          Perhaps he should have kept his views of 911 to himself, except that it was good to know he’s a kook

    • Jeanette

      The Republican Party committed suicide when it signed an agreement thirty years ago that legally prevents it from ever investigating Democrat election fraud. This country will become and will remain effectively a one-party country until the Republican Party is dissolved and replaced by a party which is not bound by that agreement.

      Wonder why the Republican Party has shown NO interest in checking out Obama’s credentials? Why Republican politicians and other officials almost hyperventilate when it is mentioned, even going to the point of calling those who merely want verification all kinds of unflattering names? They can’t check him out, since that would amount to investigating election fraud by the Democrats. And they haven’t told anyone this for thirty years because of how bad it makes them look.

      It’s a miracle that the country wasn’t changed entirely to a Socialist/Marxist/Democrat one-party dictatorship long ago. We have unknowingly had a miraculous respite.

      Something else to consider: The Democrats can use election fraud to do anything illegal. As long election fraud is involved, the criminal activity cannot be investigated (which seems to include even mentioning wrongdoing) by the Republican Party.

      We may not have time to correct this now; we certainly won’t if we don’t even try.

      • Mikey

        Wow, thanks Jeanette. This explains a lot, and why Obama won so easily.

        We conservatives are screwed. We will have to work really hard to save our country from socialism or communism, and we won’t be able to rely on the Republican party for any help in doing so. It’s going to take a grass-roots Libertarian/Constitutionalist/Conservative coalition to do it.

      • Bill

        I guess if it says it on the internet, it must be true. Me – I’m not buying it.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        It never ceases to amaze me how motivated reasoners like Janette and Mikey will read whatever they WANT to believe into things that say things directly in opposition.


        What the GOP was doing was NOT “ensuring voting integrity” and “pursuing suspected vote fraud”, but actually doing the exact opposite, damaging vote integrity and committing vote fraud by targeting minority voters the way they did . There’s a reason for the court ruling and its renewal down through the years—-the original VERY BAD behavior of the GOP and the fact that the law requires the nation to STILL look at such things many years later—-many southern states and jurisdictions are still under the eye of the court because of such things.

        Read the piece as many times as you need to until the TRUTH of what it says sinks in—-what you WANT to believe is not the truth..

      • Conor

        I agree with ‘rightbrainthinker’. The GOP agreed to exactly what he laid out, not that they couldn’t challenge voter fraud. Further, even if the 1982 decree stated that, it has no bearing on the Republican Governors or state attorney generals in crushing this. I am more intrigued by the 4 swing states who had such politicians in place like Ohio, Florida, pennsylvanis and Virginia and they still let it happen. More voter iD alws, winning this 1965 voter right act challenge in the SCOTUS this year, throwing out that 1982 consent decree and staying united a s aparty while allowing the conservatives to take over from the establishment, along with latino outrach will win us the elections.

    • Don

      After the financial crisis hits, maybe we can reclaim the Republican Party. However, since voting has become irrelevant (who counts the votes determines who wins) and the news media owned by major corporations i.e. banks will spin the financial collapse on everything but themselves (as in Greece, Ireland, Spain), I doubt if you could get the Sheeple to do anything. They’ve opted for the blue pill.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        > After the financial crisis hits, maybe we can reclaim the Republican Party.

        Procrastination never solved anything.

        Time to just let the Republicans go, and start from scratch. You aren’t going to reclaim a thing. They’ll just keep you waiting and waiting and keep on doing what they’re doing.

        As long as you’re not willing to chuck em aside, they’re happy.

        – Smoov

    • Jennifer Smith

      This can, and will be done, little by little. They say that only 1% of voters voted Libertarian. I believe it’s more along the lines of 5%, but we still need more before we’re to be taken seriously. Thanks to social media, we can educate others and help them realize that there IS another option.

    • Russell

      yes Ryan, we can call it The Tea Party!!! After all it is already organized and a good share of leadership is already in place. Sounds good to me!!

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Would this be the same Tea Party that sold itself out to the Republicans in the past couple of elections?

        Oh, yeah… that’ll work… look how that turned out…

        – Smoov

        • Tony Ruiz

          Any and everything with the ‘smoov’ signature on it can and should be disregarded; he has absolutely nothing worthwhile to offer and I doubt he finished kindergarten

    • Stephen W. Edmondson, Georgia

      If it is not time for a serious third party to supplant the Republicans, it is surely time for a major third party effort to reform the Republicans by threatening their very existence. They have simply failed our nation. As Twain or one of the humorists once said: ” We send a lot of good men to Washington and we get few good men back”. Too many privileges are built into being a high member of government today. To govern by trimming our sails to the latest polls and media campaigns is to be just another prisoner of the left. The prison walls are getting daily higher.

    • kevin wroten

      Ryan I truly believe that we need as Conservatives to have a few things in place 1st. We need to make our voices heard load and clear by firing every republican that refuses to stand by conservative principles. We also should DEMAND TERM LIMITS for all parties. None of them should be allowed to serve any longer than any President or Governor. The only way to get term limits is to have it on the ballot in all the states within the union. You and I both know the establishment will never vote for any type of term limits. That is why we must have it done on the state level and on all electoral ballots. I myself am sick and tired of the failed, cowardly, give into the demonrats, attitude from the Republicans. They have become just like the demonrats with the only difference being they hold a “R” beside their name. I think only after we have these thing in place 1st can we start seeing the fruits of our labor. The whole system is corrupt from the very beginning because we have allowed both parties to walk all over our Constitution and our bill of rights which to me is grounds for treason. Being each of them took an oath, to up hold these things when taking office correct? The only way to take back America is to start doing what the demonrats have done with acceptance in their little minds, and that is start occupying the white house like the stupid liberals occupied the so called wall street and make our voices heard. We will not take it any more as we have had the government and the establishment alike take our freedoms away from us will not be tolerated any longer.We can no longer sit on the side lines and let elections be stolen like they were this last election without consequences. We must demand that we the people see the real election results in every state and demand to make states certify the election by demanding to see if Obama can legally be certified as president and that he release all records including his college records. I know Obama is a foreign exchange student that got a free ride in the USA, and he is not legally allowed to be president.This would make all laws he passed and supreme court justices be null and void.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Term limits is nothing but a band-aid solution to make you feel better, that enables people who don’t want to take responsibility for the fact that WE keep sending those people there.

        Term limits isn’t going to do a damned thing to fix the problem.

        The problem is that WE keep voting for the same BS we always do, instead of growing some balls and giving our vote to the candidate that we actually think would do the best job.

        Anyone who says “Well, I really wanted Mr. X, but I voted for Mr. Y instead, because I thought Mr. Y would win and I didn’t want to waste my vote.” needs to be slapped silly until your hand falls of.

        That is the problem we have, and term limits won’t do a thing to fix that problem.

        All term limits will do, is change the faces more often, but the same politics remain.

        – Smoov

      • http://none Jude

        You are so right Kevin. I agree 100%

    • Warren

      Hey, I’m all in for stopping the insanity.

    • Don Ruane

      Interesting post, but why don’t we just throw the RINO’s out of the GOP.
      First we get involved at the percent level and run for those offices.
      By Jan 1 2014 we should own the GOP.

    • http://Yahoo Harold Smith

      When we have an economic system such as the one facing us today, we CANNOT afford a party system Period.
      During WW II, England put in place a Coalition government where everyone pulled together to tackle their problems. It worked fine!
      As soon as the war was over however, England went back to the party system and the country went down the tubes. That is why I emigrated in 1956, 10 years after the war we were still in a mess.
      The situation we have today is far bigger than Party. Unless everyone pulls together to fix our problem, we will lose our heritage. Don’t let that happen to this great country!

    • Warren

      Me thinks I must work harder and buy more KY jelly

    • Bryant Hopkins

      The Republican Party may be 47% of the electorate, currently, but the Conservative Right is a small percentage of the Political Right. Split off now, and neither new Party will have enough voting power to avoid: high taxes, medical fees for Administrators instead of Doctors, gun control, Federal School Control——-: and Political death at the hands of Our New Senator and SO politically correct Elizabeth Warren and her minions.

    • Conor

      First of all, I am done with this kind of attitude regarding “abandoning the GOP”. For starters,I will come out on record and admit that the GOP does need to be transformed and remade, much like Reagan argued. I also feel they have grown weak and stupid at times. Regardless, this ‘Third party” concept seeks only to divide the conservative vote and give the helm to the Democrats for at least another genereation. Secondly, it ignores the accomplishments and the undermines the principled Tea Party conservatives that have been put in the House and Senate in 2010 and 2012. They will never come to power if this action is performed. Third, while at times the GOP is Dem-lite, the GOP proposals are tons better than the Dem proposals and the GOP is still able to block horrific actions like the UN Gun Ban Treaty and the disability treaty. Finally, and I always love to point out that the Libertarians just ran a popular former Governor as their Presidential candidate and got 1% of the bloody national vote. The Libertarains or any third party does not have the funding, infrastructure or ability to wage a campaign to even win a single congrssional seat let alone the Presidency. So in other words, according to many on here, let’s just abandon the GOP, it’s infrastructure, it’s funding and let’s resolve to lose the elections for the next three decades out of principle so that we can receive the same treatment from people who racked up more debt over 4 years than Bush did in 8, who want to take our guns, tax us into oblivion and sell out our rights to international interests. The answer is to take over the GOP from within, a movement that is already heappening and civil wars within the party that need to occur (like the one in the house now) and such pro-liberty changes can continue to occur and strengthen in 2014′s elections. This burn the house down mentality is doomed to fail

      • Smoovious Laxness

        The conservative vote has always been divided… the division comes between those that consider themselves primarily social conservative, and those who are primarily fiscal conservative.

        Those two factions have had to uneasily coexist with each other stuck in the same party for a long time, and the GOP has nothing to offer to us fiscal conservatives any longer.

        As long as people such as yourself continue to delude yourselves into thinking that there is only one type of conservative, then you will keep alienating those of us fiscal conservatives who just can’t stomach the social conservativism priority in the GOP, any longer.

        It is time for social conservatism to take a back seat and for the fiscal conservatism to take priority instead of shoving it aside again and again for the Evangelical wing of the GOP.

        The GOP is not too big to fail, and it is failing.

        So many of us are done with the GOP and aren’t coming back. More are following behind us.

        Don’t go blaming us for it. As long as the GOP places no value on us fiscal conservatives, there is no point in us staying.

        It is down to, it is either the Evangelicals, or the Libertarians. Pick one, you can’t have us both any longer.

        – Smoov

      • Conor

        Smooviest, first of all, I never said there was only one type of conservative so for you to put those words in my mouth is disingenuous. Secondly, I heard the same stuff from you Libertarians after 2008 and your effort still failed so your planned ‘bailout’ from the party is just a talking point right now. What I feel fails your effort and the efforts of people like you is that there is a growing Libertarian wing inside the GOP right now and it’s actually threatening the establishment and at a time where a takeover is possible, you guys are jumping ship. Winning in politics creates the ability to dictate policy. Losingin politics put you on the sideline. This proposed third party crap ensures losses for the GOP and Libertarians alike. Therefore, there will be no policy and the Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and other DeMint-like Senators will be doomed to fail. Therefore, I c9onsider people like you to be part of the problem and not the solution. In the meantime, keep nominating the Gary Johnson’s and Ron Pauls who we know can’t win and see where it gets you. Oh BTW, I too thought the picks of Romney and McCain were bad ones. Romney had a decent ground game which helped make it close


        • Tony Ruiz

          It’s a complete waste of time, energy and effort to respond to a lot of the stuff on this site. “smoovie” or whatever the hell he calls himself. I found most of ‘em to be retarded intellectually, sociologically, economically, religiously and most assuredly politically. This is not the best site for intelligent discourse.

      • Tony Ruiz

        I believe you may well be right but doubt the party could be turned around in time to prevent the downfall of our formerly great country. You’re also right about dividing the Republican party, making neither a contender

      • Conor

        I agree with Tony Ruiz, who seems to be a voice of reason. Geo2, I understand your point about Canada but the Democrat Party is way too strong to pull something off that quickly. Finally, David, I completely agree that you would need to have a segment break off from the Democratic Party in order to make it work. If there is a breakoff on one side, there ahs to be an equal breakoff on the other. If that doesn’t occur, it’s permanent minority status. That’s why I advocate taking over the party apparatus and infrastructure. People ask me what to do about the media. Rather than form a new station, rich conservative donors need to buy CBS stock and take them over. Then we have CBS and FOX and would have a fighting chance. Burning the house down is not an option, or at least not a constructive one

    • Geo2mqn

      The present Conervative government in Canada did just that .It broke off from the Progressive Conservative Party in the form of the Reform Party . It took several years to strengthen and become official oppposition and finally remamed itself as the Conservative Party.

    • David Kyle

      It might require an “unholy” aliance but if all the minority parties sued for a change in the system to brake the very deliberate but unconstitutional monopoly of the two party system then we could get a system that places all parties on an equal footing (options include a yes/no vote for each candidate on the balot or an automatic runoff). The founding fathers never imagined a two party system and much of what is broken or gridlocked would be fixed if three or more parties were at the bargining table. both parties have slid to the left and the republicans are the ’60′s dems and the Dems are the american socialist/communist party of the ’60′s. the Tea party is about were the republicans were in the ’60′s. It would be good if the left off center dems would leave the new socialist party better known as the Democratic party–they should realize as Reagan did that they did not leave the Dem party, but it left them. and the true conservatives should form the tea party as a formal party and say the same, “I did not leave the Republican party, it left me”

    • http://N/A C.L.Thomas (aka Moby)

      In my humble opinion we by no means should have lost this election.Since then I have given serious thought of changing my party to an independent.

    • http://MozillaFirefox&Google Robert H. Bartlett, Sr.

      We have to learn to campaign 24/7 365 to defeat the Liberals at their own game. They have already started the 2016 Presidential Campaign by nominating Hillary. Conservatives do not even have a candidate on the horizon.

      We also need to form a coalition of the 527′s and mount a coordinated effort to elect the right candidates. We also need to work directly with the Heritage Foundation to establish the basis for Constitutional Legislation.

      The Liberals are a coalition of many desperate factions who work together for the common good. They rise above their personal and racial bias to achieve their objectives.

      The Conservatives must learn that the Common Good is good for all of us !!!

      Robert H. Bartlett, Sr.

    • box-bb-car

      I agree with the strategy of local, then state then national. By building the party at a local level and gaining the confidence of the voters by your deeds, achieving higher office victories becomes easier. It also tends to bleed off those from the other parties who identify with yours makng the transition easier and faster than attempting to go after only national or state wide positions.

    • http://NONE Franklin Dee Williams

      Silence and the media spin is the norm and
      for whatever reason most will not step up
      or try to understand.

    • anonymous

      Yes, but we do need some ID because people of other flavors have boasted to me when doing political poiling over the phones, that they would be going to vote in the opposite partys activities . A new party can always throw its endorsement to a larger party at the last minute, if the numbers aren’t there to win in a presidential election, or maybe we need runoffs with the two highest? Did not the conmmunist party give their support to Obama? On the other hand, it worked for the social democrats to take over the democratic party, but the R leadership was not honest, so a new party seems necessary. I would have voted for Ron Paul except for the illegal drug stance.

      • http://Google Robert H. Bartlett, Sr.

        As long as the Liberals dominate the TV and Radio coverage they can and will twist all of the news including the Polls. Time after time they have been proven wrong. We cannot depend on any of it and we must conduct our campaign whenever and wherever we can too combat their propaganda !

        Unfortunately the “Fair and Balanced” campaign did not do enough to promote Conservatism. In fact, the Liberals were allowed to interrupt, talk over, and yell down their conservative guests. The result was that the Liberals prevented the complete hearing of the conservative candidates, issues, and proposals.

        That is why we need to consolidate the efforts of the 527′s and work with the Heritage Foundation..

    • John

      The gop is dominated with liberal processive and communist. Both Democrates are compromise. see let the gop die and become extinct. Both parties need to be extinct. The raise of third party. Stop communist /muslims bend of doing things. The new party needs to undo all the communist ideas and laws. See the Facts the media does not want to see and tell.

    • Marmaru

      Welcome to the world!!
      Ron Paul first ran for President during the 1988 election. You probably never even heard of Harry Browne or read any of his work.
      Now is always the best time to start. I suggest reading some good works such as Richard J Maybury’s book “Whatever Happened to Justice” to get an idea on how to really “fix” our current shitsiation.

    • http://None Bill Grisham

      My Brother-in-law introduced me to his parents at his wedding to my sister as a “conservatives’ conservative” because, as a Libertarian, I expect the government to leave all people alone unless they are a direct and present danger to another’s life, liberty or property. I stand behind the common law standard that without a damaged, complaining party, there is no crime. Allowing our politicians to define what is a crime and what is not leaves us wide open to the tyrannical government we are currently experiencing from the local level right up to the Federal level.

    • rick

      yes, the constitution party still exists for constitutional conservatives !

    • m n

      we may not have time to turn things around at the speed with which our Liberty is being taken. What we can do, is begin, at the very least, to find and identify like minded people and begin to establish leadership – not government – to be able to handle what is coming. United we stand – Divided we fall. and the round is real, real hard.

    • David E Ozanne

      This is the current proposition of the Constitution Party and it is working although slowly. Too bad so many just gave up and withdrew and others believed the lame stream media and refused to consider a third party because that would give the election to the bad guy, whichever one that was. Suggest you look into the Constitution Party and see what they already have going. Better to consolidate what we already have with the new ones coming on board than to have dozens of small groups trying to all do the same thing.

    • Julie

      Ryan here is a website to explore. It might give you an insight to what’s going on with the parties. http:/ There are some good articles on here. On top, by the header, is several categories go to them and find the ones that tell about politics. In one it discribes how both parties are moving to the left. There is also an artical about the communist manifesto for America. I can’t remember how many things were on their list, but as you read them think about where they fit in of what’s happening in the U.S. Also Communists use socialist, and when they accomplish what they set out to do, they get rid of the socialist. So Obama better watch his back.

    • Joe Udovic

      How about going after the new voters that are conservative like the african american’s and the hispanic and build a republican party around this added group.

    • Bonnie Davis

      Amen to forming a new truly conservative party. No pandering to bogus conservatives and their values. A new conservative party needs to be made flesh quickly, clearly and boldly ( no apologetics. Conservative values created this great country. ).

    • roberttitle

      I will never again vote for the GOP as the ‘lesser of two evils’. The GOP and the Demons are a single monster with two heads…opposite sides of the same coin. I’m for an independent party that runs individuals like Judge Napolitano and Jesse Ventura, BUT the process must start NOW so that it is qualified in all 50 states. You CANNOT, as a Constitutionalist or libertarian take over the GOP…..the neo-conservative elitists will NEVER allow it. Ruidoso, NM

    • http://theworld wayne

      we saw it coming so now we are looking for a new party NO WE NEED THE CONSTITUTION NOT A PARTY SYSTEM , If you still want to run a party system well let me our I am and always was and will be a Constitution person you play your game one vote one man drop the swing states and go back to the original way get off you duff and go vote for the man or women you want. I do not vote for the best of the worst would you turn you child over to the better of the worst well then my vote is against you— THE CONSTITUTION IS AND ONLY PART THEN WE JUST HAVE ONE GROUP TO FAIGHT WITH AND SQUARED OUT, DAM THE PARTY PLAYERS

    • mack

      I wish I could be so hopeful for change…I see the end coming and it is all controlled by the financial elite. They will not let go until a total collapse and then the race will be on to see who can grab the controls. If it is Liberty minded people we will have won – if not, then they will start the game over again.

    • Nick Fortunato

      There are more conservatives in the Republican Party than there are RINOs. We need to displace the RINOs. Ross perot with all his millions could not beat the Dems and Repubs because the two party system is to well ingrained and dug in. The democrats would love for another party to start; thus dividing the repubs.

    • ironhead

      The Christian Party!! JESUS is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE! AMEN!!!

    • http://none Hello it’s ME

      the two party system is dead and has been for quite some time. The pretense is carried on so that we U.S. citizens feel like we have a voice. The real governing is being done behind closed doors. Both so called parties but Obama in office so that he could carry out their agenda. In the end he will be the scapegoat. What their agenda is, someday we’ll find out.

    • http://none Jude

      You are so right, what happened to our Republic, since the change to a Democracy we have gone down hill. Our elected officials could care less about us and our country only their salaries and entitlements. No one should be allowed to represent us and our country who is in their 70′s 80′s and 90′s. I do not believe they can think clearly and we need term limits for all, cut their entitlements and no raises till they do the job(s) they were elected for.
      We the people should decide who and if they get raises(this would make them work for us)
      as they were elected to do. Sorry I am not very good at this but hope you get my drift.

    • Chief Boring

      Third parties invariably have the unintended consequence of helping the very party they are formed against. Work within to change the Republican party back to conservatism. Starting locally is the right approach. We have thirty Republican Governors. Most are at least more conservative than a Democrat would be. Chief boring

      • http://MozillaFirefox&Google Robert H. Bartlett, Sr.

        How can you work with a Party that has no interest in working with you ?

        And, why would you work with a party that is trying to eliminate and destroy you??

        The Republican Party has no intention of representing anyone outside of the “Beltway”!!!

        • Mike

          Amen. I almost changed my party registration last Friday. I have just had enough, but I see nowhere else to go right now. It is inevitable with what McCain, Lindsey Graham, Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner are doing. They have no respect for anyone but themselves. John McCain has gone over the top. I always respected him for the service he has given his country, but after his comments about Rand Paul, Mike Lee and other conservatives, I have not an ounce of respect left for him. Quit, John, before you destroy this nation.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          They barely even represent the “Beltway” either…

          – Smoov

  • Motov

    Han Solo you are right after the RR job on the only real candidate they had, we really have no choice. Ron Paul was the only candidate who was talking about the Constitution.
    Everyone else was spouting BS and war mongering.

    But I still think the Dems are far more dangerous because their candidate has never told the truth about anything, even where he was born! In short,.. Both parties need to be placed in maximum security prison.

  • mike

    It has been the time for a 3rd party for a long time. Moderates are selling us down the river as they dont stand for anything at all except their reelection. I dont want republican “light” I want results and i want it clearly articulated by articulate conservatives.
    These folks are not who i want.I am just so very worn out from the rope a dope party who is inept and in-articulate. Enough already!

  • http://None Ray Wiggers

    Conservatives have wasted a tremendous amount of time and effort on Republicans. Even a political dummy like me knew that even if a miracle happened and Romney were elected it would be a disaster for the US. Romneycare, flip flopping on abortion and practically every conservative principle was just a delaying tactic. It is way past time for all factions of the Tea Party to form a third party and stop wasting time. In way less time than experts expect, the Conservative Party would be the dominant party. UNITE!

    Field Boss

  • Frank

    It’s time for the true conservatives to take America back!! We will use force if necessary!! The Liberals have to be flushed out of America and put in the sewer where they belong!!

    • eddie47d

      More Christmas cheer from Frank as if the Conservatives don’t advocate for war. I’d love to see a strong Libertarian Party with a Ron Paul at the helm so you all have a lot of work to do in convincing me that you are sane . Sorry Frank you don’t pass the test!

      • JC

        eddie, while I don’t advocate violence either, there’s a time and a place for everything.

      • Nick Fortunato

        I happen to be a conservative who was against our bombing Iraq and our involvement in the Middle East. Please understand that a neocon (supporter of Israel unconditionally) is NOT a conservative; though they might be in every other respect. We’ve wasted American lives and Iraqi lives ant billions uponb billions of dollars to accomplish what????? Not to mention the soldiers who came home with mental problems, physical problems, emotional problems and body parts missing, for what?????

    • don

      Frank, more than likely it will be a Religious war

      • http://theworld wayne

        God dose not fight only with Satin so do not bring God’s name in to this we made the problem and now we have to pay the price. you might want to read Ecclesiastes chapter 3 it will open your eye this is the King James Version I am not preaching I am responding to a statement blaming God. God or his son did not fall to sin we did and we will pay for our sins. That’s why I am a Constitutionalists we the people have a right to protect our freedom and you should know Freedom is Not Free

  • David Ozanne

    I am one of the lucky ones. The GOP gave me the left foot of fellowship many years ago for being to Radical and nominating someone to conservative for the good old boys. I then joined the Constitution party and have no regrets. The only thing that really keeps a third party from getting to the top is the fear the media instill in the patriots that if they vote third party the bad guys will win. I have a news flash for you. If you don’t vote for a true patriot constitutionlist, the bad guy will win, whichever beast he is under.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      > The only thing that really keeps a third party from getting to the top is the
      > fear the media instill in the patriots that if they vote third party the bad
      > guys will win.

      Well, that, and the separate sets of rules the non-gov’t parties have to follow.

      One set of rules for Democrats and Republicans, which favor them, boost them up, accommodate them.

      One set of rules for all of the others, which impede them, keeps them down, shuts them out.

      – Smoov

      • Jeanette

        This is why we must dissolve the Republican Party and replace it with a conservative party that did not sign an agreement thirty years ago to let the Democrats get away with anything. The Republicans have lied to us about this agreement for thirty years; that should be grounds for some kind of action against them by millions of their victims.

        If we don’t have a conservative party that has NOT agreed to let the Democrats do anything they want to do, then we have a one-party dictatorship.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          The rules I’m speaking of were imposed by congress and the gov’t… not whatever independent agreement the Dems and Reps came to outside of the law…

          – Smoov

  • Glen

    If all these voices would simply join the Conservative Party, and urge others to unite behind the CP’s banner, we would already be moving forward with a united and truly conservative voice. We don’t need another conservative party – we already have THE Conservative Party. Join now and nominate CP candidates to replace these neo-conservatives and liberal-moderates.

  • Smoovious Laxness

    > Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus wants
    > disaffected members of the GOP to know that the Party is
    > doing the very best it can.

    Um, no… it really isn’t…

    – Smoov

    • Average Joe

      My only question for Mr. Priebus is: What exactly are you doing the best you can “at”? Destroying the Republican party? Disaffecting members of the GOP? Yes, on those points I can agree, you are doing the best that you can….I am one of those disaffected members…I voted straight
      Libertarian/Independent…and will continue to do so. You can’t kick your members in the head and then ask for thier vote…they tend to remember being kicked…..


      • Tony Ruiz

        You’re a mental midget, Joe. Thank God you’re not average, but you are right about the republican party

      • Average Joe

        So, according to you…being right…makes me a “mental midget”? I’d hate to know what you think of folks who ae wrong….before pointing finger at others, you may wish to take a long hard look in a mirror…just an observation.

        “Every man is a damn fool for 5 minutes of the day. Wisdom consists of not exceeding those limits.”
        Elbert Hubbard

      • Tony Ruiz

        As I said, you’re missing a few neurons. You threw your vote away, dummy, and should have voted for the American candidate with a chance of winning.

        Aside from that, Paul’s an idiot and so’s that NM governor who name I can’t remember just now; they both siphoned off votes from Romney and could have win our country back. Instead, we’re well on our way down the proverbial tube.

        Undersand now? Don’t answer that question.

      • Conor

        I agree with Tony

    • Nick Fortunato

      Let’s face it, the democrats have infiltrated the republican Party, thus corrupting it. Using a football metphor; you don’t allow a member of the other team to enter into your huddle.

  • Corkey

    The analogy that comes to mind is that the GOP’s idea of doing their best: The Three Stooges as plumbers.

  • John Hasse

    It reminds me of Stevenson’s comment. When told every thinking person would vote for him, he said “It isn’t enough,,, I need a majority” Or, as Twain said, ” The fools are on our side, and that is a big enough majority in any town”. –In short, I believe we are toast, and our ONLY hope is the return of the Messiah, for He is the only one who can clean this mess up.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      … speaking of fools … .. . :sighs:

      – Smoov

  • Paul Wells

    I feel the same way as the article describes, the Repub. party just doesn’t seem to be conservative enough for me. They’ve given up a lot of their principles and sadly have become Big Government types just like the Dems. I agree it’s time to start getting out the vote (yes, NOW) for a good 3rd party candidate like Gary Johnson. I’m up for it. Are you?

    • guy

      that would not bee a bad ideal but do you have any ideal how many people didnt know there was a third party? or who Grey Jhonson is? i know a couple fokes i spoke to said they wernt voteing at all. becouse they didnt like eather the dems or the republicans canidates and the bs they hurd in the media. untill i told them about it . get the word out . ide have voted for Ron paul becouse i knew he was out there .and liked is reckard. and what he stood for.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        People know there are more than 2 parties… they’ve always known…

        They see them every time they vote… “Hmm… why do we have 6 people running for president?”…

        They only see and know about them long enough to dismiss them and put their blinders back on.

        They’re programmed to only see what the gov’t wants them to see, and informed voting would require more intellectual honesty and effort, than they are willing to put into it.

        Voting for a party label and yelling at the TV in between, is easier than taking responsibility for their choices.

        – Smoov

      • Conor

        well Smoov, if your party only got 1% despite everyone knowing that it existed, then what does that tell you ???? And you think you have a chance by breaking off the GOP rather than taking it over, which you are close to doing ?????

        • Smoovious Laxness

          It tells me that we’re still experiencing plenty of growth, relative to the previous election, and the one before that.

          Or do you base your snide remark based on the assumption that since we didn’t jump from being a young party directly to being the majority party in the country, that that is evidence enough that the Libertarian party is a failure?

          – Smoov

  • Glen

    With Gary Johnson, you won’t have the true Christians and thus will never have a majority.

    • Mikey

      I beg to differ, most Christians know that the constitution was based on Judeo/Christian principals. Due to greed and powermongering, the Republican party has diverted from those principals. The Republicans will verbally support Christian ethics to get votes, but their actions tell another story.
      More and more Christians are supporting conservative third party candidates. Most of the Libertarians I know are Christians.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Most Republicans and most Democrats are Christians as well.

  • Mistie

    I’m of the same opinion, and that is why I constantly email and/or write House Reps and Senators telling them what I think they are doing wrong, and even provide suggestions on what they should really do. Most of the time I get positive feedback from them. When I don’t get a reply, I keep sending correspondence, emails, and/or phone calls until they respond. 90% of the time I do get a response. I continually do this just so they know that someone out there is watching them…We should all do the same, then maybe our legislative branch would start doing their job and passing legislation that is good for all Americans, and not just for a few individuals. WE need to keep elected officials on a very short string. After all, they are our employees (we are their Employers) and we need to remind them about their status constantly,

    • warren

      way to go Misty….bet they hang on every word of each of your emails…especially if they are as good as the blurb you posted earlier….after all it is reminders like yours from the voters and not the few individual lobby groups that make the politicians multi millionaires in a few short years….keep dreaming Misty…

    • JC

      The eventuality is general civil disobedience. Either the PTB’s will take that as a warning, or it will quickly devolve into general violence. We all know the system is broken beyond repair and must be replaced. We have the template already, time to enact it once again.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        And just remember… the 2nd amendment…

        It wasn’t just about being able to protect yourself from criminals…

        It was about defending yourselves from forces who will deprive you of your liberty…

        The talking heads keep phrasing it as about being able to rise up and repel invasion, or protecting you from an intruder in your home who intends to cause you harm, and while those are valid reasons, it isn’t the primary reason why your right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”…

        The primary reason for the existence of the 2nd amendment, is for the citizens to be able to defend themselves against their own government gone tyrannical.

        When the government stops being subject to the citizens, and instead, turns to make the citizens their subjects, that is what the 2nd amendment is for.

        Naturally, the politicians try not to point out this particular purpose for that amendment, and why they keep trying to push to infringe the right to bear arms whenever they can get away with it.

        – Smoov

  • RAS

    It is past time for the GOP to go. The Republican label is poison and just doesn’t sell anymore. It professes to be conservative but continues to dance around the progressive May-pole. We need an American Constitution Party that is true to our founding principles; made up of real conservatives.. We might even recruit some disaffected Dems and concerned minorities. Let’s say goodby to the Grand Old Poops.

  • Glen

    The Conservative Party is conservative in fiscal matters and embraces Christian values as part of their platform. They also oppose foreign wars except where the U.S. is directly attacked. It is increasing in size and popularity and appears to be conservativism’s best chance for the future. You NEED to view their platform and sign up as a member so they can get on the ballot in your state. This needs to be a grassroots thing.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      And… if you’re interested in fiscal conservatism, and are fed up with the evangelical BS the Republican party has been having to put up with, you have the Libertarians you can join… which leaves people’s values for themselves, and doesn’t impose them on you.

      – Smoov

      • Tony Ruiz

        You’re just plain stooopid; you need to work on your grammer. But most importantly you’d need some work on your mind if you had one. Remain silent and thought an idiot or write herein and remove all doubt…..stooopid

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Uh huh… and I suppose, that you believe that you’re sounding like the intelligent one here…


          Time to get off mommy’s computer and get back to your homework, kid.

          – Smoov

          • Tony Ruiz

            uh….let’s compare credentials, assets, resources, IQs and some other important stuff. Then we’ll get you a tutor so you can begin to communicate with some degree of efficacy.

          • Tony Ruiz

            No, not sounding like…I clearly am the adult in the room. Now cut the string; I made the mistake of continuing to reply to your idiocy. Don’t go away mad, just go away, …stooopid

          • Tony Ruiz

            Adult larvae

          • Smoovious Laxness


            – Smoov

          • Smoovious Laxness

            > uh….let’s compare credentials, assets, resources, IQs and some other important stuff.

            … said the guy who couldn’t spell “grammar” …

            – Smoov

    • Doc Sarvis

      I will be interested to see if so called Conservative States start requireing less Federal tax money than they pay in taxes. As it is now, Blue states contribute more in taxes than they get in Federal dollars back while Red states contribute less than they get back from the Federal government. I.E. the Blue states have been subsidising the Red states.

      • Mikey

        Doc, try to stay on topic….

  • Think Correctly

    I expected the comments to be along PARTY lines and I think my guess was correct. People that vote for a party without thinking are not thinking hard enough. When will we start to think? Voting has consequences. We will see THAT over the next four years. Can we find leaders that will think, talk and do what is RIGHT for the hard working citizens?

  • http://Personallibertydigest Robert Mo

    I’m going to save my thought until I see what Boehner going to do between now and Jan 1. If E Canter or P Ryan as leader if the house, appoint conservatives to leadership roles, repub may have a chance.

    • Jeanette

      Whatever Boehner does, he and the rest of the Republican Party has kept from us for thirty years this legally binding agreement that they would never investigate the Democrats for election fraud:

      Aside from this being disloyal, it is dangerous. All the Democrats have to do to get away with any criminal activity is connect it to election fraud, and the Republicans can’t investigate it.

      • Richard

        Maybe it’s time to take a page out of the Progressives (Not Democratic) playbook and go ahead and do it anyways. They do – thousands of times a day!!!! And maybe that’s the answer? It’s no longer the Democratic party anymore?

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Does anyone remember those toy cars that were like a jig-saw puzzle of pieces and spring-loaded so that when you pushed them across the floor and into a wall they would “explode” and pieces would go flying? Great fun except that it took quite a while to put it all back together for the next “crash”.

    That’s what all this talk about third parties (and several, no less) seems to be. Doesn’t “conservative” mean to “preserve” and “hold the group together”? I wish someone would explain to us how splintering is going to produce a stronger movement on the right.

  • Sgt. York

    The Republican party has had a wake up call,now its up to them if they survive. If not there will be a third party and it will be strong and can win back the Office of President giving America back to the people

    • Tony Ruiz

      There is no America remaining. It will have to be recreated and former status changed for all time by use of force alone

  • David

    Republicans marching lock step with the pseudo-conservatives who’ve hijacked the party is what’s preventing common sense legislation from being passed. This is harmful to the nation, regardless of whether we are conservative or liberal. This last election (let’s ignore the fact that over 9 million voters were prevented from voting by partisan Republican leadership in the states) showed that the majority of voters soundly rejected the pseudo-conservative ideology of the Republican party that has facilitated our economic fall. The majority of Americans are a little left of center politically, and our political leaders need to keep that in mind, or the ugliness will continue unabated as our nation continues to decline.

  • tncdel

    Political parties are the enemies of America.

    ALL political parties should be banned by law, thereby forcing each pol to run on the issues and his or her own record, not ride a wave of partisan voter booth block-checking into office.

  • Craig Wettstein

    NO!!!!!! It’s time for the Conservatives to “RETURN” the GOP to what it was meant to be.

    • Paul Wells

      Totally agree! Mainstream Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Boehner keep trying to kick the true conservatives OUT! That’s the problem!

  • Conaire

    The Republican Party was the spawn of the Whigs, and from inception it has always been the party of big govenment. Lincoln, the Republican’s first president, illegally invaded the South, which was being plunderd by the northern industrial interests that controlled Congress, slaughtering more than 600,000 Americans, 60,000 of which were women and slaves. This unconstitutional invasion destroyed state’s rights and effectively killed the Constitution. The Republican War of Northern Agression paved the way for the leviathan tyrannical government that has stripped the people of most of their rights and bankrupted our country. In spite of its rhetoric, the GOP is the definition of big government.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Was it not the Confederates who attacked the U.S. military first (at Ft. Sumpter)???

      • momo

        Gee, do you think it might have had something to do with the fort controlling the trade in Charleston harbor. That would be like having an Iranian naval base in the p[ort of New York.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Iranian naval base – THAT’S FUNNY!

      • Conaire

        No, they did not fire first at Ft. Sumpter. They fired first at Ft. Sumter. Following the secession of the Confederacy (at which time the Confederacy said they would continue to honor their share of the Revolutionary War debt) they just asked to be left alone. Lincoln responded by raising a 100,000 man army to invade the South, and blockaded southern ports, which is an economic act of war. The South, in defending their sovereign territory, fell into Lincoln’s trap and made the tactical mistake of firing on Ft. Sumter. It is important to understand that the federal government, which was under control of the Whigs, which morphed into Republicans, represented northern industrial interests. The Republicans imposed burdensom tariffs on the South. The federal government’s primary source of revenue was tariffs, 90% of which were paid for by the southern agricultural states. These taxes were collected, the federal government took its cut then redistributed the loot as subsidies to the northern industrial interests that controled Congress. Lincoln ran on a platform to increase these tariffs even more. The South was being bankrupted and thought that the only solution was to secede. It was all about money, it always is. The point of my original comment was to point out the the Republican Party has always been the party of big government.

        • Tony Ruiz

          Good take on Ft Sumpter

      • JC

        Doc Sarvis says:
        December 14, 2012 at 10:55 am
        Was it not the Confederates who attacked the U.S. military first (at Ft. Sumpter)???

        The people of Charleston were feeding the soldiers of “Ft. Sumter” and offered them assistance and passage back to the north. But being good soldiers they kindly turned down that assistance and held their post even though they were unsupplied and starving.
        Lincoln was upposed to have sent ships to retreive these soldiers and was allowed to do so on the condition that these ships not be “men of war”.
        Lincoln sent “men of war” in and deliberately proved the4 firing of the first shot.
        The artillery battery’s of the south, though well drilled and trained did not once hit the fort.

        Starting to get the picture here Sarvis?

        It was one of the first occasions of the union government provoking a war in order to “look” like they were justified in starting the war. the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident comes to mind.

      • JC

        “deliberately proved the4 firing of”…should read “provoked the firing of”…

  • alpha-lemming

    Hate to be the “Donny Downer” here but, it REALLY is over. The die is cast from the last election and the loud & clear message is… “Conservative principles (NOT to be confused with theocrats) of be all you can be…. go as far as your own talents, intelligence, drive and experience can take you…individual liberty, autonomy governed by morals, personal responsibility, self sufficiency, and real success via hard work, eithics, and smart money management (obligations before rewards)… IS FOR SUCKAHS” !!!!!! No third party, or even a revitalized GOP, will ever again have anything close to 51% majority when the choices are hard work vs. a free barcalounger, a case of Doritos, and “money for nuthin’”. Previously it was impractical, but secession may be the ONLY option remaining. It’s obvious all the resident Commies….. you know who they are….. HATE us (interestingly enough though, they really LOVE our money…. or more accurately they love us being their slaves to keep them in their un-earned life-style choice)… and we hate them (our hate is non-association…. go do what you want… by yourself….on your own dime). There is no compromise available when the majoritys message is….. “We’re in your face…. AND you’re footin’ the bill”!! The new country will actually follow the Constitution and thrive… the old US will persue its Communist utopia and ultimately collapse like a stellar-mass black-hole.

    Long Live Freedonia !!!!!

    • Paul Wells

      There is an awful lot of (bitter) truth in what you write, and I fear you are correct!

    • Mikey

      Where is Freedonia? I want to move there.

      • Richard

        Freedonia is located next to Shangri-La, right on the map!!!

      • JC

        I believe it lies between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Above the Caribbean Sea and south of Canada…it’s going to be undergoing major renovations soon as it is very congested with garbage ideology at the moment. But watch for the new look, it will be much easier to get around the newly renovated space as we clear the decks and hallways and create a much more free atmoshere. It’s going to take some hard work and anyone not helping will be relocated to a storage area in North Korea for recycling. ;)

  • Pete

    We need a 3rd major political party that stands for liberty, small government, and far less regulation. We need a party that puts America first, and disassociates our country from the United Nations. Such a party would control our borders, and would stop giving out money to other countries. We need to take care of our own people first.

    • Mikey

      Check out the Libertarian Party.

  • aland

    Am I dull or isn’t that why we just lost so many seats in the last election? Conservatives appear to have been less-than-excited about the candidates and JUST STAYED HOME.

    My impression is that the liberal wing of the “big tent” GOP have first offended then abandoned conservative and libertarian candidates and voters. Now when we vote our choices are between “status quo” liberals (GOP) and “progressive” liberals (Dems). Not quite the buffet I’m used to.

    Maybe the GOP should stop executing their conservative candidates (Palin, Bachmann, Cain, etc.) ? Is that TO MUCH TO ASK?

  • libertyordeath

    Both parties are scumbuckets who toss the perverbial ball back and forth in their quest for New World Order and most of the people who inhabit the earth to be DEAD. What a nice future the lying, cheats we have in gov’t seats have sold us. Everything is poison – the water is full of drugs and flouride and they keep adding more. Our food is GMO, over 90% and they won’t label it for those who don’t want the crap in their homes. The air is being poisoned by Chem Trailing airlines and nobody has taken steps to STOP it! Our skies are full of thousands of tons of chemicals. The Medical System is so corrupt you fear for your life when having to see a Dr. They only end up giving you a variety of prescription drugs (kickback from Big Pharma) that kill you slowly or fast if you already have a malady. This USA isn’t the country my grandparents and parents lived in. It’s Police STate Mentality, corrupt legal system, corrupt Medical System, corrupt Military, corrupt voting machines made in foreign lands…and on and on until the middle class will just as soon give up citizenship and move out because this country is Communist/Fascist now. A giant downturn in the economy will kill off the middle class and then the rest will beg to be put away and taken care of “Cradle to Grave” – Right? Wake up and defend your country. Buy guns and prepare for Civil War.

  • Tony Ruiz

    Never mind the former republican party, it’s the whole damned country’s masses; it’s all the anti-Americans who showed up at the polls, plus the ones who don’t even exist, who have now ruined our country. Hopefully there are enough Americans especially in the military and public enforcement who can think, know what’s happened to our country and are ready willing and able to make a difference. The shooting that just happened is but another in a long string of events in a country of God haters. Unions, stars, welfare masses, liberals, our government and worst of all…muslims, one of whom is the enemy and so-called president of our formerly great country.

    Got God?

  • Richard Winchester

    I.m joining the Tea Party! Goodby to the GOP.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Um, just a reminder… the Tea Party, joined the GOP…

      so… if you wanna be taken seriously, look for a real independent party to be in… unless you are in it just cuz ya like tea…

      – Smoov

  • daniel

    Sam is correct. The GOP figures that is the only voice that can effectively counter the democrats and so conservatives have no choice but to do as they say. It has been entertaining to se how many so called conservative pundits have fallen for this line. They have been telling people on their sites in so many words to shut up and get in line. I figure that the next election will be quite the battle as conservatives will put up a third party candidate. Since this last election we had been given a choice of progressive lite or not so lite. Voters are tired of people calling themselves leaders that are nothing more than figureheads for interests other than America’s. While there will be those that say we will hand the election to the democrats so what? It is happening now that there is no difference between the two. Sick and tired of the games.

    • Tony Ruiz

      Yes, Sam is correct. About all we have left are republicants working with democraps to end our society as we know it. Meanwhile they’ll all have their retirement plans ion place for life. Almost makes me want to work on my public speaking again.

  • DonBiase

    What the GOP needs is their own version on “Tip” O’Neil!
    Never surrender, fight the stateists tooth and nail, use whatever power they have to stop the growth of the state and the reduction of freedom.
    It may be time for the con-serv-a-tives to bolt.
    We didn’t leave the party, the party left us!

  • chuckb

    someone step up and start a new party, one with conservative values and common sense.
    there is a fight looming on the horizon, we now have the communist foothold in our government, they have enough pawns with their hand out to change our way of life. if we do nothing and wait for the next election it will be too late.
    it shouldn’t be too hard to find a good leader, how about sarah palin, rand paul. the bolsheviks fear sarah palin more than anyone, they have spent the last four years denigrating her and have been successful with some of the sheep, rand paul wouild also be a good choice. we need people who love this country, not what they can derive from it. we need to get away from the embedded politicians, get rid of karl rove and preibus. let’s get some new people who are not part of the establishment, we must move quickly or the country is lost, we are on our way to a communist society just like cuba. they have their leader in the white house.

    • eddie47d

      Your all slaves to guns and the ability of trigger happy Americans ready and willing to use them! Communism doesn’t even enter into that conversation much anymore and would be a lame excuse anyways. Gun ownership is being abused by the right and all you can talk about is this false flag commie take over!

      • Tony Ruiz

        What a jerk. Speak and remove all doubt…

  • John

    The elections are all rigged. The Republicans have not a chance in the future. It is ridiculous to even talk about the Republicans. Enjoy your slavery.

  • Tony Ruiz

    I’m done wasting my time here. Most of you are idiots; I even saw a post about voting for Gary Johnson. I’m from NM and Johnson is no Ronald Reagan. That other idiot, Paul either. They just siphoned off votes from who would have probably been the greatest president this country has ever known. He’d have fixed it from the top down just as he did with every other screwed up situation he overhauled and made work. But you idiots who thought you knew how to think on your own screwed yourselves, and me the process, up. Go on philosophizing about yourselves and contemplating your navels ’till the cows come home. There is no cohesiveness any longer and all of you would play hell trying to organize a tiddly winks tournament. Now don’t bother me anymore. Most of you are blithering idiots but is to be expected from a dumbed down society. 99.9% of you are stoopid.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Um… Tony?

      Here… you dropped your blinders…

      – Smoov

      • JC

        Go easy Smoov…I get the feeling the poor guy is a little retarded.

        • Tony Ruiz

          Do you know the meaning of Ne’er Do Well? You should. It’s you, dummy. You have NO credentials, you’ve contributed nothing to our society or industry, and you’ve accomplished nothing of any value to industry. How do I know? “Ye shall know them by their fruit” and about the closest you come to having any fruit is your underwear. Now please just go away; communicating with you and your ilk is not profitable and you would never gain anything by it. I’ve fired many people of your type, and now you’re fired. Period. That’s all folks…

          • Smoovious Laxness

            JC… nah, he’s just a weak troller…

            pretending to be something he’s not…

            world is full of em… sadly…

            – Smoov

      • JC

        Well, Smoov, he’s a whack job for sure. And he comes with all the traits common to progressives…miserable, mean and basically living in a fantasy world that gives all of his comments that “Twilight Zone” effect… ;)

    • JC

      Tony, in my best effort NOT to bother you anymore…I would suggest you unplug your computer and put it back in the box. Hope that helps. :)

      • Tony Ruiz

        I’d challenge you to an intellectual duel but I just couldn’t bring myself to harm an unarmed man, if indeed you are. What you are for certain is annoying.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Trollers gonna troll…

          Bad trollers gonna troll, badly…

          – Smoov

      • JC

        Tony Ruiz says:
        December 14, 2012 at 10:53 pm
        I’d challenge you to an intellectual duel but I just couldn’t bring myself to harm an unarmed man, if indeed you are. What you are for certain is annoying.

        You would challenge me to an intellectual duel? Now that’s funny!
        Aren’t YOU the one who comes in to this board telling people NOt to bother YOU?
        This just in Tony….you don’t want to be bothered? Don’t come in here…
        I guess that was too simple for a man of your intellect to work out all by your self. :)
        Duel is over! LOL

    • chuckb

      this last election proved one thing tony, we are out numbered at the voting box. the bolshevik party has it’s pawns and they are in the process of turning this country into a third world socialist country. i doubt if we will ever get this country back, even starting a new party wouldn’t get enough pawns off the entitlement teat. too many gov and unionized state workers, too many illegals, the used to be minority party, now the majority will surrender to the bolsheviks for the free ride.

  • NoteToSelf

    We should make a distinction between social conservatives and fiscal conservatives so people don’t mislabel social conservatives as conservatives. The social conservatives and Christian conservatives like “One Million Mom’s” calling for boycotts of JC Penny for having Ellen Degeneres on their TV commercials because she is gay are pathetic and are giving us fiscal conservatives a bad name. They should have something better to do.

    • Tony Ruiz

      On the other hand, better to light one candle than curse the darkness

  • Tony Ruiz

    On one hand, there is intelligence and reason. On the other are often five fingers. I recommend most of you work on the other.

  • Robert Wayne

    As a white southerner I’ve always had misgivings about the Republican Party. They claim to be conservative, but started out as Lincoln’s big govt. party out to make sure the federal govt. got stronger while state govts. got weaker. They were also responsible for thousands of murders of white southerners during the War for Southern Independence. Then in the 1960s they supposedly turned conservative while the Democrats really became nothing but the U.S. version of the communist party, which they still are today. In the meantime, the GOP keeps moving farther and farther to the left to the point where they’ve become Democrat Lite. Personally, I’m Tea Party conservative and vote Constitution Party, but right now we conservatives are in deep trouble. We have no major party on our side and the media is nothing but a propaganda arm for the Commiecrats. Unless things change and fast, this country doesn’t stand a chance of lasting another 10 years without complete utter financial collapse.


    The central idea of The Conservative Mind, upon which American conservatism is essentially based, is ordered liberty. It is a blending of the sometimes contending requirements of the community and the individual, of individual freedom and individual responsibility, of limited government and unlimited markets.

    Six basic “canons” or principles of conservatism:

    A divine intent, as well as personal conscience, rules society;

    Traditional life is filled with variety and mystery while most radical systems are characterized by a narrowing uniformity;

    Civilized society requires orders and classes;

    Property and freedom are inseparably connected;

    Man must control his will and his appetite, knowing that he is governed more by emotion than by reason; and

    Society must alter slowly.

    The Conservative Mind was an impressive feat of scholarship, a synthesis of the ideas of the leading Conservative AngloAmerican thinkers and political leaders of the late 18th century through the early 20th century. The work established convincingly that there was a tradition of American conservatism that had existed since the Founding of the Republic. With one book, Russell Kirk made conservatism intellectually acceptable in America. Indeed, he gave the Conservative movement its name.

    However, the intellectual pedigree of American conservatism goes much farther back in time than the 18th century. In a subsequent book, Russell Kirk wrote that the roots of American order were first planted nearly three thousand years earlier.

    Kirk used the device of five cities Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and Philadelphia to trace their development. The roots first appeared in Jerusalem, with the Hebrew perception of a purposeful moral existence under God.

    They were strengthened in Athens, with the philosophical and political selfawareness of the Greeks.

    They were nurtured in Rome, by the Roman experience of law and social awareness.

    They were intertwined with the Christian understanding of human duties and human hopes, of man redeemed. They were joined by medieval custom, learning, and valor.

    The roots of American order were then enriched by two great political experiments that occurred in London, the birthplace of parliaments and the guardian of common law, and in Philadelphia, where both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were written.

    The miracle of Philadelphia was that the delegates were able to resolve, for the most part, the conflicting demands of freedom and order. They created a true national government but not an absolute government. They designed something new under the political sun, a federalism which carefully enumerated, separated, and restrained the powers of the national government.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      A nice little speech by Dr. Lee Edwards. He is a “Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought” at the B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies at The Heritage Foundation. Yes, he most certainly is “distinguished”, in that he has whitewashed some things here and ignored others in painting his nice little picture. As is to be expected from the Heritage folks, who used to be a “think tank” but have gone over to the dark side of right wing propagandizing.

      The end notes say he delivered this lecture in Beijing and Shanghai, China, in November 2003, eight+ full years ago. That, unfortunately, means that we are not getting his “take” on what path conservatism has followed since the second year of George W. Bush’s term, that means the war in Iraq, the Bush tax cuts, runaway “free markets” on Wall Street, the ensuing financial meltdown, and the shameful behavior of the GOP in the years since O’Bama’s first election.

      I wonder if Dr. Edwards has had anything to say recently and whether he is honest enough to admit that the modern conservative movement is no longer “conservative” in the sense of wanting stability and the preservation of “the American Way of Life”. It has been coopted by the plutocracy and the corporate oligarchy and no longer wants to conserve anything but the wealth of the greedy rich. Sad to say.

  • Freedo Ranger

    We need to add new meaning to the economic ideology of both the republican and the democrat party, which is ,contiunous bailouts for everyone but the ones who actually pay taxes and keep feeding the beast, known as the federal government.

    In essence, we need to immediately “bail out of the republican party’ and let the loony leftist leaders load it up with all of their favorite minorities, and then stand by and watch as all of them crash headlong in the ash heap of history and the republican party will become yet another example of what happens when socialist get control of anything.

    It is way past time to cut the strings that have bound conservatives to a political philosophy of progressism (socialists with a new label) that has forever been a failure, because it destroys the individual freedom and liberty of everyone, including those who support the party.

    Every republican conservative should immediately become a registered independent. We must do it now, and allow time for a grass roots strategy to take shape where we can field candidates to oppose the repubicans and the democrats in 2014. At first we may not win many,(or any) elected offices, but we can sure confuse the hell out of both parties.

  • awkingsley

    Good article! CINO Jeb Bush, former accomplice and friend of the Mexican Drug Cartels will be running in 2016. That is what all the amnesty rhetoric is about. Since Jeb cannot get the votes of Far Right Conservatives, he has to build a coalition with Hispanics in order to win the election. CINOs have seen the handwriting on the wall. Also, the tenor and tune of the Patriot web sites/newsletters has changed considerably since the election: They are all about amnesty, everyday against Sharia Law and Muslims, and Pro-Israel even if the U.S. is destroyed in the process. The Libertarian message of freedom and small federal government is very hard to find now. That is the CINOs feverishly at work – “Jeb” Claus supporters.

    Doesn’t a change require some introspection? What if we very quickly develop a criteria that will elect a president instead of rehashing a criteria that is bound to fail? In order to keep the nomination away from CINO Jeb Bush, we need to rethink who is and is not a Social Conservative. We need to educate the public to the fact that Social Issues comprise more qualities than a Pro-Life stance or opposition to homosexual assault on morality.

    Globalist, Corporatist, “Big Government Statists”, and Socialist RINOs flourish in an unethical environment, so the first step is to “Clean Up Our Slate of Candidates”. The GOP has a branding problem across the board. In addition to a fiscal issues branding problem, we have a Values Voters branding problem – Values Voters who are conned into voting for candidates playing the “Christian Card” to cover their character flaws. Values Voters must demand values across the board. The key value Evangelicals need to look for in a candidate is honesty. Republicans need to stop giving Democrats and Independents ammunition for calling Values Voters hypocrites on both fiscal and social issues. This kills Republicans in the General Election.

    With the exception of Ron Paul and CINO Rick Perry, all of the Republican candidates had major character flaws, enumerated here as divorced, thrice-married, lying lobbyist (Because of correct public perception of lobbyists as dishonest no lobbyist has ever won the General Election.), and lying “flip flopper”. When Republicans stop supporting RINO candidates who evidence negative character traits, they will win elections. Many voters are now on to the game of candidates playing the “Christian Card” to win elections. Candidates who loudly proclaim their Christianity have major flaws to overcome: Bush – alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and Mexican Drug Cartel involvement, Santorum – lying lobbyist, Gingrich – thrice-married, Romney – lying flip flopper, Democrat Clinton – amoral/criminal. My granny always insisted, “Christian is as Christian does”. Republicans need to leave the bad character traits behind when they look for a candidate to support, if they want to celebrate the day after the elections instead of crying as so many report. And, every Christian needs to immediately be thumbs down on any candidate playing the “Christian Card”. Supporting candidates who start off with negatives to overcome no matter how loudly they proclaim their Christian virtues doesn’t make sense. We must start promoting ethics and ethical political choices everywhere we go. Attending every political meeting, Sunday School, anywhere we can make our voices heard is a must.

    If Republicans want to win elections, we need to establish a base criteria and strategy for electing candidates that actually works. Every single “Hot Button” issue for Republicans is solved by a return to State’s Rights, putting control of the finances and social issues back into our own backyards on the state level. Voters can have much more impact on the state level than on the national level. Most Republicans do not understand this concept, and are staunchly refusing to take back their power. Republicans have an enormous education problem on their hands, if they want to win elections. But first, we need to establish a base criteria for Republican candidacy, then go from there to a strategy. The means to our goals is through State’s Rights, freedom, and moving away from candidates who play the “Christian Card” game to candidates who display good honest character. We must stop the waffling around from one flawed candidate to another in the primaries. That is how we get candidates like Romney nominated at the RNC to run in the General Election, candidates who are unlikely to win.

    Fiscal Policies Branding Problem:

  • Newspooner

    Good conservatives are welcome to join the Libertarian Party.

  • Chris Martin

    J.C. Watts for Republican Party Chairman.

  • anonymous

    We lost it at the R convention. They need to know for sure ahead of time which candidates they are favoring will get the 3rd party vote, so we dont have this best of 2 bad candidates stuff.

  • ironhead


  • Benny Campanelli
    • http://none Mike

      I agree totally and am so tired of being attacked by my own party.

      • Benny Campanelli


        It’s not that the G.O.P. is not “with the times” and needs to assimilate more of the progressive platform, but it rather needs to craft a conservative message that meets the modern needs of working taxpayer citizen voters. The message needs to be tangible and not one like trickle down or free trade.

        Here’s my take-off on the original 1854 call for the formation of the Republican Party as a replacement for the Whig Party that had lost contact with the average voter especially when it came to abolition of slavery:

        Call for the formation of the American Founding Party.

        The current G.O.P. leadership is so clueless they have become unfit to rule.

      • Benny Campanelli

        My facebook page devoted to GOPAP – The Grand Old party Abandonment Project


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