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It’s Simple to Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes

October 18, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Kathleen Williams

    Some good ideas in the video. How about this one: 1st off watch on U-Tube the video called gumballs on immigration, keep in mind this does not include the ILLEGALS.
    Everyone running for office are in debate on three top issues:
    1. The economy
    2. Education
    3. Obama’s health care.
    This may sound a bit radical but it is the truth we need to face, before we are completely bankrupt.
    Think about it: overpopulation and illegals are the reason for us taxpayers having to build a school a day in this country.
    We have high cost on medical for the same reason.
    Fact is, if you look at every problem we have today in this country, including terrorism it stems from people in this country that should not be here at all.
    LAST BUT NOT LEAST 1 FOR ENGLISH 2 FOR SPANISH. Think what just that one along has cost to say nothing of everyone having to learn spanish in and English speaking country.

    • Mary

      Hi Kathleen, My son can’t find a job in Az, because he is not bilingual. He made a great point, if the illegals can’t speak english, they are not bilingual so how do they hired?

    • BrotherPatriot

      Such common sense! Any politition that apposes what you just said, Mr. Williams…should immediately be fired. We need to stop diluting America with these NON-American’s…& that is precisely what we are doing.

      Effective immediately…we follow Robin Williams advice and give a 1 month (he said 3) warning to all illegals to get out of the country on their own. After that we enforce the existing immigration laws and remove the 20 million or so illegals! Effective Immediately!!!

      Love your post, Kate.

  • Laura

    Me and other unemployed people are facing a nightmare for jobs. Here are some of the problems I’m facing and others.

    I got lay-off from Lockheed Martin two years ago. I’ve been looking for a job since. My first problem is that I only had an associate’s degree. So I went back to school and recently in June 2010 I received my bachelor’s degree and I’m 56 years old.

    The job market from my experiences is:

    1. The recruiters for the employers. I came across three of them and they tell me they can be picky in the job market today. One recruiter said they are only hiring if you already have a job and they are not taking any unemployed people.
    2. The assessment testing. Let’s see if you can use your left side of the brain versus using the right side of the brain. I had taken a few of them and every test was different. Check this out. This was for Prudential Insurance Desktop Specialist. There were six of us, one man who look like he was around in his forties and black, and me, in her fifties and white, and the rest who were young black and white. While we were taking the test, I heard people moaning and the older gentleman said I never saw this before. Well, after all of us took the test and waiting for the recruiter to come back in the room, I decided to asked questions. I asked how you all felt about the test pass or fail. One young man said, I have my master degree and I know I failed that test. The recruiter came back in the room and asked to see the older black gentleman first, he failed, then she asked to see me, then it occurred to me age discrimination. Why pick the oldest first? Yea I failed too. My point is that these assessments testing have to be obsolete. The assessment testing is nothing but for an employer legally disregard the old.
    3. Online applications. I don’t understand why an employer can ask for your age on an online application and that does not come under the age discrimination law. I couldn’t apply for a job unless I told them my age. Also I have seen where you must tell us your race too.
    My point sending you this information is that until someone needs to tell the Employers to hire the unemployed first. Tell them stop being so picky.
    At my graduation walk I have seen one girl moved to Washington DC, the other girl who I went to school with her and her husband are also moving out of Colorado because even she said Colorado is way too picky. The other girl who was in my project management class said her and her husband is moving out of Colorado too. I mean I think all the states are being too picky.
    I am so afraid I won’t ever find a job, I won’t be able to pay off my student loan, and I will lose my house.
    I hope this information I’m sending you doesn’t go to waste and you do something to help us all get a job.

  • http://Google Helmut S Lenko

    I thank my lucky stars: I’m 67..SELF EMPLOYED..and live in Canada!
    To my many American friends I would caution: THINK before you vote, but be sure you make it count. I would turn off the tv & radio until Nov.2 so I don’t get “sucked into any more spurious arguments”: Remember THEY are supposed to represent YOU, the voter…! (Not the other way around).
    PS: And “good luck” too, the world at large needs strong American leadership. Not just for the powerful elites…

    • s c

      Helmut, protect what you have. Don’t be surprised if Canada and Mexico get suckered into being integral parts of a US/Canada/Mexico NWO abomination.
      The world’s puppet masters have too much to lose by letting Canada and America remain free. Mexico is a wild card, and probably wouldn’t be considered for membership in a US/Canada/Mexico behemoth if they didn’t have an ample supply of cheap labor.

    • sparrow47

      What part of Canada are [i] you [/i] from? Im from quebec, the land of fiscal irresponsibility; G-d forbid we ever have a prime minister who says “no, alberta wont pay for Quebecs entitlement programs any longer” there will be rioting in the streets worse than France right now. Here in Quebec 20$ a visit for a family doctor is considered armed robbery by the government…

  • Chris

    The ruling elite, and their mouthpiece Bob Livingston, would like nothing better than to return America back 100 years to when there was no middle class and the public educational system that was available only for the sons and daughters of those who controlled 75% of the nations economy. Americans worked 70-80 hours a week, there was no minimum wage, no chance for advancement, and our children were forced to work in factories without even completing their elementary school educations. Until Teddy Roosevelt busted those monopolies of steel, railroads, and banking, this nation HAD no middle class. Henry Ford then mass produced automobiles, and with the higher wages he was forced to pay his workers, he created the same middle class who bought autos for the first time and the newly found INCENTIVE to work productively spurred economic growth unparalleled anywhere else in recorded history. WE have made this country great, not those effete Haaaaaaaaavad “skull and bones” grave digging fratboy types, who have never done a days hard work in their sniffling,spoiled white collar lives. Because of the many tax loopholes for the wealthy, WE pay most all of the taxes, including that increased spending for the welfare of migrant illegal immigrants, that the ruling class has open the doors for a limitless source of cheap labor they provide as “contract” laborers without the employers having to pay their unemployment insurance, health insurance, Medicare and S.S. withholdings. During the last 100 years WE working Americans have pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and done without to work while getting a higher education that’s allowed us, with the help of labor unions, to secure a livable wage, which in turn has stimulated our economy by increasing our GNP through the spending of our hard earned wages. Many of us also have contributed to the economic advance of our country by starting our own small businesses and INVENTING new or better products and services that have made America great. WE need to take back America by restoring the Capitalistic system that was adjusted by American freedoms and the labor of middle class Americans that resulted in an equal distribution of wealth, increase productivity, and made America a great nation. I welcome any informed, concerned, and constructive comments.

    • kilt1iron

      Chris —

      Now that we have moved on from the Robber Baron Era, and small buisnesses are the majority of businesses hiring the majority of the work force, let’s REALLY unshackle the ingenuity of our fellow Americans, and roll back the burdensome regulation that serves only to crush the major corporation’s competition (the “little guy”)

      • Chris

        kilt1iron: You say it’s the small business rather than the Megacorps that are burdened by burdensome regulation. From where I sit it’s the those billionaires at Wall Street and the largest banks in America who colluded make those bogus mortgage loans, bribed the bond rating corporations to cook the books by giving those packaged ill advised loans to those with poor credit their “A” ratings so that Wall Street could sell them to the unsuspecting public. Dunno about you, but I call this fraud of the highest order, and it’s about time the SEC fined and jailed these white collar criminals. Angelo Mozillo, the former CEO of Countrywide Financial, that was bought out by Bank of America in July 2008 through the Bush Bailouts billions, has agreed to pay a fine of $67.5M to the SEC in order to avoid criminal prosecution for civil fraud and insider trading. No problem though, Bank of America will pick up the tab with the U.S. taxpayers cash, and Angelo will walk. Question for all the Faux News sycophants. Would you prefer the following 1. That the Bob Livingston ruling elite types were successful in eliminating the SEC entirely, thereby giving all white criminals a full deck of tricks to screw Americans with, and NO pesky government that could land them in jail? 2. That the nasty SEC give back all of that $67.5M to trusty ‘ol Bank of America? OR 3. That all regulatory agencies that protect our safety and security with the water we drink, food we eat, cars we drive, planes we fly, mortgage foreclosures, age/sex/race discrimination, insider trading and fraud ALL are eliminated so that poor kilt1iron would never have to be concerned with any pesky paperwork when starting up a new business? Is there more to your story? Do tell.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Let’s not forget that your hero Nobama is also a havaaaad graduate as well!!! Also, don’t forget that Bush tried to warn the dems about the housing credit rules and they wouldn’t listen!!!

          • s c

            JoeH, do you think it’s possible for someone to be an ‘independent’ and a ‘progressive’ at the same time? I’ve looked at C’s responses, and he apparently doesn’t understand the problems created by that approach. He makes about as much sense as a ‘conservative Marxist.’
            I have to conclude that he doesn’t know much about TR [Teddy Roosevelt]. TR was a eugenics fan (they had no use for ethnic groups, especially blacks), he was a progressive, and yet some people dare to call him a conservative.
            Mayb Anthony or JeffH will get in on this. I just can’t give any benefit of the doubt to someone who
            tries to redefine what a progressive is this late in America’s history. What do you think?

          • Chris

            Joe H: Say what? The past President Bush with the lowest popularity rating in America’s history warned the minority party Dems about the housing credit rules that THEY ” No Government Regulations” Republicrats created? Are you so delusional as to believe such a silly lie that Glen Beck told you? Then again, I’m sure that you can come up with a Bush quote with a link you can provide that would prove me wrong. Go for it.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Simply type “Bush warned of housing debacle” into your search engine and READ!!!

    • s c

      C, good luck in getting any ‘informed, concerned or
      constructive’ comments. After reading your comments twice, it’s obvious that you can’t decide if you want to be an independent or just another closet progressive. My only suggestion involves having you do something that’s physically impossible, yet at the same time most appropriate.

    • tracycolorado

      What justification would you have for the Department of education , the state of California , and the city of Los Angeles in spending over 5 7 0 million dollars on the construction of ONE HIGH SCHOOL . THIS HIGH SCHOOL , HAS MILLION DOLLAR ART SO THEY CAN BE PAINTED WITH GRAFFITI. AN OLYMPIC SIZED SWIMMING POOL . AND INTERACTIVE PARK BENCHES THAT TALK TO YOU , THESE ARE FOR ALL THOSE GEEKS , WHO DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS . JUST LIKE THE OLD ADAGE SAYS ” YOU CANT FIX STUPID “

  • Chris

    sc: I’m both a progressive and an independent. No one has ever accused me of being in the closet about anything, but if you tell me more about where that’s coming from, you’ll get a responsive reply.

    • EltonJ

      How can you be both progressive and independent? That’s an oxymoron, dude.

  • Chris

    SC: Typical, you don’t understand what you read, and it doesn’t resonate with anything you’ve heard from druggie Limppaw, or born again Beck, so you tell ME that I can’t decide what i want to be. When you don’t understand the message, you attack the messenger.

  • recil

    youtube has removed the share link button on all of your videos so that we can not share them with face book or or other means please make videos downloadable in avi divx and such thanks

  • Chris

    EltonJ: Neither “progressive” or “independent” are political parties. Now that you have that preliminary bit of educational fact, take it a bit further by Googling the two terms and then explain why I can’t have political leanings BOTH ways. While your at it, dude, look up “liberal” and “conservative”, then tell me what you prefer to be, and why.


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