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It’s Not America Anymore

October 2, 2012 by  

It’s Not America Anymore

Many of us in the liberty movement find ourselves searching for a distinct root cause of the trials and tribulations of American culture — the Holy Grail catalyst that, if unraveled, would save this country and heal the septic wounds covering the landscape of our hobbled society. The obvious answer would be to remove the global elites who are poisoning the well from the picture entirely. Yes, this has to be done eventually. However, we must also identify how those elites have been able to so thoroughly con the masses of this Nation for so long.

What inherent weakness has made us susceptible to manipulation? For this question, there are no easy answers. If I had to choose a single frailty of our collective psyche as paramount to our downfall, I would say that Americans most of all are confounded by their own patriotism. We often embrace the ideal without knowing what it really means.

There are in fact two kinds of patriotism: the concrete and the imagined. Many Americans fall haphazardly into the fantasy of being patriotic. They define patriotism upon the exploits of the mainstream and of the government in control at the time. They become cheerleaders for the establishment instead of stalwart champions of their country’s founding principles. In fact, true patriotism is not about blindly defending one’s nation or leadership regardless of its trespasses; true patriotism is about defending the philosophy that made one’s nation possible in the first place — even if that means standing against the power structure in place today.

I often hear the uneducated and unaware claim that America and its principles have been a bane to the rest of the world. They say America is at the center of the vampire squid, flailing its vicious tentacles against innocent foreign civilizations. This is an oversimplification at best. The crimes that these well-meaning but naïve activists scorn cannot be attributed to “America” because the American ideal has been completely abandoned by those in the seat of power in our modern era. We do not live in “America” — at least, not the America that the Founding Fathers and authors of the Constitution created.

America has been ransacked and deformed into a hideous lampoon of its former self. This has been done for the most part through the destruction of the guiding principles we pretend we still hold onto as a culture, but in reality have abused and cast aside. If we are ever to undo the damage that has already been done, we have to rediscover what the original design of America was. Wailing and growling about the inadequacies of the present do nothing unless we establish where it is that we have fallen from grace. What is America supposed to be? What did the Founders truly intend?

America Is Supposed To Be Controlled By The People

The concept of a republic revolves around a reversal of the traditional narrative of power. Throughout most of history, government stood at the top of the pyramid, where the hands of a few dominated the destinies of the citizenry. The future was a matter for the elites, not the peasants, to be concerned with. The American republic, as designed by the revolutionary colonists who defeated the old oligarchy, flipped the role of government to servant rather than master. The goal was to make government tangible and accountable rather than abstract and untouchable. The America of today has no such accountability anymore.

We have a two-party system that pursues the mechanizations of globalism in tandem, not in contest. When both parties have the same desires and goals, when both parties collude to remove civil liberties rather than protect them, and when both parties are funded by the same corporate backers, there is no such thing as change through the process of elections. Anyone who claims that government corruption can be punished through the ballot box hasn’t the slightest clue how our system really functions. They think we are still living in the original “America,” one that values the voice of the people.

When the government decides to push through banker bailouts, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, etc., all while ignoring opposition by a vast majority of citizens, it is clear that the paradigm has shifted and the American value of representation by and for the people is lost.

America Is Supposed To Prosper Through Free Markets

One of the first acts of the American Revolution in the fight against British tyranny was to decouple from British economic dominance. They stopped relying on goods produced in England and peddled by the European merchant class and began making their own. From homespun clothing to homemade rifles, Americans created a legitimate free-market environment. Free markets are systems controlled by the people, thriving on the natural functions of supply and demand. They are not administered by bureaucracies or corporate hierarchies that manipulate the economy to fit preconceived political and social ends.

Free markets are decentralized markets. Corporations were never meant to exist, according to Adam Smith, the architect of traditional free markets. Today’s framework operates on centralization and the removal of options and choices, which is facilitated by the imbalance and lack of accountability in the corporate legal structure.

I have to laugh every time I hear someone attack “capitalism” and free markets as the source of all our ills. America has not had the pleasure of free markets for at least 100 years (since the construction of the private Federal Reserve, a collusion between banking and government interests). No one alive today has ever seen an actual American “free market.” So to blame free markets for our modern failings is rather thoughtless.

America Is Supposed To Have A Reserved Foreign Policy

The Founding Fathers specifically sought to keep America out of foreign entanglements and haphazard alliances. They knew from experience that the elites and monarchies of Europe often used wars as a means of consolidating power and keeping populations in relative fear. They were well aware of the methodologies of Niccolo Machiavelli and knew that forced alliances were a trap used to ensnare nations into unnecessary conflict and financial dependency while keeping the masses subservient through false patriotism.

Today, our government has utterly violated the original principles of reserved foreign policy, especially in the past century. The excuse always used is that “we are under attack,” yet we usually discover later that these “attacks” were actually fabricated by our own leaders. From the sinking of the USS Maine, to the sinking of the Lusitania, to the Gulf of Tonkin and beyond, for the past 100 years, Americans have been presented with false flag threats used as leverage to convince us to become entangled in foreign engagements. This strategy has become so common that elitists now openly admit their intentions to commit future false flags in order to draw us into yet another war, this time with Iran.

The current policy of “exporting democracy” has not only been a complete failure (just look at Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), it is also a total affront to the foundation of the American dynamic. Patriotism in the name of interventionism is foolhardy and decidedly un-American.

America Is Supposed To Respect Individual Rights

The Founders witnessed the extreme abuses of government firsthand: invasion of privacy, invasion of property, wrongful arrest and imprisonment, loss of representation, overt and malicious taxation, thuggish law enforcement, and the targeting of those who dared to dissent in their speech. The excuse used by the British for their tyrannical behavior was, essentially, national security. In the end, though, the elites’ actions had nothing to do with security for the populous and everything to do with what they saw as opposition to their hegemony. Our government has become a mirror image of the elitist power-mongers of Britain in the days of the revolution. Absolutely everything the colonists fought against has been re-established by the globalists in our political structure today, once again, all in the name of national security.

We have seen the enslavement of our money supply and general economy by the Federal Reserve; invasive and violent taxation through the Internal Revenue Service; loss of privacy through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance and the Patriot acts; loss of property rights through multiple agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, the Environmental Protection Agency, the IRS, the Food and Drug Administration, etc.; the militarization of law enforcement through the Department of Homeland Security and Federally dominated fusion centers; potential loss of habeas corpus through the NDAA; and even wrongful arrest against those who merely speak openly of their discontent (look into the case of Marine veteran Brandon Raub for a taste of what is to come).

What Have We Become?

Those who rally behind the America of today rally behind a façade — an empty shell devoid of the heart and soul that gave life to this once great experiment. I do not support what America is. I support what America was and what it could be again if the truth is adequately smashed into the faces of the currently oblivious public. If this country is content to suckle from the putrid teat of globalism and forsake the moral force of conscience that gave it life, then it has become another place — an alien land.

I have heard the argument that America is meant to be a kind of chameleon meant to change its stripes and adapt to the demands of the era. I have heard it argued that the Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers are outdated and inadequate for our new age of technological wizardry and terrorist ideologies. This is pure intellectual idiocy. The principles of freedom never expire. Individual liberty is inherent and eternal. It is the driving force of every great accomplishment in the history of mankind. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights embody the spirit of the eternal battle of individual liberty. There is no adaptation. There is only freedom or tyranny.

It is time for us to decide what kind of Americans we wish to be: the deluded rah-rah puppets of a desiccated totalitarian society or the watchmen on the wall. Will we be the keepers and protectors of the vital core of the American identity or will we be fly-by-night consumers of the flavor-of-the-day political carnival, eating every sample from the elitist platter in an insane attempt to replace our free heritage with a sleek, sexy rehashed form of top-down feudalism?

–Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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  • Vicki

    So many good points in your article. Lets start with Republic Vs Democracy.

    • tony

      We need Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to ask President Obama why he uis supporting this in Bahrian ???? Listen to this CNN Reporter is talking about man !!!!!! She talks about the Way the Muslim Brotherhood is Telling CNN to cover up the Acts in Bahrain . Absolutely Incredible !!!

    • TexasRide

      The article says, “We have a two-party system that pursues the mechanization of globalism in tandem. ” Both parties have the same goals.

      We no longer have a two-party system of government! Neither party represents the American People because both parties are marching us towards globalism and the loss of our sovereignity and freedom.

      The reason voters cannot seem to make changes in the way we are governed is because, “…there is no such thing as change through elections.” Americans are trying to use a broken electorial system that no longer works.

      The article says that the uneducated keep blaming our “ills” on “Capitalism.” The author is correct again! When the privately-own Federal Reserve Bank and government share the power there are no longer “free markets.” The theory of Supply and Demand no longer works in our economy!

      Our economy is being manipulated by globalists, the Federal Reserve and our government. We will have free markets when the people once again start controlling their own businesses…The Federal Reserve Bank and its private-owners are ruling our lives, our country, our economy. We are but slaves to these global elites, the “one-worlders” that want to rule the planet. When Americans awake and realize that we are being controlled by “the invasion and taxation” of this two-headed-monster (The Fed and government) we will be at a point where we can take our country back. We must have a constitutional government. The Constitution is what makes the difference between freedom and tyranny!

      The Fed Bank has been in the shadows for the last Century! They control government and government controls the people…How many citizens even realize that the Fed exists as a privately-owned entity! Politicians don’t talk about it, they don’t talk about what it does or how it works, or why it is there! There is a reason for that and that reason is because government shares in the enormous wealth the Fed Banks steal from our country and our personal accounts. The Fed Banks must be abolished! They are our worst enemies. BTW, they will not allow their dictator to be dethroned by a mere election!
      None of these criminals will give up power, unless they are vanquished and purged from government and our country..It is still to be decided how this can be done

      The author is totally correct! He has defined the problems we need to face…. and soon!

      • Richard Mitchell

        If world leaders actually put their lives on the line, like many did 200 + years ago, there would be fewer wars. But – there’s more to this Global Economy and New World Order than many realize. The big IBM computer in Brussels with it’s sister computer at Ft Meade, MD…. Indeed there is much to be said of Patiotism, and likewise for Manifest Destiny – what a crock…. 1928, Jekyl Island, GA – who’s who in money met and formed the FED Reserve. In 1930, credit cards were discussed. There’s people, employed by old money, and some new money, who wake up every day and calculate where planet earth markets and government need to be 50 years from now. Then the money starts manipulating…. Back in 1980, I went to college at night. My economics teacher worked for the FED. He wouldn’t tell us what he did; but other than a few economic points, we put away our books and most of what he told us has either come true, within the ballpark, or in the process of developement…. TR, you seem to have a better handle on real life than most. Bet it pisses you off when you talk and people laugh or want to know what you’ve been smokin…..They ain’t going to find out from trigger happy yellow journalism, and those who make a career out of stirring the emotional pot / nor from what is considered today as education…..
        As far as the debt – I’m figuring a global credit system. Nothing today is based on precious metals – just future speculations, itemized worth, and credit – which no insurance agency can actually cover. Just shift credits back and forth between people and countries. It really isn’t about the money among the true power hungry thugs – it’s about owning people, cities, countries – TITLES – and with ownership comes more power and credits – certainly not responsibility – except to their own coffers.

      • TexasRide

        Richard you are right about people not wanting to face “the harsh reality.” Many people don’t want to hear the facts, It scares the pants off of them! They mostly give me “a deer in the headlights look” and scamper off to hide their heads in the sand . Many did the same, when told about omaumau, before he was elected.

        I agree with you about the world running on electronic credits and worthless paper notes!
        All that worthless paper that people are hanging onto in their retirement and savings accounts, and slush funds, could easily become worthless “overnight.” People should buy something and get rid of their cash. Those Dollars are losing value by the day. They should buy.something that would be in demand if the civilized world becomes uncivilized because that is where this regime is taking us, with increasing momentum. If we escape the plans of our enemies, people will still have all the “good stuff” they bought.. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst..

      • Sunshine49

        TexasRide and Richard — Both your comments were right on point.

        It makes me angry that our country has been sold out by the politicians. Without their total agreement the past hundred years, this country would not be where it’s at now. It’s a shame that so few of the people want to face the truth and would rather pick sides when there isn’t any difference. The people lose no matter who is elected.

        I disagree with both of you that we can get our country back. The devil has done his dirty work and we would end up in a civil war and Martial Law before we would be able to “change” anything. The majority of people would find it “easier” just to become slaves.

        I believe that Ron Paul was our last “hope” to try to turn this country around, but both parties and the media destroyed that. Gary Johnson is not known well enough to get enough votes. Even if Ron Paul had been able to beat the establishment, they would have done a JFK on him sooner or later.

        We are headed off the fiscal cliff in 2013 no matter who is elected. The wheels were set in motion years ago. Our last resort is to cling to our religion and our guns and pray that Jesus will return soon to cleanse the earth of the evil that controls it now.

        That is the “change” that I “hope” for now!

      • http://Yahoo JD

        Texas, Great to read a senceble post. Reading Brandon Smiths artical, I was thinking how young he was. How glad I was to know that he’s out there. And gratfull you are too. I’m praying the younger generations aren’t as lost as I feared. Best to you.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Excellent summation and spot on the problems!

        • LindyMaeUSA

          AMEN to that, Sandra Lee!!

      • Watchman_on_the_Wall

        You and the author nail it in terms of what is going on. However, the root cause of it goes even deeper than the globalists and their nefarious plan to implement their vision for a New World Order and until we all comprehend this reality, we have not properly diagniosed the disease. We want to believe that man can reverse a long slow gradualism and incrementalism which has taken over the minds of the vast majority of the world’s citizens. As a former turnaround executive of companies with sick cultures, I can assure you that America’s culture is sick and beyond the ability of mankind to reverse. I wish it were not so, but my wishing it does not change the reality in which we are living.

        The world is sick because America is no longer the moral beacon of light, truth and virtue in a wicked and corrupt world it once was. The spirit of America’s founding principles has been gutted. All that remains is the superficial fascade (the form) with no substance behind it. America was founded by very wise and well-educated men who understood the nature of man and of governments to become tyrannical and they built America on the Biblical principles of justice, responsibility for our own actions and limited government and substantial self-government. A constitutional federal rebublic such as America can only survive if she has a well-educated, critical thinking middle class which is rooted in Christian morality and is therefore equipped to govern themselves. For our first 125 years, America possessed both attributes and she thrived and flourished like no other nation every has in all of recorded human history. But both of those twin pillars have been corrupted and destroyed from within and no longer exist. How do you reverse such a sad state of affairs without a wholesale purging of that which is wicked? You do not. Not all turnarounds can be saved. Most have to be shut down and put out of their misery. They are too far gone. America is in such a state today. There is no turning back, however much a few of us might want it to. The vast majorty of Americans are brain-washed, ignorant, sloppy thinkers, self-absorbed and without God in their lives. America is ruled by demonic and deceitful forces today and the devil is driving all of this behind the scenes.

        The good news is that there is a solution, but not a man-made one. Only a Christ-centered one will cure America and the world of what ails us today. The Bible has laid out the story for us to study and understand. At some point, the world will go to hell and Christ must return to slay the wicked, pass judgment and reign on earth for a thousand years in concert with his followers or saints. We are living in those end times right now. Many early signs of this reality laid out by Jesus in Matthew 24:6-14 have already been fulfilled. Now we are awaiting the revealing of the Antichrist and the abomination that causes desolation in the holy place, which Jesus taught us to watch for in verse 15 and following. It’s all happening precisely as jesus predicted.

        Most Americans will refuse to examine the evidence and read Bible Scripture and be able to understand what it says and means because they lack the Holy Spirit living inside of them to reveal God’s truths to them. But some of us, those who number among God’s elect, chosen by God since before the world began to become his adopted sons and daughters through faith in His son Jesus Christ have this and can see it unfolding precisely as Scripture reveals it.

        Is this amazing? You bet! But until you examine the evidence, you will not be able to see that this is true and that this explains the root cause of what we see in America today. It is a symptom of something much bigger and way more important in the history of man, the world and of God. Until we comprehend that only the second coming of Jesus is going to reverse the forces which have been put in motion, we cannot comprehend that all of our activism will produce no tangblie results and will go nowhere because God wills it that way so that He and Jesus might receive ALL the glory.

        Ours in not a political problem. It is a spiritual one.

    • Ben Marquez

      Vickie: and maybe we should. After reading most if not all of the comments posted, I see, and I am going to make this statement at the risk of criticism and sounding overly knowledgeable. Most of us have no idea of what true Patriotism is. No idea what so ever of what capitalism is. We still believe Patriotism is about being a Democrat or a Republican. When we understand that this Republic was meant to be governed by the people and not the politicians, we will maybe begin to see what and where we have gone wrong. Politicians are supposed to represent us,they are supposed to listen to us and the do accordingly. Executive Powers, lame duck congress, and all the other so called tricky political ploys all politicians use are unconstitutional. Yes, Democracy and A Republic are miles apart in their definition. We better wake up before it’s too late, and I’m afraid the hour is almost upon us.

      • Watchman_on_the_Wall

        Ben, in point of fact, the hour is long past. But it would be an error to suggest that there was a time earlier when mankind could have made a difference and reversed the root causes of what are ailing America and the world today. I say this because is is now clear to me that all world events are orchestrated by a power far greater than mankind whom we cannot see. That force is the God of the Bible and He clearly has been permitting the globalist secret societies to advance their satanic cause for at least the last 236 years (since the founding of the Illuminati in 1776 in Bavaria). It now seems so obvious to me, but until I could see it, I was blind and clueless about how life and our world really work. It’s not at all what our confused and deceptive culture tries to delude us into believing. God reveals the truth to a few of us when and how He chooses to and not before. Well God is now doing it to a number of us and we are called to be Watchmen on the Wall to the rest of the world about what’s really going on, what’s coming and how others can figure this stuff out on their own and what they can do to prepare for what’s coming.

        I am certain that we are living in the final days of the end times and that Bible prophecy concerning the end times is already being fulfilled. In particular, all the events Jesus prophecied in Matthew 24:6-14 have already been fulfilled. The great falling away or apostacy of the true Christian Church desribed in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 by the Apostle Paul has also occurred. There are few churches on the planet today that are not teaching false doctrine which conflicts with what the Bible teaches today and which is deceiving the masses with a false doctrine of feel good “God is love but not holy and just” pablum and millions of Americans have bought into these lies. They call themselves Christians but refuse to fight for truth and justice or risk offending anyone with the truth that might save them. They are lazy,ignorant, selfish, unloving cowards with whom God has no interest in having a relationship. It’s all form and no substance, no heart and no spirit. How else do you explain how fornication, adulery and homosexuality is rampant inside the so-called Christian communty today? People have gone insane and become complete hypocrites! God refuses to have any kind of relationship with rebellious, prideful sinners and America is filled with them.

      • http://none Charlie

        The next major event to happen as We see it from our Post ,is, Obadiah , a one page book in the minor Prophets ,between Amos and Jonah ,,,We,,,think Obadiah could happen
        some time between 10 minutes from now to even 10 years… What I am doing is what King Jesus said to do at Matthew 6:9—13,,, that is Praying His Kingdom into place, right here right now on planet Earth ,,, King Jesus is waiting on us , We should be doing what King Jesus said ,while waiting on Him,,, the wait will be much shorter that way ,as Peter said at
        2 Peter 3:12…………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…………..

    • Rich

      Brandon, I just finished reading your article “It’s Not America Anymore” and “How To Win The War For Your Mind” both insightful but I’m not writing you to pad you ego, rather to challenge your very failure to head your own advise.

      You said all “conflicts…begin and end as battles of the mind” and “They would wrap the truth in a Gordian Knot of misdirection and fabrication so elaborate that they felt certain the majority of people would surrender, giving up long before they ever finished unraveling the deceit. The goal was not to destroy the truth, but to hide it in plain sight.” (Disinformation: How It Works).

      You also said, “The truth is precious. It is sad that there are so many in our society who have lost respect for it; people who have traded in their conscience and their soul for temporary financial comfort while sacrificing the stability and balance of the rest of the country in the process….Disinformation does not only threaten our insight into the workings of our world; it makes us vulnerable to fear, misunderstanding, and doubt: all things that lead to destruction. It can drive good people to commit terrible atrocities against others, or even against themselves. Without a concerted and organized effort to diffuse mass-produced lies, the future will look bleak indeed.”.

      To this end I now ask you are you an “American” ? If your answer is YES, (and only you know the truth) then let me say this; “America” is a set of continents divided into 2, “North and South America”. I, (I will only guess as you) live in “North America” with apx 529 million other people across independent sovereign states, (Antigua and Barbuda,Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United States) of which I live (and I hope you as well) in the “United Sates of “AMERICA””. The fact that our countries name is the “United States of America” serves as evidence that our country is a compact of “independent sovereign States” (50 at last count) agreeing to work in a “united” effort to some end.

      My point if you missed it is that for at least the last 110 years there has been a systematic war of “Disinformation” of what I call smoky truth working to ERASE the FACT that I’m 1st a “MONTANAN” (one of the 50) which by that fact makes me a citizen of the “United States of America” and not just any “American” because, if I am just any “American” then are not citizens of say “Mexico” “American”? or say citizens of El Salvador “American” ? This as you well pointed out is a systematic an purposeful effort to erase the foundation of identity of who we are and why my State (Montana) and our Country (United States of America) was founded. To this end makes the compact (Constitution of the United States of America) become less important to the idea we are all citizens of the WORLD and should not believe ourselves to any different then any other citizen in the world.

      Therefore, I would ask you to re-read your article “It’s Not America Anymore” with this “smoke” cleared to reveal the “truth” of why it’s not America anymore ! ! !

  • KG

    What America has become is what Karl Rove wanted. Along with his Republican Right-wing Religious Nazis. I thought it was “godless” communism that was going to destroy America. But, now that Ayn Rand has become the patron saint of “conservatism,” I think we need to fear “godless” CAPITALISM.

    Yes, it would be nice if Management and Labor could walk hand in hand through the pearly gates of cooperation. But, unfortunately, history proves otherwise.

    • don

      an low what we have here is one soliaist commie. one more term an your wishes will be fullfilled.

    • JC

      “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.”
      – Hillary Clinton

      Sounds just like:

      “The unity of a nation’s spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual; and that the higher interests involved in the life of the whole must here set the limits and lay down the duties of the interests of the individual.”
      – Adolf Hitler

      And you’re calling conservatives Nazi’s? ( you idiot!)
      “NAZI” stands for National Socialist…that’s your side of the fence Herr KG.

      And I think you’re confusing conservative with Neo-Con Crony Capitalsists, who need to go to the same trash bin as you socialist idiots.

      • FreedomFighter

        Sabotaging America

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Chester

        JC, truthfully, I am glad people with your attitude are NOT in charge of this country. According to your stated views of life and what it should be, anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to support themselves has NO right to exist, period. Of course, Mr. Livingston has much the same views when you get right down to it. If you haven’t made enough money to buy insurance to protect yourself from all life’s troubles, when one of them bites you, you alone are to blame and must carry the consequences. I could go on a lot farther, but that seems to be your general philosophy. Oh, and if some country other than our own is having problems, let them sink or swim on their own, as what they do or down’t do won’t affect us one little bit. Hate to say this, but the world doesn’t work that way. We tried isolationism, and there are too many things we can NOT do for ourselves for that to work for any length of time.

      • JC

        Chester says:

        October 2, 2012 at 10:22 am

        JC, truthfully, I am glad people with your attitude are NOT in charge of this country. According to your stated views of life and what it should be, anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to support themselves has NO right to exist, period.

        Chester, truthfully…you’re answer is completely programmed and unimaginative.
        You’ve done what all socialists do which is make the hysterical leap that if I don’t want something done “by the Federal Government” that I don’t want it done at all…Not so.
        It should be done at a community level by people who can actually manage programs responsibly. I know this is difficult for you to imagine as you’d prefer you’re cradle to grave security be managed by an omnipotent and God like Federal entity…but do try think a little more positively towards real solutions won’t you? The Feds are obviously a bunch of bungling psychopathic parasites and should be fired immediately.

      • Vicki

        Chester says:
        “JC, truthfully, I am glad people with your attitude are NOT in charge of this country. According to your stated views of life and what it should be, anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to support themselves has NO right to exist, period.”

        So Chester. How do you feel about Abortion? Those people (babies) are unable to support themselves. Liberals often claim that they should not be allowed to live and liberals constantly support the killing of millions of them using OUR money.

        So talk to us about YOUR support of people unable to support themselves.

      • Vicki

        JC says:
        “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.”
        – Hillary Clinton

        What is best for the individual IS what is best for society. Society exists solely because of the individual and the duty to protect the gifts given to him/her by God.

      • JC

        Well said Vicki.

      • Vicki

        Thanks JC

        Oh and a simple thought experiment to validate my assertion

        Remove all individuals from existence. No society
        Remove all society from existence. You still have individuals. Who will likely quickly create society for the reasons listed.

      • http://Yahoo JD

        HILLARY said, We must pass this bill sor “there own good” (because were syupid, and SHE KNOWS WHATS BEST FOR US). Since collage, she;s a socilistic, progressive hack. ‘her mentor” the founder of planned parathood. she wanted genaside for Blacks. Look her up.

      • Alex Frazier

        JD, I don’t usually say anything to people about their spelling, grammar, etc., but in this case … dude! Your argument loses all credibility when you misspell three out of every five words, punctuate arbitrarily, and speak in broken sentences. A typo is acceptable. It happens. The occassional misspelled word is okay. No one is perfect. But no one can take you seriously when you write as though you have no better than a second-grade education.

    • DaveH

      You don’t even know what Capitalism is, KG.
      Or maybe you do and, being the Union Thug that you are, you don’t like Voluntary Systems.
      Here’s your chance to remove yourself from the Society of Criminals and become a decent human being:

      • Flashy

        DaveH…ever read Adam Smith?

      • DaveH

        As I’ve told you many times before, I have no interest in swapping personal information with you, as it would be like me going to a gunfight with a knife, since you have no credibility and I do.

      • Flashy

        Didn’t think so. Couldn’t find a quick crib sheet on Mises eh?

      • DaveH

        For those who are curious as to why Flashman, the Administration Shill and Liberal Progressive would bring up Adam Smith:

      • GALT

        Nope……still don’t know……and that was a pretty stupid link…….

        But here are a couple of things that Adam Smith might be useful for………….

        “A man must live by his work, and his wages must be at least enough to maintain him. They must even on most occasions be somewhat more: otherwise it would be impossible for him to bring up a family and the RACE of such workmen could not last beyond the first generation.”

        “The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support of government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state.”

        So DavidH what have you ever done except work for someone else?

        Clearly you were over paid……

      • Alex Frazier

        GALT, I see no point to your post. Adam Smith wrote a lot of things. Neither quote you gave disagrees with common principles of sound society or economics.

        A man does need to make enough to maintain his financial obligations and put food on the table. If a man is not making enough to do that, he will seek alternate employment. That’s what happens in a free market. It is not the government’s place to dictate the rate of pay an employer ought to offer. Competition will set the price. The employer who pays better, or offers better benefits, will gain the labor of the more skilled workers and excel in his business. The employer who does not live up to a certain standard of pay will find that they are unable to keep quality employees, and his business will inevitably suffer. That’s economics.

        It is also agreeable that all citizens pay taxes to maintain a working government. The only thing in question is what maintainence that government requires, and for what. In our government, legislation requiring the appropriation of funds has to originate in the House of Representatives. By this requirement, those who represent us directly in Congress, and who are directly answerable to their constituents, are the ones who propose expenditures that come out of our pocket.
        If the government needs to maintain a navy, that’s fine. If they want to build roads that we all use, that’s fine. If they want to provide police, fire departments, or other emergency services, that’s fine, too. There are a number of beneficial things that government does that are worthy of being supported by the population.
        However, I do not consider abortion-on-demand to be one of those beneficial things. I don’t believe that endless wars are beneficial to the American people. There are far too many things the government has taken upon its shoulders that it should have never been involved in.

        So what is your point to Dave? I find him to be intelligent and reasonably well-read. Don’t think he’s an idiot because happens to have a large collection of literature available on their website. Frankly, I’m getting tired of you and others making that remark about him not knowing anything unless it’s on Most of the books he’s accessing on that site are sitting on my shelf in paper form. I’m not more intelligent because I own the books and he’s taking advantage of the website.

    • Benjamin Fox

      I feel certain if you were at the DNC you would have booed God also. The left wing now has the rebirth of Hitler, everything he did to gain power obama is doing. He controls the media and tells enough lie’s that it becomes the truth to the robots without a mind to think with. Will disarm the citizens so that we can’t fight the real terrorist in the room. Unions have sent more jobs oversea’s then anyone, they are to blame for thier own downfall. People out of work but, the me, me and me unions want more? The illegal-president in chief has given a entire industry over to the unions and there stocks are down 50% while the invester’s get squat, Hitler is alive and well today and he was a satanist and that explains why they boo God at the DNC, I’m sure your proud of your guy, you give him you right arm salute and I give him my middle finger salute. Get a life, one that isn’t marxist by nature, robot.

      • Joe Hammond

        Hey Foxxy,

        You give religion a bad name.

      • Dussty1

        The definition of liberal is “One who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional or established forms or ways.” The irony here is that liberals today want to shut you down and silence you if you dare to disagree with them. And we know the staunchest of them are not above violence, either.

      • eddie47d

        Now Dussty you know darn well Conservatives have their agendas (abortions as an example) and totally want to shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with them. That is played on each side so don’t be so naive.

    • tlgeer

      “I think we need to fear “godless” CAPITALISM.”

      Capitalism’s G-d is money. It always has been. And it’s a huge part of what grew this country. I don’t see anything wrong with capitalism. What I see wrong is that so many people don’t even know what it is, or that they are told a definition of what it is by someone who is lying to them.

      Just like the word, and definition, “elite”. The “elite” are the top. The best. That means that they are not the middle class, or the poor. They are the wealthy. Yet look at how many people believe otherwise. That kind of word turn-around is truly worthy of equating with the novel “1984″.

      Instead of simply accepting someone else’s definition of something look it up yourselves. And look it up officially. Go to Merriam-Webster or The Urban Dictionary is not official. Whatsoever. Neither are websites that lean to one side or the other, like this one.

      • Vicki
        : an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

        Yep. Those of us who actually provide cites to backup our assertions are well aware of what a dictionary is.

      • Flashy

        Actually Vicki, that’s the definition of “Laissez Faire Capitalism”. There are several. welfare capitalism and state capitalism are two other well known types of capitalism. But from you such is to be expected since you look for simplistic answers to complex issues.

        We have in the US a subset often referred to as Consumer Capitalism (which differs from production based). So please let us know which one your chosen definition is fitting …

        If one wanted to be technical, I’d say the closest is Max Weber’s definition…

        “…one which rests on the expectation of profit by the utilization of opportunities for exchange, that is on (formally) peaceful chances of profit…Unlimited greed for gain is not in the least identical with capitalism, and is still less its spirit. Capitalism may even be identical with the restraint, or at least a rational tempering, of this irrational impulse. But capitalism is identical with the pursuit of profit, and forever renewed profit, by means of conscious, rational, capitalistic enterprise.” (The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism)

        Interesting…i knew Weber’s definition as it is well known. I did a quick search for other definitions outside of the simplistic ones offered by dictionaries and ran across one from Murray Rothbard…Dave H’s demi god. The list had him under his own economic theorist category called “anarcho-capitalist”…what i found quite interesting is Rothbard had Marx as coining the term. Which is false as the term was in use at least 13 years before Marx published anything. Makes one wonder about accuracy when the most basic item is misquoted …doesn’t it? (DaveH..ya got a Mises link on this? )

      • Vicki

        Flashy says:
        “Actually Vicki, that’s the definition of “Laissez Faire Capitalism”. There are several. welfare capitalism and state capitalism are two other well known types of capitalism.”

        Well actually that is the definition of Capitalism. Says so right there in the dictionary. I even did something we rarly see liberals like flashy do. I provided a link to the actual definition. Just one word. No attached adjectives. No attempt to complicate a simple concept..

        Flashy: “But from you such is to be expected since you look for simplistic answers to complex issues. ”

        That is because complex issues are rarely complex. Humans try to rationalize simple issues to try and make them complex. We see it in the illogical arguments of social justice. We see it in the wealth redistribution rationalization that taking money at gunpoint is not theft if the liberal gets government to do the dirty work.

        Meanwhile those of us who know what work is get redistribution of wealth the old fashioned way. From our employer by simple voluntary exchange of products and or services.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Which is false as the term [capitalism] was in use at least 13 years before Marx published anything”.
        And your source for that is what, Flashman?
        I know — the January 1992 edition of Ebony magazine.
        Do you really think any of the readers, who know you, listen to anything you say, Flashdunce?

    • http://none Charlie

      What’s going to destroy America and Many People is EXACTLY what The Bible says at
      Hosea 4:6… That verse is correct in context or out of contexts ,,,read and weep …It applies to you … See IF you can screw it up some way with your warped mind……
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • Sunshine49

        Thanks for the Bible verse. I recently started Bible studies and find that we are definitely in the end times.

      • http://none Charlie

        Thanks for the lite ,,,Acts 2:38 is the most important verse to understand and do , because of Matthew 16:19 and 1 Peter 3:21 and it will give you The Gift of The Holy Spirit.
        Mean while, Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing……………..

        Charlie Freedom

    • SJJolly

      “Godless capitalism”: AKA, America of, for, and by the corporations.

    • navyjr

      It’s NOT “right wing” or “left wing”, it’s BOTH wings and we’re caught in the middle; that was the point of the original article, and it’s correct! This is a global group and USING our “2 party system” against us; it’s one party with 2 heads, nothing more or less than that!

    • Watchman_on_the_Wall

      Not all capitalism is godless: only crony capitalism is, which is the type practiced by the globalists who believe the greatest sin is competetion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • GALT

    In a battle between “elites” the “elites” win………what is said in the process is that
    which is “useful”…….when power is achieved…….all bets are off.

    With the exception of the words, the “experiment” was simply another journey down
    the same road with the same result……..the words were and are “irrelevant”…….with out
    “meaning” nothing more can be expected………but thanks for sharing all those WORDS.

    “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

    “The Master said….If names are not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language is not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success……..Therefor a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately. What the superior man requires, is just that in his words, there may be nothing incorrect.”

    “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”

    “To be wealthy and honored in an unjust society is a disgrace.”

    Confucious 551 -479 B.C.

    • KG

      Words and language are all communications between one self to another and therefore USELESS.

      In fact, words, “FACTS” as we know them are ILLUSIONS!

      All statements are language and by definition OPINIONS!

      Real truth is EXPERIENTIAL, and cannot be MEDIATED.

      It’s the ultimate “…you had to be there.

      Bodhidharma – grandmaster of Kung Fu. c.e. 520

      • Vigilant

        “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”

        - Ronald Reagan

      • KG

        “My fellow Americns, I have just signed legislation that outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes” Ronald Regan

      • gunner689AI

        KG(B): that must have scared the hell out of you, losing Mother Russia. How could you ever get home again ? What would happen to your putkin doll collection in your apartment in Moscow ?

      • Jay

        KG, if, as you say; words and language are all communications between one self to another and therefore USELESS, then everything you have ever said and posted is, therefore, USELESS and MEANINGless…Perhaps you should consider taking the wow of silence for the rest of your life?

      • eddie47d

        Oh please Jay and KG take the pinkie pledge and do that together. That way Jay can honor himself.

      • Vicki

        Likely KG is simply having problems with Clinton’s definition of “is”

      • KG

        GALT was getting all “asian philosophical” and I wanted to share what I have learned. I thought it was relevant because of the confusion of language that people were talking about. Sometimes a little Jocularity is good!

        Woman who crash airplane upside down have crack-up.

        Woman who wants grand piano must service up-right organ.

        Man who stands on toilet is high on pot.

        Now, come on! Don’t tell me you are not laughing! ;)

      • GALT

        Or an actual quote from Confucious

        ” He who slings mud, loses ground. ”

        Confucious is standing pretty tall in the ancient wisdom observational category,
        still relevant and followed……no eternal reward or punishment required.

      • Jay

        Rumour has it, old Confucius was an obsessive nose-picker.

      • GALT

        That you are an idiot… rumor required….you just kinda lay all out for all to see…

        Thank you Jay……in UNIVERSE OF PROBABILITIES…….

        such CERTAINTY……is just so SPECIAL…..

      • Jay

        Confucius (although some scientists, based on his diary entries, have compiled the name Confucius Pan Ning Tam Ming Yam Hing Lan Keng Nao Meng Ceng Hing Ming Nam Ging Fao Sao-Sao Fam Sao San Feng Seng Neng) born King Kong, was a famous philosopher born in the city of Fuk Qyoo (pronounced faa-rck kwoo in Swiss-Cambodian dialect) in Shandeigh Province, in what is now the People’s Republic of China and whose teachings afflicted the entire world.

        His teachings were spread to China sometime around the Meiji era, and have greatly affected the ethics of Taiwan, otherwise known as the Wal-Mart’s Republic of China.

        Contrary to popular belief, Confucius isn’t his correct name. Due to differences in naming practices in the east and west, Confucius is actually called “William Hung” in oriental countries, though sometimes they called him Uncle Jorge. The term, Confucianism is not related to Confucius in any way, but rather due to the confusing nature of Confucianism, a martial arts more commonly known as “Kungfucianism”.

        His philosophy was based around people having sex and eating at the same time. Though this was thought to be impossible, Confucius somehow demonstrated this act to his people and people around the world are eating and having sex at the same time.

        Many believe that he is most responsible for being the first ping-pong player to put women in their god-damn-place.

        Confucius was born in Confuciustan. He was born in the Year of the Elephant, as is apparently required of all folks who dream up religions. He was born under the household of Kaswaki Kambaba and Jhon.

        Confucius invented a lot of things, one of them being porn. The rest of china were amazed at what confucuis had invented and created there own. This became a religon called Confucionism. it involved watching and making porn at least twice a day. This tradition has been passed from chinese father to chinese son till this very day.

        Unfortunatly only cantanese (cantalope for all those who are sane) chinese people follow to this religon, it’s cantanese 100% confucionisms and mandarin (mandarine) people 0% cunfucionisms. so help the cause and become a confucionist today (or if you watch porn).

        While Confucius may have been a huge porn addicted, his descendants aren’t necessarily so…

        Kong Xian Lei – 87th generation.

        King Kong – 171th generation. He is a world famous gorilla, made famous by media exploitation.

        Kim Jong-il – 777th generation. He is the ruler of North Korea, South Korea, Iraq, Burma, and China. One of the many reasons people worship him is because he is a descendant of Confucius.

        Popular one-liners by Confucius…

        “Man who fornicates peanut butter is f**king nuts.”
        ~ Confucius on strange fetishes

        “Only foolish man try run down hill with pants falling down.”
        ~ Confucius on meaning of reality

        “Man who walk in front of car get tired, but man who walk behind car get exhausted.”
        ~ Confucius on pedestrians

        “It is good for girl to meet boy in park, better for boy to park meat in girl.”
        ~ Confucius on relationships

        “Man who drops watch in toilet bound to have sh*tty time.”
        ~ Confucius on water closets

        “Crowded elevator always smell different to midget.”
        ~ Confucius on the meaning of life

        “He who buries a man’s wife alive, should not expect to sit at that man’s dinner table without the subject coming up.”
        ~ Confucius on etiquette

        “Baseball all wrong. Man with four balls cannot walk.”
        ~ Confucius on sports

        “Man who eats photo of father, soon spitting-image of father.”
        ~ Confucius on heredity

        “Man who take sleeping pill and laxative on the same night will wake up in deep sh*t.”
        ~ Confucius on medicine

        “Man who pushes piano down mineshaft get a tone of A flat miner.”
        ~ Confucius on music

        “Man who sneezes without tissue takes matters into his own hands.”
        ~ Confucius on hygiene

        “Man who walk in middle of road get run over by bus.”
        ~ Confucius on safety

        “Man trapped in pantry have azz in jam.”
        ~ Confucius on the kitchen

        “Wise man never play leapfrog with unicorn.”
        ~ Confucius on penetration

      • navyjr

        Then I suggest you “drop out” of humanity; because you’ll never be happy in it! Language has meaning, and words do have specific definitions, which when skewed change the communication; which we see happening, all the time at the highest levels; and that is LYING; truth can only be spoken in honest words that hold to the proper definitions accepted generally for them. If we don’t have that common ground we don’t have any semblance of civilization.

    • alpha-lemming

      WOW….. You don’t know how I’ve prayed that the language could return to Websters definitions. Words DO have VERY specific meanings, but methinks your history betrays your laxity with REAL definitions….

      Bush “lied” (wrong is NOT lied) inre WMDs based on best available international intelligence, but Clinton “mis-spoke” or “mis-remembered” when he “never had sex with that woman… not one time… never”

      It’s not “Balkinization” or “Tribalism” but rather “Multi-culturalism and Diversity”

      It’s not “taxation” but rather “investments”

      It’s not “Socialism” or “Communism”, but rather “Social Justice” and “redistribution”

      It’s not “coercion” but rather “tolerance”

      They aren’t “terrorist acts” but rather “Man caused disasters” or “work place violence” in the case of Ft.Hood

      And keeping 50.0001% of what you worked for is “greedy”

      Yep….. the left are real sticklers for accurate definitions…..

      • GALT

        Thank you for……..oh wait, sorry……..I was going to say definitions……
        but you don’t seem to have offered any………

        Webster? More like Roget/Orwell…….

        You think history has demonstrated that Confucious was a leftist?

      • alpha-lemming

        Thought you were a smart guy, but if I gotta spell it out…..
        Here’s the road-map

        Look up the word(s) in the first half of the comparison (in a Dictionary) for the definition, and see the second half for the leftist “New Speak”…… (Orwell reference just for you).

        Inre Confucious being a leftist????? If I understood the quote right, isn’t he advocating accuracy in language???? The Right wingers aren’t the ones re-writing word definitions.

      • GALT

        You got the quote right……….you still haven’t provided any definitions.

        Considering the subject, citing spin as a tactic, and word substitution, isn’t particularly
        relevant to actually changing a ‘dictionary definition’……an example of which would be

        Webster’s 1913 definition of “liberal” to the one of present day.

        Etymology can be even more informative……but probably way too much to expect.

        I got your point, it’s just not the same one……hence an editorial re-direct
        which hopefully YOU are smart enough to understand?

      • alpha-lemming

        Interesting historical reference citing “liberal” as the etymological case study….. unfortunately it proves my argument.

        Classic definition of Liberal would be synonymous with “freedom loving…. live and let live individualism centered minimalist governing philosophy” The leftists of the day (Woodrow Wilson era big government, central authority, redistributionalist, womb-to-tomb dependancy addicted Communists) were called….. ready for it….. Progressives!! The word Progressive got a bad reputation, becoming the politcal equivalent of a 4-letter word, so the left co-opted the word Liberal (never mind that it’s 180 degrees out of phase with the classic definition and their Fabian Society socialist desires….. don’t let accuracy get in the way of a good word) to hide their political leanings. Skip forwad 80yrs or so and “surprise-surprise” the word Liberal leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the majority of the populace sooooo……they’ve begun calling themselves Progressives once again….. same end-game, different name.

      • GALT

        Yeah well………people hear what they want…..words without meaning means you can
        use a whole lot of words, say nothing and still carry those that “think” they know
        what you mean………like ole Brandon……who wants money, not kudos……..but his
        marketing skills are a little weak………sucked in ole DaveH…….he just won’t get any money.

        Still when you can say decimate……….while meaning annihilate and get away with it,
        you can pretty much say anything you want…… the right choir.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        OMFG, how I wanna rip my hair out over and over when trying to talk to people who don’t think the words they choose are important.

        Words DO have specific meanings… that’s what makes the sounds we make, WORDS. That’s the whole purpose of even having words, is for them to mean something specific.

        Trying to carry on some kind of intelligent level of discourse with someone who keeps using their words interchangeably because “they’re just different words for the same thing” or “well, you know what I mean…”

        No, I don’t know what you mean, because you keep playing fast and loose with your words. What I think you mean probably isn’t what you think you are saying at all!

        (not you, specifically, alpha… the generic ‘you’ you. :) )

        They not only are not aware that the words refer to different concepts (like mom and mother), but they don’t even care that they can’t express themselves fully with their limited/stunted vocabulary.

        It drives me nuts when someone says they “like” something or someone… all that tells me is that they don’t feel like stabbing them, right at that moment.

        What do you like about it, how much do you like them, etc…

        I pick my words, to use the right one for how I feel, which they tend to be amused by. WHY!?? It is important to express myself accurately, or you don’t even know how I really feel about something/someone… you just end up making your assumptions without really knowing, because you don’t understand the words I’m using.

        It is getting to be insane…

        – Smoov

      • navyjr

        That’s precisely WHY we must all use the same definitions for given words! Without that, there can be no communication, and without communication, there is no civilization; which is what we’re seeing developing rapidly in our beloved homeland!

    • Sunshine49

      Your quote has just described the entire leadership of the world. They are all a disgrace.

  • http://aol Carsrus

    The “empty suit” is the reason for this malaise! A shill for president, the man who had NO business being in the White House. It is he who has spread his toxin, fear, hatred, condemnation of ll the GOOD we have done for the world. Barack Obama has an agenda to diminish US into just another european, socialist non world power. He has divided this Great Constitutional Republic by race, creed and fiscal ability! NO man has done more damage to America, we must RID not only the United States of this marxist-maoist muslim shill, but thr WORLD!

    • Corkey

      He is just one of the problems. He has had a complicit bipartisan Congress help him along the way. He is just as bad as Bush and Romney has the potential to be worse. Look at the forest and not just the tree.

    • Hey you

      What is being implemented is the ultimate result of Democracy – - “Democracy is the ‘God’ that failed”!

    • tlgeer

      I am sorry that you feel this way but, IMO, you have no facts to back your opinion up. Not one fact.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      “The “empty suit” is the reason for this malaise! A shill for president, the man who had NO business being in the White House. It is he who has spread his toxin, fear, hatred, condemnation of ll the GOOD we have done for the world. Barack Obama has an agenda to diminish US into just another european, socialist non world power. He has divided this Great Constitutional Republic by race, creed and fiscal ability! NO man has done more damage to America, we must RID not only the United States of this marxist-maoist muslim shill, but thr WORLD!”

      —Carsrus dear Patriot! EVERY point you’ve made is the absolute truth but only those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear!” will acknowledge the REALITY of your insight AND foresight.

      Please: KEEP SAYING IT “LIKE IT IS!” and even though it’s VERY tough to be continually “hammered” by brain-washed, ignorant or demon-driven liberals/socialists and TRAITORS who deliberately infiltrate blog sites like this, trying to belittle and diminish the truth and reality you’ve SEEN and HEARD in our beloved Country since 2008, you’ve got to HANG IN THERE!!

      More-and-more of our Countrymen ARE “waking up!” . . . they’re watching, listening and READING! And WHO will “tell the uninformed” if you and me and other Patriots like us don’t?!?

      “Silence gives consent!” ~Oswald Chambers

  • Tazio2013

    October 2012 Economic Rant by Roger Mason

    “By a continuous process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some….The process engages all of the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner that not one man in a million can diagnose.” – John Maynard Keynes Economic Consequences of the Peace, 1920.

    Did you know that Iran has a written constitution from 1979? Did you know that Iran has the second largest Jewish population in the Mideast after Israel? Did you know that Jews in Iran have full freedom in every way, including freedom to worship? Are you clear that both Russia and China have told us to keep our hands off Iran, or World War III will start? Are you clear about that? Do you want nuclear war for the Greater Good of Israel? Iran should be our friend and trading partner. They have no nuclear weapons and have been long term members of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. They get regular inspections. They have no nuclear weapons at all, and have every right to nuclear energy. Israel has never joined, never will join, has never had one inspection, and has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the Mideast. Israel is a nation of cowards hiding behind the skirts of America. They wouldn’t attack a Girl Scout troop without U.S. aid and assistance. The people of Israel do not want war with Iran, just like the American people don’t. The Guardian reported that a full 63% of Israeli citizens do not want war with Iran. It is the Israeli and American governments that want this insane war. We cannot take on both Russia and China. We will be annihilated, we will be vaporized, we will be destroyed. All for the Greater Good of Israel. The Mideast is none of our business and never was. America is our only business. Again, the American and the Israeli people do not want war with Iran.

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” -the great H.L. Mencken said that and boy was he right!

    • gunner689AI

      It is that very adversion to preparing for war that will bring it on. Bullies, criminals, and radical always attack the seemingly weak. What good is it to have a huge arsonal but are afraid to use when you have to. To put this in terms even a liberal can understand; who is more dangerous, a law abiding citizen who owns a large gun collection or a crack-head with a Tech 9 ?

      • DaveH

        gunner says — “Bullies, criminals, and radical always attack the seemingly weak”.
        Then why, gunner, would you aspire to be one of them?
        Read this and wake up from your stupor:,%20Wilson%20and%20Roosevelt.pdf

        Wars are initiated BY Leaders, Bankers, and Crony Capitalists FOR Leaders, Bankers and Crony Capitalists. They have nothing to do with Protecting our Freedom, and everything to do with Taking our Freedom.

      • Jay

        Iran Nuclear Soap Opera Enters Its 20th Season.

        In 1992 Bibi-NetanYAHOO said Iran would have a nuclear weapon by 1997. Just recently, he said Iran would cross the “red line” next summer. Zionist governments & media have been harping on this ad nauseam issuing empty and contradictory statements. What is their game?

        It’s called “regime change.” Neo-cons have been plotting regime change in North Africa
        & the Middle East for exactly the same length of time. “Regime change” means Zionist control.

      • Alex Frazier

        Actually, Jay, Iran is a target because they are trying to escape the dollar. If you do a little fact checking, you will find that Iraq, Libya, and many others whom we have attacked are or were making efforts to disconnect themselves from the US dollar in their trade. Iraq tried to use Euros, Libya a new gold currency, and Iran is presently trading oil for gold. If any of the member states of OPEC start trading in a currency other than the dollar, the dollar could be toppled as the international currency. The one member would create a domino effect. It would cause a collapse in the dollar virtually overnight. That’s part of why Russia and China have both warned the USA not to attack Iran. Russia and China have already plotted to drop the dollar and use something else as the key currency. To make that happen, they have to break the petrodollar, which they have a good chance of doing if they can adequately protect Iran. This, consequently, is why we also have such an alleged problem with Chinese trade.

        It’s all smoke and mirrors to protect the US dollar. We’ll turn into a third world country in a matter of months if the oil producing countries drop the dollar and adopt a new currency as the international trade currency.

    • GALT

      You believe the “president” represents the “soul of the people”?

      Your message seems to be a bit muddled………as in mixing your quotes……you
      should have skipped the last one, it doesn’t fit………( nor does your endorsement )

      “The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support of government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state.”

      Which brings us to the “fair tax” but first……..

      Which states for all intents and purposes that the top 10% owns the U.S. of A.

      The government serves them…….therefor they should pay 100% of the taxes.

      Problem solved……..and we could skip all the pandering.

      • dark angel

        A very interesting idea; the inverse of the minimum wage; a maximum wage. I’ve had this idea for a long time. Of course it’s not a panacea, but it’s a good start.

        A brave new world where there’s a social safety net (new deal), local business thrives (the American Dream), most in the community are employed (self-worth), your earnings are yours to spend how you choose (free market). It castrates the elite’s power-because they’d have none.

        Ground the dollar to commodities (real wealth), abolish the FED (usury), implement protective tariffs (protectionism), return to constitutional rule of law and America would become great again. Why? Because the only incentive left would be your honor/work ethic and the product you produced (bragging rights). Gone would be consumerism and the almighty quest for more dollars. Gone would be the best government money can buy. In its stead would be a country where we’re “all created equal”.

        I maybe naive, but that sounds like a country our founding fathers envisioned and one we’d probably all enjoy living in. i know I would.

      • GALT

        I wouldn’t give the founders too much credit………they objected to not being in control.

        They had no objection to exploitation, expropriation, slavery, theft, extermination and conquest, just who got the profits…….or the taxes…….

        The choice that remains is your “naive world” or extermination…….self imposed……the
        this reality has not emerged……..too much ignorance on the part of the victims
        although in the end to “actually have to produce something of value”……probably is
        the real scary part………

        Probably better to start with something a little more achievable, with a more
        immediate benefit……like “First, do no harm……”not as easy as it sounds……but it
        is something that everyone can learn to do………

  • dan

    the Republic became a Federation at the Civil Wars end,,,,and a soft socialism in 1913.
    Now we are pre-fascist corporatism and the police state is in view. Who needs Himmler
    when you have Rove. We are one successful Reichstag/falseflag away from martial law
    and there’s nowhere left to flee from the NWO.

    • JC

      Which is why the Founding Father’s had the prescience to establish the Second Amendment.

      • Joe Hammond

        Do you propose to take on the 101st Airborne division with your second ammendment rights? Do you suppose that there are enough tank killer rockets in the hands of the second ammendment crowd to stop the M1A2′s that will come down the streets? Do you think enough Stinger’s are in the hands of second ammendment believers to take down swarms of AH-64′s? And after Kent State, Detroit, Jackson State, and Ludlow that the military will NOT fire on citizens of this republic?

        If you do I have a deal for you in Brooklyn……….

      • JC

        Do you think that the 101 Airborne will fire on American citizens? Like Nazi’s? I don’t.

      • JC

        Joe, if the service men and women of the US Military decide they should throw in with the NWO / UN dirtbags…then they are traitors. And the US would no longer be a country worth living in any way…

      • GALT

        Unfortunately, the evidence doesn’t support your opinion JC

        or we could go to the Whiskey and Shay’s rebellion?

      • GALT
      • GALT
      • JC

        It changes nothing Galt.
        If we want to restore the Republic, we’ll need to fight whoever is trying to take it away from us.

      • GALT

        Just helping you understand what the 101st would do, as you seemed to have some
        doubts…….hopefully, this is no longer the case, although George said it best….

        GOVERNMENT IS FORCE! ( that just never get’s olde )

      • http://none Charlie

        Joe Hammond,,,
        The 101 AirBorne can be wiped out with ONE Guardian Angel ,,,BUT,,, do you have the Prayer Power to call in one guardian Angel??? Meanwhile,,,,,,,,,,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • JC

        Liberty or Death…simple.

    • tlgeer

      Unless you can provide proof that we are no longer a Republic, and are now a Federation, it is ONLY your opinion that it is true. That is not conclusive of anything other than your opinion.

      • JC

        Research: United States Inc.

        • tlgeer

          lol Are you talking about the COMPANY United States, Inc. (UTI)? lol

          This COMPANY is not part of our GOVERNMENT. Do you really NOT know the difference?

      • JC

        There are varying opinions and interpretations,
        I merely suggested you research it for yourself.

        • navyjr

          In 1871 the city of Washington City incorporated to become Washington, DC, and changed from a federal government of a Constitutional Republic of the united States for America to the Federal government of the Corporation the United States of America. That’s not a Constitutional Republic; and we’ve been under martial law since Lincoln established it early in the Civil War, continuously. Look at the flags in your government buildings and courts; that yellow fringe is martial, not civilian!

  • mathis1689

    Excellent article and very well written. In my opinion America as such hasn’t existed ever since Lincoln’s un-Constitutional war against the South. America,or rather what USED to be America,has been living on left-over capital from the Founding Fathers ever since then but like spoiled children who overdraw Dad’s credit card the time has come to pay the bill and there isn’t anything left to pay it with.

  • nc

    Vigilant, what this “liberal friend” knows is that this is the number one nation in the world and it was achieved by the leadership of liberals and moderates without the leadership of a single”true conservative” President!
    This is a different country in a smaller world than the FOUNDING FATHERS had to provide government for! You can dwell on the “words” AND INTENTIONS of the past but we must face the problems of today! Problems the FF never invisioned due to science that wasn’t even taught when they were called upon to provide for what THEY FACED, NOT WHAT WE FACE!
    Conservative minds have an expansion problem! Yesterdays “solutions” don’t always handle today’s problems! Women no longer walk a step behind or live in Old Testament servitude to the men! Workers no longer have to fear the wrath of the master! Government education has taken us to outer space and made the young people “thinkers” instead of robots in their parent’s world!

    The Constitution is our bedrock not a rock wall! What it means is what the living people want it to mean not what the dead wanted for their time and problems! Go to any Library that has a set of SUPREME COURT REPORTS and see how many hundreds or thousands of cases our forefathers brought to determine what the CONSTITUTION meant in their day! Even Conservatives have sued Conservatives over what the FOUNDING FATHERS MEANT WHEN THEY WROTE IT! If you want the protection of the original Constitution buy yourself a musket and go live in the woods!

    • Paul Wells

      nc, what you fail to understand is that our Constitution was meant to LIMIT government power! Limit tyranny by rule of law. That fact is lost on all of you libs, you think you are so progressive, but what you are really “progressing” us towards is a one world government where the government is supreme and “provides for all of the needs of the people”. This is a far cry from living in a free country, and until you idiots accept this fact, we are pretty much heading down the tubes. Your attempts to equivocate that what “dead people wanted for their time” is out of step is silly. This is why our Constitution deliberately did not use confining language, as our Founding Fathers knew that the Constitution would get out of date rather quickly, but rather built principles that stated that the rule of law was the most important precept that we hold. You libtards want us marching towards a one world government, and I’d submit that you and people that believe like you are the entire problem that we face as a Nation!

      • nc

        Paul, The “one world government” is a figment of the paraniodal mind and has been preached for years by the same minds that have preached that Obama will not allow the elecions in Nov. or he will become a “dictator”. or Americans will end up captives in FEMA Camps! HOW MUCH OF THIS HAVE YOU SEEN as we progress toward your one world governent concept? You and your brothers are exhibiting the desperation of the “outs” of our poltitical system! IF ALL ELSE FAILS CRY”DOOM”!!

      • Flashy

        NC… of all the claims made about the FEMA Camps…ever wonder why no one who makes the claim has ever tried to locate them or visit to see if they do indeed exist?

      • DaveH

        Look who’s talking about “paranoid”. The same people who think we can’t get along without Big Government’s Protection.
        Sorry, NC, I take it back. You’re not Paranoid, you’re just hopelessly Ignorant.

      • TexasRide

        F-man google FEMA Camps. You will see a map where all 700 camps are located. There is one about twenty-miles from me. I have seen it! It is an old refurbished army base, has old buildings with high fence topped with razor wire! What! You think people are imagining these camps! If things keep going the way they are now, you may get a real upclose look at the inside!

      • http://none Charlie

        Have you reviewed the Randy Weaver Case? How about the Kahl case? ,,,OK City,,,Waco,,, Twin Towers… Air head ,,,there is no vacuum in nature except between your ears… Meanwhile ,,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

    • DaveH

      NC says — “what this “liberal friend” knows is that this is the number one nation in the world and it was achieved by the leadership of liberals and moderates without the leadership of a single”true conservative” President!”.
      Number one in what, NC? A Society of Criminals?

    • DaveH

      NC says — “Problems the FF [Founding Fathers] never invisioned due to science that wasn’t even taught when they were called upon to provide for what THEY FACED, NOT WHAT WE FACE!”.
      Actually, NC, the Founding Fathers were much better educated than you are. They knew that Democracies always ended in failure due the easy nature of obtaining a raw majority of brain-dead people who ignorantly believed whatever the Leaders told them to believe.
      You wouldn’t even qualify to carry this man’s books, NC:

      • nc

        Dave, you live from one book! Mises? Don’t recall him ever leading us to what we have become! I’m sure the Austrians are awaiting their turn as leaders in the financial world!

      • DaveH

        Thanks NC, for showing the readers that I was right about your ignorance.

    • DaveH

      NC says — “Conservative minds have an expansion problem! Yesterdays “solutions” don’t always handle today’s problems!”.
      Then why do you advocate “yesterday’s solutions” of Socialism, NC, which has been a proven failure throughout History and has been the most Prominent form of Politics since ancient times?

    • DaveH

      NC says — “Government education has taken us to outer space and made the young people “thinkers” instead of robots in their parent’s world!”.
      A non-sequitur, NC. Unless you have lived in a parallel world of Small Government, you have no way to know what we could have achieved without that Big Expensive (40% of our GDP) Government.

    • DaveH

      NC says — “The Constitution is our bedrock not a rock wall! What it means is what the living people want it to mean not what the dead wanted for their time and problems!”.
      Then the “living people” can change it through the Amendment process, NC, instead of the Leaders doing as they damn well please like the Society of Criminals wishes.

    • Vigilant

      nc (no conscience) says, “This is a different country in a smaller world than the FOUNDING FATHERS had to provide government for! You can dwell on the “words” AND INTENTIONS of the past but we must face the problems of today! Problems the FF never invisioned [sic] due to science that wasn’t even taught when they were called upon to provide for what THEY FACED, NOT WHAT WE FACE!”

      Be so kind as to tell us what is outmoded by a Constitutional Republic. Explain how the separation of powers is an antiquated concept. Then go on to tell us how the Bill of Rights has been superseded by the “problems of today.” Tell us how what we face is categorically different from what they faced.

      Feel free to continue with an enlightening discussion of how scientific advances nullify any principles of our founding. Then tell us why individual sovereignty is any less of a sacred natural right than it was two centuries ago.

      You may also choose to delve into a treatise as to why Article V (the amendment process) is insufficient to the needs of today, and always, in revising the document you so severely decry.

      In short, provide any specific you like that countermands or superannuates the general principles and values found in the Declaration and Constitution.

      THEN, and only then, will we have some food for discussion. Sweeping generalities of the nature you advance have no useful purpose other than to denigrate the rule of law, and unfairly relegate the Founders to the category of “dead white European males.”

      You have my challenge. Run with it if you can.

      • nc

        Vigilant, there is nothing wrong with a Constitutional Republic as long as it serves the needs of its living members, be they rich or poor! The FF were not “hide bound” when they gave the world a new concept for their time and neither should today’s leaders be “hide bound” to a “musket” world in Atomic times.
        Would the Second Amendment have been written the same way if the FF had had to deal with AK47s and street sweeper shot guns?

      • Vigilant

        nc says, “Vigilant, there is nothing wrong with a Constitutional Republic as long as it serves the needs of its living members, be they rich or poor! The FF were not “hide bound” when they gave the world a new concept for their time and neither should today’s leaders be “hide bound” to a “musket” world in Atomic times.”

        So you think Article V of the Constitution is now invalid? The Founders understood full well what you’re talking about, and that’s why the provision for amendment was placed there. Changing sentiments of a majority of society over time have resulted in 17 additional amendments beyond the bill of Rights.

        Should today’s leaders be “hide bound” by the Constitution? You bet your sweet bippy they should. That amazing document was put into practice largely to do just that! It was done precisely to prevent leaders from doing anything prohibited by it. This may be a news flash to you, but the Constitution provided for government of the people BY the people and FOR the people, not to give “leaders” a license to kill.

        “Would the Second Amendment have been written the same way if the FF had had to deal with AK47s and street sweeper shot guns?”

        Couldn’t answer that one way or the other, but I can answer that Article V would have remained unchanged. If the 2nd Amendment is considered insufficient, then we AMEND the Constitution to afford the revision. We DO NOT appeal to unconstitutional provisions of international agreements and protocols, nor do we legislate at any level proscriptions that do not accord with the 2nd Amendment as it stands.

        • tony

          Vigilant is right !!! We cannot have a Government in full control of Peoples needs to the point that they ration us while Politics are being used to divide the society for gain , when these same people are subscribing too United nations Policies and are all talking about putting people in a population control policy .

      • GALT

        Vigilant has never been right……of course, his constitution doesn’t exist but even if
        it did Article Six still presents a problem…….but why nitpick as it is irrelevant anyway.

      • Vigilant

        And GALT never addresses an argument head on with specifics. Try to disprove my assertions with logical, clear points and factual references for a change.

        Your incessant and obsessive linkage to the conspiratorial websites does in no way counter a thing I said above. It’s the sign of immaturity and incompetence when you try to derail discussions with irrelevant matter.

      • GALT

        Dear ( never, ever ) Vigilant, there is no requirement to refute or argue that
        which is invalid………any discussion regarding the finer points of what Constitution means is irrelevant…….THE LINK explains why and is all that is required which
        is why it is used AGAIN and AGAIN…….and will continue to be………

        The only relevant discussion which has any significance for any one seeking to understand what meaning and authority the Constitution has in the PRESENT
        revolves around the single FACT that the current operational jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES is and has been since 1938, Admiralty and Maritime Law,
        and what it means for you is that whatever the government chooses to
        do and whether or not it has the power to do it, rests solely on the
        legislation of Congress, the actions of the executive with regards
        to enforcement and subject to the final interpretation of the Supreme Court,
        as and when required.

        In Admiralty and Maritime you do not have “rights”, nor does any portion
        of the Bill of Rights apply………you have privileges, benefits and
        immunities……a phrase which should be FAMILIAR to you if you
        have observed any court proceedings or congressional
        hearings where this “privilege” is invoked……..and while “immunity”
        may sound a lot like a RIGHT, immunities are subject to change at
        any time……which the Patriot Act aptly demonstrates…….and while
        you have many people who bandy about the word “unconstitutional”
        regarding government actions…….this is a waste of time
        but more importantly a DIFFUSION OF ENERGY ………akin to a
        drunk, searching for his keys under a lamp post because the
        LIGHT is better there…….

        In addition to THE LINK, you will also remember the constant and
        repeated question “Where are the common law and equity courts?”

        While I realize that my postings here seem to provoke both emotional
        and reactive responses rather than intelligent ones, because I am
        an “outsider” and am essentially messing up your rather cozy coterie
        and simple minded, soundbite rhetoric………for those who come here
        to salivate as the bell is rung for you each day……….there is a
        POINT to the question.

        Those lost keys which ARE NOT under the lamp post, just happen
        to have a light attached…… see the Constitution that you
        constantly refer to, did require a bit of gymnastics to circumvent
        ……..after all, given the identification of the jurisdiction
        you are subject to and attempting to do this directly by decree,
        would have been “unconstitutional”……and “obvious”………and
        would have failed.

        If however you “volunteered”, wittingly or unwittingly……then what
        followed would not be “unconstitutional” and whatever the outcome
        would be “lawful” in the jurisdiction you found yourself………so
        as long as this outcome was not seemingly egregious,
        for most citizens………the “illusion” of legitimacy would hold
        …… while people would raise a “hey, wait a minute how
        can this be?” on this point or that point,
        unless you actually found your keys………you would
        never be able to open the door to the Constitution you
        know and believe still exists.

        Strangely……”faith” plays a big part in the confidence game
        that you have voluntarily become a “victim” of……….and the
        primary concern of government is it’s ability to raise revenue
        through fee’s, fines, excise, duties, imposts, direct
        and indirect taxes. To insure this, and the civil procedures
        that would be needed to replace the formerly ( common law
        and equity courts ) functions, The Uniform Commercial Code
        was legislated by congress, and adopted
        on the Federal level in 1939, laws were codified into titles
        and “statutory jurisdiction” materialized. The UCC over
        the next 20 years was adopted by the ‘several states’ which
        now all had two letter federal district identifiers,
        aka “postal codes”…….and by 1960, the pretense
        of “lawful money” was no longer necessary……..and removed
        from Federal Reserve Notes which
        became simply “legal TENDER for all debts public and private “.

        Failure to exercise the ‘reservation of rights clause’ required by
        UCC 1-207/ 308 on any contract/ license/ legal document. etc
        made you automatically subject to this “statutory” ( admiralty/maritime ) jurisdiction……..and since no one actually knows that this
        “reservation” IS REQUIRED, revenues flow largely uninterrupted,
        while the “victims”…..YOU……flail away wasting time and energy
        on things that are irrelevant………and this “willfull ignorance is
        costing you $$$$$$$$”, the fact that it is “fiat”, not withstanding.

        END THE FED, Ron Paul in 2012, Rand Paul whenever and the
        tea party and or the libertarian party, plus all the “conspiracy theories”,
        as well as writers here ( and that means ALL OF THEM ) are
        a waste of time, they are a distraction,
        and not being part of the solution, are PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!!!

        The other part of the problem is that anyone who wants
        access to their Constitutional rights and protections……
        needs to LEARN how, and the really big part, actually
        follow through and DO IT!!!!!!! No gun or violence required
        …….you need a BRAIN and a PEN!

        All of this ( THE KEY ) and more is in the LINK……….but you have
        to find the KEY and USE IT. ( no one can do it for you……we can
        only guide…..and attempt to calm the “imagined FEAR”……..
        knowledge is STUPID. ( to this point you have not only
        chosen to be STUPID,
        but have INSISTED on REMAINING STUPID.)

        “To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!!!” ( and then HANG, separately!!!!!!)

        P.S. It’s your money…….and the reward is: you get to keep it……

        “The way out is through the door. Why is it that no one will use this method?”
        ― Confucius

      • TIME

        Dear Galt,

        Thank you for your really Beautiful post, ( saddly) ~~ I don’t think many will get it.

        Its really quite hard to let go of what you think you have. Only to find that what you do in fact have is little more than a pot to relieve yourself in.
        Yet even then only to find – even that trusty rotten smelling pot is no longer there.

        This creates the blockage that most find themselfs in, unable to see, or perhaps NOT WILLING to see, or to even think ~~ or allow ones self to Comprehend what has been done to us as a whole.

        Then we have the compounding effects of the single bastion we think we can trust, ~ “Religions” ~~ only to find that they insist that you must comply with something that makes no sence at all..
        That being akin to cutting off your nose to spite your face as it were.,

        Saddly those who still have use of their gray matter – or think about the ramifications of this absurd behavior, – are left asking the question, is this insaine or what?

        I was there, just as most of who really “WAKE UP” to find out something is so very ~ wrong,
        I am still working my way out of this quagimire, trying to find my way daily. It’s not easy as it takes a great strength to stand alone while the mass’s toss stones at you for not conforming to the evils they will not see, ~ as they keep thier eyes closed ~ and block their ears and refuse to smell the decay of the rotting flesh.

        It’s saddly the ones who just will not see the light or refuse to even step out of the darkness of all the bent dogmas they have used as a control unit for their very being,

        This deplete those of us who are breaking the very chains that have bound us to the boxed walls of the prison of “Hate and Contempt” we have all been born into.

        Afterall we were “PRE~PROGRAMED” by way of the PUBLIC education system that
        “INDOCTRNATED” us into thinking we were a “FREE” Nation ~ a nation that is above all others ~~ that we are the BEST of the BEST ~~ when in fact we were only following in the footsteps of the Zionist who run our nation as well who have run the world and have removed countless Billions of people from the living, Saddly – all in the name of Profits & POWER and CONTROL over all Humans,~ let alone their “LUST for Blood.”

        Peace & Love ~ be with ALL of you.

        May The Christ words flow into all of your hearts so you learn the “TRUTH” of his LOVE ~~~ not the worthless rhetoric you’re being sold as his words of LOVE.
        Have a light Heart, A SOUL full of GRACE.

        TURN OFF your TV ~ Look for the TRUTH, stop letting the Mass media control you, by {{ TELLING you by way of VISION, PROGRAMING.}} > Get it?
        “Television Programing” get it?

        People ~ PLEASE STOP the MADDNESS!

        Only YOU can do it, ~ the question is do ~ YOU have the Courage & Strength?

      • Alex Frazier


        The government only has the power we allow it to have. The problem is that we presently allow it to have autonomous, unchecked power.

        It doesn’t matter if the government became a corporation (which I knew about already, and thank you for being well read enough to know it). The government can think and do as it pleases only at our pleasure. That’s why what they’ve done isn’t common knowledge. Governments don’t hide things unless they fear reprisal.

        The government as it exists has been trying for all it’s worth to eliminate our right to keep and bear arms. Yet it fails. At best, they have only been able to chip away at it, relative to what the population will permit.

        You give government way too much credit and assign to them far too much awe. The government is our servant, not our master. They are our elected officials. And they should fear the day they openly declare themselves to be otherwise.

    • Alex Frazier

      nc, the only reason you can say what you are saying is due directly to the freedoms provided to you by the Constitution you clearly disdain. You would sing a different tune if you had the opportunity to live in a despotic state of tyranny. While people like you think the Constitution is outdated, I’ll bet you the Jews at the start of WWII would disagree. I think they would have all held fast to the principles of free speech, free religion, to be able to keep and bear arms to protect themselves, to not have soldiers quartered in their homes, to be guilty of crimes before being arrested and detained, to be tried by a jury of peers rather than shot in front of ditches, to not be subjected to cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, etc.

      The Constitution is only an outdated set of principles to a person who is oblivious to the wickedness that still exists in this world, and who is painfully ignorant of the fact that tyranny still exists. More people are killed worldwide by their own governments than by disease, foreign invasion, domestic crime, or any other cause. It’s not like we’re living in a civilized world where that kind of stuff doesn’t happen anymore. There are people still living who experienced the horrors of WWII and the genocide that took the lives of six million Jews. There are people who remember Mao Zedong and his “great leap forward” that cost millions their lives, and his cultural revolution that led to more than a million deaths.

      Presently, our own government is in the process of trying to eliminate the very rights that protect us from such things. And morons are behind it. They might as well be waving little red books. We’ve never needed the principles of the Constitution more in the history of our country than we do right now. At least Lincoln had the excuse of a civil uprising. Our current government has no such excuse. They are taking our rights just because they can, because people like you let them.

      Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution.

      • navyjr

        I’ve known immigrants who came here, after slipping out of eastern European nations between the retreating Nazis, and the advancing Soviets, who would FULLY agree with you on those points.

  • http://Yahoo Anna

    I have stopped watching news I think our leaders have lost their minds.Did it start when we went off Gold standerd

    • DaveH

      The Sociopathic Leaders knowingly took us off the Classical Gold Standard and then the weaker version of the Gold Standard purposely so they could more easily build their Power over the rest of us.
      Read some of Rothbard’s many books. Start here:

    • tlgeer

      The two of you are old enough to remember that, huh?

  • Robert

    Your commentary is excellent. It is the people and not those in power that is the cause of our malaise. What can we currently do about it – not voting for either of the “two party system candidates”. Vote for the individual, not the party. It is easier to know and communicate with the local candidates, get to know yours, find the ones you trust, support them, vote for them.

    We must start with us.

    • Alex Frazier

      There are a few ways we can affect change. The vote is irrelevant, except to remove bad politicians. But we have the power of the protest. We can light up the phone lines on every issue. We can gather outside the offices of our elected officials. We can agree to certain measures of civil disobedience. Or we can take up arms.

      We are hardly without recourse. What we are without is citizen support. Frankly, I don’t think we’ll ever convince enough citizens to do something about this problem.

  • http://Yahoo Anna

    I am just out side of Charlotte.

  • sj

    Our problems started long before BHO came alone. He is just the most recent puppet to be dangled before us to give us the illusion of ” freedom “. Our freedom was high jacked long ago. This is an age old battle of which the FF mearly gave us a foot hold and a template to carry foward not a guaranteed free ride. We have let down our guard and fallen so deep into a hole of tyranny most cannot even comprehend the hugeness of the multi tennacled monster that we face today. Like it or not it is true. I still believe the original template is viable and a good starting place, not to say it doesn’t need a tweak here or there but it will irrelavant if we all don’t wake up to reality very very soon.

  • RivahMitch

    Like Mark Twain, I believe that “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it”. It hasn’t deserved it for some time now.

    • JC

      I believe it is an adherence to our founding principles as set forth in the Constitution.
      Pretty much cuts the government right out of it doesn’t it?

      • RivahMitch

        We’re in total agreement on that point.

  • roger gunderson

    Best reading I’ve seen in awhile.

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  • rjim

    The question I have and I’ve heard expressed by many people, how do we turn things around, especially since the ballot box no longer works. We only get to chose between, what I think of as the lessor of two evils, and people saying I’m voting for xyz because they gave me a free cell phone. Sick really sick.

    • Hey you

      How do we turn it around?

      First nullification. Then, secession.

      • Flashy

        You don’t like it here in the US as Pres. Obama returns power and prosperity to the Middle Class? Have a nice trip elsewhere…

      • DaveH

        That’s a joke. But what else can we expect from an Administration Shill like Flashman?
        For those who want to know who really is destroying the middle class, read Chapter 1, page 55, and Chapter 7, page 313:
        Better yet, read the whole book.

      • GALT

        Wow, it took a depression and a world war to create a middle class……and Ronald
        Reagen and the freemarket capitalists 30 years to destroy it…….and DavidH thinks
        a book about desert islands and fish is the solution……..

        “credit, money, barter”………keep trying you may get to try that barter thing, just
        don’t count on shiny metal to prove very useful.

      • JC

        Flashy says:

        October 2, 2012 at 9:22 am

        You don’t like it here in the US as Pres. Obama returns power and prosperity to the Middle Class? Have a nice trip elsewhere…

        How about we just put the Kenyan’s criminal a$$ on a boat back to Africa instead? ;-)

      • TexasRide

        Good one, JC. The Kenyan muslim should be the one to leave! We will stay and take our country back!

    • TIME

      Dear rjim,

      Saddly, what was can no longer be, thus it can never get back to what it was once.

      Its now way to late to fix that flat tire, its also way to late to hold out any hope of the American people standing up and thinking for themselfs.
      They too have become addicted to the political drug’s of utter insanity as well living in Da~Nile.

      Schools produced the IN-DOCTRINATED youth who will become the leaders in the future thus we have no future, ~~~~~ and I don’t say that lightly.
      By the end of 2013 both the first and second Amendment will be long gone, just as the fouth Amendments loss in 2001 , the fith in 2010,

      Saddly, no matter what the outcome of the November 2012 Rock Star event, the American people will loose yet again to the drug addicted Law Makers.
      Not long after the 2012 Rock Star event the RFID chips will be on the list of to do – and the American people will stand in line just as they do for thier ~~~ fake Flu Shots.

      They also will bring forth their Children for the New World Orders, Special new war to fill their Blood Lust, so the Political Rock Star’s can enjoy their special moment of Fame.

      Peace and Love

    • tlgeer

      People who say things like that are stupid, and don’t know what they are talking about. Just like anyone else who espouses “facts” when they haven’t seen them, when they were only “told” about them.

      Pretending that these people are indicative of a whole group, or party, makes no sense. It’s like saying that everyone who do not know the requirements of a birth certificate, and how to tell if it’s real or not, are all Republican. They are not. They are a very small minority who just don’t know what they are talking about.

      • Alex Frazier

        I’m a Republican. Consequently, I’m also a photographer and professional photo retoucher. I can tell you for a fact that the birth certificate on the whitehouse website is a fraud.

        But fraudulent or not, Obama is still ineligible to be president. His father was born in Kenya, and was never a citizen of the United States. It says so on the birth certificate released by the Whitehouse. So Obama isn’t a natural born citizen, born to citizen parents who are free from foreign influence or allegience.

    • tlgeer

      “the ballot box no longer works”

      Of course it does. You just don’t like what the majority of voters have chosen.

      • JC

        How would we possibly know what the majority of voters have chosen?
        the entire balloting process is as corrupt as it gets.
        All we know is what we’re told…which is usually BS.

  • Polski

    the problem is arrogant stupidity. In Washington state, most of the people don’t know that Oregon is a bordering state. Just read the comments and you can see that the WalMart heads are corrupting the country.

    • The Christian American

      If you want to make things better, remember the “we’s” start with an I.

    • Flashy

      Sure as heck is news to me Polski. There’s a ton of corss river traffic from the north as y’all take advantage that Liquor and gas are cheaper, no sales tax. Everyone I know sure as heck knows where the Oregon Coast is, that Portland and Pendleton are just acorss the river, and the Gorge is faster taking I 84 on the Oregon side….

      Are you suggesting when the dawgs and the cougs are whipped by OSU and UofO that folks think they were kicked around by another California school?

      • DaveH

        Only Liberal Progressives would drive miles to save 7 cents per gallon on their gasoline. Filling up the average tank (about 18 gallons) would save $1.26 for a 10 mile round trip. But the transportation costs to get there and back, for a 10 mile round trip, would amount to about $4.00.

      • Flashy

        DaveH…tell ya what. if you ever had an original thought process, i’d have to call the cardiologist to stave off the cardiac arrest from the shock. People cross the River for work and to shop. Oregon has no Sales tax…right there is an 8.5% savings, gas…which is not self serve…is 7-10 cents a gallon less in Oregon. Note when they tell you self service stations decrease the cost of fuel…Oregon isn’t self serve and is cheaper than either Idaho, Wash, Cal…all of which have self serve.

        Then you’ll hear from the anti tax nutjobs that Oregon’s corporate and income taxes are killing business..when Oregon has the highest ratio of small business per capita than any other state and all along the borders the populated areas have the commerce and businesses always located on the Oregon side (more educated and skilled workers and infrastructure). And one of my favorites is the anti land use crazies ranting about ‘property rights” and how strict land use is socialism. Seems everyone wants to move to Oregon because it has land use…no sprawl, farms which aren’t faced with rising taxation driving them out, property values high and stable, allows for intensified mass transportation, etc etc

        So when y’all scream about “socialism”, then don’t consider retiring or moving to Oregon. Guess we have it so bad everyone else wants to have it as bad…

        So DaveH…does Mises have an article on this?

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “DaveH…tell ya what. if you ever had an original thought process”.
        That’s original? You’ve been using that same trite attempt to manipulate me and other readers for many months now. If you really had anything intelligent to offer, Flashman, you wouldn’t need to stoop to such adolescent tactics.

      • tlgeer

        Here in SW Washington, on the Long Beach Peninsula, we cross the river (the Columbia) to go shopping a lot. The no-sales tax is great, and the gas is usually 10 cents a gallon cheaper than on the peninsula.

        Plus, the Oregon side has Costco, Fred Meyers, Safeway, Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid, Jo-Ann’s, Petco, etc. The peninsula doesn’t have all of those things. We are basically a tourist area. We have some nice restaurant’s, and 2 chain fast food places (McDonald’s and Subway).

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Oregon has no Sales tax…right there is an 8.5% savings, gas…which is not self serve…is 7-10 cents a gallon less in Oregon”.
        7-10 cents a gallon is an 8.5% savings only to the mathematically challenged, Flashman. Even using the high end of your range, and assuming $3.98 a gallon, which is the average current price in Oregon, I only get a 2.5% figure. Interestingly enough, the average gasoline price in Washington is only $4.02 cents, for only a 4 cent per gallon difference.

        And you think you’re qualified to Force your decisions on me and others with Big Government?
        You’re a fraud, Flashman.

      • Flashy

        LOL…Errr DaveH…Washington has a sales tax of 8.5%. Oregon has no sales tax. In addition to that savings, Oregon has full serve gas stations (no self serve allowed) and gas is about 10 cents less than Washington.

        Get you off from being able to find a catchy titled Mises article and you’re lost. Do you ever read some of that stuff you link to? You realize many times it’s not even close to what you state it to be ?

      • Flashy

        TLgeer…is the north end of the beach open to drive on yet? Or too early still ?

      • Jay

        Have you yet noticed, DaveH, that the minute nc starts getting his azz handed to him in a debate, suddenly, and out of nowhere, Flashy/Dave67 emerges, and nc is no more? I’m beginning to suspect that what we may in fact be dealing with here, is a rather severe case of schizophrenia…with respect to this poor fellow. Wouldn’t you agree?

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “LOL…Errr DaveH…Washington has a sales tax of 8.5%. Oregon has no sales tax”.
        Quit equivocating, Flashman. That has nothing to do with your quote, which I gave exactly in my comment exposing your ignorance or lie.
        Nice try Falsy. But you have no credibility on this board.

      • DaveH

        It wouldn’t surprise me, Jay. Flashman is well-known for his multiple personalities.
        Ask me to prove that, Flashman.

      • tlgeer

        Yes, Flashy, the beach has been drivable again since the day after Labor Day.

        Also, it’s just been confirmed that we will have our first Razor Clam dig next weekend. Yay!

  • gunner689AI

    I joined the Marines in 1966 at the age of 17. I came home from Nam in 1968. I thought that I’d returned to a diffrent planet. It certainly wasn’t the Norman Rockwell America I’d left. I quickly realized that I was more at home in the Corps than I was at home. The slide into decadence has gone on so long I doubt it could ever be reversed.

    • Jay

      Here gunner, this will explain the the reason for our countries’ transformation, beginning immediately after 1913!

    • tlgeer

      It never was a Norman Rockwell kind of place. Even the Norman Rockwell paintings were highly fictionalized. Just as there is no Utopia. Fiction. All of it.

      If you had a family that seemed like it belonged on a Norman Rockwell painting, I’m glad for you. But in all of the history that I’ve seen (newspapers, diary’s, etc.) in any civilization there is a lot of unhappiness, doubt and fear.

      In Beatrice, NE, in 1919, my Great Grandfather was asked by his boarding house landlord to help her to get the door open of a guest who had just taken a room the night before. When he got the door open, they discovered that she had sealed all of the windows and doors with clothes and towels and turned on the gas. She had been a postmistress in another state. I have no idea why she did this, and have not found any news stories about her, or her family.

      The fact is that bad things happen, even under the seemingly stable views that we can see. They always have.

  • The Christian American

    2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty. No Lord, no liberty. Liberty runs hand in hand with Morality. Liberty is the name of moral freedom: Period. The moral man Patrick Henry said: “Give me liberty or give me death”. Where we find one, we will find the other. Freedom has a line in it. The freedom moral people have gives them the Lord and liberty. As we cross the line in freedom, to be free to engage in immorality and amorality, we experience bonage. The Lord God has been shoved aside in America and with him went morality and liberty or is it the other way around? The alternative “freedom” is amorality and immorality and with them comes bondage. As we feel the ropes of bondage, all sorts of things happen, real and imagined. Morality: God’s rules for action and interaction have been breached. Because of that, all sorts of God’s rules are shoved aside. He’s the Creator. If He doesn’t know about economics, patriotism, human conduct, humility, meekness etc., who does?

    • KG

      Here’s some of the Bibles “bad fruit”:


      If anyone would take your coat, let him have your shirt as well. Give to him who begs from you, and do not refuse him who would borrow from you.
      — Matthew 5:40-42

      Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor.
      — 1 Corinthians 10:24


      Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.
      — 1 Samuel 15:3


      For the LORD your God will bless you [Israel] as he has promised … You will rule over many nations, but none will rule over you.
      — Deuteronomy 15:6

      When the LORD your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers to give you — a land with large, flourishing cities that you did not build, houses filled with all kinds of good things that you did not provide, wells that you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant — then when you eat and are satisfied, be careful that you do not forget the LORD…
      — Deuteronomy 6:10-12


      Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.
      — Exodus 34:14


      Man’s fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both; as one dies, so dies the other. All have the same spirit; man has no advantage over the animals. All go to the same place; all come from dust and to dust all return. Who knows if the spirit of man rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?
      — Ecclesiastes 3:19-21


      So both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father [after they got him drunk and seduced him].
      — Genesis 19:36

      And if [God] rescued Lot, a righteous(!) man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men, for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard.
      — 2 Peter 2:7-8


      The LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “These are the regulations for the Passover: No foreigner is to eat of it.”
      — Exodus 12:43

      At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. Every creditor shall cancel the loan he has made to his fellow Israelite. He shall not require payment from his fellow Israelite or brother, because the LORD’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed. You may require payment from a foreigner, but you must cancel any debt your [Israelite] brother owes you.
      — Deuteronomy 15:1-3


      The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.
      — Psalm 19:1-4


      The LORD saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain. So the LORD said, “I will wipe out mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth — men and animals, and creatures that move along the ground, and birds of the air — for I am grieved that I have made them.”
      — Genesis 6:5-7


      The poor are shunned even by their neighbors, but the rich have many friends.
      — Proverbs 14:20

      The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.
      — Proverbs 22:7

      Wealth brings many friends, but a poor man’s friends desert him.
      — Proverbs 19:4


      The LORD said to Hosea, “Go, take for yourself an adulterous wife and unfaithful children…”
      — Hosea 1:2


      There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.
      — Ezekiel 23:20


      In the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them — the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites — as the LORD your God has commanded you.
      — Deuteronomy 20:16-17


      Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life…
      — Leviticus 25:44-46


      The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword: their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.
      — Hosea 13:16

      You will destroy their descendants from the earth, their posterity from mankind.
      — Psalm 21:10

      Even from birth the wicked go astray; from the womb they are wayward and speak lies. Like a slug melting away as it moves along, like a stillborn child, may they not see the sun.
      — Psalm 58:3, 8

      E’phraim’s glory shall fly away like a bird — no birth, no pregnancy, no conception! Even if they bring up children, I will bereave them till none is left. Woe to them when I depart from them!
      — Hosea 9:11-12, RSV

      Give them, O LORD — what wilt thou give? Give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts. E’phraim is stricken, their root is dried up, they shall bear no fruit. Even though they bring forth, I will slay their beloved children.
      — Hosea 9:14, 16, RSV


      Hurriedly he called to his armor-bearer, “Draw your sword and kill me, so they can’t say that a woman killed me.” So his servant ran him through, and he died.
      — Judges 9:54


      Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.
      — 1 Corinthians 14:34-35

      A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man; she must be silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived, it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner.
      — 1 Timothy 2:11-14


      Happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us — he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks!
      — Psalm 137:8-9

      The LORD commands: “kill without showing pity or compassion. Slaughter old men, young men and maidens, women and children”
      — Ezekiel 9:5-6


      And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul … Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul. And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.
      — 1 Samuel 18:1, 3-4, KJV

      I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women.
      — 2 Samuel 1:26

      Child Abuse

      If anyone curses his father or mother, he must be put to death.
      — Leviticus 20:9

      If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey his father and mother, and will not listen to them when they discipline him, they shall seize him and bring him before the elders. Then they shall say to the elders, “This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is immoral and a drunkard.” Then all the men of his town shall stone him to death. You must purge the evil from among you. All Israel will hear of it and be AFRAID.
      — Deuteronomy 21:18-21

      He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.
      — Proverbs 13:24

      Blows and wounds cleanse away evil, and beatings purge the inmost being.
      — Proverbs 20:30

      Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die. Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death.
      — Proverbs 23:13-14

      Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him.
      — Proverbs 22:15

      Drug Culture

      Give beer to those who are perishing and wine to those who are in anguish; let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.
      — Proverbs 31:6-7

      Then the LORD awoke as from sleep, as a man wakes from the stupor of wine.
      — Psalm 78:65

      This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: Drink, get drunk and vomit, and fall to rise no more because of the sword I will send among you… But if they refuse to take the cup from your hand and drink, tell them, “This is what the LORD Almighty says: You must drink it!”
      — Jeremiah 25:27-28

      • tony

        KG how can you support a Government that wants to fully control your Access to goods and services whose bureaucrats are calling for population control ?

      • JC

        tony, KG probably feels that there will be a place for him in the NWO. He doesn’t realize that they will have no use whatever for their useful idiots if they ever do get power…
        Off to the FEMA Camps for them too! :)

      • eddie47d

        KG: They will never admit bad Christian behavior anymore than Muslims would admit their bad behaviors. They just use bigger stones to prove their points.

      • Jay

        Text, without context, KG, is nothing more than pretext. Hello?

      • JC

        eddie47d says:
        October 2, 2012 at 3:08 pm
        KG: They will never admit bad Christian behavior anymore than Muslims would admit their
        bad behaviors. They just use bigger stones to prove their points.

        When was the last time you saw a christian gang of hoodlums storm an embassy, then kidnap and torture people to death? Of run into a market with a bomb strapped to them?
        When was the last time you saw a gang of christians stone a woman to death? Or hold down a child and run over its arm with a car because the child stole a loaf of bread?
        When was the last time a christian jury sentenced a woman to prison for being gang raped? I can make that simple observation without even claiming to be a Christian.

        You really are an idiot eddie. A first class “unrivaled” idiot.

      • Chris

        So much for the “bible”.

      • http://none Charlie

        Do you drink Southern Comfort ? A hare brain needs at least 4 shots of Southern Comfort to harmonize Scripture ,,,but,,,anyway thanks for the Scriptures , you , again left out Acts 2:38 and “””Christianity”””… Did you write your own version? Meanwhile ,,,,,,,,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • DaveH

    Well done, Brandon Smith.

    • GALT

      and don’t spend them all in one place Brandon.

  • ImListening

    This has gone deep into the system. With the Progressive Judges, Federal mandates on Public Education, Law Enforcement with the Two Party (One) System, it’s a long time developing. The Take over of the Main Stream Media had to be the last straw to the overall takeover. The voting machines have been rigged in many states for years. So now the polls are rigged to make it look like the crooked voting machines will look normal.

    Where could a 3rd party start, if it took control to make all of this revert to the America of old? Education, judges, congress, media, etc?

  • Dave67

    I like the part about corporations….A corporation very purpose is to get out of being financially responsible for what a company does. Corporations run our country now.

    You want free markets? Find a way to get rid of all other currencies, all other forms of Gov which allows market manipulation, paying their workers pennies on the dollar and having no regard for the environment and then we can talk free markets… They simply do not exist today.

    Personal freedom? HA! You can’t have freedom without responsibility to the social compact that makes up a society. We have Tricky Mitt Romney running for president who has spent his whole life trying to get out of his part of the social compact.

    The 1950′s are over. We no longer the only economy left after WW2, we are in a competitive environment and in many instances, we are working with countries that drag working people’s pay down in this country. We have a population that is heavily skewed towards the elderly with the baby boomers so that means more gov spending on social security, medicare, medicaid… That is the reality… they have paid for these services, they deserve to get these services. We also need to make sure these safety nets are in place for the future generations in this country. Doing business with countries like China undermine what we have built here. Doing business with any country that pays their workers pennies on the dollar only has a downward pressure on salaries in this country, which means less tax revenue collected to pay for services which we should have. Since the conservatives in this country like their wars of want, that ends up helping to create the 16T in debt we have now.

    We need to do what is best for this country in terms trade, regulations and taxes to be able to have a good and just society for all, not just those who can afford to lobby congress to groom laws that benefit their narrow interests.

    Its about time the people in this country start acting like adults and pay for the things we buy and take responsibility for those things we have done.

    • DaveH

      Dave67 says — “A corporation very purpose is to get out of being financially responsible for what a company does”.
      Not true. But officers in Corporations are protected in many cases from being personally financially liable for Corporate wrong-doing. The Corporation is still financially responsible.

      • Dave67

        Not true. But officers (decision makers) in Corporations are protected in many cases from being personally financially liable for Corporate wrong-doing

        LOL… Ok Dave Ok

        How silly is your response?

      • DaveH

        Is that the best comeback you can muster, Dave67?
        Isn’t recess over?

      • eddie47d

        Dave67 is right for many CEO have built in escape clauses. They may eventually be forced out but not without those golden parachutes and wrong doings are seldom admitted.

      • DaveH

        Can you even read? That wasn’t the issue.

    • DaveH

      Dave67 says — “You want free markets? Find a way to get rid of all other currencies, all other forms of Gov which allows market manipulation, paying their workers pennies on the dollar and having no regard for the environment and then we can talk free markets… They simply do not exist today.”.
      What logic. So we shouldn’t have laws against murder until all murders are stopped?
      Actually, currency manipulations (usually countries devaluing their currencies by printing more), only harm their own citizens for the benefit of their Politically Connected Cronies.
      There is absolutely no sound reason not to unilaterally have sound money for our transactions:

      • Dave67

        More theory, not reality… Next

      • DaveH

        What else would I expect from a useless Liberal Progressive?
        For the first 100 years of our country, under the Classical Gold Standard and later even weaker Gold Standards, the inflation rate was virtually nonexistent. Now, even by the very conservative estimates of the BLS, it takes $23.27 to buy what $1 would buy in 1913 (when the Federal Reserve was created).

      • DaveH

        In fact, according to this website, $1 could buy in 1813 what only $.51 could buy in 1913. As it should be:

        As manufacturing techniques improve we should be able to buy more for our money, not less. We don’t benefit from that currently because Government is spending our money faster than technology improvements can produce our products more cheaply.

      • DaveH

        In 1913 the same goods that could be purchased in 1813 for $1 only cost $.51 (51 cents). So the people could buy almost twice as much with their money 100 years later, thanks to technology improvements and sound money. We don’t have that now because the Federal Reserve, under the auspices of Big Government, is robbing us blind with their fiat money.

    • DaveH

      Dave67 says — “Personal freedom? HA! You can’t have freedom without responsibility to the social compact that makes up a society”.
      Since when do we have a Social Contract? And since when do you Liberal Progressives believe in Responsibility?
      Part of Freedom is Responsibility. Those people who trespass on the bodies and property of others are responsible to rectify that trespass in a Free System. The difference between the Liberal Progressive Socialist system and a Free System is that we aren’t responsible for other peoples’ trespasses in Free Systems.
      Under Socialism, due largely to the Moral Hazard that is presented by being responsible for other peoples’ failures, a Society typically trends towards sloth and irresponsibility. The real producers see no reason to continue being productive since they can’t keep the fruits of their labors, and the responsible people see no reason to continue being responsible since they end up paying for other peoples’ lack of responsibility anyway.

    • DaveH

      Dave67 says — “We need to do what is best for this country in terms trade, regulations and taxes to be able to have a good and just society for all, not just those who can afford to lobby congress to groom laws that benefit their narrow interests”.
      For those who want to learn about the results of bad policies promoted by well-meaning (maybe) people like Dave67, please read this book:

    • DaveH

      Dave67 says — “Its about time the people in this country start acting like adults and pay for the things we buy and take responsibility for those things we have done”.
      Again the Liberal Progressive lectures us about Responsibility. What a joke.
      And what does he mean “pay for the things we buy”, because I doubt that he is implying that we should eliminate redistribution of wealth.

      • Dave67

        DaveH, you don’t know me… I take responsibility for what I do, I have to in business. I am a liberal. I am sure you have plenty of stories of conservatives taking responsibility don’t you? Your stuff is all theory. it has no basis in reality.

      • GALT

        ssssshhhhhhh……..unfortunately DavidH is NOT a theory……..but he does resemble
        Howard the Duck, trapped in a world he never made, touting a world that never existed,
        and completely untouched by the lessons of experience………

      • JC

        Dave67 says:

        October 2, 2012 at 11:15 am

        DaveH, you don’t know me… I take responsibility for what I do, I have to in business. I am a liberal.

        Well you better get busy giving everything away to those who need it…until you are just as needy as they are. Then everything will be “fair“. From each according to his abilities and to each according to their needs…right

      • GALT

        Yup, The greater the ability, the GREATER THE NEED!!!!!

        oops, not what YOU meant, huh?

      • DaveH

        You say you’re responsible, Dave67, yet your liking for Big Government belies that claim.
        Redistribution is not only theft, but it doesn’t even work except in the short run before they run out of other peoples’ money. Socialism has been a proven failure throughout history. The only way it can exist for long is to bleed the host so slowly that the theft is tolerable. Still, even in that case the economy is worse than it would have been with Free Markets (Capitalism).
        An in depth study of Socialism vs. Capitalism:

      • DaveH

        Galt says — “DavidH is NOT a theory……..but he does resemble Howard the Duck”.
        How unusual — a manipulative Liberal Progressive.

      • Dave67


        So when wealthy interests lobby congress for laws that put money in their pockets… what is that Dave?


        When the Defense industry steers us int useless wars to better their bottom line?


        When big agro gets billions in tax payer subsidies because of the millions they give to politicians?


        So spare me your BS again. The poor and middle class? they do not have a lobby, they do not have the ability to attend high dollar dinners to gain access to politicians to influence… They only have a vote and it means less and less after Citizens United which allows unlimited money to flow to lie to the American people to get their guy in office.

        Again, you deal in theory, not reality so I would love to understand how much pays you to peddle their theory.

      • Jay

        Galt says: ssssshhhhhhh……..unfortunately DavidH is NOT a theory……..but he does resemble
        Howard the Duck, trapped in a world he never made, touting a world that never existed,
        and completely untouched by the lessons of experience………just my theory on DaveH… based on zero experience…oops…i just contradicted myself…

      • GALT

        You have had no experience with DavidH, Jay?

        That would make you deaf, dumb, blind, functionally illiterate and a liar……..

        Or so experience would indicate.

      • Jay

        Galt says: You have had no experience with DavidH, Jay?

        Define experience.

        Galt says: That would make you deaf, dumb, blind, functionally illiterate and a liar……..

        Oh oh, the Ego has landed; or is it, crashed and burned?

      • GALT

        Nope, no ego necessary……..just the conclusion based of the evidence of experience
        with you and the Mises Meister……… that definition figured out yet……maybe DaveH
        will invite you over to watch his satellite tv…..from the “other” satellite provider……

      • Jay

        Now that, would be an “experience”! By George, i think you finally got it, old boy!

      • GALT

        But sadly, you haven’t………

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “DaveH,
        So when wealthy interests lobby congress for laws that put money in their pockets… what is that Dave?”.
        Your point, Dave67? I talk often about the evils of Crony Capitalism, so why would you say that to me?

        Dave67 says — “When the Defense industry steers us int useless wars to better their bottom line?”.
        Ditto for that. More Crony Capitalism. Again, why would you say that to me?

        Dave67 says — “When big agro gets billions in tax payer subsidies because of the millions they give to politicians?”.
        Still More Crony Capitalism. Methinks you are either extremely ignorant, Dave67, or you are trying a new game plan of rehashing things I’ve said for years as if I disagree.

        Dave67 says — “So spare me your BS again”.
        What BS, Dave67? When have I said differently to those claims you make above?

        Dave67 says — “Again, you deal in theory, not reality”.
        Au Contraire, I post links often that show the reality of that Socialism which you Liberal Progressives champion. And it’s a failure. Not theory, just the reality of Failure.

        So spare me YOUR BS, Dave67. You’re just a typical lying, manipulating, Liberal Progressive who is a staunch member of the Society of Criminals.

      • DaveH

        Galt is going all out to disparage me with his adolescent personal attacks.
        But I needn’t worry, as it’s unlikely that his nonsensical comments are going to influence anybody.

      • GALT

        Sorry, DavidH….I over slept……and you got unlucky…..thing is…….when I show up:
        you leave……..learn the rules…….it has never been necessary to ‘disparage you”

        You can do that all by yourself……..problem is……most people haven’t figured that out yet

        You can have all the stupid stuff……I haven’t got that amount of time to waste

        BTW Yves Smith in her book Econned ( that would be you as in “conned” ) wrote a special appendix at the end, just for you……..( well not YOU really )

        “Why neoclassical economists use a robinson crusoe economy to represent the
        demand function”

        Does von mises have a response… you?

        Do you know what the demand function is?

        Gotta go buddy….learn the RULES…..avoid being embarrassed……….you’ll probably
        be okay…….ain’t a whole lot of quick learners here.

      • Dave67


        Once again, you claim me to be a socialist… which is another lie from a lying naive “free market” capitalist. You know so little about so much. is all about theory and without you have nothing to offer. I am a liberal and I do not support either corrupt party. But I do defend Obama when many blame him for things he has little or nothing do with as if the past 30 plus years have never happened. I believe the best system is a mix of capitalism and socialism with more capitalism leanings. I believe the Gov is not an evil thing and can be a force for good when we have good people running it and people who understand that Gov should be working for ALL of the people. I believe Grover Norquist is an idiot who sticks to an outdated idea from when he was 14 that has to place in todays world.

        You can stop your lies about me and what you think I believe… I have more experience in international business than you, I have more life experience than you.

        I will leave you with this article from Forbes about our Debt.

        “The overwhelming majority of people believe the national debt has never been as large as it is today. However, like so much popular information regarding the federal government’s budget, it simply isn’t true. It’s been much larger, and that period of history hardly saw the collapse of the US economy. Furthermore, many economies that we would consider sound and strong actually have more debt than we do. On top of all that, federal government debt is not analogous to that in the private-sector because it represents an injection of wealth, not a drag on growth.

        The last point provides the framework within which the rest of the explanation must be placed. The key issue is the fact that, in a mature, capitalist economy, the private sector does not consistently generate sufficient demand to create jobs for all those willing to work. Hence, we can have periods such as we see today, where we have the capacity to produce output for those going without, but it is not profitable to do so because they lack the income to purchase it. And because profit is what drives the private sector, this means that we are stuck where we are. Our problem today is not that we have too many regulations or too high taxes on firms; they don’t have enough customers.

        When such situations arise, only an entity capable of spending more than it earns without the prospect of bankruptcy is capable of breaking the stalemate. And that, of course, is the government, which can never be forced to default on debt denominated in its own currency (as ours is, incidentally–Greek is not). Now add to this story the simple accounting fact that when the public sector is in deficit, this necessarily means that the private sector is in surplus. In other words, government deficits create income, with which previously-unemployed workers can finally make profitable the production of the goods and services that they had wanted all along. They are happy, entrepreneurs are happy because they got to sell more, and those who already had jobs are happy because a) they gave up nothing since NEW output was created for those who were previously unemployed and b) either directly or indirectly, they had been supporting the unemployed workers and their families. Now they don’t have to, plus they have access to new government services. It is a win-win scenario because there IS a free lunch when we start at less than full employment.

        This is a key point and worth repeating: during periods of high unemployment, not only are deficits (and the consequent debt) not drags on the economy, they represent absolutely vital injections of demand. Without them, the private sector can remain stuck at less-than-full employment and capacity indefinitely. Furthermore, there is no need to ever reduce debt to zero, or indeed to reduce it at all. We can never be forced to default on debt denominated in our own currency, in addition to which the government surpluses necessary to pay down the debt mean private sector deficits and increased indebtedness for households and firms.

        Returning to the point at hand and bearing in mind that there really is no desperate (or any, for that matter) need to reduce the debt, it is nevertheless instructive to note that it is not nearly as big as people believe it to be. The confusion is related to how it is measured. Yes, in dollar terms, this is the largest the debt has ever been. However, one could say the same about house payments, grocery bills, the prices of a new cars, et cetera. By themselves, these numbers don’t tell us much. For example, in 1960, a new car cost $2600, while in 2009 it was $26,300. Did cars really become ten times as expensive? Of course not. The missing ingredient is average income, which was $5600 in 1960 and $54,283 in 2009. Recalculating the prices of the cars relative to ability to pay yields the following:

        1960: $2600/$5600 = 46%

        2009: $26,300/$54,283 = 48%

        Looked at this way, the numbers are almost identical. In either period, a new car represents roughly ½ of the average family’s income. They were no more expensive in 2009 than they were in 1960, even though the number is ten-times as large.

        This is precisely what economists do in looking at national debt, dividing it by total GDP to yield the debt-to-GDP ratio. Such a measure shows first that we do not have the highest debt-to-income ratio in the world. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA World Fact Book), ours stood at 69% in 2011, 30th in the world. This was below that of France (86%), Canada (84%), Germany (82%), The United Kingdom (80%), Israel (74%), and Austria (72%), among others. Furthermore, those at the bottom of the list hardly read as a who’s-who of strong economies: Oman (4%), Azerbaijan (5%), Libya (5%), Equatorial Guinea (6%), Wallis and Futana (6%), Estonia (6%), Algeria (7%), Kuwait (7%), Gibraltar (8%), Uzbekistan (8%), and Russia (9%). Thus, low levels of government debt do not correlate with high standards of living (which is not surprising given the discussion above).

        It is evident from the above that we reached a much higher level when financing WWII. Deficits averaged an incredible 21.6% of GDP from 1942 to 1945, yet no one was calling the government socialist, communist, or fascist despite this unprecedented and still unmatched level of intervention into the economy. Ironically, this is precisely what was happening in the 1930s, when deficits averaged only 2.4% (3.2% counting only FDR’s Depression years). However, during the war, we viewed deficit spending as patriotic, the means to stopping Nazi and Japanese aggression. And we financed it via Americans’ personal savings, which was boosted by the deficits themselves because they had created so many jobs for those emerging from the Depression (workers were also content to save more because of the wartime rationing of consumer products). In fact, unemployment fell from an average of 17.1% during the Depression years (1930 through 1941) to 2.4% during WWII (reaching a trough of 1.2%). And this hardly left us crippled in the late 1940s and 1950s, when unemployment averaged 4.5% and real GDP growth 3.7%. By comparison, those same numbers for the Great Recession are 8.4% unemployment and 0.4% growth. (FYI, our current and recent wars have been tiny compared to WWII and they have therefore contributed very little to growth.)

        In conclusion, our country is not straining under the weight of debt the likes of which we have never seen before. Past levels have clearly exceeded these, and it hardly destroyed the economy. This is not terribly surprising. During periods of less-than-full employment, the government is the only sector that can restart us because it does not need to earn a profit to stay in business. It can continually “lose” money, and when it does so it is the private sector that is enriched. Don’t get me wrong: if we are already at full employment, deficits CAN lead to inflation and unwanted redistributions of wealth and income. Given where we stand right now, however, with 8.3% unemployment and 2.8% real GDP growth, the only problem with the size of the national debt is that it’s too small. It’s high time we started viewing the generation of jobs and income as patriotic and not just wars.”

        So in closing DaveH, you claim me to use manipulation to get my points across…. Funny… I believe the same about you.

  • John

    The 2nd amendment is to protect us from government grown to big. I for one, would hate to have to defend myself through violence from my own countrymen. However, since I know that no government has ever produced anything other than cost, in either cash or lives, it is mostly useless, and should be more limited than it is today. Get government out of the way, and let’s all get back to work making a better life for our children. Remember, communism, and socialism has never worked, and should be abandoned.

    • Dave67


      That is not true… The internet, the interstate road system, the railroads do not exist without the Gov. Gov can play very constructive roles in society if we hold Gov accountable to work for all of us, not just those of us that can afford to help pay for their re-election campaigns.

      • Jim B

        Dave, what if private enterprise built the infrastructure, the internet and everything else? What if in the course of development a market system of standards and rules was developed. What if that spawned new travel innovations, techniques, technologies. The government has spawned none of this, they have stagnated transportation with antiquation, shoty materials and worse yet, shoty workmanship. Don’t be a sucker to the government option is or was the only option because they say so, it’s like Obama saying that his intervention prevented something worse from happening…. WHAT! And who crystal ball are you looking at, who gave you the absolute version of the future…. not me! Don’t be the puppet on the string, transcend to a higher level of skepticism, for your own sanity there is never just one way, and never just one path to the future.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “That is not true… The internet, the interstate road system, the railroads do not exist without the Gov”.
        The Internet, while perhaps first implemented by Government, has grown to the efficient information giant that it is in Spite of Big Government, which has been trying to find ways to put the Genie back into the Bottle ever since. But nobody can say what or what not would have been invented if Government was kept out of our Marketplaces. And all historical evidence points in the direction of much more prosperity and convenience if Big Government hadn’t been allowed to meddle in the Marketplace (mostly to protect their Crony Capitalists from competition).
        In the early days of our country, when Government wasn’t allowed to take money from one group of people to benefit another group of people, roads and railroads were built by private companies so their customers could reach them to buy their products:

        • tony

          Dave is right we are the Government we the people and that means we do not kiss up to the Government when they have become as corrupt and full of Ideology like the last 40 years of Government growth has been all in the name of Monitoring Population Growth . If you think about it these to categories have been the only 2 things that have grown faster than GDP which we have seen 2 times in the past 8 years reach its true value back down to the 6000 point range in the Dow Jones Industrial Averages and now real estate reflects this true valuer in being 50 % under what the highs were too .

    • GALT

      Actually, John…….you had 195,000 years of communism…….which worked pretty
      well……..then you got


      which is to say “civilization”, and it’s been down hill ever since……..

      your brain has amnesia…..your biology does not……..

      • tony
      • GALT

        You didn’t seriously post that spam …….tony? For free? or are you just trying to
        steal Mr. Livingston’s income stream? BAD MUSHROOM!!!!!!!!

        • tony

          Galt do you think the US Government and Federal Reserve have a plan to solve the debt ???

      • GALT

        The debt will solve itself…….government and the fed will provide the time required,
        wittingly or unwittingly……..nature will do the rest.

        • tony

          Galt Then why do we have anyone suffering from monetary issues even the Government , why all the talk about the 16 trillion debt and the un funded 100 trillion if all thats needed is time provided by some mysterious power ???

      • GALT

        Nothing mysterious about the power involved……’s called REALITY……you are concerned with an “illusion” which someone else controls and from which you receive little
        or no benefit……….shattering the “illusion” is not in the interest of those who control it
        and you………REALITY will make you all equal……..and we can’t have that……..that’s why you have the time to wake up……..the question is will you?

        For $185 Mr. Lombardi will share his secret to his success……your $185, fiat money
        gratefully accepted and such a bargain.

  • tony

    We need Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to ask President Obama why he uis supporting this in Bahrian ???? Listen to this CNN Reporter is talking about man !!!!!! She talks about the Way the Muslim Brotherhood is Telling CNN to cover up the Acts in Bahrain . Absolutely Incredible !!!
    Is this media suppression because of a United Nations Charter established in 1957 ?
    The United Nations “Charter Has Become the Supreme Law of the Land” ,

    More Documentation of the Plan for the General and Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World ,

    In America, Journalists Are Considered Terrorists ,

    Mainstream Media: Presstitutes for the Rich and Powerful ,

  • John

    What an amazing piece. Get all of your friends to read this article!!

    • GALT


      • http://none Charlie

        Because,,,you have NOT got it figured out that The Bible is The Supreme Law Book,,,therefore IS A JURISDICTION,,, and CANNOT be revoked , rescinded or replaced by any mere man made law ,,,UNLESS,, You give it up by ignorance or violation of The First Commandment of King Jesus Christ ,,,or,,, You fail to claim and proclaim The Jurisdiction of King Jesus Christ UP FRONT from the very get go with Scripture………….

        • navyjr

          Not all our Founding Fathers were Christians, but they all realized the dangers inherent in ANY theocracy {government based on a religion}; and they wrote our Constitution to protect us from any such governance because they had seen how it ruined other nations in history! Not all true American patriots NOW are Christians either, but they ARE staunch Constitutionalists, which is probably healthier for the US and the world at large! I personally am not a Christian, and find it offensive that so many of you insist on your way, just like the Muslim Jihadists, with as much vituperation of all who don’t follow it!

  • Chris

    Bottom line is this country is NOT doing what is right regarding “by, of, and FOR the PEOPLE”. Around half of the people in this country (the WORKERS) are supporting
    drug addicts, illegal immigrants – and legal ones coming into this country to “milk” the system besides some Americans who are milking the system when they don’t need to because they know they can get away with it and just DON’T CARE, prisoners, and government waste, teenagers who pop kids left and right because they just DON’T CARE (like Jesse Ventura said ‘you made them, you take care of them’),………….where does all this insanity end? Good law-abiding and hard-working people are trying to “get by” in life supporting their OWN families without having to support the rest of this garbage…….the American dream is dead…….you can’t even be married without being PENALIZED for it taxwise! And on the issue of actually “making” something in this country to sell, we should all try to buy American and try to avoid buying from the traitor companies who moved operations out of this country for cheap labor overseas……….yes, THOSE companies are getting cheaper labor, but are they LOWERING THE PRICES OF THEIR PRODUCTS “BECAUSE” those products are being made cheaper? Have you seen the price of a Hershey bar go “down”???????????

  • Robert Bradfield

    Hi, it is that South African again,

    I am outside looking in and this what I see:

    i) People that have no idea of your constitution;
    ii) People that have no idea what is going on in their government, just ask people who their representatives are;
    iii) People that want everything from government, a poverty minded group;
    iv) People incapable of thinking for themselves, I exclude people using this web site;
    v) A divided people because everyone has their own idea of what is correct, who the best president is, what the best policies are and people soft on understanding their own problems; and
    vi) People that wants someone else to make decissions about their life, even if it is the big top government.

    How do I know this? Our people and government does exactly the same and so does every other country’s people and goverment.

    Hanging my head in shame for all to see.

    • DaveH

      Thank you for your experienced input, Robert.

  • Jim B

    It pains me to see so many American citizens as nothing more than puppets on a string. When one loses the ability to question, to be skeptical, to be adversarial to one’s government you mind as well be a zombie, as so many have become!

  • Breeze

    Great article. America SHOULD have nominated Ron Paul. But, Americans believe all the BS from the two parties.

    • gunner689AI

      Ron Paul, like Ross Peroe, is the wrong man with the right message. Congressman Paul comes across as a decrepid old man with one foot in the grave. He should step aside and pass the baton onto his son. The problem is the power of the 2 Party system and who they chose to nominate. Primaries should all be held on the same day nationwide, preferably a Saturday, so we have a complete choice to vote for. We also need a third Party, preferably a Constitutional Party to get America back on track.

  • Paul108

    The stuggle is actually not politics, but the age-old rivalry between those who have faith in God, and those who eschew faith. If one doesn’t believe in God, and the rules that He put down, then there’s no reason to believe that there are consequences to one’s actions. The result is that such disregard of God’s laws begets suffering. In the East, it’s called karma. The founders of our nation knew that if people lost their faith in God that self-rule wouldn’t work. Now that the atheists have taken God out of school and forced everyone to learn that we’re a bag of chemicals, our populace sees no problem doing whatever they want “in the name of freedom”. People don’t think there are any consequences to what they do. All of the problems we face today are a result of this atheistic thinking. Now that we’ve kicked God out of the equation, and disregard His good instructions, we get what we have today- chaos, misfortune and destruction. A god-less civilization cannot survive. To save our country, we must return to the God-conscious roots of our founding fathers.

    • http://none Charlie

      You did not say who your God / god is ,what am I suppose to do take a guess ?

  • Patriottruckerbob

    That is the most brief and yet complete assessment of the way America is supposed to be today! If only we could get our founding principles to be taught in school. You are very insightful Brandon!!

  • ROGER, Irih-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    This is NOT the only ANSWER butit is a beginning: ALL critics say the SAME thing…NOT ENOUGH REGULATION is the cause of our economic woes but even the TRUTH about this fallacy is obvious in their own critiques, yet they just don’t seem to SEE that truth…OR maybe they have a vested interest in promoting the status quo.

    It may seem contrary to common sense and logic and is definitely contrary to the demands of many OCCUPIERS, television Commentators/hosts and pseudo- Economists BUT in actuality MORE, or any regulations, for that matter, only make the Establishment individuals and corporations, richer and more powerful. As an EXAMPLE, virtual MONOPOLIES are granted to the de facto criminals, in the financial ( or other) industry, via legal PRIVILEGES ( Laws/Regulations), such as the RE-HYPOTHECATION and Fractional Reserve, privileges, allowing, Financial Institutions and Banks to be able to” lend “ out many multiples of the financial assets and cash reserves which they have in their vaults and accounts and Central PRIVATE banks having the MONOPOLY to “print” the money of a given nation or nations, which allows them to destroy currencies and thus the wealth of the middle class an even the poor.The MILITARY industry is one of the largest beneficieries of priveleges and Trillions of dollars, resulting in WARS for Wealth and Power and no benefits for humanity,only for the few. Local Auto companies and other industries benefiting from TARIFFS on imported vehicles and many other products produced by foreigners. Restrictions on the Health food ( including RAW milk and Cancer cure restrictions ) and supplement industry which only benefits the Pharmaceutical industry. I could go on and on for many THOUSANDS of PRIVELEGES granted to the Rich and Powerful but I am sure you get the point .

    These are only a few of the MONOPOLIES which have created the recent and ongoing Financial Industry scams, frauds and insolvencies which are threatening world wide collapse, and at the very least a lot of poverty, misery and possible excuses for more WAR. The moment governments give an industry, by LAW, a “right” such as those, a MONOPOLY is created for that particular industry in that particular activity. The SOLUTION is to STOP granting these Privileges/Laws/Monopolies, NOT to increase those regulations which, in effect simply creates more monopolistic opportunities ( “privileges”) for the corrupt RICH to find ways to increase their, already obscene, wealth and power.

    THAT is exactly the kind of economy, we have had since the early 1900′s- highly and increasingly regulated economies and the result has been the situation we have today of approximately 1 percent of the people controlling the wealth and power and in every country on this planet, NOT just the West .

    The REASON is very simple: Only the Wealthy and Powerful can afford the Economists, Accountants and Lawyers to steer them around and through regulations and in fact make the regulations work for them, not-with-standing that the wealthy and powerful ( Establishment) can afford to bribe, lobby and coerce for MORE privileges, which they do.

    Among the so-called 99 percent very few, if any, can afford to do the same and so, in effect, only the 99 percent must suffer the consequences of obeying and being hampered, by regulations. The main consequence is that they can never hope to compete with the wealthy and powerful because of the drag of the regulations which they have no hope of avoiding. MANY of those, who can afford to benefit from regulations, create monopolies. Monopolies are a perfect way to accumulate wealth and power. The Pharmaceutical., Military and Banking industries are perfect examples of monopolies. It is regulations which give them their wealth and power, via monopolies, NOT hard work and effort.

    True Monopolies cannot exist in a REAL Free Market, which would be unfettered by corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. Monopolies require regulations giving them, by virtue of LAWS, the privilege of EXCLUSIVE POWER leading to UNEARNED Wealth.

    The long run result is that MOST small businesses can never really grow, are bought out or put out of business by large corporations who can afford to use and misuse regulations. Yes, some small businesses do become large corporations BUT that is EXTREMELY rare and the worst effect is, over many years, fewer small businesses exist. That is a disaster for any economy, because it is small businesses which provide the majority of jobs, with WELL PAYING satisfying occupations. This ( death of small business) we can see happening now in Western economies.

    CAPITALSM is NOT the PROBLEM. State Capitalism, more properly know as FASCISM, IS!!!

    If we had a TRUE FREE MARKET, Wealth and POWER could never be concentrated as it is today because no individual or group or company, no matter how wealthy would have the advantage of REGULATIONS to manipulate. They would have to compete on merit, good products/services at market demanded prices. UNTIL the public and critics wake up to that fact we will simply just start the problems all over again, AFTER the inevitable coming collapse, with all the NEW REGULATIONS being proposed, which really only become PRIVILEGES for the obscenely wealthy and CORRUPT!!!

    Don’t believe it?… Then ask yourself by investigation, not bias, have REGULATIONS been increasing since the Incorporation of the UNITED STATES in 1871 (and Canada, in effect, 1934) or DECREASING…and don’t forget, while thinking about it, that the BIG REGULATION/Privilege/Law which resulted in….…the FEDERAL RESERVE in 1913, which just happened to provide the “Fed” the MONOPOLY to CONTROL MONEY! ……….What a PRIVELEGE that was!!!

    ….and have social and economic life in Western economies been getting better since then???

    The “sticky issue” is, how do we remove the UNEARNED Wealth and Power from the Establishment. If they are left with their wealth and power they will just corrupt the system again…because they can. Simple. Their wealth has been acquired by, Corruption, Fraud and Coercion, mainly in the form of WARS and so I have no problem with having their assets and cash, CONFISCATED, when, in actuality it is only justifiably being RETURNED to the RIGHTFUL OWNERS- the PEOPLE !!!

    An easy way to start the process is to CANCEL all the GOVERNMENT DEBTS to the Fed/Central banks and create a Government CENTRAL BANK OWNED by the PEOPLE, to create the Money backed by GOLD and SILVER…. IDEALLY however, a FREE MARKET system, whereby EACH bank creates its own money and has to BACK it with Gold and silver would be best, but probably too much of a Free Market” for most people to accept. Actually this WAS done in Canada until The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Warburgs corrupted our politicians also.

    One CAVIAT: We may need to have our Military and Law Enforcement officers on our side because I don’t believe the Establishment, will take this sitting down !

    If we go the route of more regulations, however, we are asking for MORE of the SAME system which created the PROBLEMS we have today so I think the REWARD of a DEBTLESS and FREE Economy is worth taking the chance of TOPPLING the Establishment.

    Here is 12 Year old Canadian, Victoria Grant, again, who TOPPED a MILLION viewers, to remind many of you WISE ADULTS how stupid you can be AND, are, if you don’t get it:


    • Vicki

      She’s good and at least as well spoken as a certain world leader. :)

    • JC

      Well said Roger.

  • William Parsons

    As long as we , as a Nation , continue to eat the fruit from the fobidden tree . We are going to keep paying for it . Foreign and Domestic , using the Military or the Polices forces to get our false sence of Peace . We have not been a Nation under GOD for a very lond time . The constitution was the agreement with GOD . Following the Constitution is the only way back

    • http://none Charlie

      How about IF We follow The Bible ,,,remember? “First in time, first in Law”?

  • Jess

    If you want to take things back to a time when government was controlled by the people, the first thing you need is patients. Changed like that can not be made in a year, four years or even 10 years. The next thing you have to do is quit believing that one party is better than the other. Then you have to convince the people that both parties are basically the same and every 2 years vote out the incumbent no matter what party they belong to. You have to keep the cycle going of getting in new people every 2 years. Eventually they will learn that if they don’t do what the people want they will be removed from office. The American people need to learn that we can indeed change things by voting out of office those that are there.
    You also need to get the money out of politics. Those in congress are there for the money, nothing more. It’s an easy job. Those people with no skills become politicians because they are not good at anything else, (or bloggers on the internet.) There is only one thing you need to remember, Throw the bums out!

  • Carl Manning

    Ron Paul got no traction because he had to get his message across the CIA-controlled MSM and the Neocon Nutjob RINO Radio, and he was in the globalist RINO GOP. If there had been an INDEPENDENT NEWS NETWORK on cable tv and an INDEPENDENT TALK RADIO, perhaps Ron Paul would be threatening the two anti-Americans running for office right now a la Ross Perot in 1992. Ron Paul would have done himself a favor if he had made 30-minute infomercials to explain himself to the brainwashed American Perople who have bee ndrinking the Establishment RINO NEOCON NUTJOB GOP Kool-Aid, reinforced by Faux Noise and RINO RADIO. This is a vast disinformation campaign by the elites. It must be overcome with AN EDUCATION. 30-second political ads can’t cut the mustard. Ross Perot understood this aspect of getting his message across to the ignorant American population. That’s why he is the only American Presidential candidate to almost give the Establishment a heart attack. He was in the lead ahead of both Establishment puppets. He likely would have been assassinated in a “crash” by the CIA had he won the Presidency. TRUTH IS OUR STRONGEST WEAPON. An INDEPENDENT Media could expose the 9/11 LIE and SO SO MANY OTHERS. When the apostate federal government then tries to shut it down, just as they shut down Jesse Ventura’s Comnspiracy Theory episodes on TruTV network dealing with the government’s FEMA concentration camps, this network can televise this NEWS to the American People, and the mask will be removed. ONLY TRUTH CAN EVER SET YOU FREE. The power of TRUTH can never be underestimated. Truth is what launches Revolutions and change.

    • Carl Manning

      One of the greatest propaganda tools is also a great educational tool: MOVIES. They just released “2016″ about a month ago. Imagine if they had also released a real hard-hitting documentary/movie about Obama’s ineligibility to hold office and the massive coverup and a documentary/movie about the government’s false-flag of 9/11, the true killers of JFK, JFK Jr., Marilyn Monroe, RFK, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Princess Diana, Senator Paul Wellstone, and DC Madam Jeannette Palfrey for starters, the true story of the bombing of the FBI Murrah Bldg, and the true story of Osama bin Laden’s death in late 2001. We need wealthy patriots to finance these documentaries. We need wealthy patriots to finance tv networks, radio networks, and launch the TRUTH across the airwaves. I am encouraged by the younger generation. They are more and more starting to ask questions now about 9/11.

  • Merlin Miller

    Outstanding article, Brandon. So perceptive and honest.

  • Kolobnative

    Look at all the GOP voter suppression. Then, they claim voter fraud and go out and hire a company to PERFORM voter fraud! (see Nathan Sproul) Some patriots.
    Then you have truth bending media like this one…

    • tony

      You call wanting to prove citizenship VOTER SUPPRESSION ?? What about this same Government wanting to support Population control worldwide do you call that FREEDOM ???

  • Dulceb

    I would say our inherent weakness has been in allowing ourselves to be duped.We became complacent in our lives and prosperity. We had blinders on and blithely assumed that as the greatest country in the world, our government could be trusted.
    We just let the under performing representatives in D.C. slide. We did not hold them to light or task.
    Now that we feel the financial pinch and restriction of freedoms, we are waking up. The establishment that duped us is now under spotlight. People are demanding answers and results. We need to continue to put pressure on the politicos, and more importantly, the media. Both must be held accountable for their spin, and spew.
    The media would keep us in the dark, so we must dig up our own facts and self educate. That is a cry to arms that spills no blood, but accomplishes more in knowledge.
    Think for ourselves, live the talk we talk and expect our representation to do the same.

  • michael a. bimonte

    a simply beautiful, essay, Brandon, and unfortunately those who need to read it probably wouldn’t comprehend it if they did. We now possess a media who practice what the Founding Fathers fearfully referred to as “yellow journalism”-they sound like little more than game show hosts. In addition, you have suedo-intellectuals like Barack Obama promoting
    the preposterous idea that free-thinking adults need to have every decision in their lives made for them-everything from health care to how many gallons of water your toilet should flush, a statist government always knows what’s better for you.

    • The Christian American

      The media knows, if they capture brains, bodies will soon follow. Our challenge is to remain in charge of our own brains. We must, as Reagan said: Trust, but verify. In this day and age the trust takes a very minor role in life.

      • http://none Charlie

        Christian American,,,
        Why don’t you tell us how to become a “”Christian”” according to The Bible?

  • roy dittman

    Congratulations for a very well written and concise article. Brandon Smith demonstrates a command of many areas which are blind spots to well meaning Americans today.

  • blockade runner

    Americans are really conflicted. We love our troops. Most of us have either served, or have loved ones who are presently serving. But while we have troops in over 190 countries….places like Yemen, Ubkistan, Croatia… U.S. forces are supposedly there keeping us safe, from terrorists whose only real crime is not wanting their countries occupied by forces that fight in fact, to dominate and subjegate in the interests of globalist loansharks, members of the military/industrial complex, and international corporations. The State Dept expresses outrage at N. Korea firing 200 artillary shells at an unmanned island, but thinks nothing of wasting a village with a hellfire missle. Why have over 20,000 veterans committed suicide? Have they fought to protect the man next to them, but in the process done the unspeakable? Why were they and their buddies in someone else’s country in the first place? Concerning Afghanistan the answer is simple, the same reasons the Soviets were there, and alciada was created by the cia in 1988 to push them out….trillions of dollars in gold, paladium, cobalt, lithium, etc….not to mention, a gas pipeline route that bi-passes Iran. Convenient how on 9-11 the accounting office of the pentagon was struck, just as Rumsfeld was announcing that $ 2.3 trillion was unaccounted for, or that building 7 which housed archives for the FED, major banks, and the CIA collapsed “on it’s own” the day after. Are your really sure that the twin towers (only 10% occupied, and condemned by the EPA for asbestos) was the real target? I think it was the diversion. But I digress…
    Contrived wars, false flags (ie. Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwood, USS Liberty, 9-11), cia coups (Operation AJAX) , IRS-FED terrorism, Congressional Treason, Federal Bureaucratic Whoredom, Theft, and Incompetence. I have seen the enemy….His Name is Uncle Sam. America….your government is NOT your country. Washington and Langley are NOT America. They have mocked a holy, just God, and desecrated our founding documents, and the memory of brave men and loved ones who died and suffer still, because they were told, that they were fighting for America; that terrorists hate us because we are free. But no man is as blind as one who refuses to see; and no people are as enslaved, as those who falsely think they are free. We don’t need to be disarmed, then told we need to be protected.
    I’m not against war or fighting. I am a veteran of military service in 24 countries on 4 continents….I’m just in favor of fighting the REAL enemy. The constitution is a blueprint of a govt. whose sole responsibility, with specific, enumerated powers, is to protect individual liberty. When that government becomes the enemy of liberty, when it quits doing it job, our declaration enjoins us to replace it with another govt. Is the safeguard of our freedom, more important than the freedom it is designed to guard? So should we give up liberties in the name of the govt? B. Franklin said any people who would trade liberty for security, deserve neither.
    Ask yourself, does the U.S. Federal Govt. act like a Servant or a Master?
    I wish our troops were truly fighting for a just cause…to protect and defend the constitution. But to do that, they would have to fight the govt who sends them to kill in our name…. Well I’ve got a message to the U.S. govt and the globalist NWO interests who spend a trillion dollars of borrowed, fake money, and recruit our blood and treasure to fight, kill and die around the world. Then lanquish forgotten in VA hospitals, or return to a country whose economy and vitality has been raped and sacked by the same wealthy, elitists who sent them.
    Don’t Kill Anybody for Me!

    • The Christian American

      Your words are thought provoking and true blockade runner. To claim ownership of unclaimed land, you have to work it, attach yourself to it. How many people claim to be Americans that do nothing but live off the land? Their hear to pillage, not help till America. Economics 101: You can’t consume more than you produce and expect to have anything. That’s EXACTLY what “the” government does.

    • TML

      “Ask yourself, does the U.S. Federal Govt. act like a Servant or a Master?”


      “Government… …is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master…” – George Washington

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  • Logan Smith

    Our Republic’s Founders knew that an individual that didn’t choose the embrace the personal/moral ethics of our Judeo/Christian paradigms, would not be happy/free. An individual has to choose the path detailed by the God of Abraham in every aspect of his/her behavior. Bottom line; control yourself, or someone else will. We don’t have to be perfect, but we must be able to make the proper choices.
    Our nation has skewed from that for many decades. That cancer has spread to every level.

  • Jay Young

    They get you every time. Finger pointing and nitt-picking bi-partisan party line ideology. Get off your knees America.

  • Aziam

    This is the cause of American and Christian down fall. America seems to sponsor a society which staggers under the guilt of tolerating science without idealism, politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without restraint, knowledge without character, power without conscience, and industry without morality.

  • Rick

    The catalyst for our loss of freedoms was basically a 3 step process. It began with Abe Lincoln and his new use of Executive Orders to make rules outside of the legislative process. Then the Office of the President was allowed to create administrative courts within Agencies, giving them primary authority in disputes of regulatory matters. At this point, the Separation of Powers became a Consolidation of Powers under a single branch of government. Combine this with the 17th Amendment (which removed states’ oversight of federal legislative, administrative, and judicial decisions) and you have created a system that will move constantly towards socialism.

    • TML

      I agree, Executive Order abuse was the first step down the spiral. It essentially gave the Presidency the power to subvert the Constitution, and was first noted by South Carolina in their Declaration of Causes of Secession… “Observing the forms of the Constitution, a sectional party has found within that Article establishing the Executive Department, the means of subverting the Constitution itself.”

  • LindyMaeUSA

    Dear Brandon,

    I’ve read your “shoot-from-the-hip” article twice and with your permission, I’d like to share your unfettered insight with other concerned (apprehensive) Americans. Now more than ever, my family and political friends MUST read the “hard reality” of who, what, why, when and where our beloved Country is today so they can (hopefully) “be prepared” for “what’s coming tomorrow!”

    –”Anyone who claims that government corruption can be punished through the ballot box hasn’t the slightest clue how our system really functions. They think we are still living in the original “America,” one that values the voice of the people.

    –When the GOVERNMENT DECIDES to push through banker bailouts, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, etc., all while IGNORING opposition by a vast majority of citizens, it is clear that the paradigm has shifted and the American value of representation by and for the people IS LOST.”

    Brandon, I’m old enough to be your Grandma so it was very TOUGH to read those two paragraphs in particular. However, you put into hard words the reality I’ve known for a long time! Jesus Himself said: “He who is not WITH me, is AGAINST me!” It’s been obvious for several centuries that this government, et al, is mercilessly AGAINST US! :-(

    –”In fact, true patriotism is not about BLINDLY defending one’s nation or leadership regardless of its trespasses; true patriotism is about DEFENDING THE PHILOSOPHY that made one’s nation possible in the first place.”

    Your definition of Patriotism was another “tough one” to read but it confirmed, realigned and encouraged the continuation of my fierce defense of our Flag, our Constitution and our God, til the day I die!!

    THANK YOU for blessing me today with these truths, Brandon and please:

    KEEP TELLING IT LIKE IT IS because TRUTH is all we can depend on, in view of the imminent destruction our beautiful Country is facing!

  • SouthernMan

    This hasn’t really been the original America our founding fathers envisioned since Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party began. Their platform was a more powerful centralized government, a national bank, government subsidized industries, an expansionist empire, and protectionist tariffs. And they were willing to ignore the Constitution to enact it. When the southern states decided they wanted no more part of that vision, Lincoln promptly ignored their right to secede and waged an illegal and immoral war against them. The success of his war only sealed the doom of this country. He in effect ironically destroyed a Constitutional America by “saving” the Union. His actions essentially proved that the federal government can do whatever it wants by force, regardless of the Constitution.

  • Robert de Luna (@RobertdeLuna2)

    Brandon you’re correct and we are at the point of no return. The Democrats have been working to destroy the one last bit of power the people still mostly have, our vote. The only tool American Citizens still posess is our vote, we can still vote to punish or award the candidate of our choice. While there has always been some cheating going on the honest have been able to have them out numbered. Starting in 2000, Bush v Gore the Democrats started getting serious about making the vote worthless. They started testing the waters to see where they could mess things up, they started with the Court System. Even after it was obvious Bush legally won the democrats whined and complained for eight years about how Bush stole the election. They did the same thing in 2004 with Kerry but Bush had wised up a bit. Now following Obama’s cake walk over McCain in 2008 they are ready to finally make our votes as worthless as monopoly money. The magic move is recending the voter ID requirement. The Democrats are pulling out all the stops to make sure anybody can vote regardless of legality. Without requiring picture ID our votes will be worthless and so far, as unbelievable as it is, the Courts are backing the Democrats. Once this is a done deal, we will have completely lost America with no way to correct it except another Revolution.



  • Louis Lemieux

    When first adopted, the US Bill of Rights applied to white men and excluded most Americans. Free blacks were excluded from The Bill of Rights because they were not citizens. Also excluded were all women, American Indians, immigrants, and white men who did not own land. Sometimes I feel some Americans would like to take us back to those years!

    • Vicki

      Louis Lemieux says:
      “When first adopted, the US Bill of Rights applied to white men and excluded most Americans. Free blacks were excluded from The Bill of Rights because they were not citizens. Also excluded were all women, American Indians, immigrants, and white men who did not own land. Sometimes I feel some Americans would like to take us back to those years!”

      Not even close to the facts. When first adopted the US Bill of Rights applied limitations on government power just as it does today. What is newer is the limitations being applied to state and local governments as well as the federal government.

      Note the wording and definitions from the time.
      “people” First Known Use: 13th century so the founders clearly knew the meaning.

      • Louis Lemieux

        “Originally, the Bill of Rights implicitly legally protected only white men, excluding American Indians, people considered to be “black” (now described as African Americans), and women. These exclusions were not explicit in the Bill of Right’s text, but were well understood and applied.“-Wikipedia

  • Sailor Jo

    The trouble starts with “American”. Before the US were founded there was America, one continent, for practical purposes subdivided into North, Central, and South America. It is still one America though US people call it for no good reason “The Americas”. As there is no country “America” everyone on the continent is “American”, from Chile to Canada.

    Some US people have the notion of being “superior”. What an arrogance!

    • Louis Lemieux

      The full name of the USA is United States of America, so we deservedly call ourselves Americans. The full name of Mexico is Los Estados Unidos de Mexico and people there call themselves Mexicanos.

      • GALT

        “one nation under canada, over mexico”

        geographically accurate if nothing else….

  • Chris

    Anything good started will become corrupted by our government……..look at Social Security……….how DARE they take money out of Social Security and use it for something ELSE! They should be made to put back every cent they took out. I’ve read one can stop paying taxes but one would have to become a “man without a country” meaning you can’t vote and the government won’t protect you……….ha ha……….like the vote “means” anything THESE days! And as far as the government protecting you, that’s too funny too.
    Wonder what would happen if EVERY taxpayer did this.

  • Bud Johnson (@budj1950)

    A plan for saving America
    Posted by Bud Johnson on October 2, 2012 at 1:23am
    View Discussions

    While most individuals complain about how bad things are and what will have if Obama is re-elected or how bad things will be if Romney is elected. Yet Others can only grumble about how Paul or Johnson should have been the nominee instead of Romney. Many Democrats tried to encourage Clinton or others to challenge Obama, so they aren’t happy with the President be the democratic pick.

    While to each they are entitled to their point of view. And consider that view as the only valid choice and wonder why others can’t see why the feel as they do.

    The election for President and Vice President for many has almost quit being as important as to why their choice isn’t the candidate for their party. They have given up caring about the 16 trillion deficit or the (realistic) over 14% unemployment. The have forgotten that over 47 million Americans Are receiving SNAP (food Stamps), and 1 in 6 families live below the poverty rate. They are to busy complaining about the problems to worry about how and who can fix the problems.

    But far more important then all of the above is the individual’s failure to be willing to do what needs to be done.

    It’s about like when the man with a leaking roof was complaining about every time it rains water gets in the house. When asked why he didn’t fix it he simply replied “I can’t fixwhiners it when it’s raining and it doesn’t leak when it’s not raining.”

    This has become the general attitude as far as the problems America is facing. When asked about the problem they all admit and complain about it. But when asked why they don’t do something to fix the problems, their attitude takes a 180 degree change. Anywhere from “Things will work themselves out, they always have.” Or some flat out state they depend on someone else to fix it.

    The we have the ones that are acting to try and fix the problems.(some taking advantage of it) Plus you have the ones working to fix things and screaming at others to help.

    Unless you are in the last group then you do have a plan also. “The do nothing but complain.” plan. That way you can blame it on someone else regardless when it goes worse. “You should have ……” Yes you will also be one of the first to brag when the problems get fixed. “I told everybody if we did……. things would work out.” The Saying goes “Would you like cheese with that whine?” As soon as Ben-laden was confirmed dead President Obama announced. “I have killed Osama Ben-Laden.” We all know he may have given the okay but the Navy Seals are the ones that Got Osama Ben-Laden.

    Well when the Patriots fighting to “Take Back America” and restoring our freedoms, Rights, and Values. Yes you can brag and boost how “We” did it and the patriots won’t say a word but just like we know about who got the job done with Ben-Laden, Real Patriots will also know.

    So there are some who will ask for proof of what I am saying here. Well the proof is on every social media, Blog, and many other places. Do I know how many are truly fighting to Take America Back? No I don’t. I also don’t know how many whiners there are. No I don’t no how many in each group, the doers VS the whiners. But I can share what I do know. I know if the whiners aren’t willing to join the action and fight for America when it becomes a Socialist State. They will no longer have the right to whine about the situation, or any problem.

    So to myself and so many more Americans the choice is we either save America or concede and the Socialist can take America. When people are arrested on the streets of America for praying, reading a bible, are detained for anti-Obama bumper stickers, or police coming right out and telling Americans they don’t give a F$#@ about their first amendment rights. Or someone is searched just because the police tell them they have to without probable cause. Or hundreds of other violations of Americans by Government.

    Our way of life is in grave peril and not from some foreign threat, though they exists also, but form within our own Government at every level.

    I could take up the space of many volumes of books relating how we have lost our freedoms over time but this is about people getting off their couches or up out of the computer chair and let everyone know Enough Is More Then Enough and they are fighting for their country. Not with guns and bullets but with the Power guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it,

    No we are not out to destroy the Government but rather simply return it to it’s proper position of power from the people instead of power over the people.

    We are fighting to demand and force the Governments (Local,States,and Federal) to restore or rights they have removed over the decades. Stop spending more then the country produces, hold all officials accountable to the people.

    So if you are a whiner then stand up and help fight for your country. Get off the side line and take action. Don’t know how. ASK someone who already is fighting. Search for active groups and join, Call your representatives, Tell someone else, write letters.

    But for the future of America don’t just whine. If you continue to just whine and complain you might just have to tell your children or their children how America use to be.

    • GALT

      Take a lesson from the military……we fight for the person next to us……try it

      it might catch on…..and maybe INFECT others…….

      who knows, if it becomes a plague……maybe we can stop fighting……

      • http://none Charlie

        A little fault with your write ,,,in the ground pounding military forces ,you obey ,orders, AND
        take care of yourself , AND in that process one takes care of others around him… Been there ,done that, seen that… During the meantime ,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

    • http://none Charlie

      You did not mention the constitution of the FIRST leader of America ,,, his name is William
      Bradford … The Constitution of the original states of America was / is The Holy Bible of The Almighty God / King Jesus,,,IF,,, America is ever taken back , IT WILL BE with and under The King of America , King Jesus Christ … Personal Salvation AND National Salvation will come about as The Bible calls it out… Meanwhile,,,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

    • charben47

      Bud, what can we do in regard to the 70+ democrat leaders of Congress who are members of the American who are members of The American Socialist Party? I know they have the right to be members of it, but I don’t think they should be able to have a government position and be able to run our government in any way, shape or form. We are a republic and have a capitalistic government. No wonders, we’re having problems!!!!

  • Jay

    The Internal Revenue $ervice, (aka the Infernal Revenue $ervice, the Internal Rectal Service and now know as the ER$ or Eternal Revenue $ervice as it is better known to taxpayers), isn’t a service at all, as taxpayers have known all along. Actually, it’s a bureau of the U. S. Department of the Treasury. An evil organization, its purpose, according to the law that created and supposedly governs it, is to “harass, bully, intimidate, threaten, fine, imprison, and dismember American citizens into forking over up to 50 percent of every paycheck they ever earn for no other reason that that the IRS says that they ‘owe’ it to the government.”

    The only real difference between the Mafia and the IRS is that the former organization is honest about extorting and stealing money from its victims, whereas the IRS claims that it is allowed to break the law.

    Although Republicans complain about the IR$ all the time and claim that they want to cut taxes or even do away with government-sanctioned thieves altogether, it was one of their own, President Abraham Lincoln, or “Honest Ape,” as he called himself, who created the bureau, way back in the 1860′s, when he was fighting the Civil War because he wanted to retain the right to wear a top hat and a full beard, even in public.

    The Bureau of Internal Revenue, as it was originally known, was called this to distinguish it from the government’s other organizations dedicated to stealing the hard-earned money of foreigners, through the imposition–and it was a huge one–of tariffs and duties on imports.

    Famous quotes:
    -give us all you got-

    -IR$…thieves…naw, why would you think that?

    -and how do you prove that you paid us $2,475.67 on the eleventh of september 2001-

    -we’ve got what it takes to take what you’ve got-

    -there’s only one named bill, and that’s the bill to pay-

    -we aren’t no never not corrupted-
    -to pay your taxes just sign here, here, here and here. thank you your taxes have now been doubled-

    In 1864, the U. S. Congress repealed the cowardly act by which they’d spawned this monstrous, evil entity. However, the senators and congressmen-congresspersons were just joking, and they soon revived the income “tax.” Since that dark, dismal day, the income tax has increased by leaps and bound and other clichés, with the courts siding with the IRS in allowing the evil organization to tax capital gains, dividends, interest, rents, and a wide assortment of other financial transactions and so-called earnings.

    To make everything look legal and above board, the president selects the IRS commissioner and its chief counsel and the Congress confirms these appointments. That way, political scientists contend, taxpayers are granted the illusion that their taxation is not without representation. It was at this time that the name of the organization was changed from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (known among moonshiners as “revenuers”) to the Internal Revenue Service in order to protect the guilty “representatives” who had revised it.

    To better serve itself and the interests of the Democrats and Republicans who most benefit from the “service,” the IRS was reorganized into departments in the late 1990′S: Small Business Extortions, Medium-size Business Extortions, Big Business Extortions, and Fines, Imprisonments, and Dismemberments.

    Ironically, the IRS’ headquarters building, which is cut from marble to make it resemble legitimate federal government buildings, is located at 1111 Constitution Avenue. The intent of the address, critics suggest, is to associate the IRS with the Constitution, implying that the organization is legal, or constitutional, when, in fact, they claim, it is neither. To show his displeasure with the thieves who own and operate the IRS, God sent a flood in June 2006 that filled the building’s sub-basement with water to a depth of 20 feet, causing electrical equipment failure and damaging 95 percent of the building’s interior.

    As a result, the building was closed for the rest of the year. Three thousand government workers (IRS agents and other bureaucrats) drowned, but the government replaced them with homeless people who had had the misfortune to be seen displaying signs that read “Will Work For Food.”

    The Government Accounting Service (which, allegedly, is not affiliated with the IRS) estimated that the cost of repairs could be as high as $25,000,000. “That’s no problem,” IRS Commissioner Mark W, Everson said. “We’ll just increase everyone’s taxes to recoup the expenditures.”

    Every year, the IRS publishes a 100,000-page manual called The Friendly Guide to Paying Your Taxes, which critics describe as The Satanic Bible. Full of ambiguous phrases, mind-boggling jargon, examples and counterexamples galore, and lengthy forms full of tiny blocks and blanks, the manual is designed to confuse, frustrate, and incriminate its users. According to Everson, “We want the taxpayer to screw up so we can seize his or her home or levy a bank account.” The manual’s latest ploy is to include maps of various cities that have nothing to do with taxes and direct the manual’s users to indicate which streets they live on, doubling their tax by the number of letters in the street name that each taxpayer selects. “This is especially lucrative if someone lives on a street like Constitution Avenue or Sunset Boulevard,” Everson declared.

    In the rare instance that a court overrules an IRS determination that a taxpayer has not been sufficiently fleeced, the agency files a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, which entitles it to change whatever law or regulation the court has upheld against the agency. “That way, we don’t have to waste a lot of time and taxpayers’ money responding to some idiotic judge’s belief in the Constitution,” Everson said. “We do this on behalf of our clients, the American wage slaves.”

    In September 2006, the IRS started outsourcing taxpayers debt collections to private debt collection agencies. Critics charge that this is an illegal and immoral invasion of their privacy and can result in collection agencies’ attempts to collect the full amount of taxes that the IRS alleges are due rather than dicker with the taxpayer, as has sometimes been the practice in the past.

    In addition, these critics contend, it will be almost impossible for debtors to pay off their debts when, in addition to the amount that the IRS claims someone “owes,“ he or she must pay an additional 200 percent per dollar collected. Everson’s response: “The new system is fair and balanced, and if anyone has a problem with it, let me know; I’ll see to it personally that the complainant’s taxes are audited every year for the rest of his or her life.”

    The IRS repealed the appeals process in September, 2006, when it initiated the new collections process. “We determined, in one of our rulemaking sessions that people no longer need to be represented to be taxed.”

    For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Internal Revenue Service.

    Tax protesters claim that because the IRS is not a legal organization, because it is not the result of any statute, that it lacks the legal authority to litigate or to be litigated against, and that it is not an official government agency. Instead, it is the American branch of a Puerto Rican trust fund, they say. The courts agree in most cases, but judges are too afraid of the IRS to rule against the evil organization.

    Some say that the IRS Torture Chambers, located in the headquarters building’s newly renovated sub-basement, goes too far as a collection instrument, and conspiracy theorists suggest that the flood was not heaven sent, as many people, especially taxpayers believe, but was, instead, intentionally created by cloud-seeding techniques as an excuse for the “repairs” to the basement which were really an excuse for the installation of the subterranean torture chambers. Everson scoffed at these allegations, declaring “The courts have ruled that sodomy, in the interests of tax collection, is not torture.”

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    • http://none Charlie

      Your Catholic World Report, made no mention of King Jesus Christ being the American Militia Commander… But We shall continue to ,,,,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • Theresa Kelly


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  • Dick Caruthers

    Mr Smith. This is one of the best articles I have read on what has happened to America. The statist have us by the throat!! Dick Caruthers

  • Rickey brown

    I couldn’t agree more there are alot of points there I been saying for years. Were almost finished because of the few and the idiocracy we’ve become to even support Obama is complete lunacy. The only other option isn’t any better. How about a backwoods lawyer again but there’s none left anymore. It sucks to watch America slide down the toilet for a few greedy bastards who would use her up spend her up and sell her out like the whore she’s become.

  • Toy

    This was primarily for the UK but it equally applies to the US:
    David Noakes (On The Edge)

    It may tax the attention span but stick with it!

    Time is running out!


  • Carl Manning

    Continuing to vote for evil in both parties in the District of Criminals unwittingly has now caught up with America. The two parties criminally set up an election system intentionally designed to keep voices of liberty – VOICES OF THE PEOPLE – OTHER PARTIES & STATESMEN, IF YOU WILL – forever relegated to the useless little TEA Parties around the country. The GOP even decided to co-opt the TEA Parties for good measure to silence the voices of freedom and take advantage of their ignorance and desperation. The TEA Parties, if they ever had any political common sense, should have completely gone 150% Independent and become a Third Political Party if they ever really wanted to effect change in the District of Criminals. So, what did the American People get with a co-opted TEA Party during the elections of 2010??? They got approximately 80 TEA Party members elected to the House of Representatives and four sympathizers in the Senate. Of those 80 Congressmen, only 22 opposed giving Obama 2 trillion dollars of funny money for the last two years of his first term to spend any way he pleases. In other words, we were completely betrayed and our movement was completely nullified. Now, if these 80 TEA Party members had gone TRULY rogue with an Independent Third Party, it is almost a certainty that Boehner would never have been Speaker of the House. The GOP would actually have to RESPECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR ONCE to get anything acomplished, and they would not be taking the TEA Party for granted one bit. The DemoCommies would be encouraged by the split in the GOP, so thatthe GOP would have no choicxe but to negotiate with the TEA Party. All of a sudden overnight, a new Party and a new voice of the People would be hitting the airwaves and all of the Neocon nuitjobs on RINO Radio and RINO Faux Noise would have to acknowledge whether they are TEA Partiers or GOP hacks. IT WOULD BE A POPCORN AND COKE MOMENT in American political and media history because it would force these guys to reveal just what their true agendas are. If the TEA Party then demanded to see Obama’s Birth Certificate and an investigation into his numerous crimes such as falsifying his SSN and his Selective Service registration and even property tax records, it would be political theatre FEATURING FOR ONCE THE TRUTH. If the TEA Party Congressmen demanded Eric Holder be imprisoned for Contempt of Congress, the GOP would be called out on the carpet for foot-dragging. YOU MUST HOLD THESE CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE, BUT YOU NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO DO THAT UNTIL YOU GO THIRD PARTY. You had your chance, America, and you blew it once again. Ron Paul likely would have gladly ran on a TEA Party ticket as the first Presidential candidate on the TEA Party ticket in 2012 just as Fremont was the first GOP candidate to run for President when the fledgling GOP began in 1854. He was highly successful for a Third party upstart, winning around 11 States at the time.

  • U.S. Sailor

    I concur. Most so-called Americans have lost it. Please don’t leave GOD out of the picture as America and all blessings are from GOD above, and HE indeed allowed and wanted Americabe. America has been a blessing to us, our families and the world and can continue to be so if we believe and do the right things.

  • Joe_ks

    Very well thought out and written. There are far to many points to comment on, but I would like to offer one that will undoubtedly ‘turn off’ a lot of Americans. When you read the Bible (I am not going to preach, just draw a comparison) you can easily see that Jesus Christ intended to establish only one church, his own. But in the world today, there are literally thousands of religious organizations and denominations declaring that they are his church. Compare that to this: E pluribus unum,It means our of many, one, or one from many. It today’s America, how many Americans actually know that the reference was to the 13 colonies who became one nation, it was not a reference to multitudes of races, cultures, world views and philosophies forming this country. We have to many Americans who claim to be true Americans, just as there are so many that claim to be the true church, who have no idea what the one, true, original actually was. Why? Because people have failed to investigate and learn the truth. A big, huge part of the reason for that has been public education. The public education system was originally established, from the point of view of Benjamin Franklin, “in order that children may learn to read, in order that they may read the Bible, in order that they may become better citizens” (that quote may not be exact, but I believe it is pretty close.

    “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights” That is who we are, or at least, who we used to struggle to be. Islam could not have created the United States of America in the world because they do not believe in individual rights and freedom. The Eastern religions could not have created the United States because they do not believe in equality. (there is no ‘equality’ in a caste system). Secularism and atheism could not have created this country because they do not believe in a creator, hince, no rights given by that creator, to them, rights would descend from government, exactly the opposite of our establishing principles.

    As I said, it is not my intention to preach, but to make an observation, a point: We have become disunited in just about everything, including our understanding of patriotism because we have allowed our selves to be divided again and again because we have forgotten under what authority we were created as a nation. “It’s Not America Anymore” … I hate to say it, even think on it, but I believe there is great truth in that statement, but if we ever want to get back what we have lost, it won’t be by just cleaning up the top tiers of government or the beneficiaries of our economic system. Yes, that, too. But until the American people want truth bad enough to seek it out, act upon it, live by it, as did our founders, nothing else is going to save this country. Yes, I know the original colonies had among them multiple denominational churches, but they also held among them the common idea that God governs in the affairs of men and it was that understanding that made it possible for them to whip the King of England and establish this nation. If we don’t get that back, we also will not get “America” back.

  • Carl Manning

    If we had any wealthy Statesmen who were truly politically Independent defenders of the Constitution, the TRUTH, and liberty, they could have
    established a tv and radio network by now to get out the TRUTH to the American People about just how hideously evil this apostate government in the District of Criminals really is. This is the government that perpetrated 9/11 and the FBI Murrah Building bombings on its own people. This is the goverment that assassinated JFK, RFK, Marilyn Monroe, MLK, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Senator Wellstone, the DC Madam, Jeannette Palfrey, Lt. Quarles Harris, and countless others. It is run by serial murderers. It has killed countless innocents over nothing but lies like 9/11 – NOT TO MENTION OUR OWN TROOPS!!! They could counteract the mindless idiotic drivel and propaganda on CNN, MSNBC, and Faux Noise with the INN network, the Independent News Network. I can hear their motto now: “Enjoy your stay at the INN; the TRUTH is welcome here!” Better yet would be the motto: “Our news is not filtered propaganda put out by the CIA.” Can you imagine how popular a TRUTH network would become??? It would first have to be supported by a philantropic billionaire and countless contributions from the American patriots out there similar to how PBS stays afloat, but it can be done if Christian networks like TBN can do it. In time, businesses my catch on and start advertising on it when it becomes wildly popular. It would eventually put the neocon nutjob idiot airbags and GOP Establishment hacks on RINO Radio like Rush Bimbo, Sean Insanity, and many others out of business, which is exactly where they need to go – permanent retirement. It would eventually foment a political revolution and guarantee the establishment of a Third Independent Party a la Ross Perot of 1992 that would scare the Establishment to death. This network could educate the American People on all of the abuses of the federal government and just what the Constitution is all about. It would be akin to Rush Bimbo’s impact on the 1994 elections when the GOP retook the House. Immediately before those elections, Rush had a wildly successful tv show on networks before the advent of Fox News. It was so successful that his show was often relegated to ridiculous hours like 1:00 am to see it. It was credited to a large extent with the successful Republican political Revolution of 1994. The same would happen with a network putting out the unabashed TRUTH. In time, the two Establishment Parties would be completely on the defensive and utterly embarrassed. They will begin to lose numbers in droves as the American People become educated and emboldened to try ANYTHING ELSE BESIDES SUICIDE. It will be an 1854 redux in America. Just as the GOP was born in 1854 out of the Whigs refusal to represent the People, so. too, will the GOP someday bite the dust it came from for refusing to represent the American People, fiscal sanity, and the Constitution. The tremendous evil of the DemoCommies would also be exposed and more and more of their ranks would be reduced as well. The TRUTH is great, but it needs a political vehicle to fight evil. A Third Party must be established in the end after the TRUTH is presented to the People, or all of our efforts will be in vain.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      What happens when you wallow in a mud hole? YOU get dirty too; so bringing a 3rd party will only get IT dirty TOO! If we DON’T put the swamp out of business by DISCONNECTING from it {secession} first; nothing else will be of much use. The Constitution was ALTERED in 1871, by Congress; the original being the Constitution of the united States for America, and the current edition being the incorporation papers of Washington, DC the Constitution of the United States of America {pay CLOSE attention to the wording and capitalization, they’re important!} Also remember that martial law has NOT been lifted, only eased back to allow the ILLUSION of “freedom”, since Lincoln signed the order for it {look at the gold fringe on your flag at a court or civic building such as your city hall; that’s what that signifies}. Now keep in mind that YOU are COLLATERAL for all those loans that our national debt represent, and your birth certificate is the “deed” on you, which is why we have that system in place. As it stands now, this whole nation and system is too corrupted to “fix”. Jefferson said we need a little revolution every so often, and frankly, I think we’re overdue here!

      • Carl Manning

        I agree 100% with what you’re saying, but really only one State stands ready for Secession at this juncture: Montana. That’s really about it. The others are all stilldrinking the Kool-Aid and buying into the two-parety false paradigm and incessant MSM/CIA propaganda campaign. The other States all view State government as the Minor Leagues for eventually making it to the Big Leagues in the District of Criminals. They have all bought into the Establishment’s system of corruption with endless bribery. Bribery is alive and well in every branch of the federal, State, City, and County governments. A Third Party would have its hands more than full trying to address this systemic corruption that is ubiquitous. Just witness how the over 130+ lawsuits against Obama at all levels of government have gone absolutely nowhere. We have so much blackmail, bribery, and deaththreats, and possibly even a Masonic conspiracy protecting all of this evil. Even a Secessionary government would have to address the pitfalls of the current federal government to insure this evil is not reproduced. I, too, fully support Secession, but I do not believe wewill see it unless the States also see a Third Party come to power in their own ranks to see to it. It will never happen with the two Establishment Parties.

        • tlgeer

          “Just witness how the over 130+ lawsuits against Obama at all levels of government have gone absolutely nowhere.”

          Most of the lawsuits were dismissed because they provided no proof to their contentions. That is a requirement if you want the lawsuit to continue.

          How do you tell if a birth certificate is real or not? Do you even know? And, yes, I do know.

          • navyjr

            The courts dismissed most of the suits relative to Obama’s eligibility, alleging the plaintiffs had no STANDING to bring them; not based on lack of facts or evidence; those were never even allowed to be presented. Many other suits are still pending, awaiting the court’s “pleasure” to get around to hearing them. The standing issue claims that because the plaintiffs weren’t harmed any more than anyone else by the defendant they had no cause to bring the suit. EVIDENCE has NEVER reached the courts in those cases, to be judged sufficient or not. But the real problem is that the courts are as afraid as everyone else to stand up to Obama and hear them. They’ve been ordered to NOT hear them, in other words, right up to and including SCOTUS! When media approached Justice Thomas about it, about Feb of 2010, his response was that they {SCOTUS} would not even be “going there”. Even before a case had reached them, the decision had been made that they wouldn’t even look at it. That’s what’s going on. And it’s likely what’s stalling many of the other suits pending from states and other entities currently.

      • Carl Manning

        It is long past the time for States to have seceded from this Union. If they haven’t done it by now, when their power has been completely abused and the SCOTUS completely insults them, when will they ever???

        • navyjr

          I don’t know; it’s never easy to walk away from what you know, even abuse. Maybe when enough of us hound them enough with enough reasons to do so. The state leaders have to know it’s what the people of their states want. I’m sure they wouldn’t consider or take such an action otherwise.

      • Carl Manning

        The States effectively became vassals of the federal government when they allowed the un-Constitutional 16th Amendment to stand creating the IRS and the other un-Constitutioinal Amendment immediately preceding it which created the un-Constitutional FED. This rendered them permanently dependent on the federal government to pay for Socialist insanity.

        • navyjr

          Those were ratified in 1913, under Wilson; and I don’t know how it was presented to the people at the time, but you can be sure it was wrapped in a tissue of lies, and misdirections. He was a RABID socialist. Surely you know as well as I do, how the high-sounding intentions of the socialists are, and how they twist the meanings of words so what you or I might hear is one thing we would understand; but to the socialists it has an entirely different meaning. I do know from recordings of FDR, he presented Social Security as the “safety net” for the seniors, just as they keep using it today. I suspect, and I could well be wrong here, that as now, most of the people just couldn’t believe their own government could possibly be against them; to want to harm them, and they believed the lies, without investigating them against the Constitution for matches. But then, since IT had been altered in 1871, when Washington, DC incorporated, something most of them hadn’t been around to recall or realize, necessarily, and they didn’t have the research tools we have now, I can kind of understand how that wool got pulled over my grandparents’ eyes. They also didn’t have a great lot of free time to do the necessary research. One was a farmer, the other had an ornamental iron works business, so both self-employed, and working long hours. Another thing, in `1913, the revolution and subsequent establishment of the Marxist/socialist government in Russia had yet to come, so there was no tip off there either; that came in the very early ’20s more, when Stalin seized power and consolidated it. Yes, what they did was wrong, and has led us to this point. But, as I said, I do understand the how and why.This has been being done so insidiously, until the past couple of decades, that most have NO CLUE there is the trouble there is. And then they believe the media propaganda that those of us sounding the alarm bells are just the lunatic right-wing extremist fringe to be ridiculed and ignored.

      • http://none Charlie

        Carl Manning ,,,
        Montana is no more ready for secession than ,say, California or Texas,,,Montana , prove that with “Their” treatment of the “Montana Freeman”,,,also Militia of Montana (MOM) lack of action at The Weavers murder by the feds prove it…

      • Carl Manning


        I’m not sure what universe you’ve been living in, but I have followed these trials for the past 4 years religiously. The judges in almost all cases would not even let the lawyers provide the proof to the court, and there is overwhelming proof of the forgery. When the judges did allow the proof, they dismissed it with overwhelmingly prejudicial reasons based on lunacy and a complete fallacy of logic and judicial misconduct in that they completely bypassed Supreme Court precedents.

      • Carl Manning


        The SOS of Montana sent a letter to the Washington Times warning that if the SCOTUS in the District of Criminals allowed a DC statute to stand from the case of DC vs. Heller, which would not allow handguns in the District of Criminals and thus everywhere else, it would be grounds for Secession according to the Compact of 1889 by which the State of Montana joined the Union. That Compact stated that any threat to the 2nd Amendment would be automatic grounds for nullification of the Compact. This letter was not only signed by the Secretary of State of Montana, Brad Johnson, but also by many State legislators of Montana. It put the SCOTUS on notice that they meant business. This is precisely what the States should have done with Obamacare, illegal immigration, NDAA, the renewal of the Patriot Act, the creation of the IRS, the creation of the FED, the co-opting of the public schools, and so much other usurpations by the federal government.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          Pay a visit to the Tenth Amendment Center, and see what many states ARE doing with Nullification; AZ has been very busy in that regard, and we’re not alone by far!! Also look in on the Cucinelli Compass, hosted by the VA AG, who’s been leading some of the law suits regarding Obamacare with some 25 or 26 other states. They ARE working on it; but not all had that same specification i the accord when they became states, so they’re going at it a bit differently.

        • navyjr

          Pay a visit to the Tenth Amendment Center, and see what other states are doing along those lines; there are maps that you can even track the progress of a bill. AZ has been very busy in that respect, as have many other states. Also have a look at the Cucinelli Compass, and you can see the work being done about the Obamacare suits. All states have the option to secede; which Lincoln actually wrongfully overrode. It was a condition of even ratifying the original Constitution! And I personally think it’s time to begin exercising it again Obama can have the seaboards and we’ll take the rest, although I do think, in all fairness, we should accept humanitarian refugees from those areas, as well as expelling all of a socialist bent from our areas.

  • Chris

    Not mentioned in this article is government control as in them going in and confiscating records of natural doctors who have come upon natural cures………we can’t have people NOT taking drugs or finding alternative cures that WORK……….the FDA would never allow THAT! Drugs control this country “legally” and “illegally”………and causes people’s deaths…….legally and illegally.

    As far as not being able to take back this country, one idea that would never fly but would be fun to see is to have a collective effort by EVERYONE and ALL BUSINESSES not submitting tax monies until the bozos in Washington, DC start doing what they are SUPPOSED to do “by, of, and FOR the PEOPLE”……… the saying goes……….money talks. Of course only “enough” taxes would be submitted just to pay the workers and that’s it. Could you imagine such a thing happening? What are they going to do? Lock up every worker and shut down every business?

    • navyjr

      See my post above; it applies to your statement as well.

  • Rebecca

    Great article Brandon! It’s well written.

  • Chris

    The title of this article is “It’s Not America Anymore” and the following will REALLY having you believing that:

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Hi Chris: I just watched the entire video link you provided. Thanks for sharing that very valuable scientific information. Now I understand the BIG difference between Conspiracy and Conspiracy THEORY!

      In 2007, I started “paying attention” to undeniable evidence pointing to WHO the ACTUAL perpetrators of 9/11 were and STILL ARE . . . HOW, with malice aforethought, THEY premeditatedly assassinated more than three thousand people and W H Y they orchestrated 9/11 and ALL OTHER “False Flag” incidents and/or atrocities in our country since 1776: WAR = MONEY = POWER!

      REALIST: A person who sees things as they truly are. The pessimist complains about the wind; The optimist expects it to change; The realist adjusts the sails.

      After the past five years of reading, researching, watching and listening to video information on these subjects, I am a Realist and though I’m not happy about it, I have to agree with the conclusion of a well known political analyst who said: “There are five reasons the American Empire WILL fall:


      “It is, what it is!” . . . God help us all! :-(

  • Schlampen suchen

    I do not drop many remarks, however i did some
    searching and wound up here It’s Not America Anymore :
    Personal Liberty Digest™. And I actually do have 2 questions for you if you tend not
    to mind. Is it only me or does it give the impression like a few of the responses look like they are left by brain dead
    folks? :-P And, if you are posting on additional sites, I would like to follow anything
    new you have to post. Would you make a list of every one of
    your communal sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page
    or linkedin profile?


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