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It’s Eight Years since 9/11 and the March on Privacy Continues

September 11, 2009 by  

It’s Eight Years since 9/11 and the March on Privacy Continues

Where were you eight years ago today at 8:46 a.m. Eastern time? What were you doing then? Do you remember?

Do you remember when you learned airliners had been used as weapons of mass destruction against America?

Sure you do. That memory is etched into your brain as permanently as if it had been carved into granite, just like other history-changing events: the assassination of JFK, the first moon landing, the Challenger explosion, the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. It’s tattooed there, with permanent ink.

And so is the feeling you had in the pit of your stomach. Anguish over thousands of lost souls—fellow Americans, mostly, but it didn’t matter where they were from. You knew they were gone… you didn’t know how many but you knew it must be thousands… and you were frightened because you didn’t know if more attacks were coming or when or where they would be.

There was anger, too. Anger that enough evil existed in the world to do such a thing. More anger that some were applauding it, as spontaneous celebrations broke out throughout the Middle East.

There was a resolve that began to form as well. A resolve to do whatever you could to help those affected. It took many forms, like donating blood or sending money to support rescue organizations like the American Red Cross.

There was also the beginning of a resolve to make sure those responsible were punished. That resolve was strengthened by the words of President George W. Bush when he stood in the rubble with his arm around a firefighter and spoke into that megaphone, “I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you. And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”

And they did. Less than a month later, on Oct. 7, bombs began falling on Afghanistan.

A lot has transpired since then, not all of it good.

There’s the American Patriot Act, passed hurriedly under the guise of helping to find terrorists but now being used more and more on Americans. There’s the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a branch of the Treasury Department, it is the government’s enormous financial data collection arm. It pulls in personal and information from the IRS, FBI, DEA and Secret Service, as well as customs and the postal inspection agency.

According to some experts, FinCEN taps into the National Security Council and the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. FinCEN even gets information from the likes of your friendly banker.

There are Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) on anyone who engages in any “suspicious transaction relevant to a possible violation of law or regulation.” This includes such things as large money transfers or other activity deemed suspicious by a banker. The information is sent to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), among other places.

There has been the suspension of Habeas Corpus for American citizens. Remember Jose Padilla? He’s the accused “dirty bomb” suspect arrested as he stepped off an airliner at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago in May 2002. He then spent three and half years in a military brig in South Carolina, plus two more in a federal prison before his trial in January 2008.

During his military confinement he was subjected to prolonged isolation and intensive interrogations in conditions a judge called harsh. Still, no evidence of a dirty bomb plot was ever uncovered and Padilla’s conviction was for conspiring to help Islamic jihadist fighters abroad.

There are more onerous regulations on travel and invasive searches of airline passengers. Metal detectors now must be passed through to get into government buildings.

Eight years later our troops are still in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban. Osama bin Laden has not been found—I think he’s been dead a long time—and al Qaeda are hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The war there is getting deadlier for U.S. troops by the day.

Pakistan, which signed on as an ally, has seen its government change hands and Islamo-fascist terrorists are fighting a war there in an effort to get there hands on the country’s nuclear weapons.

American troops remain in Iraq as well, where we fight a proxy war with Iran.

But we’re no longer fighting a war on terror. It’s an overseas contingency operation, and what used to be called terrorist attacks are now man-caused disasters.

No, the terrorists are now those who oppose government overreach. As reported on The Heritage Foundation website, Obama’s campaign organization, Organizing for America, sent out notice to its grassroots supporters to use today, Sept. 11, to wage a phone campaign calling U.S. Senators to pass healthcare reform. The Obama website—since scrubbed—said, “All 50 states are coordinating this—as we fight back against our own Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic Process…” A screenshot of the page and The Heritage Foundation’s story can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, terrorists captured on the battlefield where they were shooting at American and coalition soldiers and setting improvised explosive devices (IED) are going to be removed from the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and brought to the U.S., if the president and attorney general have their way.

They’re not going to be brought to the states just to stand trial. They’re going to be incarcerated here as well.

Not to worry, says Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, the worst of them will not be released on American soil. No, they’ll remain in prison where they can proselytize the American prison population and create real domestic terrorists.

As Americans awoke on that fateful morning eight years ago and began going about the business of their ordinary, workaday lives we were all blissfully ignorant of the catastrophe about to be hoisted upon America.

There were still big arguments over the Supreme Court ruling nine months earlier that cleared the way for a Bush presidency, and those on the left were concerned about the direction country would go politically. They were calling him fascist and Nazi.

Now it’s eight years later. A new president is being called Nazi, socialist and Marxist. And those on the right are worried about the direction the country is going politically.

It’s been eight years. The country is as divided now as it was at 8:45 a.m. that fateful day and the only thing that has progressed is the march against American privacy and freedom.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    And the March On Propaganda continues.
    Obama’s Message for America’s Students:

    • billy

      “Amazing Speech by Iraq War Veteran”

      “poor and working people in this country are sent to kill poor and working people in another country to make the rich richer; and without racism soldiers would realize that they have more in common with the Iraqi people than they do with the billionaires who send us to war”

    • billy

      bill o reilly’s tribute to the victims of 911

  • DaveH

    After-Video Classroom Materials Prepared by the Department of Propaganda (oops – Education) for K-6 grades:

  • DaveH

    Thank you Bob Livingston for that link (unbelievable!).

  • s c

    Many people have not yet taken the time to understand this legislation. Call it what you might, it has the potential to turn America into a totalitarian waste land. For those who think it is just another example of one side being right and the other being wrong, look up the votes and absorb the numbers and names. How many Democrats AND Republicans helped pass it? What are their names, and can you still look at these people as role models? They willingly signed on to something that is straight out of 1984 (written by George Orwell, for those who don’t like to READ or have at least one foot in the real world).

    • Ray in wisconsin

      SC. It’s not quite 1984. If you are a law abiding citizen, not making over seas calls to muhammad salami, and doing large cash transfers from bank to bank, you have nothing to worry about. There is a big leap between hightened awareness and paranoid.

      • DaveH

        You just keep telling yourself that Ray. When Obama subverts those laws for his own purposes, you may think differently.

      • Michael

        Ray , That’s how it started when Dubya was in charge. But,Obama has now turned the Pat Act and Homeland security inwards on our own citizens.
        To bad Obama is not pro retroactive abortion. Or maybe better yet, what if his mother had swallowed him?

        • s c

          You brought it up indirectly (thanks). Comrade obama will no doubt continue to cater to the whims of the pro-death, abortion mob. This is beyond ironic, since comrade obama is consciously denying that one of his icons (Margaret Sanger) has any flaws. She’s about as pristine as a hog in a nation-wide pig sty.
          If Sanger had the power to do it, the world wouldn’t have any ethnic groups. In particular, she wanted to ELIMINATE blacks.
          (any comrade obama apologist who can READ can verify that in 10 minutes or less). Comrade obama is the one who needs to explain how he can defend someone like Sanger. Michael, it is NOT possible to help anyone (let alone members of your own ethnic group) if you’re engaged in policies that savage and abuse and destroy. That makes comrade obama a politician. This how you define a politician [I'll do anything I must to control and manipulate - no matter who suffers for me]. It’s also a good way to define someone who has no conscience.

          • Michael

            SC, what you have just drawn a picture of is Narsicism. It’s the Me-Me-I-I- syndrome. From his first days in office I noticed the way he referred to The White House as his house. Or Marine One when he said “I’ve never had a helicopter before.” Or those photos of him in the oval office without a suit jacket on and rolled up shirtsleeves all stretched out with his feet up on the desk where John F. Kennedy sat and worked as well as many other great leaders before and since.
            As each day passes now, things are becoming more and more clear to me. Hilary and Obama both worshiped at the alter of the likes of Alinsky, Cloward-Piven and thought them invincible. However, the forementioned Gurus and their tactics have never been tested on such a large scale on such a formidable foe, the American Conservative Patriots. What they are now finding out is that “Rules for Radicals” is not a sustainable game plan. Saul’s book does not cover what to do if your opponent is reading the same book. Ya see, everyday hard working, God fearing Americans are quite content to peacefully live their lives and raise their families. While in this mode they may even seem timid and shy. But woe be unto thee who seeks to desecrate that harmony, that serenity. Hitler underestimated us and learned a hard lesson. That lesson is that when angels are confronted by demons, they become equal to the task at hand.
            This time the foe attacks from within but the outcome will be the same.

          • DaveH

            As you know, it is all about power, nothing else. The other things (health care, cap and trade, etc.) are just sideshows for the gullible followers, and a means to the end – power.
            I remember reading about the Russian leaders (USSR) zipping around in their black limousines back in the 70s and 80s while many or most of their citizens lived in abject poverty.

        • eyeswideopen

          Michael, please do not act that way. You come off sounding like the rest of these angry, misinformed, prejuice radicals.Thanks appreciate it.

          • eyeswideopen

            Michael, I was referring to the Obama ate blah blah. Ugly talk. You are too intelligent to do that.

          • Michael

            EWO, such a pleasent surprise hearing from you. I have so missed your gentile fonting.

      • s c

        Ray, read Echelon. Read Echelon. Read Echelon. Think. Act. Stop trying to feed the dead horse you want to ride into the sunset.
        The Enlightened One [obama, comrade obama, chicago's gift to politics, 'I can't get a job, but I can organize' or whatever you want call him] believes that just because communism failed in the USSR doesn’t mean it can’t be revived here. He believes that all utopian and totalitarian philosophies can be bundled and rammed down the unwilling throats of Americans.
        Comrade obama wants to do to America what was done to the Indian tribes. Some call it progressive. It is anything but.
        See obama with your eyes open. See what you need to see. If you see what you want to see, or if it feels good but you don’t think, you are by choice a part of the problem [not a part of the solution].

  • David

    It’s not repub versus demo anymore. It’s us versus liberals & progressives. Luckily in NC we were able to opt our children out of the obama lecture/essay.

  • DixieConnie

    I hope the march to Washington DC is big. Go Americans,Kick some a**.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    I still havent forgotten what happened, and I never will, and it just angers me to no end when I see left wing liberal politicians wanting to give these guys lawyers, wanting to close Abu Ghairab prison, and just for willingly treating these people like victims, and treating our own military like terrorists, while they are putting their lives on the line to keep us safe. Shame on everyone of you that voted these lepers into office, and shame on everyone of you that wants to give them more rights than our own citizens get. You are part of the problem, as you empower the enemy, and empower these left wing liberals to further destroy the United States of America. Shame on you.

    • eyeswideopen

      No, Berb, I helped put a man in office, who’s father was quoting the NEW WORLD ORDER back in 1991. Yes, that man was George Bush Sr. You can jump down to Karen’s name to see his full quote, How are you going to justify that? It is documented, you can’t just deny it. So, maybe the problems started before Obama????

      • DaveH

        Yes, they started with Jefferson’s 2nd term. Should we dig up his body and kick his butt?
        Come on, it’s past history. Let’s move on. Obama is the here and now. Yes, the Republican Party has lost it’s way. Yes, both parties for some time have been stepping on the Constitution. But right now Obama is the real threat to our freedom. Let’s concentrate on neutralizing him first.
        On the other hand, maybe Obama has done our country a real favor, by waking the people up to the dangers of Big Government. But there are many people, maybe most, who still haven’t been slapped hard enough by that cold fish. Personally, I became sick of Big Government micromanaging my life 25 years ago.

        • billy

          “Yes, both parties for some time have been stepping on the Constitution.”————- no dumbass- it was the republicans who did that. anytime a repuke like yourself actually admits how wrong your party is – you try to involve “both parties”.

        • Robin from Indiana

          You are totally right! Both parties are to blame and Billy who thinks the Dems are faultless is living in lala land somewhere. I couldn’t agree more that Obama is a domestic threat to our nation. I really would like to see a third party come out strong next election. Neither party, the Dems or the Republicans are the parties they once were. I am sure you can go back through history and find corruption in all administrations and you are right, we can’t change the past. The only thing that we need to concentrate on is now and the future. I think all Americans need to take a long hard look at all their politicians. Next elections make educated decisions as to who to vote for. The only reason Obama was even elected was because people were not educated about him, only mesmerized….

          • billy

            “Obama is a domestic threat to our nation.”======================== if you believe this robin then you are seriously misinformed and i feel sorry for your complete lack of knowledge. but i know it’s just one of the usual non-american republican lines of bullshit. i know you are intelligent enough to not believe the lies you type on this screen. you should stop with the outrageous claims beacuse it really makes you look unamerican.

  • Cordell Ferrell

    In 2001 we had a great President that knew what had to be done to keep it from happening again. Obama couldn’t pass the mettles test. The majority of people today FEAR the Obama administration.

    • billy

      yea like sitting in a classroom for seven minutes after he was told “OUR COUNTRY IS UNDER ATTACK”

  • Rod

    Listen up you guys! Tomorrow, there will be a “TEA PARTY” held in
    many of your states that will cover alot of the things you people
    (say) you are interested in. What I would interested in is: How
    many of you people will attend that “TEA PARTY” in you state. Talk
    is cheap! Action is what is needed and just think, if you attend
    you will have the opportunity to tell people you participated.

    • American Citizen

      We will be attending in spirit as it is impossible for us to attend in person. God bless all real Americans who see the dangers we are facing from our own government.

  • Rod

    I will be attending the “TEA PARTY” in my state!!!!!

  • Rod

    Go ahead Ray in Wisconsin. Take a trip up to Mayville Mi. The
    Shearas will be happy to host you at one of their gatherings!
    They may even give you a surprise gift. One you won’t forget!

  • John Malott

    I would like to have some proof that NSA or any other organization has spied on any citizen that was not involved in some illegal act.

    • DaveH

      Really, you have never broken a law? Of course, how would you know? There are so damn many that nobody, not even the lawyers, can keep track of them all.
      Without going into a long, long story of why I know, I can tell you that I was wiretapped during the Clinton administration. My crime? I bought two handguns on the same day (to replace two that were stolen). The gun-haters would wonder why I need two handguns. I don’t, but I enjoyed shooting when I was younger. And you know what? I could only shoot one at a time. It wouldn’t matter if I had ten; I still could only shoot one at a time.
      I suppose if you always kissed major butt with anybody who is or might become a government agent, you would be okay with government surveillance.
      I am about as squeaky clean as anybody can get. I just don’t like another human being treating me like a second-class citizen. And besides that, it is against the highest law of the land to do fishing expeditions on anyone without a warrant. But then, it’s okay for people in the government to trample the law, isn’t it? I mean they’re above the rest of us. Maybe if the United States wasn’t busily butting in to everyone else’s business, we wouldn’t have terrorists from all over the world wanting to do us harm.

      • eyeswideopen

        Dave, how did you find out about the wire tapping? Did you file a lawsuit? That is a real shame that happened to you. So I take it that you are against the Patriot Act? We all should be working towards getting that repealed don’t you think?

        • DaveH

          I told you it is a long story and I’m too lazy to develop it (hmmm, maybe I should vote for handouts). But it was well-known in those years that there was a lot of illegal wiretapping.
          And I definitely do not support the Patriot Act. I don’t know what happened to people, but in only 230 years we went from a nation of rugged pioneers who risked their lives for their freedom, to a nation of paranoid cry-babies who want protection from all possible harm (at someone else’s cost of course). And the reality is that the protection for which we traded our liberty is an illusion.
          Take airline travel. First they take every possible means of self-defense away and then marvel at how a small band of evil people can take over an entire passenger plane. It’s because the passengers complied with the rules, and the perps don’t obey rules, duh. Look how long and how hard the Liberals fought to prevent the pilots from being armed after 9/11. That plus the reinforced doors probably would stop any future such occurrences.
          I’m sick of the government creating, or at the least enabling problems, and then offering more government as the solution. Wake up America! It is all about power for the people in the government at the expense of ‘we the peoples’ livelihoods and our liberty.
          Does anyone think that there weren’t bombs or evil people 230 years ago? Yet, our Forefathers knew that, above all, individual liberty was the solution.

    • s c

      John M, a starting point is a Google search. Type in Echelon+Clinton. Enjoy (unless you’re an ultralib). From that point, extrapolate, and never again trust anyone who poses as a career politician.
      Politicians aren’t bound by morality, they do not have a conscience, and I suspect they would never believe who their true masters are. Their drug of choice is power. They will sell themselves any time or place – as long as the price is ‘right.’

  • Brad Chesnut

    Would love to attend a tea party but Iam up hunting elk in Colorado before the Reg. czar bans hunting and gun ownership.

  • KarenMiller

    I don’t fear President Obama,I think he is a pawn,just being used,He will usher in THE NEW WORLD ORDER.The devil is orchastrating Obama in doing his will, why do you think Obama is such a smooth talker,very intelligent,alot of people love him, very charsmatic,he may have some of the people fooled,but I for one am not fooled, the Devil is in the details.If he has his way the Gov’t will run everything it can get its hands on, from your birth to your death.A one world currancy is coming too. Smart cards!Somebody will usher in the anti-christ could be Obama,then the Great Tribulation will take place 7 years to be exact,in the middle of the 7 yrs. anti-christ will break a peace treaty with Israel,all hell will break out on Earth,things will get so bad and with that being said the Anti-christ will insist that every person who is still alive receive a mark in their hand or forehead so they can buy or sell,if a person receives this mark they will be doomed for Hell.Jesus said now is the excepted time,put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ now, don’t put it off for on more minute. KAREN

    • http://BobLivingstonLetter Michael Peeples

      Karen, I agree with your statement on all points ,except Obama being the Anti-Christ.I believe he is a form of Anti-Christ,but not the one.Thanks for your post.

      • billy

        what is your take on bush- was he the antichrist or just a form of the antichrist or wait i know he was probably a godly man like yourself -right? hahah

    • Michael

      Karen, The NWO has been the plan for at least one hundred years. The difference is Democrats are fast tracking while Repubs are in slow mode. Maybe is because their infrustructure is now in place and all they need is an excuse to implement martial law. It’s kinda like poking a dog with a stick in one hand and a model 1901 45 acp in the other. All I know is, when things just don’t seem to make sense and you can’t understand why politicians do the things they do it’s just because we’re not privy to their real agenda. It’s too long a story for this venue but here’s some places to start: Department of State Publication 7277, Public Law 87-299 (never ratified but shows intent), MJTF Police and Spermicidal Corn – GMO Population Control. As far as Anti Christ goes, most people beleive that was written about the Roman Emporer Nero. But, I do agree that Obama is a dead ringer for the Anti Christ. Maybe it’s intentional?

    • billy

      on september 11th this is what you came in here to say?

    • billy

      “put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ now” what a great way to end your hate mongering speech -just attach the lords name to it hahaha you are pathetic and sad.

  • eyeswideopen

    Karen, I will give you this quote, at the end I’ll tell you who said it.
    “If we do not follow the dictates of our inner moral compass and stand up for hunman life, then his lawlessness, will threaten the peace and democracy of the emerging New World Order we now see, this long dreamed of Vision we’ve all worked toward for so long”.
    President George Bush 1991.

    Knowing that the first President Bush has dreamed of and worked hard to usher in the New World Order, doesn’t that make you wonder why these people on this site, only hold Pres. Obama accountable for all of the world’s ills?? So, if you haven’t been fooled, I guess I can pretty much bet that you didn’t vote for the last President Bush did you?

    • DaveH

      It’s time to change horses.

      • eyeswideopen

        No, Dave, you must read the inaccurate statements made by these people, Obama is not ushering in the NEW WORLD ORDER, that was done by a previous Republican President.
        It is hilarious that when ever I can point out that a Republican has previosly commited an infraction that you are accusing Pres. Obama of, then it’s the old let’s not live in the past retort.
        You are constantly quoting our fore fathers, while trying to make your points. I only go back 25 years. You know just the recent past, as that is more relevant to our present problems. You don’t like my referring to the past ten years as you can’t slam the Pres. on the same things that us Republicans have done recently.
        Well, they say you don’t learn unless you acknowledge and understand the past, which is what you and the rest of the people on this site are resisting. What pisses you all off is that I can come up with facts that show the hyprocrisy of your statements. I know you belong to the Libertarian Party and I respect that, but you should respect that I am fighting for my party, by calling them on the emotional and wrong conclusions they are arriving at. I only quote the facts, which are easy to find nowdays. They get angry because the facts make them seem silly. So Dave, I’ll stay on this horse, you however are free to get off yours as your party is not in turmoil and losing memembers.

        • DaveH

          Yes, Eyes, but I don’t recall you saying much of anything about the present administration. While you are fighting with the Republicans, the Democratic leaders in Congress and Obama are stealing our country.

          I hope nobody on these boards thinks I hold all Democrats to be culpable for what is being done by Obama and the Democrat Congressmen. And I hope nobody thinks I hold all Republicans to be culpable for what was done by Bush and the Republican Congressmen.

          • Michael

            Check “Iron Mountain Report” requesitioned by JFK.

          • DaveH

            It wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Why not? Throughout the centuries, leaders have striven to set themselves above their subjects. Why not now? Do we spontaneously have a good and moral set of leaders who care only about the citizens? Not likely. What a Pandora’s box has been created by the internet. They need to work hard to shut down this instant source of communication so they can proceed with their plans unfettered by an unhappy citizenry.

          • eyeswideopen

            Dave, For years I have bashed the Dem’s, being a totally straight party voter and commited fiscally responsible Republican. During the past 10 years, I started paying more attention to the budgetary and foreign policies that were being implemented. To my dismay, in 2004 after we passed the Medicare Advantage bill, I thought I had lost my mind. It couldn’t be true, that we had passed such an atrocity. Where were my fellow Repub’s ? Why weren’t they raising hell? Why were we passing such a huge debt on to our children? Why in the hell were we giving subsidies to IBM? I wrote letters, called Senators, sent emails, even sent registered letters. I was brushed off like a piece of bad lint. Governor Jeb Bush, tried to explain to me that the American people wanted this bill and I shouldn’t worry about the money, as Congress always comes up with it somehow. After the Patriot Act was passed, same effort different brush off. Don’t I want America to be safe? What was wrong with me, had I forgotten 9/11? It didn’t really violate our rights, it only affected those people who were terrorists. We then started having “funny thing” happen with our phone service. You probably know what I mean. Well, I fought that fight for a couple of years and they wore me down, the arrogance was unbelievable. If you could only have read the emails and letters, from Mel Martinez, Ginny Brown-Waite, Jeb Bush you would be wetting your pants as I speak!! Talk about a “God complex”.
            In 2004, much to my husbands furor I decided to “waste my vote” on Kerry, hoping to show the Repub’s that people were not happy with our total lack of responsibility when passing such ludicous bills. I was still trying to support the war effort, still praying that eventually we would find something, anything that could possibly be considered WMD’s. There are enough people on this site attacking the Dem’s, I do wish they would pick more logical paths, and quit with the commrade, nazi, dictator crap, (he was elected like it or not) and come up with some ideas, solutions, instead of ranting like spoiled children who suddenly have had their allowance cut and a curfew is in effect. Did Pres. Bush ever consider what we wanted? Not only NO, but hell NO! You radical rt- wingers do a fine job of bashing a man who has only been in office for 9 mths, and I am willing to give him time to try and repair the damage done by us. Where was all this outrage when we were violating our principles? All of this hate should have been directed at us. Did these people just wake up and then couldn’t accept any credit for this wonderful mess and decided to blame a President who walked into the absoute biggest pile of horse sh t to be seen in centuries? So, Dave that is my answer, I believe in fair play, not rushing to judgement, and I acknowledge that the political pendulum must swing both ways or we become a nation of sheep, high stepping to one party and losing our rights. Us Republicans could be the poster child for the saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely”!!

          • s c

            Eyes just doesn’t get it, does he? He sounds like a RINO or a a wannabe apologist or fence-sitter of some sort (pc guilt?). If there’s any guilt to be addressed, it belongs to the many non-leaders who are in Washington.
            What we’ve needed for at least 5 generations is a practical way to make non-leaders accountable to the American people. An implied ‘threat’ of being voted out of office is a worthless tool. The only way we can leverage any implied force is to make elected officials miserable every day they’re in office. We can’t afford an FDRII who is in office for a long time. Hoping for the best (good intentions) doesn’t work. It never worked. Maybe if eyes lives long enough, maybe he’ll finally ‘get it.’

          • DaveH

            She should feel guilty for siding with people that want to take money from others. But I’ve seen guilt do funny things. Out of pride the ones who are suffering from twinges of conscience will often try all the harder to vilify those who are their victims.
            Those Liberals who want to share the money of others are quick to assuage their guilt with thoughts like – “We are only taking from the rich”. But they aren’t just taking from the rich. Everyone in the country will eventually suffer from the huge national debt that is being built. And before that, people who are working hard for a modest life will pay for their schemes with higher taxes. The truth is that nobody knows how hard anyone else works for what they have. And nowhere in the law books (or in the Bible) is it stated that it is okay to steal if your victim is wealthy.
            I guess you would want to stay away from any group of Liberals that outnumbers you, because they apparently feel that as long as they have the majority of votes it is okay to take your money or your life-choices away.

        • eyeswideopen

          Speaking of taking money from people, here’s what Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy cost > All tax bills start with HR followed by a number. HR2 Jobs and Growth tax relief, decreased tax rates for income from dividends and capital gains. from 2002-2008 Cost; 342.9 Billion.
          HR1836 Tax cust for the top 4 highest tax brackets. from 2001-2006 Cost;1.35 Trillion.
          HR1308 Extended tax cust 2001-2003 cost; 122Billion
          HR4297 Cuts on dividends and capital gains + Amt. 70 Billion.
          Total tax cuts for the richest in America, not the average middle class American but the Richest, like Warren Buffet, who thinks the tax codes should be re-written to charge him and people like him more taxes, cost; was 1.885 TRILLION.
          HR611 catchall bill extending and modifying expiring tax provisions 2007-2016 cost; 40 billion.
          Tax cuts while the trade deficit was 385billion in 2001, 788 billion in 2006 105% increase. This was a deficit in goods as opposed to services, accounts for the increase of 105 %.
          Bush started with a 128.2 surplus, Obama started with a 1.186 trillion dollar deficit which didn’t include supplemental appropriations for the wars.

          Dave, I know you don’t want to contribute to this country, but you have surely received some benefits during your lifetime. You are so angry at this country why do you stay here? Other than bashing the Dem’s what proactive things are you doing to change what you don’t like?
          Dave you act so high and mighty, but the libertarians would have to have taxes, for the military and court system, which wouldn’t have any caps on the amount you can sue for, so you think, because it’s your party taxes are ok? I believe in a flat tax, however that’s not how this country functions, so therefore, since we have a prorata system, I see no need to give a certain class a tax cut which voids the prorata rate. The rich need to pay their fair share just as the rest of us do. No excuses. Pres. Bush saw fit to give his buddies on Wall Street and the private sector a wonder break just as he was committing us to two wars, maybe you should have recommended that book, Boom or Bust to him.

      • s c

        ‘Horses’ should be neutered and shipped to another country. We know that what matters most is cornering and kicking out everyone who deserves it. That includes fence-sitters, republicans, democrats and everyone who goes to Washington to establish a bogus reputation, make too much money, enjoy perks we’ll never have, have access to health care that they want to deny us, leave office as a millionaire, flaunt the laws of the land and destroy America’s wealth in the process.
        First, deny ‘horses’ any benefits. Keep them under a microscope 24/7. When they act like criminals, toss them behind bars. Tax them like they’re robber barons. Have them neutered, cancel their passports and then ship their sorry posteriors to a third world country. That’s what they’ve earned, DaveH.

  • American Citizen

    Have you heard the latest, that there is a group taking pictures secretly of CIA operatives to show them to the prisoners in Gitmo? The same types who screamed about Valerie Plame who was outed in her husband’s book? Also by Robert Novak? She was not a real operative at the time if she ever was.
    Just think what those crazies can do with those pictures, I mean those so-called Americans. This has nothing to do with the Patriot Act. They have taken it upon themselves to do this. Is Obama watching? I doubt it.

    • American Citizen

      I have since learned the name of the group is “The Adam Project”.

  • Scott Brown

    Folks, wake up? Republicrats, Demoblicans, reft or light wing, you’re being taken for a ride. If you’re too damn dumb to get it, you deserve where you end up. Type away, you’ll change nothing. Get some water, land, some seeds, a weapon and ammo. I have.

    You did not see it here, first. It’s been all over the place. Wake up.

    • billy

      you are pathetic and sad

  • http://none Alex

    Democrats or Republicans, maybe we are all Americans, we are collectively foolish, our representatives are fools and crooks who are destroying America, Obama is merely a new captain on the Titanic, it does not matter who the captain is, we are going down unless America wakes up, which is unlikely. We need our jobs back from China etc., when Obama mentioned “buy American” he got a barrage critisism, free trade is free trade for all but America. Speaking of 911, let’s get over it, the future counts not the past, our response has almost bankrupted the nation and killed many times as many of our citizens as the terror act and still growing. No more partisan pickering please fellow citizens, it’s unamerican.

    • American Citizen

      Some here say we are bickering among ourselves, but the half truths and misinformation needs to be rebutted. The leftist media does not tell the whole story or even half the story at times. Such as at the Town Halls where they accuse the people of being organized goons instead of grass roots, true Americans who are angry at the government takeovers. It was actually ACORN and ISEU who sent the busloads of fomenters to those meetings.
      ThIs morning I heard a former Marine who served at the beginning of the Iraq/Afghanistan war. He was one of those who were guards who escorted prisoners to Gitmo. At first, Gitmo was a rudimentary place with not many amenities. But we built new buildings and made the prison for the prisoners like a grand hotel.
      The Marine said the prisoners got to sleep in cushy beds while the guards slept on cots. The prisoners have running water while the guards do not. He said every time 9/11 comes around he gets very upset knowing what the leftist media shows. They always show pictures from when the camp was first opened, not the way it is today. Those prisoners live a lot better than many Americans or poor people in other countries live.

      • Rod

        Your right, American Citizen, we have to get off our duffs and start
        to fight. I believe we are beginning to do that now. People are
        waking up and letting them selves be heard. The lefties are getting
        worried and keep sticking their feet in their mouths. Look at Palosi!
        Everytime she opens her mouth she gets dummer and dummer. Obama is
        doing the same thing. NO ONE believes him anymore. His lies have
        caught up with him. He will ultimatly fail just like all the other
        jokers that tried Tyranny on for size!!!!

    • http://bababooie ericforobama

      got that right, not solving the average americans problems policing the world and killing their children. noone who voted for bush in term 2 are willing to be held accountable. just wanna drag obama down. every single person that voted for that dummy should have their taxes doubled to replace the hundreds of trillions wasted in iraq. at least obamas money came into the the country to provide some relief. maybe health insurance companies will suffer some profits, but maybe a few sick people can treated without losing their homes. it would also be a great thing if illegal aliens get coverage. since business owners get rich off them working as hard as they do for no money. what a shame for business owners to contribute. time to get things done now!!! the past is what got us where we are now. time to tear up the constitution and start over!!

  • sean patdrick murrey

    i just came away from a freedom rally i liked what was said about Obummer he is a big liar and i am wearing a button that says fighting for freedom.I heard the tea party in Washington had a good turn out.

  • John E.

    09/11/2001 is a Historical act of the diabolic kind .AS US Navy Sailor It is one reason I wanted to go over Kuwaitt and/or IRAQ I wanted to help support the troops . This back in the Winter 2005 I didnot go forward However, I did my job deligently STATE side. I was truly missed. I also agree with KarenMiller that President Obama is pawn in soceity woes and he is doing his best to be United States President. Airplanes cockpit are now 60 to 75 % secure and so to be 90 % secure. Airports are working hard to get them 95 % secure Our Massive Public inter -city Public Transportation system is working to be secure. What ever happens now in American society Is this economical mess we are in and it is worldwide. We here must make the world better place for ourselves. Just complain.

    • Rod James

      Yes we must make the world a better place for ALL not just ourselves.
      No more lobbyists,greedy politicians/bankers.The United States should
      lead the world through enlightenment and through example,not MARCH in under false pretense.Conquering the world by force should be left in history to Ghengis Khan,Napoleon,Hitler,Stalin Etc. There are enough brilliant, caring minds in the world and especially in the States to lead a New Renaissance. Maybe a few more million years of evolution will lead man on the right path and away from the current mess we are in.

      • eyeswideopen

        Why don’t we get some law passed that states: WHEN A PUBLIC OFFICAL SPEAKS THEY ARE LEGALLY UNDER OATH. Then when any of these professional politicians lie to us, we can have them removed from office immediately. Why do we allow them to distort, and outright lie? Why can’t we turn this into a moment where we take control. Why would an offical refuse to act as if they are under oath, unless they are lying? With the internet we would be able to prove very quickly what the facts are. Then we wouldn’t have politicians shooting from the hip to make inroads for the popular vote.

        • eyeswideopen

          WHAT NONE OF YOU PEOPLE WANT YOUR OFFICALS TO TELL THE TRUTH? or are you affraid of the truth?

  • Thomas Bendoraitis

    Twin Towers…Pearl Harbour….? What’s the difference…Americans are dying for the banker industrialists and old monarchies; kind of like Vietnam…Remember…the latter is now a major Asian trading partner of the odious Midas worshipping banker/industrial demigods; 58000 young Americans should have listened to USMC General Smedley Butler and read his book “War is a Racket”; of course he died like so many others of gastronomical difficulties for opposing America’s attack on Pearl prior to its manifestation. Anyone who still believes Afstan did the towers and not the Saudis along with the cult might believe the moon is made out of cheese.

  • Rod

    I attended the “Tea Party” in my state.Very good turn out and was
    worth while. We have to get active or we will be seeing the rear
    end of our freedom! Freedom is not a free ticket! We don’t have a
    lot of time. We CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The lefties want us to bicker
    amoung ourselves and do NOTHING. So, why don’t we fool them!!!!

    • DaveH

      Thank you Rod.

  • Rod

    We can still send Obama back to Kenya (where he was born). He can take his czars back with him and all his other GOONS that have the
    mistaken idea that WE THE PEOPLE rode in on a head of cabbage!!

  • Rod

    Eyes just don’t get it. He has not seen what the Obama health plan
    will do to him and others. Well I still don’t want it to happen to him. The reason I don’t want it to happen to him is: If it happens
    to him, it will happen to the rest of us! Eyes, Have you been locked up in a closet? You have eyes but you don’t see. You have ears, but
    you don’t hear! GAD-ZOOKS! I just can’t believe it! While you are
    at it, Take Van Jones with you. What the hell are you talking about,
    GIVE OBAMA A CHANCE. Reality is a precious thing, try it sometime!

    • eyeswideopen

      Rod, you need to go back and look at what your previous President did to this country. Try reading this
      If you do read it, which I doubt you will do, as you would just rather spew hate and take no personal responsibility for electing someone who is responsible for our present situtation, maybe, just maybe you can be more objective.
      I can tell you people just don’t comphrend what is written, as I have stated in every site that I am a 50 something, white, Christian, Republican, woman who is willing to take responsibility for voting incorrectly and will admit to my kids, that I didn’t stand up and shout when Bush passed a bill sending the younger generation into debt to the tune of over 800 billion (Medicare Advantage).

      • eyeswideopen
      • Bob B

        You stated that you are a “50 something,white,Christian,Republican,woman” Well I’m a 50 something,American,male”of the Christian faith. What does being a “white,Republican” have to do with anything. It doesn’t matter whether your white,black pink,yellow or purple and either a Repub.,Dem,Liberal,Libartarian or Independent,the government has been subverting our freedoms for years. We as “Americans All” must demand that our elected officials adhere to the Constitution and Bill of rights to be used as our foundation set of laws. These laws aren’t restrictive as so many would have you believe,they’re our guidance, the “Stop Signs”to make sure government doesn’t grow to big. It is time to get our country back on track.Dare I say”God Bless America” and offend someone. If so,you’ll have to take it up with our founding fathers(Whoops!that probably not politically correct.)

        • eyeswideopen

          Bob, they keep accusing me of being: a black Democrat male, a black Muslim, a liberal male,a non Christian male and I am just tired of being called a male. I just wanted them to know that I am a white woman, who isn’t a kid, who happens to be a memember of their party, who is willing to take responsibility for not using my votes wisely.

    • s c

      Rod, comrade obama had his chance. For those who suffer from a short memory, comrade obama said he was ready and that ‘he would hit the ground running.’ Either he LIED, or he has no idea what ‘hit the ground running’ means. Apparently, a community orgnizer doesn’t need a functional vocabulary or a good memory to be in Washington.
      Comrade obama has saddled America with TRILLIONS of dollars of debt. I guess he’d not very good at math, either. Comrade obama spends and wastes money to the extent that he makes GB look like a pennypincher.
      From what I see, comrade obama has one, basic talent. He’s full of it. Define ‘it’ any way you want.


    Thanks for such a wonderful site!


    Rod: Are you kidding? Give Obama a chance? He’s had his chance and he has revealed the real man who campaigned on the premise that he would transform the face of this country — only he never said into what. It is now clear that his intent is to turn America into a fascist, socialist nation. God help us!

    I have never in my life seen such division in this country as I have in the last 3 months. It is not a division of race, nor party, nor class, but one of ideology. And the radical left-wing ideology is going to bankrupt us if it prevails. The existing freedoms we enjoy now will be taken from us, under the guise of protecting and expanding our freedoms. As I’ve quoted before on a posting, it was Winston Churchill who said, “All that’s required for evil to succeed, is for good people to do nothing.” Thank God the right has awakened and our voices are being heard from coast to coast!

    • eyeswideopen

      Babu, who do you think passed the Patriot Act? You do know that it wasn’t Obama don’t you??

  • Merl Elton

    What most people do not realize when they surrender their privacy is they give up their personal power. The more that is known about someone; the more someone else can use it against the victim to control the victim. People should never surrender their privacy ligthly. However, due to the current laws, people no longer have control. The gov can snoop on anyone for any reason; at any time; or just for fun. Secret warrants can be obtained on false accusations. Law suits will have to reinstate privacy laws that existed before the war on teror. The gov should never spy on innocent people; or spy just because they do not like someone; and on trumped up and fabricated charges. The gov whould only spy on suspected terrorists; and not waste taxpayer money spying on innocent citizens for vindictive political reasons. Unfortunately, this is happening on a large scale every day; and it should be of serious concern to all.

    • Thomas Bendoraitis

      There is no such entity as gov’t; only banker/industrialist dictators who do not mind vacuuming blue collar workers taxes for self enriching war games and producing fiat money in order to have the power to bring America to its knees at their whim. You can’t even buy gold or silver with that monopoly paper. The same cult, which is sending American jobs to China and India, control those enterprises there and that fits quite nicely with their orgasmic dream of globalization or better said, no freedom, just fiefdom and world domination. Simply Google “FEMA Conspiracy” and read what kind of cancerous and treasonous organizations have found root amongst the dream of gov’t with integrity and fairness for all citizens; they must destroy America’s constitution and they’re doing great. It reminds of the movie “Brave Heart” and the citizenry are the Scots and English peasants. As cultist Albert Pike wrote, America needs to have two revolutions and 3 world wars,(I believe he coined the phrase “World War”) before the Luciferian s win; I think the latter are doing a pretty damn good job at incarcerating good will amongst the masses via control of the media and the creation of the most oppressive police state ever witnessed on this planet with its HQ being the UN. It doesn’t matter which party you side with, they’re both controlled and owned by the cult, as is Congress. When you hear the Whitehouse is taking another initiative to further limit your freedoms in the name of safety and/or anti-terrorism, run with your hair on fire; it’s the frog in the tepid pot of water with the dial slowly switching to boil. The most hideous terrorists are those disguised amongst the masses masquerading as philanthropists.

    • eyeswideopen

      Merl, we all need to work on getting the Patriot Act repealed. Please write letters or emails to your Senators.

  • Rich

    It should have been call the Anti-Freedom/Civil Liberties act, of course then it would not have passed originally.

  • bellsouth frs gmrs radios

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