It’s Always About Money, Not Healthcare/Gun Control


A good number of people are hailing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as a way to establish universal healthcare in the United States. Hogwash! These same people are holding up the new bill to tax handgun and ammo sales as a way to curb gun violence. Rubbish! The real reason for these “feel-good” laws has nothing to do with government’s compassion for its citizens. First, government doesn’t feel anything for its citizens. It just is. It does not have feelings. It is not alive. It is, however, comprised of living beings who have separated themselves from the rest of society by passing laws that give them luxury and advantage over the rest. And the one thing those people in government need to do is to find new ways to bring in revenue so their position is never threatened — especially those in high-up positions.

While the rest of us will likely just rely on Social Security, if it still exists, for our retirement, government has its own plan paid for by us. Look at the myriad local-level politicians whose retirement programs are bankrupting their communities. Can anyone say Detroit?

Oh, and government’s healthcare, that they don’t have to rely on Obamacare for, has always been paid for by us. They have always gotten the best care, and haven’t had to wait in eight-hour lines at local hospitals that treat their patients more like cattle than living, loving people.

But with more of us falling from the rolls of taxpayers to become tax-takers, government is in a twist to come up with more money to provide for itself. So here comes Obamacare and gun/ammo sales taxes.

Two of the biggest industries in this country are now about to be taxed: healthcare and guns. Isn’t that a little timely? And where does that money go? Where do any of our taxes go? Add up your taxes. Where is all of it? Even the poor, with their smartphones and iPads, pay taxes. Yes, homeless people are high-tech, too. If you have any type of service, television, phone, insurance, electricity, you pay taxes.

In fact, if you have a cellphone you pay a 3 percent Federal excise tax every time you pay your bill. If the average plan is (and I’m seriously low-balling this) $40, and there are 328 million cellphones (more than people) in use in the United States according to the CTIA-The Wireless Association, then we are looking at approximately $394 million in tax generated per month from this one excise tax. That’s $4.7 billion per year, just on our cellphones.

Don’t get me started about the 18.6 cents we pay to good old Uncle Sam for every gallon of gasoline we buy. How many gallons do you buy in a year? According to the U.S. Bureau of Transit Statistics, 251 million of us (cars in use) use 486 gallons each a year. Let’s do that math: 251 million times 486 gallons equals 121,986,000,000 gallons per year. At $0.186, that equals $22,689,396,000 per year. Yep, almost $23 billion in tax revenue just from our driving around.

But nonetheless, we need more taxes to fund Big Brother’s quest to stay on top and in luxury. So we are right back to two of the largest industries now being eyed.

If the fallout from Obamacare continues, there won’t be many businesses paying for their employees’ healthcare, so it will fall to the individual to provide his own. But with rates being so high, the average citizen can’t afford it. That’s OK, says Uncle Sam, you can just pay a fine — which will be taken from the taxes you usually get back at the end of the year. Now, if just 10 million people pay the 1 percent income fine and they earn an average of $30,000 per year, the government has just collected $3 billion in added taxes. What happens to this money? Another vacation? Another round or two of golf with Tiger?

Now, what about guns? According to NCIS records, there were 16,808,538 background checks for weapons purchases in 2012. With approximately half of all these gun sales comprised of handgun purchases, there were roughly 8.4 million handguns sold in 2012. With an average sticker price of — let’s be conservative here — $400, each gun would net the government $80. That’s $672 million on gun sales. But that’s nothing compared to the money they’ll generate off a 50 percent ammo tax. Currently, the government collects a meager 11 percent on ammunition — in 2009 that brought in $172 million in revenue. At 50 percent, it would be about $731 million. Not too shabby!

Let’s face it, the government is not out to help us through the taxes, fines, assessments and fees it places on us. It is simply feeding itself, ensuring the longevity and security, if not luxury, of the people who elevate themselves above the majority.

I know many people believe that everything can change at the next election. I believe government — no matter who is in office — will continue to leech off us until it can suck no more, and then we’ll be in serious trouble.

Ron Lee

Personal Liberty

Ron Lee

Writing has always been one of Ron Lee's passions, however, Ron's innate talents have given him a broad set of skills.He has worked as a webmaster for WorldNetDaily, designed, and a myriad of other web sites. He has also owned his own fiber optic lighting company, PC repair business, and coffee company.However, the most rewarding position he has had is with the US~Observer. For the last 10 years Ron has spent his time helping US~Observer clients with his no-nonsense investigative reporting style. He also designed the look and feel of the US~Observer web site and newspaper, and is responsible for the layout of each new edition.Ron's educational background includes attending Richmond University in London where he focused on theatre arts, and the University of Nevada Reno where he dual majored in criminal justice and psychology.In his off time, Ron enjoys Wing Chun Gung Fu, hiking (hit the top of Mt. Whitney - the highest peak in the lower states), taking walks, shooting, writing, acting and inventing new and unique products.Ron devoutly believes the Constitution is the answer to our political woes, and he is an impassioned spokesperson for the use of logic in all political decisions - something he believes is sorely lacking, especially in Washington D. C.

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  • sotiredoflies13

    Yes it does seem that even in small towns or cities, the first time consuming task many new town/city managers get to work on, is a very nice generous pension package for themselves when they retire in a few short years, one that the citizens,many who are losing there homes because of higher & higher taxes, to pay for all those “obligations”

  • dan

    Bravo…Obamaocare: the I can’t afford health insurance tax

  • chocopot

    Mr. Lee –
    I must disagree. It is not about money – it is about CONTROL. That is what all of these things are about. The communists – er, I mean the Democrats – cannot institute the New World Order of totalitarian rule without first gaining complete control over us. And since you brought up the subject of gun control, I will say what I have said so many times: the key word in the term “gun control” is not “gun” – it is “control.” That is why they are pushing so hard to gradually disarm us – you cannot establish a dictatorship with 90-100 million potentially pissed off gun owners roaming the streets.

    • Wellarmed

      Agreed chocopot, but this is not a D or R only attack.

      Any tax on firearms or ammunition is an affront/violation of the second amendment rights of Americans. “Shall not be infringed” cannot be any clearer language.

      This is why I have been telling as many people as I can, not to focus on ammunition, but rather on its components. If I had money to invest it would be in stock piling primers, brass. powder, and projectiles. And one does not need (although it would be nice to have) an expensive progressive press. I rely on a very old RCBS, but it does the trick. I also carry/cache hand reloading kits that require no press at all. Just a hammer and punch to make rounds in the field if need be.

      I have stopped range shooting these days, but do leave a good bed of brass near the abode to let all the tweakers know what the price of stealing my chit will cost them. I focus now on cleaning my weapons, until it is second nature. One should be able to do so blind folded, with minimal tools.

      I hope many are creating as many caches as their income will allow. The home will not be a safe place to to do so when the SHTF. I do not see how our country is going to avoid the inevitable if we remain on our current trajectory?

      Mr. Lee is correct that the US will be looking like Detroit here in the very near future. I can’t wait for all of Detroit’s pension holders response when the judge who is handling their bankruptcy rewrites their pension plans with the stroke of a pen. This is the same issue that Stockton CA is facing now, as a judge has ruled that the city can default on its pension obligation to the states PERA ($1 Billion total) in order to make the city whole again. The dominoes are beginning to fall with all of the unfunded pension liabilities, and for all of those who moved out of these failing states and cities thinking that their future would look brighter, they are about to get one hell of a wake up call.

      Keep an eye on San Bernardino CA, as they are next and it will most likely rival the collapse of Detroit, but notice you hear very little about it in the press.

      Good luck chocopot!

      • chocopot

        I agree that the Republicans are not without fault, but it is the Democrats, most of whom are now, at a minimum, socialists, and many of whom are outright Marxists, who are the main force sending this country down the drain and shredding the Constitution at the same time.
        Yes, most of our cities will rival Detroit in the not-too-distant future, and things are going to get very nasty well before that. In addition to food and water, everyone needs to have a stash of gold, silver, steel, and lead if they intend to have a chance of surviving what is surely coming our way.
        Good luck to all of us.

        • Motov

          What is really weird is at the end they will be cutting their own throats.


      Ahhh, in this day and age money IS control. ;) However, I agree with everything you say.

  • Bill

    It is all about spending tax dollars responsibly. Until they get that under control, it does not matter how much they tax because it will never be enough

  • Bill

    It is all about spending tax dollars responsibly. Until they get that under control, it does not matter how much they tax because it will never be enough

  • Charlie

    Ron Lee ,,, you failed to mention the big reason for Obamacare ,,, it’s to give the IRS more teeth in collecting taxes from the people … In the last decade or so the IRS has become some what toothless ,, because many people have learn that the IRS “”Rules”” indicate the income tax is suppose to be a “”Voluntary”” tax … So? what this new Obama tax will be called is a fine and will put some stealing teeth back into the already grossly corrupt “”CEG””, corrupt , evil , government…
    The stealing teeth will come in the form of a “”Lien””” on any or all of your property …. Now for you gun toting nit wits ,,, most of you have already given up you guns ,,, at least , psychologically , to all kinds of Non Constitutional AND Non Biblical , stupid “”laws”” ,,, which mean ,,,when it comes time to shoot you will be way behind in The Offensive use of weapons … DON’T FORGET,,, IN ANY GAME,,, THE OFFENSE MAKES THE SCORE… Are you a winner or loser ???
    Meanwhile … Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation …


    yep,and people still think “they”own the land they live on,nope,the gov’t does!(check out AGENDA 21 the gov’t is implementing upon us)they have never owned it(unless you lived way back in history)and never will,that’s what the gov’t say’s!look at what’s happening around us and the world!open your eyes people,this airport shooting was the first step to make TSA agents a legitimant law enforcement agency,now all of these morons will be armed and in your face!all these “things”that are happening are happening for a reason(on purpose)to serve as ways for the gov’t to either tax the crap out of us,then and the gov’t favorite is to control us through fear,and what better way to do it than all these false shootings and a constant mention of 9-11 or these shootings,use that as an excuse to move the progressive agenda forward(obama’s favorite saying)this is just another way to bring in the NWO!
    open your eyes people,wake up!