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It’s All About Sugar

May 1, 2009 by  

It’s All About Sugar

Well, it’s sugar—but we measure it as blood sugar or insulin in the body. Sugar, that sweet and dangerous toxin, is basic to the American diet. No wonder we are born dying!

Here is the point: When our sugar consumption pushes over fasting 10 IU/ml, we begin to become sugar burners instead of fat burners—and weight and health problems begin. This includes most of us.

Low insulin stops our bodies from burning sugar and switches us to burning fat. We can forget weight loss as long as we are burning sugar and not fat, no matter which plan we are on.

"One of the earliest effects of excess insulin is weight gain, as insulin stimulates the storage of fat and the burning of sugar. Excess insulin (sugar) lowers cellular levels of magnesium, a mineral that relaxes the arteries and improves blood flow. Insulin also increases accumulations of sodium, causing fluid retention, resulting in high blood pressure. Elevated insulin also increases inflammatory compounds in the blood that damage the arteries and promote the formation of blood clots that may cause a heart attack. It stimulates spasms in the arteries and arrhythmia in the heart. Furthermore, it causes abnormalities in blood fats, including reductions in protective HDL cholesterol and elevations in triglycerides and small, dense LDL cholesterol. All this translates into a significant increase in risk of heart disease." (The Rosedale Diet.)

Bottom line is—don’t eat sugar and refined carbohydrates. This is difficult because the food processors have us all addicted. There just isn’t much left that doesn’t have fructose corn syrup in it. We have to read every label.

Now every time we see an overweight person, we know that there goes a sugar burner for fuel.

High blood sugar levels is a hallmark of aging and disease. The reverse of this is to say that low blood sugar and low insulin is a hallmark of health and longevity.

If we decide that low blood sugar is the basis of longevity and health, then we must be saying that our medical doctors are doctoring symptoms. Our M.D., should be telling their patients, "I can’t help you until you get your insulin (blood sugar) down and then you won’t need me." He wouldn’t dare!

If what we are saying here is true, most medical practitioners would have no patients. Instead of prescribing Lipitor® etc., they should be trying to get us to lower our blood sugar or insulin. High cholesterol and low insulin don’t go together. They repel.

If modern medicine didn’t have symptoms they wouldn’t have a reason to "practice" medicine. For medicine is primarily symptomology.

What causes high insulin? It is sugar in any form. Oh, you know that. But do you know that any carbohydrate in any form other than fiber is eventually metabolized by the body into sugar? Refined carbohydrates is a basic food in America.

Yes, and the worst carbohydrate offenders are breads, grains, cereals, pastas and starchy vegetables. You can eat these seemingly good foods every day and eventually become a diabetic. When these foods are eaten, insulin levels soar. If sugar is available and the body is given a choice between burning fat and burning sugar, it burns mostly sugar and stores the fat.

What happens to extra sugar that isn’t burned? It gets made into saturated fat, which is resistant to burning. What happens to all that stored extra fat? It produces even more insulin in response to sugar which worsens insulin resistance. This deep fat won’t burn. Deep fat (visceral fat) causes serious health problems.

The fatter we get, any weight loss diet or health concern which does not deal with high insulin will fail. And before there is any benefit, insulin levels must fall.

Horrors! If our body is in a sugar burning mode and we don’t eat, our body will break down the protein in lean tissues, including muscle and bone, into sugar.

The key and the secret is to become a fat burner by eating good fats like fish and chicken. An excellent fat is coconut oil. Good fat is good to eat. It will help you burn fat. Fat burns fat if it is good fat.

The "low fat phobia" in America has created a mind-set in the medical community and in the whole population that borders on insanity.

The body runs best when it can burn fat as fuel. Eating good fat is not what makes us fat. It is the inability to burn fat that makes us fat. And the body won’t burn fat until we eat good fats that switch the body from sugar burning to fat burning.

Overweight people are sugar burners. They need to change their bodies to fat burners.

The food industry reaps the greatest profits from starchy carbohydrates (pasta, bread, cereals), which are the sugar burning foods that cause high insulin. Far less money is required to preserve them than foods high in fat such as meat and fish, which require refrigeration during transport and in grocery stores. Far more money is spent to advertise and promote low-cost starchy foods. And think what it does for the medical establishment!

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Mike

    Sorry this simply isn’t true. ALL, everything we eat (except protiens) is metabolized as glucose, sugar. No exceptions. God designed it that way, duh.
    I do agree that many perhaps a major percentage of Americans consume TOO much sugar, syrup, etc. and should be taught to practice moderation and balance in their diet.
    But, no sugar at all, bologna. Can’t be done unless you can change your metabolic processes.
    Many accuse the drug and food industries of trying to make a buck off the uninformed public. Health nuts are the same way, using health fads to make a buck. Profit is ok, just sell the product and get on with it. Don’t lie.

    • Ed Strons

      It is TRUE. And with all respect I totally agree with the article. I have proven it at least 3 times. By exercising and NOT eating sugar my cholesterol went to “normal”. I lost weight without starving myself.
      Refined sugars can be avoided completely and should be.

    • Thomas Davis

      You’re right to a point. I think carbohydrates are much malingned today, but we have to remember that it takes the proper balance of fats, carbs and proteins to keep our bodies functioning properly. The Adkins Diet works completely as advertised (I know because I lost almost seventy pounds about ten years ago and have kept it off) because it deprives the body of carbs. But the food intake is intentionally out of balance, which I think only helps to lower total caloric intake.

      When you reach your desired weight, you need to increase the carb intake and get back in balance. At this point you need to eat a balanced diet. The important things to keep in mind are – get the weight down (low carb intake); keep it down (balanced fats, carbs proteins) and the blood sugar comes down and stays down. My own fasting blood glucose level is in the mid to high eighties (the most recent was 88 Mg/dl). The point is carbs (sugar) can kill you but it’s usually because you eat too damn much of everything ( fats, protiens AND carbs).

    • Linda

      Reply to Mike,
      We consume Protein, Fat & Carbohydrate. Fat is either burned or stored. Protein is broken down to rebuild muscles or converted by the liver to energy. (This is how your body breaks down muscle if your in ‘starvation’ mode.) Everything else is carbohydrate which your body processes into energy (sugar) or eliminates (fiber). You NEED to eat enough calories to maintain body function. You NEED to eat JUST ENOUGH protein to maintain your muscle mass. You NEED to eat enough fat for energy and metabolic function and you CAN eat as much carbohydrate as allowed by your calorie intake. BUT… We should consider what we eat as it relates to health. Balance your Omega 3 and Omega 6 intake. Don’t eat proteins from animals or fish fed primarily corn and soy as it changes the composition of the meat to Omega 6. Don’t use oil or products high in Omega 6 (corn, sunflower, soy). Try to stay with organic pasture raised butter, olive oil & coconut oil. Don’t eat corn or soy which are high in Omega 6. Since Carbohydrates are OPTIONAL we should only eat what improves your Omega3/6 balance (dark green leafy vegis are high in omega 3). If you consume high insulin producing carbs regularly you can upset the balance your body needs to maintain fitness and metabolic function. You will increase systemic inflammation which has been linked to increased risk of cancer, heart disease and immune problems. ‘EAT TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO EAT.’

    • John Harper

      Oh, the Invisible Man In The Sky is doing that, lol? And you’re saying “duh” to people?


      Rock on Mike…I agree. It always boils down to the buck. Stick with natural foods and all will be OK. Oranges, Peanuts, Potatoes and tomatoes…if God made it,
      it is good for us.

    • Rick

      Our family has made a concerted to eliminate as much sugar as possible by using Stevia extract. We avoid sugar substitutes like Splenda, Sweet’n’low, etc. We also practice alternative wellness procedures, such as IV Chelation therapy. I find it very ironic that the Democrats are now calling for more wellness and preventative medicine, because they have taken countless billions in bribes to promote the pharmaceutical industry over the last fifty years or so.

  • Ben Holman

    Can you give me a list of the top 10 foods I should then consume?

    • http://????? William Machabee

      What are the 10 foods I should eat?

    • peggy

      fresh veggies, your pick. fresh fruits, your pick. limited meat, fish, eggs and dairy. whole grains in breads and cereals, your pick. enjoy but not too much. limit calories, saturated fats, and salt.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Ben,
      You should avoid refined and processed foods and artificial sweeteners. You should consume raw leafy green vegetables (darker greens have more nutrients) like kale, mustard greens, spinach, Swiss chard, parsley, dark leaf lettuces and collard greens. You should eat solid green vegetables like artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sprouted grains, cabbage, celery, cucumber, peas, green beans, peppers and zucchini. Non-green, non-starchy vegetables like beets, mushrooms, onions, garlic, tomatoes, yellow and red peppers, water chestnuts and cauliflower are healthful options. Beans and legumes and fresh fruits should also be a part of your diet, as should whole grains.

  • Sandra TX

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have been trying for years to get off sugar
    and find that it is extremely difficult. A change in lifestyle is essential and that
    is almost impossible living with others that are not interested in making a
    change and being the provider of meals, how do we do it individually ?
    What is available that would provide the need for glucose that is healthy ?
    Is it necessary to do a “drug-like” withdrawal ? Is there a supplement or a
    food that will keep the body in a state that does not cause the ever present,
    unrelenting demand for demon sugar ?

    • raquel adcock

      Fruits are a wonderful source of sugar.

  • bobbyjoe

    Okay … I’m with Ben Holman…give us the top 10 foods we should be eating…or at least an example.

  • cjsmay

    There is no honesty left in the world.Without honesty and entegrity we are lost and going the way of the dinosours.
    The pharms are trying to make hairpins and do not want cures.The alternatives are cheating on ingrediants and the government is in the bribery business.
    No chance for survival in this toxic enviroment.America was thrown out with the bath water.Now we need to throw out the world leaders and start over.

    • Sue

      I’m with you let’s start over!

      • Richard

        I believe the FDA and the pharmesutical companies are in the same bed. Don’t think we need to worry about starting over. This ship is overloaded and out of control. It will happen. Question is, will there be any of us left to start over?

  • Sue

    My heart doctor said that if I wanted to have sugar that I would be better off eating a candy bar and drinking a diet coke than to drink processed fruit juices. He was right.

    • DeWitt Bunch

      Candy Bar? Maybe… Diet coke? Forget it.

      Sugar and flour are not necessarily bad until they are processed and any nutritional value is removed . Chromium is removed from sugar and is then sold as a treatment for diabetes. Fiber is removed from flour and again is sold as a treatment for digestive problems.

      Of course then the manufacturers add other ingredients. Soy fiber that can mess up your hormones and actually deplete your body of vitamins . Iodine ( for your thyroid) is replaced with bromine (poison?). Sugar substitutes ( excitotoxins for your nervous system) also known to actually make you gain weight. MSG is still there under different names.

      The water we drink is fluoridated and/or chlorinated- both of which are iodine blockers to your thyroid, fluoride helps prevent cavities by making your teeth fall out. Now we have commercials for toothpaste telling us that fruit juice and wine causes acid wear while promoting their product with fluoride…..anyone ever hear of saliva? the acidic fluid in your mouth that supposedly washes everything away– even fruit juices and wines? Fluoride was/is also used to keep people docile.

      Most cities also have high levels of estrogen in their water.

      Most obesity is caused by undiagnosed or improperly treated hormone and/or thyroid problems.

      Yes– sugar is a problem , but if we just focus on that, then we miss the bigger picture and the real insignificance of just one part of the puzzle.

      • Sue

        My doctor was being scourcastic. He was trying to tell me that if I needed sugar to go ahead and eat the candy bar but that to drink diet cokes was rediculous. You are better off to drink a regular coke than a diet drink any day. But he made me stop and think about the sugar in the fruit juices that I thought would be good for me but were not. I have learned to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, no red meats, and this works for me. No processed foods.

        • sheila

          My advice to you is to find another doctor…any doctor that would advise you to eat candy bars or drink “diet” drinks of any kind needs to have his or her head examined. That is worse than eating regular sugar. Although non of it should be consumed. Try some of the healther sweetners for instance stevia, sucanat. There are other natural organic sugars to choose from also. Just don’t over do as they can put on the pounds just like the bad sugars.

  • Demi

    I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and my cholesterol was a little high. I refused medication. I generally refuse medication. My internist after a couple of visits referred me to a cardiologyst for a heart workout exam. I went, everything came out normal. My Cardiologyst told me I could change the numbers if I lost a few pounds (about 30 ) or I could take cholesterol medications. So I asked him, how should I loose the weight. He immediately recommended the South Beach Diet. I started the next day. It is very good. I am loosing continously and mostly in the mid-section of my body these first two weeks. It has been easy! It has been hard!! For the first two weeks very strict carbohydrate exclusions from my diet. For someone who adores bread and pasta, it has ben tough. But when I jump on the scales I am so enthused by the weight loss that I am sticking to the program. I would advise everyone who has been diagnosed as I was to ask their doctor and do it. I won’t stay with a doctor that does not believe that inflamation of the body parts is the major cause of illness and
    can be treated successfully by diet. Buy the South Beach Diet book and study it as if you were going to be graded on it at the end of the book. Start the program and read daily from the book and follow the menu selections.



  • Katie

    What foods to replace the sugar? Many won’t believe until they read, but saturated fat, as in animal fat, as opposed to polyunsaturated (vegetable) fats that our American diets are “saturated” with (no pun intended!). There is much more, but this is the bottom line. Here’s to your health!

    Read these books:

    Life Without Bread, by Wolfgang Lutz, M.D. and Christian Allan, Ph.D
    Natural Health and Weight Loss, by Barry Groves, Ph.D (contains recipes)
    Trick and Treat, by Barry Groves, Ph.D

  • Gary

    Answer to the question regarding the 10 foods to eat……..

    I sought out a certified nutritionist to help me with the many and varied symptoms of Lyme disease that I had for several years. The diet restricted processed foods, sugar, refined carbohydrates, foods with nirtrates as preservatives, fat meats, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and caffeine. Result, lower body fat, lower blood pressure, better blood lipids and relief of Lyme symptoms.

    The foods to eat were:
    fresh vegetables, steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, limited amounts of lean meat, fish, eggs, natural cheese (not processed), very limited amounts of maple syrup and honey, whole grains (not processed with sugar) and nuts such as walnuts/almonds (not peanuts). Emphasis on vegetables.

    I’m glad I wrote this, I am going to go back on the diet for a while.

    • William Machabee

      sounds like the things to eat at that but everything is saturated with sugar and poisons.

  • Patrick

    I like the response by Thomas Davis, and here’s why…body builders know that ocassionally they have to “shock” their muscles, otherwise the muscles become stagnant. Doing the Atkins diet to get you to your desired weight then going back to some smarter eating habits to maintain your weight makes sense to me. It’s like shocking your body and saying,” hey, start burning all this stored up fat instead of sugar for energy, and do it NOW!”

    I am 6’0″ tall, 45 years old, about 30% body fat, and weigh 220 lbs…according to most, I am obese. I don’t look obese, but just knowing that makes my blood boil. 90% of my fat is around my gut. My ND (natural doctor) recently suggested I try the blood type diet, with an emphasis on protein. It’s going fine, except for the fact that I drink at least 1 Monster energy drink a day for “energy”. 54 grams of sugar in 1 can (2 servings a can), and when I go out to eat my drink of choice is Diet Coke.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all “know” what is good and bad for us and we all have a choice what to eat and drink. I think we first have to be true to ourselves, then find out as much as you can about weight loss, and do what we feel resonates the best in our heart. I am still in the mind set that when I go out to eat and I drink that Diet Coke I try to convince myself that I deserve this because of the intense workout I just finished and all the good food I ate earlier; how dumb is that?!

    It drives me totally insane…eat this, not that, this is good, that is bad, carbs, refined carbs, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oils, South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, pilates, cardio, low-impact aerobics, walking…UGH!!!

  • Christine

    Moderation…………..Moderation………. And, if you don’t know what that is, find someone to help guide you in that direction. If you fat/obese/overweight – get your weight off and get help if you need someone to help you with this.
    BUT – sugar is not bad, just like wine or beer or coffee are not bad or using a credit card is not bad. It is moderation and control. If you don’t have it, stay away from it. I enjoy ice cream, but only bring it in the house periodically, because otherwise I’d enjoy it to often and too much. The key is moderation. And, if the above guy is selling some book or whatever, more power to him, but you don’t need a particular book or tape to eat balanced. And if you need books, go to and buy them used. Take charge of your own health and get help where you need it.

  • s c

    For those who seem to prefer ignorance as a way of life, the next time you go to a grocery store, pick up A N Y can of food or pop and look at the LABEL. The FDA – in its utter INCOMPETENCE – is part and parcel of this travesty. In addition to the FDA, the disgusting and indifferent AMA can’t weasel out of this disaster.
    Do the math, people. Either we are stuck with “educated,” world-class morons in charge of health matters, or THEY DON’T CARE. Money TALKS, and the FDA and the AMA learned long ago to LISTEN and OBEY!
    How can you NOT understand what is happening to America?

    • Robin Berry



    Not being a doctor but I am a type II diabetic, I wonder how all this came about that refined sugar is so lethal. The greeks were the first to identify diabetes by the obsevation of ants running to puddles of urination, they did not have the refined sugar we know today and the greeks are among the healthiest of peoples.

    Americans in general have increased their longevity by quite a margin in the last fifty years or more and I am sure we are hooked on refined sugar products but the disease we found is more of gentic disorder than we suspected and yet we continue to live better healthier lives and our offspring with each generation continue to grow bigger and stronger. What I am asking is where is the parallel of this dilemma?

  • http://comcast Michele

    The FDA is criminal plain and simple! The government is NOT looking out for you and the sooner you figure that out the better off you are. Food industries with the consent of the FDA now hide “msg” under disguised names when the general public was informed of the negative aspects of this additive…. and this is the tip of the iceberg! Grow your vegetables, and if you can’t… frequent your local farmstands. Once you get away from processed and man made foods you will crave less of them. Sugar and salt ( the bad kind that is stripped of all minerals) are added into many processed foods to get you hooked. Wake up people…you do have a choice.

    • http://Patriot patriot

      right on about MSG, it comes in lots of names and in almost every processed drink, not labelled as MSG but as hydrolyzed autolyzed, makes one paralyzed. The more processed the more MSG. good comment Michelle

  • http://yahoo maureen kelly

    This article is absolutely true. I tried every diet known to man, including going on the 600 cal. diet with shots of pregnant women’s urine! Nothing worked until I eliminted all carbohydrates from my diet. Then I lost 60 lbs in 4 months and a total of 130 in a little over a year. My bloodpressure went down. my blood sugar level is 90 at any time it is taken. I have more energy than ever before; and i am no longer depressed. If sugar was discovered today I believe it would be illegal because of the changes i effecs to the central nervous system. we, as a country, would be better off if sugar and refined carbohydrates were severly limited.

  • Todd

    Your article on sugar is hogwash. The body turns EVERYTHING into glucose. It doesn’t matter what it is, carbs, proteins, fats. If it can’t turn it into glucose, it rejects it as waste, or turns it into some form of fat to be processed later. Get it right there Big-Fella. The question is the process. There are two, they can’t work at the same time, one turns carbs into glucose, the other turns proteins/fat into glucose. If you eat carbs, the brain’s favorite, the protein conversion is postponed until all of the carb processing is completed, leaving all those little fat cells floating around in the blood stream, free to attach to whatever is handy. And if the stomach is empty before then, or the brain says “Stop, I’m full of glucose,” the protein/fat burn process is never started. However, your advice is close to the mark, eat proteins and fats, BUT the key is to not eat any carbs near them. Do you want a plate of pasta? Knock yourself out, but don’t eat any proteins, or fats with it. Eat proteins/fat alone and you’ll burn fat, but eat any carbs/sugars with it and you’ll gain fat. It’s about the processes and timing, Bob. BYW, simple sugars like High Fructose Corn Syrup convert to glucose fast, which is why the brain likes them, it’s a big bang for the buck. A then the brain says, “Oh, I’m full of glucose, stop all processes and store everything as fat for a rainy day.”

    • http://NONE Stanley

      Man…you people really are something…Will Rogers had a saying for you..

      • Todd

        Door swings both ways.

    • Robin Berry

      Dear Todd,
      You have been misinformed. I would refer you to any medical text, a nutritionist, or a Naturopathic Doctor.
      Much of what we eat DOES get turned into glucose, but at what rate it is converted, and the type of glucose it is makes a difference in how are body metabolizes the ‘food stuff’ and how it enters our blood stream. Think about it, would a Butterfinger candy be absorbed like a raw carrot? Both are sweet to taste, but are broken down differently to the ultimate glucose. The carrot will take longer and stay with you and not shock your pancreas like the candy will. Do some research for your own edification you will be glad you did – and probably live longer as well.

  • s c

    Probably the worst example of an artificial sugar is HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). This is a diabolical creation that has can SHUT DOWN a human pancreas. Why would anyone dare eat or drink anything that contains it? Beyond that, try and find an MD who dares to tell a diabetic to AVOID it!
    ‘Regular’ sugar can be bad. The best sugar is natural (apples, oranges, grapefruit, etc.). Processed food manufacturers have stooped to semantics and pimp lobbyists who will do anything for easy money. Read, learn and then deny money to all who pollute the nation’s food supply. They want your money. They do NOT care about your health!

  • Jack Lovett

    As usual Bob is spot on (imho) Its not rocket science. Just look back at our natural diet. Prior to the money grubbing food processors. Follow the money trail! Native peoples throughout the world never had “Wheaties with poison homogenized milk. or pancakes with syrup.


  • Rachel

    I agree that we do need sugar, but not the processed version, such as HFCS, Sucralose, Splenda, etc. I do agree that these products can mess with metabolism and should be avoided if at all possible. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to do this all the time in this day and age. In my opinion, it can make a person crazy trying to avoid all the bad foods out there all the time, although I commend anyone who can do it. So, this is what I do to offset surges in blood sugar. I do this EVERY day so that my metabolism stays even all the time. I take Apple Cider Vinegar tablets 2 – 3 times a day at between 1,000 mg. and 1,200 mg./day. I will tell you this. Not only does it keep my pH in balance 24/7 (I haven’t been sick for over a year), it keeps my weight totally in check. I am in my forties, and I do know when the thirties arrive, metabolism starts slowing down. So there’s my secret…..nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just good old ACV to the rescue.

    • Robin Berry

      Any processed “sugar” is really fake sugar no matter what color package it which it comes. This is only my opinion, but if you are going to consume a sugar remember that it is ‘bad’ for you. Try doing without, good tea needs no sugar, same with coffee or cereal. Just say no.

  • Anthony

    Okay. Is there REALLY a safe substitute for sugar? I won’t touch Saccarin. Aspatame(aka Nutra-Sweet) Sweet and Low. Can anyone tell me about Splenda?

    • s c

      Anthony, try stevia. It’s natural, and as far as I know has no side- effects. If it’s artificial, STAY AWAY FROM IT. Artificial sweeteners make their makers tons of money, and have the potential to screw up your health. They are NOT worth the risk. Best of luck and good health to you.

    • http://Patriot patriot

      aspartame, sweet n low, all turn to formaldahyde in the body. That is why you do not see it outside of convenient stores because the producers of these drinks know that when it is heated it becomes formaldahyde. You will only see the non diet drinks close to or outside of the stores.
      Try Agave honey, or retrain your taste buds without sugar. Things do have more flavor without processed flavors.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Anthony,
      For sugar substitutes I recommend stevia, a sweet herb sold as a dietary supplement, agave nectar, raw honey, fruit juice concentrate, date or kiwi sugar (made from dehydrated ground dates or kiwis and grade B maple syrup.

  • kenrudy1

    Cheers for writing about this. FYI – here’s some more info about Easy Lipitor Online you might like!

  • Chuck Gilliam

    Eat cinnamon or take a cinnamon capsule every day to balance triglycerides

    COQ1- will cleanse your arteries of ‘plak’ that your cholesterol clings to that causes high readings of cholesterol but denies the free circulation of cholesterol throughout your body, which in turn causes the liver to produce more and more of it. Get rid of the ‘plak’ your cholesterol will automatically balance itself.

    Truvia is made from the stevia plant which is a great sugar replacement with NO side effects

    Most diet drinks and numerous sugar replacement products have aspartame which is a real ‘bonifide’ killer

  • Chuck Gilliam

    The aforementioned is COQ10 (typo)

  • Barbara Haring

    The food phobes are at it again. Moderation not abstinence is what works the best.

    • s c

      Moderation is irrelevant in this issue. The effects of sugar and sugar substitutes have created a pandemic in the US. Our health/science prostitutes are sitting on their overpaid hands – again [there is no issue they can't ignore].
      When people have good habits, and if they take the time to eat right and keep their bad habits to a minimum, moderation might play a role. In this case, having faith in moderation amounts to living with the idea that a certain amount of poison is OK. Poison is poison is poison. This is a deadly serious issue, and many people are living in denial. Denial solves nothing.

      • http://comcast Michele

        So true!!

  • JON

    One day, all these health nuts will be laying in the hospital dying of nothing!!! Refined sugar is a bad habit.

  • s c

    Aside from the fact that sugar consumption is not healthy, this bad habit has another facet that MDs do not – yet – talk about. That is, high sugar intake is a GREAT way to increase the odds that people will get cancer.
    In other words, if you think moderation is a safe way to go, you might seriously think about not being around as long as you might have been. Enduring the AMA’s cancer protocols is a twisted way to learn that ‘cut’ (surgery), burn (radiation) and poison (chemotherapy) take on an entirely new meaning when seen as potential results of “moderation.”
    The handwriting is on the wall for those who want to help themselves. Those who do not want to see or think twice may have what amounts to a death wish. It’s your choice – for now.

  • Antonio Cuesta

    Eating too much sweet is bad, but at least try a teaspoon of natural turbinado brown sugar or a few drops of raw natural honey. Are delicious, nutritive.

  • http://none Jim Hathorn

    Food advice is always the same: people recommend everything and nothing. If one reads the postings, then one is really afraid to eat anything. No matter what we eat, sooner or later we die. Now, I agree one should do the best he/she can; but, how about moderation? I eat some sugar; some pork;some pie; some candy, etc. I am 74 and feel good! Now, I wanted some information on colon cleansers…again, the doers and don’ters come out ot the woodwork. My Doctor has no clue. Bob, you rave about Vitamin D3; how does one obtain this product? Also, the cure and/or limitation for diabetes? Where and what is this product? I could not find a source for these products on your site. Perhaps, I missed it.
    At this moment, I am once again debating the right road to take because there seems to never be a definitive stand taken after the hype. Do you KNOW your recomendations for D3 and diabetes relief/cure works as you advertise?

  • John

    Our family doctor prescribed Lipitor to lower my cholesteral. After several months I found myself looking like a ninety year old man, weak, stooped over, lack of muscle, tired all the time. This was not me. My physical therapist noted the change and suggested that I consult the doctor. He immediately removed me from this medication. Within weeks, all the symtoms were gone. If you do take Lipitor, have your doctor monitor your progress carefully. This medication is not for all.

    • s c

      John, I hope you are fully recovered, and that your message gets to all those who may find themselves in a similar situation. You learned the hard way that prescription drugs are made with built-in side-effects. An older uncle of mine was told by a “physician” that after bypass surgery he would ‘have to’ take that particular drug (Lipitor). When my uncle asked why he “had” to take it, he was informed by that quack that ‘he didn’t need to know.’ American MDs are willingly manipulated by drug firms wielding fistfuls of easy CASH. This pimp mentality does nothing for a patient, and it is an example of what is so wrong with our ‘professionals.’ Apparently, medical school is a breeding ground for those who prefer a show-me-the-money approach to what used to be a noble profession.

  • Sandy

    No one can convince me that sugar is not bad.
    Have you ever noticed that Dr.s never seem to test anyone for “sugar” food allergies? Why bother- no one will give it up. It is a pure poison and giving it up proved it well for me. I had major chronic health issues. Eating it in very light moderation probably won’t hurt a fairly healthy person much but most people are not that healthy and I don’t know of anyone who is not a sugar addict. (The only ones who aren’t are into alcohol.) Same stuff really. Just try to give it up and see how well you do. It is in everything even health food store products.
    I have been off of sugar for years. Every once in a great while I get a little something and I know exactly what a little child feels like who was overloaded with sugar. You feel like you are going to bounce off the walls.
    It is the only food that eats holes into the hardest bone in the body – the teeth! What is it doing to your internal organs??? Wanna get rid of hot flashes? don’t eat sugar and processed foods. Worked for me.

  • s c

    There’s another ‘new’ sweetener [erythritol] being pushed on the public. It’s a ‘blended,’ man-made sweetener. Why not use a NATURAL sugar? If you have a sugar problem, seek out a SPECIALIST to get the help you may need.
    How can people put any faith in a man-made concoction, especially when it makes tons of easy money for its makers? NATURAL is best. Man-made drugs/sweeteners/solutions tend to be more trouble than they’re worth.
    Be healthy, and stay healthy. Chemistry-wizards-for-sale don’t deserve your money or your support – or your life.

  • Bussaba Calvin

    Eat anything you want but in moderation. Less Sugar and carb are best. Life is so much fun when you can eat small amount sugar.

  • Kley

    The voice of one man is the voice of no one.

  • turpazari

    Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say


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