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It’s All About Jobs — His Job!

February 9, 2011 by  

It’s All About Jobs — His Job!

President Barack Obama has been on a pilgrimage of late, declaring that America will re-invent itself with green technology.   He has even declared that the nation must move away from oil and invest in things that will vastly improve our fortunes; things like solar shingles and cars that run on sunlight and water.

The President has gone so far as to promise that in just four years America will be the first nation in the world to have a million electric cars. 

It is the President’s version of Jack and the Beanstalk.  In that story and in Obama’s imagination, immense wealth and a great transformation will occur overnight.  All we need is a few magic beans (patent pending), water, sunshine and poof, we will have a green beltway to Eden which will be brimming with new jobs.

The President has been talking about jobs a lot lately.  Last week he went to Penn State University to stump his green revolution.  And late last month he announced that he has created at least one new job.  But it is for someone who doesn’t even need it, General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who will focus on growing employment for the nation.  The object of all this media, money and minutia all comes down to saving one job; Obama’s.

“We’re going back to [GE founder] Thomas Edison’s principles,” Obama said in Schenectady, N.Y. “We’re going to build stuff and invent stuff.”

Unsaid in his “Stuff Speech” is that the plant he was speaking from dates back to when Edison was helping invent the Industrial Revolution.  After the President’s speech the media did not make much of the fact that GE has fewer than half its workforce in the United States and that more than 50 percent of its revenues come from foreign operations.  Like the rest of the world, G.E. understands that its fortunes are not dependent upon the U.S. 

Also unsaid is that the world will be happy to buy blue print proprietary technologies that Obama is willing to give away in an effort to be re-elected. 

Let’s take away words like traitor and poser and ask ourselves a simple question: Can America sell enough high tech turbines to offset all those dog-toys from China and petroleum from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries?  Probably not.

Nevertheless Obama recently proclaimed: “We can out-compete any other nation on Earth.”

Not so said The New York Times

“Let’s not kid ourselves: Talking about ‘competitiveness’ as a goal is fundamentally misleading…  [Instead] that talk of competitiveness helps Mr. Obama quiet claims that he’s anti-business. That’s fine, as long as he realizes that the interests of nominally “American” corporations and the interests of the nation, which were never the same, are now less aligned than ever before.”

Maybe I am jaded, but I believe that the only interest Obama has in his heart is self-interest.  He also has many powerful disciples, including the mighty Oprah Winfrey.  She was the first guest on the new CNN talk show hosted by Piers Morgan. English and a younger version of Larry King and with only a fraction of the wives, Morgan proclaimed Oprah to be, “the American Queen” and said she and President Barack Obama are arguably the two most powerful people in America. 

When asked whether Obama’s performance in office had been disappointing, Winfrey angrily declared:

“I don’t think he (Obama) has been disappointing at all.  I really do not. I really do not, because I believe that I understand the heart of him. And I understand that when he took this role on, he took it on to really bring a sense of betterment to the United States of America and the people of this country. And I know that in his heart, that is his ultimate and primary role.”

What Oprah seemed to be saying is that Americans do not yet understand or appreciate the President and the mission he has undertaken to save us.  Obama remains to Oprah as she proclaimed him to be three years ago: “The chosen one”.

While Oprah didn’t specify on exactly why most Americans are either too ignorant or too stupid to “get it,” Obama is finally getting a grasp of things.  Following two years of ramming Obamacare and gays in the military down America’s throat, the President realizes it might be a good time to work on that little problem he and his cabinet have been calling, “the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” 

Recently, the President revealed his Franklin Delano Roosevelt-like ambitions which he has spelled out in grand and green changes for the future.  I don’t know about you, but I felt better just thinking Obama was just another crooked Chicago politician.  The idea that the President has grandiose plans is downright disturbing. 

Vice President Joe Biden recently wrote an email in which he thanked activists of the Democratic National Committee, Organizing for America.  In it, Biden asked them for their continued support: "We knew it would take time. We knew it would be hard. And we knew we would sometimes make mistakes."

Biden continued. "But we did not lose sight of what we came to do. Together, we took on difficult issues that had been put off for decades. And some say we have accomplished more in two years than any administration since Roosevelt’s."

Biden went on to say that the administration’s success is, "literally proof that the organizing you do on the ground — the conversations you have with your friends and neighbors — is working." 

The Vice President’s email contained a list of legislative accomplishments, including healthcare reform, financial regulatory reform, the stimulus, the auto bailouts and the repeal of the military’s "Don’t ask, don’t tell" policy.

When you see a list like that it is hard to argue with Biden’s logic.  The only thing missing is that FDR was president for 12 years while Obama is just two years into his presidency.

It is yet to be determined whether Obama’s green schemes will get him re-elected.  I am optimistic they won’t.  If anything, Obama is proving himself to be most like Jimmy Carter.  Rising inflation, the crisis in the Middle East and an environmentalist President seem all too familiar.  Hopefully, Obama won’t spend one more day in office than Carter did.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    Personally I have always been one to question authority. Its important to question and criticize those in power based on our own views, beliefs, and principles. However criticizing incompetence or stupidity is one thing. Its quite another to suggest that the president is somehow intentionally doing wrong or that his actions are part of some overall ambition. I will not lie in that I support president Obama in that I believe he is capable of being a good leader and I feel he has done a competent job so far. That being said I see nothing wrong with criticism of him, I would be happy to try and defend him or argue the facts of his presidency. What I have a problem with is when the criticism of him goes from legitimate reasonable concerns over his actions and words to labeling him as having Franklin Roosevelt ambitions and saying his only interest appears to be self interest. Plus there is no explanation of what Franklin Roosevelt ambitions means. My understanding is President Roosevelt was a comparitivly good man who may have made some mistakes and allowed admittedly questionable actions during WWII to be committed against Japenese American citizens but I wouldn’t characterize him as having ambitions other than to serve his country.

    • Uncle Pat

      Roosevelt took advantage of a crisis in order to push through many progressive idea’s, such as social security, increasing taxes upon citizens and busness. Adolf Hitler ended the depression, not Roosevelt. The land of the FREE and the BRAVE rose up to destroy Nationalist Socialism. (Nazi’s ) Obama is using the similar crisis to force progressive policies upon a free society. Such as his healthcare program. I have one question for all Obama supporters : Where is his Birth Certificate ? This man has NO RIGHT to occupy the office of President of the USA.

      • Bonnie Bixby

        Dear Pat
        I agree with you. I think Mr Obama should have to supply a birth
        certificate before he can run again. Four years is enough. Lets get
        him out of office.

        • 45caliber

          Several states including Texas are seriously looking at requiring any candidate for President to PROVE he meets all Constitutional requirements to become one. Hopefully more will do the same. I actually believe that Oblama doesn’t know himself where he was born – and is afraid to find out. Hopefully this will solve at least part of the problem.

          • eddie47d

            He has every right to occupy the White House until it can be proven differently. Saying he is guilty before you have absolute certainly makes you un-American. Assumptions is not guilt and playing the lynch mob doesn’t help your cause.It seldom works for either side.

          • ValDM

            I’ve speculated that it has more to do with his paternity than where he was born. His long-form B.C. and WHO is is daddy remain to be seen.

          • kate8

            eddie – It was Obama’s duty to PROVE himself elegible BEFORE he ran for office. At the very least, YOUR people should have PROVEN it before putting him forward. Unless there was another plan afoot to deceive the American people. (NO! Duh.)

            These things failing, the Right should have forced the issue. (Could they be complicit? Gasp.)

            Oh wait. Lots of people tried, since months before the election, and were thwarted at every turn. The evidence piles up, suits are filed, FOIA demands igored or denied, the courts continue to evade and deny the people justice. The media acts to marginalize and silence them/us.

            No one batted an eye at pressing McCain, even Bush, to produce records to prove who they were and what they did. YOU people yelled the loudest to elicit such proof. Yet now, with Obama, you either remain silent or defend his secrecy. This is unconscienable, and shows your true colors.

            For the first time in our history we have a man holding highest office whose life is riddled with questions and doubt, and we the peole are told we have no standing to know who he is. He is covered and protected by those who are supposed to protect US from people like him attaining office. He is completely changing the structure and scope of his office and, indeed, our whole system. And no one will stand up. Why?

            Try being honest with yourself about this for once, eddie. You are either a hopeless true believer, or you are a willing part of the enemy camp. Either way, you and your fellow progressives have sold out your countrymen for the hope of a few pieces of (someone else’s)silver.

          • 45caliber

            No, eddie, it doesn’t make us “unAmerican”. It makes us suspicious.

            We are saying that we need to find out – and get rid of him if he really doesn’t meet the requirements for President. You are saying that we should accept whatever he says and continue on because it is wrong to question him.

          • kate8

            45 – Was it unAmerican when the Left questioned everything Bush was, said or did?

            How come it’s only unAmerican if we question one of theirs. When a R is in office, “…we are Americans, and we have the RIGHT to question or disagree with ANY administration!”

            If Obama had nothing to hide, he’d do what every other president has done. He’d produce his records.

            Unless the goal is to provoke distrust of government.

          • eddie47d

            We questioned Bush on his war in Iraq. The loss of American lives in a war was an urgent question that needed to be answered. We failed to get an honest answer and the war went forward. Whether Obama is “legal” or not doesn’t affect life and death like it did with Bush’s decision. If the truth comes out and Obama fooled the American people then he would be impeached and/or history would not be kind to him. We know the truth about Bush and you are only speculating about Obama. This has been asked many times and answered many times. We don’t always get the answer we want in life but until it can be proven differently then you are only on a witch hunt.

          • 45caliber


            I think you are jumping the gun. The various states are not calling for Oblama to prove he is American now – they are saying that if ANYONE wants there name on the ballot in those states, they have to present evidence of being American to the attorny general of the state. Otherwise they won’t be on the ballot. That does not mean we are after Oblama now. But he may not be able to run for re-election if he doesn’t do it too.

          • 45caliber


            You “questioned” Bush’s decision? I sort of remember things like “He LIED to us! We need to try him in court and send him to jail!”

            I also seem to remember a lot of people (surely not you) saying “He is the worst President in history.” And that shows a lot of disrespect, I believe.

            Now that we sat the same things about Oblama, we are unAmerican. Why is that?

          • kate8

            eddie – I was talking about when you questioned Bush’s military service, even to the extent that Rather came up with false documents.

            Bush didn’t try to prevent anyone from obtaining whatever documents were available. He didn’t seal any of his records.

            Does it not even give you pause that Obama has sealed his entire life from ANY kind of scrutiny? Should someone in his position, or even someone vying for such a position, be able to conceal his entire life history? Should he not have to let everyone know exactly what kind of life he’s led, where he has been, and answer questions about multiple SS#s and foreign student grants? Not to mention showing a VALID birth certificate? And even if he has one, it’s already been established that their are other reasons why he can’t hold the office of POTUS.

            Other politicians (usually conservatives) have been raked over the coals and/or destroyed politically because of their past. But if you can’t stand the heat, then you don’t belong in the kitchen.

            You say these questions have been answered. Really? Are we supposed to take someone’s word for it without valid documentation, especially when they are being evasive? Because all I’ve heard is ridiculing of anyone who’s asked. All Justice Roberts said was that it had been twittered enough. What? The fact that everyone had speculated loudly on both sides should be enough?

            Even Justice Thomas said that the SCOTUS was being evasive on the issue. They know things don’t smell right.

          • Donel

            Are you sure eddie47, Obama has every right to occupy the white house until proven guilty? Guilty of what? Not in asking proof of being borne here? He was and is in the shadows on many subjects! Just to per swayed 97% African’s votes. And if you didn’t vote for him, your prejudice. There’s a lot of good African Americans, I would vote for. Problem is, they Love freedom and America.
            Your new form, lynch mob, bringing up what we all disliked about people of long ago dead, lynching of Negros. I know God gave them their due justice, in Hell. Is your lynch word an instigation?
            What is more un American then Obama running around to nations apologizing for America. He braggged how his mother taught him English , where he was brought up with his family in Kenya.
            About dropping the atom bomb on Japan, never mentioned they were warned to leav that citty beforehand. On showing his children and wife where they kept slaves in Africa, never mentioned slavery was pediment in Africa, enslaving the inner tribes by coastal Africa, such as Kenya. WAY BEFORE WHITE MAN CAME THERE.
            Obama prayed with Moslem. And will say, AMERICA IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION. Who is un American. eddie47???

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            Please see my post to Bonnie below. Read it, and DO IT!

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            I have to ask: Why is Obama spending soooo much money keeping EVERYTHING obout his life a SECRET?! You OO NOT hide your information, UNLESS THERE IS SOMETHING TO HIDE!

            Pull your head out and take a look around.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            That was so perfectly said nothing can be added. Wonderful Job!

            Please see my post below to Bonnie, and DO IT!

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          Bonnie (and all who are participating here):

          We all need to put the heat on Boehner and Issa and demand an immeditate investigation by Issa’s Oversight Committee.

          Call the Capital Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for Rep. Issa’s office. Demand an ivestigation by his committee.

          Once done there ask for Boehner’s office and make the same demand.

          Then ask for your Congressperson’s office and do it again.

          Remember the God Father commercials? “DO IT!”
          I have.

          • kate8

            Old Henry – I HAVE made lots of noise on the issue. Letters, emails…I even pressed the point at a townhall meeting with my Republican Congressman, only to be marginalized.

            Are there any who will press ahead on this? I don’t know. There are many on both sides who risk, themselves, being charged with treason for their complicity.

            Whether or not this ever gets justice, we cannot give in. As for myself, I will stand up until I’m taken down. There can be no compromise on the Truth.

      • bob wire

        “Roosevelt took advantage of a crisis in order to push through many progressive idea’s, such as social security,”

        yea! and doctors take advantages of broken legs to use splints,tape and bandages!

        • Conservative at Birth

          And, your point is?

          • eddie47d

            Broken legs and broken economies have to be fixed. His comment was precise and to the Point.

          • American Citizen

            The economy was fixed with a war, Eddie.

        • Jeep

          bob, my sworn enemy (wasn’t it “to the death”?) Again, you fail to follow through with your post, and, of course your friend eddie dutifully chimes in with his lock step comments. But, I digress. Do you understand Roosevelt’s New Deal? BTW, so many great things come from Chicago, don’t ya think? The point is that Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was much more than just implementation of socialistic ideas such as Social Security. It included other “reforms” to the banking industry, a new stock market regulatory agency, moves to boost wages and prices and the creation of public works projects. All designed to “fix” the economy that had suffered to a stock market “bubble” and exaserbated by a trade war. So, what part did you miss? This administration has socialized medicine, placed tons of new regulation on banking and the stock market, tried desparately to raise minimum wage and fix prices. Ever hear of “shovel ready” jobs? Read that as public works projects. Again, bob, what did you miss? Roosevelt-Obama, Obama-Roosevelt…sounds the same to me.

        • The Quadfather

          Social Security could just as easily designed as private accounts with forced contributions. Yet, they chose to go the socialistic path. Do your children get the money if you die before you can collect? No, the big benevolent government just absorbes it. Just as it has absorbed any social security surpluses over the past forty years or so. Now it’s about to go insolvent just like the federal government itself which Obama, Pelosi and company did all they could to bankrupt. Now the printing presses are rolling off money and we wait for the chickens to come home to roost.

      • Frank

        Thisa is all well and good. If he has no right to occupy the office of president, why are the American people doing nothing about it? We all grumble about it yet no action is being taken…Why is that do you suppose?

        • Bruce D.

          Frank there are a lot of people trying to expose Obama as a fraud. Judges will not listen to the facts of the case and there is an extremely good case against him. The States are representatives of the people with Washington. They should vet the president to get on the ballot in 2012. We have a very serious problem with corruption in America concerning Obama. Federal records are disappearing concerning his mothers passport at the time of his birth and most others will not be released. Maybe his most damaging record would be place of birth and citizenship on his school records. The press has done a good job of covering it up. He has produced a short form birth certificate on the internet which in itself is proof he was not born in Hawaii as the short is for those claiming a residence but someone not born there.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        Uncle Pat:

        Bravo! After reading Jeremy’s comment I was going to give him the same education you gave him. You nailed it right on the head.

        No one spends a reported two million dollars hiding all his information, unless there is something to hide.

        If the Republican “leadership” in the House had any gonads they would be investigating the eligibility issue right now.

      • John Carnal

        Here is a tea party slogan for the 2012 presidential campaign : “Mr. President, show us your papers!” We have got to harp, harp, harp on this. The last time around the media successfully swept under the rug the fact that he has an ongoing active legal project to prevent the voters from forming any idea of what he really believes and from where he actually came. We need “Mr. President, show us your papers!” billboards in every community. We need “Mr. President, show us your papers!” tele-a-thons. We need fifteen second “Mr. President, show us your papers!” spots on tv every fifteen minutes. We need “Mr. President, show us your papers!” in the media until every liberal pukes when anyone says Obama.

      • Penny R. Freeman

        Very well put Uncle Pat, just a couple of things you missed. The reason there’s a term limit on presidency is because so much power became concentrated in the executive office under FDR that Congress pushed through a term limit law. You do remember that there is supposed to be balance thanks to the three branches of government, right? Well Obama is trying to do the same thing-concentrate more power in the executive office. Why do you think we’re looking at carbon emissions regulation under the EPA? Because cap and trade didn’t get through Congress so Obama pushed the EPA to do the same thing through regulations. Why do you think, if the FCC manages to enact their regulations, you’ll see websites disappear from the internet? Because Obama couldn’t push control of the internet (although he hasn’t quit trying) through Congress, so now he’s pushing the FCC for “net neutrality” regulations. And expect the sites that get clamped down on to be conservative websites just like Obama is fighting conservative talk radio and Fox News. The other thing you need to remember is -Who actually financially backs Obama? Ok so the Democrats were stupid enough to put him up for election, but he didn’t get that far on their backing. He got this far by George Soros’s backing and the backing of labor union bosses and socialist/Marxist groups. If you don’t believe that, look it up. As far as the birth certificate, the new governor of Hawaii was going to make sure we all were aware there was one. Funny thing, he couldn’t find a record of it either! My son told me there was one that appeared online months ago, but from his description it was one anyone could have made up by keying information into a form online. It wasn’t a certified state birth certificate. I know what those look like, I have three kids born in two different states, in two different counties, in three different cities. Am I an Obama backer-not from day one. To me it’s very obvious when you watch him, he spews out nothing when he delivers speeches but lies. How can you tell? Everything he says is in general terms, he never even gives a direct answer when he’s asked a question. And any idiot who believed what he said about Obamacare, well I think I just described them-IDIOT! I’m a cost accountant, so I know a lot about costs involved in business. You can’t have the government tell you what you can charge if you’re an insurance company, but let them force you to take ANYONE on as a customer and demand that you pay without limits on what you pay out annually or over a lifetime. What is the end result of that? Government takeover of healthcare. Yes, I know they raised he** about not putting a public option in the law, but they don’t need that. With conditions like are in the law now they will run all private insurers out of business! If you haven’t signed onto a repeal Obamacare petition by now, if you really want healthcare in the future you’d better get signed on or call, fax, or email your Senators and make them well aware that if they don’t kill that bill you will be glad to campaign for whoever runs against them when they come up for reelection! I know I made mine very aware that I will not stop fighting until that stupid garbage of a law is dead, and they’re both Republicans. Of course other states’ Senators have heard from me too. By now, unless they’re one of the new members in the House, there’s probably not a member of Congress who will take an email from a person outside of their home state that hasn’t gotten at least a couple of emails or phone calls or both from me regarding Obama’s garbage legislation.

        • Francis

          Hi Penny. When I See The American Flag, I see Freedom. I see Unity In The Ideals That Inclusiveness Amounting To Strength

          And yes, America will rise again.

          You reminded me of a book I read. But I’ll leave that for another day. I’m one of those who believe that the integrity of the office of the president must be upheld, thus respecting whoever the President is.

          I find it ironic that some people seem to have us all believe that, all was well in the U. S. of A until Husein Obama came to office. Such tricks can be played on dimwits, sparing most of us who will resist and prove our intellectual competency. And so goes the debate about Obama’s birth.

          I’m not in agreement of so many things Obama did. But I’m so glad I’m an independent. And I must say he tried to fix what was broken and neglected. There was a publication recently about a research on how the brains of conservatives are wired. If that is true, that will give me worry about conservatives.

          Excessive deregulation led to greed on Wall Street, and thereby bringing down the whole economy. And we all know that. You cannot tell me with honesty that not bailing out G.M. and Chrysler, would have lead to catastrophy.

          Now, everything is, “look in the Constitution, our founding father did not make it that way”. That constitution was not perfect so it was amended time and time again to accommodate for the realities of time.

          None of us are fool. We know what this Personal Liberty publication represents. Who knows, some people claiming to represent ordinary Americans on this pages here are one of the same people who publish this news. Just look up at the contributors and see. So, what I’m I saying? What I’m saying is, I don’t believe that all of you here are ordinary Americans struggling to eke out a living. Some of you could be dirty oil and insurance company cronies and operatives. Maybe you are in blood dirty Middle East oil even. How are we to tell?

          Ron Paul was right at least on this one; which is, some of you on both sides want the wars to go on. So we can continue to borrow money from China to pay for it. Some of you see lessening defense spending as disarming of America. some of you think signing the START Treaty amounts to American weakness. Some of you believe our congressmen saying “NO” to everything will benefit our growth.

          So just last week, I saw one of those who have outlived his usefulness to Congress leave, and I couldn’t be more happier.

          Just in 2008, the war in Iraq cost $3 trillion. what will it be today. We seem to justify such costs and question (however incomplete it may be) health care. And I smell you the insurance and other fringe special interest groups here telling us to look up while you steal our dough whilst implicating Barack Husein Obama.

          I for one, I trust in the wisdom and the intelligence of the American people. This President may not be great, but Americas elected him. Remember, we did have Presidents before him. Need I say more?

    • newspooner

      Franklin Roosevelt was a dedicated agent of the Communist Conspiracy. His civil rights violations regarding native-born American citizens of Japanese ancestry in California exceeded even those of bigoted Klansmen in some of the southern states. He deliberately packed his presidential administration and federal courts with Communists. His legislative violations of the Constitution were abolutely monumental and have caused us incredible problems since then. And that is a HUGE understatement. In summary, he was a very evil man.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        Do not forget that FDR affectionately referred to Stalin as “Uncle Joe”.

        My parents absolutely despised FDR, butr could not vote until 1940 and 1944.

        It seems that then, as now, too many of the electorate had their heads up their arses.

    • Bruce D.

      Tell me Jeremy being an Obama fan why if he wanted to create new technology would he outsource our space shuttle program of all things to Russia. It seems like a lot of our new technology was coming from that.

      • 45caliber

        You are correct. In fact, I believe that well over 50% of all new tech in the last fifty years has come from our space program.

        • eddie47d

          I actually agree with you although NASA is a government agency and you all want the government slashed. Some of you wish too hard.

          • 45caliber

            NASA is the ONLY agency that has managed to pay for itself. And it is the ONLY one that I’m willing to keep around just for that reason.

          • Bruce D.

            Eddie, NASA the one government agency that was worth its weight in gold and technology and he outsources. Obama claims he wants to lead the world in technology so we know that is just a bunch of crap. Then Obama expands government 25% with czars and other useless people that will produce absolutely nothing.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I dont know Bruce. Personally im a little skeptical of stoping space flights other than robotic ones. Honestly you got me there. The best I can think is with all luck cutting funding to space programs may provide funds for other issues we face.

        • Michael J.

          Jeremy Leochner,
          You can’t be serious, without NASA, we would have never had Tang. And now, because of Obama’s policies, the Chinese have Tang. But theirs is not a beverage, it’s the name of one of their astronauts!

          But seriously though, the link below is relevant to your earlier inquiry as to the similarities between Obama and FDR, written by Thomas Sowell.

          In addition to Mr. Sowell’s comments it’s helpful to know that FDR presided over the longest economic depression (so far) in U.S. history. Some accounts suggest That FDR allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor in order to overcome prevailing American isolationist tendancies prior to the attack. It is WW11 that ended the Great Depression and not FDR’s Keynesian economics.

          We can only hope that Obama doesn’t have in mind a Pearl Harbor type remedy to our current economic dilemma.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      I appreciate your reasoned tone Jeremy, as it’s a very refreshing change coming from an Obama supporter, but the unfortunate fact is that FDR was a power-mad megalomaniac who would’ve remained in power even longer had he not passed away early in his 4th term. The GOP had earlier demonstrated how to wipe out depressions, like the one they inherited from Wilson in 1921 which was even more deflationary than the GD, by GASHING govt spending by almost 30% and CUTTING taxes. Depression ended in a year. FDR instead chose to exploit the people’s suffering by prolonging the Great Depression to consolidate power with policies that were patently absurd on their face– proving it was no accident– and designed to make even more Americans dependent upon him while being able to look “caring” and “compassionate”. Can you imagine the reaction if a Republican had first tried to ABOLISH and then TAKE OVER the Supreme Court as FDR did? Similarly, Obama’s ridiculous and dangerous overreaching, such as ignoring court orders, trampling the Constitution, nationalizing industries, appointing completely unaccountable “czars”, and his betrayal of ALL of our allies and bootlicking of ALL of our enemies, just to name a few, should give one pause. Even though he’s horrifically naive in world affairs and economics, he’s by all indications not a stupid man, so one can only reach the conclusion that the destruction is intentional.

      • Bruce D.

        I found your post to be very interesting Serf.

      • Tom H

        Great comment! I thought mine was good until I read yours. Delighted to see there are clear thinking observers out there.

      • ceberw

        Serf: When the Great Depression started Hoover was president, not FDR. They tried the same policy as in 1921 in 1930. It didn’t work. The 1921 recession was a fairly normal post-war downturn as the economy went from “guns to butter”. The 1929-1932 downturn was clearly a different animal.

        • DeeQueen

          I’m glad someone knows what the hell is going on, have love for human life and stop hating, HATER’s!

          • outspoken

            d’Qn: WHY is ANY disagreement with left/liberal ALWAYS commented as either racist, hater, bigot etc? YOU want to express your views, believe in your ideals, but others are labeled. It would be really refreshing if you folks could produce (not invent) facts to support your views……oh, sorry….that’s the problem isn’t it….you have no real evidence only invented stuff so you resort to name calling. Fear not my liberals, for I will pray for you, even though you don’t want God in YOUR life.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            watch it! dee Queen might sue you for FORCING religion on her!!!! Thankfully the Lord has blessed me with a long fuse!!!!

          • JIBBS

            You seem to be just another troll.

        • SerfCityHereWeCome

          Yes, Hoover got it started, no argument there. However, he was a Big Government “Republican” (sound familiar?) and he wreaked his havoc by abandoning Coolidge’s fiscal conservatism and dramatically increasing spending. As things deteriorated, he INCREASED taxes and tariffs, with the Smoot-Hawley horror in particular being instrumental in throwing us completely over the cliff. The “Keynesian” 1930 approach was basically the polar OPPOSITE of the 1921 approach with the glaring results to show for it. When FDR inherited the mess he magnified every single one of Hoover’s mistakes many times over and added countless new ones, hence the Lost Decade instead of a lost year or 2. “Lost” in history (by state media) is the inconvenient fact that the 1937-38 collapse was far sharper than 1929 or 1931-32 but is hidden from today’s generation because there is no one else but FDR and his policies who can credibly have blame shifted upon them for it.

    • Tom H

      This is a man who talks down the USA and its exceptional history. He establishes a regulatory regime that rivals or exceeds the stifling controls imposed on the citizens of prewar Germany. He installs 30+ czars to work around the wishes of the wishes of the American people. His relationships throughout his entire life have been with radicals, Marxists, and America haters. He consistently demonizes those who have the audacity to question his policies (Fox News to name one). He cozies up to every labor union he can and pushes through budget killing bills and Federal pay and benefit increases that underlie the humongous deficits that proposes. He’s a master prevaricator and simply lies about virtually everything. His ties to George Soros, Acorn and countless other leftist organizations leave no doubt in my mind that this guy is FDR on steroids. If you doubt my word, read “The Shadow Party” and “New Deal or Raw Deal” about FDR. you cannot come to any other other conclusion. This man’s understated goal is to weaken America and sap the wealth of our citizens. He needs to be removed from office at the earliest possible opportunity.

      • David


    • CJM

      Well, Jeremy, it’s okay to be supportive of the self-proclaimed messiah, but the rest of us DO regard him as inept, the global court jester, and an anti-American communist. Why? Because that is how HE presents himself. Criticize him? Most certainly! Obama has shamed America, belittle this Nation to the degree that he now presents the American citizen as nothing more than governmental peasants who need to be chastized over and over again for the freedoms we believe in. It is Obama who portrays the US Citizen as infidels for the terrorists and it is Obama who wants to be our first dictator so bad that he can taste it. Support this rat? I hardly think so.

    • Wanda Murline

      If you support this man…then you are the real problem. If you cannot see past his rhetoric, then you are foolish. Please tell me how millions of electrical cars are going to plug into your home when you don’t have any oil and gas to provide electricity? Wind mills and solar are nice to co-habitate, but they are sometimes not working…if winds get too high, you have to disable the wind mill…if it is cloudy or raining, the solar panels don’t work. Okay, you say we’ll use nuclear plants…where are you going to dump the radioactive material from say another 100 nuclear plants, or the millions of batteries from electric cars? Each scenario for “greener” becomes less green when you consider the left overs from its use. America has oil reserves that are larger than any in the Arab world, and coal that is massive, but this administration refuses to let drilling begin and just pulled the permit from one of the biggest coal mines in the US…why? When your a** gets frozen in winter and fried in summer, you might remember that America needs to be self-sufficient in the oil and gas industry and use the greener as an additive.

      • eddie47d

        Sure there is oil in the USA but the easy surface oil is not as plentiful. What is left is dirtier and much more expensive to get at and to refine. We have been kicking this can down the road for 50 years and some of you are still asleep. We need to meet the challenges of tomorrow not hang on to past addictions.

        • ValDM

          Green will only do it on a very limited basis. Green technology is way beyond my budget, how about yours? Solar panels? you bet, if the sun is shining, which in snow country is doubtful at best. Wind turbines? Only if you don’t like eating any more. Do you have any idea how many acres of farmland have been put out of production for wind turbines????? Like to hunt? there won’t be anymore wildlife to hunt with so many more wind turbines. I guess the deer and elk don’t cozy up to them too much. More hydro dams? Absolutely, if you don’t mind that there won’t be any more fish in the rivers. Green energy should only be considered for LIMITED use.

        • Scott

          Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Your reply to this shows that you know absolutly NOTHING about the oil industry. I have lived around the oil industry all my life, and I’ve worked in many aspects of it. If the Obama administration and the EPA would step back and allow the industry to go forward, we could very safely cut our reliance on foreign oil imports to next to nothing in a very short time. You, and people like you, are like those people who after an accident involving an aircraft scream that it is un-natural for man to fly. You take an accident, which in and of itself is a very rare occurance in the oilfield, and blow it all out of proportion. Then you point to the hype that you created and scream “SEE, SEE. This is what happens when we drill. SEE!”
          From my experience, the industry polices itself very effectively. Accidents are rare, but they do happen. Major accidents are even more rare. This was the first major oil field accident sinces the Exon Valdez ran aground. That was what, 20+ years ago?
          The oil industry provide jobs to American workers, creates tax revenue, and creates huge profits for the people who were wise enough to invest in the industry. Increasing domestic production would decrease our demand for oil from countries that hate us. Not buying foreign oil would decrease the amount of money these countries can funnel to anti-American terrorist groups. So, Increasing domestic production is good for National Security.
          None of these facts can be disputed. So, if you’re against domestic oil production; your either an idiot or an anti-american sympathiser. Which is it? From reading your posts, I suspect both.

          • Bruce D.

            Good post Scott. There is nothing draining American wealth more than gas at $3.29 a gallon going upwards to $5.00. All that money going out of the country when it could be spent here. The way the system is set up now Green jobs are outsourced just like everything else so whats the point.

        • JIBBS

          Are you really that stupid, or just playing a part ?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Im no scientist Wanda so I cant make a real compelling argument against you. The only thing I can think is maybe if more funding was available or rather maybe by supporting so called “greener” intiatives maybe studying could be done to fix the issues of solar and electric power. Heck maybe they could find some way to use solar panels to provide electric charge for electric cars and the need for oil wouldn’t be as great. If it in any way calms you Wanda I assure you I am the kind of person who dosen’t focus on rhetoric. I support Obama because I see him as being the best option at this time when it comes to the people who could be in charge. My only loyalty is to the republic. If I could be convinced there is someone who could do better I believe I would have no choice but to support them instead.

    • Dan az

      tell me how is it that you and all the libs here think he has done such a good thing?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I dont know Dan. I support the repeal of Dont ask Dont tell so I believe that was a step in the right direction. Also I enjoy his speechs, I find them very thoughtful and intelligent. That being said I worry sometimes his devotion to compromise may be to much and I believe he is not getting all he promised done. But hey to err is human and President Obama is only human.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Gee, I guess that means if I read one of his speeches from a teleprompter then you will support ME as well, right??? sorry man, but that HAD to be the dumbest statement I ever heard!!!!

          • Jeremy Leochner

            I suppose it was Joe. If it makes any differnece I think the ideas presented in the speechs and the manner in which he gives them are something I enjoy. It is however only part of why I support him. If you read his speechs with the same sort of tone, belief, feeling and expression I might very well enjoy it. Provided you were the president and you had a track record I mostly agree with.

        • JIBBS

          LMAO,LOL,OMG, you drank way too much of the kool-aid……

    • Conservative at Birth

      I suggest you read “The Obamanation” by Jerome R. Chorsi PHD and “The Road to Serdom” by F.A. Hyek. Only then will you become enlightened. Otherwise you are an Ostrich. After you have read those books and done some research, I will be glad to read your posts. Until then I will continue to ignore you and your comrades.

    • RonaldL

      You can’t stop Obama. Socialism is here. U.S economy is broken and deeply in debt. Governments are heavily corrupt. We live in broken society plus here too many illegal immigrants. They use our social security, health care and schools.

    • fundamentalattributionerror

      Good point Mr. Leochner. Since it appears Mr. Myers is a lobbyist for the oil companies, it would be in his best interest for him to malign president Obama and try to prevent America from moving to invest in cleaner sources of energy and green jobs. If Obama is successful, he makes less money. America will embrace change and innovate in these areas or be left behind. Mr. Myers is a passionate advocate for the oil industry and the status quo.

  • SiliconDoc

    Obama will bow round the world again, make endless apologies, keep Al Jazeera 1ST ( that alone would have had a sane nation removing him ), and Oprah can do the lib feelings read of “his heart”.
    The rest of our retarded public can drool and alternately cower and cringe in between wild sensationalized yelling and clapping for the next libtards endless stream of lies and tyranny plans…
    I hope someone with common sense is in the smokey back rooms brining the whackjobs plots back in line with reality, but that becomes more doubtful with each passing view of the latest insanity our lunatics spew from their pompous podiums.
    If the garbled Odoofus cranes his neck just right, like any good commie, I’m sure the blithering idiot masses will applaud and support.

  • Kinetic1

    Well John, once again you have done a great job of parsing comments to fit your purpose. That quote from the New York Times, an op-ed piece by Paul Krugman said a lot more than you let on. I was most interested in the fact that you did your little cut-and-paste to avoid the true message of Krugman’s piece.

    “But let’s not kid ourselves: talking about “competitiveness” as a goal is fundamentally misleading.” That’s what you gave us before cutting out 5 paragraphs. Sure you used the right format and if anyone here truly understood they would get that you had potentially repurposed and redirected, but I’m guessing most people just took your quote at face value. So let’s continue with Mr. Krugman’s opinion.

    ” At best, it’s a misdiagnosis of our problems. At worst, it could lead to policies based on the false idea that what’s good for corporations is good for America.”

    Well, given the space on this site that has been dedicated to the idea that we must, first and foremost unburden the poor corporations that are the backbone of America, I can see why you might choose to skip past this.

    “About that misdiagnosis: What sense does it make to view our current woes as stemming from lack of competitiveness?”

    Well, this is starting to sound like a totally different message? Did Krugman have a different view of things than you let on? How could he, everything you quoted was in his own words, sort of. Your use of “instead” to replace “Still, you might say that” gives a whole different meaning to the words that follow. Your re-purposing of this statement suggested that the oh so liberal New York Times is just as suspicious as you. Funny how a little context can change everything.

    What is your message, John? Quoting from your piece (with everything in place I might add)

    “Let’s take away words like traitor and poser and ask ourselves a simple question: Can America sell enough high tech turbines to offset all those dog-toys from China and petroleum from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries? Probably not.
    Nevertheless Obama recently proclaimed: “We can out-compete any other nation on Earth.”
    Not so said The New York Times:”

    So are you suggesting we can’t? Do you believe that Americans are unable to return to their place as a world leader, or are you simply suggesting that it will never happen under President Obama. OR maybe you agree with Paul Krugman when he says;

    “It’s true that we’d have more jobs if we exported more and imported less. But the same is true of Europe and Japan, which also have depressed economies. And we can’t all export more while importing less, unless we can find another planet to sell to. but if confronting China is what Mr. Obama is proposing, he should say that plainly.

    Furthermore, while America is running a trade deficit, this deficit is smaller than it was before the Great Recession began. It would help if we could make it smaller still. But ultimately, we’re in a mess because we had a financial crisis, not because American companies have lost their ability to compete with foreign rivals.”

    In the end, Mr. Krugman is optimistic about the President’s goals, but dissapointed by the speech.

    “But even if he proposes good policies, the fact that Mr. Obama feels the need to wrap these policies in bad metaphors is a sad commentary on the state of our discourse.”

    John, your message is clearly one of a President who is most concerned about his own political future, and is simply paying lip service to the need for support of American business. Mr. Krugman’s piece is about the folly of the right suggesting that America’s future is all about big corporations while ignoring the real cause of our current situation.

    “The financial crisis of 2008 was a teachable moment, an object lesson in what can go wrong if you trust a market economy to regulate itself. Nor should we forget that highly regulated economies, like Germany, did a much better job than we did at sustaining employment after the crisis hit. For whatever reason, however, the teachable moment came and went with nothing learned.”

    Let’s hope that your right, John. Let’s hope that this is just lip service to the right and that the President won’t actually bow to the pressure from the right to place us right back into the fire with their failed policies of deregulation.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      You hope the president “won’t bow to the pressure of the right”? Why not? He’s bowed to everyone else on the planet!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Just all the ones that want to see us destroyed! to the queen of England, he patted her on the back!! He’s lucky her guards didn’t take him down!!!

    • Dan

      I don’t understand? Are you saying the President’s effort to create jobs in “green manuafacturing” will actually create jobs? That he effort to build another high speed train line will create jobs? Yes, maybe government subsidized jobs like they already are. Unless they develop reliable green energy sources that actually can be done cheaper and more reliably than it is currently, then electric cars will never be a viable option as claimed. The whole “green” movement is bogus to begin with. There is no science it, merely a “religious” belief.

      What gives the government the right to dictate job creation and pick winners and losers? The only jobs government is good at creating is other government jobs. So far in my life all I’ve seen is the government ruin US manufacturing and chase it all overseas. And don’t you dare state that it is the manufacturers greed and profit margins as the sole reason. I was in a position to be able to talk with one companies (Hanes Underwear) executives who had to decide to close or move their manufacturing overseas due to TAXES, REGULATION. and the cost of doing business in the US. Cheap labor was never a major deciding factor as many liberals claim.

      • Ted Crawford

        Very true Dan. The business owner has the ability to control their labor costs. In part simply by rewarding those who are productive and removing those who are not. The owner can even in many instances reduce the impact of excessive taxation, by changing methods or policies. The major factor that effects small business is the aggregious regulations this administration continues to create!

        • eddie47d

          Glass-Steagall was voted against and several regulations went out the window. Thus in turn created ponzi schemes,derivatives,and mortgage failures. So get off the anti-regulations soapbox.

          • Bruce D.

            That has nothing to do with small businesses Eddie. Stop making excuses for abusive government and avoiding the points being made.

          • fundamentalattributionerror

            I think it has a lot to do with small business. It has a lot to do with consumers and big businesses as well. You had to pay the banks and mortgage companies billions of dollars (they did not even have to tell you how they spent the money) to clean up the mess they made after they lobbied so hard to be unregulated. The cost to the american taxpayer could be in the trillions and you say that has nothing to do with small business? That money could have been spent in helping small businesses invest in R&D or other initiatives that would help Americans. Without the deregulation of the mortgage industry and banking system maybe all those people would not be duped into buying houses and losing them in a few years. They would have had more money to spend at small businesses. Wall street screwed everyone and nothing has been done to prevent them from doing it again. Hegemony (the powers that be) has allowed the status quo to be maintained and we will all pay because of it. The next election should be a referendum on reinstating glass Steagle and dismantling the federal reserve. The power to make money should be put back in the hands of americans and not a private company.

      • Kinetic1

        How well would the space race have gone without government intervention? How many non-governmental jobs have been created by space exploration? How many new companies with new inventions came from space exploration? The byproduct of many such endeavors are new discoveries and new companies. I expect that American companies, many subsidized by the government will be driven to develop new and better designs in solar collectors, batteries, turbines and other technologies that we can only imagine at this time.

        Were we to simply to have left it to the market, our cars would be just as polluting as they were in the 50s, would have no more safety devices than in the 50s, and most people would be happy to just keep on driving with gas until it becomes to expensive or too scarce. Is that the time to start looking at alternatives?

        • Ted Crawford

          If you truly feel that way about our Space Program Kenetic, how do you justify the fact that Obama has just outsourced it?

          • Kinetic1

            I have mixed feelings. Private firms were always likely candidates for future space exploration. As our ability to travel to distant planets (or moons, asteroids, etc.) improved, businesses were undoubtably going to see it as an opportunity for commerce. If we can successfully shift a portion of our space travel to the private sector as a cost cutting move, then it only makes sense. We don’t rely on a fleet of government planes for all the government’s transportation needs, so why should we expect anything different in space? On the other hand, it has to be done in a way that is advantageous to both government and private industry. If the end result can be more private sector jobs, great. If those jobs require increased government spending compared to keeping it in house, then forget it.

            I have read a lot of comments on this site about the President outsourcing our space program to Russia or China, but that’s not what I have read in the news. Yes, the President wants to outsource some projects, and yes he spoke of working with China and Russia instead of competing with them, but I think some of you have jumped to conclusions about one involving the other. We already work with other nations with regard to the space station, and that wasn’t an issue of outsourcing, just common sense. To assume that working together means that we will use foreign nations to facilitate our outsourcing is jumping to conclusions. If you have a link to a reliable source suggesting this, please post it.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you need to check out the fact that Obummer is considering letting China bid on our DEFENSE contracts!! What utter stupidity is THYAT?!?!?!?

          • Bruce D.

            Let’s cut to the chase Kenetic1. Is the American space shuttle going to be flying any more or not? Outsourcing to Russia is a lot different than American companies bidding on and doing the work.

      • 45caliber

        Green manufacturing may create some jobs – but it will undoubtedly close a lot more than they create. Most liberals fail to see that.

        • Ted Crawford

          Right you are 45! By the ratio of 2 to 1 in those countries that have tried it so far!

          • 45caliber

            I didn’t know the ratio but it doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for letting me know.

        • American Citizen

          Most of those green jobs will be going overseas, not here.

      • Larry

        It is also my understanding too that just yesterday federal mandates of State Unemployment Insurance cost to companies have the cap for deductions doubled.

        Where a state will now be allowed to require withholding to increase up to $15,000 from the first $7,000 for SUI …… now that is a job creator.

        • Ted Crawford

          Of course it is Larry! Don’t you remember when Pelosi informed us that unemployment was the largest and best thing we could do to improve the economy, egro job creation?

          • eddie47d

            That is actually a Corporations mantra. The more jobs you let go the more money you make.Do with less and make more! It all sounds nice on the surface but is a strong reason they are not hiring.

    • LES

      Yes we can out compete any country, that is one of the abilities of Capitalism. But with the Taxes, Regulation and Unions, all which are pushed hard by Obama, we have it is not going to happen by a long shot.

    • fundamentalattributionerror

      great analysis kinetic1. Thanks for the context that was lacking in the article.

  • Bobby

    It is all about the jobs then I would like to see counts for all unemployed not just those on unemployment benefits. I feel the truth has not been told in the past and it is still not being told today. Just what would be the grand total unemployed in Our Country. Those who do not receive any unemployment benefits but are still unemployed are still unemployed. Thank You

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Bobby… I agree. The stats they are giving are not accurate by any means. Neither are the stats on the illegals who have jobs that could go to Americans.

    • 45caliber


      The government counts only those on unemployment benefits. They also count any new people. But … those who have used up their benefits are “assumed” to now be working even when they aren’t.

      Many are like me. My wife and I are both 63. If I’m laid off, we plan to immediately “retire”. So we wouldn’t be considered as out of work – even if we went back to work if we found a new job.

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    If the President’s of this Country would have pursued a independent energy program after the first Arab oil embargo (1973) rather then pay lip service to the need to become energy independent We the American people would be in a better place.Which party was in control for the majority of those years the REPUBLICANS/conservatives the November elections gave those people a chance to show the American citizens how they were going to fix the country.So far they have done nothing to make it better I do not care about ABORTION I want to see JOBS and a energy policy that is something other then lining the pockets of the current energy industry

    • Cawmun Cents

      Funny how you were in Viet Nam because of Lyndon Baines Johnson(a progressive)but you will defend progressives and thier agendas now,isnt it?What a farsical statement if you think about it…..

      • Ted Crawford

        There was a group over there who, while many of us were trying to scratch a hole in the ground and see through extreme vegatation to defend ourselfs, were living in air conditioned barrachs, with brick P.X.s and movie houses. These guys even had swimming pools man! They have no idea what war is about, however they are the first to make you aware of their being there and man can they tell you some hair raising war stories! They were “loving” refered to as REMFs and only one of them could possibaly support this administration!

      • http://naver samurai

        Probably because he was drafted to go to Vietnam. No choice there. Who he supports and doesn’t support in the White House, he has every choice. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • 45caliber


      We have the chance to be energy independent now if we could get Oblama and friends to allow drilling in the US for oil and natural gas. Unfortunately, they don’t want us to be independent. Independent means that we aren’t controlled – and they don’t want us to be free.

    • Dan az
    • Conservative at Birth

      There have been close to 50 million human beings destroyed since 1973 in the United States, and you don’t care. What a shame. That is more than the 7 million murdered by Hitler in the Concentration Camps. Unfortunately, the disregard for the sanctity of life will lead to our murdering the elderly because they are no longer productive. Not to mention the mentally retarded and other non-productive elements in society. You should read about Margret Sanger the communist who started Planned Parenthood and what her true goals were, before you say you don’t care about abortion.

    • LES

      That is what the DOE was founded for, to make us energy independent.

      And we all know how that Government run program turned out, more dependent than ever before.

      Along comes Obama, and he is cutting domestic energy production even more to send more dollars to his buddies in the Middle East and his new friend in Venezuela.

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    Enough of the Hot wind — Plain and Simple Mr Obama was and is not capable of the job he took on. His lack of business experience and his horrendous picks to assist him,coupled with a socialist agenda spells doom for the rest of the working people of America — Mr Obama Talks allot in generalities but never into real details. He holds pep rally type talks to hide his ineptitude– I want the most intelligent businessman running this complex country — He’s not it

    • Dan

      You sure got that right.

      • http://naver samurai

        I second that motion! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Ellen

      I’m with you on the intelligent businessman idea. I find it funny that Obama has hired Immelt – who is an intelligent businessman who’s going to help our inept president – and Immelt’s expertise is in eliminating jobs. Obama hired him to help create jobs. Hmmmm…

    • LES

      How about Donald Trump. Like him or not he probably one of the best business men around.

      • 45caliber

        Not as President next term.

    • RonaldL

      You can’t stop Obama. Socialism is here. U.S economy is broken and deeply in debt. Governments are heavily corrupt. We live in broken society; plus here too many illegal immigrants which use our social security, health care and schools.

  • Louie

    Well, I can see who the low IQ owner is here…you. Maybe 50? Regulation/over taxation of corporations is what has put them out of business/sent them offshore. If you want to be “green”, buy a can of green spray paint. If you want all them benefits,then you pay for them…not me.

  • Mike

    Would somebody please ask this wonderful person called Obummer. To produce his Wonderful Real Birth Certificate and School records.
    Congress needs to step up to the plate and DEMAND this information before anything else is done it congress.
    What is everybody afraid of?

    Our Senators and Congressmen need to have some guts and stand up for the People!
    Where’s the Real Birth Certificate and School records!

    • JR

      Unfortunately, neither the constitution nor anywhere in the law does it say that he or anyone else HAS to disclose his private information to the “public”. Yes it has the stipulation that only a natural born citizen can become the president…but it does NOT force him to disclose his status to the public. There is no Article, amentment or law to that. People conclude from the constitution that he should or could disclose it …but tho who? That is the big question, it is not specified. He still will have to produce it to the election committee , but if the law is ok with what he has and the commission is ok with it, there is NOTHING anyone can do to force him to disclose this information, especially to the public..Unless we change the constitution and add an amendment that saiz that the president “has” to disclose all his private information to the public ….nothing will happen. And one thing is for sure, even with all the upheaval about this, most of our reps in congress will NEVER implement any rules or laws that could hinder they’re own interest in the future. They are self serving and any rules or regulations that could backfire o them…now or in the future…will not be passed.
      Moreover, lets be real on that issue, how many people are really calling for his birth certificate? 1 million? 3 million? Even if it would be 3 million (a number that is far higher then even the best estimates by the opponents) it would be only 1% of the voters. Moreover, those 1% of the voters are already against Obama so guess what, he can care less. That is the naked truth on that mater.Now, there are some states that try to come up with laws to force him to make it public, but guess what, it those laws will be trown out in the end by the supreme court…The election procedure of the president is a federal mater not a state mater. The danger with legislation like that will be that the supreme court saiz ok you don’t want to play by the rules, so the votes in those states will not be counted and applied to the presidential races…and with them being mostly so called “red” states, who do you believe will win if that happens?
      Its darn if you do and darn if you don’t. And I firmly believe that if push comes to shove, right about at re-election time Obama will provide exactly what is needed and thus showing the oposition of as conspiracy theorist and loons….this will sway public votes in his direction more then anything else..and we all who believe he is illegitimate will look like fools.
      Think about this, Obama….can produce ANY DOCUMENT he needs…after all, he has the CIA and FBI available to do so…he has people available that can make any of us disappear without any questions ever asked and give anyone in this country new identities that will be as secure as your own.

      • http://naver samurai

        It kind of makes you think when the Governor of Hawaii can’t find it either. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Dan az
          • 45caliber

            Out of curiosity, I wonder if this means Interpol has the right to arrest someone in the U.S. without a search warrant or warrant of any type and hauling them out of the country for trial in another country without permission from the U.S. government.

            I know the International Criminal Court is actually set up by some European elites who insist that all countries of the world have to answer to whatever laws they create. And I know that the US Congress declared back about 1975 that if they tried to try any American for any offense, it meant automatic war.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If there is a warrant for your arrest in any country that interpol is covering, then yes. I believe that Bob had an article about a year ago that told of this. They don’t even have to check in with your local, state,or federal authorities! This was brought to fruition under none other than nobummer!!! this is covered even if you are mistaken to be a suspect!!

      • chow

        Well now, are you saying I could run for POTUS and need not to produce a proof just get the dimwits in the election committee to put my name in.

        So the 5th paragraph of article II of the constitution doesn’t really matter as long as you swear you are what you say you are? So why did Madison and the founding fathers put it down in the constitution if you don’t have to prove it? Besides, in my opinion if you run for public office your right of privacy is invalid because everything you do affects the public.

      • LES

        But he should produce his past records if he wants people to have confidence in him. All past presidents have been open. Why not Obama, what does he have to hide?

        • 45caliber


    • Jeff

      What is everyone afraid of concerning Obamah’s birth certificate? Well for one thing, all those earmarks and lobby investments worth several trillion dollars will probably go in the tank, if our poser is found to be inelgible for office. I am still having a hard time accepting that the majority of Americans, including those who voted him into office, are still without a clue or just plain blind about the fact that the issue of where Sotero was really born is NOT and really never has been discussed by talk cable and radio shows. The corruption and progressive/marxist guidance of the mainstream media of course, continues because of the financial support by “Scary dude” and the NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CBS corporate CEOs. I’ll say one thing for Beck: He at least makes one search for the truth and decide for themselves. I have yet to witness any other news commentator tell his listening audience to research for yourself and prove me wrong on the facts. It’s time for those of us who have awakened to sharpen our shovels, because we are some day soon gonna have to bury those who are dead in their sleep.

  • Warrior

    ‘O’ is doing what he does best, Campaigning. End of story.

  • Raggs

    I see a Widget factory taking the place of the auto industry.

  • bob

    The only people who will be working on the green jobs are those who already belong to the Obama union.

    • tim

      Bob, in searchlight nevada, Home of harry puke reid they do not have any locals working on the green projects there. They hired a bunch of indians from bordering states to get the jobs done cheaper. The solar project being built east of searchlight is all califonians. I heard they tried to bring in all illegals and cut thier wages down, but got nailed on that!!!! NO nevadans from what I understand have been brought in to work on either project. This is what I got from the searchlight locals who told harry reid they didn’t want it in the first place. But once again he knows what is best, especially if he has a financial interest in it!!!!!!!!!!!

      • William


        Don’t forget about the New Green Energy Solar Plant in Florida which Obama Praised as the Future technology. What Obama failed to mention, is that the citizens cost have gone up, the price tag investment came from Taxpayers, and the ROI (Returned On Investment) is 100 years. In other words, in 100 years, it will have paid for itself.

        Of course, that estimate was given at the plant absorbing sunlight 24 hours a day. The real return on investment is 170 years.

        Try being a businessman, walk into a bank and ask the bank for an investment loan to start a business. When the bank asks when you will pay back the loan, tell them in 100-170 years, but hey, its green and get laughed out of the bank or even with private investors.

        The problem with Government making business decisions is that they use taxpayers dollars and don’t give a hoot how or when or even if it makes money, then never have to pay it back and don’t. In the private sector no such stupidity would be allowed and if coherence, then would be in prison.

        Lastly, according to Obama/Soetoro estimates of 1 million battery cars on the road by 2012 is beyond ridiculous. The Government must use taxpayers dollars from working Americans to supplement in the form of subsidies reaching between $7,500 – $10,000 per automobile, just to get someone in the public to purchase a product they obviously don’t want. A waste of tax dollars through theft.

        • Ted Crawford

          William, that doesn’t even take into account the fact that the governments own Civil Engs. have stated that if 10% of us actually bought and tried to use these electric cars it would collapse our Electrical Infastructure.

        • peter robison

          I see you have bought into the propaganda. Lies and misinformation are the tools of special interests (read oil companies)who do not want to see alternative energy developed in this country. If opponents would take the time to educate themselves they will be amazed at the progress being made by American alternative energy companies. Then they will then not embarrass themselves by repeating ridiculous claims of 100 year pay backs. Incidentaly Arizona is now the Solar Energy capital of the U.S., with new manufacturing jobs being created at an unprecendant rate. Check it out.

          • Dan az

            what makes you think that the price of oil isnt going to go up?
            Both the hybrid Toyota Prius, which doesn’t need an outlet to charge, and the gas-powered Chevrolet Cobalt are more cost-effective in California, the study found. Oil prices would have to rise from less than $100 a barrel now to between $171 and $254 to make the Volt as economical, even after factoring in thousands of dollars in government incentives.So if you look between the lines you would see that the only way for him to go green is to stop oil production and raise the cost of oil to justify his fantasy.The oil reserves that we have here are the largest in the world and the cost per barrel would be in the 1960s region so to open those reserves he would have to abandon his fantasy of utopia.this site that I will leave you will prove that just read it!
            oil reservers here

          • William


            Propaganda? How so? Let’s look at it briefly.

            “Speaking at an Air Force base near Las Vegas, President Obama pointed to a field of solar panels and boldly declared, “The first is a solar energy technologies program that will help replicate the success of the Nellis project in cities and states across America.”

            The plant, a public-private venture that cost $100 million, generates about a quarter of the electricity used on the base, where 12,000 people live and work.

            The president said the project created 200 jobs and will save the Air Force nearly $1 million a year while reducing carbon pollution by 24,000 tons a year — the equivalent of removing 4,000 cars from U.S. roads.”


            A project that costs $100 million (though I’d guess this number probably doesn’t include the land costs) to save almost $1 million a year? There’s a name for that—a lousy investment. And creating 200 jobs? Not really. The project employed 200 people. Not the same thing.”

            In addition, an investment cost of 100 million to save 1 million a year, will in fact take 100 years to break even.

            Propaganda? No….its a financial fact. In addition, Solar power cost 6 times more than conventional energy. Once the Government Subsidies run out, that cost will then be past onto the consumer, much much higher in monthly energy bills than they currently pay.

        • 45caliber


          Also remember that the ROI of that solar plant also depends upon very little maintenance for that plant over the 100 years. In reality, they will have to replace that entire plant between 3 and 5 times over that century.

      • 45caliber

        Do some calculations sometime on solar power. Some years ago, there was a protest at University of Penn. about them cutting a single tree to put up enough solar panels to power ONE BUILDING. One of their professors stated that to put up enough for the state would require that over half the state would have to be cleared and leveled to provide enough energy for the other half.

        And these nuts believe that solar power is the way to go?

        • Dan az

          Actually I don’t think that would be enough.In reality the average family would need 200 amps service x the amount of people there.So you see it would probably take the entire state covered in panels and you still would have to reduce the amount of usage.The problem with solar is that you need to store the power during the day light hours and use it in the night time so the batteries would have to store it.where are the batteries going to sit? which state will because its going to have to be big enough to store five days worth to be feasible and not all states have sunshine everyday!

          • 45caliber

            This was some years ago. At that time, they could do it but not now. I agree with you. Can you imagine “green” people who would object to cutting a single tree allowing us to level and cut millions of trees now? I can’t.

            The only actual use I can see for solar units is on individual houses as supplimental power. And even that will be very expensive. There is NO way we could ever depend solely upon solar energy. Even if collectors are placed into space and the energy beamed to earth as microwaves.

        • Francis

          Hey 45caliber.

          What you said is not true. Ronald Reagan said it best “Trust But Verify” I did have my doubts at first. But so far, after reading about 20 books on the subject of renewable energy, I can truly say there is credibility in the science of solar energy.

          Solar and some other renewable sources of energy can be extremely beneficial; not only economically but environmentally as well.

          Solar is the new oil. America can become the next exporter of that technology surpassing China. Until recently, the Chinese have perfected the technology and were exporting solar panels to the U.S. When the U.S. government placed tariffs on their exports, it didn’t take long before the biggest Chinese manufacturer opened a plant in Nevada employing Americans do that job once done in Chinese factories.

    • LES

      Some of the green jobs he praised have already moved to China.

  • tim

    How can we create new technology when there is a regulation on everything. Anything new that is built, unless it is one of obama’s people, that he owes will be scrutinized to no end by the fda, epa, homeland security, you name it!!!!!!!

  • diane

    What a jerk! If he wanted to create jobs he wouldnt have set up restrictions, controls, taxes, etc. to completely destroy our private enterprise and screw the people with his marxist/socialist crap of buying up companies with our taxpayer dollar. What a horrid disaster for our country to have this ineligible jerk leading our once great country with his anti-american crap!

    • Raggs

      BINGO.. :)

    • http://naver samurai

      Bing, bing, bing, bing! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Jane Spaulding

    Not sure if anybody has done research on this, but our local Investment Club has—China is making it top priority in making Wind Turbines and they have made it their TOP PRIORITY TO BE THE FIRST IN THE WORLD IN GREEN ENERGY. China is putting their money where their mouth is. There is no way that America can compete with a Country that is going to outdo, outlast and outspend every Country in the World. They have made it a number one Priority. This Article was published last year. Having Government Jobs provided by our Government is not going to put food on the table, pay for a home and or pay taxes. I agree with the comment—until the Government stops over taxing and over regulating Business in this Country, Job creation will be at a standstill. Did someone not see the TV program, it stated plainly: A ship from China docks every four hours. It is full of merchandise. It goes back empty. We are not exporting one thing to China. We owe them so much money that they don’t have to import one thing from the USA and I believe they have stated this and made it stick. Our President has not managed to sway their opinion at all.

    • JR

      Well, why are you surprised?
      Consider this,
      China has vast areas where the constant wind, low humidity and 360 days a year sunshine would lent itself to those projects (Gobi desert and tributaries)…that those are also areas that have some of the lowest population density on the planet besides the arctics is a bonus for them.
      Moreover, it is prudent for China to produce wind turbines…you do understand that China is supplying worldwide 99% of the rare earths needed to make those turbines right. So, from a pure business standpoint it is a very sound decision to do so. And, remember that those companies doing that over there are mostly subsidiaries of US corporations.

      • 45caliber

        There is another reason CHina can use wind … they don’t have to worry about anyone arguing “not in my backyard!” Nor do they have to worry about people worrying about the birds killed or the noise.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          California had plans to build the largest solar project in the world. the greenies came in and started lawsuits over a freaking turtle and a lizard!!!! Let’s face it California needs all the help with power they can get!!!

  • http://Cox Richard E. Way

    OObama’s flight to create jobs was overwhelming. Just ask any of the millions of Illegal Mexican aliens, holding down jobs meant for Americans workers. His “CHANGE” was effective. Now all I have is CHANGE in my pocket. Obama needs a CHANGE OF ADDRESS !

  • William

    The Unconstitutional Obamacare will be gutted and dismantled, 2 years wasted. The Don’t ask don’t tell policy will be repealed, dead in the water. Utter failure of foreign policies, turned allies into enemies. So what does that leave for the anointed one as accomplishment? What more should be expected from a man with the only qualifications were a local city organizer?

    As of current, I am wondering how Obama/Soetoro plans on handling the fast upcoming financial crisis at the end of this year, the collapse of the municipal bond market? Another bail out? From where? Over bloated State/City budgets will not be able to handle paying the notes and are quickly aligning for federal bailouts. If not granted (we simply don’t have the money) then City/States will not be able to issue debt, e.g. no road repairs, no pay to city union workers, no maintenance and the likes. Taxpayers fault? I think not.

    I am confident he will not let that upcoming good crisis go to waste though.

    And I agree with several other posters comments. I want Rep. Issa to fully investigate this Obama persons hidden/sealed background, everything.

    • JR

      I sure hope you are right, BUT, I just don’t see it happen. Even if the GOP wins the WH in the next election…and the chances are realistically not that good…you will see a 360 degree change in the behavior of our so called representatives and none of those items will be repealed…they may be slightly changed, but right out repealed…nope I don’t see that happen at all.

      • Randy G

        360 degree change is going in the same direction. We need a 180.

  • Nuts

    We will get along just fine without advice from Oprah. As for obama If you think he is doing just fine you are part of our problem! Every thing that is going on is contrary to job growth. We would have been in much better shape if obama would just quit trying to fix things. He has neither the experience nor capacity to make things better! If he would quit adding more job killing regulations and higher taxes. The economy would right it’s self. I hate to think about 2 more years of this. This road is going to get very bumpy, so hang on. If the debt limit is raised watch out!

    • William

      I agree Nuts,

      I also wonder how Obama/Soetoro supports claim that in 2 years alone, tripling the National deficit and Doubling unemployment was a good thing.

      Spending your way out of debt has never worked, one thing FDR and Staff finally realized with the New Deal, but a little too late and damage was already done.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    I find it interesting that the pundits and all the Obama supporters are saying he’s like FDR, he’s “Reaganesque”, or that he’s “Kennedyesque”. That’s because Obama has no persona of his own. He cannot provide any real program of substance, or act as a “statesman”. He is an incomptent and Marxist ideologue ( I believe they’re one in the same). The only thing “Obamaesque” about Obama is that he is a communist puppet in the hands of his makers.


    Who in this freakin’ world cares what Oprah thinks or says????
    Her support for Obama is displaced loyalty to one of her own race and her blasphemic praise of him as the chosen one offends me to the core! He is an incompetent, anti-imperialist who, this week, is acting as Roosevelt’s, JFK’s, and Reagan’s imposter in his effort to find out who he really is and what he really thinks. It’s pathetic.

    That said, along with over-regulation and taxation, the unions are the main reason companies move overseas. Unions once served their purpose in helping to provide safe working conditions and fair wages. Today they run labor costs so high, corporations are forced to move overseas for cheaper labor to maintain profit margins. And it’s not up to Obama to determine how much profit is enough!!

    And Bite-me Joe Biden…..what a joke! Sure he can email his friends the list of the administration’s legislative accomplishments…..all done in just two short years, and all of which have been collosal mistakes! Self-deception is a mark of this administration. So is
    the right side of the mouth saying the opposite of the left side. Throw in Hillary, Biden, Gibbs, Sebielius, and Napalatano…and you’ve got a group of clowns who can’t seem to get their stories to agree.

    To parrot our first lady with a bit of a twist, for the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of my country.

    • Kim

      Well said BABUSHKA!

    • Mary

      Babushska You are right on with everything. Government regulations, unions and no experience. Bowing to other nations. We can see his objective.

  • home boy

    ya’ll still don’t get obama. he told you he was going to fundamentally change this country and that’s what he is doing. it doesn’t matter how much experience he doesn’t have , he is doing what he said he will do. this was a plan his boys (communist)had and it is being carried out. welcome to the new usa.

  • peter robison

    Yes I do think you are jaded, and as usual blinded by your ideology. I am one who believes in, and has invested in solar energy. For you, and others that think foreign oil is preferable to the made in America alternatives, a green revolution is taking place in the U.S. Already thousands of jobs have been created in the U.S, and thanks to American know how, the cost is coming down. The President has shown he not only understands and cares what is wrong with America, but is also willing to take on the Special Interest groups who don’t give a damn. It will take time to reverse the excesses of George W but President Obama, will get it done, and earn his second term.

    • William


      If you wish to “Personally” invest your own hard working dollars into Solar energy, then I congratulate you sincerely. Any private and personal investment using your own dollars are risks only to yourself and rewards to yourself and to no others.

      Using Taxpayers dollars to invest in a business against their will is never wise. It simply violates every fiber of economics for failure.

      I personally am a direct proponent of alternative energy, IF it is cost effective, IF it comes from private industries whereby choice is always an option, and IF it is economically viable. However, in the meantime, while that technology and cost offset are many, many decades away, if ever, Full Utilization of our current Natural Resources are and can be used until that time. To avoid that simple economic demand to push political agendas is redundant and derelict of duty to the American People, rich or poor.

      I also believe that Hydrogen and Natural gas have far better reaching alternatives and quicker transformation that Solar and Battery. This is being ignored though through regulations. Go figure.

      • 45caliber

        There is a working solar energy plant in AZ if I’m correct. On an Indian reservation. I saw an article by a retired engineer who had worked there about 15 years ago.

        He stated that all the costs of the “free energy” plant are being hidden. If the true maintenance costs are used to determine the price of electricity generated there, it would result in bills to those served of about $15,000 a month.

        Not so free, is it?

        • ValDM

          You are so right! The hydro dams along the Columbia River are a prime example of that. They generate electricity very nicely, but they were all built by the Army Corps of Engineers, all to bring less than market price per kw/hr. And we’re still subsidizing for Oregon and Washington residents to have all electric houses and pay a small portion of what they really owe.

      • Dan az

        You are so right about hydrogen and natural gas.They have units out now that supplies individual houses but the cost is still a little high.They also have hydrogen cars that make it feasible but this guv. ignores it.I have lived off grid for more than 16yrs now and know what works and doesn’t and I have been researching hydrogen for awhile now and find it amazingly cheap to produce with solar plus natural gas as its components.There are cities is japan and china that have been using this technology for quite some time now, I feel that if any investments were to be used wisely then this would be the starting point.

        • William


          Absolutely. Last report I checked was that there is 10,000 years worth of Natural Gas in the United States alone. Problem is government regulation refusing to issue permits to get it.

          This is also how and why the Government – pushed and backed by these wackos – to implement High Fee’s, High Taxes, Carbon Fee’s, High permit Fee’s, High Operations Fee’s, ect.. You name it.

          The reason behind this is because the Alternative Green choices such as Solar and Wind are very expensive and not worth the investment. One way to “Compare” cost, is to raise the “Costs” of the cheap producing Coal and fuel plants through these higher taxes and ungodly fee’s. Then the argument becomes “See, they cost the same to operate”!!!

          In the meantime, those fee’s, costs and taxes are getting passed on to the consumer, and it’s simply wrong and they know it, including their religious worshipers.

          Hydrogen and Natural Gas is the quickest alternative fuel. It’s just not green enough for the tree huger.

          • Dan az

            The Japanese government is so bullish the technology it has earmarked $309 million a year for fuel cell development and plans for 10 million homes — about one-fourth of Japanese households — to be powered by fuel cells by 2020.

            Professor Bruce Rittman, director for the Center for Environmental Biotechnology at Arizona State University, says the biggest benefit of fuel cell technology is that it emits only water — when there’s a clean source of hydrogen

        • 45caliber

          The reason the government is against natural gas in vehicles is fuel taxes.

          If they were to add the taxes to natural gas, it would be too easy to simply fill up at your house and not pay it. So to get the full fuel tax, they would have to add it to ALL natural gas usage – and a LOT of Americans would revolt, particularly in New England where most of them live. They use natural gas a lot (at reduced rates of course) for home heating.

          The problem is the same for electric vehicles. They can make them well enough but how do they tax the road use of electricity? You would normally “fill up” off house current.

          What they are now looking at is “road tax”. Someone in Mass. came up with that one. They want to use the GPS in cars to transmit your milage to receivers every time you pass one of them. (And they don’t have them up yet.) You would then get a tax based on the number of miles you drove on a monthly basis. (Don’t think this will replace the fuel tax. It won’t.)

          One Congressman even went so far as to say they could use the GPS to compare your milage and stopping with the built in map. If you exceeded what the map said was the speed limit or didn’t stop where the map said a stop sign existed, you would also get a ticket. Of course, that means that they have to get the maps fixed. The GPS I have doesn’t show some roads at all, shows a higher or lower speed limit than the signs on the road do, and shows stop signs where they don’t exist – if they ever did.

          But that just means they can get more ticket money, right?

          • Dan az

            That sounds conceivable if there is a way to make more money then yes they will do it!

    • Bill

      You are so full of yourself. This mess in the White House is a muslim, and will turn this country over to them. He can then become king, what he has wanted all along, and his queen can serve the watermelon.

    • Patriot & Veteran

      What koolaid have you been drinking? Educate yourself…don’t insert foot into mouth…Educate your self! Research…better yet….READ THE CONSTUITUTION you idiot!

    • Ted Crawford

      Peter, if you are truly an invester, as I am also, then you must be reading what the researchers involved have stated. They estimate that, given the current rate of tech. advance, for alternative energy sources to be able to provide 50% of the Nations energy requirements will require two to three decades of advancement.
      What could occure, and I hope it does, is an unexpected break through. The fly in that ointment is that the governments own civil engineers state that a similar timeline will be required to bring our electrical infastructure up to snuff to handle the volume and methods of generation!
      Green Energy is a very good longterm investment, not a short term one. It becomes even longer if we devastate the current economy for the projected advantages of some distant economy! We might remember that R&D is finded by our current economy, the better it is the faster we get to the future one!

    • chow

      Solar and green energy has been around since the beginning of time but no one can perfect it to be efficient, if it can be done someone would have done it already without government subsidy.

      all the technologies we enjoy were invented by individuals without government help because they know if they can get it to work efficiently they can get wealthy. On the other hand everything subsidies by the government ends worthless but lined up the pockets of the so called researchers and companies they work for. Just look at GE and Jeff Immelt.

  • Al Sieber

    It’s all lies, “Smoke and Mirrors”, they all lie and we believe it, and when we don’t any more they find ways to make up new lies. our economy is in the toilet, and it’s been flushed, and we keep printing up money like the toilet paper it’s gonna become. since 2001 42,000 factories have closed down for good, 19.3% of the workforce is either unemployed, or underemployed, over 43 million people are on food stamps and China produces most of the solar components. so all it is, is another fairy tale.

    • Dan az

      Hey Al
      Feel better now? lol

      • Al Sieber

        Yeah Dan, but I forgot to say after “it’s a fairy tale”, and Obama’s the Pied Piper. how’s the weather? my kid”s in Flagstaff this week, he was here last weekend helping me change the ram seals in my backhoe, what a job. he’s a diesel mechanic for Waste Management in your area. I told him where you work, he lives in Williams. how’s your economy? I create my own work, don’t rely on the Govt., except for permits which costs some money.

  • CJM

    What a stupid energy plan Obama has curried up–he exchanges oil for water; what will the fool do once there is a water crisis due to the excessive use in fueling automobiles and other modes of transportation? Water is already endangered, but Obama plans to endanger it even more. I suppose he has forgotten one small, but major, thing in this plan: people need water to survive; without it, we haven’t a prayer! And what’s with all the “go green” garbage? So far, people have been seriously recycling for about 15 years and there have been NO new jobs stemming from that effort. Obama needs to get off his campaign mode, learn how to work (he is too used to having others work for him), and learn how to make decisions that make sense and have real thought behind them (he doesn’t know how–guess he missed the ‘A’ in his critical thinking class while in college). Well, what can one expect from an inept, illegally elected president (no, no cap here since Obama doesn’t deserve the title), who has much to hide from the American public.

    • 45caliber


      You can’t say there are “no” jobs created due to going green. It’s just that all of them are with the government – which does the rest of us no good at all.

  • nio

    A million electric cars will certainly align perfectly with the NWO ( their new TTC ( that is being constructed now so that America can get its precious commodities delivered. Don’t fret we will all be dead soon & the select elite will rule.

  • samuel welsh

    he is a dangerous liar
    new president now

  • Polski

    This is why I love forums/blogs. There are all these hilarious posts. A lot of people say things about people and actions they are too young to have been alive to see what it really was like. History books are dry, and biased, just like a lot of the posts on this forum. I personally think Obama is a bad president. I also think that Dubya was the worst president ever. Most of the presidents have been terrible or horrible. Most of the elected politicians are terrible or horrible. And I don’t care what labels you use for them. In his early years, Roosevelt did what he could to save the country, and it worked. But his health grew really bad in his 3rd term, and I think, affected him mentally. The fact that he had a 3rd term and started a fourth term was because the other options for President were even worse than him, and enough people thought he was doing a good job. Or maybe, just like Dubya and the Republicans, he “fixed” the elections.

    • chow

      Dubya was the worst president because you didn’t get your share of the loot because he used it in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s you only beef with Dubya. Meanwhile with Obummer you’ll getting everything you want, free health care, food stamps, union bailouts, food inflation, and don’t forget green energy jobs of components made in China and hire bunch of Mexican illegals to put it up in your piece of land.

    • CJM

      FYI: I am not some starry, eyed collegiate, but I certainly have been around the block more than once and know what I speak of via life experience. As far as who is the worst President ever? Obama may have that claim; Bush, in comparison, was far better. Others would say Carter was the worst, but even he outshines the jaded imposter in the White House today.

  • Mary

    Right on Babushska. Unions require too much, regulations epa and pay-back that is (not mine) the obama

  • jessica

    When Obama talks about more jobs, are they just Union jobs or for any hard working out of work American?

    • 45caliber

      Only union, of course. And only for those already working. After all, if someone is out of work, he obviously isn’t worth hiring.

    • bob wire

      YEA! and are they jobs for just Democrats or is there something that a Republican can do as well?

      Today the President speaks of jobs while our congress attempts to nibbles away with laws on abortion restriction.

      Smooth move Ex Lax.

      The Congressional schedule has them working only two weeks and off a week.

      The only good news is that 26 GOP junior congressperson have broke ranks and blocked the extension of HLS overreaching powers.

      SO my Tea Party friend, your efforts are being rewarded a little at a time.

    • CJM

      Seems to me he is talking about jobs to be imported to Indonesia and other parts of the world…you know, boosting the foreign nationals economy rather than that of the US.

  • William

    Just for Clarity,

    There are a few posting that believe the Federal government is the answer to creating growth, and Government spending is the solution, this is a false belief. Allow me to explain this economic wonder in laymen terms for Obama Supporters here.

    One must first understand that the Federal Government makes absolutely zero dollars, it manufactures and produces nothing. In order for the Federal Government to “spend” $1 dollar, it must first “Take” a dollar from a working American.

    America’s wealth is measured by our GDP (per se), and is currently estimated around 14 trillion dollars. Having said that, picture a swimming pool, full of water, and that level of water is our GDP, 14 Trillion Gallons of water if you will.

    Now if I were the Pool boy, and got a empty 5 gallon bucket, filled it up at the shallow end of the pool, walked around and dumped it back into the deep end of the pool, with the hope that my action is to change the overall level of water in the pool, you would deem me a complete idiot and explain to me, that taking from one end, pouring back into the other, does not change the 14 trillion gallon level.

    However, If Obama takes out 1 trillion dollars out of our 14 trillion dollar economy and “Dumps” it into another end with the Hope it changes the 14 trillion GDP for growth, his followers deem him a brilliant pool boy?

    Only the private sector creates growth, and growth in the Government is a negative effect on economies.

    Speaking of Regulations as some have posted, did you know that there are over 40,000 (Forty Thousand) Federal Regulations on a “Hamburger” alone since the late 70′s?

    Wonder what we did for all those years and how did we survive before then…… Some things I wonder about.

  • Ramon

    As far as I’m concern, he signing his own pink slip, with the recent 53 Billion dollar train set he’s begging for….

    • 45caliber

      He signed his pink slip with his first order, as far as I’m concerned.

      • William


        Are you referring to EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489 banning release of any of his records? Within the first hour after being sworn in? I wonder why that was his first order of business……(smile)

        • Randy G

          I think some people are worried that if it comes out Obama would be illegal as president & everything He signed into law would be null and void. The lay-offs included, since they could & get their jobs back.

  • 45caliber

    By Federal law, if you did come up with a new technology, you would have to hire an OSHA expert and an EPA expert before you could even think about starting a business. You would also have to get experts on the DOT and several other agencies too. Otherwise you break various regulations (laws created by non-elected politicians) and would be fined and/or jailed.

    Instead, what the feds have in mind is that you invent the new tech – and then THEY will sell it to some other country to produce and sell. You might get a pat on the back – but none of the money for it.

  • jmaruca

    Obama thinks we can be as competitive as any other country? Right, I know people who won’t get an honest job because they can sit around playing Xbox and drinking their unemployment checks away. We will never be as competitive when other workers will take a salary that most people would laugh at because they need to pay off all the dedt they owe to credit cards and other expenses that they should have never got themselves into. The dollar is losing value and probably close to 30% of the country wants some high paying job that they are not qualified for but won’t work at McDonald’s or landscaping because it doesn’t pay enough or the work is too hard. The people in this country need to wake up!

  • s c

    The way Obummer thinks, he’d consider outsourcing Congress if it would keep his sorry posterior in the White House. In a way, I could go for the idea, as Congress is basically worthless [aka "useful idiots are us"].
    As long as Obummer doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality, he will NEVER be able to create new jobs (government jobs DON’T count). Just like 2 years ago, Obummer didn’t have a clue. He has no clue today. Twenty years from now, Obummer will remain CLUELESS.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Thanks Chip “A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump.” What we have is a bunch of spoiled brats that have never worked a day in their life and they think they are now in a position to call the shots for everyone else. Sad to say that for the most part, this is what higher and now lower education is now turning out. I recommend that if you have a business, try not to hire the educated elite, unless it is to put them in a ditch with a shovel but be sure to only pay them by the foot. I find that common sense is more easily gained by the sweet of the brow doing hard work, rather than in a gym riding a stationary bicycle to nowhere. The Bible said that “if you don’t work, you should not eat.” Amazing what one will do for food, if they get hungry enough. Our nation may be about to find out.

  • L.M. Howell

    You people who think is doing great as presideent are nuts. He seems to want to do everything the Americans doesn’t want. If he is not satisfied with our country as it is why doesn’t he go back to the one he came from. It’s a crying shame heis trying to change everything.

  • Charles

    I agree with Joe Biden, they have acomplished more in two years than
    most have in 50 years. By the methods they used, or I might say Obama
    used, they should have acomplished a lot more. They should been able
    to completly ruin America by now. They used every crooked method
    known to man, bulling, bribery, lying, a debt never seen before in
    this country,and most of all they didn`t pay attention to what
    the majority of the people wanted or were saying. They acted like they were the only
    ones around. Nothing mattered, except the power that was given to them and they abused it. What was given to them can also be taken away and lot was in the 2010 elections. The rest will be taken in 2012. In desperation Obama sounds more like a Republican everyday.
    He knows he has to get back the Indpendent vote and the Deomcrats
    vote to win in 2012. I don`t think he will, the Independents are to
    smart and won`t get fooled again,a lot of Democrats know that this
    man and his thugs aren`t one of them. They did not bargin for the
    Progressives to take over their party. The true Dems. and the young
    Rep. who were voted into office have to work together to drive this cancer from our country The ( Progressives or another word for them,Marxist) Also the ( Socialists and Communist ) All you have to do is look at the people Obama brought to Washington with him and they are all still there.They were out in the open at first,now , he tries to hide them.Make no mistake,his goals are still the same. The fed. goverment take over of the American people. ( Transform America
    and spread the wealth.

  • 45caliber

    I don’t think John Myers can actually say that Oblama’s work is all about his own job. After all, he definately hired a lot of his friends as czars too.

  • Bruce Btotnov

    Perhaps it was mentioned, but Spain took aggressive approach to greening Spain and the result that for every job “created” for the green machine – FOUR jobs were lost. Now they are scrambling to stay afloat.

    • William


      That is a true factual report. Germany is in the same boat and sinking fast. For every 1 green job Germany created, it lost 2.3 jobs in the private sector. German claimed they were to lead the world by example in Green Technology by transforming 20 percent of its country into Green Tech. Now their unemployment is reflective of its goal, 20 percent unemployed.

      They too have realized how stupid they acted and like Spain, quickly trying to unravel their damage. It will be slow and painful. American politicians are too stupid to look at the failures of other countries and learn from it, such as Socialism, Green, and the likes. One jumps of the cliff, everyone else must follow thinking the end result will be different.

      • 45caliber

        Like most progressives, our politicians look at the failures of socialism and believe it is only due to the wrong men being in charge. And they believe themselves to be the right ones needed to make it work. And if they fail, it is due to the right and/or the other people in charge, never themselves.

  • Akillion

    I STILL find this amazing. Conservatives and “Right-Wing” nuts have run amuck in America’s “Free Society”. Damn near all right-wing rants and such are fact-LESS! It’s all theory and comparisons dating back to yesteryear where Obama would’ve only had the opportunity to be a “servant” as in teas, breakfast, etc. …and Palin would’ve been instructed to “sit and look pretty” instead of opening her mouth, because evrytime she does, she spews that high school level of political acumen. OUR SYSTEM IS F*CKED UP!Previous President’s, both LIb and COns, have kicked the can down the road and here we are, a guy who is trying to “fix” teh problem. Wealth has been redistributed over teh last 3 decades, distributed upwards. Why is it that CEO’s salaries have skyrocketed and the country hasn’t benefitted as a whole? Notice how they bring up the deficit, but Obama’s deficit INCLUDES BOTH of Bush’s wars that he didn’t put on the books. It is time for a new way of life. When will we get it that the staus quo will only be to our demise? Give me ONE Conservative Mantra that will help this country, just one. Taxes shouldn’t be cut, Tax LOOPHOLES, on the other hand should be decapitated. Warren Buffet should not pay less taxes(to scale) than his secretary, that’s just wrong. Now that the Cons. control the House, the ONLY thing they’ve done is push legislation to control abortions?!?! This is INDEED what the country voted for in last nov.

  • Doug

    I’m beginning to think we can’t use our oil because it is collateral for what we owe to the rest of the world. Makes a lot of sense to me. We probably are in a big hole on this one.

    • 45caliber

      I’ve been saying that for two years now. In fact, I believe that all off-shore oil has already been sold to China – Hillary’s first trip after Oblama became President. It was a bribe to get them to continue to loan us money. And I understand that China has a well drilled off the FL coast now (just on Cuba’s side of the line about 30 miles from Key West). And they are supposed to be drilling off the same site where the BP well had problems, again on the outside of our line.

  • William

    Speaking of Investment and Green, let’s review some good points and facts.

    If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines a couple years ago, you would have $49.00 today!

    If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in AIG a couple years ago, you would have $33.00 today.

    If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers a couple years ago, you would have $0.00 today.

    But, if you had purchased $1,000 worth of beer a couple years ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the aluminum cans for recycling refund, you will have received $214.00.

    Based on the above, the best current investment plan is to drink heavily & recycle.

    A recent study found that the average American walks about 900 miles a year.

    Another study found that Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That means that, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon!

    Makes you darned proud to be a Green American!!!

    • 45caliber


      I can see I’ve been investing in the wrong things. Thanks for setting me straight!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Now I know why I’m almost broke all the time I QUIT drinking!! I had it WRONG all the time!!! LOL!! BTW My daughter and I are still cracking up about that one! Thanks!!!

  • Dan az

    Obama is seeking to nationalize the U.S. financial system, the Federal Reserve Bank, and private sectors such as energy which would turn our country into a Communist regime. The Communist Party is lauding Obama’s efforts to nationalize these industries.

    • Obama desires to drastically raise the prices on energy, in order to force people to adopt alternative energy sources because of global warming propaganda. This would have a particularly devastating effect on lower and middle class families, causing rising prices in fuel, food, electricity, and manufactured goods, thereby straining paychecks even more. Obama seeks to do this through “government-created price signals,” that would drastically raise prices on Americans, and further regulate people’s lives through government control.

  • Howard R Gray

    True to form the President is clueless about wealth creation; socialists are all about allocation not creation. For them there never are enough revenues to allocate money to their friends in the political game. Job creation is just a way to justify further government expenditure. Paying off interest groups and lobbies are all that happens in the government, are we to believe that job creation will fall outside that motivation? Money comes in from those that create, it is then it is allocated to those that benefit the governing class, job creation won’t be any different.

    The idea central to the left is that there is an immoral bargain with reality that needs to be adjusted; those with talent owe their creative output to those that have none. Envy is the basic principle behind the whole edifice; those that have must give to those that have not. The problem is how much should be transferred the justice of such an idea never works out. There are ways to blur the distinctions here by advocating collectives, co operatives and corporations and nonprofits and so on. Within collectives there is always the tragedy of the commonality, some work and create and some sponge this is the human condition common resources are difficulty to allocate and are often over used or run out. Fairness is hard to achieve equality is impossible. Government allocating resources is always a problem, over use of money that they do not have true title to is the tragedy on the one hand, but to suggest that creation of wealth is at all possible on the other is absurd and from that to assert that economically positive jobs can be created is patently ridiculous.

    The political system has allowed the elite to over expend the resource “money” beyond any ability to create it, or bring about the conditions that allow wealth to form to replace what has been stolen, this is just another example of the tragedy of the commons. The government is the only corporation or cartel that has the power to be insolvent without bankruptcy and to engage in social burglary through taxes and other impositions to continue its business. The concept that positive job creation is within the gift of those that govern is absurd. Jobs created out of taxes are not constructive wealth creation they are expenditures not revenue in the commercial sense of that word, in short, no profit means no wealth, you don’t need double entry Pacciolian accounting principles to see that point.

    Does he deserve to extend his job?

    • 45caliber

      Speaking of everything in common: One of Clinton’s Goals 2000 educational program was “teamwork”. The teacher would assign the entire class some type of work such as math. The class would work together to do the homework, learning teamwork. To reinforce this, the teacher would take up ONE paper at random and everyone in the class would get that grade.

      The only problem was that the teachers (surprise!) discovered that if they did this, two or three students who wanted good grades would work on it while the rest of the class played. Then, when they finished, the rest would simply copy their work.

      The only thing the class learned was how to copy.

      Socialism does the same thing. They take from the producers to give to those who do nothing. Then they wonder why the producers are upset about it.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        They have learned what China did. You don’t have to innovate anything just copy the things that the world comes up with and produce it cheaper!!!

    • Dan az

      Howard and 45
      Know truer words have been said thanks!

  • Donel

    This statement brought to mind, somewhat same as Jim Rogers said, on Glen Beck’s program. Quote: HUNGER BRINGS INNOVATION,INVENTIV IDEAS. BUT NOT MADE HERE IN AMERICA! Unquote
    In words, keep America hungry, give China our ideas too.
    I am surprised Glen Beck didn’ catch this. He had Jim Rogers & David Buckner arrogantly proclaiming to be American because they pay Tax’s but live & spend their money in China.
    Buckner made his Billions in America, his excuse, his daughter would get better schooling in China.
    I see it as, he followed our money,to CHINA. They got our jobs, their cleaning us out of our money, for China to loan Obama, now as above statemet our idea’s too [QUOTE] THE WORLD WILL BE HAPPY TO BUY BLUE PRINT PROPRIETARY TCCKNOLOGIES! [unquote] Obama’s transformation.


    From what I have seen so far the RINO idiots like McCain and Ghram are going to help this dope get re-elected and the fiery speeches by the newly electeds is being squelched by the old guard in order to keep the status quo.

    What happened to representative government and the oppositions rights to speak out? Time to reform this bunch of cowardly bottom feeders and get a government back that worked according to the founders.

    • Dan az


  • john luckie

    I agree with Bob on all but one point. He made the statement about having a hard time disagreeing with Biden’s statements concerning Obama’s accomplishments without mentioning the fact that these ‘accomplishments’ were things that the majority of Americans did not want or need, things that would become an albatross around the American people’s neck and some that would outright endanger our country. And, speaking of FDR’s many accomplishments, there were very few that were actually beneficial to the country. I would not be flattered to be referred to as the most effective president since FDR.

  • http://com i41

    Why we don’t sell some of our massives oilreserves to pay off debts, it is contray to soros socialists and Onumnutts master plan. Then they couldn’t destroy the USA. China would not have us under their thumbs and we would destroy the diaper heads and other dictators like another admirer of Onumnutts, Chavez would crumble. Just ask your congress person what the hell we are not using our crude and why we are not selling it? The TransCanada Pipeline is stopped by Onumnutts and EPA, which would take our crude right to it. Instead of paying freight for muslim goat abusing sand n—-r land at a billion dollars a day, when we could keep the money here? Ask any pus brained Congress person for an answer. We have more than 500 billion barrels of crude in Baaken-Williston Basin where the pipeline is supposed to going in. Rocky Mt. has over 2 trillion barrels we have known about since 4-2006 from the Stansberry Report. The big oil feild in New Mexico and western Az, where the last permitted refinery was supposed to be built. Which is out in the middle of no where but was stopped because EPA said there need to be a study of a “rare” jumping reat for 20 years. Whick was soon dispelled, its range went from up in Canada to deep in Mexico. Why are getting screwed on paying for crude when we have plenty in the USA we don’t need to go out in the water, when the gulf drilling was stopped, severl thousand people were put out of work. The jug eared, purple lipped jackass, marxist muslim doesn’t need another term and should be shipped back to prison for impersonation of a citizen and corrruption.

    • 45caliber

      They have already sold it off as bribes. So we only “own” the reserves on paper.

  • Bob

    It amazes that people are still arguing over whether Barack Obama is legally qualified to be president. What difference does it make at this point when, it certainly isn’t going to be possible to do anything about it in the next two years and, unless the majority of voters are willing to be fooled twice in 2012, our worst or 2nd worst president, depending on whether you put him or Bush 2 down as topping that list, won’t be re-elected because he and everyone surrounding him is simply incompetent to the task.

    Hopefully, instead of someone who, after his election was approached by Republicans to talk about compromise programs, answered, “Elections have consequences, I won,” or his predecessor, who after winning his second term said, “I’ve got some political capital now and I’m going to spend it,” the country will see fit to elect someone who is not as arrogant as these two bad apples , and willing to take a more measured approach instead of simply going knee-jerk into panic mode throwing trillions of dollars at problems at problems in poorly designed efforts to solve them.

    • 45caliber

      Actually, it is Oblama or Carter who is the worst. The problem is that most of the people who list Bush as the worst are too young to remember Carter.

    • Dan az

      I laughed when they said clintoon was going to run twice,I said noway in hell people are that dumb.At least this time I will say that this bozo will never get on the ballet,because he would have to show his BC its the law here and many other states.

  • Harry Sothern

    The only jobs Obama cares about are Union jobs. The union thugs with their crooked money are the ones that helped get him elected. Look at who gets waivers from the Obamacare Nightmare – it’s the union companys employees. All the private employers and their workers must live by the rules and regulations that he put in this “healthcare” disaster, just like the rest of us have to.

    His double-talk doesn’t fool me – watch his traitorous actions and you see the true Obama.

    Wherever he was born, he doesn’t belong in the White House as the leader of a free nation.

    • Scott

      Point well made concerning the Unions and their connection to the Obama administration. It is time for the American people to tell the Unions to get lost. Get rid of rediculous Union wages and protections and let the Business owners set wages at levels that don’t drive the cost of their product beyond what the market can bear. Union’s and their over-the-top demands for higher wages, more benefits, and more control are one of the primary reasons that many companies are leaving the U.S. and relocating to countries with cheaper wages and fewer restraints.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      H*ll yes Harry S, we have to save those Unions jobs, they’re the majority of Progressive votes(I hesitate calling them Democrats, since they’ve been taken over by the Progressives & Soros)!

  • http://! Angel Wannabe

    agreed !14__but tarred and feathered for the impersonation of The POTUS!_-I cringe even further when his liberal media, tries to HIJACK Reagan’s Legacy & compares Obama to Ronald Reagan, I have to LMAO because that’s just crack headed statements on steroids. Reagan wasn’t perfect either, but by d*named he “loved this country!”
    EVERYTHING done is Washington anymore is ALL about politics. Nothing is done for the good of the Country or the people. They Legislate, and we’re left to go by the legislation, be it good or bad. The only thing growth I see in America right now is the corruption. Politicians have everything down to a science, from taking out the small farmers in favor of GM Monsanto,to squeezing off the potential to produce our own oil, to the taxing the entrepreneurs so high, it cost less to work for someone else, rather than trying to build a life on an idea and in business.
    I’m a fairly optimistic person, I’m sick and sad as h*ll to see what America’s become.
    I hope your happy Washington, I hope your happy with the power you’ve taken from us. What is left to want Washington, you have the power to destroy everything, and your doing a fantastic job at it? What will you think while your looking out from your mansions and all you see,is miles of shacked row homes, eventually we’ll all be in the same boat, in the poor house__Will a smile cross your face?
    After that, what more could you want? I’m not gonna say what should happen here, the Lord is still Lord, his wrath will be enough, when the time is right. Its Sad_just damn Sad.

  • Another Voice

    At least President Obama is trying to tackle the real problems facing our nation. The Republican leadership has zero solutions. All they have done since winning a majority in the House is to crank out ridiculous abortion bills.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      AV__Er_ yeah……when Obama gets his halo from all the GREAT problems he’s tackling, let me know, I’ll buy him a $1.50 draft and we’ll celebrate!

    • Frank

      “At least President Obama is trying to tackle the real problems facing our nation.” Oh? By doing what? Allowing our country to be taken over by people who have no right to be here? Selling our country down the river to foreign entities. Muslin takeover. Arabic being taught in Texas schools? How is that tackling the real problems of this country.
      If he wants to tackle the real problems he would stop spending out tax dollars until the budget is brought in line. He would not allow his “wife” to gallivant around the globe on “vacation” at our expense while we have to tighten our belts to make ends meet. In my opinion example starts from the top. He and his family are poor examples in trying times.

    • Scott

      And yet another die-hard libtard without a clue. The first thing the Republican/conservative element did when they took their seats was to push forth a bill to repeal “Obama-care”. Granted, it was delayed by the shooting in Arizona, but they did get it through the House, just like they promised they would. So what do the Democratic Leftists do? They state that they aren’t even going to allow it onto the floor of the Senate for a vote.
      And when they did move it to the floor, after a couple of weeks of public outrage forced them to, what happened? Several Democrats who are up for re-election voted to repeal it. A typical case of CYA on their part.
      The point is this. The Republican/Conservative Right has at least tried to do what they promised during the campaigns. Unlike Obama and the Democrats, who as soon as the election was over turned a deaf ear to the American Public and simply proceeded with their progressive adgenda despite what we the people wanted.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      and BTW__Another Voice, those ridiculous abortion bills you so nonchalantly spoke, may save countless of babies.__Obviously human life means nothing to you___You sir are a jerk!!

      • Karolyn

        What about the women who will be forced to go underground AGAIN for abortions? What about their lives?

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Karolyn, I don’t wanna hear it! There is no need for the amount of unwanted pregnancies there is, its p*ss poor responsibility & plain laziness on the womens part, with all the birth control methods on the market. PICK ONE and use some common sense or learn how the hell to say NO!.
          Abortions aren’t meant to be used as birth control!!!__You won’t get anywhere with me on this topic!_-There is no need for all these abortions!__nuff said

          • kate8

            Angel W – You got that right.

            Karolyn – You want an abortion? Go ahead, but PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. There are a great many of us who want no part of it, and we are not morally obligated to pay for your lack of personal responsibility.

            In spite of what you liberals espouse, we are MORE than animals with no control over our urges. Amazing how much more careful people are when they are held accountable. Sometimes they even grow up.

          • karolyn

            I agree with you, and I have had many conversations with my black female coworker about what the reason is that these women keep having babies. It’s not necessarily for the money, because here in SC the money doesn’t flow so easily. She has a daughter with 2 “illegitimate” kids who can’t get anything. It’s a psychological issue more than anything. Many of them have the babies thinking they will keep the man. It comes down to breaking the cycle.

            I’m the first one to shake my head when I hear of another pregnancy by a woman with a few kids. There are no easy answers. Either you wan t people to have the freedom to do what they want with their own bodies, or you want government to legislate against abortions or to force them to take birth control or to be sterilized. Do you conserbvatives what total freedom or not?

            As far as the government subsidizing abortions, I don’t agree with that.

        • http://deleted Claire

          If women are in dire straits, why do they get knocked up in the first place? Are they too damn dumb to use birth control? If I were in charge–all women that were on welfare would have to be on birth control, no ifs, ands, or buts. If they refuse to be on birth control, then no welfare checks. If they get pregnant anyway by refusing to take birth control, then they are on their own. Literally, no more fun and games and no more welfare. It is a vicious circle, a lot of women keep having babies to get more welfare money.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Wells said Clair and Kate!!

      • karolyn

        We all have to die, Angel. I believe if those souls want to come back, they will. The realm in which souls exist is a hell of a lot better than life in a physical body!

        • kate8

          Karolyn – Yes, we all have to die sometime. It’s just better left to natural forces, rather than murder.

          I know progressives don’t believe the unborn count as human, but I suspect that idea is more a convenient justification than a truth. God is Life, and if there is life, there is God. Scripture condemns the sacrifice of children, and holds great consequence to those who do, to the point of destroying the nation which condones it.

          I don’t believe government should legislate what a woman does (but I think government needs to get completely out of our lives). It depends on whether one considers it murder of a human life, and it seems some doubt that. In any case, at some point we all get held accountable for what we do. We reap what we sow, whether we believe in it or not.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama

  • Az Apache Native

    Folks, it does not matter who is in office or what group is supporting the puppet, left or right…the puppeteer is the same. USACorp can put anyone into office they desire because they are all actors; O’Bummer and Company DO NOT REPRESENT ME! THE REPUBLIC IS RESTORED! See: and I challenge all of you to get involved…really get involved. The Republic needs you now! Want Freedom? Real Freedom? Stop talking and start chalking! Peace be to you my Brothers & Sisters.

  • http://com i41

    Karolyn, as for women going underground for abortions, quit flat backimg and if they want to lope the lizard, get married or take up jogging alone. Think before riding and be sure to buckle both cinches tight. There is plenty of safety measures, so don’t act so damn dumb. Easiest way to stop abortions is to hold the sires of these unwanted children responsible to support until they are 26, the magic age of becoming adults acccording to progressive democrats. If they don’t comply remove all offending appendages and steralize the dams.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      !41, you said it better than I did! :)

    • kate8

      i41 – I can hardly stop laughing in order to type to congratulate you on that one.

      I would never have come up with that in a million years. You deserve the prize for the top post of the day! Way to go.

    • karolyn

      Sure, you can simplify the problem by just telling them to say “no” but that ain’t gonna happen. It’s not realistic. Being hardass won’t change anything. What about rapes? Many of the “pro-life” people wouldn’t even allow abortion in the event of rape! If we hadn’t had all the abortions we’ve had over the years, our population, and economy, would be even worse than it is. The State has no right to tell people what they can or can’t do with their own bodies. Isn’t this is conservative view? You can’t have it both ways.

      • kate8

        Actually, Karolyn, they’ve simply replaced the people lost through abortion with immigrants from the third world. This was the plan, anyway, to dilute and degrade our American culture.

        People behave like animals more now than they ever have in America, because our moral foundation has been broken down. Sex is advertised and encouraged as an entertainment sport. Sure, we had unwanted pregnancies in the past, but nowhere near the percentages we have now. Abortion is looked at as a form of birth control. Another message that human life has little value.

        Our children are taught to indulge their urges and passions without giving thought. No need to worry about accountability or consequences, because BigBro will step in and fix it. In fact, why even worry about being responsible for anything? BigBro has a monthly debit card for you. Isn’t it great?!

  • American Citizen

    As for liberals and progressives, it’s amazing how logical thinking becomes illogical when done by a committee. Liberal elites are the most hypocritical people in this country. Hollywood elites are the worst, being fans of Noam Chomsky.

  • Stuart Ashley

    Facts clarify. Logic helps. Here’s the facts:
    We are at 5% renewable energy. 3% of this is old hydro. 2% is new solar and wind. All the rest is petroleum, coal, and nuclear. These latter are finite and will run out eventually. Historically it has taken about 50 years to fully exploit a new energy source.
    Here’s the logic: Maybe we could speed it up under emergency conditions, but it is going to take a long time to get from 5% to a majority renewable energy. If we penalize traditional sources of energy now, we are chopping down the bridge that can get us from where we are to where we want to be. We need to pull out all the stops. This means develop renewable sources of energy as fast as it can be efficiently done. And exploit all available conventional sources of energy. Buying foreign energy is killing our economy. If we insist on turning off the conventional sources of energy for whatever reason (“They are dirty”. “It will force renewable energy to be develpoed”.), we will be freezing in the dark for a long time. I am a retired mechanical engineer. I was a Licensed Professional Engineer in B. C., Canada and the State of Alaska. I have worked on utility, petroleum, manufacturing, transportation, waste heat recovery, energy conservation, school, and hospital projects. I have worked on wind generation projects. I have installed solar panels on our house, and the electricity produced heats our house via a heat pump. You can see that I am not anti-renewable energy. You need to know these things in order to evaluate my comments.
    Cheers! Stu.

  • Bill
  • Hedgehog

    in one of his video’s in his own words “someone that conceals things has something to hide” And to go on, His birth certificate, his college records, where he really came from, and what he is really trying to do to this nation. Obama has locked up and concealed all of these records and is paying many attorneys to keep these records secret. Obama along with the aid of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi twisted arms and had closed door meetings to pass a health bill that the majority of the citizens of this country does not want and apparently nobody has read completely.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    The title “It’s All About Jobs — His Job!” is exactly right!! His job, along with those of his czars and many democraps who unfortunately survived the midterm elections 3 months ago. I also read on (Strategist Cook: Obama Re-election Pivots on 8-9% unemployment Tuesday, 08 Feb 2011) that if the unemployment rate is down around 8%, BHO’s chances of re-election could be good, while a rate around 9% could mean victory for virtually any GOP rival. People should pay close attention to this. 8% is still too high. And BHO was wrong when he said the stimulus/porkulus bill would keep it no higher than 8%. It’s been well above 8% for the nearly 2 years after the porkulus bill passed!! Also, even if it does fall to 8%, let’s be wary. These democraps CAN manipulate figures!! McCain is a more liberal leaning wimp and clod, but I’m sure if he had won on 11/4/2008, unemployment would be well below 8% by now. Despite all the ‘Blame Bush’ drivel, we must remember that unemployment during his tenure was lower than 8%, especially before the democraps won back Congress in 2006. And again I have to say that if unemployment should fall to 8% by next year, it will be because businesses are confident in the new GOP House’s ability to stop the advancement of BHO’s Marxist agenda. In other words, any improvement in our economy over the next 21 months will be despite BHO, NOT because of him. Thus BHO deserves no credit!! WAKE UP AMERICA!! Don’t believe anything BHO reads off his teleprompter. Just look at what he’s done over the past 2 years – turning a normal cyclical recession into a disaster!! The past 2 years have brought the longest period of over 9% unemployment since the Great Depression!!

  • Pete

    I have to disagree with John Myers on his optimism – specifically on the green scheme. Carbon credits are a racket. Any SANE electorate would vote Obama out in 2012 …

    I’m pessimistic that the American people will vote out Obama in 2012.

    Wall Street will have a new game (derivatives use to be “in”) and its carbon credits. Wall Street hires and fires Presidents by influencing, via propaganda, the electorate on who to vote for AND limiting the choice of candidates.

    SO in my honest opinion Obama will be elected in 2012, Wall Street will retain (not fire) Obama in 2012. Al Gore will get richer.

    If you have a factory or business, put them solar cells in. You’ll save mucho dinero and you won’t be supporting carbon credits.

  • Solar731

    WE need to work hard to get rid of Obama- and find a person with strong conservative values and an understanding of the constitution. He has really harmed our country and his administration is a very non-tranparent one filled with radicals called czars, many with very strange ideas about how to control us. Since when have we as a country had czars? If anyone has read his book – he is very clear about his plan for America- he wants to STOP our exceptionalism and increase the control of the government over everything and everyone. He has done nothing good for our country since being in office. How dare he and the Dems put through a health plan and never read it. This is as anti-constitutional as it gets. What made America great is the power of the individual and the gains each person has the opportunity to make or become. Self-actualizing is NOT about taking what belongs to another as yours- it is about setting goals and dreaming dreams as to what to become. Our politicians have forgotten this because of all the special interests that have truly destroyed this great country. I am convinced that both term-limits and a flat tax would put an end to 90% of our country’s problems. The problems in our country are not about being broke- yes we are truly going down but if the reins were loosed and individuals had the freedom, the entrepreneurs could create jobs and change the economy overnight- but not with carbon tax, and power grids and no drilling on our shores or busineses having to worry about the percent of taxes levied on them to hire an individual or giving money to our enemies- these things will keep us weak- just like our current president appears to the entire world!

  • Charles

    Right on

  • Charles

    Our good friend,George Soros, is now over in in Egypt promoting
    The Muslim Brotherhood,who claim they are non violent. What is known,
    Humas is part of the Brotherhood,which is very violent.He also, is in the Palistein territories setting up a equity fund to have the money
    to meddle in the middle east. Where their is trouble in the world,
    you will find George.When ever he sees the chance of bringing down a goverment or transforming a goverment such as whats happing in the US here comes George. He backs anyone who hates America and our way of life.This is Obama and George is right there to help him out.Transform
    America and spread the wealth as long has it isn`t his.

  • Pete

    With all the rampant unemployment happening in this fair land, do YOU PEOPLE really want to add one more ? Oh the humanity of it all !!! How could you wish the misery of unemployment on even your worse enemy, the literal h. e. double toothpicks of looking for a new job !

    How could any of you even consider laying off poor Barry in 2012 ?

    You ought to be ashame – you pharisitical hypocrites ! You mean REPUBLICROOKS !!!

  • Hyperborean

    It is quite possible that the REAL majority of U.S. citizens have been aware of our federal government’s self-serving, blind obedience to “The Machine” for years before this effete buffoon took office. Barack “Bruce” “Barry” Hussein Obama is the biggest joke played upon this nation’s people in all history. Now with Obama’s full approval, Egypt through radical interference from a citizen of the U.S.A, has deposed Mubarak, who served 30 yrs. without dissent. VIOLENCE and ANARCHY from the left has ushered in Islam for Egypt’s future government, wait and see. Therefore; it would be a simple thing for us, as “the voice of the people” to take to the streets and demand Obama’s immediate resignation! We would get the same results as Egypt, right? Ha! We would be jailed, beaten, shot. You see, in all foreign countries the citizens have a duty to depose an unjust leader, but right here our right-thinking citizens labelled as “losers” and largely ignored. Who is serving whom?

  • Charles

    Hey Ronald Johnston,
    What has Obama done for you lately?

  • http://google mike b.

    Ive got a great idea about the next job for Hussein Obama. President of Egypt. He is a mooslem, looks like a pharoh and is proud of Hamas and Iran. Hussein Obama is a THUG!!!! He needs to be voted out or thrown out with a coup. He is goona invest, uhh spend, your money on criminals and illegal immigrants. Hope and Change.

  • Carl S

    Carl S. Says:

    Obama desire for a million electric cars is another terrible way to waste energy.

    How To Waste Energy

    One method would be to use a battery operated vehicle. The typical generation of electricity from thermal sources provides a maximum efficiency of 30 to 35%, so the other 65% of the thermal energy has generally been thrown away before the electricity is available. When a battery is charged, there are losses in the charging circuit and in the charge / discharge efficiency of the battery. There are additional losses to convert the electrical energy from the battery to rotary energy. Therefore the resultant efficiency from the thermal energy to the rotary power to drive a vehicle is less than 10%, with more than 90% of the thermal energy literally thrown away, which of course adds to “Global Warming”. If a vehicle got 30 miles per gallon on gasoline, it would get less than three miles per gallon if used to drive it electrically.

    The use of Ethanol not only wastes energy , but also helps deplete our valuable water supply. First of all, the manufacture of ethanol requires about the same amount of energy to produce as it provides. For every gallon of ethanol used, an equal amount of energy has already been thrown away. It also takes about 1000 gallons of water to grow enough corn to produce one gallon of ethanol and then another four gallons of water to actually convert the corn to a gallon of ethanol. Fresh water will be the next major problem to face. Adding 10% ethanol to gasoline effectively reduces the energy in that gallon by about 4% which would be reflected in fuel mileage.

    Another method to waste energy is to use electricity for heating purposes such as water heaters, clothes dryers, cooking stoves, etc. By using the heat source, such as gas, oil, propane, etc. directly, could save most of the 65% of the heat energy normally thrown away in the generation of electricity.

    • john t regrut sr

      correct on all counts

  • john t regrut sr

    what an ugly person he is…. he was placed [bullshit] at #7 as 1 of the best presidents. i do not think so. he is ugly in everything he does.. including the way he looks the halfbreed malaka.. also all of his followers…get them all out of our country..

  • john t regrut sr

    no wonder he wants to take control of internet to get rid of a lot of negative feedback toward his ass. i condemn the dems that elected this idiot.


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