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It Isn’t Racist If It’s Right

November 20, 2012 by  

It Isn’t Racist If It’s Right
U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied about Benghazi, Libya.

Let me get this out of the way first: By thinking (much less typing, proofing and emailing) the following remarks, I’m a racist. Most of you who read it are racist as well. I know this because the Democratic Party says so. Granted, the Democratic Party and its corporate media minions say that about anyone who doesn’t think and do exactly what they’re told by, well, the Democratic Party. But, according to the Democrats, that’s immaterial.

Criticize President Barack Obama and/or his accomplices for whatever disgrace they’re currently visiting upon the Nation, and you’re a racist. Since I’m writing today about the latest developments in the Benghazi, Libya, scandal (which has deservedly enveloped the Democrats of late), I’m fairly certain I qualify under the liberal strictures on the subject. In fact, far less conservative fellows than I have earned the slanderous sobriquet from Obama’s horde. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), who is to conservatism what cough medicine is to good scotch, found himself tagged as the latest to suffer the baseless charge by an Obama machine. Last week, McCain and some of his Senate colleagues joined the chorus of people leveling criticism at U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice for her repeated lying about the source and progression of the murders of four Americans in a Libya torn apart by Obama-backed strife.

Backed by a cohort of shrieking liberal harpies at a Friday press conference, Representative Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) said: “There is a clear sexism and racism that goes with these comments being made by unfortunately Sen. McCain and others. And I strongly stand by that statement.”

Fudge, who is the incoming chairwoman of the racist-by-deed-and-definition Congressional Black Caucus, is welcome to stand by whatever statements she wishes. Since she’s a Democrat, the statements by which she stands don’t even have to be true. But she wasn’t finished, making a number of similarly false barbs about McCain — even working in some meaningless attacks on McCain’s nearly six-decades-past academic career. At no point during her ridiculous rant did she even approach the undeniable fact that Rice, along with the rest of the Obama Administration, spent weeks brazenly lying to the world about Benghazi.

Fudge and her wacky friends in the estrogen army are hardly alone in trying to cover the increasingly appalling post-Benghazi cover-up. Obese multimillionaire and Democratic icon Michael Moore put down the Twinkie to tweet: “Yo! McCain — The ‘attacking women strategy’ didn’t go so well last Tues, did it? So now this week, let’s try ‘attack the black woman’! #Rice”

Yo! Fat, rich, white guy — Where was your outrage when liberals launched a series of racist attacks on former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice? Did you leave it at the dessert buffet? #RealRice.

Obama himself actually abandoned the back nine to shake his fists thusly: “If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me.” Hold your questions until the President putts out, though.

Rice lied repeatedly. That doesn’t make her stupid. Surrounded by an Obama Administration in which lying is apparently a job requirement, it doesn’t even make her particularly remarkable. While Democratic attempts to besmirch her critics with the venerable smear of racism are similarly unremarkable, they are absolutely stupid and somewhat offensive.

Real people have suffered, and they do and will suffer under the yoke of racism. As I write this, the racist attempts to steal the election from Representative Allen West (R-Fla.) have yet to reach a resolution. Across the Sunshine State, so-called “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman’s fate hangs in balance following a Presidentially endorsed lynch mob’s attempt to murder him the way Islamofascist terrorists murdered the Benghazi four, albeit with fewer rocket-propelled grenades. (I’m guessing at that last one. I wouldn’t be stunned if race pimp Al Sharpton got his hands on a B-40.) To point out an already established fact that Rice lied isn’t racist. It’s right.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Opal the Gem

    Now Ben let’s not criticize our Glorious Leader. After all he is without fault and if you don’t believe it just ask Karolyn, Flashy, or eddie and they will set you straight.

    • B rian

      hahahaha! Ok guys…. Now that you been preemptedly abused…. Retaliate by using facts backed up by refrences…. And see if you can do this without attacking people, and see if you can become part of a genuine conversation! One where your point of view can be taken seriously, and you have a shot at realistically swaying and challenging other opinions! The attack and belittle strategy only closes people off to your ideas….. Link a reference to your ideas so the facts and figures can be known! Make it easy!

      I think this….. Here is my reference to back it up! See…. It’s easy!

      • Robert Smith

        Let’s see… There were twelve terrorist attacks on U.S. dipl9omatic facilities abroad during Bush’s terms. The MOST of ANY President in history.

        Eight were under Rumsfeld. 12 attacks, 53 deaths.

        Where is the investigation and the outrage from that?


      • Dave67


        This is what conservative extremists do… Just invent outrage to get the crazies all stirred up.

        The Democrats did not go at Bush 5 days after 9/11 or when 53 people died at our embassies on Bush’s watch. But I guess they are not the political whores conservatives are.

      • Paul Wells

        B rian,

        I think your challenge to not “attack and belittle” lasted only as long as your comment did. And please do note those doing the attacking and belittling!

      • Toni Dupont-Mora

        HM! that seemed to work quite well during the presidential campaigne

      • Jana

        As Vicki said in another post,”The Lebanon embassy killing happened in milliseconds not hours. As fast as our military is, they are not THAT fast.

      • Vigilant

        RS says, “Let’s see… There were twelve terrorist attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities abroad during Bush’s terms. The MOST of ANY President in history.”

        Let’s see, RS…in which one or more of those attacks did the administration botch the explanation for the attack for purely political reasons?

        In which one or more of those attacks did the administration send a clueless lackey to the media because the people responsible for the lies were too cowardly to face the music?

        Lastly, what did any one of those attacks have to do with the subject of Mr. Crystal’s article?

        When in doubt, you and Dave67 change the subject, eh, RS? Hint: the article covers the kneejerk race card deployment, not an apples and oranges comparison of “attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities abroad.”

    • eddie47d

      Considering that Ben admits “he is a racists” yet over time he has called anyone on the other side racist really clears the air doesn’t it? Opal is nothing more than a streetwalker for the right and has never debated the pros and cons of anything. Opal was an angry old woman before Romney was defeated so I really don’t expect anything less from her now.

      • Mikey

        Yep, Ben is a racist. Just like Bob here:

      • http://comcast the fisherman

        You can not accept the idea that the race is over and now ry to citicize another .And they say no one is racist. Suck it up Robert,you must be a redneck pickerwood.

      • JeffH

        The Obama “DoDo bird” says “Considering that Ben admits “he is a racists”…”

        Of course one would have to comprehend what Ben said and I quote:

        “Let me get this out of the way first: By thinking (much less typing, proofing and emailing) the following remarks, I’m a racist. Most of you who read it are racist as well. I know this because the Democratic Party says so. Granted, the Democratic Party and its corporate media minions say that about anyone who doesn’t think and do exactly what they’re told by, well, the Democratic Party. But, according to the Democrats, that’s immaterial.”

        Now how does eddie know all this about Ben? It’s not because Ben said so. It’s because “the Democratic Party says so. Granted, the Democratic Party and its corporate media minions say that about anyone who doesn’t think and do exactly what they’re told by, well, the Democratic Party.”

        Small minds all!

      • duaner

        Typical of your spew eddie. You can’t say something worthwhile like all of the liberal pukes on this site. Ben is right. I have been called a racist by some people, but not by my black friends. They would probably cut you down like a sharp blade through the grass if they heard anyone call me a racist. So I submit that all liberals are racists because for the lack of anything substantive in the way of clear thinking to solutions to problems they resort to the race card every single time. Just like gault, robert smith etc. Why can’t you pukes just be civil and get off this site.

      • JeffH

        eddie certainly practices hi own brand of war on women by calling Opal a “whore”.

        “Opal is nothing more than a “streetwalker for the right” and has never debated the pros and cons of anything. Opal was an angry old woman before Romney was defeated so I really don’t expect anything less from her now.”

        He’s determined that Opal is a “streetwalker for the right”.

        I guess, based on eddie’s own commets and description of Opal, that eddie would have a terrible odor surrounding his head because he’s kept it buried so far up Obama’s Gluteus Maximus. I imagine that eddis could even tell you what Obama ate for dinner last night.

        If the camel once get his nose in a tent, the body will soon follow.
        – Saudi Proverb

      • eddie47d

        Opal makes streetwalker comments she gets labeled as such Mr arrogant Jeff H! If you don’t like it reign her in if you have the balls.

    • walter agard

      How come you did not say these things about Pres. Bush. The wrong that he did was right,and the right you’ve found with our President OBAMA is wrong?You are certainly a one sided person.

      • JeffH

        walter, how do you know he didn’t?

      • Jana

        We did.
        I wrote letters to Bush, I wrote letters to my congressmen. I wrote letters to the editors. The difference is, Conservatives believe in doing what is right, not just sticking with someone right or wrong.

    • larry ryan

      To call out Rice for lying isn’t racist, but I do think she wasn’t speaking her own words. I think she was and is just a patsy. She said what she was told to say by people to whom lying is as natural as breathing. Lying is the dems automatic go-to response. And if they are caught at it, it isn’t their fault for lying. It’s your fault for catching them at it.


    “Ben Crystal” – SIR, YOU ARE ON POINT!

    • Flashy

      On point only if Mr. Crystal wants to prove y’all are gullible and will criticize and spout off without any effort in thought.

      notice how quickly the theme is changing every time someone has a security briefing on what Benghazi involved? now…we have a bunch of angry white guys spouting off on “talking points” vetted by the security agencies and given by our UN Ambassador.

      Had Rice veered from those “talking points”, what the ramifications would have been are unknown. But that’s all that’s now under debate. There is far more to benghazi than the CIA and our security agencies are letting out. Stuff we shouldn’t know about in all probability.

      Think about it. Our Ambassador couldn’t have ordered more security for the Mission? yeah sure he couldn’t. Jeesh. two former SEALs and a contractor with CIA ties meeting with the ambassador? Al Qaeda wasting a lot of valuable assets in attacking the Mission?

      Think it through…there’s a lot of spook material there.

      And also…why aren’t y’all proud that for once…for once in a long long time…we had an Arab President APOLOGIZE to the US and pro American demonstrations in the streets.

    • Mikey

      Alfonzo warned us about this:

  • Harold Olsen

    If criticizing Obama and the scumbags in his regime is racist, then I’m PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM A RACIST!

    • duaner


  • B rian

    Im no racist….

    President Obama sent this woman out with a messege….. She did not come up with the explination herself…. She was the messenger! Is she guilty of lying or is she guilty of carrying a dramatically flawed messege by design, from the top source. To Obama she’s the perfect employee! If he says tell people the sky is pink….. And they do it….. Obama knows that this person is usable to him!

    Carney is the same way…. Watch that guy…… He looks so beat and dragged thru the ditch! He takes questions at news confrences and he looks so tired and wore out….. But he’s doing what is asked of him! Don’t talk about this, avoid that, deny this, change the subject on that! But whatever you do……. Don’t answer any questions! Look at him. He has to be thinking to himself…… “god I hate my job!”.

    Jay carney actually is a yes man! That IS his job! And now the president knows Susan rice will be a yes woman too! Just leave the defense to president Obama! It’s his message! His defense was….. You got it….. Race card on behalf of her, for her. Just to let you know there is an ongoing investigation…… Is there ever an ever suspenseful conclusion to these investigations? Lotsa investigations…. Where are the conclusions to any of them! That’s even a better defense than the race card! Notice Obama didn’t send out Eric holder on this same mission! He’s a dude and nobody believes a word he says anyway! He’d go on these 5 shows and claim executive privledge! “I’d like to tell you what happened in Benghazi….. But I can’t, so there!”

    The bottom line is that this is obamas messege! General petraus has a different idea as to what happened. And he came out and said….. Someone changed the talking points. Petraus overtly put these talking points in! And someone at the white house took them out! I’m sure there is an investigation…..

    Somehow….. Some way….. Somebody in the white house is trying to make Obama look bad! Or maybe…… It’s the president trying to make himself look “not-so bad”. Bottom line….. Don’t go after the employee…. Go after the employer….. In the end, that’s where the problem is going to be found anyway! The race card….. Is used to back up conservative folk….. They don’t want to be labeled!

    But I wanna personally request the conclusions to all of these investigations….. There is so much government transperancy waiting to happen….. And I’ve been waiting so patiently!

    • eddie47d

      Any administration needs to have a huddle before delivering mixed messages. Rice only said what she knew at the time but was too eager to give her opinion instead of digging deeper. Hardly a disaster but any misstep will be picked apart. Not everyone can be as devious as Karl Rove and his slick playbook so it does take all kinds. They “spent weeks” lying about Benghazi? Only in the minds of Republicans trying to win an election.

    • Robert Smith

      Actually the REAL crime was Bush getting Powel to spout the lies that got us into a war.

      Why didn’t the extreme reich question that?


      • johnC

        Actually several well known democrats spouted those lies as well, Ted kennedy, Bill Clinton,, Hillary Clinton etc. shali I go on …the facts actually point to both parties for the invasion of Iraq and the Congress with Democrat support passed the resolution to invade Iraq there are several videos on youtube with those very persons spouting why we are justified to Invade Iraq. So BOTH PARTIES ARE TO BLAME for that…and maybe they are one and the same just window dressing for the New World Order ….a phrase coined by Bush …but showing the actual sentiments of the people in power who act as puppets for their overlords the super rich elite George Soros and others

      • JCfromDC

        Bush’s real crime was letting Clinton Appointee & CIA Director George Tenet deliver the NIE that Saddam Hussien was the boogeyman… “It’s a slam dunk, Mr. President” in front of Powell, Cheney, Rumsfeld, plus others in the House AND Senate, who ALL bought into it and approved it, then denied it (John Kerry for instance). There’s plenty of blame to go around. Anyone with a sense (or knowlege) of History knows how our foriegn policy vacillates from Admin to admin… going all the way back to Jefferson.

      • Dave67


        BS… It was Bush that started the war talk, it was bush that in every speech after 9/11 used Saddam’s name, It was Bush that lied about Iraq’s nuclear program at the SOTU speech… Did Congress declare war on Iraq as the Constitution says Congress must?

        Bush is a warmonger with daddy issues and deep seeded want to increase the price of oil to make more money for his friends… follow the money.

        Don’t make excuses for what Bush and Bush alone started.

      • mary beardslee

        Qaddafi had spent 30 billion of weapons from USSR and China. The weapons were leaving Libiya. They had 30,000 Mapads and only 5,000 were recovered. The US gave 40 million to search for missing weapons and tracking there sources. Bengazi was where a lot of this was going on. Ambassador Stephens and Sean Smith were working with ground zero and executing CIA and State Dept. mission in tracking Qaddafi weapons. CIA was in on the information. Remember who controls the drone program. Then Paula Blackwell said ” next to the consulate was a rogue prison camp the CIA had.” She said CIA thought they were going after the prisoners there to get them out. There is so much more to the story that is classified and we will never know. My point is simple we will Never know the truth. So why are we wasting time on going after Rice who reported what she was told? I would think bye now we should be concerning ourselves with JOBS and the Deficit. I do not think she will be appointed Sec. of State–So children( and angry white men) in the House and Senate get to work on real issues.

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        AH now we get to the truth of this whole farce. It has been almost four years now. Bush hasn’t been gone long enough. Obama had control of both the house and the senate for two years to get done what he wanted to do and only gave us Obama Care in that time. Let us face the facts. Bush had only been gone for two years so it was his fault.COMMON SENSE. Obama has totally disrespected an ignored the constitution of this country for his whole term. Bush has only been gone for not quite four years so we can blame him for that also. COMMON SENSE. I have said for years now that the people of America get more stupid every day. To increase taxes on the ones that produce the jobs is going to get them to invest more money to boost the economy is the right move Oh well lets blame that on Bush also. COMMON SENSE. I don’t claim that Bush was great, he wasn’t. He has been gone for almost four years, has said nothing about Obamas policies so come on all you white folks let’s just blame.Bush for all of this administrations failings and that way they can’t say we are racist. This makes just as much sense as all the racist garbage this administration is putting along with the rest of their followers. FACT::: like it or not she lied and that is not racist, it is fact.

      • Steve E

        Blaming Bush is racist also.

      • Robert Smith

        Claimed: “So BOTH PARTIES ARE TO BLAME for that…”

        Nope. When the information going to Congress is lies they were responding to the lies.


      • Robert Smith

        “osted: “only gave us Obama Care in that time. Let us face the facts. ”


        How about getting BinLaden and getting us out of Iraq and saving GM?

        Remember, Osama is dead and GM is alive.


    • Nick Czudy

      this is a response to the author and everyone on this blog. After hearing from the senate committee with their meetings with Gen Petraous and CIA officials. they have verified that Susan Rice and Obama reported what they were given at the time. Just what they have been saying all along.
      This is why I did not vote for the Republican party. If only they would work with the same zeal and energy to actually doing something for the people and pass laws that will get the economy working again, as they do in trying to look for areas where they can win political points to smear Obama and associates. Really get a life! I was disgusted with the which hunt on Fast and Furious and also the time wasted trying to pin some stupid scandal here with Benghazi.
      This is the problem with the GOP at all levels. Do they think that we will re-elect them, if they happen to find some tid bit of a scandal? The problem is that the GOP would have done this coverup themselves if the sides were reversed. So naturally they think that the Obama admin would also do it.
      I have to laugh as well with the various states trying to obstruct the vote. the only scandal and voter fraud was the GOP hired consultants that were caught throwing out democratic voter registrations. Also there were voting machines that were found to pick Romney when the Obama button was pushed. By the way, Bain Capital had a vested interest in one of the voting machine manufacturers.
      All that I have seen in the last two years, is that the GOP are devious and will do anything to get elected and back in power. They will therefor assume that the Dem’s would also do the same and so they waste a lot of time and taxpayers money pursuing futile issues.
      GOP get over it. It almost looks like the Obama camp are angels and capable of no wrong. I would love to see this whole issue come to an end. and leave Susan Rice alone with this bull [expletive deleted] smear campaign.

      • Dale left coast

        “After hearing from the senate committee with their meetings with Gen Petraous and CIA officials. they have verified that Susan Rice and Obama reported what they were given at the time.”
        You must have been watchin MSNBC . . .
        What Petraous said was that the CIA memo to the WH blamed AL Queda for the attack in Benghazi . . . someone in the presidents circle changed it to the video talking point . . .
        Rice is a dope for knowingly putting herself in that position, especially since she is UN Ambassador and nothing to do with the issue. But I would bet Hitlery would not go.
        Are there racists today in America? You bet . . . but its not whitey, the crackers elected the O . . . its all the nons that are 98% of the racist folks in America today . . .

  • Dave67

    There is nothing to see here people. Rice was repeating what she was given as the latest intel from the CIA. The GOP are merely using the deaths of 4 Americans as a political tool.

    Shameful but typical of conservatives.

    • mari

      You’re a fool, Dave.

      • Robert Smith

        B rian said: “…. And see if you can do this without attacking people, and see if you can become part of a genuine conversation! One where your point of view can be taken seriously, and you have a shot at realistically swaying and challenging other opinions! The attack and belittle strategy only closes people off to your ideas….. Link a reference to your ideas so the facts and figures can be known! Make it easy! ”

        Observed right here: Looks like it’s the extremeright that can’t have a conversation.

        How can we trust them to lead America? Oh, that’s right the public didn’t and particularly the extreme of the extreme got voted out.


      • Dave67

        And you are an easily led tool of the extremists…

        Rice was merely given info by the CIA at the time…. There is no reason to “cover-up” anything.

        This whole thing is a made-up scandal by the GOP and extremist conservatives to hammer the president on.

      • Paul Wells

        dave67 go right up there and see what YOU posted right under B rian’s post:
        “This is what conservative extremists do” and “But I guess they are not the political whores conservatives are.” Pot, meet kettle! So don’t try to play all “they did it first” you playground bully!

      • Dave67

        Paul, can I get you a tissue for you and your fellow extremists? This is why conservatives will continue to lose national elections… manufactured outrage.

        Will you do and say anything for power? The answer for conservatives is YES.

      • Paul Wells


        No tissue needed here, just pointing out your extremism and hypocrisy. You don’t want a reasoned debate or rational thought, you just want to tear people down and cast aspersions about power, to make your point. You are worthless, you don’t add anything to the equation except more bloviating horse excrement, you truly are a useful idiot!

      • Dave67


        List my extremist views? If you can… Can you? Or are you talking out of your hind quarters yet again?

      • Dave67

        Here is the kind of scare tactics conservatives are engaging in… I just got this.

        “With President Obama’s reelection, the threats to your freedom, privacy, and wealth are expanding exponentially.”


        Paul, tell me what they are if you can… Give me all the threats that are happening now that didn’t happen in 2008 (Obama was coming for my guns… didn’t happen…. Obama was going to sink the stock market… didn’t happen… We are adding jobs, not subtracting jobs)

        Sorry Paul and the rest of the right wing loons…. Your BS just doesn’t hold water.

    • JC

      Oh there’s plenty to see here.
      The FACT that the White House denied help to these unfortunate people manning the Benghazi Consulate when both the CIA and the US Navy were asking for permission to go in…as they watched the whole event in real time…is a treasonous crime for which Obama as so called “Commander in Chief” should be tried by Courts Martial, and given the ultimate sentence….the same one he gave the Benghazi consulate.

      The Kenyan Imposter is a criminal and should be yanked from the White House so fast he leaves his shoes behind.

      • Robert Smith

        How much help did Bush give to those 53 who died on his watch?


      • Dave67

        I see your racism and extremism are alive and well JC.

      • JC

        Gee Dave, what Racism? Is that all you’ve got? (it is). Don’t worry about my impressions of the Kenyan’s race…I despise his White half as much as his Black half…because he’s a communist and a criminal imposter, not because of his color. Moron.

        And Robert, was Bush watching Americans die in “real time” and ordering US forces to back off. You’re another one for the moron files…

        The Kenyan is a criminal and should br tried as such.

    • eddie47d

      Its still disturbing how the Republicans and company are using these four deaths as political fodder to enhance their agenda. You make it too obvious! Yes mistakes were made but not deliberately. If the Right Wing really wants Obama’s head and are HONEST then Ronald Reagan should be tried in absentia and stricken from the history books.If we are using the same criteria- but will the RIGHT be honest about anything. In 1983 our Embassy in Beirut was attacked and 60 were killed including 17 Americans. Far worse than the Benghazi attack so if you want blood and revenge take a look at history and see your double standard. That compound wasn’t guarded as well as it should have been and was in a similar situation as in Libya. We know Republicans want to be fair and EQUAL (snicker!) so which disastrous event was worse and who should be punished the most JC? Here’s the icing on the cake JC, in that same year was the Marine barracks bombing in the same country just 6 months later. The compound was not as well guarded as the Beirut Embassy and 241 Marines were killed. The Benghazi tragedy wasn’t near as horrific as those two events in Lebanon and Ronald Reagan was not tarred and feathered as you are doing to Obama. He remained in office with little political fallout yet JC wants Obama’s blood. I personally think Republicans and the right wingers are hypocrites and very sick mudslingers and I’m being very polite in calling you out JC!

      • JC

        You’re still dancing around the fact that the kenyan was able to pass a death sentence on Americans and watch the event in real time. What is it with you Liberal Morons that makes you blind to just how callous and truly criminal the Kenyan’s administration is?
        Reality seems to evade you Zombies very conveniently doesn’t it?

      • eddie47d

        What’s the matter JC Reagan didn’t live in “real time”. Stop being an ignorant [comment has been edited]! Your despicable and creepy hatred is showing …seek medical assistance at the local sanitarium. !

    • Dale left coast

      Rice was given the modified version . . . 4 Americans dead . . . and the admin. lies like a sidewalk . . . after all O’bammy defeated the terrorists . . . is that why they had signs in many of the cities sayin . . . . “we are all Bin Laden NOW” ?

      • eddie47d

        Still haven’t heard from JC. Damn little coward!

      • JC

        Didn’t get enough attention as a little communist did you eduardo?

  • elba schmitt

    Susan Rice had the report of what was happening in Benghazi in real time, before the report was altered, thus she is a liar as well as her boss, Obama. She not only lied once, but 4 times. Shame on her. She is not fit to be Secretary of State. en schmitt

    • Flashy

      OK..what was the change? C’mon hotshot…what was the change? One word…from ‘consulate” to “:Mission’. that’s it..that was your big change.

      If i were the administration i’d let this play out some more and chuckle with glee. We just finished an election where the GOP was measured and found wanting. Exclusionary of minorities, women, anyone but hard core christian extremists, uncompromising and intolerant of any new ideas or thoughts. Quick to criticize and no plans for the future other than go backwards.

      Her job was to take talking points vetted by our security agencies and speak using them. Had she veered from the vetted talking points, she would have been disclosing against the security clearances…unfit for any security job. Had she veered from the talking points, she would have been interfering with whatever plans State was developing with another sovereign state…unfit for diplomatic office.

      Now? We have Susan Rice, a black woman with a long list of accomplishments, talented and skilled. And a bunch of angry white guys attacking her for doing her job talking using vetted points. wow…give ‘em more rope…

      egads…one has to conclude to be a supporter of the extremist right one has to check their brains in at the door…for not only are they not needed, they are viewed as a detriment. LOL

      • momo

        Flashy says: “Now? We have Susan Rice, a black woman with a long list of accomplishments, talented and skilled. And a bunch of angry white guys attacking her for doing her job talking using vetted points.”

        Vetted talking points that the White House changed to suit their narrative. At best Susan Rice is a dupe, at worst a willing conspirator.

      • Flashy

        Momo … your link says nothing. But that’s OK, neither do you. Now…pray tell, what were the ‘changes’ made to the talking point memo? C’mon…you can tell us the truth, it won’t hurt. The “changes” that are so important? One word…from ‘consulate” to “Mission’. That’s the big brewhaha on the “changes”…. huge eh?

        when you have something of substance to state…feel free. this last post doesn’t cut the mustard…

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        Flashy I won’t mention any names here but yours and mine. I have a friend who is in touch with people in the know and he says that Rice had the facts prior to going on television and that there was nothing in those facts that had anything to do with national security. The facts stated the the consulate was under terrorist attact and blamed no one for the action. Obama simply did not want the people to hear the word terrorist after he had claimed the war on terror was over .He feared it would effect him and the election. My source::: former C.I.A no you can not have his name for obvious reasons. One has to stand for something or they will fall for anything.It would seem that there are a lot of people that believe anything the government puts out. Here is another fact for you to digest, My representatives are from the planet earth, making them humanoid and if it suits their purpose they will lie to you, like it or not, really doesn’t matter to me for I have not said these things because I wanted to be your friend or change your mind, I said them because they are true and show good common sense, something few have in country.

      • Flashy

        I’m not calling you into askance, but a friend who heard from a friend? C’mon…really? And this friend is a former CIA who is in the know on bengahzi..and he spoke to you about what Rice knew?

        think that through. That high of connections and he’ll spill his guts on info ? Then he ain’t a former CIA guy “in the know’ if he’s that indiscreet.


      • momo

        Flashman, they changed terrorist attack, as the CIA stated it was, to spontaneuous attack because of video. Do you think a crowd spontaneously just whips out mortars and rpgs? Quit running your mouth and think about it….GEESH!

      • Dale left coast

        “Her job was to take talking points vetted by our security agencies and speak using them.”
        Her JOB is UN Ambassador . . . not spokesperson for the Admin.
        The Head of the State Dept should have spoken . . . but did Hillary refuse to lie?

    • Robert Smith

      “Susan Rice had the report of what was happening in Benghazi in real time,”

      elba, is there a reference for that or are you the one who is lying?


      • Jana

        Hmm, everyone is back to blaming Bush, but there is enough blame to go around. In 2002 when they could have gotten Bin Laden, Susan Rice played a big part in NOT getting him

        .From her bio:

        In a 2002 op-ed piece in the Washington Post, former Ambassador to Sudan Timothy M. Carney and news contributor Mansoor Ijaz implicated Rice and counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke in missing an opportunity to neutralize Osama bin Laden while he was still in Sudan in 1996. They write that Sudan and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright were ready to cooperate on intelligence potentially leading to Bin Laden, but that Rice and Clarke persuaded National Security Advisor Sandy Berger to overrule Albright.

    • Steve E

      Rice is just as stupid as any other Obama voter. She believes what Obama says is true. Just like an Obama voter. She shouldn’t be nominated because she has proven to be stupid for believing lies Obama tells.

  • Bill

    For lack of intelligent argument, throw out the race card

    • eddie47d

      Why did Ben do it then?


    here we go again,my no,1 pick is under fire from the ol nasty Republicans. This O’Vomit is the same ol song second verse.This twit lied as you told her to,looks like a Muslim hustler, an anti Jew anti conservative,liberal lover. and O’Vomit puppet.We want true Americans,not the mirror of Liberal,commie, Muslim thuggery of the duncecrats. We cannot loose our beloved America to anyone.

    • Robert Smith

      Youk says: “We cannot loose our beloved America to anyone.”

      Actually it is US who aren’t giving it to you. Either be an Americn or go someplace else.

      Remember, the right lost the election.


      • steven

        Are you flashy just using another name?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You are here on this site spouting nonsense because you know that you haven’t won a darned thing. You are more fearful than the posters you condemn.

      • eddie47d

        Do you think like Sgt York Nadzieja? You seem to agree with all his low life comments? Steven :Non Sequitur. Beyond lame and trivial!

    • Douglas C. Smyth

      And by the way: it’s lose, not loose. Maybe illiterate white people should go find another country, since you can’t seem to control this one any longer, and racist vitriol isn’t going to work.

  • Joe

    Yes, go after Obama. The lie is covering up something bigger. Ask Barak the following questions:
    Can we see a picture of the war room you were in with others while Bengazi was going on? Was anybody at the meeting by phone or other media?
    How long did the Defense and State Departments, FBI, CIA, stay at the meeting? Did they report as the attack was going on? How long was the meeting?
    You told them “Do everything you can to protect American lives”. Did they report back to you immediately with decisions? Did you tell them to? Did they deny the Seals permission to help rescue people? Who, What, When?
    Four Americans died. We need to get to the bottom of this.
    Why is everybody focusing on the UTUBE statement? Covering up the real story I say.

    • eddie47d

      Some good questions yet there were no Navy Seals to be dispatched in Benghazi. The two killed were Former Navy Seals and the CIA also had two Former Navy Seals working for them. I don’t see alot of lying more like weak responses from this administration. As Norm said below this has become nothing but “political theater”. Like in 1983 Lebanon a Civil War was happening and there were armed insurgents everywhere. The unexpected happened and we became too trusting of the locals.

      • Joe

        What did Obama do to protect the American lives? He “told” the other departments to take care of it and then went to bed? What kind of leader does that?
        Yes, they should go after him! He has asked for it! He watched this going on in real time? For how long? We don’t know. This is all he could do? Did he make the decision to not allow the former Seals to rescue the others? Or someone else did? Why? He lets some else make these important decisions? What happened to the “buck stops here”?
        Some of the people defending Obama seem to easily dismiss that four Americans were killed needlessly. Shame on you! What about their families? How would you feel if you were one of those Americans in the compound pleading for help?

      • Dale left coast

        Everything that transpired in the WH on Sept 11 is on the record . . . when the committee investigating this terrorist incident gets those records the truth will come out . . .
        Will this be on the same level as Watergate? I would suggest with 4 bodies, and a group in the WH that keeps telling different stories . . . it will be BIGGER ! ! !
        The O lied and Americans DIED . . .
        The last statement O’bammy made “was I gave them the go-ahead to help” . . . it will all be in the records . . .

      • Jana

        If they get the records. This admin. is not particularly forthcoming on anything. The first time he ran on transparency. He did not this time. He has NEVER been transparent about anything except he wants to turn this country into a Socialist country.

      • Robert Smith

        Joe says: “Some of the people defending Obama seem to easily dismiss that four Americans were killed needlessly. ”

        And how many needlesly died in the Iraq war?


    • Robert Smith

      From Joe: “Four Americans died. We need to get to the bottom of this.”

      57 died under the Bush rule. What about all of them? Have you forgotten them?

      Don’t you want to get Rumsfeld on a stand somewhere?


  • Norm

    When you have Americans living in embassies throughout the world, and the high degree of hatred for America that exists, this kind of thing is bound to happen.
    To personally blame the president, the secretary of state, and (of all people the) the UN ambassador for the tragedy is simply stupid.
    While it is a sad thing, it pales when compared to the deaths at the world trade center and the thousands of military personnel killed and maimed in the ensuing unwarranted invasion of Iraq.
    McCain’s attack on Ms. Rice is pure political theater and is disgraceful.
    With all the problems in need of addressing, to waste time and money trying to blame someone for this is nonsense

    • momo

      They’re being blamed for lying about it Norm.

      • Robert Smith

        Without any proof. Yet GWB lied and everyone knows it.


    • Nadzieja Batki

      O, Rice, Clintons took on the leadership jobs of representing America to the world. No one forced them to take the jobs. So playing the “poor little me” everyone is picking on me doesn’t impress. They can’t do their jobs they can step down.

    • Norm

      I don’t think anyone lied.
      They are guilty of not knowing what occurred at worst. It’s a big piece of real estate that the US is involved with and tons of data, or lack of data, to process. To suggest a deliberate attempt to deceive makes no sense. Why? What is to gain?
      Was 9/11 also a secret plot – I think not.

      • momo was right before the election and al Queda was supposedly destroyed with Bin Laden’s death. We wouldn’t want those pesky terrorists to upset the presidential apple cart, now would we?

      • eddie47d

        No one said al Qaeda was destroyed but by taking out Bin Laden its head was cut off. He said” al Qaeda was on the run” and decimated not destroyed. They still have active players in several countries.

      • Jana

        How could they NOT know?? It was being filmed and seen at the White House situation room almost simultaneously. They were TOLD to stand down.
        Its funny how liberals are. They claim to be the ones who care so much, but when push comes to shove they don’t.
        Liberals care more about an almost distinct species of bug, and ruining businesses,and claiming anyone who doesn’t agree with them are racists than caring for actual people, such as the murders of these 4 men.Just as long as your agenda gets taken care of, which is taking this Country from GREAT to mediocre.

      • momo

        Now we’re parsing our words eddie47d? “Depends on what you definition of is, is.”

      • Robert Smith

        Ho memo, you posted: “al Queda was supposedly destroyed with Bin Laden’s death.”

        Show us a quote where ANYONE said such a thing.

        Or, admit your lie.


    • Patriot

      Hey Norm,

      Educate yourself, 2 ex-seals ignored orders to stand down (they could not stand to sit idle while follow Americans were being killed), saved many lives in the process and fought off this well organized attack for over 7 hours. They waited for support that never came, they ran out of ammo and were murdered. I for one want to know why? When did the President find out, where was he at that time and what did he order the military to do and why? We do not need an investigation for this, all we need is the President to tell us what happened! Since he has not, just like many other things, we are left to speculate that he was incompetent or worse!

  • johnC

    What we have here is the side show we watch the puppets on stage dance and shout their poit of view given to them by those in power and the ones in power are having thier strings pulled and their talking poits given to them by the ones behind the scenes who will they hope never be exposed to the light of day. The ral power in the United sates belongs to them because they really control the money. It is an Illusion that anyone who is publicly in power really doesn’t have that power ..they are just mouth pieces for the behind the scenes elite

  • http://none ron

    It will take some time for all the facts to come in and be disseminated.
    If , in fact , she lied and 4 Americans died and your all up in arms over it then i just have to ask.
    Where in the hell were all of you when George lied and 4,600 of America’s finest young men and women died in Bush’s War(Iraq)??????????????

    • Dave67

      They were in goosestep with Bush Inc Ron.

    • eddie47d

      That’s the whole point Ron. They insist that deaths under a Republican administration are patriotic and deaths under a Democrat administration are cowardly acts of treason. Republicans say they love America but this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is nothing more than political posturing.

    • Joe

      You are losing your argument when you have to bring up Bush. Bush had nothing to do with this. Just defend the Presidents actions will you? Or can you?

  • Ted Gager

    Guilty as charged! She lied or was told to lie. No difference. Tell the ‘ladies’ of the dirtocratic black choir to go back to chewing on the lard….

  • johnC

    To critisize someone for following the instructions of her Boss, who was given talking points to read from and defend that posistion on the paper she was handed as being the real time assesment. Is wrong she was just doing her job not knowing she was lying for her boss …But as we have seen from washington DC there were seveal real time assesments as to what was going on and then there was the actual events unfolding in the White house situation room. But you can expect the time line to change to fit the story from the White house as was demonstrated when the youtube video story would not fly and 2 weeks later that had to come out and tell SOME of the truth, fact is we will never know the truth from this transparernt administration

    • Ted Gager

      Well, until she stands up and admitts that she was duped by the WH into saying what she did five times on national TV she is to blame as much as anyone else….PERIOD!

    • Elda

      Sorry John, but it shows she has no integrity and can’t be trusted. I, as a parent, teach my children that honesty is the most important. If you are ever caught lying that is the end of your integrity and you will not be trusted even if you tell the truth. She must have known she was being asked to lie and for me I would never do it. When we leave this life and go to the next all we take with us is our honor and knowledge.

    • Linda

      All I can say is if she was doing her job than she should have told the truth. Just because you do what your boss tells you to do does not make you innocent. Ask the IRS. They will put a employee in jail if they do what their boss tells them to do if it is illegal. So why would this be any different. She should have told the truth. That is what is wrong with this country. We are always blaming someone else for the decisions we make in our lives. When are we going to start standing up and looking in the mirror and realizing that this world has become so corrupt that we can not trust the people who are running it.

      I am tired just because someone is not white we tell everyone they are racist just because they do not agree with someone of a different race!!!!!! Not wanting Obama in office has nothing to do with his color. It has to do with what he is doing to this country. He is not for America and all the people who think he is will eventually wake up but it will be too late. We will no longer be the America we once were.

      Too many people in this country think that everybody should have the same things. And I believe they can if they are willing to work for them. But there are too many people in this country who want to sit on their butts and do nothing but expect to get what other people have. I saw way too much because I worked in the government and saw the people that came in and just expected to get a place to live, food, etc from the government. They did not want to work.

      and the President wants these kinds of people so that he can control them. That is what I find so hard is that so many people in this country want someone to tell them what to do. Whatever happened to wanting to take care of yourself. Why does everyone want the government to take control?????

      • Jana

        You are right on target.
        Just like Ben Crystal said we are racists because the Democrats tell us we are. HA!
        Actually everyone can have what they want and what they need, but there is a dirty word attached to it. The dirty word is called WORK.
        No one wants to work any more, they just want it given to them.

  • Ted Gager

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. I’m a racist too ladies. I wouldn’t want to put you out of your way having to accuse me although you do make a good case for the recruitment of new racists. You should be careful of what you wish for….

  • Elda

    I once had an emotionally disturbed teen foster child that would cling to me saying “I love you” constantly because she was so insecure. The constant saying it made it in my mind totally meaningless as we would usually think if it. We worked with her for years and learned through the therapy all about narcissism and NPD. Though she is long out of our home now we still have not gotten back to hearing “I love you” without thinking how it is used to manipulate people. The term “racist” has taken on the same feeling to me. When I hear it I wonder that the person calling it is trying to hide…..and it is often narcissism.

    • Jana

      That was a perfecrt analogy. Racism has become just a saying now, the mantra of the left.

      They are using it to try and control what we say and think. We are supposed to believe or accept what anyone says at any time and not question it EVER. By the way it’s only the Conservatives and the Christians who are supposed to shut up and toe the line. Of course the Liberals can say and do anything they choose but will cry racism if they are questioned.


    The danger should be obvious. We have university trained people who cannot think for themselves. Or maybe they have the same addenda. Our so called public servants that swore oath of allegiance to uphold and defend the constitution and still they follow lockstep with the president as though he were dictator. No mater what the problem it needs to be solved. the main glaring fact is our government lies to us. It doesn’t matter what race, or gender they are a lie is a lie. Our media spins the obvious to protect the failings of this president. I ask to what end? Be careful all in the media who thinks it is doing a great service to the president. Learn from history in Germany and what happened to journalists after they were no longer useful.
    God bless America.

  • Wayne

    Sadly, the old adage that actions speak louder than words is rapidly disintegrating in America. Despite Democrats not pointing to any specific action that actually justifies the charges of racism or women hating, or for spending more money instead of cutting spending, Americans are obviously believing them.

    As day after day passes, and all actions seem to point to allowing the Congress and the President to spend us into oblivion, Americans believe every lie the President tells as long as they think the end game is they get something for free.

    Of course, there are plenty of us who don’t follow this line. However, there are clearly not enough. Case in point… why did so many business owners vote for this deviant party to run the nation?

    I asked one business who she voted for. The answer O’bama. I asked why. Her only answer was “I think he is doing good.” I asked why. She says “He just is.”

    I asked another question, “If your business had spent 10 times more than it had money to pay out, what do you think would happen? Would you be able to go across the street to other responsible business owners and demand they give you the money to pay for your misdeeds, or would you have to cut spending to match the amount of money you have available to pay the bills and expenses?”

    She says “cut spending.”

    I said, “Well the government thinks they can walk across the street and simply demand you pay for the misdeeds they created. Did you know the Constitution says the Government cannot exempt itself from the laws they make you live by?”

    So this created a massive confusion for the business owner, but she still stood by voting for Obama, despite having no concrete reason.

    • eddie47d

      Nothing but a personal point of view Wayne. Considering that businesses large and small are suppose to be the engine of economic growth and the “job creators” then they have failed miserably. I could say why would anyone vote for Romney when he was like a vulture who made 92 million off a dying company. Why would you vote for a man who took away the main source of income for some communities? Why would you vote for a man who said “its a great feeling to fire people” and then brag about how much money he gained by doing so. There are plenty of “concrete” reasons to have voted against Romney no different than you having “concrete” reasons to vote for him?

  • Linda Turner

    Some people try to find excuses every day to try to attack the president, unaware that they are exposing their hypocrisy to the world. As others have noted, at least eight attacks against the US abroad happened with GW Bush and Rumsfield were in charge. Condi Rice and Colin Powell. both toted the Bush line on WMD’s in Iraq (the first knew the truth, the second was duped). The right doesn’t want the truth about Bengazi, they want to try to force the administration into revealing confidential info. In this case, it’s been said that the CIA didn’t want info disclosed that would reveal informants or divulge information enemies don’t think we know. But they don’t care about safeguarding confidential information, they want to play politics no matter what the consequences on our country.

    • eddie47d

      Thank you Linda for exposing the Republicans as badly as they are trying to expose Obama. Its okay to bring up faults of Obama but when the Republicans have done worse yet they won’t admit it then I smell all the rats in the Republican Party. In June 2002 there was an US Consulate bombing in Karachi Pakistan 10 killed 51 injured including 6 within compound.In July 2004 there was a suicide bombing of Embassy in Uzbekistan 2 killed 9 wounded. Dec 2004 another Embassy attacked 8 killed including 5 employees. In 2006 in Syria Embassy attack 1 security guard killed. In 2007 there was an Embassy attack with grenades but no deaths. In 2008 300 rioters stormed the Belgrade Embassy and the door was torched but attackers held off. In 2008 in Yemen the Embassy was assaulted 16 people died including 1 employee. When the Republicans trade in their own amnesia with a little truth of their own then their demands might be more credible.

    • Paul Wells


      With all due respect…I believe they could have come up with a better lie than to blame it on some freakin’ movie clip that no one even knew about! That, I believe, is what started this whole volcano to boiling. I’m not here to say Bush didn’t lie, he may have about the attacks on his watch. But to have Rice issue a statement right after Ambassador Stevens was attacked and killed basically telling Muslims “we’re sorry if you are offended” about this movie, well that just fanned the flames. Ok, national security, I get it, sometimes you can’t just say outright what happened, but my gosh, to cobble together lie after lie as they did, well, even though you may not agree, we deserve better than that!

  • Linda Turner

    I haven’t hear anyone in the administration or any Democratic leader say that criticism of Susan Rice is racist. Ben is trying to distract folks. A more likely reason is that if the right can dissuade the President from appointing Susan Rice, he may appoint John Carey. That would leave an empty Senate seat from Massachusetts, clearing the way for Scott Brown to run for that seat, despite having lost his Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren.

    • Jana

      Then you haven’t seen the uhh Ladies(?) of the Black Caucus get up and claim McCain is a racist because he is coming out against Susan Rice. you should see it, it is a doozie as my mother used to say.
      They are having to reach for it, but they are claiming it.

    • http://yahoo MilitaryMom

      And whre do you get your info…the Lamestream Media??? You ought to look into John Kerry (not Carey) in case you want the proper spelling.

  • Randy G

    I have said it before & I say it again “IF someone calls me a ‘Racist’ for wanting fairness. I say, “YEAH, I am. The Civilized Human Race.When are YOU going to join?”

  • Charlie

    Ben, et al,,,
    What is the ultimate Truth ??? On any particular subject matter??? IF you don’t have Ultimate Truth on any particular subject matter ,then you are some what of a ,Liar , Racist , or ?
    Was King Jesus a “racist” when He spoke Matthew 15:24? ” I came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel”…??? Who has ultimate Truth ? Did King Jesus have Ultimate Truth?………..
    Can you prove 2+2=4 with Ultimate Truth ? Meanwhile……………
    Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

    Charlie Freedom

  • Nick McG

    Dont forget it was Bush that knew the planes were going to crash into buildings and he blew up that one building in NY to make it look so real. Then he invented the fact that Saddam Insane gassed the Kurds and killed 150 thousand of them in one day. All these lies so he could get our guys killed in Iraq. Susan Rice is a sweet and intelligent woman that flips people off in public that she does not like. That is all the qualifications she needs to be Sec of State for the dreadful and murderous and racist USA. The other qualification she has is she was willing do say or do anything that the White House tells her to say or do…..which is nice.

  • http://personalliberty Pat Alexander

    No trust to any democrat in congress.Look at my country, look at congress ,easy to see they all need to go. They live in a cesspool of lies and deceit! You got it I want it, you owe me, pay back, and more racist than ever. They sit in a bucket of manure and want more manure! They don’t have enough sense to get out of the rain! America’s leaders circling there wagons going no were fast.They are a blister about to pop!

  • Tom Cook

    Yep, Ben, I am proud to be a racist: I am racist because democrats are a different race than I am, and I despise them. Democrats by definition are a race of mankind that loves anything sick, twisted, or depraved. Democrats are a race of mankind that loathes nobility, sacrifice, courage, and native intelligence. Democrats laud and lick the feet of liars, molesters, pederasts, criminals, sexual deviants of any sort. I loathe democrats and therefore I am a proud racist. Fudge? She looks like what she is a huge stupid cow of a person who doesn’t have the intelligence to serve meals in a junior high school. She is a democrat and I loathe her.

    • Paul Wells

      They ARE the party that booed God at their national convention, after all. And resisting re-inserting recognition of Jerusalem into the convention charter. What amazes me is that Jewish people still vote for their totally depraved platform!

      • Dave67

        And your party is the one that booed our military over the person serving (you know protecting your “freedom”) because he was gay.

        Your party is the one that believes old white men and religious doctrine should dictate contraception.


        What a sad bunch racist conservatives are…

      • eddie47d

        Pull your head out Paul they did not boo God! Stop repeating right wing trivial pursuit! Look it up in what was really said and what it meant but God wasn’t the issue.

    • mark

      I know that you hate, but you lost. Your candidate was badly defeated. Get used to it. Conservatives and Republicans face many more devastating electoral losses. Because far too many of them think like you. All they have is hate and paranoia. And this will never win in our truly noble America. The majority of the American people are just too decent to stoop to your never-ending hatred and contempt.

  • s c

    As usual, all this ____ does is to PROVE that there’s NO racist loser like a utopian racist loser. While ‘some’ of us are actually thinking today, did someone take Uncle Tom and Aunt Tom out of the “racist” dictionary?

    • mark

      Newflash: Obama’s not a loser. He won the election 332-206 in the electoral college. Romney is the loser. And as he admitted today, so is Allen West. Another one-term wonder.

      • tired of false control

        is what i dont get is how ppl vote for elect orals and the ppl voted for rommney but the electorals voted for obama?explain that if ur so smart?explain it in a way that is logical other then the fact that there fixed

  • mark

    This is a zero scandal that will have zero impact. No one on the Democratic side tried to impeach Ronald Reagan after his 1983 criminal negligence in Lebanon led to the death – not of 4 Americans via a terrorist attack – but of 242 Americans, all of them U.S. Marines. The Republicans still cant’ accept the fact that they lost this election – and badly. Today Allen West conceded that he has lost in Florida. It’s over.

    But look on the bright side, you can still spew your hatred, bile, and venom for 4 more years against Obama as he moves through his second term. What other reason do any of you have for living?

    • Dave67


      Could you imagine what could be done in this country if the people who buy into the BS spewed here but their energies working with the President to find common ground on a whole host of issues that are real issues?

      Crazy right?

      But that is what we are dealing with here.

  • Mary

    Other than the stupidity of the Republicans going after Obama about Benghazi, you bring up Alan West. Now I know you are nuts. Listen once and for all, the majority of Americans do not want extreme conservative governing. We do not want our rights to decide our own reproductive health in the hands of you idiots. We do not want big business to take away our right to clean air, water and etc by getting rid of the regulations that protect us.

    We did not believe all the UNPROVEN lies the right constantly spewed about Obama for their political gain. And if one ever happens to be true, we will not believe IT because they have cried wolf way too many times. Yes, after the constant lies being told about President Obama, the only answer to the intense hate had to be the color of his skin. No other President, regardless of his “policies”, has ever ibeen shown such hate, anger, and disrespect to the intensity as was directed at Obama. So in case you were just being sarcastic in this article, be assured racism is indeed the reason many went after the President the way they have. It may have taken a few years to come to this conclusion but no other explanation makes sense. It is a bit strange that these same people went after the black Attorney General and now Rice in the same vain as they have the President. The reason is all about discrediting the President and the lack of respect for any office held by his appoointed blacks. The Attorney General has been cleared of any wrong doing in the “Fast and Furious” episode and Rice has nothing to apologize for as she only told what the CIA gave her to report. Republicans need to just get over losing the election and move on like we had to do when Bush was re-elected. .
    The President is doing the job he was elected to do and Congress needs to move on with the business of solving the many problems we have. Benghazi is not about who said what. It is about not having enough security for our Diplomats in very volatile areas of the world. If you want to point blame, how about the request for more funds for secutiy for our middle east embassies which was turned down by Congress. That should be the story.
    We all knew it was a terrorist attack on Behghazi, be it religious fanatics over a video OR organized thugs from another hate group. So the CIA did not wish to give out classified information. (duh) The CIA Director did say he suspected terrorist from the start, not that he had proof of it. Lack of security is why there are four dead Americans that should have had protection.
    No one else was hurt by not telling every thing the CIA knew and maybe they were able to get some of the thugs by leading them down the wrong path. Who cares other than the ticked off Republicans such as John McCain, who still has an axe to grind because he did not make it into the White House as President.? Look how long he has been in Congress and just what has he done to change anything. Nothing that helped his party with their extreme agenda. You might as well kick him to the curb also, just like Romney was, now that he can not do you any good.

    • Jana

      “No ones else was hurt by not telling every thing the CIA knew- – -” Wow so you don’t mind being lied to? “maybe they were able to get some of the thugs” ha ha ha they haven’t even gone after the terrorists. You obviously like having your head buried in the sand.

      Your whole spew is typical of a leftist liberal. You have claim we have hate, but yet that is what you yourself are showing. And you do a very good job of showing your hatred.You call us nuts, idiots, and liars , and then you tell us we have hatred?? GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

      You are a racist because you do NOT want Allen West in office.
      By the way Obama is half white!

      Racism has NOTHING to do with what is right. When I thought Bush was wrong I came against him by writing letters to the editor, writing to my congressmen, and writing to the White House, as well as sending it out in emails .By the way he is white! Get off of the victim mentality!

    • http://yahoo MilitaryMom

      So Mary which dept. of the Government do you work at? I’m assuming you take all of this as truth because you work for the Government or you believe all the lies of the Liberal Media As far as as ticked off Republicans, I am glad someone is watching th ‘Assylum’..

  • 45caliber

    But, Ben! Being RIGHT is WRONG when you are discussing a Demo!

  • http://yahoo MilitaryMom

    So Dave67 are you a member of the CIA? How would you have this information? The Lamestream media??

  • Incredulous1

    Rice lied and Obama lied. And to my knowledge, there has been NO APOLOGY. Regardless of how or why they “misinformed” the American public, they have yet to apologize. Used to be that’s all a liberal had to do, just say they were sorry. No more?

  • rick

    quick point, barry soetoro and his minion, rice, lied intentionally to the world, to whip up anti-american hatred in the muslim world, so the muslim in chief could say”there is no future for those who would slander the prophet” at the UN. last time i checked, thats treason. so what will be done?

  • Janet Thomas

    The international trips by Obama evidenced that he thought ‘talking nice’ would engage rulers of other countries. The Mid-Eastern countries are currently stressed out for the pleasure of their leaaders, not for their freedoms.Many do not have a high-regard for women but respect strength. Susan Rice may be capable for other locations now but why givr her a high-ranking job with carrying an extra load by being female to confer with dictators also ? There probably are many other meaningful locations for her talents but not now to the Middle East countries.That speaks to “international diplomacy”.Think of good possibilities for We The People.

  • chuckb

    rice is the only option they have for hillarys job, where could they find anyone that is more inept, rice of course. she qualifies on the ability to lie, remember hillary and white water, vince foster, being shot at in afghanistan. rice has proven her ability to lie for the emperor so she fits hillarys shoes

  • James

    NO, It isn’t racist——–It’s a lie!!! She lied!! Doesn’t matter about the skin color it’s what she said!!—-Anyway, why should she get a pass because she is black???

  • Joe America

    As a minority, I believe that being one does not give you the right to lie. However, this lady was following orders. She was told exactly what to say, I’m sure, under orders. Obama says that “the buck stops here”, but I’m not seeing this. Although I’m afraid of Obama, I can’t help but like the guy. His demenor makes you want to like him. I don’t know why he has taken the stance to alter the facts, but he should come clean about it. Not doing so only reinforces my doom and gloom vision of our government. I hope and pray daily, that I’m totally wrong about the NWO, the UN, Agenda 21, Rex 84 and all the other crap I think about, daily, with dread; that it is nothing more than a paranoid dellusion. But, all I have to do to reinforce my fears is to turn on the news and watch evil unfold. The most horrible thing is that there is nothing that the average person can do, but watch. It’s like looking at a train coming down on a car that’s stuck in a railroad crossing. You know it’s going to be horrible and you don’t want to watch, you know you can’t do anything about it, but, at the same time, you can’t look away. I pray for Obama. I pray that he’ll surprise me and do great things. I pray for him to do the right things, for all of our sakes.

  • Tess Comments

    I am so tired of hearing people Cry RAISISM.
    Those who do not like Obama’s plolicies, do not say, Hay I don’t like his policies becaue he is Black. Obama is suppposed to be half White. I do not Like Obama’s Policies and I do not care if he claims to be White or Black.
    As far as Rice goes, I do not like Her. I do not like the fact that she went out and insisted the attack in Libya was because of a Stupid Video. We have 4 Americans Killed in Libya on 09/11/12 because they did not have proper Security.

  • Phil

    Obama has not even indicated who his next sec of state. Mr maverick has chosen to block Rice nomination. If you do not see this as sexism or racism, then you are blind. Or maybe McCain has not gotten over the humuliation he took from Obama in 2008.

    • JeffH

      Phil says ” Mr maverick has chosen to block Rice nomination. If you do not see this as sexism or racism, then you are blind.”

      No Phil, only a blind sexist and a racist would make such a statement as yours.

      The Sunday after the Sept. 11 terrorist onslaught in Benghazi, Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, appeared as the face of his administration on five TV news talk shows to discuss this debacle. Rice told the American public that the attack was the product of a “spontaneous” mob reacting to the “hateful video,” all of which just happened to get hijacked by “a small handful of heavily armed mobsters.”

      Whether Rice was intentionally misleading or just following the “talking points” narrative of the WH, it was a grossly misleading message, defying common sense and contradicting information we now know was richly available to the State Department, to others in the administration, and presumably to the president himself. It fed Obama’s narrative of an al-Qaeda in retreat, while ignoring the realities that a known al-Qaeda affiliate, Ansar al-Sharia, had already claimed credit; that an array of jihadi terrorist groups, including Ansar al-Sharia, had been recruiting and training in the region; that American personnel in Libya had been pleading for better security; and that the attack itself had the hallmarks not of an ad hoc mob, but of an organized assault.

      It is not sexist, racist or “outrageous” to criticize Rice for her comments. Rice is an Obama lackey, a puppet who was obviously thrown under the bus by Obama himself and although you may approve of Rice, I want a person of quality, honesty and integrity representing me and Rice clearly shows she ain’t that.

  • Rosegarten

    There is something very wrong with the publican party. They are beginning to be a national embarrassment. Can they get any more insane? Unfortunately, they will be exhibiting more bizarre behavior in the future.

    • Jana

      The Democrat Party has been a world wide embarrassment for years. The Democratic Liars Party is what it should be called.

  • Joe America

    With all the seriousness on this site, I thought a little levity was due. Check this out:

  • Irish19

    It’s the same old song from the left. I believe the black caucus should be disbanded. All they do is claim rascism if you disagree with them or don’t support a tyrant for president. Actually it is the black caucus who is rascist. They are an angry bunch, even if the truth is obvious. Guess what? Susan rice is no more than a lying mouthpiece for Obama. take that and smoke it.

  • http://NotAvailable Philip A. Sandi

    I think the elections are over until the mid-term. We told you Benghazi was never going to give the GOP victory and it happened. We told you Obama was going with with a comfortable margin and it happened. What is going to happen is that the GOP will lose control of the house in the mid-tern election and the democrats are remaining in the white house 2016. You going to see Hilary with a vice presidential candidate from one of the minorities that is the ticket for the 2016 white house. And Paul Ryan is already out of it if the mistake is made for him to appear of ballot paper. So please concentrate on what is coming. And let me let you know that SUSAN RICE is the next secretary of state.

  • Ted Crawford

    What all this, saddly proves is that America shouldn’t elect any minority as President! Not, ironically enough, because mainstream America isn’t ready for it, but rather because the Minorities, themselves aren’t ready!
    If criticism of the policies, actions, statements and decisions of a Minority President or other High official, is simply discredited as “Racism”, little of value can be accomplished, at least in a free society! The inability to criticize is, in fact, a tenet of Totalitarian Dictatorships!

  • Dad

    The real racists all came out of the closet on eletion day…

  • Jimbo

    I think people are missing the true reason why Obama and his administration lied about the cause of the attack on the embassy. I don’t think it was to conceal the resurgence of Al Qaeda, thereby improving his re-election chances. I think it was because Obama and Michelle hate America, and Americans! The movie gave Obama the chance to “apologize” for the nation. Thus reinforcing the notion that this is a religious war, not a war against terrorism. Which makes for good recruitment for Al Qaeda! Obama only puts up the appearance of wanting to fight and win the war, while secretly, he wants the US to lose. That’s why he’s busy bankrupting the company, gutting the military, and promoting gay marriage and abortion world wide. All of that hurts America.

    What did Michelle say? “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country.” I think Barack and Michelle are closeted Muslims. Why was it so necessary that the administration track down and arrest the people who made the film, when they had already been told that the attack was executed by terrorists? Because Obama wanted them to pay for insulting the Prophet Mohammed!

    We’re told that Osama bin Laden was gunned down and buried at sea. Do you believe that? Why did Obama deny Americans (especially Osama’s victims), the right to see his dead body first? It’s either because bin Laden is NOT dead, or because Obama has a greater love for terrorists than Americans.

    • R. Fine

      And don’t forget about how Obama will PERSONALLY kill anyone over 65 just as soon as Obamacare is fully implemented not to mention that the U.S. never went to the moon or Mars or even in to space!

  • chuckb

    everything you say is correct in my mind, however, the psrt about bin laden is wrong, i don’t think you could get that many people who were connected to this killing to lie about it. killing bin laden wasn’t any great feat, the media made it so. bin laden hasn’t been factor since the beginning of the afghan war, he was just another has been.


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