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‘Islamization’ of Paris a Warning to the West –

September 22, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • dan az

    It seems to be a problem in all nations so I say paint pigs blood on the streets and side walks where ever you dont want them. problem solved!

    • eddie47d

      Dan; Too often you give a pathetic answer and this is no exception.These Muslims in France need to build,buy or rent a mosque and get off the streets. They can’t set their own rules when they are blocking traffic every week. They are also blocking businesses from receiving customers. They should be as courteous to the French as that country has been to them. I’m all for accepting other nationalities or religions but if they are flaunting that countries laws(blocking traffic)then the government must take action. NYC has over 100 mosques so you can be sure Paris has plenty so this is where they need to worship. This issue isn’t about pigs blood or pork but respect for common laws and the people around you.

      • http://yahoo PCherokee

        Deport before it’s too late! They are just waiting for the right time to take over. Can’t you see how they are intering your country and pushing you out? What kind of President would do this to his own people. Not to mention you have to pay for them. What is up with that?
        If they don’t like the rulls in France let them get out, Who asked them to come there anyways. DEPORT! DEPORT! DEPORT!
        Maybe you need another (Knights Templar).

      • Brian

        France is in deep doodoo, eddie47d.
        They are flexing their muscles now, so soon they will ask for Sharia law to run along side French law.
        Later they will demand it for everyone.

        I would not be surprised if this was a deliberate strategy by Islam to take over a country. They use our tolerance to conquer us. The Muslim is loyal to Islam – NOT any country. They are taught that Christians and Jews are pigs. 5 times a day they pray and in that prayer reinforces that view. There will be war with Islam. The difficulty will be that the enemy is already in your street.

        • Ryan

          Couldn’t have said it better myself Brian!!!!!!!!!!

      • dan az

        whats the matter was it the tooth brush comment that you found it disturbing?The facts are that even in NY they still line up in the streets just to subject us all to satanic cult and block business and streets just like they do every where else. they have to stick you in the eye at every level just like trying to build the mosque at 9/11 site. By being politically correct they will do anything to poke the bear with the stick just because they can and no one is going to chalange them because there allahoboma will protect them!Sure your going to say they have the right to there religion but its not a religion and you know it.They break the laws and you let them because of your liberal ways and to hell with every one else.Get a life!

      • Yafah1

        This demonstration is only a show with intention of take over – what is sad is that the leadership is allowing it because of fear of a demonstration! As long as no one reacts to their impositions – why should they stop? What is good for the goose are good for the genders !!! People forgets that their purpose is to conquer – we are no in an age where we need to compromise – it’s dangerous!

      • Ryan

        eddie47 I agree with u in a sense but also disagree. I think that most folks that practice Islam try to flaunt their self imagined superiority over Jews, Christians, & everyone in the Western Hemisphere. There’s a huge double standard on this issue! In their eyes it’s okay 2 to put people down, speak bad about Jesus, do whatever they want,& do anything else that’s offensive but if someone who isn’t Islamic does those things 2 them it’s as if the whole world is crumbling. We all know that what they’re doing in Paris is nothing more than trying 2 flex their muscles in front of the cameras so the world can see that “They r taking over France”! Even though that in reality they r nowhere close 2 taking over France. I do think France better start deporting some of those illegal immigrants before it’s 2 late. I understand that comment may sound harsh but it’s the truth. France has a bad problem with illegal immigration, our problem is with Hispanics, theirs is with Middle Easterners. Once u get a large crowd of Muslims together it’s only a matter of time before the radicals show their teeth/butts. The bottom line is these people have NO respect for us, our religion, or our ways so why should we respect them. I dont know about u but I have no respect 4 a coward that kills children. They commit atrocities then hide in their churches/mosques, then say we’ve commited a crime when we go in after them. The world had better wake up of we’re all gonna b in a world of hurt!

      • John

        You sir are a horses arss. Why don’t you pull your head out of your ass long enough to see the truth! It’s all around, are you just to blind to see the writing on the wall? or dose stupidity run in your family tree. Shake the crap out of your head gear and wake up,or someone might just come along and ghost you…….maggot!

  • alan

    these peopel need to be stopped …worship of satan

  • dan az

    where are all the street sweepers when you need them?

  • s c

    In some ways, this is not surprising. In WWII, the French surrendered Paris to the Germans without firing a shot. It sounds as though the French are planning to surrender to Islam the same way they caved to Hitler to ‘save’ their culture and their City of Lights.
    It’s their country. Let them defend it or give it away to those who still revere Hitler. Should the French make the same mistake twice, America should not feel obligated to restore their freedom a second time. This time, America’s freedom is at stake, and we may not have the resources or the will to “help” other countries remain free.

    • PatriotSara

      S C,

      Have you not seen that these prayer sessions are also occurring in NYC? Thanks to the appeasing traitor, Mayor Bloomberg. Google ‘muslims praying in NYC streets’ and it should come up (sorry I cannot locate the link right now). This is a big problem for us also. Let’s pray that people here see what is happening in France, and all over the world, and take appropriate steps to counter the muslim caliphate.

      • Viktor Leben


        Hey, when your on a US military base, you can hear the moslem call to prayer in the morning … Did you know that ? When I was in Basic training you can hear the moslem call to prayer during PT early in the morning !!!!

        That’s one of the things that freaked me out about the military.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          that must be a recent phenominum. I was in from 68 to 74 and I never heard that catarwallin!!

          • Viktor Leben


            Don’t take my word for it – Check it out. The US military is very tolerant. You don’t think the military is all conservative ?? HA HA !
            That’s a popular misconception. Go visit a base …

    • Christin

      America is facing the SAME problem and WE, like the French, are not handling things well here either. You could say NOW we have minimal outrage for this group of people because of 9/11 and the Ground Zero mosque, but much has already gotten by even us.

      Muslims already block travel and commerce on Friday between 2 – 4 in several streets in NY and NYC is allowing it and doing NOTHING about it.
      A Congressman named Hakim Muhammad (aka Keith Ellison) in Minnesota is a die-hard jihadist and is working with a radicalized Somalian population in Minn to enact Sharia Law. GREAT!

      So if you live in Minnesota you guys need to vote for Conservative Lynne Torgerson for Congress to oust this treasonous American Imposter, Keith Ellison, aka Hakim Muhammad.

      My friends, the PROBLEM with Muslims has arrived on our very own shores.

    • Stevo

      Yes,but the U.S.A. is not going about this in the right way either. From what i have heard,the muslims were offered land elsewhere,for free,to build their cordoba house mosque,instead of ground zero,but they refused.If this doesn’t open everybody’s eye’s to what the muslims true purpose is,then,maybe we to are beginning to act like the French.It’s like they are afraid to confront the muslim’s.I say,bring it on.Islam has no place in the United States.

  • VR

    This is a world wide phenomenon where they are trying to show off their strength. We witness this every day here in India. We have a court judgemnt scheduled here in India on 24th Sept about whether a piece of land should be used to build a Temple or a Mosque and the government is already PLEADING citizens to maintain peace!!

    We have reached to this alarming situation only because of vote politics where the politicians try to tempt the so called minorities by offering them several leverages (sometimes illegal).

  • gdm

    if cancer is injected into your little toe and left unattended it will eventually kill you..the simple remedy is to cut off the toe, alittle pain /discomfort then problem solved. we (thats you and i) in the western world have allowed external unelected,corporations, and people to make decisions which are not in our best interests.
    i dont blame islam,lets face it they couldn’t organise a sausage raffle. as i keep having to remind my elder brother our own leaders (actually the hidden and these days not so hidden unelected ,unacountable people) work over time to bring islamic peoples to our christian world / culture. so we must look long and hard at our own system which is injecting large amounts of cancer into our own system. the time for talking /discussing is over, cut the cancer now.

    • Christin

      Yes, our gov is bringing the muslim here in droves calling them refuges… of what? They all have their own countries, own people, own societies, and own system of religion and laws. Why are they leaving those home lands… bet you all know the answer.

      Did you guys know that there are 35 Islamic Camps in America and the gov knows about them (is probably monitoring them) and hasn’t done anything about that. If you or I had a muslim jihadist military camp I’ll just bet you’d get caught and go to jail for Treason.

      The purpose of the Muslims in America is political and I think our gov is “using” them to keep the Patriotic Americans “busy” so that they (gov) can continue their evil NWO agenda behind our busy backs and push them in our face (ground zero mosque) so that tensions & riots will ensue and Marshal (sp on purpose) law can be imposed.

      This dictatorship gov will never change to Sharia Law to follow the muslims, but they will let them have their way for a while until they put their force inplace.

  • V

    We all need to encourage every person we know to vote out the people allowing this to happen at top levels in our country. Then we need to begin a campaign of our own to contain the Muslim problem. If we do not, the “problem” will soon be on our doorsteps and in our children’s classrooms…think of our American daughters, have women come so far only to sink back into the primitive?..Act now or CRY later!

  • http://hotmail james stead

    this is what our streets will look like in a couple of years

  • american patriot

    Islam’s plan in the Koran is world domination through threats, jihad, murder, rape, and killing of infidels and the destruction of the infidels form of government (i.e. American Consitution) . We are now seeing this plan becoming a reality where they want the Islamic Caliphate to replace the Constitution with Sharia Law replacing American traditional Judeo/Christian rule of Law.

    Nows the time to ask yourself, which American do you want to live in…?

  • MrObvious

    The manipulation of the masses is transparent. Is it really just a coincidence that we have a Muslim president? How did that happen? The media certainly boosted him up to rockstar status. Who owns the media? Who funded Obama’s rise to power? Who funded Hitler’s rise? Look to who owns the world’s most powerful banks for the answer to these questions and many more.

    • BrotherPatriot


      It’s all very real, people…what America do you want? Sit on your arses and do nothing and you’ll soon see…or stand up and be the Patriot that America needs.

      We are at WAR, my brothers & sisters…2 major enemies threaten America/the World…


      Become educated to the truth or it will overrun you.

      • Viktor Leben

        You may be at war, I’m not at war with anyone ! Damn ! All you leaders just want to make me cannon fodder !!!

        Hey man, you go an fight. I believe “Live and let live”. You friendly moslems – enjoy your coffee.

        And a big “Thank You” to my moslem boss who gave me a job when I needed the money to eat. Nobody else wanted to hire my retarded ass ! And another Thank You to the moslem dentist who fixed my teeth before I got laid off ! I only had a few weeks, and she scheduled me in. She didn’t have to … she’s a rich person’s dentist, and I’m poor white trash ! Thank you Doctor ! And thanks to the moslem Doctor surgeon who fixed my wifes hernia. He helped us out too !

        Damn, The Sons of Abraham have been nice to me, Moslems and Jews ! I appreciate them both !!

        • Bruce Jewell

          I lived next door to some very nice friendly Muslims too. Right after 9/11 they where explaining to me how they could afforded to build a nice new house and send their daughter to their nice new Mosc / Islamic Centre School after living here for only seven years and arriving broke. They explained they “all” pool there money together and then the Imam buys them what they need. It just didn’t add up so as a Canadian I called the US FBI and told them what I know. Two months later someone from my neighbours’ Mosc was arrested by the Israeli Masada Security Police in Israel on conspiracy to fund terrorist. This is the incipient part of this whole mess . They are nicety nice to your face, while two faced stabbing you in the back. So get a prayer matt and hope your teeth don’t get chipped when one of these nice people sets off an IED next to you as you call yourself “stupid ass”.

          • Viktor Leben


            That’s real bad man ! Trying to get your Muslim neighbors arrested. What are we seeing here, dude … I can’t believe you did that …

            What’s wrong with you man ! You’re paranoid !

            Get some psychological help – I use to be that way, but I got help.

        • Mac

          Viktor says: “I believe “Live and let live”.”

          Too bad that Islam does not teach that. You have been bought by the Muslims, because of your self-described “retarded ass.”

          • Viktor Leben

            Actually Mac, I haven’t been bought out by anybody yet !! HA HA !! Maybe if I run for a political office, right !! HA HA !!

            Hey, ignorance is bliss ! Being a ‘tard has it’s advantages…

    • Viktor Leben

      We have a “moslem” friendly prez because of foreign policy. The power Elite here in the West are trying to “placate” radical Islam. Brilliant !!!! That’s why Prez Obama bowed to them Sheiks in Arabia. Seem friendly to Islam and your military losses (soldiers and $$$$) are allot less.

      Yupper ! I reckon that’s what is going on…

      • Stevo

        Yeah,that muslim army doctor that murdered all of our great “unarmed” soldiers at Ft. Bliss,he was real friendly the morning of the murders. Why,he gave all his possessions away to his neighbors before going on the killing spree,in the name of allah.Great guy!PULEEZE!!!

        • Viktor Leben

          He probably cracked because of all the “friendly fire” incidents.

          I guess the US military just loves to “crash” them weddings ! It sure is a “blast” when they drop a “present” on the wedding party.

  • Bill

    Anyone who questions islam’s intentions or “The Peaceful muslems” should take a long look at EVERYWHERE these folks have gone any place in the world. Has it brought peace? has it brought prosperity? has it brought freedom to non muslems?
    Do you like to what you see in Europe? Do you want it here?
    Why will it be different here if left to fester? Are the peace loving people in Sweden happy tey let their country be over run with muslems? Is it working out for them?
    Didn’t think so.

    • Viktor Leben


      Sweden is a Lutheran nation .. That’s the state religion. They can ban any other religion they want. That’s their culture. But France is a secular “atheist” nation .. they should stop persecuting them Moslems ! The Moslems are French !!! They have rights !!!

      • Christin

        They have rights under French Law, NOT Sharia Law… which is not the law of the land.

        • Viktor Leben

          But won’t SHARIA law slowly replace atheist French law ? The French leaders have no problem with the muslims. They are very wise leaders – How else could they have gotten elected ?

  • Dan

    Your own religion is not any different or any less murderous than Islam. Don’t you people realize that demonizing other people for their religion is a dangerous thing to do? As far as I’m concerned, you’re all brainwashed. Christian, Muslim, Jew, you all come from the same weakness of mind, or just plain laziness, that lets you allow someone else to tell you what the “truth” is. There are decent people who practice all three religions, and there are fanatical, vicious people in all three who choose to use their religion as a weapon in their attacks on “non-believers.” I suggest you all stand down and stop the promotion of hatred.

    I realize that people like Beck and Palin, and for that matter Livingston, have figured out that there’s good money to be made promoting hatred and division. That doesn’t mean you all have to go along with it. Why don’t you get off the hatred bus and go back to being decent human beings? Whatever happened to your Golden Rule? How on earth do you think that escalating the division will lead to anything good? Stop being suckers and start thinking for yourselves.

    • abe

      Not only you are a non believer but you are blind as well, by suggesting that the Jew and Christians promote hatred and division.The holly bible promotes love and peace in the name of god, the Koran promotes War and killing decent human beings like you, in the name of Allah.


    • Vicki

      Dan Christianity teaches us to love both our friends and our enemies. Islam teaches them to kill the non-believer. Now explain again why you claim we are the same?
      Note in particular the section “On Murder, Violence, War & Oppression”

    • Stevo

      And where is it that you get your truth,Dan?Scientology?

  • Viktor Leben

    Why do the French want to ban the “burqua” ? Don’t the moslem women have the RIGHT to dress as they wish !!!

    It’s a matter of “individual rights” …right ? The French are upset because they can’t force their culture on the Moslems … But aren’t the Moslem citizens “French” ? Why does Islam have to adapt to France ?? Anyhow, France is adapting to Islam ….

    If the Moslems are welcomed to settle and become citizens, don’t they have a right to impose Sharia law when they are the majority population ? The French government has never been that stable …..

    In other words, the French made their bed, and now have to lay down in it…Ha HA ! I said “Lay down in it” !!! Y’know the French ! Always making love !! HA HA !! The French moslems are having allot of children !! The moslems aren’t aborting their children. Isn’t that great !!!

    • Czanka

      They want to ban the burqua bc no one can tell, if there’s a woman in there or a man…also, it is so enveloping that whoever IS in there could have a bomb belt around them…presto changeo…a bomb blast &
      murder!! Get real, they’re intent on islamizing the whole world & imposing sharia law!! Happened in England…muslims are subject only to sharia law not to British law…how crazy IS that!!??

      • Viktor Leben

        Wow ! They get special rights in Britain ! Those British !! HA HA ! They are so hospitable to strangers !!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      do you, by any chance face east when you worship???

      • Viktor Leben

        Should I ? I don’t want to offend anyone !

    • Vicki

      Viktor writes:
      “If the Moslems are welcomed to settle and become citizens, don’t they have a right to impose Sharia law when they are the majority population ? The French government has never been that stable …..”

      In the US our forefathers understood the tyranny of the majority and therefor placed only a very limited set of powers in the hands of the (Federal) government. They also added specific exclusions. So in the US Muslims do NOT have the power or right to impose their beliefs on others.

      In the story it is stated that Muslims do not have the right to impose their beliefs on others either.

      Of amusement to me is the number of my liberal female friends who just do not understand that should Islam try to impose Sharia law on us that all of their civil liberties will be gone and they will be the property of whatever male Sharia law dictates.

      • Viktor Leben


        When Muslims outnumber everyone else, I’m pretty sure they can set the “agenda”. Y’know what I mean ? My hope is that they will enlightened enough to tolerate other religions. I thinks it’s 50/50 chance – 50% chance for Sharia or 50% chance for toleration- when and if they become the overwhelming majority.

  • benth164

    Don’t those appeasing idiots know that the muslims already have made it a Holy war…. Soooo, lets give them one…. No? Then not only are you idiots but stupid as well. As Lawrence of Arabia said “Take no Prisoners”. The sooner they realize we mean busines, the sooner they’ll stop.
    They are using our passifism against us, just as the Jews did after WWII, to gain special status, because they think ther are deserving. Take a moment and look at what they would do.

    If one of their imams speaks of threats – Cut off his head
    If a road side bomber takes out one of ours – Take out a dozen of them
    If they break a minor law in our country – Immediately deport them

    You see where I’m going with this…… Their idea as to what they’re entitled to in life, does not give other life the same comforts.
    They are as wolves amongst sheep, and you Christians had better learn this quick or else you’ll be nailed to cross as well.

  • Bruce Jewell

    Is there any non Muslim out there that hasn’t figured out who the Anti Christ is? That was written about in the Holy Bible and spoken about 2,000 year ago by Jesus Christ!

  • deaf

    The Lakewood Jews are similarly detestable (as is any religious fundamentalist)… they too pop out way more babies than they can afford and then get the taxpayer to pay for it. —-y’all’s religion!

  • karen

    Islam/sharia are totally incompatable on the basis of the constitution of the us. Islam/sharia are a political movement not a religion.

  • Kalli

    You americans are arrogant idiots who brought your own destruction upon yourselves like all other empires before you by mongrelisasion and worshipping of mamon. Why will a muslim rule not be for the better than what you have now and then also you deserve to be ruled by the slave nations, which you freed to become your half-brothers. Remember your modern creed; we are all created in the immage of god, Why, do you not love your brothers and turn the other cheek? See you cant wipe them out like Hiroshima and Nagasaki nor can you destroy them like your real brothers the Germans. You are truely a (offensive word removed) up nation. You cant be christions and dont want 2 b muslims, nor can you be mixed and you dont want to be white, you kill the arab and the german alike

    • http://?? Joe H.

      And muhammad is a piece of CRAP!!!! Allah is a FALSE god!!

      • dan az

        joe there like cockrouches any one got the raid can!

    • Stevo

      Hey Kalli,I was just sitting here drawing cartoons,when all of a sudden I saw a vision of allah and muhammed holding each other like a man holds a woman.So I drew it.Eat shi’ite

    • Christin

      Wow, you have such distain for America… you must have been indoctrinate in public school or be a progressive.

      I think their are plenty of people and groups to blame, but you could say Liberal Progressives (Dem & Rep) brought about our destruction when they failed to adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America and developed the FED and IRS among other things.

      Most of these Posters have either served in the military and/or have been hard working Americans NOT in the political scene such as Congress making unjust laws, ACLU, AFL-CIO, SEIU, ACORN, Fat Cat selfish Bankers & Business men, etc. and DC… destroying our monetary system, Freedoms, Rights, Constitution, Family Values, Christian faith, over-regulating business and robbing SS and the treasury… where the corruption has taken place.

      If you are so sweet for the Islamic nation, perhaps we can set up a meeting between you and say “Hakim”, marry the both of you in a mosque, purchase you a full veil that you’ll need for life and give you an “obamacare card” so you can get help every time he beats the crud out of you. Best wishes to you on your wedding, worshipping the devil, and having all the children you can bare until you are 50.

      God does not tell us to sin or love sin, but to turn from our wicked ways. We are to love the person, but not the sin. Loving the enemy is hard when you know they’d rather cut your head off than look at you. Self-preservation tells most Americans to get rid of the cancer/islam that will destroy them and their free country. God does not give us a “spirit of timidity”… He does not tell us to be a doormat.

      God says, “Vengence is Mine saith the Lord and I will reap coals upon the head of thine enemies.” I’m counting on that Promise.

      You have misplaced blame and anger and should seek the truth, Kalli.

  • di

    Islam is a religion + Sharia law, inseparable. Sharia law is barbaric, brutal, cruel and oppressive. Muslims appear peaceful and talk peace, but then their religion teaches them that they may lie to the so-called infidels (anyone outside Islam) in order to deceive so that they may dominate the world.

    Hey, folks, wake up! America is being INVADED by Muslims and illegals! If we do not put a stop to their invasion and their desires to conquer us, they will continue on in their evil plans for America! Is that what you want? To be dominated by Sharia law and over run by another country and loose our freedoms! TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY AMERICA!

    • Vicki

      Peace is the absence of opposition.

  • dan az

    Come November we can and will extermenate the critters that have over taken our government and send them back to the cesspool which they came!Starting with their leader!Then all the rest will follow. This is America and we are in charge or will soon be and if they dont like it then go complain to your false god and see if he cares because I dont!

  • rockjock10

    What the non Muslim French citizens need to do is put their boots in the asses of the praying Muslims when they bend over to pray!

  • Cami.Farr

    My goodness people, have you read all these other emails. Have you seen the distrust and dislike of our Muslim brothers and sisters. Now I understand where America’s leaders are coming from when they talk about the prejudice and hatred. Maybe Obama and Bloomberg and all our other liberal rich leaders should get together with the Muslims and get the hell out!!!! They are screwing up this country and every other country they are in. I don’t want to live in the 1600s and I don’t want them as neighbors. PERIOD. Sadly it is for good reason too. They hate us.

  • Freedom

    If you want to understand what life could be like under Muslim rule, just have a look at the history of Bulgaria. The Muslims ruled that Christian country for 500 years and it was truly a rule of terror.

    On one of my many visits to Bulgaria, was shown the spot in a deserted village where one day the local Muslim Lord arrived and offered the village Headman conversion or beheading. He refused and his head sliced off on a chopping block. Then his wife was beheaded, then his children and then the whole village. The only thing which saved Bulgaria from obliteration was that the Muslims wouldn’t marry non muslims, so a stubborn and secret Christian part of the population kept their traditions alive until rescued from the Terror by the Russians.

    This fightening reality is never reported in the media. In Europe, we turned away from allowing Religion to rule in society and think the battle is over. It isn’t. If we value Freedom, we have to challenge this political movement (Islam) by sending a clear message through our laws and actions now.

  • mj

    We can talk and talk and talk. Somehow I do not see anything being done until it is too late. We have been betrayed by our own government. In the Book of Revelation it is the few who have grown to become many that are the enemy of GOD. Christ said the road of righteousness is narrow and few will make it.

  • http://personallibertydigest Clarence Crosby ,Hubert ,NC

    The pigs blood is a great idea , since when did it become necessary to respect someone that doesn’t respect you . They respect no religion , creed , or culture but the nation of Islam . These dregs of modern civilization are useless pieces of pig sh– . Can’t people see this is a strategy they are using worldwide , to insinuate themselves in every country to take over and impose sharia law . COME ON PEOPLE , WAKE THE HELL UP , AND GROW A SPINE WHILE YOUR AT IT .

  • http://msn jwdant

    the war is coming we will have to fight these people, wait and see, so you would be smart to arm yourselves, even if you dont believe in firearms…protect your children and grandchildren.

  • Clarence Archer

    Woe to America for embracing this ideological madness. Our weak president bows to their islamic king because he is one of them and has sold out America and the Jewish people, and no thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Since when and why is it illegal to pronounce anyone’s let alone the “Commander and Chief’s” middle name???


    Shalom and “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love thee” Psalm 122:6

  • http://MotzillaFirefox satch

    Remember the name Jesus Christ, the only name in heaven or earth that can save you from your sin and redeem you. [from Gods word=bible]
    Islam offers you a lie of virgins, sex, and pleasures sought today by the flesh. You must die a martyr to recieve a final reward according to Quran’s book of political correctness of Islam.
    Allah teaches death and killing to unbelievers while Christianity’s bible teaches love and compassion under the Creator God. And most important –the reward of eternal life with the one who bought your salvation with his very lifes blood! Is there really a decision after revueing the choices? His last words to his followers before departing to heaven was, “do not be decieved in the latter days” spoken by Jesus.

  • Clarence Archer

    Satch you are 100000% right. Jesus (Yeshua) is God, Lord and Saviour…THE ONLY way to the Father (Jehovah).


    From a messianic christian to the world…Jesus Is Lord and Coming SOOOOONNNN

    Shalom and “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love thee” Psalm 122:6

  • Political Atheist

    What is happening in Europe with Muslims Gone Wild (now THERE’S a reality show concept…!) is the same thing we have in the US with Mexicans. The globalists are using both these groups to created racial/religious resentment to keep us fighting among ourselves while distracting us from the real issues. We continue to allow ourselves to be divided and conquered while the gang rape from the elites continue to herd us into a cluster f**k world order. (Sigh…)

  • Ben Kilpatrick

    It is a shame, but, unfortunately, many of these folks will have to be deported from all Western Nations. The ones who agree to respect and live by Western Societial Laws and Norms can stay. We welcome them if they are sincere. If not, they must be deported to a Nation of their own choice, preferrably. Hopefully, this can be accomplished in a respectful, considerate and yes, loving way to these unfortunate souls who are trapped in this terrible hatred called islamic thinking toward the West and anyone who is of another Faith or non-Faith for that matter.

    • mommyof4

      My question is why have they left their homeland in the first place??? If they truly love their way of life…(religious freedoms and culture) why would they leave it to live in a foreign country??? To face prejudices and persecution on a daily basis??? Why??? Come on people lets wake up and figure it out. I am an AMERICAN!!! and I love my country and I would no more willingly leave it to move to a foreign country that does not like or accept me and my beliefs. Would you?

  • marie max

    If Paris lacks the back bone to stand up for freedom,so be it,however America will not tolerate this evil force.

  • Louiza

    I am over 65 and just found out that the doctors are not allowed to do any operation on me to prolong my life. A doctor told me, so I guess he knows. You may not care for the elderly but the head of Obomacare also stated that from conception to 5 years of age that a child is not a human being and is therefore ranked the same as Seniors, “DISPOSABLE”. Obomanure is allowing the Islam life still into our White house and other government offices, but the bleeding heart liberals have been slowly allowing them in for many years. Them are scheduled to execute a man for murder and the bleeding hearts are worried that he may be ‘hurt’ while they kill him. Oh My God!!! What did the girl go through while he ‘hurt’ and killed her. This is the kind of guy I’d like to string up by his balls until he ‘hurts’ like he hurt her. All this stupid crap about sharia law is only men’s way of ‘hurting’ women legally. It’s the most horrendous thing that a man can do to a woman. I can’t believe that a well educated woman would allow her daughters to be circumcised and mutilated and then be stoned and buried alive like the males do to their wife’s and daughters that they ‘theoretically’ love or care for. Ya, sure they care for their women. In a pigs eye. I don’t want my children and my grandchildren being in a world so narrow and cruel..

  • Meylanville

    I’m fully against this islamisation of France .
    But I’d like to know what do you think of a “Muslim center” (a kind of hidden mosque)on Ground Zero ?

    • Ryan

      I think the Muslims have a hidden agenda behind putting that mosque so close 2 ground zero! Even if all it is is 2 help the radicals gloat over the fact that they can blow our buildings up then build their own over ours! I saw 60 mins. last Sunday & the fella that is funding the mosque said it’s about healing the community. How do u heal by making everyone mad? Sounds like a lot of BS 2 me.


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