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Islamic cultural terrorism

June 29, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Pete

    I reckon these Europeans have a problem with Muslims. This dude puts “gays and jews” in the same grouping.. I don’t understand why them Europeans – especially the British – like gays so much …

    I figure those Brits just aren’t tough enough to take on the Muslims, because their culture thinks being an effeminate gay male is OK … Them Europeans just can’t take on the harsher Muslim culture. In other words, they are a bunch of male Tinker Bells ….

    This guy talks and talks – but no action. That’s what people do today – All show, but no dough …

    • Cawmun Cents

      But dont you see that they are much more tolerant and civilized than we are?Okay so the muslims will eventually kill them off…big deal,right?If the British want to become Muslim beeotches and pantywaists,why should we care?Perhaps they need a good strong hand to guide them?Maybe Sharia is the best for them?Of course all the pubs will be closed,but hey…you gotta give some to get some,right?Then Obama can get it implemented here and we will all gladly give up our guns and beer,right?We dont need all these oppressive things like,God,guns,beer,liberty,right?.But for the chance to bow down to the great Caliph Obama,we will trade all our souls away,right?The leftist nanny state will take care of us long enough for us to be captured and our heads sawed off with a dull knife,like Nick Berg,and Daniel Pearl(suggested viewing for all liberals who love the radical Muslims,it IS out there for your viewing pleasure y’know.It’ll be a real eye opener for those who think that they chop the head off…au contraire,its more of a butchering type of motion with a series of cuttting and twisting motions…with the gutteral sound of gurgling while the blood is gushing…and then at the end the twisting of the neck bone to get it to snap..wallah the head is seperated from the shoulders.. it should be very appealing to those of you with sociopathic tendencies i assure you.)If any of you havent watched one of these executions,I suggest you muddle your way through viewing one so that you can see what type of people we are dealing with.It may be gruesome…but if you dont want that type of thing happening on your streets,then know what it is that you dont want happening on your streets.-CC.

  • armyblue

    Right on target, this man knows it is about CONQUEST. I want to know where are the feminists in all this?

  • Juan Zalasar

    Good job Bob! Now if more people would just stop watching their reality tv stuff and get educated as to what is happening in the good ole USA, they would see increasing evidence that the dumming down of America is gaining momentum. Sharia is coming to a neighborhood near each and everyone of us. Folks really need to research this topic.

  • Rafael

    Many just wish that this will all go away, but it will not. Some Christains will turn the other cheek, but others will not. What Islam fears most will be the rise of Christain Crusaders with the heart to fight back. It kept them in check once in history and history needs repeating.

    • Cawmun Cents

      We as Christians have been taught to be peaceful.We have been told that we will be hated in the name of Christ,because they hated Him first.We are taught that we must be ready to leave at a moments notice without looking back,as lots wife did.But we are not told that we must be victims,nor that we cannot defend what is ours.No scripture in the Bible states that we must not protect ourselves.It does state that the Holy Spirit will reveal to us individually the extent of our rebuttal.So now we will help God bring those to Christ whom we can,and pray for those we cannot.That is our war,that is our mandate.But we cannot effectively do these things while we are being slaughtered.Therefore it is a cry to be vigilant and to be soldiers for the Lord,in these dark days.Tell a friend about Jesus.-CC.

  • TIME

    Look folks, let me try and place this in a window you can see through.
    The NWO needs a bad guy and not just a bad guy that is somewhere off in a distant land. They need one that lives next door to you.
    Who better to use then the “Islamic” monsters.

    Hey they look just like you, dress like you, live like you and yet they are 100% differant than you due to their religious beliefs.

    And just as with any Religion, not all people within said units are the same. Keep in mind that Sharia Law is not just
    {Law but a RELIGION, as well Government.} In plain words its a TOTAL way of life.

    And just as with any group bound by all the noted when in a pack they become a wolf, not a lamb. So what happens when you use such to your advantage to gain power and wealth just like the NWO maters have so artfully done?

    Well You’re able to gain control of any others who become target’s of such zelots. Then the NWO is happy to step in and help you, afterall they created the problem so you know they have the fix.

    The fix is to create even more unrest until you give in and allow the NWO to make laws that are even MORE “restrictive” than that of the followers of Islam.

    Here’s how this will all play out in the long run.

    After you give up all your “Libertys and Freedoms,” only then will the NWO Government come in to fix the problems.
    But as you have allowed them to make laws that are just as absurd as what the NAZI’s used in the 1930′s the round up’s will begin.

    First it will be the followers of Islam’s most extreme, then some Jews, then some Catholic’s, then some others religions.
    Then it will be anyone who has an education, then it will be anyone who fails to look the way they should, then next it will be the gays, then the wrong political party people.

    Then before you know it, your in the Trains being taken away to the camp’s to never return. All that will be left are the young who will do as they are told, as in anyone over the age of 30 will be gone when I say gone ~ thats as in “dead.”

    If you think I am wrong, than disprove me, but I dare say you can’t.

    If you have ever looked into UN Agenda 21 you will find it covers all this and more. Perhaps not quite as simple as I posted it, but (semantics) are just that “word games.”

    Oh and people this is coming to YOU SOON.
    By the way you paid for all of this with your TAX dollars and your lacking of holding the Politicians accountable for their actions.

    That was done by your lazy behavior in voting them in time after time, rather than voting in someone new or someone who is a Real AMERICAN, no its just so easy to go and pull the arm on a name you can recall. Or that really good looking sharpe dressed guy that speaks so well. You know the one that kiss’s babys and claims all kinds of things like the City on a hill, Bring back that golden city, or Hope & Change, take your pick Hitler used them all too, so did Mao, Stalin, Castro you name one that didn’t.

    So sad so sorry to break that to any of you that still can’t grasp it. Thus in the end you will have no one to blame but yourself.

    By the way people I don’t think we are going to have many more wake up at this point in time.

    And when the hard times get ever harder and they will. By hard times I mean when you can’t afford food to feed your familys, and unemployment #’s are being truthful reported it will be to late as in when the Government comes out and states that UE #’s are 45% / 55% etc.
    Your neighbors homes all forclosed and your next in line as you can’t pay your TAX’S as you have no money.
    But you allowed the state to keep taxing you more and more even when your home is worth less and less.
    No you just stayed quite to just get along and not make waves.
    So there you have it thats what your futures look like.
    What a Great picture, are you happy with YOUR handy work? I sure hope so as thats what your in for.

    • susan bice

      What are you doing to help make a change. Do you contact you congressmen or senators? Do you join a Conservative party , are you fighting on the front line, or are you just making statments! Your right as to what you say, but I am not one that is standing on the side line waiting for these jerks to take my country from me. So look for me or my name , because I will be fighting for my rights , my religion and my country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Cumber

    As I read the comment from TIME, I am reminded of several “statements” from the First American Revolution: such as, “Taxation without Representation is TYRANNY!” and some wisdom from more “modern” thinkers: like Richard Armey’s, “If you love Peace more than Freedom, YOU LOSE!” and, “Gun Control” means being able to reliably HIT YOUR TARGET!” Also, WHEN, oh, WHEN are we going to IMPLEMENT Article II, Section 4 and Article III, Section 3 of the US Constitution, FROM THE TOP DOWN! A re-reading of the Declaration of Independence, PARTICULARLY the second and third paragraphs, is ALSO in order, likening it unto ourselves and to our present, political and societal situation! NOW is DEFINITELY the “season” for it! Are we not rapidly approaching the time when we will need to “LOAD and LOCK”!? We need to not only “make waves” but we need to make TSUNAMIS!!!

  • http://None Robert Greer

    I believe Pats statements to be true. I wish I knew why I am surrounded by Somalians in my own neighborhood. Who is paying to import these worst of the worst people in Africa and what the hell are they thinking? Our wonderful government moved a family of Somalians into a brand new custom home on section 8 a couple of years ago. Why are we paying for this? I would have loved to buy the home but I couldn’t afford it!!

  • Daniel John

    Thank you for the info, it falls truthfully in line with others as yourself who have the courage to take a stand in this dangerous and dire threat. People need to wake up to the reality of the Islamic Force which has been testing law enforcement not only in Britain but France as also some of the Scandinavian countries. Attention should be given to the activities of citizens who have changed their name into that of the Muslim culture, especially those who have gathered great, uncommon wealth as today’s sports and entertainment celebrities. Perhaps its time for Christians to begin flying the Crusader’s Flag, The Cross of St. James which evolved into the field of the British Flag and which was also the symbol most flown in the forces of the French Crusaders. I fly mine at the side of my American Flag. Perhaps everyone who expresses concern should purchase one and fly it too. It could become a spreading show of Christian “Solidarity”. Maybe folks its time to give our kids an “Edge” on what they will “Need to Know” by introducing them to a game called “Cowboys And Muslims”.

  • Cecilio Mendez

    That is the best, most accurate presentation of what is coming to us Christians. “Love thy neighbor” does not work with this people, because they are animals. You don’t kiss a lion or a snake, you scramble then out or kill them! There is no “reasoning” with any form of wildlife… even PETA won’t hug a Wolverine. Christians must repeat history because history is repeating on us. Templar code must return. We have our work cut out for us.

  • BrotherPatriot

    This man is consistent and accurate in his presenations…at least all the ones that I have seen. His common sense…should be copied by all freedom loving people of this world.

    Islam is not a religion of peace. It’s a simple equation. What they print later in their Koran, indeed does supercede what was printed earlier. What is printed in the later parts of it? War, strife, murder, suppression, rape, pillage, subjugation and annilation of all nonbelievers and infidels. That means you unless your follow their doctrine of hate & violence.

    It’s very simple. Islam is not the friend to anyone who wishes a free society.

    That all said, indeed…watch out for the NWO people (our currently controlled government – the people from the Skull & Bones society, Bilderbergs and all their affiliated, variously named organizations which all link right into the Masonic religion, the Rockefellers & Rothschilds)…watch out for them when they offer the solution to all our problems at the expense of all our freedom.

    We have 2 great threats to America & the rest of the sovereign countries…it’s Islam & the NWO.

    The NWO is the greater of the threats as they actually have infiltrated all countries, their governments, their teachers, their farmers, their entertainers…everything. They own the media and over time…this has been used to help continue to dumb down the average citizen. To get them to the point where they know more about the Kardatians than the Constitution. It’s very sad and really ticks me off.

    Become educated to these truths as they are right in front of your eyes…you just have been dumbed down to the point that seeing them brings no reaction from you. However, they constitute a threat that will change your childrens lives.

    God Bless all Patriots of the world who are fighting the good fight.

    Yol Bolsun.

  • Adam Goldberg

    I suppose it were the Muslims conquering most of the planet on behalf of their Queen. For an Englishman to enlighten the rest of the world about oppression is rather ironic.
    It seem the older these Christians become , the least tolerant (not to mention tolerable) they seem.
    Islam is a carbon copy of Christianity which happens to be the most violent religion perpetrated upon human beings.
    Propaganda is a tool that was used by Nazis to create Xenophobia and that is exactly what this uneducated person is trying to accomplish.
    As person who truly believes that religion is the cause of all evils and not the solution, I simply despise any intolerance, especially towards individuals that have been subjected to one tyranny after another.
    Shame on you for creating divisions. And what exactly has Christianity done for the rights of women and homosexuals? Raping young children is better option? I didn’t think so!!


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