Is White House Visit From Union Leader The Missing Link That Implicates Obama In IRS Conspiracy?


One day before the Internal Revenue Service began its now-infamous hit job on Tea Party nonprofits, the leader of the labor union representing the agency’s employees — a vocally anti-Tea Party group — met with President Barack Obama at the White House.

What Obama discussed with Colleen Kelley, president of the 150,000-member National Treasury Employees’ Union (NTEU), isn’t known. But they met on March 31, 2010. And on April 1, the very next day, the IRS got busy going after the Tea Party.

According to the Inspector General for Tax Administration, whose independent report on the scandal was released last week:

April 1-2, 2010: the new Acting Manager, Technical Unit, suggested the need for a Sensitive Case Report on the Tea Party cases. The Determinations Unit Program Manager Agreed.

The NTEU has a public history of hating the Tea Party. Its political action committee endorsed Obama in both his Presidential campaigns, and it spent a lot of money to ensure Tea Party opponents got elected in other races. Meanwhile, the union’s members, while on the job as ostensibly dispassionate tax collectors and government enforcers, used their positions to bully the Tea Party while giving their liberal political enemies the “all clear” on their way to tax-exempt status and timely election-season campaigning.

An anonymous staffer in the Cincinnati IRS office from which much of the Tea Party stonewalling emanated told The Washington Post that the agency’s worker bees didn’t act to take down the Tea Party on their own. Rather, said the source, everything they did was directed from on high:

“We’re not political,’’ said one determinations staffer in khakis as he left work late Tuesday afternoon. “We people on the local level are doing what we are supposed to do. . . . That’s why there are so many people here who are flustered. Everything comes from the top. We don’t have any authority to make those decisions without someone signing off on them. There has to be a directive.”

For now — and, if Congress doesn’t act, probably forever — Obama’s connection to the scandal is obscured for a lack of evidence. The Inspector General’s report is cursory, and it didn’t proceed from an evidence-based investigation. Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t going to take it upon himself to appoint a special counsel to investigate the scandal; and even if he does, it will be a dog and pony show, a farce perpetrated by an appointee “as loyal to Obama as John Mitchell was to Richard Nixon.”

But Congress can introduce a piece of Independent Counsel legislation to replace the law that expired in 1999, following the investigation by Ken Starr into the activities of the Bill Clinton Administration. If that happens, Obama — and Holder — will be subject to a level of scrutiny that, until now, they’ve only known how to perpetrate against others. And the Nation would learn whether Obama is, at best, an inept leader who remained disconnected from what his allies and appointees were doing — or, at worst, a criminal who hid behind the power of the Presidency to win at all costs.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Motov

    It’s like every day something gets a bit of light, Then the occupant of the WH says he doesn’t know anything about it. 2nd term curse has started, There is so much crap in this administration, that (foil hat wearers or the birthers or whatever other name liberals call them) conservatives are starting to look like they might have something even in the liberal media.
    I guess when one steps on many toes as this administration has, especially when the bill of rights of gets trampled on journalists, the media feels a tad threatened, thinking it can and will happen to them.
    Washington DC needs to be examined with the constitution, to weed out all those evil people abusing power ASAP!

    • skippy

      I wish I could give you hundreds of votes up!! Great statements!! Thanks Mo :)

  • Warrior

    Even the “chief hack” was a political hack before his “composite” evolved from the likes of daley, emmanual, axelrod, & jarrett.

    • Jeff

      Calling your opponents “hacks” is hardly a substitute for actually saying something meaningful. But the bar is set quite low here when screaming “Commie” at someone passes for intellectual discussion. Go shoot something (“hit the pillow”). It’ll make you feel better.

  • ImListening

    Obonzo told us we can depend on change. He told us we can see the type of change to be made by the people he surrounds himself with. Right….. Well it’s all coming to light now. Every Government agency has grown from 30% to 35% since he has been office. These are the most corrupt, mob thugs he could find to make the rest tow the line. If a bribe doesn’t work, a little arm twisting, family member threats with good health or death generally gets everyone’s attention. This administration is the most corrupt that has ever been. I’ll be very surprised if anything comes of it as it is at every level, inside out, top down and from within. This country has been taken over by Evil forces. Prayers are all that’s left.

    • Flashy

      “Every Government agency has grown from 30% to 35% since he has been office”

      Really? Have you “heard this” or actually looked at the numbers? Seems that an administration with the lowest rate of federal spending increases in the modern era would have a larger budget increase if the growth of agencies were as you tell.

      hjere’s some facts for you to chew on. In a recent series of Poll (four to be exact from differing polling companies)….8 in 10 non-Republicans say this President is trying, and is thwarted by extreme conservative Republicans. 8-10 Republicans say it is the administration responsible for the stalemate and paralyzed Congress. Overall, 55% of American voters, and 60% of Americans of voting age, blame Congress for the fiasco, blame conservative Republicans for the logjam, and state that the GOP is the party of special interests.

      here’s some more food for you to dine on. Of the conservative “non-profit” groups which cried they were targeted? Over half the applicants from 2011-2012 carried on activities which would have violated the nonprofit status. none were barred from doing any activity, and all complained they were hampered in fundraising because donations weren’t available because the identity of donors would have to be made public.

      In plain English..what that last part shows….the IRS scrutiny was not without reason. Unless, of course, you advocate violating the law to avoid paying taxes and disclose political activities and what money is buying the market…

      • Vigilant

        “… blame conservative Republicans for the logjam,…”
        Care to source that comment, Flashy, especially since you can count on one hand the true Conservatives in Congress?

      • Greg Murphy

        Ooh!! Another useful idiot trying to sound stupid.

      • Vigilant

        “In plain English..what that last part shows….the IRS scrutiny was not without reason.”

        From the IG report: “The IRS used inappropriate criteria that identified for review Tea Party and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions instead of indications of potential political campaign intervention. Ineffective management: 1) allowed inappropriate criteria to be developed and stay in place for more than 18 months, 2) resulted in substantial delays in processing certain applications, and 3) allowed unnecessary information requests to be issued.’

        Now THAT’S plain English, Flashy. What part of the word “inappropriate” do you misunderstand?

      • Vigilant

        “here’s some facts for you to chew on. In a recent series of Poll (four to be exact from differing polling companies)..”

        Poll results are facts. Opinions expressed in polls are just that: opinions.

        • rocketride

          At best, they’re pretty dodgy facts. Without the context of knowing the exact phrasing of questions, (and when is the last time you saw pollsters publish that info?) they’re next to useless.

          • Guest

            I can’t understand that some of you people can say that poles matter they mean as much as some of the stupid stuff that people say here and thats a lot

      • Motov

        IRS and income taxes required changing the constitution in order for it to exist, The people did NOT want it back then.
        We were doing quite well without it. The greedy bankers, and
        the liberals certainly did want it. Now there are taxes, “user fees” and other underhanded ways the government (criminals) employ to extract wealth from those who worked hard to get it, so they could spend it on “useful idiots” to maintain the illusion that they are doing something good.

      • Mike

        Flashy I agree that maybe these organizations shouldn’t have received non profit status. The problem is the same type of organizations on the left were allowed the same status. It needs to be equal on both sides. If the right can’t do it the left shouldn’t be able to do it either. Whether they deserve the status has nothing to do with the current situation. That is a completely different conversation that doesn’t belong here.

  • Flashy

    Once again, sanity is checked in at the door. let me see if i have this correct…a public meeting, recorded as occurring, is held between a union official and the president, and the next day…not a month, not a few months..the next day, applications for non-profit status are being pulled by an office in Ohio and hammered with requests for additional information. Oh…and for cover up sake, we’ll also pull some liberal groups applications as well…say 20 or so and hammer them.

    And all that came down in a meeting which is traceable…and a president who would allow a direct link to him in any IRS abuse. Oh yeah … right … criminey

    • Greg Murphy

      Warning!! Useful idiot named flashy is here. Ignore, or you will suffer the peril of wasted time and effort.

    • Vigilant

      “…and a president who would allow a direct link to him in any IRS abuse.”

      Kinda like a dumb president who recorded his own complcity in a coverup scandal. In my experience, amongst all the high military and government officials with whom I’ve dealt over my lifetime, it’s not only possible, it’s probable with those who have gotten away with so much for so long. They have the feeling that they are invulnerable.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Flashy,

      Thank you Jay Carney. I see you are prepared for your next press “briefing.”

      Best wishes,

    • momo

      You’ll have to excuse flashman, he thinks Obama is a saint and can walk on water. Sorry, flashman, he’s human after all. with all the foibles that come with it.

      • Jeff

        That’s the most positive thing you’ve ever said about Obama. If I believed any of the nonsense on these blogs, I’d have to believe he’s either a Martian or a Cyborg.

    • Jeff

      It’s the Glenn Beck Syndrome. Any connection you can make on a chalkboard, no matter how tenuous or ridiculous, becomes established fact. It’s called Alternative Reality.

    • Timbo

      You never get anything straight or correct, that’s your problem. Chew on that!

  • ldazzle

    If our fellow Americans are this stupid, both elected & non-elected, I guess we deserve what we have. IMO it’s intolerable!

  • SmithWinston6478

    Let’s hope when the time comes, owe-bow-mao will go peacefully.

    “It is the moral obligation of the people, if the government does not abide by the Constitution, to take back that government, and to take it back by force if necessary.” – Abraham Lincoln’s 1st Inaugural Address 1861
    “The strongest reason for the people to
    retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect
    themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • hungry4food

    I say its time for some SERIOUS BACKLASH from Congress or they should all just go home and Introduce us all to OUR NEW Dictatorship !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DOJ Labels Fox News Reporter a National Security Threat

    IRS Agent – Orders Came “from the Top,” Obama Aides Dismiss Scandals as “Irrelevant”

  • ChuckS123

    I wonder if the person assigned to conservative groups was the most
    outspoken, radical, conservative hating person in the department. And a
    likewise radical manager decided that would be a good person to assign.
    So S/he didn’t need to be told to do that – s/he was already eager to
    do so.

  • joe vs the volcano

    Does anyone besides me still remember obummer in his original campaign speeches saying he wanted total information transparency to the American people so that they would know everything and not have anything withheld so we can know what happens in these whitehouse scandals?
    I don’t think he is singing the same tune right now.
    I think he knows a lot of things that he really hopes that will never come to light.
    That man is so wishy-washy… whazzup with that???
    He is in charge, but won’t take the blame for anything… bad leader by any standard…


    (WND) — Barack Obama is not the only one feeling the heat from a series of recent scandals.

    Apparently, news media generally sympathetic to the president’s agenda are plunging as well.

    According to, “after double-digit gains during last year’s presidential election, May 13-17 saw the progressive-aligned [MSNBC] hit new lows as the IRS scandal erupted and revelations that the Justice Department secretly obtained AP records became public.”

    MSNBC recorded its least-watched and lowest-rated total-day results of the year last week, with 350,000 viewers on average and 94,000 in the adults 25-54 demographic.

    According to ratings data from Nielsen, that was also the lowest total-day demographic result the network experienced since the week of June 26-July 2, 2006, when MSNBC attracted only 83,000 viewers among adults 25-54.

    MSNBC’s total day results last week plummeted 17 percent in viewers and 22 percent among the demographic from the comparable May 14 to May 18 week of last year.

    And during primetime viewing in the evening, the picture was even worse, as MSNBC’s steady decline from the start of 2013 continued.

    “The network had 570,000 total viewers and 159,000 in the demo from 8-11 PM from May 13 to May 17, 2013. That’s the lowest-rated week of the year so far for MSNBC in terms of viewers and the third-lowest of 2013 in the demo,” reported Deadline.

    “The week of May 6-12 was worst in the demo with 148,000 viewers when the network had 604,000 viewers on average. These latest results come as the news network’s recently launched and struggling ‘All In With Chris Hayes’ hit a new viewership low of 396,000 and its second-lowest demo audience of just 88,000 on May 14. It also comes on the heels of MSNBC falling in April ratings from its second place ranking of the year before.”

    Meanwhile, the news is much brighter for the top-rated Fox News Channel, which brought in 1.491 million total day viewers and 283,000 in the demo last week.

    “That’s Fox News’ second-most-watched week of the year after the week of the Boston Marathon bombings,” said Dominic Patten of Deadline.

    “FNC had 2.396 million total viewers and 356,000 among adults 25-54 in primetime from May 13-17. That’s a 1 percent demo drop in total day and a 10 percent drop in primetime compared to the same frame last year. However it is a 31 percent total day viewership rise and a 17 percent primetime audience lift over the comparable week of May 14-18, 2012.”

    Continue reading via WND…


    Is British CNN host Piers Morgan finally admitting gun advocates have a point when they say the Second Amendment is to protect citizens from tyrannical government?

    Morgan has made headlines for many months as he loudly trumpeted the cause of gun control, even to the detriment of his shows ratings.

    Since the Sandy Hook massacre last year – in which Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 students and six adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. – Morgan has made advocating for gun-control legislation a frequent topic of his program, clashing with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich or rocker and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent, for example, and calling Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt “an unbelievably stupid man” for disagreeing with him.

    Following reports of his vitriolic attacks, a petition was started on the White House “We the People” website demanding Morgan be deported back to England – and it now has more than 109,000 signatures.

    As WND reported, despite his avid criticism of guns, Morgan protects his own personal property with signs warning that it is guarded by “Armed Response Security Systems,” according to a recent investigation by self-described “guerrilla journalist” James O’Keefe.

    And on March 11, Morgan insisted that, “people need the nanny state occasionally.”

    Now – after learning of the Obama administration’s involvement in the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups and its secret seizure of Associated Press phone records – the CNN host admitted to guest Penn Jillette that perhaps gun advocates were right about creeping tyranny after all:

    “I’ve had some of the pro-gun lobbyists on here, saying to me, ‘Well, the reason we need to be armed is because of tyranny from our own government,’ and I’ve always laughed at them,” Morgan said. “I said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous! Your government won’t turn itself on you. …

    “But, actually, this is vaguely tyrannical behavior by the American government.”

    He continued, “I think what the IRS did is bordering on tyrannical behavior. I think what the Department of Justice has done to the AP is bordering on tyrannical behavior.”

    Jillette agreed with Morgan, stating, “There’s no doubt about that. Once you use the word ‘bordering,’ that’s true.

    “I also think that it shows you that how much we can trust the government and just sit back– which is not very much at all. We have to be ever vigilant.”


  • $8012302

    Why are government appointed agencies and their unions allowed to donate money for the election or relection of the person that appoined them. Even in the least of anyones imagination that would be considered as a bribe. Seem like coruption has found its way into all parts of this administration. From Machelle’s $100,000 a year plus hand maidens to the Multimillion dollar a year for office managers. Wow it must be great to be thoughtless about us mid and lower class that they work to destroy.