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Is This Why Obama Won’t Release A Real Birth Certificate?

June 18, 2012 by  

Is This Why Obama Won’t Release A Real Birth Certificate?
Stanley Ann Dunham is pictured at left. Could she also be pictured at right?

Longtime readers know I don’t believe President Barack Obama’s official birth narrative: that he was born to Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham in a Hawaiian hospital. There are too many unanswered questions, some of which I pointed out here, here and here.

I have also written that I believe that all the hokum from the Obama camp and efforts in court to seal all his documents are an attempt to cover up the fact that Obama’s real father was the communist Frank Marshal Davis (which, if true, would make Obama a natural-born citizen). There is now some photographic evidence to bolster this argument.

Davis was instrumental in forming Obama’s political philosophy. Called “Uncle Frank” in Dreams from My Father, Davis was a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), according to a 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii. Obama has admitted to spending time with Uncle Frank — whom he cryptically describes as being a person of some modest notoriety at one time — and listening to his poetry and getting career path advice.

Davis may also have been a pedophile. Writing under the pseudonym Bob Greene, Davis wrote a debased pornographic novel entitled Sex Rebel: Black (Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet) in which he describes group sex encounters and sex he and his wife had with a 13-year-old girl named Anne. Davis died in 1987.

Could that girl “Anne” have been Stanley Ann Dunham, and could the faux marriage between Dunham and Obama Sr. been an effort to cover up an illicit affair?

A DVD entitled “Dreams from My Real Father” has been produced that purports to show photographs of Dunham posing nude that appeared in vintage fetish and bondage magazines. The photos, according to producer Joel Gilbert, were taken by Davis and submitted by him to the publications.



Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Brad

    No wonder Moochelle is so jealous, she understands he has perversion in his blood. He most deffinatley is a freak of nature.

    • Rocky Night

      This article must be hitting close to the mark. look at all the paid liberal hate mongers that are commenting today.

      Our tax dollars at work.

      • ONTIME

        Liberals love to tell you all about what they do not know and expect you to listen as though it were written in stone…..axiom

    • Ron

      It’s “definitely”. If you want to live in America, learn to speak English! You wetback non-English-speakin’ terrists are ruining this country!

      • Mike Templewind

        That would be terrorists, not “terrists”. [GRIN]

    • Jennifer C Call

      The stripper woman is NOT Obama’s mother. Just someone who looks like her. I can’t stand Obama but we do no good to spread lies. This has been proven not to be Stanley Ann Dunham many stop the crap.

      • RichE

        “Stop the crap” Jennifer, I don’t anybody on this site responds to voice commands.

    • Steve E

      Moochelle is jealous of Larry Sinclair.

  • Karolyn

    I’m surprised at Bob Livingston. This is turning into the GLOBE.

    • Rocky Night

      She gets paid by the remark.

    • Jeff

      Bob Livingston also doesn’t believe the official narrative on gravity written by Newton. Every time you drop something, Jesus personally grabs it and takes it to the ground. Could anybody BE nuttier than this guy?

      • elda

        You guys never change, if something shines a ray of truth on something of shame for you the only thing you people do is call names and try to project it away. Why don’t you do what we do for once…….go out and search out the truth and come back and report.

      • Elizabeth

        I know right. Twice he uses the word “entitled” when he should have said “titled.” What a nutjob.

      • coal miner

        Jesus would make a good base ball player.Ha Ha ha

      • runstowin

        You sound like a flat earth left-wing stooge. Just a thought.

      • shiyounennotennochichiHaha

        Can you confirm that?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I am surprised,Karolyn, that you are not in the forefront collecting funds to pay to have a statue made up of O’s mother.It would have to be of white marble. The title should be the woman who made the Man.

      • Karolyn

        Another pointless remark by the queen of pointless remarks. Where do you get this stuff?

      • http://none george

        it should be made from black snow representing the black mark the obees will leave on this country. then when it gets to hot for the obes they can melt away into oblivian.


      Karolyn, the Enquirer was right about John Edwards, so don’t be so quick to dismiss anything that does’t come from the MSM.

      • Karolyn

        Juke – The Enquirer has gone pretty mainstream. In referring to the Globe, I’m talking about stories like “Man Turns Into Fish After Ingesting Radiation” and “The Lost Pornographic Videos of Madeline Albright.”

    • http://Liberty Tony

      To Karolyn:
      This website is more like “National Enquirer or Lampoon”.
      Look, as i stated last week, google “Obama,Rubio birthers should read”.
      This article will clear up this nonsense. So long!!

    • Ron

      Aw, I wouldn’t be too surprised, Karolyn. Look at the top of the web page. Like Glenn Beck, Bob’s turnin’ a fast buck by selling “Offshore Opportunities” and “Survival and Self-Sufficiency” and “Asset and Wealth Protection”.

      That’s all stuff you need if somebody Charlie-Mansons-up and starts Helter-Skelter–a civil war/race war/religious war between God Fearing Patriotic RealAmerican SuperPatriots and Everyone Else.

      So. Keepin’ people whipped up on the latest new CommuNaziHomoSocialistniG-Akenyan Voodoo plot to Destroy RealAmericans in their beds is just GOOD MARKETING.

      Rich people: Don’t worry. You can protect your wealth and offshore yourself when the time comes. The bloodbath is between RealPatriots, angry and armed to the teeth–and any part of America that doesn’t agree with ‘em. Let the bodies hit the ground.

      But you guys are gonna be fine!

      ‘Might be a good time to buy stock in bullets and small arms, though.
      Maybe Bob can help ya out?

  • Dj Benephit

    Really…Come on! I know u all have better things to do with ur time than to soak in confusion trying to find out if the President is a citizen or not! Just go vote & call it a day, the American Way! It’s that simple!!

    • RGS

      Simple ia as simple does.

      • Intolerant of GOP Lovers

        RGS, if anyone should know, it is you, you simpleton.

    • rich hutchins

      ssshhhhhh!!!!! don’t tell them that!! they might actually work & discuss real issues!!!… we’re keeping them distracted from our evil commie takeover with this birther stuff!!!!!

    • gekruckeberg

      Actually, the American way was described by John Adams: “This is a nation of laws, not of men.” The law says the President must be a natural born citizen. Thos who break the law, even (or perhaps most especially) the President of the United States, must be held accountable. THAT’S the American way.

      • Patriot

        Exactly! When will we start the trails and put these people in prision, all who have had a hand or know about this lawlessness.

      • dufas magnet

        Fact is Patriot.. We all want to see justice done if there is justice to be had.. Others’ opinions and innuendos heard from gossipers do not equate to facts and furthermore, if these charges are true it looks like the entire congress, representatives and other over-paid clucks are nothing more than whiny yellow bellied cowards by not jeopardizing their rank and demanding these charges be pursued by the United States judicial system.. that is of course, if the charges are legitimate. My thoughts on it is their not because nobody in the political arena is holding their hand up and your obviously giving too much credit to Obama if you think he’s powerful enough to manipulate an entire political machine to do the bidding of his desires WITHOUT at least one (verified) leak. So ask the higher up Pubs why they haven’t acted yet (it didn’t take them any time at all to pursue criminal charges against Clinton’s little knob job) this should have been seen as extremely important yet up to now, their leaving the arguments to the people that they can blame if it turns against their wet dreams. Face it.. We’re being used as whipping posts against each other while vipers in charge are manipulating this year’s election.. Who’s doing it? Don’t ask me as I’m not going to spread any rumors.

    • elda

      Dj….why is it unreasonable for the people of the United States to expect to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the man they elect to take charge of it? I really don’t care where he was born, I just want to be able to trust the President and this one especially has not done one thing to cause me to trust him….in fact he has done many more things than any other person I have voted for in my life. I think it is because he makes such a big deal out of hiding things that so many think he has something to hide and we want to know why.

      • ehancock

        Why hasn’t Mitt Romney shown ten years of tax filings? Why hasn’t he shown his records while governor of Massachusetts? Why hasn’t he shown his kindergarten records, high school records, college records, college thesis, graduate school records. graduate school thesis, Etc.

    • firefight

      “Just go vote & call it a day, the American Way! It’s that simple!!”
      REALLY? It’s just that simple. is it? So, who, exactly, should I vote for? Should it be someone who I know nothing about, which is what happened in the 2008 election, or do I owe it to myself and my country to be better informed about the candidates? OMG, now it’s not “that simple,” is it? Now it will require me to be better informed by reading such articles as this one and doing a bit of digging myself to make sure there is substance to such articles. I really do need to know why my vote counts and then make sure it counts for what I want it to count for. If I find out, through a bit if investigative research, that one of these candidates harbours and allegiance to another philosophy other than one of complete freedom, then I need to know about that and do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t get into office. At this point, there has been too mcuh voting for the wrong person because of his or her carisma or because of the color of their skin.

      The more I learn and verify about Barak Obama and his cronies, the more I am convinced that he and they do not have the American people and the interests of a free country in mind.

      • dave

        if we voted by race (that’s what happened w/ black voters in 08.) We could solve the problem!!! vote your color!!

      • JerryWheelerWroteThis..

        But wait a minute! How might you run upon this ‘truth’ that can make you vote one way or the other? Most of what I’ve read or seen equates to someone else’s opinion.. They spurt statistics or what they heard from other sources and by the time the truth can be found, the source is no longer on line. So, your going to vote by what you read? What you see on you tube or other obscure web sites run and operated by some other person with his/her idea of what truth is.. Look at the 9/11 tapes on you tube, even the faked one’s look real thus will convince certain people.. and the Kennedy head shot with proof that he got shot from the side as his movements prove yet certain ‘experts’ claimed it’s scientifically possible to shoot someone in the back of the head and make their body respond backwards (never seeing that he was in any way first thrown forward from the impact).. Still there are those who believe these blithering idiots.. So, how can you determine what the truth is from people who have already made up their minds one way or the other? Go instead to the g’ment web sites.. pull out the actual written laws that were passed, find out who actually approved and rejected it.. Determine what their motives were then with the two weak choices that no american would have really wanted, vote for the one that the hidden moguls chose for you. This isn’t to knock your choice, only to make folks aware that in reality, we have no choice as the choice was made for us and now we must choose from their determination (and hidden agenda).

    • Billy

      That is not the American way, Know what you are voting for. and then vote.

  • Dwight Mann

    It is more than a plausible explanation. . .
    We have a perverted fruit in the position of POTUS.
    The fruits do not fall far from the tree!

    • ehancock

      Have you noticed how much Mitt Romney looks like Harpo Marx? It is just as likely that Romney’s real father was Harpo as Obama’s was Davis.

      • firefight

        No, but I have noticed how much Joe Biden looks like Walter.

      • Oneguess

        Good one, firefight. I too think Biteme looks like Walter! Thanks.

  • wt

    Pedophile? Must have been a Catholic then. lol.

    • KC135TopBoom

      No, not Catholic. Most muslim men are pedophiles and have sex with their own daughters and sons, along with many other kids that live near them.

      • William 1


      • elda

        You forgot sheep.

      • Blk

        someone gets it, muslims don’t eat pork, say they do not drink or smoke, they keep there body prue, but more opium, comes from muslims then anywhere in the world, I guess it is ok to make money and help ruin others life’s if you only don’t eat pork? they have sex with anyone, no matter the age, rape is ok to after all they think women are like dogs, or less and little girls well they are Property! rape them! have sex with them, it is all ok in the name of the muslim god satan then they wrap it all up and clam it is a religion of peace, ya right, muslims are evil they say there are good muslims, but they have a agenda if you do not believe me just look at everywhere there is a high % of muslims, rape, killings, incest,do what they say or else, freedom lost, don’t read what I write as fact, let them condem there self, and obooboo is muslim, and he wants it for everyone in the USA after all it is for allah the god for hell

      • TIME

        Dear BLK,

        You will want to look into the UK’s ROYAL family to find out who the real Opium dealers are.
        Then you may wish to look into Pharm Co’s also who hold massive amounts of stock in these, as well where their BOO is.
        WOW – can you say LONDON, the Money City State?

        Look at what nations these special persons broke the backs of by use of opium products. How about China, of whom the UK’s Royal Family looted the Chinese of their “national treasure.”
        How about the 50 states you may live in one of?

        Learn who the real Vampires are before you start tossing rocks.

        Peace and Love

      • coal miner

        Read the Koran.

        Rejection of homosexuality within Islam … ISLAM AND HOMOSEXUALITY Negative comments about homosexuality by Muslim groups and individuals

      • coal miner

        KC135TopBoom and William 1
        Men and women should abstain from any practice of Homosexuality. Homosexuality is prohibited in Quran. … Lot: Homosexuality Condemned. Lot said to his …

      • coal miner

        Academics · Animals · Art … The mainstream interpretation of Qur’anic verses and hadith condemn homosexuality and cross-dressing. … The Quran contains seven references to “the people of Lut,” the biblical Lot, but meaning the …. Men have sex with other males so long as they are the penetrators and their partners are …

    • cmjay

      This is the BEST RESPONSE you can come up with ? Pathetic.

      • Richard Walker

        Before you throw a rock, you should go live in Saudi Arabia and see first hand the reality of “islam”. Then you can speak with authority about such things. I was a pilot based in Riyadh for over nine years flying for billionaires and the King’s brother-in-law. I quote from a Saudi co-pilot I once flew with: “Men for pleasure, women for procreation, and animals when you have to.” These are truly sick people.

  • Kane Bonkers

    @DJ and Karolyn.
    This is (still) America. You have a choice! No one “made you” read the article. In fact, it is your choice to come to this site.
    If you don’t like it, exercise your American right…and stay away.

    • rich hutchins

      no one made you read their posts…..
      – troll jr.

      ps – can’t you see that an article like this is going to lead to people having fun in the comments? Look at the jokes on th ebook title… lets have fun

  • wt

    We all know that Catholics are either pedophiles or enablers. Ask the Catholic clergy about cover ups.

    • Robert Smith

      I asked… They said they are christian.


      • Rocky Night

        Wow Robert you sure are making a lot of money today with all those remarks.

        How much to comment on newsletters do you make?

    • KC135TopBoom

      Do we ‘all know’ that? You might be surprised to know that less than 1% of Catholics and Priests have ever been pedophiles. Yes, go ahead and ask the Catholic Priests that question, then ask Imans the same question. The kuran actually allows sex with children. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama and Mooochelle are doing their own daughters.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        KC, Obama’s daughters are innocent and shouldn’t be a part of this equasion but I am curious to know when they get older and one of them walked in the house with a man like Trayvon Martin how Barry and Michelle would react, would Barry hug him and call him the sone he never had or would he put his size 9 shoe so far up the gangsta wanna be he would make the guy reach the curb?

        Just curious!

      • firefight

        At this point, can you really be sure that they are his daughters? I haven’t seen their birth certificates either. I have to conclude that, like many Americans assumed that Barak was an American, that you are doing the same about the two girls living with him and Michelle. If Barak Obama is NOT an American citizen, then are they?……… and we know there is some confusion about who Barak’s own father really is. Not to be racist, but to be totally correct, this is a common problem within certain communities.

    • Penny R. Freeman

      There are bad eggs in every basket dear. Just because a few have been caught, that doesn’t mean everyone Catholic falls into that category. No I’m not Catholic, but I do know you can find rotten fruit under every tree. Never judge someone because of something so broad as their religion, judge them only by their actions. And even then judging them is not up to you. No one is perfect so I’m sure there’s something negative in your life that people can judge you by. Remember that when you play judge and jury.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        You are so right Penny, just think if Baptists were judged by MLK Jr. would all of them be known to have a few ho’s in every city he want to. The FBI have the videos to prove this as a fact but we still don’t judge all Baptists based on the personal life of MLK Jr.

    • sandman4X4

      your mind is so twisted with hate! hatred for the bush’s, hatred for anything that doesn’t resemble you, or thinks like you. You are confusing misguided forgiveness from a group of guy’s that are actualy human! and the belief to forgive is part of being a Christian, to a fault.I wonder where you thoughs about abortion lie? you folks that are so ready to condem a group of men, trying to help someone among them, that has a sickness, and on the other hand have no problem with a mother that takes it upon herself to go to an abortian clinic to end the life of a inocent baby! (murder) a baby just for the sake of convenience! not medical reasons, but just because the baby would cause a hardship! (not enough responsibility on her part)! just like the folks outside the prisons that can’t stand executing some murdering bastard, but will on the very next day be out in front of the above clinic to keep abortions going on! you folks make no sense at all!

    • rhcrest

      As the poster noted above, muslims are the ones who routinely commit pedophilia, it is promoted in the Koran. Have you ever seen pedophilia promoted in teh Bible? The few priestst that were pedophiles were not the norm vs. in the Islamic faith pedophilia is openly accepted and IS the norm and is taught by their faith. Did you know that Mohammed, the founder of Islam, married his wife Aesha when she was 6 but being the good guy that he was he waited until she was 9 to consummate the marriage.

      • nc

        rhcrest, I did see in the Bible where God killed innocent children because he had the A$$ at the pharaoh over treatment of the Jews! I also saw something his son TAUGHT about doing your praying in your closet instead of making it a display in the public (schools)!

  • wt

    This article belittles the intelligence of conservatives. It is geared to the red neck trailer trash, uneducated of the right wing.

    • Penny R. Freeman

      Again I’m asking, why do you read personal liberty if you don’t like the articles? You have the freedom to read what you want. If you don’t have anything else to do but read articles that offend in order to find something to criticize people about I’m sure I can find someone willing to give you yard work or house work to do instead of wasting your time. READ ARTICLES BY PEOPLE WHO AGREE WITH YOU OR GET OFF YOUR COUCH AND FIND SOMETHING USEFUL TO DO!

      • rich hutchins

        “Only read articles by people that agree with you”? Thats how you end up with the political situation in the US today! Two sides with 2 sets of facts & never the twain shall meet! Some of us read stuff from across the spectrum to challenge our beliefs & to broaden our perspective. And if we disagree, we have the right to post as much as anyone. And actually i agree with most of what I find on Personal Liberty. I’ve become much more libertarian again as I get older. Its the ‘partisan’ stuff i crack up at. And, I know people who think the whole ‘birther’ issue is being directed by the white house to keep the ‘kooky’ wing of the opposition distracted on crap instead of being focusing on the real issues… seems to be working!

      • Lcar

        “Two sides with 2 sets of facts & never the twain shall meet! ” Actually only one side has the facts (conservative/libertarien). The other side makes up whatever fits their agenda or solicites an emotional response. This article maybe out there, but it is only trying to search for possibilities for the made up BS from camp Oblambusho.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you claim that you are the spokesman for the conservatives. Who asked you to be the spokesman?

  • Bob

    WHAT does being a catholic have to do with being a PEDOPHILE????? ALL races and Religions have those sorry PEDOPHILE,, BASTARDS,NOT only CATHOLICS,What do you call MUSLIMS marrying young girls?

    • William 1

      First sexual deviant-satan in the garden of Eden-wholly deceived means sex with Eve-wow scary isn’t it yet it’s in the original language so that means there are little kinnites (satans breed) running around and you wondered why we can’t all just -”get along” he was a murder and liar and thief from the beginning and his spirit is still around-look around they’re everywhere as this article so clearly shows.

    • AnonoSedai

      The best statistics we have indicate that sexual abuse is 100 times more frequent in public schools than in Catholic churches. Maybe we shouldn’t judge the group by the individual pervert, but as for me, I don’t send my kids to public schools OR Catholic churches.

  • http://none kitzy

    Oh No!!!! It couldn’t be our FECKLESS LEADER???? Could it be??? Could It????

  • Wyatt

    Interesting . But I don’t know if Marshall is or is not the father . I do believe that he influenced young Kommrad Obamav and his Communist beliefs . As to his mother , I suspect even she didn’t know who the real father was . I still tend to believe the account of his paternal Grandmother that he was born on Kenya and that she was present at his birth . And the book should have been titled “Scheme’s for My Father” . Personally , I feel he is illegally in the office of president , the Democratic Party Leadership knows he is an illegal candidate and is blocking any effort at truth for the simple reason that their leftist policies can be put into effect and they can grab total power in the United States .

    • ehancock

      Obama’s paternal grandmother NEVER said that Obama was born in Kenya. She said repeatedly in the taped interview that Obama was born in Hawaii, and she said in another interview, with the Hartford Courant newspaper, that the first that her family had heard of Obama’s birth was in a letter from Hawaii. Birther sites simply cut off the tape before Obama’s Kenyan grandmother was asked, and answered the question: “Whereabouts was he born.” The answer to that question was in Hawaii, and she said it repeatedly.

      The notion of Obama’s mother, late in pregnancy, traveling alone (WND has shown that Obama senior was in Hawaii on August 4, 1961) from Hawaii where there are good hospitals, to Kenya, where there was Yellow Fever and bad hospitals, and doing so without any INS record of her leaving the USA or any record of her arriving in Kenya—is absurd. And the fact that there is a birth certificate showing that she gave birth in Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu makes it even more absurd.

      Oh, and there were a total of 63 people who went to Kenya from the USA in 1961 and only 21 who came from Kenya to the USA. And yet you believe that Obama’s grandmother said that Obama was born in Kenya. Well, she didn’t.

      • Martha Benton

        Keep drinking the kool-aid. Your brain is a nice pile of slush.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        All I have to say is he can prove it anytime. And why hasn’t he? Why did he present the American people with a forged birth certificate? What does he have to hide? The truth MUST come out! It’s my OPINION that he was born and raised for this! I believe that he WAS the son of Marshall, was born in depravity and raised to be a communist! He was groomed and our culture was perverted to welcome him with open arms. I believe that he is a modern day “Rosemary’s Baby”.

        • Jeff

          I’m pretty sure Mia Farrow is a citizen, so then we’re back to the citizenship of Lucifer. Is Hell directly beneath the US (definitely one of the red states)? Nancy, Nebraska will vote for Romney no matter what you do so your crazy opinions really don’t matter. Just keep away from those of us in the Unites States.

      • Karolyn

        Martha – Everything ehancock said is true. Why not do some research before villifying somebody?

      • ehancock

        Re: “All I have to say is he can prove it anytime. And why hasn’t he? ”

        Answer: He has already proved his birth in Hawaii. Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and the National Review accept that fact, as does the Conservative Secretary of State of Arizona.

        Re: “Why did he present the American people with a forged birth certificate?”

        It isn’t forged. A number of birther self-described “experts” have claimed that it is forged, but they have not proven their expertise, and they certainly have not proven that they are objective. People who hate Obama can claim anything that they want. Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, the National Review and the Secretary of State of Arizona do not believe them.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Breaking News in Florida on Obama eligibility………

      • ehancock

        Re Youtube.

        Birther reporters are highly accurate and reliable. This is another example of the one in New Jersey in which a birther reporter asserted that Obama’s lawyer “admitted that the birth certificate was forged.” Well, she never said anything like that at all. And in Forida Obama’s lawyer did not say anything like this either.

        But keep on dreaming.

    • Void1972

      As I have stated many times in the past, the fact of why liberals think the way they do is because of the extremely disturbing childhood they survived!

      Obama is bisexual because of his demented liberal mother and the homosexual male nanny who raised him!

      You have to feel pity for these demented freaks of nature, but how does one of them become President of the United States of America?

      Obama is living proof that the progressive, communist bankers that are trying to create a one world communist government have gained control of America!

      We need to bring all of these hideous freaks to justice and take back America now!

      God bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

      • ehancock

        If that is the way that you want to vote, you have every right to do so. But millions of people disagree with you and the election will be closer than you expect. In any case, Obama was born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate and the repeated confirmations and the Index Data and the birth notices in the newspapers all show.

  • Scott

    THIS is a stupid discussion…… neither one of those photos, nor do any of the others that I have seen, put up all around this story, LOOK LIKE Ann Dunham……….

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I disagree with you. Look at the nose. Look at the distance between the mouth and the chin. Look at the pics of obummer, obummer sr, and marshall. obummer looks NOTHING like obummer sr but his eyes are exactly like marshall’s. The nose is very similar also. Obviously none of this is proof but it’s enough to cause speculation.

      • ehancock

        Romney looks NOTHING like George Romney, but his eyes are exactly like Harpo Marx’s. The nose is very similar to Harpo’s also. Obviously none of this is proof but it’s enough to cause speculation.

      • nc

        Nancy, stories with NO Pictures have caused wild speculation among you conseratives! If you WANT something to be true then ,”by God, it is true”! We liberals understand that about your side of the fence!
        Have you heard of any good conspiracies lately?? The exact date of the second coming??
        A meeting of the NWO group on the occupation of USA? When Obama will halt the 2021 election process?? What Obama will be called when he makes himself Dictator! ( “Dick” has already been taken but many times suggested!) These are major areas of discussion here and are considered as serious as sunstrokes by these nuts!
        And you people wonder why we liberals come to this site???? Wouldn’t miss it for the world or until Mr. Livingston pulls my plug!
        BTW, I am not a paid shill! Wish it were so but unfortunately no one is paying for my opinion.

  • duif100uif100

    This article assumes the the name “Frank Marshal Davis” is on Obama’s birth certificate.
    However is the Dunham x Obama marrirage was to cover up an affair, then the name Obama would be on the certificate as the father.

  • Rasta

    Stop you are really making me laugh. Everytime I think you guys can’t get any more ridiculous you top yourselves!

  • Dave67

    And independents and the left need proof that the extremist right is off their rocker???

    Here it is…

    Line up right wing loons for your tin hats. Can’t help you with your racism though… That is something you will need to work on. Funny John McCain was born in Panama… The right never asked to see his BC, George W Bush, never asked to see his BC, Ronald Reagan, never asked for his BC… Not even Mitt Romney’s father who was born in Mexico was asked about his BC when he ran as an independent… I wonder what makes Obama different?

    But I hope the right keeps it up…. This helps ensure they lose in Nov.

    • HH

      “I wonder what makes Obama different?”

      He’s Muslim! The others you spoke of aren’t!

      • Dave67

        Well there you have it… its false but that is a perfect justification for. this nonsense.

      • HH

        Dave67 I’m sorry, you’re right! Obama isn’t Muslim……… he’s isn’t a Christian either and I’ll prove it to you. What Obama is above all things…………. is he’s a liar!

        First of all let’s get this first point across, the definition of “holy”.

        Definition of HOLY. 1: exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness . 2: divine <for the Lord our God is holy — Psalms 99:9 …

        In the following clip you will hear Obama quoting from the "holy" Koran THEN LATER confessing Jesus Christ as his savior. You CAN NOT have both, according to the Koran Jesus is a prophet NOT the savior. Further on you will hear him mocking the scriptures of the Holy Bible, Old and New Testaments! At the end he says "you folks aren't reading your bibles"! Who's not reading his bible?

        Referring to the Koran as being “holy” (as Obama has done multiple times) shows that he believes that book to be true, (worthy of COMPLETE devotion) only Muslim's believe the Koran is “holy”, is he a Muslim? Is he a Christian? Answer, neither, he's a liar!

        Islam vs Christianity. Please follow the link below, it discusses the differences between Islam and Christianity and why you cannot have both.

        I have more respect for an atheist who says he doesn't believe in God than someone who confesses Christ as his savior then says the Koran is "holy"!

        To God be the glory, NOT Allah!

      • Dave67

        HH… Did Christians get us into this economic mess we are in today? Did Christians start as war in Iraq, Vietnam in which we were not attached? Did Christians create the largest wealth gap in the past 100 years?

        Just curious….

        Being of a particular religious faith means little to me…. Its about what a person does and didn’t do and by my scorecard… Christians have screwed this country.

      • nc


      • HH

        Dave67, you need to go back and re-evaluate your “scorecard”, there is a BIG difference in one who CLAMS to be a Christian and one who IS a Christian……….. true Christians don’t start wars……….. Your small unfaithful mind can’t comprehend that tho can it! And don’t start throwing darts at me from the Old Testament, we don’t live under the old law anymore I live under the NEW law of Christ! Love one another, do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Try it, accept the Lord Jesus as your savior and believe the words he spoke, be baptized for the remission of your sins, live Christ-like and you will be amazed at what the Lord can do for you.

        nc, I gave you evidence that Obama is a liar, it’s not what I said it’s what HE said! You CANNOT be a servant of Mohammad AND Christ at the same time. Did you not follow the link to the difference in Islam and Christianity and read ALL of it? Did you not watch the video clips of Obama praising the Koran as “holy” and also saying that the Lord is his savior? Did you?……………. I don’t know what’s in Obama’s mind but by his actions I got a pretty good idea! Yes I agree, judge NOT lest ye be judged…………. Do you know what Jesus said in John 7:24? “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment”. ESV

      • HH

        Oh by the way, Dave67. Where did I ever say that John McCain, George W Bush, Ronald Reagan or Mitt Romney were a Christians?

  • Robert

    Coming soon to a bookstore near you. ” Sins of my perverted communist mother “. by Barrak Obama.

  • Dave67

    Bob Livingston has no shame if he puts this garbage on his site… Fear, hearsay, lies and pandering to the extremists is the hallmark of conservatism as of late.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Dave67, you are the one who is doing the lying.

      • Dave67

        Where is my lie?

  • Sirian

    This is a very contentious area of concern but until there could be full DNA matching test performed, basically, all we can do is speculate as to who, without question, Obummers true father is. There may be plenty, if not reams of indicators, but again, until there is a definite matching DNA conclusion determined, it will remain as open as interstellar space. Birth Certificates are a different matter. Who the father is, at present, is said to be one, whereas speculatively, it is possibly the other. Will we ever know with undeniable certainty? NO!

    • ehancock

      And all that we can do is speculate as to who, without question, Romney’s true father is.

      • Jeff

        I vote it was C3pio.

      • Bimbam

        You resemble Grouch Marx, could it be you? Nahh, you’re not as funny or witty. You come across as a useful idiot.

  • Ron

    Let’s see YOUR birth certificate, Bob. The REAL one, not the one you show the public and is on file with the state you were “born” in.

    The tidal wave of nonsense that has erupted from the radical right would’ve erupted if anyone other than the next Cheney 2.0 were installed in the White House to serve the Corporatocracy that rules America. Which is why you sat on your hands during his excesses and even accused those who questioned Cheney of treason.

    The fact that it was a black guy who supplanted your next money-maker “Job Creator” just makes it visually simple to summon up the visceral hatred and fear of servile insurrection that’s haunted the Confederacy since the days of Nat Turner.

    Meanwhile, America is 5% of the worlds population, sucking down 20% of its resources in blindness to the simple arithmetic that our entire definition of progress is unsustainable. There ain’t enough to go around with those percentages–any more than is when the income of the top percentile of America’s citizens have exploded by thousands of percent while real wages for the middle class stopped growing in the ’70s.

    But by all means, let’s don’t face that.

    Better to keep spinning in circles with our heads up our hineys while radicals at both extremes weed out ANYONE who is pragmatic and might actually find solutions to a trajectory that is fundamentally flawed.

    Let’s waste our time on new birther BS or Obama’s mama sex orgy scandals or FEMA white-people concentration camps, etc.

    ANYTHING that will keep us from facing the future that faces us. Maybe a new war will do it when Cheney 2.0 gets in office–that’ll give us someone to hate and someone to blame–
    and ask the profiteers from Cheneys last wars–war is good business, if you can personally avoid the dying part.

    As an alternative, you might try reading a little less Glenn Beck and a little more Flavius Josephus, a Jewish-Roman historian from the first century A.D., who was an eyewitness to the Roman siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

    In his book, “Wars of the Jews”, he tells that small-minded political and religious factions within the city, faced with Roman siege works surrounding them, went to war with each other rather than unite to face the common problem. He says they went so far as to actually destroy their own food reserves and water supply in order that their political enemies wouldn’t have any success–even when it meant sealing their own doom.

    By the time the Romans finally starved them into surrender, Josephus writes that they had eaten their own children and the dead.

    The good news: THEY HANDED THE OTHER PARTY THEIR “WATERLOO”–and that’s all that matters.

    But more important than that–can you believe how much Obama plays golf? It’s almost as much as Eisenhower did! He’s ruining RealAmerica.

    • Dave67

      Great Post Ron… Bob is engaging in National Inquirer stories now to placate the racists in its undertones in this whole line of stories.

      But the right will say and do anything to get elected… That much is proven. We must keep the corporate beast alive!

    • chuckb

      thank god for cheney, he sure sent you bolsheviks back to the stone age. i didn’t realize how effective a job he did on you liberals, the guys been gone for three and one half years and your still aching, good job cheney.

      true environmental bs, “we are using up the worlds resources”, we don’t need the worlds energy, we have ample reserves of everything pertaining to energy, (of course the sun farmers haven’t figured out how to magnify power from a flashlight yet. or they can’t make the wind blow 24/7, they are still rubbing sticks to make fire)

      the liberals are so desperate they have to create their own messiah, they found one that can read and talk well, however, they have to put the words in his mouth, he can’t think.
      they don’t know who his father is so they hide the bc and produce counterfeit documents, and they believe their own deceit. .

    • Jay

      Hey Ron, If you aren’t an idiot, you made a world-class effort at simulating one. Try to edit your writing of unnecessary material before attempting to impress us with your insight. The evidence that you are a nincompoop will still be available to readers, but they will be able to access it more rapidly.

      • Ron

        Aw, thanks for your thoughtful, insightful, and erudite reproof, point-by-point, of the ideas I’ve presented. You really put me in my place!

        I always know at I’ll find scholarly minds at work, thoughtfully coming together in an atmosphere of constructive, calm rationality, to find solutions for the world’s many and complex dilemmas in a spirit of liberty and free speech and exchange of different ideas…

        …and since this is a Personal Liberty site, in the future, I’ll be sure and submit my remarks to you personally for screening to make sure I’m not guilty of Contrary Ideas or Wrongheadedness or Different Thinking or Uppityness–just the way I’m sure they screen that wickedness out over at Fox News!

        The LAST thing I’d ever want to do is offend anyone here by goose-stepping out of step.

        C’mon, just to put everyone here at ease, I even try to throw in the “N” word once in awhile. “Gorilla”, “Ugly-a$$ ape”, “moosleem”, “Kenyigger”, “son of a whore”…just seem a little stale after awhile. I say just go for it! Say what’s in the bottom of our hate-hearts and stop pansying around with all the clever *wink* euphemisms.

        Besides, there aren’t any black people on here to read and rise up and murder you in your beds anyhow.

        Have fun! This is like your very own secret klavern! (I’d say look it up, but I bet y’all are familiar with the term.)

  • KG

    Anything that has chicks in leather is a sure turn on for your repressed religion addicts who spout off about “evil”. Was this revenge for the “Alister Crowley is GW Bush actual Grandfather?

  • T. Jefferson


  • speedle

    Given the fact that everything else about this president is shrouded in self inflicted mystery, why should this theory not be thrown out for consideration? It’s as likely a scenario as any of the other explanations that people are left to speculate about. Besides, Bob Livingston is not making any declarative statement. He is just throwing it out for consideration. What’s wrong with that?

    • ehancock

      No problem at all. Let us also just throw out for consideration the possibility that Mitt Romney’s real father was Harpo Marx.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Breaking News in Florida on Obama eligibility………

      • speedle

        Well ehancock, if you have any reasonable information linking Romney and Harpo why don’t you post it? It seems like the writer has presented some interesting supporting information about Obama’s historical connections. Is there any similar information about Romney and the Marx family?

      • ehancock

        Re “breaking news”

        This is another example of the highly reliable birther press. Obama’s lawyer never said any such thing.

        Re: Why not give details about how and when Harpo had Romney’s mother. The answer is that there are no details about Frank Marshal Davis having Obama’s mother either–just speculation. If you want to speculate about Davis, I want to speculate about Harpo Marx.

  • uvuvuv

    that photo on the left, if his mother indeed, she doesn’t look like she would be desperate enough to marry an african national, especially since this would get her dropped by her friends (late 50s remember) and rejected by family and questioned very closely at work if not fired. even now i/r marriages tend to be rare but there is less risk of ostracism.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      She was a radical communist, raised by radical communists. Do you really think that would matter?

      • Intolerant of GOP Lovers

        Nancy in Nebraska, Sig Heil!!!

  • tedde

    I don’t see anyone trying to ban the book as was done when a book of lies was published against W in 1999.

  • s-man

    What difference does it make, where or who Obama is? He is still calling the shots until November. I can see such deception and hatred by so many, is this not a goal realized from the on-set? No pre-election vetting, just wham ” Change we can live with” slogan. Bought lot, stock and barrel. Please folks quit whinning soon we will have a new subject to argue about, Obama is old news. Perhaps a 50-50 chance of living 2 years after next election, he does know too much and is a liability. May our fore-father rejoice.

  • RichE

    This article reminds me of a T-shirt, “Yes, They’re Fake!”

  • chuckb

    my mother was a devout communist revolutionary, barry sr, “if he was my father”, he also was a communist revolutionary and a mau mau back in africa, ate people on toast.
    my stepfather changed my name to “soetoro” and i became a citizen of indonesia i was raised as a muslim and my heart is with islam, however, now i’m a christian anyway that’s what my friends in the msm say, i attended a church for twenty years who preached hate for the usa.
    most of my surrounding confidants are communist, i earned many degrees in college, those are my personal recollections anyway and they made me a professor, (art of overthrowing republics). i can’t remember when i became a us citizen or where my passport is, i did get a social security card from some dead guy in connecticut, who cares about that. my party ‘the bolsheviks” love me so much, some claim i came from the sky, it just happens i do have a magic carpet i pray on. .

    • ehancock

      Too bad about you not knowing where you were born. Obama was born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate shows.

      You do have the right to vote against him if you feel that his mother was a communist. Or for that matter you can vote against him if you feel that his mother was a Baptist. But he was born in Hawaii, and hence he is eligible to be president.

      • Bimbam

        The FALSE BC does indeed show he was born in Hawaii, of course. But what does the REAL one say?

        As you know, he has never come up with the real BC. A state official working years before and ordered to get his Barry’s BC has signed a sword affadavit claiming he could not find it.

        The current Governor Neil Ambercrombie says he was going to get to the bottom of it when elected. Well, he was elected and he seems not able to find it either!!!

        Now do you see why oBama proudly waves the FALSE BC??? Why be ashamed when a lie works better than the truth? For people like you, anyway. The useful idiots.

  • Bob Bryan

    WELL WELL:: This sounds more credible than the fake Hawaii Birth Certificate was. In the 60s it was Taboo for a White girl to be with a Black Let alone get impregnated by one.Why doesn’t some one demand a DNA test between OBAMA and FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS?. This would answer the question with out any doubt.

    • ehancock

      Why doesn’t someone demand a DNA test of Mitt Romney to prove that Harpo Marx was or wasn’t his father? Notice how much Romney looks like Harpo?

    • ehancock

      Re: “Breaking news”

      Another example of the highly reliable birther press. Obama’s lawyer never said anything at all like that.

  • truth-hurts

    for thousands of years the only white women who would have sex with a black man were whores. ergo obmama is the son of a whore. it would only be logical if she were in porn movies.

    • Karolyn

      Close-minded bigot!

      • truth-hurts

        hey, just look at history!

    • Ron

      Thank GOD there aren’t any racists on this site–as I’m assured frequently on here that only liberals and moderates are full of racism and hatred.

      ‘Nothin’ but sweetness and light down here in the Confederacy…

      Clearly the filthy liberals in the White House–the “rotten ape” and his “ugly gorilla of a wife”–are blinded by their racism since:

      “for thousands of years the only white women who would have sex with a black man were whores. ergo obmama is the son of a whore”

      I’ve got an idea: ‘Next time you Christian humanitarians on here have your black friends over for dinner, why don’t you ask them if THEY think you’re racist?

      • Ron

        It’ll be interesting to see if my comment gets censored for being “offensive”–especially the “obmama [..] son of a whore” part. :)

      • Jay

        Its all Bush’s fault!!!

  • Marg

    MARG in TEXAS,



    • truth-hurts

      obamas other grandmother still mlives in kenya, and has stated publicly that she was there (in kenya ) when bho was born.

      • ehancock

        That is right. Obama’s Kenyan grandmother was in Kenya when he was born in Hawaii. She never said that she was physically present where he was born. When she was asked where he was born, she said repeatedly that it was in Hawaii. Birther web sites simply cut off the interview before she was asked where he was born.

      • Jay

        So how can we be certain that obama’s grandmother is telling the truth, obi-one-cannolly? Just because she is his grandmother? You do realize that backing obama are people with enormous fortunes, do you not? You’re much too naive, obi-one…

    • Ron

      Ah, so n-o-w if Obama is also a murderer in addition to hateful racist gorilla communist nazi homosexual-loving antichrist, and some budding young Ted Nugent takes up his Second Amendment remedy, it won’t be so much of an “assassination” (what libs ALWAYS call Second Amendment remedies) as an “execution” utilizing the Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive Warfare, y’know?

      Just like we used to do down in Olde Timey Southern Amerikkka back in the good ol’ days…

      • Jay

        Ron says: Ah, so n-o-w if Obama is also a murderer in addition to hateful racist gorilla communist nazi homosexual-loving antichrist,

        Well you have to admit, Ron, that he does stand-out from the rest. A unique individual, not a carbon-copy, most certainly. Just be thankful he’s not Bush, yes?

    • ehancock

      Re: “So how can we be certain that obama’s grandmother is telling the truth, obi-one-cannolly?”

      I am responding to a birther claim that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said that Obama was born in Kenya. The truth is that she did not say it.

      She said, as the Hawaii birth certificate said (confirmed by officials of both parties) and as the Index Data said, and as the notices in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961 all said, that Obama was born in Hawaii. If you think that they are all lying, well dream on. Kenya is about ten thousand miles from Hawaii, and there were no direct flights in those days, and WND has proved using FOI Act data that Obama’s father was in Hawaii on August 4, 1961—-so if Obama’s mother had gone to Kenya, she would have had to have gone alone. In fact, the INS records show that a grand total of 21 people came to the USA from Kenya in 1961, and the idea that Obama and his mother were two of them—is laughable.

  • William LeMaitre

    If Obama was a true citizen of the United States–He would have showed his birth certificate as soon as possible to stop all the distractions. He also messed up in one of his speeches. Obama said my ratings have been going down this week, but in my country my ratings are going up. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. The man is not a citizen of these United States.
    Bill — I BE GONE

    • ehancock

      Obama showed the true birth certificate of Hawaii–the short form birth certificate, which is the official birth certificate currently–long before the presidential election in 2008.

      • Jay

        Well i’m convinced, thanks for the clarification, obi-one!

      • Bimbam

        The BC oBama showed is rife with errors. There is the wrong hospital name, there is suspicious kerning on the document, the official state stamp does not look like the real official state stamp.

        All in all it seems to have been done rather amateurishly and if you examined it without bias this all would be all too clear.

        Remove your oBama mask and see the light.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        They must pay you well because you put a lot of work in for them.
        Breaking News in Florida on Obama eligibility………

      • ehancock

        Re: “The BC oBama showed is rife with errors.”

        The hospital name on Obama’s birth certificate, Kapiolani Gynecological and Maternity Hospital, is exactly the same as on the birth certificates of the Nordyke Twins, shown on WND’s web site.

        Re “kerning” and other allegations of forgery:

        Only birther “experts” have claimed that there is something wrong with Obama’s birth certificate. No official has. Hawaii, which is the expert on its birth certificates, has not made any claim that it is forged. In fact, officials in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed the facts on Obaam’s birth certificate.

        The birther self-described “experts” have not shown that they are experts, and they have not shown that they are objective and impartial. So, they are simply the claims of people who hate Obama—and that is why Ann Coulter, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the National Review do not believe them.

        Nathan Goulding, chief technology officer of the National Review magazine, dismissed the matter of “layered components” found in the White House PDF by suggesting “that whoever scanned the birth certificate in Hawaii forgot to turn off the OCR setting on the scanner.” and adding “I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”


        Dr. Neil Krawetz, an imaging software analysis author and experienced examiner of questioned images, said: “The PDF released by the White House shows no sign of digital manipulation or alterations. I see nothing that appears to be suspicious.”


        Ivan Zatkovich, who has testified in court as a technology expert, and consultant to WorldNetDaily: “All of the modifications to the PDF document that can be identified are consistent with someone enhancing the legibility of the document.”

        In contrast to the claims by birther zealots, three Republican and several Democrat officials in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed that there is a birth certificate on file for Obama and that it shows that the long-form birth certificate published by the White House is accurate. Their confirmation is further confirmed by the Index Data–a list of the birth certificates on file by year, showing one for Obama in 1961:

        And these confirmations are still further confirmed by the birth notices that appeared in the Health Bureau Statistics section of the newspapers in 1961. As the name implies the notices in the Health Bureau Statistics section only came from the DOH of Hawaii, and at the time the DOH only sent out birth notices for children born in Hawaii.

      • ehancock

        Re: hospital name.

        The hospital name on Obama’s birth certificate, Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, is exactly the same as on the birth certificates of the Nordyke Twins, shown on WND’s web site.

        Re “kerning” and other allegations of forgery:

        Only birther “experts” have claimed that there is something wrong with Obama’s birth certificate. No official has. Hawaii, which is the expert on its birth certificates, has not made any claim that it is forged. In fact, officials in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed the facts on Obaam’s birth certificate.

        The birther self-described “experts” have not shown that they are experts, and they have not shown that they are objective and impartial. So, they are simply the claims of people who hate Obama—and that is why Ann Coulter, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the National Review do not believe them.

        athan Goulding, chief technology officer of the National Review magazine, dismissed the matter of “layered components” found in the White House PDF by suggesting “that whoever scanned the birth certificate in Hawaii forgot to turn off the OCR setting on the scanner.” and adding “I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”


        Dr. Neil Krawetz, an imaging software analysis author and experienced examiner of questioned images, said: “The PDF released by the White House shows no sign of digital manipulation or alterations. I see nothing that appears to be suspicious.”


        Ivan Zatkovich, who has testified in court as a technology expert, and consultant to WorldNetDaily: “All of the modifications to the PDF document that can be identified are consistent with someone enhancing the legibility of the document.”

        In contrast to the claims by birther zealots, three Republican and several Democrat officials in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed that there is a birth certificate on file for Obama and that it shows that the long-form birth certificate published by the White House is accurate. Their confirmation is further confirmed by the Index Data–a list of the birth certificates on file by year, showing one for Obama in 1961:

  • chuckb

    email received today:

    Isn’t it amazing that, within only one week of Tiger Woods crashing his Escalade, the press found every woman with whom Tiger has had an affair during the last few years?
    And, they even uncovered photos, text messages, recorded phone calls, etc.! Furthermore, they not only know the cause of the family fight, but they even know it was a 9 iron from his golf bag that his wife used to break out the windows in the Escalade. Not only that, they know which wedge! And, each & every day, they were able to continue to provide America with updates on Tiger’s sex rehab stay, his wife’s divorce settlement figures, as well as the dates & tournaments in which he was to play.
    Now, Barack Hussein Obama has been in office for over three years, yet this very same press:
    · Cannot find any of his childhood friends or neighbors;
    · Or find any of Obama’s high school or college classmates;
    · Or locate any of his college papers or grades;
    · Or determine how he paid for both a Columbia & a Harvard education;
    · Or discover which country issued his visa to travel to Pakistan in the 1980′s;
    · Or even find Michelle Obama’s Princeton thesis on racism.
    They just can’t seem to uncover any of this. Yet, the public still trusts that same press to give them the whole truth!
    Don’t you find that totally amazing?
    You can not get the water to clear up until you get the pigs out of the creek.

    • ehancock

      The American press has not found Romney’s

      ·childhood friends or neighbors either;
      · Or Romney’s high school or college classmates;
      · Or Romney’s college papers or grades;
      · Or determined how Romney’s family paid for his college and graduate school education;
      · Or discover which country issued his visa to travel to Pakistan in the 1980′s;

      The answer to the above is simple. Pakistan was not on any “no travel list,” nor did it bar US tourists from visiting. In fact, it encouraged them. So Obama like other US tourists, used a US passport.

      Re: “· Or even find Michelle Obama’s Princeton thesis on racism.”

      College papers are private, and the papers of a wife of a candidate and of a president are just as private as anyone’s papers. Oh, and no papers have turned up for Romney or for his wife.

      Romney has not shown his passport or his draft registration or his medical records or ten years of tax records, or his records as governor of the state of Massachusetts. All that he has published is a short-form birth certificate, not the long form with the doctor’s name and the hospital name. What is Romney hiding?

      • Dave67

        Romney is a unicorn… He has not produced the proper documentation to prove otherwise. So he is a unicorn and should be thrown off the GOP ticket.

      • Jay

        Personally, i think Romney and Obama are half-brothers. That simply means, same-mother, different fathers, in case you’re confused. This could explain all the controversy surrounding obama’s true birth status. Makes sense, no?

        But recently, there’s been rumours going around the White-house that obama’s paternal father may actually be former-President, Bush. Now this would certainly explain obama’s love, and fascination with war; he inherited the war-moungering-gene from his daddy!

      • revnowwhilewecan

        ehancock=paid shill,
        Breaking News in Florida on Obama eligibility………

      • ehancock

        I’m not paid. This is a hobby.

        Re “breaking news”: This is another example of how reliable the birther “reporters” actually are. Obama’s lawyer never said anything like that. And in the New Jersey case another birher “reporter” made up the story that Obama’s lawyer “admitted” that the birth certificate was forged. Well, neither happened.

  • Pat


    • ehancock

      Yes the Hartford Courant. It said:

      “Six months after they wed, another letter arrived in Kenya, announcing the birth of Barack Hussein Obama, born Aug. 4, 1961. Despite her husband’s continued anger, Sarah Obama said in a recent interview, she “was so happy to have a grandchild in the U.S.”,0,6612439,full.story

      So there was an interview with the Harford Courant, and it said that the family in Kenya was informed of the birth IN A LETTER FROM HAWAII. In addition, Sarah Obama did not say that Obama was born in Kenya in the taped interview, nor did she say that she was present in person for his birth. When she was asked “whereabouts was he born,” she answered repeatedly in Hawaii—but birther web sites cut off the interview before the question about the place of birth.

      In addition to these two interview, there is absolutely no evidence that Obama’s mother arrived in Kenya in 1961 or that she traveled outside the USA in that year. And there is evidence found by WND that in fact Obama’s father was in Hawaii in August 1961, so if she had gone to Kenya, she would have had to have traveled alone—and how likely is that?

      In addition to the lack of evidence and the sheer improbability of the trip, there is a birth certificate in Hawaii showing that Obama was born in Kapiolani Hospital, and this fact has been repeatedly confirmed by the officials of both parties, by the Index Data and by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers.

  • ehancock

    Obama was born in Hawaii as his birth certificate shows, and the facts on it were repeatedly confirmed by officials of both parties, and further confirmed by the Index Data and still further confirmed by the birth notices that appeared in the Hawaii newspapers, in the section called “Health Bureau Statistices” — which as the name denotes was only sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii, and at the time the DOH only sent out those notices for children who were born in Hawaii.

    • Bimbam

      Hawaii was just a few years ago from being a territory. People at that time could just file for a Hawaii BC and many people took adavantage of that. Including a Ms. Dunham.

  • Bimbam

    These commie bastards are all sick and immoral. Read history in other countries about their communist leaders and be shocked and be very afraid!

    Practically all liberals and Demoncraps that operate in this country are the same way. Several high-placed Demoncraps are purportedly rapist, one was a known adulterer that jeapordized the nation in one of his affairs.. One was an exhibitionist recently kicked out of office.

    Many, many other serious even criminal behaviour are done by these people that would send you or I to jail or to a mental institution if we did it..

    These people are lawless and have no morals and border on mental disorders. It is no wonder this country is going downhill whenever we have them in office.

    • ehancock

      When someone buys stock low and sells stock high, that is not communist behavior. That is capitalist behavior. And Obama took stock in automobile companies and sold it back to them at a profit for the taxpayer. Not communist–capitalist.

      • chuckb

        now that schools out where do you get the mis-informed information you are passing out. barry was born in hawaii, his bc shows? did you see the bc? not the counterfeit ones displayed by the bolsheviks`?.
        they don’t want to show the original, it probably shows his father unknown, that’s the problem, they don’t thing barack obama sr is barry’s father and neither do i.

        romney is not president yet and i am sure the media will demand all information on him to be displayed at once, he will not be given a pass like your hero barry.
        one other thing, i’ll bet romney will be able to talk without the teleprompter prompting his every word. barry can’t say his muslim prayers without someone printing it out for him.
        no wonder he shuns saluting the flag, someone may ask him to say the pledge of allegiance, which i’m sure he does not know.

        there are many other things you fail to address, when did barry change his name from soetoro to obama? where is his passport? where are his school records from hawaii, they claim they are not able to find them. how did he become a u.s. citizen after his tenure in indonesia?

        let’s hear it ehancock. there have more to be asked

      • Bimbam

        It reported that oBama (the commie) use to go to an all white exclusive men’s club to have sex with white men. Something he has never denied. It is also reported that a guy named Larry Sinclair claims he had a homosexual affair with oBama. A claim oBama has never denied. You would think he would sue this guy for libel like the way he wants to stop people from seeing his TRUE birth certificate with millions spent on lawyers for this.

        There is also whom some suspect that he had homosexual affairs with members of this church. Several whom have died under mysterious circumstances. This is also available on the internet. He Barry has so far said nothing about this.

        He also is the first president that was a hardcore drug user. THIS IS REALLY BAD, but not as bad as being a homosexual. This guys morals are SHOT!

        And you have also not denied my comment about commies being immoral. Only some weak response about GM stock paid by American tax payers, not oBama. So oBama is no hero as it was done for unions who have a habit of bankrupting counties and govermnents across America. More money in their pocket to finish the job! Oh, Barry so happy to oblige.

      • chuckb

        barry did what? bought stock from gm and sold it back at a profit. where in the world are you getting this information. in fact barry took stock from gm as part repayment and the last i heard we have lost money on the deal. gm has not paid off the loan barry gave them at taxpayers expense. your teacher at school is giving you bad information.

      • Karolyn
      • Jay
      • ehancock

        Re: “where do you get the mis-informed information you are passing out. barry was born in hawaii, his bc shows? did you see the bc? not the counterfeit ones displayed by the bolsheviks`?.”

        Have you seen Romney’s birth certificate? What makes you think that it was not forged? The image of Romney’s birth certificate says right on it VOID.

        Obama has shown both the image and the physical copies of his long form and short form birth certificates, Three Republican and several Democrat officials in Hawaii have confirmed the facts on Obama’s birth certificate. The existence of Obama’s birth certificate is further confirmed by the Index Data:

        and the fact that Obama was born in Hawaii is still further confirmed by the birth notices that appeared in the Health Bureau Statistics section of the newspapers in 1961, and as the name indicates, the listings in the Health Bureau Statistics section were only sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii, and in 1961 the DOH only sent out birth notices for births in Hawaii.

        And, in contrast to Detroit Michigan, Hawaii is thousands of miles from the nearest foreign country. And Obama’s parents and grandparents were not wealthy, not by any means.

      • ehancock

        Re: “they don’t want to show the original, it probably shows his father unknown,”

        Dream on. The officials in Hawaii in the two latest confirmations have stated in writing that the facts on Obama’s long form birth certificate in the files are exactly the same as on Obama’s published long form birth certificate.

      • ehancock

        Re: “there are many other things you fail to address, when did barry change his name from soetoro to obama? where is his passport? where are his school records from hawaii, they claim they are not able to find them. how did he become a u.s. citizen after his tenure in indonesia?

        Since Obama never officially changed his name, only used his stepfather’s name but did not legally change his name to Soetoro, he remains Obama and did not have to change it back.

        Where are Romney’s school records? All school records are private. There are privacy laws, you know. No Obama did not seal his school records or his birth certificate or his passport. They are simply private, as are Romney’s school records, long-form birth certificate (Romney has not shown that), passport, etc.

        Obama never became a citizen of Indonesia as a simple telephone call to the Indonesian Embassy in Washington will confirm.

    • ehancock

      Re: “Only some weak response about GM stock paid by American tax payers, not oBama. ”

      Yes the US taxpayer paid for the GM baillout, and Obama sold the stock AT A PROFIT, and the US taxpayer made that profit.

      A communist would not have sold the stock, he would have kept control of GM. That is what communism is all about, state ownership of industry. So not only did Obama not keep control of GM, he sold the stock at a profit. Making a profit is a highly capitalist, not to mention smart, thing to do.

  • macgyver1948

    Interesting slant this video presents. Hollywood would be so proud of the techniques used.

    So, is President Obama a Communist or not. If he is a registered one it should be simple to find out. If his ancestors are commies so what if the President is not.
    Other than biologically we are not our parents. In the Hebrew Bible, for one in the Golden Calf Story, God shows and points out to Moses that we are not born with sin and we do not inherit sin. God tell Moses the the sins of the Golden Calf makers and worshipers are not to passed on to the next generations. We are not responsible for our actions until we are of age, whatever that truly is for each of us while we grow as children.

    To the point, President Obama has not done anything Communistic except to those who see only hate and their ways of seeing stuff. The Nazis would see Communism in any who aren’t of them. Thank God Obama is also not a Nazi.

    But we should look at what is influencing the Right in many ways. What is influencing the GOP in many ways? The Koch Brothers, for example, are as for the average middle and lower classes as Hitler would be in his support of Jews. The Koch Brothers are the real Tea Party and what they want should scare all who aren’t big corporations. We should remember that The Koch Brothers just invested a pledge of $200 million to Romney’s campaign. Let’s also remember that the point of investing is to gain as much returns as we can from our investments, big and small investors alike.

    So we should know who we are voting for. With the GOP we might just be exchanging Big Government for Big Corporations. Do we really want a Koch-like Government?

    Do your own research but you can start with this and then find your own.'_wealthy_right-wing_grandfather%3A_how_his_pro-corporate_agenda_is_echoed_by_the_kochs'_assault_on_our_democracy/

  • chuckb

    do we want koch-like government? i’ll take that any day compared to our present day soros type government

  • Ron

    This story must be true. Pictures never lie. Did you know that a black guy was the Fuhrer of the biggest bunch of Aryan racist white supremacists to ever walk the earth, leading the whole world into a world war? It’s true. I saw it in a photoshopped picture on Glenn Beck’s show.

    And I ain’t much for readin’ or book learnin’, but I know pictures never lie.

  • Jay

    Liberal Calls Obama “Magic Negro”

    There’s a fascinating story in the LA Times today. Get this headline. Who wrote this? David Ehrenstein is his name. He’s LA-based, and “writes about Hollywood and politics.”

    The headline of his column: “Obama, the ‘Magic Negro.’”

    I kid you not!

    “As every carbon-based life form on this planet surely knows, Barack Obama, the junior Democratic senator from Illinois, is running for president. Since making his announcement, there has been no end of commentary about him in all quarters — musing over his charisma and the prospect he offers of being the first African American to be elected to the White House. But it’s clear that Obama also is running for an equally important unelected office, in the province of the popular imagination — the ‘Magic Negro.’ The Magic Negro is a figure of postmodern folk culture, coined by snarky 20th century sociologists, to explain a cultural figure who emerged in the wake of Brown vs. Board of Education. ‘He has no past, he simply appears one day to help the white protagonist,’ reads the description on Wikipedia. … He’s there to assuage white ‘guilt’ (i.e., the minimal discomfort they feel) over the role of slavery and racial segregation in American history, while replacing stereotypes of a dangerous, highly sexualized black man with a benign figure for whom interracial sexual congress holds no interest.”

    The problem, Ehrenstein says, is he’s not real. Al Sharpton’s real, Snoop Dogg is real, but Barack Obama is not real. He’s just there to assuage white guilt.

    In other words, the only reason Obama is anywhere is because whites are willing to support him because they feel so guilty over slavery.

    Now, before you reject this, Shelby Steele has written a great book about the whole concept of “White Guilt” and how it is allowing our society to become more and more passive about any number of transgressions that the country has made from its inception.

    Here’s the close: “Like a comic-book superhero, Obama is there to help, out of the sheer goodness of a heart we need not know or understand. For as with all Magic Negroes, the less real he seems, the more desirable he becomes. If he were real, white America couldn’t project all its fantasies of curative black benevolence on him.”

    So, those of you white people out there who are supporting Barack Obama, you are racists. That is the point that David Ehrenstein is making.

    You’re attempting to assuage all of your white guilt by supporting Obama, is worthless, because you’re just exhibiting racism because you know he’s not a “real black.”

    As Biden said, he’s “clean,” and “articulate.” What else did he say? Good-looking, articulate, one of the first. But he’s not real.

    This is more of the drivel and the bilge that we get from the Drive-By Media.

    In order to be a real black, you gotta be a Sharpton or you’ve gotta be a Snoop Dogg.

    You gotta be a Ludacris or something like that.

    Obama can’t possibly fill this role because nobody knows anything about him and we don’t want to know anything about him.

    The only thing that matters is he’s black and he sounds good and it allows you white racists to assuage your guilt.

    There is white racism out there, much of it is on the left where the plantation mentality still resides.

    • Ron

      Jay your views on racism are as lame as your magic negro claim, which was started by a racist conservative and passed on to the number one racist russ Limbaugh. I can not understand how and why so many conservatives are willing to play the race card now by calling others racist. Hell most of you have gone so far as to call the President a racist because of a few truths Rev. Wright shared.

      How about this. Mitt Romney was well into adulthood when the Morman church so called changed their position on blacks. are we to beleive that after all the years in the church he went along with the new position the church has taken???? I guess he to was taught to hate from childhood to man hood. Now get a grip and think for yourself. Bob is making a good living from treating you like a mushroon. keeping you in the dark and feeding you b/s.

      • Jeff

        I doubt if Romney was taught to hate because his parents were good people. What is revealing is his complete lack of courage. He demonstrated FOR the war in college while maintaining his many deferments. How big of a prick does one have to be to do that? Plus, as a wealthy son of a prominent Mormon, he could have taken a stand concerning the Mormon Church’s attitude toward Blacks. He didn’t. Nothing changed until all of college sports essentially declared BYU to be South Africa! It’s revealing because it illustrates a pattern. He still can’t stand up to the Troglodytes in his own party like Limbaugh, Beck, etc.

        Does anyone believe that if elected he’ll stand up to Boehner and McConnell and do what he knows to be the right thing? $10,000 bucks?

      • Jay

        The only thing worse than your logic is your manners. I have snipped away most of what you wrote, because, well… it didn’t really say anything. Your attempt at constructing a creative flame was pitiful.

        I mean, really, stringing together a bunch of insults among a load of babbling was hardly effective… Maybe later in life, after you have learned to read, write, spell, and count, you will have more success. True, these are rudimentary skills that many of us “normal” people take for granted that everyone has an easy time of mastering. But we sometimes forget that there are “challenged” persons in this world who find these things more difficult.

        If I had known, that this was your case then I would have never read your post.

        It just wouldn’t have been “right”. Sort of like parking in a handicap space.

        I wish you the best of luck in the emotional, and social struggles that seem to be placing such a demand on you.

  • Ron

    I must say this is a new low even for you Bob. Remember Booth shot Abe. Abe did not shoot booth. This is why some people should never have a pen or key board in their pocession. Just out right B/S.

    • Jay

      Well, you gave it a good effort Ron, that’s all we can ask for. Better luck next time…oh, and your check is in the mail!

      • Ron r

        so did you Jay. so did you.

      • Jay

        Thanks bud, i appreciate that!

    • Jeff

      It could also have been Anne Frank, Ann Romney, or Ann Bush (There must be one out there.).

  • Jay

    Is Barack Obama’s Amnesty bombshell removing 800,000 illegal immigrants from the deportation process the X That Marks the Spot to the real reason why his birth certificate remains missing?

    Is the more valid number taken off the deportation process 800,000 illegal immigrants—and one? Is Obama granting amnesty to himself?

    Have the elusive documents of the 44th President of the United States been waiting for birth in the Amnesty bombshell?

    Being famously undocumented himself, Obama has made it de rigueur for others to be comfortable in the now accepted state of “undocumented”. After all, if the Commander and Chief can get away with running a country as someone completely undocumented, then it’s got to be kosher for most anyone else.

    Bypassing Congress, the high-handed Obama administration announced Friday it will stop deporting illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. at a young age, something their parents and relatives would certainly cheer.

    Like everything the Democrats do, they did it for the children.

    Here’s the white wash: “This grant of deferred action is not immunity, it is not amnesty, it is an exercise of discretion so that these young people are not in the removal system” Napolitano said. “It will help us continue to streamline immigration enforcement, ensure that resources are not spent pursuing the removal of low priority cases involving productive young people.”

    What “immigration enforcement” we might ask?

    How do one-thousand-times-removed-from-reality government officials decide which young people are “productive”? When did bureaucracy ever sort through paperwork with any intelligence or commonsense?

    “Children who came to the United States as illegal immigrants will no longer have to face the threat of deportation and will be granted the right to work in the United States if they have no criminal history.”

    Aside from juvenile delinquency, how many children chalk up “criminal history” or life on the wrong side of the law in their tender growing up years?

    Does “criminal history” even exist under the ruling mob of Marxists now running the American government?

    According to the Department of Homeland Security, the policy change will apply to those who came to the United States before they were 16 and who are younger than 30 if they have lived in the U.S. for five years, have no criminal history, graduated from a U.S. high school or served in the military.

    Undocumented people have been serving the U.S. military?

    The new policy change will apply to individuals who are already in deportation proceedings, the memo said.

    If these ‘children’ did nothing wrong, why were they in deportation proceedings in the first place?

    Is legislated Amnesty what Obama had in mind all along? The President Who Never Was, disappears America’s borders and makes it legal to be illegal with an Executive Order?

    Finding work for illegal immigrants when millions of Americas are out of work is a slap in the face to average American citizens.

    Incredibly, Sen. Marco Rubio praised the policy, even while criticizing Obama for end running Congress.

    Politicians are infamous for making strong constituencies out of minorities.

    But what if Obama is doing more than just pandering to the significant Latino/Hispanic vote and creating pools of campaign volunteers months ahead of November’s presidential election?

    On his way to the Fundamental Transformation of America, has Barack Hussein Obama been working an agenda that makes it all but de rigeur to be undocumented?

    Did his progressive creators design Barack Hussein Obama as an undocumented USA president to open the floodgates for undocumented immigrants, guaranteeing progressives in office for the foreseeable future?

    What if Obama went out of his way to deliberately present himself to the American public as America’s first undocumented president in order to portray himself as the classic Underdog of Underdogs?

    In his book Dreams from my Father, Obama went into great deal about a composite girlfriend. Is Obama Without a Birth Certificate the composite he painstakingly created for himself?

    From the get-go Obama has always pretended to be what others wanted him to be, throwing an image of himself on the screen as all things for all people, but not Americans.

    Meanwhile, patriots on the hunt for Obama’s elusive birth certificate should be looking for his DNA, the only irrefutable proof of who and what Barry Soetoro, posing as Obama , really is.

    • Jeff

      Is this a parody or are you really a Moron (Mormon?)? You do know Obama is more than 30 years old and the policy applies only to those under 30. Every thinking person knows Obama was sent here from the Planet Neptune to subjugate and destroy every conservative white man in the U.S. Somebody hasn’t been keeping up with (crazy) reading list.

      • Jay

        I admit that I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an expert on birth documents.

        Nevertheless, there is one thing that I don’t quite understand.

        On the Certification of Live Birth (COLB), now widely available on the internet, Obama’s father’s race is listed as “African”.

        First, “African” usually defines a location not a race.

        Second, the common usage for the race of black Africans in 1961 would have been “Negro” or “Negroid”.

        Third, “African” is not listed as a race in the federal Office of Management and Budget policy documents (1977, 1997).

        For the sake of argument, let’s say that the terminology is peculiar to Hawaii and Obama filed a Late Certificate of Birth or perhaps his documents were updated in recent years.

        In that case, the publicly available COLB must reflect what is written on the source birth documents, even updated ones.

        In Appendix B “Hawaii Model – Standard for Clustering Race/Ethnicity Categories” contained in an article published in 2003 by employees of the Hawaii Department of Health, the word “African” appears as an “Aggregated Ethnic Group” under the race category “Black (non-Hispanic)”. That differs from the categories in Appendix A, which apparently represented an earlier version and did not contain the word “African”.

        Unless I am mistaken, that information might suggest that Barack Obama’s birth data were updated around 2003 or thereafter.

        I don’t know. Just asking. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

      • ehancock

        Re: “African.”

        First, it is important to stress that it says “African.” It does not say “African-American.”

        It says “African.” Only African.

        Why then does it say “African” and not “negro?”

        The explanation is simple. In Hawaii you were allowed to use any word you wanted to describe your race. There was no checklist, and no one stood over you shoulder, saying what world you had to enter. There are entries in Hawaii of people listing their race as “American,” which is surely not a ract. So you were allowed to use any word you wanted.

        And what was the word that African exchange students commonly used to describe their race in the 1960s? Answer: African. And what was the word that the colonial government in Kenya used to describe its black residents? Answer: Africans.

  • Ron

    This is as delicious as the Swiftboating of John Kerry (treason in Vietnam, I think) and John McCain (Treason for serving in the military, Insanity from his P.O.W. time, Miscegenation and Negritude with his black love child)–Karl Rove buried both those dudes.

    And it was all true ’cause Karl issued the barking points!

  • Buck

    What is the difference ? A b–t–d of a white trash slut is just that , regardless who the b–t–ds father is .

    • ehancock

      Perhaps you did not know but Alexander Hamilton was a bastard, an illegitimate child.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    Breaking News in Florida on Obama eligibility………

    • ehancock

      This is another example of the highly reliable birther press at work. In this, just as in the claim that Obama’s lawyer in New Jersey “admitted that the document was forged”–the lawyer simply never said it. The New Jersey lawyer did not admit anything, and in fact she won the case.

      And in Florida the lawyer never said that he “”Admits” his eligibility case has NO MERIT! ” I have listened to the hearing, and he never said anything like that at all.

      It takes someone particularly gullible and nutty to believe that Obama’s lawyers would have said such things. And, if you did believe, you could listen to the recordings of the hearings and find out the truth—which in both cases was that the lawyers never said any such thing.

  • chuckb

    barry is nothing but a illegitimate b’st’d , the bolsheviks can say all they want. just look at the people they have ran for president in the last few elections, al gore and john kerry, you have to say no more, gore the enviro nut job and kerry a turncoat to his brothers in war. and now they have to counterfeit a candidate who can’t spell his name without a teleprompter and disguise his background in order to get him elected.
    the gist of it all, after all the information coming out about this guy they still try to protect him.

    this current bypass of the law he made, giving permits to illegals is only the tip of the iceberg, allowing these permits also gives the illegals the right to apply for a drivers license and at the same time they can register top vote under the motor voter registration law (thank you willie clinton) “you don’t suppose the bolsheviks had this in mind all the time do you”

  • George Bernard Vieto (@Deepizzaguy)

    I remember when David Duke had a talk show in New Orleans years ago when he was talking about political leaders like to be mysterious so they can be elected.

  • Bimbam

    oBama BC is a fraud when I re-examined the evidence.

    The erroneous kerning cannot be explained. Odd comma spacing. The registar’s name is spelled as a joke to the Hawaiian guitar. Uk e lee or Ukelee. No official stamp shows through like the Nordyke twins. Many more that just takes up too much of my time.

    As you all know there is a liberal plant with all the time in the world here refuting and trying to ridiculize the anti-BC movement. Maybe he is getting paid to troll I don’t know.

    Whatever, he is not convincing me and I hope not others. But relooking at the whole thing again only convinces me more someone redid the whole BC thing. The man is a Mooslim and has no right being there and evidence still points very strongly that he is hiding something that is not good for this nation, it’s Constitution or it citizens.

    • ehancock

      Birthers keep repeating the myths created by other birthers who claim to be “experts”–but who have not proven that they are really experts,and who certainly have not shown that they are fair and impartial. They are simply doing the forensic equivalent of the other birthers who forged three “Kenyan birth certificates,” and the other birthers who lied about Obama’s grandmother saying that he was born in Kenya–when the transcript shows that she said that he was born in Hawaii.

      It is for this reason, because the birther “experts” cannot be trusted, that Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the National Review do not believe them. One WND “expert” for example has continued to insist that Obama was never graduated from Columbia College, despite the fact that Columbia says that he was. The birther “experts” are truly impartial observers.

      In contrast:

      Dr. Neil Krawetz, an imaging software analysis author and experienced examiner of questioned images, said: “The PDF released by the White House shows no sign of digital manipulation or alterations. I see nothing that appears to be suspicious.”

      Nathan Goulding with The National Review: “We have received several e-mails today calling into question the validity of the PDF that the White House released, namely that there are embedded layers in the document. There are now several other people on the case. We looked into it and dismissed it. … I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”

      John Woodman, independent computer professional, said in a series of videos that the claims of fakery that he examined were unfounded.

      Ivan Zatkovich, who has testified in court as a technology expert, and consultant to WorldNetDaily: “All of the modifications to the PDF document that can be identified are consistent with someone enhancing the legibility of the document.”

      • Bimbam

        Blah, blah, blah. What about the erroneous kerning, the lack of a stamp, the registrar’s name being named after the Hawaiian guitar??? Ukulele???

        Not only have you caused me to rexamine the BC issue again. I am even more convinced it is a FRAUD. So thank you!

        We must remove this fraud Mooslim from office. He has no business there. Probabably snooping around when not playing golf.

        And I am even more convinced you are a PAID TROLL! You sure have a lot of time, probably on welfare, food stamps, affirmative action time-off, or a fat tax-paid union pension for just driving a bus.

        • RichE

          Nothing bigoted about your post.

      • ehancock

        Re: “What about the erroneous kerning, the lack of a stamp, the registrar’s name being named after the Hawaiian guitar??? Ukulele???”

        It’s not “kerning. “It is skipping. Manual typewriters often skipped, making letters irregularly spaced.

        The stamp is on the back, where it is supposed to be.

        The name of the registrar was LEE–a very common name. As to whether the first letter is a U is debatable. Most people who look at it think that the letter is V, for Victor or Vicky or Victoria. In any case, a registrar’s signature with the same name appears on other Hawaiian birth certificates, as WND has shown.

        The above shows a long-form birth certificate of a female child born in late August 1961 at Kapiolani Hospital (which, by the way, did exist) and the same registrar’s signature, which you think is Ukulele, but in fact is likely to be V, something initials, Lee, is on that birth certificate as on Obama’s birth certificate.

      • ehancock

        Re: “What about the erroneous kerning, the lack of a stamp, the registrar’s name being named after the Hawaiian guitar??? Ukulele???

        It is not “kerning.” It is skipping. Manual typewriters tended to skip, to space out letters irregularly due to the up and down action of the keyboard when capital letters were typed.

        The stamp is on the back of the birth certificate, which is where it is supposed to be.

        The registrar’s name was LEE, a common name, and the same registrar with the same name was also on a different birth certificate on WND’s site. So the name was not made up just for Obama. In fact, it wasn’t made up at all. There was a person with the initials V–as in Victor or Vicky (NOT U, as you think)–and some other initials which are hard to see, and finally LEE.

        • RichE

          V. Lee >> Ukulele??? I’ll have to say one thing, Birthers are imaginative. Who said you can’t get something from nothing?

  • Bellagram

    Gosh, if you do not like the President or approve of his politics, fine. But debasing the President’s deceased mother? Really?? You should all be so proud.

    • Bimbam

      I agree, Anne Dunham seems to have been very debased the more I look into the oBama family.

      We need to get this neegrowe out of office. He does not belong there. We also need to make it a law that no liberal can have a position of power in society.

      We should have an out caste system where liberals will be of the lowest caste and be called the “untouchables”. They are so debased in their thinking.

      We must do this or we risk losing everything God gave us in this great country.

  • Sea Jay

    Bob is spot on regarding this , he is a natural born citizen , Sheriff Joe is right the birth certificate posted in the WH Website is a fraud………….so either impeach him or make damn sure he is defeated in this election!! Support Walter Jones and vote for Gary Johnson!! Polls show that Gary Johnson steals far more Democrat voters and disgruntled Independent voters which will lead to Obamas defeat in the election……….

  • Sanders

    Hey ehancock, and the rest of you “don’t want to face reality Liberals”

    I was born in 1961 and I have done a little research into this birth cert thing as well because my birth certificate looks nothing like Obummers. One very important fact you all are over looking is the fact that in them years the personal information of the birth certificates was all hand written, not typed as Obummers forgery is.

    Do some research into this and you shall see for yourself, other Hawaii birth certificates of Obummers birth year were all hand written info onto a typed birth certificate form.


    • ehancock

      Typewriters had been invented, and both Obama’s and the birth certificates of the Nordyke twins (on WND’s site) were typed. In fact, it is the skipping of a manual typewriter–because of the up and down action that makes capital letters and punctuation marks—that some people have called “kerning.”

      The photocopy of the birth certificates of the Nordyke Twins, on WND’s site uses the old photocopy technique of black on white. Obama’s long form birth certificate is a modern photocopy onto security paper, and then the current seal and current official’s signature were added to it

  • Rennie

    So Obammy’s mommy did Hawaii? Is this why Gov. Abercrombie knew her so well? As I understand it the communists in Hawaii held up vital military supplies that lead to so many troops suffering and freezing to death in Korea and probably caused the stalemate which drags on today.

  • ehancock
  • chuckb

    ehancock, do you make up these web sites referred by you. we are supposed to drop all questions because some bolshevik party hack claims otherwise. the bc argument is absolutely genuine, who verified the document in hawaii? some bolshevik employee! that’s ridiculous,hilarious, we are suppose to cast out all doubt just because the democratic party says it has verified the document. i would believe barry before them, and you know i wouldn’t believe him if he was sitting alongside god oh, i forgot he thinks he is god.

    • Jeff

      You remind me of Tooty on “Car 54, Where Are You?” He wanted to improve his vocabulary and learned a new word every day. First day, he tried to work “aardvark” into every conversation. I see you’ve gotten to the B section in the dictionary. Congratulations.

      • RichE

        Jay, nah, I think he made it to ‘D’ for denial.

    • RichE


    • ehancock

      The birth certificate in Hawaii has been confirmed by officials of both parties, including the former Republican governor (who is now running for US Senate). It is also confirmed by the Index Data–a public file that lists the birth certificates that are on file and which shows one for Obama in the 1961 files.

      In addition, there is the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961, which at the time were only sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii, and at the time the DOH only sent out those notices for children born in Hawaii.

      Mirtt Romney has only shown an obviously fraudulent image of his short-form birth certificate, without the name of the hospital or the name of the doctor on it, and its facts have not been confirmed by officials, Index Data, birth notices or anything.

  • http://l JANET

    TO EVEN THINK THAT MY MOM TOLD US THAT HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF…Think back when the people wondered in the wilderness until 40 years had passed this was so new life and new minds could be formed, it is happening again. President Obama has only tried to help the people. Before you condem him, atleast walk in the shoes of the people who believe. Always remember that the only perfect man was killed without reason. This should have tought us something. We all come from the same people and have been given a second chance. Think with yor heart.

    • Jeff


      You should know by now that conservatives never learn because they learned everything they need to know in Kindergarten. They believe the Bible is the literal TRUTH and that if Pat Robertson says it contradicts the Bible, it’s WRONG. The topic doesn’t matter: politics, economics, even physics! Read Chris Mooney’s book “The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality.” If Einsteinian physics calls a Biblical story into question, it’s the physics that must be wrong! And these wackos VOTE!

  • Bimbam

    The more I read the troll the more I realize he is RIGHT! It’s all just COINCIDENCE! Just a darn coincidence that an unqualified, marxist, jiving, hard-core drug user, homosexual, unknown negroid Mooslim gets elected as PRESIDENT.

    Don’t worry folk, it’s just all a coincidence. Just like all the mistakes on his BC. Yes, the BC is riddled with mistakes, we admit that but it’s just a mere coincidence. Move along now…..

  • May

    Bob Livingston, are your censors on vacation??? You have stooped to a new low by allowing this disgusting video on your website and propogating the ugly suggestions and lie that it is true. This has encouraged all kinds of hateful, sick comments. After reading half of the comments, I am getting sicker and sicker and can’t read any more or I will vomit. The biggest danger to our society is when our citizens believe such disgusting lies and embellish them with such unbelievably disgusting suggestions. Their brains are in the toilet. I couldn’t be more ashamed for our nation. With apologies to the few people who wrote thoughtful comments and rejected this nonsense, I have never been more ashamed of some of our United States of America citizens than I am right now.

    • coal miner

      It is digusting.It brings out the bigotry in some people.Please to meet you.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear May,

      You write: “Bob Livingston, are your censors on vacation???” No.

      You write: “You have stooped to a new low by allowing this disgusting video on your website and propogating (sic) the ugly suggestions and lie that it is true.” What proof do you have that it not true? Davis was a friend of the Dunhams. Davis took the photos and submitted them to the magazines. Davis wrote about his own pedophilia. It is reasonable to explore whether Dunham was used by Davis.

      You write: “This has encouraged all kinds of hateful, sick comments. After reading half of the comments, I am getting sicker and sicker and can’t read any more or I will vomit.” It is a difficult task to find where to draw the line on comment moderation. We believe in freedom of speech and are therefore as lenient as can be on allowing dissenting views.

      You write: “Their brains are in the toilet.” In some cases this is true.

      You write: “I couldn’t be more ashamed for our nation. With apologies to the few people who wrote thoughtful comments and rejected this nonsense, I have never been more ashamed of some of our United States of America citizens than I am right now.” Yes. It is quite shameful that an undocumented worker was allowed to usurp the Presidency, and that our criminal Congress and criminal court system allows it to continue. It’s is proof that outside entities control our government.

      Best wishes,

      • RichE

        “What proof do you have that it (is) not true?” Cool Bob, make a statement and put the burden of proof on the reader.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear RIchE,

        May made a declarative statement: “You have stooped to a new low by allowing this disgusting video on your website and propogating the ugly suggestions and lie that it is true.” This indicates she has some evidence at hand. I’m merely asking to see it.

        You may note that I did not write that it was true. I wrote that a producer has created a video that makes the link. I expounded on what the link involves.

        Best wishes,

        • RichE

          Bob, I can’t speak for May, only my interpretation, but I think I speak for both in this matter when I say, “Who you trying to kid, Bob?”

  • ehancock

    Bob has asked: “Is This Why Obama Won’t Release A Real Birth Certificate?”

    The answer to that is regardless of who the DNA father may be, the REAL birth certificate says that Obama Senior is Obama’s father.

    How do we know? We know because in the two most recent confirmations by the officials in Hawaii they stated that the facts on Obama’s birth certificate in the file are EXACTLY the same as on the birth certificate that Obama published. And those facts include the name of the father. We also know because Republican officials have looked at the files in the past, and if the name of the father was any different from Obama Senior, they would have leaked the fact by now.

    Now, the next point is that the two-fer variety of birther claims that the real DNA father does not matter. They claim that even if Davis, an American citizen was the father, they hold that Obama is not eligible because the legal father, the one whose name is on the birth certificate, is the real father for Natural Born citizen purposes. (This, by the way is wrong, only the place of birth counts for Natural Born Citizen purposes since that was the meaning of the term when the Constitution was written).

    The next answer is that of the 44 presidents we have had so far most likely one or two of them had fathers who were not their legal father–and so what?

    Bob can SPECULATE that Obama’s DNA father was Davis, but the birth certificate will not show it, and no one is going to order a DNA test. So it is purely speculation and cannot get a real answer.

    However, if this kind of speculation continues, then it is likely that the speculation about Romney’s real father will intensify, if you know what I mean.

    And, guess what, sometimes people are not like their fathers. Saying that someones’ father was a communist is much like saying that someone’s father was a Baptist. If your father was a Baptist, you do not have to be a Baptist, and if your father was a communist, you do not have to be a communist.

    But go on and dream about Obama’s “real” father, cause that just will increase the speculation about Romney’s “real” father.

    • Bimbam

      I got an an idea! Maybe YOU ARE THE FATHER???? Afterall, oBama is a useful idiot too!

      • Jeff


        Does your Mommy know you’re playing on the computer again?

  • Bimbam

    Sorry dad. Logging off now.

  • terris

    What are the court cases that have attempted to seal Obama’s records?
    Which court, and what case number?

    You do realize, don’t you, that passport, birth, school and medical records are already non-publlic records? A court order is only needed to release those records. And a Judge will not release them without a damn good legal resaon.

    How msany state courts have ruled that Obama’s bc is valid and he is eligible to be on the ballot imn their state?

    • ehancock

      I know that you are an anti-birther. But the fact is that no court has seen Obama’s birth certificate.

      That is because no court has asked to see it. Most cases were dismissed because birthers simply do not have standing to sue (Birthers who do not like those rulings are welcome to try to change laws to grant them standing, but that is the way that the law is now).

      In many of the recent cases, such as New Jersey, it simply isn’t required to show evidence of eligibility. In Arizona, where the Secretary of State thought that he had the authority to check on eligibility, he accepted a statement from the officials in Hawaii that they (1) had Obama’s original birth certificate on file and (2) the facts on it are exactly the same as on the long form birth certificate that Obama has published. For most officials this is indeed sufficient. A state must under the US Constitution honor the documents of other states, and a birth certificate is a state document.

      More importantly, IF a court were to rule that evidence of eligibility is indeed required, that would apply to both candidates of course, so Romney would have to show it as well as Obama. And what would the court ask to see? NOT the original birth certificate, those are in the files in Hawaii and in Michigan. The court would simply ask to see the official physical copy of the birth certificate, the one that Obama had passed around in the White House press room and every reporter there got a chance to hold it, examine it and feel the seal (on the back, where it is supposed to be). Oddly, Romney has only shown a photostat copy of his short-form birth certificate, and no one has felt the seal, and no officials have confirmed the facts on it.

      IF there were a question about the authenticity of Romney’s or Obama’s birth certificate, the court would call on members of the accrediting organizations in the field, such as the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners or the American Society of Questioned Document Experts or the Association of Forensic Document Examiners. The judge would not admit as expert witness the self-described “experts” that birthers cite, who have not proven that they are experts and who certainly are not impartial.

      And the same kind of checking would, of course, have to be done on Romney’s birth certificate as on Obama’s. But this is not likely to happen since very few states have laws that require candidates to prove their eligibility. Birthers have not found one yet. If Florida turns out to be an exception, the White House will simply send one of the physical copies that were passed around in the White House press room, and that will be that. The birther “experts” will not be allowed to testify, since they have not qualified as experts and are known to not be impartial.

      So the issue is not the legal question of proof. It is what we should believe. And that is settled by the absurdity of the thought that Obama’s mother traveled outside the USA while late in pregnancy and somehow got a birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii. The travel alone would have been highly unusual–and she would have had to have done it ALONE, since WND has proven that Obama senior was in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. And the birth certificate for Obama has been repeatedly confirmed by the officials, and the Index Data shows that it exists.

      But people do believe fantastic things. For a hoot, look at this site:

  • Intolerant of GOP Lovers

    That woman was and is Ann Coulter. It is actually about her and most of the Republicans and GOP senators and congressmen, past and present. She is a mouthpiece for the GOP in everything they do.

    • coal miner

      Intolerant of GOP Lovers,

      You forgot mention,she ignorant as hell.

      • ehancock

        However, she draws the line at the birther lunacy. Ann Coulter, along with Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the National Review, calls birthers CRAZY.

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