Is There Justice?


Justice is supposed to be blind. It’s supposed to be equal and fair. It’s supposed to be everything our system no longer is.

You Have A Right To Be Vindicated

There are two phrases important enough to be inscribed on the exterior of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.: “Equal Justice Under Law” and “Justice, the Guardian of Liberty.” Sadly, and due in large part to a shift in how prosecutors do their jobs and are allowed to operate above the very law they supposedly represent, these tenets — the founding principles of our justice system — have seemingly been replaced with “Justice Dispensed Without Equality” and “Injustice, Usurper of Liberty.” True justice suffers now from a system designed to get the highest conviction rating and the most fines and fees. Gone are the days of caring about guilt and innocence. Why bother when you can create an air of perceived guilt? As long as the public believes, guilt is really in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? Not to those falsely accused, not to those who are innocent but sitting in a prison, not to those who fight for the innocence of their loved ones: It’s not right if we ever want to truly live in the “land of the free.”

Vindication Is Possible

The people deserve true justice, not a system by which the one standing accused is presumed guilty. True justice comes in one form: absolute vindication of the innocent. It used to be that defense attorneys and juries provided a level of that: however, this is far too often no longer the case. You, as an innocent victim of a false prosecution or forced plea bargain, need to find an alternative method of defending yourself from persecution and prosecution; and your options are truly limited. One of the most effective is the US~Observer. Over the past 22 years, the US~Observer has been victorious in more than 4,200 criminal and civil cases. As a newspaper, it is instrumental in gathering absolute proof of innocence; and it informs the public of those facts while putting sufficient pressure on those who can dismiss your charges. With cases like North Carolina ex-sheriff deputy Chris Hoover and the Florida Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) cases of Jimmy and Pepper Rodgers, the US~Observer has clearly demonstrated it wins. It also hosts a slew of testimonials on its website from common, everyday citizens who have found their absolute vindication through the US~Observer.

Each week, this section will be used to focus on those fighting for their innocence in a system that is intolerant of truth and to explain the direction we, the people, need to take to rein in this injustice system and turn it back into the guardian of our liberty.

If you have been falsely targeted for prosecution, please contact the US~Observer at or by calling 541-474-7885.

–Ron Lee

Personal Liberty

Stephen Leeb

has analyzed and identified macro-economic trends for more than three decades. He is a recognized authority on the stock market and commodities, especially oil and precious metals. He is often credited as the first to foresee market-changing events, and predicted the spiraling costs of oil well before others. Dr. Leeb has authored seven books, including the New York Times Bestselling Business Books, The Coming Economic Collapse: How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel (2006), Game Over: How You Can Prosper in a Shattered Economy (2009), and the forthcoming Red Alert: How China's Growing Prosperity Threatens the American Way of Life (2011). He is also a frequent contributor to 'Fox Business News,' Bloomberg, ABC, and CNN.He serves as Head of the Advisory Board for Leor Exploration & Production, LLC, as an Advisory Board member of Electrum USA Ltd., one of the world's largest privately held gold exploration companies, and in the same capacity for Sunshine Silver Mines Corp., a privately held silver exploration company. Dr. Leeb received his bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. He then earned his master's degree in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Illinois in just three years, an academic record that still stands.

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  • dan

    Is there justice….not in this world,sigh….still,we must contend for the truth
    lest evil triumph.
    Thank you for your efforts,Ron….

  • Jake Thomas

    Prosecutors are only interested in the corner office with a view and then a political office. The only way to get there is through convictions. They are not concerned about innocense.

  • Charlie

    IF,, One knows Biblical Law as well as “Man’s” law,,,they should ask for Mercy and forgiveness under God’s Law ,,,BUT,,,under Man’s laws they should ask for “Justice”, Mercy and forgiveness and figure they are well blessed IF they get any of the 3…. Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…
    Charlie Freedom

  • Wellarmed

    Glad to see there are those that feel ” Justice for all” is still applicable in America. It is truly sad to see prosecutors falsifying and withholding evidence as well as allowing testimony which they know to be false entered into their cases, particularly when the verdict could result in the execution of the individual seeking justice.

    Any prosecutor that allows this event to occur should not be shielded in any way from Justice ultimately being dispensed upon them. Any officer, prosecutor, or civilian that knowingly falsifies or withholds evidence that leads to a wrongful conviction, should face no less a sentence than the wrongfully accused. Said prosecutor, officer or civilian should also bare the financial burden of restitution to the wrongfully accused ( pension and other assets seized and sold ) rather than the state.

    Until there are serious ramifications for bearing false witness and other crimes nothing will change.

    • vicki

      Serious ramifications in the here and now. Being punished in an afterlife that may or may not be believed in is too slow for humans to appreciate till it is way too late.

  • Michael Shreve

    Justice is SOMETIMES serve though seldom in full measure, but the FALSELY accused are OFTEN ruined personally and financially.

  • Chester

    Just remember, once charged, never again innocent. You can be found not guilty, or declared not guilty, but never innocent. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but can leave a very bad taste in the mouths of people you might really want to impress.

  • Agvocate

    We all want to believe that JUSTICE is a constant. That is until we learn how fragile that really is. I recently participated in a personal Q&A with a State Supreme Court Justice. Among other things I learned that there is no checks and balances at the state level. If the State Legislature passes a law and signed into law by the governor that could/may be unconstitutional it is not reviewed by any judge. We have a very twisted system that causes me to question if there really can be any real justice when the rules are constantly changing. A good example is a current bill being considered right now where the rule of confidentiality of a “report” that is usually protecting all involved parties is being pushed to protect the ACCUSER, but not for the ACCUSED. Intentionally the bill sponsor wants to try and convict the ACCUSED publically before any due process. Yes, I am opposing the bill, but does that mean there will justice be served, or even


    In order to get back to the rule of law, we are going to have to reorganize the way all our elected officials and the appointees hold office, the politicians of the present have managed to corrupt literally every aspect of our government and politicize ordinary aspects of our day to day lives…We need to get back to the Constitution and the rule of law and teach the future generations about how to maintain and repair our Republic….

  • trp878

    Over the years I have observed several situations that appeared to have overlooked or forgotten a part of the law that was essential in findings of innocence or guilt. That word was “Intent”. Many times there were violations that occurred, however the intent was void, yet the govt. always pressed the issue and forced many to plea bargain and overlooked the lack of intent. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, however “intent” is part of the law that is shunned by the prosecution.