Is Privacy Becoming A Relic Of The Past?


Technology is making it easier than ever for the surveillance state to flourish.

America now knows that the National Security Agency is involved in the bulk collection of electronic communication data; wireless technology has made hacking, by government officials or criminals, a breeze for people with the right set of skills; and just about anything you do online can be tracked, logged and analyzed.

Despite privacy concerns stemming from ample evidence that government entities and corporations are using America’s addiction to technology to learn as much as possible about individual habits, beliefs and lifestyles—most of us still carry a smartphone and use the Internet on a daily basis.

But what if the same entities gathering information about us each time we use a cell phone or browse the web could get an even more intimate look into our lives— perhaps taking a peek into our living rooms once the gadgets have been powered down and threats to privacy are out of mind?

Well, according to a recent report from CNN, the technology to do so exists. And as American’s further technologize every aspect of their homes, there’s a realistic possibility that privacy in any form could become a thing of the past.


Security cameras, lights, heating control systems and even door locks and windows are now increasingly coming with features that allow users to control them remotely. Without proper security controls, there’s little to stop hackers from invading users’ privacy, stealing personal information or spying on people.

In the case of Samsung Smart TVs, iSEC researchers found that they could tap into the TV’s Web browser with ease, according to iSEC security analyst Josh Yavor. That gave hackers access to all the functions controlled by the browser, including the TV’s built-in camera.

“If there’s a vulnerability in any application, there’s a vulnerability in the entire TV,” said Aaron Grattafiori, also an analyst at iSEC.

Yavor and Grattafiori were also able to hack the browser in such a way that users would be sent to any website of the hacker’s choosing. While the hack would have been obvious if the website on the screen didn’t match the desired address, Yavor says there could be serious implications if a bad actor sent a user to a lookalike banking page and retrieved a user’s credentials.

Very quickly, “Luddite” seems to be shedding any shard of negative  connotation, as technology becomes an ever-growing threat to privacy.

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  • DavidicBK

    Wake up folks. One step closer to 1984.

    • blackhawk

      Wake up AMERICA,you are being watched ! Why? Because Obama and his Marxist pigs think you are terrorists!

      • jdn

        They think we are terrorists because they know a point will come when we won’t take any more of their crappola . I’m sure they are ready willing and able to kill everyone to maintain their superiority .

  • Alan

    Privacy has been devalued to the extent that it no longer bothers many of us to be watched at every turn. There are cameras literally everywhere these days. Combine that with the “see something, say something” attitude that is being fostered by the evil forces of government and we are fast descending that slippery slope into dystopia. How I miss those less complex times of days yore, when most people just minded their own business and the neighborhood busybody was frowned upon.

    • Don 2

      OBL may be dead, but you cannot say that he wasn’t successful in his part of destroying America.

      • Alan

        Too true Don. Here we have people willing to give up their liberties for security, both of which are being lost in the balance.

  • KG

    Whats Ironic about an article like this is the obvious admission of our right to free speech is still intact. But what puzzles me is the fear and horror people express over something that has been true since computers were first widely available. Microsoft has had the ability to look on anyone’s computer since the early days of phone modems. Which confirms what I felt has been true since W. It’s not “G-dless Communisim” that is going to destroy America, but “G-dless Capitalism”.

    • Don 2

      KG, the “fear and horror people express over something that has been true since computers were first available” is akin to the fear and horror people express when and if they finally realize who Obama is and what he is about.

    • ONTIME

      Capitalism is freedom, competition gives you choice and you can control it by refusing to use the product..government by virtue of it’s appetite for growth and control will use the every means to make you support it and suppress your choice……


    For those who seem to think in this day and age WTP are privileged and have a the right to privacy, you are living in fantasy land..
    You gave it up little by little over a long period of time, by numbers, by speech, by implication, the intrusion into your life was allowed so that you can participate in all technology has to offer in ways of convenience.
    Technology as used by government has now surpassed even those who try and control it, you can be seen, heard, told and intimidated in numerous ways by air, media and your own basic needs to survive, a common speaker used for transmitting sound can now be used as a device used to record all you say, your computer, TV and phones can be controlled by outside forces and agencies you have yet to hear of…your car and it’s control can be taken from you and you can be found in a short time and never know how….YOU are NEVER ALONE….If you like big government, you have arrived.