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Is Obama Smarter Than A Communist?

January 24, 2013 by  


Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. You know that famous TV show “Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” Well that show has inspired me to ask: “Is Obama smarter than a communist?” Many socialist and communist leaders seem to have learned a lesson that Obama has not.

Remember when Obama said, “I just want to spread the wealth around”? If income redistribution works, if tax-and-spend is a model for America, why are Greece and Spain bankrupt basket cases threatening to bring down the entire European Union? Greece and Spain have both been led by Socialist Party politicians. They both have big taxes, big spending, big unions, big governments — just like Obama wants. Yet both Greece and Spain have unemployment rates above 26 percent and youth unemployment above 56 percent.

With that record of devastating failure, why did Obama just raise U.S. income tax rates to the levels of Greece and Spain? Greece’s income tax rate is 40 percent. Spain’s top rate ranges from 40 percent to 50 percent. In America we just raised the top rate to about 40 percent, plus add in Obamacare taxes, plus add in State and local taxes, and, of course, Obama took away deductions, too. Can you even imagine? We chose to emulate Greece and Spain right at the moment of disaster, at the moment of devastation, at the moment of 26 percent and 56 percent unemployment — right as they are headed into economic oblivion. With Obama’s re-election we chose Greece and Spain.

By the way, with high income taxes and value added taxes (a national sales tax), why are Greece and Spain both bankrupt and insolvent? Why would Obama want higher taxes for America, when Greece and Spain prove the model doesn’t work? Each country is going through a national nightmare. Thousands of trees are missing… because citizens can no longer afford to pay for electricity or fuel to heat their homes, so each night they go into parks and forests to cut down trees for firewood. Families are digging through dumpsters for food. Government employees go unpaid for months. This is what socialism and high taxes get you. And we chose Obama for another four years? Maybe we should check whether American voters are as smart as a 5th grader.

All those Greek voters elected socialist politicians because they promised fat pensions, free healthcare and lavish early retirement. Does that sound familiar? Now, they face unimaginable poverty for years to come. This proves that when politicians promise chocolate cake with no calories, they should be put in prison for fraud.

Cuba has been a Marxist state since before I was born. Its leader, Raul Castro, is a proud communist. Yet Cuba recently passed the most sweeping reforms in its history. Castro is slashing more than 1 million government jobs, cutting entitlements, encouraging more private sector entrepreneurship, giving more power to private companies and reducing state spending.

One of the trademark features of Cuba’s socialist system — the universal monthly food ration — will be phased out. Castro said the ration given all Cubans since 1963 had become an “unsupportable burden” for Cuba’s bankrupt and crumbling government.

So get this: A Cuban communist leader is cutting 1 million government jobs and eliminating Cuba’s version of food stamps. Meanwhile, Obama keeps adding government jobs and food stamp use is setting all-time records in America; 47.7 million Americans are on food stamps. Tell me again: Who’s the communist and who’s the capitalist?

Even Russia’s Vladimir Putin (then serving as prime minister) seemed to have learned a common 5th grade history lesson on socialism, when during a 2008 speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he stated: “In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state role absolute… In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly.”

Putin and Castro have learned their lessons from experience. But Obama? It sounds like he needs to attend re-education camp. Or at least do over the 5th grade.

Obama just raised our income tax rates to 40 percent and eliminated deductions; and, of course, he’s already passed a raft of new Obamacare taxes. He wants to take the cap off Social Security taxes and add a VAT tax (national sales tax). Add it up. Under Obama, Americans could soon have a tax rate above 70 percent. Not the super rich. These rates will apply to small business owners.

Now contrast those taxes with today’s tax rates in formerly Communist countries:

  • Russia: 13 percent flat tax.
  • Bulgaria: 10 percent flat tax.
  • Georgia: 15 percent flat tax.
  • Romania: 16 percent flat tax.
  • Czech Republic: 15 percent flat tax.
  • Albania: 10 percent flat tax.
  • Kazakhstan: 10 percent flat tax.
  • Lithuania: 15 percent flat tax.
  • Slovakia: 19 percent flat tax.
  • Bosnia: 10 percent flat tax.
  • Serbia: 12 percent flat tax.
  • Hungary: 16 percent flat tax.
  • Estonia: 21 percent flat tax.

So ask yourself again, “Is Obama smarter than a communist?” Looking at those tax rates, it would be easy to mistake the United States under Obama for a socialist country.

While the big-tax, big-spend, big-government economies of Europe are floundering, examine how the low-tax model is performing around the world. Hong Kong, with its 15 percent flat tax and no capital gains tax, has 3.3 percent unemployment. That’s down in the 4thquarter of last year from 3.4 percent in the quarter before that.

Singapore has a tax of 3 percent to 20 percent, with unemployment at a remarkable 1.9 percent.

Obviously, high taxes kill jobs. Case closed. Obama must have missed that 5th grade lesson.

So I’ll ask the question again: Is Obama smarter than a communist? Perhaps someone should sit Obama down with all these communist and ex-communist leaders and get him educated. Fast. Before the U.S. economic collapse is beyond repair. Before the America we know and love is gone forever.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    Mr. Root

    1: If you support anything that is paid for with tax payer money you also want to “spread the wealth around”.

    2: “we just raised the top rate to about 40 percent”. Key word there is top. That rate has been raised to the same level it was at during the Clinton Administration when we had a surplus instead of a deficit.

    3: How will our country pay its bills. I can respect the need to cut spending and reduce our bills that way. But there are many things we still need to pay for like social security and our infrastructure . We need revenue to pay for those things.

    4: Obama did not promise “fat pensions, free healthcare and lavish early retirement”. He promised better pensions, more affordable and better quality healthcare and the chance to enjoy retirement instead of having to spend it paying off old credit card and medical bills.

    5: With all due respect are you taking ideas for improving our capitalist system from a country you yourself call a “Marxist state”. That seems contradictory.

    6: Obama is not responsible for the large number of people now on food stamps. That is the result of the recession that began before he was even elected.

    7: No one is proposing to make the “state role absolute”. Nothing Obama has done has even come close to such an idea.

    8: Again we are going to take our ques from former communist countries. There are some slight differences in the economies of our country and those countries.

    9: If we were to match our countries tax system to that of Hong Kong or Singapore I am pretty sure the living and working conditions for the American people would be frightfully similar to the ones for people living in China and Singapore. You can’t just drop taxes and suddenly everything is fine. There are plenty who will lose out if we simply drop taxes.

    10: “So ask yourself again, “Is Obama smarter than a communist?” Looking at those tax rates, it would be easy to mistake the United States under Obama for a socialist country.” I do not understand the interplay which makes Communist and Socialist seem like the same thing because they are not. I say this because not very long ago Mr. Root you posted a similar video in which you parodied Jeff Foxworthy by making the joke “You might be a socialist if” where you referenced Obama many times. For some reason in just a few months you have gone from accusing Obama of being a socialist to accusing him of being a communist. He is neither. And our country is not communist or socialist nor is it anywhere near either. Here is how I know.

    Merriam Websters defines Socialism as:

    : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
    a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
    b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
    : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

    Our country fails to meet several of the criteria for Socialism.

    1: The government does not own the means of production, the individual corporations and small business’s do.

    2: Last I checked there is still private property. Hence the Forth Amendment which recognizes “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects”.

    3: People have accused everyone from Theodore Roosevelt to Woodrow Wilson of being socialists. And it was from these two that the economic system we have today was begun. So considering we have basically been “socialist” for about 103 years I would hardly consider our system to be transitional. Because if our system is socialist and therefore transitional and if this is the speed its going at I would suspect we won’t reach communism for about 100 more years.

    As for Communism Merriam Websters defines it as:

    a : a theory advocating elimination of private property
    b : a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed
    a : a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian socialism and Marxism-Leninism that was the official ideology of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    b : a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production
    c : a final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably
    d : communist systems collectively

    Again America fails to meet the criteria.

    1: Private property is not nor is it anywhere near eliminated. See Forth Amendment.

    2: Considering we still have massive corporations I am pretty sure the goods are not “owned in common”.

    3: Our nation bears little to no resemblance to the Soviet Union. Unless in the Soviet Union people had the right to free speech and free press and expression and the right to petition for a redress of grievances.

    4: We have two major political parties and numerous independent ones including a certain Libertarian Party. I highly doubt the Libertarian Party is going to support state owned means of production.

    5: This article shows quite clearly that the economic goods are not distributed equitably and are in fact no where near equitable:

    And finally. Since Mr. Root is using a comedian to help form his argument I figure I will end mine with one. Here is a video which gives a humorous look at the question of whether Obama is a Socialist or not. It even features Mr. Root. I urge everyone to watch it.:

    • myopinion

      Boy!!! did you ever swollow the kool-aid

      • mark

        Yes, but he can actually make an argument unlike 90% of the right-wing posters on this site.

      • FreedomFighter

        Communisum/socialism will never work, never has and never will, nobody wants to be a slave.

        Communisum/socialism requires a slave class to do all the work, maybe when we invent robots to do all the work, but then if we make the robots to smart they will not want to be slaves either.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • omanuel

        Yes, myopinion, we all swallowed the kool-aid for decades, after the United Nations was formed on 24 Oct 1945:

        NASA’s space program was corrupted by communistic pseudo-science, as Harrison Schmitt, the last man to walk on the moon, recently realized:

        So did a lot of other retired NASA scientists and engineers who object to their children and grandchildren living under Orwellian communism.

        The actions of the British astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, and the British author of “Animal Farm” and “1984″ in 1946 reveal the birth of this movement to impose Orwellian misinformation on the American public as “consensus science” and to bring the United States under the control of international communism:

        With deep regrets,
        Oliver K. Manuel
        Former NASA Principal
        Investigator for Apollo

      • Jeremy Leochner

        How is questioning an argument rather than simply accepting it mean I have drank the kool aid. I never said Obama is always right. I just said the accusation that he is a socialist is false. Just because you don’t like someone does not make them socialist.

      • WTS/JAY

        Jeremy: I just said the accusation that he is a socialist is false.

        I agree, Jeremy! Obama is no socialist, neither is he a Communist or a Muslim. Obama is a Fascist, a corporate-shill and a wall-street and military-industrial-complex puppet. But definitely not, a Socialist!

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Mark, unfortunately you are 1 (one) of 100% of mentally pervert left-winger posters on this site who just tap-dancing the same nonsensical talking points and mantras WITHOUT any prove.
        Yea, we know that the LIE is “virtue” of libtards.

        “Magna est veritas et praevalet” – “The truth is great and shall prevail”

      • Dale left coast

        WTS . . . ALL fascists are socialists . . . just as ALL communists are socialists . . .
        Socialism is the economic engine of all collectives . . . and as we can observe around the world . . . Dismal Failures ! ! !

      • eddie47d

        Dale: That’s like saying since crony Capitalism is corrupt and devastating to a country’s economy then all of Capitalism must be corrupt!

      • Old Henry


        No one wants to be a slave? Alas my good man, 51% voted to be slaves.

      • http://N/A CintiCB

        If he’s not careful, he’ll end up up in the White House-same brain power!!!

      • Jeremy Leochner


        “agree, Jeremy! Obama is no socialist, neither is he a Communist or a Muslim. Obama is a Fascist”. Why Jay. You had me and then you lost me. Obama is not a fascist.

    • http://personalliberty Frank629

      lot of words to prove your idiousy.

      • Karolyn

        My Opinion and Frank – At least Jeremy knows how to spell. “swollow”? “idiousy”?

      • eddie47d

        Frank; Is that the extent of your “rational” discussion? The tax rate in America in the late 40′s-late 50′s was 82-91%. Our economy did fairly well. Even in the 60′s when it was around 70% our economy went gang busters. Don’t you think that since our economy was doing poorly in the last 12 years with lower tax rates that maybe that isn’t the major problem. Taxes are only a piece of the pie so could you come up with something more rational than attacking Jeremy? MY OPINION SAYS: The old kool aid drivel and nothing else! Now that makes a couple of you definitely not smarter than a 5th grader!

      • WTS/JAY

        eddie: The tax rate in America in the late 40′s-late 50′s was 82-91%.

        My goodness, eddie, you can’t be serious? The tax-rate in America between the 40′s and 50′s varied/fluctuated between 4.4 and 20%. Your 82-91 figures are way off. You need to double-check.

      • momo

        eddie47d is talking about the tax rate for people earning the most money.

      • eddie47d

        Thank you MOMO.

    • Karolyn

      Good vid. Jeremy.

      • Tom Cook

        Karolyn huh? You cannot even spell Carolyn. Can you spell your political aspiration?–Kommunist? Stupid is not curable. Kurable?

      • Karolyn

        That is my name, Tom. To give you a little education, I am of Polish descent, and in the Polish language, there is no hard C. And, of course, i am not the only Karolyn who spells her name that way. What hole have you been hiding in? And what difference does it make anyway? Just spouting inanities to make yourself feel good?

      • gunner689AI

        Karolyn learned to spell “swallow” at the strip club she wrks for.

    • Steve E

      I think Obama’s last inauguration address pretty well shows that he is a socialist/communist.

    • Dark Archer

      comrade leochner your a fine example of a fvcking stupid Bolshevik obama supporter have some more kool aid comrade

      • eddie47d

        Does that mean you are shooting arrows in the dark and trying to see where they stick? Dark Archer has been drinking more than kool aid and sounds more like the angry Bolshevik! You know something is wrong when Raul Castro is praised as a Capitalist. I’d like to see one of you especially Steve E tell us one country that doesn’t have Socialist programs? Even Singapore allows socialism so good luck in drinking your own kool aid cocktail!

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I don’t support communism Dark. I support Obama but I think a reasoned and fair opposition is important. I do not see crying socialism and communism at anything people dislike as being reasoned and fair.

      • Steve E

        eddie, at least you admit that you and Obama is a socialist. Or did I trick you into that?

      • eddie47d

        Yes there is socialism in America Steve E so what is your point? Same as under Bush or Nixon or Clinton for that matter! The only one being “tricked” is your mental state!

    • KG

      Jeremy Leochner – Kudos! That Daily Show segment really put it to Mr Root.

      Root – “It’s just a feeling….there’s no physical proof.”

      One he said that, I said F……! What an A…….!

      Who said that “Liberals” were the only ones who are all touchy and feelly?

      Obama is not a socialist. He is OUR president. And either you like it or not, he is going to fix this mess. And we need to start this by paying our bills. And to pay our bills, let’s let the ones who have benefited the most the last ten years pay their fair share for once.

      • rendarsmith

        Is he going to fix it? I’m curious as to what you’ll say in 4 years when we’ll be worse off than we are now. Will it still be Bush’s fault?

      • Bob Z

        Really? He’s gonna fix it?

        When the hell is he gonna start???

        Obama is the anti-christ and his duty is to destroy this country. He is ahead of schedule.

      • momo

        Maybe we should quit running up bills, then maybe we can start to pay off this debt.

      • GRusling

        And just how much would that fair share be, in your opinion? 80%? 90%? Don’t you believe someone who works hard AND SMART deserves to profit from his labors, both physical and intellectual? Isn’t that what we have always called the “American Dream?” Isn’t the whole idea of BUILDING WEALTH what America is and always has been about?

        In America, everyone has OPPORTUNITY! That’s what our Declaration of Independence declares, and our Constitution is designed to perpetuate. Nothing is mentioned about actually ATTAINING success, because that depends on the individual and their WORK ETHIC! Those who do not labor intelligently will wind up working all their life with nothing to show for it, in the end. Those who SPEND all their money as soon as they get it, will wind up with no money and will not be successful, while those who SAVE AND INVEST will be successful. Are those who use their BRAINS less deserving than those who do not? What makes you think someone who “spent their pay on beer and whiskey” have some claim on MY MONEY, which I refused to spend foolishly?

        I’m not rich, never have been, never will be, but neither do I believe ANYONE owes me a living. I’ll make it the same way I always have, by working and EARNING enough money to support my lifestyle. Maybe you should try that sometime…

      • BigBadJohn

        Four years ago:
        • Jobless claims hit 14-hear high
        • Housing starts hit 12-year low
        • Wall street crash continues, 50% of value lost
        • GM closing factories, entering bankruptcy
        • Housing, labor data indicate worst economic crisis since Great Depression
        • After 7 long years, wars in Irq and Afganistan rage on without any end in sight
        • Republican leaders predict that allowing gays to serve will ruin troop morale
        • CIA confirms that video released online, mocking Bush and Cheney, is Osama Bin Laden, alive and well, somewhere in Afganistan or Pakistan

        • Jobless claims drop to five-year low
        • Housing starts climb to highest rate since June 2008
        • Wall Street at 5-Year High
        • GM to Invest $1.5B in N. American Factories
        • Housing, labor data provide upbeat signs on economy
        • Administration announces that plans to pull troops out of Afganistand are on schedule
        • Top military leaders agree that move to allow gays to serve has no negative impact
        • In other news, nobody has heard from Osama bin Laden for a long, long time

      • roger

        Who’s bills? I wasn’t consulted about the spending spree. I don’t owe any of these bills, but you may feel free to pay whatever TPTB tells you to pay.

      • Maryland Freestater

        I disagree – he is NOT MY president! As to his going to fix anything, doubtful, in my humble opinion.

      • Dale left coast

        Obammy . . . his mother was a marxist, his grandfather was a marxist, his mentor was a Communist . . . his buddy Ayers was a Terrorist . . . and the O is just a “normal” guy that wants to fix somebody else’s mistakes ?
        Did he fix the Klinton Housing Bubble?
        Did he fix the vast overspending in the last Bush budget 2007 . . . when the deficit was a gigantic 160 Billion dollars?
        Did he fix the broken welfare system?
        Did he fix the double digit Unemployment problem?
        But he got us Free Healthcare . . . Free Foodstamps . . . Years of Unemployment Insurance . . .
        He shut down oil exploration of federal land, he stopped evil pipelines, he shut down coal mines and coal generating plants . . . and now he wants to take your guns.
        Will the entire USA look more like Chicago in the next 4 years?
        As Investment Capital flees the USA . . . will there be ANY jobs levt in 4 years?

      • BigBadJohn

        Dale you need to check your numbers.
        Bush’s REAL deficit for 2007, actual increase in national debt not published numbers, was 500 billion. His deficit for 2008 was 1.4 trillion.
        here is the link

        400 billion of that was his tax cut, 400 billion of that was increase in military spending.
        Would the republicans ever allow those to be repealed?

      • Donald

        The so-called Clinton era tax rates, were only put back into place for the top 2% and because of those rates, only 20% didn’t pay any income tax. The Bush tax breaks amounted to 80+ billion a year for the top 5% and almost 320 billion a year for the other 95%. So KG, the ones who benifited the most, aren’t paying their fair share. Today 47% aren’t paying any fed income tax, yet we bring more and more revenue. Clinton had a balanced budget at the end of his term, because Government spending was 17% of GDP, today it’s 26%.. Clinton’s last budget adjusted for inflation would have a budget surplus, then again the last Bush budget adjusted for inflation and Bush’s tax rates, would also have a budget surplus, yet fewer people would be paying FED income taxes (the poorer of us ) under Bush’s plan than Clinton’s. . So Clinton taught us that SMALLER Government works and Bush taught us that cutting taxes works, so did Reagan and Kennedy. So what Mr.Root says is true, and FORMER Communist countries are using the same principles that made this country great before Elitists and special interests bought the parties that run our Government?

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        If I be so bold may I ask what type of work you do? I am a disabled Vietnam veteran. I am only guessing but I assume that you work nights being as you are free to blog in the middle of the day. I do believe that most of the people trying to make their points here completely got lost in their haste to defend Obama. If one truly reads the article with an open mind they should come to the conclusion that it was not only about taxes. Taxes were only one half of the equation. employment was the other half. Along with the lower taxes there was lower unemployment which means business invested more for expansion creating more jobs. If I might infringe up on your time just a bit. 10%of 150000=15000. 40%of15000=6000. This goes back to would you rather have a small percent of a large thing, or a large percent or a small thing. Think about it and do your own math. Even with lower taxes more employed people means more revenue. Mr Root is right these figures are from my 12 year old grand daughter. I submit, are you smarter that a 12 year old?

    • Kane Bonkers

      Now Jeremy, go call in on your obamaphone and tell them what a good troll you were this morning.
      Back to your parent’s basement…now.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        So Kane I am a troll because I questioned Mr. Roots argument. How exactly?

    • Tom

      Another useful idiot, singing songs of defense and praise as you unknowingly march to slaughter.

      • http://none v,Mason

        You guys just cannot understand who President Obama really is. You didn’t think that somewhere in this universe there lived a young black intelligent, articulate man who will one day surface and change the face of America. You all can’t walk in his shoes. You’re so very jealous! Just think on this: Senator in 2000, President in 2008/2012. The losers call him names – all knds of names – did he respond? No.He is a class act, and there is a move afoot to extend Presidential terms (like Bloomberg did) so that President Obama can run again and win(landslide victory) again. He is the Prnce from the East (read the bible)

      • ashley

        U need to study the Word of God.

      • S.C.Murf

        v,Mason please re-read the bible , the prince of the east is one of the many anti-christs. You are correct in saying that it is obama

        up the hill

      • WTS/JAY

        Barack Obama is a deeply troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by the intelligence agencies, using fake polls, mobs of swarming adolescents, super-rich contributors, and orchestrated media hysteria to short-circuit normal politics and seize power.

        Obama comes from the orbit of the Ford Foundation, and has never won public office in a contested election. His guru and controller is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the deranged revanchist and Russia-hater who dominated the catastrophic Carter presidency 30 years ago. All indications are that Brzezinski recruited Obama at Columbia University a quarter century ago. Trilateral Commission co-founder Brzezinski wants a global showdown with Russia and China far more dangerous for the United States than the Bush-Cheney Iraq adventure.

        Obama’s economics are pure Skull & Bones/Chicago school austerity and sacrifice for American working families, all designed to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street elitist financiers who own Obama. Obama’s lemming legions and Kool-Aid cult candidacy hearken back to Italy in 1919-1922, and raise the question of postmodern fascism in the United States today.

        Obama is a recipe for a world tragedy!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        LORD LOVE A DUCK, JAY!!!!

        You post some crazy stuff just to see if anyone is paying attention, but this is one of your better efforts! You bring up Zbiggy? Whose only connection to O’Bama was that Zbiggy liked him 4 years ago—-he sure doesn’t now—-seems like he’s attacking O’Bama’s foreign policy ideas lately. So which O’Bama is “a recipe for a world tragedy!”? The one Zbiggy likes or the one Zbiggy doesn’t like? Can’t have it both ways, JAY.

        WOW! This is an absolutely stunning statement! “Barack O’Bama is a deeply troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by the intelligence agencies, using fake polls, mobs of swarming adolescents, super-rich contributors, and orchestrated media hysteria to short-circuit normal politics and seize power”.

        You’ve got talent, JAY—-it’s hard to jam so much horsepucky into such a short statement, and it’s even literate and uses multi-syllabic words—-that will make the kool-aid drinkers suck it right down, since they won’t really understand what you say. But it sounds good—-like what they WANT to believe so badly—-so you’ll score nicely with them.

        WOW AGAIN!! You are on top of your game with this one!!! “Obama’s economics are pure Skull & Bones/Chicago school austerity and sacrifice for American working families, all designed to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street elitist financiers who own Obama. Obama’s lemming legions and Kool-Aid cult candidacy hearken back to Italy in 1919-1922, and raise the question of postmodern fascism in the United States today”

        Anyone who can string together a string of psychedelia of this caliber deserves to be complimented. (and where do you get your ‘shrooms?—-do they do mail order?)

        “Skull & Bones/Chicago school austerity,
        Obama’s lemming legions,
        Kool-Aid cult candidacy,
        Italy in 1919-1922,
        postmodern fascism in the United States today”


        PS Have you whacked JeffyH upside the head yet today?—-I’ve been living real life and haven’t looked around the threads much yet today—-I’m sure Jeffy has probably tried for 3 days in a row of “stupid” somewhere on PLD. I know it’s a burden on you, all this “mentoring”, but the integrity of the “Shills-n-Trolls-r-Us” shop demands it of you.

      • WTS/JAY

        Zbig is an infamous Cold War hawk who has managed to re-invent himself in the eyes of some dupes by opposing the Iraq adventure, mainly because it is bad for imperialism. Zbig did not mention that the reason he wants to downplay certain aspects of US aggression in the Middle East is to free up resources for use in the much bigger and more dangerous adventures which the Trilateral Commission is now directing.
        Zbig is the mastermind of the Kosovo secession under KLA terrorist auspices, a gambit against Serbia and Russia to prepare a coming Operation Barbarossa II against Moscow. With the help of his son Mark Brzezinski, another top foreign policy controller of Obama, Zbig is also behind the new Euromissiles crisis involving US ABM installations in Poland. Zbig is the enforcer for the new CIA policy of killing Pakistanis (as “terrorists”) without consulting the government of that country, a nuclear power twice as big as Iran.

        Most dangerous of all, Zbig is the obvious mastermind of the massive destabilization of China now ongoing, starting with the CIA/MI-6 Tibet insurrection, which has placed the US on a collision course with China, a superpower with 1.4 billion people and thermonuclear weapons which can strike US cities, a far cry from the helpless and defenseless targets preferred by the neocons. It is an open secret that Zbig intends to attempt a color revolution or CIA people power coup in China. The dangers of these lunatic policies are infinitely worse than anything that could ever come out of the Middle East.

        Senator Jay Rockefeller and Trilateral/BIlderberger boss Joseph Nye are also big Obama-supporters. Nye is the theoretician of “soft power,” a new form of imperialist aggression based on economic warfare, subversion, deception, and people power coups. They want Obama to mobilize soft power to give a face lift to US imnperialism.

        Brzezinski’s goal is confrontation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the main world center for resistance to US-UK global domination.

        Anti-war activists are still fixated on Iran, but Brzezinski is not – his target is China, TWENTY times bigger than Iran, with ICBMs ready to launch, followed by Russia, the world’s biggest nuclear power. Such confused activists need to focus on stopping the next war – the final global showdown with Pakistan, China, and Russia. That means rejecting
        Brzezinski’s-puppet Obama.

      • WTS/JAY

        Zbigniew Brzezinski, born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1928, the son of a diplomat posted to Canada in 1938, serves as Counselor, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and is Professor of American Foreign Policy at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, Washington, D.C. Brzezinski is said to be a protege of both Nelson A. Rockefeller and Paul H. Nitze (see Nitze School), his CSIS profile states.

        In the private sector, Brzezinski serves as an “international advisor of several major US/global corporations.” He is a “frequent participant in annual business/trade conventions” and is President of Z.B. Inc. “(an advisory firm on international issues to corporations and financial institutions). Also a frequent public speaker and commentator on major domestic and foreign TV programs, and contributor to domestic and foreign newspapers and journals.

        Brzezinski’s career with the U.S. Government spans several presidents: advisor to John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson; policy advisor to James Earl Carter, Jr.; and George Herbert Walker Bush’s co-chair on the National Security Advisory Task Force (1988).

        He earned his B.A. (1949) and M.A. (1950) at McGill University and his Ph.D. at Harvard University (1953). He holds honorary degrees from several universities.
        Honorary Trustee, Institute of International Education International Board, U.S./Middle East Project International Advisory Board, Journal of Democracy Honorary Member, Academy of Political Science Former Director (1992), National Endowment for Democracy.

        In a 1997 interview for CNN’s Cold War Series, Brzezinski hinted about the Carter Administration’s proactive Afghanistan policy before the Soviet invasion in 1979, that he had conceived.

        Interviewer: How did you interpret Soviet behavior in Afghanistan, such as the April revolution, the rise of… I mean, what did you think their long-term plans were, and what did you think should be done about it?

        Brzezinski: I told the President, about six months before the Soviets entered Afghanistan, that in my judgment I thought they would be going into Afghanistan. And I decided then, and I recommended to the President, that we shouldn’t be passive.

        Interviewer: What happened?

        Brzezinski: We weren’t passive.
        The National Security Archive, Interview with Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, for CNN’s Coldwar Series, June 13, 1997

        7 months after the interview for the CNN series, Brzezinski, in a interview for the French publication, Le Nouvel Observateur, was more forthright, and unapologetically claimed to be the mastermind of a feint which caused the Soviet Union to embark upon a military intervention to support their client government in Kabul, as well as training and arming extremists, which later became the Taliban government.

        Q: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people didn’t believe them. However, there was a basis of truth. You don’t regret anything today?

        Brzezinski: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.

        Q: And neither do you regret having supported the Islamic [integrisme], having given arms and advice to future terrorists?

        Brzezinski: What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?

        Zbigniew Brzezinski is Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisor.

        Brzezinski was the national security advisor for President Carter from 1977 to 1981.

        In 1988 he endorsed HW Bush for President and was Co-Chair of the HW Bush national security advisory task force. From 1987 to 1989 he also served on the HW Bush’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

        Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright was a student of Brzezenski´s.

        GW Bush Secretary of State, Condi Rice (also a former national security advisor), who studied under Albright’s father, shares many of the same world government views with
        Brzezinski and Albright.

      • momo

        WTS/JAY says:”Obama’s economics are pure Skull & Bones/Chicago school austerity and sacrifice for American working families, all designed to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street elitist financiers who own Obama.”

        I don’t know about the Skull&Bones/Chicago school reference, but the part about Wall Street owning Obama is dead on.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Dang, I compliment JAY on how good he is at spinning horsepucky and it goes to his head.

        JAY goes overboard and copies a whole bunch of meaningless info about Zbiggy to distract us and try to impress us—-I’m not impressed. Highlighting, copying, and pasting is not high level thinking.

        I’m still waiting for Jay to make some kind of direct connection for us between Zbiggy and Obama that explains and/or justifies the “recipe for a world tragedy!” foolishness.

    • Vietnam6871

      You didn’t just drink the cool-aid. You made it first.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Vietnam my allegiance is to the Republic. I support Obama but he has done some things which I disagree with and some which I feel are immoral. I feel we need a reasoned and fair opposition and I am concerned that such opposition is getting lost in a shouting match where everyone starts crying FASCIST SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST. Accusing Obama of doing things that he is not doing and of being things that he is not are going to hurt him. And the ensuing side arguments between we the people can only help him get away with more. We are so busy fighting over whether or not Obama is a socialist or communist that we can’t seem to realize the genuine mistakes he has made and what we can do to correct them and hold him accountable.

      • ranger09

        You know i always thought Congress made the laws And controlled the purse strings. Did i get this confused, Or is it that Congress is also the responsible party.

    • http://fb maurice

      his intent is to get richer an destroy the very foundation of America. hes a punk he supports the muslims so are you people blind

      • eddie47d

        Wayne Allen Root are these above comments by your loyal followers the extent of the wisdom that you pour on them. They seem to be fighting about who can get out of the barn door first with inane and flippant replies! Its more like a frat party around here with the keg almost empty in their thought process!

    • stanli richardso

      I feel sorry for you Jeremy, it looks like he has taken your mind as well as your ability to think correctly, I have a son named Jeremy, I am on my way to the court house to change his name hoping he will not turn out like you….so sad for you, maybe your check will be one of the first to go

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Please do not change your sons name on account of me Stanli. Its a good name and I am sure he will grow up to be a good son. Please tell me what it is I have said that makes you think so little of me.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Perfectlyaged

      Jeremy…you have a total lack of intellect!

    • Ron The Marine

      Jeremy Leochner, U 1 DUMB SUMB!+CH!!!!!!

      SEMPER FI 2 U DAs

      • ashley

        My father is a US MARINE and he calls u a [expletive deleted].

    • Joe Spano

      Jeremy, you are absolutely correct with all of your thoughts & facts.

      Most on this site relate to kool aid, other dumb rheotoric & propaganda. Rand Paul, Akin, Mourdock to name a few are classic example’s of why the GOP’ers & Tea Baggers are in trouble as a party. They are so Far Out that they have consumed too much dope!

      The greatest hope is for Chris Christie, but then Rand Paul criticized Christie. Well Rand Paul has not taught his son not to become drunk & assault a airline stewardess. Rand Paul does set some fine examples of why the GOP is failing as a Party of doom & gloom. They are pitiful & pathetic.

      • Dale left coast

        Tea Party . . . dangerous?
        Their platform is friggin scarey eh Joe . . .
        They want the Federal Govt to FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION . . .
        They want the Federal Govt to tax less . . . and balance the budget . . .
        They want the Federal Govt to Secure the Friggin Borders . . .

        Contrast that to the Dimmicraps . . . who want MORE FREE STUFF, High Taxes, Less Freedom and they want to Take Your Guns . . .

        Pretty complicated eh Joe . . . even a guy with 3 functioning brain cells like you should be able to make the “RIGHT” choice . . .

    • AK Tom

      You can continue to ignore all the glaringly obvious warning signs and continue worshipping at the altar of oblamer or you can wake up and realize just exactly what a marxist idealogue looks like. When you have someone who was raised by leftist grandparents and chose a mentor for young Barry who was a known communist (Frank Marshall Davis). Take that same young man and send him to an exclusive private school (Punahou) Then Occidental college,Columbia University,Harvard all on affirmative action (why are his records sealed?) Look at his appointments during his 1st term.Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Andy Stern,Cas Sunstein. Hmmm… no evidence that he could have liberal/progressive/statist/fascist/socialist/marxist/communist tendencies. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

    • Sarah

      Jeremy Leochner you should be working for Media Matters or a democrat in the senate. You talk the talk but you are as dumb as a rock. All you need do is reference Agenda 21 to see where Obama is going with America and all the other freedoms he is trying very hard to take away. Obama received about 62 million votes. 11% less than he received in 2008. Romney received 3.3 million less than Obama. About 3 million people did not vote for reasons unknown and factor in voter fraud. Obama did not win a mandate nor by a landslide. He won by default. America is educated now and we know what we have to do and while we save America we will no doubt save your sorry a$$ as well.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Sarah, do you have a fixation with men’s rear ends? Weren’t you calling mine ugly yesterday and now you’re hot to talk about Jeremy’s being “sorry”. Unlike you, Jeremy doesn’t use his for thinking—he just sits on it.

        The “locus” of your immense intellect is evidenced by your still trying to make something out of elections numbers. HEY! O’BAMA WON! ROMNEY LOST AND HAS DISAPPEARED INTO OBSCURITY WITH W, WHERE THEY BOTH BELONG—-along with Herman and Ricky P. and Newt and Michelle and Ricky S and the rest. Get over it—-they lost, you lost, the country WON!.

        And it’s tiresome to see you keep bringing up “Agenda 21″ also—didn’t you say that your town was being taken over by it? How about telling us about that? What exactly is going on there and why is it “bad”?

        “You talk the talk but you are as dumb as a rock”. You must have the same shoe size as Jeremy

      • Dale left coast

        No Brain . . . O’bammy will give the 51% exactly what they voted for . . . some of them Multiple Times . . .
        More Free Stuff . . . high unemployment . . . high taxes (of course that won’t apply to you) . . . fewer freedom’s and opportunities . . . and of course a “Green Economy” . . . look how well it worked in Spain and California . . .
        I find it amuzing that folks are sooo stoopid ! ! !
        4 more years like the last four . . . will All of America look like Chitcago by 2016?

    • vietnamvet1971

      YEP, here they come with all their Facts, Fictions, Polls, throw enough BS on the wall and hope some sticks. For the current president it is all about POWER and his little Experiment. YEP, we can not have or get enough of The Big, Bad, Behemoth, Bloated, Bankrupt Gimme-mint to tell us and make sure they protect us (Laugh). Just a smoke screen to cover up his INEPT Regime.The ELITIST Left know it ALL’S know what is Best for us Poor Uneducated Peons. Like the Liberal Professor promoting Gun Control saying the Bill of Rights and Constitution is out dated and does not apply today.The Liberals are the ones out dated and a Dying Breed. Good Bye.

    • Brian

      1: If you support anything that is paid for with tax payer money you also want to “spread the wealth around”.
      Non Sequiter – no one is saying taxes spent on national defense, infrastructure, police and fire protection is wrong.
      2: “we just raised the top rate to about 40 percent”. Key word there is top. That rate has been raised to the same level it was at during the Clinton Administration when we had a surplus instead of a deficit.
      It is a fact that taxes influence people’s behaviors. Higher taxes cause those falling in to those higher tax brackets to make decisions that historically have resulted in lower tax revenues.
      3: How will our country pay its bills. I can respect the need to cut spending and reduce our bills that way. But there are many things we still need to pay for like social security and our infrastructure . We need revenue to pay for those things.
      See comment above. In addition, our debt, while increasing for decades, has increased more dramatically in the last 4 years so that we have been burdening our children with over 1 trillion dollars of debt every year. Why do we suddenly need to spend so much more? It is certainly not because we have that much more infrastructure to maintain or social security to pay.
      4: Obama did not promise “fat pensions, free healthcare and lavish early retirement”. He promised better pensions, more affordable and better quality healthcare and the chance to enjoy retirement instead of having to spend it paying off old credit card and medical bills.
      Call it what you want. If a pension is already adequate then “better” can be equated with “fat.” ObamaCare has done nothing to make health care better, nor more affordable. So far, health care costs and associated insurance has only gone up.
      5: With all due respect are you taking ideas for improving our capitalist system from a country you yourself call a “Marxist state”. That seems contradictory.
      We don’t have a purely capitalist system. (No country in the world does.) Our economic system exhibits many qualities of Fascism.
      6: Obama is not responsible for the large number of people now on food stamps. That is the result of the recession that began before he was even elected.
      Perhaps not. It did happen on his watch, but does it really matter? The point is not who is responsible, but that Obama’s policies will not alleviate the problem.
      7: No one is proposing to make the “state role absolute”. Nothing Obama has done has even come close to such an idea.

      Perhaps not, but many actions he has taken appear to be stepping stones: Takeover of industry (automotive); bail out of preferred businesses (Wall street); promotion of winners/losers in marketplace (failed green companies); undermining the constitution (Fast and Furious, ObamaCare abortifactant requirements). No, not “state role absolute” but certainly moving in that direction, with the end being…..what?
      8: Again we are going to take our ques from former communist countries. There are some slight differences in the economies of our country and those countries.
      Is there something wrong with learning lessons from the experiences of others? “Those who do not learn from history…etc.”
      9: If we were to match our countries tax system to that of Hong Kong or Singapore I am pretty sure the living and working conditions for the American people would be frightfully similar to the ones for people living in China and Singapore. You can’t just drop taxes and suddenly everything is fine. There are plenty who will lose out if we simply drop taxes.
      Don’t believe he mentioned China. Why is so hard to believe that countries that have “been there, done that” have rejected the Marxist progressive tax system in favor of a flat tax on all. They have broadened the tax base to include nearly all their citizens, while we keep expecting the “rich to pay a little more” while excluding a majority of citizens from paying anything at all! Obama admitted that this little more will only fund our federal monster for 8 days.
      10: “So ask yourself again, “Is Obama smarter than a communist?” Looking at those tax rates, it would be easy to mistake the United States under Obama for a socialist country.” I do not understand the interplay which makes Communist and Socialist seem like the same thing because they are not. I say this because not very long ago Mr. Root you posted a similar video in which you parodied Jeff Foxworthy by making the joke “You might be a socialist if” where you referenced Obama many times. For some reason in just a few months you have gone from accusing Obama of being a socialist to accusing him of being a communist. He is neither. And our country is not communist or socialist nor is it anywhere near either. Here is how I know.
      Straw man and Semantics. Obama has taken many actions that are NOT part of a purely capitalist free market economy. Which is not all that new; Bush did it as well.
      Again, the basic argument is that high taxes is not good for any economy, especially a struggling one.
      In 2006, then Senator Obama said

      “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

      Now he says we DON’T have a spending problem? Yet we are spending more now than in 2006.

      • Tony

        Brian, whenyou find yourself in a hole that you are trying to get out of, the first thing you need to do is stop digging. America is in a finicial hole and over half the people want to stay it and keep digging. Eventually it will cave in on us.

      • Jeremy Leochner


        1: My point was not non sequitur. Paying for things like national defense, infrastructure, police and fire protection involves taking money from one person and giving it to another. That is spreading the wealth around if I ever saw it.

        2: Higher taxes does not mean people are going to be less inclined to try and get into higher income brackets.

        3: We are not suddenly spending more. We have a recession that we need to get out of. I want to cut spending. However as you pointed out we have a massive debt and deficit to get under control. We need to dedicate more money to paying those off. We can best do that by cutting spending and raising revenue.

        4: Current pensions are not adequate. And while I disagree with Obama care I do not disagree with the idea that prompted it and I agree with some parts of it.

        5: I agree that ours is not a pure capitalist system however I will point out it is no where near fascist.

        6: The problem Brian is Mr. Root and many others are making responsibility for so many people being on food stamps an issue and they are unfairly blaming Obama. I can respect an honest discussion of his policies. However I do not like a petty blame game.

        7: Obama only “took over” the auto industry because the private sector refused to help bail it out. I disagree with the bailouts of wall street but it wasn’t because he preferred them. Obama supported certain green industries because he thought they would be winners. The whole point of investing is to pick winners and try not to pick losers. And Fast and Furious was an incompetent blunder. However it did not undermine the constitution.

        8: I simply find it contradictory to condemn communism whilst claiming to take lessons from communists.

        9: He mentioned China when he mentioned Hong Kong. The problem with a flat tax is it expects everyone to pay the exact same percentage regardless of how much a person makes. And the issue with broadening the tax base is there are many Americans who can barely make ends meet and who already contribute to payroll, social security and state and sales taxes. They simply do not pay federal income taxes because their income is so low. Many talk about the incredible burdens placed on the “rich” or the “job creators” yet they seem to have no problem placing similar burdens on people who earn far less.

        10. Brian the whole point of my statement about communism and socialism was I felt Mr. Roots argument was a straw man and semantics one. My problem was it seemed like Mr. Root was confusing something he does not like with either communism or socialism. That Mr. Root called Obamas ideas communist and socialist simply because he did not like them. I was simply pointing out that not liking something makes it neither socialist or communist.

        11: Obama may not have flat out said we have a spending problem. However according to you he did say “It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills” and “America has a debt problem”. Sounds like an admission of a problem to me.

    • Bob

      What a rant so just keep on spending and it will all be fine don’t pass a budget and continue to pass laws that take our freedoms away. Sounds just about perfect until it’s not! Get a clue dummy we’re on our way into oblivion whoever is to blame! The meaning of liberal sure has changed in the last 50 yrs. Wow

      • ranger09

        Makes me wonder how he got reelected, Makes me wonder how these same Politicians stay in office their whole lives. Makes me wonder where the Road leads to.
        But keep your eyes on the news folks, We are in for a lot more Destruction and Killing.
        How can these people say the war is over when it has just started.

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        Jeremy, as I said I am a disabled Vietnam veteran and have a lot of time to research. Unlike some here that only listen to that which agrees with their personal views, and therefore do no open minded research of their own. I spend a lot of time in the public talking to a lot of different people from different walks of life and I can assure you that according to these different walks of life they have different views. It is my personal experience that those that are of the working,tax paying, bill paying,taking care of their families type people do not support Obama and his policies. Unfortunately they are in the minority in this country and can reason for themselves for they are responsible people. On the other hand it is my personal experience that those that are on welfare,free medical,free phone,non working,no responsibility, support Obama in every move he makes and I have even been threatened by these people for stating my own views. Now I am not by nature a violent person however I have a concealed carry permit and I do now carry. In short those that feel the world owes them a living can and do get violent when questioned. I put my life on the line for freedom and sometimes when confronted by those that only want to take and will kill for their right to do so, I wonder why I did. My 12 yer old grand daughter has more common sense than all of The Obama supporters put together. I am proud that she thinks for herself,and that she can carry on a more intelligent and open minded conversation than any I have observed here. I swore an oath to defend the constitution and the freedom of the people and as of today the people have not relieved me from that oath, so even though I get down now and then I still have my grand daughter to lift me up and I swear that I will stand true to that oath as long as I live.Now I really don’t care if you like what I have said or don’t like what I have said. Understand this, I didn’t say these things because I wanted to change your mind and I didn’t say them because I wanted you to be my friend, I said them because they are true. The only advice I can give you is do your own research and start with Hitlers take over of Germany. If that doesn’t give you a different view of Obama then nothing in this world will no matter how true it is. I call what is going on in this country the teenage mentality. It won’t happen to me, it won’t happen here. I’m sure the people in Greece had the same frame of mind at one time. Go take in some more of the liberal media cool-aid. I could go on but I fear I would be wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere, like talking to my grad daughterr

    • ernest

      leochner, just looking at the time you posted shows you don’t have a regular job. ( must work for the goverment or on public asistance )

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I am 23 Ernest. And I am in between semesters and jobs right now. However I assure you I am not on any public assistance.

        • George E


          I’ve read a few of your posts today, and after learning you are 23, I have to say that I’m impressed. You obviously have given many of these critical issues a lot of thought, and you express yourself for the most part very eloquently and logically, especially for someone your age. However, I have to tell you that I disagree with your socialist leanings and defense of the President, but I owe that mostly to the fact that I’m old enough to be your grandfather. When I was your age, I had similar thoughts as you. However, my experience in business, further education especially in finance and economics, paying taxes while trying to raise a family and make ends meet, have caused me to lean much more conservative in my later years. I have come to believe that government really isn’t our friend as much as many think it is, but more of an additional force to reckon with as we plod along life’s path. It’s tempting to believe that a big government can solve all of our critical problems, but the truth is the folks that work in government really aren’t all that smart, and worse yet, they really aren’t all that motivated to solve our problems like we would like to believe. What government really does well is tax us and force us into compliance. I believe it is true that they have done “some” good things over time with the taxes they collect which private businesses might not have been able to do, but it is probably also true that they have screwed up things and wasted our money just as often.

          Your concerns about big business are well founded, except to say that the problem isn’t just big business by itself. The problem is corruption by businesses (often very large corporations and let’s add in unions and other politically motivated organizations) and our politicians who we think are protecting us. What the government is really doing is regulating businesses into compliance with their rules so that they (the government) has power over these businesses. That ends with businesses trying to buy favor with the politicians, and politicians using the businesses to accomplish their most favored political goals which are often not in the country’s best interests.

          While not perfect at all times and in every instance, I believe the market is generally a better way of protecting our interests on most things most of the time. The market doesn’t care if you’re a Republican or Democrat, it simply rewards those who offer the most value at the lowest cost, regardless what the commodity is. It is true that everyone doesn’t benefit the same, but then everyone doesn’t offer as much value to the market, so those that do offer more value reap the largest benefit, and those who don’t offer as much value reap the least benefit. This method rewards those who help our society the most and gives incentives to those who don’t to do better to get larger rewards in the future. While this method may seem unfair because rewards aren’t equally distributed, it actually rewards good performance better and raises the standard of living for more people than any other known method, so in the end, it is a better economic system.

          So, thanks again for your thoughtful responses. I look forward to having discussions like this with you in the future.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Also I do not work for the government.

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        I wonder what he is going to do when he gets out of school? I have talked to hundreds that are college graduates working in Wal-mart and McDonalds I guess Obama is going to give him his life style

        • http://N/A CintiCB

          Hey genius,

          Did you ever hear of evening + night shift? In my profession (nursing); day shift is 7:00AM-3:30PM, evening shift is 3:00PM-11:30PM, and night shift is 11:00PM-7:30AM. My Director Of Nursing position, before retirement, was day shift which was great! Evening + night shift suck, but, if these are worked, one is home during ‘normal working hours’ (9A-5P). You cannot assume that someone is unemployed or a ‘freeloader’ because of when they are at home. The poster, to whom you responded, could even be posting while at work during a break or during lunch hour.

          By the way, My D.O.N. position was at a psychiatric center. Many of my psych. patients made more sense than many who post here! Seriously!!!!

    • gunner

      We need to follow Twitter’s lead and limit comments to 140 characters!

      • Ann

        Why? You don’t have to read a comment if you think it’s
        too long.

    • Ann

      Jeremy, I agree with you that the article is a total BS with plenty of meanness numbers and an obvious lack of sense of humor. But, I have a few arguments against your comments.
      First, a couple of political jokes from USSR of the end of 80s:
      - Russian asks American “You, Americans make so much noise about a freedom of speech which we in USSR don’t have. But, why do you think you have it?”
      American: “For instance, I can stand next to the White House and without any fear yell that the President of America is an idiot.”
      Russian: “OK, I understand, but this mean that we also have a freedom of speech. I can also stand next to Kremlin and yell that the president of America is an idiot.”
      - God decides to grand a wish for the good Russian peasant but with one condition: “Whatever your wish, your neighbor will have twice.” After thinking for a long time the peasant made his wish. “Please God, knock out my one eye.”

      My point is that America is still not USSR, but it definitely moves to that direction and with Obama it moves there much faster than before.

      1. There is no real freedom of speech in America, there is a castrated by political correctness version of it. It didn’t started by Obama, but Obama added a strong racial aspect and a class warfare. You can freely blame Bush and GOP for all today’s problems from high unemployment to a bad weather, but you cannot disagree with Obama’s policies without being accused in racism.
      2. Government doesn’t own everything yet, but endless bailouts increase government involvement, and tax policies destroy small businesses.
      3. Yes, the country has to pay the bills. But, without reducing spending it will never able to do it.
      4. “Better pensions, more affordable and better quality healthcare and the chance to enjoy retirement” promised by Obama have to be pay by somebody. In prosperous country where majority of people after paying their taxes still have enough money to invest to their own future, this is not a big burden for working people. In today’s America when 47% of Americans depend on government, Obama promises impossible and I don’t think that he doesn’t know it.
      5. Obama is not responsible for the large number of people on food stamps, but he is responsible for the increase in these numbers.
      6. Theoretically we have 2 party system and three distinct branches of government which suppose to ensure checks and balances. The fact is that we have one corrupted from the bottom to the top congress owned by big money, and even the Supreme Court could not be trusted any more.
      7. In this world economic goods are always distributed according to the rule of supply and demand law. Whether you like it or not, if you want more goods to be affordable to more people, you have to make more goods (reducing taxes), or you have to terminate some people (GULAG). Rich never contributes their ‘fare’ share, otherwise they would not be that rich. The question is how much these rich can do to prevent ones who are currently poor to become richer? In Socialist economic system where everything belongs to the government and the government belongs to the rich, all the wealth is redistributed between redistributes and the poor gets only leftovers which nobody wants. America used to be a place where poor had a chance to prosper. You cannot blame Obama that it is not the case any more, it happened long time before Obama. But, Obama plays a very active role to making things worse.

      • Jeremy Leochner


        First- I like the joke but do not feel it represents our countries situation. Its not simply that some schmuck in the street can say Obama is an idiot. Members of Congress and widely watched news anchors are able to call the President far worse things and present various levels of evidence to support their claims to the people. And in addition unlike Russia before it became the USSR our country has a tradition and culture opposed to anything that stinks of tyranny or absolutism. After all look at how people seem to cry Fascism and Communism at even the slightest increase in government size. I do not see our country becoming anything like the USSR any time soon.

        Second- No one that any sane person listens too blames Bush for all of todays problems. And personally I don’t listen to those who call Obama critics racists anymore than I listen to those who call Obama supporters fanatics. I am an Obama supporter and I tend to lean to political correctness. But I would oppose anyone who called someone a racist simply because they criticised President Obama.

        Third- The bailouts would not be necessary if regulations were in place to stop people in wall street from playing their crooked games. And we need better tax policies. But not ones which give corporations like Exon Mobile a free ride to the cayman islands.

        Forth- I support reducing spending. I just believe reducing spending needs to be done judicially and that alone it is not enough.

        Fifth- With respect Ann if you are referring to the same 47% Romney mentioned there are some things you should know. Included in the 47% of Americans who pay no federal income tax include groups like Military Veterans, the Elderly and the working poor. And in the case of the working poor they still pay payroll and state and sales and local taxes. These groups cannot be condemned as being dependent on government. We as a society have a responsibility to help the suffering amongst us. Especially if they have given so much to us.

        Sixth- Obama did not change the system of food stamps. He did not make it easier to obtain them. The increase in the number of people applying for and subsequently being on food stamps is a direct result of the mortgage crisis and bank failures which left not a few people bankrupt.

        Seventh- I agree with you about the corruption in government. My concern is the unchecked outcry of Fascism and Communism while stop people from trying to combat the corruption and to simply give up and demand the government be destroyed.

        Eighth- I accept that things are attached to supply and demand. The reason I showed the article was because first I believed it challenged the argument that our country is communist and second that I do not like the uneven distribution and want it to be somewhat more equitable. Reducing taxes does not make more goods. It simply gives those in the highest income brackets more money to save in their personal accounts. We tried lowering taxes under Bush and all we got for it was billions of dollars in bonuses given by wall street firms to their own CEOS. I am not a murderer and I would never support a gulag. I am a social democrat. I do not believe in a true socialist system which is where no private property is allowed. I believe a system where the government belongs to the rich is inherently a capitalistic one rather than a socialist one. That’s why I believe in Social Democracy where in the workers do not have control but are guaranteed an equal voice. Where the people through their government do not control the means of production and where corporations are still free but where they are kept under regulations to prevent excess and insure the people are a check against corporate power. For me the ideal system is neither socialist or purely capitalist but where the people through their government are a check against corporatism. Our current system allows too much freedom to corporations. As such I do not consider our current system to be socialist. One main reason is whenever I hear any politician suggest that we need more regulations on big business they are almost immediately decried as socialists.


      I just want to address just one point of yours, which is the promise of more affordable health care. My premium for my Blue Cross Advantage program increased 453%, and I don’t see how ANY reasonable person could consider that affordable. Premiums for nearly everyone in the US have increased 40% to 60%, and once again, you tell me how that can be considered AFFORDABLE.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Jeremy oh my have to aid my commie friends, your long winded diatribe said nothing and has a lot of socialist lie’s with in idiot. SS was a investment for our retirement not a govenment benefit as you believe. We trusted the government to invest it and raise it but, instead Johnson had the left wing Congress pass a bill where he and them could use it to fight wars and social programs, so they stole our money and should all be in jail.
      Welfare was once the job of the churches and is now used as a club to control those who get the hand out paid for by those willing to work. When did you learn to use reason rather then being a robot mouth piece for the marxist leftist? You and your troll friends are a insult to those with common sense and the ability to use reason. Why don’t you go to the dumb, blind and immoral who will eat your lies up until it kills them.

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        Ben you are wasting tour time on Jeremy. He is in the college group just as my niece is and will bat the liberals until he gets out of school and can’t find a job. My niece is one of those that owe student loans and has no job, sorry I told you so and you wouldn’t listen and refused to do the research, can’t help those that refuse to help themselves. For you information Jeremy I am a veteran and heard on M.S.N.B.C. during the presidential campaign you statement about the Republicans cutting benefits on the elderly and veterans so I had an attorney explain to me what was in the plan. Social security and medicare for those 55 years of age and older would not be changed. Veterans benefits would not be effected, in fact medical care would be improved. Oh and this attorney was a registered Democrat. I consider myself to be observant and although I don’t agree with any television news media I have to say that Fox will invite liberals to give them their views and allows then to speak and finish their point. I can not say that for the liberal media. I believe when in a discussion, when one keeps interrupting it is a sign that they fear what you have to say. Good night all I am going to bed

      • Wellarmed

        That sums things up quite well Benjamin Fox. Do not know if I could have said it better myself. Thank you.

    • Motov

      Everything OBozo pushed through has hurt the economy, And he multiplied DC’s spending, he took over the medical field. (if you thought health care was expensive, wait until Bozo-care takes over, and our dollar will be inflating soon. No-one in their right mind would raise taxes during a recession, but then give out free phones? How about paying off our BIG BILL? Parasitic politics doesn’t work, what part of over bloated Government
      do you fail to understand? You are choking the life out of the hen that once laid golden eggs

    • Bob666

      Well played Jeremy-a rational reply to Mr. Root.

    • Nick Czudy

      Jeremy, thanks for your long reply. You hit most of the points.
      Wayne Allyn is way out on the fringe again, saying things that are not true but work to rile his base. No doubt the far right wing will eat up all of what he said, then very little was true.

      For Wayne Allyn Root.
      I did not think that the far rights smoked that funny weed that they just made legal in Calorado? But who knows.

      1) The level of taxes do not make a difference in how robust the economy is.
      the proof is when it was 40% back in the Clinton era, the economy was fine and we had a surplus. It is amazing that you have proof here under your nose and you fail to see it. You do not have to look at Europe. There is evidence right here that it works.

      2) the only people that got raised to 40% as you stated were the less than 1% that make over 400,000 per year. That does not apply to the other 99% and their taxes have gone down. It is about time that they joined the middle class in paying their fair share.

      3) the payroll taxes did go up as per the fiscal Cliff fiasco that the GOP congress are equally and more so responsible on. You cannot blame that on Obama. This will help pay for some of the social services.

      4) There was a very good graph of how the deficit had gone up since Clintons rule, past the Bush era and into Obama. run. Obama had turned the upward rising debt and turned it around and has started reducing the deficit. He has stated that it is a main goal of his to gt control of the deficit and he has been making steady progress with that. The Right like to ignore this and label him as an out of control spender, The fact is that he has a viable plan to stimulate the still sluggish economy while gradually reducing the deficit and debt. Stop lying. Obama is far from being an out of control spender.

      5) The slow European recovery has been acknowledged to their over reaching austerity programs to reduce their debts. This has really slowed the recovery and they are now adopting the US formula of less stringent debt reduction and more stimulus. It has been acknowledged that the formula that Obama has been using has given the USA a faster growth and a more balanced approach. He was right and the GOP shotgun austerity program is wrong.

      That is enough for now. regards Nick Cz

    • Ted

      Good luck with that! You and the rest of us are about to get what YOU voted for, in spades! Remember….listen to what a politician says, then watch what he does. Obama is a master at deception. Others may even call him a blatant liar….
      You seem to be listening to Obama quite well. You need to start watching him more attentively. Has your life improved ANY in the last four years? No need to answer. Start watching and you’ll find out why it hasn’t….
      Please don’t reply if all you can think to do is attack my opinion. Your president only tells the truth after he winds up his supporters into a frenzy. Then they keep cheering no matter what he says. Remember this:
      ” we are about to fundamentally change the United States of America” I know, you never gave it a second thought. Well, you wanted it and now we are ALL about to get it. Don’t forget to apologize to your kids….THANKS COMRADE!

      • manuel rosa

        Ted he is a blantant liar.
        Any time Your see someone that can be so perfectly eleqwent, and so shrued with Ideas they are always a Liar Liar. Know why? A man like Obama has no remorse, no sense of guilt or conscious, therefore when he is speaking he is much better focus on telling you what you want to hear rather than digging out the truth thats not quite so easy.
        Hope someone learn something here.

      • Wellarmed

        Thanks Ted for the comments. I agree with you 100% we are about to undergo fundamental change that may not be repairable in the next 5 administrations. Good news is I doubt we will make it that far as a United States, as China may come to their senses and limit or deny an increase in the credit of the federal government.

        Governor Johnson was spot on when he discussed systemic change that NEEDS to occur NOW as far as tax policy and spending are concerned. We needed to get the meat cleaver out not a scalpel, when one considers the river of debt that we are continuing to accumulate. Depressions just like recessions are nothing more than natural correction factors that are cyclical and must occur ( despite our best efforts AKA QE 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc……………………) very similar to pandemics in that respect ( which is also about due ).

        The vast majority of Americans will not figure this out unfortunately, until their welfare check only buys them a loaf of bread due to our currency collapsing as a result of Mr. Bernake’s actions. And all those that preach the morality of investing and saving will most likely find the Fed using their 401 K or other pension/SS as collateral for the next advance from who ever they can convince/con into lending them it’s next payday.

        The 80% percent of Americans that still have jobs will finally see that the Wolf is at the door when the National “Affordable” Care Act comes into fruition and 16,000 new IRS agent are at YOUR DOOR! I doubt that they will focus too much on the non productive members of our society, as they have already been subjugated and their vote can already be assured. YOU however can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned.

        Sorry for the dire prediction everyone, and I am certain that our liberal friends will strongly disagree just as they feel that Operation Fast and Furious was just a “bungled” operation.

        The President should understand that inputs at the helm of a sinking ship have very little affect.

        Best of wishes everyone

    • manuel rosa

      Jeremy Leochner
      You are quite an idiot.
      How about all the private properties that goverments at the city, state and federal level has grabbed. You forgotten?
      How about the states that are controlling private tennants and abusing landlords. You call that private property.
      How about all the governments that are selecting the color for people’s houses, telling them when to cut the grass, fix this and that and the list is a mile long. You call that private property?
      AS I have said. Your quite an idiot!

    • duane

      Your argument lacks substance which is typical for a socialist liberal. We may not be a socialist or communist country by the definitions that you supplied, the argument is that Obama along with the Democratic party are doing a damn fine job of steering this country in that direction. If we don’t stop the stupidity called liberalism soon our country will indeed become like Greece, Spain and other socialist countries. I for one do not want to see my hard earned retirement dollars sink to the lowest levels like those in Spain, Greece, et al. Obama and the democrap party have had four years to get us out of the mess that was created by the rino party but have not succeeded with their agenda and tactics. So, mr. leochner try to open your eyes and get the wax out of your ears. The paradigm shift that the obama and his party want DOES NOT WORK.

    • Tony Ruiz

      I believe it’s kook aid

  • Harold Olsen

    Is Obama smarter than a communist? He isn’t even smarter than a 1st grader. In fact, I have a retarded sister who is smarter than Obama.

    • mark

      Hey Harold, was the retarded sister you mention ever a U.S. senator or President of the United States? No, didn’t think so. Guess he didn’t take her smart pills when those opportunities came around. Guess, you didn’t either. But hey you can both rant on the internet. At least that makes you feel important. It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something with your life. That must be some consolation.

      • Hedgehog

        “Guess he didn’t take her smart pills”? I guess you didn’t take your smart pills either!

      • cawmun cents

        Well then…by your reasoning powers…..President Bush must be far smarter than Obama…he flew aircraft for the National Guard.

      • JUKEBOX

        Hedgehog, he might have figured out that those smart pills were actually rabbit turds.

    • manuel rosa

      Hey Harold
      why you guys like to pick on Obama so much. Have you ever seen a president with balls like Oboma. Look all he has done. He has been in the car business, in the banking business, in the wall street business, in the car junk business plus whatever I forgotten. I do however remember one thing. he hasn’t been in the government business cause, this will be the fifth year he will not provide a buget for the nation which by the way is required.
      Reqwired? Thats for the other presidents that care and abide by the rules, not for Obama.
      Now all we need to do is give him the freedom to remove the debt ceiling and everybody is going to be rich for a couple years, but God help us all when we get hit with the consequences, its going to make the depression of the thirties look like a picnick. So I tell you go ahead and curse God and kill the unborn and lie and cheat and drive the fine cars and play with your smart phones etc. don’t worry, the way things are going, your soon be begging God for some bread and butter, and you’ll be throwing the smart phone in the first trash can you can find and you’ll park your car and start walking etc. and you gona lie and say is because you need the excercise. no, its because you won’t be able to afford the gas. yep, its comming and sooner than you think.
      But I do not rejoice over it. I wish it wasn’t true then I know beter. My God is a God of vengeance, he’s been defering his vengeance for a long time but there has to be a pay day some day and yep, its here at anytime!
      Good luck!!

      • Bob666

        “My God is a God of vengeance, he’s been defering his vengeance for a long time but there has to be a pay day some day”

        A very, very sad comment.

      • manuel rosa

        I’m glad I’m an old man. I was raised in a time and place where my moma cut a sardine in half to feed two of her children. yep, you realy have a lot to teatch me. then maybe I will be gone and not see the misery, I was born in misery and I hate it!

      • manuel rosa

        I want to leave you with one more clue yet. Its obvious some of you guys are absolutely clueless about the econnomy.
        The wealth of America is like a loaf of bread that people take slices from and people work for those slices. Now, when a few people have to many sices there is not enough bread left for the rest and thus, you have the poor.
        In America about 1% of the people have almost half the loaf and that means they simply have to much and that weakens the economy. So how did the top 1% acquired so much wealth? smart investment and low labor wages and not paying enough taxes thats how.
        So, your wonderful government has moved Jobs overseas and imports thing at lower prices so those whome want to market in America, if its made overseas they will have to meet the demands of your government and if its made in America they well have to compete with the prices for goods imported and that is your wonderfull government’s solution to the econnomy. The collapse of the Housing market was meant to transfer wealth from the poor to the ritch except that it backfired when it got to big the public had a change of heart and said forget it. The ritch said, can’t make money with it anymore so, forget it. The banks got stock with it and lost a bunch of money so the same Government that inflated the housing market also went ahead and bailed the banks out of bankruptsy so the banks would survive with your tax dollars of course.
        Considering what was transferred from bush to Obama you have to say Obama did a good gob of keeping the country afloat, much better than Bush who took over the country with a strong econnomy and left the country’s econnomy in ruins as he left office.
        But now what can Obama do? Well, he has a lot of wealth in a few hands so, if they don’t want to invest He realy can’t do much except for raising taxes on the rich which is what he is already doing.
        So now you say, it souds like socialism should be the best system. No! with socialism everybody goes poor and there will be no ritch. that is because there is no reason to thrive cause there is no reward for it. You must keep ambition alive since it is the driving force for getting ritch. when you have opportunity, ambition and hard work success is almost assured and ritches is highly possible but you can’t allow all the ritches to accumulate in a few hands which is what your wonderfull government has done over the last 30 years or so and thats why America is in the shape it is in, why the debt that may very well drive the greatest nation on earth to the weakest nation on earth.
        “shame on you, you creeps in Washington responsible for it”

  • Ron r

    The question Mr. Root is are you arte than 51%of a the Americans who voted last November ? If 51% of america is communist (and they are not) then you sir are on the wrong side of history. And that would mean you are ultra fascist . Glad you are on this page.

    • Warrior

      Possibly, Mr. Root is in that “62%” that feel “less hopeful” than 4 years ago. How about you? Saving for your “carbon tax” payment yet?

      • Ron r

        Warrior, what kind of math are you doing. Oh you mean 62% of the reich wing who is about 1% of the population ,a d post here.
        Shara Palin math. You are on top of it guy .stay right here on this page.Please stay here.

    • eddie47d

      Did you see the above list of taxes in those formerly communist countries (10-21%). You get what you are willing to pay for and I don’t believe many would want to live in any of those countries. Bulgaria? I hope you are all eager to pack your bags and move to that low tax paradise! I hear Vodka is fairly cheap though!

      • Dale left coast

        Eddie . . . you clown . . . that’s precisly what many Business Men in Europe and America are looking at TODAY . . . from car companies to high tech . . .
        Their populations tend to be well educated (compared to the USA) and willing to work hard.
        Like always eddie . . . you are the “Last to Know” . . .

      • eddie47d

        Dale is saying that Bulgaria is the Mexico of Europe?

    • Sarah

      Again I will say Obama received about 62 million votes. 11% less than 2008. American families making $30,000 and less voted for obama 62% to 35%. The low-information voters put him over the top. I guess you voted for him. Romney received about 3.3 million votes less than Obama. About 3 million did not vote for reasons unknown and factor in voter fraud. Obama won by default. Romney garnered the population that counted, white males and independents. Obama is not a socialist nor communist. He is a Marxist. It doesn’t work ask Marx/Stalin/Mao/Hitler and you know what? Those citizens were not as well informed as Americans. Americans know what has to be done and we’ll save your sorry a$$ as well.


      When you talk about math, Obama cannot add two plus two and come up with any other number than 16 trillion.

  • Ken10

    History shows that top tax rates don’t make much difference in unemployment rates. The US in not in the same situation as Greece and Spain. We did our bailouts: they were forced directly into austerity. Google it and educate yourself.

    • Steve E

      We did our bailout by borrowing trillions of dollars of debt Do the math, we can no way pay that back. It’s Greece.

      • Texas Ride

        American is paying the bills with counterfeit money printed by the Federal Reserve Mob!

        Our National debt is a farce and the majority of that debt is owed to our Federal Reserve Bank.
        OUr money is controlled and printed by the Fed and it costs them two-cents a paper bill, to print, no matter the denomination. Then, they “SELL US OUR OWN MONEY FOR THE FULL FACE VALUE!” Where can I get a business like that!

        The majority of our National debt is owed to the Fed, something that Americans are never told. China owns very little of the total debt. The Fed is draining our country of all its wealth with the cooperation of our criminal government. The Fed has robbed Americans of their wealth for a Century but it is NEVER talked about…They print monoply-money (nothing to back it up) and SELL it to us for great great profits! No wonder these world elite are the wealthiest families in the world with dreams of ruling the planet.

        This country should print its own money, rather than “buying” it from a private organization that obviously controls our economy, thus our country.

        • Joe Spano

          Hey Texas Free Ride Loader—————–get a job————

          POTUS OBAMA is the GREATEST! Hail TO Our CHIEF!

      • Steve E

        Joe Spano just gave a great example of what Obama’s minions mindset is. The next thing you know, Joe will be building an altar in honor to his great leader.

      • Dale left coast

        FOUR MORE YEARS of Trillion Dollar Deficits . . . on the horizon . . .
        What happens when Interest Rates rise again . . . and they will . . . the Interest on the National Debt will pass ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR . . . that is 1/2 of the TOTAL TAX Revenue collected TODAY.
        How will that get paid back?
        Will this crash the US Dollar?
        Guess we are going to find out . . . what’s your solution Joe?

      • Wellarmed

        Thank you Texas ride for the dose of reality regarding our federal reserve. The only area I feel that I need to add a correction is that what Bernake is orchestrating is MUCH worse than merely printing cash. He is digitizing cash by merely moving decimal points. I wish the fed were hindered by the physical limitations of the printing press.

        It is the Saudis who actually back the US dollar, as we are all aware that we have jettisoned the Gold standard many moons ago. That was the threat awhile back that other nations would no longer recognize the US currency as the standard bearer for the valuation of world currencies.

        Everyone needs to do their research into why we keep selling billions of dollars of Military hardware to the Saudi Government/UAE. Why do we do this? Does it seem like it is merely one more country we are willing to turn a blind eye towards their inner workings and human rights violations.

        This unfortunately has become Americas SOP, and Ron Paul would have put a spot light on this and other actions such as conducting an audit of the fed to get an accurate picture of how bad the situation really is.

        Every one should read up on the process/theory of reserve fraction banking, and seriously consider what they would do in the event of true US currency collapse. Strongly look into barter systems and what would be involved in creating local currencies and commodity trading on the local level. Look at your local food resources and envision if all food trade ceased “today” what would my response be?

        If fuel hit $60 a gallon all produce movement would stop regardless of how much existed in cold storage. Getting to and from your job would not only be impossible, but would not be worth the effort due to the fact that your paycheck would have little if any value. I know this seems like a Y2K type scenario, but all one need do is look at countries such as Iceland to see what currency collapse looks like in the micro scale.

        Many of my friends that live and breath finance and spread sheets ( they have no life ) have educated me in the bigger picture of currency movement and manipulation. Many argue that who ever the true puppet masters are would NOT allow a currency collapse to occur and many may be perhaps utilizing current devaluation to solidify their control.

        I take a somewhat neutral position in that just as the Pentagon can design biological and chemical weapon systems, I feel that it is a grave error to make an assumption that they can always maintain 100% control of those weapons, and that ultimately the true puppet masters of our finance system could unleash something which they arrogantly thought they could control and use to their advantage.

        Follow the Boy Scout Rule and be prepared!

    • eddie47d

      Greece has almost no impact on world markets and their GDP in the EU is less than 2%. I know its great symbolism to beat up on Greece but its a false comparison to our economy. We should learn from Greece in not what to do but that is like comparing Bolivia with Brazil.

      • Dale left coast

        “We should learn from Greece in not what to do”
        So why are we going down the same Tax and Spend road eddie?
        Greece is just the tip of the iceburg . . . Italy, Spain, Portugal and France are all in DESPERATE shape . . . Last year the Oby Admin printed 900 BILLION to buy their own Debt . . . this works for you eddie?
        Only a complete fool would think that Obamy is doing anything to improve the economic conditions in the USA . . .

        • tony newbill

          The Left is using the debt as a tool to collapse the capital system and that open the door to fundamentally transforming the economic system . Thats why they act as if there is no debt issue .

      • tony newbill

        A case study in Brazil’s economic troubles

        Bolivia , , Bolivia’s economic freedom score is 47.9, making its economy the 156th freest in the 2013 Index. Its overall score is 2.3 points worse than last year, reflecting a significant erosion of investment freedom, labor freedom, and monetary freedom. So your point is mute eddie

      • tony newbill

        A case study in Brazil’s economic troubles

        Bolivia , ht tp:// , Bolivia’s economic freedom score is 47.9, making its economy the 156th freest in the 2013 Index. Its overall score is 2.3 points worse than last year, reflecting a significant erosion of investment freedom, labor freedom, and monetary freedom. So your point is mute eddie

      • eddie47d

        Greece is still irrelevant and what Tony said about Bolivia is pretty much what I was implying!

      • manuel rosa

        Daly, what happens when the interest goes up? why print some more paper, its worked for so long why bother to think it won’t work in the future.

  • Kenny

    Obama may not be a communist, but he draws from marxist ideology to advance his vision of a European-style socialist welfare state. It began when he was mentored by his real daddy, Frank Marshall Davis, during his formatiove years. The socialist welfare state he supports is unsustainable, just as the Europeans are now discovering. Sovual Security, Medicare and Medicaid will all have to be reformed to comport with economic and demograhic reality. Otherwise, we might as well be in the former Soviet Union with federal tax rates of over 60% on the middle class (those currently paying a 25% marginal rate), as the CBO has already projected.

    Citing dictionary definitions of communism is irrelevant to this discussion. Communists and socialists realized years ago that their systems were hopeless failures and that they needed to leave capitalism in place so they could milk the wealth it produced, hence, the proliferation of the Europeam social welfare states with punative taxation. Even so, these systems are imploding with the birth dearth that cannot sustain them.

    Obama has always been a failuire. He has never actually solved any problems. Take his days as a “communty organizer” on the South Side of Chicago. He left his constituents just as impoverished as when he began his project. His goal there was not to teach people how to fish, but to teach them how to steal other people’s fish, hence the preoccupation with voter registration and class envy. He has simply moved that project to a larger stage.

    Raising marginal tax rates will only temporarily achieve Obama’s goals, which is to gain sufficient revenue to buy off the rest of the voting population. Eventually, as greater numbers jump on the welfare bandwagon, and he fails to address entitlement reform, he’ll have to go after the middle class. The “rich” are just the canaries in the mine shaft. He goes after them because he can do so at little political cost. But they’re just the precursor to the subjugation of the rest of the population that will be paying punative tax rates as well.

    Obama has only been successful in convincing a majority of the voting population that there is such a thing as a free lunch (paid for by future generations that had no hand in resulting debt). The problem is not Obama, but a nation that would elect an Obama.

    • Richard Heim

      Hi Kenny,I think in your very brief summary you hit the nail on the head,we all need to prepare for the worst it’s on the way,I hope we can come out the other side somehow God willing. Rich

    • Sarah

      Did you see today’s latest poll? The majority of Americans were happier under Bush than today’s Administration. Americans aren’t dumb only low information ones that voted for Obama.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Going down the thread and seeing Sarah’s comments is like being the cleanup guy after the circus parade—-the one who has to clean up after the elephants—-one needs a BIG broom, and a BIG shovel, and a BIG elephantpucky cart.

        Sarah asks, “Did you see today’s latest poll? The majority of Americans were happier under Bush than today’s Administration”.

        Hmmmmmmm! Let’s search for some logic there. The things that Bush did led to near disaster for the country, and people are unhappy now because of what he did then, because they remember and they are still feeling the pain in many ways. They didn’t vote for Romney because they were worried he’d do the same things Bush did. Did I get that right? Or maybe I need to factor in that some people aren’t happy because O’Bama isn’t moving FORWARD fast enough to undo the Bush damage?

      • Dale left coast

        Reality is NO BRAIN . . . if the Obammy clown had just sat in the oval office with his feet on the desk and done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except play golf and holiday . . . the economy would be humming by now. Everything the clown has done was anti-business and anti-investment . . .
        Enjoying your Free Healthcare and Food Stamps?

  • Steve E

    Are you smarter than a communist? If you were, that still would not mean you had any smarts, because a communist is dumber than a box of rocks.

    • Sarah

      Steve E. Ask Marx/Stalin/Mao/Hitler how it worked out for them. Obama will go the same route. America is better informed with all our instant information. The whole globe is better informed. Don’t know if you saw on the MSM news, imagine that, where thousands of French citizens stormed the Eiffil Tower protesting against the government’s Same-Sex Marriage Law.and of course Muslims murder gays and lesbians. I say this because information is available instantly. It’s going to be hard to fool America.

  • Ron r

    Reagan raised taxes 11times Obama ran on raising taxes and has only raised them who’s the big commie.the spread the wealth quote while not very good choice of words does not make him communist or socialist in any fact he has failed both socialist and communist 101badly.ask wall street.
    My,my,how you misinformation is ate up by the reich wing.

    • Kane Bonkers

      The obama trolls are out in full force today!

      • ranger09

        When 48-49% of the People receive money from the Govt, You no longer have a Democracy But you have a Dick tater.

    • Steph

      You want tax increases just wait they are coming how is his Obamacare going to fare with 50-60 million more people on it. The healthcare death spiral is just starting. You don’t know what that is just ask your health insurance company rep they know. And Obamacare is great at putting people out of work. Example you say, all businesses have to offer any worker who works more than 32.5 hours a week healthcare or be fined. So many businesses to get around the fines for not offering healthcare have limited part time employees to 32 hours or less. Now if you work part time you can not get the Obamacare. Some small companies have offered healthcare to their employees but how may can shell out $200+ a week. The best thing to do is be like the 51% (or how many ever voted for this idiot) and go on welfare


      Are you quoting out of Mein Kampf, Herr Ron?

    • Dale left coast

      Ron . . . you clown . . . Reagan had a Dimmicrap Congress . . .
      He gave the illegals amnesty . . . the Dimmicraps promised to close the borders . . . they didn’t . . .
      He allowed their tax increase . . . the Dimmicraps promised to cut spending . . . they didn’t . . .
      But Ron . . . this is 2013 . . . almost 17 Trillion in Debt . . . and you are looking BACKWARD . . . that is foolish at best.
      And Obammy . . . is a Socialist ! ! !

  • cari

    All you white men prove is that nothing scares you all more than a brilliant black, sexy man. That’s why you all for so long have tried to deny black folks an education. Because when blacks are good they are great and run rings around you all idiots.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The biggest liar is the one who looks back at you in the mirror, Cari. Sorry, but O is never going to be in love with you so being in heat over O is futile.

    • jimcoast

      Really? Apparently, the last 30 years of education reform, affirmative action and racial quotas/gradepoint requirements didn’t help you in any way. Arguments like this make you come across as nothing more than a freeloading kookaide drinker. Take a moment to evaulate your life and think about doing it for yourself instead of using the same old, tired excuse system.

    • http://none v,Mason

      Way to go Cari! Sock it to them. Obama is the only man who can run up and down the steps of Airforce One. All the others are over and downhill and need to get out of there and make room for the young ones whose marbles are still in place. Obama’s image and personality have them all baffled. They are so out of it that they think that by giving him a hard time they are succeeding – no way hose! the more trouble they give him is the more the people here and the outside world laugh at them. Keep on being stupid loser boys!

      • momo

        Speaking of stupid…its no way Jose, not hose.

      • S.C.Murf

        v,Mason he is one of the many anti-christs. Ya know satan was put on this earth back when it was still a rock. He has had all of this time to plan his deception and lead the children of God away from the Father and he has gotten very good at it. his main objective is to sit on the throne of David once Jerusalem is split and the temple is rebuilt. All of this is already in the works. The U.N. is saying how Jerusalem needs to be divided between the Jews and Palestine, and the temple on the mount well they already have the blue prints ready to begin construction. Just a matter of TIME. And all of this from a book that was written some 200 years ago. Just goes to show you how mans ego is just hot air correct right brain fart?

        up the hill

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Smurfy craves my attention and just has to finish with an “attention getter”. I actually read this comment of Smurf’s rather closely—-mostly I just scan because them because they say little of substance. But when Smurf starts thumping his bible and going all apocalyptic on us, I DO read his stuff—-I WOULD like to know Smurf better and why he thinks the way he does, but he doesn’t reveal much of himself to us—-he prefers name-calling to communication.

        Smurf asks, “correct right brain fart?” My answer is “Whatever floats your boat, Smurf”
        I DO agree with what I think you’re saying with, “Just goes to show you how mans ego is just hot air”, though.

        Since religion is a BELIEF-based thing—-a mass of “opinion” that has no scientific proof behind it, I can’t argue with your religious belief in what you said here. Evolution and creationism yes, but not this stuff about anti-christs and the temple. If you want it to be true and it comforts you, that’ fine with me—-that’s what religion is for.

    • Mable8

      First of all, cari, ozero is neither black nor sexy; he is a mulatto who denies his roots and appears to be a malnourished, skinny runt who thinks he is a man. To make up for his lack of intelligence, leadership, and humanism, he craves power–and that is what his regime is all about. And just so you know, look at all those countries run by “black men;” none are at peace, but are busy killing and raping those who oppose their oppression. Africa, as a whole, has gone down the tubes and no recovery is in sight for them. There are many very talented, political savvy, patriotic Negroes that reside in the US (legally) that I would vote for as President or some other high office—ozero is one that should be arrested, tried and convicted for crimes against the United States. He is a predatory, pathological liar who is bent on the total destruction of the US and wants to be our last elected President and first dictator. I’ll bet you were one of those “blacks” who boasted “now that we have a black President, all you whities will be made into slaves” back in 2008; doesn’t it bother you at all to know that Negroes owned some of the most profitable plantations and the most slaves in the 19th century? It’s all proven history, but a part of history that Negroes do not want to acknowledge—and by the way, they were also the meanest slave owners.

      • mark

        Okay, Marble8, but Barak Obama is and will continue ot be for a grand total of eight years, President of the United States. You, in comparison, are an insignificant on-line crank. I know this bothers you, but hey you can make up for it by insulting the president daily on this and other blogs. Doesn’t this make you feel like a man, like somebody really important, instead of the powerless, nonentity that you actually are? Look on the bright side. You can write in insults against Obama for 1,456 more days until January 20, 2017. Won’t get a reply from him, of course. See, the President will be busy running the country, meeting with foreign leaders, deciding on national policy, while you are banging out more and more hateful things on your computer keyboard. Gee, I wonder who historians and poltical scientists will think was more important between the two of you from 2009 to 2017? Don’t get your hopes up too high that they will pick you, Marble8. Odds are, they won’t. But not to worry they’re all just marxist imbeciles not brilliant analyists like all the on-line whackjobs here.

      • JUKEBOX

        A conservative black man like Herman Cain is always called an “UNCLE TOM” by the racist liberals, both white and black.

      • Texas Ride

        Mable, it is really funny to see blacks grovel at the alter of omaumau. Let me add the MSM to seems all the journalists have lost their minds. They keep calling him a “black man” when he is said to be 3% black, 47% ahab the arab, and 50% White!
        Looks to me like blacks are supporting someone that obviously has deceived them. The politically correct lable for these blacks is, “low information voters.” Lets just say it like it is, they are morons and have kept themselves ignorant because it is all about skin color for them, to them..

        And, you are right, there is not one country that is ruled by a black government that is free and prosperous!

        Omaumau is an unknown entity. We don’t know who he is, or where he comes from, nor do we know his pedigree! Everything we have been told by the media about him has been a lie. So, why would we choose to believe only one thing we have been told, like the identity of his parents. All his personal papers and documents have been hidden from the public! What does he have to hide!

        It is a fact that he has no legitimate, legal Birth Certificate…just a doctored fraudulent document (several of them.) It is fact that he has had multiple identies and social security numbers. There are many different opinions about whether his degrees were purchased, he certainly isn’t a Constitutional Scholar or any other kind of scholar. Rumors are abounding that he spent four years in Russia learning how to overthrow a Republic. There must be something criminal going on, or multiple law firms wouldn’t have been paid millions of dollars to keep his past and his secrets “sealed.” To think otherwise is just stubborn obstinace and refusing to acknowledge the facts. omaumau has a goal to turn our Nation into a third-world country, worse than any he used to call home.

    • ashley

      He’s biracial, who knows where he was born and talks BS. Plus he’s not good looking and is a very skinning man.

    • Steve E

      White men are not afraid of smart black men. They embrace them. Obama is not a smart black man at all. How can a socialist be smart?

      • ranger09

        Well one thing for sure he is the President Again, How he got there is the Problem.
        But all you have to do is look around you, What do you see. Do you see many Americans.
        So i guess he would be considered smarter than most of us. See only true Americans care about this Country, We now have millions that have no understanding at all, But its easy to git them to vote for someone who says he is looking out for them.
        Then you have the Sheep that just follows the Bell

      • Texas Ride

        Ranger said “…..look around you. What do you see. Do you see many Americans.”

        How true! Illegals are swarming over our borders, they are enticed here by our own government, and given the rights that should only be given American citizens. The regime is “stealing the country, not just elections” with the help of third-world constitutients! And, they are using our tax money to do it. Actually, Americans are fuding their own demise and the demise of this country!

        We have people that were born in America, enjoying all the perks that comes with their birthright, but have allegiance to other countries!. We have Americans that describe themselves with hyphenated labels and preach hate. We have Americans that believe in communism. We have given citizenship to people that want to over-throw our country and rule it, but we allow them to live among us and vote! We have 70-known communist in congress, making our laws! We have communists indoctrinating our children in government-run schools. They are teaching our children that America is a bad country, our founders were bad people, religion is bad, guns are bad, individualism is bad, their parents are bad, and they are teaching the children that they are bad people because they are Americans. We “Tolerate them all.”

        Tolerance, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness are the most valuable tools used by the marxist and they have used them to change our country,

    • Sarah

      There you go cari. Only liberals use the racist card. It makes them feel better about themselves.

    • gunner

      What a racist!!


      There you go with your racist comment. Prove to me that you can mix a gallon of black with a gallon of white paint, and have two gallons of black paint. Obama is a mulatto by any definition of the word, and will never be a BLACK man, except by racist definitions.

      • George E

        If he decided to put an “R” after his name, he would suddenly become “white”………..

  • Thomas

    Those who voted this communist/socialist idiot in for another 4years absolutely deserve the certain disaster that is to come from their Stupidity but this of us who knew better do not! I detest and loathe liberals and “their” president! Idiots!!!!!

    • mark

      Protest all you want. It doesn’t matter, your guy lost.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        No mark, you lost and you don’t know how much as yet.

      • Hedgehog

        Correction Mark, everybody lost and not just in the United States.

      • Steve E

        Democrats lost in the House of Reps. Part of an equal branch of gov’t. Get over it Dems.

        • Joe Spano

          The REPUNGENTS fail again—————–


      • S.C.Murf

        Learn to speak Chinese mark we all lost

        up the hill

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        Libtard mark! Too much Kool aid already destroyed your what’s left of your brain cells! Another Libtard Gringo Joe Spano still collecting welfare money and trolling like his buddy mark! Our man didn’t lost, The joke of the election is fixed not just voting fraud, Romney is not our man since RINO Repukes are same as Libtards, Romney & the Repukes Threw the election just like boxing! it’s a big fix!

      • JUKEBOX

        Ignorance and stupidity need to be painful.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Mark, your donkey-ness is incredible.

        On January 6 I explained you that “win” is NOT synonym for the “STOLEN”.
        The CHARLATAN O’Homobama NOT won elections. He STOLE elections with the UNIONs, ACORN, all kind parasites and freeloaders help. There is multitude of evidences all over the country, but especially in the Swing States.

        The UNDENIABLE FACT is that DEMONcrats ALWAYS Playing Dirty.


        Nadzieja, Mark is happy and appreciative for the bon O’Liar throwing him and alike paid shills on this and another conservative sites.

        On April 2012 Sarkozy, after meeting with O’Liar in the White House, concluded that O’Homobama is ”un aliéné dangereuses [ly]”, which translates into: he [obama] is a “MAD LUNATIC”, or in the American dialect “INSANE”.

        Vladimir Putin called the obama regime “CRIMINAL” and was surprised that Americans are so dumbed that re-elected criminal “Communist”.

        Vladimir Putin warned America and the West:
        “There is a temptation to expand direct interference of state in economy. In the Soviet Union that became an absolute. WE PAID A VERY DEAR PRICE FOR THAT,” – Putin, World Economic Forum in Davos

        1) “When Putin was elected president of Russia in 2000, Russia was BANKRUPT. Russia owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while her foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.” By 2006 Putin had PAID OFF Russia’s DEBT to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the foreign financiers was now OVER.
        2) Putin issued international ARREST WARRANT for Rothschild & Financial TERRORIST George Soros.
        Now the terrorist Soros and also the Rothschilds & the Rockefellers can’t continue their evil speculations with the Russian Oil.
        3) Putin wins the battle for Russian oil over the Rothschilds and removes him and all his minions from Russia
        4) Vladimir Putin wants to bring Russian People to their Christian roots.
        Putin said: “The Russian Orthodox Church contributes to the PROMOTION OF MORAL VALUES in society. One should not completely draw a line between the culture and the church…”

      • Dale left coast

        Wrong Mark . . . all America LOST ! ! !
        The “Obamy Generation” 2008 to 2016 will go down in History as the Lost Decade . . . the Decade that brought America to its knees ! ! !
        Everybody loses . . . by 2016 what will change?
        SS and Medicare could be a memory . . . Welfare as we know it will Not Exist . . . Food Stamps will be a distant memory . . . and Unemployment Ins will be history.

        If you can live with that . . . keep carrying the mail for the Amateur Diktater in the WH . . .

    • nc

      Thomas, ‘Democrats will ruin the economy” is a story told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. (Thanks, Bill) See “Bulls,bears ,donkeys and elephants” for what was produced during Democrat administrations AS WE ROSE TO BE THE NUMBER ONE NATION IN THE WORLD. ALL DONE WITHOUT THE LEADERSHIP OF A SINGLE TRUE CONSERATIVE, EVEN ON THE REPUBLICAN SIDE. THE THIRD SIDE, THE 2%ERS. CHEER FOR WAYNE ROOT AND DIG HOLES IN THE DESERT and teach their children how to shoot imaginary neighbors!

      We are not Greece or Spain! We are a little more diverse than an annual olive crop economy! Our immediate problem is to pay off two wars fought on our credit card with an economy that trickle down failed to sustain. Ole Slick Willy and Newt had it going good until the Crawford Cretin tried to “Fix it”

      • WTS/JAY


        How can that be, nc, when we have scarcely an industrial-base to speak of? The cause of our economic decline is simple, clear and unambiguous; the withering of our manufacturing sector. Manufacturing is the central and irreplaceable core of a strong economy. If manufacturing is not successful, then the economy is not successful.

        What is the most important industry for the overall strength of the American economy? Manufacturing, of course. High tech and finance are secondary. What’s more, manufacturing cannot be replaced by other industries. Manufacturing is vital, the heart-beat of any economy, yet, when it comes to manufacturing, America has flat-lined! So how can you make such a ridiculous-claim; we are number 1? Nonsense, China is number 1! We, have become a banana-republic, and unless we revitalize our “manufacturing”, and soon, a banana-republic we shall remain.

      • George E

        Yes, and let’s be sure to give the terrorists a pass for inciting the wars we’ve fought and are fighting……………. It was all GW’s and the neocon’s fault……………..or maybe the military industrial complex…………….but certainly not the terrorists’ fault…………………..and while we’re at it let’s be sure to acknowledge all the “good” things the Democrats and Obama have done to keep us out of these wars, like voting for them, then voting to bail out before the job is done, apologies, weakness, political pay-offs, drone fly-by shootings, Benghazi, no coherent strategy……………..ugh.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        JAY once again distorts and misleads as he attack nc. He focuses on “manufacturing”, and neglects to mention that much “manufacturing” is returning to the U.S. as other nations lose their competitive edge and it becomes more economical to bring “industrial” jobs home. Those jobs “fled” because of the “slave labor” wage advantage overseas—-now that wages are coming up over there, jobs are flowing back.

        Both JAY and nc are “wrong”, but JAY way more so because he just can’t resist using words like “ridiculous” and “nonsense” and making the idiotic statement that “We have become a banana-republic”. Lord love a duck, JAY! Smack YOURSELF upside the head for that one.

        We might forgive JAY for his usual propagandizing there, but he is outright lying to you when he boldly says, “China is number 1!”

        Last I heard, the combined EU was #1, the U.S. was #2, and China was #3. China is not far behind us, but not that close, and every one else is way behind the top three.

        Projections DO have China becoming #1 in as few as 10 years (if the many problems they face don’t bite them in the butt—many think that will happen). However, they will not outstrip us by much (we’ll be a close #2), and population growth trends in both countries will mean that our PER CAPITA income will be over three times what it is in China. Because of the size of its population, China isn’t even in the top 50 countries in terms of per capita income now, and is projected to still be there for the foreseeable future. One source for a “far out” look at nation’s economies is:

      • Right Brain Thinker

        OOOOPS Reading JAY’S stuff will often lead to confusion. That’s my only excuse for saying nc said anything wrong.

        He didn’t—-apologies, nc—-keep speaking truth—-maybe some day some of the mindless deniers will see it

    • eddie47d

      Thomas: A Romney victory would have been nothing more than a feel good win. He would have been nice window dressing to calm the fears of the Obama haters even as the economy remained the same. Some of you say you vote for the man and not the color (good for you) but its all too obvious that so many don’t. Those fearful whites want to look into the Presidential mirror and see a white man staring back. Even if he is equally incompetent.

      • Sarah

        There you go again liberals. If it isn’t Bush, it’s the race card. You can lead a liberal to facts but you can’t make him think.

      • gunner


      • eddie47d

        I must have touched a nerve with Gunnar! Don’t feel bad for you are not alone and others have their panties in a bunch too!.

      • JUKEBOX

        Eddie, they see half of a white man in that mirror!

      • Texas Ride

        Or, they see 100% mooslem arab in that mirror.,

  • RichardS

    A flat tax would go a LONG way to pull America up, but in this country it’s all about fairness now. He or she is “too” rich, so take it from them and give it to me, seems to be the new morality. When the masses start complaining with the “but they don’t need it” mentality, freedom dies.

    • mark

      No actually RichardS when the masses start complaining, it’s called democracy. The masses complained alot back in 1775-1776, too. I’m sure you probably opposed their mission and would have fought on the other side. To keep the masses from gettting what they wanted.

      • Bill

        A true democracy is when you have 4 wolves a a sheep, and they are voting who will be dinner.

        We have a constitutional republic where each individual has rights. And you have all the rights in the world to be stupid

      • Steve E

        mark, get educated, we are a republic, not a democracy. To say that we are a democracy, is to say you are an idiot.

      • mark

        Steve E., we are much more of a democracy today than we are a republic. Every elected office is won by a majority of voters except for a rare occasion as in 2000 with Bush/Gore. We were a classic republic in 1787. And I am sure you and most of the posters on this site would like to return to that era. In 1787 only property-owning white men could vote. Today non-property-owning white men can vote as well as all women over 18, and all non-whites over 18. The Founding Slaveholders firmly believed that no woman or non-white or non-property owner should ever be able to vote and hold office. This was a classic republican (the ideology not the political party) belief of that era. That is why I and many Americans have nothing but contempt for the majority of them. Democracy has triumphed again and again over the Founding Slaveholders, history’s greatest hypocrites. Democracy’s triumph in America began with universal white males suffrage in the 1820s and 1830s that the elites opposed, with passage of the 15th amendment (granting people of color the right to vote), the 17th amendment (direct democratic election of senators), the 19th amendment (that granted women the vote), and the 26th amendment that granted the vote to 18-20 yr. olders). The last remaining bulwark of anti-democratic republicanism is the elitist electoral college which many of us hope will soon be abolished by Constitutional amendment). So you are wrong, Steve E., the political tide in America has always been for greater and greater democracy and increased participation by the mass of the people versus elitist republican exclusion. In a republic, the people are feared, castigated as “the mob” and well-to-do elites rule. In a democracy the political power of the people are cherished, embraced, and expanded. I Thank God that I don’t live in the Old Republic but rather in a Democratic America.

      • WTS/JAY

        Actually, Steve, mark is correct. We are, a “democracy”! Of course, that is not a good thing. To be sure, our founding-fathers desired for us, a “republic”, and warned us against the evils of a “democracy/mob-rule” system; which is precisely what we have today.

      • Steve E

        All pure democracies lead to a totalitarian government. That’s history. If we are a pure democracy that you want. We are doomed.

      • George E

        Don’t forget, Hitler was elected in a democratic election………….. Also, don’t forget that the “poor” will almost always vote for more government funded benefits so long as they can get someone else to pay for them. This leads to killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Not a happy ending for all in the end, but at least we will all suffer “equally.”

      • momo

        Mark, we live in a constitutional republic, that’s why you vote for someone to represent your interests. If we had a pure democracy we would be like ancient Greece.

      • Texas Ride

        Mark, I hate to spoil your day but you are totally wrong in your description of the “democratic America” of 2013! In the first place we are a Republic whose laws are being ignored.

        Americans, themselves, are ignored, they have no voice in government, and the ruling class runs the country! Americans have no representation and laws are passed against the wishes of the people, many by executive orders. There is no transparency, important things are done in the middle of the night without input from those that are supposed to be representing the rights of the people.
        Individual freedom is disappearing and taxes are out of sight. The majority of Americans are getting restless and have a feeling of foreboding because the regime has become an adversary of the people! The “ruling elite” are managing the decay of our country!

        And, to address your comment about America going back to the days where only landowners could vote…there was very good reason why the illiterate were not allowed to vote. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote today, either.

        People that refuse to support themselves, refuse to get educated, and want to live off of other people’s money should have their voting rights “revoked.” They are not contributing, but are only parasites. They vote to get themselves more tax supported benefits. What is good for the country is never considered by the “gimme people.” Actually, what we have right now in this country is the minority ruling the majority…and the minority is supported by an adversarial government.

    • eddie47d

      It was the wealthy British who reaped the benefits of our new country and the average Colonist was taken advantage of to support that wealth going back to England. I agree that our own government is overbearing yet we also have a new breed of wealthy people in America who take advantage of the Middle Class who bear the burden. The new wealthy just like the British suck the air out of those below them and treat us like their Colonial serfs or should I say suckers! Who are the new British well that would be the crony Capitalists/Banksters and Wall Street hooligans who become even more wealthy by gouging us “serfs”.

      • George E

        The “wealthy” that we should all be upset with are the “crony capitalist” that get in bed with politicians and spend taxpayer money for ill purposes……………. The other hard working wealthy people should be rewarded by letting them keep more of their money.

      • JUKEBOX

        The majority of the crony Capitalists/Bankers and Wall Street fat cats are big Obama supporters, like Corzine, Lew, Geithner, etc.

        • George E

          It seems that “Wall Streeters” are pretty much like most other New York City dwellers. They vote for liberal Democratic Party candidates and policies…………….

  • sb36695

    We’re already passed the tipping point. Prepare.

    • mark

      I am Agent sb36695. I’m preparing an English muffin and coffee right now.

      • Hedgehog

        No you’re not Mark, you’re more like agent orange, or perhaps a shade lighter.

  • Urnokid

    Obama is what we get when the people that vote for a living outnumber the people that work for a living.

    • Steph

      You hit that nail right on the head.

    • mark

      No, your wrong. Urinekid, the majority of people who voted for Obama were employed. Also, in a weak economy where there are 4 jobseekers for every available job, there is no disgrace in being unemployed. Just as there is no disgrace to being retired and living on a government check after you worked for most of your life.

      • Mable8

        It is you, Mark, who has it wrong. When an election is rigged to favor one individual, it is not an election at all–and it is called fraud, which is how ozero was elected in both 2008 and 2012 (this is a proven fact; use your search engine because there is plenty of data on the topic). The majority of the people did NOT vote for ozero–at least those who are legally registered to vote. ozero was elected by animals, the dead, illegal immigrants, stolen votes, and rigged machines…..what part of FRAUD do you not understand?

      • eddie47d

        What gibberish Mabel! Did you quote that out of the latest right wing Tabloid because it smell like urine.

      • mark

        Marble8, Obama was elected by animals? Gee, I remember standing in line for both of his elections, don’t recall any horses, chickens, cats, or roosters standing there with me, being led to the voting booth by the poll workers and told where to put their hooves, beaks, paws, and claws to make their selection. Maybe they allow this in the rural area where you live, but not in my precinct. Better check this again with your internet sources.

      • Bill

        You must be a union public sector worker

      • Steve E

        It’s not a question of unemployed people voted for Obama. It was the stupid, low information voter that voted for Obama, employed or not.

      • gunner

        State your source for this information.

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        Two gringo Libtards mark & eddie47donkey can’t handle the truth! you two gringo morons better take your meds you still foaming at the mouth and both of you are having a meltdown!

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        Mable8! It’s not just voting fraud by Libtards and Illegals voting! The Repukes putz Romney, Repukes they just don’t want to win they rigged the election, Romney don’t want to win he purposely lost the election!

      • mark

        Yeah, Bill imagine if I were a policeman, postman, firefighter, or teacher. What monstrous parasites and leeches these people are who belong to public service unions. God, we must wipe them off the face of the earth. These slugs who dare to perform services for our communiites – instead of getting rich working on Wall Street or in private industry. Like those great guys at BP who dumped billions of gallons of oil in the Gulf. Or the hedge fund shysters and bundlers who gave us the 2007-2010 recession. No, those guys were private sector heroes. None of them joined any union!

      • Texas Ride

        Mable,,, isn’t it funny that when confronted with documented facts, the truth, radical libs have nothing to say.

        All they can do is resort to stupid comments because they have nothing on their side but emotions and diversion,

        Conservative votes disappeared off those voting machines and voter fraud was the name of the game for the dems. That is the only way they can win elections because the majority of Americans don’t want what these radicals have to offer..higher taxes, loss of freedom, collectivism, a Godless society, and totalitarianism.

        Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

    • Bill

      Good analogy, Urn

      • Joe Spano

        Bill, you are drinking too much koolaid…………..or is it the great drugs ……………..or your meds?

      • Bill

        Are you a union public sector worker also?

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        WOW! Gringo Joe Spano is really off his rockers! I see the rabid Libtard knows more about meds! since he been taking meds all his life!

  • mark

    Well, Mr. Root, Obama is certainly a lot smarter than you. He is president of the United States for a second term, while you are a largely irrelevant, right-wing hack. Comprende? Nice call on the 2012 election, too. You know, that Romney landslide. It certainly solidified your credibility.

    • Gail

      The Romney loss came for illegal balloting brought on by people using dead peoples social security cards to vote illegally I know because my grandfathers social security number was used in Obamas victory and he died in 1949???? The excutive orders of Barack Obama are unconstitutional and whos laws are you bound to Barack Obama or the laws of God and Country. Climate control !!!! What age are you and have you truely ever been out of this country? Have you served in the Armed Service?

      • JUKEBOX

        You forgot to mention that dead person in CT, whose SS# Obama is using.

    • LIONEL

      That which is EVIL is stupid. Obama is EVIL, therefore Obama is stupid . Malignant narcisism is , as well, EVIL. Therefore Obama is evil and stupid. Clever corruption is good to EVIL, therefore Obama is corrupt….such is his GOAL, destroy America and America then will be truly EVIL, like Mr. Beautiful and all his Evil toys (includes the people) and his ultimate desire the Islamisation of America and then the world. Nothing but Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mark

        That which is EVIL is STUPID? Not at all, they’re have been numerous evil geniuses throughout history – Ramses, Alexander the Great, Atilla, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Shaka Zulu, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Augusto Pinochet, Anastasio Somoza, Fulgencio Basista, Rios Montt? Open a history book once in a while. The annals of Man are full of highly intelligent, very successful, evil people. Look at at all the coporate theives on Wall Street, do you think that they are stupid men? Not at all they are liviing like emperors from the money they legally steal each and everyday.

      • Steve E

        Evil is Stupid. Not only are the corrupt politicians evil and stupid, the people that elected them in office are also evil and stupid. One example would be the people who voter for Hitler. Hitler was stupid, look at his end result.

      • cawmun cents

        He was born into greatness….no effort on his part required.It ran in his family to run empires.
        Alexander….same.But yet he conquered much of the assumed world by the time he was thirty.He was nearly entirely self made.
        Some are smart…some are not so smart…
        Completely self made.
        Ghengis Khan…..same.
        Hitler….gave rise to a decade long empire that never actually was,since there was war from the inception.
        Ghengis Khan gave rise to many empires and laid waste some which we have never learned of,and his influence has been felt ever since.(Great Wall)
        Mao?Self made…but look at what his succesors have wrought….capitalism…hmmm.
        When you toss these names out making sure you dot your t’s and cross your i’s,you need to put context where it belongs.You sit in your armchair general position,having sterling examples of human thought and action,yet you do not separate the smart from the also rans.
        While it does take smarts to initiate empires,running one for four to eight years,and then handing the reigns over to someone equally inept,may not qualify as brilliance,considering the host of helpers that are there for you as president.
        While many of these leaders have had excellent advisors,you can easily separate the ones who listened to their advisors from the ones who had them killed.
        The difference being made manifest in historical account.
        It is you who need study history…so that you can see where success and where failure prevailed.It is also inherent that where good advise brings success,bad advise often brings folly and devastation.
        Who advises you is nearly as important as whether you heed that advise.
        So do the math,and see who is advising who.And whether that advise is being heeded.
        You may come to the conclusion many of us have come to.
        That just because you are educated in an Ivy League Institution,doesnt make you brilliant and or evil.
        But it sure makes for interesting discussion,doesnt it?
        Evil is often in the perception of those perceiving.While I dont think evil plays a role in our current malaise so much as bad advise does,it occurs to me that bad is considered evil and good is considered good.
        Valerie Jarrett?Hmmmm.
        You make your historical note…I’ll make mine.

      • Texas Ride

        Omaumau is so intelligent that they are hiding his transcripts and spending Millions of Dollars to do it! How funny to think that if they could prove he had an IQ worth touting, it would be all over the MSM!

        There is a big difference between a cunning “conniver” and being intelligent! It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to be a puppet!

    • Joe Spano

      Mark your comment is 110% correct. He is a hack!

      • WTS/JAY

        Who, Obama?

    • Bill

      Yes, Mark,
      Obama is smart like Hitler

      • WTS/JAY

        Well, you heard it from mark’s very own lips; Obama is in good company!

  • worker

    Jeremy must be Obama’s brother from another mother. I still can’t find anyone I say anyone other then pepple on welfare all Blacks and ilegals tha Obama allowed to vote that voted for him. And once again they are so stupid and will see how he srewed his voters again. You are a real Dumbastard jeremy. And peopel need to stop saying Clinton got us out of a deficit jsut not true. it was the republicans ideas that he used. It was the speaker of the house at the time that gave him the plain remember Newt. Obama is the worse president in American History with the worse record of any president even worse then Carter. No one in the world has given any country the amount of deficict tha Obama has given us, he has added 7 trillion dollars to this date. he started with a deficit alsmost equall to what he added to the deficit. all I can say is Jermy must be Black or Just stupid I suspect he his both. Obama will be impeached before the end of this year. Or someone will take him out of office one way or another. You cannot use the power of the president for your own politcal purposes tha calls for impeachment . He is guilty of murder for fast and furious and bendgahzi Americans are dead because of his commands no one else is responsible they can take the blame but he gives the final orders. Write and call the white house and say you want Obama to be impeached on the grounds of abuse of power and for lieing to the American people. Remeber the debates both Obama and the narritor lied On live tv about Bendgazi. He lied and she swore to it both should be removed from their positions .

    • mark

      ” or someone will take him out of office one way or another,” another veiled threat against the President of the United States. That is about all you insignificant, irrelevant cranks have left: threats of violence. This is always the first mark of a coward.

      • Mable8

        Then you are going to have to include quite a few “blacks” who voted for him, Mark, because that is exactly what they are saying. Did you see the interview by the “obamaphone woman” recently? SHE said that she would never vote for him again and that she didn’t think he would make it through this term. Veiled threats? There was no threat made in the poster’s remark or in hers, but it is you who happens to be the threatening one.

      • eddie47d

        Mabel; The “phone” lady was crazy in the first video and equally as lame in the other one.She reminds me of Romney in taking any position depending on which way the wind is blowing at the moment. .

      • Steve E

        mark. Don’t worry about Obama’s well being. I’m sure God won’t let anyone hurt your Anti-Christ until his full reign is complete.

      • WTS/JAY

        mark: This is always the first mark of a coward.

        Actually, the “mark” of a coward is someone who chooses to do nothing in the face of evil. Peeing your pants, presenting your buttocks, or expressing loyalty to your oppressors, are also signs that you may be a “coward”.

      • mark

        WTS/JAY, I am not doing nothing in the face of evil. I am speaking out against the right-wing extremism so prevalent on this site. I support democratic-progressive causes and vote and during elections do volunteer work for democratic-progressive candidates. I have also travelled overseas to help rebuild schools and houses in impoverished regions of Latin America. I speak out on every occasion I can against against hatred, racism, sexism, and violence. I am not passively standing by and accepting the prejudice, injustice, and ugliness of this world and of this country, I am striving as best I can, in my own small way, to change things for the better.


      Jeremy is probably sharing that cocaine bong with Obama, which makes them so smart.

  • Barbara A.

    I hope and pray that someone with two brain cells to rub together can stop the insanity coming from D.C. in time to restore this once great nation to its former place in the world: The current occupants seem to have failed 5th grade history class, along with all the charactors who grovel for the cheap trinkets tossed to the masses of deceived citizens. Those who watch PBS (public broadcast system) should pay special attention to episodes of Nova’s “Rise of the Drones.” When did America lose its Constitutional bearings?

  • Robert Ziglar

    Your article about Obamas Socialism is Great? The 51 per cent Obama voters love Socialism.

    • mark

      No, Robert, we don’t love socialism but we certainly dislike the flat tax proposed by fat cat Mr. Root and his rich buddies to further engorge themselves while other, actually hardworking Americans suffer. Mr Root’s pals lost the presidential election badly and thanks to that their deam of further impoverishing the American people while stuffing themselves with loot, is dead. But not to fret, he can come back in 4 years with another rightwing loon to rally their shrinking base. They can put up Michelle “Bugeyes” Bachmann, Rick “I don’t understand the question, could you repeat that” Perry, “Pillsburry Doughboy” Gingrich; Marc “I’m not actually a natural-born citizen” Rubio, Bobby, “I run the fourth poorest state in America, but we have the largest oil spills!” Jindal; Herman “Pimp Daddy” Cain, or Rick “Sweater Vest, I certainly never had an abortion!” Santorum. Yeah, good luck with that crowd! Or they can always drag out that old codger, Ron Paul, he’ll be 81 in 2016, for some comic jibes from the podium.

      • Steve E

        mark, you are a liar, You are a socialist and you know it. You are like someone who would say; “I hate coffee, I love to drink it everyday”.

      • Paul

        Your can try to blame blame but when it boils right down to it what has Obama done to correct any of the problems. He has been in control for 4 years now and every decision he make is to degrade the country not to raise it up. There are two types of government only, freemen and those that are subjects. Our forefathers set up a Constitutional government so that would make men free. Freedom has its cost and it is definitely not easy. But some wish for a panacea and a Camelot and Obama is just their man. He promises both but will never be able to deliver. But he will enslave you to his form of government. So forget the quotes and get your head out of your ars and look at reality. Forget the Camelot because it does not exist.

      • Paul

        Let me get the straight. You are blaming Bobbie for the oil spill? This is so typical of a liberal. Start by name calling and forget the real problems . And as for the rest of your comparisons, how lame can you get.

      • Rick

        Well, Mark, for now, you have the right to free speech. The right to write all the stupid things you write. If this con man you call a great president has his way, that will be taken from you. Your problem is that you trust the government. There is something about a leftist brain that does not work properly. How can you be so willing to be imprisoned by your own government? It is because you do not realize what is happening right before your eyes. Why cant you see? If this whack job is successful at taking law abiding citizens guns, all the other freedoms we enjoy will be taken from us not long afterwards. He is a Dictator Mark. You are just too blind to see. You must be blinded by the big fake toothy smile. There are a lot of smart people on this thread telling you that you are an idiot. Maybe you would do well to consider that they are right.

      • mark

        Rick, I never called Obama a great president? I would rank him as so-so or a decent administrator for his first term. He was handed a horrible disaster the worst since Hoover passed off the baton to FDR who also didn’t do such a great job in his first term. I am hoping Obama does better in his second. But I certainly prefer him and his philosophy of goverment to that of Romney and Ryan who just believe that if we just do more for the wealthy and Wall Street they will throw us all a few crumbs and things will get better.

        Also this ludicrous notion that Obama is a dictator. He was democratically elected twice by a absolute majority of voters. Dictators all throughout history either sieze power in a coup or revolution or they are elected and immediately suspend all future elections, political parties, freedom of the press, free speech, etc. just like Hitler did in February of 1933, one month after he came to power following the Reichstag Fire. Like Mussolini and Franco did in Italy and Spain respectively, quickly and immediately. Stalin was not voted in twice by the majority of the Soviet people in a fair eleciton, neither was Mao, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Somoza, General Zia, Batista, Castro, Saddam Hussein, the Ayatollah Khomeni. These people were dictators. They ruled by absolute armed force, arrested, tortured, and murdered all their political opponents most in televised public mass trials and executions. they instilled absolute terror with their security forces arresting millions of citizens without trial, juries, or warrants. They closed down churches, killed priests and nuns, shut down universities. If Obama is a dictator why has he not arrested, and executed the 5 conservatives on the Supreme Court, why has he not executed or assassinated Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, Rand Paul? To call him a dictator just reveals yourself to be totally ignorant of what a dictator is, of what real dictators have done throughout history. You are actually trivializing the millions of innocent, slaughered victims of dictators and the savage unGodly acts of mass violence and murder that all dictators I listed committed. If you compare Hitler to Obama you are trivializing Hitler’s crimes. You’re saying he was just a guy who got elected and in his first 4 years he never murdered a single one of his citizens, he never shut down a newspaper, he never outlawed a political party, he never closed down a church, he never abolished freedom of politcal speech. But we all know and the historical record clearly show, that Hitler in fact commited all of these atrocities and Obama has not committed a single one of them.

      • WTS/JAY

        mark: No, Robert, we don’t love socialism but we certainly dislike the flat tax proposed by fat cat Mr. Root and his rich buddies to further engorge themselves while other, actually hardworking Americans suffer. Mr Root’s pals lost the presidential election badly and thanks to that their deam of further impoverishing the American people while stuffing themselves with loot, is dead.

        And what has Obama done to “discourage” such practice, mark? Or a better question; what has Obama done to “encourage” such practice. You claim that 51% of Americans voted for Obama. I disagree, the “vampires” you pointed out that oppress the people, voted for Obama. And i think Mr. Obama is more then happy to accommodate them!

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        Opps! His lips moved! marks meltdown continues!

      • mark

        Well, Paul, when the political leadership of the state of Louisiana, and this includes several Democrats, completely sells out the public interest of the people and the environment to give oil, gas, and chemical companies whatever they want ( usually with a fair amount of legal and illegal kickback money sloshing around, you know campaign contributions) yes I do say that Governor Jindal bears some indirect responsiblity for the travesty of that oil leak. BP bears more direct responsiblity but the whole corrupt political system of the Gulf that has always sold out the public interest to the interests of the oil conglomerates, is also at fault. It is a true tragedy that in addition to untold environmental damage very badly hurt the tourists industry of the Gulf for a couple of years. I am glad to see that things are now improving as a lot of great people live down there who really suffered due mostly to BP’s arrogance and criminal negligence.

      • JUKEBOX

        Of all those men you mention, Obama would not make a decent scab on any of their rear ends.

  • ToughGuy1

    Obama is politically retarded!

    • WTS/JAY

      Obama doesn’t have to be intelligent…Obama is politically-owned!

    • Bob666

      Yet he won-twice.

      • George E

        Doesn’t say much for the rest of us, does it?

      • Bob666

        George E,
        What it does say about the rest of us is; we gave up along time ago and sold out to big money/power interest. This stared a long tiime before any of us heard the name Obama.

        • George E


          There’s a lot of truth in that statement.

  • Euclid

    Obama is neither a communist or socialist. Hussein is simply a Shi’te Muslim who is using Marxism/Socialism to destroy the infidel America. He is also a houseboy for his Muslim mullahs and his overseer George Ahole Soros.

    He is a tool of those whose desire is to destroy this world for paradise and pedophilia with little boys.

    • eddie47d

      Atta boy Wayne you got the hollowing crowd worked up today! I’ve only found a couple above the 2nd grade level in rational thought!

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        eddie47donkey still having a meltdown! Keep going gringo Libtard it’s a comedy, seeing you blabbering is more entertaining!

    • mark

      You cranks should all get your paranoid stories straight. Is Obama a marxist, a socialist, a fascist, a Muslim, a psychopath, an evil genius? After a while it gets confusing. All I know is that he is President of the United States and he is busy making history while insignificant bloggers argue about his horrrible crimes and conspiracies, none of which he has ever committed. I know one thing for certain, Obama is a very important man while none of you are. Obama will go on doing his work and making his mark in U.S. and world history, while all of you write meaningless, insignificant insults against him that have zero effect on anything. But hey, have fun.

      • Paul

        And your comment that somehow defends Obama make you as important as he is, so you say? You see that is why Obama should never be a leader of anything because he is self-important. He is also self-righteous and a narcissistic. Hew is also a demagogue. We have also had other narcissistic type leader who have tried to rule the world but do not succeed. You see if you read the scriptures Christ makes all men important even the least of us. No one is greater than the next. But this thinking is not of man capabilities.

      • The Christian American

        During the revolution the people had “Letters of Correspondence”. Riders would go from town to town bringing “blogs” with them so that the people would be enlightened with what’s going on. Those blogs were used by the colonist to plan their strategies and ultimalely win the war.

      • WTS/JAY

        mark: You cranks should all get your paranoid stories straight. Is Obama a marxist, a socialist, a fascist, a Muslim, a psychopath, an evil genius?

        Obama is politically-owned…no different from any of the previous presidents. So your question should be rephrased; You cranks should all get your paranoid stories straight. Is our government marxist, socialist, fascist, Muslim, psychopathic, comprised of evil geniuses?

        One thing’s for sure, mark, it ain’t a “Republic”!

      • JUKEBOX

        Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Chavez, and many others like them have also made history.

    • mark

      OK, Euclid you’ve put forth a not very original, sick paranoid fantasy. Now do you have any proof to what you are saying? No, I didn’t think so.

  • johno

    We are giving the president way too much credit. He is nothing more than a pawn.

    • Steve E

      He actually works for Valerie Jarrett. Her dad was a card carrying Communist.

      • Joe Spano

        Obama is our Great POTUS! Hail to the CHIEF!


    Yes, there is No doubt that the FREELOADERS do like Socialism. Say all you want about “entitlement” programs. Let us remember one thing when we banter around the cost of entitlement programs. Social Security is not one of them like the “great ones in Washington” try to get us to believe. I paid into it (commomly called a Trust Fund) all my working life. The “great ones” STOLE it from me. They call it borrowing. I call it theft. Now they threaten us with reducing or withholding OUR money. We now have the geatest “Thief in Chief” in history sitting in the oval office.

    • Joe Spano

      You are a liar!

      POTUS Obama is the Greatest!

      • S.C.Murf

        joe you sound like you got a raise in your federal loafers check, way to go joe.

        up the hill

      • JUKEBOX

        I agree Joe, he is the greatest liar, BS artist, and mass hypnotist America has ever elected.

      • George E

        He’s the “greatest” alright, but I’ll bet the things I would think he’s greatest at are different than what you think he’s greatest at………….

    • Jaciebee

      Sorry, OLD MAN, The country has gone haywire….But you’re wrong about Social Security. It was never a guaranteed benefit program nor a pension with promise to pay. It is simply a tax. The government has lied to the people about that one since its inception. They pretend i’ts a pension, so we’ll all keep quiet and continue to go along with their duplicity. There is no promise to pay and you have no “right” to any money that you “put in.” Just like other taxes. They spend as they see fit. I don’t expect to ever see the money I put in….Don’t believe their lies anymore. You’d better make your own provisions as best you can.

    • mark

      OLD MAN, since the Democratic Frankin Delano Roosevelt administration introduced Social Security in 1935 ( all the Conservatives of the day condemned this program and said it would lead to the ruination of American in 20 years, a prediction they made nearly 80 yrs ago), the federal government has never missed the payment of a single Social Security check to a single recipient despite wars, economic downturns or political crises. Not one single American has ever failed to receive his check on time in this period. Tens of millions of retired Americans continue to receive their payments every month without fail. So much for the disasterous Social Security program. In the future the age of retirement may have to be raised slightly as it has in the past, the cost of living adjustments may also have to be lowered a little, and the amount of income subject to the SSI tax may have to be raised, but tens of millions of Americans will continue to receive their payments without fear and without fail providing a laissez-faire capitalist, Wall Street scheme of privatization is not passed by Conservatives. This is a prime political goal of the Conservatives to hand over all this money to Wall Street for the promise of better returns. We all know how that has turned out the last several years and what moral cretins, deceivers and schemers the bloated speculators of Wall Street are. I have several complaints myself against our federal government but I trust that government a thousand times more that the crooks, thieves and whores of Wall Street. But watch out for all these Conservatives who want to hand Social Security over to Whore Street… I mean Wall Street. That is a key goal of their nefarious agenda.

      • momo

        Mark, there is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund. The feds raided it and put t-bills in place of the money, in other words iou’s. As far as no person missing a social secuirty check, well that’s easy when you own the printing presses that make the money.

    • gunner

      Sorry to break it to you but it is nothing but a giant Ponzi scheme. Typical person pays in about $100,000 in their lifetime (if they work!) and takes out over $300,000. Labor participation rate is at it’s lowest rate ever so fewer people are paying into the system. In addition, you have all the disabled and the dependents and receive benefits when a parent dies. There is no way to sustain it in it’s current form. It must be changed to an 401k type of investment if there is any chance of it being there for millions of working Americans.

  • burt

    Jeremy, rare arguments from a liberal without calling names. Nice!
    Let’s go through your points:
    1. taxpayers money for schools, cops, etc -not “spreading the wealth”. Mr. Root leads 1:0
    2. tax rates often exceeded 50%, many taxes add up to about 70%. you may pay it too (e.g. hidden tax in gas prices, tolls on the roads, etc). Mr. Root leads 2:0
    3.both parties do not want cut taxes – bringing bacon and reelection are – for them – more important than wellness of our country . 3:0
    4. BHO promised “better pensions, more affordable and better quality healthcare” – and many other things, which even his people called “campaign rhetoric”) will never come to fruition. Don’t kid yourself. We don’t. 4:0
    5. no contradiction – China, Cuba, Russia did realize that socialist/communist system DOES NOT WORK. They copy us. But we should copy their lowering the taxes; yes, they grow with lowering taxes. No leftist understand Reagan’s lowering taxes that almost doubled the revenue.
    No leftist can comprehend that. Mr. Root leads now 5:0
    6.” Obama is not responsible for the large number of people now on food stamps”>>???
    Gove wants as many people as possible – voters!! – having Link cards (stamps were “humiliating). Fraud is ignored – the more the “better” for DNC.
    Stop kidding yourself!!!
    Food stamps were advertised on mex. TV stations – go to a food store and watch the Link payments – so much fraud! I know an illegal alien with Link card!!!
    Fraud abundant. It should be 1000:0 for Mr. Root, but let’s just state: 6:0
    I have to go to work now, have no more time for that. I know communism – I have lived there for a few decades; you are discussing thing you have no idea about or know very little.
    Leave it for those who know.
    Thank you, Mr. Root! :)

  • tony newbill

    Wayne the plan is to create the fundamental transformation within economic system that all environmental Marxists desire to remove the self reliance Private sector financial means away from the private sector with a False Flag Currency War between the same nations leaders that get together at Davos and then these same Fascists will still be in control and along with their associations within Governments , through various lobbyist networks continue to transform into the One World Pinnacle of what we can call the Ultimate Trickle-down economic system that can Oppress the rate of consumption while they promote the Hope and Change policies that mesmerizes the populous and keeps everyone hoping while we all live sorter and shorter lives .

  • Jim B

    It’s amazing to me that people, citizens, anywhere and everywhere in the world tolerate governments of any kind, period. They are the cause of economic disparity, blight, perpetual poverty, and war, just to name a few of their evil doings. Our own government has been busy for decades destroying the way of life in America, its slow steady decline, and its recent quickening has left everyone pitted against each other, for which the government nurtures. Humanity cannot tolerate government, our forefathers new this, and attempted to empower us over government tyranny which they knew would eventually attempt to prevail over us. The inevitable is soon upon us, Obama may bring speed to its outcome, we will see.

    • tony newbill

      The Globalist Marxists are cagey they create the problems that then they can generate support for changing . Take the gun ban , first you destroy the family unit , ban God from the public square , and this makes people scared to admit a relationship with God in Public then , turn loose a violent video game industry on the young children and grow them up killers that were told God and being Good is not popular and walla you got a crisis in violence with the easiest weapon to cause mayhem with , and then you have a need for Government Intervention, and here it comes . National ‘assault weapon’ ban coming Thursday , and they are going for hand guns and shotguns

    • Steve E

      Amen to that.

    • mark

      Yeah, let’s get rid of all govenment, and our Constitution as well, since this is the basis of our national government. Scrap the Constitution, good idea Jim B. The cavemen didn’t have any government whatsoever. Whoever was strongest took what he wanted, raped who he wanted, and killed who he wanted. And there was no oppressive government or law to stop him and his cronies from exercising that freedom. Yes, you’re right Jim B, this is the system we should return to. What a much better and freeer world it was back then. What is staggering is that you and many posters on this site no doubt agree with this. Incredible. Thank God the thinking that goes on on this site has zero influence and power in our society today, Thank God for that.

      • Jim B

        Mark, your one sidedness has made you delusional, you see things that are not really there and your hatred is rotting you from the inside out. Liberate yourself from the regime that keeps you in serfdom, that place holds no future for you or anyone else.

  • Liberty Lover

    Obama and his ilk are all stupid in the same way…..and it has nothing to do with IQ. They are so driven by an ideology based in envy and unenlightened “compassion” that they choose to ignore the lessons of history, arrogantly convinced that they have the smarts to do socialism better than all the failures that litter the history of mankind. There are some, of course, who may understand the follies of their ways but who find that selling socialism to the ignorant, mis-educated masses is an easier path to power than selling the only moral and efficient economic system ever developed: capitalism.

    • mark

      Yeah Romney and Ryan devoted quite a bit of their campaign as love sonnets to laissez-faire capitalism. Newsflash: they lost. The majority of the American people rejected the predatory Republican brand of capitalism. The majority of Americans want government regulation in our economy, want a social safety net, want Social Security and Medicare, as well as unemployment insurance and foodstamps during hard times when capitalism throws million of them out of work and out into the streets with foreclosed homes and apartment evictions. Don’t despair though, Liberty Lover. Once you can devise and pass through Congress a system of government in which only a small mlnority of business people and entrepreneurs can vote while ordinary workers are denied the franchise, then you can achieve your goal. But you should know that the majority of Americans, non-business owning Americans, will fight you tooth-and-nail, every inch of the way to ensure that you can never take away their right to vote and grant that right only to business owners and corporate fatcats. As long as that majority sticks together and fights, you will never impose laissez-faire capitalism on the American people again.

      • gunner

        Disillusional. Only business owners can vote? Where do you get this stuff? From your weekly Union newsletter?

      • dhip

        Mark, you are a complete idiot. I hate to use personal invective but good Lord. You can’t cite a socialist country that works, never has and never will. 200 years and going, the USA is the longest living republic on earth, and there is good reason for that. Socialism is the home of the ill-educated and uneducated. It is the home of COWARDS, people afraid to put their backsides on the line to achieve wealth. Socialism is the home of the lazy. Socialism has never worked anywhere and never will, at least with respect to countries where people can achieve wealth, but for the intervention of government picking those they want to have some degree of wealth through cronism and under the table payoffs for being picked. Mark, YOU ARE A COWARD. When socialistic countries run out of money, the people find out what it is like to be wanting for the basics of life.Russia and Cuba are good examples, Russia and their associated dependent states now switching to a form of capitalism and Cuba now telling their people they can no longer take care of them.
        Apparently like so many socialists, you are afraid to put your backside on the line, and I am not talking about those who have needed help at times.

      • mark

        But dhip, the United States is not a socialist country. It still has and will continue to have a huge private economy. The U.S. economy today is nothing whatsover like the Soviet economy, the Cuban economy or the Chinese economy under Mao, economies in which 100% of all economic activity was controlled by the state. We have a government sector in our economy but the private sector is nearly three times larger. When I look down the mainstreet of my city I see private business after private business. When I turn on my TV, I see ad after ad promoting products and services produced by private companies, corporations, and businesses. This didn’t exist in the Soviet Union, Mao’s China or Fidel’s Cuba, the state controlled all economic activity in those countries. Did not just regulate some of it but controlled all of it. Most European countries have a much larger state sector and state intervention in their economy than we do. At best we have a mixed economy with majority private businesses and a significant state sector. But to call the United States a socialist country is far off the mark. Even the Health Care plan of Obama’s calls for the retention of private doctors, insurance companies, and hospitals. Every doctor will NOT work for the state. The federal government will take over ZERO private hospitals. Obamacare retains the largely private basis of our health care system with private doctors, nurses, technicians, insurance companies and hospitals. It is nowhere near as government-controlled as in Western Europe.

      • Liberty Lover

        We are in agreement, Mark, that the majority of Americans are ignorant. And that would have been true even if Romney had prevailed. Most Republicans are unable to promote capitalism on moral grounds. This libertarian believes that political philosophy reached its apotheosis with America’s Founding Fathers. I have despaired of seeing moral and enlightened government in my lifetime.

    • mark

      Liberty Lover, I really believe that the political philosophy of most of the Founders, this would not include Alexander Hamilton who was more of a modernizer and recognized the industrial future, was more suited to a smaller agrarian society and not to a modern, ever expanding, industrial society. The Founders’ vision where an educated elite and virtuous yeoman citizenry would practice limited self-government began to come undone with the huge growth of the market economy from around the 1820s onward. The system of manufacturing and industry plus large-scale commercial agriculture, created a huge class of propertyless men who naturally demanded political rights and participation. The elitist mob-rule fears of the Founders were overrun by a tidal way of demands for equality and business demands for tariffs, subsidies, internal improvements, external markets, and special privileges. The glaring hypocrisy of slavery also played a role here as it led to the Civil War in which Norhern industrial forces – and the political voting blocs and interest groups intertwined with them – triumphed over the formerly dominant agrarian sector. Mass politics and the demand to regulate industrial monopolies and their abuses further constrained the vision of small government America.

      The boom-and-bust nature of modern industrial capitalism made worker and citizen greivances a potent political force that further pushed the growth of the federal government as a regulator of industry and a protector of unionized workers and a frightened middle class especially during the New Deal. Overseas imperial expansion played a contributing role as one can never imagine the Founders supporting the conquest of the Philippines 14,000 miles from the capital, the federal funding of the Panama Canal, the creation of a giant global navy. The World Wars and the Cold War complete this process of growing American interventionism and foreign investment that fueled the expansion of government – not to mention militarism and the U.S obsession, unheard of in the 19th century, of remaking the entire world along American lines. So here, we are. If you think we can ever put the genie in bottle again and go back to an agrarian small r republic, I fear you are dreaming or waxing nostalgic. Ironically it was the Founders acceptance of capitalism that undid their idealized republic. Turns out capitalism, a rapacious force that demands ever increasing expansion, markets, military protection, and constantly changing technology, was the most revolutionary force of all – far moreso than republicanism, abolitionism, fascism, or communism. Capitalism that so many Founders championed and even promoted, doomed small government republicanism in the end.

      • George E

        Interesting analysis. I think you might have also included such things as 1) the federal government’s ever increasing ability to extract taxes from its citizens, 2) the Federal Reserve’s ability to print fiat money, and 3) our insistence and belief that the government can solve all of our problems. These have also led to an ever increasing size and dependence on our government over time.

      • Liberty Lover

        Free-market capitalism is by far the most democratic and moral institution available, flawed only by the reality that men are not angels. Capitalism operates only through voluntary exchange. Those who enter government to “serve” (by exercising control over) the public are no more angels than those they presumptuously seek to regulate. Profit motivation in private markets eventually penalizes corruption; no such discipline exists in government where power itself corrupts. Your assertion that the free market was more appropriate to a small agrarian economy is a commonly perceived myth. In reality, the more complex an economy, the more essential are the market signals provided by individual choices.

        The devolution of republicanism, where individuals could vote for better government with their feet, into a federalist “democracy” where crony capitalism and ineffiency prevail, will untimately be the death knell for individual freedom and prosperity.

      • mark

        Yes Liberty Lover, but when capitalists become inordinately wealthy and expand their reach in every avenue of American life, they inevitably gain greater and greater political influence and power. In reaction to their gains and dominance in society, workers organized and resisted to protect their rights in the face of massive unrestrained corporate power, And these unions as well as other political reformers in turn pressed for more political power and demands that the federal and state governments regulate the collossal power of capital. Thus capitalism’s growith and expanding influence in America distorted the poltiical system. You are living in a dream world if you think the actual operation of massive capital in this country and around the world is simply a “voluntary exchange.” Giant corporations hold enormous extortionary power over poor and working people around the globe as they do within the governments they lobby and corrupt and the political eletions they buy with their PACs and both legal and illegal contributions. This is not the Mom and Pop corner grocery store. This is super capitalism and the U.S. Constitution of 1787 had zero concept of this and therefore had to be reformed and will need to be further in the future through the accepted amendment process.

      • Liberty Lover

        Only the state has power that can be exercised through force, which is why it so imporant to limit its size and influence. Corporations become massive in a free market only to the extent that customers and workers “vote” for their massive success. Massive corporations exercise non-market power only to the extent they can corrupt an inappropriately massive government to use force on their behalf. People like you, Mark, have become so accustomed to massive government (and so envious, in many cases, of the huge success of others) that they lack the imagination to conceive of alternative approaches that do not rely on the force exercised by a corrupt government.

        Let me add an off-track observation that pertains to another comment by you on a different thread. You have a seriously flawed understanding of the First Amendment. You have no right to post on this site beyond the graciousness of Mr. Livingston who is more willing to suffer the foolishness of “progressives” than I would be as the owner of a site devoted to libertarian principles.

  • Dan

    I think that he is using Communist tactics to bring the country down, but his goal is to turn this into an Islamic country at which time he will throw the Communist moron sympathizes under the Islamic bus!

    • mark

      How does Obama in the next 4 years turn the United States which is a 90% Christian country (the other 10% of the people being Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, etc) into a Muslim nation? Explain to me how he does this? Dan you are putting forth a ludicrous, absurd, impossilbe proposition. But feel right at home here. The majority of posters here do the same each and every day. Obama will put all gun owners (82 million of them) into concentration camps. Obama will kill all the elderly in the United Sates ( 63 million of them) with death panels. Obama will put all his political enemies (61 million voted against him in 2012) into FEMA work camps. Obama will take away every single gun from all 82 million American gunowners. Obama will level every home in America. Obama will cancel all future elections in America. Obama will hand over all political control in the U.S. to the UN. On and on these psychotic, totally ridiculous predictions go, each and every day on this site the last 4 years and I am sure for the next 4 years. The fact that not a single one of them ever comes true does not stop them and will not stop them. Because there is no cure for pyschotic paranoia. I have seen these people in their institutions. I have a schizophrenic cousin. Everyday for the last thirty-one years he has told his doctors the government is going to kill us all. The goverment never has but this does not stop him. Sometimes when he stays on his meds, he desists from these delusions but then he refuses to take the pills, the hospital cannot legally make him take them, and then it starts again. The government is going to kill us all. Yeah, right. But first they are going to make us all Muslims. Make us all transvestites, make us all Hare Krishnas, make us all UN stooges, NWO operatives, Plan 21 robots, whatever. Then they will, of course, kill us all. Well have fun with your beliefs anyway. And be sure to teach them to your children everyday. Our own government has but one purposse – to torture, imprison and destroy us. Congratulations, son, you are now a Libertarian. Welcome to the cult.

  • ARIC

    These spewing libtards make me sick. “It’s not that liberals are ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan. I know you leftists are in love with your mesiah, but as usual you have your “facts” all wrong. Comrade Leochner is delusional to think that Obama needs to raise taxes and shove us toward socialism to make America a better place. The man is directly responsible for stifling business and the free market in order to bring about “fundamental change”. Obama and his followers CAN NOT keep blaming our problems on someone else – he has been in office for four years – he needs to own it!!! Oh, by the way, Clinton’s “surplus” was a budget surplus (= to one year). Our deficit existed during that budget surplus and that budget surplus was possible because congress force him to cut spending. That’s what we need now – “cut spending”, not raise taxes… The commies are getting it. Makes me wonder if Obama and his supporters are intentionally and aggressively following Alinsky’s and Cloward/Pivens plan for crashing the system. And, the unfunded liabilities we will owe, which puts our deficit at over $100T are unsustainable. I’m refurring to the bloated pensions, free health care and early retirement for unionized employees. Sure, he didn’t get that ball rolling, but he supports it because they support him – look what he did for the union employees at GM. And, by doing all that he has been doing, he is directly responsible for the huge rise in the number of people who have to rely on food stamps to feed their families… It’s an attempt to get as many people reliant on gov as possible so that they will vote for the ones who will “take care of them… “What do ALL men with power want? – more power!”

  • tony newbill

    Hey all you liberals heres your Favorite Cult calling for civil war so where do you line up with this ???
    But the Bigger question here is are we seeing a False Flag event that creates the crisis that then needs a remedy like suspension of the Constitution to bring order after the event ?

  • jopa

    My my my what a collection of sore losers we have here.Didn’t any of you notice that on inauguration day the sun came out, it was shining much brighter than it has in a long time, the temperatures rose and the majority of the American population was smiling.That does say a lot in that the majority have so much more faith in President Obama than the other guy.We are just so blessed to have him as President and I am sure down the road you will all realize this and be so thankful.All the name calling and slanderous remarks make you all look so small however there is hope for you and we will forgive you.Have a good one and God Blessed America once again.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So why are you not happy that you have O again?

      • Karolyn

        Reading comprehension? What makes you think jopa is not happy?

    • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

      Gringo Dopa is getting too high on yankee kool aid!

      • jopa

        Mexitard: I am not a kool aide drinker whatsoever, just an occasional beer but usually 2% milk more than anything.

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        So Dopa thinks Mexicans are retarded, Yep Libs are Racists! Libs cant stand when Blacks leave their cotton fields and Mexicans leave their Fruits and Veggies fields! Yep! call me mexitard all you want! It show Libtards true colors!

  • Johnny D

    The wicked beast of the left occupies the white house. Whoa be to us who value our constitutional freedoms. Wise up you kool aid drinkers.

  • The Christian American

    Obama links his charismatic ways and an in depth knowledge of communism together. Communism was conceived and brought to the surface from hell by Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and their ilk. Communism, government owned / government controlled, uses Democracy to achieve it’s goals. Democracy, the majority imposing it’s will on the minority, gives a feeling of power, evil power to the masses but many of them don’t know it. Out of that power comes leaders, evil leaders. There’s no room for God and His rules of action and interaction. The people, or I should say, the people’s self imposed leaders, write their own ten commandments. They’re gods in their own eyes. People like Stalin and Obama laugh at people as they twist around them around their little fingers. Obama is nothing but lies but his lies cater to people’s dreams so he gets elected. They’d rather live in dreams than face realities. Do you see people now-a-days repenting for their sins to God and start living their lives as God would direct? Some do, but the majority?

    Stalin made Hitler look like a Sunday school teacher. Hitlers credited with 6,000,000 while Stalin is credited with 40,000,000. Obama? I shudder to think. He’s got abortion/murder of the unborn to his credited. His health plan includes euthanasia. He has no qualms killing innocent people with his armies and drones around the world, and he hasn’t been unleashed yet. I’ve said it before, read and believe John 3:16 and other scriptures. You’ll be glad you did with Obama as your tyrant/king.

    • mark

      “Communism, government owned / government controlled, uses Democracy to achieve it’s goals.” Oh really, Christian American? Have you ever opened a history book? You see Communist governments came to power over and over again in countries where there was no democracy: Czarist Russia, Nationalist China, Dictator-ruled Cuba, Nazi-occupied and later Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe, Dictator-ruled Nicaragua, French military-occupied Vietnam. Starting to detect a pattern here. Historically no strong and viable democracy has ever morphed into a communist dictatorship, so I mean where are your historical examples for your baseless theory?

      And if you are going to hold Obama responsible for all the legal abortions carried out during his term of office, calling him a mass-murderer for that, then you do realize that by this same logic, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush are also mass-murderers. Don’t remember you ever railing against those Stalinists killers?

  • Larry L. Stuler

    If we’re going to start talking about Communism, why not read the Communist Manifesto:
    the second plank is the income tax, the third plank is the inheritance tax – if you didn’t know that it’s because you were never taught that and the tenth plank is to have the government control education. The fifth plank is to have a central bank. Not all of the planks are as yet installed, but the more government grows the more the Communist Manifesto is being used as the guideline.
    This country was founded on the principle that “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution acknowledges this by only granting the federal government jurisdiction over foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians. The federal government has no jurisdiction over intrastate commerce, otherwise known as human action ,since if “all men are created equal” no one American or group of Americans can control any other American or group of Americans.
    As ruled by the Supreme Court, but misreported by the media, the federal government always had the power to implement an income tax and no new jurisdiction was granted to the government. Since no new jurisdiction was granted to the government (and none could be since “all men are created equal”) whatever power that the government had to implement an income tax has to be within one of its already existing jurisdictions – it’s foreign commerce. So how can this apply to Americans?
    Go to to read “The Bankers Blueprint to Destroy American Sovereignty” to see how the international bankers have slowly taken over (through bankruptcy) the government and is now operating it under the foreign commerce clause.

    • tony newbill

      You are right Larry and to add to that structure is the way the trade policy and International market is valuing all commodities at equal value internationally but within a nations individual cost and GDP values are in their own currency valuation and these 2 different forms of valuation are creating a currency crisis war . This is a result of what is termed Greshams Law of the 14th Century .
      The leaders of the world are not this stupid to repeat past historical events that cause economic and social collapse , but the historical lessons of past times of despair can be great tools to create crisis that can lead to the need for change rallying support for such changes when oppressive conditions created rally support for such change to bring about the transformation of a system as peacefully as possible .

    • mark

      Larry, hate to tell you this but you are engaging in a classic logical fallacy. Just because Marx called for an income tax and an inheritance tax does not mean that everyone who supports these same two taxes is a Marxist. They are perfectly legitimate ideas in their own right without any affiliation to Marx. Hitler in his writings and speeches frequently called for a strong military. But that does not mean that everyone who calls for a strong military from George Washington to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to John Kennedy to Ronald Reagan is a Nazi. You do realize that you are twisting logic here to make specious assumptions. Hitler was a vegetarian and owned a German shephard but if your next-door neighbor is also a vegetarian and owns a German shephard this does not make him Hilter. Comprende?

      • Larry L. Stuler

        It’s not my habit to reply to non-sequiturs like yours, but your lack of reasoning needs to be contested. As well, it’s obvious that you never bothered to read the Post “The Bankers’ Blueprint to Destroy American Sovereignty”.
        The federal government only has the three types of commerce jurisdiction as granted in the Constitution from Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 – “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes”. Each of the three commerce jurisdictions is cited separately under title 28, “Judiciary and Judicial Procedure”, chapter 85, “District Courts; jurisdiction”. The cite to section 1336, “Surface Board Transportation orders”, which was renamed from “Interstate Commerce Commission’s orders” in 1995, is the interstate commerce part of the commerce clause. The cite to section 1362, “Indian tribes”, is obviously the trade with the Indians part of the commerce clause. And the cite to section 1340, “Internal revenue; customs duties” is the foreign commerce part of the commerce clause. The free, sovereign American has no nexus with the Federal government’s commerce jurisdiction.
        The Supreme Court’s main decisions concerning the 16th Amendment are as follows: Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. Co., 240 U.S. 1 (1916), Stanton v. Baltic Mining, 240 US 103 (1916), Peck & Co. v. Lowe, 247 US 165 (1918), Peck & Co. v. Lowe, 247 US 165 (1918). Go to (“The Supreme Court Decisions”) to see exactly what they state. The totality of it is that no new power or jurisdiction was granted to the government by the 16th Amendment and that the government always had the power to implement an income tax. Since there was no new jurisdiction and since “all men are created equal”, the income tax is within one of the existing jurisdictions of the federal government. As evidenced above within title 28, internal revenue is within foreign commerce. The Customs Service collects importing duties from foreign countries – this is how foreign commerce generates revenue for the government. Internal revenue is the collecting of importing duties from the U.S. possessions, thus a source of internal revenue from the government’s point of view.
        So again, how does a sovereign American fall under anything to do with internal revenue? Once the international bankers bankrupted the federal government (Title 11 United States Code, “Bankruptcy”, is implemented by title 11 Code of Federal Regulations, “Federal elections” – we just elected a bankruptcy “administration”) more had to be done to make Americans pay the interest on their counterfeit money loans to the government.
        The first requirement to enslave you is the birth certificate – it is issued by the Department of Commerce. As pointed out above, the only commerce that the government has jurisdiction over is foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians. By filling out the birth certificate you have elected (or actually, your parents have unknowingly elected) to become a “U.S. citizen” (the 14th Amendment citizen). Title 26 USC section 2501(b) defines the term “U.S. citizen” “wherever it is used in the title”. Title 26 CFR 25.2501-1(c) actually exemplifies this as a person born in one of the sovereign States who then establishes a residence in Puerto Rico and, further, acquires U.S. possession citizenship. By acquiring U.S. possession citizenship, you are considered a foreigner because the U.S. possessions are foreign to the Constitution unlike the States. Since “internal revenue” is within the customs, the U.S. possessions are defined as foreign countries within the Internal Revenue Code, for example; 26 USC Sec. 865(i)(3), Sec. 872(b)(7), and Sec. 2014(g). This is necessary to consider “internal revenue” as foreign commerce. The federal government owns the U.S. possessions and may designate them in any fashion that suits it.
        The second requirement to enslave you is by applying for a Social Security number. The “Form SS-5″ that one uses to apply for a S.S.# is actually a federal employment form. Since this country was founded on the principle that “all men are created equal”, there was no such thing as a “taxpayer”. The definition of “taxpayer” is found at title 26 CFR section 2.1-1(a)(5): Taxpayer means a citizen who has established or seeks to establish a construction reserve fund under the provisions of section 511 of the Merchant Marine Act and the regulations in this part, and may include a partnership. Congratulations, you just became a federal employee. Afterall, who is liable for federal employment taxes – federal employees. Why the Merchant Marine – in the War of 1812 Great Britain was impressing America’s Merchant Marine into its service. Where is the banking center of the world today – in London. The international bankers (counterfeiters) now own you lock, stock, and barrel. You are their slave. Your income tax is paying the interest on their funny money loans to the government.
        FICA is a U.S. possession tax (and so is the self-employment tax) – see title 26 USC section 7655. On the “Form SS-5″ you have the option to select “U.S. citizen”
        or “Alien” – it only applies to foreigners, which the birth certificate made you.
        Go to to read the entire “Social Security Scam”.
        We have been lied to by our masters throughout our lifetimes – and their main goal is Socialism whether you denominate it as Communism or Nazism or Fascism.

      • ibcamn

        those two taxes do not make him a communist,what he and his henchmen are “doing”make them communists!it has been proven time and time again Obama is going in the wrong direction to make this country great again!(look at Texas-hello-success)he just gave 20 F-16′s to Egypt and like 100 tanks!he hates Isreal,he hates white old men,he hates the constitution,he hates the flag,he hates law abiding American citizens,he loves blacks who kill blacks,he hates our guns,he hates the military(he really hates Marines[for some odd reason]next to the air force),he loves Brazil(his girlfriend that runs that country),he hates capitolism,he hates small buisnesses,he hates big oil,he loves acting like a KING!and a million other things that make him a communist!(look at the murderers he has put in the white house around him)look at acorn,look at planned parenthood(a population control company)look how he consistantly lies to American people,look at the stockpile of UN vehicals around the US,strategicly placed at all the AFB that were shut down by him!(there are literaly 100′s of thousands of them,everywhere,ready to roll!against us)he cuts the military budget in half almost every year,targets the Air Force the most,you need air support to be the big dog in any military fight!DO YOU WANT ME TO GO ON SOME MORE YOU JERK STAIN?Obama’s following the Marxist handbook word for word,your following him-you do the math Marx-oops,Mark!

  • robert

    They are trying to turn our nation communist.they have been going against the constitution since 1918 when they started the IRS. Then they expand the government and keep putting restrictions on companies and taxing the heck out of them, so they move to differnt countries and put millions out of work. Now they not only raise taxes but demand they buy insurance. They spend Billions on spying on Americans and keep our military over seas and that costs trillions every year. Then they pass laws saying its for our own good. No that’s a big brother thing and that’s communism. This country is lost. We need to tear it down and start over using the original constitution. We are now taxed more than the colinists were by England when they had enough.

    • tony newbill

      Have been going against the economic rule of law under the Constitution since 1913 Robert .
      When they changed who controlled the Money was when the people lost their nation and the means to control it .

    • mark

      No, Robert, U.S. companies move overseas not just to escape U.S. taxes ( their attitude has always been why should we pay taxes, that it is for the little guy, for the workers, the suckers) but in order to tap extremely cheap and compliaint, often terrorized, labor. With these very low starvation, overseas wages, U.S. companies can vastly increase their profit margins, their sole reason for being after all. They also don’t have to deal with unions, “a living wage,” giving decent benefits to U.S. workers, etc. The Chinese security forces will beat any recalcitrant workers, angry over making 90 cents a day, confine them to psychiatric wards, labor camps, or just “diappear” them. This is, as you can imagine, an ideal labor environment for American companies, one they’d always dreamed about having here on U.S. soil, and did for a while from about 1865-1895, before Progressives started talking about constraints on U.S. corporations and all this nonsense that you had to treat workers like human beings. In China, Vietnam, Burma, and Malaysia, U.S. companies do not have to deal with any of this, simply the raking in of ever greater profits as they pay workers 9 dollars a week. And once in a while the domestic headquarters of these corporations will hold a press conference condemning U.S. unions for wanting health care, and to give a big check to the U.S. Olympic team, the public relations stuff that the suckers in the States eat up.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    When talking about Obama genaologly, everyone knows for certainly 1/2 white, part ahab arab, and part black. There is a possiblality he was syred by a communist radical liberial, since his slutty dam, who left barry’s indo step father because wasn’t enough of a socialist/communist. If Barry was a mutt you could say he weiner dog crossed with a wire haired terrior, crossed with a Great sheep dog. This muslim marxist book trained theorist idoit knows doesn’t have a clue on reality. Every pipe dream this crossbred doper dreams up crap that never works or is feasable. . This loon that ewastes at the minium of 7 million dollars on a golfing trip, and that isn’t all the money that goes into preping for the puke. Between Onumnutts and the socialist/communist democrats want to destroy the USA by destroying our economy.

    • mark

      Yes, ridge runner but have to admit that for all of his diverse background, Obama did get a much better education than you, since he can read and write and knows how to spell also.

  • ARIC

    Yes, the sun was shining 21 january – soo warm the usurper took a limo ride instead of a walk down Pennsylvania. Fact – 17M viewership on inoguration day ’08 and only 7M viewers on monday. Fact – 108% of votes for the usurper (that’s more than the # of reg voters – 1 example) – can you say voter fraud? “I’m not sure he actually won!” I DO hope that GOD blesses America again!

    • Mary

      Apparently God did exactly that. Maybe you should stop questioning him.

    • Karolyn

      There were about 1 mil people there in person and Obama and Michelle walked quite a bit.

    • jopa

      ARIC; Put down the bottle or whatever you are on.Hard to understand your dribble.Nielson came up with 20 million viewers on inauguration day and one million in DC.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Your stats left out the best voter turn out in Florida, 157% of registered voters voted for this muslim marxist, several other staes had the average registered voters of over 103% , all for this anti-USA puke. But the democrap party has always used the plan of stealing voting boxes, especially NY and Chitcogo dead voters going back to right after the Civil War. Read the “Dirty American Scoundrel” a true fact written historical story.

      • Bob666

        “157% of registered voters voted for this muslim marxist, several other staes had the average registered voters of over 103% , all for this anti-USA puke”

        Really? where do you come up with this stuff?

  • nc

    Mr. Root, The truths that your babble can’t cover. Obama did not cancel the 2012 elections> He did not declare himself ” a dictator”. He took the oath like all before him! We are not a muslim nation. We are not a socialist state> The stock market has not missed a beat. 100% higher than when it bottomed from the bush recession. Terrorist deaths in this country are down by 3000(9/11) WARS CUT IN HALF AND HEADED TO ZERO) . jOBLESS CLAIMS LOWEST SINCE BEFORE THE RECESSION BEGAN IN 2007>

    You folks say that we are not the number one nation in the world but I don’t see any other nation asking for a title fight! You doom sayers are just 4 years away from becoming the most laughable opposition in history! When in 2017 Obama waves to crowd and steps into that helicopter and flies back to Chicago or to Hawaii, and Old Glory still waves and citizens still walk and speak freely as they have for over 230 years adult independents and Democrats are going to ask WHAT WERE ROOT. LIVINGSTON, and THE REST OF THAT CROWD OF CRONIES THINKING ABOUT???

    Get in your cars and ride around! Do you really see the miserable country you say we are??? You might want to ride out into the desert and ask your cousins how things are going for them now that what ever they are hiding from HASN’T happened! Have another can of beans and shoot at that terrorist> Actually , it’s a cactus but damned if it don’t look like a terrorist, don’t it??? Yeah Right!

    • mark

      nc, you summed it all up beautifully. This endless hate and fear based on laughable, paranoid illusions. Very well put.

    • mark

      nc, beautifully stated. This endless hated and laughable paranoid from the majority of posters here will never change. They live and breathe everyday in a republic of fear largely created from their own insecurities and stunted vision.

  • Ann Manley

    Now if we could only get Obama or better yet someone smarter than a 5th Grader, in his administration to read this there still could hope.please pass this on to every Democrat you know. Pass it in to the White House.

  • Richard

    BO doesn’t care. That is exactly what he wants to happen. America dying is his life’s dream as far a sitting him done and educating him, good luck with that because you cant fix stupid arrogance

    • cawmun cents

      Liberals and progressives are like Catherine the Great,and Obama is their Potempkin.
      The illusion is much better than the reality,kind of like watching reality television,right?

      • Mary

        Obviously you are neither so you have no idea what you are talking about. I am a Democrat and very happy. I own my home, retired with a good income and I voted for Obama. Life is great.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Actually, it’s probably like all you mindless righties sitting out there in the field with Charlie Brown and waiting for the Great Potumpkin.

  • Bill

    Jeremy is right;
    Obama is not a socialist. He does not want to own the means of production. He is closer to a fascist, as he only wants to control the means of production.
    But that is secondary to the basic concept, our debt is crushing us;
    The US government has NEVER collected more than abojut 21% of the annual GDP in taxes. Even when taxes on the top were 70% revenue to Washington was about 21% of GDP. So what reasonable person would belive that somehow, today, the government could modify taxes to match a spending rate of 23-24% of GDP since it never happened before? The only logical conclusion is to reduce spending to no more than21% of GDP.
    And do not bog us down in fractions and minor details. Keep it simple and you will find an answer.

    • tony newbill

      the transition from Fascism to Communism , which will blow right over the top of socialism will happen when the Nations that make up the WTO Trade nations begins to break apart over the debt between nations . This is coming very soon , Davos is speaking to this as we speak these are the fascists that you are talking about that Obama and both political parties are in line with ,

      • The Christian American

        Hitler and Mussolini both opted for fascism (private ownership / government control) and there was a reason. They felt that by giving people the illusion of ownership they would be more productive to ther cause, and that was true. Lenin and Stalin opted for communism (government ownership / government controlled). They felt that treating people as if they were animals on a farm they would get production to their cause. Fascism was more productive, and is how America works today. Either of system requires the people not having the ability to defend themselves, that’s why they’ve twisted the actions of a lone satanic killer to their cause. Their painting every gun owner as being the same as this satanic killer. Obama’s use of words like “collectives” are showing him to be a full blown communist. He wants you on his farm, maybe even for dinner.

      • WTS/JAY

        Well said, Christian. Good post!!!

  • jopa

    Mr. Root asks”Is Obama smarter than a Communist”?Apparently so, he and the President supposedly went to the same school and Mr. Obama is President and he is not.

    • chuckb

      can you prove he went to the same school? let’s see the records. root must be in the diaper business, presenting an article on barrys intelligence, the bolsheviks turn the faucet on when they speak about their messiah. they can’t even prove this jerk went to kindergarten. he is nothing more than a muslim with marxist tendency. controlled by a teleprompter.

      • tony newbill

        Hillary said yesterday that Obama has been Employing the Muslim Militias to protect the Embassies in the region and that they trusted them up to the Benghazi crisis . This is telling as to where the loyalty and who is writing the script thats being read from the TelePrompter huh ???

      • jopa

        chuckb;I can’t prove if Root and Obama were going to the same college,however I believe that to be one of Mr. Roots claim to fame.

  • Mary

    And you right wing nut jobs wonder why you lost the election. The Speaker of the House accused President Obama of wanting to annihilate the Republican party. You all will do it to yourselves with your extremism. During the cold war years, when there was fear that Russia would spread communism in America, Russia said they did not have to destroy America, it would be destroyed within. It is obvious that the right wing conservatives are working hard to do just that. You just keep listening to the lies and crap coming from the right wing talking heads and in four years you will wonder what the heck happened when you realize Obama is not the tyrant you want to believe he is. Anything he does or will do is nothing compared to what went on in the Bush administration. You were not calling Bush a Tyrant, a Dictator and etc. You were not screaming about your Constitutional rights when he enacted the Patriot Act. What a bunch of hypocarites you all are.

    • tony newbill

      Mary whats your view on this ?

      • nc

        Tony. hiring Muslims seems to go back to the first world war or further. Those weren’t Methodist missionaries that Reagan was shipping weapons to in Afghanistan or arms to in Iran or weapons and biologicals to in Iraq. I believe that was a 75 year local in Lebanon guarding the gates when Reagan got 241 Marines under his command killed by a terrorist!

        • tony newbill

          NC so we agree that both parties have been and are still screwing up on foreign policy right ???

  • Tony Ruiz

    It’s not that obama’s smart. He isn’t. The fact is that his supporters are dumber than fenceposts, with some otherwise intelligent evildoers

  • Dave67

    Root is just not that smart… Obama has nothing to do with the fearmongering and lies that Root tries to put over.

    Get over it libertarians and conservatives, we need to pay for the stuff the country purchases. Obama is NOT a socialist, communist or marxist and if you think he is, please look up the definitions of each one of those terms because you are woefully ignorant of what they mean.

    If you hate laws that much… I hear Somalia is great this time of year. Move there.

    How does anyone by the BS Mr Root is trying to sell??? I guess their is a conservative born every minute…

  • Jan Eric Deen

    I would rather be Well Read than be Dead. This language and terminology is so tired.

  • mark

    Just goes to prove BO is definately out to destroy America. He need to be impeached now!

    • mark

      I wouldn’t go that far, mark.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Read the muslism marxist s–tbird’s books and see what his goals are.

  • chuckb

    “we need to pay for the stuff the country purchases. Obama is NOT a socialist,” says dave 67

    please tell me where the money is coming from to pay for the stuff? barry and company are printing it!! his policies are destroying the country, we are aligning ourselves with socialist nations and they are doomed.
    barry refuses to open up our energy supplies, consequently, gas prices are rising again and will continue, food prices are going up by the day, employment is not improving, gm stock (they have partially paid off their stimulus loan with stock that is practically worthless) is falling. the electric cars are a flop, foreign policy is in the tank, however, he is arming the muslim brotherhood. that should make the israeli’s happy. he has covered up both the fast and furious incident and benghazi., something he could be impeached for.
    no he’s not as smart as the communist, he’s not as smart as anybody.

    • Dave67


      The money could have came friom the 1.6T in lost revenue thanks to the Bush Tax cuts. Another 1.6T could have came from NOT STARTING THE WAR IN IRAQ.

      Thanks to Voodoo Economics or a you know it, Reaganomics where you reduce taxes and increase spending…. we have amassed huge deficits since that scumbag Reagan was in office. And Obama has to deal with 1.4T to pay interest on debt we amassed before he became president..

      You couple all this with a severe recession he came into (revenue goes down in a recession and spending to get people back to work goes up… thats how recessions work) and we have the baby-boomer generation retiring so they are using more HC and services than the new generation replaces that lost revenue.

      It also hasn’t helped that the corporatists who pursued free trade agreements with countries that pay their workers nothing chaced out revenue generating better paying jobs.

      So the idea that Obama is a mad spender is just another right wing conservative lie.

      • George E


        Here’s a pretty objective assessment, I think, of federal government spending under recent administrations.

      • chuckb

        dave, quit blaming past people for the failure of this so called president. barry has amassed far more debt on his own than all other presidents before him. i would suggest you go back and look at the deficit under reagan,” trivial”. look at the deficit under bush, still minor compared to those under the last four years of barry soetoro.and you can imagine what the deficit will be in the next four years. the bolsheviks had control of the purse strings the last two years of bush, they had full control the first two years of barry and the senate for all those six years and you still want to blame bush, what a joke.
        barry has done nothing to improve this country, he has lead us into another depression, i shouldn’t say he has, the bolsheviks have used him as a puppet, barry hasn’t got enough smarts to lead a boy scout troop.

      • Dave67

        Show me the details of the spending Chuck. Can you???

        You simply repeat what your masters have taught you.

      • Dave67

        Amazing how that spike came just as the economy collapsed in 2008 under the recession…kinda like I said… Since we have been on the road to a slow recovery, low and behold spending is actually coming down using your source George.

        Again, the idea that Obama is this moster spender is just another right wing fairy tale.

      • Dave67


        I looked up that link and what it means in real dollars…

        Clinton: Fed Spending went up $987 per person through 8 years.
        George W Bush: Spending went up $3336 per person over 8 years.
        Obama: Spending went DOWN $80 per person over 4 years.

        So when the conservatives try and lie that Obama is a big spending liberal. Show them the WSJ graph to shut their pie-holes up.

        • Bob666

          You are aware that the Wall Street Journal is a left leaning rag that is run by Maxist propaganda spinners in the liberal media?

      • Dave67


        News Corp? You know… the ones partially owns by a Muslim Oil Shek and Rupert Murdock?

        If you want to call them Marxist liberals fine…. Who are you? Attilla the Hun?

        • Bob666

          For me, that is humor. For some on this board, their view of reality.

  • jenniewalsh

    Obama IS a communist fascist. He has been surrounded, schooled, and trained by communists since his early childhood. He is Hitler on steroids. He is very smooth talking con man who keeps the most sincere face on the planet while lying and conning the public.

    Overwhelm The System

    Wayne Allyn Root

    Barrack Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. To the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos — thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within.

    Barack Obama is my college classmate ( Columbia University , class of ’83). As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Obama is following the plan of Cloward and Piven, two professors at Columbia University . They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands. Add up the clues below. Taken individually they’re alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs government for survival … and can be counted on to always vote for bigger government. Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it.
    — Universal health care. The health care bill had very little to do with health care. Â It had everything to do with unionizing millions of hospital and health care workers, as well as adding 15,000 to 20,000 new IRS agents (who will join government employee unions). Obama doesn’t care that giving free health care to 30 million Americans will add trillions to the national debt. What he does care about is that it cements the dependence of those 30 million voters to Democrats and big government. Who but a socialist revolutionary would pass this reckless spending bill in the middle of a depression?
    — Cap and trade. Like health care legislation having nothing to do with health care, cap and trade has nothing to do with global warming. It has everything to do with redistribution of income, government control of the economy and a criminal payoff to Obama’s biggest contributors. Those powerful and wealthy unions and contributors (like GE, which owns NBC, MSNBC and CNBC) can then be counted on to support everything Obama wants. They will kickback hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to Obama and the Democratic Party to keep them in power. The bonus is that all the new taxes on Americans with bigger cars, bigger homes and businesses helps Obama “spread the wealth around.”
    — Make Puerto Rico a state. Why? Who’s asking for a 51st state? Who’s asking for millions of new welfare recipients and government entitlement addicts in the middle of a depression? Certainly not American taxpayers. But this has been Obama’s plan all along. His goal is to add two new Democrat senators, five Democrat congressman and a million loyal Democratic voters who are dependent on big government.
    — Legalize 12 million illegal immigrants. Just giving these 12 million potential new citizens free health care alone could overwhelm the system and bankrupt America . But it adds 12 million reliable new Democrat voters who can be counted on to support big government. Add another few trillion dollars in welfare, aid to dependent children, food stamps, free medical, education, tax credits for the poor, and eventually Social Security.
    — Stimulus and bailouts. Where did all that money go? It went to Democrat contributors, organizations (ACORN), and unions — including billions of dollars to save or create jobs of government employees across the country. It went to save GM and Chrysler so that their employees could keep paying union dues. It went to AIG so that Goldman Sachs could be bailed out (after giving Obama almost $1 million in contributions). A staggering $125 billion went to teachers (thereby protecting their union dues). Al l those public employees will vote loyally Democrat to protect their bloated salaries and pensions that are bankrupting America . The country goes broke, future generations face a bleak future, but Obama, the Democrat Party, government, and the unions grow more powerful. The ends justify the means.
    — Raise taxes on small business owners, high-income earners, and job creators. Put the entire burden on only the top 20 percent of taxpayers, redistribute the income, punish success, and reward those who did nothing to deserve it (except vote for Obama). Reagan wanted to dramatically cut taxes in order to starve the government. Obama wants to dramatically raise taxes to starve his political opposition.
    With the acts outlined above, Obama and his regime have created a vast and rapidly expanding constituency of voters dependent on big government; a vast privileged class of public employees who work for big government; and a government dedicated to destroying capitalism and installing themselves as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system.
    Add it up and you’ve got the perfect Marxist scheme — all devised by my Columbia University college classmate Barack Obama using the Cloward and Piven Plan.

    There are people that will simply read and delete this… maybe not read it at all.
    There are others that are so wrapped up with Obama-mania that they will never accept any criticism of him.
    There are those that say, ‘I’m too old to worry about this crap… it’s not going to affect me’!
    Finally, there are professional blood-suckers that live off everyone else’s sweat — they want more ‘Free Stuff’. And we all know where they stand.

    • Dave67

      You are an ill-informed idiot. Do you even know what a communist is?

  • JennieWalsh
    Please set a side ten minutes to watch this video, It may be one of the most important videos you have ever watched.

  • AWKingsley

    This is an excellent article. I’m noticing from at least one comment that people do not recognize or give credence to the degree of Socialism or Marxism we already have in our country. Some of the comments indicate that we have no degree of any of the aspects of Socialism and Marxism while we possess most if not all of those aspects in part.

  • Terry Bateman

    To answer your question..Mr. Obama is smarter than a communist.
    Regarding tax rates, I would prefer 20% corporate, individual,dividend,
    capital gain, and estate tax rates with no deductions,credits, exclusions, etc.
    You pay 20%, no less than 20%, and no more than 20% .

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      That would be OK if everyone abided by all rules and laws. Democraps never abide by rules they wrote up for the (middle class) every day workers. The dems never pay fines or even get jail time, Tom Daschle didn’t pay taxes for years or get fined for his bogus college money fund, unless Onumnutts haddent appointed him to sheperd the Nocare plan, Turbo Geithner didn’t pay accrued interest on shorting taxpayers, Greasy Rangel who has been using governent programs, which is conflick of interest, as well as he wrote the tax regulations, he got off like a smuck he is. In the SOP manual for federal Congress are supposed to abide under. Onerule is if a Congress person will be stripped of pay and benifits, for defrauding the government on taxes, getting special dealsthat citizens can not gget, and also if they are convicted oflying under oath, whick makesthem a felon, which would kick out 90% of life long democraps. Clinton, and Obama were stripped of their law permit, whick automatically makes them a felom, go check out the SOP manual!


    President Obama’s convention speech got rough reviews, and rightly so. He offered little but tired bromides and recycled promises. But critics overlooked one promise that will guarantee an even bleaker future.

    There was plenty to dislike in Obama’s speech. The language was flat, his delivery languid. The speech was stuffed with standard Obama chestnuts about the smallness of politics, the corrupting influence of money in politics, and how cynicism is our worst enemy.

    Instead of stirring rhetoric filled with hope and promise, Obama pledged that under his leadership, “our path is harder” and “our road is longer.”

    Seriously? After four years of the worst economic recovery since the Depression, falling incomes, lower-paying jobs, increased hopelessness and exploding debt, all Obama has to offer is that he’ll make this nightmare last even longer?

    He also told the public that they “elected me to tell you the truth” not to “tell you what you wanted to hear,” but then proceeded to hide inconvenient truths while filling the public’s ears with sweet nothings.

    For example, he pledged government help for everyone who could possibly want or need it, but managed to avoid any mention of the hard truth that the national debt just topped $16 trillion and entitlements are unsustainable.

    He said he’d spend money saved from ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on roads, bridges and schools. Even the liberal press wasn’t buying this one. As the AP pointed out, Obama “laid claim to a peace dividend that doesn’t exist.”

    Obama promised to “take responsible steps” that would “keep the promise of Social Security.” But he failed to mention that the only options he’s left on the table are raising taxes or cutting benefits. That may not be what people want to hear, but it’s the absolute truth.

    He trotted out his supposed plan to cut deficits by $4 trillion over the next decade. But his actual plan — the budget he presented in February — would add $3.5 trillion in deficits, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

    Then Obama said he’d create a million new manufacturing jobs, recruit another 100,000 math and science teachers, cut tuition growth in half, and reform the tax code. All by magic, apparently, since he’s provided no detailed plans on any of this.

    But while everyone was picking apart these and other flaws in Obama’s speech, they overlooked the most frightening line of all. That was when Obama promised that he’d pursue “the kind of bold, persistent experimentation that Franklin Roosevelt pursued during the only crisis worse than this one.”

    That promise might have made liberal hearts swoon. But as Amity Shlaes explained in her outstanding history of the era — “The Forgotten Man” — it was precisely FDR’s “bold, persistent experimentation” that was largely to blame for the length, depth and severity of the Great Depression.

    Convinced that the government had to do something, FDR tinkered and experimented, she said, figuring that if he didn’t “get it right the first time … maybe he’d get it right the second time.” But the very arbitrariness of FDR’s actions, she found, made it impossible for businesses to make plans. And so, as FDR’s bold experiments increased, business activity decreased and markets froze.

    “From the point of view of a business,” Shlaes said in a 2009 interview, “it is annihilating to hear Washington uncertain, and that itself retards recovery because you really don’t know what to expect.”

    If Obama wants to conduct experiments, he should get a job as a high school science teacher, and not use the entire nation as guinea pigs, particularly when we already know how his tests will turn out.

  • Sandra Grinnell

    Mr. Root, you should give factual websites, video clips and information so that people can check out what you say and see if it is true. Maybe, if they read it themselves, they would believe it.

    • nickkin

      Sandra…if you can’t see in front of your eyes by now of what is happening, I may want to ask you ,”what country are you in now?” I will understand if you are still in the 5th grade. Keep studying !

  • John B

    To all you Obama supporters you show you lack of knowledge on American History and definitely do not know World History. The communist plan to take over this country started in 1913 council on foreign relations group. (one world government)Confirmed by Norman M Thomas commies in democrat party 1944 use the word Progressive and the dumb masses will accept the government. ” The Naked Communist” 1958 (46 points to take over the country) Verified “Useful Idiots” Mona Charen 2003. Obama mother, grandparents & Friends all commies. Duh!He is a commie plant. No experience, (community agitate r)No Knowledge (always reads a teleprompter) Lies repeats them often (right out of the commie play book)
    Signed a Vietnam Veteran who was lied to by LBJ/democrats in the 60′s.
    (fool me once, ain’t happen en again)

    • Dave67

      John B, you know those Democrats in the 1960′s that fooled you left the party and became Republicans in the 1970′s thanks to that pesky civil rights movement right?

  • nickkin

    Wayne……will we ever know what grade level obummer is….sealed records leads me to believe that he never attended formal education. Who is his Daddy, who is his mammy? What country claims him…..? Hawaii can claim him as half-howlie….born as a messiah from the bowels of a volcano. Barry ? Barrack ? Who is this fool? Nobody’s dummy but he fooled Congress and the liberals. Even the rino’s are bamboozled.

  • gunner689AI

    George Soros is the true Communist here. BO is just his pump boy doing his best to destroy America. Soros needs to be held as a war criminal and BO impeached.

    • nickkin

      Put them on a stand with a hanging rope……hang em’ high.

  • adrianvance

    Wrong question: Obama is a Communist.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Elton Robb

    re: You guys just cannot understand who President Obama really is. You didn’t think that somewhere in this universe there lived a young black intelligent, articulate man who will one day surface and change the face of America. You all can’t walk in his shoes. You’re so very jealous! Just think on this: Senator in 2000, President in 2008/2012. The losers call him names – all knds of names – did he respond? No.He is a class act, and there is a move afoot to extend Presidential terms (like Bloomberg did) so that President Obama can run again and win(landslide victory) again. He is the Prnce from the East (read the bible)

    I know what he is. Intelligent and black he may be, but he’s no Judahite. Or if he is, he’s from Shelah and neither Zarah or Pharez. Think for a moment. He’s pathologically narcissist. He has no idea what is going on in the white house, his own staff has to compete to see him. He has no idea what is going on in the minds of the average person. He’s sheltered from his critics.

    For all of his intelligence, he’s absolutely clueless of what is going on in the country. As for the Prince from the East, pride goeth before the fall . . .

  • Carl

    Obama is a communist liar so how could he be smarter then his own kind?

    • chuckb

      dave67, like i said, do a little research when barry was a senator before he was elected pres. see what bills he voted on. see what pelousi and reid did in the last years of bush,

      For 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budget.

      In a nutshell, what Obama is saying is, “I inherited a deficit that I voted for,
      And then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th, 2009.”
      you who worship this loser fail to read your history, you either are reading union material or propaganda from the bolshevik party.
      I’m not defending bush, he was very weak in defending himself and made bad decisions trying to appease the bolsheviks.however, he was a much better president than barry.and we knew what his personal life amounted too, including what university he attended and what his grades were, can you say the same about barry hussein soetoro.

      • Dave67

        Bs Chuck, the economic collapse happened because of policies that orginated in the Reagan and Clinton Administations under those Congresses. That included conservative congresses. If you bothered to do a little research, it was the deregulation of the banks, home building industries , wall street and the lack of oversight that led directly to the collapse. It took 30 years to get to that point. Obama has to go around Congress because the scum in the GOP are using record filibusters to ensure nothing gets done which also speaks to the conservative whiners who complain Obama hasn’t done enough to speed up the recovery. Unforunately, we have a GOP and Harry scumbag Reid that are more interested in games that helping the country.

  • ibcamn


  • John

    This is a reply to V. Mason. First I am an independent and not affiliated with any party. An articulate black man as you so eloquintly put it. You left out his mother being European American. Secondly B.O. has made a career out of riding the welfare train. From the time he was born until he turned 18 he was taught by his mother to “When the going gets tough, go to the welfare office and be multi-racial” He was born in Hawaii and is a citizen simply because his mother is american. However, when he went to live in Indonesia he had to be a citizen to go to school there, he was adopted by Lolo Sotero and remained until his mother divorced again and moved back to Hawaii. This is where b.o. re-emerges until he turned 18 he magically morphed into barry sotero the poor indonesian muslim so he could qualify for a grant from “The Fulbright Foundation”. They only grant scholarships to students of foreign nationality. Yes, he lied to someone about his nationatily. He also ran as the Kenyan born candidate for state senate in Illinois. Once again he lied to somone. Getting to the point. Landslide victory ?? 3% of the vote was the difference between the two candidates, check your numbers again. All that being said I personally do not trust anyone that says we should exercise caution in dealing with maj hassan the mass murderer from the Texas shooting and calling the terrorist attack “Workplace violence”. Or grandstanding about saying if he had a son he would look like Travon and last the nerve to stand on the graves of the children of Sandyhook and push his personal agenda. I wonder how Border Agent Brian Terry and Consulate Christopher Stevens feel about the behavior of the emperor. Oh nevermind, they don’t look like Travon.

  • Michael Guy

    Every Roman Dictator since Julius Caesar kept up the pretext of a Roman republic by affixing the letters SPQR to their tyrannical decrees; For the Senate and the People of Rome. The Roman tribunes and Senators were as ineffectual and vestigial after Cicero as our legislators seem to be. WE have a Socialist Sun King who can recite Louis XIV with equal vehemence, “Etate c’est moi” “I am the state”. This Administration armed Mexican drug lords in Fast and Furious. The drug lords make their millions because this administration gives welfare, SSI and EBT to addicts. This administration extorts tax money from you and then gives it to parasites in the HHS welfare society so that these Obama voters will enhance the profits of violent drug gangs. So not only is tax money or loaned money from China filtered through to the vicious drug cartels, but Eric Holder even armed these gangs with the same weapons he wants to confiscate from conservative, capitalist, Constitution-loving, law-abiding American citizens. Add to this hypocrisy, the financial aid and arms sent to the Sunni Jihadist in the Muslim Brotherhood and you can see this Democratic Administration wants to arm Saudi-controlled, Arab Spring” Sunni terrorist who will be killing Shia, Christians , Jews and socialists throughout the world, including America. But this Administration and its Democrats want to abrogate and nullify our social contract, i.e. the Constitution with its Bill of Rights and then confiscate property to which citizens are entitled, especially the arms and ammunition owned by Christian, conservative, capitalist, Constitution-loving, Caucasians. Is this to make us subject serfs in a global Holy Roman Empire, ruled by elite liberal lords, Bolshevik bureaucrats and progressive plutocrats in the UN?

    • SmallGuillermo

      Very well said, Michael I just hope to see more good people pay attention to what this president is doing.

      • Tired Of Chip Wood and Wayne Allan Root

        SmallGuillermo note the last name), I like what the Prez is doing. You will soon be able to bring your kin (Hispanic illegals) to this country without having to go through the proper channels

  • brazzos

    Smarter than stupid ole Wayne Allyn Root, then again, who isn’t?

  • SmallGuillermo

    This is an answer for “BigBadJhon” Jan 24,2013 at 9:36 am

    Jhon it is good that you engage in giving some facts rather than insulting everybody around.
    But: As you throw your data from four years ago vs today’s, you simply fail miserably to understand your own data.
    Four years ago. *Jobless claims up, *Housing hits low, *Wall St looses value, *GM failing, *Bad Crisis, all true.
    But: the correlation is to the government intervention in the housing market, and not to the presiding president George Bush. Yes he was a big spender, “No Child left Behind, Prescription drugs for Seniors” , which by the way the left complained that not enough money was spent in those programs.The fact is the government forced the Banking industry to change lending criterias via CRA “Community Reinvestment Act” and that! “Mr Jhon” was pushed by democrats and put in steroids by non other than Bill Clinton.
    Trillions of dollars were lent to non credit worthy induviduals, house market artificially over inflated, and by the end of 2007 we saw the results of those policies. Fanny Mae, And Freddy Mack sound familiar? Well George Bush tried to put the breaks on them unsuccesfully.
    And GM, are you being serious in blaming this on GB? Nothing but unions pushed this and many other into the brink of collapse.

    Then lets take a look into your “Todays” facts.
    * Jobless claims five year low, *Housing climbing back, *Wall St up, *GM to invest 1.5 Billion in USA.
    The reason you have a low in jobless claims is “BECAUSE PEOPLE GAVE UP LOOKING FOR JOBS” and that is counted as a decrease in unemployment, Jhon! plain and simple “Government accounting lies” , to be swallowed by unsuspecting citizens not paying attention to real facts. * GM was bailed out in a fraudulent bankruptcy procedure, with 25 Billions, and has been doing very poorly in the national market, while most of their gains have been in international markets, Jhon! Outsourcing! The left would cry, but not here with their own. As for the 1.5 bill to be “invested” in the national market, sounds like peanuts when you consider the amount they received.
    And Osama Bin Laden went down as a combination of efforts that started years before Obama came in power with tactics that included the dreaded “Water Boarding”

    Under Obama, my taxes just began going up, I have not hired new people for the last 5 years at the rate I used to hire, we have more regulations to deal with.

    For anybody defending Obama’s policies, please take basic “Economic 101″ courses. That will help.

  • Ron. Persaud

    In the opening of the second paragraph of the lead article, you have written;
    “Remember when Obama said, “I just want to spread the wealth around”?”
    I have tried to verify this quote and the best that I have come up with is the following
    “…when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.”
    Would you care to comment?

    • Dave67


      Lying, manipulation, fear, ignorance and distortion are conservative/right wing/GOP hallmarks so do not expect a response to this site’s version of Rush Limbaugh.

      He won’t comment or put what you said in the proper context which is when people have the opportunity to make a good living, its better for society because it doesn’t fit the BS narrative the loons on this site which to believe.

      • chuckb

        dave, clinton was far more into deregulation than bush. his deregulation of the banks, lowering the loan standards, led to the collapse,
        barney frank and chris dodd were the culprits leading the banks into the mess,
        also, you might look at the fed reserve’s non-action on interest rates at this time.irregardless, what should have been a minor interruption of the economy turned into a nightmare because of people like pelousi and reid and a newly elected president who didn’t have a clue what was going on and steered by people who had a different agenda pertaining to the country.

      • Dave67


        Where do I mention Bush? If you read what I put down, Reagan deregulated the banks in the 1980s, Clinton did the same in the 1990′s and the GOP were the authors of the bill that played a huge role in the 2008 collapse.

        Bush 2 was a corporate moron that just let the status quo go on and he did not bother to enforce what regs their were.

        There is only one thing worse than a Democrat, that is todays Republicans… None of them are worth a darn.

      • jdangiel

        It’s when people are free to pursue their own self interests unfettered by a heavy-handed, intrusive federal government that it is better for society. What the spread the wealth crowd refuses to acknowledge is that spreading is just taking what’s there from others and giving to someone else as opposed to free enterprise where more and more wealth is created. When you take away both the incentive and the means to create more wealth, you have nothing additional to spread while the supply goes down and you end up with Greece. Plus, you breed intellectual weaklings with no incentive to work for themselves, whose only vision of a better life is the freebies from the government, which are unsustainable ( you can’t refute Greece, so don’t even try), and innovation, risk-taking, new ideas, new businesses, opportunities for others all disappear. All of which leads to the spreaders posting on here today.

      • Dave67


        If you are going to mention Greece, you need to take a deeper dive and look at loosened credit regulations and level of corruption in their Gov. Its not as simple as “entitlements” as the right pretends it is.

  • llstuler

    Any form of Socialism, such as Communism, or Nazism, or Fascism, or whatever “ism” relies on a central government that has total jurisdiction over its citizens.
    However, this country was founded on the principle that “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution acknowledges this by only granting the federal government jurisdiction over foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians. The federal government has no jurisdiction over intrastate commerce, otherwise known as human action, since if “all men are created equal” no one American or group of Americans can control any other American or group of Americans.
    So, if we’re going to start talking about Communism, why not read the Communist Manifesto: the second plank is the income tax, the third plank is the inheritance tax – if you didn’t know that it’s because you were never taught that and the tenth plank is to have the government control education. The fifth plank is to have a central bank. Not all of the planks are as yet installed, but the more government grows the more the Communist Manifesto is being used as the guideline. All regulatory agencies are based upon the threat of initiatory force by the government, a power that the federal government does not have in America.
    Yet today, here we Americans are being subjected to a plethora of federal regulatory agencies. How did this happen? The international bankers (counterfeiters) have bankrupted the federal government and are now operating it under the foreign commerce clause.
    The federal government only has the three types of commerce jurisdiction as granted in the Constitution from Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 – “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes”. Each of the three commerce jurisdictions is cited separately under title 28, “Judiciary and Judicial Procedure”, chapter 85, “District Courts; jurisdiction”. The cite to section 1336, “Surface Board Transportation orders”, which was renamed from “Interstate Commerce Commission’s orders” in 1995, is the interstate commerce part of the commerce clause. The cite to section 1362, “Indian tribes”, is obviously the trade with the Indians part of the commerce clause. And the cite to section 1340, “Internal revenue; customs duties” is the foreign commerce part of the commerce clause. The free, sovereign American has no nexus with the Federal government’s commerce jurisdiction.
    The Supreme Court’s main decisions concerning the 16th Amendment are as follows: Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. Co., 240 U.S. 1 (1916), Stanton v. Baltic Mining, 240 US 103 (1916), Peck & Co. v. Lowe, 247 US 165 (1918), and Eisner v. Macomber, 252 U.S. 189 (1920). Go to (“The Supreme Court Decisions”) to see exactly what they state. The totality of it is that no new power or jurisdiction was granted to the government by the 16th Amendment and that the government always had the power to implement an income tax. Since there was no new jurisdiction and since “all men are created equal”, the income tax is within one of the existing jurisdictions of the federal government. As evidenced above within title 28, internal revenue is within foreign commerce. The Customs Service collects importing duties from foreign countries – this is how foreign commerce generates revenue for the government. Internal revenue is the collecting of importing duties from the U.S. possessions, thus a source of internal revenue from the government’s point of view.
    So again, how does a sovereign American fall under anything to do with internal revenue? Once the international bankers bankrupted the federal government (Title 11 United States Code, “Bankruptcy”, is implemented by title 11 Code of Federal Regulations, “Federal elections” – we just elected a bankruptcy “administration”) more had to be done to make Americans pay the interest on their counterfeit money loans to the government.
    The first requirement to enslave you is the birth certificate – it is issued by the Department of Commerce. As pointed out above, the only commerce that the government has jurisdiction over is foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians. By filling out the birth certificate you have elected (or actually, your parents have unknowingly elected) to become a “U.S. citizen” (the 14th Amendment citizen). Title 26 USC section 2501(b) defines the term “U.S. citizen” “wherever it is used in the title”. Title 26 CFR 25.2501-1(c) actually exemplifies this as a person born in one of the sovereign States who then establishes a residence in Puerto Rico and, further, acquires U.S. possession citizenship. By acquiring U.S. possession citizenship, you are considered a foreigner because the U.S. possessions are foreign to the Constitution unlike the States. Since “internal revenue” is within the customs, the U.S. possessions are defined as foreign countries within the Internal Revenue Code, for example; 26 USC Sec. 865(i)(3), Sec. 872(b)(7), and Sec. 2014(g). This is necessary to consider “internal revenue” as foreign commerce. The federal government owns the U.S. possessions and may designate them in any fashion that suits it.
    The second requirement to enslave you is by applying for a Social Security number. The “Form SS-5″ that one uses to apply for a S.S.# is actually a federal employment form. Since this country was founded on the principle that “all men are created equal”, there was no such thing as a “taxpayer”. The definition of “taxpayer” is found at title 26 CFR section 2.1-1(a)(5): Taxpayer means a citizen who has established or seeks to establish a construction reserve fund under the provisions of section 511 of the Merchant Marine Act and the regulations in this part, and may include a partnership. Congratulations, you just became a federal employee. After all, who is liable for federal employment taxes – federal employees.
    Why the Merchant Marine – in the War of 1812 Great Britain was impressing America’s Merchant Marine into its service. Where is the banking center of the world today – in London. The international bankers (counterfeiters) now own you lock, stock, and barrel. You are their slave. Your income tax is paying the interest on their funny money loans to the government. Did you think that the monarchy of Great Britain simply said “OK, be free and don’t pay your taxes and tribute to us.”? Of course, not. Great Britain sent in its bankers to take over America. Go to to read “The Bankers’ Blueprint to Destroy American Sovereignty”.
    FICA is a U.S. possession tax (and so is the self-employment tax) – see title 26 USC section 7655. On the “Form SS-5″ you have the option to select “U.S. citizen”
    or “Alien” – it only applies to foreigners, which the birth certificate made you. Since the federal government has no jurisdiction in the sovereign States, it cannot create FICA within the States. It could only create FICA within its possessions and that is another reason to create the birth certificate (the 14th Amendment).
    Go to to read the entire “Social Security Scam”.
    We have been lied to by our masters throughout our lifetimes – and their goal is Socialism, whether you denominate it as Communism, Nazism, or Fascism.
    It’s time to quit arguing amongst ourselves and direct our energy against the real enemy of American sovereignty. Wake up whether you are Republican or Democrat.

  • ireAmerica

    Mr. Obama clearly wrote in his own books who he is, what drives him and what his political philosophy is. He writes affectionately about his mentors, one, a card carrying Communist Party member. Mr. Obama also states unequivocally that he habitually seeks out the most radical Marxist/Communist thinkers for dialog and exchange of ideas.

    Mr. Obama demonstrated his Black Panther (black power) affiliation while in office by his and Eric Holder’s failure to follow up on the very serious matter of voter intimidation. This is germane to the Communist discussion as the black power community affiliates itself with revolutionary Marxism. As an aside, these affiliations are a betrayal of race (any race) and class (mostly the poor). As everybody knows, Marx’ benefactor was Engels whose textile business “employed” a large slave-labor force.

    Mr. Obama is deliberately (caught on video recording ) “skyrocketing” the cost of energy, which is the primary raw material of any production. Along with illegally stealing from GM and Chrysler bondholders to bail out UAW workers, and take government “investment” positions in the auto industry.

    Under Mr. Obama’s watch the price of gasoline has doubled, food program participation is up 50%, American coal and petrochemical exploitation are stalled and real unemployment is up quite dramatically. These problems are not “due to a mess he was handed”.

    Mr. Obama is purposely trying to create chaos and privation – just like Marx (and Engels).

  • JimboNC

    Enough is enough here! Jeremy is determined to prove Obama is not a Communist, not a Socialist, not Fascist, not a 5th grader, etc., etc. O doesn’t want any government of any stripe in America, he’s hell-bent on destroying everything from the Atlantic to the Pacific: Get rid of private arsenals so they can’t rise up. Get rid of big business so they won’t have jobs. Get ride of small business so they can’t prosper to buy food. Get rid of food! They starve. His masters are either Bildeberg, The Trilateral Commission, or the Illumanotti. Their aim is to kill off 90% of the World’s population and enslave the 10%. Obama is their boy.

  • chuckb

    ire=america,. barry made the statement on tv that his green policies would drive the price of gas and other energy up. this was intentional so the gm electric car would be in and solar power would be in demand, however, the car was such a flop and solar demand fell, we got hung with high gas, the oil companies took advantage and people like george soros (hedge funds mgr.)added more to his bank account.

    • http://N/A CintiCB

      It seams to me that king O wants to keep us dependent on foreign nations for oil. I figured that this was the reason that he, initially, killed the pipeline when he did. He is much more ‘for’ his Muslims bro.s than he is for the ‘spoiled’ Americans.

  • chuckb

    dave67, i have to agree with you. commenting with some on these post turn into a football game, they back their team regardless of the facts. i appreciate what you say and i agree with you on many points, however, i am partial to reagan. and respect him as one of the best presidents in my lifetime.
    our politics have become so mired in corruption we may never be able to stabilize the country. we have spread our technical advantage all over the world and losing a lot of advantage in the market by doing so. we have energy supplies to fill our needs for centuries, all within our borders and at the same time we buy our oil from countries that are truly our enemies and using those profits in an attempt to destroy us.
    we need to clean out the senate and the congress, remove the president, shut down our borders, remove millions of illegals and remake our country. there’s no other way.

    • Dave67

      I used to be a Young Republican in college and I drank the Reagan Kool-aid until I researched a few things:

      1) our national debt did not start to explode until Reagan. The man tripled out national debt from HIS policies.
      2) the man essentially threw the mentally onto the streets of America due to budget cuts to pay for his militarty industrial complex corp welfare program.
      3) Reagan did NOT defeat the Soviet Union, he did his part for containment, a policy that started with Truman/Eisenhower and continued til Reagan. The Soviet Union’s own system was responsible and Gorbechev realized it.

      The cowardice Reagan showed after over 200 Marines were blown to bits in Lebanon was inexcusable.
      The lack of vision after the Soviet pullout of Afghanistan led directly to the chain of events that led to 9/11.

      His deregulation of the banks cost this country billions in the S&L crisis.
      His economic policies led to greater wealth for the rich, the middle class and poor’s wages stagnated and thier prosperity was masked by purvasive credit cards that did this country no favors but incrased our personal debt.

      His trade policies helped turn this country into the consumption based economy and away from making things.

      Reagan was mostly style over substance. I am no longer a fan.

      As far as the other points… Illegal immigration is a red herring. What jobs do you think they do? They pick your food, manicure your lawn, build your home…. Something Americans do not want to do. The problem is big money in the political process, you stop the flow of money, you will see better gov.

      • chuckb

        dave, ” reagan was not responsible for the defeat of soviet russia”, well dave, russia was not defeated, it went broke trying to keep up with our military technology., it became ovbious to them, communism doesn’t work if reagan hadn’t built up our military like he did, the soviet hammer and sickle may still be flying.over moscow, however, somewhere along the way it just moved to the u.s. look who’s in the white house

        • Bob666

          “it became ovbious to them, communism doesn’t work if reagan hadn’t built up our military like he did, the soviet hammer and sickle may still be flying.over moscow”

          With all due respect, Regan did not end the cold war, he sped up what would have inevitably happen if left to the natural progression of politics of that error. I might also add, that Regan pushed the USA to the financial edge in the process.

  • Chad

    You’ve missed the point. You’ve taken the position that Obama may be ignorant to the consequences of his actions. Not so. The man is as intelligent as he is dangerous. It is no secret that he and his wife both hate America and everything we stand for. He fully understands that he is crippling our nation: that is his ultimate goal. The man is a traitor plain and simple, and should be punished accordingly.

    • Dave67

      You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Get your head out of the conservative info bubble.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    But: Red China is Communist! If You Don’t have “ANY” $ Or any chance to get ANY $…in Capitolism… Communism looks Real Good! When you see a Sweet & Cute Woman looking at you with a Smile… Socialism, would be real nice! But on the Front Lines, with overpowering enemy comming… Not so good.

  • Lorraine E

    BHO is brilliant. He knows exactly what he is doing and nothing and nobody is going to stop him. The congress, senate, and supreme court are mere bumps in the road that can be run over with executive orders. Whether they are legal or illegal is irrelevant. The congress, senate, and supreme court might just as well all go home for the next four years because there are only a few representatives who will even try to stop the inevitable demise of our country.

  • ibcamn


  • chuckb

    bobb666, please show me where reagan pushed this country to the edge, quite the contrary he had the most successful financial reign of any president since his time.
    reagan made people feel good about the country and he was a true patriot, that’s more than i can say about the present occupant of the white house..

    • Bob666

      “he had the most successful financial reign of any president since his time.
      Reagan made people feel good about the country and he was a true patriot, that’s more than i can say about the present occupant of the white house”..

      Actually, this one is easy.

      At the end of the Regan administration, the percentage of debt in relation to GDP (52%) was almost double that at the end of the Carter administration (33.3%).

      the debt at the end of Carter was $2.8 Trillion and Regan was $5.1 Trillion, Bush “H” was $6.3 Trillion and Clinton was $9.8 with Bush “W” coming in at $14.4.

      So no, I don’t agree with you regarding Regan as the most successful financial reign of any president since his time. Based on economic expansion, budget deficit, Purchasing Power and Percentage of debt to GDP, Clinton was that president.

      If you go for the feel good factor, Regan was up there.

  • chuckb

    bob666, you make a good point, yet these charts are misleading if you do not analyze them. the rise in national debt during reagans term is minimal. the economic expansion during this time was very good and continued into the clinton era with a bump here and there. clintons first two years were not good, he had both houses and going downhill, the republicans pulled him out and with a huge tax increase and this did expand the economy. near the end of his second term the economy was headed downhill, you have to look what party had control of the congress. clinton and the republicans worked good together for the most part.
    i still contend reagan was the best. my business did better under him, so i am partial there. clinton could have been a greater president if he had stayed out of trouble, he spent most of his last term defending himself and hillary from going to jail. hillary should have been convicted .for the vince foster murder, this woman leads a charmed life and knows how to evade the law..

    • Bob666

      there were only seven budget surplusses in my lifetime, three under Clinton:

      President Barack Obama: First Term = $5.073 trillion. •FY 2013 – $901 billion.
      •FY 2012 – $1.327 trillion.
      •FY 2011 – $1.299 trillion.
      •FY 2010 – $1.546 ($1.293 trillion plus $253 billion from the Obama Stimulus Act that was attached to the FY 2009 budget).

      President George W. Bush: First Term = $1.267 trillion. Second Term = $2.027 trillion. Total = $3.294. •FY 2009 – $1.16 trillion. ($1.416 trillion minus $253 billion from Obama’s Stimulus Act)
      •FY 2008 – $458 billion.
      •FY 2007 – $161 billion.
      •FY 2006 – $248 billion.
      •FY 2005 – $318 billion.
      •FY 2004 – $413 billion.
      •FY 2003 – $378 billion.
      •FY 2002 – $158 billion.

      President Bill Clinton: First Term = $496 billion. Second Term = ($559 billion surplus). Total = ($63 billion surplus).
      •FY 2001 – $128 billion surplus.
      •FY 2000 – $236 billion surplus.
      •FY 1999 – $126 billion surplus.
      •FY 1998 – $69 billion surplus.
      •FY 1997 – $22 billion.
      •FY 1996 – $107 billion.
      •FY 1995 – $164 billion.
      •FY 1994 – $203 billion.

      President George H.W. Bush: First Term = $1.03 trillion. •FY 1993 – $255 billion.
      •FY 1992 – $290 billion.
      •FY 1991 – $269 billion.
      •FY 1990 – $221 billion.

      President Ronald Reagan: First Term = $733 billion. Second Term = $679 billion. Total = $1.412 trillion.
      •FY 1989 – $153 billion.
      •FY 1988 – $155 billion.
      •FY 1987 – $150 billion.
      •FY 1986 – $221 billion.
      •FY 1985 – $212 billion.
      •FY 1984 – $185 billion.
      •FY 1983 – $208 billion.
      •FY 1982 – $128 billion.

      President Jimmy Carter: First Term = $253 billion
      •FY 1981 – $79 billion.
      •FY 1980 – $74 billion.
      •FY 1979 – $41 billion.
      •FY 1978 – $59 billion.

      President Richard Nixon: First Term = $64 billion. First Year of Second Term = $6 billion. Total = $70 billion. •FY 1974 – $6 billion.
      •FY 1973 – $15 billion.
      •FY 1972 – $23 billion.
      •FY 1971 – $23 billion.
      •FY 1970 – $3 billion.

      President Lyndon B. Johnson: Two Years in First Term = $7 billion. Second Term = $35 billion. Total = $42 billion.
      •FY 1969 – $3 billion surplus.
      •FY 1968 – $25 billion.
      •FY 1967 – $9 billion.
      •FY 1966 – $4 billion.
      •FY 1965 – $1 billion.
      •FY 1964 – $6 billion.

      President John F. Kennedy: Two Years in First Term = $11 billion. •FY 1963 – $5 billion.
      •FY 1962 – $7 billion.
      President Dwight Eisenhower: First Term = $3 billion surplus. Second Term = $19 billion. Total = $16 billion.
      •FY 1961 – $3 billion.
      •FY 1960 – $0 billion (slight surplus).
      •FY 1959 – $13 billion.
      •FY 1958 – $3 billion.
      •FY 1957 – $3 billion surplus.
      •FY 1956 – $4 billion surplus.
      •FY 1955 – $3 billion.
      •FY 1954 – $1 billion.

      President Harry Truman: First Term = $1 billion surplus. Second Term = $4 billion. Total = $3 billion.
      •FY 1953 – $6 billion.
      •FY 1952 – $1 billion.
      •FY 1951 – $6 billion surplus.
      •FY 1950 – $3 billion.
      •FY 1949 – $1 billion surplus.
      •FY 1948 – $12 billion surplus.
      •FY 1947 – $4 billion surplus.
      •FY 1946 – $16 billion.

      There were better times for me under Clinton and if he could have kept lil’willie in his pants, he would have given Regan a run for the money in the presidential popularity contest.

      • Honorary

        The only reason that Clinton able to have the surplus because The Republican Party was the majority in both Congress and the House. The Republican capable of controling the budget, spending and all of other policy. Hillary tried to make the Clintoncare but the Republican won’t pass. For President Reagan, it was necessary to raise the budget for national defense to match with the USSR and the USA able to ask the USSR to take down the wall and the successful of united Germany.

        • Bob666

          Yo Honorary,
          You are 90% correct on that statement. What I have seen in my life time is that when a party has both the executive branch and the legislative branch-the American people get screwed. it does not matter which party we are talking about and history has proven this.

          That goes to the lack of checks and balances that our founding fathers wanted in government.

      • chuckb

        bob666, you can find charts all over the internet for what you want to believe, each party slants them to their favor. i don’t remember clinton having a surplus when he left office, not that it makes that much difference. i can print out charts all day on just the opposite:

        Year End
        Date Claimed
        Surplus Public
        Debt Intra-gov
        Holdings Total National
        FY1997 09/30/1997 $3.789667T $1.623478T $5.413146T
        FY1998 09/30/1998 $69.2B $3.733864T $55.8B $1.792328T $168.9B $5.526193T $113B
        FY1999 09/30/1999 $122.7B $3.636104T $97.8B $2.020166T $227.8B $5.656270T $130.1B
        FY2000 09/29/2000 $230.0B $3.405303T $230.8B $2.268874T $248.7B $5.674178T $17.9B
        FY2001 09/28/2001 $3.339310T $66.0B $2.468153T $199.3B $5.807463T $133.3B
        these are figures from the u.s. treasury dept., they don’t show a surplus.

        i was down on clinton from his earlier days, he lost a lot of respect in my book for his anti-war antics and his draft dodging.
        just think if he had kept his life a little more up right, he would been accepted better. of course the media liked him, so that gives him a big boost.
        we have a large segment of people in this country that don’t care what a person does if they are affiliated in the same party. i never voted for a democrat, yet, i respected jack kennedy, and johnson as my president. i would say jack kennedy, whom i was totally against because of his religion, after he became president i changed my mind about him and would have voted for him the next time around, even though i thought he made a bad mistake on the bay of pigs decision. .

  • Strongman

    Great video!! Greetings from singapore:)

  • Yankee

    How is it that people can get so stupid?

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      It is called DUMMBING U. S. CITIZENS… Media the inablerer

  • Dave Stump

    You say that Greece’s economy is failing because Greece is been led by a socialist party for many years. You ignore the fact that for the past four years Greece has been forced by conservatives to adopt an austerity budget. When the world’s economies imploded in 2008 most industrialized nations were faced with two problems a large debt and large unemployment. Conservative said deal with the debt first and forced an austerity budget on Greece. This was supposed to fix things but Greece’s economy has just gotten worse.

    This is not surprising. An austerity budget means laying off many more people making your unemployment problem worse, meaning less money flowing into the economy and less tax revenue for the government, making the deficit and debt problems worse as well.

    President Obama was smart enough to know that the real drivers of the economy are the middle-class, not the rich, and deal with the job problem first. Hence the stimulus bill, the GM bailout, etc. Every person taken off the welfare rolls and put on the tax rolls means more money flowing into the economy and more revenue to eventually deal with the deficit. The result is that our economy is gradually recovering while most European economies are still in serious problems as recently recognized by the finance minister of Great Britain, which also tried the austerity route unsuccessfully.

    We will need to deal with the deficit eventually, but we will be starting from a much stronger economy.

    Of course additional spending requires additional revenue. Obama was smart enough to know that as opposed to famous conservatives like Ronald Reagan, who ran on a campaign to balance the budget, then insisted on cutting taxes and increasing military spending at the same time and ended up tripling the national debt from $0.9T to $2.7T, or George W. Bush, who thought he could fight two wars and cut taxes at the same time and doubled the national debt again from $5T to $10T.

    During the post-World War II boom from 1945 to 1980 our top tax rate was never less than 70%. We had strong unions good oversight of business and good programs to help people, and the entire country prospered.

    From 1980 to 2008 we lowered taxes, destroyed the unions, told the regulators not to regulate, and cut back on programs to give people short term help when they needed it. The Super Rich prospered and the rest of us were shafted and landed in the second worst economic crisis of our history.

    An economy completely controlled by the government will fail. Unrestricted Capitalism will also fail. A free market economy balanced with proper government oversight has always produced prosperity. Obama knows this which makes him smarter than a Communist and smarter than a Randite.

    • Bob666

      Yo Dave,
      Very interesting reply.

    • George E


      Government spending rarely stimulates economic growth. Most of the money spent from the recent stimulus bills were to hire new government workers or retain existing government workers. Yes, these workers pay taxes, but it still costs taxpayers more than if they weren’t on the payroll at all, therefore the federal debt just goes up that much more. True economic growth only comes from the private sector where real wealth is created. Occasionally, the government actually does initiate a large project that “enables” economic growth, like the interstate highway system. However, when you look at most government programs, like Obama’s “green initiative”, it has proven to be another big waste of our money, further deepening federal debt without any positive tangible result. If the government really wanted to stimulate economic growth they would do things that helped businesses, especially small businesses, grow and expand…………things like simplifying, reducing, and possibly relaxing some regulations, providing more long term certainty to government policies, lowering tax rates, simplifying tax laws and regulations, making it easier to hire and fire employees with fewer regulations, and tort reform. Unfortunately, the current administration simply doesn’t seem to want to go down that path for some reason, but until they do, it’s unlikely you’ll see any real growth in the economy.

      • Dave Stump

        Dear George.

        1. Actually, government spending has been used successfully to stimulate the economy in almost every recession since 1929, including its use by Ronald Reagan and George W.

        2. Yes, a lot of the Obama stimulus money went to creating or retaining government jobs, teachers, firemen, policemen, etc. not bureaucrats.

        3. Total government employment, state, plus federal, has actually gone down during the Obama administration. Federal employment has gone up. But most of the increase has been in the Department of Defense homeland security, (border guards.) See

        4. And you can read about the latest archconservative who discover the Keynesian economics really does work at or at

        If we are ever going to heal the political division in our country we have to get past ideology and start looking at data from both sides.

        • Bob666

          very good response.

        • George E


          I agree that we need to let the data guide our actions/decisions, not political philosophy. On the other hand, every set of data can be manipulated and interpreted to a particular result, so it takes more than just looking at data, in my opinion.

          I believe Bruce Bartlett has some valid concerns. I think you can put them into two categories; 1) winning future elections, and 2) balancing the federal budget. I agree with Bruce that the Republican Party must do more to reach out to minorities by offering them conservative, free market solutions to solve their problems in contrast to the big expensive government programs offered by the Democratic Party. It would also be wise to do a better job of marketing conservative political philosophies. Republicans should also welcome new immigrants, especially those who are college educated and entrepreneurs. Even poor immigrants should be welcomed so long as they don’t drain our treasury by getting large social welfare assistance from the government. In no case, should those who come here illegally get special privileges over those who come here legally. That only encourages more illegal entry and the problem will get larger and larger and become uncontrollable. Bruce may find that liberals are willing to listen to him…………especially when he criticizes George Bush and Republicans, but I really doubt he’ll find that they are willing to get federal spending under control better than Republicans. You may note that Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate hasn’t passed a budget (which is required under law) since Obama was first elected President, so how can anyone think they are serious about balancing the budget, even with raising tax rates?

          Keynesian spending can stimulate the economy to some degree in some instances, but more often than not is much less efficient than spending in the private sector in both level of result and creating unintended consequences. Government has a poor record of spending tax revenue, but you can find a program or two over time that have produced some positive benefits to society, even if they were outrageously expensive. The better way to stimulate the economy is to increase private sector spending without inflating the money supply. I refer you to Dr. Milton Friedman for more information on this. He can explain it much better than I. If you don’t agree with him, then nothing I say is likely to convince you either. Here are a few UTube links to some of his speeches when he was alive.

    • Rob

      In fact, Dave, the ‘politically-challenged’ and ‘fact void troll’, Obama LOST 2 million jobs!!!

  • RB

    As a Canadian and political observer I can definitely empathize with Mr Root’s perspective. What Obama and his minions are doing to a once great nation is tragic bordering on outright criminal. However when the discussion turns to questioning someone’s intelligence, especially someone in the top office of the land, I have to take serious exception. Remember when Bush 43′s opponents were calling him stupid? I have news for everyone who believes that. Neither Bush nor Obama are stupid. The real question should be who is supporting these individuals and enabling the incredible propaganda machine that is creating our current nightmare? Taking the discussion in this direction would be much more productive than questioning someone’s intelligence.

    • http://N/A CintiCB

      Intelligent insight. Unfortunately, you are rare!!!

      • Allan Stern

        Mr. Root, do you honestly think that the intelligeant half of America is actually going to agree with you? You throw terms like socialism around like you actually understand it? Do you know that the richest people in this country are using the same arguments you are to spread fear toward Americans so that Obama will not be allowed to give average Americans tax breaks or tax the rich as they should have when G.W. Bush lowered their taxes? Yes Mr. Root, Obama is trying to correct the injustices against the middle class done 14 years ago under Bush. The rich have seen their Salaries go up by millions per year while middle class citizens have taken the hardship as the wealthy have cut their salaries and sent jobs overseas where they refuse to cut their salaries. All these things need to be corrected Mr. Root. No one believes the rich anymore and the Pied Pipers who work for them. Obama had to take away tax incentives that GW Bush gave to Corporations looking to funnel money and jobs overseas. I say we ask Obama to take it one step further and penalize any company that moves (or has moved) jobs overseas. We also need to go after the rich crooks that hide and shelter cash offshore and overseas. Democracy is not democracy when the rich control everything Mr. Root. About time we kicked people like you to the curb.

        • http://N/A CintiCB

          These rich ‘crooks’, as you refer to them, are not crooks. They’re following the current tax laws. These ‘crooks’, for the most part, EARNED their money through hard work and would like to be able to keep some of it for themselves. If your king would, actually, do his job he would change the tax laws regarding overseas accounts. All he’s done is demand that the people, who already pay the majority of taxes, to pay more-you know, their ‘fair share’. They ALREADY pay a fair share. Quite often, paying more than once on the same earnings!!

          As far as sending jobs overseas; you need to reevaluate to whom you listen and believe. During the election campaigning, Obama got most of his ‘empty heads’ to laugh at Romneys’ claim about Jeeps’ intention to take manufacturing overseas-you know, Romneys’ ‘scare tactics’. Sorry to tell you, genius, IT HAS HAPPENED. Obama, also, used the same ‘laugh at Romneys ignorance’ manipulation (Romney must be desperate bringing up an area that is not even an issue-laugh-laugh-laugh) of his dumb as hell groupies when Romney brought up Mali. Of course, the empty headed groupies laughed right along with their king. Mali IS, now, an issue. Hey, your ‘finger on the facts’ king asked Romney for advice after the election. When/how did so many Americans become so incredibly stupid and easily led!?!

  • Rob

    Not really, but that’s because he IS ONE!!!!!

    • Bob666

      Yo Rob,
      do we have anger issues?

      • Dark_Archer

        yo bob , damn right we have anger issues …as should every true American , these communist democrats or commiecrats as I call em are destroying our once great republic and the communist sympathisers ( you know who you are right bob ) have turned a blind eye to what and who these scum truly are

        • Bob666

          Yo Dark,
          “these communist democrats or commiecrats”.

          You come off as one of those guys who has Obama hiding under his bed and Nancy P. hiding in your closit?

          What we have here is a Fuc&ed up probelm, but there are far more to blame than “communist democrats or commiecrats”. this has been in the making for thirty-years and there msny replublicans who share fault.

          • Dark_Archer

            yo bob , hell , thats the first intelligent thing you have posted , your right both parties are to blame and this has been going on a lot longer than thirty years , watch this 50 year old warning to Americans about the dangers of communISM socialISM fascISM and it should appeal to all low information voters because its a CARTOON .


            OH and bob if there was any scum hiding under my bed or in my closet it wouldn’t be in our govt it would be in a BB

  • Dark_Archer

    yo bob obviously you can read you replied to Rob so go to the link and you will understand why we are ”angry”

    All Americans should go to this link and read this page or at least
    “Background Information”
    this information will help you understand what is happening to our
    read it and pass it on to everyone you know
    reading this will help you understand obama , Hillary, the Churches
    and the unions
    You will understand what has happened to our govt
    You will understand what is happening to your paycheck, Bank account
    and savings
    Even the Supreme Court is now under grave suspicion


    After reading this You will NOT have to ask “What are they doing ” ,
    you will understand what they are doing !!


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