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Is Mitt Fit?

August 27, 2012 by  

Is Mitt Fit?

The big bash called the Republican National Convention is set to kick off. If all goes as the party elites have planned, Mitt Romney will be nominated and acclaimed tomorrow (the roll call had been moved up to today “because of concerns about supporters of libertarian Texas Rep. Ron Paul” but Hurricane Isaac interfered) as the country’s salvation from four years of the illegal Obamination that currently despoils the people’s house.

Romney hardly qualifies as a savior — unless what you want to save is big government, ever-growing debt and perpetual war. Beyond the facts that Romney is a natural-born citizen (and there is no proof that the current occupant of the White House is) and there are slight differences in their statist, big government policies, there is little else to differentiate between Romney and the undocumented White House usurper.

To wit: Both believe the government should bail out failing industries; both believe in corporate and agricultural welfare; both support off-shoring American jobs; both support unlimited money printing; both support the notion that government can imprison people without charges or trial; both support government assassinations of Americans; both support weapons bans; both support socialized medicine; both support abortion; both believe in man-caused global warming and support cap-and-trade legislation; both have stated their undying support of Israel; both have advocated pre-emptive war on Syria and Iran and growing the American empire. As President Barack Obama has continued George W. Bush’s nation-destroying-then-rebuilding policies and Romney has employed as advisers much of Bush’s foreign policy team, expect four more years (at least) of war tacked onto the more than 20 we’ve endured in the Mideast.

But the Republican faithful have turned a blind eye to these facts and accepted the party elite’s chosen candidate as well as the elite’s false narrative. The rank and file have also dismissed the ill treatment of the only true conservative in the race, Ron Paul, as well as the ill treatment of his delegates and supporters. But do the rank and file really know who Romney is? And better yet, are they willing to hear the truth and reject Romney while there is still time to replace him with a real conservative who can defeat Obama and change the direction of the country?

In 1984, when Bain Capital was just getting off the ground and struggling to find investors, Romney approached old-money families, including the Rothschilds, for investment in the new venture. Those old-money families turned him down. So Romney went searching for other sources of funding.

In doing so, he began doing business with some nefarious characters, according to the Los Angeles Times. One of them was Sir Jack Lyons, who made a $2.5 million investment through a Panama shell company. Lyons was later convicted of fraud, fined heavily (though spared prison because of ill health) and stripped of his knighthood.

Another British investor of Bain Capital was the publishing baron Robert Maxwell. After Maxwell’s drowning death in 1991, investigators learned Maxwell had stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from his company’s pension funds.

Romney’s Bain partner Harry Strachan suggested other sources of funding with Central American ties. The LA Times quotes a Boston Globe article from 1994 that describes Romney and Bill Bain as being “terrified of bringing in Central Americans” because of “drug money.” But Strachan reassured them so that they approached some of El Salvador’s wealthiest people.

El Salvador was in the midst of a civil war and many of the country’s rich were looking to get their money out of the country. Two of the investors were Francisco R.R. de Sola and his cousin Herbert Arturo de Sola, whose brother Orlando de Sola was suspected by the U.S. State Department and CIA of backing right-wing El Salvadoran death squads, according to now-declassified documents.

Another Bain investor was Jack Hanley, formerly the head of the agricultural terrorist company Monsanto. Hanley invested $1 million. “It seemed like a hell of a smart thing for to do to ride their coattails,” Hanley told the LA Times. “I got rich.”

Romney is a classic crony capitalist, i.e., a fascist, and his ties to Paul Ryan go far beyond tapping him as his Vice Presidential selection. Last week, The Telegraph reported that Romney may have violated ethics laws while Governor of Massachusetts by profiting from a marketing company that was contracted by the State after receiving $5 million from Bain Capital.

Paul Ryan’s brother Tobin was senior manager at Bain from 1995-1998. He left to become vice president of Imagitas, a company co-founded by Bain consultant Tom Beecher. In June 2000, the company got a $5 million investment from Bain. It expanded and began to win contracts with several State governments, including Wisconsin — where Republican and Ryan ally Scott McCallum was Governor — and Massachusetts (a contract that began in 2002, shortly before Romney’s election as Governor and shortly after Tobin Ryan says he left Imagitas).

That work with Massachusetts continued for several years, yet Romney never disclosed the potential conflict of interest. According to The Telegraph, Romney’s 2002 financial disclosure forms state he still owned 100 percent of Bain Capital Investors VI and Bain Capital, Inc. But the forms do not detail individual companies like Imagitus, in which Bain Capital was invested.

In 2005, while Romney was still Governor, Imagitus was sold for $230 million.

Victor Fleischer, a law professor at the University of Colorado specializing in private equity, told The Telegraph  it was “possible but unlikely” that Romney could have completely prevented himself from benefiting from Imagitas.

Over the years, Imagitas gave the Republican Governor’s Association, which Romney chaired, a total of $64,825. Former Imagitus board member Glenn Youngkin, a senior executive with The Carlyle Group — an organization with several directors and staffers who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations — has donated $50,000 to the Romney Victory Fund. He has donated more than $16,000 to Ryan’s campaigns since 1999.

Romney’s Abortion Problem

Romney has flopped like a fish on the subject of abortion, changing his stance depending upon which political office he’s seeking. He insists he’s pro-life now, but he refused last year to sign a pro-life pledge for the Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life women’s organization. He has since created his own pledge that removed language from the Susan B. Anthony List pledge he didn’t like, and has received the organization’s endorsement.

But in 1999, Bain Capital invested $75 million in Stericycle, a medical-waste disposal firm that disposed of aborted fetuses collected from family-planning clinics. Bain and Romney claim Romney left the firm to run the 2002 Winter Olympics before the Stericycle deal was made. But documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission tell a different story.

Romney is listed as an active participant. According to Mother Jones:

Romney “may be deemed to share voting and dispositive power with respect to” 2,116,588 shares of common stock in Stericycle “in his capacity as sole shareholder” of the Bain entities that invested in the company. That was about 11 percent of the outstanding shares of common stock. (The whole $75 million investment won Bain, Romney, and their partners 22.64 percent of the firm’s stock—the largest bloc among the firm’s owners.) The original copy of the filing was signed by Romney.

Another SEC document filed November 30, 1999, by Stericycle also names Romney as an individual who holds “voting and dispositive power” with respect to the stock owned by Bain. If Romney had fully retired from the private equity firm he founded, why would he be the only Bain executive named as the person in control of this large amount of Stericycle stock?

The Allen Stanford Connection

Romney has also been tied to convicted Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford, recently sentenced to 110 years in prison in a $7 billion fraud case.

According to The New York Times, about a month after Romney’s 2008 President bid ended, Romney’s son Tagg and top campaign fundraiser Spencer Zwick decided to form a private equity fund and they had a rolodex of deep-pocketed campaign funders to pitch their ideas to. What they didn’t have was private equity experience, so they tapped into the Charlotte office of Stanford Financial Group (SFG) — which had been closed by Federal regulators for selling sham certificates of deposit — and used $10 million in seed money from the Romney family to invest in one part of SFG’s business called Solamere Capital.

The Times reports that Solamere executives claim the group had only been with SFG a short time and knew nothing of the fraud, even though they earned commissions and bonuses from the sale of fraudulent CDs. But the court-appointed receiver for SFG has filed a Federal lawsuit that claims the former SFG employees ignored warning signs of the fraud. He is seeking to recover money from them.

Despite Tagg Romney’s claims to the contrary, an investigation into at least three principals of Solamere who came from SFG is ongoing.

Foreign Funds And More Shady Characters

And then there’s Romney’s foreign fundraising problem. In late July, Romney went to Israel where he held several fundraisers — without collecting paperwork from the donors and most without the presence of journalists — and promised in speeches to back an Israeli strike on Iran.

In January, the Supreme Court issued an order that upheld prohibitions against foreigners making contributions to influence American elections. It stated, “Foreign nationals, other than lawful permanent residents, are completely banned from donating to candidates or parties, or making independent expenditures in federal, state or local elections.”

Veterans Today writes Romney was “personally campaigning outside the US, soliciting foreign citizens, and humiliating himself and his country with his ignorance and flagrant attempts to trade illegal cash for promises of illegal war. One could hardly break more laws if one wanted.”

The Washington Post said the fundraiser — which included Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson — involved about 40 donors who were U.S. citizens, many of whom flew in to attend the event. But there was no filming or photographs allowed and no IDs were checked.

VT also reports that Romney and Adelson met with a group of large donors from the Russian Jewish community who flew in from Moscow.

Adelson is currently being investigated by Federal and Nevada investigators for possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act over an investment in Macau.

In addition to his Israel trip, Romney has also held several campaign fundraisers in England.

It seems that Republicans are now faced with three choices. First, they can shove their heads into the sand at the Tampa, Fla., beaches and pretend that all is well with their candidate, telling themselves all the while they are voting for the “lesser of two evils.”

Or they can look into this and other evidence and determine that Romney’s not the answer for the Nation’s problems and demand a new candidate be selected at the convention: preferably Ron Paul. For this route, time is short; and it’s been made shorter by even more last-minute dirty tricks by the Republican elites.

Or, as I suspect will happen, they can ignore it all and instead unleash a stream of ad hominems and fallacies, shooting the messenger by imputing all manner of nefarious pro-Obama motives to Personal Liberty Digest™ and me while they la-de-da themselves all the way to either a November defeat or, if Romney wins, a Nixonian fall later on.

Cue the slur machine. Three, two, one…

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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    “Bob Livingston,” GREAT ARTICLE, SIR.





    • Harold Olsen

      You can’t be serious! Even if Obama gets reelected, blacks will never shut up about whites being racists. To the blacks whom I refer to as the “I’m a victim” blacks, those that blame others and especially the fact that their ancestors were slaves for any problems they have so they don’t have to take responsibility for anything, just being white means you are a racist. These blacks are little more than whining, immature children.


        “Harold Olsen,”



      • Robert Smith

        Christopher claims: “AMERICA HAS A Constitution WHICH WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR COLORED PEOPLE”


        Please be secific: What would a constitution need to accomidate colored people?



        “Robert Smith,”




        “Robert Smith,”



      • Tom Cook

        Harold, basically what you say is right on. However, I believe there are more and more black people like Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, and the Reverand James David Manning who are intelligent and great Americans; so, like the Reverand Manning, I refer to black supporters of obama as [expletive deleted]–for they have no honor.

      • Gordon

        Harold and CAH: Seems as though you both can be right. Blacks are the most racist and prejudiced people I have ever encountered, and their self-chosen public image projects that. They relish being seen as racist against everyone and disrespectful to whites. CAH you are correct: few black have any respect for any laws whatsoever at any level. Most seem to believe that opposing laws makes them standout as beacons in their racist society. Just like Obama, Jackson, and Sharpton preach, negoes CAN never be successful without the help of whites.

        • Gea

          If Mitt Romney had “Whitees for Romney “, he would be called a racist, but when BO has “blacks for Obama”, it is OK. Political correctnes had run its course in America and it is time for upholding Americans values, which are opposite from what BO preaches with his cavorting with his Muslim Brothers, and his half-baked Marxist fantasies, while hiding under “protectinfg the poor and middle class Americans”. MItt Romney gives 15% of HIS income to charities, while BO only 1% although BO is almost as rich as Romney because he is a good story teller. Those stories got him elected, but America needs no more story tellers but competent managers who still have a heart for REAL poor and depriveed who are not just milking the system.

          BO however, was not qualified for an US president (Neither was baby Bush for the 8 years before him) as the alst 12 years clearly demonstrated. I am not sure that Gore was qualified eitehr, since all those politicians are smooth liars and do not know how to properly run the country. Taxy cab drivers may do better than those guys with heads in the clouds, devoid of reality testing as BO is ;-)!

      • Mary

        I agree with you. Besides I am tired of the racist thing. It will never stop. Even if they could be made “white” then “they” would be complaining about the blacks having it made. So we do not need to discuss this matter on and on – we need to working getting our Constitution upheld, a president that at least worships the God in Heaven and not Allah, a president that has proven that he can make money and not just take it from the people. We must not stop Obama being removed or we will not have another chance. America will be gone. See the film 2016 and see how you like that ending!

      • Brenda

        I truly think that Obama set the ‘Black Man’ and Civil Rights back for decades…..I DO believe it WAS time for the black man to set in the Oval Office, I just think that Obama was the wrong choice! Sadly it has created more friction than trust….There are a LOT of blacks out there that would agree too.

      • http://google gary gerke

        I agree with you Harold! Another four years of Obama is a death wish for America, Romney might not be what we would call a great savior of the nation, however, the alternitive is sucicide. Every vote not for Romney is a vote for Obama, pick your poisen carefully!

      • Robert Smith

        Christopher answered my querry about what’s needed to be accomidating and he didn’t answer it: “MY POINT IS SIMPLE”

        You made the point that you don’t like the Constitution as it is.

        What would you like to change?

        Please be specific.


      • Robert Smith


        Absolutely true, but what can be done to CHANGE that? You indicated that the Constitution falls short. OK, what needs to be changed?

        Perhaps if you looked at the work of Bob Zellner or Nathan Rutstein…

        Here, I’ll give you a start… Healing Racism in American: A Prescription for the Disease by Nathan Rutstein. That’s at Amazon:

        You may or may not agree, but at least it’s a place to start.


        • macgyver1948

          Rob… You and Christopher seem to agree on “WHEN NEGRO MALES GO TO JAIL, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SO-CALLED “LAW” THEY BROKE.” Absolutely true…”.

          Using just that wording it kind of implies that no other race has a disrespect for the law. There are no whites or Latinos or Irish or Italian or Asians or whatever else in prisons that have disrespected the law? I am only going by your wording so I can’t be sure. Those mass shooters a few weeks ago, and the one in NYC last week who in cold blood did the deed, were they all Black? I bet they didn’t have any respect for the law when they did their murder thing.

      • Robert Smith

        Sigh… Marry, Marry, Marry. You really have no clue about the Constitution of the United States of America.

        You want: “a president that at least worships the God in Heaven and not Allah,”

        From Article 6 or our Constitution: “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

        But, against our Constitution you proclaim a religious test.

        Oh well, another example of ignorance from the extreme right.


        • macgyver1948

          Robert Smith… Nice response there. I have to wonder about the intelligence, or is it the intelligence people choose to receive and accept, of people who try to show differences between Allah and God when literally they are one in the same. The bibles are as different as night and day, such as the Hebrew Bible and any Christian Bible are not the same, but God is God by whatever name…

          “…but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”. Great words and if they aren’t part of what we need Freedom Of Religion would be meaningless.

          Also the Great words of “Separation Of Church And State” should be added to our Constitution the more there is any form of religious testing requirement attempted or how people say “Only our beliefs are right for all” in any form and try to enforce it with their religious differences and non-existent “superiority”, no matter who they are. We seem to need it more and more these days.

      • Robert Smith

        Here goes Mary again: “a president that has proven that he can make money and not just take it from the people.”

        Where do you think the 1% get all their wealth? The middle class is going down the drain and the difference between rich and poor is getting W I D E R.

        Where do YOU think the 1% get their riches from?


      • eddie47d

        Mary and company will come up with all sorts of trivial excuses because that is what they were told to say. It’s not true but it has been repeated so often it becomes robotic.

      • ron . r

        Mr. Olsen , if you would just go back and read your post and some of the others you would understand why some whites are viewed like you say they are by blacks. Anyone reading the bull on this site written by the so called authors would like me assume this is a riech wing blog. Well , not assume because it is.Anyone with an IQ above your very tiny one can figure out this site is anti- minority and anti- American.Joe Biden said it wrong, but he was right.

      • SamFox

        Harold, though not all black people are in your group, many are. Many of all races. Here is an example of the welfare mentality. Blacks don’t hold a patent on receiving welfare, but these are an example of the thinking–



        “Robert Smith,”







        • macgyver1948

          CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON.. If I didn’t grow up in New York City with many classmates and friends who were “NEGROES”, as you choose to call them and yourself, along with many Italians and Irish and Germans, etc. As well as travel and live in a few states around the country since growing up, even in the so-called bible Belt, I might believe you when you say “macgyver1948,”NEGROES HATE A-L-L LAWS! PERIOD!”…

          Sorry but I do not believe a lot of what I read you saying. I know the story of our past, I hate the things you mention, from all kinds of slavery to how when “A “white woman” WALKED DOWN THE STREET, NEGROES HAD TO STEP ASIDE, SO SHE COULD PASS”. This is a terrible legacy to pass on to our children but it should all be in the history books that are given to our school kids and be taught history as it really was. If we take out the horror of history we are doomed to repeat it. Wars should be shown how the real horror of it is and not be denied. We should be exposed to the good and the bad in history if we are to truly grow.

          Sorry for the ranting on history but what you say all to often brought it out in me since I cannot believe all you say.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      Be careful in generalizing any races. By doing so you do a disservice to yourself and ANY one person in ANY race that may not go along with the perceived racist notion. Too many people use the term racist in a derogatory way when the simple fact is that ANY time you mention ANY race in ANY light, good or bad, it is a racist comment. Categorizing people by their race, religion, political party, sex, sexual preference, etc. is EXACTLY what the oligarchs want! When they have the whole world divided over these trivial issues, and yes, in the grand scheme of things they are all trivial, the elitist’s sit back and collect the fruits from ALL SIDES when the bill comes. At the end of the day, there are bills for ALL divisive issues would you not agree. Focus your energies on whom it is that is collecting from this set divisiveness and you can join me in exposing the true issue which is the root of ALL issues. That’s right. M-O-N-E-Y.






      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Please understand that I DO understand your point. My point is that you say you are speaking from “A NEGRO MINDSET”. My point is don’t speak from a negro mindset, speak from a human mindset. We have enough people in this world speaking from their different races/sexes/political parties/ etc. We will only begin to gain true equilibrium when we begin to speak as an individual for all people regardless of their difference in appearance or ideology. By the way CHRISTOPHER, I am not Caucasian. I am a mixed breed and grew up in the inner city of Boston where I’ve experienced prejudices from within AND outside.

      • Robert Smith


        When you YELL everything why should you get any respect? I’ve seen others mention it but you just don’t seem to want to be civilized around here. Can you at least follow the conventions of English so the rest of us can have a bit easier time understanding you?

        As a gay black man you also don’t seem to expect gays to agree with you either. You are on record as opposing the civil contract of marriage. Rememer, even atheists can be married. It’s a simple civil contract in the eyes of the government. Why should you decide who gets it and who doesn’t? After all, it wasn’t so long ago that mixed race marriages weren’t legal in many states.

        BTW, have you figured out what changes you want yet?

        I have an idea. Why don’t you exit for some period of time. That’s not to demean any of what you have to say, but to lose any stereotypes you may have connected with the way you have been posting.

        Then come back with conventional language skills and make your points on the basis of the ideas? As you are now you really don’t have much credibility but I can see that maybe you do have ideas.



        “Robert Smith,”





        • MikeR

          Christopher Allen Horton: You don’t speak from your gut. You speak from your southern-most orifice.

    • Vigilant

      From an e-mail I received yesterday: “Columnist Andrew McCarthy gives us what probably is the most important question regarding the upcoming presidential election: appointments to the Supreme Court.

      “If Mitt wins the nomination, I will enthusiastically support his
      candidacy. For my friends who have hesitation on that score, I’d just ask you to keep these things in mind:

      1. Justice Scalia just turned 78
      2. Justice Kennedy will turn 78 later this year
      3. Justice Breyer will be 76 in August
      4. Justice Ginsburg turned 81 about a week ago. In addition, Justice Ginsburg is reportedly quite ill.
      5. Justice Stephens has already said he would retire and is just waiting for Obama to be reelected.

      The next president could appoint as many as 5 new Justices over the next four years.

      This election is about much more than the ObamaCare Tax.

      Whomever we elect as president in November is almost certainly going to choose hundreds of other life-tenured federal judges, all of whom will be making momentous decisions about our lives for decades to come.”

      If you don’t think it matters whether the guy making those calls is Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, THINK AGAIN.

      So, for anybody who is thinking of not voting because your favorite Republican didn’t get nominated, or writing in a candidate who can’t win, imagine this:


      • Warrior

        All true.

      • patrice

        Exactly! As a registered independent, I choose my country first and definitely Obama has to go. So Romney is the other choice. I’ve voted for the lesser of two evils several times. With Obama we also have to worry about the Islamic terrorists that Obama caters to. I’d rather deal with a mormon, tho not my first choice. So Mr. Livingston please do not assume we are all stupid but one has to do what one has to do.

      • Jimmy E

        Vigilant, you are absolutely right any judge Obama appoints will be a dissaster to the future of this country and probaly the world. And as much as I like to read the opinons on this site I just don’t understand how others don’t see it this way.

      • boyscout

        Vig, The approval system is what I count on (wishful thinking) and not the advocacy of either O or R, as each would attempt to stack the court in his favor and, neither would choose our favor.

      • Dwight Mann

        While the implications are huge, you still can not vote for a guy that is the result of a corrupt GOP elite.
        Ron Paul in 2012. . .

      • Vester Kester

        If you look at Mitt Romney’s record as governor, you will shed tears. This guy is a crook in the highest order. He was my governor and his records are terrible. That the reason he’s not talking about his period as governor. He is NOT the person he portrays to be, he swings anywhere depending on were the tide is. As a Caucasian, I will prefer Obama to continue in the interest of the black people crying that they are being discriminated. Just let him finish his 8 years. For me, the two candidates are evil, but I will vote for the lesser evil, who, unfortunately, is Obama. Romney will sell this country to the special interest group he is collecting money from now, can’t you all see it. That is more than nominating a Supreme court justice but for the future of this great country. The only difference between Romney and Obama is their political parties, apart from that, no difference. Our country needs prayers at this time. Let us vote wisely and vote for the Negro candidate.

        • MikeR

          I suspect that you are neither Vester or Kester, but instead a not very funny jester

      • Stephen Tareila

        Maybe you forgot Bush appointed Chief Justice Roberts’ vote on Obamacare? The justice appointment argument is all but lost on independents. I’m sorry but I cannot bring myself to vote for either B.O. or Mitt. I live in Connecticut(blue since Reagan) and B.O. will win here by 10+ points but you need to convince independents and disgruntled Democrats in the swing(purple) states of Florida, North Carolina, Virginia (actually just 3 northern counties), Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Plus you have voter fraud. Obama will probably win the election.

      • eddie47d

        The fact that Romney went to Israel and accepted campaign donations with a wink and a promise to help invade Iran should make your hair stand up on edge. Its despicable we have a candidate who is so bold and brazen in taking foreign money and then egging on a war that Israel demands.

        • Gea

          Would you rather have Israel and Jews wiped out from the map of the Earth as the supreme leader Ahmedinijad wants in his pursuit of nuclear bomb? At least Romney is pointing out duplicity of BO who pretends to like Jews and wants their support while financing and cavorting with his Muslim Brothers from Egypt.

          Obama willl lose in a landslide, and then he can go to his Muslim half-brothers in Kenya, his Muslim Brothers in Egypt or to his Saud king, whose subjects committed 9/11. Poor Barak Hussein, he can not help that both his father and his stepfather were Marxist Muslims and when his mother shippede him back to US at the aga of 10, BO grandfather hired a black man as his tutor for his private schoool help, Frank Marshall Davis who just happend to be a member of Hawaian Communist Party. Thus we have a double whammy in the Whitehouse of Communism and Islamism, ideologies that both are not fit for human consumption but which hide under political correctness strive toward just society. Marxism and Islamism are failed ideologies unfit for human consumption as history amply damonstrated and still demonstrates in 57 Muslim majority countries which had become econoimic basket cases sending their hungryt masses to destroy Western societies with the help of likes of BO.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        I’m usually right there with you but on this one I think you’re a bit off and your commentators following have missed on this one too with the “lesser of two evils” routine. If you think that Romney wouldn’t choose someone like Holder to go to the head of the class then you have been played. Never mind the fact that Romney alienated a WHOLE group of voters of which he absolutely needed to even have a chance in November. When one asks the reasonable question of why he would do that? The answer becomes quite clear. “They” don’t care who’s in because it WILL NOT disrupt the continuance of the status quo. Voting for the lesser of two evils works just a well as voting for the more of two evils. Either way you get evil and that thinking MUST END if we are, and we will, to get our Republic back!

      • ursulariches

        Mitt Romney is not the LESSER evil he is another EVIL just slightly different but no better or worse. War against Iran is something no American should support & genocide is facing Americans too. BECAUSE you tolerated war crime & terrorism from US UK UN NATO-you never dealt with the evil in US and it will be hitting you all~are the FEMA camps only for foreigners? Don’t kid yourselves! BACK Ron Paul & be the heroes of a real revolution or fester stagnate & die. Mitt will not beat BO anyway because RP voters & many who hate BO will not vote MR in either & I dont blame them . In UK I refuse to vote for Labour Liberal or Tory anymore.

      • DaveH

        Patrice says — “I’ve voted for the lesser of two evils several times”.
        What has that gotten you/us, Patrice? Just continued Evil and Bigger Government.

      • Sirian

        Very good points you’ve brought up. The majority don’t honestly think about this. They may consider it as nothing more than a side issue. Even so, whether they like it or not, it carries significantly more importance than most realize.

      • DEAN

        Vigilant, All true.but people half to remember Obama’s not black he’s an OREO half white,half black. he hates this country, just look at what he’s done since he’s been in office well nothing he can run on, if you read the constitution every thing we fort England on Obummer is doing. GOD BLESS US IF HE GETS BACK IN. he’s making the same lies that he said in 2008.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        What a horrible scenario to contemplate!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        If some of the readers are rattled by what Bob is saying about Romney then that must mean that they have their own uncertainty and are profoundly scared that Bob may be right.
        They must have affirmation that their choices are correct and Romney has not given that assurance.

      • Gary D.

        Excellent point, Vigilant. The propect of this president who has vowed to “fundamentally transform” our nation, having the opportunity to appoint vast number of federal judges and probably at least one or two and possibly as you say as many as five Supreme Court justices in the next four years, is indeed a dangerous situation.

      • Enough

        So you are foolish enough to believe that the RINO will appoint conservative judges to the bench ?

        Fat chance. Romney is every bit as liberal as Obama. The only difference is that he doesn’t hate America like Obama does but his policies will destroy us, just as certain as Obama’s will. Just not quite as quick.

      • Iona (Cheryl) W. Kranz

        Don’t you think it’s a little late trying to discredit Romney? I love Ron Paul and his belief system and his son. I think Rand Paul will be a terrific President some day to fulfill “his FATHER’S dream” LOL

        We will always be voting for the lesser of two evils. Perhaps this is Romney’s time to help America become more financially sound and get people back to work. Perhaps America will need Rand Paul’s expertise in the future. Right now we need Romney’s expertise to get us back to prosperity and hopefully military strength.

        So, why don’t we all who love our Constitution get behind him and let him help. Rand Paul will hopefully have his day.

        Thanks for allowing me to respond,
        Iona Cheryl Ware

        • San

          A sane argument.
          We have to vote out Obama, and a write in vote will be for Obama.

      • carrobin

        Excellent reason to re-elect Obama. We don’t need a Supreme Court that says corporations are people and might consider overturning Roe vs. Wade. (And Obamacare is the best thing that can happen to this country–except Medicare for All, which would actually cover everyone and save money, but seems beyond the reach of our corporate-controlled politicians.)

        • San

          Obamacare is not about solving the problem of the cost of healthcare. It is about control. The democrats don’t care about cutting costs or making healthcare affordable. Obama is taking control of another sector of the economy. We will be full blown socialists when he get done with us in another 4 years. Or we will be taken over by one world government, because he is making us weak.

      • Gordon

        Vigilant: Obviously we agree. Unfortunately this IS a lesser of two evils situation. Idealism is not electable (polls at 9%), and will cause a “perot presidency”. I have met several who justify their idealist position as being honorable and in their next breath concede defeat by stating that “when Obama gets re-elected, then the ‘armed revolution for a 2nd Republic of America’ can begin. Certainly this nation is in an imminent financial situation which cannot be rectified. So shall we be as the individual debtor who says, “Well I can’t pay my credit cards anyway, so I will get 20 more and max them out too before I go under”?


        “Vester Kester,”




      • DaveH

        San says — “Cheryl, A sane argument.
        We have to vote out Obama, and a write in vote will be for Obama.”.
        Einstein’s definition of insanity — Doing the same thing over and over again while hoping for different results this time.

      • DaveH

        Carrobin says — “Excellent reason to re-elect Obama. We don’t need a Supreme Court that says corporations are people”.
        Corporations are people? So if people get together in groups they are no longer allowed to have their rights? No wonder this country is in trouble.

      • David J. Sanchez

        Generally I approve of Bob Livingston and his articles are most of the time right on target concerning most issues, but I do believe that every newspaper and magazine he quotes (especially Mother Jones and the New York Times) are all pro Democrat Party Main Stream Media organizations who believe in welfare/warfare government. I agree that if we do allow this imposter President another 4 years our Nation as we now know it is finished. The Courts and the people who control the agencies that rule this country will stifle any remnant of the Bill of Rights we have left. Sure I would definitely prefer Dr. Ron Paul, but to equate Mitt Romney with Barack (insane) Hussein Obama is totally crazy. At least with the Republicans we have a chance to gravitate and move this Nation back to what it stands for and stop the bankruptcy morally and socially that exists now. Please think about the sources that you quote from Bob Livingston.

      • HeavenHelpUs

        Imagine this… Romney, a supposed conservative, nominates another supposedly conservative justice who isnt conservative (i.e. Roberts)… I honestly dont know when you fools will quit letting the ruling class via the MSM tell you who is electable and who isnt, but the ONLY advantage to Romney is that Civil War might be averted… However, the MSM will then gleefully give “conservatism” credit for our economic meltdown via the bad monetary policy by both sides of the SAME ruling class… Great Depression anyone?… Yep, it’s happened before… Same game, different decade… I’ll end with a quote… “If youre sitting at a poker table, and you dont know who the patsy is, youre the patsy.”

      • Mary

        Yes , and if they are Republican right winger, religious fanatics, with no sense of fairness, we can kiss all our freedoms goodbye. Ladies, you had better invest in one of those long black robes to cover your bodies, be prepared to lose your rights to voting, driving, and to the very private parts of your body. Here come the dark ages – AGAIN.

      • TML

        If I voted for either Obama or Romney, I would never be able to forgive myself. I will vote my conscious. Then as the wars, health care tax, and other status quo ventures shared between the two persist, you can blame yourself for not doing the same.

        Honestly, I don’t even believe such Justices should be appointed by the President… they should be elected offices by the people.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Mary, were you coached before you posted that those nasty Republicans are going to put the women in bhurkas. The clothing designers and stores would be put out of business and China and other manufacturing bases of thread and buttons and dyes, etc., would be fighting tooth and nail for their survival. So you are a blathering idiot.

      • macgyver1948

        @ DaveH….. One vote per heart. The founders feared referring to corporations as people. Consider that if they were, each of them in the “group” you mention, would have a vote as all legal voters and the “group” might eventually obtain a vote too as a corporation or as a “group”. Then the corporations get more votes than we each do and the founders saw the evil in both corporations in general and banks. I bet if Norquist and Koch were around then the Founders would have a contract out on them during the Revolutionary War for treason and betrayal of what America stands for. Romney is just their puppet so he might not get to the nomination stage then.

      • Robert Smith

        Carrbin says: “We don’t need a Supreme Court that says corporations are people…”

        You are so correct! Just think, China can buy a corporation and pour millions and millions in to buy an election in America so it comes out just how they want it.

        And all those who want corpoations to have a say call themselves “patriots” and “Americans.”

        My guess is they just haven’t thought about what the advocacy from the extreme right means as they turn control over to other countries.


    • Joseph Lundy

      You are the perfect example of why I would encourage African-American to no longer lay down their lives for this country.

    • Chester

      Sir, you are as racist as any white sheet wearing, white hooded KKK member, only you try to disguise it by calling others racist instead. Actually, would say you are a true tribal follower, where anyone who is not of your exact bloodline is an enemy to be run down or done in at every chance. If you weren’t, you would NOT be apologizing to the blacks for the whites who vote for Obama, nor would you be apologizing to your own people for the blacks AND whites who think Obama is a better choice.

    • LyndaLouise

      Mitt Romney and the citizens united decision. If Mitt Romney is elected, he will be President in name only. This is something the republicans should consider. The Tea Party republicans are being supported by the Koch Bros. The Koch Bros. are spending $400,000,000 on the campaign. Paul Ryan has strong ties with the Koch Bros. Why is this not being communicated to the american people? Why is the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court that gave them all this power being talked about? I have already read blogs from people from around the world that are bragging about how much better their democracy is and wonder why we have abandoned ours. The question is – What does President Kock Bros. want for their investment? This is the question we should be asking.

    • Ron r

      Bob you are so in-American .

    • Winddrinker

      I have to use the same phrase…”Are you serious?”

      Are you saying that this election is only being held to appease blacks..12% of the population (supposedly.)

      People I know are only worried about the fact that they have lost 40% of their wealth over the last three years, there are 23 million out of work, our dollar is basically becoming worthless, wars are about to break out everywhere, the mooslems are on the rampage and want to replace the Constitution with the Koran, and that is just a few of our problems.
      No seems to be worried about what blacks want…even the politicians and the dictator.

      • Deborah

        Even Obama doesn’t care about what blacks want. He panders to whichever side of his half-breed heritage he desires in order to appease them for their votes. He doesn’t care about the poor, elderly, sick or black. He only wants to destroy the rich. He hates America because we are a rich nation. He wants us to be on an even playing field with the rest of the world. That is why he is decreasing our nuclear arsenal while other nations increase theirs. This is suicide! Obama is an absolute LIAR. I think the right-wing conservatives will be destroying this beloved, God-fearing nation if they don’t vote him out. What the h#$& are you thinking Bob Livingston? A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. Get over your extremist ideology and do what is best for America. This is a very important and precarious election. It is not the time to push your agenda. We need to galvanize and push Obama out of office!






    • Stuart Shepherd

      Mr. Horton- You ARE a racist and it’s disgusting. I hate Obama- because he’s a liar, a phony, a marxist, a racist himself- but not because he’s bi-racial! When you start lumping people together (ANY group) and then apply some type of blanket criticism or aspersion, it is an “ism”. Please stop! You sound perfectly intelligent and even insightful otherwise!

    • ron . r

      Bob Liverston, who are you waiting on the next Strom Thurman, or Barry Goldwater. Dam, where is Lee atwarter when you need him???? And Willie Horton, has your paint come off yet????


        “ron . r,”


  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    After a tough weekend here in Tampa, it’s very obvious to the grassroots supporters that your last conclusion of the events to take place is exactly what will happen. We still have boots on the ground here and we are not going away quietly. We are fighting this til the bitter end. Then when that fails we will continue to fight the good fight from within and change this from the bottom up because us Paul supporters have always known, it will and has NEVER be changed from the top down.
    It really is a mess down here and I can tell you that there are more people in uniforms and earpieces then there are “Romney supporter’s”. You could fit all of “his people” in the V.I.P. lounge at Scores here in Tampa. Those girls love a man in uniform!
    The only wind blowing around here isn’t coming from any hurricane. Any logical person would have to ask why, if the job is to “just win” and replace Obama, would they alienate a whole block of voters, of which they need to win the election? When asking that, the answer is quite clear.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      I just got kicked off of my first blog site, the right scoop. Anyone hear of it? I came across it by chance because of this article, and they were killing Paul and you guys know I don’t use profanities but when the personal attacks start coming, I’m not one to back down but I got into it with the writer of the article and he didn’t like what I had to say I guess? If anyone gets bored later please go and take care of my light work. I post under the same screen name if they even left my comments up. :)

    • tom

      hey rev, i know you paul supporters are dissapointed. But you need to vote for mit regardless. and please dont sit home and do nothing, that is just a vote FOR president obama.and as far as you americans who just happen to be black…if you think the president is your brutha, i got news for ya…hes your mutha. He doesnt give a darn about ya all any more than he gives a dang about me. If the president gets re-elected then your new slave master IS a black man.HE HAS SAID SO !!! are you not listening ?? his actions speak so loudly that people cannot hear what he says. Pay attention and lets all come together, and stop falling right into their game plan of division. Obama IS an elitest. hes not some poor homy from the hood. He says that he wants to turn our soverignty over to the UN. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! is that what we want? black ,white, mexican, asian, it will affect us ALL!! I to am on the fence about mit. but i will vote for him this time to try and avoid civil war on our own soil. together we will work towards the proper govt. officials. Remember our moto “united we stand, divided we fall.” we are falling because they are dividing us.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        I don’t get why you guys keep railing for a party instead of a candidate? How can you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I must vote for a guy I don’t like so he can beat a guy I don’t like?” That thinking is circular and has gotten us nowhere. I can’t restate this enough. The paradigm of voting for “the lesser of two evils” has to end because it is exactly how they want you to vote. Until we stop compromising on these banker whores the crumbling of America will continue unimpeded no matter the puppet choice. But, I will say this. If you held a gun to my head and said you MUST pick Romney or Obama well then I’d have to choose…………THE TRIGGER!

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        BTW are you suggesting that the Bain Capital guy that went to ISRAEL and promised unwavering support for money is not an elitist? :) Surly you are not that far out of the loop!

      • Winddrinker

        Ron Paul supporters are the ones acting like “children.” If they can’t have their way, they are taking their marbles and leaving the game! They don’t want to join other conservatives to help get this country a chance to survive…it is their way or the highway…
        must have learned that from obumscum.

        I haven’t seen adults act so crazy as some of these RP people. It is almost like a mental illness. The fact is that we all need to come together and fight the real enemy. Is it worth throwing away the country because you guys “just are not happy.” The demonrats don’t “eat their own.” Only the conservatives do that, and the other side knows this and they use it to their advantage.

        • Deborah

          Once again… Well said Winddrinker.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        I still don’t understand your point. Who is leaving a game? I will cast my vote. I didn’t support Robomney before and I will not support them in November. Your cute reference “marbles” and “games” makes my point. Because of your personal frustration of not being able to keep your big boy undies on and NOT compromise your personal beliefs and switch your vote to Robomney? or because your are expressing even more frustration of not being able to convince ANY people to compromise their views and join you on team (Romney?) you seem to enjoy venting on confident unwavering Americans. It sounds to me as though you have internal issues that you need to work out so go stand in the corner. Make sure your nose is touching the wall or time will be doubled and when you can come back and explain to me in a civil manner why it is you are voting for whom you are voting then maybe we can continue this debate. :) Until then keep you cute game references on the playground because this is NO game.

  • Harold Olsen

    I’m hoping there is an upset at the GOP convention and someone other than Romney — hopefully a true conservative — gets the nomination. I think it would be almost funny if Ryan ended up getting the nomination instead of Romney. Would he pick Mitt as his VP? I just know that I can not bring myself to vote for Romney. He’s little more than an Obama clone. Like McCain, he’s a liberal pretending to be a conservative. But then, I’ve also heard Obama claim to be a conservative. And the moon really is made of green cheese.

    • Robert Smith

      Harold bleats: “He’s little more than an Obama clone. Like McCain, he’s a liberal pretending to be a conservative.”

      Really? What do you think about Goldwater. Certainly he was a conservative. But oops, he didn’t want government interfearing in a woman’s medical issues. Oops, he didn’t worry about gays being in the military, even back in the 1960′s.

      But it isn’t “conservatism” that the Republicans ane extreme right are basing their politics on to control America. It’s the “Southern Stratigy.”

      More details are available at:

      • JimRed

        “Oops, he didn’t worry about gays being in the military, even back in the 1960′s. ”

        There was no need to worry; the Uniform Code of Military Justice was followed and enforced. If a homosexual behaved himself, he was treated like any other serviceman. If he misbehaved, he was removed from the service. We had one on my ship, in my department, who some suspected but no one was sure of. He propositioned a teenage boy while off duty, was reported, and removed.

        HOMOSEXUAL, because there’s nothing GAY about it.

      • DaveH

        Much truth can be gathered from reading “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas Dilorenzo, and then reading the Confederate Constitution:

        Notice that it uses the original Constitution as boilerplate, with changes to remedy what the South thought were flaws in the original Constitution.
        Such as an absence of the “General Welfare Clause” which has been used extensively by Progressives to allow all sorts of Power to the Federal Government which was never intended by the Framers.
        From the original Constitution (Article I, Section 8) — “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States…..(list of other Powers)”
        From the Confederate Constitution (Article I, Section 8) — “The Congress shall have power-
        (I) To lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises for revenue, necessary to pay the debts, provide for the common defense, and carry on the Government of the Confederate States; but no bounties shall be granted from the Treasury; nor shall any duties or taxes on importations from foreign nations be laid to promote or foster any branch of industry; and all duties, imposts, and excises shall be uniform throughout the Confederate States…. (2) (succeeding list of powers)”.
        Note the absence of “general Welfare”, and also note that the taxing Power was enumerated in the Confederate Constitution, rather than included as a somewhat vague header to Section 8.
        Also notice in Section 9:
        “Sec. 9. (I) The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or Territories of the United States of America, is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same.
        (2) Congress shall also have power to prohibit the introduction of slaves from any State not a member of, or Territory not belonging to, this Confederacy”.
        Does that sound like a South defending Slavery, as Robert Smith’s Wikipedia article states — “Though the “Solid South” had been a longtime Democratic Party stronghold due to the Democratic Party’s defense of slavery prior to the American Civil War”?

      • DaveH

        “Distinguished historians James Ford Rhodes and James G. Randall also contributed to the
        view of Reconstruction as a vindictive, abusive, corrupt, political racket. Dunning, Rhodes, Bowers, and Randall were Northerners who documented in great detail how the Republican Party—which is to say the federal government—ignored presidential vetoes and federal
        court rulings, disenfranchised white Southerners while giving the vote to ex-slaves (who were instructed to vote Republican), formed new state puppet governments run by Republican Party
        hacks from the North, and used this power to plunder Southern tax-payers for more than a decade after the war”.

        Is it any wonder that there were resentful whites who took out their frustrations on blacks? The blacks were simply unwitting pawns for the evil Politicians’ schemes. As usual, the Politicians succeeded in alienating groups of people for their own personal gains.

      • Robert Smith

        Notice how I post about the extreme right not being about “conservatism” but that the Republicans of extreme right are basing their politics on to control America. It’s the “Southern Stratigy.”

        Details are available at:

        But the extreme right wing wants to talk about Linclon, not Goldwater who didn’t worry about gays in the military and he was pro-choice.


    • eddie47d

      If you loved our economic meltdown in 2008 with all the shady deals on Wall Street then you will indeed love Mitt Romney who has been involved in several himself. Is that the American way you want where Mitt brags about this country he says he loves while reaping massive fortunes with shady operatives. When Michael Milliken (Junk Bond king) was under indictment Romney went to him for a loan and received it. He set a precedence in how he would do business and who he favors. In his own words Romney stated in a book where he endorses “creative destruction” . To use any means to take down another company and make immense wealth.

    • San

      See the movie 2016. We cannot have Obama fulfill his father’s dreams, his destiny. It will be the destruction of the US.

      • Gea

        Don’t worry be happy! BO will be retired in Novewmber in a landslide election, and then he can go either to his Muslim half-brothers in Kenua, his Muslim Brothers in Egypt or to his King in Saudi Arabia whom he loves, to write Dearms of My Mother, to figure out why a 17 y old white girl fell for an old Kenyan Marxcist Muslim to give him a baby Barak Hussein, and why she then fell for another Marxist Muslim from Indonesia had another child, before finally leaving such guys and came home to America.

        Obama is clearly not espausing American valules since his formative years were as a Muslim boy living with his Marxist Muslim step-father who was a spokesman for oil industry, which is well protected under BO and Saudis who finance islamic terrorism with US help (moneyfrom oil we purchase to run our cars).

        The Muslim extravaganza planned at the DNC next week will ensure not only landslife election of Romney/Ryan, but Obama his Muslim Brothers will take down entire Demoncratic party. Then we will have to deal with slash and burn Republicans who promote their corporate communism and may also cow tow to Islamists for oil.

      • carrobin

        It never ceases to amaze me how many people still believe in fairytales.

      • Winddrinker

        The movie 2016 reveals why bad things are being done to America. It brings forth obumscums’ “frame of refence,” and why he isn’t like Americans and why he hates this country.
        You will find out why he hates Whites (all Whites) and where he gets the idea that White people have stolen all their wealth from poor people.

        • Deborah

          Well said, Winddrinker. To any of you who have not yet seen the movie, 2016: Obama’s America, it is a MUST SEE. It will educate and enlighten you to just how dangerous Obama is for our country. Please go see it. Bob Livingston – Please encourage your followers to see this movie. It is very important.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… Yep, that movie could be as true as any we can see of the future on the Syfy Channel…

          • Deborah

            Awww c’mon macgyver, surely you can be more witty and creative than that. Only a simpleton would rely on an over-used comment like that. Here’s another one for you…
            Have a nice day.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah…. LOL. ok, whatever you say. Oh, enjoy your evening… :-)

    • Craig

      Mitt will be the nominee. He’s not ideal. But, he is also not out to destroy the country, nor is he a communist like the current occupant of the White House. Do you have any idea what we’re up against? For the facts, either read Denesh Desouza’s (spelling?) book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” or see the film 2016. Do both: our predicament is desparate. This whining about Mitt is unproductive especially in light of what we are up against. Obama hates this country and said he wants to “totally transform” it. You don’t totally transform something you like. He was mentored by a card-carrying member of the Communist party (Frank Marshall Davis – google him and you can even find his communist card number) and was friends with Communist terrorists, chose communist teachers in school (read “Dreams from my father”) and sat in the Church of a communist preacher for 20 years. A globalist billionaire George Soros helped bankrole his campaign: Soros wishes to destroy this country which stands in the way of one world government. Any you’re telling me Mitt is not a true conservative. I wish this, I wish that. This tells me you need to educate yourself more so that you fully understand that there is an enemy of this country in the White House. When are you people going to WAKE UP??????? You and all the other whiners need to get behind Mitt, because he is our guy and the one last hope of this country. The country cannot stand a second term of an unleashed Obama (he recently told the Russians and thereby KGB Putin he would be free to do what he wanted in his second term). He should have been impeached and removed from office for all his violations of the Constitution which he despises. ENOUGH OF THIS! We don’t have another chance!!!!

      • Julie

        This is right on. I pray every day people in this country will wake up.

      • DaveH

        Craig says — “He’s [Romney] not ideal. But, he is also not out to destroy the country, nor is he a communist like the current occupant of the White House”.
        It’s unlikely that any of them purposely want to “destroy the country”, but they are doing so in feathering their own nests at the expense of the rest of us. That includes Romney.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Craig, what you say about obumass is certainly true but what makes you think that ANYTHING will be any different with romney?!? Things are the way they are not only because of obumass. The destruction of this country has been intentional and it started way before obumass! There are people behind the scenes who act as puppet masters and pull the strings of EVERY president, senator, congressman and supreme court judge in recent history. You must recognize that every candidate that we accept from “them” goes on to further “their” agenda! The problems that this country is facing have been CREATED by them!!! We must not FALL for the idea that we MUST vote for THEM!!! If we want our country back, we must get “them” OUT of our government!!! I’m going to copy an article that SHOULD make things VERY SIMPLE AND CLEAR TO EVERYONE!!! We are IN the position we are IN because some people wanted us here! It would be very naive to believe that obumass is the ENTIRE problem versus being PART of the problem!!! If you don’t see the WHOLE picture, you won’t be able to act accordingly when you vote.

        Charley Reese’s final column for the Orlando Sentinel…
        He has been a journalist for 49 years.
        He is retiring and this is HIS LAST COLUMN.

        545 vs. 300,000,000 People
        -By Charlie Reese

        Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

        Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?

        Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

        You and I don’t propose a federal budget. The President does.

        You and I don’t have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does.

        You and I don’t write the tax code, Congress does.

        You and I don’t set fiscal policy, Congress does.

        You and I don’t control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

        One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

        I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that problem was created by the Congress. In 1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.

        I excluded all the special interests and lobbyists for a sound reason. They have no legal authority. They have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman, or a President to do one cotton-picking thing. I don’t care if they offer a politician $1 million dollars in cash. The politician has the power to accept or reject it. No matter what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator’s responsibility to determine how he votes.

        Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.

        What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for creating deficits. The President can only propose a budget. He cannot force the Congress to accept it.

        The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating and approving appropriations and taxes. Who is the speaker of the House? John Boehner. He is the leader of the majority party. He and fellow House members, not the President, can approve any budget they want. If the President vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto if they agree to.

        It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted — by present facts — of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can’t think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people. When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist.

        If the tax code is unfair, it’s because they want it unfair.

        If the budget is in the red, it’s because they want it in the red.

        If the Army & Marines are in Iraq and Afghanistan it’s because they want them in Iraq andAfghanistan …

        If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it’s because they want it that way.

        There are no insoluble government problems.

        Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power. Above all do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like “the economy,” “inflation,” or “politics” that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do.

        Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible.

        They, and they alone, have the power.

        They, and they alone, should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses.

        Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees…

        We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess!

        Charlie Reese is a former columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Thanks for the reminder, Nancy from Nebraska.

      • chiox198

        He’s still another ‘Bilderberg’ puppet like Obama. They sound great to get elected but once in…beware!

        He’ll continue Obama’s current destruction of America. RNC fear Ron Paul because he’s fully aware of the Bilderbergs’ plan. Paul won more delegates than Romney, yet the delegates were instructed to change their support to Romney resulting in lawsuits against the RNC. Electorals ARE rigged!

      • Craig

        To Nancy in Nebraska: Of course, we need to clean out congress as well which is a large source of our problems. That does not negate any of my points concerning Obama. I never said Romney is our savior. In fact, I said he’s not ideal. But then to suggest that Romney and Obama are pursuing the same policies is ridiculous beyond belief. What will taxes look like after another term of Obama? How about after a first term with Romney? Think there would be no difference? How about military cuts? Who wants zero missiles for this country? Would that be Romney too? How about the debt? The debt has soared under Obama more than all previous presidents combined. That’s ALL PREVIOUS!!!! Think there’s no difference whom we elect. How about cleaning out congress and electing the lesser of two evils? Now doesn’t that make more sense! Or did you just want to sound off about congress. Fine, but that still leaves the Supreme Court. Which one Romney or Obama will select candidates who would be strict constructionists or originalists in reading the Constitution? Please think. We won’t get another chance to get this right if Obama gets reelected. I urge you to become informed about Obama.

      • Winddrinker

        Conservatives must unite! ENOUGH of the stupid in-fighting! There is no question about it, if you want to stay a free people, you better get it together and fast..

        The other side is focused! They only want ONE THING! That is to get rid of us and the freedom we have enjoyed!

        • Deborah

          This is very true. Conservatives must unite! Obama is counting on our infighting to divide us and allow him to win the election. Remember, he is the most divisive president in the history of the U.S.. His class warfare agenda has already been very successful. Don’t let him destroy the GOP too. United we stand – Divided we fall.

      • eddie47d

        Winddrinker just can’t help himself with all that lying. Must be a Conservative thing. Either that or it’s not wind he has been drinking. Are you sharing with Deborah?

    • Paul B.

      What many fail to remember and take note is that Romney has a host of conservative elected and passionate citizens to guide him through the tough decisions. We are vocal, we are united on many fronts, especially those along economic and fiscal responsibility lines.

      Obama has NO interest in listening to anyone, even those in his own party. Obama is in a world all on his own, with the protection of Reid, that is all he needs to continue to deflect legislation, and rule through executive order.

      Again, Romney will have a hundred million active supporters watching his every move, 52 Senators, and 280 Congressmen. He would be hard pressed to ignore their wishes, not at least without a hellstorm to recon with.

      I feel much better with a pseudo-conservative in office rather than a proclaimed Marxist/Communist, and his liberation theology “change”, divisiveness, Holder, or more appointments like Sotomayor or Kegan.

      No Romney is NOT my preferred choice, But Bob, I think you exaggerated quite a bit and allowed your emotions to creep into your post. I know Ron Paul is the ONLY person for you, but your rhetoric shows too clearly your frustration and as such a bit over the top in your condemnation and comparison of Obama to Romney as two peas in a pod… NOT EVEN CLOSE.

      If you want Obama’s plans to “transform the US” which we know realize is NOT in our best interest, then go ahead and continue your near slanderous posts. A true American would accept that the US isn’t ready for a Ron Paul and therefore we accept the best we can AGREE on then do our part and stay on top of what they do and how they govern.

      Obama is an immovable force, at least Romney can be swayed as you so thoughtfully pointed out. that is good for us… and our ability to sway him in the right directions.

      Just ease off the condemnation a little. You don’t have to praise him, but at least don’t exaggerate his faults.




    • Robert Smith

      And that’s a problem because??????????????


  • DEfromDC

    I have to assume you haven’t met the man. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • The Frog Prince

    Libewrtarians nweed to stop whining and just answer this question, “Which do you prefer Mitt Romney or Barak Husseing Obama.” Rather a simple choice.

    • The Frog Prince

      Libertarians. Bad typing…

      • Dwight Mann

        The damage is done already, so it dont matter whom is elected. That is why I am not voting GOP, I am voting for Ron Paul, for obvious reasons. The whole world is in the NWO, UN basket and this is the real enemy. . .
        The Banksters. . .

      • Robert Smith

        Te banksters who own corporations that the right wing supports their extreme spending to buy elections.

        That’s NOT American.

        Just think about it and quit thinking what Rush tells you to think. It’s that simple.


        • macgyver1948

          Robert Smith… Thank you for this short post, it says so much.

    • DaveH

      Neither of the above. They are both frogs — just everyday political frogs — who won’t be changed to princes by the rubber-stamping-kisses of the sheeple.
      I vote only for Principled Politicians (which are few and far between) who aren’t selected and promoted by the Shadow Government.
      For Limited Government, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility, Individual Freedom, and the PEACE that comes with those — Vote Libertarian!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      If ONLY the solution were THAT simple!!! You think EXACTLY how “they” want you to think!!! You need to recognize that ANY candidate promoted by EITHER party will get you MORE OF THE SAME!!! BOTH parties are THE SAME!!! They lie to you and tell you what you want to hear, but their results are ALWAYS THE SAME!!! They NEVER solve any problems because THEY DON’T WANT TO!!! Even when a party has the majority they do nothing to FIX anything!!! It’s because things ARE exactly as THEY want them!!! Our ENEMY has infiltrated BOTH parties!!! You don’t even have to question this! Their results are RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES!!! BOTH parties are united AGAINST US!!! We MUST tell the democraps AND the republicraps, NO MORE!!! We SEE what you are doing and we are DONE letting you FOOL us!!! If you vote for the democraps OR the republicraps, you will get MORE of what we’ve already got!!! IF WE AREN’T WILLING TO CHANGE OURSELVES AND OUR THINKING, NOTHING WILL CHANGE AROUND US!!! We must DEMAND CHANGE!!!

      • San

        Are you supporting a violent revolution to get Ron Paul to take over and be a peaceful president?
        Listen, he lost the election. Vote to remove Obama or our country is doomed. If his son wants to carry on his peaceful mission, do that in 4 years and in his work in the senate. Why let our country be destroyed?

      • DaveH

        San says — “Are you supporting a violent revolution to get Ron Paul to take over and be a peaceful president?”.
        Did you see any such thing in Nancy’s message, San?

      • tom

        nancy, even though i agree, there is no third party nor should there be. if you decide not to vote for a demagog or republicant then you are voting for distruction. we need to start voting them all out. but it will take all of us of all races to stick together and DO it. the biggest enemy we face right now are our fellow lazy-ass americans who want everything given to them. We need more makers and less takers. Even bob that wrote this colum has his own agenda, making money by getting people to become members of his site for 40.00/ yr. He doesnt offer any solutions…until you pay him. is that any different than the polititians??

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear tom,

          You write: “Even bob that wrote this colum has his own agenda, making money by getting people to become members of his site for 40.00/ yr.” This is a free site.

          You write: “the biggest enemy we face right now are our fellow lazy-ass americans who want everything given to them.” Sort of like you who complains that I charge for this site (I don’t, by the way).

          Best wishes,

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        San, don’t EVER put words in my mouth!!! I have NEVER advocated violence of any type!!! THOSE are YOUR words, NOT MINE!!! My point is, if we continue to vote for the people who are DESTROYING our country, they will continue to DESTROY our country!!! When will people realize that they are being given NO CHOICE AT ALL?!? It is time to stand up and DO THE RIGHT THING!!! SHOW SOME INTEGRITY!!! Vote for the person that will do what’s RIGHT for America, NOT the person who MAY do less harm!!! STOP letting someone else TELL you who you can vote for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • DaveH

        Tom says — “nancy, even though i agree, there is no third party nor should there be”:

        How do you expect anybody to listen to you, Tom, when you say such things?

      • Iona Cheryl

        Don’t you think it’s a little late trying to discredit Romney? I love Ron Paul and his belief system and his son. I think Rand Paul will be a terrific President some day to fulfill “his FATHER’S dream” LOL

        We will always be voting for the lesser of two evils. Perhaps this is Romney’s time to help America become more financially sound and get people back to work. Perhaps America will need Rand Paul’s expertise in the future. Right now we need Romney’s expertise to get us back to prosperity and hopefully military strength.

        So, why don’t we all who love our Constitution get behind him and let him help. Rand Paul will hopefully have his day.

    • Craig

      A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Barach Hussein Obama which the country will not survive. You people are clueless and have a death wish. God help us all.

      • chiox198

        Clueless Craig! You really should do some more research.

      • DaveH

        You are the “clueless” one. The same people who steered Bush are steering Obama. You need to do some reading:
        From the “Introduction to the 2011 Edition”:
        “They blame Goldman-Sachs but see their president [Obama], who got more campaign money from the firm than from almost any other source, as a helpless victim of circumstance, rather than an energetic conspirator in corporate malfeasance on top of being the enthusiastic heir and expansionist of George W. Bush’s aggressive foreign policy”.
        “When Obama chose as Treasury Secretary the young Timothy Geithner the man was already a precocious fixture of the establishment. He worked for Kissinger Associates in DC and then joined the U.S. Treasury Department’s International Affairs division in 1988″.
        More here:,%20Banks,%20and%20American%20Foreign%20Policy.pdf

      • DaveH
      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Craig, GOD help us ALL when people will just “go along” with the very people who are destroying our great nation!!! Whether you vote for obumass or romney, you will get the status quo! That is, MORE OF THE SAME!!! How much MORE do you think we can take!!! BOTH parties have worked equally hard to tear down this great nation! That should be apparent by looking at what they’ve DONE, NOT at what they’ve SAID!!! Until we take back our country, they will whittle away at our rights until we have none left! What are you waiting for? Throw them out!!!

      • Craig

        Ok. Let’s vote for Ron Paul. Even though he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Obama will get reelected, we’ll be Greece by 2016. Then we’ll all see the light. Everyone will look upon Ron Paul as our saviour and he will come riding in to save us all and we all want to clean out congress. I see the light. Now if only you had explained it to me that way! Sounds like a great plan!!!!

      • DaveH

        How do you expect the US to avoid becoming like Greece, Craig, when you keep rubber-stamping Big Government candidates?

      • Craig

        To DaveH: Your guy lost. Boo Hooooooooo! Get over it!

      • Winddrinker

        It seems that the RP people just can’t let it go, even though there is absolutely no chance of RP ever getting elected. They are willing to destroy the country if they can’t have RP. That is insane.

        The sad thing is that the rest of us could suffer because of their stupidity. With Romney we would buy ourselves some time, to do the things that we need to do.
        With obumscum, it is over.

        There isn’t a bit of difference between the two parties in D.C., government has become a farce. The republican dominated House still votes for every thing obumscum puts in front of them.
        They just voted to give obumscum the power to appoint 178 of his cronies to government positions, wihout the congress approving his appointments. Chuckie Shoe said that will take the “work load” off the congress so they can spend all their time “passing new laws.”

        These appointments will be to the most important agencies that run this country. Take one guess, what kind of people will be appointed to run this country. These are the people that want to replace the Constitution with the koran.

        Obumscum’s dream, our nightmare.

      • Robert Smith

        DveH asks: “How do you expect the US to avoid becoming like Greece, Craig, when you keep rubber-stamping Big Government candidates?”

        You do remember that government grew faster and bigger under Bush than at any other time of our history except during war?

        Oops, he did get us into a couple of those while cutting taxes at the same time. How did he expect to pay for them?


      • eddie47d

        Republicans have their own secret credit cards. Automatically pops out when the bugle sounds.

        • MikeR

          Huh? WhatyoutalkinaboutWillis?

  • boo

    gee that’s just terrible. we should re elect obama then. is romney a communist also? is he related to saul alinsky? does he have a us passport? will he open the borders and lie about deportations? will he shut down coal using the epa? will he circumvent congress?

    • eddie47d

      Referring to Obama as a communists is nothing more than a Republican power play and dishonest. Since coal is a proven health hazard apparently you plain and simply don’t give a darn. Now according to your way of looking at things then Romney is in bed with the money changers and is “related” to Michael Milliken and the rest of the crony capitalists who ruined our country.

      • Chester

        Eddie, sorry to step on your toes about coal, but it isn’t the ONLY proven heath hazard, nor is it as big a health hazard as trying to live without electricity because it has gotten too expensive for the poor to afford. Right now there is abundant natural gas, but that won’t last long if all at the EPA have their way and shut down all the Frakkng operations. Oh, and that same group is doing their best to slam the door on oil production inside the country as well as the cheap transportation of crude, or other oil products, from Canada down through the US. Supposedly it is all about health, but a good bit of it has more to do with who controls the money and how it is to be spent,

      • Craig

        How many communist connections does it take? Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Saul Olinsky for starters. You know he is a communist and the only thing left for you to do is to deny the obvious hoping he can fool the people a second time. People like you disgust me

      • James

        Coal is bad for your health…Well ya, if you eat it.
        Coal fired plants using low sulfur coal, which we have pleanty of right here in the good old USA, is a heck of a lot cleaner than you think. What exactly would you like to use to power the electric grid?
        Coal, gas, nuclear are all 20 cents per KwHour or less.
        Solar and wind are both over $1.18 per KwHour before the Goverment $1 per KwHour subsidy kicks in to make it competative as an “emerging technology”.
        Even though nuclear power has zero emmisions (barring a meltdown) so it’s the “greenest” but no one wants one in their back yard.
        I don’t feel like subsidising Solar and Wind anymore, they need to get competative quick or pack it in as one of those “great ideas” that just didn’t pan out.
        So guess its back to coal.

    • San

      Exactly, and if Obama is free to enact whatever he wants after his “last election”, this country will be over.
      See the movie “2016″

      • MikeR

        I saw 2016. At the end the audience erupted in applause.

        • Craig

          A wonderful movie. The same reaction when I saw it as well. It’s a shame that there’s no wealthy Republican to buy up the rights to this movie so that all Americans can see it for free. It is the research that the liberal media refuse to do. This movie not only exposes Obama’s communist, anti-capitalist agenda, but also the complicity of the media.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      boo, you say: “Is Romney a communist also?”. Does it matter? Those who ontrol BOTH parties ARE!!! They won’t be happy until they’ve taken EVERTHING from you!!! They want CONTROL of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!!! romney is just a puppet, as is obumass!!!

      • jim saulino

        these writers haven’t paranoia is the slightest notion of what communism is. It’s laughable to even suggest that presideny Obama is. He would make a very poor communist in any case.
        Also, as soon as I read that someone uses Hussein, O’B’s middle name, the writer becomes automatically suspect as racist, anti-intellectual, and a waste of effort to continue reading.

        Yes we need a second party as the Democrats and Republicans are one party. The party of wealth and priviledge. There are no viable liberals in the USA organized as a political party. Our Democrats would be Conservatives anywhere else, most notably in England. The Republicans? Well, they’re too smart to put on uniforms; I’ll grant them that much wisdom.

        But back to communism: We aren’t even distantly close to it. Fear and McCarthyism is as close as the United States will get to communism in the next seventy-five years. Our mass addiction to electronic media insures that. Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Are the media that they themselves villify.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        jim, have you ever considered a class in syntax and grammar? You should! It would help!

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Amen. It is important if Rom is a red or not, but it’s more important to look at the power behind the throne.
        Obama nation’s czars. George Soros. The Council on foreign relations. The group of 30. Bildeburgers. Federal Reserve and other central banks.
        Plus one more guy who’s name I can’t remember. Beck called him the “wizard of Oz”
        or something like that for being the man bahind the curtain of the Obama administration.
        Wish I could remember his name!

  • Betty

    I agree with you. I’ll be requesting my email be removed from this forum, also. This is becoming a forum of Ron Paul morons! I pray to God that you folks don’t get your wish, because me and mine will have to suffer from your craziness!

    • JimRed

      “This is becoming a forum of Ron Paul morons!”

      In fairness, though, even a broken clock is right twice a day. When the Paulites are right, we should incorporate their opinions into ours; when they’re wrong we should ignore them.

    • Eugene Sevene

      Betty I have to say that you are one that shows some common sense. What the Ron Paul people do not get is the fact that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama And this is why Obama will win and this country will lose. Ron Paul CAN NOT WIN. Now I like to think that I use at least a little common sense, Obama is bad for this country. Romney is not my first choice neither. The total problem is not who is president but also those that make up our so called law makers. Most of these people have been in office too long and think that no matter what they do they will be re-elected. It is time to clean house and replace all that have been in office for more than one term and give these people a new leader.. Now if any of these people have been FIRED they know what that feels like. COMMON SENSE SAYS SEND THE MESSAGE, DO THE JOB YOU WERE SENT TO DO OR BE REPLACED. Using my common sense says this would be the route to take, look at the long term effect. Somehow I don’t think that these people have the for sight nor the common sense to comprehend this concept, they can only see the here and now. It has taken many years to get us in the fix we are in and we are not going to make it better if we don’t stick together. The majority of the GOP will vote Romney, which means the minority will vote for Paul {Obama} which means Obama will win. Want to change this country, do something that counts,look at the future not just tomorrow. Don’t kick the can down the road as the politicians do. SEND THE MESSAGE.

      • San


      • DaveH

        Eugene says — “What the Ron Paul people do not get is the fact that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama And this is why Obama will win and this country will lose. Ron Paul CAN NOT WIN”.
        Fortunately for the Crony Politicians and their Crony Capitalists, a large portion of the voting population has been swallowing that sort of nonsense for the last 120 years as the Progressives continued to consolidate their stranglehold on the US Government.
        What could be more ignorant than voting for the lesser of two evils and expecting anything more than evil to be the outcome? There will always be the “lesser of two evils” served up by the Shadow Government, so we can never break free of the stranglehold until foolish people quit drinking the tainted Kool-Aid.

    • DaveH

      Betty says — “I pray to God that you folks don’t get your wish, because me and mine will have to suffer from your craziness!”.
      What “crazyness” is that, Betty?
      I’ll be waiting for the specifics.

      • chiox198

        Bump : )

      • tom

        shadow government?? really Dave? that sounds pretty crazy to me. no one says ron paul is a bad man. but he is an isolationist and since we have allowed the communists to over take us over the past 50yrs, we cannot just close the door to america and hope the rest of the world will go away. it may take a few election cycles, but starting with the house and senate, vote out the bad and in with the good. like rons son rand. there is no shadow govt. but the terrorists have infiltrated every level and plan to take us down from within. so lets (together) identifiy them, root them out, and replace them. starting with the pres. he is our greatest threat right now. not mit romney

      • DaveH

        Tom says — “shadow government?? really Dave? that sounds pretty crazy to me”.
        Well, I guess that’s fair since I think you’re extremely ignorant, Tom.
        Obviously you haven’t done any reading outside the Propaganda channels. Read some of the books I linked to and learn something.

        Tom says — “no one says ron paul is a bad man. but he is an isolationist”.
        Proof of your ignorance, Tom. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist not an isolationist. He believes, as I do, in trading peacefully with other nations rather than at the point of a gun:

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Bye bye, Betty! Your naivety will be missed! NOT!!! People need to understand that BOTH parties got us to where we are!!! If you vote for the STATUS QUO, you will GET the STATUS QUO!!! You need only look at recent history and FACTS to KNOW that BOTH parties have intentionally put us here!!! Denying reality won’t change it!!! If you are willing to be a little puppet and accept only what they give you, it will be nobody’s fault but YOUR OWN!!! The people in charge of this government are evil! They manipulate and brain wash us EVERY DAY!!! Even though they are destroying this country, taking away jobs, taking away our rights and destroying the ecomomy etc…you STILL somehow believe that they will fix things and save you! THEY won’t SAVE you!!! THEY are the ones doing the destroying!!! If we don’t GET THEM OUT, our country is done, finished over!!! If you keep voting the way you have been, there won’t BE anything left!!!

      • Winddrinker

        Is there a hysterical female on this board. It is beginning to smell like it.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Winddrinker, you obviously don’t know the definition of “hysterical”! Look it up!

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        You are right about both parties. As Tom Anderson* said in his speech on an old lp record I have, called ‘Bi Partisian Treason’: “First off I would like to say that I equally like
        both parties-Socialist party ‘A’.. and socialist party ‘B’.”
        *Author of “Straight talk” and “Silence is not golden, it’s yellow.”

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Before I forget have you read Arnold Lobel’s fables? His are as good as Aesops.
        If you can you should buy “Come to think of it” by Elizabeth Linington and “You can trust the communists to be communists”by Fred Schwarz. In Liningtons book she has a funny polital fable which she calls “A Fable For moderns.” It is in the start prelude, or first chapter of the book.(I know it’s one of them)
        I’ll give a synopsis of it:
        Old mac had a farm. His farm was starting to be invaded by wolves. But he’s too deaf and blind and brainwashed by old hand Zecky (a wolf in disguise, or at least pro- wolf), to do anything about it.
        His ol sheepdog comes to him numerous times to warn him to plug up the holes in the fences but, he is told by Jr, his “smart because he just got back from college”)
        son that the dog is senile.
        The sheepdog:”Old mac i’m tellling you they get into the livestock in disguise and the livestock don’t know any better at the other farms!” OM: “Those farms are different from mine.”
        “Oh really? says the dog, ” John thought so too but his wife and farm hands tied him up. They were wolves in disguise.They were from one of the neighboring counties. All of which have gone pro-wolf!”
        Old Mac doesn’t listen when the sheepdog tries to tell him this important stuff..
        I think you will like this book. it’s old and cheap enough on amazon for anyone to buy right now. If I could I would have transcripted the fable here, but it’s in my storage right now.(So I did it from memory).
        One cute last line from the book is from Linington herself about the ending:”I suppose I’ll
        have to put another ending so it wont be too “graphic” for children.” It was sooo Funny.
        Her fable is so full of truth and is right on the mark about what is going on in the U.S today.
        And she this book was written a long time ago. Yeah it may be old but it’s still Gold.
        I hate it when people say “That wasn’t my time.”
        It wasn’t the frogs’ time either when he was in the cold water before it went boiling.
        Yesterday maybe yesterday, but it is how we got to today.. it Influenced today!
        Fabian socialists: “Make haste slowly.” Socialists: “Two steps forward one step back.”
        “A socialist is a communist in a hurry.” George Santayana:”Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” etc.
        Another book which has great conservative fables like her’s is Fred Schwarz’s “You can trust the communists (to be communists),” in the book my favorite fables are his ones: “It can be just 1 who starts a fight (it doesn’t have to be 2),” “American football vs. Canadian(?)football,” “the tuberculosis germ,” and his fable about mom’s teaching daughters to be wise about kidnappers.
        Those aren’t their real names, but those are the storylines. One will have to page through the book or read the whole thing to find them. But the stories are worth searching for and the two books are Worth reading. Because of moving the books are in storage.(And I can’t get them right now. Ughh. I have Many more books with Truth in them than those two).

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Oops I meant “political.” Oh well.. this nation is starting to have loose morals and look mispelled. Ha ha I guess my mistake will match the bad guys’ true faces. :)
        And at least I “proof read” afterwards. Better too late on my spelling, than in the fight for
        personal liberty in America. :)

      • MikeR

        What is YOUR solution Nancy?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        MikeR, I’ll keep it simple. VOTE FOR DEFENDERS OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY!!!

      • MikeR

        Blah, blah, blah. Bitch and moan all you want Nancy, but we only have two viable choices. On Nov. 6 capitalists can vote. On Nov. 7 socialists and communists can vote. Mark your calendar.

    • Craig

      Amen! These Ron Paul morons want to see Obama get reelected and have us turn into Greece by 2016. In their warped minds they think that we’ll all then turn to Ron Paul to save us. It is pathetic that they are betting on the destruction of this country to see their guy in office. The world is too dangerous a place to even consider such a risky scheme!!!

      • DaveH

        Again with the Greece thing.
        It’s dummies like you, Craig, who are heading us towards a fate like Greece’s by continuing to underwrite Big Government Politicians.

      • SamFox

        Craig, we have been Greece for quite sometime. Compare Greece’s debt with the %of their GDP, then do ours. Close enough for ya?

        In case you have yet to notice, the USA is NOW the biggest debtor nation in the history of the planet.

        We were turned down to the path to becoming Greece, or is it grease? since at least 1913.

        We may not have the riots & stuff yet, but we sure have the fed govt giving US more & more debt, over taxing, over regulating [to purposely stifle our economy] & a privately owned inflation machine as a central bank for the tinderbox to set US off.

        All that’s needed is the right ‘match’.


  • Jess

    Kenyan VS Mexican, I don’t see any proof that mexican Myth is a natural born citizen. birthers filed against Myth being fit for president. So far we haven’t seen a long form birth certificate & his father was born in Mexio so Myth the Mexican is no more American than Obama. Both are foreigners. Obama’s less of a foreigner since the state of hawaii confirmed his birth records, no such proof from Myth the liar who now praises O’Romneycare.

    • JimRed

      “Obama’s less of a foreigner since the state of hawaii confirmed his birth records…”

      Which records have been proven to be forged. A Democrat operative working for the State of Hawai’i is hardly a credible source!

      • Chester

        So the GOVERNOR of the state of Hawaii, all the people who work in the department of vital statistics, and the computer operator who pulled up and printed out that long form certificate,just like he would for anyone else born in Hawaii during that period of time are ALL Democratic operatives? Or is it more that you would call the direct testimony of the doctor and staff who attended his birth questionable because they are all good Democrats too? Sir, all the information on his birth has been provided, from the actual hospital records where his mother was admitted, then discharged, WITH child in arms, to the birth certificate you keep calling a forgery because Sheriff Joe told you so. Get a grip, then get a LIFE.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Chester, if you STILL think that the birth certificate obumass presented to the American people is authentic, you are an IDIOT!!! I know, we aren’t supposed to engage in name calling! But honestly, there can be no other response to a statement such as yours!!! obumass’s OWN lawyer ADMITTED IN A COURT OF LAW THAT IT IS A FORGERY!!! You DENY forensic evidence that PROVES IT IS A FORGERY and you IGNORE admissions from his OWN lawyer!!! You must suffer from true brain sickness (ie brain washing)!!! WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

        • Gea

          As somebody living off the grid since 2009. I do not watch TV listen to radio only occasionally and get my information didrectly from people who live it or from a variety of media that I get, both rights and left.

          I voted for BO in 2008. because his nice stories were really impressive. After reading Koran from cover to cover, when some Florida pastor wanted to burn it, and seeing BO extolling Islam and Koran, and then seing him bow to Saudi king, my judgement of him was turned by 189 degrees. ANYBODY who had read Koran and Hadith, and learned about history of Islam and current Islamic terrorism as well as their whining about “islamo phobia” KNOWs what BO vallues are.; Theya re opposite of American values, since ANYBODY who suppoerts Muslm Brotherhood, supports genocidal supremacist ideology that wants to murder non-Muslms.

          BO STINKS to high heaven and needs to be vented ouot of thte White house. HE seams to be a good family man, rather hen-packed by his uppity wife who apparently keeps him from Opra. He is really anice guy to have as a neighbor (except that his hous costs 30 times mine, and so I could NEVER live in HIS neighbborhood), but totally UNFIT to govern USA> He may be a good prime minister to a Saudi King or seom other Golf fiefdom ;-)!

    • SamFox

      Jess, I agree with ya on vetting Mitt. But we should also vet -. I have looked & looked but I can find no proof that 0 was EVER vetted.

      Regarding 0′s BC–Hawaii gov can’t find it.

      So far, you can’t prove where 0 was born nor can I. Only 0 can. But he won’t do it. By ‘he won’t do it’ I mean produce or allow the paper long form to released for examination.

      Then there is the matter of a lot of other papers 0 has hidden &/sealed.

      There at this point in time, a lot more evidence that 0 was born out side the US &/or one of his parents was not a US citizen.

      You may fuss & fume all you want. Attack the messengers rather than refute the message. But so far there is NO definitive proof of 0′s birthplace or that both his parents were US citizens making 0 eligible to be POTUS.



  • Paul Wells

    Nice article, Bob L. In your conclusion paragraphs, option #1 will be the one, I predict. Option 2, not a *freakin* chance, and option 3 is a non-starter as well. Look, Romney may be statist and all things we don’t need right now, but at least he ain’t Obama, and that’ll have to do. I’ll say it one more time: If you write in Ron Paul (as much as I like the guy), you have given a vote to BHO! If you don’t believe me, or don’t understand how that could be, take a look at past elections where write ins have taken votes from one candidate or another!


      There is no way in Hell, Romney can be as bad as Obama… about abortion?, Obama voted to snuff out the life of a baby that survived an abortion….not even Ted K. & Hilary voted for that!!!! Can you imagine Romney & his attorney general crapping on the Constitution once or twice a month like Obama & his partner in crime, Holder????

      See the movie , “2016″ & you’ll know there something way more sinister to Obama !!

      • Vester Kester

        You don’t know Mitt Romney, he did that as governor, That’s why he’s not talking about his tenure as governor. Please do your research well and you will understand what we are saying. I lived in Boston when he was governor. He score card is nothing to write home about.

      • Thinking About

        And how many times has Mitt changed his mind on abortion? Probably too many to count. We can not determine who to vote for on the basis of their opinion on abortion, this reason does not prove one fit to handle any office. This is why we are getting the statements from the likes of Todd Akin, who needs to take a few classes in simple biology 101. My goodness, he is so far away from the truth.

      • eddie47d

        The Kenyan Krusher has a mind that is in overdrive and heading for the cliff.

      • Retired Army Officer

        LOL…..I was thinkin’ the same thing, eddie.

  • http://Google Mike

    If you were drowning would you vet the qualifications of a rescuer? Our Republic is drowning!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      In this scenario you gave you hope the rescuer knows how to swim otherwise you will both drown.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Mike, obviously you’ve never read the story of “The Gingerbread Man”. The gingerbread man trusted the fox to take him across the river. It didn’t end well for the gingerbread man! Children’s stories are meant to TEACH us things! The gingerbread man was in a desperate situation and allowed the fox to convince him that his safety lied on the fox’s back! Needless to say, the fox GOBBLED him up!!! We are about to be GOBBLED!!!

  • testament2012

    Black Americans weren’t given anymore a choice than any of us, Obama was groomed up and manipulated into office, much the same way as most other recently elected politicians. But here we are once again, is it too late to make a meaningful change ? given the two party system and powers that seem to direct them can we ever really have real change ? would that establishment ever allow it ? or would they just repackage, rearrange the appearance of it, I feel real change would be such a threat to the system they would invoke marshal law calling it a national emergency. “They” control the currency, the water, the food supply, law enforcement, medical service, media, would we be naive to believe they dont cont us as well.

  • Wayne C.

    I received several calls from the RNC/GOP and I ask them not to call me and to remove my name from RNC/GOP lists for money. What does a mega-bucks guy like Romney need with my money humm? If he wants the job so bad then let him pay for it and all the rest of the North-East Elitists RINO /libs GOP has failed us big time & I am disgusted as far as I am concerned the 2012 elections are just more of the same.

    • Mary

      Wish it was that simple, it’s the big corporations who want him to win so their taxes won’t be raised and the Republicans can deregulate the rules that help keep our environment and workers safe. ( they can make more money without the regulations ) They are throwing money at him to keep Obama out of office another 4 yrs. The Right wing propaganda machine has told the most outrageous lies they can come up with and they are shooting with everything they have. The “2016″ movie is a good example of a right winger “D’Souza” spreading that kind of crap. He is the author of the book. Look him up and see his real agenda. If Republicans used their brains, they would be able to see that Obama could not do all the things he promised because of the conspiracy by the Republican Congress to block all he tried to do. Once they had the majority in 2010, then they were able to do that. Look how many times they brought up trying to repeal the health care bill but let other legislature suffer. At least the health care bill got passed in the first yr of Obama’s term before the Tea Party vigilantes got their foot in the door by getting their people elected . They get votes the same way they always have, by fear tactics, The thing is, they are the ones that start all the wars and get us into debt and then blame the Dems when it isn’t straightened out in 4 yrs. You would think the Republican voters, the less fanatical ones, would look back and see this but they seem to have tunnel vision. It is strange how most of them are not wealthy but they side with those who are trying to take the things away from them that make their lives better, like health care, Medicare and social security. They deserve what they get if they vote for Romney, who tells one lie after the other, becasue he wants to be President so badly. Too bad the rest of us would also have to suffer with them. Let’s make our vote count against those right wingers who want ot take our freedoms away from us. It would serve them right if we could get a Democratic majority in the House and Senate so if Romney does become President, they could play the same game and make him look like a failure. However, Democrats normally do not play those kinds of childish games. They realize they are working for the American people, not their party. Too bad that message is lost to the Republican Congress members.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Wouldn’t it take less verbiage to say that you will vote for O again and you have no intention of voting for anyone else.

      • SamFox

        Mary, so what all did 0 do when he did have the House & senate? Who was obstructing them then? THEY HAD THE VOTES.

        My self, I don’t think I am any better off 5 TRILL ago.

        0 sucks. Just like Bush. Only diff between the 2 is that 0 has the gas pedal closer to the floor than Bush. Otherwise, 0 is doing what GW did.

        0 seems to have never heard of the Constitution. Just like Bush. And Mitt.



  • Charlie Tall

    Nice timing, Bob Livingston.

    What exactly did you expect to accomplish with this article?

    There is no serious libertarian candidate, and won’t be for another four years, if ever.

    At the very best, the Libertarian Party can be characterized as a “minor” political party wielding somewhat less than minor influence.

    So what did you think you could accomplish by attacking the only viable alternative to the malignant, anti-American, racist socialist in the White House? By doing their work for the vicious Democratic attack dogs?

    You know what? This smells a whole lot like sour grapes.

    • Ann

      Well said.

      • Patrick

        Absolutely. It’s ridiculous. Who needs the democrats when you have viscous attack dogs like these Paul supporters?

        Seriously, time to remove myself from this email list.

      • eddie47d

        Charlie Tall and Ann are probably those who refused to take a closer look at G Bush and now are just as clueless on Mitt Romney. So there are also Republicans who like to dance in the dark.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So simply goodbye to you, Patrick and Ann. You will not be punishing Bob by leaving as peavish children do because you didn’t like what was said.

      • Chester

        Ann, and Patrick, WHY give up one of the few means of learning what the opposition is looking at and talking about? I for sure don’t agree with much of what is put forward in the main articles in here, but that is no excuse for me to remove myself form this mailing list. For one thing, it is too much fun to come on here and stomp toes, then step back and see who screams the loudest about what. For another, and more serious reason, once in a while I actually learn something new. It may not be something I really wanted to know, but knowledge IS knowledge, and THAT is something that can NOT be taken from me.

    • Robert Smith

      “This smells a whole lot like sour grapes.”

      Mitler ain’t the best candidate, it gets pointed out, and wow! “Sour grapes?” Why do you have so much difficulty acdepting truth?

      Mitler has been questionable on so many levels…

      Nice to see some of it out in the open.


      • momo

        Robert Smith says: Mitler has been questionable on so many levels…

        And Obama hasn’t?

    • nc

      Charlie Tall, obviously you don’t watch TV. In my area, the Republicans have a breed of vicious attack dogs second to none when it comes to political ads. Half truths and outright lies are the highlights of most of their ads! But what can they do? Their attempts with their last two President to make America stronger have been dismal failures!! So they can’t run on their record of weak economies, unpopular wars and failure to timely respond to domestic calamities and that leaves them with no choice but to attack, attack attack! Independent voters not in denial of the real bush figures know that. They did in 08!

      NO PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY TOOK OFFICE IN A DEEPER HOLE THAN OBAMA! Even FDR didn’t have to face two unpopular wars going nowhere in addition to the HOOVER (R) DEPRESSION!

      Don’t forget that the man you call Anti-American presided over the killing of our worst enemy, the end of 500,000 per month job losses, and a record jump in the stock market!
      THOSE are just part of the reason s that WALL STREET LOVES THE DEMOCRATS!

      • Craig

        NC. You’re right. He only presided over the capture of Bin Laden and had absolutely nothing to do with the search to find him. The fact is we knew for quite some time where Bin Laden was hiding. This was information that was pieced together thanks to the intelligence gathering started during the Bush Administration. Obama played no active role in this. Oh, he did give his approval. Thank you, Mr. Obama.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Charlie Tall,

      You write: “What exactly did you expect to accomplish with this article?” If you read the column you would see that I addressed this.

      You write: “There is no serious libertarian candidate, and won’t be for another four years, if ever. At the very best, the Libertarian Party can be characterized as a “minor” political party wielding somewhat less than minor influence.” True. That’s why I’ve been advocating for Republican Ron Paul.

      You write: “So what did you think you could accomplish by attacking the only viable alternative to the malignant, anti-American, racist socialist in the White House?” Again, read the column.

      Best wishes,

      • Deerinwater

        Vote your convictions and write in Ron Paul, for if you don’t, it will never be clear what your convictions are and you will be sending a false message to leadership as you make claims that leadership is not listening to you.

        And thank you Mr. Livingston for filling in so many of the finer details of Romney & Ryan activities behind the scenes.

        • Gea

          Ron Paul is totally ignorant of the causes of 9/11 that has nothing to do with Americans having bases around the world, but it is intrinsic to Islamist desire for jihad, as commended in the Koran. Ron Paul should read a book by Matthias Kunzel, a German sociologist ,Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11 …
          ( 9/11 has NOTHING to do what America did or did not do, or what Israel did or did not do, but EVERYTHING to do with a supremacist ideology of Islam, which is similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, with its delusional Jew hatred.

          Therefore, having a US President who is extolling this ideology, while dissing Bible, and giving money and support to Muslim Brotherhood is totally un-American. Barak Hussein Obama will lose in a land-slide election, and will take Democratic party down with him, because they had allowed him to cavort with Islamists and even stage an Islamist extravagance at the DNC. Americans do not want terrorists and burkhas in the White house!

      • SamFox

        gea, not Bob.

        You need to do better research. You either one of Spooky Dude’s Homer Simpsons or very uninformed.

        Blowback & 9-11

        Did blowback cause 9-11

        NY Times:

        9-11, war & why Ron Paul’s foreign policy is right.

        Also look up Combat Veterans For Ron Paul. They have a lot to say.

        And, see who most of the troops support & want as their Commander In Chief.

        You like Ron Paul except on foreign policy.

        For dessert,



        • Gea

          In his speech last week, Ron Paul stated that Osama bin Ladin would not orchestrated murder of 9/11 if US had foreign policy of total isolationism, thus agreeing with terrorists that they were justified in attacking US.

          As Mathias Kuntzle explained in his book Nazism, Jew hatred and the roots of 9/11, this terrorist act that murdered 3000 innocent people was caused not by what American or Israel do or don;t do, but by the supremacist ideology of hate of Islam and its Jihad agsint WEstern civlizationa which they do not want to recdognize while envying it. ISlam is the ROOT cause of the current days terrorism and MUST reform rather then being whitlewashed by an US president as Barak hussein OBama does, or blaming America as Ron Paul does.

          Romney will win in a landslide. Ron Paul can return to his medical practice.

          • SamFox

            Gea–You need to show us proof that Ron Paul said we should have had total isolationism. Ron has never said that because he does NOT believe in it. Isolation of the USA is stupid policy & Ron knows that.

            Since you obviously ignored my citations, I would surmise because you cannot refute them, there is no use replying to you any longer. I am not interested in trying to converse with the obtuse.

            If you care to reply go ahead. But if you cannot refute what is presented in the links I left, I will ignore you. You are a waste of time. Because…

            You lied about Ron & ‘total isolation’. That term/concept is a disingenuous propaganda phrase that originated in fringe stream media. You can provide NO PROOF that Ron has EVER called for isolationism. Saying he has is another lie based on twisting Dr. Paul’s words. I note that NO ONE who rags on Ron EVER puts up what DR. PAUL HIMSELF says about FP. They just use deceptive media twisted talking head ‘analysis’ of Ron’s words, but NEVER his own words.

            You ARE a Spooky Dude Homer Simpson shill. First you deceitfully fabricated Ron’s foreign policy by saying he was for ‘total isolation’, a very weak lie. Then you attempted another piece of propaganda by saying “In his speech last week, Ron Paul stated that Osama bin Ladin would not orchestrated murder of 9/11 if US had foreign policy of total isolationism, >thus agreeing with terrorists that they were justified in attacking US.”<

            Again, no proof, just deceptive supposition. Ron Paul has never said 9-11 was justified. You are a liar & propagandist deceiver. AND Ron has never said interventionism was the ONLY cause. He did say it was a large part of why we had 9-11. It's in the links you ignore…


          • MikeR

            SamFox: Why are you guys still talking about Ron Paul? He is no longer a viable candidate for ANYTHING. You only have two real choices for President. One of them is a marxist, and the other one is a capitalist. Any discussion on the subject beyond that is just a big steaming pile of bravo sierra.

          • SamFox

            MikeR, just as I thought, You make a mis-statement, don’t back it up & when called on it you dodge the issue.

            The issue topic was not who’s in or out, it was you said Ron Paul said we should have total isolation. Which is not true.

            Either you should prove your slander or apologize. Thanks.

            You are right about the candidates. One is a Marxist whatever & who knows what the other one is? I don’t. You don’t either.

            Romney exposed

            Fake Conservative Mitt:

            Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

            Romney & 0bama the same.

            If Mitt is a capitalist….well, he IS very rich….


          • MikeR

            I never quoted Ron Paul as saying “we should have total isolation”. Go back and read my post. I took a look at all the sites you referenced, and they were mostly YouTube bits taking Romney out of context. He was Governor of a very blue state and he was dealing with a Democrat legislature. I’m going to repeat this, at the risk of boring even myself: We only have two viable choices for President. One of them is a marxist, and the other one is a capitalist.

          • Gea

            History had demonstrated amply that Marxism does not work in real life, and neigher does Isalm (just look at all the basket case countries run by sharia). Capitalism needs to have carefully designed regulations that preserve free markets rather then allowing creation of monopolies.

            The esence of a functional society is work, justice and compassion, none of which can be had either under Marxism or Islam, which are promoted by Barak Hussein Obama. Romney will win in a landlisde in November, and we will be free from a theoretician Obama with no common sense and understanding of history.

          • MikeR

            Gea: I agree with all of your comments, except the one about Romney winning by a landslide. I think it’s going to be very close. It’s important that you get your friends and family to vote for Romney too. Also, don’t forget how important the Senate races are. Without a Senate majority, we won’t be able to repeal Obamacare. There are nine Senate races that are very close, and it is important that anyone who can send them money do so immediately, to pay for advertising. They are: Pete Hoekstra, MI; Connie Mack, FL; Todd Akin, MO; Linda McMahon, CT; Richard Mourdock, IN; Scott Brown, MA; Denny Rehberg, MT; George Allen, VA, and Josh Mandel, OH.

          • Gea

            All Americans who respect human rights and freedom of individuals, as specified in US Constitution MUST work hard to educate the voters what danger Barak Hussin Obama represents to American democracy and Western civilization by his cavorting with Islamists and Marxist ideologists. He is TOTALLY un-American who hides behind nice stories with empty promises. He just gave more money to Islamists of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, thus our money will go to oppress women, children in Egypt and killing of Jews and attack on Israel. The supremacist ideology of Islam is similar to Nazi supremacist ideology, while Obama extolls Islam and Koran and disses Bible. This man is a menace to any free society and he WILL be defeated in November, because Americans are waking up to his taqiyya (an Islamist lies when among non-Muslims). I voted for him in 2008, but had watched what he does, rather then his sweet speeches that mean NOTHING, just as it was pointed out at Republican convention, by MAKE MY DAY actor.

            Political correctness had corrupted our people and is dangerous to US, as it is dangerous all over the world, where Marxist/Islamist ideologies are used as a Trojan horse to invade our societies and squash our freedoms, while attacking anybody who sees through their tricks as “racists” and “Islamophobes”. Obama not only endangers US soldiers but US and entire Western civilization by his cavorting with Islamists and white washing Islam with CAIR and OIC as a “peaceful” religion which is a total lie (taqiyya). We need a Commander-in-Chief and not a Caliph-in-Chief that we have now in the White House.

          • MikeR

            Again, I agree completely Gea. Now, start sending money to those Republican Senate candidates in MI, FL, MO, OH, CT, IN, MA, MT, and VA. Winning the Presidency is only half of the battle.

          • Gea

            Mammon is the God that I do not worship, and there are other ways than sending money to help get BO out of the White house.

          • MikeR

            What the hell does mammon have to do with it? Do you tell that to the checkout girl at the supermarket? Do you tell that to your internet service provider? GET REAL! This election is going to be very close, and it’s going to take a lot of money to win the presidency and the senate. If your participation in this election is limited to posting your opinions, you are just farting in the wind.

          • Gea

            There are many ways to skin a cat. You have yours and I have mine ;-)! Don’t be like Marxist and ISlamists who insist that there is ONLY ONE WAY.

          • MikeR

            Gea, I smell a fart, and it isn’t mine.

          • SamFox

            Mike, you are correct. I was mistaken. It was Gea that said the total isolation comment. My bad. Sorry for the mistake.

            Regarding the videos, Romney was NOT taken out of context. Snakes On A Campaign is not disingenuous in this regard. Nor is the Romney & 0bama The Same. Fake Conservative Mitt takes him to the ground. You cannot refute what the videos show & say.

            If you can, please do so. Only when you prove the videos untrue will I retract what I said about Mitt.

            When he spoke to gun grabbers, he agreed with them. When he talked to those who support bearing arms, he agreed with them. When Mitt talked abortion to planned parenthood types he was OK with it. To pro life peeps he was pro life. On & on we could go…

            There is no honest refuting that yes, indeed, Mitt talked out of both sides of his mouth many many times.

            Mitt cannot be trusted. We never know which one will TRULY show up. “If there is a real Mitt Romney, will he please stand up? Please stand up!”

            Hey! This is your lucky day! I have more on Mitt..






            Condensed version of McCain dossier on Romney, top 50 hits.

            Romney & Gingrich on single payer.

            Romney volunteer goes Ron Paul



            Mormons like Ron Paul–





          • MikeR

            SamFox: You obviously have much more time to sit around watching videos than I do. I’m not going to watch any more videos. There are only two people who have a chance to be our next president. One of them is a marxist, one of them is a capitalist, and neither of them is Gary Johnson.

          • SamFox

            MikeR, I have priorities & other things to do as well so I understand that it takes time & effort to become educated. Often at the expense of doing other things. One of my highest priorities is finding out how truthful the candidates are. Whether their current talk is in line with their past walk.

            Only Ron Paul measures up on that.

            This is a high priority because I have grand children…because of them I MAKE time to find out.

            The future of the USA is, I would say, a very high priority. Will we & our families be free in 10 yrs? Even in 2 or 5 yrs? Stuff like that is important to me, so I look for who REALLY is going to try for that if elected. I go beyond what they SAY to see what they have done. Mitt & Ryan? BARFF! Both are liars, big govt toadies…& so on. Both are Big Government Party shills, like 0 & John McManchurian.

            Again, if you took the time to find out, you would know that Ron P is the only one who measures up.

            Because I did the research I know that Ron Paul is our only & best hope in the political realm. That’s how I learned how bad Mitt & Ryan are, that Mitt is 0 in a diff suit, the same way 0 is Bush in a diff suit.

            One is a Marxist? The other a capitalist? The only true fiscally conservative capitalist is Ron Paul, who is also a Constitutionalist. Mitt & 0 are so far from the Constitution I am not sure they remember it exists.

            I am hearing that Ron is being asked to run 3rd party. :-) Now you can really get frantic!

            I support that run, as Ron has much more support from every group around the nation than fringe media wants US to know. LOTTA peeps not happy that the RNC is again playing US by giving us Mitt. They chose Mitt becuase nothing will change because Mitt IS PART of the establishment!

            Ron was suppressed & lied about by the RNC & most fringe media, including Fox, precisely BECAUSE Dr. Paul is OUTSIDE the establishment & wants to change it back to being under the US Constitution.

            How is that a bad thing?

            Don’t give me “Realistically Ron has no chance. We must support Mitt because he is an R & is not 0.”. Trading R & D establishment drones is why nothing has changed. Don’t you get that yet?

            We gotta have some one out side the establishment box!!! That is Ron Paul.


            Why why why why is that so??? If you don’t know…God help US. You need to honestly answer the Q–Why has nothing changed? We trade party people for the other ne. Why does nothing change?

            All I want to know is what your answer is to that one.



          • MikeR

            SamFox: Those are a lot of words, Sam, but the fact remains that on Nov. 6 we only have two viable choices. One of them is a marxist, one of them is a capitaist, and neither of them is Ron Paul. If you think Obama and Romney are both terrible choices, you have to vote for the lesser of two evils, or you will probably be voting for the mosy evil by default. Nov. 6 has absolutely nothing to do with Ron Paul and your abiding love for him. Hang his picture on your wall, light candles around it, and surround it with flowers if it makes you feel good. Romney might not be your fantasy candidate, but he won’t do as much damage as four more years of Obama.

          • Gea

            There was an excerpt of Ron Paul speech, which he gave before the Republican convention and at which he refused to speak because he did not want to endorse Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan. I heard clearly what he said regarding Obama killing Osanam, and how “if America had different foreign policies those 3000 people would still be alive”.

            Dr. Ron Paul is a nice guy and has lots of good ideas, but he does not understand that Western civilization is under attack from Islam just as before Hitler marched into Chechoslovakia, Western civlization was under attack from Nazis. Both Islam and Nazism are supremacist ideologies, with their Jew hating dellusions. We whipped Nazis in WWII and we will whip Islamists after we get free White house from our Caliph-in-Cheif in Noveber, who is making it imporisuble to fight this ideology of hate that had been creeping into Western civlization with the help of political correctness and fear of their anger.

            There is going to a be a land-slide in Novamber and Romney/Ryan will have their work cut for them. Ron Paul is a detraction from this work, although he could help in cutting dysfuctional dole and introduce saner taxing policies.

    • DaveH

      Charlie Tall says — “There is no serious libertarian candidate, and won’t be for another four years, if ever”.
      The Libertarians have a Presidential Candidate every 4 years. And they are serious. Unlike the clowns that the Establishment keeps putting up for the Sheeple.
      This time it’s Gary Johnson:

      They will remain “minor” Charlie until people stop letting the Crony Politicians, Crony Capitalists, and their Crony Media lead them around by the nose.

    • Elaine

      Thank you for saying what you said i agree

  • Brian

    I do not want a conservative nor do I want a liberal, I want common sense, I want some who has run something and not into the ground. I want someone who is buiness friendly, someone who will go after our oil, gas, coal and either roll back regulations or at least ease them. I want someone who will let business lead and grow this country. I want someone who will stand up to the UN. Obama ain’t gonna do it, no democrat is gonna do it. The UN has it’s place but it sure isn’t their place to lead the US.

    • diamond1957

      Brian, I agree, but special interests, and their money rule, its their job security. Gone are the true patriots who put country before all else, their all team players now.

  • Cheryl

    I would vote for Mickey Mouse over Obama! Ron Paul is not the nominee so get over it people! Romney will stop the fast track to socialism, Marxism! We the people must hold his feet to the fire! We must elect more conservatives in the house and senate and change the republican party from within! It won’t happen overnight people! Romney must win!

    • Robert Smith

      “We must elect more conservatives in the house and senate and change the republican party from within! ”

      ROFL… That didn’t work so well for those “conservative” republicans in Dover, PA.

      Check out:

      Extremism doesn’t work in any direction. BTW, the judge in the case was a Bush appointee.


      • Thor

        And where is your justification for the remark, Robert Smith? As far as the political power base in the country, there has not been but one example of extremism in the last 130 years. As I have pointed out to you before, all you need do is examine the Congressional record, see who has been in charge of both houses of Congress for over 90% of the time in the last century and a half. Republicans have been pandering to the progressive left for so long they have become a proxy for anti-conservative, progressive values.

        Now, go whisk the dust off an old dictionary from the McCarthy era and find the word that matches this definition: “…one political party, with a socialist economic system and governmental control of all resources and production….”

        When you see what this nation has become, it kinda makes you wonder if ole Joe actually died of liver failure.

        With numbers like these–Obama 46%, Romney 45%, Paul 6% and 3% undecided–one has to wonder what the alternative is to ‘voting for the lesser of two evils.’

        DaveH, if you can come up with ‘specifics’ on this, you’ve got my vote…eh, no links please. Just you.

      • DaveH

        No links? So you’d prefer me to bloviate without any backup references like the rest of you do?
        Dream on, Thor.
        Otherwise, I have no idea what you’re asking me.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Cheryl, did someone tell you that you HAVE to vote for THEIR nominee?!? THIS IS AMERICA!!! You can vote for WHOEVER YOU WANT!!!

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone: Here Obama will be re-elected because his competition is extremely AWFUL!! Look the best thing for the Repubs. is to hope Hurricane Isaac cancels the convention . If not, this convention is going to worse along with more hilarious than a SNL or Def Comedy Jam skit. As a matter of fact, Ron Paul isn’t going to “fully” endorse Mitt the “Twit”. This should tell us all something. Thanks!!
    P.S. Mr. Horton, give it a rest please!!




      • Gea

        The meteorologists goofed by naming this hurricen Isaac. It should have been named Ishamael and the next one for the DNC should have been named Isaac, to preserve sumbolism of Obama and Romeny.

        It is teachings of Isaac vs, teachings of Ishmael, whom Mohamed named as the one whon Abraham was commanded to sacrifize, rather then Isaac who was a legitimate son of Sarah and not the doncubine Hagar ;-)!

        Republican are going to win in a landslide and BO and his Muslim Brotherhood and Democratic Party will be taken down as un-American which they had become by giving support to this very skillful in PR Marxist Muslim ;-)! I voted for BO in 2008, but NEVER AGAIN since I want to prevent events in Middle East to destroy the “chosedn people’ ;-)! Political correctness that had been preventing truth about Muslim world to come out, will go down the drain too, and intelligent people who are still living on the White Guilt will come to their senses and tell the truth and not fictions about BO ;-)!

      • http://liberty Tony

        Hey Mr. Horton and Gea:
        Check this out- Later on !!

      • http://liberty Tony

        Sorry a correction in the link. The correct one- Good bye for now.

      • DaveH

        Gea says — “Republican are going to win in a landslide”.
        What will they win? More War is Peace? More Crony Capitalism? Less Freedom? Continued downward spiral of their economy?
        If you call that winning, I’d hate to see your idea of losing, Gea.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Everyone: Check this out. httpa;//’t- fully-endorse-him-132604061.html. Farewell!!

      • http://liberty Tony


    • http://liberty Tony

      To Gea:
      Well, that’s the samething the RNC said in 2008 and looked what happen. Look for the samething again this year. Sorry, but face the facts!!

      • Deborah

        Tony – First of all, learn to spell and use proper grammar. Secondly, anyone who promotes a left-wing nut job like Ariana Huffington and her website has no credibility.
        Go away.

  • American 1st

    Sorry, but I’m voting for Mitt. My business cannot stand another 4 years of Obama’s economic hell. Reminds me of Jimmy Carter’s failed administration. Democrats do not understand small business/economics/the economy. While Romney is no President Reagan I feel that he does have a grasp for business & the economy, while the current community organizer in charge has zero. Under Obama I see no hope, no change. I see America heading like a locomotive out of control toward an economic abyss.

    Romney 2012

    • eddie47d

      If you loved the Bush Wars and even Obama’s Wars then you will love Mitt even more. His plans for further adventurism is drawn up and being put into play as we chat.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Wow, eddie47d, does that mean, when it comes to wars, you think BOTH parties are the SAME?!?

      • eddie47d

        The only difference is who can out lie the other .

      • deerinwater

        Hmm? W ‘s administration started them while “O’s” administration attempts to close them out as the Arab’s world wants to start more to keep the cards, letters and money flowing in.

        Not to mention, that under the cloud of social unrest Arabs enjoys sanctuary and lax immigration policies of benevolent foreign nations that needs more religious strife, cab drivers and store clerks.

        I want to liberated too! Send me your money! or I will be naughty and you won’t like it if you don’t! You will know that it is you that is responsible for my misbehavior that could have been avoided.

        Send you money and donations to; Box 444, Gun Barrel , Texas 76444

        Directed to; Mr. Nasty Abotanything

      • SamFox

        eddie47d, from this comment, “If you loved the Bush Wars…”. I think you are right.

        Nancy in Neb., Yes both parties are now pretty much the same as far as the ‘leadership’ goes. Not necessarily the individual voter in the ‘party’, but those who run things.

        Though we got big spending, war starting Bush out, what did we get as a replacement? Another ‘incarnation’ of GWB, in 0. 0 is continuing the Bush policies & has increased deficit spending & borrowing to cover the shortfall of cash on hand. 0, like GW, is spending beyond the means of the $ govt has.

        Have you yet to notice that nothing has changed much for the better for We The People in decades no matter which BGP wing is in the WH &/or Congress? The illegal growth of our fed govt remains unchecked & has gotten worse with the extension of the ‘Patriot’ Act & the NDAA bill that contained the indefinite detention rider that a D & John Manchurian McCain slid in the bill. Big spending is worse. Regulation of business is increasing thanks to the EPA. You excited about drones being used to spy on US citizens IN COUNTRY?

        Those of us not excited about Mitt have good reason to be concerned. He is just another version of GWB & 0bama. Is 0 really ending the war in Afghanistan?

        How about Iraq?

        We The People must begin to see the deception that there are 2 ‘parties’. There is only one major ‘party, again, the Big Government Party, that has 2 wings/parts, the R wing & the D wing. The collapse the system agenda out lined in the Cloward & Pivon book that tells how do that is being carried out no matter which branch of the BGP is in power.

        Another primer for taking down the US is Rules For Radicals. See who the book is dedicated to. That dedication should be HUGE wake up call. Also look up, copy & paste the phrase–

        Proud To Stand At The Right Hand of satan for a One World Government

        Time to wake up, smell the coffee & get real.



        • http://none Jim Saulino

          Finally, a writer who makes sense.
          A writer named Jim boo-hooed when I wrote earlier that ALL US Presidents since FDR and through Obama would be hanged if the Neuremburg war crimes criteria were applied ton them.
          I first read that statement by Noam Chomsky. I was incredulous myself but took the time and energy to find out for myself over many months of research that indeed Chomsky was and is accurate. As was Gore Vidal on that same score.
          I read of USAF pilots during poppy Bush’s Iraq adventure refer to gunning down fleeing civilians as a “turkey shoot.”
          Pick any president, Jimmy Carter, Renaldo Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt (killed over 200000 Phillipinos to establish a coaling base in the Phillippines for the US Navy), Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson –Vietnam, My Lai, Truman, the only human being Ever to unleash tow nuclear bombs on already defeated Japan to intimidate the decimated Russians.

          I’m not even warmed up. Picking POTUS war crimes is a turkey shoot for anybody who takes a little time to remove their star spangled blindfold to see your trillions of tax dollars at work.

          I have noticed that many righties simply ignore or ridicule writers on those topics on which they find inconvenient to discuss. This is routinely done on talk radio with screeners, liberal websites like Huffpost who like to keep everything mainstream, and on this site as well.

          I do commend this site for its tolerance by at least publishing what others have to say. But alas, most readers of this post will simply ignore the inconvenient accuracies I and others have posted.

          SamFox accurately cites a dire need for an alternative to our current electoral politics. The Republican Convention is pure farce, as the upcomong Democrat convention is sure to be.
          Get out your Xanax or Ativan, or favorite booze and sit back–enjoy the parody.

    • nc

      American , what did the Republicans know about small business/economics when they controlled the White House and Congress for 6 years and could have made the changes that were necessary to avoid the 07 collapse?? Their promises in 2000 did not promise a collapse!! They promised a GREAT IMPROVEMENT over the CLinton economy with their tax cuts fiscal policy! HOW DID THAT TURN OUT?

      The years of 2001-2008 ACTUALLY happened! They started with a set of figures and ended with a set of weaker figures! Why can’t you Republicans come to grips with that reality and judge Obama’s record in dealing with that reality with NO help from the party that caused it?? DENIAL IS A MENTAL DISORDER!!

      • Steve

        GHW Bush lost an election because he said “read my lips, no new taxes” then he proceeded to pass one. BO said many times no taxes on anyone under 250 k per year. Then he proceeded to pass the largest tax increase on everyone in the country. That is known as “Obama care” and the Supreme Court just ruled it is indeed a TAX! Of course it won’t happen till 2013 so you can’t feel it now, but wait why are there so many vacant buildings in the country? Are we going to fill those all up with government employees? but be assured it is coming and it will affect you and everyone else no matter what income level you are on in a very negative way! That is not to mention the inflation that is on the horizon due to the money floating he has done. So for you democrats out there tell me. Do you really believe BO told you the truth? DO you really want to stand on his record for 4 more years of this crap? For my money you are going to need someone who knows how to get it done when the crap this guy has put in place hits the fan, and BO has no clue how to do that, everything he put in place is contrary to our way of life and I am not a big buck republican, I just love the freedom we have in this country. In that regard Romney is hands down the better business choice. Even over Ron Paul in terms of actually getting things done. Don’t get me wrong here I do like the rhetoric from Ron Paul’s camp. I just have a hard time thinking he could actually do the job if elected.

  • terry

    At the end of Sept or beginning of Oct the debt ceiling will need to be raised. It won’t happen. The government will not send out any payments –SS checks, other retirement checks, military checks and ect. The constitution will be suspended, marshall law will be instituted and no election will happen. The system is broken and cannot be fixed so get prepared.

    • Chester

      The TEA PARTY at work, again.

    • Retired Army Officer

      I’m sure Terry, you’ll be rushing out to the store to sytock up on TEA……

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      A LOT of economists are in agreement with you! A few are looking toward April. I’m sure hoping that THEY are right! I’d like a few extra months!

  • Ann

    It’s scary to see what lengths some folks will to when they don’t get their guy on the ticket. I didn’t like McCain in 08 but I voted for him. As bad as he might have been he’d have been George Washington compared to who we have now. Romney gets my vote and you Ron Paul supporters need to wake up. The earlier poster who asked how you’d like a Justice Eric Holder hit the nail on the head. Go see the movie 2016 and then we’ll talk. Romney/Ryan. Oh and stop with the innuendo and slurs. Romney is an honorable man with enough money to go buy his own island and lets the rest of us drown here. He’s running to set things right and I believe he will. I too, want off this email list.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you are making an emotional outburst instead of seeing that the author is right, that Romney will not be the one saving America. O already has shifted the direction of the country and all Romney can do is over correct but cannot bring it back to the “good old days where everybody “loved” each other and all made money hand over fist”, and government did only the job it was given by the Constitution.
      If you knew your history you will find that the people become what their leaders are and what the country becomes because of those leaders.

      • Norman F.

        If we can knock President Obama out in four years, we can knock President Romney out in four years. But I will bet the outhouse that we will be better off after four years of Romney than we will after four more years of Obama!

        I am bumfuzzled over the determination of so many writers to this site to prefer four more years of Muslim rule to four years of rule by a man who has more to lose than we do.

    • DaveH

      Ann says — “Romney gets my vote and you Ron Paul supporters need to wake up”.
      Wake up to what, Ann — Voting for UnPrincipled politicians thinking that somehow they will become Principled?
      It is you and people like you, Ann, who think, in their comatose stupors, that going East will somehow get them to a Northern destination.

  • American 1st

    And BTW, we cannot TAX our way to prosperity, which seems to be the Democrat’s national anthem.

    • Robert Smith

      But it sure would be right to get those on top to pay their fair share.

      Let’s go back to the same rates Ronald Regan had in place.


      • Norman F.

        Obama will not do that!

      • Retired Army Officer

        No…..Obama won’t do that because the Republicans in Congress won’t let him.

        Or have you forgotten about their ‘Pledge to Grover’?

        That supercedes ANY & ALL responsibility they have to conducting the People’s business.

      • DaveH

        Their “fair” share would be the same amount that you and I pay, Robert.
        But in fact they pay well more than their “fair” share:

        Get your hands out of other peoples’ pockets, Robert.

      • SamFox

        Robert Smith–wanna see who pays the most taxes? Hint: It ain’t you. Unless you are in the high six figure class.

        Beware the class warfare gimmick. It’s a classic socialist/communist propaganda tool that they play when they are working to take over a nation by tricking ‘lower’ classes into supporting their take over & rail on the rich. That’s the ‘rich’ who create most of the jobs….

        Now you know why the push is on to expand the food stamp & other welfare programs.
        All that is part of this agenda:


    • Nancy in Nebraska

      American 1st, it would SEEM to be the anthem of BOTH parties! Did you ever stop and think about how many times they tax EVERY dollar that we earn or receive? Following is a list that may or may not be all inclusive. (I admit I didn’t research to confirm.)

      Accounts Receivable Tax
      Building Permit Tax
      CDL license Tax
      Cigarette Tax
      Corporate Income Tax
      Dog License Tax
      Excise Taxes
      Federal Income Tax
      Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
      Fishing License Tax
      Food License Tax
      Fuel Permit Tax
      Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon)
      Gross Receipts Tax
      Hunting License Tax
      Inheritance Tax
      Inventory Tax
      IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
      Liquor Tax
      Luxury Taxes
      Marriage License Tax
      Medicare Tax
      Personal Property Tax
      Property Tax
      Real Estate Tax
      Service Charge Tax
      Social Security Tax
      Road Usage Tax
      Recreational Vehicle Tax
      Sales Tax
      School Tax
      State Income Tax
      State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
      Telephone Federal Excise Tax
      Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
      Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
      Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
      Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
      Telephone   State and Local Tax
      Telephone Usage Charge Tax
      Utility Taxes
      Vehicle License Registration Tax
      Vehicle Sales Tax
      Watercraft Registration Tax
      Well Permit Tax
      Workers Compensation Tax

      BOTH parties are robbing us blind!!!

      • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

        As long as it goes for security and defense, they can tax us all they want; just as long as the big guys don’t have to spring for any of it. We have a mere 800+ military installations around the world NOT counting Afghanistan and Iraq. We can be third world as long as the biggies have us BS’d into thinking “we” rule the world.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Jim says:
        As long as it goes for security and defense, they can tax us all they want

        Sorry jim, but it doesn’t! It goes to OFFENSE. And it goes right into THEIR pockets and the pockets of their cronies who provide that military equipment for that OFFENSE! It also goes to provide all of the departments like “homeland security” which was designed to protect THEM from US! It also goes to build bunkers and underground cities that THEY can go to, to protect themselves when everything goes to pieces! And to the FEMA camps they built for US! It goes to the protected jobs of government employees and the lavish lifestyles of government officials! It goes to payoffs for union support and corporate support! It goes to $400 hammers and $700 toilet seats! The ONLY security and defense that gets bought with YOUR money, is THEIRS!!! The rest of us are on our own!!!

  • dan luster

    Back in 2009 I saw a bumper stickers with the following: ” One nation under Obama” and “In Obama we trust.” The people we elect are not our redeemers, they are flawed. Last year was the time to vet Mitt Romney, not now. The author wants Romney replaced at the GOP convention because he is no different from Obama. Really! Conservatives need to become active. No more ” Well I voted, I did my part.” If Romney is elected hold his feet to the fire. Don’t let the lefty media savage him. We now have a good idea what Obama meant by ” fundamental transformation of America” – coercive collectivism, no matter the cost. If Obama is re-elected that’s exactly what we’ll get, and good and hard.

    • Robert Smith

      “Don’t let the lefty media savage him.”

      Although there are some “liberals” in the Media (Rachel Meadow is a good example) the “media” is big business. They bow to regulations, financing, and all the rest of the stuff that the money can impose upon them. There ain’t no such thing as “liberal” media.


  • Ann

    Oh, and Bob, it’s looks like you’ve already cued the SLUR machine. It’s your column.

    • DaveH

      Can you cite some specifics, Ann, and refute them?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Nah, Dave! Just another ad hominem attack just as Bob predicted in his final paragraph!

        “Or, as I suspect will happen, they can ignore it all and instead unleash a stream of ad hominems and fallacies, shooting the messenger by imputing all manner of nefarious pro-Obama motives to Personal Liberty Digest™ and me while they la-de-da themselves all the way to either a November defeat or, if Romney wins, a Nixonian fall later on.
        Cue the slur machine. Three, two, one…”

  • Howard McTaggart

    Although Romney might not be the savior us needs he may at least be ble to redirest the countries economy in the right direction

    • deerinwater

      Yea! Mitt is noted for that! He will redirect it straight into his and his buddies pocket and send you the bill for the restructuring . LOL!

      • Deborah

        You mean like Obama redirects all our money into his energy corporations that go belly up? Or how about stealing from Medicare to pay for Obamacare? Or worse yet, taxing the hell out of us so he can pay off the mighty unions he is in bed with. In fact, your Obama is no better than the very same things you have accused the republicans of. I’ll settle for the republican’s corruption over Obama’s corruption any day. Why don’t you just move to Europe?

  • loboviejo

    What I see about Romney is that he may wake up the massive left anti-war machine that has been silent out of deference to the “chosen one.” Perhaps the horror of a presidential kill list will settle in on the population. Mitt, if elected, will be a one term president. We need to keep up the cause.

    • Deborah

      Yes loboviejo, let’s elect Romney to give our nation back to an American leader who loves God and country. Then we can work on pushing for the changes we desire within the republican party. If you believe Romney will be a one term president and you want to vote for Ron Paul, so be it. Until then, our first priority is to get rid of Obama. If Obama is re-elected, we will have gone over the edge to the point of no return. Then you will never get Ron Paul elected. It will spiral into socialism and then communism.

      Please go see the movie, 2016:Obama’s America.

  • James Corbin

    Nothing to do with Black or White—-We cannot stand 4 more years of Obama and I am a registered Democrat.

    • Mary

      If you did not like what you got, maybe you should take a hard look at why Obama did not live up to your expectations. THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS. What kind of Americans elected to some of the highest offices in our great country, vow to work against the President, the majority of Americans elected? This happened from the first day he took office. That is not the way it is supposed to work. They are there to work together for the bettterment of ALL of us, not just big businesses and religious fanatics. As Seniors we like Medicare even though we are still paying out of pocket approx. $700 per mo to cover all our bases ( Medicare part B, gap health insurance and long term) . I cannot imagine a Voucher Plan the Repubs want to have. What insurance company is going to want to insure old folks with health problems and at what costs. You can well believe it will be for more than any “Voucher” issued to us. There will be no protection if the health care bill is repealed by the Repubs. The health care bill now in effect, insures we cannot be refused by health plans but it does not insure they cannot raise their premiums. Also I like clean air and water so environmental regulations are beneficial for my health and those of all of us. If the banks had not been bailed out, our entire banking system could have collapsed. Can you imagine the chaos caused from people trying to get their money from banks that have closed their doors, ATM machines that were shut down, people wanting to cash paychecks they could not, as well as businesses that could no longer do business without money. Can you imagine the crime spree that would have resulted where good folks would be robbed of all they had? We do not know if that would have happened but it could have and the feds knew that. Also the last I heard, the banks and the Auto business had paid back most of that money so why are the Repubs still complaining about it. Good luck with your choice.

      • DaveH

        Mary says — “Can you imagine the crime spree that would have resulted where good folks would be robbed of all they had?”.
        I don’t have to imagine it, Mary, all I need do is open my eyes to the reality that people like you think it’s morally correct to steal other peoples’ money to be spent on your pet programs.
        You are part of the Society of Criminals, Mary:

      • Sirian

        Go see “2016” – it will give you a better understanding as to what and who Obummer truly is. Better yet, what his primary goal is. THEN, look at yourself and wonder. By all means, read what DaveH posted – it will do you some good.

      • Susie

        When BHO was elected, he had a democratic congress…For TWO yrs… Not until 2010 did he get a republican house with a dem senate…
        BHO set out to destoy our country from day one…
        Many of us would have liked to have anyone but Romney, but the powers that be want him and there is nothing we can do to change it…Col. West, Santorum, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Pawlenty, and Ms. Bachman to name just a few that are much more qualified to run our country…You must love our country and all that she stands for…And we also need to get God back into our country..Why are the few telling the majority how to be? WE are not racist or sexist…WE just want to enjoy our freedom and not have to worry about some goon in the white house who is selling us out to another country…

  • MikeR

    Bob, I don’t understand the timing of this article. Our next President is either going to be Romney or Obama. How does our country benefit by your criticism of Romney so close to the election? You’re starting to sound like an angry old fart with no common sense.

    • eddie47d

      How does the constant criticism of Obama help this country? You don’t think Romney has plenty of baggage or were you born with those blinders on.

    • DaveH

      Better an “angy old fart” than an Ignorant Fart (young or old) who keeps voting for the same people over and over wondering why things just keep getting worse.


    No man will be our savior…not even Ron Paul, who I love…Only God can get us out of this mess, not until millions bend the knee to the lIght & humbly ask for forgiveness & Guidance & Illumination, will things change!!

    • Fred

      When all is said and done most of us forget that THE GOD WHO GAVE US LIFE ALSO
      opinion both major parties must be ditched because of current evil within both in order
      to reach a higher moral ground and that would obviously be A THIRD PARTY. This
      will take time which is running out before we reach the bottom and the ushering in of martial law to contain the coming riots which is the inevitable consequence of tyrannical
      rule as the people try too late to reassert lost freedoms.

      GARDEN, at the same time admitting to Him that we have erred by allowing evil combinations to gain control of our freedoms. Given the human pride factor and
      our reluctance to seek Him out in all things it would appear that He might be slow to
      answer. Nonetheless as the remainder of a righteous people patriots must now humble
      themselves for God to help us to overcome our AWFUL SITUATION. It is my prayer that
      like our country’s founders we will acknowledge His hand in all good by relying on Him
      at this very moment in history as The One to provide an escape from Satan ‘s grasp.


      • Gea

        America does not need a “savior” but a competent manager with a heart, whicfh Mitt Romney will do very well. BO is a phoney Christian, serving Allah who is all popwerful but does not care for human rights and protection of children.

        WE had enough of BO Marxist Muslm policies disguised as social justice. Let him retire to his Muslim half-brothers in Kenya, his Muslim Brothers in Egypt or his king in Saudi Arabia. He can write more stories like Dreams of My Mother, which may make him even richer than Dreams of My Father.

        He is not fit to be in a whitehouse, even though he and Michelles had forced all their staff to exercise, but will do well on TV shows ;-)!

    • Retired Army Officer


      So much for God ‘helping those who help themselves…..’

      • SamFox

        Retired Army, could you show us where that verse is in the Bible? I just cannot seem to find it…:-)

        I suggest looking up the passage in the Book that starts off “If My people will humble themselves…”

        Thanks boss! Thanks for yer service also! You check out Combat Veterans For Ron Paul? Great place…


    • tom

      true,that and a big AMEN

    • The brainwashed never wonder

      Good point. Don’t forget though, that “America will be saved not by the top down but from the bottom up.” As said by Tom Anderson (60s conservative journalist), said in his Keystone lp record speech ‘Bi Partisian Treason’. He also said in it: “You can go to work for God, then your family and country.” “I prefer to die on my feet than live on my knees.”
      “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who don’t speak up during a moral crisis.,”
      and “Now days it is fashionable to be a middle of the roader..The road has been going to the left for 30 years.” He said some amount of years like that(I’m quoting from memory) and that was in the 60s!
      What you said was a reference to that verse in the Bible that starts off with “If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray…” then “..heal their land” right?
      I don’t have a bible with me right now, but what verse is that?
      Oh and be4 I forget there is a great video coming out that Everyone should check out. It’s called ‘Behold a pale horse’, and is produced by Chuck Untersee.

  • Eve

    am unsubscribing. lot of bull.

    • http://none Charlie

      Eve ,,,don’t leave , Adam needs you,,,and We haven’t had our say yet ,,, DaveH, here is what
      Bible means :: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth… Here are a few other hints ……….
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 IS salvation …
      King Jesus ,,, King of America ,,,it’s in The Mayflower Compact ,,, it was the battle cry at the Bridge “No king , but King Jesus “””as they voted the Red Coats out with 50 caliber ballots …
      OK Eve , you can check out now IF you’re chicken of these semi heathens and Nerds…
      Just a minute ,,here’s a health item , old style gun powder , charcoal ,saltpeter and sulfur will help clean out chicken manure from your mind and body… BUT,,, IF,,,King Jesus is rejected and gun powder , then you will burn longer in hell … Hope to see ya in The King’s Kingdom….

  • Gea

    A racist is a racist is a racist, regardless of HIS color of skin. BO had used a race-card and with his wife had handsomly profitted from political correctness and afirmative action, just as Geraldine Ferraro once said.

    I had met numerous people with skin darker than mine accusing whites and Jews for opressing their kids from gettgin education. What a tripe! when one keeps blaming someone else for their own creation of dysfuction, then they do not move their butt to change things. BO promisses of “social justice” under the guise of social security or “health insurance for all” is a BUNK just as his ignorance of that it takes of EDUCATE a child and not making him a widget to fit into an industrial machine.

    In addition, BO is catering to enemies of America, such as Saudis, who finance terrorism around the world with oil money, and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. BO is not only endangering US soldiers and US, but the entire Western Civlization. Islam stinks and MUST reform to make it compatible with Universal Declaration of Human Rights and shoule not be extolled by a US President who bows to Saudi king whose subjects commited crimes of 9/.11 and to Muslim Brotherhood whose genocidal supremacist ideology wants US destructyion, while BO gives them money to make it into reality. BO must leave White Hose, soonere the better…

    • eddie47d

      We have been “friends” with the Saudis for several generations and long before Obama so put down that crack pipe Gea. The Muslim Brotherhood has also been around for decades and the Egyptian people brought them to the forefront not Obama. Mubarak’s suppression and decades of us arming the Egyptian police also helped the Egyptian people to rise up to stop their governments goonish behavior.

      • Gea

        Yes, the poor Egyptians really got nice government now: Muslim Brotherhood whcih is scaring the tourinst off, thus destoying even very little that was left after corrupt secular regime. The fist law that the Musloim Brotherhood Egyptian tacled was making necrophilia with a dead wife (one of 4) legal, so that the guy can get his last rites from a dead wife

        Christians in Egypt (ICopts) who had lived in Egypt 700 years before islam took over, are leaving in droves since those nice Muslim Brothers are bombiong their churches just as they had driven all Jews out, they are driging all other non=Muslims out. This is happening also in NIgeria where Muslims are burnings christian homes churches and had introduced sharia, which allows a 69 y old MP bring in a 2-year toddler to “marry her”, because he devorced his OLD wife who is now 19 (and whom he married when she was 16).

        Thist is Islam whose role model “married” Aisha, one of his 12 wives, when she was 6 and he was 51, and who was responsible for a gruesome murder (beheading one by one) of 900 Jews from Medina who did not accpect this vile guy as THEIR final prophet.

        Barak Hussein Obama extolls Islam and koran, while dissing Bible…and helps CAIR and OIC white wash Islam rather then REFORMING it to become compatible with the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Righst. BO is just following recommended taqiyya when living in a country which is not Muslim ruled. This is a stealth sharia cominng into USA by the way of White House. Bush was also bad, but he was not a true believer but sold US out for oil money ;=-)!

      • DaveH

        In 2000 Iraq began selling its oil in euros.
        In 2006 Syria switched all of the state’s foreign currency transactions to euros from dollars.
        In 2009 Iran completely stopped conducting oil transactions in U.S. dollars.
        In 2011 Libyan Leader Ghadafi decided to to pursue a gold standard and reject dollars for oil payments.
        Anybody see a trend here?
        Can you spell BANKERS?

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        To Gea August 27th.
        Good posting. Did you get references from Steve Klein?
        I was at his speech at women’s V. I. P.(Volenteers in politics) in San Diego, California
        last year. He mentions Mohammed raping the girl and lying about dogs saying they were “unclean” because the dogs barked to save the women and girls, when he would sneak into the camps to rape the women and girls.(Or villages).
        Steve Klein tells the truth about muslims. And the experiences of his son and himself.

  • Phil

    The Republican party is a huge ship that will take time to turn back to much more Conservative values, but the turn has already started. One of the key issues which needs continued attention is identifying the Progressives in the party and eliminating them as viable candidates. The Third Party option will only work if that party can muster a majority on election day…I don’t see that happening soon. As far as the above article is concerned, the facts provided may be spot on, but it reads as a support Obama 2012 add. You can wish all you want for Ron Paul but he just isn’t electable given the current environment. While I’m no fan of Romney, and truely wish to “vote my conscience”, I am far more a pragmatist, and realize that voting for other than Romney and a Republican ticket down the line would give the country 4 more years of Obama and enshrine Obamacare in granite. Get Obama out of White House, return the Senate to Republican control, and maintain control of the House of Representatives is, for me, the immediate goal. Once that is achieved, hold Romney and all Republicans, both conservative and progressive, to the repeal of Obamacare, attack and restructure all entitlement programs, eliminate the current Tax Code and replace it with something akin to the “Fair Tax”, and continue to find viable conservative candidates to replace all progressives in our government.

    • diamond1957

      lets not forget, the republican party was born out of the civil war era, and Pres. Lincoln pretty much suspended the constitution, and it was never returned to its true originality.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Republican Party will never become the “original” Republican Party simply because it never was. Republicans behave like typical good people and end up making excuses for evil behaviours and they do not censor RINOs because they cannot recognize them for the “wolves in sheeps clothing” that they are. The assumption is made that because it looks like a sheep, smells like a sheep, baaas like a sheep it is a sheep and they don’t smell the death on the sheepskin of the sheep the wolf killed.

        • Gea

          BO is more of a wolf in a sheep clothes who is selling out the valu;es of America for Saudi oil and his true beliefs in Muslim Brotherhood. He will be goine in a landslide, becasue nobody can be as bad for US as this nice guy ;-)!

      • http://none Charlie

        diamond ,,, Lincoln got hit by the big money boys because he was going to bring America back a real money system as The Constitution says,, see Article 1, section 10… JFK was a similar hit ,,,
        so,,,the good yankee General U S Grant brought America back under a “Camo” Constitution with the friendship of the Confederate General , R E Lee… Grant knew all about “Martial Law Rule” , and that’s where We have been since Grant,,,mostly under paper work from Executive orders and The War Powers Act,,, so,,, all Obama will have to do is declare Martial Law Rule ,,,BUT,,,
        a few lawful problems ,,,Obama IS NOT a “””LAWful”””President PER The Constitution OR per
        The Bible,,,BUT,,.remember the Grant , “Camo” Constitution with all it’s EO’s and Act this and that are still in place trashing the “system”… “They” are still trying to trash “Natural Law” , which is covered in The Holy Bible,,, so,,, Edomites are still here and Obadiah has not happened yet…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 IS salvation…

    • DaveH

      Phil says — “The Republican party is a huge ship that will take time to turn back to much more Conservative values, but the turn has already started”.
      Who says the Democrats are the only ones who can Hope and Dream?

    • tom

      true, true. we need to create more makers and less takers. I would rather vote for someone who knows how to make money rather than vote for someone who wants to take my money

  • http://none Hal Green

    Hal says:

    Brian makes a lot of sense. I say that neither party is clean and above seeing to more and more money to the Capitol Hill liars…their influence and assured re-election. Both parties
    have brought us to the brink of economic disaster.
    Better than arguing back and forth we should be pulling together to save our country
    Also, preparing your household for a possible food and security danger point.

    • http://none Hal Green

      I should have added this from a long-time Capitol Hill reporter:
      After 14 years at National Public Radio, Andrea Seabrook left in July and, to hear her talk about her experience covering Capitol Hill, it’s clear that she had one takeaway: it’s damn frustrating. “I feel like I am, as a reporter in the Capitol, lied to every day, all day,”

  • Sgt. York

    if mitt aint fit then you must know in your heart obama aint your momma,so lets try it dont fit in lew of mommaa help me im blck

  • Stephanie Mills

    Not looking for a “savior” you idiot….just someone with the brains to turn this cluster f$@& around….and that certainly is NOT another 4 years of BO

    • nc

      Stephanie Mills, you describe the current situation to a “cluster F$@&) ” that needs to be turned around! This situation ocurred when the Republican Party (bush) and the Heritage Foundation promised Cogress in 2000 and 2001 that instituting the Republican Party platform of tax cuts and less regulation etc. etc. would produce an economy by 2008 that would be STRONGER than the one they were about to inherit! THE FACT THAT THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN IS, IN GREAT PART, WHY WE ARE WHERE ARE TODAY?
      YOU do remember what was ALREADY taking place BEFORE Obama was sworn in don’t you? OR DO YOU WANT TO REMEMBER???

      The 2012 Republican Platform is about to be announced! Study it and the 2000 GOP platform and tell us if it differs in any great detail on economic policy I bet not!! It has been the same for 160 years! SO YOU THINK THAT PLATFORM IS GOING TO FIX WHAT THAT SAME PLATFORM PRODUCED UNDER HOOVER, NIXON AND THE BUSHES? WHAT MOST PEOPLE CALLED “CLUSTER F$@&” ECONOMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • San

        January 3, 2007 is when the democrats took over both houses of Congress. Dodd and Frank took over banking and finance in the country and Obama was a Senator. They destroyed the banking and financial system in our country and caused the great collapse. Quit blaming George Bush, he tried to get congress to rail in Fannie and Freddie.

      • tom

        and 911 happened. was bush supposed to do nothing?? war costs money. which he paid for. the collapse of 2008 started when pres clinton ordered the “big Banks” to give home loans to people who could not repay them. and if you dont know what banks do with bad loans then you are just ignorant and have no business voting anyway

  • AK Tom

    While Romney may not be the ideal choice for president, a write in vote for anyone else is a vote for oblamer. When you quote mother jones and the new york times as a reliable source you lose alot of credibility. As others have mentioned previously if oblamer gets re-elected and appoints even one more supreme court justice it will have devastating consequences reaching far into the future.

  • Jerry

    You Ron Paul supporters are as bad as Obama supporters. Ron Paul is a farce. His policies would destroy our nation just as fast as Obama’s have been. You are also delusional. Paul’s radicalism would turn most voters to not vote (which is a vote for Obama). Get over it. He did not do well in the primaries falling behind several other “true conservatives”. Romney may not be the best but he is the ONLY one that has any chance to beat Obama. And that is the most important part of this election. So keep supporting Paul, maybe even encourage him to run as a third party candidate like the dope-pushing Johnson and you will ensure Obama gets re-elected, America is destroyed and this will be the last election we have as Obama will set himself up as dictator and sign an executive order banning future elections.

    • diamond1957

      I originally supported Ron Paul until I heard his ideas on foreign policy, he has much to contribute only not as President.

    • eddie47d

      Ron Paul is not a “farce” and Obama will not cancel elections no matter how often you say that. Ron Paul will also keep us out of wars not encourage them as Romney has pledged.

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        So true. McCain, Obama and Rom are all apples to oranges. They are all for big government, while Ron Paul is for small government and the constitiution.

        • MikeR

          Yes, Ron Paul is for small government, and that is one of the things I like about him. However, his head-in-the-sand foreign policy would get us annihilated. It’s not the wars that are hurting our economy, it’s the nation-building. We should bomb the crap out of our enemies and then LEAVE. We shouldn’t stick around and rebuild roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals. We shouldn’t bother trying to win their ‘hearts and minds’. As a country, we should want to be respected, not loved. Reagan had it right: Peace through strength.

          • SamFox

            MikeR, How is Ron Paul’s foreign policy = “his head in the sand.”?

            Is it because yoy support the military industrial complex making billions from war?

            You like our interventionist FP, where we boss people around? You like that we have been bombing in the ME since the 50′s, eventually provoking 9-11, BECAUSE of our meddling?

            Did blowback cause 9-11,
            Look for the Jack Hunter video.

            NY Times article on blowback.

            Is Ron isolationist? No.

            9-11, war and why Ron Paul’s foreign policy is right [Part 1 of 4]

            Go to YouTube and in the YT search box enter

            So You Like Ron Paul Except On Foreign Policy

            Here is a list of articles on US foreign policy. Dr. Paul is often referenced–


            If not in the above list, in a general search find–
            The Difference Between Isolationist And Non-interventionist Foreign Policy

            I take it you have not researched Ron’s FP. If you did you would know that Ron has the same FP as the US Founders. Our Founders were NON-interventionist, not isolationist. Same for Ron. If you had done research on what Dr. Paul says his FP is you would not be regurgitating fringe media’s disingenuous spin on Ron’s FP.

            You are very mistaken. Dr. Paul’s FP is NOT his head buried in the sand. Besides, like many of US, we know that we can’t afford the wars in any case.

            People need to do much better research before making comments that make them look silly to those who HAVE done the work. :-)



          • Deborah

            To Sam Fox -

            Our founders were non-interventionist because America was still too young to intervene for the sake of any purpose. Our nation was still being established and growing. Once a “child” becomes an “adult”, it assumes more burden and responsibility.

            In order to keep the peace around the world and protect ourselves in the process, it is imperative that we remain a presence throughout the world. We just have to choose our interventions and battles more wisely.

            Ironically so, the rest of the world does look to the United States of America in this role.
            Please read the book i have been urging everyone to read for some much needed education. Again, it is entitled, The Post-American World (Release 2.0) by Fareed Zakaria.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… You are right. It took a while for America to recover from the Revolutionary War and then there was the War of 1812… before we recovered all the way then there was our Civil war. Reconstruction was rough and we went down some slippery paths in reconstruction but we eventually grew up. Now we are losing it again… It takes time for a new country to go global…

          • Deborah

            Wink, wink. :)

          • SamFox

            macgyver1948, howdey! Is 1948 yer birth year? It’s mine. Any way,

            Are you tacitly suggesting that the Founders would have been interventionist if the country was older or bigger back then? If so, you have a lot to learn my friend.

            You said “Once a “child” becomes an “adult”, it assumes more burden and responsibility. In order to keep the peace around the world and protect ourselves in…”

            Can you show citations to us where the Founders thought it was the job of the USA then or in the future to “…keep the peace around the world…”. I know they, like Ron Paul believed & believes, in self defense. Ron has said many times he would not cut defense spending, only military . There is a diff. If you did research you’d know that diff.

            I have a hunch that the US Founders were for non-intervention. Here, let’s see some of what they said–

            I was going to put up some quotes, but here is a very nice link. You will see that Ron Paul is in perfect alignment & agreement with our Founder’s wishes on US foreign policy. That is, IF you knew what Ron’s FP is according to HIM & not fringe media or RINO war mongers or the military industry complex propaganda machine or those at Fox ‘News’ & other fringe media who spin against Dr. Paul.


            Don’t feel bad. You are not alone in your ignorance of the real Ron Paul & his views. [I don't write that with a 'mean' attitude. Maybe willfully under educated would be better. Not trying to insult you.]

            I pray God in Heaven that I am wrong about Romney. But according to what I have found on the two face double tongue, I hold little hope. Citations on Mitt’s duplicity I have posted here a few times.

            Thank you for your time.


          • Deborah

            Sam Fox – I don’t have to show you citations of where the founders said it was our responsibility to intervene if we were an older and bigger country. It is common sense.
            The founders were not concerned with this issue at that time. It is a different world now.
            You sir, need to bring yourself into the present day and educate yourself beyond your cloistered world of academia. No wonder you agree with an isolationist ideology. You are full of book knowledge but you are lacking in practical application. Very dangerous!

            I suggest you keep an open mind and educate yourself by reading the book, The Post-American World (Release 2.0) by Fareed Zakaria. He is the CNN personality who is much more conservative than liberal. That is because he is level-headed and thinks beyond his liberal ideology.

            You Ron Paul supporters are much too intolerant and fanatical. Perhaps we could incorporate some of Ron Paul’s ideas as the Republican party evolves for the 21st century, but certainly not his entire ideology. Vote Romney/Ryan 2012.

          • SamFox

            Deborah, YES! You DO have to show citations. I already showed the Founder’s intent & statements on the subject that know NO limitations or diminished wisdom just because time passes. No citations means you have no proof & are arguing from the neo-con military industrial complex mindset to justify the unjustifiable. You are not doing well in this discussion as you have an indefensible position.

            Why do you say you don’t need proof? It’s because you don’t have any.

            Bring myself to the present day? You are telling me that we can go around pulling on ‘dog ears’, provoking governments in the Middle East & we are ‘righteous’ to get mad when the ‘dog’ bites back at US, like on 9-11 & other times.

            Did blowback cause 9-11

            NY Times article on 9-11′s blowback:

            US Founder quotes on non-intervention:

            A thread discussion on intervention & non-intervention. [Goes with above link.]

            If you have not checked out the proof for my point, & Ron Paul’s view, which basically says in agreement with the Founders that we need to trade with other nations, travel abroad & have diplomatic relations, but MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS when it comes to their internal affairs, then you may stay trapped your ignorant war mongering.

            The Founder’s KNEW what they were saying & WHY they said it! What G Washington says in the quote below is timeless. “Modern day” does not mitigate the wisdom & vision of his & other Founder’s intents, words & advice.

            Look at the fruit we have reaped because of our rather new FP of interventionism. Lots of dead US military, huge outlay$ of $ we DON’T HAVE leading us to the chains of huge debt & a LOT of PO’d people around the world. We have sown the seeds of our own demise with this interventionist jive in a field outside the US. Internally we are going broke fast enough without adding wars we cannot afford. That spending is part of the collapse the US financial system agenda I have posted on many times.

            Hey, there’s a bright side! The military industrial complex is $TILL raking in BILLION$!! Of TAX $$!

            NOTHING good has come from interventionism. Only bad stuff have we reaped. I for one of many, want a different harvest.

            Neutrality in Foreign Relations
            “I hope the United States of America will be able to keep disengaged from the labyrinth of European politics and wars…. It should be the policy of united America to administer to [other nations'] wants without being engaged in their quarrels. And it is not the ability of the proudest and most potent people on earth to prevent us from becoming a great, a respectable, and a commercial nation, if we shall continue united and faithful to ourselves.” -1788, To Sir Edward Newenham, George Washington Himself, by John C. Fitzpatrick

            Middle East can be substituted for “European” in the quote.

            It’s time to realize that going abroad in search of monsters to slay is not working out well for US.


          • Deborah

            Why do you assume “intervention” is equivalent to war? Intervention also refers to diplomacy, peace talks, negotiation, foreign aid, sanctions, etc. It does not have to default to war immediately. If this is how you interpret the words of our founding fathers, so be it.

            If you want citations to give credibility to my interpretations, you will get more than you wished for when you read the book entitled, The Post-American World (Release 2.0) by Fareed Zakaria.

            I realize you are an ardent Ron Paul supporter. It’s too bad you guys are such fundamentalist fanatics. Think outside the box once in awhile. Fundamentalist extremism is not good for our country. You may think everything is black and white. In reality, true wisdom is found in the gray matter.

          • SamFox

            Deborah, Hello again! Got your man Fareed covered already. I don’t trust him.

            I should go out the box? That’s WHY I support Ron. HE IS out side the establishment box. Ron is the only major R or D that is. You are the one ‘in a box’. You are boxed in by thinking that again trading the R big govt shill for the D big govt shill will actually change any thing. You are trapped, boxed in, by the 2 ‘party’ deception, “My party good! Your party bad!” paradigm.



            Where did I say interventionism = war? I never thought of it that way, but so far our interventionism HAS only led to war. Thanks for making that clear.

            All the stuff you listed is not from intervention, it’s from diplomacy. A good diplomat does not use intervention. He uses, well, diplomacy. By the way, Ron Paul supports all the diplomatic things you listed, except sanctions. Sanctions are NOT from diplomacy. They are from interventionism. Sanctions against a country only hurt the citizens. Those controlling the nation &/or the rich are stocked up already & are not directly affected, unless the sanctions PO the population & a rebellion comes about.

            Hmm. These kinds of rebellions are very often part of the interventionist package. Our CIA has done a few of those…

            I would rather read what OUR Founders had to say. Like I said in my reply where I outed Fareed Z, he was working for the CFR. He is a Muslim AND CFR member and I do not trust him!


            I am a fundamentalist extremest?

            How extreme is it to want the fed govt back under the limits of the Constitution? For perpetual war to end? For govt regulation & over taxation to be dealt with so small business can again be free? To want our borders controlled? For govt spending to be reduced in real terms rather than the ‘projected spending’ be cut? For the fed govt to lve within it’s means? To have the Bill of Rights back? To cut off the pig trough gravy train most of DC feeds from, which is OUR $$? To cut UN-Constitutional burroacracies to be abolished?

            Ron Paul supports those & because I do as well, since the 70′s, I support Dr. Paul.

            If that’s extreme, your are crazy!! With ‘conservative’ thought like yours, who needs ‘progressives’ to take down the USA? CINOs like you will do it for them.

            Sorry if I offend. That’s not my goal. But what you posted in your reply reflects much of the prog agenda.

            Our Founders did not call for intervention. They called for what Ron Paul calls for, non-intervention. What’s wrong with minding our own business & setting a good example here at home for other nations to emulate? So far we have not made may friends at the point of our guns…setting up dictators [some of them elected] then taking them out…bombing since the 5o’s…lotsa stuff like that.

            Being the world’s cop has not done much to persuade any one to embrace our [now] hypocritical form of govt because we are NOT following OUR OWN true form of govt. as based n the Constitution, Bill of Rights & so on.

            True wisdom comes from truth & light. From honesty & integrity, which Ron Paul is the modern political poster man for. Gray areas lead to deception & darkness. Gray is the dimming of light, the beginning of the absence of light. Going that road will ‘progressively’, a step at at time, lead to total darkness. Gray is the wide gate Yeshua Messiah talked about.



          • Deborah

            Addendum – Most of your citations are generated by the media. Give me a break! The New York Times! Are you kidding???? You Tube?

            How is this any different than me citing Fox Cable New and it’s esteemed colleagues? You have already ridiculed them.

            My cited author is Fareed Zakaria who is affiliated with CNN. Where does it end?

            The bottom line is, it is always someone’s opinion.

          • SamFox

            Deborah, Fareed Zakaria was managing editor for the CFR magazine Foreign Affairs. [Source: Conservapedia] The Council On Foreign relations is a NWO [NWO promotes a one world government]. [Source: There are many more.]

            That’s the same New World Order RINO-CINO GHW Bush gushed about.
            You tell me, is that good on Fareed or ‘bad’? At the very least makes me want to watch him carefully.

            Fareed being a Muslim only adds to the intrigue.

            So, which of my citations are generated by media &/or not true? You kinda forgot to back up your comments.

            Give me a few examples…that way I’ll know you didn’t really mean to dodge the INFO in the citations I left & instead would rather attack messengers rather than come up with anything substantive because you have nothing to come up with…:-) Sumthin like dat.

            If Fareed is a conservative, the below article, complete with quotes, suggests maybe he is instead CINO.


            Thanks Deb. Oh yeah. You have yet to factually refute anything I have posted. Why??? :-)


          • macgyver1948

            SamFox… Howdy back to you. Yes, I was born in 1948.

            The Founders wanted small FED government and for the states to take care of their people. The fed is there for many reasons but it has grown over the years with loads of services that are needed and many that are pure waste.

            In the beginning we were to small and in our infancy we couldn’t get involved in the affairs of our nation friends for the most part. The Revolutionary War and the the one in 1812 and not so long later the Civil War. The Country grew so big starting in the Reconstruction period because huge corporations wanted their growth and bigger government was the way. We were screwed by so much Corporate greed and the Founders very much warned us about them. Nothing has changed since then but it could be worse as the Corporations told their owned politicians to eliminate as much of their restrictions as they can. That is still be done today.
            Yes, we need corporations and business, we would not have become a great nation without them. But the greed by the corporations and their big money influencing our government for their own gain has to stop.

            I do not want us out there keeping world peace but if we have friends we should help them. We did not win the Revolutionary War without some help from the French and maybe from the native Americans. Why did we go to Iraq this time? Was it for military advantage or geographic advantage, considering Iran, or was it for oil or was GW wanting to avenge daddy? Any combo of that? We need to cut Military waste and there is loads of it.

            I do not like Ron Paul’s isolationism. If we allow our nation friends to be attacked and many destroyed who will help us when we need it? I see Romney as a corporate puppet all the way so I cannot vote for him and the TP favorite boy Ryan. They will help further diminish the shrinking middle class. If you like Ron Paul you should vote for him because I believe the vote is wasted if you do not vote for whom you think is best but instead for who you think will win.

            All sides should concentrating on the economy and jobs and not only the ruining of Obama. We need to get “Separation Off Corporation and State” in as a policy, well enforced, or the Norquists and the Kochs will rule. The Founders greatly feared Corporations and Banks, rightfully so, and they said so. You mentioned quotes, here are some of my favorite and one of mine for the fun of it…
            “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin said this.

            “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.” – Thomas Jefferson

            Thomas Jefferson got it right when in 1802 he wrote, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property—until their children wake up homeless in the continent their fathers conquered.”

            All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in the Constitution or Confederation, not from a want of honor or virtue so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.”–John Adams, at the Constitutional Convention (1787)

            “This corruption we speak of comes from corporate greed, regardless of corporate type, supported by the eagerness of many of our politicians, for the purposes of taking corporate money to help support themselves and the Corporations”. Macgyver1948. No, I do not think of myself in the same league as the Founders. I am only expressing my First Amendment Rights.

            “If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~President George Washington

            Thank you for your time Sam, discussion as adults and not with insults and name calling is the way to learn about others.

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Oops at least i can think even tho I left a typo.
        Proove the fight for Truth in America wares one out! No energy left in the head for typing correctly! :)

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        To Mike August 29th what do mean by ‘his head is in the sand?’ please proove it. I would like proof. I don’t want to argue “opinions” only seek the truth and state it.It’s where people’s hearts are that is important.
        Even if what I write below seems far fetched listen to:
        Hour: 4
        9:00: Douglas Wissing – Funding the Enemy on . It is more recent. Also listen to other episodes from the archives.
        And now with what’s coming everyone should watch Untersee’s video ‘Behold A Pale horse.’ Chuck Untersee is interviewed on:
        Date: 08-27-12
        Hour: 1
        3:00: Chuck Untersee – Behold A Pale Horse at Radio Liberty’s site.
        Radio Liberty is:
        Bringing you the Story behind the Story, the News behind the News. Hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Western civilization it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.

        Radio Liberty is hosted by Dr. Stanley Monteith.

        I like your point about no building hospitals if you are referring to foreign aid. Foreign aid money only ever goes int U.N hands and dicatators hands’ not good peoples hands.
        We are being torn apart from within (not from without) by our enemies, through

        We don’t need Khrushceve to bury us our leaders are burying us!(Tom Anderson from: ).
        For example we faught all the wars with enemies up till now and they have won already.
        WW2 the Soviet Union won. They gained a lot of the land in Europe. (With help from the United States government). Albert Wedemeyer noted they were the only ones to gain at all in WWII.(I tried to find the quote on the internet but it wasn’t available.
        He is quoted in ‘Unseen Hand’ by Epperson.
        The enemy right now is cold hearted apathy when people are being enslaved by globalist bankers who back dictators, and who back our biggest enemy the Soviet Union. (It is not “former.” we are we still supporting it).
        Read ‘The Best enemy money can buy’ by Antony Sutton. author of ‘National Suicide’,
        ‘Wall street and the Bolshevik Revolution’, ‘Wall street and the rise of Hitler’, ‘Wall street and FDR’, and ‘Trilaterals over Washington’

        All our enemies We (the U.S gov.t) put there. Supposedly the Shah of Iran was bad. Even if that’s the case he was more pro West and pro America than Ayatollah Khomeni. Which is why Jimmy Carter knocked him down. Same with Pinochet in Chili…and Anastasio Somoza. Who, in Jack Cox’s ‘Nicaragua betrayed’ wrote: “I should never have trusted Jimmy Carter. If I had known he would have done the same thing to Nicaragua as he did with the Shah of Iran and Pinochet I would never have trusted him. With friends like Jimmy Carter who needs enemies?” And Commandante Bravo who got a little too close and “personal” when he said “the Siberian bear is dressed in colorful Latin clothes,” got tortured all over including personal areas, and burned to death. The communist cuban (or Nicaraguan forces that were communist) did it because he spoke the truth at the State Department hearings.(Read Nicaragua Betrayed).
        (As written in ‘Inside the State Department’ Bryton Barron prooved that many moles are there in the state department. Even if those Reds were booted out..they are Always replaced by other Reds).
        So isn’t it more than a coincidence that the Man’s Man Commandante Bravo who was Brave to tell the truth died a horrific death while communists gained in Nicaragua? They must have wanted their revenge. He soon found that out. His chared and body is shown in a photograph in Somoza’s book.(Even if one says “How can you tell that’s him? That’s the point anyone who tells the truth is always targeted…and one’s body will most likely be burned beyond recognition. Or burned to ashes if you are from China and Mao Tse Tung
        decides that you are an enemy. He burned bodies and used ashes as fertilizer on the farms. That way bodies wouldn’t be found.
        As Epperson wrote “Many readers have written to me and asked why someone hasn’t targeted me. I told them I don’t know,but if I jump off a building, I didn’t do it!”
        Somoza also features a photograph of the pie crust promise letter Jimmy Carter sent to him, promising foreign aid in the war against the communists.
        But it was Jimmy Carter who not only did not send guns, but stopped other nations from
        sending guns and ammo. As reported in an Actuelles Versailles newpaper, a pres. in a nearby nation talked with Carter and he told Carter: “I don’t care for this somoza, but if something happens to his nation, mine will be at risk,” and Carter said: “Oh mr. President you must help me get rid of this Somoza!” See Nicaragua Betrayed’s front and back cover.
        The best way we can fight our enemies is by not helping them financially.We must stop helping the U.N and other people who back them.
        We have created our own petard.

        • Gea

          Ron Paul is a nice doctor who is fairly intelligent but has not understanding of history or of Islam, which is a supremacist ideology similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, which is a real threat to Western civilization just Nazism was some 80 years ago.

          Obama is a admirer is this supremacist genocidal ideology, which he is helping white wash rather then REFORM. Neither Obama nor Ron Paul are fit to be in a White house.

          • SamFox

            Gea, it’s OK to have an opinion. You leave yours all the time. But I note that you & others who are totally ignorant when it comes to Ron Paul never leave any proof for your fringe media based opinions.

            Why is that? You opinion is not proof of any thing. Except to those who already know what Ron has said, stands for, voted for & his platform.

            When you say junk like “Ron Paul is a nice doctor who is fairly intelligent but has not understanding of history or of Islam, …” you show your ignorance regarding Ron Paul. How about backing up your stuff with some facts. Because, as I said, your opinion is not necessarily a fact!

            No offense meant. Not trying to mock. Just VERY tired of song & dance jive against Ron that have no bases in fact. You Ron bashers prove that all the time. Lotta words, but no backup for them from the man himself.



    • nc

      Jerry, getting rid of Obama is so important to the Repugnuts that THEY promised to ruin our very economy(citizens’ life savings and jobs) if NECESSARY to regain the White House! REMEMBER??

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Even when the Republicans had the house, they were spineless wimps who didn’t do anything. Most of them are cowardly, craven, and criminal.
        Republicants. Just as bad as most democrats.
        As Tom Anderson, (a 60s conservative journalist) said in his speech ‘Bi Partisian treason’*:
        “I equally like both parties…socialist party ‘a’ and socialist party ‘b’!”
        * His speech is on a Keystone lp record and (surprisingly) was on
        last time I looked.
        He wrote ‘straight talk’ and ‘silence is not golden it’s yellow.’
        Another lp record from keystone (that isn’t available to buy)
        is Walter Brennan’s speech ‘He’s your uncle not your dad’
        In which he mentions people debating about LBJ cattle being descendents of the ones from on Noah’s ark and Walter Brennan said “Noooo.. they had their own ark!” :)

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        August 29th 12 to me.. Tom Anderson said ”DISLIKE both parties”

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        One doesn’t even need to buy his ‘Bi Partisan Treason’ one can hear it!
        Go to:

    • DaveH

      Jerry says — “Ron Paul is a farce. His policies would destroy our nation just as fast as Obama’s have been”.
      Oh? And what policies are those, Jerry? Can you be specific so that we may shine the light on your ignorance?

  • boyscout

    Bob L. Thank you for this one. But, as expected (by me) the poll of republican opinion remains unswayed and still blindfolded. Should Romney loose (I believe he will) they will even better be able to maintain their mindset and belief in having done the best they could with their vote. Should Romney win, different cronies will take seats at the table but we will get more of the same; it will be too late to alter course and force the consideration of other measures.

    • diamond1957

      boyscout, this fight has only just begun or I should say continuing, no one politician is the answer, its going take the whole Congress and then some.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        If congress wanted things to change, they have the power to change them! Things ARE the way they are because THAT’S the way THEY want it!

  • peter

    Wow! Some folks are getting hit up about this election. The result will be as follows:
    Heads you lose and Tails you lose. Neither of these presumed gentleman have the backbone to buck the system and so we shall have the ‘ same old’ again, where ” toeing the line is what really matters, the plebs and the honesty be damned.” Self serving is the real deal and all comments made by ‘ the citizenry ‘ are both laughable and irrelevant. It is wise to remember that one should be careful what they wish for as their wishes may come true, exactly as has been evidenced in the past, to the detriment of us all.

  • FedUpinPa

    Ron Paul is not electable. It is time you folk just give it up and either move to Canada or get on board with an alternative to Obama. Stone Age rhetoric that tries to revert back to to 1900 when women and minorities suffered without the rights they enjoy today will not fly with the majority. Neither will pseudo-religious rhetoric. It’s all about the economy, national debt and jobs, stupid.

    • DaveH

      Fed says — “Ron Paul is not electable”.
      Rather than repeating the same old nonsensical Propaganda, FedUp, can you provide evidence for that belief? And so what if he wasn’t? Does that somehow justify doing the same thing over and over that has gotten us into this mess over the last 100+ years?

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Good point, DaveH.
        I didn’t hear anyone say: “Obama can’t win…Obama can’t win.”
        Wonder what would have happened if people had been saying that?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Who the H*LL do you think you are?!? You’re no better than obumass and the communists if you think we should either vote the way you want or leave the country!!! You’ll NOT dictate to ME!!! It’s people like YOU who have encouraged the very crap that’s destroying OUR great nation!!! If you dont think that people have the RIGHT to vote for WHOMEVER they want, YOU should leave this country!!! YOU disgust me!!!

  • JimRed

    There is only ONE Savior, and He ain’t Mitt Romney. Unlike 2008, we’re not electing a messiah, but a president who will do what is necessary to correct the wrongs of the past four years.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      who is then?? your God Obama??? Pendejo!

  • Pingback: Person Liberty shows Mitt Romney is Obama II - Stormfront

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      your choice is either mitt or barack hussein! Your call crybaby!

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    you peckerheads make me sick! Obama is the enemy of america and you still think he is deserving another 4 years?? Ron Paul is a good man but thats as far as it goes! Go ahead and vote for him and you will be part of the american downfall..Obama has to go.Period!!! so get your heads out of that dark place and think like anything but a fool!

    • eddie47d

      Americas downfall came from the cannibalizers on Wall Street who were in cahoots with the mortgage industry. Romney’s “creative Destruction” plans fit in nicely with those crony capitalists who ruined us financially. You need to think a little deeper if you believe Romney is the right stuff.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, you continue to surprize me! You’re sounding more and more like you know what you’re talking about instead of the crap you used to make up! My gosh, I’ve actually agreed with you more than a few times lately! I’m SO happy to see you starting to wake up and see that it isnt about JUST the democraps and the republicraps!!! Keep learning! There is so much out there!

    • tom

      GO BOB!!!

    • SamFox

      bob peters, you really need to know what you are talking about.

      How many times do you need to be reminded to do actual research & quit taking candidates & media spin meisters at their word?

      I did the research on Ron. That’s why I support him. Also why I know Mitt is 0 in a diff suit. Just like 0 is GWB in a diff suit.

      0 has to go. No problem. BUT!!!!

      What good will it do to put the same power hungry big govt mindset back in? We got rida Bush. What did GW get replaced by? For all practical matters, HIMSELF! That is why NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! For the better.

      bob, you gotta wake up! We need a govt philosophy OUTSIDE the R & D establishment box. That is where Ron Paul comes in. But it’s not Ron per say. It is what he stands for.

      Support Mitt all ya want. I’ll be around saying

      Don’t blame ME!! I supported Ron Paul! :-)

      When I 1st heard about Ron & what he stood for I didn’t believe it. He is to good to be true! So he must be another fake.

      Well, as it turns out, Ron’s the real deal. That was after a LOT of reading & listening, checking his vote record, seeing what many vets say about him, a lot of blacks, Hispanics, Jews, economists & those who want the US back to the Constitution…

      Turns out Ron is very good. And true. Lotsa stuff is to good but it’s true. Jesus in my life for the most important to me.

      Also electric light bulbs, my computer, my truck, my dog, the love of my grand daughters…LONG list…:-)



  • Sirian

    Good article, many good points that needed to be pointed out, highlighted, at least revealed to the majority. There have been other items mentioned before but as to the follow-ups I’m not sure. Here’s an example that falls quite well into the points you’ve laid out.

  • retjat

    Vigilant has hit the nail on the head. If you want Eric Holder on the Supreme Court just let Obama win. If not, swallow your objections to an unfit crony capitalist and vote for Romney

    • Norm

      If Bush couldn’t get White House counsel Harriet Miers on the court, I don’t think Obama could get Holder either.
      I believe Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan as well as Samuel Alito and John Roberts were excellent choices from both sides of the political spectrum.

      • Patriot1776

        And that’s part of the problem. The Supreme Court is not a place for extreme view points on either side. The Supreme Court should be a neutral review of the trash brought forth from Congress to determine the Constitutionality. Their personal opinions a view points should be left out of it.

        But if obama wins, I highly doubt there will be a Supreme Court or even a Congress to deal with and certainly what little is left of the Constitution will be formally thrown out as the emporer rises.

  • Norm

    Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign gave Texas Rep. Ron Paul a chance to speak at the Republican National Convention, but he declined due to the conditions of the offer, the New York Times reports:
    Mr. Paul, in an interview, said convention planners had offered him an opportunity to speak under two conditions: that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney. He declined.
    “It wouldn’t be my speech,” Mr. Paul said. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.”

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      There are so few HONORABLE men left!!! Ron Paul SAYS what he MEANS and MEANS what he SAYS!!! A man of HONOR AND INTEGRITY!!!

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Amen! He swore to uphold the consitution and he’s still doing it. Other men have sworn on the constitution but they are made pie crust promises.For anyone who says Ron Paul doesn’t have any young supporter at my house that person is lying. :)

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Amen! He swore to uphold the consitution and he’s still doing it. Other men have sworn on the constitution but they have made pie crust promises.For anyone who says Ron Paul doesn’t have any young supporter at my house that person is lying. :)

  • Gopher

    Regardless of who gets elected, they’re still going to play by the same set of rules. Read Oliver DeMille’s book “1913″, many of you understand what’s happened to our constitution that’s brought on the mess we’re in. For those of you who don’t know, this book should be required reading.

  • Mikee Bee

    Mr Livingston,
    Please use your head for something other than puting a hat on it.
    You’ve got to be kidding. We all love Ron Paul but face reality.
    Us libertarians are still a minority and getting stronger but letting that
    cockroach stay in our White House is insane! Pray for an extermination
    on November 6th.

  • Peter 10-nov-1775

    So here we go, already distancing ourselves from Romney. Why do we always shoot ourselves in the foot? The dems never put down their people, why do we? Enough already.

    • Fred

      What many fail to realize is that rank and file Republicans are not being represented by party leaders so it becomes quite easy to turn on leaders who
      make promises they are not courageous enough to keep.. What we really need
      is for our local and state leaders who have not been bought and sold,
      to start doing more of what has already started,NULLIFYING unconstitutional
      federal edicts and threatening and fining any federal official who attempts to
      enforce such laws or regulations
      The people have more control at the local level, as Sheriiff Richard Mack has been
      teaching as he travels the country teaching our County Sheriffs how to enforce
      local laws and how to use local power for good.
      At this point in our Republic, which has become a Socialist Regime we must realize that
      it is time to start over, even to the point of States seceeding from the union but this time
      not allowing a figure as strong as Lincoln to impose his individual will (union at any cost).

      In the final analysis will we be free or be slaves to masters in both parties?
      Only a very small % of our revolutionaries were strong enough to take a stand against
      enslavement and they were able to establish our freedoms for a time always seeking
      Divine Help which many of this forum refuse to acknowledge at the same time attacking
      a person such as myself as AN IDIOT for even suggesting this.
      How soon we forget our beginnings and are too proud to humble ourselves enough to
      acknowledge realize and accept His loving hand as we make a concerted effort to
      find and live His Word,.
      This is very sad and I would ask any doubter, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?
      Explain how you were able to develop into a living,thinking, many talented individual
      capable of many good things.
      Finally, perhaps many of you think that my message would be better received without
      the spiritual emphasis. I can only reply that nothing we do escapes God’s view. If He
      can create the world He can certainly help us to make better everyday decisions..
      Final. finally, who will I vote for.. Any vote for Mr. Romney as the lesser of two evils
      will come after sincere prayer as to whether he will be able to overcome the situation he
      has put himself into. My personal leaning now is that he will continue as a champion
      for big and even international government.

      So, most likely I will vote for Gary Johnson as a protest vote for someone I could trust.
      It is not a perfect world and one must be true to his ultimate principles.


    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Peter, BECAUSE HE IS NOT OURS!!! He is merely the candidate that THEY CHOSE FOR US!!!

  • Norm

    The idea is to portray a competent, forward-looking party—and that has translated into leaving out a recent president and vice president, some tea party stars, and most of the Republicans who only months ago were fighting Romney for the nomination.
    The absent former rivals include Rep. Michele Bachmann, who won the Iowa straw poll in 2011; former pizza magnate Herman Cain, who once led national polls during the primary race; Texas Gov. Rick Perry, viewed as a juggernaut before he ran; and retiring Rep. Ron Paul, who is getting a video tribute but no live address.
    Also missing from the podium, and the convention as well: Former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney. Bush and Cheney represent a decade of GOP dominance that voters don’t remember fondly. Even Republicans have been highly critical of deficit spending and bailouts during the Bush-Cheney years.

  • Thinking About

    On Obama not understanding business, let’s compare Obama and Mitt on the auto industry, Obama went for the auto bailout, the auto industry got back on its feet, workers are paying income taxes, the companies are doing well and paying back their loans. Smart thing was it was set up for shares to be given for the loans and encouraged repayment. The bank bailouts did not do this. Mitt, just wanted the auto industry to go bankrupt, and it actually followed his Bain Capitol plan, buy a company, load it up on debt, raid the pension funds (because goverment has already paid to fund pension funds he underfunded) and then send the company into bankruptcy or the jobs to other countries. Oh, forgot to mention, send every dime Mitt can get to offshore accounts so it will not be back in the US ecomony. Want to know who the job creators are, just look around yourself the next time you go to a store, gas station, restaurant, etc, these are the job creators.

  • KQJM

    My only comment to this article is this:

    Thank you for having the courage to write it!

  • Peter 10-nov-1775

    Let us not forget, OUR White House will have to be fumigated before the next tenant takes residence next year.

    • Mary

      A classic example of a racist remark. and the right wingers say they just don’t like his policies. Well, Well, looks like your true colors are showing and they are not red, white, and blue as are displayed on the American flag.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You are the racist, Mary.

  • John R. Howell

    If Obama wins the election, this country is doomed to communism forever. If Obama loses the election, his is still president until January 1, during which time he will stage riots, declare martial law, suspend the constitution, and declare himself president for life. Either way, this country is doomed.
    John R. Howell

    • Norm

      Sir, I hope you realize you have a slight problem separating fact from fantasy.

      • angelwannabe

        Yeah Normy, Hilter was a fantasy too I guess___point is, if ya see a problem on the horizon, ya don’t wait to do something about it AFTER the threat passes….problem is too many bought his hope and change, question remains are we too late?

    • Mary

      You cannot have it both ways, either Obama is destroying America or he is doing nothing. The laugh,since the comment was ridiculous, is he cannot even get Congress to pass any of his legislation so how is he going to make them support Communism? If he had that kind of power,we would be there now so please stop listiening to the right wing propaganda machine that is aimed at stupid people and start thinking and researching for yourself. And for all the other religious fanatics posting here, who expect God to save them, stop and think about this. If God, all powerful as is, did not want Obama to be our President, he would have stopped him so get over it. It’s politics people, not religion. Keep your religion to yourselves, in your home, in your heart, in your church, with your like minded friends but keep it out of our government. Not everyone shares your ideology and you would be up in arms if another religious group, not of your choosing, tried to put you under their religious beliefs. Realize you are doing the same thing to others.

      • http://none Charlie

        Mary,,, glad to hear you are smarter than King Jesus , did you vote for Obama ? Only asking to
        confirm that you are indeed smarter … Ever hear of Public Law 97-280 ? put into place by Reagan and Congress,,,could it be that you are , duped , deceived and deluded by the Satanic
        powers that be ??? Obadiah is about to happen ,,,but,,, during the meantime …………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 IS salvation…

        • macgyver1948

          Charlie… There we go again, bringing in a specific from a religion. God should be part of our lives, for those of us who believe in God, but please do not get specific with your King in a forum which allows for all faiths.

          But I guess you have as much right as a Muslim would coming in here telling us how wrong we all are and we should all listen to Muhammad. It is the same thing.

      • http://none Charlie

        Macgyver ,,, in case you have not figured it out yet, there is Only ONE Almighty God, that’s the God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob Israel… but during the mean time…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 IS salvation…

        • macgyver1948

          Charlie… Wow, when you do not agree with someone you just jump all the way off the cliff. You seem, and many others on the RIGHT, to ignore what people say and edit their words and meanings maybe to justify your disapproval of other people opinions. Such a small mind.

          You Charlie, say to me “Macgyver ,,, in case you have not figured it out yet, there is Only ONE Almighty God, that’s the God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob Israel… but during the mean time…Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 IS salvation…”)

          I do not disrespect other peoples religions or beliefs, I would fight for them along side them. I bet I have figured out long before you have that “there is Only ONE Almighty God, that’s the God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob Israel…”. Why can’t you accept my religious, the Jewish religion, for how we believe for us? We do not see Jesus as anything but a man and not any kind of god, let alone THE God. That is your choice for you to believe, just as it is for us to choose.

          To Jews, The Hebrew bible is in no way a prelude nor is it connected to your New Testament in any way, we do not even call our bible the Old Testament. But I respect your right to call whatever in your religion as you choose to. If you prefer nor is the New Testament a continuation of the Hebrew Bible to us.

          In the US Constitution there is a thing called “Freedom Of Religion”. Not only does that mean I have the Constitutional right to choose my religion, and the beliefs there in, but it also means we have “Freedom From Your Religion”, which may be even more important in a free country and the Founders knew that too, and the beliefs there in. The thing is, from how you and others like you with your religions, I can not tell if you know what freedom is. ”Only our ways of believing and accepting are right for all” is in no way freedom for those who do not believe as you do.

          Please do not redefine our bible to justify your beliefs for or to us, do that only for yourselves if you feel the need. Every bible must be able to stand on its own merits without tampering with other peoples bible scriptures or their bible is lacking in something. We do not do it to you. To each his/her own faith or there is no “Freedom Of Religion”. People like you are why I so strongly feel “Separation Of Church And State” should be added to the Constitution and that is long over due.

  • Melody Macaluso

    I understand the wish/wanting to have someone else besides Romney but for the most part this country does not work the way we want it to. The idea that we people have the right to vote for someone besides the two parties usually just results in the removal of votes from one party allowing the one in office to remain. Besides, the popular vote is not what ultimately controls the outcome, is it? I am ultra conservative too and don’t want a flip-flopping career polititian but it has been my experience that all are pretty much the same and my choices have primarilly been the picking of the lesser of two evils. I would have loved to see Paul chosen as the candidate myself but he is probably in this corrupt world we live in, far too honest to make it. A 3rd party, the way it has worked before just takes us conservatives away from the GOP and then would leave the Obominable in office leading to the finalization of Obamacare and lots of expense for the people actually still having jobs in this country. I wish this were not the way things are but the only time I have seen someone other than the nominee of one of the two main parties win has been on a state level. Federally, unless they change things, I believe (perhaps I am wrong) that the electoral college will simply make the decisions for us as though the public is too illiterate or stupid to decide who they want. What we have now is never what the founding fathers of this country intended when they made a government “by the people”…

    If people want to make sure that Obama is taken out at election, my prayer is that they will work within the framework we have and vote for the least bad choice of the two parties because I just don’t think that Paul has the charisma to carry the party to victory over Mr. Charming Obama (incidentally charming is not a good thing). This is a political thing, not a touchy-feely thing and the GOP party is trying to put forth the candidate they think they have a chance to win with. The unfortunate thing is that neither Dr. Paul nor Mr. Romney appeal much to young folks nor minorities. Hating to be gloom and doom but most of this is just rhetoric and perhaps no matter what Obama will stay in office… He has charmed many people, including our own child who in spite of growing up in our household thinks this guy is the answer…

    I personally, am not of any party but usually vote Republican because of my conservative views. Vote your conscience but realize the world we really live in…

    • http://na Tammy

      Melody, I’m sorry, but your comment that neither Ron Paul nor Romney appeal to young voters or minorities has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen this year in a comments section. Have you actually been to a Ron Paul rally or even heard about his 33 rallies at college campuses across the country. It’s truly no wonder we’re in the mess we are in when people who have access to the internet and that clueless.

      • angelwannabe

        Tammy___ his rally in Florida was packed with young supporters!

      • Deborah

        Tammy, with all due respect, it is true that Ron Paul does have massive appeal to young voters. However, most fringe candidates appeal to young voters because young voters are impressionable, altruistic, and naive. However, to the younger demographic, voting is not worth the effort it takes after a hard night of partying or studying or both.

  • Ron Jobst

    Shocking article! The timing is terrible! Why has this dated info. taken so long to surface? The ad millions spent today has effectively put Obama&Romney at even. Yet people still are voting for Obama. When the contents of this article surfaces it will kill Romney and the election. Noone has stumped like Romney and although I am a constitutionalist my first objective is to get the “fasist muslim” out. That is now improbable as only a united moneybacked intreguing colorful team with economic solutions must surface this week on Tampa.

  • Jimthetruth

    Livingston a conservative?? If a conservative, why is he using LA Times, Mother Jones, NY Times, etc., as sources???

    • eddie47d

      Would an one sided interview with Limbaugh or Coulter make you feel better since that is the pudding you are usually fed.

  • diamond1957

    This election is not “just” about Mitt, first of all RP could never have been an effect President because he would never of had a cooperative congress, and to that point Mitt needs a conservative congress, but also if we end up with a fractured republican Congress their going to fight amongst themselves and get nothing done. The tea party cannot be made the enemy or the reason for a division, that will be the democrats first goal to undo any organization.

  • hillbilly bulldog

    It has become a world where politics comes before principle. This is more than just looking at the candidates. If we all put our emotions aside for even a second and consider that principle must come before politics in order to fix the machine (even from the bottom up) then we might get somewhere. Compromising evil for more evil…can’t find it in the Bible anywhere. I am MORE afraid of God’s judgement on our country than who’s going to be the next puppet in the white house. I will be voting on principle…not fear of politics. I should think that no matter who you are, politics is getting exhaustive and the game changer can only be voting on principle, having faith that God will do His bidding (not ours) and we can step out of His way! Otherwise I agree…we will certainly get what we deserve…because we did not obey to stand on principle. Jesus didn’t compromise and neither will I.


    Reading All the nice letters I see here I have to say many are on the spot and others lack Pride in America. As many real Americans say that we have an IMPOSTOR in the White House and are unhappy with this Regime, there are to many old White People who like this man.I can not understand and I am upset to see all this women kissing and hugging this man. I have to believe America is still on a Guilt trip about slavery.Get over this and stop pempering the blacks from all over the world.The most black people on Easeroad in the USA have no history being related to the slaves in earlier times.I think we should send the bill for all this to the countries who inslaved and sold them to the early settlers who needet help to cultivate this country.Lets get Romney in the White House and see what happens.It could not get worst in his worst performance as President.

  • Norm

    Seems “Got Mittens?” Romney has asked Florida Governor Rick Scott to downplay Florida’s improving economy because it will make his “Great Obama Depression” messaging play better.
    “To the extent that the economy determines Presidential elections, I don’t think there’s much for Romney to worry about,” writes David Dayen at FireDogLake. “But telling a governor to downplay economic positives, that speaks to character, and could actually end up being more of a problem.”
    The Romney campaign is running on cynicism, basically saying that any improvement on the economy is bad for Romney. A truly presidential candidate wouldn’t view more jobs for out of work Americans as a bad thing, even if it hurt his political messaging a bit

    • eddie47d

      Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist fully endorsed Obama yesterday. Not everyone in the Republican Party or even Independents endorse Romney.

  • Ernest T.

    Anybody But Obama ! We know what he is, There is at least Hope for Change with Romney.

    • hillbilly bulldog

      “There is a way that seems right to a man…” And that way leads to destruction.

  • Sunny

    After 4 years of obama is it easy to understand the negative, sinister frame of mind, but we need to rise above that and come together for the common good of getting rid of him once and for all. No, Romney is not a savior. There is only one Savior, Jesus Christ. Romney is the door to getting us out from under socialism and progressive depression. It is up to us to pick the battles, stand against tyranny and start to bring the government and our moral decline back to where it should be. Please stop with the beating a dead horse. It is what it is and our focus should be in defeating obama.

  • angelwannabe

    Despite who gets elected, I suspect we will be here gripin’ about who’s elected long after the celebrations over. Unless the WHOLE system is overhauled Congress and all, its going to be business as usual. The corruption is too deep on ALL sides in DC, for one or two new “Figure Heads” policies to make a difference.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

    I would however like to thank the Democratic party for Obama, while his Marxist/Socialist
    policies/politics s*ck, his being elected at least, woke enough Americans up to the Facisim being forced down out throats,….. although it seems as per some comments here, a lot still seem to think Obama’s going to save us…..Like almost four years wasn’t enough__Oh wait…”Obama didn’t do that, its All Bushes fault”…..

    Policies such as Obamanomics, only serves the elites who use it, those who support it and the sheep who follow it, it ‘s no help to responsible freedom lovers who chose not to play they’re game or follow their path………and as was said many times before___ I liken Socialism to the Definition of Insanity, doing the same things over and over again and expectng a different result!__

  • Dorian Douglas

    I don’t believe the garbage I see on this site any more. Bob may have “facts” or he may not, but he is still fighting the primary battle; IT’S OVER!

    The language of most of the rest of the comments is disgusting at best.

    Very little “facts & logic”.

    Dorian Douglas

    • angelwannabe

      Sorry Dorian, I didn’t know the patriots here were responsible for finding “You” info & facts just so you can say they’re wrong, its on your head babe__just sayin…..

  • Ron

    Wow, and I thought our main goal was to get rid of Obama, silly me. here you are, condemning Romney before you see what he can or can’t do to help get us back to the great Country we once were. how about we give the guy a chance. better take a look at NAFTA too. we’ve given the rest of the world all of our industry and then wonder why we have no jobs.

    • eddie47d

      Romney would have fully endorsed NAFTA you can bet on that. Sending jobs overseas,closing down factories,and off shoring his money was one of his specialties.NAFTA made it much easier for Romney to get away with what he did with Bain and a few other companies.

  • diamond1957

    I’m surprised, since everything but the kictchen sink has entered this discussion, that we havn’t heard about wether we’ll be able to even trust this election’s results, and how people will react to it.

    • Ron

      if the Chicago mob in in it, you know it will be fixed.

    • Deborah

      Hopefully it will be a landslide for Romney. Then the liberals can whine, whine, whine all the way home.

  • Betty Crocker

    Anyone who can’t see BO’s true colors by now is way beyond help. Come on out from under your blanket of denial. You backed a loser. You were duped! The same is true of anyone who can liken him to Mitt Romney. I’m truely shocked!
    Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, whatever they call themselves, are the greatest of hypocrites. They live in very delicate glass houses, yet constantly throw stones. They are great at finger-pointing and name-calling and usually the names are more appropriately applied to themselves.
    Mitt may not be perfect, but he is the best hope we have of saving our country. It is my very fervent hope and prayer that we do not have to see the consequences of another four years of a fraudulent, anti-American, and very dangerous Barrack Obama. I absolutely believe my beloved country could not survive it.

    • Deborah

      God bless you Betty Crocker. :)

  • Ron

    I guess that when you actually listen to people that will be voting, it gives you some idea of the mentality out there. today on the news a guy that is in favor of legal pot, abortion and a lot of junk, said he voted for Obama and would do so again because he is the first person of color to be elected as President and that is very important. what ever happened to electing the person that can do the job?

    • eddie47d

      Ron: What bunk or is that “junk”

  • Linnee

    Bob Livingston is a plant from the left. I KNOW Mitt; he doesn’t, and he is repeating VILE and false rumors and rhetoric. Bob is SO full of DING his eyes are BROWN! What is this rubbish about Mitt being born in Mexico??? His ancestors MOVED to Mexico to escape percecution, but his parents were back in the U.S. long before he came along!

    Look, Bob, you MISBEGOTTEN WHELP, I lived in Canada for 40 years. Nice country…to a point; taxes in each province range from 7% (in Alberta) to 15% (in Ontario). Groceries are astronomical (ie. 5 lbs. of potatoes are almost $5.00—in an agricultural area in British Columbia; 4 liters (about 1gal.) of 2% milk is $5.00 in British Columbia. But Canada is Democratic/Socialist.

    Sure they have KIND OF “free” medical, depending on which province you live in, and what your household income is…WAIT! It ISN’T free; you pay for it with your EXHORBITANT TAXES!!! And the waiting list for surgery is NOT fast!

    SOOOO, if you write in Ron Paul and his REALLY unrealistic ideas, you vote for Obama! And then, you will kiss the American Dream goodbye. America will go FAR BEYOND being a Socialist country!!! He’s going to make Canada look like a purely Democratic country, and America is going to go the way of Russia, pre-Berlin Wall downfall!

    Think I’M crazy? My gut told me Barack Obama was akin to Mark Antony (Julius Caesar’s beloved friend-not J-low’s ex) and Adolph Hitler, just two weeks before the last election. I dismissed the notion as being rediculous; over the top! Well, now I see that wherever that notion came from, it was right on the money! Both were really great orators, but both had evil designs!

    I assume a good portion of you HAVE NOT seen “2016: Obama’s America”. SEE IT! No excuse! I live in a small town, and it is even showing HERE!!!

    Enough said!

    • eddie47d

      There is no connection between Obama and Hitler no matter how some of you try. Makes for great grandstanding but nothing else!

      • angelwannabe

        Sure there is plenty of evidence they share the same mindset eddie, you just refuse to see a dictator wannabe__such as Excuetive Orders to legislate, Bam Bam care shoved down our throats when over 60% of us didn’t want it and only wanted reform__NDAA the extended use of Bush’s Patriot act (actually, if Bam Bam thought it was wrong , he would have stopped it!)…I could go on ….

      • eddie47d

        As I said it makes for great grandstanding!

    • http://na Tammy

      I’d just like to know from all you people on here that say if “you write-in Ron Paul that is a vote for Obama” what if I vote for the Constitution Party candidate, is that a vote for Obama, too? I’m actually going to vote “for” someone not against someone.

      • Average Joe

        Well said. The problem is that most people don’t use logic or reason for thier basis of thought…only talking points… passed down from one generation to the next. I like to refer to it as “Generational Ignorance” …mom and dad told them these things…therefore, it must be true ( of course mom and dad said that there was a Santa Clause, Easter Bunny and a Tooth Fairy as well) Some folks are just plain gullible. ;)

        Best Wishes,

        • Deborah

          AverageJoe, you and Tammy are idiots. I am an Independent voter and I DO think for myself. I’m sure I’ve got a much higher educational degree than both of you put together. Also, I probably have more life experiences than both of you put together. No, I’m not rich and no, I’m not old. You both need to wake up and think about what is best for America. Shame on both of you for wasting your votes.

      • Average Joe

        Oh my, panties in a wadd? It’s nice that you have such a high opinon of your intellect…a view shared by….ummm… you. Many of us come here for information..not a load of fertilizer…we can get that from a local lawn and garden center.
        Having an educational degree doesn’t equate to having intelligence…as your uninformed rants show. I am glad that you know all about our backgrounds….have you bee consulting your crystal ball again, Tarot cards? Tea leaves maybe?…or just making assumptions? ( i Have $5 riding on the latter)
        Your opinion has been duly noted…the source considered….and duly filed away under “I” for Ignorance.

        BTW, I am a registered Land Surveyor by trade (Degree required). I owned my own company and retired at 52 after selling my business…before the market crash.

        The difference between science and the fuzzy subjects is that science requires reasoning while those other subjects merely require scholarship.
        Robert A. Heinlein

        Best wishes on a full recovery,

        • Deborah

          Very impressive! I am several years older than you and also hold a degree, which happens to be more scientific. Just what “fuzzy” ideas do I hold?

          I agree with you that an educational degree does not assure intelligence. Too many college grads have been indoctrinated by the left-wing, nutty college professors. Most of them have no smarts beyond textbook knowledge. God knows the nutty professors, who’s
          tenure is protected by the liberal, corrupt teacher’s union. are too cloistered in their isolated world of academia to be in touch with the real world.

          I think you and I probably have more in common than we realize. I just can’t understand why you would sacrifice the fate of our nation by wasting a vote on Ron Paul. If he had a chance of winning, I’d vote for him too. But he does not have a chance as a third party upset for the win. He will only sabotage the defeat of Obama.

      • Average Joe

        You say that you would vote for Ron Paul if he had a chance of winning. You do realize that nobody can win unless we vote for them.
        By allowing the “party” to dictate the nominee, we lose our hope in electing the “best” candidate for the job…because they wish to maintain “the status quo”.
        In order to make changes, we need to show our displeasure with thier “chosen” candidates by voting for the best candidate..rather than thier annointed ones.
        In this case, Ron Paul happens to be the best candidate, but the RNC/GOP have broken and changed thier own rules in order to disenfranchize Ron Paul and his supporters and the MSM has been complicit.
        What they have told us is…don’t rock the can’t win and if you start to win…we’ll change the rules to to make sure that you don’t win.
        A vote for Ron Paul is not only a vote for Ron Paul, it is a vote against the establishment cronies placed in front of us for consumption (both of them). Please take the time to look at what they are offering us as “choice”, it truly isn’t any better than what we now have. No matter which one wins, it will be more of the same….destuction of American and the futher loss of our freedom, liberty and sovereignty.
        Yes, Romney may slow down a bit, but only because we have figured out the direction that htey planned for the nation…NWO. We are fast becoming a police state and it will not change under either Romney or Obama.
        If enough people wake up and vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, they won’t be able continue destroying our nation….they will know that we have stopped buying the BS and have truly started to awakened to thier deceit. Every election since I was a child , I hear the same argument…we must vote for the lesser of the two evils…and every time the lesser turns out to be the same or worse than the previous.

        Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over, while expecting a different result. Isn’t it time to stop the insanity?

        I am voting for Ron Paul because I feel that he is the best candidate for America’s future and as a way to tell the two party’s: I am awake and I am no longer buying thier “product”.

        Please spend more time vetting our candidates…all of them and then vote your conscience…vote for something, rather than voting against something else. Everyone’s vote is precious and the only vote wasted…is the vote not cast.

        Best Wishes,

        • Deborah

          Okay A.J., I get your point. But this election is much too precarious and important to take a risk for change at this point. It is sad to learn that you will be voting for Ron Paul because it WILL be a vote for Obama. I sure wish you would reconsider.

          My main reservation about voting for Ron Paul is that he wants America to insulate itself from the world and stop giving aid to other countries, etcetera. We simply cannot do this. It would be a terrible mistake. If you read the book, The Post-American World (Release 2.0) by Fareed Zakaria, he makes some very profound points which we must heed if we want to maintain our power and status in the world.

          As the other nations, who are adopting the capitalist model, continue to rise, America will plateau. It is important to remain involved and continue to monitor these countries as they grow. These countries may attempt to manipulate us but they do expect us to keep them in check and guide them toward success.

          These growing countries still look to America as a powerful and influential force. They want us to be the guiding force in the world and keep the peace. They still consider us a superpower who will work with them to foster business growth and success.

          This is why I believe Romney/Ryan is the best ticket at this point in time. We must maintain our fiscal integrity and respect in the world. Obama does not believe this philosophy. He wants to put us on an even playing field with the rest of the world. Thereby reducing our power. We cannot let this happen.

          By the way, A.J., Mr. Fareed Zakaria is the CNN personality you are probably familiar with. I expected to take his words with a grain of salt because he is a liberal. However, he holds a much more conservative ideology than I expected. I think the republicans would do well to evolve into this ideology. This is our future.

      • Average Joe

        Deborah ,

        Please watch this video and tell me that you still think Romney has the nation’s best interest at heart. This is apalling on so many levels and Romney feins ignorance of the fact.

        Best Wishes,

        • Deborah

          A.J. – I watched this video and several others on the You Tube site. I am assuming this interview concerning the delegates took place today? I must reserve my comments for a later time. I would like to do a bit of research first. I also need to do more research on Ron Paul. I know very little about him other than what I’ve seen during his speeches and debates. He always seemed too radical to me. I never really liked his isolationist ideology.
          Thanks for spurring my curiosity.

          Unfortunately, even if I determined that Ron Paul would be the better candidate, I don’t think this is the time to risk a change. There is just too much at stake to take such a risk. As I said in my previous postings, I think it best to get Obama out and then work on pushing for change within the republican party. Sorry to disappoint you.

      • Average Joe

        From thier own mouths…..

      • Average Joe

        Actually the interview was done on Saturday, I am a subscriber to Ben Swann’s channel and it was delivered to my inbox shortly before I posted it. I guess that all have been doing is trying to get people to understand and actually listen to what he has been saying for the last 30 years. I am glad that I have peaked your interest…that is all that I ask. Listen to the man and not to what the MSM says about his views.

        I have two more vids that I would like to post for you to watch the first is short :The Plan
        concerning his economic plan ( the only candidate in the race with a real plan).
        The second vid is long : Ron Paul, the movie. I will post it below so that I can avoid the moderation time ( more than one link per posts must be moderated for spam before it gets posted).
        Again, thank you for being open minded…that is all that I can ask. Hopefully you will have a new perspective about DR. Paul and understand why his supporters are so ferverent about him…it is his message that inspires us.

        Best wishes,

      • Average Joe

        Ron Paul: the movie,

        Please watch and share.

        Best Wishes,

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Linnee,

      You write: “Bob Livingston is a plant from the left.” I have 42+ years of published writings that refute this nonsense.

      You write: “What is this rubbish about Mitt being born in Mexico???” You tell me. You brought it up.

      You write: “Look, Bob, you MISBEGOTTEN WHELP, I lived in Canada for 40 years.” Ad hominem. Unproductive.

      You write: “My gut told me Barack Obama was akin to Mark Antony (Julius Caesar’s beloved friend-not J-low’s ex) and Adolph Hitler, just two weeks before the last election.” You are very slow on the uptake.

      You have failed to address ANY of the facts contained within column.

      Best wishes,

  • H.Surman

    Well, I see you at least used a question mark, as though you may be unsure. (Is Mitt fit?). Obama’s headline might be something like OBAMA UNFIT! (exclamation point). As though one knows for a fact.

  • Wayne

    While Romney would not be in my top 100 of candidates at least he is not a terrorist like Obama. This country cannot survive another four years under the Manchurian Candidate.

    • eddie47d

      Yes Obama has got to be a terrorist for having Bin Laden killed of coarse if a Republican would have been in charge of that operation then he would have been blessed with being called a great patriot.

      • Patriot1776

        eddie, yes, the one thing that obama can be thanked for is having the courage and fortitude to send a team of true American patriots in to eliminate bin laden. That doesn’t qualify him for another 4 years of his anti-America, anti-capitalism, anti-Constitution beliefs, driving division in America based on class, race, and gender.

  • Ron

    I believe you are correct. this author is a loon

  • beardedfreeman

    All anyone needs to know now is ‘right now’ lawlessness. RNC power collusion has come against the courts and the representatives of a significant number of delegates which has BROKEN LAWS. We have a government in place that has BROKEN LAWS. We have one – a Constitutionalist Pro-life, Pro-person candidate ready to take charge in Ron Paul who is over 30 years now UPHELD LAWS which uphold Americans’ life, liberty and property. On this alone, how can anyone with a faith, a sense of duty and a sense of honor support lawlessness?

  • KFB

    Our country hired a new CEO, Obama, at the last election.

    His “challenge” was to shape up the situation which, at the time, was in need of a lot of repair.

    In more than three years with a new CEO, Obama, in charge, and on the job, the condition of the country has not improved. In fact, the condition has deteriorated to a point of serious peril……. both internally and internationally.

    In my opinion, to keep a CEO, with a constant (overall) record of not performing as he was expected to perform, is poor business judgment and an unacceptable choice.

    I believe that, to keep such a person in the CEO position, is to guarantee further, and possibly ultimate and unreconcileable, disaster.

    And….. No “Board of Directors” in a business (and, the United States is the largest “business” in the world) would ever accept a motion to continue on such a course.

    Therefore, I believe that our country (our ultimate business) needs “Change”.

    And, I believe that we are unable to influence the current CEO to change his direction.

    Therefore, I vote that we must change the CEO.

    I have little influence on the choice of alternate candidates for the job, and I must settle for the candidate(s) selected by others.

    I hope that there will only be one pair, and I hope that they will be Patriots with a sense of Duty, Honor, Country.

    In any event, I will vote. And I will vote for “Change”.

    • San

      well said

  • MNIce

    “If Romney had fully retired from the private equity firm he founded, why would he be the only Bain executive named as the person in control of this large amount of Stericycle stock?”

    It is not necessary to be an executive of a company in order to have share voting and dispositive power over a stock holding. One only needs the proxy designation (for voting) and limited power of attorney designation (for disposition) from the shares’ owners.

    One likely reason for making such an arrangement would be that Stericycle’s directors’ personal trust in Romney exceeded their trust and confidence in the still-active owners of Bain.

    If I own shares in company XYZ, I can give my voting rights (proxy) to any other person who also owns shares in the same company. I don’t have to give that power to the directors or to an executive of the company.

    • eddie47d

      Bain Capital made several unscrupulous deals over the years and some good ones too. Romney’s tenure at Bain is an important one to understand and how it will effect America and our economy. In 1991 Bain was so greedy they actually attempted a leveraged buyout against itself. Mr Bain and 7 co-founders borrowed $200 million on behalf of the company but almost all that money went into their own pockets. Quite a haul for each of them in cashing out the companies equity so is that how you want business to be run in America? Obviously the company couldn’t meet its loan obligation and almost went bankrupt. So here you have a company cannibalizing itself no different than Enron and bragging about the money they made. Romney to his credit said it was a poor decision and demand his co workers (CEOs) give the money back and he be given Mr Bain’s job. This act worked and Bain Capital was saved and Romney became the guy in charge. Why did any of them think they could keep taking money out of thin air without red flags going up. Romney may have saved the day but was also part of the original “scam”. Some say Obama delt with Chicago “mobsters” but what about the “mobsters who worked at Bain who prided themselves on shady deals.

  • diamond1957

    If Mitt can’t get the job done in 4, then we’ll find another thats more conservative that can and wil getter donel, no more flipping back to socialists

    • The Christian American

      Why do we have to wait another four years when we’ve got Ron Paul now?

      • San

        Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance this time. Our only hope to get rid of Obama is to vote united for Romney. It is the only chance. Our country will be destroyed by Obama if given another 4 years.
        See the movie 2016 if you disagree.

      • Ron Jobst

        Ron has had the opportunity to demonstrate his leadership abilities and has not gotten the job done.
        There must be a stronger but like minded conservative potential candidate but I don’t see it happening in 2012
        We all must rally to Romney for now.

  • The Christian American

    Wel do I know what a disaster Obama has been but people thought Bush would be a good president and look what he did to America. To be honest, Romney scares me in different ways than Obama does just as much. Romney was rejected hands down to McCain. Have his attributes gotten better or counldn’t our country concieve of a real American named Ron Paul? Romney so much as gave America’s foreign policy to the Zionist with his committments to them. As we speak there are nine men determining the fate of the world, four against bombing Iran, four for bombing Iran and one decided. There’s no doubt this will lead to WW111 and this time it will reach America’s shores. The undecided is under the influence of the chief Rabbi in Israel and he is radical bar none. He teachs the Zionist will never die. In the next life the rest of humanity will be their “burros”, beast of burden. For those that are familiar with the bible he refres to the book of Esther. Haman was seeking to destroy al the Israelites but was not only stopped but hung on the gallows he built for the chief Israeli’s. Haman is refered to as a Persian or Iranian.The Sha’s are taking over Israel their followers of Theodor Herz’l, the father of the Zionist movement.

    We’re looking at our pocket books and ignoring what’s going on in the rest of the world. America is meddling with the rest of the world and the rest of the world is looking at Ameica with a very jaundiced eye.

    • James

      Bush bowed to the Democrats in Congress in order to get budgets passed. Should he have yielded to the pressure? Obviously not, but hindsight is 20/20. I doubt he imagined it would lead to the financial disaster were dealing with.

      Remember both the House and the Senate were in Democrats hands during the last two years of G.W. Bush’s presidency, and the Senate was held for the first two. Congress, not the President creates the budget. The President PROPOSES a budget, but rarely, if ever does the President get what he wants. G.W. Bush had a friendly Congess in his 3rd-6th years by a slim margin. The Democrats were also cheerfully using the “gentelman’s filibuster” to great affect.

      The filibuster is supposed to allow unlimited discussion in the Senate to prevent more populous States from turning the least populous into whipping boys by giving them unlimited time to plead their case. The problem is you don’t actually have to talk about the issue anymore, you just stand and say “I intend to filibuster this…” and off the proposal goes into a permanent holding pattern that can only be broken by a super majority, which the Republican’s did not have.

      The only President to be able to get what he wanted while facing a hostile Congress in modern history was Ronald Reagan. He took 44 States to President Carter’s 6, winnning by such a landslide the Democrats from the States he took were too afraid ( or too interested in getting re-elected) to oppose him.

      This whole mess is another case of the media never really reporting the facts. Even if you remember the checks and balances from your School Days, when all the talking heads keep repeating “this is the Presidents fault”, when its not, or “it’s the Republican’s in the House that are at fault”, when its not, it’s hard to keep who is responsible for what straight.

      • Mary

        It is not a toss up of who is right, it is obvious the President cannot accomplish anything without the approval of Congress, at least most things. That is the system of government we have and we all read about it in American History class. If you did not like the last 4 yrs, look to the Republican Congress who did nothing for YOU. Funny how many wil vote for them and a Repub President to have more of the same.

  • exbuckeye

    We dont need another 4 years of the muslim POTUS. Regardless what Romney is or isnt:
    at least mormons have never flown planes into buildings or bombed churches, schools,
    or other buildings. Never blown up kids in busses or shoppers at malls. They have never
    bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia. They have never waged any jihads against Israel or
    any other nation or people. Mormons havent taken over Europe nor threatened death to
    any cartoonists.
    While the big o hasnt directly done any of these things he IS a friend and compatriot of
    those who HAVE (and who will do these things again – and again – when they have the

    • San

      Well said. Hopefully, the demjocrats on seeing the Democratic Convention touting Islam will see that their party has been taken over by extremists. Our country was founded on religous freedom and for the democrats to push one religion and the most radical, extreme religion that declares they must kill all others is too extreme for the US. And should not be part of either party’s convention.
      Wake up.
      If Obama were running on any other ticket: Socialist, Communist, etc. he would never have been elected. But the democrats took him in and his extreme views are now part of the democratic party and taking it over.
      They will continue until they take over the world, and this is our last election to stop it.

  • James

    If you’ve ever heard an investment pitch I’m sure you’ll recognize the disclaimer “Past performance does not guarantee furture results”. Four years ago the Republican Party picked a candidate from a very conservative state who pushed alot of liberal policies and bypassed Romney who came from a very liberal state yet still managed to get a few conservitive things done as Governor. While one can not definatively state Mitt would be more conservative in the White House based on past performance IN CONTEXT his performance suggests he would.

    I know alot of Republicans (myself included) just couldn’t get excited about last cycle’s RINO nominee. This time I am excited because I belive Romney will be more conservative since he won’t be facing a Congress totally dominated by Democrats. At worst we will end up with a split Congress, but hopefully with a much narrower margin in the Senate.

    Would Mitt have lost to Obama last cycle? Sure he would have. Obama had no track record to look at, and is far more personable on TV.

    Unfortunately I do see alot to indicate a house divided in the Republican Party which could spell another 4 years for President Obama. Is Mitt Romney the best conservative out there, who knows? All the information available has been so editorialized we can’t take any of it as fact.

    The only way to fix the long term problem is strip anyone or any organization of their Press protections when they are caught “fudging” facts and penalize the heck out of them. Make them clearly label each and every Editorial piece as such with a clear and factual statement of the author’s social/political leanings. If they get information from a “Confidential Source” they need to say “There are no facts to back this up, but the roumor from x number of sources is…” before the piece and end with “…again all of this is unsubstantiated roumor from x number of sources.”

    Although this would be difficult to implement and obviously has the potential for abuse the Press is not policing it’s own, so someone must. The current standard of “absent malice” is so difficult for anyone to prove that the Press doesn’t even bother to get a second source because they all want to sell ad space and being first to air something is what gets readership/viewer numbers up. Forget being right, just be first.

    How can We, The People, make good choices when we can’t get any information we can trust?

    That being said, for this election cycle at least there is only one conclusion you can logically reach. If we split the vote we might as well all vote for Obama.

  • CB

    Judging from the commemts on this post, there are a lot of distracted voters out there.
    Distracted by their own expectations of perfection. As well as, the gotta have it my way, memtality. Politics has always offerred us the choice of the lesser of two evils. Do, the best that you can, with what you have, and do it with the best of your ability. This is not a sports game, don’t bother painting your face in your teams colors. The colors, for all of us should be red, white and blue. So, open up your minds and consider all the military men who have died on the battlefield and all those who came home with missing limbs. We owe it to them as well as to the next generation and we owe it to ourselves to at least try to keep this great Country…Great.. The current administration has failed to job. We need to hire someone else and in this case, the only someone else we can hire is Mitt Romney. That’s the reality. God bless America!

    • San

      I agree.
      I am shocked at the posts that are supporting Obama by voting for a write in that has no hope of ousting Obama. That needs to be our goal, before Obama destroys our country.
      See 2016 if you think there is no difference between Obama and Romney.

      • eddie47d

        You already said that and if you take a look at how Romney has operated over the last 3 decades its easy to see how those crony capitalist policies destroyed us financially. He worked hand in hand with those special deals on Wall Street where he and they made millions while the Middle Class kept sinking. We don’t need Romney in control if there will be more of the same. Those unfair practices of the past are still being done and the Banksters are leading the charge. Romney has been at this for a long time and in 1992 Bain took over American Pad and Paper company for only $5 million. Fired all the workers and hired them back at half the wages plus for them to pay most of there own health benefits. The workers got angry at being shafted so the company (now Ampad) with Bains help shut it all down and reaped a $100 million profit. There is no honor among thieves and they did a fine job of savaging those workers and made a killing doing it. Welcome to the Orwellian world of the Elites!

  • Randy131

    What a bunch of ‘SOUR GRAPES’ and BS, just how low can you go? “But do the rank and file really know who Romney is? And better yet, are they willing to hear the truth and reject Romney while there is still time to replace him with a real conservative who can defeat Obama and change the direction of the country?” Who cares what the elitist you claim are behind this want, the huge majority of Republicans voted for Mitt Romney, but forget that, do what ever it is you can to cheat and finagle your man into the nomination. Your tactics are even worse than Obama’s, and will help get Obama re-elected, but if your man Ron Paul can’t get the nomination, because we all know he wouldn’t do any better against Obama than he did against Romney, cheat and finagle your man in the back door, against the will of the Republican voters. Talk about those who won’t accept democracy, and think they know better than everyone else, who spoke through their votes, what makes you any better than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, that just because you’re in the Republican Party, but use their methods to get what you want, not what the majority voted for? ‘YOU ARE the ELITIST’, by not accepting what the majority voted for, but knowing better than the majority, are going to force your man on us all. What a ‘HYPOCRITE’ you are, and can’t even see it! We don’t care who the best conservative is, the majority has spoken, I know it is hard for you Elitist to accept the majority’s choice, but grow-up and let the people have what they voted for, no matter what you may think. That’s the difference between you and I, I wanted Gingrich to win very badly, and hated how Romney smeared him, but Romney won, and I’ve accepted what the majority wanted, just as I would have expected everyone to accept Gingrich if he had won, you should learn to do the same, for you are doing nothing but aiding Obama, and if he wins re-election, you’ll be partly to blame. The Republican choice is over, grow-up and accept it, no matter how much better you know than the rest of us.

  • http://speedle speedle

    “Romney is a classic crony capitalist, i.e., a fascist,” says Bob Livingston.

    And you sir, are a delusional miscreant anarchist if you truly believe that. Frankly, I wonder sometimes if in fact you are not a sort of “Manchurian” political blogger planted by the Left as a Libertarian as a tool for creating disunity within the conservative/libertarian voting bloc. Every single vote you prevent from going to Mitt Romney is a vote for Barrack Obama. No one in their right mind wants that to happen.

    • San

      agree. A write in vote is a vote for Obama.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear speedle,

      You write: “nd you sir, are a delusional miscreant anarchist if you truly believe that. Frankly, I wonder sometimes if in fact you are not a sort of “Manchurian” political blogger planted by the Left as a Libertarian as a tool for creating disunity within the conservative/libertarian voting bloc.” Ad hominems and fallacies but no refutations? I expect better from you.

      Best wishes,

  • Lawrence

    I fear America will get the government we deserve. The GOP has shut out all true conservatives from their convention and stolen Ron Paul’s delegates to keep him silenced.

    • http://speedle speedle

      No, America will get the government YOU deserve if Romney loses. Personally, I am doing all I can to vote in the government America deserves, and that is one that does not have Obama as its leader.

  • Esther Mae Egan

    I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. I take 2Chronicles 7:14, and Hosea 8:4 seriously, that until God’s children will humble themselves confess their sins before an almighty God we will have trouble. But, if we confess our sins He will heal our land. These two verses will only be understood by Christians. Another verses “thou shalt have no other gods before Me” plays into this mess. We as Christians have allowed money to be out god. leaving God out of our lives. As a result we have killed babies so we can pursue or hobby, car, house, vacation or whatever. We have neglected God and now we have men in office God does not know. God wants the best for us, and He wants men and women that He knows or know Him. Obama does not know Jesus, not does Romney. They might know God, but what god. It is Jesus. Twenty years ago, or so, I decided to vote for the best not the lesser of. We have good candidates, but they are on the Independent or Constitution Party. Have any of you looked at Goode? Until revival comes into our lives God is going to give us exactly what we need until we do fall on our knees confessing our sins and asking God to forgive us. Nothing has changed in the last 2-4 thousand years Back then they wanted the good looking man and we still do We do not seem to care about their character, integrity, morals, or walk with the Lord. We are just sheep needing a shepherd, we are stupid sheep. Listen to Pastor Manning and his guest as they talk about Romney and Obama as they come up with important observation. We vote for the lesser of two evils because of fear. We are fearful of thinking outside the box. We are fearful of loosing Republican and Democrat status. But, at one time neither existed, so now is the time to start up another party and in time it will also become as the two we already have, but just maybe we might have a few years of peace in the process. Think of our children and grandchildren.

    • CB

      I too believe in the Bible. But, you have pontificated yourself into doing nothing, If you can not see the reality of our choices, then YOU are part of the problem
      You talk away, and accomplish nothing but creating dissent. You cannot create a third party by doing nothing. That too is a reality. At any rate, there is no time to create a third party. Make the best of the situation now. Please do not re-elect Obama, because Romney is not your ideal choice.

      • Average Joe

        You write:

        “If you can not see the reality of our choices, then YOU are part of the problem”

        If you are simply voting for “the lesser of two evils”, then you are part of the problem as well.

        Getting to Hell five minutes later…. does not change the destination.
        Vote your conscience, vote your convictions, vote for someone that holds your ideals….but never vote for “the lesser of two evils”. Evil is evil…period and both will lead you down the path.

        Best Wishes,

    • http://none Charlie

      Esther Mae,,, you did not tell us to accomplish Acts 2:38 to become a real Christian PER The
      Book… But during the mean time , you can …
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

  • William Penrose

    I cannot believe the responses to this goofy article. We have a man running our country that has no interest in our Constitution and will go around our House of Reps as though they are not a part of the Government. He is wothless as a leader and I would vote for a Squirel before I would vote for him. I hope that we will get a third party someday and then the voters MIGHT get some power back.
    But the worst thing is see here is the responses to an article of half truths. I think anymore in our country if you were asked what is your favorite Popsicle flavor it would soon turn into a racist rant. If wedon’t learn to overcome this minor problem I think we are doomed.

    • http://none Charlie

      William,,, Did King Jesus make a racist statement at Matthew 15:24 ???

  • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

    Such petty bickering. What I see on this site is a large number of writers (not all, of course) who just like to see their biases and irrelevancies in print.
    The truth is that we as a country and society are in a critical situation. There is a topic out there that is forbidden to discuss — outside the parameters of acceptable discussion by anybody who has control over any discourse that may get publicised.
    This issue of course is the massive world military buildup. The amounts spent in the name of security are the crimes of both centuries 20th and 21st. We have eleven aircraft carrier groups. Second place China has one. We have more nuclear weapons than every other country combined, while we poke Iran in the eye about their nukes, we allowed mortal enemies Pakistan and India to rattle their nuclear sabres at each other. Now Iran reduces the flow of petroleum. How nice for the oil companies. How together in bed they all seem to be.

    Are these trillions of dollars spent making us more secure? The two trillion the military took from social security would solve the Soc. Sec. problem for many years to come.
    A 50% reduction in pentagon spending could redirect funds for everyone to have health care, housing, jobs, infrastructure, and a chance for a fulfilling life (pursuit of happiness).
    There would be plenty of funding to make ours a first class country in education instead of third world. But ignorance benefits ‘those who have’ while the rest of us can become or remain Squidbillies.

    I’m not a big believer in Ron Paul, but he absolutely shines a bright light on the two-party system, so-called.

    We as a country will be extremely secure if we declare peace, limit election season to six weeks and prohibit all paid media election advertisement.

    All enlightened societies have single payer health service of a much higher caliber than is evident in the USA. We are turning into a money grubbing cynical country with the most politically ignorant populace since cavemen rode dinosaurs to Sunday services.

    • yankee doodle dandy

      Right on, The comments on this article have been an expression of extreme bias on the part of most responders, the facts de damned! The econmy remains the top issue in this race and demands that we become informed as to how we got here. In 2000, the republican congress passed and Bill Clinton singed a bank deregulation bill. We all know how that turned out! Bill is probably having second thoughts about having signed that bill. In the first six months of the Bush administration the stock market lost 8 trillion dollars in total value. My 401 lost 40% of its vaule in those six months. In the two years between June of 2005 and June of 2007, the housing market lost 9.3 trillion dollars in the total value of homes in The USA. These two events took so much money out of the economy that the economic down turn was unavoidable. There was no buying cars or any thing else using the equity in you home. Now the wealthy are trying to get the electorate to buy that snake oil remedy from the eighties all over again; “Trickle Down Economics”. (Geoge W Bush often refered to Trickle Down Economic as “Vodo Economic”) It didn’t work then and will not not now. Giving tax breaks to the rich and the rich will do just what Mitt did, they will sent it over seas. In the past four years the republicans have done every thing in their power to make sure the Obama Presidency was a failure. The econmy will only inprove from the bottom up. No company is going to hire more worker unless they have customers to buy their products; no matter how many tax breaks they get or how many regulations are eliminated. . And right now there aren’t that many shoppers buying. The economy will only improve very slowly no matter who gets elected president, period!
      If Mitt gets in, you can be sure that he will look after his well connected friends, and the rest of us be damned. We can pick up scraps around the table of the well to do. Please give careful though to your vote before you pull the lever.

      • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

        It was George H. W. Bush that spoke of Voodoo economics. Republicans and conservatives on both sides of the aisle should have paid attention to that truth. Instead they elected the “Acting President.” All the worse for the USA ever since.

    • James

      Your Carrier Data is incorrect.

      The list below shows the total number afloat and under construction for all nations.
      The US Carriers under construction will replace the oldest afloat so the net number will remain at 11.

      While the number may seem high remember the numbers at peak were much higher. Japan once had 20, and while Germany relied much more on U-Boats they did have 5 Carriers of their own under construction. We needed ships in both the Pacific and Atlantic just to defend ourselves and support our allies. We have since decommisioned 55 aircraft carriers and canceled construction on 12 others as part of our draw down over the years.

      Much more recently we needed to defend ourselves and our allies against the USSR, which had 7 Carriers at one time while constructing 2 more. The USSR, like Germany relied much more on its fleet of submarines.

      On the other side of the coin our allies have cut back much further. The Netherlands, Austrailia and Canada, all allies of ours, once had Carriers (7 total) and now have none. The UK has decommisioned 40 and canceled 12. The loss of those allied carriers has put more pressure on us to maintain our numbers.

      As you can see China is not #2 and 11 carriers is not a build up, rather it is a draw down.

      Aircraft Carriers by Country

      US 11
      UK 3
      India 3
      Italy 2
      Spain 2
      France 1
      Russia 1
      Brazil 1
      Thialand 1
      China 1

      On the Nuclear front you are again mistaken because you are looking out of context. We had parity with the USSR, helped Russia decommision most of it’s nuclear arms and vastly reduced the number of our own.

      I wonder how you think we could stop Pakistan or India (and it was the father of the Indian program that gave Pakistan the technology btw) from “ratteling their sabers” as you put it if we had a SMALLER amount of nuclear missles or fewer Carrier groups? That’s more than a bit self contradictory.

      I also don’t understand what you advocate in Iran. Should we allow them to have nuclear missles, should we say “Hey I know you hate us but come on join the club!”?

      The “military” as you put it also took nothing. Your elected members of Congress are at fault for any and all fiscal misdeeds. Please remember, the President proposes a budget, but all spend bills must by law start in The House of Representatives. It’s Congresses budget, since the Presidents rarely if ever gets even close to what he wants.

      Now on to one of my favorite topics, gasoline prices. You could save ~60% on gas tommorow if you cut out all the taxes, depending upon your current location in the US. At $3.00per gallon in FL (since I know the rough numbers off-hand) $2.00 goes to all the taxe, which include Federal, State, Hazerdous Materials Storage, Pump License Fees etc. ~$0.17 is the gas stations profit (depends on the supplier), ~$0.40 is the cost of the product, leaving the oil company ~$0.43 per gallon. So the total profit in $3.00 of gas is $0.60.

      So why do the oil companies make so much profit? They sell a whole lot of gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene for camping, diesel, lubricating oils etc. Think about it we use around 7 billion barrels at 42 gallons a barrel that 294 billion gallons. You don’t have to make a ton of money per gallon when your moving that kind of volume. The biggest reason for their profits is oil companies a missing a big expense most companies have and it contributes to the fluctuation of gas prices. They are not reinvesting much of the money back into their facilities. Why not?

      Simple, they are not building any new refineries or expanding any of the old ones because the don’t belive they can make a profit. Due to the cost of meeting all the new EPA guidelines and the cost of the inevitible lawsuits by environmental groups (who won’t be happy no matter where you put it) they would have to increase prices in order to make a profit and people already think fuel costs too much.

      Another reason is they are all waiting to see what alternate fuel tech is going to work. If the Oil (energy)Company has the cash on hand when someone figures out how to make cold fusion, hydrogen power, or solar cars safe, functioning as well as gasoline powered cars, at the same price or less they can buy the patent and license it out. After all once someone figures out how to make it work without paying $3.00 a gallon for fuel the oil companies will disappear like the big horse and buggie companies did when the gas powered automobile first arrived.

      Your comment about single pay healthcare is so off I don’t know where to begin. The single payer systems are backrupting Europe, despite the fact you may be refused service or have it scheduled 6 months out. Canada’s system is also not a 100% system if you want to point north. Many provinces you need to get a supplement and they do not cover all your medications despite what those internet ads say.

      WARNING: The FDA cannot and does not regulate those medications.

      The FDA did order from the internet and publish a report for public safety. The FDA found most of the drugs sold on the internet as “Canadian Pharmacy” are actually from China. Most were not the correct strength, were out of date, or were not the right medication. CANADIAN PHARMACIES do NOT sell to people outside of Canada via the internet, it is ILLEGAL for them to do so.

      Those not coming from China are mostly from African regions the United States or United Nations has sent medical supplies to as humanitarian aid. Those drugs may be the correct medication requested and the correct strength, however your buying them from someone who stole them from the people we gave them to. If “thou shalt not steal”, bad karma, receiving stolen propery means nothing to you, go ahead roll the dice.

      Not a bad idea on elections, although you need to look at my earlier entry about the media. Until we get them to report the truth instead of editorializing their opinion it will be difficult for the average citizen to get any real information.

  • http://optimun dee


  • TXpatriot

    speedle is so right, ” Every single vote you prevent from going to Mitt Romney is a vote for Barrack Obama. No one in their right mind wants that to happen.

    You Ron Paulers or Libertarians are good for getting the Democrats elected. This is a year to be united for once.

    • San

      I agree.
      this is too important an election to have a third option handing the country over to Obama and his destiny.

  • Theresa Kelly

    This is so true! God help us if either Romney or Obama win! It will be a disaster for our country!

    • San

      either obama or Romney will win. Our country is at the tipping point and if Obama wins, it will tip all the way and be uncoverable from the damage of aother 4 years of Obama’s policies.

      • nc


        What part of that speech constitutes “RAILING AGAINST FANNIE AND FREDDIE””??/ That came later after his economy was dying and the Repugnuts needed a scape goat!

        This video of HIS speech was made almost 2 YEARS into his first term!Remember also that bush said there was no reason that low income folks SHOULD not own their own homes! He came into office pushing that agenda and that was why he THANKED Fannie and Freddie for their help with HIS agenda! Also in 2004 he asked for and signed into law a bill that allowed TAX PAYER money to be used to make the DOWN PAYMENT FOR low income purchasers! Same man pushing the same agnda!! FAUX NOISE never told you that did they????????????//

        Obama says he is a Christian and he presided over the death of the most hated Muslim and you can’t disprove either of these facts!


    • James

      Bush had that shoved down his throat. The Democrats in Congress were holding up the budget and demanded huge cuts in military spending unless he gave in. So he had a choice, let it pass and act like a sore loser or let it pass and get some milage out of it.

      Politics, if your forced to swallow a bitter pill you might as well smile and get some votes out of it..

      • nc

        jJAMES, if you’re saying that bush had the American Dream DOWNPAYMENT Act shoved down his throat and had to sign it you need to go read his remarks when he went over to Housing to sign it! Something to the effect that even low income people had a right to own a home and one of the problems was the DOWNPAYMENT and his administration recognized that and sought this bill (introduced by Republicans)and it WAS HIS HONOR TO SIGN IT INTO LAW to use taxpayer money to make that down payment! TOO MUCH FAUX NOISE KOOLAID , JAMES????? THEY WON’T SHOW YOU THAT VIDEO BUT IT’S THERE IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO LOOK IT UP!

  • eddie47d

    Now Mr Livingston who is “dumber than a sack of hammers”?

  • Douglas Ledet

    Everyone, including you, has a opinion about the current president and next president.
    Everyone, including you, has a rear end.
    In your case, the produce of both is the same.

    • eddie47d

      My comment was in reference in what Ron called the author. (Ron’s comment was apparently deleted).

  • Theresa Kelly

    This story hits the nail on the head and the real point to drive home is this. In this election it’s not a choice between the lesser of two evils. One candidate is just as wicked as the other!
    I personally think we true conservatives ought to boycott the election until we are given a candidate with a true conservative voting record!
    Until then, my motto will be the same as the pro-life movement, IF YOU FEAR OBAMA YOU WILLL VOTE FOR ROMNEY, IF YOU FEAR GOD, YOU WON’T!

    • James

      Which gets Obama elected, unless I missed how you were going to change the election process in there somewhere?

    • MikeR

      Theresa, you call yourself a ‘true conservative’, but you don’t have enough sense to recognize the difference between a communist and a capitalist. Capitalism has provided the entire globe with cures for diseases and technological advances. ‘Poor’ people in the U.S., as a result of capitalism, live better than middle-class people in most countries. One more Obama term will bring down the standard of living in the U.S., and we will be more like France or Greece. Your ‘motto’ is stupid.

  • Gea

    While prophecies of the future are difficult, my hunch is that BO will LOSE in a landslide, and take the Democrats with him, so we willl have totally Republican configuration of EVERYTHING, which may not be good for our principle of checks and balances.

    While there is not doubt that BO is not fit for America, we must ensure that Mittl and Ryan are beter and watch their Republican brothers as howks. Only by checks and balances can we ensure half-way honesty which is sorely lacking among politicians. We need to re-introduce TRUE FREEE markets of dieas and projects away from corporate communism which tramples over small business and takes jobs to cheap labor markets to increase their profits and large top dog salaries.

    • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

      You need to get away from your TV set, Fox, and Rush L. Do some reading in an eclectic manner. I can tell that you never, ever read because to your total inability to spell, use grammar, and employ reason.
      You vote for Romney if you have a million in mad money in your checking account. Anybody who hasn’t a million dollars to waste has absolutely no business voting Republican.
      Sadly we have a so-called two party system, or one party with two right wings that wants to ruin our country by militarily dominating the planet.
      Hold your noe and Vote for the Conservative (Obama) instead of the Vampire (Romney).

      • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

        This site needs an editing system, by the way…

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So according to you O is a conservative. Only if he is a Devil’s Advocate.

    • James

      I agree about being able to edit after posting. How you can think Obama is anything other than a socialist is beyond me.

  • Gea

    Only Allah and Mohamed are perfect according to BO Muslim Brothers who had also invented science, although the Nobel prizes for some reason go to the Jews ;-)!

    BO Nobel for Peace was just as valid as giving Arafat and Kissinger Nobel Prize for Peace, with BO killing list.While nobody regrets passing of Osma bin ladin, BO policies of appeasment and white washing of islamkist ideology only craetes more islamic terrorists. BO is as unamerican as they come…time for him to go. With the Muslim extravaganza at the DNC, he will also take the entire Democratic party which was foolish enought o support his bad politices, the way Republican party was taken down after 8 years of failed Busdh politicies.

    Bush sold out to Saudis for oilo (holding hands with their king) while Barak Hussein Obama is a true believer in Allah and his “perfect world”, while pretending to defend the Jews and Israel, who had craeted a vibrant counttry with protecting human rights of all. Culture DOES matter, as Mitt Romney alreadeyt said. OUT with pollitical correctness and lets make American great again!

  • http://MSN mike

    While most of your stuff is good, you are a horse’s as* if you think I won’t vote for Romney. When given 1 true alternative I’ll take Romney over Obama 1000 times over. This country will be finished if that clown gets in again. More taxes on an already beaten down economy? Please! And you think Romney is the same? Please abstain from the crack pipe prior to writing. My goodness!

  • Sea Jay

    We have a third choice , Gary Jonhnson , give him 4 years he certainly will be far better than Hussien Obama or Willard Romney…………..this election is most important vote you could ever cast, lesser or 2 evils??? How about better of 2 liars!!! Gary Johnson has radical ideas to get the economy going and in it lies our strength , if we are banana republic nobody will take us serious and we are 10 months away from a reality nobody could ever imagine!!

    • Hurt Burt

      The very best thing is to just stay home and screw the Israeli appointed candidates. If you ain’t mad you ain’t paying attention! As far as I’m concerned, Ron Paul was given his warning to butt-out or die. There is no more voting system that is fair so, I refuse to participate in this Saddam Hussein style election. I used to vote for non-incumbents
      and conservatives but the likes of Clinton and Bush woke me up to corruption by lobbyists inspired by the non-muslim middle eastern influences. All you lefties and righties are amusing the real forces in charge and it ain’t you!

      • Fred

        Staying at home seems right at least regarding the presidential election. But perhaps
        voting the local candidates and issues alone would be a better idea.

    • James

      Staying at home seems right?!?!? Wow do I want to cuss a blue streak! There were enough registered voters in the last election to have made Bozo the Clown President if they all would have gone to the polls!

      Staying home is the worst possible thing you could do! It’s worse than voting for a third person and splitting the republican vote! When you stay home your saying you don’t care.

      If your serious about staying home instead of voting because you can’t stand Obama or Romney then get off your duff and write in your Governor’s name if he is even half-way competent! If not, pick another Governor you like.

      If everyone who thinks there is no choice did this we might not get a 3rd party man elected, but it would sure as heck open everyones eyes, especially if a couple of key states went to the Govenors of that state. We could easily end up with it going to the electoral college for real, and that would scare the pants off of the career politicians.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think you should vote for Romney, but if you just can’t vote for either one you still HAVE TO VOTE for SOMEONE! You want to send a messege? Louisianna vote for Bobby J, Florida vote for Rick Scott, etc etc. At least then your saying something besides “I DONT CARE”.

  • ken

    If only Jesus Christ were running for president! Of course He couldn’t get elected either because He is not Ron Paul .So we may as well keep the devil we know and then we can whine for four more years because the people are too stupid to see how Ron Paul would have immediately wiped out over a hundred years of progressive policies and damage. Right? Is there any difference between occupy people and Ron Paul supporters? The pendulum swing to what our country has become took a long time using small increments and thus hopefully the tea parties have begun the swing back. Loud, angry, destructive forces won’t convince anybody to work together for that goal.

    • Craig

      Well said Ken. Only in 4 years there will be so many people (the vast majority) on the dole under a communist Obama Administration especially with amnesty of illegals, that someone like Ron Paul (if he’s still alive) wouldn’t have any chance to get elected then either. Why would the majority vote to end their entitlements? Did Greece? The Ron Paul people are childish beyond belief. They simply cannot face up to the fact that they backed a loser. They continue to back a loser whom they know is going to lose.

  • chuckb

    unbelievable, trashing romney, they want ron paul or gary johnson, gary johnson couldn’t even put a sentence together during his primary run and paul should retire. too even consider there is no difference between romney and barry have been listening to the msm too much. barry doesn’t even come close when comparing him to romney, take any comparison you want. we know what barry is, we have seen his action the last few years, he’s incompetent to say the least, he hates this country and is in the process of changing it to a socialist nation, or should i say the people that pulls his strings are he’s too incompetent to understand.

    unbelievable that people will accept barry, a man they know nothing of, he can’t speak without a teleprompter, has run this country head long into the ditch and are willing to let him stay in the white house another four years, if he is re-elected you may see a man who will rule this country without being elected in the future. most who are supporting this clown are either on the government dole or illegal and we have millions in that category.

    unbelievable, under the circumstances that some will cast their vote for a man like paul who doesn’t stand a chance in hell of being elected and the same goes for johnson. in their hearts i believe they like barry.

  • DaveH

    At least 3 people unsubscribing because Bob told them what they didn’t want to hear.
    Ignorance is truly bliss.

    • Fred

      Agree unsubscribing seems extreme. There is room for honest
      disagreement here and disagreement without ridicule. I find this
      forum refreshing and mostly inhabited by intelligent people wanting to make
      a difference..
      Thanks Bob Livingston for the opportunity you provide all of us to come together

  • Average Joe

    No matter which of the two “Political Elites” win the election in November…America will lose….by a landslide.
    I love my country….I am ashamed of my countrymen.

    May God have mercy on us all……
    Good luck and best wishes,

    • Fred

      My feelings exactly. But let us n ot give up the fight.
      There remain many honest and courageous people
      and when TSHTFan the same elites will find no room
      to hide and ultimately will be trampled/and/or brought
      to justice.
      Cheers Fred

    • James

      Do not give into dispair, that is the currency of the left. If you can’t stomach either vote anyway. If not for Romney then for the Govenor of your state (unless he is an imbecile) or a Govenor you think is qualified. Don’t forget there were enough registered voters who did not vote last time to have elected Bozo the Clown. (Don’t vote for him! A systematic pattern of voting for Governors is something that would be seen and not just dismissed.)

  • Arik

    With all his enumerated shortcomings, Romney will be the Republican candidate and as such, we have to support him. Most of us know what his shortcomings are. Nit picking them at this time is counterproductive, as we MUST win this election (i.e. depose the bum) no matter what.

    • Average Joe


      You write:

      “Romney will be the Republican candidate and as such, we have to support him.”

      Who exactly is this “we” that you refer to? I certainly don’t support an Obama clone.

      The RNC/GOP has lied, cheated and stolen delegates to nominate “thier annointed one”.

      I don’t hang out with liars, cheaters or thieves. I’ve never bought a car that I didn’t want…or any other product for that matter….and I’m not planning to start now…
      Romney is a “product” that the MSM, RNC and GOP are trying to sell me…and I’m not buying…end of story. I vote based on morals and integrity….not because someone else tells me it’s a great product….I’ve been sold these lemons in the past and I’m tired of squeezing out the lemonaid…when I was promised a bottle of “fine wine”. Maybe your standards are lower than mine…that is your problem. Keep sucking on those lemons….

      I will continue MY support for Ron Paul 2012!

      Best Wishes,

      • DaveH

        Good man, Joe.

      • Average Joe

        Since the RNC/GOP have railroaded Ron Paul throughout the Nominating process, there is now a petition drive to get him to run 3rd party. In the event that he doesn’t run 3rd party, I will be firmly behind Gary Johnson and will cast my vote accordinly. ;)

        Gary Johnson, Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods at Paulfest…enjoy!

        • Deborah

          OMG! Average Joe – It is stubborn fools like you who will allow Obama to win, based on your childlike attitude against uniting for the common good of America, for the sake of your disenfranchised candidate, Ron Paul.

          Libertarians and Republicans should unite for this monumental election which will determine the fate of the United States as we know it.

          If Ron Paul truly loves this country, he should stand down and encourage his supporters to vote for Romney.

      • Average Joe

        Deborah, OMG…panties still in a bunch? Actually it’s non thinkers …like you that will drag America, kicking and screaming …straight into hell…while waving your flag of incompetence.

        You write:
        “Libertarians and Republicans should unite for this monumental election which will determine the fate of the United States as we know it.”

        Darn right…so why aren’t you uniting with us?….oh, I forgot…it’s your way or no way…I guess you being stubborn is why the country will lose and Obama will be re-elected. Have a nice trip to hell…here’s your handbag.

        Best Wishes,

        • Deborah

          Poor Average Joe – I knew that suggestion would ignite a firestorm. I would vote for Ron Paul if I felt he would win the election and defeat Obama. However, he is not a realistic contender. Therefore, a vote for RP is a vote for Obama. I am a realist and I refuse to let Obama win this election if I can help it.

          I don’t have to worry about going to hell. I have done a lot of good for this world, like saving lives and making other peoples lives more pleasant. I have a great relationship with God. There is no doubt in my mind that he watches out for me when I need him. Your fire and brimstone scare tactics don’t work on me. I’m a Roman Catholic not a Bible Thumper.

      • Average Joe

        Seems to me that the only firestorm here is being created b you. I’m not the one whining like a spoiled child because someone isn’t voting for “your” candidate of choice. As a matter of fact…I’ve told you to vote any way you choose to vote. As for statement about yout religious beliefs…God gives us tools to work with…it is up to us to recognize what those tools are and utilize them.
        Ron Paul= Freedom, Liberty, the rule of Law, Adherence to the Constitution.sound currency and fiscal responsibility. All born of God
        Romney = Patriot Act good, NDAA good, Mandatory healthcare for all, indefinite detention of Americans without trial, killing of American citizens again…without trial, un-ending wars fiat currency. All born of Satan

        I am guessing that either you’ve missed Gods tools to restore our nation…or are you are worshipping another God altogether. Romney’s plans are anything but “Godly”.
        So, you are either blind, deaf or stupid….or a combination of all three.

        In order to see the truth…you must first open your eyes.

        Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.
        Jeremiah 5:21. King James Version

        God has given you the tools…but you choose to ignore them.

        I am guessing you got your degree from a Liberal college considering how you talk down to others….go figure.

        Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
        Matthew 7:5 King James Version

        Best Wishes,

        • Deborah

          I believe Obama is the Anti-Christ. For all the efforts of your scripture quotes, I am surprised that you have not cleared the beams from your eyes, or whatever, to see clearly. Voting for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah … I do not believe in Jesus Christ so I can not believe in the anti version but I do understand the concepts… You are stretching and leaping with it for Obama – big time….

            By the way, not voting for the person you feel is the best of those who are running, as in Ron Paul if that is your choice-or someone else’s, is not a wasted vote. I believe voting for someone else because you feel your true choice will not win is negative Americanism.

          • MikeR

            macgyver1948: What did Ron Paul ever do for you? He ran a campaign that was doomed from the beginning, not because of the Koch brothers, but because of his own stupid comments. You are allowing your fantasy candidate to steal your vote. You are allowing him to control you in the same way that you say Norquist controls Romney. How smart is that?

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR… what are you saying? Are you assuming something about me again? I am not for Ron Paul for a number of reasons and I do not let him get to me either. Where are you getting that from?…. I was saying people should vote for the guy they think is the best for us, not the guy they think will win.. there is a big difference… Is that where you got you thought about me concerning Ron Paul?

          • Deborah

            No, I am not stretching and leaping with my Obama remarks. Your ignorance is quite astounding.

            It is not “negative Americanism” to vote for someone you aren’t crazy about in order to cancel out the opposition. Not when that opposing force will destroy our country and along with it our freedoms and way of life. That is the game of life. It is how politics is played. Have you ever played chess???? Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to save. In this case, we must do what it takes to save America. We are currently in the biggest chess game of our lives. We can’t afford to lose!

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… These are only your opinions, they aren’t necessarily true. Get over yourself. No one has to agree with any one but it takes the mind of a child throwing tantrums and to call names and insult. Talk as an adult if your want adult conversations….

          • Deborah

            Excuse me- but I am responding to your childish insults. You have to learn to take what you dish out. My comments are not merely my opinions, they are common sense. Wow – I know common sense is not that common anymore but surely you can understand what I am saying. If not then I give up. I can’t beat a dead horse.

            I advise you to see the movie, 2016: Obama’s America and read the book, The Post-American World (Release 2.0) by Fareed Zakaria. It is important for you to educate yourself. Then you can play with the big boys and girls.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… Common sense to Joe is not necessarily common sense to Peter…. Common sense is merely how a person see things…

          • Deborah

            Yes, how does the saying go?… A person’s perception is their reality.

            It is good that the conservatives are forced out of their protective shell by the liberals so that they continue to change and evolve with the times. The push and pull of the conflicting ideologies is what stimulates our creativity and makes America great.

            And, this is why I am so passionately against Obama’s socialist utopia. He wants to keep the masses ignorant, complacent and stagnant by providing for them through big government. But, as Europe has learned, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson

            I believe Obama is what our forefathers warned about by, “the enemy within.”

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… You say “The push and pull of the conflicting ideologies is what stimulates our creativity and makes America great”. I very much agree it is our differences that help make us great but without our accepting different beliefs and points of view America would be one long civil war and that would have negated our Revolutionary War from before it started.

            I also agree our Founders wanted small fed Government but over time it was the desire of big business wanting more sources and markets that greatly help to grown the monster we are are dealing with. I seriously doubt we can shrink it down to how it was 236 years ago but there is a trimming in the need. I just want that trimming done with prudence and compassion.

            I agree with so much of what our Founders said, and that very much included no corporate influence in government. I have some of my favorite quotes from the Founders on that if you want to see them. They feared and even hated corporations. Nothing has changed since then and many politicians today are even more so pro corporate. Greed and bribes do funny things to our politicians but some may call those huge bribes campaign contributions, at least the bribes we know about. More reason we need total disclosure of who is giving to whom. The SCOTUS betrayed us with Citizens United.

          • Deborah

            Once again, we are closely aligned in our beliefs. Unfortunately, life is not fair. I did not vote for Obama. After he won, I was anxious to give him the benefit of the doubt. He promised to be a transparent administration. Look how that turned out. He has refused to disclose issues and he has done most of his dealings behind closed doors. He just crammed the healthcare (Obamacare) bill down our throats. Physicians are still reeling over how he shut them out of the drafting of the bill. Like I’ve said before, he has a dictator mentality and he is a two-faced liar. That is not my opinion, that is an obvious fact.

            By the way, Rand Paul was just interviewed by Wolf Blitzer (love that name) on CNN. Rand said that he does endorse Paul Ryan’s healthcare plans and he suggested going one step further. He thinks we should all get the same healthcare plan that the U.S. Congress has. Sounds good to me.

            I really think once Romney is elected President, this will be our opportunity to push for a come-together movement. The republican party should hold a summit with Rand Paul, Fareed Zakaria, Dinesh D’Sousa and other bright minds of progressive-conservatives and libertarians. Perhaps we can revise and refresh our GOP.

            P.S. – Glad to hear you are a fellow German. Wilkommen to all the Russians who joined this website blog!

            P.P.S. – I figured your screenname was referring to the television show. That was a great show. Guten Nacht.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… I know, Obama didn’t accomplish all he wanted. Even his ObamaCare is not how he wanted it due to political compromise. But many of his failed attempts indicated he is trying to fulfill his promises. Politics is a nasty business and I do not want to be in it.

            We should remember that Reagen wanted national health care and the GOP tried and failed with its version of it in the early 1990s. Romney had his version for the people in Massachusetts. You should speak with people in Massachusetts about what they think of Romney. “If you cannot afford health insurance we will fine you until you get it” is Romney’s. The IRS came in to make it easier to retrieve the fine. Obama did not want the GOP/Romney stuff in ObamaCare but they told him if he didn’t include their GOP stuff they would fail it when it came to vote. I wonder if they did that, expecting we citizens are too dumb to remember for long periods of time, so they could say look how bad ObamaCare is. That too is politics.

            Rand Paul is listed as one of the speakers at the RNC. I do not like much of him either. And if what I read a while back is true Romney has asked several of GW Bush’s advisors to be his “Secretaries of…” . If that happens we better have loved what bush left us. Let’s see if Rand is asked to join the Mitt/Ryan team.

            There are so many economist who say Ryan’s eco plan will hurt the elderly and the middle class. For example, the vouchers and the IOUs will not keep up with inflation and they will be a gamble at best. Norquist said he wants Ryan’s plan in action and that in it self scares me. A recommend from Norquist is always a scary thought. Norquist was a GW guide too.

            Just think, if I am right and Romney wins and more GOP take over the House and the Senate turns, it will be too late for me to be wrong. That thing you said, and we both knew Hitler did, fooling everyone, will happen here too but all for the benefit and protection of the Corporations and the very wealthy. Hitler stole his election because he lost the voting by a large margin. That can happen here with the Electoral College as it has with GB Bush and Gore. Gore won the popular election.

            Whether you use thuggery and threats, as Hitler did, or take it away from the people with a Electoral College the result is the same, We The People are told voting for us doesn’t count. With the GW Bush/Gore election there were also concerns with the hanging chads in Florida and there were pre-programmed Diebold Voting Machines scoring more votes for GOP than they deserved, and that was proven. There are loads of ways to steal the election and the government if you have enough money. We are in a pickle either way if either of us is wrong according to our thinking.

          • MikeR

            Hey macgyver1948, I read somewhere that Grover Norquist likes beer and burgers. Are you going to stop drinking beer and eating burgers?

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR… I like beer and sometime burgers too much. Are you really alive or are you a programmed machine? LOL…

          • Deborah

            Your points are understood and I am already aware of them. Yes, politics is an ugly game. I don’t know how politicians can deal with the immense stress of it all. I would literally die from that amount of stress.

            I have been in dire situations where I had to rely on welfare for a time until I could find another job. I raised two children as a single parent. Never ONCE did it ever occur to me to go without health insurance. I did what I had to do to make sure that I had health insurance for me and my kids. It is called, responsibility. Even if I had to go with less food in order to pay for it, I did that. We really don’t need that much food to sustain ourselves. It is about small frequent meals or just being creative with preparing food in order to stretch it out and make larger quantities. I think most people are just irresponsible and lazy. Welfare does that to people.

            I like this quote by Thomas Jefferson – “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

            That is not to say that the people who are truly sick and disabled do not deserve help from the government. Unfortunately, Obama has made it way too easy for widespread fraud to proliferate. He is actually encouraging people to go on food stamps. Also, there are more people on Social Security Disability than ever before. Most of them are not truly disabled.

            We need the capitalist-loving republicans to turn this economy around quickly. More power to them. at least they have a love of God and country. Unlike Obama who clearly is destroying this nation. That is is intent and he is succeeding.

            I truly hope you will see the movie. It is a wake up call to those who either don’t understand this or are just too stubborn to accept it because they are such Obama loyalists.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… For me it has been get it myself if I can. I did use Uncle VA Sam to get me through college and I am grateful for that. But I also see if you take the incentive, the goal, away, the journey looses its luster as a part of the goal. “I’ll try later” or “why bother, they will pay me at the end of the month”. I also strongly feel we, the government since they are suppose to be us, need to hold those who cant, either not at all or no longer, help themselves. Social Security is so needed and it was earned so it has to go on., I see Vouchers, which will not keep up with inflation, turning into IOUs and that will kill those who have earned SS and are depending on it. I see IOUs saying, “well we can’t pay you this month because we made bad investments but we will get back to you”. What does that mean to people who will starve or be evicted by then? I can also see retired people depending on things like Medicare as their main insurance because it is affordable to so many elderly.

            I want smaller government and I want that accomplished with compassion and prudence. That is another reason I wouldn’t like how the GOP or Ron Paul would do it. I see them just eliminating what their corporate bosses want eliminated for them to cut corporate expenses.

            Believe me when I say so many of the Democrats are capitalist loving too. So many are wealthy also so they would want it to be that way. Both sides see things differently as to how it should be done. I feel the Republicans want to do the heavy capitalist thing for the big corporations and you do not.

            What we really need is for all Corporate influence out of Government, and the agencies such as the FDA whom I do not trust because of corporate influence – food and drug companies, so both sides of Congress can do it how it should be done, with all of us in mind. Corporate money is killing us with their huge influence and now the secrecy in donations (I see SCOTUS and Citizens United as a huge betrayal) will hide who is buying the “representative’s” loyalty and we will not know by whom. Our Government is public and donations should be too. I see so much conflict of interest with corporate involvement in government. That has to stop.

          • Deborah

            I totally agree with you on this issue. I think both ideologies have become corrupted. It is human nature. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

            I was working for a large corporation when outsourcing became more widely used. I remember thinking about the negative, long-term ramifications of this. I’ve also learned that most corporations just fly by the seat of their pants, with no concerns about the outcome of their decisions until that day arrives. That is their attitude. It’s mostly short term goals they aspire to. Anything for a buck.

            Still, I am not against capitalism. Even the liberal ideologies, as well-intentioned as they are, fall victim to corruption. You could argue that this corruption defaults to the capitalist greed but I think it is more about hypocrisy.

            Since there is evil in the world and humans easily fall victim to it, We must accept that the best way to deal with it is to stay vigilant and hold people accountable for their abuse of power and abuse of entitlements. That would free up much needed resources and monies for the greater good. Unfortunately, it’s a never-ending, uphill battle.

            If, as you believe, Obama truly has good intentions for improving this country, why is he weakening our nation by destroying our economy? He is in bed with all his special interests, like big labor unions, energy corporations, etc. Yes, we must be progressive thinkers but Obama has no business sense. He doesn’t even listen to his advisers. He pushes through what he wants as fast as he can before he is run out of office. That’s the problem with a narcissistic, dictator mentality. Since his goal is to destroy America, he doesn’t much care what anyone tells him.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… I am uncomfortable with putting the concepts of Capitalism and Greed together when they are in general terms. Capitalism is not in itself greedy. It takes a living person to corrupt a thing. That is another reason I cant stand seeing “Corporations are people” and I bet since the founders felt that way too they so often said so.

            Greed and the 10th Commandant, “Thou shall not covet” (I think I told someone the 9th commandant for that one the other day, lol) seem to go well together. I see so much greed and violating the 10th commandant in politics and from the big corporations that we, the little people, so often get forgotten. We have to hold those accountable or the corruptions will continue. We have to talk openly about it…

            Our economy is improving very slowly. The Stock Market is what it is with people benefiting from good choices and knowing when to buy and when to sell. Those who do not pick wisely will lose and that has been the same as always. The more you can afford to invest the more you can benefit, or lose.

            The economy as it supposedly rests in Obama’s hands can be controlled by him only to a certain extent. I read a post this morning which said “we have been in recession for 4 years so we have to take it away from Obama by now”, something like that. My response to him was
            “Ken, if we have been in recession for 4 years now, as you say, it had to begin and have been caused earlier. IT cannot happen all of a sudden on inauguration day. Maybe the FED is hesitant to bring in QE3 became they do not want to risk rocking the slow rise (and maybe because QE1 and 2 were lacking). If Obama wins he will try to continue to give life to the rise his way and if Romney he too will do it the GOP way. Now might not be the time to start anything if it could affect the rise, as slight as it is now. I cannot believe I am defending the Fed.”

            Obama’s business sense is what it is and I might not want to work for him but that is why he has advisors. Bush’s advisors helped to put us in this situation so who knows. Obama listens to his advisors more than we might know because he would be a fool not to.

            I do not agree that he is trying to destroy America but that is the opinion on the left. It would hurt him too if America falls and I do not think he could take over. What I do believe is the shrinking middle class will continue to shrink with corporate influence and if Romney wins the strings that will guide him will micro us. We all have our opinions but one thing I hope is that what will be real is somewhere in between what we, each side, believes. I couldn’t take the extremes about the other sides coming from each side…

          • Deborah

            We can agree to disagree. Just please go see the movie, 2016: Obama’s America. I would love to know what your thoughts are after seeing this movie.

          • macgyver1948

            Ok, I will try to carve out some time soon. Seems I now have to see it, :-)))

          • Deborah

            Thank you macgyver. :)

          • Deborah

            Oh! Just one more thing before I sign off for the night. The tenth commandment, Thou shalt not covet, refers to not coveting thy neighbor’s goods. This is separate from Thou shalt not steal and Thou shalt not commit adultery. Jesus does not discourage success. He said, “Go forth and reap the rewards of thy labors.” He also said, “You reap what you sow.” I suppose the latter could be compared to Karma.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… Covet also means to love things to the point of being part on the deadly sin game. For example, The expression is “the ‘love’ of money is the root of all evil, not “money is the root of all sin”. Money itself has no roots in anything, it is only a tool. That is why big money is ok but hurting people to get it and keep it and get more is not a good thing.

            From your post before. Yes, corporations do have the right to run themselves and compete in the free market, I am not against that. What I am against is the greedy and self serving ones who treat employees so badly they have to take the option for quitting or stay in the mist of illusion with them. When corporations covet their success at the expense of all around them then they are violating the 10th Commandant. I think companies deserve profit or they couldn’t survive, I am just concerned with how they make that profit. But employees and associates, as Walmart calls them, need to be treated with respect too and to earn a livable wage. When companies do not care if employees quit because there are so many to replace them there is only apathy for the employees. If they do not care if the employees, even good and hard working ones, quit that shows all they do care about is themselves. Respect must flow in two directions equally or respect is meaningless. Typical Walmart professes to the world they love their associates but there are so many anti-associate policies that would not agree with them. Ask me about their 10 percent policy which is thrown at associates after they go through a Walmart suggested approach to bettering the associates. “Look what we do to help our loving associates” with no mention of the anti-associates policies associated wit the attempt until after the attempt.

            There are even policies they enforce often but can not be found in Walmart’s Policy Sites and I think that is for plausible deniablity purposes. The 10 % policy is very much demeaning and insulting and disrespectful toward their associates but it is also a way for Walmart to save greedy money at the Associates expense. I do not believe this kind of thing is exclusive to Walmart. Sure, every Walmart associate can just quit but where will they go for a job where these things do not happen? That is if they can get a job… People stay with horrible employers because of the “trapped” feeling. Who will fight for the employee rights if Unions are gone, THE TP/GOP? Walmart would rather close their huge stores then to allow any union in, and they have because they are too big to care about their associates and the area.

          • Deborah

            Yes macgyver, I do understand and I agree with you once again. I have also been a victim of downsizing layoffs with no regard for my well being. It has happened to me twice. I had to just pick myself up, dust myself off and move on. How does the saying go?… It is not what happens to us but how we deal with it, or something like that. We can choose to have a positive or negative attitude and that will affect our outcome. There is no guarantee to anything in life.

            Sure, the unions initially had good intentions, but talk about a corrupted system that has grown too big for its own good! They protect employees who SHOULD be fired and waste fortunes in frivolous law suits and force us to pay dues when we don’t want to contribute to their liberal agenda. No wonder we are forced to lower our standards in our schools and hospitals. People wonder why the quality of education and healthcare is deteriorating.

            I think corporations and employees unions are polar opposites. Once again, we are back to the push and pull of ideologies that forces us to compromise and makes this country great. It is and always will be a never-ending struggle, unless we become a Communist country.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah…. I am all about a positive attitude, I can add another thought to yours. (A positive attitude is the measure by how we maintain it from one failure to another. If we can at least see some good learning from the failure than we are successful. The helpful successes will come from that learning.) I am not sure where I got that from but Thomas Edison said something like that after he was asked about his 180 plus failures until he made a working light bulb. Maybe that is where I got it. One of his labs was a ½ mile from where I lived in Menlo Park, Edison, NJ for a lot of years…

            We are the product of our choices, how we choose to play the cards that were dealt to us. It can be tough at times, especially when we work hard and are loyal and dedicated to our employer but he chooses to downsize us. It wasn’t our fault to be unemployed but then it is up to us to remain unemployed either as a complainer or do something to make it better. It sounds like you did. I think some how those who are in a low paying dead end job or unemployed shoe do something like go to school if they can.

            I might have mentioned this to you before. I have never been in a union, never needed to. So I do not know other than what I hear how unions might do as you describe. I know I have heard before what you say. But we need to fix that. We need representation who will be fair as they protect our jobs and environment – for those who need representing on the job. The extremes you describe of the unions I have heard all to often but I also know they have done loads of good for employee rights over the years. I know at Walmart that aloneness is always there because the ones we can go to are paid by Walmart.

            If “corporations and employees unions are polar opposites”. As you mentioned and I agree, it was much worse before there were unions. That is why we need a happy meeting in between. Employees will lose so much if Corporations get all they want. Payroll is a huge corporate expense and it is the easiest to control. Enough of the repetition for now.

            Please don’t mention the Commi word as a way of life for us. I want our Constitution back before we totally lose it.

            Since we are all talking about government most of the time. We need to stop government from restraining us.
            “The Constituti­on is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.­”- Patrick Henry -

            This is funny
            I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. — Will Rogers

          • Deborah

            I admit the unions have done lots of good and so have corporations. As you stated earlier, Corporations are people. It is not the corporations (or the unions) who are bad but the people. Reminds me of the slogan. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Point taken.

            Anyway, I agree we all must continue to fight the good fight and stand for what we believe in, be it right or wrong in the eyes of our fellow man. We can agree to disagree.

            I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on the movie after you see it. Enjoy! :)

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… I hope you are kidding when you say I said “Corporations are people”. That would give them, in effect, 2 votes and that cannot be…. Guns are useless without the mind that controls it. Or maybe the table it falls off when it hits the floor. lol

          • Deborah

            Ha! :)

          • Deborah

            macgyver – I went back through some of your comments and I did not find where you said “Corporations are people.” My bad.

            Anyway, back to the tenth commandment, Thou shalt not covet.
            A love of money or possessions is actually addressed under the commandment that says, Thou shalt not worship strange gods before me.
            Money and possessions are considered idols of worship.
            Kind of like I worship and pamper my BMW. Ooooo bad girl. Venial sin.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… … We were taught, in Hebrew School, that to covet meant the love of something leading to nasty ways of getting it to satisfy that love. Greed for money without regard for others can qualify. “Thou shall not have no other gods before me” is the First Commandant. There are no other anythings to worship and/or pray to other than the one and only singular entity who created The universe. If money is worshiped then money is a Commandant 2 violation. The Second Commandant “Thou shall not make unto thee and graven image” refers to idols such as the golden calf and money is man made too. Money can be coveted and so can the neighbor’s wife. If a man covets his neighbor’s wife but doesn’t worship her he is Commandant 10 violating. Confusing, huh, but God covered it all I suppose.

            I guess worshiping a BMW could be coveting, lol…

          • Deborah

            Yep, I think some of the commandments overlap in their interpretations. It’s been awhile since my grade-school Baltimore catechism classes and my high school theology classes. My aunt is a Catholic nun. She was a teacher and school principle as well as a Mother Superior of the convent. I will have to ask her. I remember the tenth commandment as, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, housemaid, houseman, ox, or donkey.

            You are correct in your beliefs, I’m sure.

          • MikeR

            Holy Crap!!! Does that mean I have to return the donkey?

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… I have read my bible pretty thoroughly and yours and the King James from cover to cover (feeling yours and the KJ are basically the same bible with some books removed and a bit of editing in the KJ) as well but that has been a long while ago. What I said is pretty much from memory so it could be faulty but I do go into mine often enough and yours and the KJ only when I have questions.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Anybody but obozo, even Paul would be better then the marxist-in-chief

    • DaveH

      Of the running Candidates, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are the only ones who would have a chance at restoring our Freedom and Prosperity.

      • Craig

        And zero chances of winning.

  • Terry Dyer

    Obama has proven not to be the man for the job. He is not stupid, he just does not seem to have what’ s best for this country’s interest.
    Romney maybe very wealthy but he seems clueless on what to do to help this country. He cheers for it but it’s all hot air. He tells people what they want to hear. It feels like he is the perfect guy for the big interest groups. I am sure he has great ideas for people like him, just not for the average citizen.
    Neither of them are interested to keep the jobs in the US.
    Ron Paul, the only one with a real brain wants to treat everybody the same. Hard to be corrupted by powerful groups, he should be the one to be elected. I guess, he is too smart and honest. Who would want that? He wants a lower even tax system, less govt, to stop getting involved with costly wars and to take care of his country first.
    Isn’t it what we want, except for people like Romney who pay less than 14% on income exceeding 30 million. I make 1% of his income and pay 30%. And Obama wants to raise my taxes and he pays only 20% on his.
    I am amazed that Ron Paul gets so little support.
    Just another opinion.

    • James

      He knows what to do but he can’t say it without getting pummeled with class warfare BS.

      If you had a buisness and could pay 18-15% corporate tax (or less) instead of 35% by moving it 500 yards you would move, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. Want an example?

      Go stare across the Rio Grande at all the plants built by US Companies. They can’t even bring their profits back across to reinvest in US plants because they have to pay the US tax on top of the Mexican tax if they do.

      Big businesses are not happy with all the garbage that is going on in Mexico, Europe and other locations overseas and would love to bring a lot of their money back to invest in the US but don’t want the big tax hit.

      So for once, lets stop being dead set on being number one in everything, because being number one on the list for highest corporate tax rate of all the industrialized countries in the world is not doing us one bit of good.

  • SJJolly

    1. “… Romney is a natural-born citizen (and there is no proof that the current occupant of the White House is) ” Just what proof of Obama’s US citizenship would you accept? Video tape of his birth, with closeups, witnessed by the then Governor and State Supreme Court justices of Hawaii?

    2. Interesting smear piece on Romney. Start of a Libetarian / Tea Party Republican effort to impeach Romney (once elected), in favor or Paul Ryan?

    • James

      The citizenship issue is a loser for everyone. What do we do if he isn’t, repeal everything he did, including the budgets that paid social security benefits, military pay, etc etc?

      Yes, the image of the form is questionable. Yes he seems to have claimed to be born in other parts of the world when it suited him. Yes Hawaii had issues with it’s birth certificates since it accepted peoples word about when and where they were born with out proof or witnesses for a long time. SO WHAT?

      The law needs to be fixed in order to do anything because there is no law that says what kind of proof needs to be submitted or who it’s supposed to be submitted to. Done, over, finito, the argument is kaput the Supreme Court is done with it. Change the law in your State, get the Congress of the United States to clarify who what when where how and why.

      Move on to something that can make a difference. His abuse of executive orders and directives comes to mind or hmmm maybe just GO OUT AND CAMPAIGN FOR ROMNEY!

  • http://none Mardee

    If Ron Paul were the nominee, most Republicans would vote for him, but he is NOT going to be the nominee. To bash Romney because you didn’t get your personal first choice is stupid and childish. Also dishonest and damaging to this country. Bob Livingston falls short of being a true patroit in my opinion and maybe a little (LOT) self centered. Shame on you. I will be unscribing to this site today after reading this article. I get enough biased opinion on the news channels.

    • Fred

      Your emotional response is lacking any evidence that anything Bob Livingston
      said about Mitt Romney is false. Accept the fact that we are led by two parties
      controlled by a massive power elite structure beholden only to themselves.


    • James

      Unsubscribing is sort of like not voting, it accomplishes nothing except making sure your voice is not heard.

      I do agree that the piece is more than a bit odd. He repeats a liberal mantra that Romney sent tons of jobs overseas when in fact he did not. What Romney does advocate is removing the reason that companies are outsourcing in droves.

      By bringing the corporate tax rate down we can be competative with other industrialized nations like the UK which is between 20-24% while we sit at 39.2%. The only Country that used to be higher than the US was Japan at 40% which just dropped to 38%. For crying out loud China, Vietnam and Iran are below us at 25%!

      (This is another wonderful example of why people should be able to edit their posts on this site. In an earlier post I accidentally put Japan’s new rate in as the US rate. Guess it was wishful thinking on my part that we would at least be tied for this dubious distinction.)

      • MikeR

        Your facts are absolutely correct, James. Romney could turn out to be a great President, especially if we have a Republican majority in the Senate. I like Ron Paul, but his chances of becoming the nominee were about as good as my chances of getting a date with Shakira.

        • macgyver1948

          MikeR…. When you say Romney might a great president you are missing something so strong. If Romney wins people like Norquist and Koch will be running the Oval Office. Romney is a puppet for the very wealthy. Romney will move only his lips.

          Maybe you missed it but there is so much you miss considering what you say.
          Norquist: Romney Will Do As Told

          Unless that is really what you want.

          • Dale

            Man, you really got ripped off when you bought that chrystal ball, because there is not a bit of evidence to support anything that you said

          • macgyver1948

            Dale… Did you go there or are you only reacting to your programming? Do you look at both sides or only believe what the right says? To look on only one side is not the way to real understanding. Do your own research and maybe you will see more than what your are told to believe.

            There is so much the Right cannot prove but that doesn’t stop them from making stuff up.

            Find your own if you care to seek truth but here is a start.
   . Please do not stop there. Only a fool settles for what only his side has to say.

          • Deborah

            Macgyver – As an Independent voter who leans right, I will tell you that the conservative agenda is much preferred over the anti-American, left-wing agenda. It takes extremists to fight extremists. I will support Romney/Ryan all the way if that is what it takes to get rid of Obama. Obama wants nothing more than to destroy capitalist America and the rich. He doesn’t give a #@%* about the poor, elderly and sick. He is a LIAR who will say anything and do whatever it takes to get re-elected. You are no better than he is.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… All you are doing is giving your opinion of the Left and I am not so sure it is your opinion… What I mean by that is you sound so canned and directed in that what you say, your dislike for Obama and the Left, is a scripted routine.. You are in no way original with it either and you have no proof of your allegations toward Obama or me. :-).

          • Deborah

            macgyver – If I sound canned or scripted, it is because I have been blogging on a plethora of websites to voice my opinions and educate people. I have done much research and gathered a few talking points that I chose to repeat. I believe they are best at relaying the message. Sorry if I’m just too overwhelming for you.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… Nice try. :-))).

          • Deborah

            That’s not so bad. Certainly not as bad as having an anti-American president who wants to destroy this country. America is a capitalist country. Charles Koch said it best:

            “Some people worry about the disparity of wealth in a system of economic freedom. What they don’t realize is that the same disparity exists in the least free countries. In a system WITHOUT economic freedom, the wealthiest are the tyrants who make people’s lives miserable. As a result, the income of the poorest in the least-free countries is one-tenth of what it is in the freest countries.”

            If the American poor think they they have it bad now, they will be in for a rude awakening when the poverty of socialism overwhelms them.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… I see no evidence that Obama is an enemy of our Americanism but I wont argue with your opinion. BUT, to quote a Koch is something else. WOW, they are so worth searching their family history the brothers and their dad and others in their family. See what the John Birch Society is the pre-TEA Party. Te Koch Klan is as Norquist, wanting to own our country and they are buying the government as fast as they can.

            I can accept and respect differing opinions but your credibility dropped with a Koch.

          • Deborah

            I am not endorsing the Koch brothers anymore than I endorsed President JFK or other presidents whom I did not vote for. That is not to say that some of their rhetoric was not profound and influential. I guess that’s the difference with Independents. We are willing to hear other points of view and give credit where credit is due.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… My point is like this. Hitler was profound and influential. I consider the intentions and agenda behind that “profound” statement”, who it comes from. So I too am always willing to hear other points of view but that doesn’t mean we have to agree with them. Even Hitler made sense once in a while and I am Jewish and not a Nazi – or a commie.

          • Deborah

            Yes, and I am a Bavarian, German. Hitler made a lot of sense to many people in the beginning of his rise to power. I would not discount his earlier views just because he grew into a megalomaniac. Sounds similar to Obama hey? But with both of us aware of this, why would you allow the megalomaniac to win a second term?

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… The point you seem to be missing and might just think the the things you believe should be believed but all others. That is sad. The fact is many of those who will vote for Obama do not feel he is a Nazi, a commie or a megalomaniac as you and other Obama haters seem to. By the way, Hitler was deranged from when he was a kid. It became worse as he got older, as in when his painting were referred to as second rate. One parent was Jewish and he was picked on as a kid by Jews and non Jews. So are you relating Obama to Hitler with his one parent as an American and his other and a Kenyon? There were many great orators, and Hitler was considered a good one, who didn’t turn out to be a monster as Hitler did. Obama I do not think is the evil you proclaim..

          • Deborah

            To macgyver -

            I am well aware of Hitler’s heritage and his personal history. My concern is that you do not agree with what a clear and present danger Obama is to America. Have you done your research on Obama? If not, the movie 2016: Obama’s America will spell it out for you very concisely. I could list a multitude of books as well, but the movie is definitely worth seeing.

            As I’m sure you already know, history repeats itself, unfortunately. The Jews were reluctant to get out of Berlin because they didn’t see Hitler as a big threat. They just blew him off as a zealot. Once the Nazi’s started to beat Jews on the street and destroy their businesses and tax them out of existence, they began to realize what was happening. By then, the borders had been closed and it was too late to get out.

            Obama has a grandiose socialist agenda. He is a narcissist with a dictator’s mentality. This is not my opinion, it is evidenced by his actions and his rhetoric everyday. He hates the rich and America for being rich. He plans to destroy this country. If he wins a second term, I would not put it past him to start rounding up people who speak out against him and throwing them in prison. We have already seen how intolerant and violent the liberals can be when they don’t get their own way. This was clearly evidenced by the “Occupy” protesters and the Chick-fil-A controversy. Obama admittedly supports them too.

            The facts are the facts and my opinion is widely held.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah…… I already responded to this with my common sense post. Why wont you allow me my opinion and how I feel? I am not forcing how I feel on you, just sharing, but you do get rough with those who disagree with you, calling us blind and such and you are one of the least nasty on here.

            I know the history between Hitler and the Jews, I spoke with survivors, some were my old relatives and were witnesses, some with numbers on their arms. Many did come here but many, as you say, didn’t in time.

            I haven’t seen the movie 2016 yet but until I do I will take it as the writers interpretation, as well as his belief and opinion, of the near future.

          • Deborah

            I’m sorry you feel that way macgyver. I do allow you to speak your mind. That’s what these blogs are for. I will admit that I do get rough with people who don’t agree with me when I am passionate about something as important as saving our country from this insidious destruction. Also, my German heritage lends to my militaristic personality. Achtung! :)
            I’m just trying to get people to wake up and see how Obama is destroying our country before it’s too late. This is not to be taken lightly.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… Do not go by nick names here or any place on line. I have used mine in chat and social sites since the late 80s. Macgyver is a favorite TV character of mine since Richard Dean Anderson played the character. I too am of German origin… Achtung! Right back to ya, LOL…

          • http://google gary gerke

            Obama moves his libs and is run by Soros and the unions!

          • macgyver1948

            Gary gerke… If you and the Right say so it has to be true… Thanks for sharing…

        • Deborah

          Thank you MikeR! I’m so glad there are some level-headed Ron Paul supporters out there. Please educate your other RP supporters.

      • MikeR

        macgyver1948, Romney isn’t a ‘puppet for the very rich’. He IS the very rich. So what? Would you rather elect a guy from your bowling league?

        • macgyver1948

          MikeR… If that guy from the bowling league had the credentials and the knowledge, but more than that, the sincere desire to help all of us and not just himself and his big investors, you bet I would rather vote for the bowler.

          • MikeR

            macgyver1948: You obviously don’t like wealthy people. Maybe it’s not too late for you to go back to school, get an education, and become wealthy yourself. Who would be on the receiving end of your contempt then?

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR…. WOW, your lack of any form to think is incredible. You and your kind who feel you have the ability to feel and think for know how others accept, whether it is in politics or religion, is pathetic. You assumptions are pathetic…

            I have said it before on this site. I AM NOT AGAINST HUGE MONEY. I AM AGAINST GREEDY AND CONTROLLING MONEY. Do you get it now. I want huge money. And as for school. I might have more than your do and I may have been so much more successful in my 40 year career than you. But how would you know anything without your unintelligent ways of ASSUMMING? Keep your mind closed and pathetically programmed or no one would know you.

            Why can’t you guys discuss things without getting childishly insulting? Why can’t you have conversations with people who do not agree with you on an adult level?

          • MikeR

            macgyver1948: This isn’t complicated. We have two choices for President – a communist and a capitalist. Communism has never worked anywhere. You don’t seem to understand that, and that is why people are so frustrated with your comments.

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR… Grow up little boy. Here in American people aren’t what you call them just because you say so. Obama is no more a commie than you are but will all your ignorant name calling and attempts at nasty persuasion and put downs I wonder about you not allowing others to their opinions….You and those who think and act as you.

  • John Gaver

    Mitt may not be a world class savior. But then, looking at what the GOP has given us since 1988, there is no doubt that he is by far the best candidate that the party has fielded since Reagan. Sure, there’s a wide gulf between Reagan and Romney. But there’s an even wider gulf between Romney and any of the other GOP presidents or candidates since Reagan.

    Both Bushes were RINOs. McCain wasn’t even a RINO. He was a Liberal, plain and simple. This year, we had only two truly conservative candidates and both Bachmann and Cain were eliminated early on. Santorum was a social conservative, who as liberal on most other issues. Newt was a hot-head, who had only one truly conservative success to his name, though the Contract With America was a big one. Perry is not only very moderate, but he is even worst than Obama, without his teleprompter. Then of course, we had a guy who thinks that we should pander to China. But that wasn’t the worst. We even had a Blame America First Libertarian, who only runs as a Republican, but who really hates everything that the GOP and the USA stands for.

    Ronald Reagan was the kind of class act that only rarely comes along. We should strive to find such a candidate again. But we shouldn’t go off the deep end, bashing a fairly good nominee, just because he doesn’t live up to Reagan’s high standards. It’s a sad fact that there’s nobody on the political scene today, who is both qualified to be president and lives up to Reagan’s standards.

    But at least, our candidate is a highly qualified businessman, who has massive experience turning around huge failing operations and that can’t be bad. Short of Reagan coming back from the grave, Romney is probably the best man for the job… at least among those who are even interested in taking on that job. At the very least, he’ll be far to the right of every president that we’ve had since Reagan.

  • Steven

    Everyone always has their opinion about how bad the “other” partys president screwed everything up…but you have one thing in common you all voted in an a$$ hole for president at one time or another along with bad choices for congress and have had an equal share of fu ck ing up the country… su ck it up, get over yourself, and shut the fu ck up!!!!

    • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

      If one applies the Neuremburg Trial (for the Germans after WWII, the Big One) standards to American presidents every single one of them would be hanged, from Obama back to and including FDR. They are all guilty of war, and other crimes. We simply are not allowed to even think about that much less discuss it in any meaningful way. But the implications are more frightening than any horror film or documentary ever produced.

      • James

        Wow. That comment is so insulting I just don’t know what to say.

        Exactly how many millions of people have US Presidents (FDR to Obama from your statement) walked into gas chambers disguised as showers?

        How is it that military action, sanctioned by the UN, requested by a nation overrun by its neighbor, a crime? How can it be wrong to take military action against a country that refuses to turn over terrorists who admitted to attacking the United States and also insists it will protect them with their own military forces?

        How can you compare that to the Blitzkrieg that flattened most of Europe?

        Comparing any U.S. Presidents to Hitler insults not only the man but the Office, the Country and every American. But worse than that, it diminishes the suffering and loss of the millions of Pols, Armenians, French, Jews, Roma, and every other group deemed undesireable by the Nazi’s.

        How dare you sir, how dare you insult them like that!

  • TerriG

    I stopped reading, Bob, when started , against all known facts, that Obama is not a natural born citizen and is not legally qualfied to be our President. That is complete nonsense, and continuing those lies (they certainly lies) and been proven to be lies by the certified documents that Obama has publicly released (when he had no legal or moral obligation to do so), the declarations by the PTB in Hawaii, and by the courts that have ruled that Obama is elgible to be on their Stat ballots. Continuing to put out this false data is not very smart, and ignoring the facts because you don’t like them is about dishonest as you can get, imo. You seem to be a very intelligent person. Why would you believe internet rumors and gossip over valid, and verified, facts?

    • Fred

      What planet are you living on? Please pick yourself out of the sand get the correct information from reliable sources one of which shows Obama admitting
      that he was born in Kenya.

      • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

        grow up

    • KQJM

      Jay: I don’t get how you say Obama is the “choice” of the power elite when 33 billionaires lined up behind Romney, not in Obama’s camp.

      You say his administration has proven to be the most fiscally irresponsible ever, yet data released illustrates him to be the smallest spender in years.

      Can you explain, for from reports it seems Romney has more of the “power elite” in his camp if judged by wealthy backers.

      • Jay

        According to Forbes, “Obama’s own fiscal 2013 budget … shows federal spending increasing from $2.983 trillion in 2008 to an all time record $3.796 trillion in 2012, an increase of 27.3%” and, “before Obama there had never been a deficit anywhere near $1 trillion.”

        In addition, Obama had four consecutive budget deficits of over a trillion dollars and, in just one term, “will have increased the national debt as much as all prior Presidents, from George Washington to George Bush, combined.”

        And according to the study, budget proposals supported by Obama and Congressional Democrats will increase federal spending to the point where it will become 80% of the GDP if not reined in.

        And in the short term, according to Forbes:

        Obama’s 2013 budget proposes to spend $47 trillion over the next 10 years, the most in world history by far, increasing federal spending by $1.5 trillion above the current CBO

      • KQJM

        Jay: OK, now I’m really confused….. I looked at the Forbes article you cited.

        Now look at this Forbes article:

        So since we are getting into numbers, how they are interpreted seems to be a function of WHO is doing the interpreting.

        So, I went to Christopher Chantrel’s site do do my own historical graph, and came up with this….

        So numbers are like prisoners of war, torture them enough, and they will tell you whatever you want to hear.

        I don’t KNOW which picture to believe, which presentation is accurate. It seems to me it is all personal bias, and we select whichever story simply supports our view. Whether that story conforms to reality or not is a crap shoot.

        This is not a slam against you….. It’s just a statement of my own confusion about WHICH is the correct picture.

    • James

      Perhaps because Obama claimed to be from other countries when it suited him. Was he born in Hawaii, who knows? There are problems with the birth certificate IMAGE he posted. No real one has ever been produced. His college applications and transcripts were sealed after he spent an enormous amount of money to win court cases to have it all sealed.

      Why? Is he from Hawaii and he claimed to be from somewhere else to get a scholarship perhaps? Who knows.

      It is moot for the reasons I stated before so we should concentrate on changing the law to require proof and have it submitted and verified before someone can become a candidate.

      But don’t delude yourself into thinking it’s all on the up and up, it’s not. He should have had to renounce his citizenship to get into that school he attended as a boy even if he was born in the US. Again moot, but further proof that your choosing not to see the grain of truth the rabid ones are gnawing on.

      Maybe if more people would acknowledge it was hinkey, but pointless, we could get these guys on a productive course.

      • Deborah

        Yes, but in the movie, 2016: Obama’s America, Dinesh D’Sousa did go to Hawaii to research the issue of Obama’s birth certificate and he concluded that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii. So perhaps this birth certificate issue should be put to rest. Instead of worrying about this, let’s worry about how a vote for Ron Paul will only be a vote for Obama. Elect Romney now. You can vote for Ron Paul in another 4 years, if he is still alive by then. He looks so frail to me. How old is Ron Paul anyway?

  • Jay

    The TRUTH is that Obama has very little in the way of decisions to make. The power elite placed him in office to continue to pursue policies that will result in world governments.

    The elites are creating world government via war, economic depression and the promotion of various kinds of cultural destructiveness. Obama campaigned on a (ludicrous) platform of “change” – “yes we can” – but even the modest elements of change that he promoted didn’t ever occur.

    He claimed to want to get the economy on track, to diminish America’s wars and to be a “uniter” rather than a divider.

    In fact, his administration has proven to be the most fiscally irresponsible ever, America’s wars have expanded radically under his watch and instead of uniting he has operated with a firm disinterest in the finer points of the legislative process and has been actively divisive as it suits him.

    The reason that Obama’s actions have nothing to do with his rhetoric is because he is not in charge of the process he supposedly supervises. Like so many others in places of power in the West today, Obama is merely a kind of place-keeper, a warm body whose job is to justify policies not create them.

    His main value to the real power elite is that he is a known quantity who exhibits the most desirable characteristic: He does not surprise. Day after day in measured tones, Obama says one thing and does another, as required.

    American presidents don’t really have to do much, in fact. They can generally steer the ship of state by signing executive orders and suggesting various kinds of legislative initiatives that, one way or another, expand further the power of Fedgov.

    Most of what US presidents do involves consensus building, telling a story to the long-suffering inhabitants of Leviathan as to why they need more of the medicine that has already sickened them.

    What Obama needs to do more of – and more convincingly – his handlers are a telling him, is create and deliver a stirring narrative that further justifies America’s descent into the madness of warfare, authoritarianism and economic ruin.

    To some degree, these narratives tend to be built around the personage and personality of the president involved.

    Ronald Reagan with his sunny personality was provided a narrative that claimed to be anti-state even as he hugely expanded the military industrial complex.

    George W. Bush found his “voice” promoting the phony war on terror and the great dangers it imposed on American freedoms. He promoted this narrative even as he further attacked what was left citizens’ freedoms via Homeland Security and a dozen Intel agencies busily wiretapping an expanding pool of dissatisfied citizens.

    Obama, because of his upbringing or just because of the way his character has matured, tends to be a measured and cautious individual. It is likely for this reason that a heroic narrative has failed to coalesce around him in the first half of his administration. In this sense he must take responsibility, and apparently he is.

    If Obama is re-elected – and i believe he remains the choice of the power elite – he will no doubt “cement his legacy” via noticeably more strident rhetoric.

    In doing so, he will have embarked on the only important job that the US presidency still offers –convincing US citizens that the country’s best years lie ahead of it.

    They do not of course. One reason they don’t has to do with candidates like Mitt Romney and Obama. Their very mediocrity and malleableness is what endears them to power elite. Their evident moral vacuum and lack of a significant belief-structure qualifies them for the job.

    Conclusion: Their success in the modern era is measured by the authenticity of their lies and the conviction with which they can deliver them.

    • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

      That is so right on; presidents are supposed to preside, as in executive function.
      Ever since the 1950s, beginning with Truman, the Congress made the president into a king. This is the very thing the United States struggled to remove itself from at the end of the eighteenth century.

  • Deborah

    The bottom line is that we must prevent Obama from being re-elected or America is literally doomed. The votes for Ron Paul will be votes for Obama. STOP! This is not the time for Ron Paul to ruin our opportunity to take back America. Our priority MUST be to get an American president back in office. Someone who loves our country and does not want to destroy it. Once that is accomplished, then we can consider Ron Paul. All you Ron Paul supporters need to galvanize behind Romney right now. Don’t sabotage our chances to take our country back! Please, I beg of you!

  • Memphis

    Although I’m an Independent, a die-hard Constitutionalist and I am not thrilled over Romney, he will get my vote. I am disgusted and entirely disillusioned by president Obama’s feeble and anemic attempt at correcting America’s problems. Where are his PROMISED and GUARANTEED “shovel-ready” jobs, the “saved” jobs, the “under 6% unemployment”, the “revived housing market”, the “revamped school system”, the “balanced budget”,”real immigration reform”, “maintaining a perfect credit rating among the free world”, “peace between races in America “and “no more lobbyists in the White House”? I recall, VIVIDLY, the reason president Obama got my vote in the last election. He said, and I quote, “IF I CAN’T FIX THE ECONOMY IN THREE (3) YEARS, YOU CAN CALL ME FORMER PRESIDENT OBAMA”. No more blaming Bush or blaming Congress. He KNEW what he was up against and has done nothing except had a few “beer summits”, has bought a new dog, taken NUMEROUS vacations at our expense and has made the late-night talk show circuit a couple of times.

    • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

      Beer Summit for Obama
      Beer Hall Putsch for the Mittster Meister

  • An honest man

    They all come with a history of bad judgement, we need to pick a person that will do the best for this country. I’m not a real religious person but I hope the hand of God guides every person to vote for the right one.

    • Average Joe

      An honest man,
      Thank you, well said. Probably the most intelligent comment today.
      Best Wishes,


      • MikeR

        ….”the hand of God guides……” It’s a federal offense to interfere with an election. I wouldn’t want the old dude sitting in a federal pen.

      • Average Joe

        MikeR ,
        Flashy…is this another one of your multiple personalities?
        The “old man” must really frighten you…just the mention of his name riles you up. It’s ok, he still loves you…in spite of yourself.

        Best Wishes,

  • hangman

    Racism will end immediately when the negroes are put in a reservation, just as the Indians were. Yet the Indians had more reason to object, this was their land, but they have acted honorable. Blacks are , unfortunately, too uncivilised to be allowed to roam free. Maybe another million years of evolution will cure that.

    • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

      Bigots like you are the problem. The solution is to quit watching Squidbillies and learn how to read. I am embarrassed on your behalf. What a disgraceful comment you have made!

      • Betty Taylor

        Jim bo if the racist shoe fits ware it .I can stand that loser in the wh now .Ill bet he and his family gets on a plane one day and disapears never to be heard from again .Hell hes stached lots of taxpayers money in other countries .Obama wont stick around when he figures it out hes LOSE this time .He will be gone gone ,gone .Want to bet hes that kind of person ,.He cant see anything threw .so he will be gone like a flash .lol hes a loser

      • jim saulino

        Proofread, Betty Taylor! Proofread what you write. Your scribbling is incomprehensible. I did seem to gather that you are a horrible racist, if anything. Say it isn’t so…
        Your muddled thinking is even more disturbing than the literate racists.
        Look at yourself, sitting at a keyboard, all illiterate thinking that you’re a Republican and to boot superior to someonewho put out the effort to become a constitutional lawyer and president of the United States.
        Betty, if you dare to attend the Republican convention, you would not only be asked to leave, you’d be THROWN OUT ON YOUR EAR!
        The Republican party is an elite club and you ain’t in it.
        gte yourself a million dollars to waste and they just might let you play.

    • http://none,(earthlinkserver) jim saulino

      Translation: Hangman hates Knee-Grows

  • old goat

    T’is a wonderful day for suicide. Looks like the pot smokers are lighting up for another Jim Jones meltdown. Everybody… in line for Kool-Aid… headed for the Promised Land, but too stoned to raise the cup to their lips!

    We rattle off lots of bad guy names, rats if you will, bad things happening, & the deterioration of everything patriotic Americans die for, but you can’t pin the tail on the donkey, because you can’t find his ass, let alone yours! It’s hard to find anything when walking in circles, unable to see past the veins in your eyes, and unable to discern the dots from flashbacks in order to rationalize one point from another.

    Yes we must resurrect very, very limited government and eliminate their extreme finite control over every citizen! That requires a government that protects the people and their constitution from all enemies; domestic and foreign… of which, global MONOPOLISTS are at the top of the enemy list! You can replace politicians. Global monopolists don’t go away, unless your elected government tags them with treble damages and lots of jail time! The pretext of zero regulation predictably wipes out civilization, when monopolists gain control over that which is abundant and required by everyone. Monopolists are the cancer that is consuming us today (oil, production resources, etc., etc.) We have laws, but they’re not enforced – too busy with 310 million citizen leash laws and hot air investment pyramids. You see, the essence of monopoly is controlling supply or demand of just about any true necessity – for evil purposes… (Air & water – oil & grain, freedom, capital, life ….). Pol Pot, Mau, Stalin, Hitler, Railroads, mill-towns, financial barons are examples of runaway individual control! Can you think of anything sleazier than looting the life savings of an entire country by a coalition of corrupt government and monopolists? Hello, America! Free-wheeling monopoly and weak protection of our sovereignty is the Achilles heel of Libertarianism.

    If Johnson can get things done – run for the Senate or House – they make the laws and can enforce them if they have the guts to do it. Rand Paul fits that scenario! We all know Johnson will not be president! So, when you wake up with a hang-over instead of in the Promised Land, it will be you who made it possible for Mr. Obama and his communists to completely disassemble, destroy, and enslave a nation and Constitution that once offered hope, prosperity, and freedom.

  • old goat

    PS No citizen or group of citizens can out buy and influence a presidential election, but we can “sure as the good Lord made us in his image” REMOVE the democrats and republicans who voted to give Obama trillions more money and debt, without restraint or budget! Break the monopolists and force truth back into the news! The legislature passes the laws, can prosecute, can stop the blood bath of money, and can remove corruption in all of its slimy forms! That means lots of democrats and republicans NEED TO GO!

  • http://aol dawg1948

    If you feel the way you do then vote Obummer back in and see what you get. Remember fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I know Romney is no Saint neither is Ron Paul and his son. Get over it and get the Bum out of office then we can pressure Romney and the Republicans to offer better options. We need to keep the Damn House and take the Damn Senate beyond all else that happens.

    • old goat

      AMEN TO THAT!!!

      • David J. Sanchez

        Old goat nobody said that Dr. Ron Paul and his son are saints, but they do believe in the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.

  • Tom

    BOB – - STOP with this Romney-killing vendetta of yours! You sound more and more like a guy who wants Obama for 4 more years! STOP! Remember Perot? Those 7 million votes killed the repubs chance to win and we got 8 years of Clinton….is that what you want???? Speaking for myself I would have made a better president than ANYONE repub or dem….but I’d never get elected!!!! And YOU KNOW..neither can Ron Paul even though I like most of the things he talks about! Get real. With Obama backers like Soros, the unions, illegals, hollywood, news media, teachers, women, PLUS the tons of dead folks and pets that vote….Romney needs every vote possible. We MUST get rid of Obama. You seem hell-bent on electing him! I don’t get it! You remind me of these bomb-throwing hate America Dems. You seem to be a Ron Paul guy first, and the country comes second…that ain’t the way it is supposed to be. Put America FIRST and stop this nonsense! Tom

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Tom,

      You write: “Those 7 million votes killed the repubs chance to win and we got 8 years of Clinton…” George H.W. Bush’s failed first four years gave us Clinton. However, both were Bilderberg approved.

      You write: “We MUST get rid of Obama. You seem hell-bent on electing him!” Hardly.

      You write: “You seem to be a Ron Paul guy first, and the country comes second…that ain’t the way it is supposed to be. Put America FIRST and stop this nonsense!” My concern for America forces me to take unpopular positions.

      Best wishes,

    • old goat

      AMEN AGAIN!!!

  • chuckb

    Subject: Why Mitt Romney is Unlikable! here’s your answer bob

    A lot is being said in the media about Mitt Romney not being “likable” or that he doesn’t “relate well” to people. Frankly, we struggled to understand why. So after much research, we have come up with a Top Ten List to explain this “unlikablility.”

    Top Ten Reasons To Dislike Mitt Romney:

    1. Drop-dead handsome with gracious, statesman-like aura. Looks like every central casting’s #1 choice for Commander-in-Chief.

    2. Been married to ONE woman his entire life, and has been faithful to her, including through her bouts with breast cancer and MS.

    3. No scandals or skeletons in his closet. (How boring is that?)

    4. Can’t speak in a fake, southern, “black preacher voice” when necessary.

    5. Highly intelligent. Graduated cum laude from both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School…and by the way, his academic records are NOT sealed.

    6. Doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, and has never done drugs, not even in the counter-culture age when he went to college. Too square for today’s America?
    7. Represents an America of “yesterday”, where people believed in God, went to Church,
    didn’t screw around, worked hard, and became a SUCCESS!

    8. Has a family of five great sons….and none of them have police records or are in drug rehab. But of course, they were raised by a stay-at-home mom, and that “choice” deserves America’s scorn.

    9. Oh yes…..he’s a MORMON. We need to be very afraid of that very strange religion that teaches its members to be clean-living, patriotic, fiscally conservative, charitable, self-reliant, and honest.

    10. And one more point…..pundits say because of his wealth, he can’t relate to ordinary Americans. I guess that’s because he made that money HIMSELF… opposed to marrying it or inheriting it from Dad.
    Apparently, he didn’t understand that actually working at a job and earning your own money made you unrelatable to Americans.

    My goodness, it’s a strange world, isn’t it?
    Personal Information:

    His full Name is: Willard Mitt Romney

    He was Born: March 12, 1947 and is 65 years old.

    His Father: George W. Romney, former Governor of the State of Michigan

    He was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    He is Married to Ann Romney since 1969; they five children.

    B.A. from Brigham Young University,

    J.D. and M.B.A. from Harvard University

    Mormon – The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints

    Working Background:
    After high school, he spent 30 months in France as a Mormon missionary.

    After going to both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School simultaneously, he passed the Michigan bar exam, but never worked as an attorney.

    In 1984, he co-founded Bain Capital a private equity investment firm, one of the largest such firms in the United States.

    In 1994, he ran for Senator of Massachusetts and lost to Ted Kennedy.

    He was President and CEO of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

    In 2002, he was elected Governor of the State of Massachusetts where he eliminated a 1.5 billion deficit.

    Some Interesting Facts about Romney:

    Bain Capital, starting with one small office supply store in Massachusetts, turned it into Staples; now over 2,000 stores employing 90,000 people.

    Bain Capital also worked to perform the same kinds of business miracles again and again, with companies like Domino’s, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Channel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama,
    Home Depot Supply and many others.

    He was an unpaid volunteer campaign worker for his dad’s gubernatorial campaign 1 year.

    He was an unpaid intern in his dad’s governor’s office for eight years.

    He was an unpaid bishop and state president of his church for ten years.

    He was an unpaid President of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee for three years.

    He took no salary and was the unpaid Governor of Massachusetts for four years.

    He gave his entire inheritance from his father to charity.

    Mitt Romney is one of the wealthiest self-made men in our country but has given more back to its citizens in terms of money, service and time than most men.

    And in 2011 Mitt Romney gave over $4 million to charity, almost 19% of his income…. Just for comparison purposes, Obama gave 1% and Joe Biden gave $300 or ..0013%.

    Mitt Romney is Trustworthy:

    He will show us his birth certificate.

    He will show us his high school and college transcripts.

    He will show us his social security card.

    He will show us his law degree.

    He will show us his draft notice.

    He will show us his medical records.

    He will show us he has nothing to hide.

    Mitt Romney’s background, experience and trustworthiness show him to be a great leader and an excellent citizen for President of the United States.

    You may think that Romney may not be the best representative the Republicans could have selected. At least I know what religion he is, and that he won’t desecrate the flag, bow down to foreign powers,
    or practice fiscal irresponsibility.

    I know he has the ability to turn this financial debacle that the current regime has gotten us into. We won’t like all the things necessary to recover from this debt, but someone with Romney’s background can do it.

    But, on the minus side, he never was a “Community Organizer”, never took drugs or smoked pot, never got drunk, did not associate with communists
    or terrorists, nor did he attend a church whose pastor called for God to damn the US.

    • Betty Taylor

      I know Mitts a winner .obama is a lune from kenya and I read a lot of fools post on here protecting Obammer the loser ,communist mixed up sows ear

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear chuckb,

      You write: “3. No scandals or skeletons in his closet.” Apparently you did not read this column.

      Best wishes,

      • Deborah

        It really doesn’t matter what Romney’s top ten list is. As long as he is an American loyalist who loves God and country, he has my vote. The ultimate goal is to unseat Obama. We cannot let him destroy this country! Don’t you get it!!!!!!!! You can return to your petty bickering after Romney is elected.

      • David J. Sanchez

        Bob, normally I agree with you nearly all of the time, but if you examine every publication that you quote as truthful information concerning Mitt Romney, you will find that every one of them are “left-leaning, pro-Democrat Party loving, Republican hating, pro- Socialist, free enterprise despising hypocrites, who have an axe to grind against anyone who even seems successful. I also do love Dr. Ron Paul and his son Rand, due to the fact that they are true believers in America and the U.S. Constitution. But be honest Bob Livingston, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is a disgusting example of someone who hides his college and health records, and has admitted more than once that his father in Kenyan, and he definitely wants nothing more than to “radically (my words) transform America. Even when Mitt Romney wins this Fall we need to exert pressure on them from the TEA Party and the Libertarians, and Patriots of the Bill of Rights. They will understand that We the People mean business, and they better watch out. Thank you, (a loyal reader of P.L.A.) David J. Sanchez.

  • Liberterian

    Isn’t that the truth, when this man stands for nothing and everything. How can you live by not committing yourself to anything. In order to be a man you must stand for something whether right or wrong. Who would make the decisions if any in a Romney administration?

    • old goat

      Didn’t hear Rummy on energy independence -=- or didn’t want to??? We’re looking at gas price spikes because there’s another hurricane… just like what naturally happens ad infinitum for endless years. Love the out of control inflation & currency destruction? We’re global monopolist owned peons in the mix of things that could easily butcher and enslave us at the wink of an eye… all made very likely by bozo in charge!

      We have no energy plan, fall apart every time the wind blows, and broke because the global monopolists can charge whatever they want for any purpose – (“because” is good enough for them!)! Time to drill on land – screw the moose & polar bears — resurrect a free & prosperous AMERICA – NOW!!! Need B O, Holder, Pelosi, & tweedy reedy up there to give the big white bears something to chase.

      Romney isn’t my pick, but Howdy Dodo on steroids sure isn’t either!

  • Free

    Most are so petty over who is the best candidate, how about rating the worst, and then choosing the least of the worst, that is what politics has come to, none are worth a $hit in my opinion, they all are the same, greedy liars. There is no such thing as the best candidate, they all stink and have sold us down the river with no oars and a sinking boat called a bankrupt country.

    And as to obama, he is not black, he is mixed, so he voted to be black, ever wonder why, because he hates his white side. He is a racist within his own skin, so why do most refer to him as black? Does he really qualify as a black to other blacks, not in my opinion. When I grew up, half black and half whites were worse off than being all black. My how times have changed, except for racism, that remains the same for millions.

  • Average Joe

    40 Points That Prove That Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate

    Republicans are being told that they have “no choice” but to vote for Romney because otherwise they will get another four years of Obama.
    This “lesser of two evils” theme comes out every four years. We are told that we “must” vote for a horrible candidate because the other guy is even worse.
    Well, millions of Americans are getting sick of this routine. Perhaps that is why it is being projected that as many as 90 million Americans of voting age will not vote this year.
    Yes, Barack Obama has been so horrible as president that it is hard to put it into words.
    But Mitt Romney would be just like Barack Obama.
    Those that are dreaming of a major change in direction if Romney is elected are going to be bitterly, bitterly disappointed.
    The following are 40 ways that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are essentially the same candidate….
    1. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supported TARP.
    2. Mitt Romney supported Barack Obama’s “economic stimulus” packages.
    3. Mitt Romney says that Barack Obama’s bailout of the auto industry was actually his idea.
    4. Neither candidate supports immediately balancing the federal budget.
    5. They both believe in big government and they both have a track record of being big spenders while in office.
    6. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both fully support the Federal Reserve.
    7. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both on record as saying that the president should not question the “independence” of the Federal Reserve.
    8. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both said that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did a good job during the last financial crisis.
    9. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both felt that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke deserved to be renominated to a second term.
    10. Both candidates oppose a full audit of the Federal Reserve.
    11. Both candidates are on record as saying that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has done a good job.
    12. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both been big promoters of universal health care.
    13. Mitt Romney was the one who developed the plan that Obamacare was later based upon.
    14. Wall Street absolutely showers both candidates with campaign contributions.
    15. Neither candidate wants to eliminate the income tax or the IRS.
    16. Both candidates want to keep personal income tax rates at the exact same levels for the vast majority of Americans.
    17. Both candidates are “open” to the idea of imposing a Value Added Tax on the American people.
    18. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both believe that the TSA is doing a great job.
    19. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supported the NDAA.
    20. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supported the renewal of the Patriot Act.
    21. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both believe that the federal government should be able to indefinitely detain American citizens that are considered to be terrorists.
    22. Both candidates believe that American citizens suspected of being terrorists can be killed by the president without a trial.
    23. Barack Obama has not closed Guantanamo Bay like he promised to do, and Mitt Romney actually wants to double the number of prisoners held there.
    24. Both candidates support the practice of “extraordinary rendition”.
    25. They both support the job-killing “free trade” agenda of the global elite.
    26. They both accuse each other of shipping jobs out of the country and both of them are right.
    27. Both candidates are extremely soft on illegal immigration.
    28. Neither candidate has any military experience. This is the first time that this has happened in a U.S. election since 1944.
    29. Both candidates earned a degree from Harvard University.
    30. They both believe in the theory of man-made global warming.
    31. Mitt Romney has said that he will support a “cap and trade” carbon tax scheme (like the one Barack Obama wants) as long as the entire globe goes along with it.
    32. Both candidates have a very long record of supporting strict gun control measures.
    33. Both candidates have been pro-abortion most of their careers. Mitt Romney’s “conversion” to the pro-life cause has been questioned by many. In fact, Mitt Romney has made millions on Bain Capital’s investment in a company called “Stericycle” that incinerates aborted babies collected from family planning clinics.
    34. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both believe that the Boy Scout ban on openly gay troop leaders is wrong.
    35. They both believe that a “two state solution” will bring lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israel.
    36. Both candidates have a history of nominating extremely liberal judges.
    37. Like Barack Obama, Mitt Romney also plans to add “signing statements” to bills when he signs them into law.
    38. They both have a horrible record when it comes to job creation.
    39. Both candidates believe that the president has the power to take the country to war without getting the approval of the U.S. Congress.
    40. Both candidates plan to continue running up more government debt even though the U.S. government is already 16 trillion dollars in debt.

    A vote of no cofidence for Robamney.

    Ron Paul 2012!

    • Betty Taylor

      Chuckb you are way off base in your accessment of mitt ,I read that crap you wrote and it tells me you are a obama supporter .Because trying to get others to vote the third party will hand the president back to obama .If any one wants obama gone ,Vote MITT so we can ger him out ,.Good greef people get a brain .

      • Average Joe

        Betty Taylor ,
        Doest thou knowest who ye reply to? You say that you are replying to Chuckb…but I am the one advocating for Ron Paul. Maybe you are confused? (in which case maybe you shouldn’t be going into the voting booth?)
        Unlike some folks around here, I don’t buy into the “lesser of two evils” BS (evil is evil)…or that my vote “for” Ron Paul is somehow a vote for Obama. I simply cast MY vote for the candidate that I feel will do the best for my country…and I don’t worry about the “Party”. MY vote is FOR the individual…period. You seem to be voting “against Obama” while I am voting….”FOR” America. Whether Romney or Obama win, nothing will change, it will be “Business as usual” in DC…to believe otherwise is pure folly on your part.
        Maybe in the future (if you want to have any credibilty) you may want to try to disprove what was written …rather than to resort to Ad hominem attacks on the poster….Refute with verifiable facts and not with your opinion…we all have at least one of those.

        If Romney or Obama wins…it won’t be because we voted for Ron Paul, it will be because you didn’t. In any case, you’ll get the government that you’ve asked for., the choice is yours to make…just as it is OURS to make…Individual choice, what a novel idea.

        Best Wishes,

      • chuckb

        betty taylor, don’t buy into the baloney it will make no difference if barry wins or romney. it will make a massive difference. there is no way this country can survive under the policies of this administration. romney said his position on immigration:” i believe there should be a work visa, a return to mexico and return legally, finish the border fence, no more state tuition and basically follow the rule of law.” barry doesn’t cohere to this, so you can’t say he and romney are the same, absolutely not.
        the comparison list shown by aj is mostly anti romney propaganda and if you want to take the time to check it out you’ll find must is not true in the sense, a matter of twisting opinions, something l;ike the bolsheviks do. i don’t think aj is a bolshevik, however, it wasn’t too long ago he was bad mouthing barry, his vision of a ron paul presidency is just that a vision.

      • Average Joe


        You write:

        “the comparison list shown by aj is mostly anti romney propaganda and if you want to take the time to check it out you’ll find must is not true in the sense, a matter of twisting opinions, something l;ike the bolsheviks do. ”

        Once again, you give us…. your opinion and nothing more…where are your verifiable facts refuting my post? Put up or shut up…the ball is firmly in your court…play ball….

        Good luck,

    • James

      Politics One oh One
      You have to pick your shots. If all you say is negative people stop listening. If you say sure he did a good job and we can do better, you haven’t ticked anyone off, but you have said your going to make changes.

      Until we get the media undercontrol and accountable for lying the two-step is always going to be there. Taking everything they say at face value will never get you real story.

      • Average Joe

        James ,

        Truth 101…
        Truth matters…politics 101 doesn’t. While the truth may be uncomfortable at times…it is no less true and certainly no less relevant.

        “In a world of cowards, stick to your principles. In a sea of lies, tell the truth. Into the darkness, shine a light. Do those things and be that person. Be courageous, studious, and persistent. Remember that the one person on this earth you have full power to improve is yourself. Learn and teach whenever and wherever you can. Be your own army of one, and then you will be carrying on the Ron Paul legacy.”

        Tom Woods.

        Best wishes,

        • Deborah

          Ron Paul’s ideology is very nice (although I am not a Ron Paul supporter) but it will not work at this point in time. Our goal is to get Obama out of office and save America. If Obama is re-elected, we will have gone over the edge to the point of no return.

          A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. We have no choice but to vote for Romney at this point. It always comes down to the lesser of two evils. I don’t think Romney is evil, but for those of you who think he is not the answer, let’s debate that at a different time. We must unite for Romney and get rid of Obama. This is priority #1.

      • Average Joe


        You write:

        “We must unite for Romney and get rid of Obama. This is priority #1.”

        Let me reiterate from a couple of previous posts that I made…..

        Who exactly is this “we” that you refer to? I certainly don’t support an Obama clone.

        The RNC/GOP has lied, cheated and stolen delegates to nominate “thier annointed one”.

        I don’t hang out with liars, cheaters or thieves. I’ve never bought a car that I didn’t want…or any other product for that matter….and I’m not planning to start now…
        Romney is a “product” that the MSM, RNC and GOP are trying to sell me…and I’m not buying…end of story. I vote based on morals and integrity….not because someone else tells me it’s a great product….I’ve been sold these lemons in the past and I’m tired of squeezing out the lemonaid…when I was promised a bottle of “fine wine”. Maybe your standards are lower than mine…that is your problem. Keep sucking on those lemons….

        If you are simply voting for “the lesser of two evils”, then you are part of the problem as well.
        Getting to Hell five minutes later…. does not change the destination.
        Vote your conscience, vote your convictions, vote for someone that holds your ideals….but never vote for “the lesser of two evils”. Evil is evil…period and both will lead you down the same path.

        I am voting FOR America… while you are voting..AGAINST Obama.

        That vote your conscience…and I’ll vote mine.

        I will continue My support for Ron Paul…MY VOTE…….MY CHOICE.

        Best Wishes,

        • Deborah

          To Average Joe -

          “We” refers to the GOP. That includes ultra-conservative, right-wingers as well as moderate republicans and Independents who lean right (like me) and perhaps some libertarians (if they are smart).

          The lesser of two evils is always the choice. Because it will ultimately come down to two strong candidates who will battle it out. If you do not understand this then you can go suck on a lemon. You are a fool to vote for Ron Paul. It will take away a much needed vote for Romney to defeat Obama. If you want to vote your ideological convictions, no one can stop you. This is a free country. But if you care at all about keeping our freedom intact, you will vote for Romney. It is the only way we can prevent Obama from being re-elected and sending this country over the cliff. to the point of no return.

          Sometimes you just have to do the right thing no matter how much it hurts. This is no time to let your foolish pride get in the way of saving our country. Shame on you!

      • Average Joe

        I see the old panties are still in a bunch…It may take a tow truck to get’em out. How about some new talking points? The one’s you have are getting tired.
        I am a registered Republican…the RNC/GOP and Robamney have disenfranchized about one third of thier party… Don’t lie, cheat or steal to put forth your candidate ( you show that you are no better than your opponent)… Don’t kick me in the teeth and then tell me that I need to vote for your candidate…it ain’t going to happen. Robamny couldn’t beat McClame four years ago. McClame couldn’t beat Obama four years ago….and somehow me voting for Ron Paul is going to cost him the election? You are delusional at best. Sorry, if you have a beef…take it up with the GOP…they’ve caused this problem…it’s all on them. You Are correct…I can vote any way I choose…and there isn’t anything that you can do about it..too bad…so sad.

        Now, please take your whinning and crying to someone who cares….the whining isn’t pretty and it doesn’t score you any brownie points…Boo friggin” hoo!

        Best wishes for a full recovery,

        • Deborah

          Poor Average Joe – LOL, it sounds to me like you’re the whiner and very good at it. I see how it upsets you to know I’m right. I’m usually always right. I know, i know, even a clock is right twice a day. Ha, ha. I just had to steal that line before you used as your comeback.

          Seriously, I appreciate that you are a registered republican. That’s wonderful. I would be too, except that I don’t subscribe to some of their more extreme beliefs. I like to think for myself. However, my views and core values are almost completely republican.

          I love America and I do not want this country to spiral into socialism. We must unite our vote behind the republican nominee.

          I suggest you read an excellent book which I recently finished. It is called The Post-American World (Release 2.0) by Fareed Zakaria. Yes he is the CNN personality.
          I am open-minded enough to consider other opinions even though I will default to FOX Cable News Fareed’s views are surprisingly conservative in many ways.

          It explains how, like it or not, we must work with the other countries who are on the rise (China, India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, etc.). They are embracing the capitalist ideology and they still look to America to be a powerful force for guidance. We need to capitalize on this without allowing ourselves to be manipulated by them and overpowered. This is how we maintain their respect.

          If we continue printing money to cover our debts to these nations, like Obama is doing, our U.S. dollar will lose its value and we will no longer be the global currency against which oil is measured. In fact our dollar is already being refused by China because they realize Obama is just printing more and it is worthless. Why else do you think investors are now advising us to convert our money out of U.S. currency?

          This book and the movie, 2016: Obama’s America, dovetail very nicely. Enjoy.

      • Average Joe

        Thank you for your opinion. That and $5 will get you a cup of coffee in some places…this isn’t one of those places.

        Good Luck,

        • Deborah

          You know I’m right, you’re just too stubborn to admit it. I don’t need a cup of Jo. I’ve had enough Average Joe. Too acidic for my taste.

  • moonbeam

    We really have no one to vote for, do we? Can’t vote for BO because he is an illegal alien and can not legally be on any state ballot. There, that clears that up.

    Romney is at best, an idiot. I have never seen a more stupid face on anyone in my life. He is the same whore, liar and thief that BO and the rest of them are. He’s another elite who is so far removed from grass roots folks, I bet he doesn’t know what how real hay is made. I can’t with a clear conscience vote for either one of them. They both stink like a pile of rotting meat basted in diarrhea, cooked in the sun.

    As always, watch what they DO, not what they say. Sick of holding my nose.

    If we think that politicians are the answer, we shall surely perish. When will we get it through our thick skulls that the only way to make change is if it is done BY THE PEOPLE? Since Bush we have been in a hand basket to hell with gasoline drawers on.

    Do what the people of Iceland did back in June when they finally got sick of the BS. They took a big ass broom, swept out their corrupt government and put the Rothschild’s bankers in jail. Oh Happy Day!


    • jim Saulino

      okay then, let’s get on with it

    • James

      Way to go! Judge him by his apperance! That is a well thought out, critical, way of eliminating the bad apples.

      • Deborah

        Well James, since we are criticizing the candidates looks, Romney is quite handsome. The stupid face is Obama with his huge, elephant ears. He looks like Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine.

        • James

          Deborah the comment was in regards to Moonbeams Romney is at best, an idiot. I have never seen a more stupid face on anyone in my life.

  • Dale

    Why in the world would you want to publish this before the election? You are just furnishing fodder to the obama push and shove. There are now and forever will be negatives about any candidate, but to put this out there now is just adding to the chance that obama might be elected. I consider this more than an election. it is more like a war and much more at stake than anytime in our history as an independent nation.. This country could be lost. Just as in ww two loose lips sink ships.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dale,

      You write: “Why in the world would you want to publish this before the election? You are just furnishing fodder to the obama push and shove.” Do you seriously think the Obama team did not already know this? These facts are behind Obama’s attempts to get Romney to release his tax records. You know nothing of the way elections work. You also do not understand that both candidates are Bilderberg approved.

      Best wishes,

      • NENA

        Hello Bob, Honesty is the best Policy.Why do you want to hide the truth, and elect a worse President that will sell the USA.. Don’t over look Obama what he did for this Country,as he got the number 1 enemies of the United State of America.
        and ending the War hope soon. God Bless.

    • James

      Obama taking credit for getting Osama Bin Laden is the same as Al Gore claming he invented the internet. (He didn’t in case you forgot.)

      What he did do was expose a whole lot of people to retribution from muslim extreemists by naming EXACTLY WHO WENT IN and the fact we had CONTACTS IN COUNTRY!

      One of the hats he is SUPPOSED to wear is Commander in Cheif and one of the most sacred duties of anyone in that postition is OPSEC. Operational Security, in case you didn’t know. He exposed assests in country, the team who went in, our intelligence gathering capabilities, the capabilities of the units involved, basically he put a whole lot of good servicemen and their families in the line of fire.

      It took years and years of intelligence gathering to pin him down and that started before the Towers went down. We wanted him waaaayyyy back then. In fact we had him on a platter but Clinton didn’t act.

  • Fedup!

    Do I really need to remind you all that Obama is black and white? Or was that a lie too? I bet it is!!!!

  • Fedup!

    I agree with you Dale. What the heck was this author thinking and bad timing as well!

  • Ken

    Mitt Romney is a joke. Period! There was only one true Republican running in this race and the GOP dirt bags screwed him in every way. The only real Republican was Ron Paul. Period!

    • Deborah

      Perhaps you are correct Ken, but nothing in life is fair. Also, the majority of republicans don’t want a republican extremist. Independents want someone who is capable of being open-minded without alienating America to the rest of the world and still keep a strong presence as number one.

      Please read the book, The Post-American World (Release 2.0) by Fareed Zakaria. Yes, he is the CNN personality. Personally, I am a FOX fan but as an Independent who leans right, I feel it is important to educate ourselves on how the outside forces are affecting our country’s future.

  • Ryan James Dillashaw

    No he is not and neither is Obama! Write in Ron Paul and tell the elite we are not falling for there lies and Big Government Agenda. Dont believe the media that says Paul Cant beat Obama. That is up to us not the media we will say who can win with our votes. Dont be a anyone but Obama voter. And vote Romney because hes not Obama. If all those voters Write in Ron Paul instead and voteing Romney or Obama. Then there is no way Ron Paul can lose. Dont vote for who the media says vote for you and your familys future. And Ron Paul is the only one giving us a chance to have a bright future once again.

  • Ken

    Amen! Ryan.

  • david1957

    the more I read theses articles and replies the more I realize living in todays world is like a giant mind game, a night mare we cant escape. I’m worried about the effects of decade long wars is having on our soldiers, their coming home broken physically and mentally and dependent, the effects of which will be felt for generations. But is it creating a mindset to cause knee jerk reactions ? if so to what and then whats next ? Basically I just can’t shake this feeling of being manipulated, is it nature, natural or man made ?

  • Nanzie

    Ron Paul may be a great man, but he does NOT stand a chance at winning the Election in 2012, therefore, my belief is that voting for him instead of Romney is basically going to be the same as giving another vote for obama. This is what Ross Perot did in 1992 that messed up our elections and gave the White House to Clinton. If it comes down to a race between Romney and Obama, as it will, who would you rather lead our Nation these next 4 years? If you’re ok with it being Obama, then go ahead and vote for Ron Paul.

    • Deborah

      YES, YES, YES! I wholeheartedly agree. VOTE FOR ROMNEY! We can vote for Ron Paul when Romney comes up for re-election, if we so desire. Don’t do this NOW. It is way too dangerous. DON’T GIVE THE VOTE TO OBAMA! That is what a Ron Paul vote will do.

  • James

    Ron Paul lost, get over it.

    • Jay

      On the contrary, he is the biggest winner of them all. He maintained his integrity! The same cannot be said for the rest of the estblishment-hounds…

  • Dbc

    Ron Paul? REALLY? He’s a kook with outrageous reactionary, ilationist and goofy ideas. Get a grip. And quoting “Mother Jones”? Sick!

  • chuckb

    bob livingston, does that make margret thatcher less because of her association with sir jack lyons? did romney know that much about lyons background other than he had the money needed for his venture? it seems like a reach to me, there’s no evidence romney had any dealings other than from a point of investment, unlike barrys dealings with rezko in chicago, now there’s one you can really wonder on. so i don’t buy this as a skeleton in romneys closet. i don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to un-horse this joke in the white house, romeny would be a much better choice for president.

    • Deborah

      Excellent points chuckb -

      To Bob Livingston – As an Independent voter who leans right, I think your extremist, ultra-conservative ideology is insane. Why is it you guys have to fall off the deep end? You give the GOP a bad name.

      • macgyver1948

        Deborah…. No one has to give the GOP a bad name when you do such a great job all by themselves.

        • Deborah

          I suggest you read what you just posted and clarify what you mean. It doesn’t make sense. Just like your thinking…

          • macgyver1948

            Sure thing ma’am… I thought it was easy to understand but I will try harder for you….

          • Deborah

            According to your grammatical errors. I can’t figure out whether you are referring to the GOP doing such a great job by themselves or if you are referring to me by myself. Perhaps you are referring to both. Either way – just another cliche’ comeback. Not very impressive.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… Yes, the GOP is doing a great job but they are doing the job they are told to do for the Norquists and the Koch’s and TEA. They spend so much of their time trying to defeat Obama, since before he was elected the first time, they do not have time to do what is needed by the country… Great job the GOP… And Romney will be an extension of Norquist and others if he wins.

          • Deborah

            I agree with you macgyver, but despite the faults of the GOP, lets first get Romney elected so that we don’t have to worry about the integrity of our country. If Obama wins we won’t be able to debate any of this. He is a socialist dictator. We will lose our freedoms very quickly once he assumes a second term in power. After Romney is elected, we can come down hard on the GOP to make our voices heard about the reforms we want.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah…. You said “I agree with you macgyver, but despite the faults of the GOP, lets first get Romney elected so that we don’t have to worry about the integrity of our country”…

            This in a way reminds me of what Pelosi said a few months ago, something like “Let’s pass it first and then read and understand it”. Old Nancy actually angered me with that. We need to know before hand if we can trust before the voting.

            Deborah, you and I do not see who the right person/party should be to take the Oval Office, and perhaps Congress as well, but I think we agree on the needs for the country – jobs, the economy in general, maintaining constitutional rights, etc. I do not trust Mitt to just vote for him. I really do believe he will work for The Legal MOB – Koch, Norquist and others like them. I posted a few times yesterday what Norquist says – Norquist: Romney Will Do As Told

            They should scare everyone who isn’t very wealthy. With corporations in control, as they would be with the Legal MOB in in charge, we will very much be in need of jobs unless we all are ready to accept the lowest pay they would offer. No negotiating, just “take it or leave because there are so many behind you, now get out of the way”. And no real expense laid out on working conditions and environments. Corporations have been cheapening benefits for the non execs for decades. When I first got out of the Air Force (1970) from my first job to maybe the early 1990s my benefits were very good but I noticed they were diminishing slowing. I left Walmart Corporate Office almost 3 years ago and the benefits really sucked. With the Legal MOB in charge it will be “Going down”.

          • Deborah

            Once again, I agree with you on many of your points. Nancy Pelosi’s famous blunder- comment infuriated me. Electing Romney is not like that. I’m well aware that we are electing the lesser of two evils. No party is perfect. We don’t have much of a choice. Ron Paul is an isolationist and I strongly disagree with that portion of his ideology. If you read my earlier postings referencing the book, The Post-American World (Release 2.0) by Fareed Zakaria, you will understand why America must embrace “the rise of the rest.”

            I feel Obama is a very dangerous alternative since his ideology is all about destroying America. He has the mentality of a socialist dictator. I would vote for anyone but Obama.

            I have worked for corporate America and I too have seen my benefits diminish. I never was lucky enough to get a pension. I do not support the big labor unions forcing people to pay dues to them when they do not reflect my values and ideals. Please go see the movie, 2016; Obama’s America. It is so well done. It is a classy film. There’s no radical, in-your-face rhetoric. It’s presents facts and allows for personal reflection. Perhaps that is why the audiences applaud at the end of the movie. I witnessed this and others who saw the movie at my recommendation reported the same audience reaction.

            I salute you for being a proud veteran of our nation’s armed forces. Thank you.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… Ron Paul being an isolationist is only one of the reasons I wouldn’t be for him. I think in that ‘isolation-ing’ he would ignore our foreign friends and many of them might be less of a friend to us especially if they were attacked and destroyed.

            I think we should both just support who we each feel is the lessor evil. I very much disagree with Romney, as you know, but I support your support for him… You feel Obama is very dangerous and I feel it is Romney with Grover’s and Koch’s hooks so deeply in bedded in him. I do not think we can win an argument against each other.

            I will try to get The Post-American World (Release 2.0) by Fareed Zakaria,as you suggest. I read so much all day and my time is limited. I do not like the sound of that title, :-).

            By the way, if the movie 2016 is by people who oppose “Separation Of Church And State” I will view it with that vain in mind. I feel so strongly that “Separation Of Church And State” so much is needed to be added to the Constitution and that is because of people who will try to force their religious beliefs on others. That to me is anti-American for it to be in politics or in any way affecting law making and policy. I want prayer brought back to schools but that must be silent pray with no mention of any particular religious belief mentioned before, during or after. That way the kids can relate to God how they and their families want them to and not how some other religion pushes even by mere mention. And, since atheist-ism is protected by the constitution too the atheists can relate how they want to silently as well…

          • Deborah

            To macgyver -

            Don’t worry, the movie is not about religion. It is a fact based documentaries of interviews and travels to other lands. I cried when Dinesh D’Sousa interviewed Obama’s brother in Africa and visited Obama’s father’s grave. The cinematography and music are awesome. it is totally engrossing and moves fast for all of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

            The book title sounds scary but it does leave you feeling hopeful at the end. We definitely need to embrace “the rise of the rest.”

            As for religion, I was raised Roman Catholic and I attended parochial Catholic grade school and high school. Therefore, I can’t speak for public schools. I do feel strongly that everyone should say the pledge of allegiance to the flag. If that offends some children’s families then they have no business living here.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah…. I will try soon to see the movie soon, :-)… I too want the pledge of allegiance to be in schools and sporting events and Military gatherings. I love our flag and what it stands for…

            I worked for a Catholic University for a while in New Jersey and they never pushed religion on any employees. I also helped with the computer center’s Christmas parties. My Boss’s boss was a priest. He was very funny and I enjoy our meetings. The school has a pretty good basketball team and the priests were huge fans. I worked at the computer center. I didn’t have to ask for Yum Kipper or Rush Ahsunah off, I bet I spelled those wrong lol, because they said they would chase me out for those days if I showed up. :-). The best job I ever had was at that university.

          • Deborah

            Macgyver – Glad to hear this. I worked for a Catholic hospital in Wisconsin for many years. The majority of the doctors were Jewish. It was a great place to work. Even though every patient’s room had a crucifix on the wall, there was no retaliation from the Jewish population. Many of the patients were Jews who came from Israel and/or New York for open heart surgery. They were grateful for the state of the art care they received. Also many patients from India came to our hospital. They were free to worship as they chose in the privacy of their hospital room but not one of them asked to have the crucifix removed from the wall. This is the way diversity should be in a free country.

          • macgyver1948

            Deberah… It was a Catholic Hospital you worked for and the one that those patients got their care from. I grew up ultra-conservative (funny how that doesn’t apply to my politics, lol). I would pick a hospital I felt would give me the best care and not be concerned with the religious affiliations if they weren’t going to push them on me. The cross is meaningless to Jews so if there are some on the walls I wouldn’t care because that would give them meaning for me. To me it would be the shape of the letter “T” or a sward. I have no problem with other people’s religious artifacts and symbols.

            Oh, if while you worked there and you had a priest for your boss I bet my priest boss was smarter than yours, LOL…

          • Deborah

            That’s good to know macgyver. Too bad the rest of the world doesn’t share your views. We have become so politically correct that now we accommodate even the atheists who claim that the site of the cross-shaped, iron girder monument at Ground Zero makes then “sick.” Absolutely ridiculous!

            I would tell them to go to hell but they don’t believe in hell, so I guess it would not be an insult to them. Maybe the cross makes them sick in the same way that a vampire is tortured at the sight of the cross. That would be a great way to weed out the evil ones. :)

            But I digress… and NO I did not have a priest as my boss at the Catholic hospital. They were lay people and nuns. I believe it was owned by an order of sisters. Also, I have no idea where this rumor of “Catholic guilt” came from. I never felt that way. Just FYI, I have worked for other hospitals that were secular. So I’m not a cloistered, overly-religious person.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… I accept all religions equally but it is individuals who mess them up with their forcing their ways on others, those who do. I even accept the atheists but I do not understand how they are so fearful or put out by morning prayer if it is silent. And if they don’t believe in God why would it hurt their tender feelings with “In God We Trust” on our money if that money spends? Who cares if you do not believe that way??? They may not believe in hell but I bet many of them understand the concept so if you tell them to go there they will get your gist. LOL…

            I have a silly story. A few years ago Walmart sent out a directive telling people to no longer say “Merry Christmas” at that time of year but in stead say ”have a happy holiday”, something like that. It got so confusing for many (there were Jews and Muslims and Hindus and others coming in too) the directive was canceled for the following year. Instead we were to be discreet in out appreciation of their patronage. I was glad I worked in the home office, LOL…

          • Deborah

            Yes, I remember that “era.” The liberals were ticked off at the conservatives because they said there was a “war on religion” and a “war on Christmas.” I totally agreed with it. Of course the libs tried to deny it and smeared the conservatives as religious extremists. Their anti-religion plan blew up in their faces. I never stopped saying Merry Christmas while in the stores. In fact, I made a point of saying it to every clerk I dealt with during my purchases.

            I began to patronize the stores like Macy’s and Sears who stood up against the political correctness extremism and wished their patrons a Merry Christmas. I’d like to know who the idiots are that instigate this anti-establishment, political correctness and why we give them so much credibility and power of influence over us. I’m glad there are extremists to fight extremists.

            My Jewish-republican friends say they have no problem with wishing a Merry Christmas when it is the Christmas season. I wish them a Happy Hanukkah during the Festival of Lights period. This extremism has got to stop. It is insanity.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… I worked for mostly small under 35 million yearly companies except for the NY Fed and Walmart. I have seen Walmart as a typical large Corporation from what I read and hear from others who have worked for large corporations. I was a business analyst in their Global Ethics Office. Walmart wants so much from Congress that they will do the politically correct thing at times when they want something. For example, they are working on annexing Arvest Bank, they are in at least 4 states. They failed with congress on that before but I do not think they will give up. Walmart wants an Arvest Bank in ever store (Supercenter, non-Supercenters, Neighborhood stores and Sams Clubs) if they can get it. The Current Chairman Of the Walmart board is a Sam Walton son and the creator of and Chairman of Arvest bank is the brother of the Walmart Chairman.

            I wont go into detail about what corporations are, as I have come to know them, but I will quote our retiring Ethics Office VP in his last speech to us. This sums up big corporations nicely in general. It is the particulars (the differences between how they are really internally and how they present themselves to the world) that defines their ethics. I could tell you of many anti-associate policies they have, and how they deal with suppliers and vendors, but not now. Walmart is in no way untypical in this.
            “…I want to thank you for all the great work you did for Walmart and but but we must always remember it is all for the benefit and protection of ‘Big Walmart’”.

          • Deborah

            Well, I can’t blame corporations, or Walmart for that matter, for making decisions to grow and be productive. This is what capitalism is all about. We are free to give them our business or boycott them. We are free to work for them or to leave them. There are anti-trust laws to prevent over-monopolization.

            As Former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice just said this very moment during her speech at the Republican National Convention, “We stand for free people and free markets.” “Sadly, we are abandoning the field of free trade and it will come back to haunt us.” New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez just said, “Success was not built on jealousy and fear.” These women both gave amazing speeches.

          • Gea

            Globalization, which started during Clinton/Gore in earnest had increased the size and profits of LARGE corporations and eliminated small business ability to compete with those behemoth, which can monopolized markets. Then we had 8 years of Bush who cut taxes for the extremely rich even more and did not attempt to wean US from Saudi Oil. Then we had 9/11 where the Saudi citizens plunged planes into WTO while screaming Allahu Akbar. Afghanistan had been medieval evil country not suitable for human habitation ever since Taliban came to power and started enforcing TRUE Islam, which is incompatible with either US Constitution or with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Most of the 57 Muslim majority countries had refused to sign this Human Rights UN declaration because sharia IS a violation of the rights of women and children and all that are not fanatics in Islam. Yet those countries, which routinely abuse human rights and which are Juden-frei because of Islam promotes delusional Jew hatred are allowed to UN to defame the ONLY democracy in the Middle East, Israel, whose population is 19% Muslim..

            Obama is a sweet speaker and writer of empty words which indicate Muslim/Islamic sympathies, and totally un-American values of two lousy ideologies which had been shown to lead to dysfunctional societies. Obama will be replaced in a land-slide in November and he will take down with him and his Muslim Brotherhood the entire Democratic party. Americans had taken 4 years to wake up and are ready for a Mormon President, Catholic VicePresident and maybe Jewish Secretary of State. No Muslims until Islam reforms to make it compatible with the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and respect for other religion rather then defaming them. Islamic teachings are the root cause of terrorism around the world, as anybody who does not live under the rock KNOWS. The Muslim extravaganza at the DNC will ensure Obama and his supporters to sink, and then we can start repairing US from various ISMS, including corporatism, which started with Clinton..

          • macgyver1948

            Gea… There is no doubt mistakes and greed prospered over time by many on both sides of the aisle. I do not take any guilt from the Left but there has to be that notice of it too. The right just seems to create some extra often so they can report it as such. That is a new exaggerated politics from both sides.

            Israel, as you bring into this was a very peaceful community before and for a while after statehood in 1948. For years Israel did not retaliate against terror attacks against them. Being peaceful and forgiving with terrorists seems to give the terrorists more rightness and guts to continue their terror. After a while, including the ’73 and other wars, where Israel was attacked by several nations from pretty much all side for survival reasons they because what they are today. I guess they got tired of seeing their children and other loved ones being blown to pieces. So here they are being hated by the hateful for what they do in Palestine even though so many of the suicide murderings and sniper attacks come from the Palestinians. I wonder how the hateful here would react if we here endured the same kinds of suicide murderings and sniper attacks, and the frequency, as the Israel has there.

            I do not like nor would I tolerate terror any where, not even in the Muslim countries. There is nothing I can do about it but I can speak up about that too.

            I do not believe Obama will lose in a land slide and maybe not at all. Those speeches last night and before were not convincing except maybe to those who went in believing. Ryan was not expressing all truth and his plans will hurt us but that too is only my opinion – for now. If they win we all lose and the Corporate types and very wealthy, such as Norquist and Koch, will win. Norquist says Romney will do as he is told so what does that tell you?

            Try this just for the fun. It is one mans opinion, or is it just his opinion? Will you think he is biased? If you do not agree with him you might. This came out today.
            Paul Ryan’s Speech Was Filled With Economic Inaccuracies: Yahoo!’s Jeff Greenfield
            Hear Greenfield at Just listen to him and decide if he is bias… I guess it might depend on how partisan Yahoo is before you listen to Greenfield.

          • Gea

            I vote for a person and NOT a party, since I do not belong to ANY party that has more than 2 members (including me) ;-)! I voted for Obama because he appeared to be a better option than McCain. When he appointed the same guys who ruined economy into high positions, I started doubting my choice of 2008. Then when he went to Cairo and gave that great speech, as if were talking to European students, I became suspicious about his claims that he “has Israel’s back”. The final blow was seeing him bow to Saudi king whose subjects committed 9/11 Islamic terrorist act, and Barak Hussein Obama extolling Koran and Islam, while dissing Bible,

            This man as un-American as they come, and it is amazing that he had managed exploit US white guilt and US inability to resist his charm, to get himself elected into the White house, where he clearly does not belong. I run a small company and non-for-profit organization and would not hire him based on his resume as a lawyer and community organizer..

            In contrast,both MItt Romney and Paul Ryan are highly competent people, and one of them I met when I was working as a Congressional Fellow in late nineties. Romney needs education regarding new way of thinking renewable and sustainable economy and energy, and Ryan is smart enough to accept new ways of re-energizing America rather than just empty slogans of Obama that create more dysfunctional Americans living on the dole. Also, as they are Mormon and Catholic, it is less likely that they would be true believers of the likes of Muslim Brotherhood, whom Obama has in the White House. Those are genocidal supremacist ideologists of Islam which MUST REFORM and not be whitewashed with the help of an US President, as Obama is doing. Americans are waking up to the danger of Marxist/Islamist policies of Obama and will vote in November to clear him from the White house before he does more damage. It will be a landslide in which Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood will take down Democratic Party.

            Then we will have to watch as hawks that some moronic and ignorant Republican party members do not mess US even more in spire of Romney and Ryan competence.


          • macgyver1948

            Gea… You so very much have your right to your opinion and the changing of it later. Obama is a politician, as Romney and Ron Paul are, and as such they say what they feel they need to say to their audiences, hopefully that is what is in America’s best interests. When Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia it was a sign of respect toward the so called culture. When Nixon went to China I thought he was going to kiss their leaders.

            Also, you say their subjects, Osama Bin Laden and other Saudi expatiates (I am still questioning the eX part- if it is real our just political for the public) again Obama has to go by what is known without proof that the Al-qaeda leader was truly not connected. Saudi is supposedly our friend although I question that too. Saudi is a member of OPEC and as long as we are dependent on OPEC, and our oil companies for that matter, it might be nice to be nice. Man I hate saying that about our potential (“friendly”) enemies.

            Yes, “MItt Romney and Paul Ryan are highly competent” business people, they may have proven that. You say you run a small company. You should thank God Mitt/BAIN didn’t buy your company, gut it, for the shear profit of it and driven by the greed of it as they have with so many companies where employees were dumped. I have spoken with many business owners around the country who were BAINed and my brother-in-law was dumped from a steel company in Kansas City who was BAINed – maybe 2500 employees were dumped. I cannot trust Mitt for many reasons and I believe Ryan lied through his teeth in his speech at the convention. That is for another post and I did post 5 reasons I and many feel Ryan lied in another post here earlier today.

            You said “Also, as they are Mormon and Catholic, it is less likely that they would be true believers of the likes of Muslim Brotherhood, whom Obama has in the White House”. I do not share your religious prejudices against Muslims mainly because I know many who are nice decent God-loving peaceful people. As for your saying “they are Mormon and Catholic”. Religion should never be part of our politics or a reason to vote for them so why bring that up? There were many on the ultra right who opposed the candidacy of JFK for being Catholic at that time.

            But since you mentioned religion one of the things I fear about Romney is if a religion has practices within them that do not include what Romney’s religion believes they will, because many Mormons have, force their religious beliefs on them. When Romney was asked if he participated in that kind of thing his short, get it out of my face, answer was “I have in the past but not in a long time”. I am referring to the Mormon practice of forcing immoral baptisms on dead people, such as Jews.

            Also, when Romney was going around trying to finance Bain, to get it started, many big American money people said no. Then Romney took large money from some very unsavory characters from south of our borders to capitalize Bain.

            There are many reasons I cannot trust Mitt. You have yours for not trusting Obama and I have mine for not trusting Romney. Ryan is just a Tea Party play thing who will push their economic and political issues primarily for the big corporations on us and it looks like Romney will do as he is told by the likes of Norquist and Koch. Choose the safer poison. That choosing is a shame but it is what we have as we see it.

            You say “Americans are waking up to the danger of Marxist/Islamist policies of Obama and will vote in November to clear him from the White house before he does more damage”. I just do not see it that way with Obama. What I do see is we have to choose which form of capitalism we prefer for who we are. I want smaller government but I do not want to trade Big Government for the apathetic-toward-the-rest-of-us ‘Corporate States Of America’.

          • Gea

            When Nixon went to China it was not to pay respect to a King whose genocidal supremacist ideology had brought about 9/11! Islam is totally disrespectful of OTHERS and demands SUBMISSION, as Obama had shown by bowing to Saudi king.

            Saudis, behead witches, pracitce severe misogyny (lashing women for driving or not wearing niquab), practice pedophilia, and polygamy LEGALLY under sharia which allows it. They hang gays, but it is OK to molest young pre-pubsecent boys! Jerry Sunduski would be gone free in Saudi Arabia. I do not think ANY Amercan should show respect for this medieval evil kingdom, and we should not buy their oil either, since they finance Islamic terrorism around the world.

            Obama cavorts with islamist Muslim Brotherhood, which has a stated goal annihilation of Israel, and sharia, which is incompatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Political correctness should not replace free thought and speech in US, which Obama is trying to introduce by trying to white wash Islam as a “peaceful religion” which could not be farther from truth as anybody who had read Koran and Hadith and learned about history of Islam KNOWS.

            Obama is a danger not only to US soldiers by his grovelling to Islamists but the entire US and entier WEstern civlization which is under attack from Islam.

          • macgyver1948

            Gea… whatever you want to believe has be the right things to believe. There is no discussion in that attitude so you are right and I am wrong… Let’s leave it like that….

          • Gea

            Anybody who had read Koran and Hadith and studied history of Islamic conquest KNOWS that Islam is NOT like other religions, and that the main part is jihad against thsoe who do not submit to the “will of Allah” as explained by imams and mullahs. Islam also promotes dhimmitude (for second class citizens such as Jews and Christians), pedophilia, misogyny, polygamy, and murder for Allahu Akbar. That is why it is isupremacist ideology of Islam, similar to supremadist Nazi ideology, with its delusional Jew hatred that is the ROOT cause of Islamist terrorism around the world.

            Obama cannnot help it, since both his father and his step-father were Marxist Muslims, but such a man who extolls Islam and Koran while dissing Bible does not belong to America. Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with either US Constitution or with the Univesral Declaration of Human Rights and therefore ANYBODY who believes in freedom and human rights cannnot vote for Obama. He is a great deceiver, as Mohamed recommends in Koran, when a Muslim lives among non-Muslims he has to use taqiyya (lies).

          • macgyver1948

            Gea… I understand what you are saying. I have not studied the Koran. I have read small pieces of it but I am no expert. I do know that Christains and Jews and Muhammid, while he was alive, basically got along until Muhammid grew furious with Christains and Jews for not acceptuing him as God’s Chosen one. How could they accept him as that?

            I also know Jihads are not exclusive to the Muslims, it is just their word for “Holy War”. The Crusades were Jihads in that they too were vicious holy wars. The Church never morally or legally owned the Holy Land so why were there the Crusades? They were very brutal wars and the Church wanted to own and control everything.

            I will never justify in my mind the killing of other people (actually I will never justify violance, let alone killing except in pure self defense) just because they do not conform to a groups ways of thinking and believing and accepting. I will not for Christains and I wont for the Muslums who do it. History shows Christains brutilized and even killed those who did not believe as they do until laws caught up with them. They didn’t want to be arrested and jailed or executed so Christains stopped their overt persicutions but the Muslim Jihadists have no resepect for law so they haven’t stopped.

            For example, the Pilgrams ran from England to other places and then to here because they feared for their lives as other Christains in England would not accept their form of Christanity. Bigotry and feeling of misplaced superiorty have plagued man for many centuties. Religion isn’t an excuse for any of it, not any religion’s. That is still going on here in America by non Muslims as well, just not the killings as they used to.

            I am still not in agreement that Obama is a Muslum or a Jihadist. I haven’t seen that he dissed the Bibles, either yours or mine (mine being the Hebrew Bible). Please show me where you see he has.

            By the way, Hitler and his evil bunch were great friends with Persia, now known as Iran, because they shared so many of the same bigited and false sureriority notions.

          • Gea

            Supremacist ideology of Islam has lots in common with supremacist Nazi ideology including their delusional Jew hatred that led to Holocause and if Muslims had their way, they would repeact it in the Middle East. It is not a coincidence that most Arabs supported Hitler in WWII, and that Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem spent WWII in Berlin, egging Hitler on to hurry up exterminating Jews in Europe and come to Arab countries to do the same. This Mufti was the only high ranking Nazi war criminal who was let go by the British and French back to Cairo to start his Jew hating propaganda in 1946.

            Arafat, Ahmedinijad, Muslm Brotherhood, Abbas and others were all disciples of Murit strategies of propagandea (for which politically correct had fallen), murder of their oponents and stealing from their people and stashing money in Swiss and French banks. Islam promotes dhimmitude (second class citizenship for non-Muslims or death), misogyny, pedophilia, polygamy and murder for Allahu Abkar. Muhoamed started his “religion of Islam”, by beheading 900 Jews from Medina because they would not accept this vile guy as THEIR prophet. Islam is incompatible with either US Constitution anbd.or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has no place in any society that respects freedom and human rights of all individuals. OBama cavorts with Muslim Brotherhood, which espausees genocisdal supremacist ideology of Islam to a maximum and thus Obama endangers not onlly US soldiers but US and the entire Western civlization that IS under attack from Islam itself, which is the ROOT cause of terrorism around the world.

          • macgyver1948

            Gea… I see you know some history. That is good, I enjoy talking history and more so learning from it. I know many Arabs hate Jews and that is because they are taught to from birth. It very much sounds like how many on the Right got to hate Obama since that hate seems to have begun long before he was elected and he wasn’t known by so many of those who hate him since before his election. Personally I just do not believe the stuff that comes from the Tea Party about him but that is how I see it. I see so much of their “proof” as being heavily edited and reworked. Videos and even speeches are shortened to leave out the “whole” of them. That to me defies the purpose of “the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth”. Courts seem to want to know it all before they make a decision. If you do the out-of-context thing you kill truth and its general purpose is to distort and slant it the users ways.

            You use Jewish references in so ways to me often and I wonder why. I know that the “Arabs supported Hitler in WWII, and that Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem spent WWII in Berlin, egging Hitler on to hurry up exterminating Jews in Europe and come to Arab countries to do the same”.  This is not news. Are you really trying to link Hitler’s mind-set to Obama’s so I would hate him too? I do not see that connection at all if you are.

            The history you present here “This Mufti was the only high ranking Nazi war criminal who was let go by the British and French back to Cairo to start his Jew hating propaganda in 1946. Arafat, Ahmedinijad, Muslm Brotherhood, Abbas and others were all disciples of Murit strategies of propagandea (for which politically correct had fallen), murder of their oponents and stealing from their people and stashing money in Swiss and French banks”.

            It is no secret there has been heavy antisemitism among many Christian groups for 2 thousand years. Nothing new here either in associating the Arabs you mention With the western nations you mention.

            Mohammad, or Muhoamed, hated Jews and Christians who refused to accept him as God’s Chosen one. I think I mentioned that to you before but maybe not. Those be-headings you mention came out of Mohammad’s hate for their denials of him. He also beheaded or out right killed in other ways other types of “infidels”. Or is there only one type to those who murder in the name of how they see God? All kinds of Jihads have taken place before and after Mohammad by many non-Muslims as well. The word just means “Holy War” and it was used in Roman times, before and after them as well, as by whatever name the Romans and other conquering cultures chose to use.

            Back to your wording in this post of yours “Muhoamed started his “religion of Islam”, by beheading 900 Jews from Medina because they would not accept this vile guy as THEIR prophet”. Exactly but doesn’t that, in different forms, sound familiar for other non-Muslim murders from Western cultures as well – the “killing in the name of God stuff? Jews do not, because they cannot, accept your Jesus as a prophet or a Messiah or a Hebrew King because Jesus cannot be those for Jews. Weren’t many Jews persecuted and killed because of that and also, over the last couple of thousand years, been treated that way because Jews were blamed for killing Jesus by many Christians? What is really the difference when we think about it? Persecution and murder, whatever, it is all the same no matter who does the Jihad.

            The Persecution and murders by Christians weren’t just against Jews. Again, remember the Pilgrims, for example?

            My point(s) are that we just can’t hate all of a group because of the criminal or terroristic element in that group. If we do then we could justify Persecutions and murder for all of a group, any group. If a Catholic committed vicious murders or rape would we blame all Catholics? Remember John Wayne Gacy? He was brought up a Catholic boy. Where will that end? Maybe punish all Chicagoans because Gacy was from Chicago? There were so many other criminals in our country who were of different religions, other than Muslims, we do not have to stop with Gacy, or Catholics, to prove my point. How many Protestants or Jews are in prisons?

            I feel we should take people for who they are as individuals and then decide if we can like them – as individuals. The Romans were monsters to those they conquered and killed or absorbed. Do we punish and hate their current descendants? Remember their descendants were the Mussolini Fascists during WW2. Nazism was Hitler’s adaptation of Mussolini Fascism, we could condemn the current day Germans. Any German descendants here on this site besides me and a couple of others?

            Note: Born on March 17, 1942, in Chicago, John Wayne Gacy confessed in 1978 to killing 33 boys and young men, most of whom had been buried in the crawl space under his house. He would sometimes dress as his alter ego, Pogo the Clown, and said the killings were committed by an alternate personality, Jack Hanson, although psychiatrists said he did not have multiple personalities. He was executed in 1994.

          • MikeR

            macgyver1948, please explain why you think it is the fault of any politician or political party that your WalMart benefits were not what you thought they should be? What does that have to do with Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist, or anyone else who isn’t employed by WalMart?

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR… How can I explain it is the politicians fault that Walmart’s benefits were not good when I said it was what Walmart did. The politicians will sit back and help the corporations do their thing but it is not the fault of the politicians directly.

            Then you said “What does that have to do with Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist, or anyone else who isn’t employed by WalMart?”. I have no idea, why do you bring that up? I never put “Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist, or anyone else who isn’t employed by WalMart?” together with Walmart but you seem to just have.

          • MikeR

            “Help the corporations do their thing” ? What does that mean? A corporation is just a legal entity. It could be only one person. Most corporations in this countly are small businesses. Most of the people employed in this country are employed by small INCORPORATED businesses. Would you prefer that all of those people were unemployed?

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR… Do you do these editing and assumption things with the wording of those who do not agree with you for the false self pat on your back and to justify your anger and to make yourself feel good? WOW, you must be extremely insecure.
            Again, the main corporate thing(s) for the executives. Pay attention this time.
            1- Grow the bottom line. A no brain-er.
            2– Keep expenses down (consider that payroll is the most controllable expense). Also a no brain-er.
            3- Keep as much money at the top as possible. Not as well known as the others but non the less a fact.
            4- Defend the reputation of the corporation at all costs. You betcha.

            Mostly for large Corporations but not necessarily exclusively for them. There are more but 4 is plenty for this. We have to remember that Execs are generally contract workers, if I may use the “worker” word in their case. Many of the execs, especially in large corporations, have very lucrative contracts worth many millions to each of them each year. If they want to have their contracts renewed they have to keep the Board of Directors and the big shareholders happy. To do that they must, well, refer to the 4 Exec functions above. Simple, huh?

            Where do the incentives for the Execs really lie when it comes to creating jobs?

            Also, in these times and maybe also at any given time, many Executives feel customers are not able to sustain the investments that might be made by corporations as they get tax breaks and other Trickle Down Incentives. So the executives use the Trickle Down tax incentives as savings. They have no faith in their customers, many of whom are part of the shrinking middle class. We need more jobs and decent paying ones or we wont be able to buy as the execs would like and we will remain “customers (who) are not able to sustain the investments that might be made by corporations as they get tax breaks and other Trickle Down Incentives”. So we Consumers are in Catch 22 positions.

            Oh Mikey… I know there are so many small corporations and they offer so many of the jobs. For you to, again, assume (anything) I would rather have those people unemployed than you belong on the Right. Face it Mikey, you are lousy at assuming for others and you are pretty much wrong almost all the time. I say “almost” because maybe some time in your life you might have made a correct assumption some how. I want small businesses to be successful. Do you get it now?????

          • MikeR

            Corporations are owned by the stockholders. Stockholders elect the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors hire the CEO. If you work for a corporation, and you aren’t happy with the way it is run, you have two choices: Buy stock and vote for Board members of your choice, or quit and get a job somewhere else.

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR… “Corporations are owned by the stockholders. Stockholders elect the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors hire the CEO. If you work for a corporation, and you aren’t happy with the way it is run, you have two choices: Buy stock and vote for Board members of your choice, or quit and get a job somewhere else”.

            Gee Mikey, really, how could I miss that??? DUH. Thanks for sharring.. But, but, like it is so easy to get another job these days, and a good one too. And you have to have enough shares to be an effective voter… That take loads of money.

          • MikeR

            Hard to get a job? Unemployment is about 9%. That means that 91% ARE EMPLOYED. You should be looking for a job NOW, this very minute, instead of whining and complaining about “corporations”.

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR… Once again you prove you are an idiot. What makes you think I need a job? but you surely are more than implying that I do.

          • MikeR

            Good evening macgyver1948. Did you have a nice day at the mental institution today? Did you eat all your vegetables and color a nice picture with your crayons? Was your computer built by a corporation or did you build it yourself? How about your tricycle, was it made by a corporation? How about the refrigerator where the nurses keep your tranquilizers, was it made by a corporation? I think if you look around the room, you will discover that almost everything you see, including your straight-jacket, was manufactured by a corporation.

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR… LOL. You silly sarcasm implies you think I think there is no need for corporations or manufacturers. Good for you… :-)

          • Deborah

            Mike R – I must admit I am getting a kick out of the bantering between you and macgyver. So funny. :) Be nice to macgyver, he really is a nice guy despite his support for Ron Paul.

          • macgyver1948

            Deborah… LOL… :-))).

          • MikeR

            Deborah, perhaps macgyver will receive a Christmas card from Ron Paul at the mental institution. Not a Hallmark Card though. Hallmark is a corporation.

          • Deborah

            OMG! Roll on the floor laughing!!!!!! Actually, macgyver is Jewish. you would have to send him a Hanukkah card.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Deborah,

        You write: “You give the GOP a bad name.” I have nothing to do with the GOP and it gives itself a bad name.

        Best wishes,

        • Deborah

          To Bob Livingston -

          Touche’. Unfortunately, the ultra-conservatives are the group that is attacked by the left-wing liberals. That is how the republicans are being identified.

  • HC in Tampa Bay

    Supreme court justice Holder ????????? Wow you just scaired the xxxxx messs out of me. I’d vote for Grandma Moses against Obama (I know she’s dead, but that didn’t keep some dead people people and Mickey Mouse from voting in the last election …. do we really need to check ID’s GET READ) Democracy only works when intelligent people vote not morons who can’t keep an ID handy. Our fore-fathers paid a high price for liberty. Can it be sold so cheeply?

  • chuckb

    average joe, you posted the comment about romney, comparing him with barry, are we supposed to take your word for all this. please publish where this information came from, sounds like someones opinion to me.your horse is running on two legs, bad mouthing romney will gain you nothing, it will help barry in a small way.

  • meadowlands

    And Obama is no messiah

  • Iona Cheryl

    Iona Cheryl
    Why do people continually frustrate themselves over “he’s not worthy to be a president” ? Let’s face it, the only perfect person was Jesus Christ. Stop looking for one in a nominee , you reach too high. It’s called set attainable goals, otherwise you stay bummed out and sullen….who wants to be around that. Life is continually finding the balance for ourselves.

    I’m riddled with flaws, but I learned to accept me in spite of me. So, Romney isn’t perfect. Geez, guess what, neither are you, but I like people in spite of flaws. Life is much more peaceful with this attitude.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So why are you frustrating yourself with this article and the Libertarian and Conservative posters. So obviously you are lying to yourself and the posters.

      • Iona Cheryl

        This site was the first place I’ve ever particated and wouldn’t you know I get a reply from someone who focuses on so many websites and negative crap that you have become exactly what I wrote above the one you responded. You’ve become sullen, testy, and so full of yourself that you think you have a right to be mean spirited to someone who doesn’t believe same as you. Your intense emotional angst is all you show. I can most of the time keep my emotions in control so I can think soundly. You however make an ass of yourself and repel people with your hostile manner.

  • James

    A quick word about the “Shadow Government”.

    It doesn’t exist.

    How many people can know a secret and keep it a secret?


    Any more than that and it becomes a barganing chip, then part of the public record. Obama let everyone in the world know about who got Osama Bin Laden (the Seal Team not him), how they got him, what our intelligence capabilities are, and you think he could keep his mouth shut about a shadow organization that put him in power?

    Ok lets give him a little credit and say maybe he could, but BIDEN?!?! Really?

    People do things for selfish reasons far too often, granted. But that’s also what kills these conspiracy theories. Any group of people with a “secret” will inevitably contain a person who will advance their position by betraying the “secret”. A group large enough and powerful enough to influence policy will become known.

    • Jay

      For sure, and i think JF Kennedy would agree with you!

  • http://none Peggy Pointer

    Mitt Romney may not be the savior but what he’s running against could very well be the devil!

    • Deborah

      Yep, I think he is the Anti-Christ.

  • bohdan1

    Stupid fools. Let’s keep fighting amongst ourselves. The terrorists (liberals) are lovin’ this… our eating our own. OsamaObama has made our country into The United States of Africa.

    All levels of our government has been infiltrated (appointed) with his ilk. It’s not just him anymore. It’s the cancer he’s spread throughout the body of America.

  • Robert Rashbrooke

    Amost daily I read on here some poster saying “we must get them out of government and vote in new blood who will correct and end all the corruption “. Scroll back up and read Nancy’s post with Charley Reece’s last column and tell me how you think that this simple request will ever be accomplished, since THEY voted all these perks and conditions for THEMSELVES and , like most humans, will not deprive themselves of their superior conditions. New blood will I fer, be inevitably corrupted by the system, so long as politics is considered as one’s business by professional politicians.

    As I said once before, Jefferson said that we must be aware of a bloated government and remove it when it becomes oppressive to the people, but he never said, nor did the Constitution, how this was to be achieved . The web site Osix has a scheme whereby a referendum to get enough signatures to effect a Constitutional change is being proposed/actioned and it seems that this is the ONLY way to proceed on removing Congress and modifying the system to prevent re emergence of the same policies and corruption in the NEW Congress. Nothing else stands a chance of being effective, no matter how long we try.

    In reply to James post @ 4:20. Not all our wars have been justified and honourable, and mostly our government has lied to us about the reasons for each war. Ask the people of Vietnem if they really wanted us over there fighting to stop the spread of Communism; Ask the people of Panama if they really wanted Noriega removed because he was selling drugs in America; ask the people of Grenada if they really were going to harm our agricultural students studying there. Can you really justify free fire zones, whereby our troops can shoot at ANYTHING THAT MOVES, because we are just not winning. Not all is black and white.

    Reading the posts here re inforces in me the belief that tolerance is much the best way to behave towards your fellow man than intolerance and hatred and curtailing other people’s wishes because you don’t belive in them. And read EVERY post, because that is the only way you can eventually decide whose view, your’s or their’s. is the better one.

  • Carl Manning

    The GOP Statist Establishment control freak bastards kicked Ron Paul to the curb. They will rue the day they ever made this decision. Listen to Mike Gallagher’s woeful broadcast after the GOP banned Ron Paul from speaking at the convention. If this is what passes for “democracy” today, why would anybody want this kind of government. I am encouraged that the Texas delegation is considering a mutiny from recent control freak amendments to the GOp rules that would essentially allow Romney to eliminate delegates at will and replace them with whomever he chooses. Yes, THIS IS TODAY’S ESTABLISHMENT CONTROL-FREAK GOP. They remind me of the damn GESTAPO!!!

    When they rejected Ron Paul at the convention, they doomed themselves to more of the same. I honestly believe the GOP has been infiltrated wwith Democrats and Communist plants who are intentionally sabotaging the party for the Democrats (Commies). Reince Priebus needs to be investigated.

  • Steve

    Sorry Bob but we are so deep in [expletive deleted] now that just an opportunity to lift our heads 2 inches past the feces would be a marketable improvment as to what we are dealing with now. You have got to be kidding to create any iota of doubt between these two and there VPs. Please stop inserting doubt. We have little other choice at this point.

  • James Graham

    “There is no California” By Victor Davis Hanson
    This is our country in the next 20 years. We all have witnessed the decline in California from the 1970′s through today. Hardly anyone pays Federal or State taxes except about 50,000 top earners.

    It’s problems do not appear fixable because of the state public employee pension bloat; racial and ethnic politics; a dependency mentality, a media obsessed with trivialities.

    America is next unless we elect competent, honorable individuals to public offices and hold them accountable.

    There is no California
    By Victor Davis Hanson 8/16/2012

    Driving across California is like going from Mississippi to Massachusetts without ever crossing a state line.
    Consider the disconnects: California’s combined income and sales taxes are among the nation’s highest, but the state’s deficit is still about $16 billion. It’s estimated that more than 2,000 upper-income Californians are leaving per week to flee high taxes and costly regulations, yet California wants to raise taxes even higher; its business climate already ranks near the bottom of most surveys. Its teachers are among the highest paid on average in the nation, but its public school students consistently test near the bottom of the nation in both math and science.
    The state’s public employees enjoy some of the nation’s most generous pensions and benefits, but California’s retirement systems are underfunded by about $300 billion. The state’s gas taxes — at over 49 cents per gallon — are among the highest in the nation, but its once unmatched freeways, like 101 and 99, for long stretches have degenerated into potholed, clogged nightmares unchanged since the early 1960s.
    The state wishes to borrow billions of dollars to develop high-speed rail, beginning with a little-traveled link between Fresno and Corcoran — a corridor already served by money-losing Amtrak. Apparently, coastal residents like the idea of European high-speed rail — as long as noisy and dirty construction does not begin in their backyards.
    As gasoline prices soar, California chooses not to develop millions of barrels of untapped oil and even more natural gas off its shores and beneath its interior. Home to bankrupt green companies like Solyndra, California has mandated that a third of all the energy provided by state utilities soon must come from renewable energy sources — largely wind and solar, which presently provide about 11 percent of its electricity and almost none of its transportation fuel.
    How to explain the seemingly inexplicable? There is no California, which is a misnomer. There is no such state. Instead there are two radically different cultures and landscapes with little in common, each equally dysfunctional in quite different ways. Apart they are unworldly, together a disaster.
    A postmodern narrow coastal corridor runs from San Diego to Berkeley, where the weather is ideal, the gentrified affluent make good money, and values are green and left-wing. This Shangri-La is juxtaposed to a vast impoverished interior, from the southern desert to the northern Central Valley, where life is becoming premodern.
    On the coast, blue-chip universities like Cal Tech, Berkeley, Stanford and UCLA in pastoral landscapes train the world’s doctors, lawyers, engineers and businesspeople. In the hot interior of blue-collar Sacramento, Turlock, Fresno and Bakersfield, well over half the incoming freshman in the California State University system must take remedial math and science classes.
    In postmodern Palo Alto or Santa Monica, a small cottage costs more than $1 million. Two hours away, in premodern and now-bankrupt Stockton, a bungalow the same size goes for less than $100,000.
    In the interior, unemployment in many areas peaks at over 15 percent. The theft of copper wire is reaching epidemic proportions. Thousands of the shrinking middle class flee the interior for the coast or nearby no-income-tax states. To fathom the state’s nearly unbelievable statistics — as the state population grew by 10 million from the mid-1980s to 2005, its number of Medicaid recipients increased by 7 million during that period; one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients now reside in California — visit the state’s hinterlands.
    But in the Never-Never Land of Apple, Facebook, Google, Hollywood and the wine country, millions live in an idyllic paradise. Coastal Californians can afford to worry about the state’s trivia — as their legislators seek to outlaw foie gras, shut down irrigation projects to save the 3-inch delta smelt, and allow children to have legally recognized multiple parents.
    But in the less feel-good interior, crippling regulations curb timber, gas and oil, and farm production. For the most part, the rules are mandated by coastal utopians who have little idea where the gas for their imported cars comes from, or how the redwood is cut for their decks, or who grows the ingredients for their Mediterranean lunches of arugula, olive oil and pasta.
    On the coast, it’s politically incorrect to talk of illegal immigration. In the interior, residents see first-hand the bankrupting effects on schools, courts and health care when millions arrive illegally without English-language fluency or a high school diploma — and send back billions of dollars in remittances to Mexico and other Latin American countries.
    The drive from Fresno to Palo Alto takes three hours, but you might as well be rocketing from Earth to the moon.

    Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution

  • Matrix

    I believe that we the people have been duped for many decades now and we the people now have a choice to make that will make or break our lives forever.
    Our choices are
    1) Listen to Bob, and let America fail.
    2) Use your head and listen to your brain from the facts you see around you!
    The facts don’t lie (contrary to the NY times and most of Bobs other sources).

    Is America better off now than 4 years ago?
    Did you enjoy having a communist distorting your life and the life of the moronic “NEGRO” for the last 4 years?
    Have the communist in Hollywood brought the level of morality down to an evil standard never before witnessed?
    Just listen to the liberals on this site, are these the freaks you want controlling America?
    Wake up you fools, for your time is extremely limited!
    God help America, and if the majority and corruption in the obamanation fails us, give us the strength to leave our once great nation to find a home where you still look over and we the people look to you!

    A little poem written by a so called “fanatic”

    Many, many years ago,
    When animals could speak.
    A wondrous thing the ducks befell,
    their tale is quite unique.
    Down by a pond dwelt all these ducks,
    Ten thousand at the least.
    Their duckish joys were undisturbed
    by any man or any beast.
    One day down near the entrance gate,
    there was an awful din.
    A hundred hens all out of breath
    were begging to come in.
    “Oh let us in!” these poor birds cried,
    “Before we do expire!”
    “Tis only by the merest inch
    that we escaped the fire!”
    Their feathers burned, their combs a droop,
    They were the saddest sight.
    They’d run a hundred miles or more,
    All day and then all night.
    “Come, come in!” the ducks all quacked,
    “For you our hearts do bleed!
    We’ll share our happy lot with you,
    Just tell us what you need!”
    And so these poor bedraggled hens
    Amongst the ducks moved in.
    For, after all, the ducks declared,
    “We’re sisters ‘neath the skin.”
    Before too many months had passed,
    The hens were good as new.
    They sent for all their rooster friends,
    And these were welcomed too.
    To please their host, these chickens tried
    To waddle and to quack.
    To simulate the duckish ways
    They quickly learned the knack.
    This pleased the flock of ducks because
    It gratified their pride.
    ….But hear my tale and learn how they
    Got taken for a ride.
    The ducks, it seemed, spent all their time
    In fixing up their place,
    In growing food and building homes
    And cleaning every space.
    They asked the hens what they would do
    To earn their daily bread.
    “We’ll teach and write and entertain,
    And buy and sell,” they said.
    And so these hens began to teach
    The baby ducks and chicks.
    They traded food and eggs and things,
    With many clever tricks.
    They wrote great books & put on shows,
    Of genius they’d no lack.
    It wasn’t long till chickens owned
    The Duckville Daily Quack.
    One day a mother duck who took
    Her ducklings to the lake,
    Was flabbergasted when one said,
    “A swim I will not take!”
    “Why ducklings always swim!” she gasped,
    “It’s what you’re built to do!
    Like bunnies hop, and crickets chirp,
    And cows most always moo!”
    “Your just old fashioned, a fuddy duck,
    That stuff is all old hat!”
    “It’s wrong for birds to swim; …besides,
    It’s too cold on my little pratt!”
    “Oh fie!” the mother duck exclaimed,
    “You’re talking like a fool!”
    Up quacked the other ducks and said,
    “He’s right! Ms. Hen taught us that in school!”
    “Such things must stop!” the mother cried,
    “Those hens can’t teach such lies!”
    “For sheer ingratitude and nerve,
    I’m sure this takes the prize!”
    ….But she was wrong, for even then
    The hens did thump the tub.
    Demanding they be let into,
    The Duckville Swimming Club.
    “But you don’t swim!” the ducks all cried,
    To join, why should you care?”
    “That’s not the point!” the hens replied,
    “To exclude us isn’t fair!”
    The younger ducks, who’d been to school,
    Agreed right there and then,
    “To keep them out is bigotry!”
    “T’would just be ANTI-HEN…!”
    Outnumbered by the younger ducks,
    The old ducks soon did loose;
    They agreed to let the hens all in,
    If they would pay the dues.
    That night the Duckville Daily Quack
    Contained this banner spread:
    “Reactionary Ducks Are Licked!
    Down at the Duckville Gaiety,
    The younger set laughed with glee,
    At cracks about “Old Fuddy’ Ducks”
    In burlesque repartee.
    Next day the hens were at the club,
    A petition they’d sent around.
    They objected to the swimming fund
    With fury and with sound.
    “You use our dues to fix the pond,
    to keep it neat and trim.”
    “And this is wrong,” they said, “Because
    You know we do not swim!”
    “God help us!” cried a wise old duck,
    “These chickens have gone mad!”
    “We’ll take this to the court, by George,
    And justice will be had!”
    But when they went up to the judge,
    Imagine their dismay!
    A CHICKEN-JUDGE decreed that they
    Had a heavy fine to pay!
    “Minorities must have their rights!”
    The judge declared right then.
    “To use hen’s dues to fix the pond
    Is very ANTI-HEN…!”
    Once more the Duckville Daily Quack
    Emblazoned across the page:
    “Old Foggy Ducks Refuse to See
    The Great New Coming Age!”
    In Duckville church on Sunday morn,
    The preacher spoke these words,
    “Discrimination’s got to stop!
    Remember we’re all birds!”
    The wisest duck in all the town
    Sat down in black despair.
    “I’ll write a book,” he thought, and then
    “This madness I will bare!”
    “Let Swimmers Swim, let Hoppers Hop,
    Let Each One Go His Way.
    Let No One Coerce a Fellow Bird!”
    Was what he had to say.
    “Twas wrong to force the hens to swim
    So here’s the problem’s crux;
    It’s just as bad for hens to try
    To chicken-ize our ducks!”
    “I can’t print that,” the printer said,
    “Twill put me in a mess!”
    “My shop is mortgaged to the hens,
    The chickens own my press!”
    This worried duck then tried to warn
    His friends by speech and pen.
    Young ducks fresh from school just jeered
    “He’s one of those a vicious Anti-Hens…!”
    Now up the stream a little way
    Was Gooseville, on the lake.
    The hens had come to Gooseville too,
    But the Geese were more awake.
    When the hens began to spoil the young
    And Gooseville’s laws to flout,
    The Geese Rose Up in Righteous Wrath
    And Simply Threw Them Out…!!!
    Of course, you know where they all ran;
    On Duckville they converged.
    “We’ve got to take these refugees.”
    Was all Duckville’s hens had urged.
    The Duckville Daily Quack declared:
    “These Geese Will Stop at Naught!
    “They Plan to Conquer all the World!”
    “Atrocities They’ve Wrought!”
    “That’s right!” the young ducks agreed,
    “We’ll help our fellow birds!
    These Geese have plans to conquer us!
    ….We’ve read the Quack’s own words!”
    They let the hens from Gooseville in,
    The whole bedraggled pack.
    …. And every hen took up a job
    on the Duckville Daily Quack!!
    When the Duckville mayor’s term was up,
    The Quack put up it’s Duck;
    A vain and stupid duck was he,
    A veritable … cluck!
    But when he praised the wild young ducks,
    And cursed the evil Geese,
    The Quack declared he was “all wise,”
    His praise would never cease.
    The hens chipped in to help this cluck
    Give grain away for free.
    The old ducks sadly shook their heads,
    The writing they could see.
    And sure enough, this stupid duck,
    He was elected mayor.
    From this point on, The Duckville ducks,
    They never had a prayer.
    The Mayor said, “Gooseville must GO!”
    “We’ll wipe them off the map!”
    While Duckville slept, the scheming hens
    For Gooseville set the trap.
    They called the Geese by filthy names;
    They filled their pond with sticks.
    They helped the weasels catch the Geese,
    and other hennish tricks.
    The Geese got mad and threw the sticks,
    “It’s WAR!” the Quack announced.
    “We ducks must Fight those evil Geese,”
    “Till they’ve been soundly trounced!”
    The ducks (who knew not of the tricks
    Indulged in by the mayor),
    Were filled with patriotic zeal,
    And pitched right in for fair!
    So when the ducks whipped the Geese,
    The Mayor called “Retreat!!”
    “Our HENVILLE friends should really take
    Gooseville’s big main street!”
    The hens were back in Gooseville now;
    They starved and beat the Geese.
    They prayed for “Peace” — but organized
    They drained the Geese’s swimming pond,
    They “De-Goose-ified” their schools;
    They wrung the Gooseville mayor’s neck
    On lately made-up rules.
    They formed a council of the hens;
    “UNITED BIRDS” the name.
    The other birds who joined the thing
    Did not perceive the game.
    No sooner had they set this up,
    Than they announced their hennish plan:
    To seize up Swanville as a home
    For all their hennish clan.
    They took a vote among the hens,
    And everyone approved!
    “Swanville was for HENS!” they said,
    “Way back, before we moved,”
    And so they kicked the swans all out,
    With Duckville’s help and power
    And Duckville couldn’t understand
    Why swans, on them turned sour.
    By this time, Duckville was a mess,
    The young ducks had all gone mad.
    They stole and laughed at Truth and Law;
    They went completely “bad.”
    The hens were selling Loco Weed
    in every nasty den.
    But ducks who dared to mention this,
    Were labeled “ANTI-HEN…!”
    The hens all preached of “Tolerance,”
    They invoked the “Golden Rule,”
    But they subsidized the indigent,
    The greedy and the fool.
    At last the very dumbest ducks
    Began to smell a rat.
    “This mayor is no good!” they cried,
    “And we will soon fix that!”
    But the hens had planned for even this
    A candidate they had,
    Whom even wise old ducks believed
    Just never could be bad.
    This Hen-tool duck whipped the Geese,
    A soldier Duck was he.
    Although the hens had set him up,
    The Ducks all thought him free.
    This Hen-tool got elected,
    Through ignorance and greed,
    Through hennish lies in Press & Speech,
    Through Bribes of “Chicken Feed.”
    The hens now kicked the ducks around
    Without a blush of shame,
    Until the mayor ran the town
    In nothing else but name.
    They pumped the Duck’s pond all dry;
    They taught the ducks to crow,
    While duckish numbers dwindled,
    The hens began to grow.
    The hens stirred up the happy crows
    >From out of the piney wood,
    To Fight to Mix and Marry ducks
    in the name of “Brotherhood.”
    Things got so bad that fifty ducks,
    Who knew the days gone by;
    Took up their wives and children
    And decided that they’d fly.
    They flew through storms and tempest;
    They froze, and many died.
    But on they drove, until, at last,
    A lovely lake they spied.
    They settle down exhausted,
    But soon went straight to work;
    To build and clear and cultivate,
    No danger did they shirk.
    Now after many years of toil,
    This little band had grown.
    The fields around were full of grain
    From seeds that they had sown.
    The first ducks were long since dead;
    Their struggles long had ceased.
    Through hard work and suffering,
    Their joys had been increased.
    One day down near the entrance gate
    There was an awful din;
    A hundred hens, all out of breath,
    Were begging to come in.
    “Oh, let us in!” these poor birds cried,
    “Before we do expire!”
    “Tis only by the merest inch….”
    “… … … …”
    ….This epic really has no end,
    Because No matter how you fight em,
    Those HENS’ll show up every time.
    And so, …Ad Infinitum …!!!

    • macgyver1948

      @ Bob Livingston…. Bob,,, I guess we all are wrong if the facts as we see them and our views do not agree with some others. That is the worst way to define liberty and freedom but that is what we see from many who feel only they can be right… Sad for America, isn’t it?

    • Deborah

      Wow Matrix! I must admit that I ignored this poem at first because it was just too lengthy to be bothered with. I finally did read it and it is very good. Kind of reminds me of today’s Germany. I don’t blame Angela Merkle for refusing to assist and aid the rest of the failing European nations. Germany works hard and practices austerity. The other countries have imploded with their greedy entitlements. So now they ask for help from Germany and Germany says, NO WAY. Good for Germany!

      America needs to stand firm against socialism. We must practice austerity while using common sense. Keep Medicare intact and encourage job growth to get our economy moving again. Help those who truly need help and get the frauds off welfare. The abuse of the system has been allowed to go on for far too long. If we can cut the ABUSE of entitlements and special interests and bloated labor unions, we can come up with plenty of money. Get rid of the GSA and start over with people who can be trusted to do the job while closely monitoring them as well.

      • Deborah

        Let me just add (in order to clarify for the naysayers) that although Germany can get away with refusing to help it European neighbors, America cannot be isolationist. Germany does not bear the same burdens and responsibilities that America does. We are a superpower whom the rest of the world looks to for guidance, hope and economic prosperity through trade.

        This is also why Obama is very wrong to try to put us on an even playing field with the rest of the world. Presently, these countries are laughing at us and we are losing our credibility with them under the Obama administration.

        With Obama drawing down our nuclear arsenal and the other countries increasing theirs, we will be an easy target for them if we are perceived to be weak. These countries will only respect us and work with us if we are capable of being a strong and superior presence. Make no mistake about it, they will try to manipulate and control us if we do not keep them in check. Obama is in way over his head and these countries know it.

  • Baldmurph

    Doom, despair, and agony on me! FOCUS! If you don’t like the incumbent(s), WORK to replace them. It would be nice if we could all agree, but it is easier to work toward a common goal if we are at least civil in our differences. If you think the devil we have in office is a better choice than another, WORK to keep him/her in office. There should be no shame in trying and failing, just in failing to try!

  • Hank, MO

    Innuendoes and implications– Livingston, I have long held the suspicion that you were an Obama-ite in disguise. This article convinces me of it. You pretend to be for Ron Paul when you know he doesn’t have a chance of gaining the nomination and even less chance of ever being elected if he did get the nomination. If there was any REAL problem with Romney’s dealings, Obama would already have Eric Holder and the Justice Dept. all over him. Even you can’t come up with anything substantial and, instead, resort to such antics as implying something evil by saying ‘may be investigated’ or ‘an investigation is still going on’. Big deal. Show me a major investor who doesn’t have some kind of investigation going on. Your role as a spoiler is a cowardly one. If you’ve got anything real, take it to your buddy, Obama. I’m sure he’d be glad to hear it.

    • Deborah

      God job Hank, MO – I had this sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind too. I’m glad you verbalized it. I wonder how many other people are posers on this website. The liberals would love to use the Ron Paul vote as a Trojan Horse to disrupt the confidence in Romney.

  • Patti Holder

    Patti,AZ I couldn’t agree more! I too have had my suspicions that Livingston is an Obama fan. Now I know it for sure! It seems he would rather have a President who has already proven to be anti-American and hates this country. Obama is ruining America, and those who can’t see that are really blind.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    Romney? You Romney people crack me up. How can anyone get behind a campaign that is this dishonest? BTW If this were Obama and the DNC don’t think it wouldn’t happen there either. These people have more lawyers than supporters. True story.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan
      • Craig

        I’m adressing this comment to the Ron Paul fanactics. You Ron Paul supporters are backing an isolationist idiot with an extremely narrow appeal. You have idiotic dreams of a third party. I’ll work instead to rid the Republican party of Rino’s rather than bet the future of the country on some elderly isolationist with almost no appeal except to some rabid fanactics who are incapable of reason. You people know that there is a huge difference between Obama and Romney and are pretending that they’re the same in your extremely foolish attempt to establish a third party, which is a lost cause especially considering that this country can’t survive another Obama term. We’ll be irreversibly socialist/communist by then and people won’t vote for a Ron Paul who will take away their entitlements. You know this. You pretend it’s not true. You don’t care about the country or your reasoning is so clouded that you are beyond hope. Our only hope is to work within the one party capable of electing conservatives: the Republican party. We must elect the most conservative candidates for congress we can. Reasonable people know that although Romney is not ideal, elected conservatives will keep him on the straight and narrow. For Ron Paul supporters to suggest that there is no difference between Romney and Obama shows how much these rabid fanactics are incapable of simple reasoning or, and this is just as likely, they are ignorant of Obama’s true agenda.

        • Gea

          There is a BIG difference between Romney and Obama. Romeny is a competent manager with MBA and law degree from Harvard with an excellend business credentials and track record, while Obama promotes Marxist Islamic policies which are endangering not only US but the entire Western civlization.

          Ron Paul does not understand that the terrorist attack on 9/11 was not casued by US policies, but by Islamists who believe that Islam should dominate the world, as it is written in Koran and Hadith. Islam is attacking Western civlization also via stealth immigration, which in Europe now had created no-go Islamist zones, with 50 millions Muslims who had escaped their dysfunctional corrupt countries and want to intreoduce sharia in Australia and Europe and even US. There are now more Muslims in US than Jews, and at DNC next week they are staging a Muslim extravaganza.

          Obama will be retired in a land-slide in November and US will have a hard job of cleaning up the house from damage that both Obama and prior to him Bush casued. We must go totally green away from burning fossil fuels, and particularly oil from Saudis and Irnaians who are financing Jiahd against US all over the world with the money US and Europe gives them for oi.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Yaaaaawn! Just because you are another one with internal issues and blindly supports a party instead of a candidate don’t blame Ron Paul people. Blame the criminal establishment that put them there. After the power grab by Romney and his criminal lawyers who purposely turned away a WHOLE voting block, you’re just pissed because you think you need Paul supporters to win and instead turn a blind eye to the fact that YOUR candidate single handedly killed the republican party!! There isn’t a Paul supporter that will vote Romney because we have mirrors that we have to look into and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it!

      • Craig

        Let me correct you Rev. I believe Ron Paul supporters should be considered part of the Obama campaign.

        • Gea

          Ron Paul is totally ignorant of why 9/11 happened and had accepted Islamist propaganda that it is what US is doing. While he is a nice guy, he should not divert people from voting for Romney, to get BO our of the White house. We do not want a repeat of 2000 in Florida where Nader took many of Gore votes, enough to get imposter Bush in, who gave us 8 years of deficit spending and destruction, while encouraging more oil consumption. This oil finances Islamic terrorism, since both Saudi Arabia and Iran use oil money to send to mosques around the world in which they preach hatred of Western civilization. It is all in the Koran and Hadith and you should read it to learn how dangerous BO is for US.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        That’s what I thought. :)
        Please do some 911 research. I don’t mean the “official”/Fox/O’Reily version. I mean go to sites where the victim’s family member’s are still looking for REAL answers. If you truly want to find some truth yourself you will look for it and find it instead of just blindly believing what everyone’s saying at bingo.
        We Ron Paulers will NOT compromise our values and like I said, just because you people have, reinforces my notion that your problem is internal, not external so quit looking to blame others who stand convicted of their unwavering views and refuse to buckle to the establishment. It hasn’t worked yet so why would it work now? The paradigm shift is on. Join the party. BTW there’s a reason the independent voting block has risen 200% in the last 4 years.

        • MikeR

          On Nov. 6 you can sit at your computer and stare at your candle-lit Ron Paul poster if you want to, but I’m going to vote. We have two choices, a communist and a capitalist. Since communism has failed everywhere it has been tried, I’m voting for the capitalist.

          • Gea

            There is going to be a landslide in November, and BO will take down with him entire Democratic party and his Muslim Brothers in the White House. Romney/Ryan will have their work cut for them after 12 years of terrible management of US affairs (8 under Bush and 4 undes Obama). I voted for Obama in 2008, because he is asuch a convincing liar that he persuaded even himself ;-)! Never again! By his Marxist Islamic policies he is endangering not only US soldiers and US, but entire Western civlization which IS under attack from Islamists. Barak Hussein Obama cavorting with Muslim Brotherhood, his bowing to Saudi king, whose subjects committed 9/11 and BO extolling Koran and Islam must be gone from America for ever. This country is about freedom and human rightgs and not sharia under which misogyny, pedophilia, polygamy and murder for Allahu Akbar is extolled. ISlam MUST REFORM and not be white washed with the help of an US president who is also a Marxiost hiding under a guise of social justice.

          • MikeR

            Gimmee an A-men!!!

    • Deborah

      To RevNow -

      This is a very crucial election and it will determine the fate of our nation. It doesn’t matter what you like or dislike about either party. The bottom line is, we must get rid of Obama. He does not have America’s best interest at heart. His only agenda is to destroy America because we are a rich nation. He does not care about helping the poor, elderly or sick. He only wants to destroy the rich.

      It’s a no-brainer, we must vote for Romney/Ryan if we want to save this beloved country.
      Go see the movie, 2016: Obama’s America, and educate yourself.

      • Craig

        Deborah, of course you are right. But, you are talking to a brick wall. These crybabies think they were victimized by Romney and now they’re going to show us!!! If they think Romney plays unfair and poor Ron Paul was a victim, how would he have stood up against Obama who is second only to the devil when it comes to deceit ?????? Clearly, Ron Paul does not now or never will have what it takes. No, they think that their aged isolationist, racist hero is the second coming! Even if all they say about Romney’s tactics is true, had Ron Paul won the nomination there would have been a steady drumbeat of racist allegations against Ron the liberal media. His isolationist policies would have been portrayed as extreme (and they are!!). It would have made the media;s campaign against Sarah Palin or Dan Quayle look like childsplay The party was spared that. We have to move on and convince Independents and undecideds: those who do not have a closed mind. Check out Dick Morris ( Don’t believe the liberal media polls that overpolls democrats. We’re leading. Conservatives are neither isolationist nor racist. Having a group like that in the party can weaken us and make us vulnerable to the liberal media. Kook fringe groups are every bit as dangerous to the party as Rino’s.

        • MikeR

          Very well done !

        • Deborah

          Thanks for the pep talk Craig! I needed that. It’s so frustrating to feel like I am beating a dead horse to try to get through to these naysayers. I actually feel sorry for them. They just don’t get it. I love Dick Morris and enjoy watching him as a guest on FOX. Thanks for the tip.

  • Lev D. Zilbermints

    Listen, we were stupid enough to vote for Obama and now are paying the price. Mubarak, our Egyptian ally, is gone. Obama is trying to avoid supporting Israel whereas Bush II did. Islamists have taken over Egypt, Tunis, Algeria, Libya. Syria is in a civil war. Our jobs are outsourced. Our budget deficit is $16 TRILLION and counting!! Good heavens, what are our leaders thinking?

    As we say in Russia, do think with their heads or their asses?

    • Freedomlover

      Lev D. Zilbermints, You must feel sorry about your mistake to vote for Obama. It is late to take your vote back but you have a chance to vote for the great man: Romney. I don’t understand why people vote for Obama! Maybe they expect magic will happen. The man have no experience about money, about business, never run any business even 2-3 employees, nobody sure to know about him… but suddenly take the greatest job in the whole world!!! with the strange ideology to transform America! We should not surprise to suffer all what happening now.

  • Justin57

    Does the Obama campaign own Ron Paul supporters?
    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    • The brainwashed never wonder

      What a good quote. I think it was him or Stalin who said: “It’s not who votes.. it’s who counts the votes!”
      Lenin also said:”The highest art of war is not to fight your enemy at all, but to subvert him, his morals, his religion, his culture, his whole tradition.When a country is demoralized I can take it without firing a shot!”
      (I am quoting from memory so it may be worded in a different order).
      Also Jan Kozak wrote about Lenin’s quote in his book:”And not a shot is fired.”

      At is a review of the book from on
      Communist and socialist elements within a parliament initiate “policies and legislation which strengthen the hand of grassroots revolutionaries.” They also connive to punish those who oppose the planned coup. “Meanwhile, grassroots revolutionaries whip up the appearance of popular support” for the revolutionary agenda “through strikes, rallies, petitions, threats, and – sometimes – sabotage. The ‘pressure from below’ by the small number of revolutionaries and their larger number of dupes is then used to ‘justify’ the centralization of power in the hands of the executive branch of the state. Wishy-washy politicians are intimidated, and the ‘pressure from above’ intensifies.
      Each legislative victory results in new demands for even stronger legislation, which is relentlessly pursued by communists and their dupes in parliament – who claim that they are acting in the name of the popular will. The cycle continues until opposition is completely powerless, intimidated, or liquidated – and the revolution is a fait accompli.” — The New American magazine, July 5, 1999

      another good review is ..
      By double scull
      Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified PurchaseThis book presents a blueprint for the takeover of a free government by communists without bloodshed as opposed to that of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

      The introduction to the book is a short lesson in current American History (1945-1999).

      The tract was written between 1950 and 1955 by Jan Kozak, one of the men who oversaw the overthrow of the Czech government by the use of propaganda and subversion in 1945-1946. The plan he used mirrors that which is being used in the U. S. today.

      After reading this tract, if you don’t believe there’s a conspiracy to overthrow our government, you’ve been living in a political vacuum.

      Guaranteed to bring up the hair on the back of your neck.

    • Craig

      Excellent point Justin57. Obama supporters do use the Olinsky playbook. Ron Paul supporters should be considered part of the Obama campaign.

  • James Zimmerman

    I know this is off the track but i couldn’t let Mr. Christopher Allen Horton’s comment go unchecked. “MY POINT IS SIMPLE. NEGROES ARE “FREE” BECAUSE SOME JACKASS “CAME-ALONG” AND CHANGED A DOCUMENT WHICH WAS CONSIDERED PERFECT BY THOSE WHO WROTE IT”. Some Jackass you say? I think that would be Abraham Lincoln Mr. Horton. The same man who took this nation to war with itself to Give the Black Man an equal share of the Fruits of their labor. The same Abraham Lincoln that Died for his beliefs along with the close to 500.000 other Americans that died during the CIVIL WAR. Now it wasn’t only to free the Black Man there WERE other factors involved but the EMANCIPATION Proclamation was a main Goal of the Republican Govt of the time. They do teach that in school still right? How Dare you call the man that was the most responsible for at least making an official legitimacy for doing away with Slavery a Jackass. That man gave his life so you could have a better one. Read the Gettysburg Address Mr Horton. The Constitution hasn’t changed in almost 300 years. It is dedicated to the proposition that ALL men are created equal and endowed by the creator with unalienable rights Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. White Black Green Yellow Whatever color. If you want to act like you are still a slave and be bitter. Well that is your Right. Just don’t expect us to coddle you.

    • deerinwater

      James, The act of saying anything does not make it so. Horton in the short time of just a handful of weeks has said many things that would best be call profound.

      In the beginning, I though that he might be dim and slow, later to determine that was not so , that he was brighter then i thought.

      I now believe he has a clear agenda and he knows what he is doing, while his elevator does going to the top floor, the door just won’t open and let him out.

      I can’t help but believe that he is being ignored by many of us, finding ourselves not willing to be drawn into his web of contempt and deceit for American values as i feel he is disingenuous in his language and composition.

      To put in simply, ~ it’s a free country, ~ and not a crime to be profound, strange or just weird. Horton want you to “react to him” , ~ the only question is, are you going to give him what he wants?


        INTERESTING COMMENTS, “deerinwater.” HMN…”might be dim and slow…”







      “James Zimmerman,”



      • MikeR

        C.A.Horton: I’m surprised that you are so totally ignorant about the Civil War. If you don’t want to read a book about it, at least go to Wikipedia. Scroll down to ‘secession’ and you will see that slavery was a key factor in the war. Lincoln freed the Confederate slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Congress (white people) prohibited slavery with the 13th Amendment in December, 1865. In more recent history, blacks have again been enslaved by black race-baiting leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. White congressmen, mostly Democrats, assisted in the enslavement of blacks by creating a permenant welfare class. As a result, young women have multiple babies with multiple fathers and they are stuck in a situation where they are dependant on welfare and food stamps. Children grow up without a father in the house, and education is often not a priority. Why don’t you try this for a month: Hit the mute button every time you see Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the leftist members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Turn up the volume every time you see Congressman Alan West. Maybe your views will change.


        “Mike R,”



        I AM FAMILIAR WITH THE TYPES OF SOURCES YOU PRESENTED. I HAVE AN ACADEMIC MINOR IN Ancient/Medieval History AND SOME COURSES IN American History [Constitutional Law, Black History AND Arkansas History].









        AGAIN, “MikeR,” I DID A “QUICK SEARCH.” AN HISTORIAN WHO SUPPORTS THIS INFORMATION IS Lincoln SCHOLAR AND AUTHOR, Gordon Leidner. Mr. Leidner IS A LECTURER AT Johns Hopkins AND Smithsonian Institute. Mr. Leidner IS ALSO A BOARD MEMBER OF, Abraham Lincoln Institute.

        • MikeR

          C.A.Horton: Here are a few facts about slavery you probably don’t know: Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush founded the first anti-slavery society in 1774. John Jay founded a similar anti-slavery society in New York in 1799. Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were strongly opposed to slavery. To name a few: John Adams, Charles Carroll, John Dickinson, John Jay, Richard Henry Lee, Benjamin Rush, and John Witherspoon. Slavery was made illegal in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts in 1780, in Connecticut and Rhode Island in 1784, in New Hampshire in 1792, in Vermont in 1793, and in New York in 1799. All of those dates were many decades before the Civil War. The reason the southern states wanted to secede was because the anti-slavery movement in the north was growing, and the southern plantation owners didn’t think they could survive without free labor. Democrats controlled the south, and Repubicans had most of the power in the north . Abraham Lincoln may not have been interested in marrying your sister, and he probably wouldn’t have wanted you to marry his, but he was strongly opposed to slavery. You should get a book from the library on the Lincoln-Douglas debates, and read every word. You should also get a good book, or five good books, on the Civil War. Read about the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision. Read about the abolitionist John Brown. Every American, especially every black American, should learn about the history of slavery in this country. You might change your mind about who your true friends are, and have been since the founding of this country. Don’t bother responding. I don’t want to continue this discussion with you. Your posts have convinced me that you have absolutely no interest in learning the truth about this.





        • MikeR

          You, sir, are an idiot.





        • MikeR

          Your lips are still moving. Blah, blah, blah.







        • MikeR

          Blah, blah, blah, blah.

  • deerinwater

    It’s good to see so much GOP confidence ! Yippee! Yea us!

  • PTA Mom

    Yes, the terrible irony is that the reasons to not elect Obama are the same reasons to not elect Romney. I will vote for Romney because Gingrich and Huckabee have said that he is not as bad as Obama but I have no illusions that Romney will do as President what is best for the common good or even what is best for the Republican party.

    (go to to see the negative impact that his 1 term as Governor had on the Massachusetts Republican Party.)

    Raw power politics, buying media conglomerates in order to benefit a campaign for President (Bain bought Clear Channel Communications in Nov 2006 for $19 Billion,
    in Jan 2007 Romney began his 1 year long campaign in Iowa with organzied offices spending millions of his own personal wealth. He lost Iowa to Huckabee in Jan 2008)
    Clear Channel owned Premiere Radio Networks with owned almost all of the conservative talk show hosts’ contracts including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News Radio, Michelle Malkin, etc,etc,etc.

    The liberal media is corrupt and gave us Obama, the conservative media is corrupt and gave us Romney.

    • Gea

      The Democrat National Convention will start with a big bash of Muslim extravaganza next week, which may finally wake up Americans to what Obama really stands for: Islam and Marxism, not America! When he cavorts with Muslim Brotherhood and allows them access to White house or when he extolls Islam and Koran, while dissing Bible, or when he bows to Saudi king, whose subjects had committed 9/11, BO is clearly showing where his loyalties lie, and they are NOT with US.

      In November, he will take down with him also Democratic party, which had allowed him those Islamic excesses and endangering of US soldiers, US and the entire Western civilization which IS under attack from Islam, as described in Koran and Hadith and as mullahs and imams all over the world keep telling.

      In addition his Marxist agenda, which BO had learned form his tutor,Frank Marshall Davis from age 10-18 had led to same results as in USSR and has no place in US. Lech Walesa, a retired Solidarity leader and former Polish President had endorsed Romney, because he saw a Marxist rat in Obama. It is going to be a land-slide in November, and we will have to be vigilant about Republicans not selling us out to large corporation which Obama had been also doing. We need to return to true FREE markets of ideas and projects, which will level the playing field so that the best can win.

    • Mimi

      Don’t believe everything you hear, and read in this column. If you are paying attention to what the Republicans are saying, you can’t miss what they are promising in contrast to Obama. First, the repeal of Obamacare, then the removal of the stultifying effects of regulations which are deliberately killing businesses. If you have paid attention to what Obama has been saying from the beginning of his campaign and after, you would have known what an extremist he is. Romney may not have been the conservative choice, but he’s no Obama. He cares about America, and has proven it with all the things he’s done for the people in this country. Not so Obama. Anyone who doesn’t know who to vote for by now, hasn’t been listening or hearing or reading what’s been done by this administration. It takes top honors for the MOST corrupt in memory. Romney could not do worse, only better. Keep that in mind, if you really care about this country.

      • Deborah

        Very well said Mimi. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Kudos to you. Keep educating those who don’t understand what a danger Obama poses to this country.

      • MikeR

        Very well said, Mimi.

  • MikeR

    Here is a short list of avowed communists and socialists Obama has selected as close advisors: Van Jones, Donald Berwick, Valerie Jarrett, Ron Bloom, Cass Sunstein, Kevin Jennings, Elizabeth Warren, Mark Lloyd, and John Holdren. What will 2016 look like if this group is in charge for four more years?

  • Craig

    Let it be remembered that in a critical, historic struggle between the free exercise of capitalism vs. the forces of communism now at work in the White House, the followers of Ron Paul went AWOL and chose to not back the only viable, electable alternative. They deserve our scorn and mistrust now and always.

    • Deborah


      :) :)

    • SamFox

      Craig, did you mean that Mitt is the “electable alternative”? If so you, Deb & Mat are water logged on the RNC CINO-RINO, fringe media & Big Government Party Kool-Aid propaganda.

      Here is why I say that:

      Romney exposed

      Fake Conservative Mitt:

      Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

      Romney & 0bama the same.

      If you have the spine to check these out, please do. Then get back to me. I am signed up for replies. There is more. Here is a small sample. Look up–[You can copy & paste the phrases in a search.]

      Romney Volunteer goes Ron Paul

      Mormons for Ron Paul, because we too “love and cherish freedom”

      I am not attacking or mocking, but you, Craig, made a pretty shallow statement about us Rom Paul peeps. We are hardly AWOL. If we were, we’d mindlessly support who ever the RNC threw up for us to follow. We know what’s been going on in DC. I been at it since the 70′s. Been called a conspiracy nut many times. But NOW, the lion has turned. What I was saying about the USA being taken over slowly back then is in front of your face NOW!! What I was saying about the NWO’s ‘Federal’ Reserve & an attempt at a one world govt has come to pass.

      So, please, don’t tell us TEA & RP peeps we are not paying attention. We are paying a LOT more attention than you are. And for longer.

      Just because we see that trading another Big Gov Party establishment R for the same kind of D & vice versa, means that we are not fooled any more by the KabBULLki theater the “two party” system throws at US.

      I don’t know if you noticed, but we got rid of Bush. Good thing. We got 0 in his place. Bad thing. Thing is, 0 is just doing the same things GWB was. Nothing has changed. What makes ya think Mitt is any diff? Because he says so? If you checked the links, you will find that Mitt is a serial liar just like 0.

      Your lack of research on Ron Paul & Mitt tells me you are the one AWOL. P Ryan is just as bad as Mitt, 0 & both Bushes. …do the lookin! :-)

      Thanks. B waitin for a reply.


      • Craig

        I’ve been responding to you Ron Paul worshippers for the last few days and to the argument that Romney is as bad as Obama. I can’t continue to do this, because I have to attend to the needs of my daily life. These absurd comments are getting old now. If anyone needs to be educated it’s you. How dare you arrogantly suggest “We are paying a LOT more attention than you are. And for longer. ” ??? You don’t know me, the attention I’m paying or for how long, and that statement is therefore stupid and extremely arrogant and presumptuous. Your arrogance and presumption will convince no one. You may believe that Romney is as bad as the Manchurian candidate we have in the White House. I don’t. What this shows to me is that you need to educate yourself more about Obama: your claimed longtime attention falls short when it comes to the communist in the White House. I believe Romney will bring down the debt, end the policies and regulations of the Obama Administration that are crippling business and intentionally creating unemployment, and the mad spending and printing of money will thereby end. Romney will not dangerously cut the military and has no intention to reduce our missile shield to zero which is what Obama intends. Romney will not appoint communists to key positions. Romney does not intend to downsize America and our influence in the world. To even suggest that they are the same is absurd and extreme beyond belief and a non-starter to anyone who is paying attention. If you believe that Romney will spend us into oblivion like Obama, that he will leave us defenseless militarily, that he will appoint communists and avowed socialists to key positions, that he wishes to “totally transform” this great country from our basic ideals into a socialist utopia (and I could go on and on), then you’re wasting my time. If you believe Romney wishes to do these things then you and I have nothing more to say to each other. It’s obvious to anyone but a Ron Paul worshipper that Romney and Obama are not the same and that your starting premisse has no basis and is rediculous and extreme. To you Ron Paul is perfection: “Perfect is the enemy of the good.” Ron Paul is not electable. The only votes he would get would be from his fringe supporters. The liberal media would make instant mincemeat out of him portraying him as a lunatic isolationist,a racist and an extremist. Get over it: your hero lost and it’s time to throw out your candle-lit posters. He could not stand up to Romney, and he would have zero chance against someone like totally unscrupulous Obama using Alinsky tactics and the liberal media. I have things to do now and will respond to no more silly, extremist Obama .and Romney are the same assertions. I’ve done enough of these.

        • Deborah

          EXCELLENT CRAIG!!! Sam Fox, you are delusional. DO NOT SACRIFICE A ROMNEY VOTE ON RON PAUL. Shame on Ron Paul for placing his ego and ideology above the best interests of our nation. He should stand down and encourage his followers to coalesce around Romney for the good of the country.

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        To Deborah: If what Sam Fox posted is the truth you can’t change it by trying to discredit Craig as a person. Did his doctor say Sam Fox is delusional? That’ an old communist tactic. Be careful you don’t play their games. You can do better. As Fred Schwarz wrote in “You can trust the communists (to be communists).” If the communists can’t discredit what I say they will discredit my character.”
        They did the same thing with McCarthy. He was honest and oroved what he said. As some movie review for a hollywood movie that was slandering him wrote “McCarthy the red baiter..” That’s true because there Were reds in high places.(Watch* ‘the Subversion factor videos..’Open gates of troy’ and ‘Moles in high places’ ’83 videos by Western goals:
        Or for KGB agents infiltration of the US on: ).
        Before you say he’s “delusional” how about disproving the videos he posted?
        Watch the whole thing (don’t just skim) then research from as Many sources as you can both “conservative”, “liberal”, and undeclared sources then proove what G. Edaward Griffin
        and says is lies or the Truth.

      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Oops ‘prooved.’ and ‘Sam Fox’ not ‘Craig’. Either way globalist bankers are probably using that trick to make sure Ron Paul “doesn’t” stand a chance. (So to speak).
        Stalin or Lenin said “It’s Not who votes, but who counts the votes.”
        Even so let’s look for the good guys who tell the Truth and Live it(like Ron Paul and Alan West) and not compromise. There always is a better
        option than the that options are handed to us.
        Lets stop supporting deal breakers.
        As some people have said if Romney had picked Allen West, Allen West woould have outshinned him.
        Of course If Ron Paul wins it will be because of everyone waking up in time.
        Of course the people who helped Obama get in would probably assassinate Ron Paul if he got in.As Stan Monteith has stated on Radio liberty, he is surprised that Ron Paul is still alive because of Ron Paul’s speaking the Truth. Radio Liberty is
        Bringing you the Story behind the Story, the News behind the News. Hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Western civilization it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.
        Radio Liberty is hosted by Dr. Stanley Monteith.
        Date: 08-27-12
        Hour: 1
        3:00: Chuck Untersee – Behold A Pale Horse

        Behold a pale horse is a video Eveyone should see asap.

        (Insiders, men without faces, globalists, and bankers in the shadow government will not like it if he got in. They would like it if Obama was in again or if Romney was. Either way no matter Who gets in in, or remains there, they are still in control. Reagan was in- but the CFR was connected to his administration, and the administrations of many presidents before him.
        And they are next to Obama.
        Men who were conservative or anti-communists/soviet union who have died under suspicious circumstances were:James Forrestall, Alexander Litvinenko, Joseph McCarthy, Lois T. McFadden,Larry MacDonald, General Patton, umbrella assasination target Georgi Markov ( (And more).

        They thankfully didn’t liquidate MacArthur but, they sent him to the Bataan so he couldn’t fight back. He was a Man’s man and believed in Going in there to win(!) not the no-win war policy of today’s and yesterday’s government.(That’s why Truman removed him from being in command at the in U.N. in the Korean war. Another war were we have been in since being in the United Nations. So much for the U.N. being “peacful”.
        What’s the point of going to war if you’re not going to win? Why go at all if you are going to lose? He was originally doubtful of Short and Kimmel’s side of the story (read ‘Scapegoats’
        by Beach),
        until he himself was targeted for trying to win.

    • KQJM

      Agree 100% that this is a critical race…. however it’s NOT between communism and capitalism. It’s between plutocracy and democracy.

      • SamFox

        Craig, Deborah, KQJM & Matrix–I’m delusional? Keep telling yourself that. You have no real argument against Ron Paul that is not easily refuted. That’s why the corrupt RNC hates him.

        How many time you all going to ignore the facts???

        1. We are being played by the Big Government Party.
        The BGP has two wings. The R wing & D. If you don’t know how corrupt the RNC is, then there is little hope for you. YOU have been deluded. Trading an establishment R for an estab. D has changed nothing. We got 0 for GWB. WHAT CHANGED??? Trading ‘party’ anointed has only kept the demise of the USA going. What has changed? Have you yet to do enough research to know about the how to collapse the US system book written by Cloward & Pivon? Or Rules For Radicals? You guys have no clue yet you say I’m delusional.

        2. We know, at least those of us who have been paying attention & researching, that the RNC, even Fox ‘News’ tried to bury Ron Paul The RNC anointed Mitt from the beginning in spite of the FACT the Ron Paul has a great PRO USA voting record & platform. If you knew what you were talking about when it comes to Dr. Paul you would know that. What’s so bad about wanting Constitutional govt any way? Wanting the privately owned NWO ‘Fed’ audited? The return of state’s rights? Individual freedom & liberty? Getting the govt off the backs of small business, out of our private lives & wallets? How long has Romney been saying those things?

        Ron’s basic in a nutshell primes: Let’s put the fed govt & the USA back under the Constitution. And you belittle the man? Lie about his foreign policy? If you are conservatives, who needs ‘progressives’? You are doing the prog thing FOR THEM! But I’m delusional. SURE I AM! Uh Huh!

        Deb says “EXCELLENT CRAIG!!! Sam Fox, you are delusional. DO NOT SACRIFICE A ROMNEY VOTE ON RON PAUL. Shame on Ron Paul for placing his ego and ideology above the best interests of our nation. He should stand down and encourage his followers to coalesce around Romney for the good of the country.”

        Deb, you just illustrated that YOU are deluded. How many times I gotta post the real skinny on Mitt before it sinks in Mitt’s a phony two face double tongue poster child for duplicity?!?!

        Ron Paul has stood, very often ALONE, against big govt. Against unjust war. Against tax increases. For your freedom. Against over spending & ponzi borrowing to cover the un-necessary but created on purpose short fall. It’s part of the collapse the USA plan that Cloward & Pivon wrote about.

        Mitt & 0. It’s like arguing about who’s best, Al Capone or Frank Nitty.

        Romney exposed

        Fake Conservative Mitt:

        Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

        Romney & 0bama the same.

        Romney is for big govt &war:

        Call me anything ya want, but FIRST! YOU 3 OR 4 have to rebut the above videos. I’ll make it easier. Just refute, with substantiated facts, & show us the first 4 are wrong & why. Other wise leave me alone, stay in your willful deceptive state & waste YOUR votes on another BGP establishment crony.

        Thank you very much.


      • The brainwashed never wonder

        Proove it. I would love to hear proof that communism is not attacking free enteprise America, so that we have nothing to worry about.
        Now you are probably going to reply to me and say ‘You see a communist under every bed.
        My reply to that is: have you looked under yours?

        Listen to Radio liberty to hear what’s really going on is:
        Bringing you the Story behind the Story, the News behind the News. Hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Western civilization it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.

        Radio Liberty is hosted by Dr. Stanley Monteith.

        Listen this in the archives:
        Date: 08-27-12
        Hour: 1
        3:00: Chuck Untersee – Behold A Pale Horse
        The video is one everyone should see.
        Also America is a Republic not a democracy or we would have lost this nation after it began! Watch Overview of America on

  • Matrix

    There is still hope with post like these!

  • http://Zur Evelyn

    .You go to war with the army you have not the army you’d like. I have great respect for Ron Paul’s persistent and non wavering march to Audit the Fed and heal our domestic woes he is spot on in critical areas. . but I find your comments ( Is Mitt Fit) demonizing Romney as despicable!! Do you hope OBAMA wins????? You sure haven’t helped the cause of The GOP Party of “CHOICE” vs. A DEM Party of “CONTROL”. Even if you don’t think GOP “ CHOICE” is …. pure enough for you….. there is no comparison to the Tyrannical DEM Party of CONTROL. Surely you can SEE that!

    I have taken Campaign for Liberty Training on how to become a more effective citizen activist… meeting and engaging lots & lots of Paul supporters. . The problem I find with Paul Supporters (your article confirms the flaw I see in all of them……. they would rather win the battle on “purity of principal”……. even if it means Losing the War. We NEED UNITY to win against diabolical forces…not the sour grapes & righteous demonization against Romney you are preaching in this article.. You can’t change the system from the “outside” to your Utopian Dream of a Purity Fix…then .go sucking your thumb & whining when you don’t get the your way……. Rigidly Unbending..Purity of Principal at all cost…that’s the BIG FLAW with Paul Supporters………James Dobson a wonderful man has fallen into the same trap in past election cycles as Paul Supporters…Guliani wasn’t pure enough—Party divided -We lose! Stop putting yourself in the position of hurting conservative advancement instead of helping it. Ron Paul has much to offer, but the way you go about it does not win people like me…and…there are more of us than there are of you. We have so much common ground in so many areas ….we need to build on that not separate the conservative choir. Maybe you see your principal purity as a self righteous badge of honor…. I DO NOT!!!. I am an ANGRY Grandma Grizzlie..Angry at the stupidity of whinney conservative factions within the GOP that insists time after time of shooting the conservative causes in the foot. There is no room for suicidal tendencies….our back is against the wall….party with suicidal factions is not the party that wins. Know who the enemy is!

    An Angry Grandma Grizzly in Colorado.
    Evelyn Zur

    • Craig

      So wonderfully stated, Evelyn. I’ve lost all patience with these crybabies, but it’s nice to know that there are people such as yourself who can clearly lay the cards on the table for these people. You can bet that the different Dem factions won’t be shooting themselves in the foot like this. They have the patience and the vision to look forward to the future when they will have more opportunites to advance their views. Not so with the Ron Paul group. Their reaction will not be forgotten!!!

    • Deborah

      Evelyn – You are magnificent!!!! You hit the nail right on the head.

    • MikeR

      Very well said, Grandma Grizzly !

    • KQJM

      “The problem I find with Paul Supporters (your article confirms the flaw I see in all of them……. they would rather win the battle on “purity of principal”……. even if it means Losing the War.”

      “We have so much common ground in so many areas ….we need to build on that not separate the conservative choir”.

      So, STFU then and FOCUS on the common grounds, instead of frothing at the mouth about the differences and flaws as YOU see them.”

      “There is no room for suicidal tendencies….our back is against the wall….party with suicidal factions is not the party that wins. Know who the enemy is!”

      Well, that explains for the absolute MURDER of PRINCIPALS demonstrated by Romney and Ryan, demonstrated at the RNC…. win at all costs…… that’s tyranny. Win at all costs, kill principals in the process, kill your own party members if they disagree! And as in all wars, truth is the first casualty.

      Sounds more like the party of Hitler than anything else….

      You know what Grizzly’s are good for? Fur coats and meat.

      • MikeR

        Wake up, Paulie Boy. We have two distinct choices in November. We can vote for a capitalist who is a very decent man, or we can vote for a socialist who is a lying weasel.

      • KQJM

        MikeR: The other way to cast the election is that of one between a Plutocracy and Democracy.

        • MikeR

          KQJM: I don’t know why you would think that. Obama clearly has no interest in democracy. He’s trying to steal the election by allowing people without photo IDs to vote. He has surrounded himself with avowed socialists and communists. He is either a socialist or a communist. Plutocracy? It takes a lot of money to run for a national election. It’s not likely that your local plumber or school teacher will win a national election. It’s possible, but not likely. Ron Paul, Obama, and Romney are all multi-millionaires. I don’t have a problem with wealthy people running the country, as long as they are honest, and believe in small government, strong defense, and fair taxation.

      • KQJM


        (1) “….as long as they are honest”…… that automatically disqualifies the R&R ticket.

        (2)”…steal the election without use of photo id’s?” Really,,,,, we didn’t have “photo” id’s when Bush was elected… or in previous elections either. Why does it surface as a problem now?

        Try googling the terms “voter fraud statistics” and it will return a plethora of results such as these: There is a greater chance of being hit by lightening than encountering voter fraud. Election fraud IS of more genuine concern.


        (3) “….surrounded himself with communists and socialists” Really? His cabinet members are communists and socialists? The judicial and legislative branches are now all communist and socialist? The congress is now communists and socialists?

        How much power do you think one person has?

  • Craig

    Update from the convention: Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney based on father’s ideals. The rest is taken from the website listed below:
    Rand Paul took to the stage of the RNC on Wednesday evening and made a bee line for Obama, taking him on on his signature policy in the first words he uttered. He said that after the Supreme Court’s ruling the first words out of his mouth were: “I still think it is unconstitutional.” He went on to say that he’s had time to count to ten and he still thinks it’s unconstitutional.

    While the elder Paul spoke via a tribute video, the younger Paul gave his speech and was afforded time because of his decision to back Mitt Romney. The speech was all about the things his father had instilled in him. It was about freedom, prosperity and peace. It was about encouraging Americans, not putting them down and it was brilliant.

    Read more:

    My words. It’s nice to know that there are some sensible Ron Paul followers. I will temper any further remarks I make by saying: “Some Ron Paul followers …” Freedom, prosperity and peace, and some Ron Paul followers say there is no difference between Romney and Obama. Maybe they’re listening to the wrong “Paul.”

    • Deborah

      EXCELLENT NEWS CRAIG! I will also temper my comments about Ron Paul followers and refer to them as “some Ron Paul followers.”

      Frankly, my work is done here and I am moving on. It’s been fun!

      VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 :)

    • SamFox

      Craig, Ron Paul is correct when he says Mitt & 0 are the same.

      Romney exposed

      Fake Conservative Mitt:

      Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

      Romney & 0bama the same.



      • MikeR

        SamFox: I think you really should watch as much of the Democrat convention as you can tolerate tonight. Then ask yourself if that is the group you want leading the country for another four years. If you don’t vote, or if you vote for anyone other than Romney, you will be voting for Obama by default. if you don’t understand that, get your grandchildren to explain it to you.

        • SamFox

          MikeR, the line of thinking “Anybody but Bush!” gave US 0. Now it’s the R’s turn to be fooled by “Anybody but 0bama!” & far to many are. All you are tacitly saying, bottom line, is “Let’s trade the current big govt crony D for OUR big govt crony R!” Trading establishment candidates based on the letter behind their name is EXACTLY why nothing has changed better for We The People for a number of elections now.

          If you had bothered to check the links I left you would know that. You are being manipulated by your fear of 0 the same way voters were last election by fear of GWB.

          If we don’t change the KIND of candidate we support, we will stay on this political merry go round going in circles. The candidate we support MUST BE OUT SIDE THE ESTABLISHMENT BOX!! {Caps for emphasis. Not shouting.]

          Mitt Romney is NOT outside the estab. box any more than Bush OR 0. Until people realize this we will continue being collapsed & taken over.

          Ron Paul is the only major ‘party’ candidate who is not part of the establishment. That is WHY even the RNC tried to bury him. Why even Fox ‘News’ lied about Ron, ignored him & tried to manipulate CPAC videos when Ron won the CPAC vote for the 2nd or 3rd time in a row.

          If you & many others had been doing research instead of taking what fringe media talking heads were saying as gospel without checking them out, you would know that what I am saying is true.

          The ONLY positive the Mitt & CINO RINO Ryan will bring is, hopefully, a slowdown of the demise from within of the USA. I hope I am wrong, but since I did the research on Mitt & Ryan, their past records & votes belay any hope that they will do a real180′ turnaround.

          Ron Paul would. That’s why he has been under attack from what are supposed to be conservative people & news outlets. These people have proven beyond doubt that they are NOT US patriots nor do they have the best interests of We The People in their hearts. Some of them are ignorant. This is true. Some are CINO RINO ‘progressives’ in disguise.

          In any case, there is no reason to be so ignorant about the best political hope for US as POTUS, Ron Paul. Maybe it’s to late to get him in, but I betcha we all will come to regret you all not taking a deeper look at this man. And no Ron is not perfect. Not even that good a speaker. But his long term unchanging platform cannot be beaten by any one running now. His defense of the Constitution & wanting it restored as the law of the land cannot be challenged.

          Go to YouTube & look up, [you can copy & paste the phrases]–

          Judge Napolitano on Ron Paul

          Jack Hunter on Ron Paul

          Combat Veterans for Ron Paul

          Former CIA Bin Laden Unit Head Michael Scheuer on Ron Paul



          • MikeR

            SamFox: “Anyone but Bush” did not give us Obama. George W. Bush served two terms, and couldn’t serve another term. John McCain won the Republican nomination in 2008 solely on his self-proclaimed ‘hero’ status. If a more electable Republican candidate had been nominated, we wouldn’t have experienced the Obama disaster. Your idiotic obsession with Ron Paul will only get Obama reelected. If you think that four more years of Obama will anger the electorate to the point that they will elect a libertarian candidate in 2016, you are dillusional. By 2016 there will be even more people on the government dole, and they will all vote for Hillary or whoever the loony left nominates. In the era of American Idol, someone who looks and speaks like Ron Paul will never be elected. I know it’s not fair, but that is the reality that rational people have to accept. The American electorate isn’t going to elect the candidate with the best ideas, or the candidate who respects and honors the Constitution. They are going to elect a candidate who looks good, and tells them what they want to hear. There are more dumbasses than geniuses, and politicians all know that. If you don’t like the way things are now, you will really hate the way things will be four years from now if Obama is reelected. RON PAUL IS NOT GOING TO BE PRESIDENT NOW OR EVER. You have two choices: More Obama or no Obama.

  • brazzos

    Where’s the birth cerificate? Mitt? Haven’t seen it or tax returns.

  • Craig

    Columnist Andrew McCarthy gives us what probably is
    the most important question regarding the upcoming presidential election.
    The following is cut and paste from that article:
    If Mitt wins the nomination, I will enthusiastically support his candidacy.
    For my friends who have hesitation on that score, I’d
    just ask you to keep four things in mind:

    1.. Justice Scalia just turned 78

    2.. Justice Kennedy will turn 78 later this year

    3.. Justice Breyer will be 76 in August

    4.. Justice Ginsburg turned 81 about a week ago.

    In addition,

    * Justice Ginsburg has Pancreatic Cancer.

    * Justice Stephens has already said he would retire and is just waiting for
    Obama to be reelected.
    The next president could appoint as many as 4 new Justices over next 8 years.
    This election is about more than ObamaCare Tax.
    We wish them all well, of course, but the brute fact is that whoever we elect
    as president in November is almost certainly going to choose at least one new
    member of the Supreme Court, in addition to hundreds of other life-tenured
    federal judges, all of whom will be making momentous decisions about our lives
    for decades to come.
    If you don’t think it matters whether the guy making those calls is Mitt
    Romney or Barack Obama, I think you’re smokin’ something funky.
    So for anybody who is thinking of not voting because your favorite didn’t get
    nominated, or writing in a candidate who can’t win, imagine this:


    After you have stopped gasping, kindly forward this to your list of concerned

    ****This is my last comment here.

    • macgyver1948

      Craig… this post of yours, you, is assuming all those who read it feel the same ways you do. Not by a long shot. The election will be very close and for those who think Romney will win by a long shot, if he wins, is going to be disappointed.

      For example, there are many who will believe, and in greater numbers over time as it gets out there, the following list is true. And so many more things from the Right are not believable to those people. It is a matter of perspective and what we see as true. I didn’t write the below list but it is getting out there from several different sources and going to so many.

      Here is a list of five lies that Paul Ryan told when he gave his speech at the Republican National Convention last night. Every single news outlet should report on these lies.

      1. Lie: President Obama is the “greatest threat” to Medicare.
      Truth: Obama didn’t make any cuts to Medicare benefits; he made cuts to provider reimbursements, to improve cost efficiency and extend the fiscal security of Medicare by eight years. According to the Medicare actuary, “[Obama's] Affordable Care Act makes important changes to the Medicare program and substantially improves its financial outlook.”1
      But Ryan actually does want to cut benefits. He proposed dismantling Medicare and replacing it with a voucher system, leaving millions of seniors to come up with more money to pay for care out of pocket.2,3

      2. Lie: President Obama didn’t save a General Motors plant in Wisconsin.
      Truth: First, Obama wasn’t even in office when the GM plant closed. Second, Obama never made a promise to save it.4

      3. Lie: President Obama ignored recommendations of a bipartisan debt commission.
      Truth: Paul Ryan actually sat on that commission. And he led Republicans in voting down the commission’s own recommendation. So the commission never gave a report to Obama, because Ryan himself voted to kill the report before it could.5

      4. Lie: President Obama is responsible for the downgrading of the U.S. Credit Rating
      Truth: House Republicans, including Paul Ryan, held the full faith and credit of the United States hostage to try to ransom it for trillions of dollars in cuts to social programs without increasing taxes on the wealthy one dime. Standard & Poors said specifically, “We have changed our assumption on [revenue] because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues.” That’s why our nation’s credit rating was downgraded.6,7

      5. Lie: Ryan wants to protect the “weak.”
      Truth: Ryan’s biggest feat in his political career was proposing a budget with dramatic cuts to programs benefiting the poor. He’d cut Medicaid by one third, take away health care insurance from 30 million Americans, and cut Pell Grants for 1 million students. All so that he could give more tax breaks to the rich.

      • jopa

        An aide to Romney has said that the American public will not fact check so anything goes.They may be surprised to find out the American voters are not as stupid as they think and they may be called out on that three day lying session.As the cameras were scanning the crowd there seemed to be several that were kind of stunned listening to these bogus speeches.Even Christie and Clint had to tell the crowd to be a little more enthusiastic and cheer more during this bull session.If they are so openly dishonest at a convention can you imagine what they would do behind closed doors in Washington.

      • Craig

        You did not address my main point except to pontificate that most people don’t feel like I do and then to add that the election will be close 2 months away from election day.. Now I know that macgyver is not your real name, so you are some well-known pundit? I wonder who? My purpose was to respond to the silly assertion of the Ron Paul worshippers that Romney and Obama are the same. They need to educate themselves and I would suggest Civics 101 to read up on the Supreme Court and the role of the president in selecting judges as well as the far-reaching importance of the Court.. As far as these “5 lies” as you label them, I don’t appreciate that you used my post concerning the Supreme Court to launch your venim. I’ll leave it to the Romney Ryan campaign to clear these things up. Since they are just beginning to appear (“several sources”) and you have accepted them as gospel truth without waiting for responses, tells me you are engaging in propaganda. Hey, that’s part of campaigning: there will be charges and counter-charges daily for the next 2 months. By the way, would you mind if the media researches these first before reporting on them? No need to answer this last question, the purpose of your post is quite obvious.

        • macgyver1948

          Graig… Yep, I have said it here before, Macgyver is a member name I have used since the early days of AOL chat rooms. As for my being a Pundit. I am no expert. I read a lot, form opinions and offer them. No one has to agree with them and my feelings are not hurt if people do not. I do not want to have other peoples beliefs forced on me so I don’t look for any exceptions, or expectations, when I share…
          I knew what you were doing with “My purpose was to respond to the silly assertion of the Ron Paul worshippers that Romney and Obama are the same”. I was adding my lousy 2 cents.

          I know Romney and Obama are not the same and I see millions of differences in how they are representing and are being handled. I see there is the difference between them in their brands of Capitalisms and who they would like to work those brands for. I have no delusions when it comes to politicians.

          Jessie The Body Ventura, whatever you think of him, said it realistically with his (just paraphrasing because I do not remember it exactly now) “Politicians are like the WWE/F wrestlers in that in front of the cameras they are always right and nasty toward their current opponents and behind the scenes they can enjoy each others company – or not”. They have to both follow their respective scripts.

          I haven’t accepted anything politicians say as “gospel Truth” until I knew what the truth is. I was just passing along what is going around concerning Ryan’s speech. Your post is public on here and not private. Sorry if you were offended. We were told by one of the owners/promoters of this site that all views are welcome. I bet Ryan will hear what is said about his speech and he will or will not offer his views on what the press and so many others say about him. It is politics but if they aren’t true then I will be upset with their lying. It is just from what I have read in Ryan’s proposals I lean toward what the press is saying.

          For examples, vouchers I do not believe will keep up with inflation and those depending on their money being able to purchase what it does now will not be able to. To bad for retired and old and sick people, huh? I do not see Romney or Ryan caring one way or the other unless it satisfies their handlers.

          As for the point that many do not feel as you goes. With so many on the Left the reality of that speaks for itself. We each go with what we choose to believe. You are very much entitled to how you feel and choose to believe. So do I.

          • Craig

            According to Gallup, only 21% of people in the U.S. identify themselves as liberal. I would not say therefore, “so many on the Left.” All the reliable polls that I’ve checked asking this question show very few identifying with the left, and show conservatives as the largest group. Advancing private opinions on this point is irrelevant.

          • macgyver1948

            Craig… why are there so many blue points and and this shows so far Obama is ahead? How can that be with only 21% for the left? I meant those who are left and left leaning. Where are all the other blue points coming from? You do get way specific to prove your points and you negate what others are trying to get across just to tell others they are wrong and you have to be right.

          • SamFox

            Hi Ya MacG!

            Here is something for ya to consider:

            Romney & 0bama the same.

            Romney exposed

            Fake Conservative Mitt:

            Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

            These 2 clowns are a LOT more alike than you seem to realize.



          • macgyver1948

            SamFox.. Thanks Sam, I will look through those sites as I have time in the next day or so. I will let you know what I think… Steve

          • SamFox

            MacG, and a thank you to you. Thanks for being open minded.

            I am a Ron Paul fan. But it’s not Ron Paul the man so much as his return to the Constitution platform.

            Some say as a Congressman Ron didn’t get much done. But whose fault is that? Ron’s or a Congress mostly in the pockets of special interests who wouldn’t support Ron’s legislation? Even as Prez, Ron couldn’t do much without a Constitution minded Congress. Ron said he would not legislate via executive order.

            Ron Paul did change the national dialog. Now there is talk, in the gen pop & even in Congress, of auditing the ‘Fed’, restoring the Constitution, cutting real spending rather than reducing proposed spending, ending useless & unaffordable wars, having the fed govt live within it’s means, reducing taxes, laws & regs that are strangling small business …& more.

            Ron was spreading ideas I & fewer others had as far back as the 70s, like those above. Now we don’t look so nuts. :-)

            I know that Ron may not have much chance to be POTUS. If you do deep research on him & read & listen to what HE says & stands for, you may under stand that the RNC, fringe media & big govt wonks shunting him to the ‘back room’ will bring a lot more sad days for the USA. Far to many only took media’s word & redefinitions for Ron’s positions.

            Fox ‘News’, a so called conservative style outfit, was also guilty. At YouTube there is a video about Fox switching CPAC videos. Also a great Jon Stewart video
            When Did Ron Paul Become The Thirteenth Floor Of A Hotel
            in which ‘news’ outlets, including Fox, were dissing Dr. Paul or ignoring him.

            If Mitt gets in, I am not sure much will change. I have a LOT of info on all the candidates, going back to the beginning of this campaign season. I hope I am wrong & Mitt has some kind of ‘come to Jesus’ moment.

            Right now, I figure the best Mitt’ll do is slow down the 0bama train that’s about to derail the nation. Bush drove the same train, as did many other POTUSes & Congresses, but 0 hit over drive.

            The best to you. Hope you coming year is a good one.


          • Gea

            Romney is a businessman with MBA who had an impressive track record of succesful projects, while Obama is a great story teller. While it is nice to have a great story teller, as DF Roosevelt was (with his Fireside chats) there has to be a substance behind a PResident, and not Koran and Islam, which Obama extolls while dissing Bible.

            I would rather have a Moroman than a Muslim as a President, who pretends to be a zchirtisan , while his view are totally un-American.

          • macgyver1948

            Gea… All you are doing is repeating yourself without any proof when you say Obama is dissing the Bible. Which bible is he dissing, yours or mine or both?

            The Mormon you say you would rather have, assuming that one is Romney, has violated religious rights and freedoms of people in my religion and maybe of other religions too, and who knows if he would again as president if his Mormon leaders tell or pressure him to. Religion should never be an issue in our politics or our government. Remember, in the Mormon faith what they are told by their superiors is what must be done because the leaders believe they speak and act for God – God tells them what to do and say. The terrorist of the Muslim world also speak and act for God by their ways of thinking too.

            There we go again with Romney and his “MBA who had an impressive track record of successful projects” as you said.. Ok, let’s do this again.

            Romney was turned down bu many American wealthy when he asked them for support to create Bain Capital. Romney hooked up with some very unsavory characters from south of our borders for the capital he wanted. He owed, or still owes them, big time.

            Bain Capital, under the direction of Romney, Bought many companies for the purpose of making money for himself and his big investors. Bain fired so many people and gutted many companies so they could make MONEY for themselves, whatever was best for Bain and their investors to feed their bank accounts and greed. Romney, as Governor of Massachusetts, outsourced many jobs. Romney signed the Norquist PLEDGE and as with many other signers, Over 270 GOP politicians in Congress, of that pledge he will be too gutless to go against it even if going against it will protect or help the country.

            Yeah, Romney is a great guy and he will be a great controlled puppet for Norquist and The Kochs and any others who represent those two groups.

          • MikeR

            1948: You say Romney is going to be taking orders from Norquist, the Kochs, and the Mormon hierarchy? What if the Mormon hierarchy disagrees with Norquist? Will they have a duel? Or will they just flip a coin? Why would the most powerful man in the world take orders from any of them?

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR…. You just do not get it, do you? I do not care if you do not believe me, who would? I see the conflict there or it will be dueling pistols at 10 paces or some so-called trustworthy guy flipping a coin, since you brought it up, for a choice to be made. BUT:

            The Norquist PLEDGE says if you are in it you are in for life, like the MAFIA, no ways out without having your career destroyed by disobeying your pledge to Norquist. If you are GOP and you sign it your career will be over if you disobey it – EVER. Well, actually you are disobeying Norquist but he hides behind his PLEDGE and says it is the voters who will kill your career. I know I just repeated myself but I am not sure you can get it the first few times.

            What a farce Norquist is when he will spend a fortune maligning you in the press and any other ways he can to the voters. If you do not sign it they will not like you… I believe you are excommunicated if you do not follow orders in the Mormon Church.
            Do you see that now MikeR? Did you not go to the link for the interview where Norquist says things, as I posted a few times? Things like…

            Norquist says – “If they sign the pledge they get support, they get to govern, they win and I make it possible. If they do not sign the Pledge, or they violate it, they are toast”.

            Listen to him say this in the interview in his words and do not just take it from my paraphrasing, even though it is pretty close to what Norquist actually says. .
            So, who owns the signers, including Romney/Ryan????… Is Norquist a fascist bully or what? There is your real far Right.
            Norquist: Romney Will Do As Told

          • MikeR

            1948: You seem to be as awed by Norquist as he is with himself. HE HAS NO REAL POWER. Most Americans don’t even know who he is. He can’t force a politician to keep the pledge. Politicians break promises all the time. Remember when George H.W. Bush said “Read my lips. No nude Texans !!”. He broke that pledge, and there continued to be many nude Texans.

          • macgyver1948

            MikeR. You bet I am scared of Norquist, for American liberty and Freedom. It is the devil you don’t know, since you say most Americans do not know who he is, that can be the scariest and most dangerous. As many Christians say “one of Satan’s best weapons is being invisible or unknown”.

            “awed” by him hell no, that implies impressed and respected.

      • KQJM

        CRAIG: You assume that the appointees themselves will accurately represent themselves and your personal interests. Given the sanction the RNC has given to “lies, bending the rules, the end justifies the means”, even appointing a “conservative” to the Supreme Court does not assure that in fact a “conservative” of your ilk and brand will be appointed. Once sitting, when asked to serve his principals up to the knife of those who empowered him, to eviscerate himself to satisfy their hunger… well, it’s just as likely that knife will turn in the other direction.

        Once in power, people will do as they damn well please….. as so acutely demonstrated by the RNC and Romney/Ryan fabricate a story and party line team.

        Be carefull Craig….there are defectors in every war…. and Supreme Court Justices are no exception.

        • macgyver1948

          KQJM… Thank you for your well stated comment… I sense there are many of the Right feel betrayed by Chief Justice Roberts for OKing ObamaCare as he did…. I feel highly betrayed by SCOTUS for siding with Citizens United so it could always happen as “we see” the injustices in their decisions.

  • Craig

    Too bad the Gallup poll didn’t consult you, a noted pundit. I’m sure you know far more on the topic than they. The liberal media first of all overpolls democrats, and polls registered voters and not likely voters. Now, I’m really bored with you and I wish to move on. Please believe Obama is ahead if that makes you feel better. Believe also that the people really would like four more years of 8% and higher unemployement and they love paying taxes during a recession Young people love it that they can continue to mooch on mom and dad. Who wants to work anyway???? We’re all socialists (Gallup is wrong) and want to be on the dole like Greece. Maybe that explains the Greek columns at his coronation. That’s it. We love Greece. People love it how he blames everyone and everything else for the bad economy. They can’t get enough of his excuses. The debt? The people think that the stimulus bill was great and want more, and adding only 50% to the debt in 4 years is not enough. People love debt. Small business just loves him and is looking for more and more regulations and more taxes so they can’t hire. Give us more Obamacare, since pollsters don’t know what they’re doing the 60% or more that opposed it don’t really exist. Obamacare is really popular and everyone can’t wait for the exorbitant increases and rationing to follow. Higher energy and gas prices – give us more!!!! Let’s finance more oil drilling in Brasil etc. More, give us more – we can’t get enough. Sock it to us right up the sphincter Who couldn’t love Obama? He’s our saviour, the second coming. Yeh, you can’t argue with that kind of success. He’s wonderful!!! He’s the best along with Jimmy Carter. Now please find something else to do as I’m busy and will answer no more of your posts, including the response to this one. GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!

    • macgyver1948

      This post is so typical you. You are so slanted toward Graig’s World in your attempts to tell others who do not agree with you how wrong they are. Unfortunately this is not just a Graig thing but so much from many on the right and I hate to say but but there are some on the left doing it too.

      Please look up the definition of Socialism, it seems to escape you. And I published a blog last year on polls and they too are inflating how much they representing American and taking to much liberty with only those who take the polls. A few hundred or thousand people do not accurately represent all Americans. Neither do the Democrats or the GOP. Norquist, with his pledge runs the GOP, although he denies that, and Koch buys loyalties but those are other issues.

      Back to my main point. The ways some people assume so much, and you are very guilty, of how other feel and believe is a fantasy. You get angry with your fantasy, others like you too, and you lose credibility fast when you do that. You keep saying you are leaving this site. Ok if you want to but taking your ball and going home because we wont join you in your fantasy world is a bit childish. And it takes away, by distraction, form discussing what might be helpful, even from those who do not agree on how. That too is the TP/GOP way. By if you are leaving…

      Saviour, huh? LOL WOW,,, LOL…

    • KQJM

      OBAMACARE = The idea of requiring individuals to purchase health insurance, known as the individual health insurance mandate, originated in 1989 at the conservative Heritage Foundation, and was included in Republican-sponsored health care bills in the 1990s.

      Romney implemented his own version of it in Massachusettes and lauded it as an advancement.

      Admit it…. it’s not the PLAN you hate, but the PERSON who pushed the plan through. You hate that he got it through because it put a Insurance Companies in Obama’s pocket, and took them out of yours.

      You don’t care about the public, or those governed, any more than you claim he does.
      You only care about defeating him. WIN WIN WIN at all costs. Not GOVERN GOVERN GOVERN even at sacrifice to your self.

      • macgyver1948

        KQJM… Excellent in phrasing and in truth. Your history on this is so correct too. But there is the problem with what you say. The Right doesn’t want us to remember the truth, history or the facts. And they will not own up to the fact that all they care about is defeating Obama and not helping the country in doing so.

        I have wondered if the Right forced the GOP/Romney stuff into ObamaCare so they can now say how bad it is. They insisted that their failed stuff be included or they would make it fail in voting. Obama didn’t want the failed GOP/Romney stuff but he had to compromise as is often done in politics…

      • KQJM

        Mac: I think it was a mistake to compromise. I’d rather he had held out for a single payer program. Compromise only works when you are dealing with rational people who want to move things forward; It does not work with people who are addicted to a demonstration of dominance on all issues… to them, compromise is viewed as both weakness and opportunity. There’s a certain psychopathy permeating the political sphere and sadly, it can be difficult at the ground level to discern between it and genuinely felt conviction. Ron Paul represented genuine conviction. Obama believes too much in diplomacy carrying the day, and this neo-conservative GOP belief system…. well, they just believe the end justifies the means. Power is that corrupting that once held, any diminishment of it feels like an amputation and life threatening. And at it’s very root, is fear….. fear that they will be crippled without it.