Is Libyan Attack On Russian Embassy Revenge For Thwarting U.S. Aid To Muslim Brotherhood Rebels In Syria?


On Wednesday the Russian embassy in Tripoli, Libya, was attacked by a group of about 60 people, some armed, who tried to force their way into the compound. A Libyan security source who spoke to media blamed the attack on the killing of a Libyan by a Russian woman.

But it could also be possible sense that extremists in the nation are angry at Russia for thwarting U.S. military action to aid their Islamic extremist brothers in arms in Syria.

“In Tripoli … a shooting occurred and there was an attempt to enter the territory of the Russian embassy in Libya,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, speaking on Russian state television.

“According to the most preliminary information there were no injuries among members of the Russian diplomatic mission,” he added.

Russia Today reports:

The ITAR-TASS news agency’s witnesses said attackers tore down a Russian flag. The situation was soon brought under control and there are currently no intruders on Russia’s embassy territory.

According to reports, around 10 attackers drove to the embassy in two cars. Libyan News Agency (LANA) reports that they first opened fire on a parked diplomatic vehicle.

As Libya continues to be mired in post-Western intervention disarray, Gaddafi’s overthrow has not shown to have yielded a conciliatory political climate as many had hoped.

“Ever since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s government we’ve seen in Libya the mob rule of countless militias or death squads,” activist and journalist Sukant Chandan told RT.

In September 2012 U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed as armed militants assaulted Washington’s consulate in Benghazi. U.S. citizens and the families of the fallen have yet to get the full story of the events leading up to and during the attack.

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  • Nana Monster

    I applaud the Russians on their swift beating down of the rebels. I only wish
    the US could do the same. It seems that all of our compounds are weapon free and it leaves them open to attack. Just like or military bases here in the US.
    The only words I can think of is…..Go Putin..why can’t Obama take a stand like you did??

    • Porky PuffChester

      No, under Hillary The Harlot, who was responsible for the rules of engagement at all embassies & consulates, we had foreign rent-a-cops without guns on 9/11, this after several incidents of violence & after all the other nations high-tailed it out of there weeks before…And this POS woman, wants to be prez in 2016, she’s a female version of Obama, just an empty suit, who has NEVER done one thing of significance in her political career…she is no Bill Clinton…., whatever you think of him, or his ideology,(he did do some good things, unlike OBOZO) he’s got more brains in his pinkie than Obummer & Hillary put together!

      • Cashu

        Boy, if you aren’t a raging, confused contradiction of conviction, I’ve never seen one. Have you forgotten the long list of victims of BOTH Klintons during their reign of power in the ’90s?

        I would love to forgo any of the “good things” that slick weasel might have accidentally done to be able to turn the clock back to before the oval office was permanently sullied by his perpetual perversion…



        • Porky PuffChester

          Compared to the POS that is occupying the half-White House now, Bill looks like George Washington to me! Hey, remember Barry probably murdered homo choir director, Larry Sinclair, the guy he used to have homo sex with & smoked crack with! Sinclair’s mom is convinced he did!

          • Cashu

            Just because the bummer is a perverted, druggy is no reason to whitewash li’l billy. I think that slimy pervert was even worse for the country than bummer, because he wasn’t as honest about who he really was. He wanted the country to believe he was squeaky clean, when his real history was strewn with dead bodies, raped women, double-crossed allies and nothing real but the monstrous lies.

            We could expect nothing more than socialist/communist fraud and lies from bummer, because he made little effort to dissuade us from what he obviously was, even though he spent millions to hide his ineligibility for office.

            But li’l billy made every effort to hoodwink the country into believing he was a straight shooter, going so far as to lecture us all on television, lying to us while shaking his finger at us, knowing all along that what he was saying was nothing but a big, fat lie. And he might have gotten away with the lie if it hadn’t been for Linda Tripp and her prescience in procuring and preserving that blue dress, as well as recording Monica as she angst-ed about her seamy relationship with the pervert.

            I don’t know about you, but I can’t ever forgive anyone who holds me in such contempt that he will brazenly lie to me – to my face. Don’t give the SOB a pass because you see another SOB that you think is worse…



          • Porky PuffChester

            Hey, I’m no fan of Good ‘Ol Billy Boy, & You make a good point, but when it comes to actually running the country, I’ll take Bill any day over OBOZO & his lesbian wife!

          • heroay

            all 3 should be in jail awaiting sentencing. Slick ANY ‘better’??

          • Robert Messmer

            Is that actually “ruining” the country? Remember the huge sucking sound of jobs leaving this country with Billy’s NAFTA?

          • heroay

            all 3 (three) should be in jail awaiting sentencing. Slick ANY ‘better’??

      • heroay

        all three (3) should be in jail awaiting sentencing. Slick ANY ‘better’??

    • Phillip Bari

      because, Obama, doesn’t smoke the same cigarets as Putin.
      ops sorry Obama smokes pot. Michelle won’t let him smoke any thing else, that’s why they stopped the white house tours, they are afraid people will get free high.

    • heroay

      Coz Putin is a Russian man, elected by the people, a patriot, a protector of Christianity, and of Russia…

      While Obongo the illegal alien from Kenya… well, he is half-man half-homo, s-elected with DieBold rigged machines, a subversive for Zion, a trasher of Christianity, and a paid destroyer of the U.S….

      Now, where did you say they keep the vomit bags, please….?

    • Robert Messmer

      What is really interesting is that their Embassy was empty at the time of the “attack”. All the staff had been taken to the airport as a precaution.

  • e1313ruth

    The muslim devils will find out in a hurry they are not messing with the lily livered imposter in the white house…. Maybe Russia will help protect Americans from their insane dictator Obama…
    Thank God they are protecting Snowden..

    • Bill

      Good analogy, E

  • Nanabbb

    I heard that the Russians arrested the film maker whose movie caused the attack.

    • The Iceman

      Did Putin get on a plane to Vegas to attend a fundraiser while it was going on, too?

      • Honorary

        “At this point, what difference does it make.”

        • PUS POT

          Hey, Honorary you got me in stitches now!!!!

        • Phillip Bari

          It does make a difference, No one got killed under Putin’s watch.

          • Honorary

            Come on Phillip Bari, I just kidding by reiterate the word of Hillary Clinton.

    • Honorary

      You have to make announcement at the UN first before you arrest the film maker. Do the film shows that Mohammed’s mother name is Stanley Ann Dunham?

  • steven

    The Russians don’t dick around like we do.

  • gunnerv1

    And it’s just like American Policy, Stir the SH*T POT, then leave.