Is Feinstein Too Old To Understand That The NSA Is Spying On Americans, Or Is She Just A Liar?


Over the past couple of weeks Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has been pumping out op-ed pieces for national newspapers in defense of the National Security Agency’s phone record collection program, arguing that the collection of millions of Americans’ communication data is not “surveillance” and “is necessary and must be preserved if we are to prevent terrorist attacks.”

Writing in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month, Feinstein, in a piece titled “The NSA Watchfulness Protects America,” the Senator justified the NSA spying by repeatedly referencing terror threats. The NSA, she concluded, is the United States’ best defense against those threats.

“The U.S. must remain vigilant against terrorist attacks against the homeland. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), considered the world’s most capable and dangerous terrorist organization, is determined to attack the United States,” the Senator wrote. “As we have seen since the ‘underwear bomber’ attempted to blow up an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, AQAP has developed nonmetallic bombs that can elude airport screeners, and the organization’s expert bomb maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, remains at large.”

In a separate op-ed penned for USA Today’s Sunday edition, Feinstein reasserted he view that “the NSA call-records program is legal and subject to extensive congressional and judicial oversight” and “has been effective in helping to prevent terrorist plots against the U.S. and our allies.”

The Senator also argued that the NSA programs do not constitute “survelliance.”

“The call-records program is not surveillance. It does not collect the content of any communication, nor do the records include names or locations, she insisted. “The NSA only collects the type of information found on a telephone bill: phone numbers of calls placed and received, the time of the calls and duration. The Supreme Court has held this ‘metadata’ is not protected under the Fourth Amendment.

“This program helps ‘connect the dots’ — the main failure of our intelligence before 9/11. Former FBI director Robert Mueller and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified that if this program existed before 9/11, it likely would have identified the presence inside the U.S. of hijacker Khalid al-Mihdhar,” Feinstein continued in the piece.

That the 80-year-old Senator likely does not understand the NSA technology enough to say with confidence that the agency is not “spying” on Americans aside, the fact that dozens of electronic privacy organizations and individuals throughout the United States are rallying loudly against the NSA’s tactics should be enough to prove she’s a liar.

If it’s not, NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden issued a statement to the American Civil Liberties Union Thursday—without directly mentioning Feinstein—hinting that she’s a liar.

Snowden remarked:  “In the last four months, we’ve learned a lot about our government.

“We’ve learned that the U.S. intelligence community secretly built a system of pervasive surveillance. Today, no telephone in America makes a call without leaving a record with the NSA. Today, no internet transaction enters or leaves America without passing through the NSA’s hands. Our representatives in Congress tell us this is not surveillance. They’re wrong.”

The whistle-blower issued the statement to help promote a massive rally against NSA spying taking place this Saturday. The event was organized by the the StopWatching.Us coalition – a group of 100 organizations, companies, and public figures and has received the support of celebrities, politicians, and the whistleblower responsible for the public debate currently surrounding the government’s spying programs.

Saturday is the 12th anniversary of the signing of the Patriot Act into law.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Jana

    To answer the question on the topic, to me she is just a liar! This is typical of a Socialist and that is what she is. It is time to call a spade a spade and a socialist a socialist!

  • hippybiker

    Q:What is the difference between Diane Fineswine out jogging and a midget criminal mastermind?
    A:The latter is a cunning runt.

  • mathis1689

    Feinstein is both a liar as well as an old fool. She has taken the term “dumber than dirt” to a whole new low.

  • Alan

    She’s both, old and a liar, well practiced in the art of subterfuge as are most politicians.





  • Jeff

    I say she is both….senile and a liar

  • Conservative Sonya

    Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid and John McCain should be ejected from Congress with newly elected replacements as soon as possible. They are trying to destroy the democratic system under the Republic of the United States.
    It is definitely time for term limits.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      Good start…but we still have over 400 more to go…

  • dcwc16

    Shes in denial along with the majority of Democrats who see the damage yet say the most ridiculous things in defense of their party never mind the damage to our Country.

  • Barakolips

    She is not only a liar and communist, when she fell off the ugly tree she hit every branch on the way down. She has Pelosi the botox queen beat in an ugly contest!

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      Most all Liberal woman are Ugly….

  • lokiswife

    Feinstein is another “useful idiot” for Obama and the Democrats. Does anyone seriously listen to her blathering? Or Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Charley Rangel, Debbie Whatshername Shultz, Reid, etc. etc. She speaks like a garbage disposal running in reverse gear – spewing garbage all over the place.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      “She speaks like a garbage disposal running in reverse gear – spewing garbage all over the place.”

      I Like It…..

      Debbie “Washing Machine” Shultz
      Queen PIGlosi or Grany McBotox-Mayor of Stupider
      Dirty Hairy
      Mad Maxine

  • William James Ward

    Feinstein, I wonder, to old to understand or just a liar? I think
    she is just and old liar, has been for quite some time and she
    probably could not remember when she ever told the truth.

  • rick

    Feinstein is the matriarch of all the communist Californian congresswomen. not only was she born lying, she is as dementia riddled as comrade Pelosi.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      They and many others are in the FINAL TERMINAL STAGE of the Mental Disorder called LIBERALISM…

  • Robert Brennan

    Typical lying Donkey

  • KennyLLC

    The NSA is required to stop phone surveillance of foreign terrorists travelling to America upon their arrival upon American soil; but they retain the right to surveillance of susupect American citizens for five years.
    Yeah…their concern is based on foriegn terrorist attacks…right !

  • David

    Feinstein is a perfect example for two term limits. I could give two hundred more examples if anyone needs me too.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      And Both terms should be in PRISON…

      By time most of these Poitician arrive in the DC Cesspool…they have already commited crimes…including Treason….and that applies to both parts of the POLITICIANS PARTY…The D****RATS AND THE REPUKES…

  • chrisnj

    If there were any Republican currently in the position of president, Feinstein and every other liberal would be outraged at any hint of surveillance.
    Since it’s one of their own, it’s all completely justified. There are no limits.

    Proving once again that it’s not so much what, as who. Liberals hate authority – unless they are the ones holding the guns.

  • Doc No

    Northbeach called her Feinswine ever since she was mayor of SF. They probably call her something much worse now. I remember she tried to swindle a deal for her husband with the tear-down of the Embarcadero bridge…how do you think she become a multi-millionaire and part owner of the Carton hotel chain? Working for the global banking dynasty screwing the American people!

  • peter

    I believe she managed to sign up for Obamacare. Hoping for some birth control pills at a discount maybe?

  • BigIron

    First off, it’s not just a liberal vrs conservative matter; it’s that
    both groups [really just a single party] are fully controlled by the
    PTB/NWO and will do THEIR bidding whenever it suits THEIR needs/desires!
    That is why there will never be any meaningful [for the “people”]
    change through any of the two major parties [actually a single party] as
    their candidates are all fully vetted by the PTB/NWO even BEFORE they
    are allowed TO BE candidates! Even 3rd party candidates need to be
    vetted to be “‘free” of ANY ties to the PTB/NWO!!! Ron Paul could NOT be
    allowed to become President because he had NOT sold out to the PTB/NWO!

    As for Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi they’re just “old” liars [as are
    most politicians] since they are harder to get rid of than roaches, rats
    and other vermin they remain after “senility” has set in since they only have to vote as they are told to vote!!! There are some few politicians who ARE trustworthy
    but those are far too few in number AND THAT IS OUR FAULT!

  • jim_wright

    She is a typical democrat which means she is a liar. This has nothing to do with her age, she has been a liar since day one, what is the big surprise.

  • Guest

    No, Feinstein is too Jewish to understand the US Constitution. Her loyalty lies with Israel, which gets unfiltered intelligence from NSA’s mass surveillance programs.

  • ibn insha

    Feinstein and her fellow liberals are living in fools paradise believing life should be and could be devoid of hazards which the rest of us know is impossible no matter how hard one tries to remain safe. As such Liberals make laws to control our each and every movement to keep us safe from harm. These people are maniacs for control. It gives them a feeling of grandeur. Where a sane person believes that liberty is the most important thing and with that sometimes somebody might be able to hurt him Liberals believe that if they keep an eye on everybody then they can preemptively stop a person from harming another person. Only a fool can believe that it can be done.

    So Feinstein is saying that collection of Metadata by government is constitutional? In other words a police officer can follow you noting on a note book where you go, who you speak with and how long did you speak with those people, is legal? Really. It is called spying. Just because due to technology we can communicate with others without leaving our home does not make collection of that information constitutional. If it is constitutional then its time to change the constitution.

    It is up to public to understand the Constitution and compel government to abide by it. Till that happens we will continue to live under tyranny of our own elected government.

  • Robert Brennan

    Pelosi, Reid and Feinstein need to be retired immediately.