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Is Exposure Making You Sick?

December 23, 2010 by  

Is Exposure Making You Sick?

There is no question that a large and growing number of people have developed illnesses largely caused from present-day environmental chemicals. Whether you have arthritis, memory difficulties, heart trouble, thyroid weakness, or one of a myriad of other chronic idiopathic (arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown cause) illnesses, exposure to chemicals may be to blame.

Chemical Exposure May Be The Root Of Your Health Problems
The symptoms caused by chemical or environmental exposures are usually multiple and sometimes disabling. It is a subtle process — one that has taken decades for our nation’s experts to figure out. These chemicals more classically affect the brain, nervous system or immune system. However, evidence is mounting that they also affect joints, heart muscle, the bowel, thyroid, intestinal lining and probably more.

We now know that they may be contributing triggers to many idiopathic illnesses. While the exact mechanism of how chemicals affect these tissues is not entirely clear, antibodies and markers of immune system inflammation are measurable and usually correspond with symptoms and history.

Let me share a case study to illustrate this. The February 3, 2006 issue of describes one patient’s plight that is all too common:

“During a nine-year period that ended in 2004, Ms. Riley, 47, visited almost 20 doctors, for a variety of intermittent and strange health complaints: blurred vision, urinary difficulties, and balance problems so severe that at times she wobbled like a drunk.

“She felt unwell most of the time, but doctors could not figure out what she had. ‘Each specialist ordered different tests, depending on the symptom,’ Ms. Riley said, ‘but they were usually rushed and seemed to solicit her views only as a formality.’

“Undeterred, Ms. Riley, an event planner who lives near New London, CT, typed out a four-page description of her ordeal, including her suspicion that she suffered from lead poisoning. One neurologist waved the report away as if insulted; another barely skimmed it, she said. ‘I remember sitting in one doctor’s office and realizing, ‘He thinks I’m crazy,’ Ms. Riley said. I was getting absolutely nowhere in conventional medicine, and I was determined to get to the root of my problems.’

“Through word of mouth, Ms. Riley heard about Deirdre O’Connor, a naturopath with a thriving practice in nearby Mystic, CT, and made an appointment. Right away, Ms. Riley said, she noticed a difference in the level of service. ‘Before even visiting the office, she received a fat envelope in the mail containing a four-page questionnaire,’ she said. In addition to asking detailed questions about medical history — standard information — it asked about her energy level, foods she craved, sensitivity to weather and self-image: ‘Please list adjectives that describe you,’ read one item.

“‘It felt right, from the beginning,’ Ms. Riley said. Her first visit lasted an hour and a half, and Ms. O’Connor, the naturopath, agreed that metal exposure was a possible cause of her symptoms. It emerged in their interview that Ms. Riley had worked in the steel industry, and tests of her hair and urine showed elevated levels of both lead and mercury. After taking a combination of herbs, vitamins and regular doses of a drug called dimercaptosuccinic acid, or DMSA, to treat lead poisoning, she began to feel better, and the symptoms subsided.”

I can assure you that I hear similar stories all the time. And I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences.

Testing For Chemical And Metal Exposure
The question for some people is what chemicals (xenobiotics) and metals are harming them and to what extent — not an easy answer. Others are content with doing all they can to eliminate their exposure to these harmful materials to remain as healthy as possible.

Specific antibody tests (IgG, IgM and IgE) have been developed that are specific to polychlorinated biphenyls (and other dioxin-like chemicals), DDT, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, ethylene oxide and heavy metals, including mercury.

But the measurement of antibodies is just the beginning. There is also the ability to measure the levels of killer T cells and several other white blood cell levels, which become elevated when chemical toxins, are driving the inflammation. These can be ordered by any licensed physician through Immunosciences Lab., Inc., in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Another test is designed to measure enzymes in the liver. Since the liver is the detoxifying organ that purifies the blood, it’s the front line of the battle-ground for good health. There are also measurements of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT), the enzyme indicating liver function, or ALT and AST that can show liver cell damage or disease. An elevated GGT, combined with the finding of glucaric acid in the urine, signifies current toxic chemical exposure, but is a late finding in the process of the disease. These tests can be done by almost any lab in the country.

Not only can the antibodies to metals be measured, (mercury, cobalt, nickel, and lead), but the amount of the heavy metal itself can be detected in blood or urine and then be treated much as described by Riley above. I have done this in my office through specialty labs such as Great Smokey’s Diagnostic Laboratory in North Carolina or Doctor’s Data in Illinois. Most CAM-trained physicians are familiar with these labs.

The Aspartame (NutraSweet®), Methanol And Formaldehyde Connection
Did you know that aspartame turns into methanol and formaldehyde when heated? Were you also aware that the American Diabetic Association (ADA) supports the use of aspartame (NutraSweet®) as an acceptable replacement for sugar for people with diabetes?  This is despite the fact that aspartame has generated the largest volume of consumer reports (75 percent of them) describing adverse reactions.

To me this means the ADA is not willing to look at healthier alternatives to sugar and aspartame, such as whole food alternatives like stevia. The ADA’s official statement reads:

“The American Diabetic Association considers aspartame — as well as the other FDA-approved nonnutritive sweeteners (saccharin, acesulfame k, and sucralose) — acceptable sugar substitutes and a safe part of a diabetic meal plan.” Interestingly, Monsanto (producer of NutraSweet®) donates $250,000 a year to the ADA and is a Platinum Corporate Sponsor.

But worse is the FDA’s support of aspartame. Aspartame can be found in breath mints, gum, cereals, frozen desserts, coffee, juice, synthetic vitamins, pharmaceutical drugs, tea, wine coolers, yogurt supplements and of course, diet soft drinks.

That doesn’t sound so bad until you meet people who have linked their health problems to aspartame consumption. Aside from all the political and scandalous implications behind the supposed “safety” of aspartame, it’s equally appalling that Monsanto’s commercial brags that 200,000,000 people are now consuming NutraSweet® in more than 4,000 different products. Don’t think for a minute that they cannot afford the best lawyers and lobbyists to keep their product “legally safe” despite rising evidence to the contrary.

For example: A review of 164 studies on the safety of aspartame conducted by Ralph G. Walton, M.D., chairman of the Center for Behavioral Medicine and professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, revealed that of 74 aspartame industry-sponsored studies, all claimed that aspartame caused no health problems. However, he also found that of the 90 studies funded by non-aspartame industry money, 92 percent identified one or more serious health problems. And if you consider that the remaining 8 percent of the studies (which found no problems with aspartame) were FDA-sponsored and not really independent, it means that in reality, 100 percent of the independent studies found serious health problems with aspartame!

My take-home message is that a large body of scientific evidence now suggests that drugs, metals, toxins, industrial chemicals, low-grade herpes viruses and other xenobiotics can be stored in your body and persist for years. During this time they can continuously activate the immune system to cause low-grade tissue destruction in the wake of their battle to protect you. The detection of the IgG, IgM or IgA antibodies to these materials indicates chronic exposure or ongoing low-level tissue destruction. 
What can you do to protect yourself?
First of all I would advise that you make changes in your life to prevent or at least limit the amount of exposure you may have to xenobiotics and toxins. Secondly I would suggest healthy lifestyle changes to make sure you are doing all you can to avoid inviting these invaders into your body via processed food, chemicalized water, overuse of  medications or the polluted air you could be breathing in your own home.

As another precaution, consider liquid cleanses and seek out nutrients from Mother Nature’s pharmacy that can enhance your body’s own cleansing processes.  Your liver is the great filter for your body, but if it is over-worked, clogged, and fatty it can’t do the job it needs to do to keep you healthy.

Nutrients that have beneficial effects on helping your liver do its job are:

  • Milk thistle — known for supporting liver health and promoting regeneration of healthy cells
  • Dandelion root — maintains water balance and encourages electrolyte balance
  • Olive leaf extract — has powerful immune boosting properties to support a healthy liver
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) — a natural amino acid that helps protect the liver from toxic chemicals
  • Burdock root — has the ability to neutralize many toxins that enter the liver
  • Turmeric root — stimulates the production of bile, which is beneficial to the liver

I hope I have opened your eyes to the dangers of chemical exposure, the many ways it can affect your health and the preventative measures you can take to protect your health

–Michael Cutler, M.D.

Dr. Michael Cutler

is a graduate of Brigham Young University, Tulane Medical School and Natividad Medical Center Family Practice Residency in Salinas, Calif. Dr. Cutler is a board-certified family physician with more than 20 years of experience. He serves as a medical liaison to alternative and traditional practicing physicians. His practice focuses on an integrative solution to health problems. Dr. Cutler is a sought-after speaker and lecturer on experiencing optimum health through natural medicines and founder and editor of Easy Health Options™ newsletter — a leading health advisory service on natural healing therapies and nutrients.

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  • Henry Ledbetter

    Dr. Cutler Thanks for the timely article. My wife has recently been diagnosed with RSD after a total knee replacement and the Surgeon told us there was no cure for it. We immediately began to investigate alternative remedy’s and have already uncovered some of what you mention. We assumed wrongly that she would be given another ceramic knee after having the other replaced seven years ago but instead was given a metal knee this time. My question is are there any safe metal knees that do not cause at least some toxcicity? Warning to all, don’t assume your surgeon knows about metal toxcicity or any of the possible cures Dr. Cutler mentions. My wife is doing much but we still don’t know for sure that what we are doing will totally alleviate her complications and pain..

  • http://com i41

    People are living longer and don’t move around activally every day, really doing physical work. The biggest problem is crowding people closer together and with rapid travel, more toxins and germs are coming in.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Correction Wife is doing much better. Henry

    • Joyce from Loris

      Glad to hear that!

  • Louie

    The only things that are making me sick are people that are telling me what is making me sick!!!

    • ValDM

      You better start listening up to some of the advice being dispensed here. When I lived in N.M. I was healthy. When we moved to the central San Joaquin Valley in CA I had chronic tonsilitis for 10 years. When the tonsils came out, my thyroid grew a tumor; all this by the time I was 16. Then, in my 30′s I developed cancer, which with surgery I overcame. Lastly, in my late 40′s I developed Primary Progressive MS. I believe ALL of these maladies were a result of being exposed as a child constantly to pesticides and herbicides. It’s too late for me, but not for you, if you can pull your head out.

      • Patty S

        ValDM, Just wondering if you have been tested for Lyme. It seems to be a major infective agent in multiple neurological and other soft tissue (glandular and joint) conditions.

        • ValDM

          Tested for everything under the sun. MRI’s show massive “lesions” in my brain. Lumbar puncture shows abnormalities in spinal fluid. It’s the real deal. I’ve been disabled for the last 8 years thanks to MS. And thanks to the primary progressive version of it there are no treatments except palliative care.

          • Denniso

            Finally an issue I can agree w/ on this site,a rarity. This is a perfect example of why we need regulation of business and their actions. They will do almost anything to make money,as they have to,and we can’t expect business to regulate itself. All sorts of toxic
            chemicals and metals are released into the environment every hour and we should all support gov’t regulation so they can actually control these poisons better. Regulators are hampered by parts of society and corporate interests fighting regulation now and could do a much more thorough job w/ universal support. We will never make progress against cancer and other illnesses if we can’t clean up our environment.

          • Dan Burke


            You want regulation? Are you insane? Would you sell your freedom for false security? Silly me. Of course you would.

            1. Did you read the article?
            2. Do you trust government regulation?

            If you answered yes to both of those, you must be conflicted.

            In the article it mentioned that in the testing of aspartame (nutrasweet) that all studies funded by those behind the companies behind it that the chemical was found to be perfectly safe. In the other studies, 92 percent found health hazards associated with it. This would support your argument that government regulating the corporations would be a good thing… until you read that the FDA sponsored the eight percent of the studies that ALSO found aspartame to be SAFE. If you eliminated BOTH the corporate and the government studies, then 100% of the studies found aspartame to be dangerous. In other words, the regulators you were praising are all for you being poisoned. And take regulations to protect us from our food. Yes, protect us from our food. Much of our food is so irradiated and heated beyond excess that the nutritional value is lost and may even be toxic for you. That McDonalds meal that is so popular for not growing mold or such. There are those who see the evidence and believe it faked because there is no way it could go that long and remain preserved as McDonalds has stated that it uses real beef. Others will point this proves that the food has no nutritional value because not even mold grows on it. I think both groups are right. Real beef could have been used but because government regulates that meats must be cooked to a certain temperature, stored in certain manners so on and so forth. Now I realize that some of these regulations do protect us from diseases. However, it is not uncommon for politics to take a little safety and take it to an excess. Well, now a McDonalds meal really does have little nutritional value (not that it was really healthy to begin with). Same with the milk you buy at the store (which before it is processed according to those ever spectacular government regulations actually had a live agent that protects against some food borne illnesses — but it is a live agent and the regulations required that milk go through a process that kills these live agents). And what of your city drinking water? Did you ever consider what all is required to be in there to protect you according to the government you so excessively trust? My father used to be sick all the time. When we moved out to the country as I was a young man, he started to feel better by Monday but was quickly sick throughout the week. One time he took water from home during the week. Suddenly he realized that he was sick when he drank city water and got well the more he drank the well water from our hobby farm…. But I guess you will always trust government regulators!!!

          • Denniso

            Everyone can’t move to the country. And, if you don’t trust the gov’t to monitor and regulate the food supply who do you trust? Corporations? There is essentially no choice,unless you want to just take your chances…

          • Denniso

            ValDM, sorry for your health problems and best wishes and good luck.

      • coal miner


        Most likely MS occurs as a result of some combination of genetic, environmental and infectious factors.[1] Epidemiological studies of MS have provided hints on possible causes for the disease. Theories try to combine the known data into plausible explanations, but none has proved definitive.

      • traderphil

        Read “power Aging” By Dr. Gary Null, for example, and you will find that it is never “too late”. The recuperative power of the human body are UNBELIEVABLE IF we give it what it requires to do it’s job. N. American diet does NOT allow that to happen since the foods are processed, chemical laden, genetically modified, irradiated and very unhealthy, in my opinion. Basically DEAD FOODS. The N. American “doctors” should really be called PHARMACOLOGISTS because all they do is dispense DRUGS!!! Eastern medicine has basis in truth and has been proven over time. Cleanses and PROPER nutrition and a positive mindset are the true answer to all health challenges. There are reasons the USA has more people on DRUGS than ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, per capita. How pathetic to call it a “health system” when it should be called a DRUG SYSTEM because that is all it is!!! DRUGS!!! And then more drugs!!!! Like i said, that is all they really do, isn’t it!!!

        • Richard Pawley

          As I said elsewhere, when I was a child we were 5th in the world in longevity. Then along came chemical sugars, genetically engineered or genetically modified organisms (GMO) food that has been sneaked into our food supply without mention on the packages as is required in European nations, and then Monsanto (called the most evil company on earth by one well known doctor) came up with artificial bovine hormones that are illegal from Australia and New Zealand to all of Europe and Canada made them illegal because of what they did to the cows, much less to us, but Monsanto has former employees on the FDA payroll so we are told there is no difference (and I think of eight year old girls becoming sexually mature which is as abnormal as the milk they drink, and today instead of being 5th in longevity we are approaching being 50th. I had to laugh when I heard a recent news broadcast that said officials were surprised as a result of the last census that there were not more people in the country but they did not take into account the hundreds of thousands who have been leaving the country in the past decade. And some 46 percent of doctors say if this socialist health care bill is not replaced with a good one then they will quite doctoring or leave the country. Interesting times we live in but the progressives know what is best for us (just ask them) and want us to be a county in the new order of things. Sharia or Socialism doesn’t sound like much of a choice to me. Let’s hope the Tea Party is up to the job and doesn’t get seduced like so many others in congress or the really will be “The Last Days of the Late Great United States”.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Thats why I will not eat diet foods or fake sugar or any of that hollywood fad foods. Give me a steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, some corn, peas or green beans, and a glass of whole milk, and Im good. Im 52, healthy, havent missed a day of work in 15 years from sickness, and actually, I can honestly say, since working at age 16, I have missed 3 days of work in my entire life from being sick, and two of them, I came to work and they told me to go home. I do know part of a good system is heriditary, but I also know my parents and their parents before them, did not take medicine all the time, and they ate meat and potatoes and vegetables, and it kept them strong and healthy, and gave them these good genes. It is the folks that eat diet foods and artificial sweeteners, and all these chemically treated foods that get sick all the time, and most of them I know like this, are always at the doctors and always taking some kind of medicine, which totally breaks down your immune system. No thanks. Keep your drugs and diet foods. Me, give me a steak, potato and vegetable, and Ill stay healthy for a long time, just as my parents did, and their parents before them.

    • eddie47d

      That can be true Louie but that is what these corporations are betting on. That you are tired of hearing about the dangers and are willing to accept anything that is put out there. There are dangerous chemicals in almost every product out there and most of us will never know which ones will do the most damage. There have been numerous stories about harmful chemicals in carpet,toys,and processed foods. Even products that we know more about like insect sprays are accepted as a normal part of life. These products will eventually catch up to us and some already have. So maybe it’s just accepting the good with the bad.

      • traderphil

        Only SHEEPLE “accept” what they know to be unhealthy, without speaking out against it, in my opinion. THEY ARE GIVING DRUGS TO OUR CHILDREN folks!!!! WAKE UP!!! What percentage of N. Americans are on PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS??? How many people die every year from “properly prescribed Pharmaceutical DRUGS”? Well over 100,000 a year in the USA alone, at least that is the numbers we are told about!!! Obviously the FDA isn’t doing it’s job(at least not the job it was designed to do, keep the public safe!!!), but why would they change their mandate now?? In my humble opinion, of course.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          These drugs are killers, your correct. I do not go to doctors unless I need sewed up.

  • Carlucci

    The answer to most health problems are from Mother Nature. I was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue which can cause a host of many other health problems. I went to a doctor (D.O.) similar to the one described in the article and filled out pages of questions about my health. She took a complete blood panel, and had me do a saliva test to determine cortisol levels. Turned out that I had a cortisol imbalance and was low on vitamin D. She gave me some great supplements (Adrenal Glandular and the herb Rhodiola, and Vitamin D3) and in less than a week I felt much better and continue to feel good. She also told me to give up coffee and anything with caffeine. A regular allopathic doctor I saw before I went to the D.O. told me I was depressed and gave me some free samples of anti-depressants, which I threw in the garbage when I got home.
    Yes I was depressed, but adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion causes depression among many other problems. The D.O. told me she felt that adrenal problems are a national epidemic due to stress levels and people attempting to jack up their energy levels with coffee, red bull, etc.

    When in doubt, always go to a natural practitioner first.

  • Vigilant

    A clear connection has been established between high levels of aluminum in the body and Alzheimer’s. FDA still allows the marketing of antiperspirants and antacid tablets/liquids based on aluminum compounds. So much for the legitimacy of the FDA.

    Please check your medicine cabinet and read the labels of these items if you have them. Non-aluminum deodoraqnts and antacid preparations are readily available on the market.

  • Kim

    All this exposure to us unwitting sheep…How about the chemtrails that are being dumped out on our heads? If you aren’t familiar with them, you can look it up online. It’s scary that money is more valuable than human life to businesses like Monsanto. We are more aware of these threats than most, and we try to eat naturally, right down to eating a variety of game meat. I pity all of you who have to rely on the grocery stores to get your sustenance; pretty much all the food you purchase there is tainted in one way or another.

  • What the Heck

    I don’t understand how even our doctors who by the way took an oath not do harm can prescribe the very things that can do more harm then the problem it is trying to cover up. Example: Husband was prescribe a med to correct heart beat, but the side effect is enlarged thyroid, depressed thyroid, liver test came back terrible and they know he was to be tested monthly for toxins and here it is almost a year later and we change doctors and find out husband should have never been on med for more than 6 months to begin with.

    Previous doc did not care that he was killing my husband.

  • http://yahoo Lyon

    My Daughter suddenly was diagnosed with Neuroligical Chronic headaches, so I went to search for 2 years to find a answer. The 17 year old girl who had been a All everything basketball star athlete then started having seizures. After long hours of persistent study, and 3 Dr’s oppinions, I found a site in Santa Cruz Calif where people had been talking of not only poisoning of our foods, but also our air. When noticing the Jet travel was indeed polluting way more than I ever remembered, I found this site that shows Movies of the attrocity that is happening. Folks it’s time to get busy with these Politicians..

  • Karen W

    Well finally real doctors are talking about it. I spent 10 years in hell being a diabetic. I was crippled and about to be in a wheelchair because my balance was so off I could not walk. I was dizzy, depressed severely, had bleeding ulsers, unnatural migrains, the shakes, and a multitude of other evils. I came to discover after being on 7 meds at once all I had to do was take herbs and stop eating the pesticides they use as sweetebers to get better. I am no longer a DIABETIC. Thanks doctors, keep telling the truth.

  • Sarah Miller

    I have had MCS for years. I can’t work outside the home,I have fibromyalgia,RA and have been on thyroid meds since a child.If I get a whiff of a new building or carpet, bleach, and many, many other substances I get an asthma attack,and a headache that starts in the back of my neck.It also will cause a severe flareup of my RA and Fibro. It has completely ruined my life.I have adapted to this lifestyle, but it can really limit one’s daily life.I get the most relief from my chiropractor that does muscle testing and kinistology.

    • Carlucci

      Sarah Miller,

      Go to this website if you aren’t familiar with this alternative physician, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum:

      Dr. Teitelbaum suffered from fibromyalgia for years. In his twenties, he was in medical school and had to drop out because of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. He then became homeless. His comeback story is truly a miracle and maybe it will help you get back on the road to recovery.

  • http://boblivingston david fugler

    For MCS and other invironmental illnesses, check out Ritchy Shoemaker. His main focus is on mold, but also includes chemical poisoning, and he has treatments that work. Check him out. You won’t be waisting your time. He also treats MS.

  • Sandra Gehrke

    I grew up liveing near Iron Ore Mines and we would have red dirt in the air when they were blasting. I have COPD and numerous other problems, could this be caused by this? Just curious.

  • Julia

    Dr. Cutler,

    You mentioned tea also has aspartame. Does that include green tea (bag) from the grocery store? I drink a lot of green tea everyday. Just started to develop a nodule in my right thyroid about 3 years ago. Although the nodule is begnin but it can turn cancerous too. Do you think it’s related to my green tea intake? I have a very healthy diet containing of non-gluten multi grain bread, green leaf vegetalbes, fruits and minimal amount of chicken/turkey. However, I have skin and sinus allergies that I have been occassionally using medications that consist very low level of steroids. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that until recently that the medicatons that I had been using for a long time have steriods and the doctors said the amount is too low to have any effects on my body.

  • Theresa Coovert

    My brother was diagnosed 10 months ago with limpic encephalitis. He has memory loss & seizures. He is currently on 19 meds a day. He was a business owner in Florida & has had to retire due to the seizures. All the tests that have been run cannot find a cause to his condition. He has been told only 26 people in the United States have ever had this. There is no cure & he is on the meds to control the swelling in the brain & the mini seizures he has daily. Any help would be appreciated.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You need to get him to a health food store that have people knowledgable with herbs and natural things, and Im betting they can get him off all these expensive meds that are probably making his condition worse in other areas with side effects, not to mention making you go broke. And these natural herbs and roots and things will probably heal him, and not keep him dependant on drugs. Give it a try.

  • Carlucci

    My dermatologist told me that long term use of any steroids are dangerous. You might want to see an alternative practitioner to find out for sure.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    I had been trying to get my wife to cut out the diets and artificial sweeteners for years and because of the RSD PROBLEM, I think she is finally listening. In my research and looking back over her history, we also found she has many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. One doctor tested her for it and the test came back negative and so he didn’t treat her for it. Dr. David Brownstein has evidently did much research in this area and states that the test they have been using has been flawed. According to him, If the thyroid doesn’t work right then not much else works right either. Brenda is now taking an iodine supplement and at least in her case, doing much better. I don’t think I am wrong in saying that most modern medicine only treats symptoms instead of finding the real problem. I have also come to the conclusion, in my mind at least, that all man-made drugs have some bad side affects. If at all possible, we would be better off sticking to Our God Created natural remedies. It is my opinion that only God knows his Creation best and we would do better, browsing in His pharmacy and learning from it.

  • Suma G Nathan

    Most all of these conditions boil down to a dysfunctial Immune System,
    bottom line in the Holistic Field. Chinese Herbology is Detoxing, Cleansing, Rebuilding,Repairing, Maintaining. There are many Modulaties and Protocols to look into here, with it’s combinations for
    Total Health. This Society needs to realize God’s Pharmacy is the answer! I specialize in all Auto-Immune diseases and kicked cervical
    cancer in 3 and 1/2 months myself_too busy taking care of my clients to have smears. Dealing with Chinese, Ayurvedic, Rainforest, American Indian Herbals, plus special combinations of Nutritionals. More Info
    on my Web-site
    Suma G Nathan
    Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist
    Certified Chinese Herbologist
    30 yrs professionally

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Ill tell you this, there is an old Amish guy around here, that uses old world remedies with herbs and roots and spices, and has cured many a person that the high tech doctors and pharmaceuticals couldnt. And these same doctors went after him, and somehow got him cited for practicing medicine without a license, even though he wasnt prescribing medicine, he was using natural God grown from the earth herbs and such. So he had to move to another county, and his practice is alive and thriving, and people are being helped and cured where they dont needs meds the rest of their lives, and its far, far less expensive. It seems to me, modern medicine is nothing but doctors being in bed with pharmaceutical companies, and they have more interest in selling these guys drugs than they do in helping people. They have really taken a step backwards, and became all about money. Kind of like lawyers, but thats another story.

  • http://com i41

    Karen W. were you a type 1 or 2. If you were diagonisted as a diabetic, you don’t quite being one, unless you are type 2, which is usually caused by being over weight, or taking massive doses of pretazone. I have heard and seen several friends, try bone crackers, herbal and all types of hocus pocus treatments, that killed them. Usually it took about 6-9 months to kill them. When you are a diabetic it is like being pregant or not, no in between. O have been a type 1 for 40 years. The bigger the cities I have work in, the more goofy voodoo crap is promoted.

  • http://none Alex

    This lies squarely at the feet of the Republican Party, whose continual whining about “regulations” and refusal to implement such, has delivered us into this mess.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Yeah right Alex. Lets blame this on Bush also.

  • marilyn

    I think the best plan is to detoxify your entire diet. Eat only grassfed beef, lamb from australia, new zealand, or iceland; chicken and other poultry AND THEIR EGGS, FROM FRAMS WHERE THE CHICKENS ROAM AROUND ON GRASS ALL DAY EATING GRAS AND BUGS—GO TO THE FARM to see that they are actualoly real free range animals–not animals that roam around theinsixcde of a huge cage; buy only organic, totally chemical and hormone free produce and dairy. Read about the Paleolithic diet. Basically the idea is that genetically we have not changed much in40,000 years, but in the last 150 years our diet has been drastically altered. Previously (before the invension of agriculture and later the introduction of bovine hormones and antibiotics to livestock)—the Omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in our foods was 1:1 and definately not higher than 4:1. The 1:1 was because people ate natural animal meat, fresh fish, nuts, and berries, and green vegetables. In the United States today, the average omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in anyone’s blood is between 10:1 and 20:1. This causes excessive inflammation which is the root cause of most of the modern diseases of wealth ( cancer, cardio vascular diseaes, arthritis, auto immune diseases, etc). In India the ratio is 58:1, which is why India has the highest rate of cardiovascular disease in the world. In grass fed beef and true free range animals—the ratio of omega 6 to 3 is about 3:1 or 2:1, in their organ meat (ex. liver) the ratio is 1:1. Omega 6 is an inflammatory group of essential fatty acids, and omega 3 comprises the anti inflammatory group., However, both are needed as they have specific functions in our bodies. However they need to be in the correct ratios. When you get a checkup at your doctor (by now maybe you need a holistic one)–ask him or her to do an essential fatty acid profile. If your omega 6′s are to high in comparison to the 3′s you can change your diet and also add in some Omega 3 supplements. Research all you can (try Life Exstension web site, International anti aging systems web site–look at teh different their4ies of aging and theories of disease.)Also look at Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s web site about cardiovascular preventative health. He is a retired holistic caridologist. Look at his Fabulous 4: carnitine, d-ribose, magnesium, CO Q 10; look at the “Sinatra Solution”(a book)—this doctor lists foods high in magnesium, calcium and potassium—which in themselves prevent a lot of health problems–but make sure they are organic and grass fed etc.

  • Bob Wire

    I’m watching the old man die of old age and he’s slowly killing every one around him that bothers to come around.

    At a hard 84, he’s out lived all him friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters.

    There is a lot “to” what the doc is offering, we are living in a world that it’s job is to kill us, one way or the other.

    People use to just die, and we buried them and feel bad about it.

    Now , it seems to be a nation crisis of some sort.

    When you can’t chew your food,hold your bowel,have sex,carry a thought and forget how to laugh, enjoy the tiny ones, enjoy the beauty ,it’s time to move on.

    At 62, I’ve learned to get up a hour early to prepare for the day, tape up like a Prize fighter, feet, and hands. Do the stretches, take the inflammatory naproxen, the milk thistle, vinegar,saw palmetto,calcium, magnesium,zinc and the Ginkgo Biloba when I can remember!

    I sympathize with each of you that’s having to watch a love one or yourselves engage in this personal struggle.

    But we could think of ourselves as being the Lucky ones, we are still “here” and have so much at our disposal to fight it with today.

    I don’t want to see 84. Not with what I’ve seen.

    “Getting old ain’t for Sissy’s”
    Betty Davis

    • Denniso

      Good luck w/ your father,it’s very tough. I watched and helped as my mother spent 5 yrs dying slowly w/ crippling arthritus that lesd to all sorts of misery and medications…memory loss,couldn’t walk,couldn’t do any of the things she loved,even reading became impossible. It was a ‘blessing’ when she finally died of a stroke,induced by bad meds. My best advice after all of it is to let your parent have peace as much as possible,rather than trying to force them to improve…

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Took “PCA-RX” nearly a year ago suspecting heavy metals in my systems…after the treatment I havent has irritable bowels, my memory has improved, sleep better, mood is better. I am convinced there was something in there.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    On speaking of people getting sick, it seems most the people I know that eat diet foods, and do the diet this and diet that, use fake sugar, and low cal this and low cal that, well, they are sick quite a bit. Having worked at the same place for 15 years now, and I myself have not missed a day yet do to being ill I might add, I have observed many people here, both office and field personnel, that are always dieting, eating lettuce all the time and telling me how eating beef and potatoes and gravy and pork will kill you, yet I see them sick quite a bit. I am sure glad I do not have to pay their doctors bills, because it seems they are in there all the time. They seem to catch every cold and every virus that goes around, and generally always complain about the way they feel. I tell them they need to eat right, and get off the chemical laden diet foods. My father is in his mid 80′s, and still eats meat and potatoes and a vegetable amost everyday, along with real eggs, real cheese, and whole vitamin D milk. Everyone I know around here, all the people I grew up with and their parents, who are all in their 80′s now, all still eat this way. And none of them have weight problems, or any health problems. My mom passed away at 83, but that was from emphysema from smoking non filter pall malls for 50 years. Yeah, thats not good for you. But either is diet food, and most bottled water, isnt any purer than what comes from the tap.

  • Brenda

    PLEASE HELP ME, I think that I’ve been searching the web since 2004 for someone to help me,someone with the same problems or symptoms. I’ll try and make this 40 page history short. I have worked around lead and other toxins for about 20 years. Back in 2004 I started to get really sick with more symptoms every day. Vision problems, severe stomach aches,In which I went to Emerg hosp 3 times for ,aches in bones, Runny eyes and nose, Fatigued, swollen eyelids so bad you could barely see my eyes,Memory problems ( In which I have 2 Neoro Dr who gave me test and I’m severely impaired)tingling in fingers. Pain in ankle so bad I had gone to doctors and had around 3 exrays with nothing found. ect… my list goes on. In 2006 I found this doctor who did a urine test on me and my test was possitive for everything,especially Lead. I was the highest they have ever seen. I left work and he put me on chelation for about 5 months (I started to even feel better) untill workerscomp got involved. A year later they gave me a blood test which showed no lead. (OSHA had come in in 2006 and sited them with warnings and fines, Lead was found everywhere and they never taught us the dangers of working with lead. I’m trying to make this short. I am sooo sick and noone is helping me. actually I’ve stopped going to doctors and giving up. Did I mention that I have diplopia with my eyes and a doctor in the begining said it was damage from lead and now he said I was born with it. I had fumes go into my eyes from soldering for 14 years and I ate and drank at my desk everyday. any ways is there anyone that can help me. I want to feel better again. I;m sick of being sick.


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