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Is A New Guard Rising?

March 8, 2013 by  

Is A New Guard Rising?
Senator Rand Paul filibustered for 13 hours on Wednesday.

The contrast is as stark as can be. On one side, Senator Rand Paul holding up the Senate’s proceedings in order to get an answer to a simple question: “Can the President assassinate Americans on U.S. soil who do not pose an immediate threat?” On the other, Senator Lindsey Graham, after exiting a dinner with the President, calling it “paranoia” to even assume the President would use a drone to kill people in the United States, even though the Attorney General on at least three occasions — in letters and testimony — has not only refused to rule it out, but said “it is possible… to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and proper.”

If the Republican Party is to have a future, Paul (and Senators who joined him on the floor like Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah and Jeff Flake of Arizona) are it. Old guard guys like Lindsey Graham — a neocon chicken hawk and serial exaggerator — and John McCain need to be swept aside. (For Graham, South Carolinians have a chance to do just that in 2014, and we’ll be helping you push the broom.)

During Paul’s almost 13-hour filibuster, the Twitterverse lit up with thousands of tweets using the hashtag #standwithrand. They mostly praised the fact that finally — FINALLY! — the GOP had a standard bearer (and maybe two or three more) willing to oppose the tyrannical thugocracy of the military-industrial complex, represented by President Barack Obama. Finally, there was a Senator defending the Constitution and the rule of law on behalf of the American people.

Even Senator Marco Rubio — whom I have been especially critical of regarding foreign policy and immigration — took a turn during the filibuster to defend the 5th Amendment. Republicans John Cornyn, John Barrasso, Jerry Moran, Saxby Chambliss, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Tim Scott and Mitch McConnell also dropped in, as did Democrat Ron Wyden, to support Paul.

Unfortunately, too many Republicans were absent. Apparently, Washington Wizard basketball and free meals with the Marxist In Chief were more important to them than liberty and the rule of law. But their absence was not nearly as despicable as Graham’s and McCain’s comments about the filibuster.

According to The Associated Press, Graham said the prospect of drones being used to kill people in the United States was “ridiculous” and called the debate “paranoia between libertarians and the hard left that is unjustified.”

Not to be outdone, McCain, Graham’s handler, went on the floor of the Senate Thursday and condemned Paul’s Wednesday effort as a “political stunt.”

“If Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids,” McCain said, adding: “I don’t think what happened yesterday is helpful to the American people.”

Graham and McCain represent the darker elements of the CINO (conservative in name only) faction of the GOP — those advocating total, perpetual war, who see enemies all around them and advocate for and enable fascism while calling it safety and democracy. Whether the lighter or darker elements win out in the internecine war developing in the Republican Party will determine whether it lives to challenge the Democrats in 2016 or goes the way of the Whigs.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Warrior

    mccain’s and graham’s responses are nothing short of dispicable. In fact, I think these clowns, along with schumer and durbin, have interchangable masks they share with each other. Save us the trouble and just resign. NOW! Dolts!

    • Skippy

      Well, Warrior……..I’m with ya on that!!

      • Harry

        Not just dispicable, but complete lunacy. I guess they don’t care how wierd they come off to the American people anymore. Since these sick and disgusting Tyrrants don’t give up power willingly, are we at the point of no return?

    • nc

      Warrior, I’m with Mr. Livingston on this one! I agree that you people have little in common with a lot of Republican leaders or many other Americans either! I think you should pull away from the Republicans and have two non liberal groups.That will mean our opposition will have two 24% groups of voters on election day! How hard will it be to defeat that split!?
      How do you say “CAKE WALK”??
      DO IT!! DO IT NOW!!

      • Mindy Robinson

        If you wish to show your audience how intelligent and right you are I would suggest sharing your facts and your thoughts in a constructive manner. All you can hope to accomplish with what you posted was to generate anger in some and laughter, such as myself, in others. Provide constructive feed back.

  • jeff

    Isn’t this the same Rand Paul who caused quite a stir in the past over his remarks that businesses should be free to discriminate if they want and the federal government shouldn’t be able to enforce anti-discrimination laws??

    • Warrior

      Where did that term “patronage” come from again? Well, what good father wouldn’t help their children or brother or cousin or neighbor or neighbor’s neighbor or voter. I’m sure you get the picture!

    • Kim

      Private business should be free to hire whomever unless the government is paying the workers.

      • rhcrest

        I agree Kim. If the gov’t wants to force businesses to hire certain people then they should give the business owner the money to pay that person.

      • WILDFIRE

        I agree, you own the business with your own money, you built the business not the government, you should be able to choose who you want to represent your business, if a certain person does not fit the mold, you shouldn’t be forced by government to carry that person and restrict your success based on a government idea, by which they cannot even operate successfully them self and they think they know what is best for every one else business practice.

    • rhcrest

      I am sorry but i see nothing wrong with businesses hiring who they feel comfortable with. They should not be forced to hire someone they do not feel comfortable with . The business owner is the one with his butt on the line, literally. It’s their money and they should be free to hire whoever they feel would be the best fit for their business and fire whoever they want to. And i am not a business owner by the way but i just think this is more gov’t intervention and it is wrong.

    • Hedgehog

      jeff: Businesses do discriminate! Ever seen a sign that says “no shirt, no shoes, no service”? Ever tried to go into a swank restaurant in T-shirt and jeans? Background checks for gun purchase are not only unconstitutional, they are by nature discriminatory! Where does the constitution give the federal government the right to practice discrimination but not the citizens?

      • Old Henry

        Well said Hedgehog, well said. And… thank yo for doing so.

    • Bob666

      One in the same.

  • Gary L

    The comments by McCain and Graham are prime examples of why the Republican Party is in the tank, or should I say bowl. These guys are out of touch. They really need to go. Its time the voters show them the door.

    • Skippy

      Thank YOU Gary L. I am pretty sick of the old ‘tards straddling the fence, and sucking up to the pres. Good LORD Almighty..enought already!!! At least Rand has the *alls to stand up for me and you – US

  • Doc Sarvis

    Of course this was a political stunt, that’s what Rand P. is all about.

    • Bill

      No, Doc Sarvis
      That is what you are all about

    • Ried

      Hey, Doc, Yes it was a political stunt. And I applaud Mr Paul for taking this stand. This “stunt” points out a very serious danger to the rule of law and transparency that many US citizens need to see.

    • eddie47d

      The good thing is that Paul Rand got the answer he was looking for in making sure drones are not used against Americans within our borders. We need these answers on record and Rand forced their hand in doing so. They can no longer waver on that issue and hopefully it was put into the Congressional record.

    • Skippy

      Doc, doc, doc………..please go rent or better yet BUY “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. You might be enlightened. Watch it often and with friends….at least until you realize exactly what Sen. Paul was doing. God bless ya! :)

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I loathe that Socialist film.

    • momo

      Screw due process, right Doc?

    • Bob666

      Yo Doc,
      Rand is just making a name for him self and pumping the TP base-they like to be pumped.

  • Zhenna

    You can take Jeff Flake off this list. He is pro-amensty, so he is not what I am looking for to help pull this country back. I live 65 miles north of the NM/Mexico border and live the nightmare daily. These are not nice people coming across the border to look for jobs. No more Marco Rubio either. Just two more guys that only stand for the laws they like at the time.

  • Ken Perry

    We need to vote out all his critics, he is a man with an American mission!!

  • Fedup

    Kim, you are exactly right. The F.G. has no business dictating ANYTHING to private business regarding hiring, firing, “fringe benefits” i.e. health insurance, vacation/leave, retirement plans, etc. It is no business of the F.G. to control/dictate with whom one does/doesn’t do business; same for renting one’s own property to whom they choose. Incremental encroachment of the F.G. over the past 50 years has absolutely destroyed the freedom to do private business as one sees fit; and the public at large, and especially liberal/progressive/socialists, think it is just fine and should control business – [expletive deleted]
    Abolish the damn F.G.!

  • Nadzieja Batki

    I am suspicious and distrust anyone who comes to me and says that they want to help me or take care of me. My first thought is “Who the BLeeP are you? Why? What do you want in return? Are you hoping that I am needy and can be conned? Rand Paul will not be the messiah of America and in fact may do more harm because Americans will go back to sleep. O is a predator pure and simple so we are all watching him.

    • Old Henry

      And Nadzieja, while we watch the left hand (the Kenyan), what is the right hand doing? It’s the old bait and switch, the three card monte, the shell game.

      They should all be working in a carnival, but that would give carnies a bad name…

      • ranger09

        Old Henry, That was well put.Congress is the problem and need to get together on whats Right and Whats Wrong with this Country and get it fixed

  • wandamurline

    And the pundits like John McCain and Lindsey Graham who decided to attack Rand Paul, not support him, and have dinner with the ineligible in chief need to be removed from office. Arizona, you need to start a petition for a recall election of McCain…you obviously made a very bad choice. As far as Lindsey Graham, we need to find another Ted Cruz or Mike Lee to replace him his next election, if American can stand together long enough. It is time to replace RINOS and replace them with true conservatives who want our country to remain a free Republic.

  • USN retired

    Well it looks like we finally have a cause now. Don’t lose the momentum. This could be the beginning of the recovery of a constitutional government. This is our new Declaration of I
    ndependence. The Patrick Henrys, the John Paul Joneses, The Sam Houstons are returning to our government. Now to get rid of the reincarnations on the British parliament (socialist-progressives) and independence will once again shine in the country. God Bless our Patriots and God Bless the renewal of patriotism.

  • Janet Daniel

    I totally agree with Sen Paul and fell that he is truly upholding the constitution. It is about time our elected officials uphold the constitution as they are sworn to do. I have long wondered how this president could do what he does and get away with it and NOBODY saying anything!
    Whooooray for Senator Paul and those who supported him!!!

  • slidenglide

    I’m 70 years old and a southerner, I have been a Goldwater Republican all of my life. Needless to say, I was alone. I voted for Dole, McCain, and Romney, but my heart wasn’t into it, they were the only choices I had. I support the new Republicans they are trying to save our country if the RINO’s will get out of the way. They lost and the reason they lost is that there isn’t ten cents difference in them and the Demorcrats. This reach across the isle stuff didn’t work then and it isn’t working now. We need to set the standard for the isle. Thank you, Rand Paul.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    So, McCain went on the floor of the Senate Thursday and condemned Paul’s Wednesday effort as a “political stunt.” “If Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids,” McCain said.

    I agree with McCain, except that he has it backwards here. “I don’t think what happened yesterday is helpful to the American people.”

    The Repugnant party is going to destroy itself from within with “political stunts” and internal warfare, and that’s GOOD for the American People.

    • rendarsmith


      Mr. “Science Fields”, again, has no idea what he’s talking about. Mr. “Science Fields” apparently hasn’t thought about how this power could be wielded by someone like McCain, Bush, or Cheney should someone like them be back in the executive chair. Mr. “Science Fields” is only thinking about the current situation (which is really no better, but he can’t see that), that if HIS favorite politician is in the executive chair with the power to kill any American citizen without due process, it’s ok. But he fails to comprehend this kind of power in the hands of a president he doesn’t support. If another Bush or Cheney is elected into the executive branch and can wield this kind of power, will he support it then? Somehow I doubt it. Would addressing the issue THEN be a political stunt? Somehow I doubt it.

      The fact that this is a serious issue does not occur to Mr. “Science Fields”. No president should have this kind of power, and kudos to Rand Paul for addressing this. But according to Mr. “Science Fields”, as long as a liberal president has this power, it’s ok.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        rendarsmith uses the term “Mr. “Science Fields” no less than 4 times (FOUR TIMES) in his little speech. I guess he wants us all to know that he is resentful of my superior knowledge in “science fields”—-superior to his anyway, since I can remember beating his brains out on some other threads when he insistently showed his ignorance of something scientific. Of course, that wounded pride and need to somehow “get even” with me makes him look foolish when he tries to make an argument here on a topic that has NOTHING to do with “science”. I do apologize for hurting your feelings about “science”, rendar—-stop talking with authority about “science” you don’t understand and I’ll leave you alone.

        I have indeed thought about this “power” being misused, and even said somewhere on another thread that Junior said some good things (and that he was a sad caricature of his father). Have we not already seen Holder’s response”? Short and sweet—-”NO”.

        I have no “favorite” politicians, just “least unfavorite” ones, because they are ALL too much in the pockets of the plutocracy and the corporate oligarchy, O’Bama included. That being said, this whole thing is just more of the mindless paranoia that emanates from the Koolaid drinkers. They are NOT coming to blow you away with drones, take your guns, do away with the 2nd. amendment, throw away the Constitution, make O’Bama a “king”, or any of the other “borderline hysterical” things that we keep hearing. Why do you get yourselves in a such a froth over this?

        rendar actually makes some good points if we scrape the “borderline hysteria froth” off them. Such as “as long as a liberal president has this power, it’s ok”, something I never said or even implied..

    • http://yahoo Don

      McCain seems to have become part of the royaly sitting in congress who think they have ever-growing power like pelosi, fienstien reid, and bunches of others who decide what the people can do and can have . rand paul seems to be one of those who don’t quite fit into the royalty. at least he stands up for the people just like his dad did last year in his campaign. we need to get rid of these rights robbing royalty and get our country back. i hate politics. rand might be one the few who bites the hand of the system. our senator moran from kansas is also in this group which seem to be part of the bunch like paul who see that our rights are preserved. i think he is good at what he does.

  • Jeanette

    I admire and applaud Senator Rand’s effort. However, the Republican Party is not going to survive the agreement they signed 31 years ago, which legally prevents them from investigating (or otherwise pursuing) election fraud by Democrats. From now on, no really important elections will be won by Republicans because the Democrats will just be sure to have enough fraudulent votes to win – with no repercussions for such fraud.

    Any “New Guard” of the Republican Party will not be excused from this agreement. This IS going to be a Democrat/communist country if we don’t form another conservative party which is not bound by this agreement:

  • mjr47

    It’s pretty sad that McCain wouldn’t pass up a ‘free meal’ rather than defend our Constitution and persoanl Freedoms!! For someone who is a supposed ‘war hero’…John McCain appears to have forgotten WHY it’s important to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    John McCain’s usefullness to the American People has long since been erroded by his mis-conception of his own ‘importance’. He has ‘sold out’ to the Socialist ideology.

    A big “thank you” is owed to Rand Paul for having the cajones to stand up for America and for doing the job he was elected to do!! Also…to the other Senators who showed up to lend their support. THEY are our future leaders and the ‘hope’ for America’s survival!!

    • Capitalist at Birth

      McCain, Dole, G.W., G.H.W., Nixon, Graham, Luger, Bennett of Utah, Brown of Mass. to name a few, were and are, all Rockefeller Republicans (RINOS)

    • ranger09

      Hes no Hero, The people made him one. Thats our problem to day We make Heros out of people that have not EARNED the right. A real hero is ONE that stands out from the MANY.We use that title to freely today.Its turned into the MEDAL craze that started back in VietNam and has moved into calling just about everyone who serves a real Hero.Our everyday life is a risk, Serving in the military is our Duty and is a risk, But the man or Woman that stands above the rest is the real Hero.

  • http://yahoo Don

    i wish rand paul would push for a vote in november to push to see how people actually feel about obamacare which everyone knows will make a mess of our health system. we do not need the biased judges of the supreme court deciding whats good for us. i say it all the time against congress and the president that they are becoming like all powerful royalty. seems our supreme court is just about the same. remember when we were kids it was said that government was supposed to be servants of the people. seems they have become masters of the people. let the people decide on obamacare. id bet it would go down.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      It is all about controlling who lives and who dies, just like in Germany in the early 1900′s and the Soviet Union. Has nothing to do with medicine, only death panels.

  • Mike V.

    When the Stasi goons known as Department of Homeland Security are buying 2 BILLION rounds of non-military hollow-points and 2700 military armored cars to ostensibly patrol our streets, it is not paranoia. They have already labeled pro-2nd Amendment pro-Constitutional citizens as extremists. We have an army of occupation in our midst. Inquiring about whether they intend to attack us with drones is entirely reasonable. The ascendency of Senators like Rand, Cruz, Lee and Flake are the only hope this country has to turn our demise around from inevitable.

    • Mike in MI

      But, Mike, -
      isn’t it just so very typical of the leftists through history to always come out on the sweet and poofy side of issues at their very first arrival on the scene? Then, after they’ve gained a numerical and financial following they start turning down the thumb screws on their adversaries – anyone who gets in their way: regulations on selected businesses and goups, slashing at the middle class (while pretending to protect middle class values and issues) – stupid rules (children making “guns” with their hands and pop-tarts), food, “environmental” safety, sexual harassment in work areas, shifting responsibilities for cited problems to phantoms, etc., etc. Things that just cut down your freedom and get you used to bowing to government.
      I remember a time Brcko’blamer fought tooth and nail to rid the world of “torture”. Now, it would seem just a normal day to make Americans (who don’t toe the chalk line he drew this a.m. – though it may change tomorrow a.m.) live in mortal fear of a vague buzzing overhead. Talk about torture!!!
      And don’t anybody try to tell me its paranoia. The Attorney General of the United States would not answer he question straight up until PRESSED from the well of the SENATE. Meaning, as fast as they changed their minds (the A.G. and his boss Michelle) overnight under duress, they can change it back or call it “plausible denial” when we find out they didn’t really intend to say “no”. They are now answering “no” to a differently worded question asked earlier in a different way such that to answer “NO” to that question means “Yes, we can” with impunity attack and kill Americans (or anybody) anywhere in this battleground world when Barry (or Harrison or Barak or Whoever he is) and Michelle agree over a bottle of Chateau Briand for whatever reason that it is that person s time…especially if he has diabetes or poses a threat to ObamaCare funding.

      Bob L. – where do I get hold of that broom handle or is this a BYOB sort of party?

      Loved the Lindsay-wooldsay “handler” line too. Thanks

      • ranger09

        The question has always been answered. COMBAT is the key, So the president can and will use Drones any time he wants. As he now does around the world. Innocent people be damed

      • OneGuess

        Sorry, “Chateau Briand” (sic) is steak for two, not a beverage. Still, we do get your point.

    • ranger09

      MIKE, Write your Congressman, ASK him to get the answer about the Ammo and weapons and also about the vehicles, Maybe also write Rand Paul and anyone else you think would be interested in getting the answers to the public You would think there would be more interested people involved in getting the answers.

  • roger gunderson

    If McCain was President, we would be at war with
    one or more countries forever.

    • ranger09

      Roger I thought that we were at war now and have been for 13 years, And most likely will continue for many years to come. I just hope things will not turn into a REAL WAR.

  • angelwannabe

    The Old Guard is Dead!__Enough of the Progressive GOP__We need a third party, it can’t be any worse than what we have now!!!__ McCain & Graham can go screw themselves!__GOP = Goats on Parade!__God Bless Rand Paul & those who stood with him! Yes Bob we need a New Guard Rising!

    • Old Henry


      We already have a third party – Libertarian.

      • Bob666

        Yo Old,

      • angelwannabe

        Agreed, but it doesn’t get the press,or the serious backing the Repubs and the Dems get, do they? They made a mockery of Ron Paul, the establishment won’t allow anyone to take them seriously. G.Washington warned us about being affiliated with political parties__ and here we are!_- with the GOP dead in the water.

  • jopa

    Now that Rand Paul has a fleeting moment in the spotlight this is going to encourage more of the oddballs like Louie Goober of Texas and Jack Inhofe of Oklahoma to step up to the plate with a talking filibuster.It was bad enough when Paul got off topic with nothing of substance to say and start talking about Alice in Wonderland but can you imagine Louie and Jackie rambling on.I do support talking filibusters but they should be like the one Bernie Sanders did a few years back and they even turned it into a book.Pauls ramblings will never achieve that status.

  • cawmun cents

    Let me re-officially announce this.
    The Republican Party died when Boehner gave Obama a trillion dollars to spend.
    End of story.
    Any other argument goes to show how impoverished our sense of right and wrong has become.
    There are no longer two parties arguing ways of life.but one arguing semantics.
    You say Potayto I say Potatoe,lets call the whole thing off.
    Ideology is presented to everyone through market-based information.
    It only matters what demographic or sub-group you identify with.
    Of course ethnicity,and affiliations are also considered,but they play only a slight roll in delivery of content.
    The scheme is and has been to keep us playing with new toys instead of concentrating on the task at hand which is fighting for our basic freedoms.
    A “He who dies with the most toys wins”,ideology was crafted by those who truly care for your well being and want everyone to live in peace under their spell of electronic amusement.They invented things like going “Green”, and “global warming”,to make you seem as if while under their electronic buzz,you are among the carefully vigilant ones that will help save the world.
    One hand watches the other,and behind closed doors,relational issues are more of ideology than actual difference.
    Regulating you is their reasoning for spending all this finance which keeps you in debt perpetually.Just follow their rules and play with the toys and nobody gets hurt.
    Just be sure to drop the keychain in the basket before we frisk you,and then we will eventually return you your keys to life,liberty,and the pursuit (key word here is pursuit) of happiness.But meanwhile you will be safe and everytthing will be in order.
    So enjoy.
    Lest ye…like so many who want true freedom,are burnt up in a fire,supposedly of their own making.
    Create hole here.
    Insert flaming device.
    Watch large fire.
    Blame person inside place for setting large fire.
    React as if grieved on media outlets.
    Supervise cover-up.
    Go back to regularly scheduled programming.
    Bidness as use-you-all.

    • Mike in MI

      I Always enjoy your comments, c c. Like the sentiments and enjoy your style and you really make sense.

  • Polly

    I sent Rand Paul an email yesterday thanking him for standing up four the Constitution! I read in the media (which I don’t put much stock in) that at one point Mr. Paul was almost the only person there. I guess after all the messages started coming in commending him, other people jumped on the band wagon. I am from Kentucky and I did vote for Mr. Paul, only because the last few elections I have voted against anyone who was already in office. I do believe it was worth my vote just to see someone with a set of ba**s!

    • jopa

      Polly; Want a cracker.The part you like about Paul having a set of ba___ is not what we need in DC.He needs to have something between the ears and that was not on display.I must agree with McCain and Graham on this one.

      • Old Henry

        No surprise there.

  • old hillbilly

    The bells are ringing. America is worth saving. If the house is overrun with cockroaches and rats, throw them out and begin anew!

    • Warrior

      Let’s “round em up” O.H. They’re worthless “teet” suckers!

  • Chris Condon

    The Republicans’ pro-war philosophy, not demographic changes, have been responsible for the decline of the Republican Party. Instead of trying to attract Hispanics by replacing WASP warmongers with Hispanic warmongers, the Republican Party should go back to its original non-interventionist approach to foreign policy and start demanding that Obama get our troops out of foreign countries and bring them back home.

    • Mike in MI

      Chris Condom –
      Sir, may I say you are a dolt. I think I will whether or not I “may”.
      The decline of the republiscam party is due to none of the things you say. Actually it’s probably on the ascendancy because guys like McCain and Graham are power brokers amongst republiscams. Why else would they be asked to dine with barry/harrison/barack/whoever-he-is? They are whoever they are and whatever they are at the pleasure of somebody else. That goes for the whole party with, obviously, the exception of a few incredibly brave (or else Biblically knowledgeable and relying on PROTECTION) few who’ve banded together in a blessed pact. It will continue to ascend for a while. Who knows what the Devil has in store for the likes of Mc. and Gr.? Whatever…they deserve it.

      The ultimate fault lies with the base and degraded electorate of the U.S.A. When people of that sort, and evidently like you, won’t see for what it is the politics of character trashing, besmirch, bedevil and berate-without-shame as the O-dog and his pack of wolves did to Mitt Romney and react against it, while choosing to vote only for their own selfish-interests…….this place might as well turn to dust and blow into the Atlantic.
      Before long a dark, dank jungle will have more civility and order than people driven and ruled by such vile, defiled minds.

  • LJPerry

    These young defenders of the Constitution and Bill of Rights give me hope that this once
    great nation can be resurrected! Our future looks dismal otherwise.

  • Carlucci

    I really like Rand Paul, but he’d better be careful. The federal mafia can do to him what they did to JFK.

  • Rocketman

    Just like Dick Lugar, Graham and McCain are what the GOP used to be not what it is now.
    Both need to be replaced with Tea Party or Libertarian candidates. America can no longer afford the luxury of tolerating RINO’s in the GOP.

  • ibcamn

    Believe it or not,within the GOP,we need to have someone that is pro and we need to have someone that is con!(not just Dem & Rep)but within!as much as everyone wants all conservative,we need that deversity inside the GOP.Rand Paul was awsome for what he did,bring attention to something we the people needed everyone to pay attention to!he asked the questions we have and would like to get answered,i applaud him for that!(he should have had a empty 2litre bottle under podeum)

  • ranger09

    OUR problem has always been the Congress, They always play the Political games,Why cant they all play the RIGHT and WRONG game. The drone game just kills to many innocent people. When has it ever been right to kill 5 innocent people to just kill one bad guy. Have WE lost all our pride and Honor, Or have we got to the point that innocent lives mean so little. Every one of our politicians that care about our Country and its People should have demanded a firm answer to that question, Also the Supreme Court shouls have stepped forward and also demanded an answer.

  • jopa

    Every time I seee Boehner on TV there is some woman there shadowing his every move to get her face on TV.Last night I saw a clip of Paul Ryan and there she was again trying to get her face on TV like those people you see behind the weatherman doing a live photo shoot.I don’t know if this is funny or creepy, but for now it seems kinda funny.Who the heck is that anyway??I think she needs to get a life.

    • Matrix


      It could be Michelle Obama, cause your goddess tries to get her hideous, communist fat azz in every picture, television, newspaper, magazine, Oscar or anything that will praise her communist, anti American views!

      You are a great useful idiot dopa…….

      • jopa

        Matrix; No it wasn’t Michelle Obama she is a number 1 class act and is a true inspiration to women all around the world.If you have a problem with her you do need professional help.Why do you get into this mean spirited name calling anyway? Why can’t you be nice like most of us on this site and learn to bite your tongue when you feel the urge to be mean?You are probably an embarrassment to your mother.Be nice and have a good day.

        • Bob666

          Yo Jopa,
          the boy just was not raised right-a very broken toy!

  • Bruce

    All it took was a man like Rand Paul to make a whole lot of ploiticans mad. All he wanted was a straight foward answer to a question that is very important to each and every American. But with all the dead wood there is sitting in office and just letting the President do as he darn well pleases. Now we find out he can wage war on this very country we live in and feel so safe in. I would not put it past Obama to do whatever it takes to get his own way. Just imagine, a protest by we American citizens against some ploicy or dicision the president made. He figures it’s way overboard and beyond his normal control. All he needs to do is give the order and in comes the Drones and he wipes out all of us in one foul swoop. Is it impossable not by a long shot. People in this country better start realizing what this man can and will do to accomplish his agenda. And I mean his agenda. He lies to us at every turn, he changes the rules to fit himself, he pull dirty underhanded stunts like he did with Obama care and now we are all stuck with it like it or not.Just try to ban together to fight a couse of consciern to we citizens and see just what he does. If you think he is any less a tyrant than Husane was then you better pull your head out of the sand and look around. Thirteen hours Rand Paul stood there talking away and nobody wanted to answer his question. One simple question “Can the President of the United States use the Drones against American citizens?” The answer is yes he can. He is the Comander and Chief and has the ability to use anthing at his disosal weather it’s against an enemy of this country or the very citizens that form this county. I give Rand Paul all the credit he deserves for his effort in trying to right a wrong and standing up for all American citizens. Thank You Mr Paul and God Bless you for being there.

  • TML

    Ah yes, placing federal government’s encroachment of civil liberties, constitutional principles, and the rule of law in the spotlight is reduced to “political stunts” in the context of weak minds. I’m betting I can guess who would consider such “political stunt” as “bordering on hysteria”.

  • dhip

    When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance becomes Duty – Thomas Jefferson

    • Bob666

      When Morons get elected to the house, the GOP will lose the Whitehouse,

      • Mike in MI

        Perfect description of the present state of affairs. Hardly what one could call a prophecy – however true.
        Bob666, you needn’t state the obvious to us.

        • Bob666

          To Mikey
          “Perfect description of the present state of affairs. Hardly what one could call a prophecy – however true”.

          To many on this site, Rand is the second coming-the prophecy.

  • brazzos

    Bob Livingston, new guard rising? Rand Paul did it for showboating, pure and simple, simpkle like rand Paul. Just like the rest of the conspiracy theorists, you assume the ramblings of Rand Paul (and Senators who joined him on the floor like Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah and Jeff Flake of Arizona) are it. Old guard guys like Lindsey Graham — a neocon chicken hawk and serial exaggerator — and John McCain need to be swept aside? You would not be where you are now if it were not for John McCain and for Graham. (And apparently, South Carolinians like Graham). So dream on. The Tea Party do-nothings are not the new guard either.

  • jeff
    • Bob666

      Yo Jeff,
      Regarding Rand Paul, Lets take a formula that failed, put it on steroids and hope it wont fail again.

      Todays GOP, a gift to the DNC.

  • http://AOL Martha G. Means PRIVATE

    We are very proud of Rand Paul here in Kentucky. I think he will always stand up for the Constitution and the American people.
    Geneva of Louisville

  • omanuel

    I agree. Senator Paul Rand is the best hope for restoring constitutional limits on government, personal liberty to US citizens, and integrity to scientific research.

    These started to disappear soon after the United Nations was formed on 24 Oct 1945:

    See this recent posting on Power to the People, “Fear and Loathing of Humans – Pathology Behind The Climate Change Movement”

  • Mike in MI

    The question was: “Can the President assassinate Americans on U. S. soil who do not pose an immediate threat?”
    Answer was: “No.”

    Question: “Can the President, unilaterally, order expenditure of U.S. funds?”
    Answer: ” No.”
    Has he ?…….Yes


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