Irony From Obama’s Part-Time World


Full-time employment in America is going away, thanks to Obamacare. The trend extends all the way to people tasked with signing people up for Obamacare. Oh irony of ironies.

Contra Costa County, Calif., politicians hailed the announcement that the county had won the right to run an Obamacare call center as an economic coup that would bring in more than 200 jobs to the area. Seven thousand workers showed up to apply, some of them leaving full-time jobs for the positions originally promoted as full-time. But now the kicker: Half the jobs are part-time with no benefits.

So half the workers tasked with helping Californians sign up for Obamacare are out of luck on healthcare coverage. Their option: Pay the full cost of healthcare from the State exchange at a cost of $600 to $1,200 per month for individual coverage and $1,400 to $2,900 per month for a family. That’s quite a climb for a worker making between $15.33 and $18.63 an hour.

What are the odds most of them voted for Barack Obama… twice?

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  • vicki

    $600 month for health insurance? No wonder so many people aren’t insured. What happened to “affordable” in the health insurance (scam) law?

    • Deby

      There never WAS an affordable one-all hype and bs by obozo to bring America down -and become totatally dependent on big government for handouts.this health insurance law has very little to do with affordable anything-it is a new set of laws and regulations that will eat away at our Constitution until America is truly a needy, socialist nation. The haves v the have-nots is the first step. Wake up Americans! Impeach this bastard and take control of our country back!!!

      • Bill

        Obamacare has nothing to do with insuring the uninsured or affordable health care, that was just the sales pitch used to sell it.
        It has everything to do with taxation, power and more control for drug and insurance companies. After all, they have bought and paid for their dancing monkey politicians and now they have to put on their dog and pony show.

      • billybob

        It is a shame that the people who put their “X” on the voting lines didn’t understand that!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      That word “affordable” was never defined.

  • Louis Lemieux

    Joe Carson, chief U.S. economist at AllianceBernstein calculates that average hourly pay rose at a 3.1 percent annual rate in the second quarter, the fastest pace since the fourth quarter of 2008. That was comfortably ahead of inflation, at just 1 percent.

    • Ted Crawford

      Oh goodie! They now make 3.1% more while working 25% less hours, and they’ll be mandated to purchase their own Insurance into the bargin!
      Now that’s Progressive spin in Hyper-Drive! Somehow ? ? ? That’s a plus?!?!

      • Warrior

        Thank goodness the Koreans brought us Samsung to keep “inflation” in check!

    • maybefree

      Maybe you need to get your talking points from a different place.

    • Bill

      You need to take off your tinfoil hat and take a look at the real world.

    • Louis Lemieux

      Joseph G. Carson is a reputable economist with a lot of experience and who’s objective outlook on the economy is very welcome in my humble pursuit of knowledge.

    • jase

      And how did they calculate 1% inflation? Well they didn’t count energy, because that is supposed to go up. They substituted ground beef for steak since people can’t afford steak they aren’t buying it, so $3.99 a pound ground beef must be what people prefer right? And comparing a 13oz box of cheerios price today to a 16oz box from 5 years ago… hmmmm?!!?!? When did Enron accountants start working in the government.

      • Louis Lemieux

        @jase: “Well they didn’t count energy, because that is supposed to go up.” – Joe Carson is speaking in the past and you’re speaking in the future. Two different things.

        • vicki

          It is well known that government plays with the inflation numbers by adding and removing things from the list.

          All you have to do to see real inflation is keep your own list. I.E. your household budget will show you what is real inflation.

        • jase

          They didn’t count energy, they don’t count energy, and they won’t count energy; past, present, and future. Because if they give correct inflation numbers then they don’t look as good come election time.

          • Louis Lemieux

            What are your credentials? Sorry! I’ll believe Joe Carson before I believe you.

          • jase

            And I believe Milton Friedman before I believe Joe Carson.

            or the government CPI that excludes food and energy due to high volatility. Food and Energy are central to most of our lives, not long wear consumer goods.

            Or how about the Washington Post here they explain Chained CPI.

            Or here is one from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
            from 1999 to 2011 is over 33% increase in the CPI yet only a 24% increase in the wage index for the same period. A one quarter deviation is a statistical bump. And 4th quarter if not seasonally adjusted is always off due to temporary labor increases for the holidays.

          • Louis Lemieux

            As far as I know Milton Friedman has not denied yet what Joe Carson said in what I wrote.

      • Ibn Insha

        I don’t care what government claims. If the price of cars, airplanes, yachts, washing machines and refrigerators is stagnant it does not mean inflation is low. The cost of everyday stuff that everybody uses such as food, clothing, shelter and energy has been going up at a rate of about 20% per year then how come inflation is at 1% (government figures). During the best days of Clinton and Bush the inflation was at 3% (government figures) when people were spending like drunken sailors. It is simple, if my cost is up it is inflation. I don’t earn and spend in a group. I earn and spend as individual. If my neighbor is wealthy it does not make me feel full. I have to bear my own pain of half empty stomach.

        • Ringgo1

          Good post, Ibn Insha(allah). Salaam.

    • Ringgo1

      You must know, Louis, that many here do not even read your posts any longer. Your posts are so obviously of the asshat variety that some, like me, just downvote, then skim your leftist spew. Just so you know.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Then, if you’re a sincere person, it means you won’t answer me anymore!

        • Ringgo1

          You do not get to dictate the terms of interactions on this board. Too bad for you. Typical libtard…

          • Louis Lemieux

            No, I don’t but it shows what kind of person you are!

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Louis says — “That was comfortably ahead of inflation, at just 1 percent”.
      Sure, Louis. You don’t shop for your own groceries? The current basket of goods that Government uses to calculate inflation is a joke. They do that to save money on their COLA adjustments — at the rest of our expense.
      Using the 1980 basket of goods which is much more realistic, the inflation rate is about 8%, which coincidentally is about the same as the rate of new money creation by the Federal Reserve. Imagine that.

  • Al Chemist

    If these are government jobs that folks are applying for, you can bet that 90 plus percent of them voted for Obama at least once. Even if it’s part time, they will be eager to get near that government ‘tit’ and, of course, join a Union, where (no matter what kind of job they do), they are fixed for life.

    • billybob

      Actually the big Unions are now opposed to Obamacare. It will make all of them part time workers. That means less money for their work. So unless they all go on strike and demand the same amount of money for a thirty hour week instead of a 40 hour week they will not like Obamacare. I wonder of tat was what Nancy Pelosi was talking about when she said we have to vote it in before we see what we voted for! Well Nancy I hope your people in Califorina are all millionaire and don’t have to work for a living. As a side note, I’m beginning to understand why this government is getting ready for some civil unrest! All of those 2 billion bullets maybe used against us pretty soon!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Too little, too late what the unions believe now. Their avarice and malice gave us the results of today.

        • Ringgo1

          Right. They then whine about the consequences. You are free to choose, but you are not free to choose the consequences (of your choices). I hope they LOVE them some consequences. Pain is very instructive.

  • Jim B

    And the poor will get poorer, middle class will shrink and get poorer yet. How’s that ‘Hope and Change’ working out for you now all-ye Serfs! These are the scraps BHO talks about, these are the resources that disappearing at an expediential rate. Three more years of ‘Hope and Change’ and you will be fighting over squatter rights in abandoned buildings, and there won’t be a medical or hospital clinic or facility open to you, in fact you will not even get on the property. The liberals have turned you into a broke and dependent class of citizens, your faith in the government to fix things for you has pacified you, and made you brain dead. The wedge you are placing between those who can help you will be to your own detriment, when the government fails you will have nowhere to turn and Serfdom will become a lonely and terrifying place to be.

    • Eric Hansen

      Sums it up pretty good,Jim

    • billybob

      And they will blame it all on the Republicans and the funny part is that those dummies will believe their Democratic handlers. I think those Commies are making great progress in destroying the country. They need to get down on their knees and thank God! Oh I’m sorry they don’t believe in God! My mistake!

  • Chester

    Hate to tell you all this, but full time jobs have been going the way of the dodo for a long time now. For most service type businesses, it is cheaper to have a dozen people on call, with two or three full timers, than it is to have six or seven full timers with part of them standing around waiting for the next customer to come through the door. May not be an actuality, but the business owners see it that way, and can get computer programs to help them make it work. Of course, to make it work, you have to have part time help who is ready to be there in fifteen minutes or less, regardless the time of day or night, and regardless of whether or not they may have actually tried to schedule something in their “off time.”

    • Eugene Sevene

      You are wasting your time and breath talking to the die hard liberals. They will vote Democrat regardless of who runs for office just because grand dad did. Conservatives will do the same. The workers will continue to work and support the takers and the takers don’t realize that one day the workers money will run out and everyone looses.
      Again I say the people get more stupid every day. History tells us that we are on the path of destruction and we allow those in power to continue to follow the same destructive path of self gratification. Oh stupid America when will you wake up? Soon it will be too late

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So people will need to work three or four jobs to pay taxes and survive. You Dem/Prog/Leftists believe this is a good thing? You are following something that will not work in reality. Have you considered ALL the contingencies?

      • Chester

        You keep blaming all this on the “Liberals”, while it is the ultra conservative business types who keep pushing for more and more part time labor. I know of a number of factories that have established their own personal temp services just so they won’t HAVE to keep hiring full time help. They pay the temp service in the neighborhood of twenty dollars an hour for every worker placed with them, and the worker is usually lucky to see ten of that. Now that ISN’T a LIBERAL thing at all, but is the way a lot of places like doing business.

        • Ringgo1

          Doesn’t it make us all “more equal” to have part time jobs? Isn’t “more equal” what liberalism is all about? Businesses and Industries exist to make a profit. Pretending it isn’t so is a receipt for disaster. Reducing taxes, cutting government spending and growth, reducing and tightening the requirements for “entitlements” are just a few things we can do to improve the situation. Isn’t that what you want? To improve the situation? Excessive government regulations & etc. force businesses to therefore make a profit “by any (legal) means possible”. This may include part time vs full time positions. Relax, we will all be “more equal”, and all will be “fair”. Good luck with that.

  • Condor 84

    For grins and giggles I just interviewed for a position “educating” people about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) The person interviewing me was clueless and couldn’t answer any of my questions. When I asked ‘”what if it’s repealed?” he was a deer in the headlights. When asked if I would be working 40 hours a week he would not commit. When I asked him if the one year contract would be renewed he said he hoped so. Then the kicker he told me he had just been pulled from Texas to come to West Virginia to head this new program. people have doubts about it’s efficiency and effectiveness and after what I saw today those doubts are well founded.

  • ridge runner

    Why should anyone who voted for this jug eared marxist muslim, be surprised, he doesn’t work at his supposed elect job, but follows his culture of being on vacation all the time a living off of someone else. Read the puke in the WH report on the XL pipeline of only employing 2000 people, what a degreedfk, for every piece of equipment on a dirt construction job, it takes 6 people to keep things going, them there is the support operators, cafes for food service, motels, camper locations, pipe haulers, motor repair shops for 250 miles around as the project moves along. Shows how damn dumb these beltway pukes are on reality. These workers don’t take vacations and fkoff every other day as this worthless jug eared moron does, or depend on taxpayers to pay for the tab of doing nothing productive.

  • BHR

    Obamacare is and will totally destroy the workforce in the future. Even the government has stated that more and more company’s hire people for 29 hours or less. When I worked for someone else we usually got a lot of over time hours. Overtime is a thing of the past. With Obamacare environmental laws and taxes it has become very costly to have a business in America. The liberals keep saying Obama is doing a good job, he is not. Starting with Clinton there has been a mass exit of company’s leaving America. It is just getting to expensive to do business in our Nation. When you count people who have lost benefits and just given up,true unemployment is around 16 percent. In the last 4 years over 4 percent of the middle class has disappeared, these are government figures. America is being propped up by the 86 billion dollars it prints every month because of this we will have high inflation and a large drop in the stock market. You can only have a false economy for only so long then some one has to pay, it will be all Americans.

  • Progressive Republican

    Full-time employment has been going away for ever thirty years and you’re just NOW noticing?

    Ohhh… I get it. THIS way you and blame Obama for something else that isn’t his fault. Not like the lead-in was in any way misleading or anything…

    I thought it was going to “prove” that something that won’t even take effect for another year and a half was already killing jobs, as this and so many other FRWNJ disinformation sites have alleged. But at least the headline itself was accurate (about the irony) for a change.