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Iranian Leader Predicts U.S. Collapse

October 19, 2012 by  

Iranian Leader Predicts U.S. Collapse

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said there is a collapse of the “US empire” on the way because of a combination of massive debt and its loss of legitimacy within the international community, according to Iran’s official news agency, IRNA.

“How long can a government with a $16 trillion foreign debt remain a world power?” Ahmadinejad asked at a press conference with Kuwaiti media personnel. “The Americans have injected their paper wealth into the world economy and today the aftermaths and negative effects of their pseudo-wealth have plagued them.”

He went on, “An empire, or a government, remains in power so long as the people under its power support it, but today the Americans have acted in a way that the world nations do not like them at all, and therefore, their international legitimacy is annihilated.”

Ahmadinejad also downplayed the effects that Western sanctions have had on the nation. However, riots broke out in Tehran earlier this month when the nation’s currency lost two-thirds of its value against the dollar, thus sparking inflation.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Dinh c Dao

    Can’t stand this guy but have to admit that he is so rights about the United States of America! I used to believe in this Goverment and dreamed about this country when I was only 7 years old….I am numb and speechless.
    This system is driving us to the toilet, there is no light at the end of the turnel. To turn around for sure unless to get rid of this system or at least change it but who will be able to when they all goes to the office and become a selfish fat pig??
    This will be the second times that I do not want to vote for U.S President! No more because of lost hope and no longer believe.
    Wake up, God is no longer blessing America.
    Sorry to said but the truth would hurt!!

    • a j foster

      He is right and this shows Obama’s plan is right on schedule. I urge you to rethink and vote. Vote for a congress to support Romney. He is our only lifeline. The next president will appoint at least 2 supreme court justices which require Senate Approval. Obama already stocked it with 2 who will approve anything he decrees. One even has criminal charges against the black panthers who stationed themselves at polling places to intimidate voters who were unlikely to vote Obama. Get out the vote and at least give America a chance.

      • eddie47d

        The charges against those two black panthers were dropped because there Wasn’t any intimadation. No one was stopped from voting so no one could be charged plain and simple. That is also the rule of law which you should believe in but apparently don’t. .

    • rendarsmith

      As painful as it is, you’re right. But we will eventually rebuild and replace the system with something better, once people open their eyes and realize what’s really important in life (that being self-reliance and strong family values). It’s similar to what happened to the Soviet Union, now the poeple in those countries are the most adaptable people I’ve ever met, and the FSU countries are gaining wealth and power.

      • eddie47d

        Nation building and conquests didn’t pan out for the Soviets in their Empire building and it won’t work for the USA. The Soviets realized that and regrouped we on the other hand are still draining our economy on foreign adventures. The reason China became so economic powerful is that they didn’t do it through military actions but through economic conquests. We need to get back to that principle which we had in the 50′s-early 60′s and our nation was stronger for it.

    • Stuart Shepherd

      M. Din Dao-
      You are so correct. So simply put and accurate, in my opinion. You “hit the nail on the head” when you said that God is no longer blessing America. It’s because of abortion, first, and now “gay rights.” Next year will be 40 years since Roe v Wade went into effect, legalizing pre-infanticide “at will.” In the Bible, a “generation” represents 40 years and when God cursed a nation or a peoples it would be on the next generation, their children, due in 40 years!!! Guess what- right on time. Also, like Sodom and Gomorrah, we’re rich spoiled hedonistic and materialistic and I do believe that the “gay marriage” thing is just going to be a little too much for God to stomach, especially along with abortion. It’s not just a withdrawal of a blessing- it’s a curse! God cursed the nations around Israel that offered up their own children as sacrifices to their idol gods (in our case- “women’s rights” “gay rights”).

  • Gary L

    “How long can a government with a $16 trillion foreign debt remain a world power?”
    I can’t stand this jerk. But he sure does make a good point.
    Too bad so many people think its OK for the US to keep on borrowing form China to pay for things that we should not be spending money on.
    This is pathetic.

    • Dinh c Dao

      It take all and each of the U.S Citizen to turn the America ship around, it’s our responsibility!
      American have to sacrify a bit more to tie our belts and spend less.
      American went thru 1930′s and at least American can do it again to save our nation! Isn’t it critical enough or we wait until one day to sign your property tax check to pay to China goverment? At one time we all worry Japan will take us over in the 80′s, it didn’t happen but with China we have to slap ourself twice in the face and watch out because we are already in deep …!

    • momo

      You know its a sad day when the Iranian nut job speaks the truth.

      • s c

        Momo, this makes a very strong case for the idea that Iran’s #1 airhead is closer to the truth than the current White House Messiah. In fact, you could say that this same Iranian space cadet is smarter than Motormouth Biden (who ISN”T smarter than Motormouth Joe?). My pet dog is smarter than Motormouth Joe.
        By the way, Biden, the ‘genius,’ thinks our military has been fighting in Iran. Can you say detahced from reality? And, never forget the FACT that Obummer is primarily responsible for any ‘loss’ of Amerika’s legitimacy in the international community.
        Obummer can’t buy any legitimacy, and Biden would laugh like a fricking hyena at the idea [Losers, Inc.].

  • Ted Crawford

    This gives credence to the addage ” One can, occasionally, find a good bisquit even in a garbage can” ! He’s spot-on in his discription of Obama’s governence and the outcome that will result should he be re-elected !
    ” The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, Public Debt should be reduced, the arrogence of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and assistance to Foreign Lands should be curtailed, lest the Nation become Bankrupt
    People must again learn to work, instead of living on Public Assistance” !
    What greedy Republican would dare make such an inconsiderate statement, so lacking in compassion? Marcus Tullius Cicero did! Attempting to warn the Roman Senate and the people of the certain future, if corrective actions weren’t taken, immediately! They didn’t listen!
    Even with over 2000 years of history to go by, Obama and the Progressives continue to pander for the same ideaology that has collapsed every other Republic! Ron White said it best, ” You can’t fix STUPID” !

    • eddie47d

      Blame the progressives! Is that all you got Ted? The trade imbalance to China started under Reagan and maybe sooner and that is when it should have been stopped. Ambassador Bush didn’t stop it and neither did Clinton or G Bush. Unless you fix the original problem blaming the new guy doesn’t cut it. I guess we can say the Obama is only carrying on past traditions. Yes it must stop but I get tired of this biased style that gets thrown around.

      • gman

        Ed like about everyone else just does not get the point which is no matter who it all started with does not change the fact that it still is being done and never before in history has it been done even close to how it is being done under Obama. Truth of the matter is it is the powers behind the jokers that we think are really for the American citizens of USA. Sadly to say we will join the Romans in history of the failed. We need a total make over by getting back to the constitution but as can be seen the powers that are will not let that happen.
        Look at those that have been assassinated and taken out of power and realize that happened because they were a wrench in the cogs of the over all plan. Obama has helped in the take over of those that chose not to go along. When the drones appear over our neighborhoods then maybe we will realize our government is simply the illusion by the Powers that be.
        How long do any with eyes to see realize it is going to come back on us. It will happen when the power players have no more need for us as we finally see the light and refuse to be used only for their gain of power and to dominate everything. Everything and everyone will be slaves to their plan and it sure as hell is coming at a rapid speed right now.
        Like Obama told Putin that after he is re elected then his hands will be untied. No reporting in news media of Putin and Chevez planning the redoing of the Cuban crisis that Kennedy delt with.
        Yep the planners just keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they continue with the plans right under our bloody noses we have given each other.
        The revolution if it does happen will be to late as even that has been prepared for.

      • Stuart Shepherd

        eddie47d- I think you are the most insightful commentator, not seeing it as a “we” vs “them” problem or in black and white but getting to real facts. The China trade imblance and the comments about Bush are totally correct. Both Democrats and Republicans have been “progressives” in a sense. Concerning China, though- I really think Richard Nixon was kind of an evil man- and NOT because of Watergate (who cares!). First, he took us off the gold standard for our currency in 1971 and, also, with China, I think it would have been better to have remained the conservative idealogue and anti-communist politician with regard to China, just as we had been toward the USSR. You can’t trust the commies in Russia OR China OR here!! (aka Obama and the Democrats/”liberals”) They ALWAY lie to fit their needs wants or desires. “Truth” is not anything of value to them.

    • http://google redbull

      The democratparty from it beginning want every thing to be controlled by the likes of all dictators. They know what is better for every one, than they do them selves. When Wilson and FDR both created agencies that increase government control of private property. FDR appointed a registered communist to lay out plans modelled after USSR, and is still in effect.Anything this maddrass trained, marxist/socialist has proved his plan is destroy USA and our system of private owner ship of anything. Check out his “books” written with his “good buddy” the domestic terrorist, who has help kill innocent people..

  • Jamie Cameron

    And for the third and final act just look over to ring 3 , Ron Paul , the show must go on.

  • Patti Berry

    But the government does not represent our people or how we wish to be viewed as a nation. That is the sad part. What the world is seeing is a government, led by an illegal -a man of their own kind -with a death wish to our America. It makes this man happy to see our wealth floundering dollar-wise. But we, as people, are civilized – where his nation is far from being so. I have lived over seas many years ago as a military dependent, and their ways are just short of rabid animals – with nothing to be proud of.

  • Scott in SC

    I agree, this time he got it right. But anyone who thinks this started with Obama or will end with his defeat is wrong.

    • Ted Crawford

      You are right, of course Scott. They are, however lightyears ahead of those that think it will end with Obama’s re-election!

      • Scott in SC

        Haha, you got that right. You’d think after 4 years they would have caught on.

  • Linda

    Well said,, Scott in SC.

  • mark

    This from a country with a GDP of $1 trillion. U.S. GDP is $16 trillion. Iran has a per capita income of $13,000 vs. $51,000 in the U.S. In addition to the U.S. debt of $16 trillion, the U.S. also has $12 trillion in assets, which debt obsessionists never mention. The U.S. government holds nearly $6 trillion in gold reserves (in both U.S. mints and our share of the IMF and World Bank gold reserves), a little less than $1 trillion in silver and copper reserves, plus several trillion dollars in property, land, buildings, equipment, and military ordinance.

    Whenever any individual, company, or institution figues out its overall financial status it always includes both its debts and its assets. But U.S. national debt hawks never, never, never mention U.S. assets. They are massive and considerable. That is why both foreigners and Americans keep buying our bonds and notes, we are in better shape than the pessimist will admit, although we certainly have to bring down our deficits down to a more reasonable 2-3% of GDP once our economy picks up to a more reasonable rate of 3-4% growth and 5% unemployment. That would amount to carrying annual deficits of $300-500 billion which a $16 trillion plus economy can do forever.

    • Ted Crawford

      Mark you did leave out the additional $61.6 Trillion in ” Unfunded Liabilities” we have, and that’s just throgh 2011!
      It’s pretty sad and very telling about the American Electorate, that our President, elected by us, is found to be even less understanding of what a sound economy looks like than an Irianian fruitcake is! Obama does have an Irianian advisor by the way, Valiery Jarrett!

      • Sam Adams

        Mark, US govt. is run by CFR. They make all decisions for Congress and the white house. CFR is doing the deeds of the UN new world out-look. CFR is run and controlled by the central Bankers, Federal reserve, IMF, BIS, World Bank, EU. Our debt is over 102 Trillion with medicare and SS and Medicaid taken into acct. There isn,t enough money in the world to pay this. We will default, and thats the best thing to happen, because its eneviable[sp] anyways. Then we can start over with a new currency. BUT, Americans have to completely rebuild a new govt that is a Constitutional Republic of 50 free nation states. Foundation of Authority is from the consent of the people. So look at who is to blame, its We. This crash and collapse isn,t like 1929, this time the currency will crash along with industry and govt hand outs and pensions.

      • mark

        Dear Ted,

        I am aware of the unfunded liablities in these programs but they are paid out over a long period of 30-90 years (as they include all the benefits in Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid owned to every single American currrently living for the age of 1 day old to 100 years old) and these costs will be met with some small downward adjustments in benefits, modest increases in taxes, normal population growth, economic growth, and cuts in other areas of the budget – defense, farm and corporate subsidies, some social programs, etc.

        These can all be handled. You and I for instance, Ted, probably have personal unfunded liablities of a two or three million dollars when you include all we will have to pay on mortgages, taxes, our living expenses, energy, transportation costs, health care, education for our children, insurance costs, etc for our entire lifetimes here on earth. But we handle all of this month-to-month, year-to-year as we work and produce throughout our lifetimes. A big number like $60 trillion sounds daunting but it is amortorized for many decades in the working and tax-paying lives of 300-500 million individual Americans (this includes projected population of U.S. in future decades).

      • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

        Actually, those unfunded liabilities like Social Security, Medicare, Prescription “D”, military and government retirement pensions, military VA benefits, Obamacare, etc are more closer to the range of 120 trillion dollars now, which is completely impossible to ever sustain. The crash will inevitably happen and Helicopter Ben Bernanke can’t print the Monopoly funny money backed by thin air fast enough. This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by the good public servants in the District of Criminals, who, similar to the bills they pass, would prefer that you go ahead and vote them into office in order to find out who and what you voted for after the fact.

    • eddie47d

      Another biased comment Ted (Jarrett)? Bernanke and Greenspan are not Iranian and they had much more to do with our economic problems. That’s like the trade imbalance issue (blame Obama). Throw Obama under the bus and magically the real culprits get away with their past deeds. That would be Banksters,Wall Street Speculators, Mortgage scammers, Federal Reserves,Bush Wars, unfair NAFTA practices,al Qaeda threats since the Clinton administration and a worthless lazy Congress.

    • JackB

      Well Mark maybe you don’t care if our so-called leaders drown us in debt and sell off all of our assets but I actually care about our country. There’s no reason that each administration can’t leave us better off than the last – oh wait – unless they are really working for powerful special interests who have a plan to siphon off all of our assets. Maybe you are one of the idiots who believes that one of the two parties is actually working in your best interests when we are really being sucked dry like a third world country.

      • Mike112769

        Name-calling will never win you a convert. Not a criticism, just an observation. Peace.

  • Billy J. Cooper

    Regardless of what your politics are, You can rest assured that Obama and his Communist Czars and Advisors, including Valiery Jarrett have one thing in mind: That is the total destruction of the American way of life that we have known for over 200 years. This has all been planned, and somehow they were able to hoodwink the democratic party and make them get on board with their ideas. And if Obama gets another 4 years, He will be able to completely destroy America. Even if Romney is elected, its doubtful he will be able to turn it around.

    • Sam Adams

      I voted for Bush once until I realized he was trying to destroy our country. Bush murdered millions of foreign civilians, in the name of freedom. Bush spent Trillions of $$ we didn,t have. Bush destroyed Americas foreign relations with most countries, even half of NATO countries. Bush gave up homeland insecurity, TSA, Patriot Act, EO taking your rights away and freedoms. The enemy is the GOP and the DEM. It will continue until citizens stop it, voting won,t help.

  • JohnC

    Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut….but he is right 16 Trillion and Obama put more debt on than the all the presidents combined (including GW Bush) before him in his 4 year term …we need to make Obama a 1 term president…but if those allready do not know the sactionsa are working it has forced the Iranian Currency to devalue 66% against the dollar Obama has a secret plan to remove the sanctions if they stop the Nuclear program (temporarily) until he gets re-elected he will cite this as his Foriegn policy is working (it is just a sell out for his re-election) And can we trust the Iranian’s to keep their word…I think not

  • Les

    The Federal Government is spending almost 4 trillion dollars a year and only takes in a little over 2 trillion. How long can you manage your household spending twice what you take in. “We the People….” were sold out years ago.

    • http://google redbull

      Like the BS Lock Box BS Plan, that was another phony “protection for SS receivers” to keep it solvant. Why doesn’t any democrat hog in the party, tell us how much more they are going to pay in taxes, when they are bellied up to the trough? Ohog in Cheif makes over 1.1 million a year, and will get close to $200,000 a year till he dies. With all the gooodies he gets paid, he doesn’t get taxed for, like Joe the worker does. If we want to save SS and Medicare, means test the over paid lazy SOBs in Congress and the president.

    • http://google redbull

      It is the democratic socialist/ communist ebonic counting methods that prove again that facts and truth, has always been tough for marxist/communist lovers. The same way as the unemployment numbers are aquired, just don;t count in reallity, but and government jobs are a plus for counting jobs “created”.

  • Jay

    So bye bye miss American pie…drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy is now dry….

  • Joe C

    as long as the american people refuse to vote in a Ron Paul, America will eventually collapse .

    • John Woodbury

      Unfortunately there is no reply that is not a lie, and even with Ron Paul there is no sure way to keep America solvent.

  • fedup 2012

    Isn’t this guy,obama’s Brother????

  • NoteToSelf

    I agree with him. Right, right, right. What is this guy, a fricken genius?

    It’s hard to hear but I appreciate him pointing this out – just in time for us to stop the fall! If we wise up and vote for Gov. Gary Johnson. hahaha.

    I feel bad about collapsing their currency if our CIA’s dumping counterfeit Iranian currency on the market or our policies and sanctions had anything to do with it.


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