Iran To Head U.N. Disarmament Committee


The United Nations has been the target of outrage by some groups, thanks to an “automatic rotation” schedule that will put Iran in charge of the International organization’s Conference on Disarmament between May 27 and June 23.

“This is like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of a women’s shelter,” Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based UN Watch, said. “Iran is an international outlaw state that illegally supplies rockets to Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas, aiding and abetting mass murder and terrorism. To make this rogue regime head of world arms control is simply an outrage. Abusers of international norms should not be the public face of the U.N.”

The Conference on Disarmament was established in 1979 after a special U.N. General Assembly session. It consists of 65 countries that have often disagreed over a number of key issues in recent years. It has been instrumental in negotiating a number of multilateral arms limitation and disarmament agreements over the years, including:

  • The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
  • Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques.
  • The Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

UN Watch, the European Union and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon have all protested the idea of Iran being allowed to chair a conference focused on nuclear disarmament amid ongoing international concerns over that Nation’s own nuclear ambitions.

“Any member state that is the subject of UN Security Council sanctions for proliferation — and found guilty of massive human rights violations — should be ineligible to hold a leadership position in a UN body. The U.S. and Canada have asserted this principle in the past, and should do so again,” said Neuer. “We urge world leaders to declare that allowing Iran to chair a UN disarmament body is simply unacceptable, given the fundamentalist regime’s illicit activities in precisely the opposite direction.”

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  • Don 2

    The United Nations of Dictators and Tyrants should be abolished. It is a useless organization, that gives these despots a platform to trash America, go after your gun rights, and it is mostly funded by the U.S.

    • skippy

      Agreed…..but just how the hell do you accomplish THAT??!! Why are they here to begin with???

      • Johnny Rollins

        Easy just stop funding. This Americas most wasted resources. Billions wasted every year.

      • RonWillison

        Skippy the answer to your question can be found by googling “The BALFOUR DECLARATION” The “HUSSEIN McMaHon Letters”, “The Federal Reserve Act of 1913”, “The Creation of The UN and Who designed and promoted it”, “The UN Resolution To Partition Palestine 1948” That will make most everything clear to you. Well worth the five or six hours needed to research and understand the overall picture it paints. Should you really be wanting to know why the World is such a mess today. Invest an additional 6 hours on the same subject’s as they relate to the lead up to WWII. Who profited and who the real losers were. Be sure to search “Who declared war on Hitler first”. And don’t miss the two banking bills passed in 1931 and 1933.

        • skippy

          Thanks Ron! Much appreciated, know of two of those already. Have you ever read “Liberty & Tyranny”? Sure opens ones eyes…………

          • RonWillison

            Skippy. I have not read Liberty and Tyranny. Among many others I’m sure I probably should have. No silver spoon or education, Circumstances had me in the workforce at 15, raised four kids. Now 65 and my eyes are failing. I may squeeze it in before I check out.

          • skippy

            Not far behind you Ron!! b/day early may-fairly good health-STILL working. am a mom of 2 USMC sons-former. Please try to read…it’s NOT a long book…but jam packed with info!! Take care of YOU!! :)

          • RonWillison

            You do the same. We face a rocky road.

    • RonWillison

      It is a fully owned subsidiary of The Rothkafellers and pals. It is a tool planned in advance of its incarnation by no less than four plus decades. The really upsidedown part of the whole thing is. Those who made it happen did so with motives that had nothing to do with bringing about an end to world wars and instead of being hung by the neck until dead. People treat them as Gods. They are even addressed as LORD’S ??????????.

  • Warrior

    Give em a shot. Maybe iran has some profound ideas on Amerikan gun control! “Progressives” may accept their contributions to the subject! LMAO.

  • me

    As stupid as they are they might as well gave north korea a co-chair position. What would have been the difference. this country pays 20% of the bill to keep the ineffective organization in business.. theres over a hundred countries in the world, but as usual this stupid country still gives out free handouts yet. iI bet china and Russia don’t even come close to what the idiots in this counry hand out. the un doesn’t really do much of anything. I wish tis stupid country would pull out. let it go the way of the league of nations.

  • Adrian Vance

    And we give that outfit billions and billions of Dollars? Get out! Now!

    See The Two Minute Conservative via Google or: When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Michael Shreve

    Th U.S. Supplies 60% of the funding for the U.N., and organization OWNED by nations that DESPISE the U.S. WHY we are even a MEMBER is unclear. In addition we let U.N. committees run by nations that dream of our destruction determine U.S. policies.

    • RonWillison

      Michael, and everyone else saying Get out of the UN. If America were to address the issues that cause others to now hate us, when they used to admire, envy and respect the US. Who know’s? The organization could actually aspire to be inline with the picture painted by the snake oil salesmen that sold us that deception. Had it’s creation not been part of a bigger plot with a secret agenda. It might not be saturated with people of dubious character like our US law making houses, judicial systems and administration.

      • vicki

        Really. And what issues cause others to now hate the country that provides most financial support to the UN?

  • momo

    The Un is a sandbox for dictators to play in. All they want to do is screw with the US, cut their funding and tell them to get the hell out of New York.

  • vicki

    Fox, meet henhouse.

  • tns

    Iran the country that hasn’t fought an offensive war in over 4 centuries? Maybe we could learn something about foreign policy from them.

  • FRENCHIE1369


    • Ron

      The UN is a compete joke!

      • FRENCHIE1369

        AND A BAD ONE AT THAT…………………..

  • steve buckner

    I’ve always said the UN was a joke in the first place but, an international community it aint. I guess they are as stupid as I always thought. Iran will try to get everything going in it’s favor and try to ban the use by the allies for weapons against their country. This will give them something greater than any disarmenent for their nukeular goals. They will try to put off any restrictions on their country, its a BAD IDEA to have these Camel Jockies in charge !!