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Iran Hostage Crisis Ends

January 19, 2012 by  

On Jan. 20, 1981, within minutes of the inauguration of Ronald Reagan as the 40th President of the United States, 52 U.S. captives who had been held in the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran, were released. It ended a sad 444-day saga in American history.

The crisis began on Nov. 4, 1979, when Iranian “students,” outraged that the U.S. government was allowing the Shah of Iran — who had fled the country when his U.S.-supported government collapsed earlier that year — to travel to New York City for cancer treatment, stormed the embassy, overpowered the guards and assumed control of the building. Some of the hostages have since claimed that the leader of the “students” was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s current president.

Iran’s religious and spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, assumed control of the situation and began releasing all non-U.S. hostages and all female and minority Americans. But he ignored U.N. Security Council demands and appeals from other Arab nations to release the hostages.

As the crisis dragged on, President Jimmy Carter’s image as a weak and feckless President grew, and was cemented when a rescue operation ended in the Iranian desert in a huge fireball that killed eight U.S. military personnel.

As the 1980 Presidential primary grew near, the Reagan campaign complained that Carter was about to pull off an “October Surprise” that would see the hostages released and hand Carter his re-election. The Carter campaign alleged that the Reagan campaign had its own surprise in store. From that, the term October Surprise entered our lexicon.

Allegations surfaced that Reagan Campaign Director William Casey had met secretly with some Iranians in Madrid to keep the hostages until after the elections in order to deny Carter a victory that would give him a campaign boost.

A Democrat-controlled House committee, dubbed the House October Surprise Task Force, cleared Casey because “Credible witnesses and corroborating documents showed Mr. Casey to be in California” at the time the Madrid meeting was supposed to have taken place, according to The New York Times.

Of course, America continued to be involved in Iranian affairs. A scandal that came to be called the Iran-Contra Affair began in 1985, when the Reagan Administration sold arms to Iran — which was by then at war with Iraq — and used the proceeds to arm Nicaraguan guerillas called the Contras who were fighting the Communist government of Daniel Ortega.


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • College Boy

    These behind the scenes actions of people that allegedly represent the citizens of the US, and the blowback (anti-American extremism) created by these actions, are exactly what Ron Paul is talking about when he says “We need to stop meddling in other countries affairs.”

    • Jazzabelle

      Amen, College Boy!

  • wandamurline

    We have been had by the government for decades…Woodrow Wilson disavowed his oath by ushering in the Federal Reserve….Roosevelt committed the greatest theft in history when he made the American people turn in their gold and replaced it with paper money and then went on to start social security….the first entitlement…along came Lyndon B. Johnson, who not only decided to not allow our soldiers to bomb the North Vietnamese which allowed a war of unsurpassed misery to continue for 12 years, and then he decided to take all of the social security money out of an interest bearing account and dump it into the general fund and issue the American citizen worthless government bonds, right now social security is holding about 1.5 trillion in these bonds….move on to Jimmy Peanut Farmer Carter, under whose lineage, inflation was at a all time high…interest rates were 21%, you had to sit in line to fill up your car due to gas shortages, our military was so disorganized that they could not even rescue our people, instead helicopters ran into each other, gave amnesty to the AWOLS who ran instead of serving their country in Viet Nam, and began the implementation of freebies to the illegals ….move on to Bill Slick Willie Clinton, who was one of the AWOLS that escapted to Canada who did not serve his country, this man decided that he could have oral sex in the oval office which was promptly advertised around the world….he was impeached, but no one in congress, as usual, had the gonads to throw him out. Almost all of these presidents were Democrats….now we have Barack Obama who has spent more money with the supermajority of Democrats in the first two years of his term than all the presidents through Clinton, he bombed a country without Congressional authority, he has decided which laws we have that he will uphold and which ones he will not, he has a tax cheat at his Secretary of Treasury, is surrounded by radical czars that are not congress or voter approved, has a racist, and liar as his Attorney General who has been proved to be a liar … do I need to go any further because there is more…but you get the picture. If we want to maintain a Republic that we now have, we must remove all of the Demorats and RINOS in congress and replace them with constitutional representation…we simply cannot trust anyone who has been in office longer than ten years. Go Green in 2012, Recycle Congress.

    • APN

      Well said! Does that include Ron Paul, if not, why not?

    • Richard F

      wow. What a summary of our political history that’s gotten us where we are. My only problem is we can’t forsake Israel. She is a nation of God’s people who must be defended. That’s my only concern with Mr Paul, and that he wants to have “discussions” with Iran’s group of despots. Wait till they get the nukes they want. Then watch what happens. We need a heads up guy in our Oval office who knows what’s happening, particularly with the Islamists who want global Islam/Sharia law domination. They my friend are our greatest threat.

      • APN

        YEP and most educated folks understand that very SIMPLE fact.

        • Richard F

          I’m glad you said “most”. Those educated in Harvard and Yale seem to be the biggest nitwits of all. They are so arrogant they are incredibly naked – they actually think the rest of us are inferior human beings, and we’re very very stupid. Case in point, “Operation Fast and Furious”. There is no way Holder didn’t know……just like there’s no way Pakistan didn’t know…..

          When liars rule, all we can do is hope enough people are awake to make the serious changes we need……

          • jackie

            Richard F you are right on the money, all we have to do is think back to the George Bush years, making the american people beleive Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which he and Chaney used those lies to drag our country into a war that cost some 4k americans their lives, I’m sure you’ll agree that was criminal. Well we don’t have worry about that war thanks to our current commander in-chief he took care of that war and brought the number one criminal in the world to a swift date with justice. Very good obversation Richard.

          • APN

            Who said people coming out of Harvard and Yale are “Educated”???

        • Richard F

          I’m glad you said “most”. Those educated in Harvard and Yale seem NO common sense. They are so arrogant they are incredibly naked – seems they actually think the rest of us are inferior human beings, and we’re very very stupid. Case in point, “Operation Fast and Furious”. The NRA was all over that one. It was a politically motivated ploy to dupe the US population into wanting more gun control. It didn’t work, but the arrogant Obama cabinet thought it would. He didn’t know? Holder didn’t know. Sure. Neither did Pakistan know……

          When liars rule they need to be removed from power. the sooner the better

  • Sunny

    We’ll stop meddling in other countries affairs when they stop trying to kill Americans and take over the world with their Islamofascist, third world, primitive views.

    • APN


  • Beacon

    SUNNY should change his name to CLOUDY.

  • tom

    I certainly don’t disagree with everything that wandamurline posts, but I do have a problem with anybody that calls Social Security an “entitlement”, as if it is something akin to welfare. I am 70 yrs old and have paid into SS since I was 16 yrs old. I am now 70 and still working and yes, still paying into SS. I can promise you, I worked very hard to receive my monthly check.

    • APN

      ….and you should and you will, unless we continue to elect Marxists and send them to the WH.

      We just need to give the upcoming generation an option to either participate in the current system or personal savings accounts. Over time, the problem will be resolved. The best solution is to have individual accounts with no government interference. It’s called INDEPENDENCE.

      • Robert Smith

        From APN: “The best solution is to have individual accounts with no government interference. ”

        And when the market tanks as it did at the end of the Bush years…?


        • APN

          Get past your “Dependent” thought process and what I said will make perfect sense to you. It should be handled like it was decades ago. If you are so unwise as to not prepare for your future, then does the COUNTY HOME ring a bell. These are local and individual issues, not Federal issues. In fact, just show me WHERE my SS $$$$ are that I have paid in over the past 40 years. Based upon my calculations, SS owes me about 2.5 MILLION. Now, let’s see it, I want it and I want it NOW.

    • independent thinker

      Social security is the only true entitlement unless you include medicare. We have been paying into it for however many years and are damned well entitled to get back what was witheld from our checks plus compound interest.

  • APN

    Bottom line on this issue, Jimmy Carter was the biggest joke of a President that had ever stepped foot into the WH until BO did in 2008.

    I personally suffered under this guys Presidency, just like I am now. Incompetent would be an understatement. He was a weakling and our enemies knew it therefore you get American citizens held hostage for 444 VERY LONG DAYS.

    In contrast, I can’t even force myself to use Regan’s name in the same sentence with, well, the aforesaid.

    Bottom line, it is self-evident as to why the hostages were released before Regan’s RISE TO POWER.

    In closing, this is the difference between MANLY leadership and a pathetic girly man who spent the majority of his time trying to advance Marxist Feminism in America….i.e. “Progressivism”

  • Richard F

    APN. Perfect. I’m also sick of SS being called an “entitlement” because like the guy above, I paid into it from age 15 to 65. that check BETTER keep coming, or give me back my money. As for your comments, I am, like you, sick and tired of the political crap that’s paraded in front of us year after year. The elitists have destroyed our companies with “global economics”, they have socialized our nation and eroded our freedoms, and instead of calling themselves “socialists” which is next akin to “communists/marxists”, they call themselves “progressives”. I don’t capitalize their disgusting verbage. I love our founding fathers. Give me liberty or give me death. God save the USA.

    • APN

      Well put and I as well have paid a buttload into the SS system over the past 40 years. In fact, based upon my calculations, this government owes me 2.5 MILLION because that is what my investments in this system would be worth today, IF I would have had the choice to invest it personally. In fact, I would settle with the Federal government at this very moment at 40 cents on the dollar.

      We need to continue the system for those like us that have paid OUR dues and give the next generation an option of personal investment accounts or the current system.

  • s c

    Are utopians capable of understanding that THEY need to look at themselves occasionally? Utopians love to point fingers at conservatives, and tell us how immature or kooky it is to talk in terms of conspiracies.
    So, geniuses, was this a prime example of a conservative conspiracy? Or, was this a prime example of a conservative correcting a problem caused by a worthless utopian? Now that we have a false god in the White House, I can almost feel sorry for Peanuts Carter.
    Aside from the FACT that WE know Carter isn’t in the W H any longer, we certainly don’t blame Carter for creating problems for Obummer. It’s enough for me to KNOW that Carter is NO LONGER the WORST prez in American history. THAT dubious distinction goes to OBUMMER, The Anointed, Lying, Manchurian Candidate.

  • Jesse Fell

    Carter said that he had almost reached an agreement with the Iranians that would have brought about the release of the American hostages — and then the Iranians broke off communication, without explanation. Carter himself claims to be agnostic about whether Reagan operatives had cut a deal with Iran. Bani Sadr, however, said he believed that a deal had been cut, and we do know that only a few weeks after Reagan was inaugurated, the US Government began to supply Iran with weapons.

    All the evidence of a deal is circumstantial, but as Thoreau said, “some circumstantial evidence is compelling, as when you find a trout in the milk.”


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