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Iran: American Aggression Is Suicide

February 9, 2012 by  

Iran: American Aggression Is Suicide

Iran’s ambassador to Moscow, Reza Sajjadi, promises swift and hefty military retaliation to any U.S. military adventurism against his country.

The ambassador said on Wednesday that any U.S. aggression will be met with Iranian military strikes on U.S. targets throughout the world, to which Sajjadi claims the Iranians have “full access,” according to IRNA the country’s state-run media. Sajjadi said that Iran is capable enough to “teach the U.S. an unforgettable lesson,” but that Iran has no plan for pre-emptive strikes on U.S. targets.

As Israel continues to allude to the possibility of a strike against the Islamic Republic and the effect of tougher sanctions put on Iran by the United States and Europe begin to affect the Iranian people, tensions in the region are heightened.

Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged his officials to stop “blabbing” about the possibility of an attack targeting Iran’s nuclear program. And over the past several days, President Barack Obama has attempted to brush off any questions about the possibility of a U.S. strike against the country.

“I’ve been very clear — we’re going to do everything we can to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and creating a nuclear arms race in a volatile region,” Obama said.

As anti-government activists continue to be brutalized by Syrian President Bashar Assad to the dismay of American officials, Iran and Russia continue to offer support to the Syrian regime. According to Al Arabiya news channel, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard recently deployed 15,000 armed troops to Syria in order to help Assad in his fight against opposition forces.

Some foreign policy experts believe that the conflict in Syria is an opportune moment for the Israelis to launch attacks against Iran. If the United States becomes involved in Syria, where Iranian influence is heavy, many foreign policy watchers say that the Islamic Republic will be greatly weakened because Assad is controlled heavily by Iranian influence.

Russia’s willingness to back the governments in Iran and Syria has posed a major stumbling block for U.S. efforts to push its agenda in the region. The current state of affairs could raise a Cold War-style proxy conflict between the United States and Russia.

Leonid Ivashov, former member of the Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff, likened Western policy in the Mideast to Adolf Hitler’s European strategy in World War II during a recent interview that aired on Russia Today.

“Everybody should acknowledge that Fascism is making strides on our planet. What they did in Libya is nearly identical to what Hitler and his armies did against Poland and then Russia,” he said. “Today, therefore, Russia is defending the entire world from Fascism.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Alex Frazier

    I hate being the one odd ball who thinks the outrageous is right on target, but I have to agree with the Russian. America is advancing fascism. They are treating all countries, at home and abroad, in the exact same fashion as the Nazis in WWII, right down to calling the local resistances “terrorists,” which is what the Nazis called anyone who resisted their occupation.

    Frankly, we can’t afford a war in Iran. If Russian involvement will neutralize an otherwise inevitable occupation of Iran for the next decade or two, I’m all for it.

    I do, however, think that covert military operations should not be taken off the table if Iran is developing nuclear weapons. I don’t want them to have them. I don’t want anyone to have them. I don’t even want the United States to have them. The power to wipe out a city shouldn’t be in the hands of man. Such catastrophic power should only belong to God.

    • Susan

      From what I’ve read, Libya negotiated away its rights to develop nuclear power…in exchange for being left alone! And as an independent, Sovereign Nation, with an INDEPENDENT NATIONAL BANK free from the clutches of the Globalists, and oil and precious metals, and WATER – and Aqueduct that could be called another Wonder of the World – and a high standard of living for Libyan Citizens? Well, that kind of NATION couldn’t be allowed to stand! So, with our “Humanitarian Mission”, we killed tens of thousands of Libyans with our Drones… (I believe viewing of the video footage should be mandatory.) And interesting is that Iran has a National Bank – prez froze all their assets…and another Country that DID have? IRAQ

      A well thought-out plan for generations…put in place by numerous adms and congressional delegations… leading to One World Govt – and the Fall of Our Republic. Welcome to WW III.

    • James

      I have to agree with the Russians on Libya too.

  • Sirian

    This is simply another bolstering of Iran’s Islamic ego. Russia is playing into this game for the covering of it’s arms customer – China also. The announced likely dates that Israel will strike Iran is nothing more than additional bolstering although I’m quite sure they have had plans laid out for such an action at least two years in advance. Never underestimate the Israelis. Syria is as it is very clear – nothing more than an Iranian proxy. Has been for several decades. As so stated, if the U.S. gets involved in the Syrian conflict the Islamic Republic of Iran will be greatly weakened. This is mere speculation on the part of foreign policy watchers. Yet foreign policy experts are notorious for being wrong in their speculations, many times over. That is exactly what we don’t need to do. Let the idiots there fight it out on their own. We sure as hell don’t need to do any more than simply sit back and watch them destroy themselves. Oh yes, keep a very close eye on it but we still have no need to involve ourselves. Good Lord, we’re to much involved in that region of the world now and have been way to long. As to what the former Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff member said, well, that is another point in case that is quite obviously an additional diversionary tactic – “Russia is defending the entire world from Fascism.” Really? You’ve got to be kidding!! What a joke of a statement. Whoever believes such blatant diversionary rhetoric is as much a fool as what we have sitting in the oval office.

    • APN

      Well said Sirian!

  • SammysDad

    It seems Russian leaders want always to be on the side of violence and genocide. Their backing of Iran and Syria can only increase their strength to take on the U.S. and it allies in a fight that will place the world in the hands of Leninists and Marxist or democratic republics where people are free from tyranny. Obama’s reign for the last 3 years has only emboldened the Russians and Iranians because they know, in his heart, he leans towards Islam and Iran. His dismissal in November is imperative to prevent the world from pushing away from its alliances with us and showing Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea that they are are not, by any means, going to win.

  • del

    Before it is too late, we must oust Obozo, his horrid cabinet, czars and cohorts who support this idiot and place in office,someone who knows how to deal with other countries and also who knows how to reinstate our great constitution and beliefs which once made our country great. Most of the democrats have been sold a bill of goods along with some of the good old boys from the republicans. They should all be replaced, economy turned around by simple things such as the keystone pipeline, no obamacare, etc. etc. This administration ranks with the Hitler regime as corrupt and unprincipled and evil!

    • eddie47d

      The Washington Post poll today says Obama has a 70% approval rating on foreign policy issues. That percentage goes up to 83% in his use of drones in combating the enemy. The Denver Post business headlines says “Oil deals rebound in ’11″ In the Rocky Mountain region there are $9.9 billion more in oil mergers and acquisitions in play. This is after a steller year in 2010 and a 32% increase. The nation as a whole jumped to $186.5 billion and a 35% increase.

      • duaner

        Eddie we all know that the Washington Pist (my spelling) is a leftwing libtard garbage can lining piece of crap. I would not believe anything that is written by them or the new jerk times.

      • Joe H.

        If the oil companies are having such a stellar year, then why was it reported by API in my newspaper that the oil companies are complaining they are loosing money!! It might be helpful to note that they have closed a couple of refineries! not being a conspiracy nut, but could this be so they can MAKE a “shortage” happen???

  • Steve E

    Isn’t it just Muslims killing Muslims in Syria? Who Cares?

    • sniffer

      A good time to give both sides more guns & ammo – maybe even send in the occupy group to get between the fighters – protest & take a crap on a tank – pass out some weed & LSD – stirr it up – burn their flag & rape their women

    • Jan

      Yup, the less we and Israel have to worry about.

  • Flashy

    oy vej. Get something comlicated and it goes over everyone’s head.

    think about the situation. Syria is blowing up. Isolated from the Arab league, turkey rumbling on the north, Israel itching on the south, Iraq with it’s internal issues on the east.

    Assad has got to be worried not only about the populace, but about his “allies” he has left. Iran is his main ally right now. Iran needs Syria on its side otherwise Iran itself is isolated…and just as important, cut off from direct routes to Hezbollah and Hamas. fact is, reports have trickled in about Hezbollah and Hamas sending “volunteers’ into the Syrian cities to help Assad snuff the opposition.

    Syria is cash strapped, so is Iran. Iran especially with the new sanctions put in place by President Obama.

    when Syria goes down…which it will eventually, Iran will be totally isolated except for…tadaaaa Russia and China. And russia and China ain’t exactly best friends y’know. So they (Russia and China) are fighting each other, at the same time screwing with the UN.

    Russia is one of the countries bordering Iran, and Russia has always been known for its duplicity and its own version of Big league Realpolitik international policies. China is involved because a) it wants oi and b) it doesn’t want the West to have the oil. And there is a political vacuum being created right now.

    Now…toss in the usual Israeli issues, add in the nuclear issue 9spiced with the assasinations of key Iranian scientists that has been going on for a few years now), mix in the unsettled state of Egyptian affairs on israel’s southern flank.

    Ya got a real mess on your hands if you are the US. The danger is if we turn it into a chess game in the most elegant scale of international affairs. it is very apparent this administation is guided by Sun Tzu’s writings. And we may be very thankful they are. For Sun tzu plays Go…not Chess. And in this situation with the myriad number of players, plots, intrigues, backstabbings etc…we cannot afford the brutalized bullying that the prior administation played.

    This is going to be a series of delicate, dangerous manuevering which this administation has shown it to be capable of.

  • Mary

    Excuse me. Those Russian COLD BLOODED Criatures from Hell are the worst scums on earth and they are talking about been against fascism. Who bellieve that? The UKRAINE FAMINE WAS THE WORST THING A GOVERNMENT CAN DO TO A HUMAN BEEN. They murdered at least SEVEN MILLIONS. Now this bastards are angels protecting the world from facism. Stalins’s lieutenants in Ukraine said the famine was “A GREAT SUCCESS” That’s the way the Russians show WHO IS THE MASTER.

    • Patriot Missle

      Hey Mary,
      Your facts about Russian atrosities are right on. Their only interest is oppressing not only their own citizens, but having other countries to oppress also. America would be the grand prize to any oppressor. Not only will America gain more enemies from the middle east islamic states, but Russia & China, North Korea will all join in also, not to mention Cuba, Venezuela, & a host of others. I agree with all that you have pointed out, & I stand with you when the time comes to defend our nation against the oppressors.

      • Flashy

        Don’t forget though, Bush said he could see the soul in Putin and he was a good man.

        • Mary

          Maybe those BUSHES has some Russian blood. What they did to Darlene Novinger is a Russian style retaliation. It’s unbelievable the kind of presidents we have had and keep having.

          • Joe H.

            let’s not forget what they did in Afghanistan!!! They would put toys loaded with explosives on the ground, kids would pick them up, BOOOM!!! DEAD KIDS!!! guess there IS a country worse than the US!!!

        • Eric Siverson

          Putin was selected by Alksander Solhenitsyn to return Russia to Christianity and strengthen his beloved Russia as fast as he could .
          When NATO attacked and dismembered Yugoslavia , both Russia and Chinia believed the national socialist Nazis were back on the rampage again . Solhenitsyn died a happy man believing he accomplished at the end of his life even more than he ever dreamed possible . president Bush maybe saw what Solhenitsyn saw

        • CommonSense4America

          Right Flashy! Damn those lying eyes. LMAO

      • Mary

        Now you know mention Russians to me and I’m ready to fight to death. I get hot flashes by the second. I read a book from a Russian and I’ll never forget this sentence about Ukraine peasants.” BEFORE THEY DIED THEY LOST THEIR SENSES AND CEASED TO BE HUMANS BEINGS”. I’m against using nukes but if it’s to the Russian go ahead made my day. You don’t give any chance to criatures from HELL. At the end will be them or us.

    • TML

      Uh… that was Stalin, before the Iron curtain fell. I’m not sure it’s fair today to denounce the current Russian government and the Russian people as the ‘worst creatures on earth’ for what past government had done.

      • Joe H.

        See my post about Afghanistan above. THAT was more RECENT!

        • Mary

          They did worse in Vietnam they put explosives under newborns. War is hell. It’s unbelievable what humans been can do to each other.

          • Joe H.

            If you are speaking of the Americans, you are SADLY mistaken!

      • Patriot Missle

        You forget that PUTIN is still very much a communist. He is X-KGB & he still wants sole power of his country. Why is it that after he was president of his country, he stepped “down” made the country think that they had a new president, but who was really calling the shots? It surely wasn’t MEDIVED (whatever!!) And now….low & behold, PUTIN wants to be president again. Do I see another STALIN??? Not yet, but the people are resisting him..I hope they succeed, but like I said, PUTIN is x-KGB & he will stop at nothing to be in control. PUTIN does not like AMERICA…..

  • ARMY1971

    Time for another war, all the Repubs and of course Barry are all talking about big bad Iran. Yea can’t let them have nukes, why we could not trust them. Only stable countries like China, Russia, India, South Africa, North Korea and Pakistan can have them. Get ready for round 3 in the middle east ding, ding, ding. Oh unless we vote in Dr. Paul and that sure isn’t going to happen, cause he is just plan crazy, right?

    • Joe H.

      Yeah, Crazy like a FOX!!! He’s a lot more knowledgable than you give him credit for!!

  • Bett

    We have enough of our own oil but not permitted to tap it? Not too smart for President who is weakening US in every way and going to push the button over threats vs reality. Ron Paul warned Congress but they would not listen, he was wise and yet called a flake? I don’t care hoe he looks, his plan will work. Did I read Bachman backing him, saw video of it, guess she changed her tune and clear now on the IEAE report on no nukes in Iran she contradicted in debates…she is good on our Constitution, we need her in Congress, but would not be surprised if she is chosen running mate for her desire to support getting us back on our solid foundation!

  • eddie47d

    We kind of knew it would come down to this since we have been intervening over there since the early 50′s. Russia has also been poking their nose in that region. The USA and Russia are destabilizing this region more than trying to find a workable solution. Syria and Russia have always been close and Iran is now using Russia as a useful friend to counter balance the threats from the USA. Israel also threatens other nations in the region so we feel obligated to side with them. Both Russia and the USA are trying to beef up their status and prestige without a clue of the threatening regional wars that will ensue. The more things change the more they stay the same in trying to rule the world.

  • Wyatt

    Iran talks big when they have Russia and China behind them . However Russia and China have been at odds for the past 40 years and I don’t see them suddenly kissing and making up anytime soon . Both countries are nothing more than desperate grabbers and will be at odds over what they think they can get from Iran . China wants oil and Russia wants to be the threat she once was or, thinks she was. And she doesn’t want China in the middle east and her southern flank.
    Iran knows she is in a dire situation and could be destroyed at anytime If she were going to help Syria , she would have done it by now . In reality we have two countries who will not risk a nuclear confrontation and a bunch of blustering buffoons trying to hold everyone hostage

    • Mary

      You are right nuke are not first choice because destroy resources. The RUSSIAN slogan is KILL The PEOPLE keep the resources. The Russian all times favorite FAMINE is the cleanest and cheapest way. Imagine Iran back ups Russia and on the top China. God have pity on us.

      • 45caliber


        The easiest way to cause a famine right now is an EMP wave set off by an ariel nuke. Those on the ground would lose all forms of energy and transportation – which would stop all shipment of food even if it was available. Those without starve since they can’t get it and can’t get to it. I think that is the intended plan right now. Particularly since I see nothing being done to reduce the affects of an EMP wave.

        • Mary

          45 I’m telling you we are cooked. We have so many enemies that we won’t know who’s going to send the EMP until is to late. Return to the dark ages doesn’t sound good but stavation is the worst. I’m ready to go anytime but fast. My grandpa told me to stay in our mountain in CA or SA but my children won’t move. Looks like he knew where we’re going here. The more I know the surest I’m it’s going to be ugly. Thanks for the information.

          • Patriot Missle

            MAry…so much despare. Have you no fight in you?? If you think you are going to die, then die fighting rather than with your head in the sand.

  • Susan

    Many Americans and people from around the entire World want this to STOP. Americans want Our Country BACK! (Haa it ever occurred to some of you that people in THEIR Sovereign Nation feel the same way?)

    We Americans want to RECLAIM Our Constitution…Our Liberties…Our Sovereignty…The Rule of Law. And I shall vote my Conscience in this election – for Ron Paul, the only Candidate who has any intention of restoring a Constitutional form of Govt and the Freedoms and Liberty guaranteed ALL Americans under Our Constitution…

    I truly believe – if we do not reverse course forthwith – we will be/are Witness to the Fall of the Republic.

  • spark300c

    Russia will invade us if keep on our path and America will be not more.

    • Joe H.

      They will only invade if Ms clintoon is successful in passing the small arms treaty!! russia knows every swinging richard in this country can own a weapon!! Try fighting an army of more than a million people!! probably more like 100 million if you count the gangs and thugs. Even THEY wouldn’t want russia coming in here and messing with their “take”!!

  • Eric Siverson

    Fascisim is a difficult word to corral . It is supposed to be bad . No doubt Russia and Chinia consider what NATO is trying to accomplish in the world Fascist .Looking at the European Union and especialy the Balkans and the Baltic states I do believe Hitler would be astonished to see what national socialism could do with peace and democracy .

  • Kizmet

    Bull! If the US and I say If we decided to hit Iran there military would fold like a house of cards and most of the solders would defect
    or surrender to our side! Now on the targets they could hit alover the
    world thats another matter wich we can thank our government for, the
    lack of boarder control and flood of aliens and the fact they won’t admit are call the enemy by name in the hope of what?


    Semper Fi

    • TML

      “If we decided to hit Iran there military would fold like a house of cards and most of the solders would defect or surrender to our side!”

      Don’t be so arrogantly sure… this isn’t Iraq you’re talking about, and the only reason it that way with Iraq is because we bombed them for 10+ years before actually invading.

      “Now on the targets they could hit alover the world thats another matter wich we can thank our government for”

      Yep, soldiers’ jacking off in 130 military bases around the globe makes it pretty easy doesn’t it?

      • 45caliber

        It isn’t the soldiers who gave them the ability to hit us. It was Clinton when he sold the ICBM tech to China who sold it to Iran. Don’t talk about something you know nothing about.

      • Joe H.

        YEAH RIGHT!! I’m sure the soldiers living in the barracks control what goes on in politics!!! I think the wart between your shoulders just shrunk a little!!

  • gunner 689

    The problem is that the rest of the world does not fear or respect the USA anymore. We have been the world’s patsy since the end of WW11. We all know what eventually happens to patsies. With the current leadership in DC everything, especially foreign affairs, will only get worse. I fear for the future of the West. America used to be the backbone of Western Civilization, in modern times, but we are abdicating that position. Our enemies have the Will and now the weapons to bring down Western Europe and possibly Israel and the USA. We have Hillary and BO.

    • 45caliber


      One of the main reasons we are no longer feared is because Congress has insisted on calling the shots in all wars since then. The politicians of both sides do not want any general or other who hasn’t “paid his dues” by being in politics for decades to be given a chance to become President as Eisenhower was. So they deliberately make sure we can’t win any war and no general gets any fame for it. I don’t expect that to change any time soon.

    • Joe H.

      that is simple gunner, it’s because we haven’t fought a war to win since WW2!!! They know regardless of how well our troops fight, and they fight just fine, the pols will play patty cake with the enemy sooner or later!!

      • s c

        Joe H, if FDR wasn’t such a puppet, America would have fought a war in Europe and North Africa in WWII, but the manipulated war with Japan wouldn’t have happened (those two nukes would not have been used). FDR’s revisionistas are still hard at work, trying to make FDR seem like a political god.
        The current prez is using many of FDR’s techniques to gut America and keep us involved in yet more wars. We’ve traded insanity brand A for insanity brand B. Utopians suck. It’s what they do best.

        • Joe H.

          At least the actual fighting was left to the military, not the politicians that have no idea, what so ever, how to fight a war!!! Had we went in to win in Viet Nam, it would have been WON in less than 5 years, instead of a stalemate in 16!!!

  • Antonio

    The illuminati masters of make believe are at it again. Creating yet another glorious global war in an effort to decrease the world population. They are masters of manipulation, making you folks believe that sajjadi, osama or hitler are the cause, but in reality THEY are the true creators and financiers of all wars/terrorists attacks. You people live in a staged world. THEY already know what is going to happen to you all.
    Don’t worry folks, trust in thy Lord, for he warned us of this years before.
    1 john 5:19
    revelation 9:17-18

  • HKaufman

    And the Beast shall Rise??? Question :::: WHICH BEAST… Take 2 warheads with nuclear power and both explode at the same time. Result= the earth axis will send the planet right into the SUN. Will not matter who wins what, or who conquers all..

    • Antonio

      That absolutely is not true.

      The earth although small compared to our other planets is really quite big and 1,2,3 0r even 4 nukes is not going to move it off its axis. Russia has already tested the worlds largest bomb 100 megaton nuke and even that didn’t do —- but blow about 100 diameter miles.
      Yes, nukes are dangerous and very deadly and are very capable of wiping out a large area, but nuke technology is NOTHING compared to their SCALAR EM TECHNOLOGY which can literally create earthquakes and tsunamis around the globe…

      • Mary

        They used a lot of EM last year, because we had desasters all over the world. I’m sure serious population control already started. I’m learning more every day. Unfortunately bad news.

        • Antonio

          Hi Mary, I was thinking that if you are learning about this stuff you might like to watch my videos that I have on youtube. Would you be interested in watching my videos?? If so, just leave a reply here and I will check later and leave my page for you. :)

          • Mary

            Seguro Antonio. I’m very observative and I like to research. Love history. I’m sure history repeats itself. I collect all books and I have some from the 1700 very interesting like profetics. Things don’t happen by accident they are planned ahead.

          • Antonio

            Hey Mary I left you a message last night but I see that it has been deleted. Probably because it was in spanish… Oh well. Here is my youtube channel when you are there you need to click “upload” and then look to the right side and you will see a list of videos titled “the 2012 nwo agenda”. use the scroll bar and scroll down until you find part 1 and watch them in order. There are 17 in my series.

    • 45caliber


      You must be one of the people who believe that man is all-powerful. I can remember hearing for many years that if we go to war, we shall totally destroy the earth with all our nukes.

      When Mt. St. Helens blew up, someone calculated the extent of the blast. According to their calculations, it was greater than if all the world’s known nukes were set off at once. And that was a small volcanic eruption.

      Man simply isn’t as powerful as God and Mother Nature. And I doubt if man ever will be.

      • Joe H.

        Yeah but Mt St Helens didn’t contain the ever present radiation from nukes!! that eruption didn’t turn whole cities all over the country to glass and make them uninhabitable!! Big difference!! Never get too confident of your chances of surviving all out nuke war, dude!!

        • 45caliber


          Neither does the nukes any more!

  • TML

    “Today, therefore, Russia is defending the entire world from Fascism.”

    Kinda sounds like America’s slogon… and just as defending the world from terrorist, makes you become terrorist, so will their defending the world from fascism, make them fascist.

  • ranger hall

    IF i am not mistaken. Poland fired the first shot.
    ANY arab Country And Others,that does not agree with US is againest US. This is how we decide who is friend or a Terrorist Country.
    TODAY we call anyone that disagrees with us or fights to defend what is theres A Terrorist.Most People in the World think WE are the Biggest Terrorist of all, Neck Hilter,Stalin, and others rate below Us. LETS see WHY did we go to WAR In WW1.

  • 45caliber

    They like to make it sound as if they have the power to obliterate America and everything American in the world that they disagree with. But … knowing Americans and our way of life … I think they are sadly mistaken. For one thing, unlike their own people, we haven’t been indoctrinated for a thousand years into obeying them in fear. Instead of being afraid when we are attacked, we get mad … and we want pay back. They are certain that they can attack us with nukes and we will do nothing. I wonder why. Germany and Japan were far greater than they are before WWII … and who won that one?

  • ranger hall

    Let me see. Can anyone tell me why most Americans THINK Russia is our Enemy.

    • 45caliber

      Because our government and our media told us they were.

      Actually, I’ve always considered China as our real enemy – and the more we build them up the more worried about them I get.

  • ranger hall

    I take it not many of you out there remember the early 60s.
    IT almost happened, WHO was responsible for stopping it. If you can answer this YOU MIGHT EVEN BE A LITTLE SMART.

    • Bob Marshall

      I was a young U.S. Marine from Camp Lejeune, N.C. that was on one of the ships that was to be part of the invasion force.Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy talked by telephone and bot agreed to remove their ICBM’s.The U.S. from Turkey which had been place there long before the USSR sent ICBM’s to Cuba. Both men saved face and were considered hero’s by their fellow countrymen.

  • ranger hall

    IF we had a NUKE war, Say US and RUSSIA,Do you know who the winner would be, Heck show me how smart you people are out there.
    This was discussed in the early 60s by two very smart Leaders, DO YOU know who they were.

    • 45caliber

      The winner of a nuclear war then? Africa and South America.

    • Mark

      JFK and Nikita Crewchev!!!!!!!!! Forgive my spelling,I learned to be hooked on fonics by Obama and the speach when he pronounced the navy corpseman!!!!!!!!LOL.What a Maroone!!!!!!!!

      • Mary

        That’s in his mind. More corpses and pain for the American people.

  • Bimbam

    Ewww good. When we finally beat Iran we can take over and build our houses over their ashes and all the oil we want. We can have a new huge airbase and army barracks there. All courtesy of Iran.

    Thanks Iran!

    • Joe H.

      you need to get out of that state of mind!!! The US is gonna get into too many little “police actions” till one day, we have the other half of the WORLD against us!! There is NO winner in full scale nuclear war!!!! REMEMBER THAT!!!!

  • Mark

    If they have the balls to intimedate us now,then we had better wake up!!! The Russians are in bed with Iran,and are testing the weak piece of crap president that they know,who has no balls.Before it is too late, I would give Iran a choice,stop now on your own behalf,or we will take the approiate measures that will,like turning the whole country of Iran into a field of glass,before they do it to us!! It is going to happen,sooner or later!!!!! Better them than us!Screw Russia!

  • simian pete

    Many here say “WW3 will start”. Actually the USA won “WW3″ against the Soviets and seriously weakened the Communist Marxist “Internationale”…..

    What price for Pax Americana ? The Russian government, when it was Soviet, cost the American people trillions of dollars for defense. The USA could have used that money to colonize Space ! Develop new life extension technologies ! Life would have been much better with a higher standard/quality of living.

    So I ask, what is it now worth, to hold brigand nations (like Iran and North Korea) accountable for their actions ? We should stop pre-emptive action, and just let Israel pursue what is best for their survival.

    The crux of the issue, if Iran attacks Israel, Israel has the right to blow Iran right off the map !!!

    Pull the carriers out of the Persian Gulf. We are protecting Iran more than Israel. release the dogs of war and let them , Israel and Iran , decide for themselves.

    • Joe H.

      Even though I agree with removing those carriers, they protect a lot more than iran. they protect the free travel of other countries ships in and through the strait of hormuz!! no country should be able to restrict travel through international waters as long as that travel is peaceful!

  • s c

    In a way, it’s too bad that Iraq didn’t have access to nukes. As long as Iraq and Iran were feuding with each other, we weren’t in the equation. Now that Iraq’s kookoids are gone, our puppet masters want us flirting with whoever can rattle a saber in that part of the ‘democracy-starved’ world.
    Obummer will probably find a way to get us into a war. It’s what utopians do. They say this and they do that. With Iran, it’s the Islamic version of macho. With us, it’s whatever our puppet masters want [foreign intervention=perpetual war for perpetual peace].
    Iran, stick it. Iranian people, YOU deal with that little schizoid. We have more than our fair share of elected and non-elected schizoids.

    • Joe H.

      come on now! That couldn’t possibly be right! All the progs here have been touting the fact that Adumberer got us out of Iraq and that he is a peace loving man who would NEVER get us involved in another war!! I mean he wouldn’t go into libya or Africa!! Wait……! May God help us! Don’t bother to post on that robbie, I already heard it and it’s pureed BS!!! Sorry sc, I just knew what was coming!

  • Jan

    Carter (the wimp) should’ve taken care of Iran when they took over our embassy & kept our people hostage..

    • Patriot Missle

      Carter’s balls are made from his peanuts……….

      • Jan

        yeah, real goobers..

  • J. Wright

    Sounds like a real good time to develop our own resources here in this country that we do have and tell the liberals and Obama’s buddies in the mid east to go pound and and eat sand. The only reason the countries in the mid east can cause trouble is the oil resources that they didn’t even develop. We are subsidizing people who hate us. We have the resources here in this country that could make them unnecessary. For the last forty years I have been hearing from the left that even if we drill for our own oil, natural gas, and build more nuclear plants it will take ten years to do any good. Well when does the ten years start. This is BS. We have the resources and we have the technology. Do it now. Then we can not be held hostage by the mid east any longer.


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