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Iowa Republicans Afraid Of Paul Win

December 20, 2011 by  

Iowa Republicans Afraid Of Paul Win

In Iowa conservatives and Republican elites are very worried; they believe that a win for Ron Paul in their State’s caucus will signify the death rattle of its relevancy.

The elites say that because Paul has little chance to win the overall GOP nomination, if he wins in Iowa, the once-prophetic caucus will have been discredited, according to POLITICO. Many of the elites who are saying that a Paul victory in Iowa would be a fluke contend the reason that he polls so well is due to support from Democrats and independents who will vote for Barack Obama in 2012.

If Paul does win the Iowa caucus, the political elite in the State are encouraging voters to ignore the victory.

“People are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third,” said Governor Terry Branstad. “If [Mitt] Romney comes in a strong second, it definitely helps him going into New Hampshire and the other states.”

The Paul campaign has said GOP insiders are attacking the candidate because they fear his “principled, antiwar, Constitution-obeying, Fed-hating, libertarian Republican” views.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • newspooner

    Finally we have a chance to elect the most honest politician in America and people in the anemic Republican Party are messing up the opportunity. And of course the presstitutes are doing all they can to scare people off from voting for Ron Paul. Get the lUS out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.

  • JimH

    Here’s a crazy idea. Instead of poll takers and political “experts” deciding who our choice should be, let’s just let VOTER’S decide.

    • Fred Seaboch

      we need to take the money out of elections and put term limits and take away all retirement away to keep them from making it a lifelong job. congress should only be a part time job and any laws they write must include everyone and over the next few years all laws that are unconstitutional Patriot Act, this new Defence bill, and many others sould be annuled

      • Spartacus

        Wow that is a great idea!! Politicians make in 3 months what I make in a year or something just as ridiculous. I work in Army intelligence and the pay is actually very reasonable for my family and me. They get better healthcare, bonuses free school for their kids and tax writeoffs all without ever getting shot at.. amazing this world we live in. I would imagine those are the kinds of ideas Dr Ron Paul would have.. is that you Dr Paul?!

  • aryel

    The media and repb are afraid of Ron Paul because he stands for real change. He will do what he says. He will get rid of the fed, of spending in Washington, of all the bs that is messing this country up. People are afraid of him because they won’t be able to get tons of money and special programs that suck resources; because he will follow and inforce the constitution instead of spitting on it. Ron Paul stands for freedom and these people that want their rules instead of the ones our fore fathers worked so hard to preseve for us, that’s why they are scared of Ron Paul. States deserve rights, the government needs to be small and out of peoples lives for good

    • Vigilant

      Much of what you say is valid, but no one man, president or otherwise, can make the sweeping changes you speak of, if the Congress and courts do not cooperate.

      • DaveH

        True, but we have to start somewhere.

  • Mark in LA

    If there was any doubt about what the Republican Party elite think about their base, then it should be obvious to everybody now.

    Funny that they use the word conservative and Republican in the same sentence. They still need to convince ignorant voters if you consider yoursekf conservative, you are obligated to vote for the Republican, no matter how out of touch with real conservatism he is.

  • Andrew

    So, they’re saying that even if Ron Paul wins, he still loses? The establishment has no idea of what “liberty” means. Our founders would be absolutely ashamed of what this country has grown to become. Over $15 trillion in debt, yet we keep spending to continue our imperialistic actions. Think of it this way, how would we like it if, let’s say China, were to decide that they don’t agree with how our president treats us. So they decide to come to the US and attempt to “reconstruct” our government in a way that they see fit. Come on guys, we CAN’T BE POLICEMEN OF THE WORLD!

  • Philthy

    If he wins, that means the PEOPLE want Ron Paul… The elite establishment say they want change, but all they want is another puppet and Ron Paul is NO ONES PUPPET!

    • Vigilant

      “If he wins, that means the PEOPLE want Ron Paul…”

      Correction: if he wins, that means the people of IOWA want Ron Paul. It’s only the first, not the determining caucus. Many more primaries to come.

      The Iowa Repub. establishment fears being perceived as out of touch with the nation, and that’s all they have to fear. Huckabee took Iowa 4 yesrs ago. Not a good record for the Iowa Repub. establishment.

  • Change the Rules

    Every time Ron Paul shows well, the MSM attacks him and marginalizes his accomplishments. The mainstream Rep. party disowns him and calls him names. Everything they do makes Dr. Paul’s support stronger. Maybe they should try supporting him to make him go away.

  • Kitiger

    The sooner we understand that there is no left-vs-right for Lodge Progressives. Zionist Fed, has stolen our representation, our freedoms, and our treasury. Ron Paul is here to get it back to the people.
    Fox “Guarding the conservative Hen House” News is tripping over themselves. They are the same people as the liberal devils they pretend to hate. Look at who they are promoting. The Progressive snakes in Mitt, and Newt!!! These people are not our friends!!!!

  • DenPratt

    The Republican bosses have not appreciated how Ron Paul is growing the party. Conversely, they believe that we will get in line to vote for whichever Big Warfare, Big Corporate, Big Values candidate they force on us.

    Dr. Paul voters want Big Government out of their body, bedroom, business, charity, school, famili, and foreign support decisions. Without Paul, many will stay home, write in Ron Paul, or vote 3rd party. Without Paul, Republicans continue to shrink. Obama wins.

    Alternatively, if Ron Paul wins the Republican primary, he’ll garner
    - legions of previously apathetic freedom voters
    - Republican­s who’ll vote ABO
    - Democrats who voted for “Change” or “Peace” and woke up to the lie
    - Independen­ts who want prosperity­, liberty, and peace

    Paul will win and we’ll enjoy 8 years as we re-empower the individual.

    Which future will the Republican voters choose?

    • DaveH

      Good comment, Den.

  • FreedomFighter

    Ron Paul 2012

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • andrew brandle

    VOTE RON PAUL FOR A FREE AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron Paul will be our best choice if you wanna see this country get back to its feet he wants to cut spending in so many needed places and stop all these dumb wars kinda wierd we found bin laden a couple months before we are leaving lol…. BEST QUOTE EVER WE NEED TO STOP BEING THE POLICEMEN OF THE WORLD IF IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF IT !!!!!



    • Vigilant


      Not unless he’s a dictator who can sweep the halls of Congress and courts clean of the trash. The very Constitution he loves would be the document that prevents him from doing what he wants (and what we need to do, domestically).

      • Jim Stark

        True, no one man can change it all at once. But, the fact HE is the ONLY man who offers any change at all. All other republican candidates are just like Obama = Bush. Status quo. Want a chance to change the status quo? Ron Paul is you only choice.

        • DaveH

          Plus, if Ron wins, an increasingly large portion of the population will be exposed to ideas (Principles of Freedom) that they haven’t been exposed to their entire lives.

  • s c

    Sam, when push comes to shove, the idea of a ‘once-prophetic caucus’ is seen for what it is. It
    is a herd of dolts who need to switch parties, as they are nothing better than gutless, status quo whores. They’re so full of themselves that they would gladly sacrifice the nation to soothe their pathological egos.
    Let the miserable, double-minded SOBs find a political party that will take them in and massage their festering, rotting brain cells. I see no difference between a hardcore ‘Republican’ and a utopian.
    It’s almost time to VOTE, you slimers in human clothing. What are we to think about people who would sell their kids and grandchildren into SLAVERY to make THEM HAPPY? Let them move into that utopian Big Tent. Then, burn down the damned thing.
    We need winners who know the difference between freedom and slavery. America is drowning in LOSERS.
    ‘Republicans’ DO NOT speak for conservatives. It takes NO talent to be a pimped-out caucus sucker. What gives, IOWA?

    • Vigilant

      s c,

      I’m having difficulty understanding your viewpoint. The caucuses to which you refer are the very ones that are on the brink of quite possibly putting Dr. Paul in the top spot in Iowa.

      I think it’s the Republican Party establishment you need to be dissing, not the caucus.

      • s c

        Vigilant, you’re assuming that the Iowa caucus is and will remain “independent.” Those rockhead ‘Republicans’ have WAY too much to lose by letting the caucus be independent. They will do ANYTHING they can do keep their leverage and their waffling ways.
        Kindly remember what Bonehead Boehner did recently. He went AGAINST the will of the conservatives. He is busy sucking up to Obummer. Bonehead needs to go, and the ‘Republicans’ can either wake up and do what is right, or they might as well admit that they’re no different than the current crop of utopians who are trying so hard to DESTROY America.

  • Spartacus

    US Army vet for Dr Ron Paul 2012

  • Michael

    Ooopsie. Michele Bachmann denounces Medicaid whilst her husband takes $137,000 from Medicaid. Between this take, the $260,000 in farm subsidies, the government job, the $24,000 government grants to “train” their clinic employees, and the foster children state payments, one wonders exactly what Michele Bachmann means by “small government” and standing on our own two feet.

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    John Boehner seems to be a bit of a mover and shaker but why is he not a Presidential Candidate? I dont fully understand your political system…so can anyone please explain.

    Sometimes temporary tax cuts like those offered in the Payroll Tax Bill can serve as a very beneficial stimilus to an economy and maybe that is why the Bill is in its current form…but i’m SURE that MR. NO John Boehner with his experience would know that, but not letting on to his voters and supporters.

    Tax policy, Welfare and Social Security payments, Public and private investment in infrustructure benefits your econmy in different ways as it circulates your economy. The BOSTON BIG DIG is the best example when $14 Billion of taxpayers and credit money was spent in none other than Tea Party territory over a 20 year period.

    The whole issue is very complex in both Australia and the USA and passing the blame on OBAMA alone is totally illogical, when so many TURNCOATS are already lurking in your corridors of power under the guise of many of your so named comservative Republicans and others. Do some research you will be amazed. I would speculate that even the likes of Trump would not like deflation or a credit squeeze the Republicans are promoting as his own property holdings would collapse in value and discourage buyers to buy his properties as banks would not wish to lend against in a falling market. Trump could only benefit if he had sold everything and had a secure stash of cash reserves in some safe haven to then buy very cheap property at the bottom of several years of DEFLATIONARY POLICIES caused by your Republicans lead by non other than John Boehner. I doubt that any property developer would like these Republican policies…they only like the less tax idea of Republican Party… I say enjoy the inflationary ride and pay the tax on the inflatioary profits…without playong dangerous games with the whole economy as some of your fork tounged supporters are saying, but thinking and worrying about how to take advantage of these silly politicians playing games. Dangerous games lead to dangerous consequences.

    Again I must say I think your Republican line up of candidates is very poor and Ron Paul stands out above the rest by far although I would prefer MR NO..John Boehner to be in the race too. Get rid of the rest fast…they are a disgrace and shows how bad a selection you really have and thats why my money is still on OBAMA to win. You have to work on a better system to encourage a much better range of candidates in future years. Consider your LESS TAX – SMALL GOVERNMENT quest as a longer term project of several more elections to get to your desired destination to have policies changed even if Ron Paul wins the Presidency…the policy changes you may want to see instantaneously happen…wont be happening as you have too many other Congressmen and Senators who will stifle plans just as the Republicans have done to OBAMA.

    I believe many of you including John Boehner and those in the Republican Party who dont want Ron Paul to win are suffering with the greek disease…they want to make money in a free enterprise manner but not contribute to the circulation of money which benefits everyone. So what those politicians are promising what some pure Republicans are wanting to gain your voters favour, BUT they want to continue to borrow and the Federal Reserve and the Banksters and continue to print money when it suits them. You might as well give up elections and have a coalition of Democrats and Republicans…save lots BS…lol

    • s c

      Gillysrooms, ‘The Boner’ just outed himself as a brown-nosing, Obama suck-up. That Ohio weasel is as presidential as Baaney Fwank or Queen Nancy Pelosi. Any career politician who waffles and acts in defiance of conservatives is not fit to be in Congress, let alone run for the White House. He’s a neocon or a RINO. He’s no conservative.

  • hoser

    I’m an Iowa Republican. I support Dr Ron Paul 110%. I’ve also donated to Ron Paul’s campaign 3 times. Do not donate to the Republican Party. Gov Brandstad is an idiot and should retract his statement about Iowa’s caucus being upset by a Ron Paul win. That was just asinine.
    Newt is a New World Order Illuminati and Romney is Al Gore in a different suit. The other Republican candidates are just to stupid to even contemplate. If Ron Paul does not become president of these United States then it’s One World Government, One World Currency and no guns or internet. The Rothschilds and Rockifellers are standing by to rule the world. With the help of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Americans need to wake up now! Stop believing what CNN/FOX tell you. If I want their opinion, I’ll give it to ‘em.

  • hoser

    One more thing. As a 30+ year Air Force Officer; the National Defense Authorization Act is Unconstitutional. Period. And all that that implies! I remember the oath I took. I guess the majority of US Politicians forgot theirs. As I recall, they took the same one I did.

  • DaveH

    I knew it was just a matter of time:

    20 years ago? And the people who keep telling us not to be racist, yet continually bring up Racism? The Establishment Leaders, be they Democrat or Republican are going to do and say anything to protect their Power and Perks. Let’s ram it down their throats this time.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • John

    As a registered Democrat here in Florida, I will defect my party and vote for Ron Paul in the general elections, if Paul is the Republican candidate.
    I voted for Obama in 2008 to not look racists, but in 2012 I will vote for Paul to not look stupid!


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