Aside from the thyroid gland, the highest concentration of iodine in the human body is in the female breast. As iodine consumption goes up, breast cancer goes down.

There are many iodine supplements. I use Lugol’s iodine, about four to six drops in water per day.

Everyone needs iodine because there is little to none in our soils now. Iodine will also relieve fibrocystic breast disease in most cases. Iodine drops are great for water purification and it is a natural antimicrobial, making it an excellent remedy for fungus or yeast.

Iodine therapy is about the simplest treatment there is, to be so all-important. Besides the thyroid gland and the female breasts, iodine is essential for the heart. Alternative doctors direct iodine therapy for heart arrhythmias.

Iodine is helpful for those with cold hands and feet, chronic fatigue, menopause problems, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Also, iodine is excellent to treat toxic conditions in those suffering from bromine, fluorine, mercury and lead poisoning.

Iodine simply feeds your thyroid function, a vital component of overall health.

Once again, conventional doctors pay little or no attention to iodine tests. Yet a deficit of iodine, as most people have, is so critical to health and well-being.

Cataplex F from the Standard Process Company is an excellent thyroid supplement. I take it along with four to six drops of Lugol’s solution mentioned above.

Cataplex F is also excellent for muscle cramps; take three to eight tablets daily. If you are having leg cramps, chew four or five tablets.

Contact Standard Process Company for a distributor, or check with your chiropractor. Many of them have these products for sale.

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.