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Investor Sounds Alarm on Hyperinflation

June 15, 2009 by  

Investor Sounds Alarm on Hyperinflation

The headline from the Bloomberg News internet site said it all, “U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level, Faber Says.” But although Bloomberg was running the story, the main stream media (MSM) didn’t touch it.

Faber is Marc Faber, who publishes the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. He said in an interview with Bloomberg Television in Hong Kong, “I am 100 percent sure that the U.S. will go into hyperinflation. The problem with government debt growing so much is that when the time will come and the Fed should increase interest rates, they will be very reluctant to do so and so inflation will start to accelerate.”

Zimbabwe’s inflation rate reached 231 million percent in July, 2008, the last annual rate published by the statistics office.

To put that into perspective, inflation in the U.S. in 1979 reached a high of 13.5 percent. That was a 500 percent increase above the 70-year average 2.5 percent, and those who lived during that time remember it as an uncomfortable economic period.

We’ve been warning for a long time here and in The Bob Livingston Letter that Fed policies were sending us on a path toward inflationary destruction. And we’re not alone in this thinking. But the MSM and the boys and girls in government don’t want you to know about it.

Why? Because they don’t want you to know that for almost 100 years now they’ve been silently, stealthily stealing your wealth.

It started in 1910 when a group of powerful bankers met in secret at Jekyll Island, Ga., and created a monster, then pushed Congress to grow that monster—the Federal Reserve. Founded in 1913, the Fed is a non-Constitutional cartel of private bankers that has control over the U.S. monetary system.

Since then the Fed’s policies have caused a devaluation of the dollar that has stolen your money. Ever wonder why things cost so much more today than they did 40 or 50 years ago? It’s because your dollar is worth so much less.

For example, in 1933 the Consumer Price Index (CPI) (the price of a basket of common goods purchased by the average consumer) was 12.8. In 2008 the CPI was 225. In other words, that same basket of goods has increased from just under $13 to $225. That’s the result of your devalued dollar.

Here’s what noted economist Peter Schiff wrote in his book, Crash Proof, which predicted the financial meltdown, when he detailed why the government likes inflation:

  • Inflation makes the national debt more manageable because it can be repaid with cheaper dollars.
  • In a democracy full of personally indebted voters, the government will pursue monetary policies hospitable to debtors even as it accommodates the special interests that lend to them.
  • Inflation finances social programs that voters demand while allowing politicians to avoid the politically unpopular alternative of higher taxes, enabling Uncle Sam to play Santa Claus.
  • Inflationary spending is confused with economic growth, which is confused with economic health. (Of course, gross domestic product (GDP) numbers are theoretically adjusted for inflation but that doesn’t mean much if the inflation figures are misrepresented.)
  • Inflation causes nominal asset prices to rise, such as those of stocks and real estate, instilling in the minds of voters the illusion of wealth creation even as the real purchasing power of their assets falls.

Back to the Bloomberg story: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Charles Plosser said that inflation may rise to 2.5 percent in 2011.

But the head of Asian economic forecasting at Action Economics in Singapore said he was confident that the Fed would be able to contain inflation at 2 percent or less.

Meanwhile, the Fed, Keynesian economists and MSM ignore history. They ignore Zimbabwe, which got into its mess by printing money to pay down its debt. They ignore 1970s America. And they ignore Weimar Germany in 1918-1923, where hyperinflation caused 30,000 percent inflation and led to the collapse of their civilization and the rise of Adolf Hitler.

The government boys and girls don’t want you to understand inflation, and the MSM is not going to report it until it can’t be ignored. Meantime, you ignore it at your own peril.

What can you do? First, call your Congressman and Senators and urge them to get behind H.R.1207, which calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Second, buy and hold gold and silver. Because when hyperinflation comes, precious metal is the only thing that will stand between you and financial hardship.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    If we’re lucky, the coming tsunami won’t be as bad as Zimbabwe. It won’t be pretty. It doesn’t require a doctorate to know that Washington doesn’t care what happens to us. It will be a hard lesson. It will take a long time to correct. America, when this disaster strikes, write down all the names of the ‘leaders’ involved (ALL parties). Let those names never be forgotten.
    ABORT the Fed. It is an institutionalized, protected cancer in America. Its ‘gift’ to America is a slow, lingering death (at great expense). It has many protectors. They, too, must be surgically removed. Wake up, America. Freedom and the Fed CANNOT co-exist in the same country.

    • henry

      You got it s.c., these two cannot coexist. I have read from reliable sources that the Feds get over 43% of what the IRS takes in in revenue every April. Ever wondered what America would be like if that money was spent on America? Well, dream on because it never will be. You would think that the government would just “file bankruptcy” and start over without the Fed. Reserve and back up their move with the military and the true American people.

      Some complain about the cost of war in terms of dollars, well, we could pay for all of the Iraq expenses with less than one month’s interest that has been paid to the Fed. Reserve. Ever notice how you don’t know or read or see anything about who makes up this Fed. Reserve? Money talks and it also has a way of shutting up people’s mouths. This outfit is beyond anyone’s doubt a cancer on this country and Ron Paul is the only politician with guts enough to talk about them openly.


      • s c

        Thanks, Henry. Have you noticed that libs are so very quick to finger-point and poo-poo, but when they have a chance to make a difference, they run away and automatically bury their heads where the sun never shines? Libs ALWAYS moan about corporations and monopolies. The Fed is BOTH a private corporation AND a monopoly. So where are the libs and their ultraintelligence and ultraconcern? You guessed it. They are
        nowhere to be found. So much for lib integrity – and character – and compassion – and ethics – and gravitas – and wannabe elitism – and so many other lofty lib “virtues.”

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Your absolutely correct. The libs have no moral fiber in them. They are todays Pharisee’s, that stand on thier pedestal saying “Look at me, Look at me”, and think they are really something, but dont do as I do, do as I say. Everyone is at fault except them. They deserve much more than anyone else, and power is to be defaulted to them with no questions asked. How dare anyone question their motives, while they sit there and point fingers at others and continually question their motives, even to the point of weakening us in the eyes of our enemies. They empower those who seek to destroy is, and they even hoped upon hope for our failure in Iraq so they could point their “I told you so” fingers some more. But we pulled off a huge success in Iraq, liberating them and helping them forge a democracy, though you will never ever read of this success in the liberal newspapers, or hear much about it on the democrat owned ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC. These guys are such biased liars, they should have their broadcasting licenses taken away. What ever happened to truth in reporting? Thank God for Fox News or we would never hear the truth about anything. No wonder Fox’s ratings are much higher than these other propaganda machines of the democratic party. The people want the truth, and only one has chosen the high road in reporting the truth, the way it is, not the way they want it to be to support an agenda one party might have. The democrat liberals lost their morals way back when FDR decided to lie to congress about the cost of building the Hoover Dam, and decided to outright lie to the American people about the “voluntary federal income tax” to help with the war effort. Seems like weve been paying this tax, and more of it for what, 60 to 70 years later? Liars, Liars, Liars. Heck, how did JFK get elected? By getting votes from thousands of dead people in Chicago and other areas. Check it out, its true. Thats how he won the closest election at the time. Lying cheating dems. Bill Clinton came and topped them all with his lies, even getting caught in many of them. The guy should have been put in prison for perjury like anyone else would have that lied to a grand jury like he did. Liars, Liars, Liars. These guys are a scourge on society. Now look what theyve produced, Barrack Hussein and Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, about the 3 most liberal, left wing pacifist appeasing un-american people around, and they suckered the uneducated voter into pulling their lever. Now these same people are seeing what they got, and they are not liking it. Please 2012, hurry up and get here, so we can erase this mistake of 2008.

        • Aaron

          Is there no difference between a liberal and a democrat? I tend to see as many similaities between republicans and democrats as ever. I even consider them the same party… the republicrats. Yeah, I see Obama ruining the country further, but I know that a republican ticket would hae done quite the same thing. Let’s not forget the bloodlines in our leadership, they are there because of their relation to the crown. we all fall under the red and white stribes of the 12 hebrew tribes like the 6 (VI)kings, the union jack (united tribes of Jacob), the flag of DC and the three city-states… it’s all a created reality ran by the royal family and the rothschilds. wathc the whole video, it’s long, but it’s eye-opening.

    • Mohut

      I like your thinking. The surgical comment sounds almost Special Forces. When America falls — and it seems more likely every day that it will — anarchy will reign. Well, when anarchy rules, it’s every man for himself and no holds barred. Perhaps some folks will act on this and show the liberal legislators, media, and movie stars where the hogs eat the cabbage!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        And also, where in the hell did it evolve that we even give a crap about what these hollywood immorals think? It seems they think it is their place to get up in front of the media and announce to the world how evil Bush and the war in Iraq is, and yet these same guys, are screwing around on their wives and girlfriends, changing them every couple of years, snorting mass amounts of cocaine up their noses, drinking to excess, burning fuel in their private jets and limos then telling us not to use fossil fuels. These mass bunch of hypocrites are the worst in soceity, well them and lawyers and judges. They are an immoral bunch who think of themselves above all others, when in all actuallity, they are bottom feeders, the scum of the earth. I for one, when one of them comes out spewing their political views on us, I will not go and watch their movies or rent the dvd’s, and I will not buy their music. You losers are performers, not politicians, so keep your twisted views to yourself, because I wouldnt listen to you anyhow. Its not like your some kind of good moral figure’s to look up to. The nerve of some peoples kids.

    • cr747

      People have you ever thought of, who is our president? I do not think he was born in the United States. He wont show his true birth certificate, has spent $947,000 dollars fighting this issue, so we may have someone running the country who is not a US born president.

      • bumpkin

        Isn’t THAT the truth! He does not belong in the White house- There is no concrete support that he IS a true American. His actions do not entirely support that he is trying to repair America, either.

        • cr747

          All he is interested in is being in front of the camera. He can’t even hold a conversation with anyone without stumbling and stalling. I think he is scared of his duties and does not know how to repair the economy, and we are headed for a dark four years. I do not believe he will ever win another four years. I think the American people realize they have made a big mistake in electing him for President.

        • debra

          You are right..I think he has had a hidden agenda all along..even his left wing buddies are going to be shocked! He is false prophet.. has false pride..may be the anti-Christ

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        His name is Barry Soetoro, born on some island as witnessed by his grandmother. His parents are muslim. He embrace islam while young and visiting his father in Africa, and came back as Barrack Hussein the muslim. He isnt required to show his birth certificate, because he is a democrat and they are above the laws of the land. Most things we all have to do, do not apply to democrats, as since they feel they are so superior to everyone else, rules and regulations dont apply to them, since they are so far above everything and everyone. Do you not see the pedestals they constantly put themselves on?
        As they stand there, with this huge timber stuck in their eye, they want to pull the little speck out of our eye. It is always everyone elses fault, as their pointing finger constantly points out. They are above all wrong, and cannot and will not be blamed for anything. And despite being these sick and demented immoral bastards that they are, people still pulled that lever, which astounds me to this day. I guess thats the power of advertising, because these guys did spend a fortune spreading their propaganda around.

        • JCB

          MARK, your voice does not fall on deaf ears!!!! GOD HEARS ALL!!!! CHRIST JESUS is also within me!!!! I know what you feel!!! The end of days is upon us!!!! In fact, be looking for ( literally ) all HELL to cut loose ( globally ) very soon. obama is not the devil nor is he satan. he is however, paving the way for satan’s great battle ( Armageddon ). Although massively out numbered, GOOD will prevail!!!! those who voted for obama have sealed their FATE!!!! they will be able to do business as usual and will not be harassed by the government. Only 2% of all the people on this planet ( dead or alive ) will be rapture d. So, if you were to conduct a survey asking people what they would do if they knew the END OF DAYS was to take place in 60 days, LESS THAN 2% would say “I WOULD CLEAN WY SOUL”!!!!! PEOPLE LIKE US are merely flies in their ointment!!!!! THE TEN COMMANDMENTS NEVER HURT ANY LIVING THING!!!!! Unless they fall upon someones head ( in a material way ), THE TEN COMMANDMENTS will never harm a living being. OUR opposition is extremely frightened of people like us. they know we have an aura about us. they know that they would like to have such an aura themselves. they are cowards,and refuse to do what is required (amend their lives and live by GOD’S LAW ) in order to achieve such a GREAT AURA. The Major difference between US and them is that WE dislike the wrongs ( ILLS ) inflicted upon us by others, they HATE the INDIVIDUAL inflicting wrongs on them. they also harbor a distorted view of RIGHT and WRONG!!! Enough for now!! May GOD BLESS ALL LIVING BEINGS!!!!!!!!!

      • GmawT

        It’s time we all learn how to twitter and form street rallies before the government turns off our computers. We must take action NOW! Tomorrow may be too late.

    • Chuck

      Inflation as been here for sometime and growing rapidly, the people in Washington
      are using the housing crisis to try and cover it all up & interest rates are at an all time low. The only way to put controls on Washington is by tighting the belt, spending less
      and raising the interest rates. This will be very uncomfortable for most of us but the alternative is ten times worse.


  • John

    More paranoia and conspiracy…

    On one hand the people in this site seem to think that the government is capable of a massive secret global conspiracy to keep everyone down, this apparently all started in 1910-1913 with the Fed and the corporate elite. However, since then the US has become the most powerful prosperous nation in history, a nation with opportunity and wealth, a nation leading the western world to unprecedented living standards. The USA has military spending that dwarfs the combined spending of the next ten nations. The rising middle class as the core of America and the more equal distribution of wealth and power have been hallmarks of the last century. The US is the beacon of democracy for the world, Americans should be proud to participate.

    On the other hand people on this site seem to think that the government is incapable of running anything properly. If they run health care it would be inefficient and mismanaged??? You would think that these high level conspirators could run heath care in their sleep.

    Regarding this article, Inflation is a part of capitalism; hyperinflation is only an issue when GDP is dwarfed by debt – not an issue for the US. Inflation at 5 to 10% for the next 7 to 10 years would be a good thing. The American consumer is in debt, the American government is in debt – inflating the economy will ease those burdens.

    The all gold libertarian position leads to continuous deflation which keeps everyone from spending and favours hording, restricts and interferes with trade and is a formula for a return to the middle ages. The policy of low interest rates for political reasons from 2001 through 2007 created asset inflation and the derivative debacle has triggered a global financial implosion. This will pass, slowly and painfully but global economic conditions will improve, greed is a problem, imbalances arise and cycles are frequently uneven.

    Understand that we are going to have some inflation. Prepare for it, invest in companies and sectors that benefit and understand that there are opportunities and hazards in every business cycle.

    Try this site for FED conspiracy debunking.

    The Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, etc. etc. etc red herrings, fear mongering propaganda equivalent to McCarthyism in the 50’s and anti Semitism in Germany in the 1930’s, scapegoats are required by those trying to stir people into a frenzy.

    Participate in the system, communicate with your representatives, or run for public office, get your issues on the table and let democracy work. Conspiracy theories are for crazies and those with extreme political agendas.

    • mike

      If I were going to do something that was say-devious-would I announce it or would I send out info to put down the possiblility. You are part of a disinformation
      system-not saying intentionally but any economic test and any common sense
      test will tell you that we will have a period of hyperinflation. Unless GDP is 1000% and it wont be- there is no chance ot stave it off. Once the banks open the spiggot and money comes flowing out there will be so much currency chasing so little goods it will be ridiculous. Obama has already taxed every person in the country directly by by printing currency. This is economics 101.
      Your position is dangerous and uninformed. I am not saying we will hit anything close to the Z-dollar but we will break all records in the 50-100% range or higher. Gold should be higher-it isn’t and it now moves in the direction of oil and not opposite. Why? There is manipulation of the “money markets”. The country made 2 basic mistakes in the 1910″s–The Fed and the Federal Income tax–you may not be a believer-but you will-yes you will!!

      • henry

        you say there is no Fed conspiracy? ha ha ha

      • http://none Richard Pawley

        Unfortunately inflation will be higher than 50-100% I fully expect it to be between 200 and 250% although food will eventually go higher. There will most likely be 3,000,000 mortgage defaults this year and more unemployment. We are making the same mistake the Romans did, troops everywhere and then debasing the money. The Great Depression will be a walk in the park to what is coming. Why have 15,000 Americans a month been leaving for years now? Six our of seven I talked with in 2004-2005 told me it was because of the economy. I agree we won’t get as bad as Zimbabwe because the dollar will crash before then. When it goes it will take all the economies of the world with it. The gentleman who said earlier that “Inflation if part of capitalism” is way off the mark unless he means Central Bank capitalism. We had virtually no inflation for well over 100 years before the FED with minor war time exceptions. A constant draining off of nearly 3% a year is what we pay for the privilege of not issuing our own money. Sure we spend (as the earlier gentleman said) more than half a dozen countries combined for our military BUT IT IS 50% BORROWED and has been for decades. We were rich once, now we owe more than any nation has ever owed. This is not good and you will have to go to where you can read the summary of my newest book, “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” if you want to read more. May God help us all, no one else is going to do so.

        • mike

          Richard- i try to take a little more positive track so others don’t get too upset.
          My bet is that the dollar loses 90% of its current value in the next 2 years/
          Inflation may be 1000% but i just responded to one who thought it wasn’t so bad.Bible prophecy talks about a time so bad there ahs never been a time like it nor ever again will be. RICHRD-We must seek God’s help. Israel never did listen and they were destroyed-scattered throughout many nations.
          The jews also went into captivity. The people of Sodom were destroyed. The people living before the Ark died except 8. but notice Nineveh repented and
          they survived another 150 years. That is our choice-our problems are spiritual and we either have to give it up or get crushed. Abortion to homo sexuality to lying to adultery, bigotry, hatred, murder, crime, corruption, what society can or should survive all these things especially when we turned our backs on God? I can teach the history, I can teach cause and effect, but I can’t teach the unwilling. America must wake up to a reality that political correctness is a rejection of the living God.

        • John

          Richard, I will simply say that the US does not exist in a global vacuum. The BRIC nations are emerging, their appetite for raw materials for growth and for markets that are able to purchase their products is enormous. The invisible hand is very much at work here. The US dollar is the global currency and it is still the primary Petro-currency. The big US corporations are also global entities which means that they are not tied exclusively to US growth.

          The American people’s expectation of entitlement and lack of savings has been a big problem and there are major issues to be overcome, hyper-inflation is not one of them. You seem to have done some research into historical inflationary meltdowns so you must know that the current US position certainly indicates inflation but not hyper-inflation. The ingredients are not there. The country is in ridiculous debt but nowhere near to a hyperinflationary spiral.

          The statement that there was virtually no inflation prior to the fed is just way out of context. If you are comparing today’s global economy with trillions in transactions to the world economy of 150 years ago sorry but you are comparing apples and elephants. Inflation is a natural part of our capitalist system because there is an inherent creep do to entrenched benefits for employees and corporate agreements. It is not normally a big problem as a rising tide lifts all ships, sometimes a few bump against the rocks. It can certainly be argued that modest inflation is a good thing as it encourages reinvestment rather than hording of resources as capital invested rises with the inflation rate where capital sitting idle is eroded.

          When there is large debt, inflation is the best option to clear it down and allow the growth cycle to restart. If inflation runs from 7 to 10 percent for 5 to seven years the monetary size of the US economy would double. The debt would be effectively cut in half and the monetary economy would be doubled so about 30 trillion a year. This puts the debt to GDP ratio into a solvable scenario and that is what I expect to happen.

          My belief, the world is not coming to an end it is just going through an unnecessarily big boom bust cycle (thanks to Greenspan and the neo-cons). Incidentally you should also factor in the technological revolution that we are in the midst of, the accelerated business cycle which over the last 100 years has compressed from 20 plus years down to about 8 and the tremendous advances in communications technology. It’s a brave new world, the last time this happened the luddites were sure that it was the end of society – they were wrong.

        • http://Personellibertydigest Jeff Barker


          You got that right. But I don’t believe this nation will return to the Lord in the ways that it should. Have you noticed, when the Bible describes the “End Times”, that the continent of North America is the only continent not listed? At that time we probably won’t matter anymore or just plain don’t exist as a nation. I also believe when this nation turns it’s back on Israel, God will turn His back on us. Anyway, we already know what’s going to happen and no one can change or stop it. Your number one concern is getting right with the Lord. Remember, to those who love God, this earth is not their home.

    • 13th Gen. American

      John. The country grew to greatness on the backs of people working and making it great. Men with great ideas and the government letting them go for it.. Do you think the Carnegies and Mellons of the world would have done so well with all the rules and taxes and bullshit. NO WAY! The private sector and capitalism were at its greatest and now the gov has their hands in everything including americans pockets. If you think otherwise just talk to a small business person. See what their incentive is to grow above and beyond their wildest dreams. Now they are being taxed out of their minds. It has only just begun. No agenda, just the facts.

      • John

        I own a number of small businesses and can tell you that there are tremendous opportunities. My wife owns a restaurant and certainly things are tough in that sector but she ahs adjusted and continues to grow her sales every month. I own a digital video company and the opportunities are everywhere, we are growing as a company and the digital out of home industry is booming. I have a tremendous will to grow into a very big company, and the tax burden is not a barrier.

        As far as wealthy individuals today that have emerged under this onerous tax burden that you refer to, how about Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Ellison, the Walton Family maybe the Google boys Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and hundreds of other billionaires.

        I have friends at every level of business, from owners of multinational corporations to single man operations. The successful find opportunities, those that think the world should stay the same sink looking backwards, you have to move with the times and chase the new opportunities.

        I don’t think that you know much about business from the broad statements you make but extreme wealth concentrated at the very top is not good for the economy or for country, it certainly is not the goal. A few very wealthy people and everyone else are falling further and further behind. Check out some of Warren Buffets comments on this.

        Here is a little thought for you – If as technology advances we get a much more automated workforce – think telephone attendants replaced by automated voice systems – but in retail, restaurants, warehouses, office clerical work, manufacturing production – with robotics replacing the majority of workers. The owners of the factories, those who control the capital, now invest in equipment to replace workers. Less expensive, more productive, a good capitalist move. The problem, no work for people, how will this benefit the economy or the country? It is pure capitalism, it makes business sense but it increases production while reducing employment.

        Capitalism is based on the principle that all goods are created by human labour (read a little Adam Smith) the theory of the invisible hand, basically that greed and self interest will assure that everyone gets what they deserve. In a technologically driven economy pure capitalist theory fails, the majority of the workforce is replaced by more efficient less expensive machines. What’s your solution? Should we go back to theories that were created 200, 300 years ago or should we find new solutions?

        • 13th Gen. American

          Sorry but there goes youre theory. Those people made their money before the last year. The taxes are squeezing out a lot of small companies , I have family in some, And if their not gone they are going. Where is Obama going to get his money for all of this crap? FROM YOU! It also matters as to what neighborhood your in. I happen to live in an upper middle, not a lot of house turnover,things look OK. About 20 miles away you can see the tumbleweeds go by. Its like a tsunami. There are clear signs to see it coming but most people are like “Oh isnt this cool. Where did the ocean go??” And when the tide comes a tumblin’ down they are screwed. Then there are those of us who see the signs and are like “OH SHIT!!” Were outa there. We are at that point that there are those of us that see it coming. The solution is both. Go back to the principles that made this country great and at the same time let the private sector be private and keep the government out of the car/bank/insurance/etc etc etc. Let people like yourself find new solutions through technology and hard work.

    • Krystina

      Former president clinton admitted at one of his “rallies” that he attended the bilderberg group…

    • JHL707

      I guess that they have promised you a little piece of their pie; what–did they offer you a little vaseline so that it wouldn’t hurt as much when they stick it to you? I’ve got news for you, it’s already in you and you can’t even feel it, let alone know it!

      Not everyone is as blind and naive, the Money Masters have been exposed, it is a shame that there are still those that would bury their heads in the sand and think that everything is going to be OK. Get involved, fire congress in the next election, they have sold us out!

      • John

        Get out of your basement travel and understand that in this world you get what you deserve. I have a great life, I am not afraid of global events, I am not afraid of economic cycles and I certainly am not concerned that the world is coming to an end.

        My world is brilliant, I have a great family and great businesses. I travel spend time with friends all over the world and laugh at strange little people that think that they can’t make it because “the man” the evil government conspirators are keeping them down. Sell you cache of guns, forget the bunker in the mountains.We live in the greatest country at the greatest time in history, wake up you are missing the party.

        • Krystina

          I agree with you in that aspect, I’m not afraid of economic depression, nor a complete collapse. In fact, I’d rather it happen.Sometimse brilliance comes from depression. It returns people to grass roots, gives them a sense of the old “neighborly” attributes. In some instances it gets people off their high horse.

          “A new world order” has been all over the news lately- maybe not as much as paris hilton used to be, but it is gaining ground. But its not only the media, its that with the ammo shortage, the ever constricting government and proof, along with historical repetition that is on the “conspiracy side” that really isn’t a conspiracy anymore.

        • 13th Gen. American

          They type of business you are in gives you the privilege to look down your nose at others who have joe the plumber kind of jobs. I am happy you are doing well but with all the millions just getting by Id keep your smugness hidden because there may come a day it gets wiped off your face.

        • mike

          WHAT YOU SOW.

        • JHL707

          You are of the type that thinks that it only rains on the bad, you see things from a white and black perspective! You are the one that needs to come out of the basement mentality that you are a prisoner to; not everyone deserves what they get in life, you my friend are a perfect example of that! You don’t deserve your so call prosperity, but then again, the sun also shines on the bad! You are a self righteous individual with a lot of time on hand to make your rediculous claims on here!

          Ignorance to reality doesn’t change it one bit, the truth of the matter which is what I disagree with you and why I have wasted my time by sharing my thoughts with you–is that those in high places will oppress and take advantage of people! Over taxing the population is a form of oppression, printing money out of thin air like the Fed does causes inflation–another form of oppression, and on and on……this has nothing to do with being paranoid about a conspiracy, this has to do with reality, those that desire to conspire against you will never do it in a way that you will be aware of it, they will make you think that things are the norm, such as…it is normal to work your 40 to 60 hours a week and have to pay a little bit under half of your income to taxes! Why did the founding fathers of this country left their mother land behind and wrote the Constitution? Where they paranoid about a conspiracy? Where they all nuts, as you so eloquently put it? The reality is that they were tired of being oppressed, which was the norm, and they were willing to die than to live any further under this type of oppression! Conspiracies are a fact of life, power corrupts, let us not be ignorant…ignorance doesn’t change reality, people of action that get sick and tired of being oppressed will find a way of abolishing the conspiracies!!!!! Your prosperity doesn’t change the facts…..

    • Mohut

      Idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows. Get some experience, John. Come out of your ivory tower.

      • John

        Response to 13th Gen. American

        I am not smug and I certainly don’t look down my nose at people.

        I am simply saying that all the conspiracy nuts need to get real. Life is full of great opportunities; the economic situation is difficult but not catastrophic. Stop looking for the boogeyman in the mythical world of global conspiracy and do something to make the world better.

        The USA is a great country, stop spewing garbage about unseen enemies engage with people trying to build opportunities and recognize how good you have it.

        Oh by the way thirteenth gen. my family arrived in New Amsterdam (New York) in 1645.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Well if it turns out were related Ill cry. Brooklyn. First gen born there 1640. Still looking when they came.So there are alot of people that came here in all generations. If you did your history you know there was this big fight to keep the king from doing exactly to us then what Obama and his cronies are doing now. You say you are not smug but by your comment Im not the only one that thought that of you. You are afforded the luxury of travel and compare others to your own experiences. Many would like to or do, as myself, and see the world. I think this is the greatest country in the world and would like it to stay that way. The Anti- God and Anti- american people who are trying to make us into a one world order are the ones destroying this country. I have friends Of all walks and colors. Doctors to lawyers to janitors and cashiers. They all would like to have a piece of the American pie, even if it isnt as big as yours, but looking ahead it seems to be getting further than they can reach. What will happen hasnt affected you yet, yet. Facts are facts whether you like them or not or want to believe them. Also you dont have a clue as to what anyone here does in their personal life to better themselves and others. Its the same as saying anyone you dont agree with lives in a trailer. Broad based insults do not do anything to better the world either.

      • John

        Response to JHL707

        Wow everything gets sucked back into your conspiracy vortex.

        I think that you really need to broaden your perspective; everything is not about your fears. I love life, love travel and competing on a global stage. That does not make me a part of some global conspiracy, it does not make me “bad” it makes me someone who can provide employment for dozens of people, I can generate wealth that strengthens this great country and I can look at economic realities and adjust and grow, I think that opportunities exist whatever the circumstance. Is the country perfect? No. Is it the best place in the world to live, yes. All the America hating conspirators need to get real, you live in the best place in the world. Be thankful.

        Churchill when asked about democracy said “…democracy is the worst form of government except all those forms that have been tried from time to time”

        My world is filled with tremendous moments, great people and the ability to persue my dreams and ambitions. My reality is that I meet and work with people all over the world, America has lots of shortcomings but it is the greatest nation in the history of the world. Your fears are misplaced, democracy works. I think that I am living the American dream, I started my own company’s looked at the world and found my way, the infrastructure, the rule of law and the social environment of this nation allows people to achieve, taxes are part of the equation and comparing them to global standards we are not overtaxed. Your conspiracies are not reality, put you efforts into something productive.

        I think life is great, sometimes challenging, sometimes difficult but great. I hope that you are enjoying your life, if not, I am sorry, you only get one go at it, good luck

    • bumpkin

      I believe the only way to INSURE that a Nation-wide healthcare system would be run well, is to INSIST that all our leaders have ONLY that same health care as their personal health insurance.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      All that is fine and dandy, but to make it simple, the way it is now, if the government keeps printing money around the clock and throwing it out there, what happens sooner or later is, there is so much out there it starts getting spent, and as a result inflation will take over and prices on everything will go higher and higher, because when there is money to be spent, there are greedy suckers waiting to take it and raise the prices as more is being thrown at them. Thats why its best if the government stayed out of it, let the markets correct themselves and they will, just let things take its course. But when the government starts intering and throwing all this cash out there, bad things will follow. Plain and simple.

    • Richard Pawley

      In answer to your answer below John, I agree, it is not going to be the end of the world, but it will surely be the end of the world as we know it. However, this is not just another cycle, unless you are considering the 500 year cycle. Those who believe that this is just another recession or depression could be be wiped out entirely. I agree with you that what we don’t buy (gold, oil, wheat, etc) the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will, and they have dollars to do it with. Have you heard of the two who were arrested trying to sneak 124 BILLION dollars in bearer bonds across the border from Italy into Switzerland. I wonder what that is all about? YES, Billion not Million. Is a foreign country trying to dump bonds or was it a counterfeiting ring? Our Treasury says they can’t comment as it’s an on-going case (even though it’s overseas)….Those who believe in the Bible know that many things have yet to happen before the world ends with an uncountable number of objects from space hitting the planet (if you believe what Jesus said). Money will be done away with altogether according to Revelation and Rev. 6.6 is ancient language for unbelievable food prices. John on the Island of Patmos had a vision of “something like a burning mountain crashing into the sea and killing one third of the creatures therein” We know what that something is! John had no clue, so he called it “something like a burning mountain” Many who believe in the Bible believe that the count down for the end times began on May 15, 1948, when a country missing for 2,700 years came to life again on that day (or as Isaiah said, “whoever heard of such a thing a nation born in a day”). However, from what I have read by the researchers at the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society and others, the factual code discovered in the Torah (and in all the Bible) more than 15 years ago by Einstein caliber scientists in Israel, indicates that the so called end-times began around that time. But they could last a thousand years! On the topic of hyperinflation? You dismiss it and I only say that it is possible. I don’t know. Is 200-250% hyper-inflation? I don’t think, so but it will seem like it. Inflation of 7 to 10% for seven years as you suggest would be a good thing in your answer to me below would impoverish tens of millions in this country who are on fixed incomes. Well, since we will see that and more we will find out. I hope you are right. Compared to what I expect that would be the better of two evils. When money was real and backed by something, not just cotton and linen (or paper as most believe) it could not be inflated as we are doing. Only in a debt based economy can inflation exist. (OK, when Spain brought back shiploads of gold from the New World there was some inflation as gold became more common than ever before but the US Government has spent more in the past 8 months than all the gold that has ever been discovered since Jesus walked the earth). I’m not a gold bug by the way. I’m just aware that it can’t be printed and there is less than an ounce for every person on earth, and less is coming out of the ground that in times past. We are beyond solving our problems with a return to a gold standard. I am not trying to tell how to solve the problems of the country. Honesty and reduced government spending (both unlikely) could help a lot but my interest is in helping those who can prepare get ready for what is coming. If you are broke and homeless, well you are not reading this, so that’s academic. You don’t have to go crazy but if you start to think a little like a survivalist, a little, or like a country at war (WWII) I believe you will be better off. I love God and I love my country but I would be lying if I told you that things were going to get better. I believe that what we are soon going to be experiencing is God’s punishment, not for those who truly seek Him for guidance and direction, but we all live here and we are ALL going to be affected. I talk about all these things in my books and more. Three years ago I quoted a gentleman who said that “Barring a comet from space or an alien invasion, IT will happen.” To the best of my knowledge that gentleman is one of the president’s advisors. I am aware that liberals tend to hate gold (it’s a conservative investment) but the purchasing power of an ounce of gold has remained pretty constant for the past four hundred years and may even be increasing. Capital only erodes when it is the paper coupons issued by the Central Banks that both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson warned us about. In a nutshell I can only tell you what is going to result because of our out of control spending. Others know the government is out of control but they don’t realize how this will affect us all in a very short time and what is most important to protect themselves. That’s what “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” is all about. It is not just my opinion but some of the most knowledgeable experts on these subject (not those on the government payroll or so-called talking heads or media experts). There are exceptions, of course like Ron Paul and David Walker and a handful of others. I love what Walker says, his Plan A is to convince the country it is not to late to change our ways, and his Plan B is move to Vancouver because New Zealand is to far! I cannot tell you the exact day or year but I am convinced that by next year most will know that it is going to get a whole lot worse. If we are fortunate it might take a couple of years. I can only tell you what I know and some of what I believe, based on some facts that are not widely known. However you can bank on OVER 200% inflation, if any are still open by 2012. I agree with you that the US does not exist in a vacuum and that is why when the real crash finally comes and the dollar is toast we will take everyone who uses dollars with us. That is why some smart nations are trying to get out of them and why they are not buying our bonds like they used to and why we are even having to buy our own bonds. Hey, it’s only paper. We will print more. Even those who are into some conspiracy theories need not be totally wrong. Learn from whomever you can. Take the good and leave the chaf. Better to be years to early than one day to late however! May God continue to bless all who love Him.

  • B-Man

    I believe we forgot how simple our system works and how the laws of success work. Our government was supposed to take care of three areas of this country and they were voted in by the poeple FOR the people. Greed has taken them, and I mean both parties. Also good Americans got greedy as well. Success is not your financial status or the car you drive or the home you live in. I have experienced people at their death beds and they never ever mention the things that they have aquired. It’s always- about family and where their going. Our country started because a group of settlers wanted to live free to practice their faith and the freedom to build homes and property for future families without the threat of it all being taken at anytime. We were not perfect in our process but our message was clear, Freedom and the right to liberty. Our government has succeeded in disrupting and controlling for years. But I think this is the result of two things: The destrucion of the Family unit and greed. Because of government intervention we have had inflation, taxation and wars that we probably could have stayed out of but others that had to be faught. 1 income could more than sustain a family 40 yrs ago. Because the taxation and inflation 2 people have had to work to sustain a home. This destroyed the family unit by no parents present for the children. No body to put in family values, or teach the morals of this countries purpose here, so each generation looses more and more of our countries history. We have a generation of kids today that have never worked or stuggled and sit in classrooms listening to angry frustraighted professors who teach very opposit ideals from our founding fathers ideals. Why are we suprised that all these kids when they don’t have heros at home they will find one out there somewhere. Why are we not teaching kids today about OUR history and why it’s important for the rest of the world that we succeed and our ideals succeed. A lie cannot stand up to the truth and it never will, but no one is teaching the truth. There are some basic laws of success and they apply to everyone and add valur to them. One is a Car bought, is better washed and waxed than a car given. To sustain human pride it’s always better to go earn something you want then to have it given. Giving people things only enables them to fail. They will fail until they go earn it and something special happens to that person. Pride and hope that if they do it again then they can earn something else and continue to grow. If they grew personally whith the increase of their finances they would be more responsible with that money. Entitlements seems to be ramped in this country and giving a kid an education without strings is wrong. They will never appreciate it.

    • joe yechout

      All well and good, except for the federal reserve, which is un supervised by any checks and balances. Look into who and how it was established. Chicanery to the nth . retroman.

    • http://aol Ginger

      You are so right. Death is the equalizer and then only then are we all the same. Never feel quitly for material possessions if you have not stolen them or sold your soul for them with credit you know you can never pay back.
      Entitlements are going to ruin our country. Some are necessary, but now we have gone overboard, giving SSD, SSI to anyone who never earned or paid a penny into it. Giving your children everything without them earning it can be their ruination. What happens when parents have to make a choice between food or cable, internet, cell phones etc.

    • Louis R. Suhy Sr.

      You are sure good with words?? Can you cook,? did you teach your kid to cook?I dout very much, you can cook from scratch, It’s your falt ,Fast food. That all you people know. All of us need to start over,and I mean all of us. GOD ,I hope for my sake you people get it right this time , Me and GOD are getting tired of you complaints.

      • B-Man

        Well Louis, seems like you’ve already quit. Fast food and cooking thats the best you got? God never said that if we did it right once that we would be done and never have to continually work at getting it right. Our time here is spent everyday earning our right to sit with God for eternity. Success is the Progressive (Progressive) realization of a worth while goal or dream. New people come into play year after year and we have to continue to teach each generation the truth. This is not complaining, this is a constant persistant walk until at least my last breath.

        • Louis R. Suhy Sr.

          SEE ,that that I’m trying to convey to you people ,.?Your complying and have alot of free advice. I’ll say it again, GOD IS TIRD OF YOUR CONPLANTES>

      • 13th Gen. American

        Can you cook? I doubt it can you cook? whats for lunch?. Me and God had a chat over some egg salad I made and he said, “Wow dude. Great sandwich. Ya know Im so tired of all this complaining. I mean if people would just cook all the world would be well with its self”. Then Ghandi said,” Well I think Buddha has had way to many big macks himself. I personally dont cook. ever. I actually never eat also, ever.” So Ghandi just hung out with me and God and Buddha totally enjoyed the 7 course meal I had. Now if I could just get that Joan of Arc to do the dishes. She is such a child you know…Now what was the subject? This is the cooking channel isnt it? TATA gota go Marthas on now making creps and waffles. love Louis R Suha Sr.

        • debra

          General..what the hell are you talking about? Youve lost me on this one..and what do you mean you dont eat? Are you on liquid feedings via a g-tube? I guess you can tell im being a smart ass on this one..but I really dont know what you are talking about…explain please Debra

        • 13th Gen. American

          Read louis r shusy sr above. Its a take on his rant that makes no sense. I just expounded on it.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Read louis r shusy sr above. Its a take on his rant that makes no sense. I just expounded on it. Im the one being a smart ass

      • Louis R. Suhy Sr.

        YES, I am very right, and I’m not here to be right or rong, LIKE I WAS SAYING< YOU HAVE TO MANY WORDS< Your words will be you down fall A-MAN., Only one GOD/// PS- Good luck ,on your choise of words

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      I agree wholeheartedly, and just to add to what you say regarding the government part, I believe the biggest part of this greed and corruption in government, is because it is made up of the worst parasites in the land, lawyers. When our government got to where you pretty much have to be a lawyer to hold a public office with any stature, all these greedy bastard lawyers who are in cahoots to get what they can get for themselves since the beginning, its no wonder our government is broken. I used to worked in a Federal Court House as a deputy clerk, and I was appalled when I would be delivering dockets to the judges office, and there would be the judge, the defense attorney, and the prosecuting attorney, all planning out the case, such as ” you plead this for your guy and Ill offer this, and we’ll take that and get this done, and judge we will be up at your lake place on Saturday at 1:00.” Thats pretty much how it works. Made me sick to my stomach. Its not about justice, its about getting this much money for this paper filed, and getting this much for this filing, and its all about greed and manipulation. Then they go into public office. Lawyers shouldnt be allowed into politics. Its like letting a fox into the hen house. Nothing good comes of it.

      • B-Man

        You know Mark, guess what Osama is? I can’t believe people voted an attorney in as Pres. Not my president, he’s as far from having enough integrity as you can get.

  • http://N/A Bonnie

    Government has proven they are in capable of running the government. That’s up to the people

    Government gives only the right to the pursuit of happiness” gaining happness is up to the people
    Before government took control and many for our freedoms along with it, even our freedom of speech and freedom of religion we had very few problems. The responsible succeeded – the irresponsible did not. Even God in all his wisdom advocates that ideology.

    Health care for example should have been left to the people. I came from and era that it was no problem to pay for medical care out of pocket. Now its difficult to pay for the insurance out of pocket. All that should have been left alone. Government tries to fix things before they are broken. Now we are in dire trouble and its getting worse

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      And if the government takes over health care, its gonna get real bad. All these people who wont work and want free health care, arent gonna like it when they go in for a bad cold and are told to sign in and come back in two weeks when it is their turn. Or asthmatics like my wife cant get an emergency breathing treatment to save her life, which she has needed 3 times in the 8 years weve been married. Right now, I can go to any emergency room, get it down, pay my co-payment and let insurance over the rest. Works for me. When universal health care comes in, I fear for what might happen when we need an emergency breathing treatment for her. They tell me to come back in two weeks, well, I guess Im going to jail, because I wont care at that point how many doctors or nurses Ive got to take hostage to save her life, Im going to do it. And I am a working man, a sane person, a non-violent person, a Christian man, responsible tax paying citizen. But I would do this to save my wifes life. Most people would. Just think what the criminal violent type might do when told to come back in two weeks. Its going to be a mess. We have the best health care in the world, and these damn democrats are creating hype about this when they need to be concerned about other things, like maybe telling the truth about things, or proving that Barry is an American citizen. Leave my health care alone. I pay my premiums, am happy to do so, and I can get treatment for myself or my wife immediately if needed. Thats what I want, and I will guarantee that if we go to National Health Care, you can throw that right out the window. Also, many doctors will leave the field, and future people will not study to be doctors, as the left wing libbys are going to dictate to them how much they can make, since the government is now paying for it. I guess I dont know how they can do that, since they pay twice what they should for everything else. Government buildings and schools and stuff, they pay enormously more for them, because they have to pay prevailing wage to make the unions happy. It doesnt matter if my company can do the job for 200,000 dollars less, they have to pay more. Doesnt make sense, but most things financially the govenment gets involved with dont, since they are spending yours and my money, they dont care. It’s always easier to spend someone elses money. But we dont need national health care, it will be bad, and I hope it doesnt happen because I dont want to have to say I told you so.

      • debra

        Mark …see this is problem now….we are already paying for the people who will not work…the people who show up in the ER for things like a sore throat,or just want to take a ambulance ride to get a cheese burger in the middle of the night. I worked as RN in ER for many years. They dont pay, they live off welfare,dont own they really dont pay taxes for anything ..but they keep taking and taking like a parasite. they are poor by choice. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said "democracy will cease to exist when the government takes from those willing to work and gives to those who wont”. Mark ..welfare is a huge problem..and no one want to deal with it. These are able bodied people who just keep having babies,and the boys who get the girls pregnant live ,or shoul I say”stays” in the section 8 housing,eats food from the food stamp money and then they are all out in the streets . So you see thes e people already get everything free ..the government has got to get more money from us because the welfare people are causing the governmnet to go broke..By the way..they are pissed off at Obama too…they were sure the BROTHER was going to give them some of the bailout money!!

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Yeah, according to the people I saw on TV, he was supposed to be paying their mortgages and gas bills. I wonder how thats working out for them now? Sad thing is, I think some of these suckers actually thought that all this would be taken care of for them. This is the problem with the undeducated voting. And I dont mean uneducated as in they didnt go to school or college, I mean uneducated as in they havent a clue who these people are or what they stand for, and they vote for them anyways. That is undeducated, and then we all get to pay for their lack of getting educated in these matters.

  • aman

    And there’s nothing at this point that can be done! Our once great country is being dismantled. Politicians have sold us out in order to secure further power and line their pockets. If you consider bankruptcy you will have to submit to indentured servitude. Thank you George Bush. Like Obama bin Biden said ” You ain’t seen nothing yet”

    I remember while taking a typing course in 8th grade in 1976, about two hundred years after winning our “freedom” from England; The nun’s making us type a certain phrase “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”
    Interesting huh…
    Keep something in mind please. Eventually we will be at a point of no return! Then what will you do? Resist and fight, or submit and dispare.

    I advise the following

    Avoid main stream media TV, reality shows, news, etc. Men watch cage fighting!




    • mike


      • aman

        And you hit the nail on the head even better than I did! Did you hear about the gay/lesbian so called prom in Boston Mass. given by the Mayor, and for children as young as twelve years of age. Check out yesterdays world net daily . com


        • mike

          Aman political correctness is destroying this nation. God says we sin and don’t even blush. In 1964 Jeannie’s belly button couldn’t be shown on tv
          due to censorship.( I dream of jeannie- a sitcom) Today what is on that screen is unthinkable and unforgivable. Another national sin. If you really analyze political correctness-it is a rejection of God and the values He has given us. I am going to write a book on this subject after the tea parties-God willing. This is the beginning of sorrows. The final chapter is gruesome.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Sounds like all the things the democratic party supports. As long as people keep voting for them, we will get more and more of this.

      • aman

        Mike you are right again! What’s your background i.e, teacher, pastor, businessman, writer? Your comment indicating” the beginning of sorrows” I know is right out of Matthew 24. I was just looking at that a little while ago.

        • mike

          I have studied the Bible for 25+ years and it never has led me wrong.
          I am an attorney who studied political science and decided I didn’t want anything to do with that bunch of crazy people. I thought the law would help me understand things-well yes and no. of course some days I wake up and say i wish i didn’t know now what I didn’t know then. With knowledge comes responsibility and so I feel a responsibility to teach truth and let the chips fall where they may. I try not to offend but it goes with the territory and i never try
          to teach those who don’t want to know. is a good web site for those who want to know and a bad one for those who don’t. Mt 24, mk 16 and Lk 21 are parallel chapters and they talk about a situation that is also in revelation and Jer 30:5-8 among other places. God bless your study.

        • mike

          Sorry Aman I don’t type well-hit Mk 16 which should be mark 13. all the rest should be correct.

        • aman

          Let me know when your book hit the shelves. Might be a NYT best seller!

          Best Wishes,

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        All these things our national leaders do these days, are just a slap in the face to God. Of course, us Christians, its open game on us. We are allowed to be chastized, hated on, cut off, persecuted, and arent allowed to have our say. That Jesus guy is dangerous you know, what with all this talk of peace and love. I mean what kind of a guy would let Himself be beaten beyond the recognition of a man, and nailed to a cross to die, especially if he had the power to stop it? The world does not know or accept, that this was the work of a God who said “I love you this much” and spread his arms and took the nails for me and you. They do not realize and accept that of all the so called religions in the world, with all their gods, that only Jesus Christ lives, never having gone to the grave to rot. All other so called “gods” of religions, died and are buried in the ground where worms ate their bodies. But Jesus Christ lives, and he is manifested everywhere. For those who really want to see Him, its evident everywhere. For those who deny and persecute, they see too, but dont want to admit it as their pride is leading them to their destruction. They say “what kind of a hateful God would sentence some to hell”. I say the loving God who will give you want you always wanted, to be sent somewhere where God will never bother you again. You live on earth telling Him you dont want or need him, and to leave you alone, and those that do this, He will acccomodate your wish, and give you as you ask, to go to a place for eternity where He never will bother you again. As for me, I know I need Him in my life, and invited Him in 10 years ago. I would not see the point of living in this world today, if there was not something more. For those of you that think this is it, then you die, how do you make it through each day, with no hope of nothing buy dying. Last I looked one out of one die. If thats all there is in the non-believing world, how sad it must be.

    • B-Man

      Well aman here is your chance to be a good American citizen and start sending messages out to all our senators, congressmen, and 1st and foremost we need to sit our kids down and explain to them what our country used to believe in, and really have them look at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and tell them that the information they get from schools in this country com from people who live of of the government dole and will never vote themselves a paycut if they don’t perform so they will believe anything that their employer tells them. Our kids are the source that will bring us out of this. Obama new this and he went right after the youth to get himself elected. They have no life experience and have no knowledge of what price has been paid for the very freedom they live under. There is a radio show called The Rick Roberts Show in San Diego and he is selling snd giving away sometimes a CD that is all about our history and the Constitution and Bil of Rights, and it’ a teaching CD as well. We need to get these out to our youth and to everyone we can. His show is at 7:00am on AM radio 760. Good luck and join in on our quest to take back our freedoms.

      • aman

        B-Man, I’m making some pretty good hits today. I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, to be able to vote respondsibly, in my opinion, one should be self reliant and striving to make a living, keeping in mind, the hope to one day make an even better living by becoming not only educated, but also good at something as well. And by good, I mean competitvely good. The need to succeed and accomplish in having a marketable skill is good for civilization. There was once a time in America that if you wanted to drive a tractor trailer you first had to wash the truck and sweep the floors. Then, you learned essentials like maintenance and repair. Then, you were trained in driving. But I digress. Voting without life experience e.g. holding a mortgage, a job, a family, caring for elderly parents, being sober and honest, are the very skills that encourages respondsible voting. College students and attending college somehow isn’t turning out too many brilliant minds. And dat ain’t no lie!

        • B-Man

          Amen Brother !!!

        • aman


          Best Wishes,

        • bumpkin

          amen, amen!

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          You got that right. I look back at myself, as an 18 to 23 year old kid, I had no clue about what each political party candidate stood for, and the effects my decisions could make on this country. But yet, here I was, as were millions of us in my age group, allowed to go pull the lever for someone we knew nothing about, or the results our decisions might have on the future of our country. And now days its even worse, because the national news media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC are all mouthpieces for the democratic party with an agenda to roll out in a propaganda style matter to the masses. I see where something has to be done somewhere, where either truth in reporting needs to take place, or we up the voting age so that people can get educated to this stuff, because as a rule, 18 to 25 year olds dont do this. I wasnt prepared or in the least bit knowledgeable at this age, and voted what I voted because my parents influence telling me things, that later in life I found out were totally wrong. For one, the news agencies should not be allowed to be so one sided biased as they are, and for two, it shouldnt come down to who has enough money to do mass commercials to influence people to voting for them because they seem them over and over and over again. It was never meant to be that who has the most wins, but whose character is the strongest wins. We have lost that, where the content of ones character isnt thought of much anymore, its how smooth they can talk and buffalo people into voting for them. Sad commentary on American politics.

        • aman

          And Mark, as you now know, Character breeds leadership that all Americans look for and can live with.

  • Eric g

    Americas wealth and freedom are more a result of american morality and justice system , which really is more the result of ourJudo christian values , than our great democracy . When these values disapear , the justice system changes ,
    Nobody really can put faith in our justice when black is called white , and up is called down . Its leagal now to do almost anything if you have enough money . If you cant recieve justice ,and no one even knows what it is ,you can expect a decline , to about the level of other lessor immoral societies .

    • RAY


    • bumpkin

      Yes, you are correct, there! You can even become an assistant to the President of the USA i running this Nation if you dont pay your taxes! (if you have connections and money.)

    • tryingtoreason

      Look uhm I really have to point out something here. Lets not ignore the fact that there aparently are also pro life anti-gay marriage atheists, budhists, and mormons. The constitution was not ment as an “only christians are allowed” deal. You should not be to quickly sucked into the idea that democracy is sopposed to be some Christian theocracy like with the pope and all all over again. THE WHOLE POINT OF THE CONSTITUTION IS TO KEEP THE GENERAL PEACE WITHOUT FORCING ANYONE INTO A PARTICULAR RELIGION. AS THERE ARE ALSO PRO LIFE AND CONSERVATIVE ATHEISTS AND BUDHISTS, IT SHOULD NOT BE HARD TO FIND BROAD SUPPORT FOR THE CONSTITUTION. WE AS AN AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TO SOME EXTENT STEREOTYPED AGAINST EACH OTHER. IF WE DO NOT UNITE AND EVILS FAR WORSE THAN BEING A VEGETARIAN THEN WE ARE DOOMED.

  • John

    Pray for the Peace of Jersusalem

    • mike


  • Louis R. Suhy Sr.

    GOD, you are rong, nice try. Keep writing,mite get it right the next time. It’s not the value of money,it’s because people are lazy. They can not make a loaf of bread from scratch. People buy every thing at the grocery store, and fast food?? To put something in a crock pot, is NOT COOKING, You get it?? Buy a hole chicken and cut it up ,You can make 10 different meals out of that chicken. That just one raw chicken. Buy 50 LB of flower ,you can make any thing you find in any store. Start in joying life, cook you own food, that is the best way to start

    • mike


      • Louis R. Suhy Sr.

        If you truly would like to know GOD and all that he has made. Getting back to basic is the right direction, You are very RIGHT MIKE, ,stay the course, GOD Will fallow. very simple path.

    • aman

      I want to listen to your message because I think you make a good point. But I’m not sure you are genuine???

      • Louis R. Suhy Sr.

        AMAN ,Well Me personally, Not sure what genuine is or what the true meaning is. For human beanings. We are all different and are not to be the same. GOD, like veriate, and so do we.Just don’t get confused with things you can make and need,in life. All the words that people cary are a heavy burden to they. They express them self’s with much pain to others. Some how it makes them feel good, so good they think they are GOD or God messenger. All they are is false prophets. GOD will say, bo not change what I have written. I will give you so much food, you will starve to death on you words.

        • aman

          Then I believe you are speaking from your heart and not shooting from the hip. What were your experiences like?

    • 13th Gen. American

      Then I add some basil and garlic and it is just de lish. Here is my end of days recipes if you dare to cook. First since there will be no food go to the river and get a rat. I suggest 1 fat or 2 small rats per family. Then river water. It adds flavor and then cook over a small fire so your neighbors dont see it. If they smell it just tell them grandpa just died in the livingroom and you havnt got rid of him yet. So pine needles make it tasty and dandylions are good source of vitamin c. LOU

      • Louis R. Suhy Sr.

        Your WISH is Granted. That is going to be your out come. Me ,I try to help people ,for FREE./ That ‘s GOD wish

    • bumpkin

      But, Louis, I make all my bread from scratch, and I grow much of my food, however, the MSG, the “you need another bite” excitotoxin, in all our foods, since they no longer have to identify it in foods, if its mixed with something, is the cause of the gluts going to the store and not feeding themselves. Got to have that excitotoxin!

  • Cynthia Moak

    I beg you all to be converted to Christ as our only hope and faithfully preach the gospel to others. We are to make disciples of all men: Matthew 28. That requires spending time with the unbeliever, explaining the truth of the world as the Lord reveals in His precepts throughout His Word. You must exhibit the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life to be a competent witness. Those are love, joy, peace, kindness, self control, etc. (Gal. 5:22) Remember that our enemy is not flesh and blood (people) but the influence of the evil one on people. When Harvard and other ivy league schools were built in the 1600s, the admissions requirement for the 14 year old boys was to be able to read and translate into English the Hebrew and Koine Greek scriptures. That was true education. We can return to that. They read Cicero and others but the point is that they read the Classics. Their minds were informed by their great educations. Subsequently, they were able to think the thoughts which became the constitutions of the colonies, the Declaration of Independence, The Constitutionof the United States of America, the Federalist Papers, etc.: the documents which changed the world. It’s not enough to turn off the useless chatter of our modern society, we must inculcate our minds with that which is good. Precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.

    • mike

      Cindy you are correct. If you starve your mind, you will lose it. Washington is a great example. They have no answers because as a curse of this nation’s sins
      they are going mad. They don’t know why things are happening and they can’t solve the so called crises.
      The bible says the whole head(government) is sick. They stumble at noon as if it were midnight. They can’t even figure out what they are stumbling on. God’s word gives us the problem and the solution. We just don’t like the solution-but neither did Adam and Eve in the garden and we have struggled mightily ever since. Douglas McArthur knew that our problems were spiritual and he called the UN our last hope to save ourselves from total annihilation. Thankfully he was wrong-God is going to save us from ourselves as He says for the elects sake. Don’t shoot the messenger-that’s God’s own words.

  • Joe Tomei


    Remember the 60′s song “Something is happening here?” I do!

    That is “The Current State of the Union”,

    It is very obvious that not too many people really have grasped the situation of what has happened in America.

    For the last eight years we deregulated lending so the lower income people could afford homes.

    Mistakes made intentionally or not, this is the scam!

    First of all we let people belieive they could affrod a home and gave them government garaunteed loans and low interest ajustable rate loans from the beginning. Non qualified loans, no down payment without substantial incomes to keep this investment.

    Now this was great if you were not planning on staying in your home more than three to five years! Many were not.

    Many people were caught up in the “inflated equity frenzy” and were buying even more than one home assuming they ould “Flip” it an make huge profits. People in Orange County California were turning homes over in six months and making hundreds of thousands and then eveyone jumped on the bandwagon. Being in REal estate I have seen my industry just drive prices to a point where the paper was sold for at the very mnimum 45% sometimes over what the “Real World Worth ” I call it could sustain.

    Not only this but those people that never had any weal;th in their lives were like people that had just won the lottery and then came the push for refinancing to pull out the infalted equtiy. We are not being told this but this was one of the straws of what probably broke the camelsback if you will! The stack of ards of bad loans began to
    deteriorate and we were then even pakaging huge bundles of laons and at that point the woled market were involved investing in the USA bubble. Knowing it was going to tumble.

    Kind of strange they would invest in something Ray Charles could have seen coming!
    Even though the fed and our congress were telling the public there was nothing wrong with the system and it was sound! Bull_ _ _ T!

    The Federal reserve, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, and the entire baking industry new it would have to “Adjust” or better put crumble since value can only sustain sooo
    much over written equtiy as added value to anything!Thousands of these notes were going to have to be “refinanced.” They new in three to five years the eonomy bubble was about to bust and they were sittingion first position to pul off their losses frst. How do people think this happened so quickly without any objection from congress?
    I mean the stock exchange were in a tyrate over them not getting their money fast enough. I mean nobody is going to bail me or other Americans out of their debacle.
    If the government was really going to help “The people” why did they not bail out the
    poor unsuspecting homeowner who is osing everything verses the big banking institutions that had already made trillions from interest on these loans over all these years. Why were the taxpayers who have to eventually repay this debt taken care of?
    No, the banks once again were bailed out after historical record making profits were made! Does this seem right?

    Now if the FEd really wanted to help the consumer why did they not make longer term loans for 10, 15, 30 year fixed rates. Tehy are smarter than this. They knew that people in general are greedy. “That goes for all of us throughout the world”. We call it making wise investments. Some are caught up in this that really were in it for the long haul and they were the borrowers that received long term loans.Smart!

    Now fast forward eight years and here are the unsuspevitng. The economy takes a dive, National debt and a tragic trade deficit finally hits home. Our economy just nose dived and the stock market took the largest drop in history devaluing everything in the economy. Trillions taken of the top what I cal the “New York pyrimid.”

    The unsuspecting American consumer who had been riding the high surf finally was caught up in the fact their only real asset their home would now lose 45% of their value. All the down money, If they had put a down payment on the home initially, the fat that everything they had thought was a life long investment and all there equity was lost within a few months. So quickly you could notmake an adjustment.

    The fiancial system just captured years of interest only payments, down payments, and penalties iof you tried to sell your devalued assets before the crash really took hold. They in essence “They Got thiers” But here is the “Killer” not only did the banking and financial investment institutions capture humongas profits for years, now they were crying bail out for the bad paper they made Trillions of dollars of interest on.

    Now they will take a third hit on Amrican taxpayers and get paid thier security interest through the banking system to what the government called “shearing up a financial debacle.” The government and big banking community new all the time they would
    be repaid there so called losses since all of this bad paper was government insured and that is why congress rushed these billions through the fed in a blink of an eye.
    They had to show the offshore investors our federal banking system would pay for there losses. they did this and will have more of an effect than anything that has happened in the US history. eventuaqlly this will be known as the “largest scam in America to Americans. Ironically no one has mentioend this theory and it has already

    This is the major change that is coming and it will also be a surprise to the hard working American who has just been raped of their “little wealth” once again by the big financial brokers and our current government.

    The government does not want Americans to have or be able to accumulate any sort of real wealth. If they let this happen they would not be able to control our incomes. the cost of living, Taxation and how they perceive how we are supposed to live and now their huge movement to “even the scale of wealth across the country.” They are doing a hell of a job so far!

    The bottom line is what we are about to see is a complete government control over our lives, oveburdening us with huge taxes, record future inflation, and a Soicalistic Facism style of state controlled (Obama style) government our forefathers are probably rolling over in the graves seeing happen before our eyes.

    This is not doomsday talk, it is reality!

    Add to this the illegal imigration and non protected borders of America and we are in deep du do!

    The only way I see out of this mess is if all America unite into forming a third powerfull
    political party,( a Potriot and Liberty Party) lowering the terms held by congress and senate, keep judges in limited terms and out of lifetime positions and most of all institue by law all elections by “popular majority vote” and not the sham of a electorial system we now have and verfy by identification of those that are voting. Then we will regain and return our country’s control by the people and make everyone that holds a government office and takes an oath to uphold that position, responsible to the people not speial interests.

    I am just a conerned and Patriotic Amrican. I feel deceived by our current representation in Washington by what has unfolded recently. Once again the American people have been deceived into believing we are the only ones responsible for this situatiaon.

    We can chnage this once and for all. It will take all of America to untie to do so , or at the very leaast the “Majority of Amrica” as it has changed history before.

    I am a proud Patriotic American. I would like to help in this change. Who out ther is with me?

    May God have mercy on America’s Future!

    “God Bless America” and its citizens!

    knowing how much we have scarificed from becoming such a government.

    • mike

      Go to the Right Conservatives who think independents are the way to go. Also Free and Equal. If any of you want truth in a religious sense and are open minded and not afraid to learn truth and then are willing to live it try– no one will ever hassle you and you can download literature and no one will ever bother you -guaranteed. You take it from there. i am not in the conversion business-only witness-conversion is God’s business. By the way-that song by the buffalo springfield is one of my favorites-and that group spawned four other groups-all high quality. /amazing song for amazing times.Never thought I’d see a more interesting time in the history of America-

    • 13th Gen. American

      AMEN BROTHER! Now here are some clear thoughts. But I have one question. Can you cook???

      • Joe Tomei

        Actaully I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America “CIA” Athough my second career has been in Commercial Real Estate I can still cook up a storm.
        Why did you ask?


        • 13th Gen. American

          NOW THATS FUNNY!! I was poking fun of Mr. Louis R. Suhy SR.and his “Can you cook??” lecture #3&8, and actually found a guy that can cook. And very well at that. ( Now put that in your pot Lou and stir it.)

    • Louis R. Suhy Sr.

      well, the bam is broken and all the water is going down hill fast. As it sapost to do??I’m a little man, not by height, just wealth. (( I live down stream from you))Christ ,mite say, save a little,a nu ff to keep you afloat . If you get greed. It will be a bird-den, will get very heavy and may cause you to sink with the rest. Just save what you need and shear what you can. ((only one GOD))

  • Dana Webb

    Some people fail to comprehend the structure of world governance, instead of thinking government conspiracy in relation to 911 it would be more accurate to think of are government as made up of a section, a small orchestra in a symphony.
    No it’s not like the whole government got to gather and decided do 911 that’s a pretty simple minded way of looking at it, It’s just that the conductor isn’t even seen buy most the symphony.

  • Beepster

    Things are going to get much worse before they get better. The advice about growing your own food is good, because there won’t be stores that will have much available for sale. There will be innercity rioting because of this. The same people who don’t work, but rely on government handouts. The government won’t have anything to hand out, and no method of transportation to get those nonexistant goods any place. Look for martial law in any city over 50,000. How the military will react to all of this remains to be seen. There will be mass desertions from service because they can no longer believe the words of their “leaders”. Prepare yourselves for the inevitable.

  • Krystina

    I’d actually have to disagree with it being a conspiriacy, all the facts point to fact. Even if the elites “plan” is to not “rule” the world, our government is taking actions that severely limit freedoms of the american public. EVERY TIME IN HISTORY they ban guns, and take them away from the public GENOCIDE occures. Our government is on the fast track to doing this and it could happen anytime. A government who flies planes into its own country and claims its a terrorist attack AND THEN lies to the people saying that the air is clean, when 50,000 heros and volunteers to date have been sickened by that air, most dead- that is a government that is on the fast track to becoming hell. It’s a historical fact that every government, sooner or later, slowly or immediatly decides that power is more important than freedom. It has happened time and time again, hitler did the same with one of his buildings and blamed it on the communists, it happened in Rome, now its happened here, and the American public don’t seem to get it, this isn’t new stuff, its old tricks of the trade.

    • FarRightWinger

      “Hitler blamed on the communists”? The Reichstag was burned by communists, over their anger to be a National Socialist governemnt democratically elected. Dimitrov, this Bulgarian career commie-terrorist was convicted by a court, based on witnesses and evidences.
      100s of National Socialists stormtroopers were murdered – usually by ambush – during NSDAP’s rise to power. The communists’ terror intensified after Adolf Hitler’s election victory on January 30th 1933. the defeated marxist/communist hoodlums resorted to violence despite, or perhaps because of their political impotence. Victims of teh red terror included not only adult males, women: teenagers and even young children in the Hitler Youth were butchered by these subhumans. 21 boys of the Hitler Jugend who fought heroically against the red scum became the well-known bllod martyrs of the New Germany.

  • FarRightWinger

    “And they ignore Weimar Germany in 1918-1923, where hyperinflation caused 30,000 percent inflation and led to the collapse of their civilization and the rise of Adolf Hitler”

    I don’t see that as a “threat”.The German people, and throughout the European countries saw big positive changes after Hitler gain control over Germany by democratic elections. He promised work and prosperity and the 7 MILLION unemployed had reinstated for work, homelessness was abolished and despite the world-wide boycott against democartic Germany just after 33 days Hitler took power, He made Germany Europe’s fastest growing and most peaceful nation.

    Maybe a “Hitler-type” leader would make the desired changes for America; restore the Constitution and Christian family vaues this country was built up, abolish the babyslaughtering, remove the degeneration, filth, perversion commonly known as ‘homosexual alternative lifestyle’ and feminism and finally STOP all aggression and arrogance against other, smaller nations.
    This new leader will have a very hard time ahead, since this 2-party dictatorship is like a turtle-shell; hard to break up. But, I believe the peoples’ will do a lot changes and possible for a revolutionary constitutionalism.

    Remember; Hitler started alone, then followed by 6 men, until a few laters his revolutionary Movement became a world-wide unity.

    • John


      • FarRightWinger

        Khùng. Diem.

    • 13th Gen. American

      OK NOW… WTF That is some crazy shit dude. Makes the rest of us look like what John there is talking about. So to state to others who come along and read this This dude isnt a representing of anything right at all. No association to 99.9 of us for sure. There is just so much wrong with that I dont know where to start.. Just one thing. No homeless and low unemployment because he KILLED what is it,? Like 20 million people! Other than that Life was great. SAMF!

      • FarRightWinger

        Your comment has absolutely no historical preferences. Therefore you just blah-blah-blah here, mostly – i think – from New York Times or other “resources”. Come up with something we don’t know. Pro or contra. Then we may talk. DUDE.

    • bumpkin

      zieg-heil, goofball. Hitler was bad for humanity. Period. Yes, so were others. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      • FarRightWinger

        Hey baby, its SIEG, not zieg. Your history-knowledge is so appropiate as your German.
        How do u know what or who was “bad for humanity”? Did u live under Hitler? How old are u? Drop the leftist jewspaper trash baby!

      • 13th Gen. American

        OK NOW! Again the crazies have taken over the place. No retort from me. When the shaved head wackadoos come to town just dont make eye contact and hopefuly they will just pass by. The part that pisses me off is he associates in any way he is on the right. He is either off his meds or a leftie posing to make us all look bad. Either way There is one in every crowd and he has the right in america to be as f*d up sickass crazy inbred piece of crap as the next FAR LEFTIE.

  • Carol

    This whole world is in such a mess where do you start cleaning it up and for the most part it is due to GREED.

    The only people that hurt are the little guy and that is the truth no matter what!!!

    • cr747

      Carol, we have to get our leadership in Washington changed. That’s the only way that things will get changed. Vote out the ones that are against us and put some new people in. Some of them have been there to long. Don’t get me wrong there are some that have been there for a while that still back us “little people” cr747

      • bumpkin

        No, don’t wait to vote them out. go in and drag them out, construct stocks on the street corners, clap them into the stocks, set boxes of tomatoes nearby, and allow the people to actually ‘tomato’ the culprits. Set their sentence to 15 days in the stocks, 15 years in prison.

      • Carol

        The thing is it really takes a lot of money to run for anything and the ones that are in office have all the money they need. That is what happened here in Florida there was a little know woman that was running against another woman that was in office for many years and she had all of the money and the backing she needed and of course won over the little known woman she never had a chance.

        Look at Kennedy he is a cold blooded killer and he is still in office and people look at him like he is a god but he should be in prison for First Degree Murder but he had the money to bury it along with all of the other Kennedys. Like the one who raped a woman but he is a doctor today. If it were you and I that had killed a woman or raped we would end up in prison for a very long time and that is a fact.

  • Esther

    Our enemies take our place. where is young men and women??? we have to solve this . we have to built our temple again. we need Nehemiah.
    we need samuel. Let’s us pray to God. Generation to generation let’s carry In God we trust. Let’s see all around the country our cross and church.Let’s us stand for our original. original is better than new.Let’s back to original.print("code sample");

  • how then

    Unfortunately, we cannot go back to the time of Jesus. By the way, it was not such a great time then, nor even 100, nor even 40 years ago from what I’ve read and seen first hand. So why can’t we look forward, take in new ideas, and discard the old ones which have pretty much bankrupted America? I suspect it is a lot more complex system of interacting processes and personalities that have brought us to this point.

    We will get through this, but we may need to pull down the curtain on our two-party system in the process. Did you ever think that religion, gay rights issues, abortion, guns, job promises, and fear-mongering – while real issues impacting some citizens (the minority) – are tactical distractions that the two parties debate endlessly, especially during elections while the really big problems continue to grow in the background. The ones that are or will impact the majority.

    Is one big problem a corrupt political system where a $1 donation returns $1000 in payback? Where politicians and their donors recognize this as the best return on investment today – a game not to be missed? Maybe because it’s not their money, but the redistribution of wealth from hard working citizens into the politicians’ and donors’ pockets? Where thousands of men and women in positions of leadership have increased the stakes over many years, and have slowly bankrupted the USA one dollar at a time – to get their share of the goodies, to assure that bonus, to assure their job does not get cut? Is this not a huge cumulative impact, and not one guy, one party?

    So can we discuss how then, we can dismantle the system that created the $60+ trillion in debt? Is there really a simple set of solutions, but to be heavily resisted by the “players” in the game? One person told me we need a new party, built for the majority, and adhering to certain principles of that majority – principles that might ultimately be adopted by the other parties – not because they want to – but because they have to. I don’t know, but is that a way to go? And what would be the principles?

  • Pete Burlington

    We as AMERICANS need to remember the following traitor names obama, pelosi, reid, franks, dodd, fienstein, boxer, waxmann, rangel, biden and kennedy. They are just a few of the scumbag names that I want to write-down. I physically get sick when I hear this puke obama speak and we need to get rid of this administration.

    So buy bullets, bullion and bread.

    • FarRightWinger

      Your comments perfectly match with mine. “Voting” will make NO differences. If voting would do anything positive, or changes to the evil establishment of this country, it would be banned, or outlawed. Yes, only REVOLUTION can bring changes to bad times.

  • FarRightWinger

    MEANWHILE< former President Jimmy Carter visited the occupied Palestine and amde some remarks what your local controlled and suppressed newsmedai “forgot” to report.

    Jimmy Carter: Israel Treats Palestinians Like Animals

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009 8:40 AM

    GAZA CITY — Former President Jimmy Carter denounced the deprivations facing Palestinians in Gaza as unique in history, asserting that they are being treated “like animals.”
    “Tragically, the international community too often ignores the cries for help and the citizens of Palestine are treated more like animals than like human beings,” he said Tuesday as he toured the war-torn, blockaded Gaza Strip.
    “The starving of 1.5 million human beings of the necessities of life — never before in history has a large community like this been savaged by bombs and missiles and then denied the means to repair itself,” Carter said at a U.N. school graduation ceremony in Gaza City.

    He was referring to the blockade that Israel and Egypt have maintained on Gaza since June 2007, when Hamas, a group pledged to the destruction of the Jewish state, violently seized power in the territory.
    The United States and Europe “must try to do all that is necessary to convince Israel and Egypt to allow basic goods into Gaza,” he said. “At same time, there must be no more rockets” from Gaza into Israel.

    “Palestinian statehood cannot come at the expense of Israel’s security, just as Israel’s security cannot come at the expense of Palestinian statehood.”
    Carter, who brokered the historic 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, called earlier for a halt to all violence around the territory where the Jewish state waged a deadly 22-day war in December-January in response to rocket fire.

    The offensive killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and left large swathes of the coastal strip sandwiched between Israel and Egypt in ruins.

    “I have to hold back tears when I see the deliberate destruction that has been wracked against your people,” he said earlier at a destroyed American school, decrying the fact that the school was “deliberately destroyed by bombs from F16s made in my country.”

    I feel partially responsible for this as must all Americans and Israelis.”
    Carter also is to meet Ismail Haniya, prime minister of the Islamist Hamas movement that runs the territory and Israel and the West consider a terrorist organization.

    He is expected to pass on a letter from the parents of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier that Gaza militants including Hamas seized in a cross-border raid almost three years ago, and who remains in captivity.
    Israel has insisted that the Gaza blockade, which bars all but essential humanitarian supplies from entering, is necessary to prevent Hamas from arming, but human rights groups have slammed it as collective punishment.
    In an interview with an Israeli daily published earlier in the week, Carter urged Israel to lift its blockade and stop treating the 1.5 million aid-dependent residents of the Palestinian territory like “savages.”

    Shortly after entering Gaza, Carter’s convoy of white UN 4×4 vehicles stopped briefly in the area of Ezbet Abed Rabbo, one of the most ravaged during Israel’s war in the territory in December and January.
    The massive destruction in the area has made it a regular stop for the succession of foreign dignitaries who have come to Gaza since the war.

    As Carter briefly got out of his vehicle to take a look at the damage, one resident ran up, yelling he wanted to talk to the former US leader, and getting into a brief shoving match with bodyguards.
    They all come here and look at us like we’re animals and then they go home,” said Majid Athamna. “We’re not animals, we’re human beings.”

    “If he wants to come and visit us, he has to listen to us.”


    • R Burmeister

      Thanks for the (word removed)!

  • FarRightWinger

    To add to my above posting Israelis treat animals like Palestinians as well. Here’s the shocking news from news:

    “It’s a fact: Israeli soldiers rampaged through the little zoo and shot as many innocent caged animals at point blank range as they could.

    Although it should have been a worldwide scandal—on the front page of every daily paper and on every nightly broadcast on television and radio—it was not. While some defenders of Israel have attempted to suggest that the zoo and its animals were unintended “collateral damage” of war-time, caught in military crossfire, the evidence demonstrates otherwise.

    The soldiers of “America’s dearest ally” went into the zoo itself and shot the poormonkeys in their cages. A mother monkey tried to hide with her baby in a clay pot, but the Israelis shot the pot to pieces and killed them.

    Although the soldiers of “the apple of God’s eye” fired on the two lions, those wily four-legged cats managed to escape from their lair and hid in one of the zoo offices.

    And while the Israelis (America’s lil’ darlings) did not shoot the foxes, those little fellows turned on each other for food when the zookeepers were not able (due to the military action in Gaza) to get to them in time to feed them. The hysterical foxes mauled each other to death in a frenzied act of cannibalism.

    A pregnant camel died after a missile cut it down, tearing a foot-long hole in the side of the fabled “horse of the desert.” A pathetic picture of the camel, which clearly took some time to die—very much in agony—was released to the world, but few people saw the ugly image.

    While Israel has asserted that its military is the “most moral” armed force of any nation on the planet, the real nature of Israel was bared to the world although not to the extent that it should be—when the truth about the Israeli army’s shocking attack on the Gaza Zoo came to the fore.

    The horrible story was told in the January 25 issue of Gulf News, published in Abu Dhabi, and has been repeated on websites on the Internet, but a check of the vaunted “news” source of Google, the Internet giant (owned by two billionaires who are supporters of Israel) indicates that the story has never appeared in any newspaper or magazine catalogued by Google. But the “moral” Israelis weren’t content with butchering the animals. They even defaced the walls of the main building and ripped out one of the toilets.

    When the zookeeper was asked why the Israelis targeted the zoo, he said, “I don’t know. You have to go and ask the Israelis. This is a place where people come to enjoy themselves. It’s not a place of politics.”

    Responding to claims by Israel that Palestinians were firing rockets from civilian areas, the zookeeper said: “There was not a single person in this zoo. Just the animals. We all fled before they came. What purpose does it serve to walk around shooting animals and destroying the place?” (Well, that reminds me the perfecly made 1940 movie by the Third Reich called; DER EWIGE JUDE – The Eternal Jew – where they showed the inhuman and horrible treatment of defenseless animals by jews as their “religious act”)

    During the past four years, the zoo was the most popular place in Gaza for the Christian and Muslim children of Gaza. There was nowhere else for people to go. The Israelis destroyed the zoo and God’s four-legged creatures therein. See opposite side for shocking information revealing how America’s socalled “ally” Israel has committed terrorist acts against American military forces in the Middle East . . .

    This special report on the Gaza Zoo and on Israeli terrorism against Americans (see other side) is sponsored by AMERICAN FREE PRESS, 645 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, #100, Washington, D.C. 20003. Call toll-free 1-888-699-6397 to order more copies. 1-24 copies are $1 each. 25-49 copies are 75¢ each. 50-99 copies are 60¢ each. 100+ copies are just 50¢ each.


    • 13th Gen. American

      I knew it. I shoulda put money on it before. He is a skinhead.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Ya know as a Christian I should be praying for your soul. Being human I do fall short. I find myself praying He has a very slow burning oven, sorta like the one hitler “didnt” have. One that will not just let you feel the agony of all those people he “didnt”kill collectivly but individualy. OH whait, He does, Its called the lake of fire.

    • Norm


      You’re out of your f—ing mind!!

  • Doug

    Are you out of your mind Jimmy Carter is one dumb ass cracker! Please tell me where Palestine was? There never was on these people were living in Eygpt and they don’t want them also. Isareal is doing what they have to do defend themselves. Wake up what if Canada was shooting rockets into the US what hell do you think we would do. Palestinians are like illegal aliens nothing but pull on hard working societies.

  • tryingtoreason

    I believe that the constitution was founded by God as a means of preventing needless unrest between differing world veiws. The constitution prevents people from falling into tribal warfare of atheist vs morom, catholic vs budhist . . . ect. While we as Christians continue to fight over predestination, baptism, and doubting God (though these are important issues by implication), we have failed to recognize that far greater evils than mere doubt or improper doctrine have infiltrated our society. It is getting so bad that people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE are disturbed by it. we face a far greater problem now than simply having unbelievers. A few of our founding fathers were not believers. What we face now is an ANTI FAMILY MOVEMENT. The unthinkable is happening. Men are marrying other men. Women are killing unborn babies. Tv is being filled with porn and gore. Look, this is not just a christian issue. This is American issue. The is a civilization issue. SOCIETY IS ENTERING A DARK AGE. keep this saying in your mind and don’t forget it . .



  • Myke

    John F Kennedy abolished the Federal Reserve.

  • Norm

    I grew up in a middle sized city in New England. There were wall to wall factories, locally started and run. There were jobs for everyone who could breathe; educated professionals, high school grads, high school dropouts, and emigrants who could not even speak English. EVERYONE worked and they were fairly compensated.

    Then greed came along. The city needed more taxes for schools, courthouses, social programs etc. The labor unions wanted more, ever more. The golden goose could not keep up. Large American corporations greedily bought up the money strapped locals. They moved operations south where things were cheaper (temporarily), invested minimally in new technologies, and drained every dime into their corporate pocketbooks.

    Dick Nixon opened the door to China. China, by the way, is a communist country about 4 times larger than the US in population. The Chinese worker made much less than the US worker. Any greedy executive could see $$. So jobs went overseas, corporations saved money, and executives paid themselves millions. Greedy stockholders (myself included) also did OK.

    Chinese don’t pay US taxes and they are not are friends. Unemployed Americans pay no taxes and underemployed workers pay very little.

    Americans can no longer produce what we consume or even grow enough food to feed ourselves. China and other offshore countries own us.

    So why inflation? Obama’s 5 month presidency – not.
    GREED, lack of honor and morals, and disregard for country – I think yes. People buying beyond there limited means on credit, and relying on artificially low interest rates to keep them out of the bankruptsy that they deserve- I think yes.

  • how then

    Obviuosly, the conversation is closed, and I must assume the “players” have their own little world of conspiracy, deception by the far left – ONLY. They obviously are participating in the continued dumbing down of America formula…or right vs. left + religion + socialism + etc. = cover for stealing from taxpayers’ pockets. Goodbye lunatics!

  • 50 Peso Gold

    “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect
    savings from confiscation through inflation. … This is the shabby
    secret of the welfare statists’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending
    is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the
    way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property
    rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the
    statists’ antagonism toward the gold standard.” – Alan Greenspan

  • Onza Libertad

    “All paper money returns to its intrinsic value – Zero”
    - Voltaire

  • Norah Lidge

    Based on this premise, insurance companies have replaced the “claim payment” approach with the “claim management” approach which translates into claims delays, claims denials, devalued claim settlements, and unwarranted insurance disputes, all orchestrated with the blessings of management.

  • Dortha Colo

    It amazes me when people tell me that “MY adjuster said he/she would pay a certain amount of dollars for my total home loss. But the value of my home is more than what the adjuster is now saying he/she will pay me. What can I do?” LISTEN TO THIS, and I say this kindly, THAT ADJUSTER DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU!!!! Don’t get confused about who is working for whom, because they WANT you to “feel” that they are looking out for your best interest, when they really are NOT.

  • football nike mercurial vapor

    Thanks a lot for the auspicious writeup. It if honestly was once any enjoyment account the idea. Look complicated to far delivered gratifying from you! However, how could we communicate?


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