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Inventories running low as Americans stock up on ammunition

May 6, 2009 by  

Inventories running low as Americans stock up on ammunitionIn the face of an uncertain economy, and the government’s efforts to tighten gun control, gun and ammunition sales are rising.

CNN has recently reported gun shops across the country are running out of ammunition as people worry the Obama administration will increase taxes on bullets or introduce new gun-control measures.

"People are buying cases or whatever they can get their hands on and putting it away," says Richard Taylor, manager of The Firing Line, a gun shop and shooting range in the Denver area, quoted by the news organization.

He added " it’s gotten very, very difficult to find ammunition" in the last two months.

Meanwhile, according to a recent article in Time Magazine, the nation is also seeing a boom in gun sales. Quoting SportsOneSource, a research firm that tracks the sporting goods industry, it says firearms sales in large retail outlets have increased by 39 percent this year

This also comes at a time when fewer Americans support gun control laws.

A recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll found that while in 2001 some 54 percent favored stricter regulations, the number has fallen to 39 percent today.


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  • Robin Berry

    Better than stocking up on ammo, please contact your elected officials both local, state and federal and ‘speak your piece’ let them know your concerns and why. Remind them that they work for you and you want less governmental invasion of privacy. Then go get your history book and re-read about the rise to power in the 1920′s of a rogue group of individuals who also pushed for responsible gun ownership, training of the youth, community spirit, etc… in the small country of Germany where most all of the people were well educated, employed and thought that Nationalisms was the way to go….. with Adoph Hitler.

    • Gerald

      It will not do much good here in NH. For the past four decades, we have had our own ‘special’ immigration problem; liberals from mass, conn ny ect, have taken over the southern part of the state and now out number us. And on voting days we see one heck of a lot of new faces, that arive in vehicles with plates that are NOT NH. Hence the legislature is now an english speaking version of the rieshtag.

      • Robin Berry

        As a precinct judge you do have recourse. If your local precinct is unable or unwilling to report voting irregularities, then go up to the state level, then to the federal level. Some one will listen, if not then I would get as much information as you can, license plates, become a “poll watcher” and report these things to the Federal Commission or to the Heritage Society as they would know to whom to get the ball rolling. Good luck

      • Gerald

        Well, Mr. Berry,
        the orginization I worked with has been working on this for years and we have been doing that, in addition,we have spent hundreds of hours tracking down the people on the voter registration cards. All of the information has been sent to the “appropriate govt agencys in the state. but since the libs are in charge,
        the data some how dissapears. The patricians in the state party when pressured will only give lip service if that. Normaly we are ignored.
        Yes the copies have been sent to some fed(s), The reply made no sense.

      • Used to be a liberal

        Robin Berry, and to others who can see the all too uncomfortable similarities between the tactics that Obama and his cohorts are using, and those used by the National Socialist Democratic Party of Germany under Adolph Hitler. I am glad that I am not the only one. I thought for awhile that it was my imagination working overtime. I now see that is not the case.

        I don’t think anyone wants to see an armed revolution, but it would appear that people are preparing for it. A civil war, this time around would be far bloodier, and more vicious then our first civil war.

        We once had elected representatives, these people on both sides now regard themselves as our rulers. We have one government with two heads, the proverbial two headed snake. Obama has brought this to light, however it did not start with him. The “change” began in about 1955, a little at time. No politician would have dared to try anything like this immediately after 1945, our fathers and grandfathers fought a world war against this sort of thing. Prior to the beginning of WW2, there were many well known “connected” people, and politicians who thought and believed that Hitler had the right idea. Joe Kennedy, [JFK's father] was one, as was Rockefeller, and someone with the last name of Bush. There is a history, look it up. Very odd to that in the late 50′s and early 60′s Hitler was portrayed as a right wing extremist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, along with every other demigod, elitist, tyrant in the last 100 years were all leftist socialist control freaks.

        It is going to be up to the people of this country to put a stop to this very dangerous progression of loss of individual freedoms and responsibilities, the loss of basic rights, and the erosion of our constitution.

        There is a slim chance to change this, but that will be in 2010, and not with a 3rd political party, that won’t work. I believe that the best chance to change this, is if independents run, and run as independents, even against those who claim to be conservative Republicans, they need to be taken to task and not be given a free ride.

        I don’t know if anyone else has picked up on this, but do you remember when Obama said he was going to visit all 57 states, everyone got a chuckle from that, but I am sure you are aware that there are 57 Islamic states.

        Then there is this other “thing” Obama has said on more then one occasion, he has referred to his 12 year presidency. Remember that Bush was given, or brought in special powers that would allow the president to cancel an election or elections, in the event of an emergency. Just a little more to think about.

    • PaulyBoy

      I’ve written, written, faxed, called (ans machines always full), written, emailed and written some more. All of them; Reid and my congressmen and state guys. They repeatedly ignore or reply with “canned letters” basically saying ‘thanks’ for my viewpoint, they’ll do as they please anyway. There’s only one way to prevail, we gotta get the bums out of there.

      The mind of a Progressive is incapable of understanding Liberty…
      - YT

      • Robin Berry

        Never stop. Fewer than 3% of our population ever call, write, or email their elected officials. There are still some officials with integrity, but they have to know how you feel. If you are getting a form letter, your are being acknowledged and someone read what you have to say. It IS important. It maybe a staff person, but they report the general consensus to the official. Write often and write well. Don’t name call, rant and rave, just report your wishes for their support as your representative and when you can – give names and dates for them to have investigated. You and I, the tax payer, pay people in our local Voter Registration Offices. If those people are breaking the law, call the police. Make a report. Find out who is in authority of that office and a couple of levels above that. Copy the report to all. They have to answer a paper trail — start one. They do. (Educate a Progressive, make them tell you the whole circle of ‘effect.’ They won’t be able to do so, so have them think on it and get back to you, then follow up. It is very effective when you teach a person to ‘show’ you how it is done – on paper or by reference. When they cannot, many have ‘learned’ to think. They may never let you know, but it does work.) Plant the seeds. Let God water the ground.

    • KC

      I would agree with you only one problem with this is that they are not listening to us. We have told them about illegals and what have our elected officials done? Nothing…they won’t listen to us here either. The time for talk is over…has been for quit some time now.

      • Robin Berry

        Again, as I stated above. As a tax payer, you pay for a Voter Registration Office, find out their boss, and a couple of levels above. If you have approached them with plate numbers, dates, etc.. and they do nothing – call their boss, make a police report that they are engaging in what you suspect is voter fraud and you have tried to report it. Go several layers above. It is your right as a registered voter and citizen of that state for them to satisfy you that they are being fair. Call the Heritage Society for help. Vote, educate your friends and neighbors, start a TEA Party, run for office (it isn’t that hard to get on your local ballot.) Do everything you can legally do. Become a poll watcher with a dozen or more of your friends. Take a camera in the unrestricted areas for the plate numbers you suspect. There is a lot you can do, write your editors in the local papers, start a local blog, people are fired up, network, get a new guy in the office. In 18 months there will be a new tide in the works. I am only sorry it has taken a catastrophe to get the apathetic public involved in their politics.

    • Mark

      While waiting for your representatives to respond to your concerns with the standard generic form letter, you may want to look up the following in your history book.

      In 1938, gun control was established in Germany. From 1939 to 1945, approximately 8 million Jews, 12 million Christians and millions of other “undesirables” were rounded up and exterminated.

    • Larry

      Now You got the nerve to compare us to Nazis. Why don’t you read your history and find out what happens to people who systematically have their rights taken away.
      this is America, not Nazi Germany. .Are you comparing our leader to Adolph Hitler. You should be ashamed of yourself.And you call yourself an American.

      • Robin Berry

        I have read my history on Mr. Hilter and if the shoe fits….

      • Robin Berry
        Read up on the hows and what Hilter did to get where he did. He told the people what they wanted to hear and when he got where he had all the cards, he did what he wanted to do – he didn’t care about the Jews, the Christians, the working class or the dissenters that he condemned to experimentation, torture, and murder. He was a monster with no Christian morals – no morals but his own. That the good people of Germany were duped was horrible. Most went quietly to the ‘concentration’ camp they had no clue it was their last move, they thought they could wait out until the next ‘election.’ Go to a Holocaust museum or a Synagogue and talk to the people.

      • Jim

        It only took Hitler 6 months to turn Germany from a voting Republic into what our fathers and grandfathers died to defeat. What you see happening right before your eyes is the same. Hitler used class warfare and brilliant speaches to get what he wanted. In order to keep the poor working class Germans on his side, Hitler had to sacrafice someone (Jews). Who do you think Obama will be willing to sacrafice to keep his power?

      • DeJay

        Larry, you’ve been asleep too long. What we have is not a democracy but fascism. Our political people and corporate CEO’s are puppets controlled by a secret cabal working in the shadows. The reason it is secret is because you and your peers don’t bother to find out about it. If our politicians listened to us and all the organizations fighting for justice, we wouldn’t be in the sorry economic shape we’re now in.

    • Tom

      You mean like Obammy wants his youth brigades and civil forces, right? He desires the selfsame programs HERE as in former Germany, he wants larger Gov’t control of nearly every facet of our lives, he wants the populace disarmed, wants our children to be wards of the State (and the United nations), wants our Constitution to be rewritten or dismantled, and desires Marxist philosophies and programs to flourish here to establish his “dream” nation.

      I think it’s YOU who need to be ashamed. Your head is in the sand and you’re wearing blinders on your eyes.

      • Robin Berry

        AMEN! And by the way, I am not only stocking up, I am taking up the Bow as well, just in case powder becomes ‘suddenly’ unavailable. Man those arrow points are wicked.

      • Terry

        I agree with all you said. Even worse, there’s EVIDENCE of what is to come if anyone cares to check it out. An article told of 800 detention centers across the U.S. that are ALREADY set up on sites of defunct military bases. The bill that was passed to do this, CLAIMS that they are to be “emergency centers” for people in time of terrorist attack, etc. COME ON……WHO ARE THEY KIDDING??? Go to the web site….it also lists unlimited powers already given to the president to control just about everything!….and the LOCATIONS of these camps by state in a town near you:

        Read and prepare!

      • Mike51

        You bet, he is correct with his comparison of the two men. Obama is using the very same tactics that Adolf Hitler did first to gain the public’s confidence, trust, and votes with his big smile, rhetoric, and empty promises. Then totally changing his tactic after he got into office. This is the very same thing Adolf Hitler did before taking over Germany. If you can’t see the similarities between the two men then you are not looking or refuse to acknowledge them.

    • jimster

      Why bother? I called my Representative about the bailouts. He said thanks for the input, calls have been going ten to one agaist. SO HE VOTES FOR IT ANYWAY!

    • http://Robin D.P.A.

      I think the elected in this country, think the don’t answer to “We The People”, or we are tooooo stupid to know what is good for us. Then there are some, that are able to do something, that just won’t rock the boat, go along to get along!! Think there needs to be a large number of EMPTY chairs in Washington, with a BIG Help Wanted sign posted out side.

  • Robin from Indiana

    The way things are going, we are afraid we are going to lose our right to keep and bear arms. I don’t blame anyone for buying guns and/or stocking up on ammunition. If Marshall Law is declared, we will need our guns to protect our families and property. Yes… we are those who cling to our guns and Bible!

    • Betty Read

      Somewhere in my Bible it says, “Thou shalt not kill.” I also remember a crowd yelling that Barrabas who was calling for an uprising against the Romans walking free while another kindly soul who preached things like love, peace, feed the hungry, give your cloak to the poor, etc…..was executed. At the time of his arrest when Peter attacked a Roman soldier, Jesus said, “Put down your weapon.” Stop clinging and start reading…..

      • Robin from Indiana

        My Bible also says Thou Shall Not Kill. I am not talking about becoming a sniper and picking off people who are not expecting it. I am talking about in a situation where it is kill or be killed. I will fight to my dying breathe to see that my kids and grandbaby are not harmed. God is a God of justice. I know He is more than capable of handling evil. I also know that my Bible tells me that my days are numbered. When it is my time to die, I will die. It’s that simple. If it be at the hands of an attacker, cancer, car accident, whatever, I will join my Lord. Living in a world where everyone gets along and we all sit around a campfire singing KumByAh, sounds wonderful; I am all for it. But it’s not going to happen in this lifetime.

      • Lee Rosson

        Respectfully submit that the early commandment was ” thou shall not murder. It was changed to “kill” in a later translation. Note the difference

        • Betty Read

          Partially agree. Earliest of translations I could find said “Kill.” However, later books of the Bible (Deuteronomy and Numbers) give it definition, prohibiting killing within the sacred community but even then sanctuaries were provided until a decision could be reached by the community about whether it was premeditated homicide or accidental manslaughter (not those modern sophisticated legal terms we now use of course). The commandment as later defined in the Law did not prohibit killing in war or as capital punishment.

      • Tom

        With this type of misuse of the Scriptural context’s, our nation would NEVER have been founded…….and you would not be free to worship as you do.

        You should be thanking God Almighty that many before you paid with their own blood to keep this nation free.

      • DeJay

        So what are you saying, we should lay down and let them walk all over us?

        • Betty Read

          I don’t feel like anyone is walking all over me – I have a voice and can find those in Congress to appeal to. In 3-2/3 years I can vote again. And, I am loyal to my country – I will not advocate civil war…. There is too much talk in this subject about keeping our guns to shoot fellow Americans we feel are taking our rights away. I still have my rights, my freedom to speak and my guns to shoot wild game with…..

      • Tikvah

        Check again. The law is “though shalt do no murder.” Killing in defense of self, family and property is not the same a pre-meditated murder, of which scripture is speaking. Text out of context is pretext.

        • Betty Read

          Pray tell me what translation are you referring to? I have searched and find only “Thou shalt not kill” in the book of Exodus. If you will read my previous messages concerning Deuteronomy and Numbers you will see where I found the definitions of murder succinctly defined. While not outlined, I think protection of the “sacred community” would be inclusive of protection of one’s family and property. Will appreciate knowing just what translation says, “do no murder.” I went back to Saint Jerome….

      • Michael

        BettyRead Wrong you are. Take any context of where any Bible says kill and you will find that, in context, the reference will be to the taking of innocent life. This is one of the most often mis-quoted verses of the Bible along with ” Money is the root of all evil “. I hope you do not think that your Bible says that either. If your Bibles say either of these things then grind them up into pulp and burn them!, get a properly translated version and stop hurting people that may not be educated in scripture.

        • Betty Read

          Stop judging and start reading, Michael. If you do you will find I have researched several versions of the Bible and two interpreter Bibles and find exactly what you do – innocent life is protected within the sacred community. But you must read beyond the commandments in Exodus where it says, “Thou shalt not kill.” Read over in Deuteronomy and Numbers to find where there is greater discourse on life within the sacred community and how it is protected. I would never try to hurt anyone who reads their Bibles, but do want them to know they must read further than one line sometimes to see the whole story unfold.

      • Sedg

        Actually the Bible is often misquoted about “Thou shalt not kill”. The original interpretation lost for many years is ” Thou shalt not commit murder”. There is a big difference between the two statements. Killing is not always murder. If so there would be a lot of us veterans guilty of “murder”.

        • Betty Read

          Hi and thank you for your reply Sedg. If you will read other of my comments on this subject, you will find I have researched this subject well. The commandment in Exodus says clearly, “Thou shalt not kill.” However, Mosaic law is greater than the one liners in Exodus. Must cover several books of the Old Testament (especially Deuteronomy and Numbers) to see that protection of the Sacred Community is expected to the point of death. I certainly feel that you, members of my family and all others that have fought for our country were fighting for “Our Sacred Community – America.”

    • Mike51

      If Marshal Law is declared, the people of the United States if they are going to defend their property and family, then they also need to back each other up so that when the goon squad comes for 1 patriot, they will have to deal with several patriots at the same time. The police or whatever goon squad that comes to arrest a person will come to your home with several officers to back them up, so you will also need to be backed up by other patriots. Otherwise they will just arrest you or pick you off one at a time.

  • M.Randolph

    My neightbor recently had a break-in by an illegal mexican with a gun. She was home at the time and using her pepper-spray disabled the man until the police arrived. One of the police asked her if she wanted to press charges (imagine!), the other one told her “next time shoot him, drag him inside, then call us” – is that what this country is coming to?

    • mike s

      Finally, some good cops.

      • Tracye

        Finally, a good man with common sense and the ability to see the problem. The criminals have all the rights and the rest are screwed.

    • Dale

      Promote that that officer to watch commander or better then that how about head of homeland security.

    • jojosegura

      yup that’s what it’s coming to for sure there will be a lot more to come for sure, that’s awesome I haven’t heard of a police officer saying that in a long time but it’s legal as long as you do it before they get there hehehe I also think that the government is taking the guns and amo off the shelves so we cant buy it so stock up people were gonna have a war on our hands because the government wont do anything so we’ll have to do it our selves.

      • Valverde

        Actually the government had begun buying all “brass” (that is, shell casings) from shooting ranges and taking the used “brass” from government firing ranges and stockpiling it. When asked about this by the NRA a person with the Brady Bunch (gun control freaks) said, “If we can’t control their guns we will control their ability to get ammunition.” The NRA immediately filed suit in federal court to have this stopped. The government immediately stopped stockpiling used brass. Their excuse was, “We were only going to grind it up and ship it to China so they could make things for us.” I have some swampland I want to sell you, too, if you believe that. Cheez.

        • jojosegura

          true true, but either way they’re trying to take our rights away

    • Lee Rosson


    • BeckySS

      Many years ago I had a single, older, neighbor who kept a can of oven cleaner on a chair next to her door. The idea being if someone got the door open, they wouldn’t be able to see to do anything else.

  • Butch

    The politicians are all bought and paid for and nobody will vote them out of office so what do you expect. They have already gave away our money for generations to come, next they will try to disarm the citizens. It is hard to find ammunition in California and it has to be one of the most liberal states. I think that patriotic Americans will have to stand up for their rights before it is too late.

    • Dave

      I think another interesting angle on this ammunition ‘shortage’ is that police departments are also having trouble purchasing ammunition for their training needs, etc. at least that is what I heard very recently on a talk radio station and the caller was a man with more than 15 yrs. of buying and selling ammunition for municipalities.

      I don’t know, but I now wonder if our military will also experience ammunition shortages; hmmm.
      as for the gun rights and states’ angle, Montana recently passed a new piece of legislation and it is on its way to the governor. In a nutshell, it says to the federal gov’t: Butt out of our business!!
      Texas is working on the exact same legislation as well as Utah.
      These are states that have come to the correct conclusion that it is time to fight back, and this will definitely go to the Supreme Court as we all know the federal gov’t wants to and intends to control ‘everything’ in all of the states.
      I say “Good for Montana, Texas and Utah. I am now thinking of moving to one of those states.”

      • Tracye

        It’s already plain to see the military is screwed. I know some who are in the military who said, that if he was elected , he was going to get us all killed. I hope the worthless piece of craps who voted for him are happy. Maybe it will be their kids who get it. He is a worthless individual and teh color of his skin has nothing to do with it. I’m not a racist and the color of his skin does not make the man. PERIOD.

  • Dirty Harry

    What did people expect from a Harvard elitist ? They are intent to make everyone slaves to the state. What they can not pass through legislation, they will do through the courts. One way to fight back is to boycott anything owned by the liberals. i.e. GE, NBC, MSNBC, CNN – only buy from conservative stores. Refuse to associate with the left. They have the largest mouths but they are not a majority or we would already have gun control and no churches.

    • Dave from CA

      Dirty Harry

      Right on. We need to stop giving our money to the folks who want to control our lives. GE is a big one.

      Stay alert fellow Patriots. The time is near.

    • Jeanne

      Not only is “O” a Harvard elitist, but think back to where he was “probably” born and where he was raised…..His background supports his ideology….

  • Jim Terry

    Had we been taught civics, The United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and what the true meaning of liberty means as an American, there would be no such blasphemy as gun control. This Federal Republic exists solely because of the minds of FREE citizens. We all have both the right and the responsibility to understand in no uncertain terms what we have been granted by God. The godless are working 24/7 to take it away as fast as humanly possible. The godless have no idea of the beast they are awakening. The godless need to figure out that they work for US, and not the other way around. Molon Labe.

    • Dan T

      So true, absolutely perfect. You hit the nail on the head

    • Mike51

      The Founding Fathers created the 2nd amendment not just to use guns for hunting but also to use them to defend ourselves from an oppressive tyrannical government.

  • ChromeDome

    They “think” that they will disarm Americans… No fool in his right mind is going to go quietly into the night.

  • Tritonal

    Somewhere in all this usurpation, the 10th Amendment, the full authority of States Rights, will surface. Call me crazy, but history is repeating itself–look at the rise of Hitler as Robin points out–except this time we aren’t completely, 100% stupid enough to not see it coming. The intent of the liberal wolves is flip society on it’s head so that the taxpaying, law-abiding citizen will become the criminals pursued by the zerobama gestapo. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the United States Constitution and the blood shed by Patriots on behalf of future generations. Destroy the Constitution, and the Republic will be destroyed and America as we’ve known it ceases to exist.


    Our founding fathers brought forth a new nation by tea parties,radical ideas such as
    independence as opposed to submission.Now our own media and government portray
    any patriot as more dangerous than terrorists that they want to grant freedom!

    • Bill Vance

      I think we came to this sad state of what we have in control at the White House and both branches of goverment ,because Republicans lost the party guides of conservitism. We had lots of pork 40% in the bail outs that came from GOP, and look at what they ran for the White House . We need true conservities to run and stop this run away spending. WE could see some one next time who would be a christian not a muslem and may even reconize the national day of prayer.

      • Valverde

        Maybe Nobama would have recognized the National Day of Prayer if someone had given him a prayer rug and a floor to bump his head against.

  • Loren

    For years I have advocated that buying gold was a waste of resources. The truly most valuable precious metal is lead. Because with lead I can protect my family, my food and my property. Some say that with lead you can take gold… so you have to prepare yourself to use the gun. Absolutely take a safety course from a well qualified source. Practice shooting and get to know your weapon as if it were an extension of your hand. Read “In Gravest Extreem” by Masaud Ayoob (Probably not spelled correctly) but I highly recommend it. An uncle that accidenly killed his younger brother while hunting as a pre-teenager once told me. “Never point a gun at anyone unless you intend to kill them”. This statement really speaks of the seriousness of handling a gun. Reading the above book gives you the tought process ahead of time on whether or not to pull the trigger.

    I love this country and it is sad that politicians are causing the very unrest that is creating a situation where many folks will be purchasing handguns that will not take the time or effort to be safe….not only for them but for their family. I believe that our political system is going to have to change to a system that allows the people to be represented, not the lobbyists.

    • Betty Read

      Guess I shouldn’t have visited this site but I did and am terrified at the comments I see. Equating Obama to Hitler – talking about needing guns to defend oneself from our government – this spooked me. I have guns used to hunt with – but I am certainly not hunting Democrats or folks who voted for Obama – I hunt game with my guns. I would certainly use those guns for self defense if someone attempted to harm me or a member of my family – but NEVER EVER against another American citizen simply because they differed from me politically. I have utter disdain for those who feel our country is corrupted because of the present administration – do they lack the patriotism to accept the chosen of the people? Do they not have faith in our system that will allow them to bring about change at the ballot box in four more years? I went to a gun show not too long ago and had NO PROBLEM purchasing a hand gun after completing alot of paper work (which I consider a protective device against those who might threaten my life and property). But, I am absolutely dumbfounded over the automatic weapons and explosive devices FOR SALE at these shows – who in the world needs weapons to destroy multitudes at one time – Terrorists? Or Anti-Democrats? Hate talk does breed hate. Just think back to JFK!

      • Beartrainer

        Next time you happen by a gun show, go talk to someone who is selling the “automatic” weapons and “explosive devices” you mentioned. I think you’ll be surprised to learn that only after you have cleared a pile of paperwork and obtained tax stamps and been approved for such a purchase will you be able to obtain those pieces of equipment. The MSM, not knowing or caring what they’re talking about, almost consistently refer to ANY firearm as an “automatic weapon” or “assault weapon” for the purpose of selling a shock piece (article) to the public. As a law-abiding citizen, you SHOULD HAVE no problem in purchasing the firearm of your choice. Congratulations on your purchase. I hope that this administration is smart enough to honor their campaign promises of “not taking firearms away from people.” Otherwise you may be faced with the decision of whether to shoot, in self defense, members of a government group who mash your door down with the intention of riding roughshod over you and your family and taking, by force, your firearms and anything else they might want to help themselves to. Gun control is keeping all of your shots where you want them.

      • David

        Betty, there are many people out there who are afraid that our country has already peaked as a great nation and is beginning to spiral downhill quickly. “The people” did show the republicans how upset they were with them by shifting the balance, hoping that Obama and the other Dems that were voted into office would make a change for the better. But now that Obama is in office, the centrist mask has been removed. He and his gang are toying with our constitution! He does not have the right. The right to bear arms is as basic as freedom of religion.

        I agree with Dave above. Montana, Utah and Texas have started what is being called the civil “civil war” by allowing guns and amo that are produced in those states to be sold in those states without any federal intervention. I sure hope my blue state of North Carolina follows.

        • Betty Read

          Thanks for your comments, David. I live in Texas and filled out tons of paper work to buy my handgun – and danged glad there were controls. The gangs in our cities and along our border will be glad to hear they can now buy guns and ammo produced in Texas without control – heaven forbid – they seem to already know how to do this. And, by the way I AM OPPOSED to any talk of CIVIL WAR – we lost the other one (My family all from North Carolina). One nation (USA) under God (thou shalt not kill) with Liberty (how freely we can speak about our leaders) and Justice (use or buy that gun improperly and and I think you should be prosecuted) for all.

        • Tracye

          I hope and wish Tennessee gets on board. Let’s secede and tell them to get lost. We can survive without them.

      • open mind

        Betty – take down a few history books and read about what happened 10 years prior to WWII in Europe (Germany) —– especially about the rise of fascism, ‘hitler’ ——- also open a few with historical concept of what happened prior to the American Revolution and why!!! Then compare the precursors for actions that “amercans” took to what is happening now. I have even seen taped videos where “obama” had endorsed and addressed having internal youth force as strong and as financed as our military to hold the ground and inforce the rules “law” within the US. Now compare that to Hitlers “youth” militias prior to WWII. I also work for the government and am now seeing the request for us to cut back on services to the people to save a few billion dollars. Guess who the cut is going to effect — veterans. Maybe if the veteran had worked for AIG or Wall Street he/she wouldn’t have to worry about a cut – huh!?! You cannot bring an economy out of a slump due to credit by developing more credit!!!!!! And that is exactly what we are trying to do!! If you have children – love them – for that is all they will have in the future if this continues —- (may be too late now) .

        And most of all – read the constitution without anyone attempting to interpret it for you ——- to include the ammendments. And then lsten to what the media and others are saying (don’t depend on interpretation or other people like me) and decide for yourself……… I reviewed the declaration of independence the other day just to brush myself up on all the debate going on —– it is eerie how we seem to have come full circle again…….. check it out and really read those two documents that formed our society.

        PS —– ‘your ‘one nation under God’ — is even under very real threat of disappearing…… will you still be opposed to civil war if that happens?????

        Read the ‘Declaration of Independence’ —– it should answer that question for you. If you can claim to be a true a patriot as our forefathers.

        I love Jesus, NC, and the USA and am a 3rd generation soldier…. but I am not stupid, you need to open your mind and be ready —- pray that we do not have to resort to extremes.

        • Betty Read

          Open Mind,

          Read Section 8 of Article I of the Constitution. Congress if given a multitude of powers we are now seeing:

          Levy and collect taxes
          Borrow money
          Regulate commerce
          Coin money
          Promote science and arts
          Raise and support armies, navy etc. and discipline the Military (but no approriation of funds for more than 2 years – how long in Iraq?
          Define and punish Piracy and Felonies against Law of Nations
          Make rules concerning Captures on land and waters

          While fearful for economic outcome, the federal government has these rights. Yep, the Bill of Rights articles define many of the state and personal rights – but we can’t keep picking and choosing bits and pieces for the sake of argument – we must look at the whole document.

          As for the Declaration of Independence, I do not feel my pursuit of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is being threatened to the extent that we need a revolution… I am alive in spite of losing lots of money during this economic crunch. I am at liberty to speak out against or for my governing bodies. I continue to pursue happiness through my faith, my family and my friends.

          I praise and thank God daily that I am an American and pray for those in positions of leadership….

      • M.Randolph

        You have my utmost sympathy for your outlook. Wait – is it sympathy or disgust?! Probably both!

      • Valverde

        BTW, it wasn’t hate talk that got JFK killed, but a communist sympathizer. Whether there was a conspiracy or not is another question, but there was no doubt that Oswald was a com-symp.

        • DeJay

          Val, you too need to do some searching to find the truth. Secret papers have reveaaled the JFK was shot twice from the front and twice fron the rear. JFK was planning to back to the gold standard and the monied powers that be had him killed.

        • Valverde

          DeJay: I said, Oswald was a communist sympathizer and he was the one that shot Kennedy in the back of the head. This does not rule out other people firing at him – and hitting him. I stand by what I said: it wasn’t hate talk that killed JFK, but people who shot him, whether in a conspiracy or not. Oswald was a com-symp. Of this there is no doubt.

      • Valverde

        Be careful how loudly you speak. I personally know of a man who spoke out against the current economic policies, especially the government takeover of private business (GM and Chrysler) and was told to shut up or else. The secret service came to his house and tried to “look around” but he wouldn’t let them. He did not threaten or write nor speak anything that could be construed as threatening (I saw what he wrote and know he did not say anything threatening). He simply said that the takeover of GM and Chrysler was Socialist and a danger to our country, which is absolutely true. So, you will have a hard time convincing me that our present government is for my welfare. The only welfare it is for is Welfare. Socialism reminds me of the arcade game called “Whack a Weasel” where the player would have a little plastic bat in their hand and “Weasels” would pop their heads up on the play-board and the job of the player was to Whack them and keep their heads down. That is what Socialism does and is the government fools who do the Whacking. That is what happened in the Soviet Union. I don’t intend to become a weasel and let the real weasels try to whack me.

      • Rich

        Dear Betty, Several years ago a book entitled “None Dare Call it Treason” by a man named Stormer was written. Although a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, you need to read it… This problem the U.S. faces dates a lot farther back than most realize, and the upper crust of both parties are part of the problem…

  • Bladerunner

    Betty, you really need to get a grip. First of all, no “automatic” weapons or active explosives are sold at gun shows. If you see a machine gun at one of these shows it is demilitarized and rendered incapable of firing. There are very specific Federal laws regarding the sale, ownership, and use of an “automatic” (machine gun) weapon. One must have a valid FFL Title II license and all Title II weapons must be registered with BATF. Google “Knob Creek Machine gun shoot,” or “Dillon Aero.” If you see a hand grenade at a gun show, pick it up and you will see the hole drilled in the bottom where the explosive was removed.

    Moreover, if you think there is any comparison between JFK and Obama simply because they are both Democrats, you are sadly uninformed.

    • Betty Read

      Thanks, Bladerunner. I wasn’t about to pick up any of those devices and check them out and did not know the requirements for purchasing anything like an AK-47, as being just an “average” citizen, I had no use for them. Told David I am not participating in the Civil War (Smile).

      • Bladerunner

        Betty, please do a little homework on the difference between an automatic weapon (machine gun) and a semi-auto. An AK47, for example, can be either depending on the firing mechanisms. Please watch this video. Here a police officer will educate you on the difference between “assault” weapons and semi-autos.

        • Betty Read

          Thank you, Bladerunner, but I couldn’t get access with the attachment you gave me. Willing always to learn, but not sure I would ever advocate private ownership of a weapon that is designed to kill in large numbers. I think I could do enough to stop an intruder with the guns I own – just have to pull the trigger multiple times. Do appreciate your educating me though – I couldn’t believe a) I went to a gun show and b) I bought a gun there. Coming of age I guess. Did notice the auto and explosive displays and thought them all for real. Did notice also a bunch of folks who didn’t look like they needed to be buying firearms….

      • Bladerunner

        BTW, Betty, if, God forbid, this mess we are in results in a “civil” war (an oxymoron IMO), no one will be excluded regardless of their convictions or their desire to “stay out of it.” Our best hope at this time is for the states to proclaim clearly their individual soveriegnty under the 10th Amendment. Please visit the site I posted above.

      • Valverde

        We the people have rights, but they are not given to us by the government. God is the One Who gives rights. The government will only take away rights. One right they have usurped is our 14th Amendment rights where anything not stated in the Constitution is reserved to the states. Yes, the government has broad powers in the Constitution, but the intent of our founding fathers was clear in that they did not trust government. Our government was supposed to be a republic, not a democracy. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten this. In a republic we are protected from the strong. The way things have gotten now, it is, “I have the army or the police force and you had better do as I say or else.” You may say, “No it isn’t.” and I wouldn’t disagree with you, but I look around and wonder why the government saw the need to start gathering to itself “brass” in order that people could no longer have ammunition for their guns. I wonder why the government has “camps” of 1000 acres or so out west than you will never hear about in the news media, that they call “training centers”. Funny thing though, there never is any training there behind the barbed wire and high fences. Makes one wonder. This has been going on since the ’90s. Look up and look at their documents. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, look for yourself. dig deeply, sometimes what you may be looking for may be hard to find. It was for me. My brother and I spent the better part of a month digging into all this and we came up with some terrifying results. See for yourself. Don’t take my word for yourself. Our government has been set on usurping our rights since the 1970s.

  • Chaun

    If you look at Pakistan, they had to remove 500,000 people from their homes because the Taliban was coming. Can you imagine the US telling 500,00 gun toting Americans to abandon their homes because of some terrorists? We would be lining up to protect our homes, city, and country. Its a proven fact that Japan’s leading generals said they never even thought of trying to invade the US during WW2 because every one here has guns. I hope MN gets in line with the new possible gun laws TX, UT, and MT are trying to pass.

  • Jeanne

    Clearly, we the electorate had many signals about what Obama was going to offer the American people….We just chose to ignore all of them….Closed our eyes and ears to everything….discounted all of it, because what he was offering was a “free ride” and the masses fell for it. “Lower taxes” for 95% of the people….new, clean energy and millions of jobs to go with it and on and on and on.
    What a scary time we have created for ourselves….All the precursors to WWII are being duplicated. Just read some of the history. Hitler came to the masses and promised them everything….sneaked in the back door, mesmerized the people with his rhetoric….Sound familiar? Think about how he’s getting into the banks, and our corporations and controlling them….And all of this in just 100 days!

  • Jeanne

    We need to be reminded to be vigilant. The Socialist Party candidate for President of the US, Norman Thomas said this in a 1944 speech:

    The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened! He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform

    • Valverde

      Right on! I have been spreading this speech for the last two years. Only thing, I had the year Thomas said it wrong. Thanks for enlightening me.

  • Don

    One thing I see missing in your good discussions is the futility of gun laws. Gun laws are created to stop criminals…right? Wrong! Criminals don’t care about gunlaws…they are criminals. There is a law before congress now the “Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009″ that is a front for gun control of the populace. The criminal that shot Blair Holt had already broken all of Chicago’s many gun laws. Do you seriously think that one more law would have stopped him? Wake up people any gun control law is for the law abiding citizen and do nothing to stop a criminal. This is proven every day in Cities that have very strong gun control laws (D.C.). their crime rate is the highest!!

    • Robin Berry

      Thank you! I have a devil of a time explaining to people that ‘people who break the laws don’t register anything,’ they just buy on the black market or steal what they want.
      I used to live in Houston and when I was burglerized, it was concluded that illegals went ‘shopping’ in my home, my clothes, appliances, lamps??? I was told not to replace the expensive stuff because likely they would be back in 30 days to ‘shop’ again. It was then that I got a gun and slept in the living room for several weeks. I felt violated.
      Think about this people, if you were a felon, would YOU go and try to buy a gun legally? Get a grip, these people DO NOT PLAY BY THE RULES THAT YOU DO!

    • Valverde

      Switzerland has the lowest crime rate of any nation in the world and there every citizen is REQUIRED to own a gun, and they must serve in the armed forces of the country. Which wouldn’t be a bad idea for us. (Just imagine, though, how much whining and crying would come forth from the Weasels of our country). I can see it now: Queen Pelosi with her eyebrows up in her hairline, sniffling and red-eyed, crying that we couldn’t do this if Nobama were our Dictator, er, President.

      • Bladerunner

        During World War Two, Switzerland mobilized a 100,000 man army. Following the war a German officer met with the Swiss Army commander and asked him what orders he would give to his troops if Germany invaded Switzerland with 200,000 men. The Swiss Commander replied, “Shoot twice.”

  • Frank

    no one is going to take anyone’s fire arms, you republicans are soo paranoid…..

    • Robin Berry

      Here is a concise history on the rise of a demi-god. It makes for an interesting read considering many of the references to “… also his presence. He had a way of looking at you with those eyes, which could really set you alight. And somehow he was a mythical figure for women. He was a saviour, and he gave off an aura of power, and that impressed women. Like a Messiah, perhaps.”
      Remember, those who do not study History, are doomed to repeat it.

    • Tracye

      And you are an idiot!

      • Frank

        Nope not even close. But you however may be a traitor.

        • FEd-UP

          Why do you say it is paranoid to think they are trying to take away the guns? Their actions seem to be heading in that directon. CNN and MSNBC seem to exaggerate everything they report on when it comes to guns. They will not tell the whole story, just what they want to blow out of proportion.

    • Valverde

      One doesn’t have to be a Republican to be paranoid in this society, only a realist.

  • Roger Cole

    I am personally concerned about the direction our country is taking since the election, but it must have begun before the election for John McCain to be the Republican nominee. I voted for McCain while holding my nose. He certainly is not a conservative. However there was no excuse for voting for Obama. You had to have your head in the sand not to know this guy’s agenda is unamerican. But, I don’t believe, as one lady did, that anyone is fomenting revolution. It is more a “call to arms”, and I can’t disagree that we need to be prepared if indeed a coup is in the making. Just as a number of statements and slips Obama made before the election, revealed what kind of person he is, now we can see by what he has done and publicly stated he intends to do, that he, along with the courts and the Democrat congress, intends to incrementally disarm us and implement policies that will further erode freedom in this country. Note what he said while campaigning..”We live in the greatest country in the world, join with me and help me change it”

    • Robin Berry

      You are so right, Roger.
      There are ‘wolves’ in Conservative Republican clothing. (they call themselves “Moderates” and they are ‘lukewarm’ and we all know about what happens to the ‘lukewarm’ -
      Revelation 3:16 “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”
      We need to vote for people and their values, not their party affiliation. That is the problem.

    • Frank

      There are lots of reasons to vote for Obama, after the past 8 years of this coutry drifting dangerously so far to the right and becoming a police state and all the propaganda spoon fed to the American public via the media promoting the invasion of a sovern nation that was not a threat it was time to pull the nation back to the center where it belongs. Obama is far more intelligent than McCain, I always vote for the smartest of the 2 parties. Another reason is because I could not in good faith vote for a 72 year old cripple, both intellectually and physically to be the leader of this nation. Lastly I could not vote for a traitor like McCain….

      Conservatives are all guilty of treason…..

      • Valverde

        Frank, I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under but you need to get your facts straight. Left, right, center, that isn’t what it is all about. It is all about guiding this nation on a path that keeps it what it was meant to be. When a rascal such as Nobama plainly states before the election that he is going to “redistribute the wealth” that means Socialism. In Socialism the Weasel Wackers (Nobama and his henchmen) wack the heads of us to keep us from sticking our heads above the muck the Head Weasel and his henchmen have created for us to live in. That is Socialism. If you want to live in such a society and keep getting your head wacked by the Weasel Wackers, you go right ahead. I, however, will fight to keep my rights, given by God, from being taken away by the Weasel Wackers.

      • Mike

        Frank, you say you always vote for the smarter of the 2 parties. Why does it have to be 2 parties? There are a multitude of parties: Libertarian, Constitutional, Green; just to name a few. But I digress; if you voted for the smarter of the 2 parties, why did you not vote for Ron Paul? He may not have been the Republican front runner, but he was still in it. You could have written his name in like I did. So for the socialism that is ensuing, because of people like you; I thank you all, for your total and complete stupidity. At least when they throw me in a 6×9 cell, I will be able to sleep like a baby; because my conscious will be clear.

  • Don

    Frank, you sound so confident in your statement. Please enlighten me as to why you are so confident. I don’t wish to be soo paranoid. I need to have facts please.

    • Frank

      Obama himself said that he would not support bringing back the “assault rifle” ban….. You guys on the right just look for stuff to flake out about, maybe paranoid people shouldn’t own guns.

      • Bladerunner

        Frank, I hope you are enjoying all that koolaid. When the time comes and nausea strikes, you are not going to enjoy the vomit.

  • Chris

    Obama isnt a leader hes running for prom queen still. If you cant see the simialarities between hitler and obama your a zombie blinded by love of your so called messiah. yesterday 80 million gun owning Americans killed no one. god bless the US.

    • Frank

      Saw way more similarities between Bush and Hitler.. right down to rigged elections.

      • Valverde

        I don’t like Bush, but he was not in any way like Hitler. He was a giveaway RINO like too many others who called themselves Republicans. However, that being said, it was the Dimocarps that got us into this problem. Bush sure helped them. See the cuts on UTube where the Dims defend FannieMae and FreddieMac, saying they were not in trouble and defending their CEOs when they were clearly financing houses for people who could never in the world pay any of it back. We need true conservative leadership that doesn’t spend more than we take in, that believes in tough defense, that believes in God, family and country. We don’t need the ACLU and its rats. We don’t need the Queen Pelosis and Prince Hairless Reeds to tell us what to do. I managed my life just fine, and still do, though it has become more of a struggle since the Dimocarps have come in with their “Messiah” (emphasis on the Mess). Now it looks as though we are in for a long period of the government running our lives a la “It Takes A Village”.

        • Frank

          I am a true socialist, Obama and the dems are not socialist. I would never have given tax dollars to corporations, I would have siezed corporations and given their profits to the people, in the form of schools, healthcare, and eliminating the personal income tax for all.

  • True Libertarian

    Many of the comments left here are by people who are “waking up,” but I am sorry to see so many folks still in the tank for the rethuglicans. W. Bush wrecked the economy, and donated the US Treasury to war profiteers (first), bankers (second), and insiders (third). I am sorry to say that I saw most of it coming and profited handsomely to the point of retirement of my grandchildren. Then I got a fat tax break and a tax-deductible Hummer (cool to have here in Hawaii, where I will now live forever in spite of these Draconian gun laws). Why am I sorry? Because I am a true, liberty-loving patriot whose ancestors came to the US in the 1600s. Call me naive, I actually had some hope for Obama with all his talk about supporting main street against Wall Street (a very appropriate role for government). Now who is on his cabinet? Wall street. People (and believe me, I know): THE BANKS control Washington, your money, and more so every day your lives. Democrats are not the problem – - the FEDERAL RESERVE (a cabal of banks and bankers) is the problem. ONLY VOTE for people who state this, and note they could be a dem or a repub. Try Ron Paul for starters (search for him on You Tube). Then try Byron Dorgan and Dennis Kucinich. These are the few congressmen who are not in the bank’s breast pocket. And let’s be clear, Hitler was a Fascist (a conservative ideology). Bush was a Fascist too, and the banks running everything is fascism. Did you know that you have bought Citibank twice already? The company is valued at 21 billion. The US has already dumped 42 BILLION into Citibank, and what does it have to show for it? Nothing. But the value of my Citi stock has been maintained, thanks to the fascists in DC! In fact, we just posted a “profit” for the 1st Q 2009! I beg you all, please research libertarianism. I assure you, you liberty-loving folks will realize that you are libertarian, not conservative. A monarchy is conservative (e.g. Saudi Arabia, yes they have prayer in schools there). The “conservatives” came up with the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security concentration camps. And no, most democrats are no better. Please investigate libertarianism! Aloha, True.

    • Valverde

      You are NOT, I repeat, NOT a libertarian. Ron Paul is a libertarian and he doesn’t like Dimocarps. A conservative believes in true ideals like saving money, not spending it wildly on everything that comes along (sounds like you do some of that). Just where do you get your ideas from? Oh, you said your family came over in the 1600s, Massachusetts, then? The most liberal state in the union along with Cafilornia (mispelled on purpose). The government gave you money? And you bought a Hummer? Oooo, a real patriot. Libertarian not! I would gag if I had to vote for Kucinich. Your whole diatribe is filled with contradictions. Sounds like you are out for yourself, buddy, not our country.

  • Bob Fletcher

    Anyone with a brain; is going to be stocking up on everything. Guns, especially AR-15s, & M-16s. 50 caliber weapons as well.

    Then comes the important part. Don’t willingly comply, & surrender them to the government; when they become “illegal”; to own & possess.

    The only way a Free Man, & full fledged Citizen; of the Constitutional Republic; once proudly referred to; as the United States of America; hands over his weapons cache, to the government; is MUZZLE FIRST.

    Bob Fletcher

    • Mike

      Amen to that Brother! “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Thomas Jefferson. It is absolutely obvious from the article above and my local gun shop, that the people are terrifyed by the government. With that, I will leave off with one more quote from Jefferson. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

  • Winston Wolf

    I’m not sure I understand , We as Americans have voted this person into office and we realy didn’t know anything about him . And all the good work some have done is going right out the window. I agree something needs to be done but what ??
    I do have a job and I need to stay on it or rent , food and the like are gone. Yes I can rearrange to make the substantial change in time— but the very short time thats left , and they don’t listen anyway . And I do agree that time is short as americans—
    The American population are sheep going to slaughter — My great-grandfather , grandfather , father ,brothers and now my grandson have fought for this country. There has to be a way to get these Liberals the hell out of town

    • Bladerunner

      Winston, 57 million Americans who went to the polls did NOT vote for Obama. I can’t speak for all of them, but, from my forum activities, emails, phone conversations, and “alternate” news sources, I do know that many of us knew a lot more than we needed about Obama to see the red flags. Try as we did to inform and enlighten Democrat voters of what would come if he were elected, there were far too many who had already succumbed to the socialist promise of a Utopian dream. These are people without the will, the fortitude, or the experience to embrace the most noble of human attributes–self-reliance. They would rather remain like children and have “Big Brother” attend all their needs. Historical facts regarding the 100% failure rate of socialist ideology made no difference, they bought the package anyway. Sadly, they are in for a painfully rude awakening–if We, the People cannot stop this.

      • Valverde

        Bladerunner, I agree with you completely, but what about the woman in Florida who said, “Obama, he’s my main man and he’s gonna give me a car.” This is in jest, of course, but the woman in Florida really did say that. I just have to shake my head when I hear things like that. That is the depth of non-self-reliance. Where is Nobama going to get a car? Is he going to ** one? I guess, since he has already taken over GM he’s going to give you one of those. It probably won’t run, but Nobama will say, “But I gave her a car.” What a pack of know-nothings!

        • Bladerunner

          Truth be known, buddy, there are millions just like her out there. What they will never understand is that Obama made grandiose promises to them that, even if he was capable of doing so, he never intended to fulfill. Furthermore, they will never understand that Obama didn’t follow Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to get himself elected because he cared about them, he did it because he cares only about himself. He is a Pathological Narcissist and his self image is megalomaniacal. Very dangerous man to be POTUS.

          For those of you who want the chilling truth,
          read Obama’s two books, “Dreams from my Father,” and “The Audacity of Hope.”
          Then read Jerome Corsi’s book “Obama Nation.”
          Then read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”
          Then read Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny.”

          And when you are done with those, refresh yourself with the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States, then comfort yourself with the Bible.

        • Valverde

          Bladerunner: I have read “Audacity of Hope” and “Obama Nation”, though I always spell it “Obamination” and many excerpts from Alinsky and Levin. Reading the BS in “Audacity of Hope” and “BS from my Father” almost made me throw up. The millions out there who voted for him include some people who should have known better but didn’t because they voted strictly with their pocketbooks, Warren Buffett is the most outstanding example, and he is now having second thoughts. As well he should. I thought Buffett was a smart man until this. Now I realize, he is only another idiot. One thing I looked at with Nobama was his strong, almost religious support for abortion. In my mind, one cannot kill for no reason, and one cannot kill innocent babies for any reason, but this fool thinks this is not only okay, but commendable. I see that a person who thinks like this has a twisted mind and cannot really distinguish right from wrong, and we are seeing this in his actions. I think that there must be some offence that he can be impeached for and removed from office. The Constitution states that a President can be impeached for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. This is taken directly from British Common Law. High Crimes is self-explanatory, but misdemeanors? One would think that we couldn’t impeach the President for misdemeanors, but in British Common Law a misdemeanor was something that brought dishonor upon the country and upon the office. He has certainly done this. My battle cry is: Impeach the so-and-so! Impeach Now! before he destroys us. Impeach his Dimocrap henchmen as well!

  • s c

    During the Revolutionary War, our prostitute ‘leaders’ would have fought for or supported the British. America, you can live in denial, or you can face facts.
    Those two-legged skunks are not your friends. They are busy destroying America.
    It’s a waste of time to call someone a Democomrade or a Republinazi. 99% of those in Washington are useless, and they have made careers out of destroying the US from within. America has been asleep for so many generations that the cost of
    reversing this disaster will be horrendous. The Founding Fathers knew the dangers of relying on political parties and career politicians. They were profound. Since at least 1900, our leaders were busy selling themselves. They’re still doing it. This is the best America money can BUY. Is it time for a complete refund?

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    Acorn is Obamas red shirt..When will they be investigated for their voting fraud,etc…

  • Dave

    For a democracy to really work, you must have an educated voter. It should be (is) illegal for any political/private organization to register voters (ACORN). The voter should be knowledgeable about the candidate(s), as well as the issues at hand and platform of which the candidate(s) support. In the case of the last election, ACORN members were canvassing for an registering voters of which most did not fit any of the requirements for elgibility to vote (not US citizens, felons, etc.), much less having any knowledge of the issues or candidates. Voter registration should be (is) available at the drivers license agencies, as well as many city, county, and state government offices which are hopefully non influencial in the registration process. If a person does not care enough to take the time to register to vote and take the time and interest to know what/whom they are voting for, then they have no business voting.
    The video played on most of the liberal TV stations still rings in my mind: “ACORN needs Obama; Obama needs ACORN”. This is all the while they, employees hired by ACORN, were out registering voters while receiving federal funds. On the exit polls, many of the voters could not even answer simple questions about the candidates policies. I see that there’s an investigation going on now with ACORN for voter fraud…about time. Now, we stop registeration of voters except by non-political agencies, and every voter showing up at the polling booth should have to produce a valid voter registeration card with a picture ID of the voter.
    My two cents.

  • s c

    The run on weapons and ammunition should be seen as living proof that no big government can be trusted. It is also proof that no one can fool everyone all of the time. The Founding Fathers would not have given us the 2nd Amendment if they thought it would not be needed in the future.
    Whatever happens, those in Washington are responsible. If they choose denial over reality, you won’t have to be a historian to know that everyone has to endure the law of unintended consequences.
    Reality comes with a price. And so does denial.

  • http://Yahoo Dennis Phillips

    Well, one thing I am happy about is I for one, plus many friends need not run out and buy guns and ammo at an inflated price. I already have two SKS’s, a Remington 700 in 30.06 with a 6 x 24 scope, a .22 lever action and .22 pump rifle, (which by the way, will both fire the CCI CB ammo that you can’t even hear from 50 yards out) two copies of the Browning 9 mm Hi Power semi automatic pistols and a .22 short,long, & long rifle,/.22 magnum Rough rider western style six shooter that I can hit beer cans from the holster 40 feet away slick as a cats butt.
    I am not looking forward to a revolution but it looks as if it is just over the horizon anyway.
    And as soomeone above said, it’s going to be more bloody than the last one plus, it seems as if there will actually be two wars going on hand in hand.
    An American revolution along with a new American/Mexican war too, and more than likely, there will be the whites against the blacks and the jerks from Puerta Rico too.
    I have to admit, even as well armed as I am, and being an expert shot, and as good a shot as my wife and daughter is, I am still a bit scared for what is ahead of us for my family.
    we have about a half acre garden and chickens and meat rabbits already and plan on some goats and pigs later this year or by spring time anyway.
    So that will make us a target for hungry people.
    I don’t know what to think about what I see ahead of us except I sure wish I could pick 60 acres up and move it to the back woods insteat of beside one of the main highways coming into the city.


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