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Interview with Self-Proclaimed Maoist in “Occupy Philly” Protests

October 19, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Elba Saravia

    the occupy “somewhere” parasites are living off of us by means of welfare, unemployment,stimulus plus they are getting paid $80-$200 dollars a day, not bad at all, extra cash always comes in handy.

  • s c

    The way I hear it, they can get a lot more money than that (up to $650 a week). It must be nice to have a boss who’s so retarded that you can go demonstrate and still keep a farkin’ job. I think it’s HILARIOUS that some of the demonstrators are losing their valuables to OTHER DEMONSTRATORS. Stealing from your political bunkies! HA!
    Computers, wallets, cameras and cash are ‘disappearing.’ Awwww.
    Is this not poetic or social justice? Spongers are stealing from other spongers. Ethics for sale! Get your fresh, red hot ethics right here!
    If any of those yahoos are in school (college/university), and have racked up HUGE obligations to go to school, that’s just too damned bad. If they were too stupid to understand that school loans have to be PAID OFF, then they can consider their experience as a cram course in real-life ECONOMICS and a welcome to the REAL world, too.
    Stupid people do STUPID things, and some of those ‘people’ are spectacularly STUPID. Hey, Soros, are you getting your moneysworth out of those retards yet? Are your media whores scripting interviews and getting it right? HA!

    • 45caliber


      Of course the stuff is ‘disappearing’. Take a look at who is out there! They all make their normal ‘living’ by welfare – and their extra money comes from stealing. So what is different now just because they are also getting paid to ‘protest’?

    • vicki

      SC writes:
      “Stealing from your political bunkies! HA! Computers, wallets, cameras and cash are ‘disappearing.’ Awwww. Is this not poetic or social justice? ”

      I don’t understand what they could possibly complain about when there stuff is gone. It’s just redistributing the wealth. :)

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Did you expect HONOR among thieves????

    • brenda

      Soros is behind everything. I saw him on the GB SHOW VIA VIDEO . He was saying ( Soros ) he’d taken several countries down already and America was probably going to be the hardest to bring down. . His hands are all over this mess we are in. Soros has taken b.o. by the hand and led hlm and many other American presidents , from way back. We need to study up on soros . Tho we proably know enough ,, just knowing how evil he is . Of course our congress and senate has gone along with this evil man. On both sides of the isle . We have , as you well know , gotten a late start . This destruction is going at the speed of light. The plan is very far along. May God Bless our country and her people. As Todd Beamer said , ” LETS ROLL “

  • Raggs

    These people are seriously confused and look who is supporting them… oblama… So this should tell us something about the leadership of oblama…. You guessed it SERIOUSLY CONFUSED!

  • barbpatton

    What really troubles me with this cancerous fiasco is that it is travelling thru our cities and that the majority of these malcontents are white (dare I say that) and they are students. These are the people that will eventually be the generation in charge of this sinking ship called America. I, however, do believe that THE PHOENIX WILL RISE AGAIN FROM THE ASHES. and the eagle will once again fly proudly over this country, after all said and done this is the LAND OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE. I rest my case.

  • Scott

    What blows my mind is that there is a generation, maybe two, that has been dumbed down to the point of total ignorance. One person cannot be blamed but the dumbing down of America was really kicked off under the Clinton administration…….remember? Oh yeah, Hillary finally got her way with health care just like Bill did…….they were just told to hush up and go away until a later time. So, the did and the next elected officail at the top would basically pick up where they left off.History books were re-written and now we have a generation that can’t tell what a telephone pole is for!

    • Raggs

      Your correct… And to think that America is no longer a great nation due to the indocrination of youth… Just look at how many college grads that have absolutely NO CLUE how to get out and go to work for a living. I would say that over 90% of the grads would not even know how to change a flat tire on their own vehicle and they probably expect if they find themselves with a flat tire it is someone else’s fault…

      • s c

        Raggs, from what I’ve seen, most of the blame for having young people who are empty-headed goes to 1) public education and 2) political indoctrination due to a lack of critical thinking skills ‘learned’ via family and friends. It’s almost as though public schools don’t have any standards for what kids learn.
        Feelings are more important than intelligence, and having a functioning brain just isn’t that ‘important.’
        To me, there’s very little difference between being in a public school and being a victim of a form of child abuse. Get kids OUT of public schools. Parents get what they deserve. America DOESN’T deserve it, Raggs. And we damn sure can’t afford it.

        • Raggs

          Your Correct SC… The whole of the problem with the “public” school system is the power of the unions that dictate what is “learned”.
          It is the reason for so many children that are un-educated and the US is ranked 20th in any course.. The unions have an agenda of “social justice” I say what justice is there when the next generation cannot think for themselves but are instead told to depend on the government.

          • s c

            Raggs, the young ‘idealists’ who want to experience the ‘thrill’ of the ’60s should run to the nearest military recruiting center(s) and enlist in one of the five branches. They need to add reality to the mush between their ears.
            They have nothing invested in demonstrating. They know damn little about history or the worthless, back-stabbing SOBs who are manipulating them.
            Any demonstrator who won’t enlist is a self-stroking liar who wants handouts from the rest of America. GO, young weasels, and learn WHY your W H god refuses to disconnect America from WAR. If they can’t handle being in the military, let them go to Arizona and clean up the trash left by illegal immigrants (isn’t trash a SIN against Mama Earth?).
            Even a trip to a VA, so they could see the real price paid by war vets, would ‘enlighten’ those demonstrating lower life-forms. They’ve been sheltered for too long, and it’s time for them to have both feet in the real world.

  • CJM

    So one is a maoist–who doesn’t have a clue as to how he would be treated in China because of his perceived gender identity crisis. And the other idiot couldn’t even tell you why he was there other than to say: “I’m here and it must work for everyone here.” Soooo???
    In either case, not one gave any answer as to how capitalism contributed towards their personal agendas…the reality is: it is their own personal failures that put them in the predicament they find themselves in. And that young maoist: Send him to China permanently.

  • metalflyer11

    I just observed 2 100% Top Grade CLOWNS in this video. No wonder the US is so screwed up.

  • Mary

    A question.How long do you think these 2 things will last in china?
    Send them all to china they will get paid 5 cents an hour and end up getting shot in the first couple days. China will help us to clean out the country, and the less people on welfare the less taxes. :P

  • jopa

    Wow I saw these same two guys in DC during the Teaparty Demonstration.Well I guess it is only two hours down the road.I am just glad they weren’t armed like a lot of the other wackos!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’ll bet jopa was looking in the mirror BOTH times. Cross-eyed AND………..!

  • Gale

    As a former Marine of 9 yr’s who got out because he no longer wanted to serve the people of this country, these 2 make my case.

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    Wow. Extreme stupid on parade. 99% of these dolts have no clue about life, liberty or how to find it…and wouldn’t know it if any of it bit them in the ankle.

  • Thor

    “Once everything works out to the good of everyone here, then I’ll tell you my personal concerns and what I really want” sounds an awful lot like “you gotta pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.” The multi-colored fellow sounds as though he’s cut from Nancy Pelosi cloth.

  • jim

    These are the HIPPIE MORONS who are OBAMABOTS!! Ole barry and his cronies were the same HIPPIES of the 60s, NOW these MORONS are ruling the country because of the mind numbed people who put them in office!

  • Janice Fortin

    No one should be allowed to carry a foreign flag in USA. The flag they carry is the country they should be in. In another country, they’d be shot on sight. A mexican flag on another country’s school would be shot off. America has taken too much lack of respect from the people who do nothing but STEAL FROM AMERICA. CHINESE FLAG….GO TRY THAT IN CHINA.

  • Robert O’Brien; Brickbat

    The problems started first with Hamilton and the banking crooks, it was growing like leaven in dough until stopped by Jackson. America began to prosper, then the Northern Republicans, all demonic Masonics, guided by Illuminati (Satan), poisoned Harrison,Taylor and Buchanan (arsenic). Buchanan pulled through as he knew it was arsenic so Doctor saved him. Then they killed Lincoln so as to use Reconstruction Acts against South, followed up by the dastardly 14th Amendment, where it takes away States Rights, and Peoples” Rights. IT WAS NOT RATIFIED. Result: contract law for allo that sign for benefits with the Dist. of Criminals. Unless you are knowledgable on method to argue the courts (now contract courts) you will lose. Next the Red Shield banks take over America with 1913 Fed Reserve Act. FDR, egomaniac jackass (had me fooled) caused people to turn in gold for pieces of paper, private paper with numbers, thirty years later done away with silver coins also. No gold at Ft Knox now, at least not in our name. They convict Bernard von NotHaus for using .999 fine silver to purchase product, calling him counterfeiting. Who, in the Name of Christ, is the counterfeiter here? I think you know. I know this is briefed up. Get a GOOD history Book out. Read 1Samuel Chapter 8. Read it more than once until you get it. Thank you and God Bless.


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